Newspaper of Evening Star, December 2, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 2, 1861 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. ^TSAXoa &T0WT? Srrentf &v*mrms ?f But ax War ?Ezra DibV.e, n w?4i kncwe e'.ti*en of this town, tad for ma..v yesrs engaged extc n?ely In th* management of bees, oomfounleatrs to na the following Interesting particulars of a battle between bis bees H? bad aovcntv twarmi of bees, about eqtally divided era ttat rift aad wnt sides of bU bona*- On Sunday afternoon, about three o'clock, the weather being warm, aad the windows opeu. home vrea auddenly tilled with bee?, wh'ch force! tha family at once to flee to the neighbors Mr D, after getting well Protected againat h'.a awllfn'v proceeded to tate a urvev. and. if possible, learn the cause which itad disturbed them. The aev-nty swarraa appeared to be out, and *b< ae on one side gf tUc house were arrayed In be'tle against tho'e on the other aide; and aurh a battle wae per'uap* never before witneaaed. They filled the sir, covering a apace of more than one ore of ?rotnd, and fouzht desperately for tome tbree hours?not for spoils, but for conquest: and whilfcat war no living thing could exiat In the vt-lnlty Th?vstunga Urge flock of Shanghai chickens, nearly ail of which died, and persona Ktn^ a.on/ the roadside were obliged to make e to avoid their stings A llttif after six o'clock quiet was restored, and the living bees returned to their hives, leaving the slain almont llVmlly covering th? ground, since wbich but few app^ired around the hives, and those apparently stationed as sentinels to vratch the enemy But two young swarina were otireiy destroyed, and aaide from the ter lble laughter of bees no otuer Injury was done. Neither party was victorious, and they only sensed ou the approach of night, anil from utter frostration. The cocas', o: of his strange war Mvujf uv: ucta i? UUI Cl? IJ BCCOUIllWl IOr, ard these mo t conversant with their management never before heard of or wltne-w-d sucb a speetacie aa here naira'ed ?Lvneani (Okio) Hiptrtu^. " T?* Qiitr fclxnttmo.i Down tm Missisa:rr' ? Preparations for the great expedition dowa the Mississippi river goon apace. The fleet of gunboats it At Louis will be at Cairo in a day or two?Indeed, it la said that some of th<laryer of 'hem a^e now oa the way, lest the river, now falling, close In upon them Tbe movement of troops from Cheat Mountain to Jefferson city. Is now towards tbe Mississippi river, with this one great object In view Two or tbree Weeks hence sud the great events of the campaign of ths \\ e;>t will be enacted in the Mississippi Va'l*y. Memphis and Columbus appear to be badly scared in advance, and all the available man and means of ;be lower vallevare being conesntrated at Columbus to resist th- sdvance of our arm-' at the thresbhold Tbey are said to bavc.a hundred cannon, and 80,000 to 25.000 men, with mora coming, not to speak of Hoillus' New Orloans fleet PACKAGES UNCALLED FOR AT THE orvica o? th* ADAMS' EXPRESS COMPANY. Washisoto*. Nov 19, 18d4. The following packages remain on hand at this oflce this day. Owners applying for any of them will please say they are advertised. A Aiken, L'ent E P. lpcl; Arkerman, C, 1 do; Arnoax. J G. 1 do; C H, 1 do; Adams, F G. 1 do; At wood, G W. 1 do; Adam*, Mrs F, H, 1 do; Am#y, L R, 1 bale; Adams, Charles 1 do; Anderson, J D, 1 pkg; Andrew*. Lt E H, 1 do; Averill, Col W W . 1 pel; Ahem, Thomas M. 1 do; Ascberton, H, 1 box; Atkinson, Ml** M, 1 do; Adams, Richard, 1 do; Armstrong, Geo, i do; Appel, C, I do; Adams. Col i W.I do: Asrh. R 1 Hn Anderson, Gen R. 1 do; Amos, Jot F, 1 do. Andrews, H P. 1 box; B Barton, Thos 3, 1 pel; Ba?, 9 F, 1 do; * Barker. N, 1 do; B-*l A CotI*. 1 kltt; Ballet, Lt G W, 1 do; Berrv, MraAB. 1 guitar; Brav, AM, 1 do Co F Keeker, G S. 1 package; 3a reg't; Byrne* Jos, 1 ao; Black ? Shunk, 1 do; Bjird, Mra Capt. 1 do; Ballenttne, \V a, tdo; Bradner, J H, 1 do; Brooks. H. 1 do; Belger, Major, 1 do; Brire, J J,1 do U SN; B'a< kburn, MA,8 maps; Bird. J S Miss, I do, Bickerton, Gbaa. 1 pkg; Bloat, Mr, 1 do, Brannon, Tbos, 1 do. Black, H, 1 do; Boyd, Capt A, 1 box and Ber-f, Dr a. 1 do; tin box attached; Ball, G, 1 do, Co H 'id Brodle, W M D, 1 pkg; reg't; B"llew A Co, I do; Batrd, Capt E C, I do; Billey, P R, 1 bench; Blddl", John, 1 do, Byrne, John C, 1 box; Berg, A, 1 do, N York B-?xtln. Aug, a Scott LG; Zona Tea. Blerd, P C, 1 pel; Berford, Capt J, 1 do; Bell, Mrs M, carpet bag; Bllaa, Lieut, 1 do; Btrnes, T P, 1 do; Boatty, Geo, 1 do; Biker, Col, 2 boxes; Buxton, Capt J P, 1 do, Betta A Co, 2 kegs; Excelsior Brigade; Bortol, H, 1 box; Bradley, C W, 1 do; B?ecb, J P, 1 box Camp Rranshinn T If 1 /to- ? Back. Re* DD, 1 box; Bierd, W H, 1 do, IS N Bra bin. Mote*, 1 do, Y Vol; flooTttf, J B, I do; Barrows, W E, l'^Masa, Been, Heory, 1 do; Barn, 8 T, Sutler; Bolter A. Wllaoa, 1 do; Brian,C H, 1 bbl; Bebb. MS, I do; Bwalk, C, 1 box; Braaderberg, FW,1 do; Bicker, J F, 1 do; Bovlan, Peter, 1 do; B T, 1 do; Barker, Mai G W. 1 do; Bllaa. Capt J H, 1 do 3d Brown, W K A Co, 1 do; Excelalor; Beiiew A Co, 1 do; Be ta, A H. 1 do; Baxton. F S, 1 do; Bailey, J T, 1 do; B?ch. JC, 1 do; Biglow, L, 1 bbl, 3th Bordieu, Mr, 1 do; Vt re?'t; Backer, J S. 1 do; Becker LC F; Bunoel, J H, 1 do; Butts, C 8, 1 box; B?rtlett, Win, 1 do; Bell, Lt Col. IdotNH. Batterlield, MaJ. t do; Brlabln A Whiting, 2 do; Bocae, 1) E H, 1 do; Bradenberg, T Vv, ld<?; BrenaUadt, E, 1 d r, Blias, Capt J H, 1 do 31 Buroea, Geo, 1 do; Excelsior; Baker, W, 1 do; Bement, H S, 1 do, 50th Banka, J Hi Co, 1 do; N Y reg't; Benedict, LtCol L, I do; Brown, Mra M, 1 trunk. C Campbell, Jacob. I pel; Coliende. W, 1 do; Curtia, Dr J, 1 do; Crlbb, W, 1 do; Cooe, D D, 1 do; Cbaae, Col VV B, 1 do; Ceok, L U. 1 do; Chandler, J VV, 1 do; Coaway, M F, 1 do; Crotut, J, 1 do; Ceanell, K, 1 do; Clarke, Capt WT, 1 do; Clarke, N B, 1 do; Cooper, H F, 1 do; Corey, S A. ldo; Cbappell, J F, 1 do; Ooraun, R R. 1 do; Com of Pdtenta, 1 do: Cheealey. XV R, 1 do; Cbaae, Lieut MM, 1 do; Callen, Serg't H H, 1 do, Courtney, Wm, I kitt, Carroll, Hen VV T, 1 do; Clarke, Wm, 1 do; Clarke, R H, 1 do; Connell, M, 1 cheat; Cox, a S, i do; Clotter, M, 1 box, 5th N Coon, M <jot John, 1 do; Y reg't; Covle, William, 1 do; Cowden, Col R, 1 do, 1st Callagban, W J, 1 do; Maaa; Cheuey A, I do; Caary, Capt. 1 do; Clarke, Dr H O, 1 do; California Reg't, 4 do; Cotle, Jaa D, 1 do, '?d Carter, Col Scot!, 1 do, N Y reg't, Jd Indiana Vol; theleua, C W, 1 p box, Collier, B. 1 do, 23d Vt 99th do; Reg':; C ridge, Alfred, 1 pkg; Coleman A Cruwaley, 1 Cruran, Wm C, I p box; bale; Coventry. 