Newspaper of Evening Star, December 2, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 2, 1861 Page 1
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f I THE EVENING 8TAK f 7* _ THE WEEKLY STAR. rVBXJlHMJVBRTAgWOO*, ^ j w.p.wallaoh. I; 11 PII I T1 11 I Jl j ?n^:r^.rr. Papers wrred I* packages hy carriers tl ft J I M A . M . B./m A " . m A , A / Fl?e copier * year, or 37 oenti per month. To mall ubaerlben ^ /^T ^ ^ ^ <'%' V 4s Tea oopim. ? the price la S3 JO a fear, m udmmnc*; d for all a y Tweaty-tTe ooplee,................ M M month*; tl for three monthr; aad for ! ? thaa ItlaTarUhlyeoatalnsthe-'Waahlagtaa flaw three moatha at the rate of It oenti a week 8la- U?i U< nude n? K??if ?*? ( s??r clRtlio gle copier, out cain; la wrapper*, two enn " *? *eaeraUy throng hoat the country 117" AovitrimiiRTi ahoakl be eent to the erptee (la wrapprre) eaa ha pr^ ~ **' Mr V?6. XVIII. WASHINGTON. P. C . MONDAY. DECEMBER 2. 1861. PP. 2.740. JUST WHAT THE SOLDIERS WANT. Washihotow Ctrr, Nov. 25, 1861. Editor of lh.4 Star:?The following receipts for the preparation of rations given to me by soldier who has had some experience may be of service to the large nnmber of troops now in the field; and they are now published with the hope that they may add something to the comfort and health of oar large army. If they add in the slightest degree to that moat important matter, the art of oooking for soldiers, the objeot of the writer of this will have been Attained. Sunday?Roast beef and boiled potatoes for seventy-five men. Drive two forked stakes in front of and opposite the end of the cooking trenoh, place a pole across them; oat 35 pounds of beef in mall pieces of six pounds eaoh, and suspend each peioe from the pole by a string, place ome mess pans beneath to oatoh the drippings Season tne beef before suspending it before the fire. Keep a moderate fire?two hours is sufficient to oeok it. Just before the meat is done, take one quart of flour, previously scorched in a mess pan, and mix it with oeld water to the consistency of milk, pour into it the drippings from the meat, chop an onion fine, put the whole into a camp kettle, season to taste, and boil it alightly; serve with the meat. The potatoes may be boiled (while the meet is roasting) with the skins on. Monday?Pea soup. Put four quarts of peas or beans ia ten gallons of cola water; let them boil slowly for two hours, then add the vegetables?which, if dessioated, should be soaked half an hour in warm water?season to taste, put in a small piece of baeon, and boil all together for another hour, when it is done. The meat should be baoonor l>erk cooked the da? before. About one auart of flour, mixed to a thin butter, should always be added to pM or bean soap; it serves to thioken the soap, and Is a great preventive of dysentery, so apt to be oontraoted bj mei from change of water while marching. The camp kettles should be perfectly clear from grease, as peas or beans will not break if the water in which they are boiled is greasy. Tuesday.?Roast beef as on Sunday, with boiled rice as follows: quarter pint for each man. Put on the water ia which the rice is to be cooked, and let it boil, (there should be twice the quantity of water, in bulk, as of rice). When the water baits putin the rice, let it boil briskly until nearly dry, take it from the fire, eever it close, and let it steam. When it is done every grain will stand out clear. It may be eaten either with the gravy from the meat, or with molasses. Wednesday.?Beef soup and potatoes.? Cut the beef in pieces of six pounds, put them ia the pot with plenty of cold water, pepper and salt, sufficient to season the soup. About half an hour before it is taken out put in the vegetables. (The beef should be taken eut three-quarters of an hour before serving, and kept warm.) When the beef is taken out add four pounds of rice, and let it boil threequarters or an hour, then serve with potatoes. Thursday-?Beef-stew and boiled hominy. Cut the beef in small pieces of about as ounce; put them in the pot, cut up some onions and potatoes and put with it; add one quart of flour, pepper and salt to taste; mix the ingredients well, then cover the whole with water, and let it boil slowly for two hours, then serve. Boil hominy same as rice and serve. Friday.?Bean soup and boiled baoon. Made same as pea soup. Saturday ?Beef seup and potatoes. uuiKjrisr. A portion of the meat, intended for break imi, snouia always De ceoked the day before. A very nice breakfast ii made by taking the b?ef, catting it in small pieces, adding an onion, some floor, pepper and salt, a very little water, and if the beef is not fat, a few small pieces of pork or bacon, should be put with it. Hominy, also, should be cooked in sufficient quantity the day before, to leave enough for breakfast, when it may be eaten cold or sliced and fried Coffee for 75 men. 50 quarts of water, let it b?i); take 2 quarts of coffee, well roasted and ^roand, mix it with water until it forms a kind oi paste, then pour it in the water, which in all cases mast be boiling; let it boil five minutes, when it is fit for use. Important.?Take Notict.?Beans or peas should never be soaked over night, as it renders them tough, and they will not break to pieces without the use of saleratua, which should never be used. No grease or salt should be put with peas or beans until they are eooked to pieces. Beans, peas or beef should always be put into oold water, that they may heat through gradually, with the water, whioh makes them much easier to cook Meat to be carried in haversacks