Newspaper of Evening Star, December 2, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 2, 1861 Page 3
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JOB PRINTING Or Evxar DiKiinio* .Executed with nestness and dispatch on application at tbe STAR OFFICE. At the Lowest Cash Price* "attraction guarantied nott-tf LOCAL NEWS. Won at turn Navt Yaks?Ltborri Itavt been employed for aome time graveling and otherwise Improving portlona of ihe yard. Tbe extenalon to the naval battery baa be*n completed and aeveral rifled and Dahlgren r?M tnounted. much to the conveuiraea fot the InstrucWon of tbe newly recruited seamen 1b naval gunnery. The new brick wall enclosing the northwf,ltn portion of tbe yard la nearly completed, forming an agreeabie coutreat to tbe old board fence, and an effectual barrier agalnat intraaion from that quarter. Tula work baa been one of no llttl* magnitude, as the ground 1* marahy, maki ng It neceaaarv to drive down piles to the depth of thirty or forty feet. In order to aecure a aolld foundation for tbe loifty range ef brick and atone, which here attalna a height of 25 feet. The erection of tbe wall baa been temporarily suspended, but workmen are atlll engaged finishing off that already put up. The new laboratories, dlstlo. g wished by considerable artistic beauty, have been occupied and tbe manufacture of detonating Cwder goes on as vigorously as it did previous the lamentable explosion of last Mmmer. This work, however, has oof been entirely suapended. temporary protection lYom the weather having been provided foe ths material and workmen I .?* the wectt,!n the new buildinga. All apecoiatlon aa to the purpose of tbe Government te vigorously prosecute tbe war, are at once aett!*tl by a glance Into the ordnance and niMhmt Shops In addition to the immense r ?' manufactured in the former. a" -ne lathea of the large machine ahops are Wnstantly full of guns, while the floors are atrewn with others, finished and complete, of all Sizes, from tbe neat howltxer to tbe huge 80p?under and 11-lnch Dahlgren. Cannon are datly arriving from Northern foundries, some Just from the mould, rough and unbored, and others wanting only a carriage and a coating of paint; while down near the wharf, huge rifled guns point their dark mouths towards Dixie, ready to be ahlpped The new foundry is, with the others, in full blast, turning out shot and ahell in Immense quantities. But few Iron guns are caat at thta yard, attention being principally devoted In thia respect to brasa bowitiers, but the facilities here for turning and boring cannon are unsurpassed In tbe gun carriage shops, a portion of which ia filled with boxes far shell, plied up tier upon tier, a number of workmen are employed preparing ahell for use, and constructing huge gun carrlagea ft>r our vesaela of war The manufacture of caps and bullets, the latter both round and Mlnie, i* carried on extensively by machinery, tbe lead entering the yard in huge coila an.a leaving it In the cartridge ready for the 'lie or muaket Some time alnce it was deeded proper to exclude visitors from theotdfiance deffirtment and certain portions of tbe yard, to which none are now admitted without a pass from the commandant or llevtenant. Every department of this yard beait evidence of the efficiency of its accomplished commandant?Captain Dahlgren? who, in the time of our national peril la*t aprlng raanfally stood by bis flag when nearly ail his brother officers had deserted their posts As an ordnance officer he baa few equals, bis guna forming the armament of nearly every American ship of war. About 1,900 workmen are engaged In the varlouabranchesof mechanism under his supervision and th? activity and order which prevails in all departments has excited the admiration of every visitor ' * numb" of hu<?e Dehors, some weighing fr 000 pounds, have just been turned out from the forges, which with the massive chain cables are objects of universal sttention. The copper mlU ?Lk,"^d.V ,nd W1' r#l,,n? oat tow of this metal dally, much of which it consumed here in the manufacturespikes, Bails, sheathing, *un caps, Ac. A new engine for California and a bolier for the steamer Mount Washington are in rapid Progress of construction, snd will soon be ready for their>on. 111?!"*F'" Sa"***dat Night ?Flamea were discovered issuing from the reMr of a two-storied but idlng on Ten .b street, between G and H streets oV?ek VhIT'm,nut? after aeven Knowfpi building was owned by Mr John 25? I** ^e second floor as a carSLvV .?/ Tb? flrmt floor was occupied aa a Sh'tUn ? #'1 ^fwt,ine of tbe ttre fo j " twenty horses, flve of which belonged L Dayton, and the others were 23f?w y TV.,0U! P*r,!e*' of regiments 8lx ho:,? P"*"^ la thefiamea; r emalnder were rescued, though aome of them " injured^ Mr. Dayton recently laid jn a *toc*.ot hay and other provendrr, all of which was destroyed Mr. Dayton also lMt several vehicles and aeU of harneas, making hla entire I??1 between three and four thousand dollars The firemen labored hard, under all the dlaadvantage* to which they have been subjected by the neglect of the authorities during the last ntt?t0 m"ke the effective The Franklin, Perseverance, and Hook and Ladder Companies were early on the ground, and aoon after the battalion of (J. S. troops arrived but thelr efforts were unavailing. The rtabi- wi utterly destroyed Some small wwoden buildings near by were somewhat damaged by the Are It la a question whether it was the result of JSc'den .?ar.urned 7 Th? buUdln? was not J oA'5LrBh-*?iS? T.",C.5 Il?"" ?Saturday night th? WM Lf a to be a Lieutenant in R A^lM nM^^h ^ by Detective Officer A. waUh and FhSin* -r8e of tbe l?re*By of a gold m'ttrf to iall ' rom Co1 Potter He "M com.!? !?.J. -0' further hearing. Detective Allen arrested a young ^ E Magee on a charge of entering the Prefr.aesof Wm Trussey and ateallng a check filOO, and about S75 In silver coin and Treasury notes After a partial examination he was held to ball for a further hearing. Betsey Mack was arrested Saturday by the firovost guard of Gen Conch's Brigade for selling iquor to joldlers. Betsey was sent to jail In de\ fhult of security to appear at court. Wbat Wsiskit Dox* ?Last night tbe metropolitan police were called upon by a gentleman to remove a drunken man from his prem'aes Upon going into the house they found a young man who has gone to the bad from whisky, hut who, ten yeara ago, gave promise of a brilllsnt future This unfortunate fellow had entered a dwelling house, and stowed himself away