Newspaper of Evening Star, December 4, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 4, 1861 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR-' WASHINGTON CITY: | VFIWyDAY DECEMBER 4, ISHl. Spirit of Ikf Morning PrfM. Tbo JnliHtfenter regards the Presidents me?*age ai a stra!gtatfo-ward business documert, ?.? remarkable for tbe soundness of its views as f r ?? ?nl ?an<ln*wUk ntkl-L iuc uars^m tu . taauvi wnu wuim *ury arc >U*> mitted Ut Cocgrtt* and th? country. Tb? R*pv*hr*n expressta 1U aatlafactton with lb* gener*' tone of the message, but thinks the President would have beeo more radical upen the question of slavery, but for " the reserve and caut'en appropriate to bis official station." Tm Ms?sag?.?'The real friends of the Union In the Federal Metropolis are grateful beyond expression to the Preaideut and his constitutional sdvlaers for the tone of bis massage upon the point in our national troubles In connection with which the demagogues and fanatics of the loyal Htates are now striving to inaugurate a policy, which, if successfully initiated, will surely unite Mm whole people of the South against the cause of the Gnloa, while it the seme time It matt u ureiv generate a powerful, perbape overwhelming, party at the North earnestly opposed to tbe auroras of a war waged for abolition end*, and Irretrievably disgust and dishearten three-fourths f our loyal fellow-citizens now tn arm*. He declares, In ao many words, that be Is " onxiou* and cartful 14*1 lA? ??mtttaiU tonjlitt for ifcir pmrpe**" (tbe suppression of the Insurrection) " shall not dftnoratt into a violent and *emors?l**? ritt lut<onary struggle." That be forcibly realize' that those who would tnrn the war Into a con'est for tbe emancipation of tbe Uvea of tbe !*outb, rather tban for the re-establlshment of tbe Union on tbe basis of the Cods*!filffnn a?e mr\smUii ? 1 ? ? . va .avH y uuv Ml \j " va ?H? VBUBC BVOlCClf iCH dangerous than the re be la themselves (wbose most serviceable allies tbeyare) lata evident aa bis purpose of preventing them from bringing ultimate defeat upon our nrins The effect of bis message aa a whole, will aa urely be to secure for b'.ni the hearty and active support of tbe great body of tbe loyal people (of those wbo are to light our battles and those who re to pay the pecuniary cost of them), aa to unite against him tbe noiay band of fanatics and demagogues. wbo, under pretence of maintaining tbe cause of "human freedom," have seized upon tbe unfortunate cond t'on of the country to endeav t lo obliterate lta only safeguard on thi? continent?the Constitution of tbe Unfed States?and to establish in Its stead, aa the fundamental law of tbe land, the unbridled passions and llcenttou* will of wboever can inveigh by torchlight, loudest, for the time being, In tbe presence of irresponsible mobs 1 bank (iod, the cauoe of tbe Union will triumph notwithstanding tbsir enmity towardj It. Why be is sow a I'miom Mas?a very IntelUgent Maryland gentleman, who has alwayi been a deiriorra', and in the last campaign waa an ardent Breckinridge man, was in tbiacity last spring. and was at that time one of the moat ultrasecessionist to b? found. He shortly afterwards left here for a busine-s tour through South America, and returned a few days since. He is now in favor of preserving the Union at every hazard When asked what caused the change in hit lews he replied that a few years since he wai through South America and, as a citizen r-f the United State*, was everywhere treated with the highest consideration and respect. This time everything was changed. In every little Stated Central and South America he was lusulted. and when be spoke of b!s nationality wa* laughed at end taunted with the rupture bere ' \ <>u talk of the United States," raid they; "you have no country now. you who have been so boastful. You are no longer In a condition to tit out filibustering ezped'tlons and prey upon your wrakei neighbors You will soon be as weik as the weakest " Our friend was so forcibly struck with the contrast hi? - - ..... WW? ? ?? |<v?a(iuil ! a VIM' sen of the United 8ta!e? a few year* ?!nee and Bow that his rtewi rharrged. sudthough formerly a strong States' rights mm, be la now a? strongly In ffcvor of a conaoltdated government of the stiff?at kind?anything strong enough to bind the t?tatea together N*w Books.?Frem Mr. D. Russell, Seventh street, we bare: 14 BetnleLem By Frederick William Feber, D DPublished by John Murpby&Co., Haitimore, Thla work, by the distinguished priest of tbe oratory of St. Philip Nerl, Is published from advance sheets, and will, do doubt, be In much request by Catholic readers. From Hudson Taylor, Pa. avenue, we have : " Tbe Field Manual of Evolutions of tbe Line, arranged In a tabular form for the use of cfflcer* of the U . 8. Infantry, being a sequel to the authorized L\ S. Infantry Tactics " By Captain Henry CoppSe Philadelphia: l.lppincott4 Co. Maetlasd LiaisLATUKK ?yesterday the Miryiaod Legislature convened at Annapolis. la the Senate, after the call of the roll by the Sarretary of the laat session, that body adjourned la the House, Mr. Price of Baltimore wai chosen chairman temporarily, and the Uovernor'a proclamation convening the Legislature read. After the administration of tbe oath prescribed Vy tbe Constitution to the members, the House ad)aarned. Not tbi Official Kkfost.?It is proper to late that the concluding portion of tbe Baltimore Sun t version of the report of the Secretary mt War le not from tbe oAclal retwirt o? ?? -? ?t? *> * " w* *" sal draught prepared by Secretary Cair.eron havlag received some revision at hi* hands prior to being communicated to Congress. A Sb5atokial Carers.?Yesterday forenoon the Republican party rf the Senate met In the Vice President's room and sppotnted a committee to report s schedule for the Republican portion of the Standing Committees of the body. The committee's report will probably be made to-day. C7" The Star of yesterday did net assert that General Banka'a column would go Into winter <?