should be wrapped in a clean oloth or piece of paper. Men should always have a small bag of salt in their haversacks. Coffee should never be issued green or whole to parties going on detached service, and if the party be small, let each man oarrv his own m. tion of ooffee and sugar, and make it in his tin cap. Above all things cleanliness mast be observed?the kettles and pans be kept free from grease. The want of cleanliness sends more men to hospitals than any other 3*use. Pepper and articles for seasoning should be purchased from the company fund; which is made by sales of rations not eaten bj the men. Coffee should always be made in a vessel of tin, or lined with tin. Coffee made in an iron eamp kettle has a dark, muddy oolor, and is unpalatable, if not unhealthy. A kpttle or two lined with tin can be purchased from the company fund, and if the receipt for making coffee is strictly followed you will have a clear wholeseme beverage. The above reoeipts have the value of experience, and if closely followed cannot fail to produae good, wholesome, and palatable food. Breakfast for soldiers, oonsisti of coffee and bread, oold meat from the dinner of the day before, or a stew; made as above directed. Boiled pork should be permitted to drain and be thoroughly oold, More cut and eaten. Dinner?any one of the above reoeipts Supper?bread and coffee. On the march two meals per day are ordinarily prepared: breakfast ef bread, coffee and eeld meat, a piece of bread and meat oarried in the haversack, to be eaten at midday, and after getting into oamp a food substantial mm vi vkwu, cuun, 9uuu, a,0 XI prtOUCI* ble, pork and bacon should b? boiled the day before it ia required to be eaten if the water u thoroughly drained off from it, it ia thea firm and palatable. Q. L. W. Fiobtimo Fucimink Seckssiokists.?The Boaton Transcript tava that Lieut Fairfax, when he arrested Messrs glldell and Mason, was grossly Insulted by the females of Mr. Sildell's family.? It ts said that Lieut Fairfax, when tauated by the ladles (?) for being a Yankee, *c. replied with calm dignity that he was a Virginian by birth, nature and principle. Blldell himself, it will be remembered, ia a New Yorker. The Boston Journal, speaking of one of the females of Mr Blldell ?s family, says: Lieut Fairfax, a Virginian by birth, but a man of honor by principle, seems to hare been especially selected as the object of her feminine wrath. Not content with ratline at him in good set terms, sae went a* far aa to deal him a severe blow In Ike face (p* By order ef General McClellan, the Light Cavalry regiment, of Philadelphia, commanded by Colonel Rash, will be drilled and equipped as lancers. They will be armed with the Coaaeck lance, aabrt and revolver fj-r During the paat week the committee on the defense and protection of Philadelphia, expended 90 544 tS for the purchase of arma, equipments. Ac , for the use of the Heme Guards The largest portion of Ibe amount was paid for rifles ?7 Three thousand tons of ceel ars ahlpped weekly from Philadelphia to different naval atoll ons for Ike ties of government vessels ; The News from Enrepe. Cats Rack, Nov. 29?The steamer City of Baltimort, from Liverpool on the 20th lost., via Queenetown on the 31st. passed off Cape Race at 5.30 thla evening, and was Intercepted by the news yacht of tbe Associated Press It Is reported that a large steamer had left London loaded with munitions of war for the Rebel States The Rebel steamer Nashville, which ran the Charleston blockade, arrived at Southampton ou tbe 21st Inst On the 19th Inst., the Nsshvllle boarded the American ship Harvey Birch, bound from Havre for New York, In ballast, took off Captain Nelson and the crew, and then bnrned the ahlp to the water's edge. The Nashville landed Capt Nelson and the crew of the Harvey Birch at Southampton, and remained there herself with tbe Rebel flag flying. Cspt Nelson saya that Commander Pegram, of the Nashville, denies being a privateer, and yet he Bays he has a commission as a war steamer Dr. Ruasell,ln his la*t letter to tbe London Timet, asserts that the President and Cabinet were net Indisposed to a peaceful abrltratlon, and were probably conaiderlng the proposition of accepting or aaklng foi the intervention of the great European potentates It Is reported that several steamers have been Insured in London for a run from England to New Orl?6^?nd back at 20 zulneas. It was reported that a considerable reduction would be made In the military estimates In the number of troop* of France Tbe Mexican Expedition will comprise fifteen vessels, three hundred snd thirty guns, five thousand aallora and three thousand troops. Tbe belief in the necessity for a French loan continued, the fiu& elal wants of the government being urgent. Tbe Einperor Napoleon will visit Queen Vic iviib uuiiu^ me urea. Diaioiuon ucxi yrar. It is asserted that the project of ths Italian Confederacy la by no tneana abandoned. A modification of the Italian miniatry la rumored; but nothing had been accomplished. Austria has quietly (jot together quite a powerf j1 aquadron In the Adriatic, comprising 50 vessels In all. The iMadrld Espana says that a project is being discussed of forming In America a colony of allthe republics of Spanish origin, with Spain at the head of it. The adttre?s of the Cortes, in response to the speech of?tne Queen of Spain, had been reed. It approves of all the points of the apeech. The Lateat Commercial. [By Telegraph to Queenstown.] Liverpool, Nov. 21 ?Cotton?The sales of yesterday and to-day (Thursday) are estimated