In bed In a style not pleasing to tbe owner, clad, as the drunken man was, with muddy clothea and boots The police managed to abake him up, and be found be had a case of "forcible entry and detainer" standing against him. The magistrate snd officers knew him, and the complainant, not being anxious to prosacute him, he was dismissed. A PiTirtrL Cask ?Yesterday, a young woman of respectable sppearance, presented herself to the Cent'al guardhouse, and asked for lodgings for herself and her Infant, a child about two weeks old. She gave her name aa Catharine Ryan, and saya she came to tbe city with her husband, who belongs to company B, ?3d New York Regiment, expecting to be allowed to follow tbe camp. The privilege was denied her, and she eould not obtain lodgings snywhere, and fearing her child would die of cold she spplled to the gusrd. She was admitted; and If any chariuble persons are dlsposrd to Bid her. they csn hear more ol her by applying at Justice Thompson's office, on Eighth street. Sxmiocs Assaclt ?This morning a man named James Morrissey, of tbe 8th regiment U. S. Infantry, was arrested by pstrolman McColgan for assaulting snd besting s carrier of the National JnteUtgtnctr, cutting his bead severely. Morrlssey's handa were full of blood when arrested Me was taken to the central station and placed in a cell with other prisoners, and he struck one of tbe prisoners la tbe face bleeding him freely. The person first aasaulted is a very quiet and honest man, and la well-known as the sexton of St Patrick's Church, F street. Morrissey was turned over to tbe military, but will no doubt be delivered to the civil authorities for trial at court. ' A Mali Washik-woiiaii?A strapping sixfooter In uniform wss arrested by the Provost Guard ia Georgetown a day or two Mnce. Re was very drunk, and when overhauled showed a pass given to hlnaself as washerwoman of one of tbe Maine regiments Us was put ia the guardbouae to cealoff, and when he awoke and the effects ef the drunk wore off, his astonishment to find himself imprisoned was Intense, hut not hslf so ludicrous ss bis look of mingled grief and Indignation at seeing the contents of his bottle poured on the ground before his vary eyas. W. W: Bokobttb, at Na. 321 7th street, between I snd K, has determined not only to conttiue business, bat also to lacreass it very largely. V esterd ty and to-day he has received more than 1U0 pieces of beautiful dress goads, suck as delaines, worsted goods, silks, *c , ranging in price from *3 eta. to fit *5 Also a large assortment of aew style cloaks, caaton fiaaaels, kc., Ac. BabhAED'e VtUAims Pans do not corrode, do aot cut through the thiaest paper; neither will they spatter over tbe roughest surfaced paper, and are decidedly the best metalie pen ever made. Bhllllagtoa, bookseller, stattoaer, and news dealer, Odeaa Building, corner l-our-and a-balf street sad Psaneylvaala avenue, ia ageat for the sale of the "Yalcaaltsd Pea" in this city. | 10 to Caaisn ia towi .'?It needs na other assurance that Washington la to be amused this winter, than the fact that tbe renowned George Chnatylaia towa, making arrangement ta bring hi* troupe here for tbe seaaoa, and to that ead has s-vur-d tbe Baptist ctau'cb building oa Tenth i street, which he wLU have retnodalod for K first- i ciaaa hotwe of aatertalomast. 1 fiowci Mabkbt or WASHinaTON ?Reported for tbe Star by Messrs W E Clark k Co , wholetale Produce Commission Merchants, No. 427 Seventh street, between G and H. Applea, green, by tbe barrel S3 50 a 84 50 " dried, lb 5^ a 6 Beans, white, per bushel 9 90 a " mlx-d, " 1 50 a 3 CO Batter, eholce New York State.. 22 a 85 " prime Weatern 16 a 16 " ? Roll 1? a SO '< " Table, at retell... 25 % 28 Beets, per bushel 50 a 00 Cbeatnuta, per baabel 3 50 a 4 00 Cranberries, per barrel 8 00 a 9 50 Cbickena, live, per dozen. 2 50 a 3 00 Corn, per baabel..... 85 a Cornroeal, per baabel 90 a 1 00 Cbeeae, strictly prime, per lb.... 8 a 9 ' prime 7 a 9 '? \V ester 5 a 7>j Ducks, per pair 05 a 1 Oil Eggs, country 25 a 28 ?? Western, selected 22 a 25 " at the mark 20 a 23 Flour, choice brand 8 00 a 8 50 " Western 6 00 a 7 50 " Buckwheat 2 75 a 3 50 Geese, picked 75 a 1 go Hay..." 25 a ft Hams, sugar-cured 10 a it '? plain.... 8 a 10 Hickory nuts, per bushel 1 00 a 1 50 Lemo&s, per box 8 50 a 9 00 Oats, per baabel 50 a 55 Onions, " 90 a 1 00 " white 1 00 a 1 10 Potatoes, pink eye 80 a 85 u white Mercers 80 a 85 " common red 50 a 60 " peach blows 85 " Sweet, per barrel 3 75 a 4 00 Quaila, per dozen 1 75 a 2 00 Rabbits, each 15 a 20 Turkeys, dressed, per lb 14 a 15 Turnips, per barrel 1 00 a 1 25 Walnuts, per bushel..... 03 a 65 Cbntbal Guabdhousb Casks?Be/ort Justice Tkompso? ? Sunday?George Good ridge, W C. Pierce, and Henry McCsrdle. were turned over to the military. George Stroole, Edw. Bennet, drunk and disorderly; SI 94 W m Robbini, do ; $5 94 Cbarles Sanford, do j 62 SH James W. Smaliwood, colored, assault; security for pesce, S50?fined S3 94 Thos. Mitchell, drunk and disorderly; workhouse 30 days Alfred Dodson, Hiram Wilson, out after hours; SI &t. J. E Pollard, fighting; 82 94. Jno. Willard, Jos. Pump, disorderly; 85 94, snd turned over to tbe military. S. C. Blue, carrying a weapon; ?30 94. Henry Burke, assault with Intent to kill; jail Jos^^bine Brooks, Susannah Williams, disorderly conduct; dismissed W. Hurdle, drunk; 81 94 James Lvnch. drunk and disorderly; workhouse 60 days. Of these cases seven were arresta made by the uaUolmen of the Second Wardi nineby the Third Ward, three by the Fourth Ward, and two by the Seventh War! patrolmen. C. Miens, a vagrant, **as picked up by the police and sent to the workhouse for 60 days by Justice Thompson. Monday?John Gallagher, disorderly; 82 94 Wm Rawllnga, do; SI 94 Henry Williams, drunk snd profsnl'y; S5.M N. Jardo, drunk and.disorderly; 81 94 C White, Julia White, Wm Robinson(colored, disorderly conduct dls missed Alex Hlnes, colored, Albert Steward, Peter Riley, drunk and disorderly; SI 94 each James Larkin, do ; SI 58. George Thompson, Joshua Johnson, sleeping in street: SI 94 Ann Weston, out aTer hours; S1.94 James %1arley, drunk; SI 94. Martin Douglas, drunk and disorderly; SI 94 Jos. Hutts and Thos. Curtis, colored, gambling; held for trial. Jas. Morrissey, suspected of a dangerous assault and battery on a citizen; turned over to the military. Of these fierson* nine were arrested bv tbe Second, five by he Third, and four by the Fourth Ward patrols. Eleven lodgers were accommodated. Bchlbb?Among the