*?Uia at Frederick, Messieurs of the Reyubli? ? It mentioned Frederick as a better point to nore from. ?r to winter at, than the one now octBDled b* theu ii?r* JET Tie municipal election which took place yesterday la New York city, and which th? papan *t that city ban beea a* Icraalf contesting for ? whlla paat, resulted In tbe election of Geo Opdyke, tbe republican candidate, by a clow? vote ever Wood and Gantber rORT ritKE.1* keporteu to be taken. A Bit of Confederate butaakt. The Portree Monroe corespondent of tbe Philadelphia I?jm>r r, ayi: D?oaaib?r i, p in ?I learn from a refugee, arrived yesterday afternoon by a flag of truce, teat a dispatch, published In tbe RlcEmond Examiner it Thursday last, reeda aa fotlowa: " Moitsomhi. Nov 'It " rrooi mwnngH, arrived here last night from Tallabaaaee,we learn the important intelligence tut t>?a Braxton Brm baa at laat battered Kurt Pickens In a frightful manner, and pro be My captured Col Brown and his command. Tke fort waa breached lp front and attacked in Ike rear by our t/oope. The loea la greet on both aJdee, and the fighting waa of the moat desperate character. - U.R.T? We Mad the above for what It la worth Appearing la an ottclal irgan of the rebels, It may hare been concocted for buncombe Latest (rem Old Pelat. The steamer Lou'tiana arrived at her wharf veele'day morning, at 8 o'clock, from Old Point. Paaaeugtrs bring ti?e information that on Mooday morning, about da\ light, tbe Confederate ironelad steamer Vorktowa came down tbe James river to nearly opposite Newport News, and en(IffIKan K- ?- * * _ vaere, aaa aereral Federal rubUu Ijtag ouiatde, firing akell and solid abot Tbe ef*t of the firing on fitter aide waa act kao?i wWa tbe Louiauea left It waa thought ttt Yark town intended to ran the blockade if a good eAuea offered bbe, kowrrar, ateamed Back, aflef Win- eagaged about an boar. A party of lad tea and aererml children earn* over few N Off oik on Monday, under a Hag of truce. ?eo Matter kaa iaaaed a rrq ieet w the fff-rt tfc*t paaafngfra for Portrfaa Monroe aball refrain Mow fck Lag noplfe of public newspaper* oat ?f Ijfcr ;taita of t*e Sonttern Confederacy ? s ; OCR MILITARY BUDGET. MII.ITABT JIBORAffTlC*. I Very many of our reader* are familiar with the mode of taking balloon rbeenratlona for military purposes as conducted by Prof Lrwe, but they 1 mar not be aware that the ?Mal observations ' mads bv Prof La Mountain (stationed Mar the j Alexandria Seminary) with th? same object are , carried out upon an entirely different system. I The Lowe balloon *s anchored to the earth, ard elcTated or depressed by means of a cord, and at ? ' * - A i?-l W lain* a niBXiiuum aeigoi 01 urn ur iwnvc uhuuitu fret This mode baa aJvantaves In the way of affording prompt communication, telegraphic or otherwise, with the earth. Professor La Mountain, acting 3pen the theory to which be has given some yeais' study, that balloon trsvel may be regulated with precision by taking advantage <f the contrary currents of air which it Is believed always prevail at different elevations, launches boldly forth Into the heavens and sails away down over Dixie's land, high above the bead* of astonished secesL. Hovering over Jeff-Dav's-dom at an elevation of from one to two miles (well out of rifle range), the ftrnnmt urith hmr ?vm nnt?? mioht (hat man K# deemed of Interest at military headquarters; and then, when secesb? who hat been following him with wrathful eye?imagines the luckless voyager to be drifting, helpless, rig*t into his clutches, down comet a silver shower of sand ballast, and up leaps the balloon a peg higher Into the heavens, strikes the couuter currcnt, and *alM saucily beck to the domain of the stars and stripes. Prof. La Mountain has made six successful reconnolterlng excursion# upon this theory within the last month and a half, going down over the enemy's lines with the sub-current and Mom. Injs by the counter-current Sometimes an elevation of something like four milt s has been de manaea ere rtactiing tue counter-current, but it haa alwava been found. Without douHt the aid Incidentally given to balloon experimenting by Government, during tbe pretent war, will enable rc-onauts t? collect valuable data in furtherance of their inveatigationa. i Prof La Mountain baa with him Mr. A Ken, drlrk, aaaiatar.t, and Mr N. K. White, draugbta man. The "Army Balloou Corpa," a* a deaignating mark, wear the letter* B. C , and the figure of a balloon upon tbe front of the cap. !2ITKBB?Tl!ie lWTKLLtASSCI ?ROM TK* I UXM. . We hnve intereatlng and reliable Information from beyond our lines on the other aide of the river, aa follow*.?The accutlng partlea of the enpmv IHPn and VtA*rsl A/ - ? ***-- *? - ' J VI lurrc OIC, UdUlllHiiy, iue i old pickets, each of wliam is required to make a , scout after coming off There was a raiment of ! infantry, about 1000 strong, at G^rmantown about I a sincc No other considerable force is this \ side of CentrevlUe. They cflen come down in force and go back again. This regiment at Germantown ^with cavalry) does all the picket duty in thl* direction. Three weeks since, It was re' ported at Centrevllle that they bad seventy or eighty thousand men, In all, 1 vet ween CentrevlUe and Bull Rpn, with a few troops on a road leading to Manassas At that time two South Carolina regiments and a battery were to go South on the following Saturday. There was a great U- al of trouble betweeo the Virginia and South Carollua troops The hou?s of Mrs. Walters, near ' Walters' mill, had been made a hospital There 1 were no traops at Fairfax. The last seen of the enemy in any force be- ! , tween Fairfax and Vienna wus on Sunday night 1 !;.? ? Ik- *-? .. \jiiiuii scuooi-nouse between Pea, cock's Hill and Gen. McCall's linen Tbey re| mained tbere In large force nearly all night, and a week ago yesterday, a large force of cavalry , and Infantry maichtd from Huuter's mill past Walter's mill and came to tbe turnpike, threw out a force to D!lficult Creek, and then to the toll-gate; and still another In the