at 40,000 balea, Including 5.000 bales to speculators snd exporters. The market closed firm at unaltered prices. Brradstuffs continue steady. Provisions qnlet, but steady. Los do*. Thursday.?Consols closed on Wednesday at 94 ^. AmkiiA* SicvmiTiis ?Illinois Central Railroad 39\ per cent, discount; Erie 28. Frsm Canada. Niw York, Nov 30 ?A London letter in the Times mentions a rumor that the steam frigate se:it to watch ths James Ad;.;er on her departure, was In consequence of the belief tbat her errana was to overhaul tbe West India mail packet and arrest Mason and Slidell. Tbe chase was d* slsted rrom wten it became obvious that she bad other business A Quebec letter In the Times says that, at a council of war, it was determined to prepare for emergencies, by placing the frontier of Canada in a state of defence. There are rumors that It has been resolved to call out ten thousand volunteers, but nothing authentic is known on the subject. Callistaa the Hndssn River. I Albant, Nov 29?The steamer Francis Skiddy Mice in collision with a schooner last night. Her boiler was damaged, and the escaping steam scalded nine of the passengers, three of whom have died. (sssdias News. Montreal, Nov 29 ?Lord Monck was sworn in as Governor-Oeneral of Canada, to-day. Qcebic, Nov 29 ?There waa a light fall of snow here this morning, with the thermometer at 26 deg. Th* Fortification o* Fkderal Hill ?Ever since the Sth New York regiment (Zouaves) succeeded In the possession of the encampment on Federal Hill it has been regarded as a place of unusual attraction, and thousands of the unionloving citizens of Baltimore, accompanied with ladles, have experienced much gratification in being conducted through the works. To t*e casual observer, who satisfies himself by merely walking along the outworks, a very Imperfect idea of the character and extent of the fortification can only be conceived; it Is necessary to pass through the interior, and examine thorough vail the inside arrangements, in order to be well informed as to the strength of the plac?. In the first place its commanding position constitutes one of the principal advantage*, as the guns not only command the water approaches, but have a fair sweep upon the city avenues conducting towards It. There are seven bastions monnted with cannon, and near each have been constructed large maga sines, some oiiea wim oau,?ome trapp and raniiU*r. and others wltfc aucb ammunition as the batteries may require in actual service Vbe number of guns mounted at present is thirty two. and consists as follows: six eight-inch colunibiads, fonr eight-inch howitzers, aod twenty thirty-two pounders, besides which there is a battery and a naif of field pieces The most of the heavy guns are mounted on transverse circles, extending to 00 guns,and command the approach to the works The columblada were thoroughly tried before they were shipped, and will readily throw a ball to the distance of at least three miles The works have been visited bv several accomplished engineers, who pronounce them the best of the kind they have ever seen.?Bait American. Philadelphia provision store, 119 Pmnstlvania AVKNUI, Betttem 19(4 and 20tk stt The under*i(ned, havinc located himself as above, takes this method of Informing the oitizena of the First Ward that he naa ope&?d a first-oiaas Provision Store, oonduoted similar to those for vhioh Philadelphia is famoas. Here oan be loan'4 at a*l times a large and fresh apply of POULTRY, GAME, VEEF, MUTTOiX, Ao. FRUITS and VEGETABLES in sea*?Partioj ilar aStent'on is oalled to hia stock > "< I artoM of MUTTER, CHEESE. Ac. Pulladelphia Print Butter ^Scents Ooshen and Western Reserve ..16 and 30 aenta Beinf determined to give the strictest attention to the wants of kia oastomen, and to keep every article in aia line of tli* hoar a rui Mil ?? >ka lowest market prioea, be ho pee to merit a ih&re of 'VantifieswiSf be waited upon da;W for orders, If re^nired. no 1> THOMAS R. WILSON. I^BW AND IMPROVED INVENTION ARTIFICIAL CHE0PLAST1 BOSS TEETH, Without Mitu Plats ok Claim. OR. ft. B bIgESMOND, 10 Broadway, JV? York?860 Pennsylvania Av mm, bitw*?n litk mud IStk tti , Wathmtton, Calls the attention of the pubtio to the tollowinf niw?wr3is8Bi .,:<xa nerer oorode nor ohacge oolor by mtv '1 beini three fotuiha lighter than an? other, t No teeth or root* need be extracted, u the artiQoiai onee oan be inaertod oyer thorn. t- The roota will be made woffenaiye, an ntrrer teeth are needed, ae permanent oaee ean be made Immediately, thereby preeerring the natural expseeaion of the /hoe. whioh under the oid yatem la frequently diafigured. A This work has been rally tea tod over five years by many of the first ohemiata and phy aioiana or this ftr.ff.'hae alao in rented a white andeetrnotive metal Ailing, with whioh the moat aenaitive teeth sanbe?iie<j without pain, anaoan boild op a per feet, eoBod tooth on any aide roota, whioh williaat through lifetime. ? i he t>eet of referenoee rrren?to Dr V. Motti Dr. Doremna, Profraaor ofCheimstry, It. Y4 Hon. J udge Wayne, of the Supreme Court of Waahinrto;:, and thousands of others Call and examine for yoaraelt no ? 