Newspaper of Evening Star, December 3, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 3, 1861 Page 4
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THE EV K>il!N(i STAR. The Mi4na Trttbadiar. tkt X*! 0/ ffcr ?t<(it#raX |Ht l"H ) l. Gall? *h? bully bf \ smi>k?-d his clear, As be an hastening ell to Ui - war. ftlafUg, ' ToSecesb I^and thither I Z", Rebaes. rtbuels, fl^bt all >ou know '" 11. l.ll" for tbe bully bey gave nary weep. Knowing foil wt>! that bed hi* promise k?p, Aa4 make her b1> little wife, eo this w? her ?ong . , ^Buily boy, Holly boy. come right along ?' SixorLAK U'AtH otr Ait Aa*t Ovricta? DanUl J fatherland. late Major in the United j|?w Army, w1tb tbe appointment of Paymaster, was found de^d ip hU room, at tbe Metropolitan Botal. yeat?r?ls', moialng, under somewhat singular olrcaoaauces. Co oner Scblrmer held a 1liquet npou tbe bi>dy. when tbe following facta "Wtro oleclie*i: Decer?s*d, It appeared, was put to bed on Ft day rTgbt In a ?.ta?e of gross intoxication At a quirter to one o'clock yesterday morning tu* alitb1 watchman of tbe Hotel ?halved tbe door of d~o**>rd rcom open, and oa looking Into tat fcedrccm be found Major Sutherland ly1?5 or. fh- fl or a a pp.*! r* Mood He immediately p.-the cferX of the discovery. aud a dr>ct< r was *ent *ee. bu' ken tbe physician arrived ?lere?#rd wm found to be quite inanimate D Boo "fi rr-d a pcat-m >rtcm-xamlnation of ba*>odyta :d f uad eyeralcnts about the face at:d fc?-^d, a:.d t:e iur^s slightly congested Tbe { Ivt?1c1?b ??v' 1 as bis opinion tbat death was e?u-td by hen.i>ri>?^?* frrir the wounds l;i qu>itioa.ana bat toe Injuns were p'obablv pr.Hl^eed by falling a number of time* wh'.le under tL?? Infiaeaca of llquur. The j iry rendered the v*rdiotIn accordance w.tb tr e cbt re farts From some Wt 'er* wbl'L wore found In possession of deceased U appeared 'bat b-> wi>i a native of Philadelphia, m ag> d thirty-si* yea?*, and that his wife 'raided in Washington Maj r fut'-erund served with dlsttn tiou In tbe Mexlraa w?r, a-d elicl'ed the Warm commendations cf O^n Soott II*) was i>ier?.it at ti e s crming of Cbepuitepec under ?anerals Q iltnan and Shield*. and at tbe close of h s'llltles be received two brevets for gallant conduct in the 3e.d. During his stay at tbe Mttro^olltaa be endeavored to get a commission und-r Oen I< irna.d-?, but without success. He hid previous.y made an application to Governor Curtain, of Pennsylvania, with a similar result Deceased was a mm of goo I fimiiv, and was well sk'lled in bia profession ?.V Y Hernia of Bnmdaf. U5" The last no:e penurd by General 8cott on his native soil was written upon the top ot bis bat. a* he laid In his oertb ia the steamer, and ddrewed to one of hi st;1T especially lovt J by the old Commander It was in these words: "Adieu my dear Van Renaeiaer. M> General bad ever greater cause to be prcud of fc's staff than 1 have In you and my other dear friend*? C?'s. Townsend, Hamilton, CuUuin and Wrlghl ?nil dear friends. Nov. 9 1=61. Wispiild Scott. SaiLixa ot T?o*Jn ?The steamship Constitution, with the 26tb Massachusetts and the 9th Connecticut raiments on board, left Portland Saturday morning at two 'clock, for her destination, wherever that may be. Toe l'/.h Maine R?ginient, for whom accommodation)* could not b* found in the Constitution, followed In the afternoon, on board the steamer Poreat City, which was chartered specially for their conveyance Th* Baltimore RaiLaoao.?'The fealtlmore Patriot states ttiat on Monday last the Ba!tlmore and Ohio Railroad rail three hundred and sixty car loads of Government freight through. and eighty* four load* of miscellaneous freight?making otsr thirty-fl ve hundred tons. This u the heaviest day's work yet done. New track* are being built Ov?r twe vn mile# of additional sidings bare been bnilt in the ia?: ;*ro mocthi. Military Boor Tkade ?we understand there Is a great demand for grained leather boots for the army. 'I he troops hive a right to draw *2.18 eech, and furnish themselves with bcoi*. aud as in* co.d weather Is coming on tfaey take the privilege and are ordering grain leather boots. The supply at present Is short, but within tea days the market will be overstocked, and the oldie's irnst icok out for counterfeits.?Bo&:on (Xwru': tjI Builttm. IZr In t'brintlaii county, 111., corn is selling at ten cents per bushel, and potatoes at fifteen cents OQCI JOHNSON ft NAGL.K, QUO iOt' No. ?*an5?VLVA!?!A AVIMl, uO(7 Wrttvresii Ninth ana Tenth ?**.. soata aide, <~7TZ* rod. ?alb: CHAMPAGNES? G. H Mainm, Pipsr Heidsick. Mpttk n, iiuiiiiiger A Co., C&rtier A Co g &1 *, CLAh fci'I s?M. Ju'son- St. *!? ??? A<?., )>t ifce oaafc or doadn. BOOK W!NEs? Deidesiieiiner, Johanueeberfer, LitfcUiaau r.i ch, Rudcah&im?r, fto. BRANDY, W:.ieky,tiin, POit, Sherry, M&delra, ih wooa or LONDON POKIER. Brcr^n Stoat. Edinburgh and Y<>rkst ire A lea, of the best brand*, is bot tie* or eUxtejne*. CIGAR*? ha7a&*and Domeetio, of the ohoieeet bruu. We oail the special a:tent;on of Sutlers R??tsaratt? acJ Ptraiaes U, ob' !?!? at<i weii-uGleottd TLOU OF KINK OUOOKRIES Fresli Meat. yun-iir. Fi?a, t;oapa, V.-tdlaolcis ftud Fruits in MnMtu ii.y s a!ed ear.s. PRKSEKVEr*, JeHiee, , A:in?rds, Nats, Raisirs srd Kigs. CHEEt?E,f F-ast?rr and Western CntUnO; Ham, best boshrn Bctter.the h<?st Champagne <*ider. WORCKSTKKSH1RE and Oyster Sauoe. ric kl.s o! *rvrj de^onptioc, Pepper Sauce and Toma'o CaVi?, b* *he ga> on or doien All of wh'aa ? j odsr at the lowest possible nees and ma reasonable terms. no i JOHNSON A NAGLE. PHILADKL HlA PRO VIM ON STORE, 119 ri.1MYLVA.iU iVEStl, ijeiir<t? Ut* and SOtJi sis Tl;e order-ui:o<<, ha?in< !?.oate>. himself as ?N /f, fske# thu meth ?d of i'.fo.-iniac t1 > oUiz#a? of the t :rst War- tnat h i<a ope d a first o a*s Kr<> n;?.. -'ore, co .ni ted to those lor vhioh rtila-' Ipl.ia i? iamu s H.reca-bef un it a I um~s a large *nd fr*?h e pply of Of TRY. GMIK, -KEF. ML'T TO >, 4?. I B '.liMci'j VcbErAllii?^iui>a& Vb. Pa-;.s? \r *t.