rear, toward* (Jen. McCall'a line* Tbe people in tbe neighborhood supposed they remained all night. Ay KITSNDBD RKCOKNOIS?AXCK. General Fltz John Porter reported last night to headquarters here, that on tbe day before yesterday be arranged with Generals McCall, Hancock and Waduwortb, to scout tbe country from Vienna t' Hunter's Mill ?n?i - -? - ?1? v im vui at iweivc o'clock (of the night of the 4d lnetant) 4011 of tto 2d Maine, uudtr Lieut. Col Varney ; luoaharpabooterm of the U4 Mumckutrtu, under Major Tllton, to be apecl&lly atatloned; and followed them yesterday morning by the 3 i Pennsylvania cavalry?all under Colonel Averlll?to acour the country. The whole command returned yeaterdav, and Col. Averlll reported that while petroling the country from beyond Vienna to Hunter'a Mill no enemy waa aetn, except two ama!l |>arties?one of three, beyend Vienna, and one of fifteen. nearly two mile* beyond Hunter'a Mill?to neither of which could hegetflcee No enemy haa been in tbe region he vtaited since Sunday. He expr?Med great vatlafactlon at the manner In which all psrtlea acted yeaterday, and thlnka Capt Bell was fortunate in not loalng, laat week, hia whole >quadron ; as the party which attacked and puraued him waa over live time* hlanumber Gen. YVadaworth guarded tbe road from near Fairfax to Vienna, Gen Hancock n-ar Walter'a Mill, and Gen. McCall had a foraging party on Difficult Run. No enemy waa aeen by either of tbem Dense smoke of camp Area waa seen rlalng from Germantown to nefr Frying Pan. ! COSIVSDKB A T B rOLOML KILI.BD > Gen. filencker reported la-t ni*ht to headquarters beru that \ec\erday afternoon his out| cat* bad an engagement with tbe enrmy'i cavalry and infantry, in which bia troops took some pris?ners, who reporUthat in tbe engagement tbe Colonel of tbe rebel cavalry was killed. AU wss quiet around and in bis iines towards nightfall. GO*E TO rftK&eaicK Reports were receiv??d last evening at b?adj quarters here of tbe arrival of G*-n Banks at Frederick. Gen. Hamilton's brigade had reached there, and G?-n Abe.crombie was en tbe road with bis brigade Gen. WUllams's brigade takes up the line cf march r>r Frederick and its vicinity this morning S. HA.NIT RV COMJtMStON, L ? 244 F at , Washington, D. C- U? o 2d. T>t* Sariisry Commission ha* & ool'eotmn of hook' ol.ef"i?nce on Military Sorcery &r-d Array Hytia: e, whiob Mi.itary fargei-na at or near Wash.cgV'Li are invited t? oooaolt. FREDERICK La W OLM?XKD. d-2 1m ? W wcuciti cwroVtrji ' E ?*AK T M FN TO FM ET ROPO L IT A N 11 P??LIGE.?Olboe of feup?rintendrn1.. No. il? Uth ktreet. Peracas who htv? ;?it p'ipertr are resetted to report tbmr loaa to tliaD<p*'tment. Large qnantHie* of l? it prcprrlr now in 'he> ftoe, no9* icawtf W. P WEBB, fupt CREAM AND WATER tCE8. of L? the test Quality, at S1A p?-r quart. Ho<eia ana boarding houeM furnikhed at low r?fee. A at a?e?>*tm*nt of fine Cakea kept on hard at the tkiltuUlpKi* CM/KiiMnry, corner Twelfth an> P U. no 7 1m* rrS"T,)K UNION PKAVKR MEETIN8 J 5 will beholden KVKKV DA. Y this week in U?* Emliah Lutheran Church. oora?r of H and Uth at*., oommencmc at half-paat 4 o'otook p. m , to be continued one hoar onlr. <>o 7-3m Mule for sale? Aatronr MULE.aonnri and kind, in aiucle or double fearneta. fror ia. aheap,on ti street, in rear oi 3J1 Pa ava. de 4 3t* JTEAb?TPA??TEA1? ! U8T Rntlvw a p'un" h?4 new i esa. Por .!* ? ? ? ? - ? U 4 KEATING'^ I de? Sta^lf s43 P?.a*eiiua, near 6th J 1ST REVIVED TEN BBL9. 8 HOR1NES aparior < Li> KVt-. Wnl*KV, eight iwti od, warranted AI?o. pnine Monong&haia WhiakiM for >?! at 354 Pa trrnu", b? d? ? atawtf bKOWftINQ A KKAT1N6. INDIA RUBBER fANTLOONS, L'gglna, Coats, Pboohoa, Biankata, Ac., at lha Sime 'a I Supply Depot, | 333 Pa av?. Back Room, da 4-tf or StS I) at., batwean <*h aaa loch. I HAVE JUST RECEIVED THIS DAY, A larga iovoioa of Buffalo and Wo f Kobee. alao a i?eirabie arno a of bo aa Blanket.', ail of Wuioh will ba offered at tow p aca?. JOHN B. Pt'DNKY. 1W4 ra, ava.. Back Room, de? ?f or 3&j u at between 9 k ?nd letb. 1"* 140 DISHES. HE WtU kaowu New Yora rettau rant of Soiling. long remarkable f r in eaeelleot oojfci ( m*rne ar a. ramaata, ai d tow ?n? a baa tad a Ha hi ffa.B o anok at 8*7 Pa. a% oa >. tooth aid*, b low T?al/k ax. M. UKYMiN. <Vf ASINK 0 A R N K R i* MILITARY AHD THUNK SToMg, 4 a*"*14*' wM41rtf^> & ?** ?? urn i?u? CONGRESSIONAL. * XlVVIIth CONGRESS-fttcend Sr..Ion. . 8BR4TI ?Ye*t?rday, aftn tb* close of our rrport? Thfc following resolution waa Introduced and laid on (be table until the formation of tfce Stand .? !**_ _ . a ! ? vi iimmim; R*?olctd, fe , That tbe ttank* of Cmigreis be ard tb?y are hereby tendfred to Capt Samuel F Dapont, and through btm to tbe officer*, petty officers, teamen and marines attached to tbe aqujdron uuder kia corutmnd, for th* decisive and splendid victory achieved ut Port Koyal on the 7th day of November last. A resolution authorising tbe Vice President to appoint two members to fill tbe vacanclcs in the Board of Regents of tbe Smithsonian institution occasioned by the decease of tbs Hon. Stephen A. Douglas, late a Senator from the State of Illinois; and tbe withdrawal and expulsion of the Hon. Jam?s >1. Mason, late a Senator from the State of Virginia, was adopted The President's message was then taken up, read, and the usual number of tbe same, with the accompanying documents, ordered to be printed; wben tbe Senate adjourned. House? the clow of our report yesterday? The following was unanimously adopted ; Whereas Henry C Curnett, a member of this House froimgte Stale of Kentucky 1* In open rebellion agafwt the Government: Therefore Raolvtd, That the said Burnett be a d be i< hereby expelled frcui tbl? House, and that the Governor of tbe State of Kentucky be notified of bis expulsion. Rtsolvtd, That tbo Sergeant-at-Arma of this House be directed not to pay the said Burnett bis salary accruing to blm since the extra session of this Congress Mr v\ trkliffe, of Ky., made a few remarks, stating that It was his intention tn have Introduced such a resolution as this, accompanied with an obituary notice of bis lite colleague He as aeriea max use poaitiuii of Kentucky was mltunderatood; that abe bad never denied the right of he Federal liovernment to occury htr soil; and that the conven'lon 10 ?btcb Mr Burnett belonged bad libfll'-d the State and dco?i??'t people In conclusion, be predicted thai the boa tile foot of a rebel would not be found in Keutu< ky on the 23th day of December. The following reaoiution Introduced by Mr ??htll*bargef w&a assigned for conalde atlon on 1 ujadav next: Ketoleed, That it ia not within th? province of the llouae, nor would It be wise, to lay down any rulea WUaUver rf^ulatlnu- or ati?