6m The HoMcrlber^rm|Ai^aSe* V^A^O^8^\^k^n^cannot be aar paaaed, and hia long exaerienoo in the buainees, he hop-?? to ji?e genera] aatunotion. Allkiuda of Carnages and Light Wagons kept 0BAll REPAIRS aeatly done, and all ardm lr15i^S?iS?Rr: THE DOLLARJTAR! INDUCEMENTS TO CLUBS! NOW IS THE TIME TO SUBSCRIBE! The Filltit and Moat Reliable New* (ram the Seat ai Government! Reading Matter for the Fireside Circle! The present year 1* undoubtedly the moot eventful in tbe political history of this country, and the record of occurrences transpiring it the Fedaril Metropolis Is niturally ol striking and remarkable interest. The public desire to receive prompt, full and reliable accounts of all that passes here is most Intense, and we have consequently made alterations and improvements In the weekly issue of the Washington Star to meet this want most satisfactorily. In compllance with the wish of the public the paper has been changed from a quarto to the more convenient folio ahape, and now appeara a handsome sheet of thirty-two columns, filled with choice and carefully prepared Reading Matter, and bearing the name of the "Washington Dollar Weekly Star." Aa Indicated by the title, we now furnish the paper at the unprecedented low price of ONE DOLLAR PER YEAR 11 Or barely more than the prlca of the paper upon which it is printed. It is our determination to mskA th? Wvtirv Htiv not nnl? and Kandiomist Dollar Newspaper in the United States, but that it shall absolutely be Thr Best Faxily Weekly Newspaper in the World!!! It contains the very fullest, freshest, and most important details of all that transpires at the Seat of Government; editorials on all the lmpor tant topics of the times; the newi of the week; interesting correspondence from all parts of the world; capital stories; humorous and graphic sketches, and the pick of the floating miscellany of literature and gossip. The Dollar Star has as a permanent feature a carefully prepared AGRICULTURAL DEPARTMENT, embodying whatever may be of Interest to farmers In the transactions of the Interior Department, the Smithsonian Institution, and tfae U. S. Agricultural Society. Gardening and Horticulture also receive due attention in this department of the paper, and we also give each week a choice budget of Household Recipes for our lady readers; also, Recipes for the Workihop, together who an omciai list 01 au me new invention* issued from the Patent OUce each week. " In short, It Is our purpose to give our readers a varied, rich, and sparkling variety of the reading that at once Instructs and entertains, but aiming to make Washington Nkws and Oogsip our syeiality, in accordance with the views set forth above. Believing it to be better to sell many papers at a low pricc than a few at a high price, we have determined to offer the following Extraordinary Inducements to Clubs. To Single Subscribers 81.00 per year. To Clubs of Five 95 cents. To Clubs of Ten 00 cents. To Clubs of Fifteen 65 cents. To Clubs of Twenty-flve 80 cents. To Clubs of Fifty 75 cents. Address W. D. Wallach, Publisher of the Star, Washington, D. C., with subscription money enclosed, or for specimen copies, which will be forwarded gratis. F MILITARY BOOKS. RENCH 4 RICHST1EN have last received a large and oomplet* assortment of Military Books of all kinds, which they offer from ten to fifty per cent, below the regular retail prices,?including : A new edition of Hardee's Infantry and Rifle Tactics, oomplete, 91.25 Forks' Volunteers' Manual,2 vols, 92 Allea's Compendium of Hardee's Tactics, too Grose's Military Surgery, 76c M ahan's Field Fortinoation and Outpost, each 71 Hardee's Taotics, cheap edition, s?8c The Soldier's Guide, a oomplete manual and drill book for the vse of the Volunteer Militia and the Home Guard. 25o The Hand-Book for the U.S. Soldier, oeing first book of instruction to the U. S. Infantry tao Alao, Military Maps, Map of the Seat of War Chart*, Guides, Ao. Flags. Badges and Medaia of every description. Any of the s.Wovo sect by mail free. FRENCH A R1CHSTEIN. ma W MT? PwipsT'Tania nr?nnn tiSSBi BILLIARDS! TCTm The lovers ' ^ " of the GAME OF BILLIARDS will find in EMRICH'S FINE HALL. Oornar o Pennsylvania avenue and 11th street* (south aide,) two of the moat admirable TABLES la the United States, with every oomfort and oonvenienoe an S-tf for the players. I (\l\l\ LBS SOAP AND CANDLES for IOMjUUU aale oheap for oaah. Alao, wanted?600,000 lbs. Army Grease and Rongh Tallow, for which the highest prioe will be paid, at ths National Soap and Candle Works, oor. Green at. and Canal. Georgetown. 1). C. no7 )m O. B. JEWELL, Proprietor. CHEESE! CHEESE!! CHEESE!!! LIQUORS, TOBACCO, CIGARS, N ITS, RAISIN8. CRACKERS. All on hand and for sale cheap by K. B. HASTINGS A CO . 333 1) at., facing Pa. avenae, no25-tf Pnilbarmonio Bstlding. ONE VERY NICE 8ECOND HAND PIANO for 990. Also, a large ?took of Raver. _^^^ Baoon A Co.'s ana Steinway A Son's haveiMHI jast been reoeived at the Music Store of miTi W. 6. METZEROT7. II P Piano* ft** r*nt- nn SOMETHING NEW! VvtlAjSBKA.TBST DlSCOVKKT QFIITOA f m A Xllflf tbi Ask ! \Ji|f At SSI C strut, orrosit* tk? Tkiattr. OYSTERS STEAMED I Is the Shell and Thorough]; Cooked (far superior to a roast) in two minutts, th* fast$tt tiwu ?a rteord. Call and see. Tfcaundersinned respectfully informs his friends inj^pistuot, and visitors to the oity, that he has i .mi iiui ullj *uu wmrwoirB MTULIIH1I1KT in ft t thorough manner, and has made oomplete arrangements to farnieh OYSTERd in any style and in any quantity, too to SOU ga Ions shuoked per day. 3 000 to 3,000 oans of Sptoed and Freeh f ut up daily?oans hermeuoally sealed. Furnished n the shelfhy the bushel or barrel. I Persons wiching to have Oysters furnished regui laxly througn the winter, at Baltimore pnoes, I without fear of iailure, should oall and make arrangements at onoe. Freight, time, and money saved by pnrohasing of me, as 1 furnish an artiole 2ual to the oelebrated Baltimore establishments, prieee just