8 t VV B, ldo, Cbaae, C, 1 box; Carter R 1 pkg; Old worth. Rev W, I do; Campbell. Col L>, 1 do; Cbaplaln, lat Rey't Mats Cullum. u VV, 1 d?, Vol, 1 do; Ctrpenter, J W.ldo, Com Ulcer, Co F, 5th Csllagban J, 1 pkit. Cavalry. 1 do; Com of Patents. 1 map; Carutb, Lt F, 4 boxes, Collins. R B, 1 b"?: lat Mass; Coin of Patenta, 54 do; Chad wick, J C, 1 do, Cone, D D, 1 do; " Itftb do; Costella, K, 1 do; Cuablnp, 8 T,1 trunk,do; Cobim, 1 do; CAE. 9ergt Col Baxters Camp, VV E, 1 do, Fire Zouaves, 1 trunk; Cook, Alex, I do; Clarke. L M, 1 trunk, Caatweli, James, 1 do; 31tb Reij't. D Dean. John, 1 parcel; Derenage, CM, 1 box, Dix, Major. I do, Dougherty, J P, 1 do; Douglas. Capt H, 1 do, Davis, B. 1 do; 8:b luiantry; Dewey, H, 1 do; ?eyer"W. Capt, 1 do, Denney, R 8, 1 do, Sxlem Z; Itarts. J, 1 do; Dtrrldgr, VV D. 1 do; Dat?eQ, C, 1 do; Dayton, James L, 1 do; Dove, W, 1 do; Darling, A. 1 do; During, J 8,1 bbl; Davis. Mat Heary, 1 do; Dewey, H M, 5 boxes; Doyle, G H, I do; Dounaldson,w, 1 basket, Daln. Jobn 8. t do; Dusenburry, E, 1 bbl; Dexter Capt, A P, 1 do; Dlcksoo, H, Sj>kgs att; Deity, Hear/, 1 do; Duddtngton. C, 1 pel; Douglas, Mia 8. 1 do: Donnelly, Dr E, 1 box; Down rig, M W, 1 do, Decker, Mrs E, 1 do; ttd Reg't; Doyle. Capt, I do, 3d Ei; ihefeen*. Hen A, 1 do; Dam*. Miss U P 1 do. Id Do fteamo, Mr, 1 do; N H reg't, Dailev H, 1 i>kg; D, CL, 1 do; Dandeen. LtCeTJB.ldo; Dorwln, W, 1 1k,6?thR. E agbert, Cbss P, 1 pet; Espy, Col W, 1 do; Karie<idaea. E A, ldo; Ea?ir. VVm 1 do; Jaliwrtud. C, 1 da; Hvana, Mrs J D. 1 do; Et7W, 1 do: Elliott. M.J A V, safe; E'.d- <l<e, T E. tdo Etter, Martin, 1 box, Elcho B, E, 1 da, Gal Ellis, A D, 1 pel: Boblens* Regt; Erwln, Lt, 1 trnnk, exc; Eastman,J H, 1 box; Ffcnearoln, ldo. Fiske, N P, 1 pel; .. Pitxpetrick k Fxnael, 9 Frits, Tbos, 1 do. frames att; F)?tne sev, M 1 do.VtR Fowler, James 1 trunk; PaneU, Job a, l da; FMocb, E, 1 box; Fritter ley, Capt J J. I do, Frauge, 8, 1 do; 7th Rs* . Frlabae, R C, 1 do; Floba,>,.) 4d, N Y Vj Flicfelsy, I pkg papers: Fremont, Mr* J C, 1 do; Fuller, Wm M, 1 pel, Fereger. Anton, ldo; Hsrris L Call Fax, A H, I do; Follett, Cspt, 43 boxes; Foufce, P B, 1 da; Forrest, Tl, 1 keg; 4 Fsrrell, C H, 1 do; Frinte, L, 1 bbl; Fleck less. G 1 d?: Foster, N J, i box, ltth Fsss, O H. 1 do I Me ft Mass Rn'I; Flovde F, I do, Ferris, ti M, l trnnk. Foster Carle. I box; Feller, O W l do; Feed, C.I do; Piemmin?, O G, 1 val. Feetrr Wai J, 1 box, ? ^.rlawold. W M, 1 pel; Ureen, J 8, 1 do; kaaou. /taw, 14o? q*ma,j,i4v, i \ fc??M?l? Gtotber, C P, 1 do, Gardner, 9.1 do; ; Githens, E. 1 do; Orlfith, R H jr. t do; | German VV, 1 do; Gibbons, Jas, ldo; . Gieaaon, E, P, 1 do; Graham, Brig .Gen. 1 do; | Gardner, 3,1 do; Gleasoo. B. P. S do; Glvna, Martin, ldo; Gilbert, 8 A 1 do; Geafctt* D A. 1 do; Glover, T, I abl, Ftonet, clement i do: GMswold. James, i tub, Giiiman. E,ldo; 20th N Y reg't; ! G lending Mary M, ldo; Garratt, W. 1 bbl, sutler Graham, C B. 1 do; 5th Pa. Reserve; Grammer, G 8, 1 do, Gregg. Lieut G C, 1 box, GatxmaQ, H 8,1 do, Aiidersdn 8 9; OBUtier. G. 1 box, Gautt, T T, ldo; Gove, J A, 1 pkfc-, Graham, J. H,2 do; Graw, H, 1 do; Gudtnan, H, I do; Given, Rev R, 1 do; Glover. A 9, 1 do, 12th j Gregory, 8 C, 1 do; Maaa Reg't; Greensberger, 1 do; Cranberry, G L, 1 do; Gilbert, D L, 1 box; Gardner Dr W A. 1 trk; Green, W C, 1 do; Groover, L, 1 box; Guttman, D, 1 do; Gissenheimer, 1 do. H Harris, Dr James 1 pel; Hogarty, Wm 1 do; Hirrls, M B 1 pel: Huntington, W 9 1 do; Hopkins, Surg 9 1 pel; Herman, J B 1 do; Hell, Henry 1 pel; Hawkins, A C 1 do; H -ghes, Pat 1 pel, Col Holly, D C 1 do; Young's regiment, Holdau, F A I do; Haye?, H E 1 pel; Hoxter. David 1 do; Herman A Lanm. 1 pel; Holt, \V A 1 do; Hurtate, Joseph l pel: Henderson. JM1 trnnk: Hamilton, Alex 1 pel, In Hattepbeck, Captain N I dependent G; do, 4th Conn; Houghton. F M 1 pel; Hovey, Lt C H 1 do, Hodges, H W 1 pel, 17th 13!h Mas*; Mas* rest: Hitxhein, 9 1 pkg; H.le, Jwl pel; Herton, LtLOl box; Hascall, Capt H A 1 pel; Hanaeom, 8 P 1 do; Hutton. M .is E 1 pel; HollenbackA Houtal, 1 p; Hm*on A. Teel, 1 pel; Herbert, J A I pel; Harm*, J C 1 pel; Hospital 1 b*lc; Hubbard, C P I pel; Harlan, Jas H 1 box; Hagen, B F 1 pel, frJd Hayward, GDI do; re^t N Y vol; Hicks, A G 1 do; Herb. Jacob 1 pel; Hinman. R H 1 do; Hill, \V C 1 pel; Howard, Dwight 1 do; Hannah, Robert 1 pel; Harwig, Henry 1 pkg; Hinchman, Lt H8 lpel; Hill, LAI box; Hands. Johri 8 1 pel; Hewett. W W 1 do: Hr.lme*. Thomas "1 pel; Hurleiiger. J M I do; Hawtfc ?r- , J fine# 1 j>cl; Harwocd, A A 1 do: Hathaway. L) C 1 pel, Harrison. Lt P H 1 do; bth Maw; Haywood, O W ldo; Houser, W 1 pel; Haupt, p 1 do; Hammersteln, Maj lpe.1; Harris, Mrs ] pkg; Hickox. B 1 pel; Hays, W M 1 box; IiHiberi;, Capt, 1 pkg, Hnrtnnl. John 1 do; 5th N V; Hateb, W B 1 do; H*wley,JP lpcl,*<JdcaT; Harper, C W 1 bed; Heinttelirian, (ieu 1 Del; Hall. L> A 1 kltt; I H.uman, John 1 box; Harrison, Lt P 3 pkg ait; Harper, Mrs :*arab I box; Hart, MOl bdl: HopKl'it, J H 1 basket; [H] 5 bundle*; HV11, Lt & Croaby 1 box; Hunt, Wm H &.Co 1 bdl; Hughes, E 1 pkir; HslUhan, John 1 pkg, Hiwlev, W N i pkg; 4.5 h Pa rt-g; Hvkett, R I tK?i; Hiilberg, Jobn 1 box, Hilton, James 1 box ex; 19ih N V reg; Hammond, C W 1 do, Hutchengrow. J 1 do; tlth Mass; Hush, A K 2 bdls; Hathawiy, or Jss Mc- Hewett. DrC N 1 box, Vey, ldo, Ind MVol; 5(ith N Y regt; Hoffman, PI do; lldnd, B\V ldo, 1st Mass. Harris' L C; I I tines, Co! C H, 1 pel; Ind cav'y 1st regt, 1 box; Irwin, Mrs, 1 do; Ingraham; E D, 1 do 7th Iglebart. John, 1 C bag; Maine; Issacks, T E, I do; Ingalls, H. 1 do; Irwin, Dr C K, 1 box; Jutt, John J, 1 pel; Johnson, WH.l do, 1st Jov, Lt' ut W M, I do, N J regt ; Van Allen's cavalry; Johnson, Capt C, do; Johnson, J, 1 do; Jarksoa. Geo, 1 do; Johnston, R, 1 do; Jones. I. 1 pkg; f II II. I J - - - ' ? ? - juu-1", n ?? , i ui', Jones, w H, 4 bale; Jones, C M S, ldo; Jackson. Col \V A. 1 bbl; Jones, J J. 1 do; Jones, K P, 1 cheat; Jordan, W H, ldo, lit Jordan, A\VACo,6do stt; I) C regt ; Janstein, Lieut G B, 1 do Jacobs. A B, I do, 5th 55th N V regt; Pa regt ; Jacobs, CE, 1 trunk'15th Johnaon, Lt C R, 1 box; Pa regt. Kelley, Lizzie. 