incidents of the war in lta effects on this city is the establishment on Pennsylvania avenue over Wall ft. Stephens', between Ninth and Tenth streets, of a branch of Buhler'sfamous restaurant at the corner of Broadway and Eighth avenue, New Vork city. For twelve years past we have known Bubler'a house in New York as tbe establishment frequented by tbe famous gourmets there whilom accustomed to continental gastronomy, and are free to sav that we have never seen its equal. Already Buhler's Washington establishment (which be superintends in person) is constantly thronged with guests, so far principally French and German officers from New York and neighboring States, who have been his patrons in Gotham We can aafely say that if our fellow-ritlzens who like exquisite cookery will pay him a visit they will enjoy there such dinners and suppers as are rarely Indeed to be found elsewhere this side of Paris A member of the noted New York bouse of Wellker?importers of Rhine and other German and French wines?Is Buhler's partner here, and dispenses at very reasonable prices much finer wines of those descriptions than were previously obtainable in tbe Federal Metropolis No bar Is kept in the bo<ise, their wines and liquors being ke^t for sale to tbe patrons of their sumptuous Mubdbb is tbi Sbvbnth Wabd ?This morning, patrolmen Campbell and McCauley, of the Seventh Ward police, discovered the body of a colored woman named Rachel Turner lying In Lambell's old ship yard, foot of Ninth street south. She was dead, and from the faet that blood was discovered in several places around, and her frock torn as if in a scuffle, and a wound under the right eye, the officers suspected foul play, although she was a woman of intemperate nabits, and when found the side of her face was lying in the water. Her residence was in the notorious locality known to the police for years past as Desmond's Alley, between Ninth and Tenth and K and F streets south The patrolmen went directly to her house, and there discovered blood on the floor, and they arrested all in the house and that adjoining, and carried them before J ustlce Strattou There was evidence of a q uarrel and fight In the house of deceased last night, and without further testimony, tbe magistrate, to secure ths witnesses, and. if possible, tbe prlncl pals, committed all to jail to awatt tbe verdict of the coroner's inquest, not yet made Tbe parties are all colored. Of those In the bouse, tbe names are : James Douglas, Noah Shields, Lemuel Harris, MaryF Wheeler, Susan Anderson, and Eliza Lee. The witnesses, from the next house, are: Alfred Topbam, James Turner, Mary Brown, Mary E. Fitzbugb. Hobriblk Accident ?A Member of the District Volunteers Crusk'd by the Cars ?Last Friday night a horrible accident occurred just beyond tbe station at Bladensburg, on the Baltimore and Washington Rallrosd, by which private Drury, of Captain Clarks's company, was instantly killed. Drury was stationed to guard tbe track, and while on duty was Induced to drink freely?stupefying him to such a degree that while sitting upon the track h? was unconscious of tb<* spproach of the evening train, although warned by the shouts of his comrades. Tbe engineer saw him, whistled down bresks, reversed his engine, and by shouts endeavored to arouse tbe man, but In vain; the cow-catcher striking blm and completely tearing him to pieces, scattering fragments of bis body along tbe track. The remains of tbe unfortunate young man were gathered up by bis comrades snd decently Interred at their own expense In a neighboring burial ground. Drury was a young man about eighteen years of age, and resided across the Eastern Branch. This occurrence Is rendered more lamentable, from the fact that tbe deceased was not addicted to drinking, and was neyer known to be intoxicated before. Kmo's National Cibcus ?This entire establishment has removed to Georgetown, and will perform for three days, on the lot corner of West and Green streets. Tbe whole of the forces will appear, Including tbe champion leaper, Tom King, and Messrs Gardiner ana Kennedy, clowna. Frank Wbittaker, Wm. Klncade, Jas. Ward, F. Tournalre, Philo Matthews, George Archer, J. Franklin. Mad'lle Marie, Miss Virginia, Miss Elolse, the child rider, and Madame Camllle will all participate In the performance that will be given both afternoon and evening In tbe course of two wesks tbe new Amphltbeater In this city will be completed, and then the management of King'a National Clrcua will produce an entertainment that will, we are assured, surpass anything of the kind ever given In the Metropolis. Sioc add vVocsdid Soloibbs in Hospital ? The Union and Army Reporter, published this day, (Dec 2,) gives the name, Ac .of every officer and soldier la the hospitals. For sale at the newspaper depots. Price 3 cents. * Odd Fbllows' Hall.?A new bill, new performers, and a rich assortment of new gifts distinguish tbe to-night's commencement of the thirteenth week or tbe Campbells at Odd Fellows' Hail. Thbatbb ? The theater-going community would not bear of letting John Owens off with six nights' performance, snd consequently Mr. Bland bas secured him for another week. A good bill to mgbt. Tub Gbbatist Ncmbbb Ybt.?One hundred and sixteen marriage licenses were issued from the clerk's office for the District of Columbia In tbe month of November, just closing. A very large proportion of tbe bridegrooms are soldiers. An bntib* rbange of programme, with the beautiful La Mnndollna. at Canterbury Hall tonight Original plays, unequalled in novelties, new songs and dances, make up the huge bill for to-night at thla establishment MAHBIStll At tke Latheran Cbareh, Taeeday,November if, yuS-fStsAifcrn Est EE.of this city DIKU, On the morning or Deoember 1st, JOHN the?ihjsarof hisnis, altera long aad ^HisVrfinds ^an</relativee are invited to attend his lansral, to nor'ow eyeaini at S o'olook. from his i*i# ranUaaos, 314 B stew*, twtvaan Mh and Mth LOST AND FOUND. I .S?SrA7A SEAL RING, and a FOX-HEAD SEA L. attached to*ru|, with ooracrhan set. f??reT*r^ .T i?*en to whoever returns the artio ee to thu office. dej I ,osT-Between Willard'e Hotel end the Teler4rfl!'n v?r? ? ?Wrwd to V** c- * ??*V>n, 191 Liberty street, .New York ears cut The above rewfcrd wi'l b? raid I vC5? for her return to M;s. BRESNAHAN.H^TT f hip>r?noe Ha 1 Ailey. * u? AU iL. J? ^ REWARD.TLO?T?03 Thursday/alanre v'-f eife loan o lored COW,one horn^ew* br?ke, drrps down. The above rewp.rdwB/^ will te given to anv one leaving irforma ti"n of her whereabouts, at thl? offioc. de 2- 3t* IT-0? 