as low. TO BUTLERS, Canned Meats, Lobsters, Sardines. Clams, Strawberries, Tomatoes, Pigs' Feet, Tripe, ko. A.o.,Ao. Also, Pickles, Catsup. Saaoes, Brandy Peaohes, Ao. Also, Game and Fresh Fish. Turties, Terrapins, Freeh Lobsters, Cod. Ralibut, Ac. In not, every thing for sale in the North*rn markets always on hand, at reasonable prioes Botels and families supplied with Oysters, delivered without oharge t* any part of the Olstnot, in season, it the money is sent with the order. My establishment is open from 5 a. m. to IS at night, every day, except Sunday, when 1 elose at 10 o'clock a. m. se?T T. M. HARVEY. SOMETHING NEW-SUPERIOR HVLLSD O CORN.?The subscriber, having got the agency to sapply Washington and Georgetown with this deli oat* preparation of Com. would respeotfully ask of his friend*, and the public at large, to give itatrlal. Also, Popped Corn, plain and sugared WM. BRADLY,Agent. Pa. avenue, between 18th and i&h ?t?. N. B,?Manufacturer of Marble Mantles. Monuments, Table Tops, Ao. A large assortment a ways on hand. oc 19 Ihi ICAfH NOTICE. N Ooamueue of oar having to pay oash for very artiole M goods we rarohasa. we are forced

toreduoe oar business to Dash exp uilvaly.for ths ,otp-isi ?Omri cnii, Cold, Homrtotutt, /*c?, m? frnuHion or Sort?<i <4? tvmu. ik* Htdnat Couth m co?.m?v<?>?, 2?t-?*e?wt4, # Cmtmrrk, CUar *nd r*.?i slrtngtk to tk? vote* a/ public speakers and singers. few ftr0 aware of th? importance of chectini ? c?ufh or "common cold" in its first ?larp; that wniph in the beaming would field to a mild remedy, if neglected, toon att&oks the lanes. "Brow?"i bromeatii Trocitr," oontainvnc demulcent ingredients, allay pulmonary and broaohiai irritation. "that trouble in my throat, (foj brown's which the "Trochts" area ejeoiflo) haying made mo often a mere wbietrocbes perer.* n. p. willis. brown's "1 reoommeud their i?e to ptilh troches *** rev, e. h. chapin. "great eerrioein subduing Hoausi brown's w*8s." rev. daniel wise. vrochrs "almost instant relief in the die treesing labor of breathtng peouiiai m> wwwa to Asthma."' mtowwti rev a a eq9lbgx0n. troches " contain no opium or anything injurious." dr. a. A. HAVftS, brown's CAtmut, Eoiim m.vf&wif. fir" ?",bim browns br. 4. F. bkelon^ frocmei ' " " "te stv.tstne. 8 "i hive proved ibem excellent f?: .bocees ".?ts^ warren. brown s Bottom "benefioia1 when eomreued tf trocbes sre**, suffering from cots." 4ev. u, j. p. anderson, browns si. Loins VKnrBKH " SiiMflU n Eoi;ie nets and Irritation orthe Throat. tt BKOWN'S tommon with 8*iitn* and Sm? TROCHES "''P^M.STACJf JOHNSON^ BiOWM'3 VROCRES "fiiMt bssefit when taken before . ?nd after preaohinc, as they prevent BROWN'S Hoarsenw* Frora tjieir past effect. I ta;ak the; will be of yeraanent adTROCRES raciato to roe. REV. E. ROWLEY, A. M. BROWN'S President of Ath?ca Coiiete, Tens. VROCRES fT^Sold by all Druggists at TWENTY FIVE CENTS A BOX.^31 UARTERMASTER GENERAL'S OF FIOE. Washington, November 13,1861. Proposals are invited for building two Hospitals?on<* on Judioiarv Square. Washington, the other upon the farm known as the estate of Win. J. Stone, on KourteftnUi street and Boundary street, District of Columbia. , Proposals should state the time within whioh the buildings will be completed and n>ady for uee, and the oo?t, including ail TAterials and work, and should be accompanied by the usual guarantee that the bidder will execute thj oontract if awarded to him. Proposal" will beopened at the offioe of the Quar termaster General, on the 2f?th November instant, at noon They should be sealed, and plainly endorsed "Propoea's for Hospitals," and addressee to the Qna'termvster General of the S a'es. Plan* and specifications can be seen at the offioe of the Quartermaster General. M C. MEIGS. no ?4 Qna^termsster General. !?UTLEKS WANTED. "TREAT ADVANTAGES to be found by Sutle s, and dealers in Boots and Shoes,at tl)??Aa NEW YORK Wn<JLB?ALE BhAnohIBI HO USE, JW S Pennsylvania avenue, t o> ory fgj j annoy's snoe store.) We manofaoture our own Goods, and sell at Next York juices, thereby savins; freight. Having constantly uu Land a targe Stock, we oan supply at a notice, any quantity desired. A large asLortment of 3 sole Higa-cut shoes, and Long-leg Boots. Sutlers liberally dealt with. A oali from al l dealers solicited. no7 lm* WH1TKHOUSE A UNCKLES. /ROUGHS, COLDS. HOARSENESS, &o. TYLER'S COMPOUND SYRUP OF GUM ARABIC. This pleasant and popular Cough Remedy has been so long known and extensively used that most persons have beoome farm liar with its extraordinary efficacy. It oan be had at all the pnnoipa! drug stores, at 25 and 50 cents a bottle. oc 1?- d?maeo4m* rpo MILITARY OFFICERS AND OTHERS. BATCHELOR'S GENUINE HAIR DYE, The Best in the World, The Only RtliabU and Harmless Hair Dye Known. Sold by all Druggists; also, at BkiretoVs Patent Medioiue Store, t p. Patent Office, oor. F Jt 7th, and at Gibbs's Hair Store, ?43 Penn'a avenue, where Ladies can hA?? it asplied, if desired. Factory?91 Barclay Kt. <tals 23S Broadway )N. Y. oo 3-it PRIVATE. I? R I V A. T B. P R. I V A T Ei GONORRHOEA CURED PERMANENTLY in Tbrki Dats! And bo internal mediciee* used?no interference with business?bo pain?no dieting medloiuea?odoiless, and will not stain. GLEET AND STRICTURES Banished under this treatment. LADIEB With WHITES?tha death to Youth and Beautyneed be treabled no longer. . SYPHILLIS In all its forms, whether recent or of long standing, oured, and every vestige of disease removed fram the system. Our charges shall be the most reasonable and satisfactory to all part'a*. Consu tations free at