1 pel; Klngsman, GW, 1 pkg; Karater, Martin, 1 do Kane, Lt Col JL, 1 box; 29 h N Y regt; Knott, Mrs A M, 1 do; Kelley, M, 2 do; Kasuswaaky, DrH, 1 bdl; ; Kees ru an, ?\ m, 1 do; Karney, Brig Gen, 1 pkg; Kennedy, Hon A, 1 do; Kranae, John, 1 p box; Kunemund. H, 1 do; Kellrov, John, 1 box; Kirby, C<pt, ldo; Kilmuray, Patrick 1 do; Kline, Benj. I do; Kirk T, 1 do; Kittle, Capt EC, 1 do King, W B,<4 boxea; camp ?bales; Kline, Aug. 1 box; Knowies, Fred'k, 1 do; Kroeger, 1 keg; Kaap, Geo XV, 1 do; Kussick. Mra B, 1 box; King, M-'.Jor H L, I do; Keon A Leontball, 1 bag; Kalpevl. Peter, lbdl; Kirk, Capt WA, 1 pkg; Kariner, C XV, 1 bale; KlngA J*ander??on, 1 box; KennardyJL, 2 bales; Knot, A K. ldo; Kelly, D J, 1 bdl; Karnsner, C \V, 1 trunk Kable, E, 1 bale; L Ludwlg, R, 1 pel;1 Learning, \V, ldo; L *mbert Geo, 1 ?lo; Lafferty, W m, I bale; Large, Jobn, 1 do; l^aughlln, E, 1 bale&bx; Leal n, Maj J H, 1 do; Lord, Col LNB, 1 pkt:;| Leary. J no. 1 do; Landu, Co! F W, 1 do; Latrldge, John, ldo: Learning. T, 1 do; Lotrldkje, S CACo,l do, Low, J W. 1 do; Lee, TF, 1 do; Lain*, J N, iboj; L^-vy, \V XX", 1 do; Leapson, D !*, 1 do; Legeane, Col, 1 do; Loomls, MDW, 2 bxs; Larned, Maj C F, 1 do; Learer, P A, I bucket; Lelnhardt, O F, 1 do; Larned. Capt, 1 box; Levlck, Capt J B,ldo; Lebrarid, L. 1 do; Lesson, Lieut \V, 1 do; Lorton, M H, 1 do; Lewis, J C A J, 1 do; Ltnnel, H H, 1 do; Lambert, Lt Cbas, 1 do; Lebanno, G, 1 do; Ludwlg, R A A. 1 do; Ljtella, John, 1 pel; Llnde, Thos, i do; Lalne, W T. 1 do; Lawyer, J A, 1 do; Lipp, T, 1 trunk. M Markland. A H 1 parcel; McGuire, J C, 1 box; McKenn, A, 1 parcel; Mytrs B J, 1 bale; Miller, J L. 1 parcel; Morgan, K. 1 bait; McHarg, Capt J, 1 pel; Moore, C, 1 box; Marr, Thoe B, 1 parcel; McLaughlin, 1 box; Uslhaw U V I Mill. r\ < liuua, \J IS, I UUIj M*rab, E A, 1 parcel, Mctzinger, E, 1 box; Malone, J as. 1 parcel; McCollough, 1 box; Merchant, Lt, 1 parcel; Mclntire. Jawea, 1 box; Mclntire, 1 parcel: McLanghlln, J, 1 bdl, McClould, 1 parcel; Myer, A J, 1 box; Meebau, Tbomaa, 1 pel; Menzel, ? A, 1 keg; Martley, W H, 1 parcel; Mantroy, 1 half bbl; Mori, Capt J, 1 parcel; Mecban B, 1 pkg;; McClintock. Jaa, 1 pel; Murphy, Tbomaa 1 box, MlUinan, 8 (i, 1 parcel, N. V Vol ; Meara, Lt Col F, 1 prl; Morsel I, C, 1 box; Moore, \V H, 1 parcel; Ma^tmua, John, 1 box, Morrill, J S. 1 parcel; S&th NY; Melf ?rd, D 1 parcel: Moore, Jarnea F, 1 box, Mo*>oey. M F, 1 parcel; 4'h Pa Cavalry: Mangan, D, 1 parcel; McCandlea, Dr. J G, 2 M-bl, M, 1 parcel; boxes, 52d Pa. Reg.; Marquardt, F, 1 parcel; Maatenon, Alfred, 1 pel, M- Vulieu, 1 parcel; N J Vol.; Martin, T H, 1 parcel; Muller, Wml pel, Camp McCune, Jaa, 1 parcel; Cbadvell; McCormick, Maj, 1 pel; May, G, 1 pel; Mundt-e, C, I parcel; Mellon. D, 1 C bag; Mtrato-i, Maj DC, i pel; McTibbeu, L P, 1 c bag; Merchant, Henrv, I pel; Murpby, Cant O, 2 bxa; McLaughlin, J F, 1 p i; Maaury, L. 1 box; Maaoii, Lt J"hn. 1 p i; M , C. P A.Co 5 boxea; McLean, J \V, 1 parcel; McGee, C L >'o 5 bbla; Mazzocbl, E, I parcel; Martln,JVV,l bx.7thMa.; Moore, D?nlel, 1 parcel; Montgomery, J, 2 bxs; Munien, B, 1 pel, 26th Morrel, J H, 1 box; N. V He* ; Mottlt, Lt. T W, 1 bbl; Mayor, DG, 1 parcel; McKnigut,Col A A. 1 bx; Mag'.nnlt, VV H, 1 jicl; Mudge. Capt GR, 1 box; Marahill&Page, 1 pel; MorrTa. R H. 1 box; McConnell, Gen 1 box; >l?rau?*te, J, 1 box; Mai oney, D. 1 box; [M a. CJ; Morra. R H, 1 box; Nluller, C, 1 trunk; Mtrbell, A, i bal; Mullen, J B, 1 trunk; McDowell, M M, 1 box; McDonnougb.HR, 1 trk; unaell, CPACo, 1 box; Murphy J, 1 trunk; Miller, B L 8. 4 balea; McClellen, Lt RM, 1 trk; Miller, Jl,ti boxea; Marcy, Col R B, 1 pel. N Newell, Capt J, I pel; Nunna J H, 1 bundle; Nartan. Mra 8, 1 do; Nlcholi, Dr C II, 1 box; Neally, F, 1 do; Norria.Capt G K, 1 do; Newion, JC, I do, Neilaon, Joan, I trunk. O'Brine, 1 parcel: Ol ver, W C, 1 do; O'Conner, Dennla, 1 do; Oawald. Capt Wli, 1 do, OHerman, F, 1 box; JIltN Y Reg't; O'Conner, Dennla, 1 do; Ordner,VV, 1 val, 53th da. Paul, D H. 1 parcel; Patteraon, P, 1 do; Peamll, TL -a C 1 do; Prlinse, J, 1 do; Psranna, L B. 1 do; Porter, G W 1 do; PbllllpM, Col WH, ldo; Putney, H O, 1 do; Paine, LtW C, 1 do; Prlabam, 8, 1 do; Pokarmy, C. 1 do; Pratt, 1 do; Patiner, Bg G'l JM,ldo; Parker, F, 1 do; Powell, F, 1 do; Pltbena, G, 1 package; Pbaalx, D C, 1 dp; Powsraon, M, 1 box, 30tb Porter, Lt Col J J, 1 do; Pa Re^'t; Palae, VV H, 1 box; Price, Jacob, 1 parcel, Poland, Joeepb, 1 pkge; 5tb cavalry; Pollock, N, 1 do; Paraball, RR, 1 do, lat Packard, TM.l do; L laf y; Ptfsr, W, ldo; Pratt, H, 8 matte Palmer, CaptN W, 1 bx; Pratt. Capt C R M, 1 box, Petltt, Geo, 6 boxes; 13th Maaa; PUtt, R. t do; Prluce, VV 9.1 do; Prince, W 8, 1 do; Poet, Rev Geo K, 1 do, Potter, J F. 1 do; 15th N Y Rag?t; Peaee, J, 1 bundle; Pllaon.Capt. 1 trunk; Polletzer, M, 1 do; Poliard, Mrs M, 1 do. Parrott, M, 1 box; Q Quartermaster General, Qolnt, C P, 1 box; 1 parcel; CJuenn, John, 1 bale. R Kr>irers, P A. 1 parrel, Rawlins, L F, I do; ffttfa N Reg't; Roper, A J, 1 trunk; It- bb, C, 1 box; Reyaolda, Adg'l J k, 1 Roberts, Llwt W D, 1 p box: ptneol, OaJDP Palmary R a pall, M D, 1 boodle; R bb Joaa, I parcel; Ray, D W, 1 box; VMS7B W, 1 do; Rupp, Jubo, 1 do; Relgai. F, 1 do; Rusaell, Mrs, 1 do; Rot;m. ('*1* J, ldo; R, J W, 1 do; R?? *? Ttioiaaa, I do; R A 8, 1 do; R?yn a, Alajor, I do; Herd, P. I do, Re?