>ut'on n ? " -d to his stojk and site*-* i KI'i'l'EK, C?'Lr>. i!i, &o. Puna?'' pv.ia ?'rint I'aner 25cent* Goeiienatid We#ttm R-:w 16 and oe<;U detfrnit?t? ?ith i' ?t-i-t"t at'^nt n In tht? ?M t? r-f hi? ta?t iTse?B, an-1 to ** e^-ery jut a;ein bis hf?? <i tho b*s: <a* it .sod sell attae lo?e<t ,?arf ,iices, he hopes to merit a share of jublic pa ?o..* <e. Faniii:'.-s vi be waited npon daily for orders, iJ ?fired. no IS THOMAS R WILSON. New papsrhanging window 8HAi>r: AN! L'PHO STERING "STALl H.HKN ., 1QV .T I 5 T H STIIITi The linger- lgned. formerly of the firm of Franklin A U tr. ook ha* ops ed a New -tore at 4*0 Nintii street one i oor south ot K it (, vu the ? r aid . w&ere ne has a small o'loioe (took, and Toaiit Ns haj-jij to reiei ve th5 order* of the friends ftxtd vU'toiiiera f t ie "id firm. Fartiou'ar a'tenti n wiu t,e p?:d to Puperhinginc ac'i U?ho eterr work in at! its hranonea. nott 3tawS* L.J RQ1HRQCK. qA CAK 1 HE Subscriber ha-ing m&tie additions to hit factory, uat ?t ituow oneot ths largest* La tho D;str ct. where hia ;aoilitie? for tr.acarvsiar.DS CARU1A6L"* a.-.<i " " LIGHT WAGONS t alt ktnda caur.ot He aar Meed, and from iua tong exgertenee in the business, he h.?r h?!o jive general satisfaction. Allkir.iiof Carnages and Light Wagons kepi "*Ali REPAIRS usntly doue, anu ail order* rotDDt. 7 ?:t?t*4ed to* fteooti 'iJUid Carriage# takenjn exohange for MVOBU. ANDKtW J. JOVCE, d la 11 eorar of Fourteecth and F. ate. Q U Pi BO A 8 QumrUrwuutmr Gm*r*Tt OJUi. I C\l*. July 13, Pit!" 4.1 d SrncincATioNs for kails of Bun b at* hi.- tae WeMs.-n rurers are on exhibition at K* ??Soe, *cu at uito^s of Quartermasters at FiftelfcJf. Cinctaaau. St. Lenta acd Alton. Boats to be ueuvered at Bids should be oo&tto Quartermaster General of the United States Ami, at Washington, by 1st Aj^uL^mxja. 10 Knf. Oew*1 and Quartermaster ^en'l. ?52293 SBQHB company WASHINGTON AND 6KOR6ETOWN. CapltaL .|MOtOO#. CHU* wnur C itrui ?u l?M<amm w, mr ?/ ***(?*??. iiwu ^ L.mctcks. . 600. Pbueroftkrr, Rftdton, F?i art Cro?J?r. WiliiMi Wilaoa, kic'iA"! Jou*?. Jouu D. Bftrol&y, JkjIjideofi, Ap<:r0w Roth veil, Too*. P*rli?rr Ri?bftrdBftrT7. ^ D. I!- t- Dr. 1;. W. Dftvii. "*;~w ^ Am 8. P4vi>.h^-<at?ry. u>-*P*I? ITfHAM - HAlit D V E t -TO COLOH. BLaCK U OH aHOW ?. .'>1 >?j? S? ??!iU ft bo*. TfeTM taanr. il/; d>> ftr <*raj.r?Hj or fl&xea bftlKOSt euftnrftj u? % law mo/emI* to ft It b.aok of far->w*. i.rwui Upkftm'a Lipoid HftirDye, U?be?t mad -fie*;*!! ut tbc ?or.d. )ro<lueic?. the ?on phi "*3?*' tp^rftn?>. Eftob 9<.i . HA m DVhuf rrftntaid to1 ft? ajeb * tr ft* ofh#r? ten for mu MMrl > i*Kt|8 'J li'HA*i,310 *trMt, k Iftj telobK. wd ! t * 1 Vt HI KURD. ftorief lit* >r -* .-? ? ??.-> , ? ?. A tM > ? AH^RTMtNt1 OK KAVE.\ ? /? LtoixkCa ? j|r)?oufi' A x M m PiA.M* F??R 1 ha.v- Jo^ffTTT 1 < ftr Mr 4 (i !'.* Miwf 11>> 0 " , X:* a A. il,?xn?ro. J'ft. avenue ftqd Etev. MPt'fff* j ill o ft acyuii-ijft-'vi upr.jbt Pi?&o,?octftve, for Hit for $IM. no? % % GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS We have jus' reo?i vwi a ?n?pLy of the above At?, w h iob vt reoommentl to be of a Terr tu^rior <*aiIty. Persons wi?tainr to earohaee.>y making immediate application, aw be fr mi shed. ARNY&SHiNN, no 7 . Georgetown W?1 KfcCfol Vtuli? J 10 hbds. >nme Fyrto Rioo SUii A13 1#? Old F.r; \V HISXV, *fc hbia. Hti,RlNS andjiilE WIVES, J) '.i, Crasawl ia-'. SftMod SUGARS* 1 ?>a#s R'o at i Java COF1 KK, M Lhda.<iow tr oed) Far ??i>hT joftN J. hoSVR. ?H 1 OAS~FlrflNO,"tc. _ A wm't. dove * uo. Ml RE Now preearec to execute any ?r<tri wltk W aofc they may Da fcycred it. tM ? PLW MB1N8, f A9 o^JgTKAn FllTlNO fU" Store c* et*i street. a few <2oori north of Pi erem}"*, whste be ioutu a comasete assortor-t ?fCnANi)EL.lK&?t am otter *a i. ST tlAiH an* WATER F1ATUKE8. I?r h SBNYDER, . PL I'm BEK AXV ?A8 FITTER, H?e removed to the ?oreor of Twelfth and F s?, He Li pr*r.*r*d to introduce Water and ttsn npou ihe moat 'vTorab'e terms, and tna aatw entire OnMUol. Renas on iiand ? lot of COOIIN8 and other STOVES, whic.i t.fc will soil ess than ocst, as he wuUee to k*t rA of thera. eo i? We A3 FIX TURKS. E Har i in store, and arert?< y receipt ra, ?iAS flXTl'RESvfentirely New Patterns &iivi Dc? i^s and Finish, svpenor in style to anything hereti :or? afi"oi u in this market. \v e iuriteoiusona san^rai s tc h i ud examine onr stock of Gas and Water Fix ires, le*:inr continent that we hare tfc? last Miaoted stock in Washington. All Work m the atxv* line intrusted toe*, etre Vili be fW-f j stieudr.. to MYER8 * MoRHAN. war ttf ST6 ? streM. QtFICE C^^i^SPECTt^BL^AND SEALER WiiBSMTeaj J ily It, IMi MOTIVE IS fi EREB f tUmN, That, t4r*s ?oiy to Ute fOTifOiis t r the ordinance of trie Corporation tjproYed May it, 13&U. tne uyftet'i^rad is now sr^fare^,' whe&srer :esVir*<! in writing.e::d jn ? payment ol the f?? of efly ceiits, to Irs real, eiamui'. test.jroTi?.ao'iasi-ertain the aoanr*~r cf regulation of any ?is meter ia oat- in th.n citt." Every meter, iffonud lEoorrect, will be oimderi uM kci another, aeaied ami irarkod as ti*? win b? aetisi??i pi&ca. If to oe a-rcarace in it* iHiaismfikolju, lUl; be *e*.sc tco?,-c Hfiy. *co again sat >s yoeitio^ 'cr cte O#03 No. PMenth street,; near Ft we? HriM C? en from 1 a. m., io ?1>. m. CaARLUS W. CUNNINGHAM, dentistry" p^EW AND lNPRO\ KD INVENTION ARTIFICIAL CHKOPLAST1 BONE TEETH, Without Metal Plat* ok Clasp*. DR. 8. B 81GE&MOND, 910 Broadvavt iV?w York?'2tiO Pun'virnnia Ar *?*, httw*tn l$i% and 13/.V M? , TT.j?*!im!s>i?, the attt ntion of the publio to tie tollowinf advantages of hi* improved syatei:.: 1. The Teeth of bis raEufacture sever eorode vo' ohuca oo.or by aa;^"-13 toids, being three fou.-ths lighter than any other. i. No teeih orn>ot* need bo extracted, aa the artificial or.e* oaa be i serted over fh?m. 3 The roots wili be Grade inoffensive, an never o ache. 4. No temforan te?>h are ne^'vl. a*) per.-ricent obm e?n be made iin?ed:aie?y ! t preserving ths nitura e'sprt'Esmn cl ft.o fra?. -Vhiou ui.dti the old system in Ire^ner.t t disfigured 6 This work has i oen lull* I" t?