all times. Medioiues pat up with full directions for use, and sold to sutlers, travellers, &?., at low rates- Medicine furnished which is a oertain preventive to any and all Venerial Disrates. Don't be afraid of high prices. Come and see us. No ohirge for investigations. M. LA BONJA, itmi lioner. Office Washington Bui'dinca, oorner Pa. ave? and 7th atreet, Waahington D. C., Room No. 8. no 18-3m SEALED PROPOSALS UNTIL THE 30th inatant, are invited for fnrniahinc the U. 8- Subaiatenoe i>epartment with Flour. About 18,000 barrels will be required of a high frade rf extra Flcur, to be delnertd in Waahing on at the railroad depot, or at warehouses in Washlngtoa "or Georgetown, aometime between thelat December and the 20th December, 1861. Each barrel f the Flour to be iuapeotea juat beiore it la reoeived. The Flour ronat be equal in quality to the brand kcown aa Lyon'a Union Flour The barrel* will be required to be head-lined. Bida to bedireo ed to Major A. BbCKWITH, C. 8., U-8. A., endorsed "Propoaala." no21 O FAMILIES AND SUTLERS.^, /^\ The underaigned respfotfullj in- IaJ forms the oitisena of Wa?hington and the tranaient public that they have oonatantly on n*nd a large aaaortmect of OYSTERS of the jvery beat quality; alao keepa a large quantity of Choioe pickled Oyatere. Our aca !ded Oysters can't be be*t, done up in firatolaaa a .yle. Give na a call. We feel satisfied that you will call again. S. W. DAVIS tc. CO. oornerofl2th ard E atreeta. nov?7 im* Medicine for the Army. PHYB'8 VfiGETABLE PAIN CURER. EVERY FAMILY. Is" WELL AS EVERY SOLDIER. SHOULD ALWAYS HAVE A BOTTLE OX HAND. Tllia im > I anil 1? ??- ? ? ? V - r?i oil U1SU1I/ID HAWI u?i ur 1 Uvernal R eiiifniy for Rtieum&ti*m, Neuralgia, Burns, Sores, Sprains, Ringworms, Canker, Painters' Coiio, Dysentery, Liver Complaint, J File*. Dyspepsia. Chilblains, Kidney Complaints, eethaohe, Headaches, Colds, Concha, bruises, ever and Ague, Cholera, fto. The FAIN CUREK is entirely vegetable in its composition, and may be ased at all time* wuh perfect safety. Kali aireotiene aoooinpany eaon bottle. Manufactured by JOSEPH 8. FRYE, ? _ Salix. Mass. For sale by all p in^ipal Drugg'sts nol-lm* rn. I. rOANKLlN, OPTICIAN rOjTH^H^SnJEKTAND MILM4 Penn'aay^' norUi side,) bet. lith and lJth at* SPECTACLES, provided with genuine Rook Crystal or Psrisoopie Lenses, mounted m fold, silver or steel, and salted with utmost oare for very age and eyesight. PIE8T CPU] CLAM MILITARY riELD-OLASSES, Microscopes, Compasses^ and Mathematical la struBMats, at Ue lowest Eastern prioes, WlMr ' ii idMi BDR JOHFISTOft, ALT1NORK LOCK HOSPITAL, H*s tkt men Cirlcn, Spttdy mmd Miy Effntual Ktmt if in tk* World, FOR ALL DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. LET NO FALSE DELICACY PRETEXT. APPLY IMMEDIATELY. A CURE WARRANTED. OR NO CHARGE, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. VttlDiM ?! a* Back, Btnctarai, Af tttiont of tk* Kid iji and Bladder i)iMtu(n, lmpottocr. Goo ra! DtbUr.j, N(['niiiih, Dytpopa*, Uopor, CecfwMc. of M*u, Low Sfir. j, ?.i p4?uou or th# Haart, Timidity, Trtrnbltnp, Diuim of or Qiddinooa, DtMaoo ( lb* ad, Throat, Noao or Bkin, Afrctioni of th? Linn, Btooa aet or Bowdi?tht?t Tornblo Dioordon anting from BoilUltj Habit* of Yob".h?th?*a Drtadfal and Dtttrecura Practice t which raadtr Marriaf? itcpoooiblo, and dtr.roy kotfc Body and Mind. YOUNG MEN Eapoeially who ha?? bocoino th* vieum* of Solitary Tleo, that driadfal and dootractiao habit which aonaally iwaapi to an antimoly fraTO tfcoiManda of Toorf Mao of tho Boot txakad ulonta and brilliant intolltct, wbo m If tit othorwia* ha?* oatraactd Uounutg Banatoo with tho thoodar* o( oio. Cine* or wakod to octtacy tfc? living lyro, may aa.ll wok 1 MARRIAGE. Mahtiao FBIOKI,or Yoang Moo cooMapiaticf Marriage, being awiri of phyeical wiikciu, ergacia debility, dflfnrmitiaa. 4c.. intidil* cored. H wbo r >r-m*<K aadtr t>* ear* af Dr. J. may rtligi !? coofld* IB bi* honw ?* a g*rtl*man and Mcldtatly rtly upon bit (kill at a phyaiclan. OFFICE No. 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. left band *id? going from Baltimore atrttt, t ft w daart fraa the corntr Fail not to cbttr** nam* and carckar Wautra mtt b* paid and contain a atamp. DR. JOHNSTON, Minbtrtf tht Royal Colltft of Sargtant. Lendac, gradaata front oot of tfa* irott tmintnt Coiltgee us ti>?. Called fllattt, and tht fteattr part of whoa* Ufa baa heen epeut la the hoepitale of London. Pint, Philadelphia and tleewbere, bat tStrted tomt of tbt moat a*totit*bing cartt that wart *Ttr known; many trsabUd with ringing ia tbt btad and tan whan aaltap, fraat niraoaane**, bting alarnad at taaden toendt, baahfair tat with freqamt blatbiug, attaadad eomturae* with d*rang*m*nt ?f mind, wara carad tcnmadiottly. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE Yaanf Man and ouitra woo heat injartd 'ktraeelaee ky a ttrtaki practica induig td in whaa alo:it?a habit fr*qa*ntly Itemed from aril coinpantcoa, or at echool, th* tfftcu at which art nightly fait *??n whan aaltap, and if Dot carad, randtrt fKarmf* lirpoat bit, and daatroya both Bind and body, abosld apply itnmadiataiy. Thtia art torn* of th* tad and mtlanehoiy affacu predaead ky tarlf babita of aooth, ?if: Waaknatt of tha Back and Limbe, Paint In tht Htad, lhmntat of flight, Loat of >1a*ca?ar Powtr, Pa^M'ion of ?n* Heart, Oytpepew Ntraoot irrita kihty, Derangement of th* Ihg**tj?