Newspaper of Evening Star, December 4, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 4, 1861 Page 4
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w |0p??linn I ? ?? II THE EVENING STAR ,* SEW* ITEMS. ID^FUe of tb? North Carolina regiments who Were enrolled for ?h<? ?rsr, have been disbanded ltd aorreodrd their atmf to the State Tt e Confederate Government y*ve them nelthe' pay. food nor c'to'-be?, and the R^elgh Standard tea** that ?he "o'1er regiment# will do llkewtae, nnItn their drmandi are promptly met " ^JT The te'"jfraph breaker* are still at work on t?Jr\> ?1 line, tbe wlrea ha via? been m; every boor on Wevineaday The company hatf a poMf of mounted men constantly et work repairing tbe break*. Tbe Harbor Grace line is uf poeed to b? utterly destroyed. jJ7*Tht Dublin Fretirao of the ?th of November rerort* that at a meeting of tobacco manufacture*. held that day, it w&a agreed to advance the 4?r1ee of manufactured tobiceo two pence per pctod from that date, In constqne*.ice of tbe ^reat riae in the prlc? of the leaf. ET" Six Rebel priaoners, captured near Guayudfttts by Col 55-igler'* Fifth Virginia Regineat, have arrived In Cincinnati Tbe cause of tbeir arrest waa alleged sympathy with the notorioot Jenkins, who recently made auch a cow rdly d earent upon Guayandotte. I CJTMra. Piebe H. Brown, the author of the hymn commencing "1 love to steal awhile a?m if M illcil Ait r V a 1 i l? K s\ f 0/> t t^Kar cat U aatu 111 ** ?a v uir u vii ?ur iv.u vi v* ?wwi < u w i* vvi j ? * ? j Bg*d 78. She baa left an enduring memorial in that tingle hymn. Ky" Laat week an order wu received at the Waiertown Araenal, from Washington, to rrefiart s'x hundred thousand Minnie bail cartrid^ea for Gen Butlera expedition W ithin six dav> the r? qui red number waa ready and sent forward ICy The Wilaon manufacturing company at Sew London are extensively engaged In tbemanc facta re of boarding plkea for the navy They fu rotated a large quantity for the great naval expedition. |pr The Vermont Legislature adjourned on Tbn aday i?at. after a M?iioa of six w??ka. The maaag* of the Insolvency bill waa defeated. A bill waa i>aasrd repealing the famous Personal Liberty bills of 1659. IC^Tbe total'i*t1?M> of Cook coun'v (which 1nrlitfl^? !Kta riiv #.f l"!La r*un i far tbf nrM^nf jm' 1j? o?rsonjl propeity. 85 3W.6IH, and real, S3 6<11 9-13. The Bggr*-g4te valuation la tometblog Uaa tnan last year. IfT Of the p ?tato crop in Canada, the Hamilton Spectator says, "we hear the moat discouraging accounts of the loss of the potato crop from aO the western counties.'' ID" The movement of produce at the West greatly exceeds that of any previous year, and since Jan. 1 the tide-water receipts are in advance of last ysar by 2.025920 barrels cf flour. fX^The propeller A razes, of the New York Central line, has made forty-one round trips acruss Lake Krie, between Toledo and Buffalo, a distance of 25 Ouu miles ia the aggregate. . ETA movement is on foot to raise a Scotch brigade in Illinois, and to give the command to Sir William Havelock. who has offered his services to the