>nnttn?* ?.? < ??> . _ n - -- j?) ? * ? ??v !? ? " *" VWII" trol any part sf tbe cliief command of our armies j In the Held, either hi the matter ax to what "military necessity" doctor does noti-kist a* to the treatment or us? of slaves Within ahy of the | States, nor in any matters whatever ^ffeating tt.e supreme command of the President of the United State* K'solvttl. That while this House refrains from any attempt to assume command of the functions of the Commander-in-Chief of the Army, nnd hereby expresses Its confidence In the wisdom, prudence, and patriotism of the Preaident, as Indicated In th? dischargeef the Immense resp< nubilities and arduous duties pertaining to the present Executive term, and its willingness to continue to htm the uutrammelledexercise of bis power* as the Commander-in-Chl^f of the Army and Navy, yet tbe House deeoos it proper to express iu earnest sense and conviction that In the prosecution of this war no res >rt on tbe one band shall be had to the plea of "military necessity"' as a cover f<* any violation of unv constitutional rights of any citizens of the United States, either in aiave* or any other right of the citizen*; nor, on toe other hand, to any piivllege or protection whatever, in extending by our artnles either to the title In slnvea or any other property wha ever, which 1* incompatible with the safety of the Government itself; but that the success of our arms In suppressing the rebellion, or of our individual right* of property, when necessary, in the pro*?cution of this war, be made to yield on the permanent right of the Uovernnu-nt to it'-establish tne authority of the Constitution over >11 the Suite* (Sf tbe Union Mr Bingham introduced a bill to forfeit tbe property and slaves of persons who shall engage in aiding or abetting the rebels against tne Union; tbe cons.deration of which was postponed until Tuesday neat Adjourned LATE FROM THE SOUTH. We have the following ln?ere?Hr>tx p, u\ ** i' v m tbe ?ontb. copied fiom the Norfolk Day Book of the JOth ult thkkatrmd attack 0"? columbcs. Mbmphis. Nov. 29 ?General Pillow has Information from a reMable aource that the enemy will a'lack Columbu* in twenty day* wl(b a force of 75.000 to 100,000 men A Wge amount of ammunition and cannon from St. Louis have been nt to Cairo Tbe enemy baa tbirty-el^ht mortar boats and eight gunboa's Tbe enemy'* plan la >o surround Coluuibti* and atarve thmu Into ?ubmia*!on. Oen Pillow says we should make every etfort to meet the eaemy with a strong force ri^ht away There It no <lme to be lost. m0vbmb5ts at mailasras. Richmond, Nov v!7 ?Reasons exist to anticipate an early engagement at Manaanaa Perbapa a battle may occur simultaneously there or at Centervllle There is a large force of Federala oppoMiU. Kvaaapcrt, with a number of brMaea prepared for tbe conveyance of troop* arrow Occoqnan creek, evidencing & lar.dand naval attack at Kvansport It Is reported that a la-ge force of Federala are advancing slowly, and tba< the rli?ht wing of their army had reacted Fairfax and advanced ...ItLU -l ' - * - Hiiuiu hi nines ri umwrVllM They fortify and Intrench atevery half mile. The war dig 1* waving everywhere AFFAIRS NEAR SAVANNAH. Th' Savannah Republican of Thursday, t>ays that the cannonading from the flett upon Fort Pulaski could be distinctly beard the day previous Commodore Tatnall, with his little fleet of six gunboats, had arrived off Savannah utterly disabled. Thrre was but one regiment at Fort Pula?kl, and no practiced artillerists, ard It w?s f'ir 4 that the whole garrison would be either ulaln or forced to surrender These rumors and report" crested the greatest excitement, and (jovt-rnor Brown Is greatly dls'urb-d Inconsequence of the unfinished state of the defenses on the Savannah river Nassau, on the Georgia coast, had been taken pors>-?slon of by the Federals, and a large amount of uohulled rice and lnun]ured cotton had fallen a prey <o them The piantfn are destroying t eir cotton ns fast as possible, when unable to carry It into the lnt?rior. Bands of Union are forming In the mounta'n*. The wealthy ftTilli- sof Savannah were living to Macon and Atlanta, as thev have been l?t ?n - lieve that d stonor, if notdehtb. awaits evrry frmale tb&t rnuy remain,should the city be captured Tie '?* rgla troops at Richmond and Petersburg had formally aemani d to be sent borne by the government They bad entered requests to this rflVct through their Colonels. It Is said that thetr call will now be heeded. All kin ds of fancy groceries and Suti.r's Goi^s on hand and for 6 'ow br | browning * kbati o. j da 4 3'awrf 35 4 Pa *venne n*ar?thst Ji ht ? ece1vei> a lot of th*T very superior OI.U CA-IN^T BRANDY at bkov-' ning a kkating's, de 4 Stawtf 3&1 Pa pear 6th si Just k tceivf.d *no for ale low, t?ent? fiTe bMs WHI 'e onions and five bbia Havana i'rnngks. by browning a keating, If 4 Stawtf 351 Pa. avenue, near ttn at. A~RMY Fi-VGER MITTENS. Just the tninc for the "oidisr, also ttuokskin Gloves, and Gaunt ets, at 32 4 Pa. *v* . Baek Room, de 4-if or 33? D St.. between ?th anH '?<! HE A V V WOOL HQSK. AND DHAW KKS. and ARmV "HIR r?. at 3'i? Fa av?u'ie, hack room; or 335 D ?t eat, r<e*w eu 9 h and o?