* rWcuooa, Central Debility, Syroptome of Crmamptton, Ac. M iitillt,?Th* faarfnl tfftcta on tha nurd ar* mach la k* dr*ad?d?Loat of Mtmory, Confusion of ld*a*, Depreaeiac of flpmta, E?i! Foreboding*, Arereion of Society. Belf-Die traat, Lc*t of Solitude, Timidity, ate., art aama of tha ettlt prodaced. N BR von DI1ILITT.?Thoaeande can otw Jadge what It tha ceaat of thair declining health, loamg it air vigor, becoming weak, pal*, atraoat and emiciaitd, ba?u.g a ainfBlar appearance a boat tha tytt, coagh or eymptom* of ceceaxapUan. DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. Wbto tht Biitfatdtd and impradeot ?<Hary of pltatart tedt ha h^t imbkbtd ".t itedt of thtt painfal ditaaaa, it to* of-.eo bapptrt that ati ill-timed tente of tbamaor draad of ditceaary dattrt him from apply ing u> thoe* who, from adacatioa tod reepectabiltty, Can a!?"* tafnand him. Ht fall* inta th* kandt of ignorant and dtttgnir.; tr*t*ad*r*, who, incapabla af caring, filch hi* pecuniary ttttu-*:'.*. *?*P bim trifling manth a/ttr month, or at long at tnt tmall**'. ?* can b* obtained, and in deepatr ltare htm with rainad health to eigb *T*r ni* rilling dit&ppoiatmtnt; or by lh* Kit of that d*a?ly poiaon?5'trcory?batten th* cciietuouonal ayniptomt of thit ttrnbl* dit*a*?,*acb a* Afcctiomof th* Ha an. Throat, Htad, Skin, Ac., progrttting wiiii fnghtfal rapidity, till death pau a 5triad ta ht? Srtadfal tsftringt by tarding hiiat ibat BniacaTtrad fron whaat kaan.a a* traraiar rataroa. UK. jutiiyaun'o run. unujuiu, WEAKNESS AND lMPOTBNCY. y thia (Mil and impartial raiuady ??kntil af Q>t tffui in apaadiij ca>rad ar.a f?U ?|>i rsalartd Tlmudl af tk? hi carraaa u4 dabilttalsd, wka bad last all kapa, ??'? imc immadiataly rali t?ti All inpadimauu la Marriaga.Phyaisa] ? Maoul Diacaaltiailiani. Laaa af PiwcraatlTa Pawar. War?aaa Irniakllti?, Tiaiekling aad W?il?c?M ?r Iuiuuh af ika BMt faarfV ktad apaadnj emrtd. ENDORSEMENT OF 1HE PKESS. THB Miiir Tmouiai*di carad at thia laatllsUa* vilbta ik* lift (TtDtaan yaara, and -ha naroaraaa tmparur.i Barbital aparatiaua parfarrnad by Dr. Jafar.atao, wiuiaaaad by taa rapar.ari af u-a ptptri ?na many atbar partaoa, oa'.icaa at vbick ka*a appaarad again and again kafiara tba cakuc, kaa *a? Li aunduig at a gaallamao af charactar ana raatanalktlUj, >< a aiStianl fairaciaa ta tha aflietad. mar lk-1* NOTICE. This Company offer? to the public M Unequalled Advantages" for the Safe ana Quiok Dispatch of Heavy Freights Packages, Valuable*, Money, fco. 4c., to all parts of the lnited States. Expresses to snd f'om the North and West depart from and arrive i?. Washington twice dally. All Expresses are in 0u&rf* of tzptritnctd miuL rtltabU Messengers. All Packagos for The Soldiers carried At "oni halt" onr usual rates. All Goods for the so-called "Confederate StAte?" and all Articles " Contraband of W&r" will be RErrsun. Or Expresses leave New York at 1.1, and I P. M.^arriving in Washington at G A. M. and 4.30 Expresses leave Philadelphia at 8J0 A. M. and 11 P.M., arriving in Washington at i SO P. M, and 6 A. M. Expresses leave Baltimore at 4 30 A. M. and 3 P. M., arriving in Washington at 6 A.M. and 6 30 P. M. Expreaaes for all points North and West leave Washington at 7.5" A. M. and 2.30 P. M. daily. Special Contracts for large quantities of Freight can be made on application to this?>fBoo. All Goods ?allea for and delivered/r? of Extra charges. E. W, PAR8ON8, Sup't Adams' Express Comptny. Washington, August a. 1961. au 33 tf Ywood and coal* OU Will sureNxet your money's worth by oalling at the PIONEER MILLS, soutkwtst cer %*r v Stvmtk ttrtti and Canal, (6EO. PAGE, Agent.) They sell oheaper and five tatter measure than any others in tae oity?cut, split, a&d delivered free of oh&rgs. If to* doc 11 elieve , i v? the PioDeer Mills A tria., Ard be sat) sfied. T-ltJ |?OOTS AMD Bat^L^ TO BVIT TM W e are cow mAnifaotnnn; All kinds of BOOTS axd 8HOE8, and oo:stanvy receiving tMAte npply of eastern made work of every de-HnS sorption, made expressly to order, ana wiWl be sold at a maoii lower prioe than Las bee a* Vol heretofore * barged in Cua sity for msoh inferior Persona in vut ol Boot* and Shoee of eaatern v aity made work, will c wtji &nd a rood aseortmn la ?to:?and at ue itwut pnoee. Give as a call. griffin * beoq II t - SI 4 Pafinarlvani* ITMIS amy SUPPLIES. A J USTRECBrTMD? ?0oans SAUSAGE MKAT, MOoans FRKSH TOMATOES, ?8oc&ns FRKSH VEAL. KO oans BKEP, a la wiodt, MOoans ROAST BEEP. ?0o&ns FRESH MUTTON, MO oans BEEP and GRAVY, MOoans SOUP and BOUILLI, ? oases FRENCH DE8S1CATED VEGE TABLES. Far sale at New York Factory jpriooe. KING & 01 RCHLLL, ee I Corner I and Fifteenth streets. History of the Jnite?ftetherlands, by joha I uctlirop Money ; it twm.; km b? mail, as. The Kiee of the i>atoh Rep, a history, by John Lotarop Motor, 1 to ;?ioth; free by mail, Silas Marner, tha Weaver of RaTelol. by the author of "Adam Bade cloth 7&cents ; paper K oents. Lift and Career of Major Andre, by W mtrop Sareeant; $LtO. After loebergs witfc a Painter, a Summer Voyace to Labrador and Newfoundland; by Rot Louis L. Noba: 9i.5i). The Manufacture of Photogenic or Hydro-Car bon Oils, by Thomas AnUoell, M. D.; fl.Tk. Any or the above free by mail. FRENCH * RICHSTEIN, | U tf SIT0k P?nna avanai I W BOYS' CLOTHING. E Htre reoaived within the laat dtr or two a 'area assortment of BOYS' SPRING CLOTH INO.erabraoini all at/laa of low-pncM, madiam, and fine < uaiitiea, wtuoh wa are aelhnt a t vary low prioea lor oua. WALL. STEPHENS * CO., ISi Pa. av., bttwMc hs and 10th ata. m 8 < I atall u taper ana Enw blioaa.I WE OFFER TO MILITARY MEN a larca assortment of ORE Y and BLUE FLANNeL OVER-SHIRTS, WHITE SHIRTS, DRAWERS. CAMP BLANKETS. HALF-HOSE, 4c whicn we innta all oath pnrohaaera to axamit? before makinc their aelectiona. WALL, STEPHENS * CO.. 398 Pa. a*.,between ?tt and 10th ata. g (InteilnereoT and R??abliaa>.