<t over five Tears by many of the first ohemiets aeu fi-ydiciana of this oonntry. Dr. s has also inv?nu>d a wirte undeefruetive metai u inc. with wr.ieh the in?st Rennttve teeth aan be filled without pain, and can bmld no a. ??r tecs, aounu tooth on a-uj Bide reoU, which wiillast through lif=timo. The neel o?" retarecoes c'vrn?to Pr V. Mott: Dr. Ooioinn<, Pr?>i?ast.r of C icnm-trj. N. \ lion. 1 ti ige Way as, of tii* Suprt-a;."- Courtf V. ?.siungton, and th ur.&' ds of other* Cai. ar.d examine for j-jurfc?if. no 8 Em \f TEETH. 1*1 LOOMIS, >1 ! -, i".o .;iTf nt?y p&t*:ite? of tilt M1N t.KA I "LAP*. P^KTH, at + Mods fursolic, ii at iiie ofic.* r ti..o ouy Many persona oan wear these- tenth wno^ wJ-' aanno: wear other*, aiiO no person can wesr other* wao caur.ot wear these. Persona oa licg * of?cecan be aecotrmt- tated with aaj ?')!e and prioe of't eoth th-y mar a sr?; bat to those are particu;ar &na wuh tuej?a?rjt. eieaaeat, Btrongest. and moat perfeel denture ttiat artoan arodnse, tae M.J.NERAL FLAIL will be more fully warranted. Rooms in thie eitr-No. .IS!? 1*e *rence.betv?n *tn an-i IHh ata. Also, SftT Arch et:?ct, Ph' ailel an*. oo Ifr tf TiKiS 13 TO ?IV"' NOTICE. T! at the m!>4 soriher h*th ob?a.n>d trom 'no Orphan's Court of Wa-.hinston County, la th? District ol Colnmb a, letter* tes'aineuarv on t o pera-ioal estate f Arm >i%en, lat? of Washington oouutv, d-oea?ej A'! persons having claims against t:.e said deoeaacd t-re hereby v.*rn?d to ext-ibi? the mr a. with th? voucat>r* thareof , to the subacri bar, on or before the fourteenth <?ay of NoT?mber neit; thay may othei-*i/<-? by law be excluded from all benefit of the s?id estate. Given Jtider in* hand tms fourtet>2tli Oar of Novensker. I8r.l. >?1CH AEL OHi Kr 1 l'H, noiSlawSv* executor. TIU:J IS* TO G I V K NOTiCK. That the rutaoribcr hath oh?ain?d from the Orphan's Court of Wastiing'on Coun'y, in the District of Comn b a, letters "f adniinutratio* on the pprsonal ectate oi ? arth* (a iaa I'atjei) Hutchms, :At- of Washington oouiity, leoeaaed. A!' persons r*viag olaiiue a?a>^si the iaid Ucoea-e*l v e hereby warned to exhib't the same, with the vouchers thereof, to the sub. enb. r, on or before the second d?y of S?v mber next; thwy ma? otherwise by law be exoiuded from a.l benefit of the aaid esta'e. Given unde. my haLd this second d*v of November, 196'. ceo. w. hark \k?s, not-iawSw* Administratrix. QRPHANS' COURT. VrvKXBXK 12.1861. Dittrtct of C>lu ibi>i. WTashtmton County, T<*~ teitIn 'h? case of Cbatles ii Ciagin, administrator of Jonu I,. Crowo.uec-. sed, th?a raui"s rat-.r afor^aid baa witn the approbation of tr.e Or p at ?' Court of W'a hitst-n t oi;r:t? ofure aid, api? anted ~-.Tt R 0AY. the aeventn day of Decem|n?r i.ex-for ih? fi al a *t!?oir<nt and iiKtr>bution of th per ona: eatatoof said deceased, ol tnea-aeta i. ha- d ao far aa tne same nav* 'tea e~ilejc<?l aud . .... , W. an" wi orc ?M I P orpu I ors an h?vr?of ?aid .^eowfd are notified t<? ap p ?,r l" ii t -Or?ha. ?'~o:rt ( vv*sh ix or.ooiii.ty atoret-aid.) w iti their el&i r a pr< pe iy vOiOi.ed,<r tUey nia? otiieiwi e bjr |iw lia rxc uded fr> m *11 b^oe&t in pa <i d*c? sed'e eaiate prat tiled n ropy of thi* ?rdrr puoli hed onu-? a w ek for titre*< weeks in the E< i-tar prevu iu to the aaid 7th da of D member next. T? ue oop y?Teat i MOSES KELLY, no IS lawsw Pegiyfer of WiH*. DR.GODFREY'* ANTIDOTK WILL CURE j t> iNORfHtEV in *ix dayr. No chance of . 9tuirrd It i* aa En*- 1 lian specific of a.?ti-five yea ? ntan< >.i\>CTgffEfc.. and wi.I t o'harm .he m >*t 'e'.oate Oon iy/ autawon ltooitai k nont'n'a*. Pmoj mI. H.?id by S. C. UPHAM.3IO Ch?snut atr*et, Philadelphia, ami in Wa-lunjjtoii by 8. C. ' Hi), corner ilth street no ii*< e<>ly DR. Dl'PONTS >*r OAR-COATED FEMALE REGULATiNG PILLS ?3* R.?ad the fol.owicg naao.ioitod encomi t&jfj uma: &/ > i' coir me ad :hem t<>o higMy " W t~> ' They are the beit tei-ale 1'ilia extant." *'1 have usee them with oomp ee tuooesa." "W; aid not be without tnem upunauy considerfttloc." "They oper&ts ipeed.Iy aal ttfiOtivelr." Prioefi tent oy irai Ho u o-r ? C UPH AM, 310 ch'scut etr<?c*., Pli ladelp^ a,and in Washington by S. C. FOKD, ooruer Uth street aid Pa, avenue. nodfreol* Excelsior HOTEL, No 35S Skvrtith Ft . B'tvetm J and K Strut*. Beat accomoio^atio for travelers ard boarder*. The LArdm and Bar alwaya aupphed with the ohoio*et Viand* and l.iaurr? no li-1m*o* JOHV HAYZKL. Proprietor J P.CARTER A CO. 2d ft., P<*.?r?. Washington. Paoorci I1*alex? /m Ct MMia?io5 .Merctit*ni. Merchatdiii) and Produo rece.ved on oonaignmem and atorage. no 18 eolm* JUST R EC El V E D? *0 Rbla I * ra Family Floor, 1*)0 Bbia. Super F'our, jnoSacke New Buotwheat, lOBba K oil Butter. For sale low by J P CARTER A CO.. no U-eo2w* 2ri p? ? ? THK BUBS' KIBEH* bog leave to in'orm their patrons and the pi.blio generally of b? ?. ^ampi} (opp.ied witn & superior sb ck LL and W1NTKR GOOD* WK The? also resprcifsl t mv?:e attention < f 4r their Army snd r*ia"y Astouiers, and tho^e" re^airini <>a'6Uinth?t line, o their upenorenftlities of Swords, fc'paalHs. Shoo der BT'*b? li? lu, bapeaos, Hiu, Cape, daah.e, and Gold Ls. ec, constantly oa hand, w&ok are war ran tut) as repre WluUt tendering thank* for the liberal patronage < ftaeoeesors to H. P. I,oud*>n ft Co .1 CITIZEN. MILITARY*?d XArAL TAILOKS, 3b-J Pennsylvania Avenue. 00 W e?4m a FRENCH ft KlCHSTEiN AVE Jast received a fresh supply of Note Papmt, Colored H orders, rnlarf and plaiu, with Kbveiopes to i^aum Also, klas Paper of all kiuds, wiih aai wiDoist Mottoes; Envelopes to mstoh. Purses and rooket I'.ooks oJ every desonptioo, t lytajbiaertanot orwaRoaerr. 1 T*-w York Papers received daiiy; papers from ****** 0^CRftSjOB ft MicaaTKiN, -? S 'IT* ?wir >?? ? W KAVELIN? TRUNKS. w*K Oftr for sale the larceet vortment tHA VfcLINS TRl NK8 to N> found l??r*T? UsHoitf. oontreisr beet So'e (.r*ikerB|?p *! Tiwuir. Va-^"^ WALtn BtKPfcbNS ft GO? M If r*#a. ?T?m I Boa JouJiiTOft, iLTinoii LOCK HOIPITALi Btl Hwwirrf tkt most Ctrtmim, Sv**df md mJ* I Bfftctmal Rjwudf t? tk* Wnld, FOR ALL DISEASES OF IMFRl/DENCE. LET NO FALSE DELICACY PREVENT. AFFLY IMMEDIATELY. A CURE WARRANTER. OK ATO CJMRff ?, JN *K9X ONS ro nro 04 VS, W *akn**t *f tit tick, Af*e 1MB I at th* Eida*T* <(.d Bi*dd*r Diactuiftt, Lnpouocv, 6*? ral D*biii'.y, Nir.Veotnttt, Srtoiyj, Lunor, Confaaiaa f HtiS, Urw 3-irra. of th* Hon, Timidity,, Uimulu o< Hifat or Uidduitta, Datut of ifc* 1 lit id, Throat, Nmi or Skiu, Altcticm* of Lop, P'.ottaen er Bowtlt?ictit T*mb!