*i. de 4 tf a rwuv GREY AND WHITE BLANKETS, i.UUUjaitiMmTidai ' j. B. PUDNEY'S. de4-ti 394 Pa. avenue bvk room. AJVOTICK T?? OFFICER?, Fine Morgan STALLlt'N, atyllsh and epiritod. yetdoeile aud east y ma^aeed. a fjv d\rk Ba* 8 years old, 15 hand* 3 inohe?T? hi eh. and will b?iod 'ow, as the owner la*"^^ a eoing'orth. 1 o b? imd at CONK LIN'S Stable, 14th ?tr*et, b?low t e avnus. de 4 3t* BKKAD-HREAD-BKEAD! navy and pilot bread. I50 Barrel* Fainilie* ought to buy thie Bread, aa it is of flrnt eualuy. ?nd a la*rel ooniaina ab ut 85 pou da, ooctinc 91 TO per barrel ouiy Alio, Bread in aaika At SI v- per lis) pounds, call on WILLIAM PKTTIBONK, de <-St* No. 4S3 Fourteenth at. N-HAND* LINE." OTICE TO SHIPPERS FROM PHILADELPHIA Tn* teamer K. BaawiMMa >? _ ..... mm uww IUMU1I At the above port f>r Alexandria an 1 jr?M the District of Colombia to sail < B\TI'RDAY. December? hA cent 11 Philadelphia THOS. WEBSTER. Jr, 14 North Wharree. HYDE 1 DAVIDSON Agents, de t-W* 39 WatT >t. George town. T NOTICE THIS. HE Otfioerso? tSe Army and others, owing na bill* are hereby notified not to pay any Mrson the tame unless thai ou ahov a written order, dated after Deoember 1st, 1861, empowering them to tign our Q&me. on uam . ^ ^ PLANT A COJ Dealers in Came Furniture, eto?ea. *o , 3i0 l> at. between ?th a- d lMhsand 4T&H 7th at., 1 do r north or E ?t, di>4-3t' Viiw'irttoi P il. IVA tumwm 1T1. W. OALf Jt bk'o oCj fU*&Uon to their Minr'tnNU of UmUm' BM ?eatlem?u'? Wa,KNGlS?l. *WIM, AND AMERICA-1 manniMtur*, in Sold ml Silver Cmm. ILT W?u>li??. Chroaom?-Uf?, J?w?lry, A.O., ? """ " "'J. ?.w. GiLTtBRO.. 4*4-31 Futr d^.'V wi of a ro v?'i?Roul. i SICK AND WOCJNDED SOLDIERS IN [ HOSPITAL. PmhhtJud ta conformity vtU tk* ? ?J tk* &mah if Jmif IS, 1WI. At Stmimmrf HtfUal, Qtorgttom?, Jw 93 'Ml'.S Infintry I 13 h Penn Volunteer* . 1 *1 Jtalne Volnnteei* . 2 S?tb do do....*; 1 3d Vermont Volunteer! I 33d do do 1 .Vb do do....13 35th do do...... 4 2d New York Vol ( ) I 3(kh do do...?.. 1 eth do do.... i 44d do do 1 13th do do ... 2.45th do do 22 15(h do do.... 1 5*24 do do '2 10 b dO do 1 I ffli l)n ArfHUftf i l?th do do.... 6 1st do Rifles 1 aist do do (6) 1 id do Cavalry...* I '23d do do ... 2 1th do dc...... 2 2'Ah do do.... l|5th do do 1

33d do do.... 1 nth do do 6 45th do do.... 1 1st do Reserve.... 2 524 do do..,. 1 3d do do 3 54th do do.... 1 4th do do 1 57th do do.... 1 mh do do ...(c) 1 624 do do.... 1 1st Michigan Vol 1 79th do do.... 1 1th do do 1 id New York Cavalry 1 id Wisconsin Vol.... 1 1st Rhode Island Art. 1 5th do do.... 1 1st Peon. Volunteers.. 3 8th do do.... fl 4th do do 3 7th do do.... 2 5th do do...... 4 9thMassachusets Vol.. 1 7th do do 4 Excelsior Brigade.... 4 8th do do...... 1 ?? 9th do do 2 Total 13J 11th do do...... 2 (a) One officer, (i) One officer, (e) One officer At Qenoral Hospital, Union Hottome* Bndg* and Washington struts, Otorgetoten, Sov 20. ltth New York Vol.... $ 4th Rhode Island Vol. * 17th do do......15 1st Michigan Vol .... 1 lath do do 1 2d do do......11 19th do do...... 4 3d do do 2 22d do do 3 4th do do 2 27th do do i id Wisconsin do 1 nnJ ? n ? oda ao a"...... jioid ao <!?..?? . i 35th do do 1 1st Minnesota do 1 43<1 do 7 lit California do 3 45th do do 1 ut Lxceltior Brigade. 4 50th do do a 2d do do ... 1 5M do do 2 3d do do.... 10 79th do do 3 l?t Maryland Vol 1 4th P?nn Volunteer*. l|l*t U 8 Cbasaeura... 1 t>h do do a,'2d Penn. Cavalry .... 1 7th do do 113d do do 1 8th do do 11 Oneida CountyCavalry 1 1'2'h do do fi 1st Penr. Artillery.... 1 23d do do l|?th Rhode Island Art. 1 Wh db do 1 lat New York Artillery 2 27th do do a ad U 9 Artillery a 3bth do do I 4th do do 1 45th do do 3 5th do do 1 4ftth do do a lat Indtina Rtfle* 1 3d Maine Volunteer*. 1 Mott'* Bnttery 1 7th do do 1 Smith's Battery 2 2d New Ham pah I re Vol a De Kalb Regiment... 1 3d do do.... 8 Engineer Corp*. 1 ad VermontVolunteera 4 3d do do.... 3 Tota) 141 Sth do do.... 9 At Hotfittd tl Columbian OotUf?? ffaikiMftom, Nov 29. 2d Maine Volunteers.. 4 lit Penn Cava'rv 4 5th do do 1 Harlan' Penn.Cavalry 1 9th do do.t.... 1 lat Penn Rlfl-a 1 11th an do 8 ChrotHftn's Rifle* 1 2d Vermont Volunteers 2 lat Penn Volunteers.. 5 3d do do.... 1 3d do do 10 5th do do.... 7 4th do do 4 10th Massachusetts Vol 2 tHh do do 2 14th do do. 1 10th do do 1 Ittth do do. 1 llth do do 1 1st Loug Island Vol .. 1 12th do do 1 1stNewYork Cavalry . 1 13th do do 1 HarriaN- Y. Cavalry.. Ii23d do do 2 22d .New York Vol 1 27th do do 3 25th do do...... 2 31st d? do 3 3Ath do do 1 13d do do 1 37th do do...... ft lo'h do do 1 45th do do 3 52d do do......20 45th do do 1 With do do 4 54th do do 4 1st Michigan Cavalry. 5 50th do do...... 1 lat do Vi?l 9 79th do do...... li'M do do......12 Anderson Zouaves,... 2 3d do do 0 1st Excvlslor Brigade. 3 4th do do * 'id do do.... 2 9th do do 8 De Knlb N Y VoJ ... * Stockton's Michigan Lincoln Cavalry 1 Independent Vol<... 2 1st U 8. Cfcaa*eura.... 1 5th Wisconsin Vol... 1 Berdau Sharpshooters. 2 Ath do do.... 3 McClellan'eDragoons. 1 7th do do.... 2 Cameron Dragoons... S 1st Minnesota Vol 1 Kugliwer Corps ...... 1 19th Indiana Vol 1 IstNew Jersey Cavalry 4 8th Ullnr-la Cavalry... 1 2d do Vol.... 1 flturiflalllinola Rifles. 1 3d do do.... t 1st California Vol 1 Sth do do.... 1 1st 1) C. Volunteers.. 4 6th do do.... 1 Oaeitda N . Y Cavalry. 3 7th do do.... 1 lat Penn.Artillery.... 2 Total 196 At Ventral Hotpital, (Circlt,) Washington, Ti <rc 20. Engineer* 9 41th New York Vol... 4 '2d U 8 Cavalry 5 61st do do.... 5 4th do do 2 1st D C. Volunteers.. 1 3th do do 3 id Penn. Volunteers . 1 8lh do do 6 4th do do...... 1 1st do Artillery.... 1 5th d<> do 1 3d do do 8 52d do do 1 3d do do. 2 Officer! S 4th do do 1 Hospital steward 1 5th do do 4 4th N Hampshire Vol 1 !at do Infantry it 5th do do.. 18 2d do do 5 1st Michigan Vol 1 3d do do 2 7th Maine Volunteers. 1 Oth do do 3 4th Rhode Island Vol. 3 6th do do 0 Quartermaster's Dep't 1 10th do do 3 ? <4d New York Vol... l Total 80 21th do do.... 2 At Fifth District School House Hospital, Branch of General Hospital on E strut, Nov 26 1st Excelsior Brigade. 1 1th Penn. Cavalry.... 1 29th New \ ork Vol... 1 1st Kentucky Cavalry. 1 3d Michigan Vol 1 Ohio Cavalry, (urat). 