> DUCKWHEAT FLOUR. D BUCtfNvHEAT FLOUR. CERO cMCTfc>w. oc IT Coraer V waoat ay. apd l&U at. sus."*?" Cbv:wz miliar a* 11 Clmtmm vVmnt a?. apri tioi at. ^ALLOWER'S^PRODUOR STORE. oa?h p.rioea, with Freeh Bmttar in oae oonc |rinu, ?o 10 fw* A. HlL, Afi. ; \ IIELMBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATION. ? " HIOHLY CONCENTRATED Compound Fluid Extract Buohu, A Ptsitirt and SpteiJU Rrm*4f For Diibmii of 1fca BLADDER, KIDNEYS. GRAVEL,and DROPSICAL SWELLINGS. This Medioiaa iHrmn lt?wnc of Difoaboa, at d exoitoa the auoiiirti Into baaltiry mium, by whioh the vunT oa c>unoTi dojoaitiotn, aod & i r!?!?*tca*l kklaksbm>?t* ara racoo*d, m vail a* rain aao inflammation, aod ia ?ood lOP MLN. WOMEN. OR CBILDRKN. HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCHV For WMkkD68MI Ariainf from Exe-aaeiTHabits of DiaatpaUW, Early Ird*?cr?tion or A*aaa, Attended with the Following Symptint: Indiapoaition to Exertioa, Lom of Povar. of Mmoott. Diftonlty of Rimtkinct Weak N*rre?, Trawfeing, t] _r r*: ?- ? ** * m * nunvi ul l/inwe. ntlNIIMN, Dunn*** of Vision, Pun in the Baok, Un'Tortft' Lassitude of the MubcbIm' System, Hot Hand;, Flashing of the Bndf. l>ryn??s of the Skin, Eruptions on the Faoe, FAlLIS COVNTB1I41SCB. Theee sympt< 111*. ti a owed to go on, whioh this medicine invariably removea. aoon fo Iowa IMPOTENCY, FATUITY. EPILEPTIC FITS, In one of whitk the Patient mny Eayire Who can tay that they are not fr*?aaaUy foW loved by thoae"s inrL ricKASk*," INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION.*' Many are a? are of the oaaee of their autferiBf, BCT HON! WILL COHF?9S. THE RECORDS or THE INSANE ASYLUMS And the Melancholy Dtatht by Consumption, BUI AMPLB W1TM*? TO THB TKT1 OF TBI aaaunoH. THE CONST1T1' 1 ION ONCE AFFECTED WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS, Re*uirea the aid of medicine to atrengthen and Invigorate the System which HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCMU invariably dott A TBIAL WILL CO!?Vl!?CB TBI MOST S&BPT1C1L. FEMALES- FEMALES- FEMALES, OLD OR YOUNG, SINGLE. MARRIED, OR CONTEMPLATING MARRIAGE. In Many Afectxont Peculiar le Ft malt B the Extract Bootiu is uneaua:! d by any other remedy, as in Chloroaia or Retention, Irr (a.anty, Painfuinw. or Suppress.on o' Customary Lvaour.tions. Ulcfrateo or Sohirioua state of the Uterus. Leucorrhea or Whites, Sterility, atd for all oomp'airta kicide.'it to the sex, whether arising from Indiesreuon, Habits of Btasipauoa, or u the DECLINE OR CHANGE OF LIFE ' BB BTMFTOIte ABOVB. MO FAMILY SHOULD RR wrTHniT rr Take no more Balsam, Mercurf, or Lnpleasa*J Medicine for Unpleasant and Dangerous Diseases. HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCUV cotu SECRET DISEASES la all their Sta*eis; At littla Expeaae, Lit:le or no oiiuie in Diet; No inoonvenienoe. And no axroruie It cauaea a fre^u nt desire abd civet etrength to Urinate, thereby Rem ving obafr notiona, Preventing and Curing tinctures ot the Urethra, Allaying rainaud inflammation, ao frequent in the olaae of diaea?aa, aad riyeuing aU Poisonous, Diseased, and worn out Matitr. THOCSASD8 upon THOCUNM WHO HAVE BEEN THE VICTIMS OF QUACKS, and who have paid heavy j?s to be oared in a abort time, nave found they were deceived, and that the poieoa" baa, by the aae of *>n?tr/aa astrtntents" been dried up in the ayatem, to break oat in an aggravated form, and FERHAFS AFTER MARR1AOM. UieHKLMBOLD'9 EXTRACT BUCBU all affectiona and di?eaaea of the URINARY ORGANS, whether existing in MALE OR FE?ALK, from whatever oauae originating and n? matter ol HOW LONG STANDING. Diaeaeos of theae Orgaca require the aid of a Divkstic. HELMBOLD 8 EXTRACT BUCUV 18 THE GREAT DIURETIC, and it la certain to have the c eat red effect in Diaoaaei for which it is recommended. VIBESCM or TBB MOST BBSroKllBLJ ABD B?I.VA1I R rDlliPfffl will>ooomp*a7 me mediomea. CERTIFICATES OF CURES. From I to SO yMri' mn^lBf, With Nudm known to (SCIENCE AMD FAME. % "PHYSICIANS" PLEASE "NOTICE" wb >ui "no ibcbbt" or "iHSRBDimjrri " HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU la oompoaed of Macho, Calebs ud Janiaor Damae. eieoted with gratt ova bj a ooiayHaul drmggiat. PREPARED IN VACUO, BY H. T. H E L HI BOLD, Praotio&l and Analytiool Chemist, ud Sola Nu ai&otarer of HELMBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATIONS AFF1DA TIT. Fereonolly a?p?*r?*i oefore ma, oa Aldan? of tba city ol FbiJ?aeiphi?, U. T. Helmbolu, who being duly awcin, doth lay.hia prej?r?tion? oont&in no narootio, no meromry, or other injanoaa "" v?1tf: %. helmbold. tensSttfi:* Aider mon, Ninth at.. Wv Raoe, Phil*. PHYSICIANS IN ATTENDANCE FROM ? A. Jf. TO 6 P. M. rric? 91 f*r miu*, wr su avr v*. ?>?ur?r?d to ?ny addrMB, MMroly pMkad from obmiilioa. Addresa lettoia for ttfofitiw ta *oaidM? H. T. HKI.MBfll.D, OumtM, Dfot, 1M SobU TnU at., Mo* CkastMt, Phil*. WhWAJLE OP COUNTKBPKITB AND VNP&INCIFLED DEALERS Who ?DdMTor to diMOM "of U?4r y*" ud 'otoor" aruolM on &Tr^?totiOB tttala* by H*lml?Ur> Otnmi** fripMhM, ? - Extract Dmtkm, H * - tmmjarttm, " ?? Jmprimii JUm Put. BoM far 8. B. Wajtb, X. IX Jon Wan, ft. C. Pou. B. B. Kitwmtu, B C. Major, Kibwbll * Umwc*. J. ft. Mini WMklUftoB Ud 0<UHI<<T1. AND ALL DR UG&IStt ITMETWHERE. ABK FOB, HXLMBOLD H iiavooian. Cmt ovtftlM MnrtMMl Mi Mf tor it. AMD AVOID IMPOSITION Mi KXPO?BB* D?erib* Sfmftwu m mil Cmmmm MNKMI. Own SoiMtHd ! JrtM ?rmU*' Ht/ 7 * " *.-? - * ? ~ Ik J*

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