* Unorder* arilicf iron Solilary Bablta of Yeaib?thttt Dr? *??'. arid D*ttrncti?t Praetact* wkick rtndtr M?v?5ajt loipottibl*, and dtrj-oy balk B*dy ae* Mr*. YOUNG MEN Capa&ally Who bat* btcoca tbt rict'ic* af Solitary Tie*, that draadfml and d**irncuT* habit which cutaally iwttp* I* id antimtiy frari ihoatandi of YouijSltuof th? motl anUtJ taltnu and brilliant luttlltct, who mifht *?h*rwit* be'i tntramtd ktttutn* Stntttt wvjb the (bandar* of *! qatDCt or wak*d to tcitacy th* li?m# Irrt, mat call wr-b nit cakfidtoct. MARRIAGE. Mir.siu> P?r?05?, or Toirnj B1*n MouaptatlDf Mm* rrrt, btm; a*r.n of phy*iial vtakntn, vrgaoi* diklluy, 4af?tmtaaa, Sc., ?p**dii? caiad. Ha wbo plaeaa biiaatu uudtr ti* e-ir* af Dr. J. a ay raliflMt.y coiiSd* to f..* bofisr at a and cacldtnuy rt.j apon ait tkili aa a physician. OFFICE No. 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. , 1#^. fca^a aict ror.f fram Baitimor* tuttt, a ftw J tort from ma rail not to cbicrv* nam* and nambtr. L*lt*r* sit ba paid and contain a ttamp. DR JOHNSTON, Mtmbtraf tfct Royal Collect of Surftaca, LkjiUq, f ri? at* from or * of tl.* raott *nin?nt Co!l*(*t in tht Cnittd uttt, aud tht >!t*tcr part of who** Uf* ba* bttn tptut tu th* ooapiul* of Locdon, Pari*, Philadelphia and tltiwatr*, hi* *ff*ct*4 torn* cf th* meat aatonwhinn car** tiir.; ?ir* T*r knowu; many trcubitd with rinfit? in th* h?ud ar.d art when ulNf; fr*a?'jutntst, Tticjf alaristd at addtn touiijf, bathfst km with freqt>?Dt biailiiug, att*nd*d * ratt with dtrongauitnt of mlad, wtr* cirtd khu.*Aiatt'y. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE J ??r,f M?n and othtra who havH>i)lir*d lhtu;ttWtt by a jwaetiea inrtulyad tu wh*a alcnt? a babit frt^aantly nuun inn ivu iuiu mou*, of w aehoo), tha t fi a C la if vhien art nirtitly fctt *?tn vbto a*l**p, and if cotcurtd. ranker* marm^* impomblt, at.J ditucji boib coiad ana kc*y, *bocld apply irorotdtattlT Tr 'n art *orci* of the tad and tntlancboiy tffrfUjrTodand b? early habit* of rosih. Tit: W*akr>?** cf th* Pick tud Li: 4 *, Pallia in tii* H*ad, Dimoau of Sirht, Loat of >iB*cii<*r l*owtr, PilpitM: + of ia* H*art, Dyaptpty, NerToat irritaki'.'ty, Dir-:^tift t of th* DigotiT* Function*, Gtnaral Dtt>ility. S?"i*!o*ii* of Conaompticti, %c. I" S* ?i,LY.-Tfc* faartol to ecu oa th* irtud ar* mach t* ti dr*ad*ii?Lot* of Mtn.ory, Uocfccou cf Utu, Dtprtition f Spirit*, J??U Kortbodir.fft, A**raiott of Socitty, Stlf-Dsatruat. Lor* of So'.iaid*, Timidity, *t: , ar* torn* of lb* *ril* Mudac*d. NBRTOU* HIPILITT.?Th.-???B4t can n*w J?(?f* whr.t i* th* CHuat of their dccliRUif b*Mtii, losing tb*ir rigor, ( teeming v*ak, palt, DirrvBi j.ud t'lmciata J, bariu|r a tiugtlai ap(>?iraiic* a.tout lb* tyii, ccc;t or lynptoir.* of coutaup Ma DISEASKS OF IMPRUDENCE. Whtn th* m'tfuidad aid irnpradtnt ?otiry of plttair* fed* n* ha* imbtbtd th* tied* of tbi* pv.nfnl dittut, it to# of'tn A '.pptn* that an iU-tiw*d ttnac cf thiu:*or draad of diacortry I* hitu from applying to thoi* who, from tdccatioo and rttpfclabiiuy, eau a'lon* bifrar.J him. H* fall* into th* I b-nd* of ignorant and dttigning pr*t*nd*r*, ?bo, ioctpabl* ti earinr, filch hi* p*coniary*, kttp him trifling I month Mitr n.otith, or a* long a* to* tinailttl f?* can b? ebta.otd, and in dtapur tear* him wi'.h ruiutd health to *igh ?*r oit f v'.luif ditappoi.-.tictiil; or by tb* nt* of that dtndly pvtoti ? Mtrcnry? ha*t*n tb* couttitutional tyinptom* of thit ! ttrnblt diatait, *cch a* Af tenant of th* H tart. Throat. ft tad, tin, *c., progTttt.r* wi j frightfal rapidity, till d*atb pat* t | yt.-iod to ti* di*a'jfol tafftrUjjt by ttndinf hiuit that an! *iaca?arad tasniry fr?n. wiaat bturr.* r,* trtttltr ratlin,*. DR. JOHNSONS KFMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND IMPOTENCY. By vbit (>*>' ard imc*ru>.ul rairidy tiuki.trt af :fca *rrai.* art *p**u_:y cini *uia fell ' it*t?r?u. Tfc*rtund* ? th* pot I n arrtTi *r.4 itbil', vk? kad laat ail h?p?, tin k*te'rcm*diat?!y rcMtril. A!i iuptiiim*uu \? Mairtsf*. P?*y*iial m Attaial Dis^aal!I?U tti? *f Fi*f? iUfl rtwir, Ktr>t?i Irr.taViiity, Trtiaiiir j sri "WtakTistt *r lit; a;*,iv? ?f th* rr.*?; fttr/ai atad tp?*di!y rar.i. E&DOF.'-FMFyT OF IMS PRESS. Tai Miftr tHOCSATPJ C*r*d et . .i* iQ*Ut?ti*i tb* la*t t*T*attti Tt&r*, and if1* natritraa* imp*r"<>it aa*f!Ml *p*rau* it otrftrcitd by Hr. Jehr.*t*r., w:u,?n! 1 by tht r*f?rt?r* *f u* f-ptrt and mmy *lttr rtr? ...t, r.aucti ?! ?-?!efc hat* app*ar*<l again and ^jain b?Ar? t^? ruths, bt ' l*t hi* itacdinp at a f*ntl*mar. ?f eherp.^ter ttd retractlMllty, I* a tag sunt ia tht ?<.<-.(? 1 nt-iii. LEA t P?RHi!f CSLBBKATCT) Worcestershire $auce. Frouounced Ij SJ EXTRACT CON.NOISSiilJKS of ? Letter from? I to be the ? I Mtdical Jm at Mv'r'ns "ONLY GOOD TiHUMk.r j SAUCE." at Worcester. | and appiioable to ? fell L.V* pU ri*.? that their Siue* I'jVbKi Mm.!***'" is highly esteemed iu India, and is, id VARIETY* -it-'vi^? myopinioi;,thoinost paiat^ b:e, a? woil as ?|P nNH IK .1 if.^tiiir:i..iB!=oma that is made." The above SAl'CE u n->t on'y the bmt and meat Popular coioimkkt known, but the ino?t t eonomiral, as a lew drops in Soup Gravy, or with FS.'A. hot and cold Joint*, Beef Stiak, liamt, tc., impart an exquisite xest, which unprincipled Sauce manufacturers have in vain endoavored to imitatt. On the Breakfast, LuruhMn, Dinner, or Svpptr Table, a cruet containing " LEA A PKRR1NS' WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE" it indispensable. To appreciate the exallent qualities of this dilicious preparation it ia only neoesaary to purohaae a amtll bott e of the renmne, of a reapectable grocer or i'ea er, as many Hotel aod Restaurant pro prietora seldom place the Pur? Sauoe before their gu?sts, t ut substitute a genuine Bottle filled with a spurious iruxtuie. For saie by tirooers and Fruiterers everywhere, JOHN DUNCAN A SONS, Union Square and 14fA street, yew York, Sole Wholesale Aeon's for the United States. A Stock always m store?A lso orders received tor direct shipments from E;:gla d. IIT Be%?art of Counterfeits and sepjj-ly.eo _____ tVvri (?