1 8th do do 1 10th Massachusetts Vol 1 12:h Pennsylvania Vol. l|5th Rhode Island Vol. 1 23d do do.. 1 2d Vermont Volunteers 1 5?ith do do., l ? 101th do do.. 4 Total 18 2d U. 8. Cavalry 1 Sick remaining in the Hospital far Eruptivs ? MT-t ?" ?/? <>? ?? ut*?utuma, ITPT n 3d U 8. Infantry 1 iMth Peon Volunteers . 1 Sib do do 1 ifl h do do t 4th do Cavalry 1 53d do do......23 6th do do 2 54th do do 1 6 h do do 3 B5th do do 5 2d Maine Volunteers.. 2 96tb do do 1 7th do do 6 104 th do do 2 2d Vermont do I Harlan'sLlghtCavalry 2 1st NewYork Artillery 11 lit Michigan Cavairy . 7 44th New York Vol... 3 Stockton's Michigan 67ih do do.... 8 cavairy 1 01st do do.... S 7th Wisconsin Vol.... 2 bflth do do.... 1 3d Michigan Vol 1 Harris Llqht Cavalry . lu tlHh Indiana Vol 5 2d New York Cavalry. 3 1st do Cavalry.. 1 lat Penn Artillery? 1 Quartermaster's Dep't 2 1st do Volunteers. 1 ? 9th do do 1 Total 1*> At St. Eliaabttk Hoifit&l. Brmnck, Ho vtmb-r 29. 1st Excelsior Brigade. 3 36th Penn Volunteer*. 6 !ld do do 1 57tb New York Vol... 1 4th do do 4 59th Penn.Volunteers. 1 53d Penn Volunteers.'/* 7fh NewJersey Vol... 3 Hh do do 1 I at Penn Reserve.... 2 bth N?w York Vol... 3 istNew York Artillery 5 29th do do.... 1 5th Penn. Cavalry.... 1 ' SSth Ptoa V?lunto?'a. 1 latOualdaCavalrjr... 1 Sth Vermont do 10 Cameron Rifles....... 3 Mith New York Vol.. 2 Brlckel's Art. Battal. 3 95th Penn Volunteers. ) ? j 59tU New York Vol... 5 ToUl 90 | 2d do do.... 4 At Indiana Hospital (Patent Ojflee), Washington, D* C. | Nov ilv. 19th Indlsna Vol ..(a)63 30th Penn Volunteers. 2 18th do do 4 1st New York Artillery 1 27th do do 2 1st Michigan Cavalry. 10 1st do Cavalry.. 6 HerdsnSharpshooters. 4 Total ...10# 53d Penn.Volunteers .14 ( ) One officer. At Otntral Hospital, Alexandria, Nov 29. 1st New York Cavalry 1 5th Vermont Vol 90 15th Nv w York Vol... 2 IstNew Jersey Cavalry 1 Iftth do do....IP 5th do Vol.... 1 17th do <1a si a* tfj ... W | ?V? ;UICUI|NJ f 18th do do.... 4 3d do *do 3 25th do do.... 3|3tb do do $ Mtti do do.... S 3d Maine Volunteer*. 7 /7th do do.... 10 4tta do do S 31rt do do.... 5 Stb do do 9 :wd do do....10 lit Rhode Island Art., t 3Hth do do.... 5 lat Maaaachuaetta Art. t 40th do do.... 7 Lincoln Cavalry 1 7Vth do do.... 1 Cameron Rifle*. t 344 Pen a. id Fire Zouavea 1 Stat do do 4 lat Minnesota Vol 1 eetb do do 3 Harlan Cavalry .......14 Wth do do 3 Civilian 1 lltb do Cavalry...14 ?? 4d Vermont Volunteera 1 Total ISO ITT Washington pa pen plaaae aopv and aand bllia to tbe War Dapartment- Ost 4?at The ARMY FBED am water bucket, par tea a-if aae'aTto CnvaTrv and Artil.erj, ?jaw??????JtoMM? ?>OBT OFFICB DEPAHTMFPIT, A APrOlKTMtUT 0?*ic% l>aoember 9 Ml. A l-ramh oliM 1 tvinf N*n aetabiiahed at the Capitol ' * ** oitr of WaahiaitoD.the rkriovi oficM are harabr dm ?tad, dance Um wnud of CoDirm, to plaoa *11 lature aad ? **paper* diroted to nmibtri of tit* United fcenateand of the Houm ol rifrhtouilm, in s*ja?ate poaofcei Iron all other m?il aatt*r. aad label iuoc pcuchee. "Co?irfii, Waahiafton, D. C" By order of tha Poatmaiter General (SigaH) Jph> A Kxfiton. Vi?( A.ela >Rt t? U li- n?rm.'. 1 CAUTION TO THE PUBLIC. IN Coaseaueuo*of the oonstantiy inoreaeinj lmittt'oo of thed'ffj ent bra?d?ot Messrs. Moct A Chandon's CHAMPAON t WINES espeoiaJN of their Vi* ( G'-ec ?e*J.) I consider it mj detr to cantion the pubic ?{ULit each lmpoeitiona, ?d t'-? advise surc^seers and oonsamen to bay the oct A C^a don Wines inlif>ua reliable and re pfct&b'e honses. aDOLTHI'S 0ECH8, Messrs. Moot A Chan on's General Agent for the Uaited States And the Ctnadas. New York, Deoember 4.1MI. branch hou^r^jf p^tiernan A son 8 We beg attontion to the ebove'oardof Mete s Moot A > bandoc's acd at the ftmetiae offer to oonno< sears the oelebrated W inee of this hooee at cent's prioe". SMITH A HaRT, 49T Sixth etreet < ? atMrs.) n?ar ds 4-lw Peon a?eaae. Was pit foa TT'THERIAL O L, Cj alcohol, , KgJtOSENE OIL ! Dealers'applied with the abore *t loweet mar ket rates, by ROBERT M. SMITH. (' a'e Smith * Chatp?-ll ) dXeoSi* 13 Sosth Sharp at? flaltiicore. AMUSEMENTS. T H E A T R K ' 3d NigLtof "!* J F nwK\8' K? ?m?iMDt. WEDNESDAY. Dwinb-r 4 . W i t n* ?* formed the re-?-<Jj of THE HEIR AT LAW. Dr. Pacflota. ....Mr. J. E Ow?m W ith the faro* of THE RutUU DIAMOND. CosiiD Jo* .Mr, J. F. OvMl If QDD t ELLOW8 HAIL, NAVY URD! ths oriotsatand bksuivk George Christy's Minstrels Will apprar for One Night Ool?, and (tire one of tbmr PECULIAR EN l> RTAINMENT8. CoDsiatinc of Sonet. oittt. l-cml Hi' it. On WEDNtftDAY EVENING, Dec 4.1*1. ILT" For partioalara iee p oiramme. Admlaeinn - onti Reee? ved eeau ?.... M eenta de? it i~~* EOROE CHRISTY'S \JT NBWUfERA HOUSE, IE^tinth ITEICT, NBAfc B Ttllt.XD The above Temple of Minetreley will he opened THURSDAY RYBrflNG. De?. Sth. for a Short Season. by the World renowned George Christy* Minstrels, From Broadtray, Xm York. The eeleot enteftainmenta of thte oelebratad Company villi b* under th? lm^e-iiste diraatioft and persona' aupervia od of Mr Gbobob CHtieTY, the acknow edred Bcr'on of the * th opi <n I'ran a. whose perfo'manoes ia New Y?rk oltr tor the last eichteen veara have been at ended by the eKis and fashion of the srrai metropolis. For p?rticulara see una ! bills and fatare advertisem'nta. ADMieeio.t-Par^of t SO oenU; Dreaa Circle SS oents. da 4 ARLINGTON CLUB.?The membera of the A'lioctoo Club he* leave to annoanoa to th ir friends and the pBblie genera ly that JH they in'endjiriae th ir fc.i(htn firand C<> '1 ' LI.<)N PAR IY at Prai khn Hall. D at.,Hl Dfft' 12th, on MONDAY, Drotmb-r 2*1. Tiokets SO oenta, admittinc ft nailtM ftrd lftdie?. fly oraer ol theCommittee oe?T.ll* COTILLON P A E T Y A Odp Fillowi' H?ll. Natt YftBD, TO MOK.KOW EVENING. /tik (ThnrtdiT.Iec.it1!.) Hi Ticket* 50 o nti, Prof C. F. UARNEr, It* Mftttfr. rpHlRTEENTH ST. BAPTIST CHURCH. GRAND TO N C S R T MR*. CECILIA YOUNG, WSDXESDAY, Dttmber ilk. W. C.I...* \ J?U.- J1 k. ui r.liUBDUi iwnikt BDUVTlOf BirOQUVHOl GRORGfc FKUX BBNKEKT. PR^GRammR. Pabt 1st 1. Piano Solo?Lea Jeux d?? Nayad'a. Performed bj Gbobob riui S. > iu _ Krenoh Son* 3. 