1,4 in,,?nt ?n t? street, between 6th and 7th. a white rh" owner i? requested to com* forward, Tirt* provs property, pay chartesard take aw??. fchreeve's stable on 7th street, between H I ^ n * L It* ted: alio red spots on Her sides: long tai1,X.-3L| bnsh of whioh is out off: white spot in the forehead. The above reward will be paid for her return to me or information of her whereabouts, to I yet her ?' ??? North D St., between 5th and 6th st" east. de2 3t? THOS. J BARRETT. RAN AWAV FROM THE SUBSCRIBER, near Bladensburf. BOY ANTHONY, i| j oommonly eailed Toney. He isflfeetStrches <8F high, verr blaok, short hair, gram oounte- Tp nanoe whM1 spogen to. with a small soar Vl pvor one of his e?es. Went away with bia?k?L jacket (United States buttons unit,) pants. ?kilow R^pntlet gloves. I will give tliO to any one h*t win bring him hon<e to - e de2 iw* FIELDER MAGRUPKR. .COrt REWARD.-On Friday N6v ?th. two tjAYJ ho (?i with a wag'n load of wo^d, JkM was sen* from my honse in Prinee George's %Fm poonty, Md,,32mreslro'?< Navy v?rd bridg , to Wa?hii gton city in charge of a slav man ^1 named Sanmel Bungy. The wood was de v- \J re on East Cael'ol street, near the gate, and the team at a driver has not be?n se*n or heard of since. It is supposed that the driver has run off alter d spoung of t^e wagon aid horses. One of the horses is a flea-bitten gray, 15 or 16 hands high long tail, and about 12 years of sg ; ttie other is a bay, about 10 years old. s'fia'l white spot m the forehead, and the right hind foot white. The running gear of tbe wagon is red without st ipes, theoutside hub bands nitok; box body painted dark blue, 18 inches deep and 9'fast long, eight uprights, with ohains and iron b. aoes behind The above reward will he ?a'd for th? return of the team or lrformation that wi 1 leafitoits recovery. Inquireat Wll.LlAM TA I BOT SGrooery Store.Navy Yard bridge, M'?RaN ft HILTON, F street, n?ar the Treasury Department,/^ th^suhtonber. General Land Oince, Patent moe Building. dea-S.? G. ROWZK. ' LOST?On Thursday, the 28th instant, from my plaoe o? the Higbts of George*own,<st>, _ \ I S.l.,,*^r"onl?re1 &m* wh,te POFNTER^T^r SLUT, with white streak in her face andsing'e due claws. Also, one a month ago with double due olaws. <15 will be given for each if left at Or J C. GRFGSToN'S stable, on E, between 13th and Uth stg. no 30 bt* SrRAYFD?Away from the subscriber, a large dark red COW. with very lar?e horns, Anyone will be liberally rewarded hoKtf' will return the said oowto Mrs. 1 -AIR JEnjLat No. 551 Maryland avenue, between 6th and 7th streets, Island. noS0-3t* NOTICE.?November 29th, about 12 m., dropp d from a carriage, opposite the Hon Montgomery Blair's house, an over CAFE COaT, v-lvet collar, brownish mix, tinged a little with blue, a K!oy9.,n eAoh pocket The coat was seen to In picked up ard handed to a gentleman on horsehaos. The returner of said coat to F. J. HEI BER*? K R A CO., under Brown's Hotel, 36i Pa. avenue, will be rewarded. no 3t* CAME TO THK SUBSCRIBER, on the 28th instant, three SHEEP, two of them ma'k'd with red on the back. The owner is requested to pome and prove property, pay oharges. and take th?m. MICHAEL LAN, West end of Thud street, no 30-** Georgetown. D. C, of BEPOSITE. Apply at A Office Metropolitan Police n?3" ? w. B wi:bB.Pupt. C'OUND?On the morning of the 30'h of No* vember, at the corner of 9th ?nd E streets.a VAI^ISL, witth initials marked on it. The owner can have the tame by calling at No. 415,1 street, between lnth and 11th streets, pr ving property, and paying for this advertisement no 30 3t* WM. BURKE. TAKKN UP.?Came to my premises, on Wednesday, November 27th, four UO\VS,^M| tjro red, one white and red, and one roan. The owner or owners are requested toJ^L come forward, prove property, pay oharges. and take them away. THOMAS HaRDING, on the Bladensburgh road. I* miles from Glenwood Cemetery, and 1J^ from Bladensburgh. no3^3t* CC R KWa RD.?Strayed or st^'en a dark bay HORJE COLT, with blaze face and left hind foot white above the first joint; jL3B age 2 years and 6 months. /vol . R. V. LASKEY. no 30-St* No. il4 B st., bet. 11th and 12th. I will pay the above roi *i ward np->n the detection and conviction of the incendiary who fired m? book bindery on f ? ; J J1!? w,fctl 10 return iny thanks to the Franklin and Perseverance er,gine companiee who were upon the ground, for tlu-ir exertions to' save property on that occasion. 0030 3t' JOHN METTIBONE. UPr?3 ?Jn,n* ?f the 28th instaht, .7^ k ??'?L,? HORSE, with saddle r\ and bndle on. The ow- er can have theT^rn samo by oalling at No. *i07 * h street, be- /WA tween K and L streeU, proving property and pay1D? onara^s. . no2^3f PATRICK MURTH. DI^TRl T OF COLUMBIA, Washiwotos Coc.tTy.?I hereby oertify that George sjv_ I .^loklas. of tie city and oounty of Wwli- 1rT\ ington, brought before me, the subscriber, one of ihe Justices oftha Pesce in and for said oounty,this ;7lh day of November, l%i, a stray a d?rk V0?'0 HORsfe. going at large in said oity about U hands high; two hind feet white; slight ? gvi k ?L1k? ?addl?i *l'|I?t star in the foreheaian^aN)ut8 yearVo d""' &U rC?,d: ,W,t0h ^ Tne owner of the above described horse is requested to prove property, pay 0 arges and take ?2teap ^ r sswmr no23 3t Washingu>n ouunty. I L??T-On the evening of November 26th, a 'ihSr?i?0rr0 V^i i!"" The finder will gy I "turning him to no i^St* GAFFNfcY?p?rt Craig, \a.?2i VR?tr^<^^k'^',r 0n the 'vening of I M.I. . ?. t.from the Wagon Camp, r\ I I6th street, between L ard M street". uTrii I sn ail sized Dun Colored HOR^E, with^Q^ I b aze face, lightly orippled in the forefeet I i? ?" ^ oa e, brid'e blanket I a?d ha tor. Any person returning him to the gov- I orjmeut ?aMes, H street, between 21nt ?n/22d streets, wil: be lipera ly rewarded^ n^gq^t* I RAN AWAY FROM THE SUBSCRIBER near Bladenstu g, BOY ANTHONY via' I oommonlv jailed Toney. He is 5 feet 5 inches high, verv tlack, short hair, grum counte- I nanoe when spoken o, with a small soir JT over one ofhis eyes. W ntaway with tlaokJCT ' jacket (United States buttons on it), casinet I fhii I,Pa^tlet^iV- 1 wil1 <" ?100 to anyone that wu, bong him home to me. I nov 18 2w* F1KL.DER MA6RUDER. BOARDING. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE CAN FIND pleasant acoommoda ion and HOaRD in a I '*IIU'y addressing " Weshington" at this I otaoe- no 30 4t I TWO OR THREE SINGLE GKNTLEMKN 5lth I-URNISHED RO"MS and BreakUst in a private ftimiiy by call- I ing at northeast corner J3tif and N sts . sf d .or cast, nortn side. no ^ BOARD. Respectable parties may find good I Board and well furnished Rooms, by day, week, or month, in houses No. 4 75 and 477 I3cl! f doors from fas avenue, aod midway I between Willards' and Kirkwosda' Hotels. I do a6 1 m* A MEMBER OF CONORKSS wishes to se?ure Rooms and Board lor himself and family? I v ,n 'i* Pref?r? ? house with few or no I other boarders, above 13th street, near the Avenue I Address L?. C. L.," at this oSoe. no 22 lw 'J There is something you want at the SOLDIERS' SUPPLY STORE, 55 Louisiana Avenue, bet. 6th and 7th sU. Beet Goods, Lowest Prices, .o? .n, ^ ^ : Hi ATTt?-HoiNi!i,ZiER8' dpi fmj BOOT AND SHOS DEPOT, fit SSL No 30* E rtrwirT ' aL (South side,) between 13th and l&K sts.. I Ntar Ik* Willard Hot,l. ^ ' We invita ali sutlers and oitiseos to oall and ex- I amine our > took before purchasing e sewhere routw* SCHAFER A FOlf/tER BROS BTTTBR! BDnn!: BUTTER!! forsaleVhaap'by 0o,hwi UaU*r' Jlrt raosived and 3ft g..HArj,'.i;eP8A^ Government Loan A|ency}

Off,ci or LEWI8 JOHNSON & COBANKERS, Cot mm of Pa. Avmkv s and Tkmth S*. LE WIS JOHNSON, of oar firm, having been I appointed a babaoription Agent lor the National Loan authorized by the act of Concraas of ;nk July, 1*1, we are prepared 10 famish, to parUee investment, any amount of 'UVu~,nfT "T.tvfeyo'BS'igat nn 202 K ' - - - ? ? "' * WANT& TTOU*EKEFPER-Aa Faatero Mr, diMp ll pointed m obtainiac * hoaae would aooept a htwnkNMr'i situation. Re/eraneee *?hanged. A ddreaa lfB. W. C-." Star Qgoe. d?2?? \J|7ANTED?* number cf rood PENMEN to V' canvacs WMhincton 'or a?:ty iJrectprT. Ad.'wi Capt WM. H. BOYD, Nauonaf Hotel, Washington. de2 2t WANTED?Py a reepec'ahlevouag ?r/ at?ITUATION M viator or to do ehaaberwork in % respectable family. Apply W 398 D atreet, oorner Sheath. H* VVANTED-A SITUATION, by a young fir!, m chambermaid orto asaist in IjiMiBework. Good referent can be given, if requirai. Adcreea Box 6. Star Office. - 11 IVAN TED.-A yoong lady vithw a ;!m'm "" aeamstreai, or to d ?housework, or to stand in a store. Feet of references oaa !>? produces. Adlre g Box S, at thia offioe. ?t WAN TED-A SITUATION, by a joinimjn, to tend bar or billiard room Hat had tj>ree yearn' experience in New York fctate, and is faliy o<?ni?*tent. Pl?ase addreea, through Poet Offioe, glDNBV BRAMAi*. VVANTED-A SITUATION, by a young Toil tt an, a* ohsmbe'maid and aeamatreee, or at chamber maid and toa??et in washing and ironing. No ohj*oton to make heraelf generally APP'y 3<th et.. between 1 ana K- ?t 11/ANTED-Atthe "tar Offioe,a BOOKKEEP> ER, who i? quiok at figurea. writee a rapid and plain hand, and can come well reoommend'd for industry and probity by bu .ast employer. Apply immediately. del * ARESPECTABI.E WOMAN WANTS A Situation as housekeeper; i? a tret rata 000k and paatry 000k. aud thoroughly uoderatanda marketing, and oan bring the best of referenoea. Address "C W ," Box 3 at thia Offioe It* A MEMBER OF CONGRESS With a funily, or three or fo jr Merrbera, can b* aooommodated wit* a handaoms suit of hoobioi the eecond fl 'or. In a private house near the Capiiol Addreaa " D L..' at Star Offioe. <*e 2 3t? VV^ANTED-A food STORE and CELLAR on vv Pennsylvania avenue or S ve^th etreet. Any one havmc tne >ame to rent o^n find a good tenant hy add'easing OiLBERT GORDON, at thie offio?. R?nt paid in advanoe, If teceaeary_dej *t* WANTED IMMEDIATELY-A half grown V? G IK L to take charre of a child. Apply with reoomi?t< udations, at 407 New York avenue, onrner lath ?tg- It WANTED-A oolored GIRD, who understands washing and ironing. Auo, a oolorod >Vaiter, at 3TE D st.. bet* een 8th and 9th. It WANTED?Two good (i?rm*n FARMERS wanted. Inquire at Mr. HENRV KELLER. Blacksmith. North Capitol street, near bo?*lary ofthxci'y ?*>? ? R17ANTED? A first rate ARTIST, who ta well v v acquainted with the taking of photograph. I embrotype and melainotype nranchea. and who understands his businesa. Address * A. B.? ^tar O?oe^ no 30 Embroider Y.-Wanted. 50 hands to work upon embroidery, Inquire at the t-ancy and ? mbroidery Store No. 433 Sixth etreet. b?tw**n Dand E. & * * A BOY 16 YEARS OF AGE IS DESIROUS t\ of obtaining a Hitnation in aome stoie or offioe; la a good echo'ar; can b% found by addresaing *'M. H- H ," 538 Pa avrnue. or inquiring at the Nat oiai Hotel. Best referencea given. no ?) 3t* A PRIVATE FAMILY- desiroua of having inus'cal inat-uction on the piano for their lit ti? dau;hter, wou'd giv? as a oompenaation partial Boa d. with or withou' a Room, to a oompetent male t. a^her. Address "Home," Star Offiae References exchanged. no y Sit \Af ANTED?Two or three good CAKE AND " P,E BAKERS. B-}*^?8Vjp'8noN. No. 8 South Fairfax street. no 30-3t Alexandria. Va. WANTED-A HO"SE, ffurniaked,) 6 to 8 r^onna, nor?h "f Pa avenue, ard ea?t of 13th at. AdJress Box 151, Wiliards'Hoiel. no 3" 3t* WANTED.?A NURSE for a child between one ard two yeara old. at 451 8th etreet. English or American preferred. None need apply unless well reoommerded. no30 St WANTED-A competent plain COOK, white or oolored. Good warea and a good home will lie given to one wilhni to work steadily, who can oome weil recommended. Applr immediately at 4 5o Twelfth street, east aide, between U and H ?t?. eo 89-3t WANTED?A eood COOK, (oolored woman*, at No. 3? Blagden's Row, Indiana avenue. Good recommendations tequired. no 2Kit INFORMATION WANTED, of Ann Cusaok, the wife of John Cusack They came to Montreal, Canada, four and a half years aco, and were there late in July last Any one aending information of her t > their aiater, Mary Drew, care of the Htar Offioe, Washington city, will oonfer a great favor. no 2^-3t WANTED?A suit of two or more ROOMS, within two rauarea of the Navr Department Gentleman and wife only. To include Board Inquire at Star Office. no 27 lw WANTED-150 LABORERS and 3FOREM EN, to work on Government Fortifieationa above Chain Bridge. Pay <"f laborers, 9o cents a day, (10 hcura) and ooard. Pay of foremen, S3 per day.and heard Apply to A. 6. CHILD'S, at E. M. I.inthirum k Co.. Hardware S.ore. corner of Bridge aid High atreet, Georgetown, until ? a- m. dap*. _ no 27 lw WANTED?10,?