National Government. CTTbs shipping season on the Lakes Is now nearly closed The insurance companies take no mora risks the lakes, except a special rates. Inr* The Rev Dr. Haven, editor of /ion's Herald, has been elected to a seat in the Legislature of Massachusetts 117" The clfir-ns of Louisville. Ky.. are moving for the establishment of a chain'.er of commerce la that city. jJ^One thousand pumpkin pies were presented to the 75th regiment by the ladles of O^asco recently. Hj~ A line of telegraph la being gotup between Cape Girardeau and Joneibcro, Ills .for military UieS fT~T* The Galena and Chicago railroad have declared a dividend of five p*r cent, payable la Wew York on the latof January. C7" Of the thirty-two members who will compose the next isew York State Senate, only sli were in that body last year. D7- The amount of sUver now finding Its way to tan Francisco from Nevada is estimated by well Informed bankers at six millions per annum. tpr" Every commissioned officer of the 7th Iowa Volunteers was killed or wounded in the battle ef Belmont JO" The journeymen tailors of Cincinnati have truck for higher wa^es |T^ The Louisville Democrat says that Kentacky has new 'J6 UOO men in the Federal army ouu JOHNSON 3c NAl?LE. OoQ j5o\9 Ko. 3^4 PimsnM<iu Amti, between Ninth air. Teatc ?u . aoatt aids, nrrn ?or CHAMPAGNES?G. H Mamtn. Piper HeiJtick, Meet A Cfeaudon. Buiiia<er 4. Co., Cartier A Oo , Ac. CLAKE1S?Ft. Julien, St. Eatephe, Cantenac, Ac , by tb* o&ak or d sen. Ht?' ci \v INES? Doideshetmer, Johannettbwgw, Lwf'iO'f.uaioh, R ude*Keiai?r, Ac. BRANDY. Wiiaky. Gin. POrt, Scarry. Madeira, in *ooJ o" * i *s?. LONDON PORTER. Brown Ftout. Edinburgh aixl Yorkelure Ale*, of tlie beat brands, in bot Um of atone jut?. CJG ARS? Havana and DomeaUe, of the ohotoeat bra&ia. Weoaii theeyMia' attention of Sutlers,Reatauraata ao>l u, our tarae acd weii-8e:vote<J HI\>OK OF KINK GROCERIES, Frean Meat. Ptm.irr. Fifh. !~o*c?. Vegetables and Fruits in D?r EDctlOAli J I & dd C&CB, PBK^EK VK!>, Jelliee. 4a , Almonds. Nnta. Raisin* ?-d tugs. OH)iB*JE,(Easternand Weatern Cutting); Ha.m. b*at ttoshen Bolter, the best Champagne ?'ider. WOUC KSTfcK IRb and Oystar Sauce,Pickles 01 ever j description. Pepper dUMtnd Tornate Cat?up, t>T the ga> on or <]os?n. Ail of wiiiob we offer at the lowest possible ?r.o?4 uul on reasonable term*. no? JOHNSON A NABLE. PHILADELPHIA PROVISION STORK, MT 119 r*!?!HTT.VA*IA. AriSTI, Urt4 and 20iA fU The uo4er?igned, having located himaeif as above, take* this method of informing the oiuzeus of the First Ward t?iat he nas ope^xi a first-o:ass Provision Store, conducted similar to those tor vhioh Philadelphia is famous Here can be loan" at a*l times a large and fresh l?PfIy of POULTRY, OAMR. ,'KBF. MUTTON . Jto. > RL'I fS and VEGETABLES in sea*?farticji lar attention is nailed to his stock and noM ?f WL'l TKR, CHEESE.