8oen* aod Prayer, from Dct Fiei onutx Von WMUr Mra. Cecilia Yovka 4. Die PahDCbwaoht Lint)painter Biaa S? o. 6 Could I hush a father'a aijh Balfe Tiio for Soprano, Tenor and Baaa. Pabt Sd ?. Midauiurcer'a Nmht oream. Meulelaeahn Due* f r Fiann. pet formed by Gio. Fklix Mesebbtand Mr. Henbt Shbbman. 7. Par.a Stain l^oli, irom Rigoletto ... . Verdi Daet f'-r Soprano and Bin. I. Home, Sweet Home? rerfo mel cn the Piano k f* o? ? UJ uiuui nui DRIHT 9, Non Monaengneur - French Chanaonuatta Its. y rar.d Hoeni Shadow gjng from Le Pardoa de Pioerroe! Meyerbeer Mn liciLia Yovjw. Ticket* ,Oa? Dollar. No ext a eha ge for ree?r*ed iHU TiokeU to be obtained at the dnor on the erenin* of the oono'rt and at the maeio store of W.O. Mi'ierott. where aeataoaa be seoared on Tneadty, DecernSer 3d. da ?-? j^lNG'S NATIONAL CIRCUfll Manager? - TAssociate Manager C. Beott Kau'strian Manager F. Whitraker At eat - R P. Jones The puMic ia respeolfaily informed that Uua Ciroui vhl exhibit aGEORGETOWN, f^r ThrM Oays and Nighta MONDAY. TUESDAY and WE'JNKSOAY. D*o. *J, 3d and ?th. on tha ot oorcer of Weat and Ore*n ata.. aeon which occasion* Mu'ile HKLoiHK, the rrtar of the Arena. Maame Marit, Mi a Virginia, Madame Cauiill-, Mia* bloiae. the Child H ider. T^m ling, Wm K n.ade. P. Tourcair-j Phi'o Nathans. F. YVt.iflaker, J. Franklin, J Ward.George Archer, and the twu Clowna.Gardiaer ard Kennedy, will ?pp?' inel'gtn lyd versitrd entertainments. UTT" Due Notioe will he given of the retam of t ? Troup- to Washington, and the iNavarxaL ?r >-. v.? u.r.i. ' - vr?ninw vi mo rmr w HHP! Alf^ITH 1ATI?. QH I CANTERBURY H ALL. (Pormer'f the Watbicjton Assembly Rooms,) Louisiana aveuoe, n- ar oo-ner of 6 h straet, in th? rtar >A the National and Brown'* Hotala, OPKN EVERY NIGHT! With i ha ft rat t?i*nt in Amarioa. ENTIRE CHANQtTUF PROGRAMME. Reapp^a aic-f JULIA HUDSON. Th* B ant fnl 9?nc strata New Songs, Netc Dances, and New Plays! TO-NIGHT. 'H? R* ?U ffi'li MALLET LA MOHDOL1NA, LA MONDOLIHA, LA MOHDOLINA, LA MONDOLINA, TUMBLKTY OUTDONE. Pick Paiki* (funny Dick l.. .at the Cants* busy. Hakkt Fox at tha Cartbbbcbt. . B. H *a?iton ? at tha Cart? rbdst. M'lli Fiam La Polls at Um Cartbbbcbt. Miss Jdlia he mow, tha b?astual sonratraa* ... ?t thf ('*sriitriv. mips* r mxA OTILVS WIU.ll. Ynjfr!f, rilKU CLIfTOll t _ and ft boat of otneri ftt the Cantiucit. GRAND AFTERNOON MATIN BE On +> ronu''Day, D*o#ret>*r4'h. For Famih't, Ladies, and Children. Door* open ftt S o'o ook. Ad minion?Children 10 mdU. At>MiasioR?NtfhU? Pftrf??t,S6 oenta; PftrUrr* 1? oect*. Do^'^ofn ftt 1; oommenoe fttTH o'oioek. /\DD FELLOWS' HALT! yj AiTim.iion D ?T. TWO NBW ST A MB! WM.~WRAY, The (rafttMt perfoiiner of the ft??! whay the orfcat comedian! wr\y_thk oh eat hanjolht! wray the ?r*tftt ventriloqv,?t: wray the great Magician i every night! JOHN NT B O Y D. TK* Ligktntnt Jit Dmw. EVfcRY NlOHT! In oonneoOon with the CftmpbcJ! MiaatrftU el*U?o Htftf Ferfi>riuer*. m ft mv ftod wiW ?roI wnine nifhtJy. Doort oprnfttj o'clock; pftrfbrmnnaiMum ? ??i"S ? .... ???? ? 0 v viwb prwuM/. AO Billtfen 25 o?pU. no H Robert hk^lmV.ndI^^mund bbnHfcR, ar? no ion(?r emploiad by m?, nna 1 wn U? pnbllo not to uiit or tjor-o* tboa osayiooount, ulim not TMyonAble for U?Mr debt*. <urar ??tiw ?u Bit NTrlmv?l F0/. StfSrttSW J6SSU2SK*: SS 5H KiE Ii|^*RVvk*Ki9k,iKF^ L^MM FOE BMCE^WjkMD ?L'TLM? J h*v? now on bn/wMuu, Lnnpc, Barings tad ?v?ry tiunf *Im Mitnble for oirrtin or wngon ork. RoB^T H. GRAHAM. OmkiMir l-k 1 m? u. -? * * OI Mi kiftd* promytiy Vlirded I V fc?a?a?^?tm??^ AtJOTION 8ALFF. By 6Eft 4 WILUAM9. Aa<?ioaa?>ra. DAWNBKOKEKt BALE-I6AAC BFKZ * inc'i 6|i<i Wiini r*?u Ptfarta U?MKiriBNt rairfM<? ta fti |t.a aMHt *l?>n?iT*, eeyeoer ?pd oit*ct ?> *r?r og#r?l Ituion r*i? IB tfc?i BKy. oouirioi i? t&ihasasftfta S!!? G?M J v*l- I ^?w'!sK!.^wa!ra*? |h6?n C*&ev f*p*nor Do?th?aad simla But*! Bird aU Ota* CoivaJMil oOtAr o*'abr?ta<< ltro<v#-i Svortfa, Hide* PiriTi, ?aa CaUary, JOTgnvar Watohaa, ri?? Patect Ler^fir'aoitadLayiBaa. ?4 "ftw a MgM? ym awiini oum,ui ncn f MM Mo* oa. lnstramMtt, Oien ft lax*. fte . Ao., Tba *a*faat a*?ortinea? axd mott MNnor ?u>-t of fTaa^a Clothii K is t^aat ra'i*tj. ?Ter aotd UUl iorfaittl raJ?ja Wathinfton city. Rtmiuti and pi*cM of Ciotka, lm meri??, V*tinf, Ac . *o, Lad'-aa* *iHUi C'cKmr, Km* Caatoc Oapa u< other nlubit Sh&wia. Sat* of eo*t)y Part. Mifi. *0 , A T*rj Urge itutiir of ??f?nor Brddiof. Alto Feather Bada Msi' Mattree*ea, and Carp*t?. Toctber wrth m? y ether article* not cam* r%t+d. ISAA^ HKRZBFRG, Pawnbroker da?d QBtiKRi A WILMaMH, aaou. Br WALL k. BARNARD. Auctioneers Corner Pa iroiiu ? <* M itrtti. DLANRETS. MATTRt8-ES. ANO REDD PiiN, AT Avction.?OO TBI RSL'AY M0RNi*0. Deoember 5 k. at oar ?a?eroo?-. ee will eeli, b* order *f tre oonaicnee, a larr# Jot of H!*nk?ta M'ttreeeea. Ao ? and fair B anket*. aC Cn?forta. 10) Be4?te%<n. DmM* a?t Singie, Cottage, Jenny Lititi, Japaoeae, and ot .art, 100 Doable and MB|le Cotton top and Shock Mat 1 trraoea. I It (H??) WALt. ft PAR^ARH. Aatla. DJ mil,* B * K> A H p. AB"tlonc?f?. Cmrn*r Pa. mr<. and Itimtk nrret CQNTIMJATI' N OF f ARGE AND PERhMPTORV 3 ALE OF Li Elboast Amoitxm or Ltfiiu axe Gw Fcaa. fLSioB Rom ^ kc.. At Acctiob?On rRI AY MoRNlPO, eth of Oecamber, oinni?"ciin at 10 oVWrt, va will Mil by oat* o*oe, at oar Auction .arc* and aaje'h aaeortmeM rf adiea and |ent/em?n a For and Sleigh Hobea, Ac., *c ,ja?t received .treot from one cf the largest imp >rtera ?' d mutlaoture a on Broaivar. New tork. A!I n'nj expresa'y for the ereeent ifMM and of the IMeet atyiea. and Will b4 war aated free from moth, oom r aing? Larft AC ink. Hadacn Bar. and other 8?blea. Ct'Ciitii-CwM itimH.awi Iru, ? to tie Marts . M>nk. Fitoh. and Er -"iee. Rich Seta and Single P>e>e* Store Marten, Wate- M'nk Moantat" Ma'ten.Siho>r?ao Seairrel, Berman Fitoh, Silver Marten, aad Royal 5qairre| Beta, Fur. Feal, Beaver, and other Glove*. Otter Cap*. Beaver, aad other Muff-re. Alao, averj variety of L*di?e and children'* Fara, Fanoy Cv i age and Sleirh Ror>??, Lined aad L'a Uned Buffalo Kobea, Far ro*t*. ft o . *e. Aa the aa'e wtll witboat reeerve. tt offer* a nee ?? porte nit? for I adiee a d O^ot^m-n to sap p * ther?