*) whiaky and brandy BOTTLES. Cash an delivery. ? F. B. HASTING5* A CO.. 323 D street, no 25 tf Philliarmonio Building. WANTED-Every person to know that I am in the ma'ket, ready to pay caah for all art 10lea in the hcuipfurniahing line. Thoae leaving the city, or having a surpiua, will do well to call. K. BUCHLV, 438 Seventh ?t., bet ween G ana H ats., (east side,) Dealer in New and tjecond-haud Furnituro, no 16 U/ ANTED-TAILORS, TAILORS -50 Tailora v competent to work on military zoods. Apply Wall. Stephens A Qo. a. ae25 I TO SUTLERS.?An energe'io merchant, with sufficient oapital. deairec to pnrohaaetlieatock | and buaiceaa of a Regiirental Sutler. Addreaa I ' Bu'ineaa." at the offioe of thia paper, oo 31-1 m WANTED.?We are now buying SECONDHAND FURN ITU RE, BTOVKs aid BED DING, for which wo are paying the higheet caah prices. Families declining housekeeping, or having a surclus of furniture, will find it to their J 111 0ONT7. t GRIFFITH. je 15-tf No. 'tti st.. betw. I an(^ K sta. I CLUTTER WANTED. Call at WALL, STE/ PHENS A CO.'S. 333 Pa avenue. ae 18 *UK 8ALii AJNJL) KKJNT. TO RENT ?Furnished ROOMS and P\RLOR for gentfcmen, at No. S31 Sixth atreet. be tween H and I. de2-3t* FOR m ENT?Several CHAMBERS and PARLOR, with vra'er anH gaa fixtures supplied, at I No. 48ft Maasachusett^ av.. near Fifth at It* FOR SALE?The LEASE of ore of the beat at >res on Penn aVerue, For terma address! R x 347 Pout Office, giving name and atating I where an interview ca" he had It* I FOR RENT?Four large ROOMS. n?atly furniahed. convenient to the Departmenta, I suitable for either a party o' gentleman or sincly. The rent will be mad* to tuit the times. Inquire I No. 361 7th atreet, near I. de2 3t* FOR R ENT?Two larse front ROOMS for rent I at 489 E atreet, be ,w?en Sd and 4th ata. no 30 at* I F^OK RENT?A handsomely Furniahed PAR I LOR and CHAMBER. Apply at No. 354 C I str'et, between 41^ and 6th streets. no 30 3t? FOR RENT?Five large ROOMS in a good lo- I cation, convenient to the Capitol suitable for I ei'her a party of gentleman or singly. The rooms I will befu n'ahed or not aa may be deeired Inquire at oorner Maryland avenue and Uth street laiand, I No 594. no 30 3'.' I ROOM"* TO LET?Parlor and Chamber on the I firat floor, at No. 40>i 16th atreet. north of Lafsyette Square. no 3o 3t* I Rmm IOMSFOR RENT-PARLOR and CHAMBER, furniahed or unfurniahed lu a qu et and pleasant neiehborhood. Inquire at Coal i ard, I oorner 14th and C atreeta. no 2?-3t* I FOR RENT?A Furniahed PARLOR and ohamber, in the firat floor, No. 104 4K atreet, below Maryland avenue. no 29 It* j FOR SALE?(And a bargain will be given >-a doub'e aeated rookaway CARR lAGk.. In re- I oommendation of this art'ole the subsenber would say (he rum,in* rear is amocg the bsat in theeoun- | try, the material !.eiiig selected before it was put t<??ether. For faith*! particulars apply a' th? Star | Offioe. no 27 tf Furnished rooms for rent-two handsomely furnished Rooms (firs', and atooud doors) in the house formerly occupied t<y ex Gov. I be ward, No. 359 K at. between 13th and Uth sta. I Location beat in t ha oity lo 27 4t* OR RENT-A furniahed PARLOR and CHAMBhR on the firat floor, and Chambera on the aecoad. Apply on D street north, etweea 21 and 3d atreeta weat. No. 423, near the Capitol. no 87-1W F'OR RkNT-Two PARLORS,or parlor and ohamber, furniahed, ard pleaasntly located { near Smithsonian Inatitate. Applv at thia iffioe. noil 6t* F'OR RKNT?A oonvenient two-story and attie | Frame DWEL' ING.ingood order, oon'ain I iag nia* good rooms, situated near the Georgetown College, lately oooupied by Mra. Ann May, to a | suncua! tenant the terms mcderate; poaaeaaion given imirediately. Inquire of JONES MKH EG AN, Georgetown, DC. no 25 6t WO FURNISHED ROOMS FOR RKNT, oa firat floor, at 406 D atreet, between tth and 7th. no 26 tf rORE ROOMS FOR RENT-, on Seventh st, between D atreet and lx)ui*iana aveaae?the three upper rooms of the new four-atoryftt ore oo I Seventh at., east site. No. *33. The firat story is oocusi?d as an extensive grocery- Apply to GEO. LOURY. ?o?S-6f UANDSOMSLY FURNISHED KOOMS.H Four handsomaly Furniahed Roonu,?a?pned j with raa and water, and convenieatto the Patent and Poet Oftioe Departmenta, for Apply al 4 Ml OH jUaaaohiaetta tmM, aorU aide,betwg* | TELEGRAPHIC NEWS LATEST FROM KENTDCKT. Early >l*rrarnUofthf F^rrilt Ei^ttudWithdrawai ef NrlMi'i (?aatid tr?m r r e st en bs r g?A C?n(?drrtti ^ud Mrrd 1'pen, Ac. NasKTitLa, Nov * ? Movements !n Louisville and fliewhm In Kentucky afford Indications of early movements of the Federals Larre numbfri of th^m. for the put ten day*, have arrived and departed for their respective rendexvoue. Three regiments have arrived at Louisville dally, and been amt towards Bowling Green. Gen. Nelson1* command bad been withdrawn from Preftoabu'f to tJie month of the Sandy. from which polit they were Bent to Lbtisville, Wild Cat, and Camp Dick Roblnaon Troop* aeem to be concentrating at Danville and Crab Orchard Masbvilli, Nov. 27.?Tbe Loulaville Courier of yesterday learna that a aquad of twelve men were aent to Franklin. Ky., on Monday last, to arrest aoine Federals who were committing depredations In the neighborhood Tbe Federala bad collected to tbe numbec of twelve or fifteen st the bouse of one of their number The owner of tbe house defiled the seceesioniat squad, and flred npon them, killing one and wounding one or two othera Tbe secessionists charged opon the boose, set fire to it, and burnt up all the men In it except two, who escaped A detachment rf twenty-flve cavalry arrived at Franklin to arrest the parties Implicated. General J C Breckinridge with his brigade, had arrived at Ruesellville, Ky , where the Conf-derate Convention was in session The Federal forces were advancing toward* that point, and it was currently reported there that Gen. Crittenden, with 8,0ti0 men. waa within thlrtv miles of that Clace. The object of tbe Federal sdvance Is to resk np the convention, and if possible arrest tbe members of it Gen Breckinridge will cerrainly give battle If attacked. Steamboat lellieisn? Eight sr Tea Bslditrs Drswatd. Cincinnati, Nov. 49 ?The steamer Belle Creole, from Cincinnati, for Pittsburg^ deeply laden, and the ateamer Fall Stone, from Kanawha with a portion of Col. Lytle'a Tenth Ohio Regiment, rame In collision last night, aeven miles above tbe city Tbe Belle Creole aunk almoat immediately. Tbe concussion knocked eight or ten soldiers Into tbe river, snd It Is thought that nearly all were drowned. Tbe cargo of the Belle Creole Is valued atfW.OOO. Insured In Cincinnati offices. Washing way at a Bridge. Louisville. Ky , Ncy. 30 ?It Is reported that tbe bridge of the Louisville and Nasuvllle railroad over Rolling Fork was washed away yesterby a freshet. DRY GOODS! W H 1 T E L E Y, S T O ft E k CO., No. 381 Baltimore Street, Near Sharp, Baltimore, Offer for sale a dseirable slook of GOODS AT LOW PRICES, FOR CASH! And incite tbe attention of dealers to the same. no 23-2w PER&ONS IN BLACK are offered our usual fine stock of a:l the fabrics in that line, at our pro?erbia iy low prices AUo, Shawls, Cioaas, Ac. Our Northern and K astern correspondents sand us itew ?uppiieg daily. An luapeotion of etook solicited; it inonra no obligation to purchase. FERRY A BROTHER, Penn. ave? and 9th street, no 2V5t "Perry Building." THOMPSON'S MEDICINES, LIFE PRESERVER AND CORDIAL, For sale, wholesale and retail, by S. C FoKD, Druggist, no 1-1 m Corner Eleventh st and Pa avenue. J ONIONS-ONIONS-ONIONS. UST Received on ooasignment 1,500 lunches prime Onions. For sale low. KING A Bl'RCHELL, M( f!nm?r KilWnth and t ?t? WEW VOLUME BALZAC'S NOVELS.