*,,*. rout, Mt>*rs?n*!i. lnK ^Mut. M( /rnlnft^* V Serf A mis ef the Throat, Rttic** tkt Hnr.tnnt Co*(k *n Con rum t19 tion, Bronzkui!, iiint) mtj 4" Catmi'K, C'/ur ani |i?i m stringik to tkt toic* nf V PUBLIC -PEAK E R S a.ns SINSER?. Few are aware of the of ohecttcg ? Cougnor "Common Cold''in it# first stase;nM whip!; in the b^tmins wo;; d -i?!d toaimla rernedf, \l .acleoted.sf-M! s.t:*c??th* Lens*. " J5roin?'i Bronchial TVo'iet," oo staining den;ulceatinfreci nts, allay PairoorarT ami it ouchiai Irritation. "That troupe in my Throat, ifoi BROWN 8 which the "ZVotk#*" area apeoita) ? ravine made ine often a mnr? whitTSOCHES perw." N.P.WILLIS. CSOWN'S "I recomc:<si.J ti.air nae to Pwxue !?ntTii<" TROOBEs! BKV. K. H. CH\P!N. . "Sreateerricointubdnlng Hoa*h /iROWft'S tin-.*' HKV. DANIEI* WISE. TROCREd "Almost in?taut rehef in the dia trsninc abor of broaiiunf jeoclia? HEOWN'S ?? Asthma." REV. A. 0. E66LESTON. TROCHES " Contain no Opium or anytiuni iaj*no??." DR. A. A HA . KB, BROWN'S Clmui, ffostm. TROCHES n omt>:C? IJHOWN S i)l1, F- BltKL^W^ TROCHES 3ROWN 8

"I h*fe frovsd thn? excellent to TROOSES ifx**ri*a Omnia." _ REV. H. W. WARKEM, DROWN e ??? * TROCREi liaraif?T^ jfSS*^ U ??oo.s? JZ2ffl&\mV,g!XZ BROWN'S eonrnon with &f*AiU.s aad 8ms TROCHE* *'>" & * S*AC 7 J?t>"N80N. I .?-r fl vl f ! t? flROWKD TROCHES "eiwJ beaefii when ttkna before and after ?re*eki&c, m they irarent BROWN'S Hoar?enere. From their ?a?i eflteet, I tuui they tfli! be ot jenaaneat ad TROCHES nuOuue to W REV. E. ROWJ.KY, A.M. BROWN'S PrMideot of A&*?ua OolIe?e, Tens. noc? * T-'y B TOPHAM'S P H B U I V M TH V JV R ?35i|} MANUFACTORY, III BltMTH SlBXXT, WASBIJMTVmlXC. BUt* Medal,awarded by Maryland laatiuu Batiitfiojo, November 7,1H0. AIm, Medfti b^M^u^yuhl^n MeotAaiw* IutiUte. I ui ooDftanttr inakiz^. and a! way? h? * ea fens*, of the baat malarial. arary <leMri*iiOb / Fine Bole Lmtaar, Pi.viiu Tronka, fal'iner. Car?et,>s4 Caovma Traveli* Oaea, fcoiioal batcheis,Aa^ At Le* Priuu. M??bara of Conirc-siiand tranrlefa will f5eat? uuuznue my a took before pur"huinf eiseTrhera Tranka that are made m other cities. fayartor Leather and Dreaa Tranka made to Tracks ooTsrad tui ray aired at short no'.:ce. uoda dauaarod -?e o/t cttarea buanj^art of Iht alt* "orgatoara. and A.eza^dna JAMES "TOPBiy. ||OMK~MAi>fc BOOgra AND bHOEB, 1 VSBSSfe. . / "Th?F to right lo the 8poU? NffTANT RELIEF STOP \OUR OOV9M PURIFY YOUR BRRATM STRENGTHEN YOUR TOICK ?* SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS, iil GOOD tOR CLERGYMEN, GOOD FOR LECTURERS, GOOD FOR PUBLIC SPEAKERS, GOOD FOR SLSGERS, GOOD FOR CONSUMPTITES. OENTI EMEN CARRY SPALDING'S THHOAT CONFECTIONS. LADIES ARE DELI6HTED WITH SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. CHILDREN CRY FOR SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. Tuey relieve * Couth instaatr, They o!ear the Throat. They give strength ted volume to the voioe. The* impart a delieioni aroma to the breath. They are delightful to the ta*te. The* are m&Je of simple herbe and oanrot harm ar.y one. I jLrfvia* ivArr nn? vKn k*a a* a? a n n.L. Voioe.or & Bad Breath, or any I'lffioalty of the Throat. fc> get a package of my Threat Confeotiora. Tboy vill relieve yon instantly, and you will arree with me that "they go rirht to the spot,' Yon will fiii l thwri very nsefnl and pleaeant while traveling or attending pnblio rreetings, for stilling yunr Cough or allaying yonr thirst. II you try one paokage 1 am rale in saying that yon will ever &f terwanlg consider them indispensihie. Von will hud them at the Druggist* and Dealers ia Medicines PRICE TWENTY FIVE CENTS. My signature is cn each package. All others are oounterfett. A Package will be sent by mail, prepaid, on re oeiptof Ihirty CenU. Addresr, HENRY C. SPALDING, No. 4*? CEDAR STREET, NEW YORK. v^icA. cure cure NervousHeadacha ^ & * Headache. f*7 tke 1W e! iifV5 Piile ill* **rt?41" MtMti w ?\ik /i ujmmi n.ay hs pr^resiwi: w4 1 tifcen et the cocmenomnsiit ol an attack iiaiaesiato relief from pain and slokixeaa w? be obtained. They seldom fail ic rsinoTUig U? fftnum aur Ktad*th* tc which teniiM arw so sibjMt. Tiity * ' ? gettiy i??a the towels,?linnsi tfuiwnu/. For Liitrmry Alen, S+iUmir. rtlisate Females, and ail ftnoua ol r*?mt*ry ha**:?, they are ra!aabls u a .improving the nwmHtt, tivict Imm and tin' to the digestive organs, a&a re storing the nstmril eastioity aid ttrensth e (He wfio'.o #rrt?nj. TSe CE1 HALi'J TILLS rre the ren't of long investigation *nd osrefaiiy ooniccted experiments, havicg been in uae many yoari, <J siing whioh time insj bare prcrentod and relic-red a vaat amoant oi pets and anftannc rom Heauaohe, whether originating in the ntr+cut eystein er to n a derarged state of the sicwuuk. They are entirely vegetable in their oompoeitlon. and may be taken at all timee with perfeot aafety without making any ohange of diet, mmd tki mbitnei of mii dismtrtfblt tmttt rudtrt it miv la 0dm*ni:tir thtm to tkildrtm. 3EWARK OF COUNTERFEITS! The genome have five aignatarseof Henry C Spalding on eaoh Box. Poid by Drngguta an1! all ether Dealers in Modi eineo. A Tex will be aent by mail prepaid en receipt e the PRICE. 97 CENTS. AH *r?era fhoald t>e iddreused to HCNRY C. STALDlh*. 48 UssAJt fyrasxi, New You. rr^ tk$ it?aiM<r. Net foik, Fa, Cephaiio fills accomplish th? object tor whist i>-?j were tutoa, ni: Care ei headaolte In al! it* tonus. Pftm tit XttMmtctr, Ktrf?Uh Fc. They have b?en teetod ic mere th&a atkiwau, tM'i with enure aiioceas. /Vmm Iti DmHMrai. tit. Cl*md, JHtmu. jfyou are, or ftavs been troubled w itli tH* **ad sche.eeru! fcrr. *ox,( Pi!la aoth^tyoa nay nave tnom in case of ai?attack. /tmm tit Wttttm R, R. tfiaetr*. Ck***rt, lli. We kearrily endorse Mr, Spalding,a*4 his u rivalled Cephaiio Pills. rr +m MiiHri ra?a nmfr, IS mm Or ham I, L*. Try them ! yon that are afflicted, ufvi are nri ih?t jour t*atii<:our c.