*?lree with lr?l-olwi Far*.add we intie lb* ladle* and the pnt..?e ff nera ly to tbe eai*. Termi oaah. _d?4 WALL ? BARNARD A ecu. By J. C. MoGUIRE A CO.. A^otic-e^rs. EXTFN8IVK 8ALK OF 300 000IMpoitiii aud I oxwr r Cioasi ???n t*AT!'RD^Y fcV&NING. Deeein *r 7te. oommencin* at I o'o.ook.we eba'l Mil at tbe Waenii>?t<s N?tioa?l Ciis-Moreof Mmiii Romai k. Ctasdlee, No. 467 K M'b stre**', h??<n Pa. a?e and Y itrM, opposite Willarde' dote),a well seleoted tOAlr of? SOOOOO IMPORTED AND DOMESTIC CIGARS of eboiee brands, all of whiob hiMbwinr'ct*; by Mr A Honon. of tbe above 1 m. a man < f the moat ?x'<>q4m expensnos in tbe cigar bust tea*. R*1?" Bidders who are not eati*fi*d vitb their ^urobaaae at the tme of delivery nead not reoeive de? J. C McGUIRr A CO., Aasta br j- c. moguirk a co., aaotioneera trustee's * ale of ho"fe and LOT 1 on n?kth k slulttwiix 4tr amd 6th ?t*' wmi ?on cATUKDaY aFTEKInOuN, J*?b ary 4th, 1k2. at 4 o'olock.on the pr? mne? by vtrteaof a deed of trnit to the fabanriber, dated d?o*mber 1-t, I860, an<1 daly r<eorded lu liber j a. b., n?. 303. (olio* 511, m i*< , one o* the latd r*eord? for Wa?h;niton eoarty, D C.. I aha laellya t of ix>t ran. (wed one, (1 ) in p*nire r.awitx red ire hand'ml and fifteen. beginting for the tame at tue mmmt e rner or aaid l?ot no. 1 and r?on &g thenoe eaet aixteen fret; thenoe north eerentt-one feet a even i oohea; theoee weetattt'ec feet; then e booth eerenty one feet eleven tnchea to tl>e place of beginning.together with the laoprotemacta, ooi stating of a three story bnok dwel'ing hon?e. terma: fmb oaah ; the remainder ia 6 nod 'i konthe, with interest, aeenred by a deed of tra?t on ?he premises. all ?on ?eyaocinr at the ooat of pcr?h%ser tho J, hsher,tm?tea. da 4 law ada j. c. mohqirE a co., aiote. by green a williams. auomoneers pxceli EST household and kitchel jbn ptrasitcab at arciio* ? on thurs day, the kth matant, we^ahalijaeil at 1? o'oiook a. m ,?( reawence r*o .??- on i wwitj B'? etreet the, between H and I etreet*. Firut Ward, an exoellent aaaortment of Furniture, vn? Fim r oMvood Velvet ?orered Parlor ?u te.oom pri-m*? French Sofa, 1 Arm C*?tor and 6 Parlor Chair*, IWa'Dit Marble top Center Tablee, | Ottoman p. Mahoriny Hair oloth t*ofa. Par or Cbai and Rocket*. Walant L tea ere, Whatnot and Rat Tree. Fine Damaat and White Window Ci taina and Fixtarea, Marble-1 p Ureteirc and other Bareaoa, Marbla-tr.p 9idebr*rd, S h ^r?- frame F. r. Mirrore.and Cher Lor Fine Mahogany aid Waloat Wardrobes, Bookoa?e?. and Sectf'arie*. Fine Mahogany French, Cottage and o'her Bedf(64dl Fine Mabo* any Lxtention, fining, aad other WM, China Oiaaa Crockery and Plated Ware, aad njvas:!&??. and Beddlpt, Bruee^*, three ply. 58d other Carpeta. Hafl Oil R*f?u-ra'tor, Cooking and other Htove*. And a large aaaortment of Kitchen Reaaia.tea. Tern a oa*h in w it? -* ai ra ent u'J o t ?1LI lAMD.lutt. Br WALL A BARNARD AnoUoriMrt. Comer 9tk Btrut mmd P*. ?m. f AROE ASSORTMENT OF Pl'PBRIOR li BomtRoLD t rimrrn it Atcrion ?Ob faiRSUAY MORNINS.the 6k instant Kit o'clock, we wills li at <>ar warerocm,tn ibe rear of ur Aaotion Room, where it kaa been ib storace siroe April last, the Fsrnitsre oia&rstc'assDwelling, oomrrisini? Suttee of Perlnr Faaiture, oonsistinf ef Sofas, Arm and Side Chairs, Ro?f*?si tad Mahogaay aad Marble-top Center TaNae* Mahogany and Extension Dining Tables and Damask aid t *e? Cortatns.CorBioe-.BDd Shades Mirrors and P otsys. o??e a soriralt of a d.stin fin*bed s'atesma aad snMier. V'lwt Bn??e?is. and t-? y Careaf, Otlelotk Maho?ary and V> a uut f reicb aid cth?r Bedstem's. oooa pied by Mr* lfoCasn Alto, p*rt of mm Lot. | fronting *t f*?t *Nt tide of ?b? etraat, idl rename back Iff feet d?t?, with the frame house t I Tw i Om bait of th? purchase woaoy is oask; the reetdne ia >8 months from <tay of etle. with la- I Uraet. AUooDv^arr^attteoMtol ?; *?< doM to f HOS.^>?nSxy^oTA?ot I the Circuit Court of the Dtstrioi of CoiBmma H I th? ooanty of WaftMi ^tot ax.c to nae diraotad- ' I aa? ia? s"?T?.fcy tbaflthday of ftwambor a?xt. 1M1 at lfo'eluok . wa<i>io?iai ftofTty, lo witi fil MMdaat I right, UUa. tuK.m au4 tateteu m aad to Lot N?- I rn, in t?*a*raNoMu iha oity of WaahiBtt"?- I D. C.. together with % . and mmiIm the P>?,ox# I monts tbereo?Leoi?*! and tariad aaoa tM I rtvof JaeoeOOK.inhe.aoO will beeokllowJ*- I f' Juo.ciaieNo.ffto Jaaaary tarv. Uff. if wor I John K ftawUll. W>KLD^r?. } ic H-U Lata U K Mari t P COa ^ I MMUlUM bJE vtTu ?ImS tTlU kM&Ql ,'i KSWETS i C.SS5WS1S?SJ?S I 5?"'"*fe5E<j*. I Mab ganj and Walnut Marble toy aid Plain B?rtHi Walnat and other Wardrobes and Louncas, Marb'e-tos and Plain WsshstsDdf mi 1 01 let Bets, Hnperior Kea her lied*. Boittars. and } i lows. Curled li&ir and Bba k Mattreeeea and other Beldin*. Mah i any Stacds, Presses.-Chamber Tables, Chairs, Crockery and Glassware. ^ ^ Cooking and other Stores, Firs Irons,and Kitohec I'tsosils delTd* WALI t BABNAKP, Jaefa By THOB. JK>WL1N6, Aaotioaeer ' 1 ' USrtUU i*ALE OK PROPERTY IN 1. Siomitow*.-1? Tirtaa of ? d*d of traat, W JokiO'Dnaofhu' Ud ?II? Ol til* ?-! oa? of Mar i?W. and reoo'ded ia L'her J. A. j ft.. No 2)W of tke laad recorda of W aab i nr ton i erutT, Diatriot of Co unba, ud at ta? re*a'at of Mia partiaa aecured U eret>y, I will offer at public aa'a.oo FRIflAY.tke Bth da? of Die m er. at ike hoar of 11 o'alock, the follow; li pieoe of property. aitaated ia Gwwetowri: TM ferat beiac part* of LojNo Raxll*. ia Bea'ty k. Haakira' arditioa, aitaated at tha i crtkwrat ooraar of Frederick , and Firat ata., froatinc 90 feet, mora or laaa. ca Pra^arick.A-dasfaat, * oaoriaaa, on F?r?t?tw?et. Taia lot will be a?id is two parta. each fronUac 31 ^ feet, mora or laaa.on Firat ttreet, and runnir.t baok to tha d??? of tlie let AUo, part afLot numbered 63* in aame addition, (routine * faet ?>b > the wf at aide o Freoeriek atreet and renal; * back 1M faat daea. witk tk? fran* k?. . ?

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