-The Alchemist, or tke House of Ciaes; from the French of Honore de Ba sac. Free by mail, #1. Silas Marner. the Weaver of Raveloe; by Geo. Elliott, the author of "Adam Bede." Fre* dj mail. H ceiits. e FRENCH A RlCHSTElN, ? *? *? ? o??rn iranti N. H1CKCOX, liSO Full SniiT, Niw York. Manufacturer of BRASS MILITARY ORNAMENTS For the United States Army. REGULATION EAGLES, BUGLES, CROSS CANNONS, SABRKS, Ao., conatantiy on hand, and shipped to any part of the country at short no tioe. Also? BRASS FEATHER HOLDERS, no22 lw For Officers' Hats. E WORSTED GOODS. XTENSIVE Assortment of Ladies'and Children's Hoods, Son'ags. Coats, Cloaks, Sleevee, Hosiery, Gloves, Ac. Ao. Also, a large mvoioe of t>?aMitifnl Worsted Embroidered Clippers, Lf mi Stands, Ac., will be sold oieap and at one prioe at No 30 Market Space, no 13-3w* SCHLAICH A CO. PIANOS! PIANOS!! PIANOS!!! M ~ A number of new 7 Oct. PiaNOSIbBhI rece'ved yesterday from the celebrated Ml *1? lactory of Wm Knabe A Co., amonc them a very handsome oarved Piano, whioh obtained the highest premium f'om the late Baltimore Exhibition, and vi loh I e ff r for sale (aa a fine New Year's present) on accommodating tei ms, and at pnoea to suit the times. fO RE\T?I will have several Pianos always on hand, though I was unable laat week to serve come of my ouctomer*. Air.ateura are invited to examine. F. C. REICH KN BACH, h >v27 )m. No 49B llth street. \|ISS BROOKM8 ENGLISH aud FRENCH 1*1 BOARDING AND DAY aCHOOL, Sevkn BCILDI.fSS, No. 130 Pennsylvania avenue. Circulars to be obtained at the Bookstores and of the Principal. no 26-lm* A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF RAVEN^ Bacon A Co. aod Steiuway A Son's unrivalled PIANO FORTES have justfwSpfW arrived at the Musio Mo t of W. G' * ? I M kTZKRuTT, corner of Pa. avenue and Eleventh st. Also, a good seoond-haiid upright Piano,7 octave, for sale for ?W0 no 25 QOVERNMENT DISPATCH. FAST FREIGHT LINE NEW YORK ASHINGTON c?a HAMRI8MVRQH. ASpeoial Mesrencarwiii be sent through wi?h saoh Train, in order to im e safety and cispatch. ALL RAIL, WITHOP?"CHANGE OF CARS. on and after MOKDAY. Nov. 18th, this Company will rsoeive and transport Munitions of War. overnment Store*. Sutlers' Snepues for the Army and all Miscellaneous Freight, at Lo*w Rate>. WITHOUT BREAK OV BULK. Special Contract $ Ar Goods, in Largi Quantities, at Ktdmrid Kates. ? CTflff" received only at the D?pot of the Cni.tral Railroad of New Jersey, Pier No J, North Kiver. For further informal cn, cr speoial contracts enquire at the * ' Office of tk'C mpiny, 49 Broadttmy, N. Y, Or 548 Pennsyicantu mve., Washington City. C^Mark Goods, "G*w*rnment Dispatch."??H Freight received trow 8 a. m to3 p m.^~^ . _ ? A. n HOPE, ? tM Hope F.xpress Co.. no 36-lm Superintendent. pENSION OFFICE^Jw,. ?th, 1861. TO ALL WHOMJTMAY CONCRRN. Application having bean mace under tee act of 33d June. I860, for the raissue of the Land Warrants desoribed herein, which are alleged to have been lost or destrosad.notioeis hereby given, that at the date following the deeoriptioc of each arrant, a new Certificate, of like tenor, will be leaned. if no v&.id ob>eoUon shall then appear No.S.TW.for 1? aoiee, issued under the act of Marob. 1856, in tbe name or Daniel West, and f#Sl ?D 1116 Utn Jair' las&-~Dooe?ber 7, No. 87^?0, for 100 acres, is?ued under the aotof March, ;856, in tlve name of Hannah, widow of James wueon. and gran tei on theX/th day of February, 1857 ?Deo ember 90, 1861 No. 64,350, for Uu acres, isau?d under the act of March. 1856. m tne came o( Martha, widow eFAn?" * a; No. Sjre.for j?0 acrea, issued under the aetof March, 1856. In the name of Samuel R. J ackway and granted on the 1st day o? Ay gust. 1856. No. 3 1-4, lor 16t? icrat, uau*d iq4^ me lot of Myoh, llfii, ia tha name of William H Tarra^oe. -d^-jec on tne lath day of Jaiy, 1*55.-Deeem No 14346, for 80 asree, lasued under the act of SeeUmber SSO. in the name of Levi Treadwell. anj granted Sop'vmber 5fi)th, 1851. ' No. 31,098, fo : 40 acres, issued under the same aeU la the namo of Abel Platu, and graated N ovember iSth, 1851-?Deoaicber S8.1861. 1,0"mWr No 72 324 fur 160 acres, issued under the act of March. I85">, la tha name o( Thomas Johnson and ary 4 1ML ^ ^tn Seftamb9r* '857.?'Jani\o. 43JS1C, for 88 acrea. issued under tha act of March, 1856, m thename of Folly, widowof Joha uSg1? janaaS^'lMt** th# ^ ^ ot or. wltJ * *!. \Sfued under the ao* of always on haLd,or madeko order at the ?ko >' i ^VB.-Lidlse^fiil^S'u'Ke me?gi^' SECOND EDITION. three r. n. CONGRESSIONAL. IXXTIItk CO?IO*ESS-??f?< SewU*. Mombat. dtc-eaaber t. MM. SiitTi -Io Vnite, tbe bodv mrt at lb? nai1 ! hour, Vice Preeideat Hamlin ia the chair, and 1 nearly *11 tbe member* belnf la their wtt After p rarer, b nalneas was suspended tea watt tbe I n?o?I anwooncement that tbe Houae bad org a?laed and were prepared to proceed to buaineaa Tbe body remained la that p?lttoi eatll tfce Ster'j reporter left tbe Halt, at a quarter before I I p m I Tbe following are (ho*e wbo apueand la their i aeata Vlt: Meaara Anthony, Br yard, Browning, Carlfle. Chandler, Clark, Creamer, Cowan. Dlx on. Doollttle, Feaaenden. Fool, Foaler. Grimes Hale, Harlan, Hanla. King. Lane of Indiana. I l-ane of Kansas, Latham. McDongall, Morrill. Neamltb, Poraeroy, Powell. Rlee, Saalabary, I Simmons Gunner, Ten Erck, Thomeon, Trombull, Wade, Wllkloeon, Wilton Tbe following are tboaa who did not appear la I the Senate Chamber: _ Meaara Breckinridge. Howe, Johneon of Teaa , Johnaonof Mo . Kennedr, Peeree, Polk,Sherman. Wllley, Wllanot The following, It will be remembered, died la 1 tbe couraa of the receaa, rl*: Meaara Baker aad Bingham. We notice Mr Powell, of Ky , la the dtr, and presume that be will take bla aeat la the coaree of