\n he added ? lis* kj-?w nuinsioaa lint thai haa reoetved Lr*n??ia tut Li uiuer iu<*J can prod see. >rm tk ? *?? , flWM|Wli, Jim. Mr. Ppaldict would rot ooiinMt kia fa aa article t.e did cot kmo*> to poeaesa rati utl:L JVmm lii Admnurtr, frwKwx, X. 1. TbeCeahaho Killa are eaiti to baa raxa.^?*:} effect.* ? ifu'iod, for the btadaahe, and enet;u.t rer/ best for that very frt^aent aamyltiui vaith baa ever woa dleoorrreu. /y?M tiU Bt. L?ii Jwwrt, fJ?? imirott? dMraad for tta arttaie (C;>uuto nlla) u ra>icUy moreaeinj. fr*M lit jr??m?A? TtUlty Ft**-. ?>?* < *4, Fa. We are iare that peraooa lafni&f withtaa kaai aahe, who try them, will itiu u Um. Fr*m tk* FrnUmtt, *. 1, The teatimorj id their favar u *tret*,frew Ut oat teapeotab:* ?cai tera. Pro*? tk* IMily Awi, Iftrnwit, ?, /. Of hal<fl Mia are taking the plaoe of all kio*a. Pr*m tk* Comwureiml BnlUtm, Kwttm, Jtfaii Said to be very efflc^eiooa for the headache. #Ve*i tkt Commercial, Cincvmati, Ohio, Suffering hnmamtv can now be relieved. (ET A tingle bottle of Spalding's Prepared Glue will uve tea timee ita ooat ennnally. SPALDING'S PREPARED OLUB! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SAVE THE PIECES! ECONOMY! DISPATCH ^"A Stitch m Tim Bin* Nikk."_th As Moiderita will bAppen, even in veil reg eletea fannies, it i? very atcireNe to here some cheep tcd!ooBTenicnt way for repairing Furniture, Toy* Crockery, Ac. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE eeta ell each emergens! ?, ud no koeeehoid ee afford to be withoet it. Ilii el way* reedy, end to the sticking point. M USEFUL IN EYEEY HOUSE." N. B.?A Brush aeootajenies eeob Bottle. Prle t? oents. A HENRY 0. SPALDINS, No. 48 Coder itreet, New York CAUTION. one u> eiamiae betere rarehneiag, ead Me Ua ' PALOiNS'S PEEPAEEi) S2>SEJ0| I seaUpemtrtdewrwer 11 PWtfdUag Nmnn 9 > <iw 1 TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY. p^ORTHBtN CBNftAL ??ILWAY. TKi Shortt.'l Qmielnst *nd But JMM^g?8T. N0ETS*ASjf^OHTiiWk8>. aZiiiuCLE \ nuRator im Onatd after flt'.NDAY. *fth V tmumt, l"a??en- j rw Tr*?L? wtii arrlTe and depart Iroai Oalvart station M followa : Thisj North Lravi Mai1 at t 90 a. m. Baffalo Expreae * p. m. Parkton Aoc< m modat ion 4 p. m. PitUbnrf and fca-rieb?n Kxpreeel *>p. m. Train# Sotth Airitb Parkton Accommodation at 8 a m. Pufla.o fcxpre*# s ? a. m. Pitiaborc and Bamibnrg Kzireta t p. m. Mail 6 *? p. ra. The 6 , m train from Uiahiniton connect* with the ?20 a in. t;au< from Baltimore for tie Wn: and for Buflaio. Elmira Roohfter, Dunkirk. Cauadaigna and Niagara Pal:a, ana for New York city. The tl a. m. train from Waahington eonaecta with theSp ra tram fr<m Baltimore to We?t, North a- d N orthweet aed hlmira aira Buffalo aid Rochester. The A p. jo. train from WaakiactMi oonneota with I the 6.301 p. in. t an f?om Baltimore far Ptttabarg. Harrisrurg aiid the W?t and ia a direct oonaeotioo; or Leb%> on. Fa*ton Altentowa and New York ria C?htral Railroad of iNew Jersey. Try tMa ron^e for New York SrThe only tram lesTira Baltimareon Monday eSp.m tram, for Ba rfebarg, Pittsburg, Chioifo and tie West. 'I h^only train arriving in Baltimore on Sunday is th ? 3" a. A. traaa. JA8. C CLARKK, coS* ly Pnpfrtpteiidect DASSENtK* TKAIBIS TO AND FROM BALT MORKt W INT Km srnnntn * M318?BBEIIIIfct?K SPECIAL NOTICE TO TRAVELKR& On and after Monday, Novenrber II, 18S1, Pae I wdiw Trnina between WASHINGTON awl BALTIMORE will run aa foi owe TRAINS MOVING NORTH. Morning Kiprera leave Waehiciton 8.10 a. x. Arrive a? Baltimore 7U i. Philadelphia IIM t. K ; .\ew York t p. m.; Ha-natar* 1.14 p. m. Mornicf Aooommodaticn leave Waahitf ton 7.40 i. w. Arrive at Baltimore? JO a. M. No connections at BftHiirore. New Yorlr Mail Train?leave Waahinrton at 11 a. mm arrive at Baltimore 13.49 r. m.; AbiladelpMa 27 p. m.; New Y ork 10 p. m. Afternoon AooorrnxxJation?leave Waahinrton i <6 p. *. Arrive at Baltimore 4 Nr. Harnamiri 3.?i a. m.; Philadelphia loxa p.m. fcvcmni Expreaa? leave Waa^irjton * r. H. Att? at Baltimore 6.43 p. v.; Philadelphia 10ji a. m.; New York 4 a- m.; b vrieheri 1 a. h. TR.UNS AT(/V r,>O S'JDTH. Leare New York at 7 a. l.; Phi^ace, pnla 11 JO a. m ; i<a:tin.ora I in r. x. Arrive atv.auanfton MC f* *Jave New York at Wr. Philadelphia 10J0 p, M; Baltimore 4J0 a. m. A/Tire at Waahu* ton i 4 Leave New York at 1' p. Philadelphia i JO a. h ; Baltimore 7Zi a. K. Arrive at ^ aahiaiton 9 80 a. < Aooomnodatlcc Traina leave Baltimore at 9 a. m-. srd, for Waahinfton, arrive there at 11 A. SJ. tIMi 7jr. m. Fv-sercer Trains Isaving Waahinjton at 7 40 a. k. and ft.1* p. end Baltimore at IM a. m and 3>0 p. m , make direct oonnectiona for Annapolia at the Jnrction. Trauia learo Annapolia for Baltimore and Waah inctor at 6.50 a. m. ar.d 2 4o p. x Pnaaeneer Traic? leaving aahinftoc at 6.1? a. m., 11a m a" 6 p. m.. and Ba timore at 4.20 and 7J a. x, ancSK p. 3i.. will i:m ealyat A*?apo'u Jun tton find Wmnington (Relay) Junction War Aata'ngera mnat take the Accomwtodatio* Trains on y Trai a v 11 leave Waahinaton and Baltimore promrtiy upen tard time. W. P. SMITH, Matter of Transportation, Bait. J. T. ENGLAND, ^ ^ Agent^ Camden Stai:qnj_Baltiir.ore. _ a. r. nu,iir.m,At?am wwnmton. log tu &TEAV. W EKK LY B X\VKEN NfcVV YOKK ANDLIVhRPoOL. ' ? Lasdinit acd pmbarkioc passengers ?t Uueeaitown, Ireland 1 he Liverpool. New York atd Philadelphia Ste&inship Compint intend dispatching their fuil powered Oiyd* built iruu Steamships as follows: GLASGOW Saturdar, Auguet 3d. CITY OF BALTIMORE, " " l?tn. KANGAROO. M " lSth. Alu every Saturday, at noon, from Pier 44, North river. utis or ruiMi. Pi rat Oat m .?.#16 Do. to l/ocdon _ 80 Do. toHarii - aft Do. to Hamburg ..,. ? 86 Staerage? tan l>o. to i^cT'don 94 L*o. to 'a-u s? Do. to Huml>urg_? ? 