*t, E issn, 1 do; Rogers, Mrs John. 1 do; I IUw}y, J, 1 Rb?ordaoo( W p, \ da. I Ruaaell, Capt T, 1 do; Relator,TW, ldo 57 NT; Royenbnrg, M. 1 do; Roaaell-Lt G8, IdoS NJ; Reed, Hon T M, I do, Rider, H F, 1 parcel; Roxell, H H, 1 do; R.JVV.lbox; Randolph, J, 1 do; Rodgcra. Q F. ldo; Redman, John, 1 do; Reeaer. CH, lkg, S3 NY; Robbins. D, 1 do. Randall, GR, 1 box, 5 Ct; Helley, Jobs 1 do; Ranaon, Capt JN, 1 trk. Ray, Alex, 1 do; 8 Smith, F, 1 parcel, Spear, J W, 1 do; Smith, W M, 1 do; Stone, Dr L H, 1 do; Stelole, N, 1 do; Smith, O W, 1 do; Shield, O, I do, 2d N J; Swift, John, 1 do; Smith, Harvey, 1 do; Sanders E, 1 do; Smith, T J. 1 do, Mc- Smart, A, 1 do; Clellans Dra; Samatag. S, 1 do; Scott, Waller, 1 do; Stevens, R O, 1 bundle; Shaffer, O. 1 do; Stewart. R J, 1 box; Staut, Albert, 1 do, J G; Scott, A J, I violin caae; StnltU, William, 1 do; Sbeppard, T, 1 box; Smith, NR, 1 do; Spear, P B, 1 do; Southall, Tyler, 1 do; Siuith. W G, 1 do; Shtjwell, W 8, 1 do; Sltx, John, 1 do; Smith, Sam'l C, 1 do; Somner, 1 do; Scharty, Henry, 1 do, lstSwayxe, John E. 1 do; Pa Rifle R?g"t; Soutnenand, G J, 1 kea; Snrlgly, C, 1 do; ScottA Vac born, 10 camp Shirley, E, I do; stools; Stevenson. J, 1 do, 2d Sanders, Capt J, 1 box: Va Re?'t; Slocum,C, 1 do.4tb NY; Sterna, Lt Charles, 1 do; Shank, Lt F J, 1 do; Smith, S B, 1 do; S amen, A J, 1 do, NYV; Sherger, VV, 1 do; Sterdevant, G VV, 1 do; Strain, J H 1 do; Smart. J T, 1 do, Oen'l Smith, Phillip, 1 do; Sandis' Brig'e; Stt rue, J P, I do; S'ewart, SB, 1 do, lit Shorgbsny. M, 1 do; DC Vol's; Sa ids, Lleu't L. 1 di; 8<-id?rs, VV, 1 do, Camp Hmitu, Lieu't J B, 1 do; Balmer; Slocum, Br G'l H,1 do; Santry, F, I parcel; Smith, Miss A, 1 do; Steel, G, 1 box; Smith, Jimes N, 1 do, Sherman, 8 M, 1 bundle; 5th Maas; S, A C, 1 barrel; Smith, VVm M, 7 do; Smith, Dr D, 1 box, 18th Seymour, J \V, 1 do, Man; Sherman's Battery; 8, B 8, 1 do; 8tub, R B, 1 do; 8>iaro, W II, I do, NJR; Sirathaw, J W, I do, Steablin,3 kejra k. 1 bbl; 36th N Y; Sl?w?on, J M, 1 box; Shpnk, W F. 1 l ip; Skldman, R, 1 do; Strong, Mai tin V B 1 Stone, Kev B W, 1 do; piic-l, Andrews S S; Scott, J, 1 do; Sherry, J, 1 do. 8th NJ; Sickels, Gen'l, 1 do, 5th Still, J \V, ldo; Excelsior; Steven*, I. P, 1 bundle; Sample, Jobn VV, 1 do. | CCUUCIB, U, 1 UUA, DliUUIIlAKtT, J U, I UUDIj Stanley. (j VV, 1 bundle;Snow, George C, 1 do; Shepps'd, G W, I box; Stewart ,JB, 1 do. 8 H. 1 do; Smith, J II. 1 valise; Sir- u?er I), 1 do; Shellds, P, i trunk. Snell, A J, 1 do; T 'Thomas. Br!g Gen'l T,Thompson, Adj'tG VV, 1 lparcel; box; Tattersell, James, 1 dojTerwllleneer, Geo, 1 dai Tillman, John, 1 do; Thorp, Harrv. 1 do; Thompson,T, 1 do; Tbotupsua, I.leu't, 1 do; Tharston, Dr. 1 do; Thompson, J?s. E, 1 do; Tucker, J H, 1 do; T^tharo, C B. do; Thorub2rg, Sc Co, 1 dojTombleson, flJ, 1 do, Traver, Jos, 1 do, 3(Jth C&o?p Halan; NY; Totten, Gen'l, 1 do; Thompson, W 3, 1 do; Taylor. Serg't, 1 parcel; Thompson, Col A, 1 do;Tlce, G L, lbox; Talbott, R M, 1 do. Taylor, N, 1 do, 1st Mass; Titromb, James, ^do; Todd. Capt J Scott, 1 do, Tostevln, John, 1 do; 19th Ma?s: Tbeacker, T C, .1 do; Taite, Geo H, 1 valise: Truck, M C, 1 do; Troula, Margaret, 1 tr'k; Tooly, D J, 1 do Ullck, W, 1 box. Vegler, Fred'k, 1 parcel,Vonlintonag, Mr, 1 do; Camp Sherman; Vai:v:ilkenaberg, A Co, VanllnDerg. I do: 1 do; Vantern, W Sc J, 1 do;Vanvieet, Gen'l, 1 bale; Vanselfort, M. 1 box; V.mneroan, Miss Annie, Vananden, A, 1 do; I trunk. W Wilson, CafU T M, 1 pi; Wall Sc Bernard, 1 do; Weiley, John, 1 do; Weake?, l>r A, I do; Weatheral, Maj S, 1 do;Wintleld, 1), I do; Woodcock, W, 1 do; Willing, J C, '1 do; Wilmoth, L. 2 do; Wilson. M, 1 keg; Williams, W H, 1 do,Waif, T, 1 bdl, Hth N Y; Wright, John, 1 box, 22 Whitney, Lieut J 1 do; N Y Reg; Weil, t-, I do; Weiner, M. 1 do, 18 N Ward, Lt E A. 1 do; Y Reg; Werner, N, 1 do; White, E H 1 do, 1 D wmil, (ieo. I do; C Vol; Woolly, J D, 1 do; White, John, C.CorpoWard. F B, 1 do; rat. 1 pel, 4th K I; War Department,* 1 do; Ward well, E, 1 do, lat Woolenbtrg, 1 do; Maaa; Wade, 1' S.l do; D. W, 1 c bag; Wilcox, MM, ldo.;' Willhalra,J, 1 box: Whitman, W C, 1 do; Whipple, A W, I do; We'den A Campbell,lpg WilliamsJ a met M, ldo; Wilkinson, D R 1 box; Wilcox J 8, 1 bbl; Weiaer, F, 1 do; M W A Co. 1 box; Wllaon, E T Mra, i do;Wetber, Dr. 1 bbl; Wllain, 8, 1 do; Wvman, H 11, 1 box; Winder*, C, 1 do; lStbiMnaa; Webber. C, lbdl; Woolaworih, W W,l do; Wlndolr, H, 1 box; 2d Wl?; Wilson, J B, lldl; WeildCaptE A, Pdo; Warden, Penty, 1 pkn; latMaae; Weather all, Major, ldo;W*tsnn, Major A P, 1 Wheeler, B O, 1 d>?; do; 8th Mich; Walker, Maj A, 1 basket;Woodburry, J A, 1 do; Webb, J G, 1 pkg; Wild, Capt E A, A do; D. VV, 1 box; 1st Mw; Wvman, Mra Capt, ldo;\\ ilUie, J R, 1 trunk; Willis, G W, 1 do; Walker, Major A, 2 do; Wrataon, Lieut F. 1 do; Washburn, Alfred, 1 do; Weat, Capt W P, l do; White, John 8, 1 cheat. Ward, T, Young, C 8, 1 box; ^Vonker, B L, 1 trunk. Zlmmer, E, 1 parcel Ar-Zehner, Lt H, 1 do; 23d lington H N J Rent; no 19 ecftt Zendle, Geo, 1 box. GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS MaSSEY. COLLINS ft CO.'8 PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT ALE. We have juat reoeived & ai> pply oi the above Aie, which wo recommend to be ui? very superior quality. Persons wiahing to puroh&ae. by making immediate &i>piioation. can be furnished. AKNY ft SfllNN, no 7 Georgetown.' K b'yKi V El>? 10 hhrts. prime Porto Rico SUGARS 140 tibia. Old Rye WHISKY, ttohbla. HERRiNS and ALE WIVES. k> bbls. C-u?!i*d ami Kelm-'ii SUGARS, in li&M Rio srul Ktrft nrUffBt'. L* 10 iihds.(low prlooiTM() L ASSfeB. Pjrrn.r ! , Jf'flN J. RO?OE. Mil GAS FITTING, &c. AWM ?. DOVK *Tcp._ RE Now prr?*r?o to execute an* erdera with W-noh they may be fvrore<2 in ifae PLVMD1N4, OAS OR H/KAM F1TVIM* BUSINESS. fOT Store on ?th atreet, & few doora north of Pa. avenne, where mar he found a coraaete aasortmem ef CHANDELIERS and other ?AH, STEAM aca WflKR HXTUKKS UTT-lv 1 SNYDER. FL UMBER AND GAS FITTER, Has removed to tne corner of Twelfth aud F ata. He ia prepared to introduoe Water and 6aa opou the moat favorable tarma, and guarantiee enure aatlafaolion. ?e haa on hand a lot of COOKIN8 and other OVES, which he will tell 1 an than ooat.aa ha w.eliea to get rid of them. no 17 WOAS FIXTURES, E Have in store, and are dai j reoeiving, 0A8 riXTURESof entirely New Pattarnaand Deaiaca and Finiah, rnperior in atyie to anything heretofore ffet d in thia laaraet. We inviteoitiiena general Lr tc tall and examine onr a took of Baa ana Water Fix tree, feeling confident that we hare the beat e*<eoted etock in Waahington. All Work in the above Tine intraated to ear ear# Will be promptly attended to. MYERS * MoSHAN. jurMf 176 p atreet. f \f F1CE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER U OF 9AS METERb, BUT ICS 18 REREBT'ofvEfy,* ThaWgrSa ably to the proviaiona cf tte ordinance of the Corporation approved May IS, !<&', the undorngned ia