tbe day'a session Hoca* ?Afler an lmpreaafr* prayer by the | Chaplain, Rev Mr Stockton, the roll <4 tho Houae waacalled, ill membera anewerlng to their I aamea Sereral newly elected membera preaented themI aelrea and were a worn In. Mr Dawea preaented tbe cradentlala of Haa. I Horace Maynard. of Tenseeaee Mr.Sterena, of Pa , moved that tbe caeea of ell eentlemen claiming to be R-prtaeatatlrea t orn the acceded Statea be referred to tbe Commlttoe I on Election*. Mr Dswea stated that Mr Maynard bad been el?ct*d at tbe regular time preacrtbed by law. and before bla State had paaaed an ordlnanoo of aecesalon. I The motion to refer waa withdrawn, and Mr. Maynard waa aworn In. Committees were appointed to wait upoa the Prealdent aad Senate with tbe Informative of tbe I orga^zatlon of the Houae and Ita readineaa to I transact bua'neaa Mr. Hickman presented tbe ,redenUal? of Chat. |S Foe'*r of Nor to Carolina. Mr. Vollandlgham claimed that aa Mr Foater'e I case waa pr'atnted to the Houae laet summer, and I hi* credential referred to tbe Committee on EleeI tlona, where they atiU remain, theae additional I papers abould be laid before the committee I Mr Hickman atated that tbeae papera were tbe I certltcatea of a arcond election or Mr Footer, I held under tbe prorlalonal gorernment of North I Carolina recently organised Mr Vallandlgham.?"Tnat waa at Hatteraa '* After further dlacuaaion Mr Foater'i caaa waa I referred Mr Rlcbardaon preeented tbe credentlala of I Mr Joseph Segar, of tbe Flrat Congreaalonal I District of Virginia, which after debate, wore I referred. , The petition of Mr Beach, of Vlrglala, claimI ing a aeat in the Houae, waa preaented aad reI ferred Mr. Lorejny Introduced a Joint reaolutlon teaI derlng tbe thanka ofCongreas to Capt. Wllkea, I United Statea Nary; adopted. Thi Mkssaoi ?At it p. m. to-day, the PreaiI deat waa waited upon by the uaual joint commltI tee of both Houaea of Congreae, wbo aaaonneod I tbe readineaa of tbe body to proceed to bualaeaa ; I when be announced to tbem hla purpooe of aeod1 ing In hla annual meaaage to-morrow forenoon The oaxlaatxa, the lobblea, and all tbe apI proacbea to the Senate Chamber and Hooaa of I Repreaentatlrea Hall were denaely crowded thte I morning, showing the intenae public lnteteat felt I In the proceedtnga of Congreae LATE LOCAL NEWS. CamtHAL Cocir.?The December term of thie I court commenced tbla morning. Tbe eeaatone I will be beld for tbe preaent la tbe Council I Chamber, the court room being occupied by the I Circuit Court. The grand jury baring come Into I court, a brief but Impreaaire charge waa dell rered I by Judge Crawford, and they retired to eater I upon tbelr dutlea. The fallowing la a liatof their namea : A BradI ler, foreman; Geo S. Gideon, Wm. Wllaoa, I Benjamin Beall, Joe. C. Lewla, Joe. Bryan, Jamea I Towlea, Andrew Rothwell, John H Goddard, I Clark Milla, George Mottingly, John Grinder, # I Thomas E. Llovd, John Fox, Jaa F Halilday, I Peter F. Bacon, Job W. Angus. Ed M LlatblI cum, Jenkin Thomaa, John P Pepper. Matt hi aa I V. Bur key, Samuel McKeaay, John Coetlgan I Joahua Pearce. I Tbe petit jury waa then called, and anawered I aa foliowa: Joseph Follanabee, Eliaba Lazenby. Patrick I Crowley, John Tretler, Baa 1 Robey, Jamea H. I Durham, Samuel R. Sylvester, Francis Riley, I Watklna Tslson, John Pick, John M Haneon, I George 8 Donn, Gecge S. Noyea. John V RldeI nour, Henry Martin, Tbomaa Clasel, John ScrlrI ener. L^wia Wright. Henry B. Walker, Henry ] C. Klelber, John M Gilbert, Joeepb McNalr, I Samuel Phillips, AaaGladmon, Tbomaa Lundr, I William P Doniphan, George Craig, Tbomaa G 1 Clayton, Wm Fenwlck, and Isaac Buret. There being no caaes ready for trial, tbe petit I jury waa then diacbarged until to-morrow. A Smash Up.?Thla morning, a four-horee I team attached to a beary Gorernment wagon, I took fright and run away, caualag general oonI aternation In tbe atreeta. Tbe horaea turned late I tbe back stand at tbe National Hotel, where a I handsome barouche belonging to Mr Carpenter, I porter cf the National, wi> standing waiting I the orders of two pesaeo^era. Tbe wagon bare I r 1 escaped convict with the coacbea in line unemI ployed, and came upon tbe barouche with fall I force, completely dciuoliahlng it. Fortunately I none of tbe crowd of persons around were inIjured The frequent occurrence of sim'lar acclI denta ought to Induce drivers to be careful how I they leave their teams in tbe atreeta. Thx Sctbxmi Cockt met at II a. m. to-day Prraent?The Hon R B Taney, Chief Justice, I and Measra. A asocial Juaticea Wayne. Catron, I Grler, and Clifford. . The Chief Justice annaunced to the bar that I tbe Court would commence tbe call of the docket I to-morrow under tbe 20:h rule 1 he Court then adjourned aatil to-morrow at I 11 a. m Hon (Gin ) James H ltax, of Kanaaa, la to I be aerenaded by hia frienda to-night, at nine I o'clock, at Willarda'. Hon Owen Lovejoy, of I Illinois, ia expected to addraaa blm oa their I part. Good music will be on tbe ground. CiacciT Cocai ?Tbe caae of Jonea w Der mott la still undo* coa?tderatlon ia thia court, aad counsel are yet engaged in* arguing the lneUucI tlona prayed for by Mr Brent THE LATEST BY TELEGRAPH Latest from Port Royal. RECONNOISSANCE OP TYBEE ISLAND. shells thrown at the EEC0NN01Terlso party. Nxw Yoax, Dee S ?Tbe steamer MeCtoUaa haa arrived here from Tyhee 1 aland aad Hlltea Head. She carried 6en Sherman aad bla staff to Tybee Island, where a recoaaotaaanoe waa I made, durlag which four sballs, which ware thrown from Fort Puiaakl, buret near the parly. There waa bo damage done, however. Oa the return of the McCielkaa with Geaaral Sherman to H11 ton Head, they paaaed the gnabeat Florida, with Commodate Da poet aa heard, bound to the mouth of the Saraaaah. The PierI Ida returned the aame evening Tbe McClellan left H11 toe Heed mm Thawday night. She brlags the malla, aad diapekhea from Gen. Sherman aad Cam Dupent The health of the troopa la perfect. WAR. MAVY DIPaETMIRT AB* PORTS RECALLKO. PiiustiriiA, Dee. 1.?The re porta ef the War J and Nary Departments hare bean recalled hr orders from the PraKkat, ud will ha aaBt hack _ I to Waahlagton. FROM FO?r?ESS MtfFiaOB. BaxTiMoaJB, Dec. S ?The Old Peiat heat has I arrived brtbgUg m? news There vat ae Sag mt I truce fro<oi Norfolk yaaterday. The ataman Soaton aad Delaware hare aaUad j with urge auppHea for Port Royal IX "23 ' Aa. _ | Oa* pacta aaly, marked ia elaia ftgwaa. Li - ? *ij ?>m* % I e

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