36 Paosecgers forwarded to Harre. Bremen. Rotterdam, Antwerp, A* , at reduood throncn fares. Kerion wishing to bring out their friend* oan bay tickets at low ra'ee. I or farther information apely at the Captains Offioe. JOHN 6. DaL , Acent, IS Broadway. N. V . Or to Q. A. HERRING, A iama Express Baltimore; J_, so NORTHERN fogfC* CENTRAL RAILWAY. SUPERINTENDENT'S OFFICE,* Calvbbt Station, Batimore. May 18,1861. ( On and eiier Sunday, Mar 19th, 1861, Trains oa the NORTHERN CENTRAL RAILWaV ar rive and depart as follows, unto! furtner notice, TRAINS NOKTH. MAIL at 8 14 A. M. EXP HESS at 3 JO P, M. HAURISBURG ACCOMMODATION at 8 P. M. The 8.15 A. M. train oonneota at Relay Hosse with trains on the Western Maryland Rai>ratd; at Hanovsr Jnn?tin? with Railroad*; at York with York and Wnghtsn.l* Railroad; at Harrist>?rg with Pennsylvania Railroad for all parts of the Weat. alao with I .rrrarnrn Val'ey Kai'.road to Nm York dirttt; at Northum beriand with L and B. Kail road for Kingston and ali part* of W coming Vaile?,ard at ?uc'ury with be fhiiadolphia and Erie Railroad lor all part* Northern Pennsylvania and New York. The 3 JO P. M train make* all the above connection* except Hanover Railroad, Wri|hUvi::f Railroad and the Lebacnon V&'l?f Rauroad. T..e 8 P. M train make* connection* with Penn ylvanla Railroad lor all parta of the West, and direct oonnect* for New York. TRAINS ARRIYM. Mail at 8 10 P MKxpreta at 7.3 A- M.; Hamature AooomiPodatioc ti 2 <3 P. M. For Xioketit aad information inquire at tta Ticket Oftoe, Calvert Station, Ra'tiroore. J. C. CLARK. Supl. PHILAOLLPHIA, W1L EifWHST-2 MINGTON AND Ba LTIMORE RAILROAD. SPRiN? AND SVMMUR ARtiANVKMkNT. On and alter TUESDAY May 14tn, Paanenjer Traiua lor Phuade phia will leave President atreet I)-*pot uiii* (except Sunday*)a* follow*, via: i - xpre?a *"r?is. at 6 IS A. M - Way Mail Trait at C.45 A. M.; Evening Mail at 4 45 o'ok>ck. On SUN DAYS at 4 45 P. M. only. All traina oooneot with M(w York traina except 4 45 P. M. train on Satar. oar a. A Freight Train with pasaenger ear attaoied leave* at 6 P. M . atop pin: at ail BtaUona bet vara Baitimoreand Havre de-Grac. Pa*eengera for Delaware and the Eaatern fhore 9f Maryland wilt find the moat expeditions route by way of Wilmington. irrAU Colored Per*ona muat give bond before entering theoara. I WM CRAWFORD. At eat. , . ,, NKW YORK AND ERIK RAIL- I fcSfcSSfel ROAD Paaaenicer Train* laava via Pavauia Ferry and Long Dock, from foot of Cham tar* atreet. New York, as follow*, vis: , 7.00 a. m . E?PRE8S.for Duckirk, and Buffalo, and principal interme"ia*a station*. 8.011 a. m .MAIL,for Dankirx. and intermediate Siauoi:*?Thi* Train remain* over aight at Klmira, and prooeed* the next morning. P.oo a m.. MILK daily, for Otwville, and inter mediate Station*. a. m , ACCOMMODATION, daily, for Port SttfS&ltM. New burgh, daily, for Dunkirk, Buffalo, CanandaituaAnd prinoipal Station* The Tram of Saturday stop* at ail Mail Train Station*, and run* only to Klmira. ? 00 p. m.. ACCOMMODATION Jot Hornaaville, NivniNim ? ? NEW YOKK. HARLEM AND ALBANY RAILROAD. Commendn? Monday, May nth, lafl. ^For Abaay?11:? a. m. mat ufrm train from EoM>>Tar Plalna?4.t*> p. m. atop pine at White in and rtabona north to Dotot piainr?from Mth atroet atation. (Tn:i train will ran to Miiterton wrarr Batarday "foV^roton Faila??:U a m, ttoppinc at all atationa north of ForCh&m from Mth atraat atation. For W hite J'.nuo-tat, ?d0 and fieaa a. m. atoppini at a;l atationa from Mth atraat atation. For white FlA>Lb?6:?5 ?. m. atop jam at ail ataaoca from W hite ?tr??t atation. ForWilliaaa iBnac*?' *. 1U15 a. aa. aad a^o p, ta. atopving at ail atauona from 27th at; eat atation. Retarcing will laava? Albany-** a. m. last expraaa train. Dovar Piaina MB a. m. (Thia train laavaa Mil larton ererj Monday moraine at 6 a mj Croton Fai.a?6 b. uu White Plaina??io,W? tadUWra Williaaia Brtlge?We, Ba* a. m. Jt hw p. m. g^sera MifAll And WKB r, Tra5nalaaya! From Ohaaabaraa NYyT From 1th atraat. StKMkl a?d 11 a. m-, a. m., antfsjt Faa3kaaMKt train , a. * a. m..atd 1^ ?. m sPaaititofArain,4<Wp n. 4J6p nr.. is&a?sitir n ."Jp r<?<? Ml AmUj. <c. ?< A. ifIA.1y.!jr?rfcft?1 ? m4 iarwy Chr,(ll. J. tflTiiu *?4 iaraw Crtf (Mar* tailM%iu) A. 1?* ?? Mi Jmn Crty. littH?nk!r^eoIw4wseiA*b*y.<A<ee*E.e AffP.\{.? Tt> GmUm Mi Am bey. (C Mi A. At|j8[T M ., Tl> l?uUttw Mi JamayCity, 4^5?a?V1^,3v4?,telaetoe Jerm* Oiij, (Bacroi CIam Tiakat) ^ _ At I P. M., n?Cajadaa m4 Jaraay City, t Em.i c AtUM n?CMtdaaud JaraayCity,(fto?t\ AtC P/M., Tit Oajoiao tad Am boy, (Aaoon mod* Lor. fraubt and piminir, Fni ClaaaTiokat ^ThSl P^*T MIMJ Tmin rtMOily. VtolUt P. ^Sjljfe5S^SrtELr?3^r.Mu? tan. Ac., *t 1.10 A. M.. anctHP- M., lion Km ovdabon, 0amatoB,Wllt ? barra, Montroaa, Graft Baca, 4c.. *t?.l6A If , |rom fcet^n^ton, ri? LaaMwici* and PorMfaafc Sbtitik, AllmpTZfmi p*thbhfmM 1. lo A.M. and MP. M- from Cams] eg toe dayct, the 1J0 A. IT. U^aaotaacU witb tha tn.B laantj ^foV* ll out*Holly at tixill M. Mil MC?M Por* Praebo.daMA. M.aadlP. M. _ $ ^ & ?. Vfrom For Palmyra RiVerton, Delano*, Borrrty P ir? :r^ton^ Florin pooo, Bordwtcvi, Ae., at life, I, ''bteein*' intermediate plaoes, at tfc f. M. from Weinat itiMt fTr" For New York tod Way U^f. leaving IsD*injtop Depot, take the mti ob Fifth street, iboee w*J >Bt, betl *r ho*r before departure The oar* ron int> tbe depot, and on imnl of tra.n re* from tkede,?ot. Fifty poind* of baggage only allowed teeeeh pee*?nger Puwrien ere prohi,'.te>: from tan^ anything m beggege bet tLeir weering epear* . All baggage over fifty poandi ? be eail fcr extra- Tbe oonpany limit tLeir . ity f-r HfiM* to one <tol ar per poind, aad will sot be .iMtlerorany amount beyor.d one hundred dol.are, except by apeoia. ooetrect. WW. H. 6ATZKKR, Ageat ,^^?ORKAT CENTRA I. KOI'TK F??R MHI^HTUE WK8T. ?m HUDSON HIV H itAlLHOAli mmd NKW YOHK S*ThAL hAlLMOJLp. t xpsees Train* leev# w Vork ctj depot* of Hidao* River Railroad ly. Bandayeoxcepteo. *sk>: owe: From Cherobers street. From Slet st. stetior., t 7.oo em At7t9?m 11.00 600 pre 11X8 Upn ijn m XJjb a m Montr,*' and Baflalo