now prepared, "wherever /ofuired in writing, ana on pre-payment of the fea of fifty centa, to inapeet, WUUP, irsk, NUTS, ahdaTObx UUb IflC aooaraoy 01 regiatration orany |M uieter iu aae in tn:a citj." Evtry meter, if.'oand incorrect,Trill be aondemned and another, aeal*d and marked m true, will be et is i?* place. If pro?ed to be aooBraie la its meaaasemect ofcaa, it will besealea aoco^auifly, and acain eat m sosit.on for aee. 1>3m No. #10 Seventh at reet, (iieai (M4 Felda'U Opeu from I a. m., to J a. m. CHARLES W. CyNNINdHAJtt, Jy II-tf ;napeotorand Sealer of ftaa Meters, DENTISTRY^ , M teeth. LOU>il8, M. i)? fhr? mreutor and patentee oftha MINERALPLATE TEETH, gfta tends personally at hia office .n thia oity .Raflnfi# Many pe-tor.a can wear theae teeth who**'' w sannot wear o there, and do person oan wear others who cannot wear theca. f'nrsons oallini at my office oan be acoominoaated th any style and prioe yf Teeth they may desire; sut to those who are parti on lar and wi a h tb e purest, cleanest, strongest, and moat perfect denture that art oan produee, the MINERA.L PLATE will be more folly warranted. Rooms ib thia oitr-No. 339 Pa. avenue, betweea Mh and l?tt> ata. Also, SOT Arota street, Flu adel P'na. oc u t f FRENCH A RICHSTETN AVE Just reoeived a fresh supply of Not* Paper, Colored Borders, ruled and plain, with Envelopes to mateh Also, Klac Paper of all kinds, with and without Mottoes; Kn veiopaa to natch. Parses and Pooket Books of every description. A large assortment of Stationer*. 5*li,: P^n b0W FRENCH ^RICHSTEIN^ TRAVEUNS TRUNKS. E Offer for sale the iarceet aaaortmant B^TVKLINO TRUNKS to U found n.?aa i city, oompnsiric best Sole LeatherHHfll Ladies' (trees and Pelting Trunks, Va-^?*? I nea. Carpet Hags, fco? whioh we are aow se line 82u I ? ??They ( right te th?BpmtS* MSrANT RELIEF STOP \OU* OOV?M PURIFY \OUR BREATH ( TKfcN8THEN YOUR VOICE SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS, 1U GOOD FOR CLERGYMEN, GOOD FOR LECTURERS, GOOD JTOR PUBLIC SPEAKERS, OOOD FOR SINGERS, GOOD FOR CONSUMPTIVES. GENTLEMEN CARRY SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. LADIES ARE DELIGHTED WITH SPALDING'S THROAT C0NFECTI0N8. CHILDREN CRY FOR SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. They reliava a Cough Instantly. The; olear the Throat. The; give atrength and Tolam* to tha voloe, They impart a delicious aroma to the breath. They aredelightfel to tha taste. They are mad* of simple herb* and cannot harm any ona. I adviss evary one who hu a' Cough or a Haaky Voioe, or a Bad Breath, or any difficulty of the Throat, to get a package of my Throat Confections. They will relieve yon instantly, and yon ariil agree with me that "they go richt to the spot.' Yon will find them very useful and pleasant while traveling or attending pnhlio ireetings, for stilling your Cough or allaying yo>ir thirst. II yon try one paokage I am safe in saying that yon will ever af terwards consider them indispensibla. Yon will find them at the Drnggista and Dealers in Medi PRICE TWENTY FIVE CENTS. My signature is on each paokage. All others are eounterfeit A Package will be sent by mail, prepaid, on re oeipt of 1 hirty Cents. Addre?ffl HENRY C. SPALDING, No. 4* CEPAR STREET, NEW YORK. CURE NervousHeadacha Headache. By the a?e e( tkese Pills the perle41e attacks n?'?w w o'im jinmcm mi; o? fraventea; aia i Uhan at the oommenaement of an ittuk izn*" dlato relief from pain and aiokneea will b?obtainad. Th?y seldom Call in remonnx the u? to whiok females aro a* aabjae*. They aot xentiy ijan the biweli,?rmnci *u timmiu. For Liitrmr* ?lm, Stud mil. Poheat* Females, and all persons of udmtmry iaHst, ?hey are va!aable aa a !< * (??? Improving the appstff*, xiTinx (mm and ?Ki' to the dlgeetive orcass, and ra etcrinx the natarai eJittioity and iVreajth a Us whole system. The CEPHALIC FILLS are the recall of lot>x mveatixation *nd oarefaily oor.duotNl experiment*, ha Tin* been in aae many yean, 3?r:nt which time they have prevented and relieved a Taut amoant of rain and aofleriux rom Beadaahe, whether onxinatlnf in the hmjw ayatem ar from a derauxetf atate of the itowuuk. They are ontirely vejetable in their oompoaltion and may be taken at ail times with perfect safety without mat lux any ohanxe of diet, mmd tki mbimtt of nt du*trtt+bl4 (SiM rtmdtrt it Mlf Is dmimiittr tk*m to thxldrtn, BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS! The lenmne have five aixnatarea of Benry C Spaldinx on eaoh Box. Sold by Draxxiata and all ether Dealers In Madi ernes. A Bex will be aant by mail prepaid en rseeipl a the PRICE, 9# CENTS. AU erdera choald be addresaed to BENRY C. SPALDIN*. 48 Cxaax Stxxbt. Niw You. Mrtm tkt Eutmtmtr, Norfolk, Fa, Cephftlie fills acooaijiish the cLjeot fcr whit? iter were made, vis: Care ol cwdMiJ In ail n? forma. hM 144 Smmmimm, Iftr/tik, Tm. They ?! ? hmd t cm ted in mere khu ft umuue?eee, with ?i.ure uoo???. Frtm tkt Dtvteersf, St. Cln4, Mhm. if 90a er<?. or have been troubled w ith the head *ohe. send for a box,(Cephaao Ptlia h Uftt jet nay have them iu oase ol ai<>ttaok. Frtm tkt Wtsttm it. R. &*?ttU, CkitAft, 111, We heartily endorse Mr. Spaidinj, an* als u rivalled Cepliaiio Pills. IVm tkt Sentient Pmik Pindar, Ifnt Or Urn* 1, L* Try them ! yon thftt are affiiotsd. and'we are nr> ihftt your testimony oar be added te Ua ftlreftd) numerous list that hae received beneits that m other medieine oan prodioe. Frtm tkt tfmMttu, Daempert, Ittea. Mr. Spaldiac would not connect k'.a aac? t!U an artiele he did not know to poaMea real nerlt. From tkt Adttrtitrr, Prttifmq, M. 1. The Ceehaiio Pilla are aaia te be ft rer-?r*ah.j effeotpre leroedy for the headaohe, and eneeftfc* rery beet for that rery fre?*ent eemplalnt wft.e? has ever been discovered. Frtm tkt St. Lmte Dtmttrtt. The lmmcaae demand fer the artiele (Ge?kftll? Puia) la rap&jr ktoreaaini. Fttm tkt Ktmmwku Tmlltt Star, JCmuntkm, fa W e are ra re thftt peraona aaierina wil h Ike head ftehe, who try them, will stick te tftem. rrwm <<M 4?*?riutr, fTHHWHi JL I. Tfca ieatiraorr in their faTar u streif, trea tht aoit reapeotabie ?nartera. IVmi til D+Uv Ami, JTimmti, X. I. GephJkiio 1'ille are taking the plaee of all kiada. Item Ik* Commtrtiml BnlUti*, Bottom, M*it Said to be very eficaeiona for the headaohe. From tk$ Commtreial, Cintmmati, Ohio. 8nliend( hamanitv oan now be relieved. IET A uncle bottle of Spalding's Prepared Glue will eareten time* ita ooat annually. ^PPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING18 PREPARED GLUE! SAVE THK PIECES! ECONOMY i DISPATCH 0*"A Stitch is Tims Situ N A* aoeidents will Iwpen, even in well rerulateo famiiiee, it ii very d*airable to have pome oheap UOMMWlViV for repairing Furniture, Toy* Crockery, * o. SPALDING'8 PREPARED GLUE meeta all noh etnergeneiee, and no hoseehold oa afford to be withost it. It la alwaya ready, and to the etiokinc point ** USEFUL IN EVEEY HOUSE." N. B.?A Brnah aooompaniea eaoh Bottle. Prie II eenta. Addreu BENE Y 0. BPALD1NB, No. 48 Cedar atreet, New Tart. CAUTION. Am oertatu aapriaoipled peraooa are attamptmi ta Sf, pabUe.iwitafi?a at ay PREPARED BLUE, Iwosld caution a. i person* to esamiaw before psrohfiaini, aad aee tha tte la i wr^. PALOiNS'S PEEPAEED * ??* ?U ??Mn|>yj^Uag TRAVEL LEES' DIKECTOKT. J^ORTHERN CENRAL RAILWAY. The Skortetl. Quichttt mmd Bet RouttJYtm BmtHgp**' nort^ANDA^ORT^^^^^ WINTER SCNEDVLE CBlVOBor 11ML On and after tM'NftA Y, Hth November, PftMen?er Train* will arnve ud depart from Calvect Station as follow* : Train? North Lravi Mail at 8 JO a. m. Buffalo Exprmi 8 p. m. Parkton Ac?< mmodation 4 p. m. PilUburr and Ha-risburg Express 8 JP p. m Trains South Airivr Parkton Aooommndation at 8 a m RuflaJo Express 8 ? a. m. Pittsburg and Harrisbirg Express 2 p. m. Mail 6 30 p. m. The 6 a. m train from Washington oooneets with the 8 30 a in. tram from Baltimore for tie Wrst and for Bodalo, Elmira. Rooh**ter, Dunkirk. Ca-.adaigca and Niagara Fai.e. and for New York city. The SI a. m. train from Washington oonneots with the 3 p. m train fn m Baltimore to West, North a* d Northwest and Elmira and Bsflalo and ftooheeter. The 5 p. m. train from Washington oonneots with ? &.?) p. m. tain from Bvtimore for Putsr urg arnsbnrg atd the Wort ana is a direct oonaeotioi ; or Lebanon. Easton A hentown and N ew York via Cehtral Railroad of New Jersey. Try this roo_e for New Yoik r_/~The only train leaving Baltimore on t*aoday ii.tnsS p. is. train, for Harristmrg.fitUbarg, CfcioigoanJ the West. Th? only train arriving in Baltimore on Sunday Is th 8 20a. m. train. JAS.O ru?KE. no irt> ly Bnperintendent pa?en.erbtr?v8o Tp AND PRO. WINTER SCHEDULE. a?jyg 8PEC1AL NOTICE TO TRAVELKK8. On and after Monday, November 18, 1861, Pas wnier Trains between WASHINGTON and BALTIMORE wili ran aefollows: M , TRAINS MOVING NORTH. Morning Express leave W ashtrgten 8.10a. m. Arrive at Baltimore 1M a. Philadelphia mo p.h ; >ew "i ork p. m.; Harris berg LUp. m. Morning Accommodation leave Washington 7,40 a k. Arrive at Baltimore 9JO a. M. No oonneotiocs at Baltimore. New York Mail Train?leave Washington at 11 a. M.; arrive at Baltimore 11.40 p. m.; Ahiladeishla 127 p. u.; New Y ork 10 i- it. Afternoon Aooofnmodstion?letn Washington V? P. M. Arrive at Baltimore 4 M p. M.; Harnatmrg 9.? a. m.; Philadelphia 10.00 p. m. Evening Express?leave WaaMngton i p. k. A live at Baltimore 6M P. Philadelphia 10.38 r. M.; New York 4 * H?msb?rgl a. k. TRAINS MOVING 80UTH. Leave Nr? Vork at 7 a. PtjJacetphia 11 JO a. m ; haituLore ttor.u. Am re at W aahlngtoo UC *' New York at ?tP. x; Philadelphia lojo p. m ; Bait, more 4 5? a. m. Arrive at Waahington 4 Leave New York at 1' p. m.; Philadelphia I Ju a. u ; IUkumorelM a.m. Arris# at Waahirgton 9 ? a. jc. Aocr.rr.irodation Train leave Baltimore at t a. m.< and ir.h . for Waah:ngtoa, arrive there at II a. M. wi 7 p. *. Paaset-ger Traina leaving Waahirgton at 7.40 a. x. ar.d a.i j P. m., anc Baltimore at 7M a. and u0 p. m , make direct oonneetiona tor Annapolis at the Junction. Train* leave Annapolis for Baltimore and Wash incton at 6.50 a. m. and 3 4" p. uPassenger Train* leaving w. ashington at 6.10 a. m.. Ham. and t r. m.. and Ba'timora %t and 7.3'a. m . ard m-. will tin only at Annapolu junction nnd Jffmttntton l Relay) Junction Wat Aatati^Mmuat take the Accetnmottota* Trains onty Trai'fi wil! leave Washington and Baltimore promptly uptn card time. W. P. SMITH, Master of Transportation, Bait. J. T. ENGLAND, Agent, Camden Station, Baltimore. 6. P. falLBEH 1. Agent at Washington. no>0 I- rim b'fGAM WEEKLY BE TWEEN Ntw YORK AND LIVERPOOL. SO*?* Landing and embarking paaaengera at Oucenatown, Irtiand. I The Live-pool, New York and Philadelphia Steamship Cnmpant infnd dispatching their full owered C.ydMmilt iron steamships aa follows: GLASGOW Saturday, August 3d. I CITV f\Si U * I TIM/in iS * > v/? wAiiiiimuivD. mo. KANGAROO. " " lain. And every Saturday, at soon, from Pier 44, North river. katxb OV PASBASK. First Cabin ? * Do. to London ? Do. to Pari* ? &5 Do. to Hamburg 86 Bteerac e_~ -?.? 830 Do. to London.? 94 Do. to i'a>is ........ 