Train with Bleeping oaf*, 9.'8 ?m 1 ?s p m Connecting *t Albany with the New York Co* tra Ra;.ro*d for Bcbeeeetady. MoereelerJL'tloe Bete via. Rome, and elation* on Rome a>.d Watertown Raiir' Bafftio. ?trecuse. Niagara Fe a. 8*epeaai< n Bridge, Aabsrn. Gen* va.Ca andaigua Train* in connection leeve Buffalo end B**p*i. eion vie Lake Bbore, Buffalo and ? eke B aroc and Great Western Railroad. for Hamilton. Ton eto, Detroit. Ckicego. Tolsoo. M i! weekie, Fon De Lae, La Crosse, Madia, e Freirte De Chien, Game, Dot eith. Dnba?ue, Peoria, Rook Island, MaacaCoe, low* Cuy. Bnninrton, Quidot. Ppriegfte.d, Aiton, ?t. Louis Cairo,Torre baste, lrd acee<- ia. Louisville. Clnoicnati.l a* ton, Coiambea, Md, ud ll! point* \\ est. Northwest end Soote"*U* NORTHERN ROUTE. Connect in ( with Traits at T roi, with Troy 4 B<>ator. abd Rene A Beretoge T oads for Saratoga, Whitehall. Rutland, Hurling-, n, r-L Albans, Rosas Point, Plattsbargh, Ogdensbeigh, Montreal, Ac., Ao JIT" Freight A'rectemeets by thta ro*t? as Above, witboi t chance of Care, from tbe l?epot* is 'Chair.her* end Canal etreeta. are at a. times e? favorable as mode by oth> r RaUroet. Cornpar i?s The 'ecilities of this great New York Root?, ?o the West poe.nifr.d it to the ooi fideooe of meicbanu an shippers (or promptness and diepetch Pessenger trains, with Smokieg end Bleeping Cars ran in connection on the New York Central D A For particulars as to looal traiaa and freight arrangements. inquire at the depot, 6? Warren et, A. F. SMITH, Su pen d tend eel J^ylNDlVlDUAL^ENTERPRlSE J*?''" EASTER* AMD WESTERN SHORE STEAMERS. "KENT," Capt. J. H. K rwaa ^PIONEER," Capt. W. Norman, Will rnn their route* aa follows, leavn c Light tract, Baltimore, foot ol Camden, at 7 o'clock A. I M: KENT?For Cambridge, Denton and Landings on Cboptank river, every WKDNtSDAY and SATURDAY, returning every Thursday and Monday. For Annapoliaand Wnt River, every TUES DAY and FRIDAY' and retiming ea r>edays. PIONEKR ?For St Michae'*? an<i Kaaton, via Mile's River, every WEDNtSDAY, aud retsrt the none day. For Annapolis, West Rivor. Cambridge, Oxford and Eaaton Point. every THURSDAY, return ixg by aame route on Friday For Annapoha.Weet River, St. Miehasl'aand Ea-ton, via M1V1 River Perry, evary SATUR DAY,returning every Monday by aame route Fare to Cambridge, Denton, Oxford and Faetos ! Point 91 *> Fare to St Miohaei'aand Miles' Rivera roanu trip, #1,) 1? Fare to \> eat River, (ro?nd trie, #1) 1 ao Fare to Annapolia (round trie 71 oetta) it ' MEALS EXTRA. il"^Freight mnst be p repaid. Wharf and Oftoe, LIGHT ST., foot of Camden I BaJtitrrre C. K. CANNON. T* NOTICE TO TRAVELERS. IH5 Poatir.MU- (t' .-ra. having ortwei tbs I mail aerviee between Waactngton. J k BiHmcr*. aad Old point Fcrtr*srJ^42^fe? onroe) to he resumed, or and Monday, the *>th inatant. the Day Line of attneri will leave Ka timore EVLRY' DAY (exceptSur day) from their wharf, foot of Union Dock, at 4H 'olcx-k p. m? or imn,e<jlately after the arriva. of the Washington T^in, whioh ieavea Washington at 2H o'c ock p. m. m?-tf M. N FALLS. Prasl. U.S. GOVERNMENT LINE "jffi.mslioiP OLD Leaves the lower and of UNION DOCK.Balti- 1 more, west aid#. DAILY", (Sundava include*,> at iw t> u - w j wrm ~ v" v? . mi. ?? lupHKlliril UU Itlglll SliO connecting with the Railroad line*, to ar.d from WasbHtgton, D., New York, B< t too, York, Harusburg, Pitubvrc. Pa, and U>? WMl, imm*liate!y alter the wnvtl of the Express Train from New Toik and Philadelphia. The following is the Moheda.e: Prom New York to Port Monroe and back. . *14 Prom PLilaaeiphta acd hack i 10 Prom Baltimore and hack. ff. ETPROCURE YOUR TICIETS^D In New the New Jersey Railroad Office foat of Courtland street. In Phi adelphia, at the Company's offoe. N. w. oorner of Sixth and Chestnat streets, or at Uie Depot. Broad ami Prm' streets. Id BVumors, oa board tha 3team?rs, foot of Union Dock. HUGH 0'C0N>LR. Ptritner A cent. FOR POSTON VIA NfrWPUtT AND PALL RIVER. By the uieadid and ?use?ior Staamers METROPOLIS, EMPIRE BTATP. BAY STATE, and STATE OP MAINE, oft reel strength and s?e-d, bnt particularly adapted to the navigation of Lon* Island bonnd. rccu;ng in o< oneotion with the nil River aod Old Colony Railroad, diatanae of mi lee only to Boston Leave Pier No. 9 North River near the Battery. TheStaamsr KMPIRK ATE,Capl Baytoa. MoadfcTi, Wednesdays, and Fridays, at 4 o'oioofc The Steamer'lty T&S?o Ufl, Capi. Brown, o? Tnesdays, Tharedavs, and Saturdays, at 4 o'clock P. M.. toaehici at Newport saoh way. These Hteamsrs are Jttad with aonwodioas state rooms, and every antsgsmeat for the eecarity aad oomfort ol gassengcra. who are afforded oy this route a nights' root oa board, aad oa arriva. at Fall River prooaad par Steamboat Train.reactlag Boaton early the following morning: or may remain on board on til starting or the Aoooictroaa^ oon MIJL ?%ioh they nay reaah Boston A baggage master is attnehad to eaok, who rooeivee and tiokets the bacgac*. and aoooapanias the same to Its destination. A steamer mcs in eonnsoUon with this Lias between Fall Rtver aad Prondaaoe dally, ezeept Freight to Boston is forwaedad throaxh with KUdispatoh by an E^praas Tram, whtoa eaves I River avarv morning, Bandays excepted, at 7M o'otook for Boston aad New Badlora, arrirmc aTiU destlaaLoa at abost HAM For fraisht or passage, an y oa board. or at tfcs ofloeon Fiar No.1 Nortn River For state roots* and berths apply oa hoard, or if desired to secure thAmintiiriMA tA u' U DADnch! * ' ~ 10 and Vi wmi V. ifTr E ' erpltgViDfc^CK. FOB BOf TON?Inland KoaU?Th? borl^st tad wo?ta ia?c~ ftm, ftuCOHMONwEALTH.Ciit J. W. w iii jfcm*, in ouaeoOo* witi th? BlouHtoi m* ProricoDoa^nd Boston and ProndMM Rauroat-a reiSMSa *fe^iarr6?5 L&???ZYiTjL TM PLyWOUTHX<>\XrnTi? N?? Yjffr Monday. WwiaMito, and Friday. Proa ?* ?Monday,! Prxlai. PuHMffi from GroMp^WMMTt'lraM* mum . uat infer il main boa^f fe* Tr^^w|?w*j^ju Prormeuee trirfc ?W 1* k^*T SSSttSoi^ roTSMeJ^Sertlu. hta?e tt -ou.* <?n &oa< ti<? ?f>wr. ??r nt tte ^ ' ;

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