38 Do. to Humburr 35 Passengera forwardrd to Havre. Bremen, Rotteruam. Antwerp, Ac , at reduoed throsin (are*. Person* wiahing to bring out their friends oan buy tickets at low rate*. For further information apply at the Captame Office. JOHN ?. DAL1, Agent, 15 Broadway, N. Y., Or toQ. A. HERRING, Auama Express Baltimore. " NORTHERN gJPPgg CENTRAL RAILWAY. SUPERINTENDENT'S OFFICE.I CaLvixt ^Arioit, Batimore. May 18,1861,. { On aud after Sunday. May 19th, 1*1, Train* on the NORTHERN CENTRAL RAILWAY ar riTe and depart as follows, unti further notioe. TKA1NH NORTH. MAIL at *14 A. M. EXPK ESS at 3M. HARRIsBURG ACCOMMODATION at P. M. The 8.15 A. M. train oonneota at Relay House with trains on the Western Maryland Railroad; at Hanover Junction with Hanover and Gettaburg Railroads; at York with York and WrigbUrtile i Railroad; at Harnsburg with Pennsylvania Railroad for all parts of the West, also with Lebannon Valley Railroad t? Njw Y*rkdir*t;*t Northern tyerlan<i with L and H* Man road for Kingston all parts of Wycoming Valley .and at ?unbarr with the Philadelphia and Erie Railroad lor all parts Northern Pennsylvania and New York. The 3 JO P. M train makes all the above oonneof.ons except Hanover Railroad, WTightaville Rau road aud the Leliannon VaH*? Paiiroad. TheRP. M train makesoonreotions with Penn sy.vanii Railroad for alt parts of the West, and direct oonnecta for New York. TRAINS ARRITM. Mail at* 10 P M.; Expre's at7.45 A.M.; Kamiburg Accommodation at 2.43 P. M. For Tickets and infora.ation inquire at the Ticket Office, Calvert Station, Baltimore. J. C. CLARK, Supt pull i nL i uu. . msmm m/mmm d&*4??&52$ Trains tor Pnnade phia will leave President street DepotoiiijuiMjt fundarsias follows,ti?: Kxprets Train at 6 15 A. M.. Way Mail Trainat fuva*.'i??TSlllfi* kt4U o'0K>ck. On HL'NBS< i5 p. MT?n!f. All trains oonseot with Sjw York trains exoepU 45 P. M. train on Satur. i Freight Train with passenger oar attached uSunSt Suu?n'betw#ec Passengers for Delaware a'.d the Eastern s"hors wa^vV^mTngK th" m0,t ex^itio" ronu by Ity All Colored Persons must fir# bond before entering the oars. WM CRAWFORD,Agent YORKjA^ND ERiK RAILPassenger Trains lea re via Pavonia Ferry and Long Dock, from foot of Chambers trent. New York, as follows, yi* : 1.00 a. m , EXPRE8H,for Due.kirk,and Buffalo, and pricoipal intermediate Stations. t.Ooa. m, MAIL, for Pankira. and intermediate actions?This Train remains orsr night at Einura. and srooeeds the next moraine. JSSuiJSSrd*1'" "u,Tl11'' feat The Tram of Saturday stop* st all Mail Train Stations, and rnns only to Elmira. DATION'fc' NATHANIEL MCAHR<g8d >'jg$^^^' ^ YORK, HARLEM AND iLBi\Wk Commencing Monday, May 87th. I Ml. ForAbany-UM a. m. fast exprees train from Mth street. For Dot? Plains?AM p. m. stopping at White Plains and stations north to Dover plain*?from sat.d street station. (This train will run to Millerton every Satarday #Tei;inx?) For C re ton Falls?1:11a. m. stopping at all stattons north of Fordaam from Ktt, (tre*F station *For W hite Plaine-t*, 4:10 and fcM m. m. stopE at al! stations from 18th street station, or White FMuae?&I6 p. m. stopping at all stations from W hite street station. For Williaau Bridge?7.*', 11:1ft a. m. tad U) p. m. etopeing at all etatione from STth etreet station. Rataroioi will leave? Albany?a. m. last uprtu train. Dover Piatne?SJD a. m. (Tnie train leave* Mu lerton every Monday monuci at 6 a. a.) Croton Paile?5 e. ra. White Plaine??W, ta# a. nr. 4:1? * l*b p. m. VVilliami Bridge Wl, Wi>?. n.k MO p. m. Snnday traine will leave 4th Avenue oarner Bd itreet. for Central Park, Yorkvil.e, Harlem and bHS ..?c EwmI ui,? ?. '*11* ' ? MUI and 330 and ftp m. 1.16 p.m. Troy and Albany twuh loif?.m, (tenday* tn leepinc oar) 10 14 e. m olnded.) PotuWkeepeie train B. a. a. Bi.,aad 1^? p. m EStukifn'rSt, 4 i* p m 4 i3 ? m. at 4ili traui^ ooa m . %M A- > 4M and i a ai?A. M , Tt? Caatdaa and As toy. (0 at.* a At? A-*jff^rfi??SM*?B m4 Jpw Otir.iN, j, 41 * A*IM'.?m^Owdan ud Jrr**T Oitv I Mora AtUM A.'*.. rta K?csS&t Ion Ui J?ra tj City, a\,3?P. Slf," c?m<i?a and Aab*T,(iiwa?t. AtTyy .. *ta Candm u< Amb*T. (C mi a. At Nh *?a*a??an w4 J*n?r city, A^toa w J*n*j Citj, a\^p' M.!"TLa'camdaaaad Jeraey Clty,(K??Bir| At ii!^P. M?naCaiD<??aaad J?ra?y Otty.(Bo?fc. A^pT , T1A Camden ?s4 AmNry. (Aooomi^oa*. Iicjc, mJ pMseuger, Mn*t Claw T.otct. "-court riM? TTckat. Mail Trkir rrai 6*1 If. Tfce 11* F. M. MM), fUJurCkT* excepted. Fi r BalTidw*. KarU r., Laiabertni.a, F>ir;tf *>o. Ao., atT.l* A.M., ?to W P M? bra tea *?*?? ? . Strosdcbori, Beraafe &,W i.tu barre, Montro*#, Great Bead, Ao.. at 7.10 A.M. from KeBiiuctoa, n? Delaware, LackawMwa aad thai.10 A. l(.li'?ooBa*ata vitfctb* traia laannt KFor*Mtfs* i*iTo/Jat aadlA. M. aadt aac?K P F*r Freehold at A. M. and t P. M. _ r or mrikI/J Tnw(/>? ? *w w Jly ? * P. M from" Erasing Von," " ia" ? f' 010 Va jLTr^ifterton,De1anoo, Bmhr. BaritMtoB^Ftore^n?>oo, Bordertown, Ac., m UK. I. hteai sr Trenton for Bordentcwn,acd intense diets placea, it W P. X. ftvn walsitibif) :w* For Now York and War Lloee. leaving Ceesicxton Depot, take Uie oars oo Fifth street above Walint, half an hoar before deea-tnre The oar* ran int> the depot, and on arrival of train rat from the de,>ot. Fifty pounds of baggage only allowed to e%eh pa*sf?Lger. ? ?!? are prohibited from taXiu anyunng an Leg gag* bat uotr wearing apfarr All baggage over fifty founds to bo pan- for extra The oompany Unit their re?pors*iUty for baggage to on* nol ar per pouiid, and will not He liable for any amoact beyond one bandred dollar a. axoept t>y apeeiaJ ooctraot WM. H. GATZMKB, A coot. p^m.GIEAT CENTRAL ROUTE FOB the WESf, oae HUDSON hit WntjK KAlZtiOAU mmd N_XW YOHK CMHTMAL hAlLRUAD. tiyrMi fr?lt,? !??? Near York eity depots of Hadaon River Railroad 4ai)y. Baade?e exoepted, ?a IoIk>ws: From Chambers atreet From Slat at. atatioa. At Too am At Tie am 1100" 6 00 pm VJt ' (Xpit jjn p qj f 56 p IB Mpctrial and Bnflfclo Train with aloof in* oara.i'St m 146fit C.irrjo'ineal Albany with the New York Cat tral Rlllroad tor Soheasotady. H -c ' wtf. t'tic* Batavia. Rome, and ata&oaa on fcomeand Wii? town K %ilrra1- Kaflfclo. Syraonee, Niagara Fal a, Saspersi.n Bridge. Auburn. Geneva.Ca: at.da gua Trains in oonneotion lea re Buff* o and Pnrp't aion via Lake Shore. Buffalo antf 1 eke Ha for and Great Western Railroad, for Hamilton. To- rto, Detroit, Chicago. Toledo. Miiwaakie Fon Da Lec, La Croaae. Madieon. frame Dn Cfeion, Gaena, Dnnleitii, Dubuque, feona, H- ox Jaiard. Mutoabne, Iowa ' lty. Buranrtor, Oc r ct, h?rir.xfie c. Alton, St Lonia.Cairo.Terre Haute lrd ai.ap< i?. LoaiBTille. Cincinnati,) artoo, ColnmNia, C!?velard.andal! point* \\ eat, Nortkweet and leiUWmL NORTHERN ROUTE, Connecting with Traira at 1 ros, with Troy A Boston and Rene. A Saratoga Roads for Saratoga. Whitehall, Rat^and, Barlington, -t. Albans, Roa-e Point, Platubargh, Ogdeaabutgh, Montreal, Ac., jfcQ. Freight Arrangemer.ts by this roate as above, without ohange of Cara, from the Depots mi Chambers and Canal streets, are at all times as favorable aa made by other Railroad Company The taoil'tiea of thia great New York Rrote, ?o tha Westoommend it to the confidence of merohants an shippera tor promptreas a?#dispatoh Paasenger trains, with Smoking and Sleeping Cara run m connection on the New York Central BmmL ror particular! a* to local trains and freight ar rangentents, inquire at th? depot. 69 Warret ?t. A. F. SMITH. SiHriBttDdaoL | ?rr?^.INDIVIDUAL ENTERPRISE EASTERN A fib WESTERN SHORE STEAMERS. "EENT," Ca?t. J. H. Kirwan ''PIONEER,"' Capt W. Norman. Will run their rout** aa follows, lean c Light street, Baltimore, foot of Camden, at 7 o'oloofe A. M: KENT?For Cambridge, Denton acd Landings on Cnovtank nver. erery WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, returning every Thursday and Monday. For Annapolis and West River,every Tl'E? DAY acd FRIDAY and returning wredays. PIONEER? For St. Mlonael's an* Eastor., via Mile's River, every WEDNESDAY, and return the same day. For Anna?p is, West River, Cambridge, Ox fort and Eaeton Point, qvery THURSDAY, returning by same route on Friday. For Annapolis, West River, St. Michael's and Easton, via Mile s River Ferry, every SATLR DAY, returning every Monday by same route Fare Jo Cambridge, Denton, Oxford and Kaston I Poiptu. ? S160 Fare to St Michael's and M lies' Rivera round trip, SI.) 1? Fare to West River, (roand trie, 91) 1 sn Fare to Annapolis (round trip 7?oedts>__ 71 ~ MEALS EXTRA. irrrrsiftt must be prepaid, Wharf and Ofeoe, LI6HT ST., foot of Camden Balti snore C. K. CANNON. 1' NOTICE TO TRAVELERS. HE PostBafltar Genera, having ordered Utf a 1*1. eei noe osttwi. WastingtcL, JT? k Baltimore, and Old Point iFortreM^^^K^K^ Monroe) to be reenmed, ou aad Monday, tne joih instant. tAs Hay Line of stumers will leave Batimore EVERY DAY (exoept Ssr day) from their wharf, foot of Union Dock, at tfc o'olock p. m., or iiLmediately after the arriva. of the Washington Train, whioh leavee Washington at XH o'o mc E p. m. m?-?f M. N. FALLS. PrwsX JT?U. 8. GOVERNMENT LINE FORT MONROE AND OLD POINT COMFORT. Leaves the lower end of LNION DOCK.Ba.timom. vot iiHa. II Al !.V iftnxta** J.? ?-? ? i iswum uco II 4* o'clock P. h. taking mm) fur fit and oonneoting with the Ra.road linee. to and f on Washington. D. C.. Philadelphia, New York, Bettun, York, tfarriabarg, Pittabarg. P? , ai.d lb* Weet, immediately after thaarriTa, of the Expreet Train from New York and Philadelphia. The following la the Scheda.e: pss Pffj*;iaassfer_~ t?. is Wool Baltimore and back ffc. ETPROCURE YOU* TICKETS .O In New the New Jeraey Railroad Oftee fovt of Coartland atreet. In Phi.adelphia, at the Company' oftoe. N. W. oornar of Sixth ar.d Chestnut etreeta, or at tie D?pot, Broad aad Prim* etreeta. In Baltimore, oa board the Steamer*, foot of Union Dock. HU6H O'CONNER, Paeeenger Agent. -JT?i - PUR BOSTON VIA NEWPOttT AND fALL RIVER. By th* aaler,did and aiipenor Steamer a METROP??Lr5. EMPIRE STATE. BAY STATE. ?d<: tTATi OF MAINE. ofgriB strength aad apeeo. bat adapts to U* navigation of Long la,and Sound, rmnnmg ia ooncectioc with the nil River and Old Colony Raiiroad, diau.o* of M mi.w only to Boston. Leave Pier No. North River near the Battery. The f^eamer KMP' R K "TATE.Capt B-?rtoL. Monday*, Wednesdays, and Fridays, at 4 o'oloek P. M., touciuci at Newport each way. The Sieam*nf ETROPOLiS, Capt Brown, oa TaeedaysTTfcaradays. aad Satardays, at 4 o'o.ocl P.JKtooohing atNewport ?aah way. Yheee fteamera areAttea with eommodiou state rooms, and every tfrHjagement for the sec antv and oomfort of paaeeagers. who are affbrded br this roaiea nights' reel on board, aad onarriva at Pall River proceed m Steamboat Train.raaet ULg Boatoc early the fallowing morxuag : or may lamaix on board an. touting or the Aco<.-n>modatioc at A. M., by vrtuoh they may reach Boston A baggage master is attached to each steair er. Who rocKHvas aad t.ckets the beggacs.Mi aeooaMi'" the eaaae to ita oesunatioD. A ateamer ran a in aoaaeotion with thia Liae between Pall River aad Provideaae daily, exoept Freight to Boston is forwarded through with treat (flaps toh by an Expreea Train, which aavea Fall River every morning, Saacaya esoepted.ei 7* o'olook for Boa ton and Naw Bedford, arriving at its d animation at aboat 11 A N For freight or paaaag*, mm oa beard, or ai the oftoe oa Fier No. t North River For atate room aad bertha aapty oa board, or if deaireo to aeoaf* them in advanoe, to WM BORiiKN . At'i wtand T1 Weet street, N Y. PROVlDEHCfc, FOR U06 TON? Inlftod Route?The borteat ?wi aoitii r?ot?CfttTy tte tuit'i. MfcU. SV IS'iSWiTO'i: Wllij?jn?, In ?ocueouon wiU il? r*u>L...?u>t &?4 f r0Tidfac?,?3<! b0?'0L%D4 P'OTid?DC? Ri; ro*Ci? p- ^v?^; mss?; :rr&& M IJi P. M ^ or on tta ?rn??t of he M?^. Tr^i vti.ct retrM Roatoa ?t6?PJi* Ti,? PLYMOUTH ROCK, fro? Nfw Y?f?Moccfty, \VeCseuilM, tnd Friday- From 6n?5flJcofifli^NWEA"'^frSi^rir V?tT|w4v.Tk?mi?ky. and Sfttvrttf. f>ow 6rrU>? -hoidmr, WWIbmAM,uo F.ku?. _ ?. PhM|M fron Groto* inilli in r*.nro*d Pro*H35? Boeton. Lb Um Lifr? Mf; Tr^c, rwhiLf end >i?ee in ?dT*noe oftkoe* W otter route#, toc a. Mn?ie tune lor ' lie ?ri M?rnt?f Liom ooD*cun< Nnrtk ui EwL^ r? Tr*iL, oo^i.fot.i.i it ProviaWKy witi tfc# 1? 'f^EsxhsjyssftBM ^"S'ssi'syv^*. -Ti v?":'v!

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