*0. Puia>~e phia Print Batter. Goshen and Western Reserve. Being determined to give Tbi strictest attention to the wacts of his oanotnees, and to keep every article in his line of the beat * ua itr, and sell at the lowest market prioaa, he hopes to merit a share of Mbi 10 patronage. Famines will M waited npon daily Cor orders, if TouT' THOMAS R WILSON. NEW fAPKRHANOINO. WINDOW ANI> UFHO( ^TEEING K8TALI- HMKN 11 460 Ninth shut. The under- lined, formerly of the firm of FraokUn A H th ook dm ope.ed ?N?w *toro at 4*0 Niatti street one door ?outh of E it *t, on the a ' aid . wnere ue bu asmall oaoim ?t>ok ana woold be happy to reoe* ve the order* of the friend* and co*u>meri f tae aid firm. faruoular a'teatlun viti be paid to Paperhanglac and Uph?.?terj work m ail it* braco**. _no^3taw3?_ L J R'UHROCK. T OARKlAttES. A HK So been be r taring made additian* to hit fkctory, making it now oue of the lari^st^^RmB y Katricu wh"?re hi? faol:itie?MKWRf fcr m?,.utaotnnur Carriagks andTirttf LI6H t W4v?ON9 of all kinda cannot be asr p*e??f, *j.J t orn ma long experience in the buaitt?M, he flop** to gt?e general eatiefaotion. AjTkinda ot Camagee and Lag at Wagon* kept to"*' 4mm* ** rd#ri 'iCSSS iSSdS^ ?rv out. XnjmleW'j "loytts. *?T d II u ooraT ofFoTteenth nnd E ni. II N B O A 1 8 QMrftruMtir 0<MraTi Q^u, I D?I?, U, lMlJ Plii" in flr?nriC4Tiom Tor boll* of #011 B?cu i;>r the Weetern riTer* are on exhibition at oAoe, and at of&oee of Qaartermaetera at r ::<! f. Cincinnati. St. Loais and Alton. Boat! to be delivered at Cairo. Bids should be IM to Oiarter muter General of the United State# rmTt >t WMhin^MO, by lit Ai^'!?t, ayioot. )tJ> Hn?. e^n'l and WnarM^^aeti^SepM. JTHHEMEN'B INSURANCE COMPANY ? or WASHINGTON AND 8EOMKTOWN. OtfiM 9IM,N?. OB" G Mret* mm! LmmtUmrn mm fimmk t/ ""V BSmM?,"r' DiBBoronm. Jaasft' l Pr. O. w Da Via. u\ sijr FoiteiM. JAMIW ADAMS. Praaidant, AinUl n?,t?*cr?t?rT. wMo^ IlfHAMl* HAIR DYfc. '.?TOCOLOR BLACK U OR BROW ? .' -Omly 3i aaato a. bojuTfoe* boldTwotf^lv. *irt?,rtd vrauan tairUAc fa mmagod la few mooad* to j?t Moot or nrowm. Oj auag IJpMia's Lipoid UtuDi*. tit* beat mmd cViiiwt in tit world. pr?:u"iaf. tSm mva ei.t it 13 irT'Wii nili naiuraJ JCim Adz o/L'PM AMS Ha IRDVR ta w?rr?n?ad to o?;nt4jo Waofc ioif 4>< u ut^?ra aa*i fas ana dattfri S C. I' PH KM. 310' '.toaaouVatratt, *4 h and 0. CAlVkUT FUKjb. c^atiUt ytr*a? %??**?. W at.ft'ifMf GEORGETOWN ADVEBTMTS | \fA88BY. COLLINS * CO.?8 __ 1H PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT ALE. I We kave ]u?t rwnea a eneply o( the abort Aie, whica v* recommend to be or a very superior quality. Per^r.m wl?hine to purehaee. oy making immediate appiieaCioa, o*a b? fm-nithed. ARNY * SHiNN, po ? Georgetown. i Kb'.-foi , J 16 hM*. trims Porto Rioo SUGARS ir bWe. if\a Rye WHISKY. W> tbie. HERRING an<2 A LB WIVES. ?' bbfs, Cnuhoc M*d Rct>ne<i s I'OaRS, , K M?i Rio aad Java COFFEE. 19LrSi.fiow Briooui M()IjASvKB. Fer *a> > ? JOHN J. ROGUE. Hit i ??^? I OAS FITTING, &c. Awat T. DOVE *co. RE Nov presaroa tj titcatr an? rd?r? witJl w ueh tber mar be {* ?>?-?: in the PL?MI!iiN?, #A!* ?Hl gi'KAM FITTIN# UUSlNE.-?. iLf Store on tth sirfc*. a fa* dccra north of F* w&ere mr re fu?aJ a comalata aucunert Wi;H ^ NDBJ 1 KV?S otter ?AS, 81 EA M to* WATER Fl-STSPEfr. taTMr 1BNYDEK, PL AND f?.4S F/TTKK, Has removed to tba T VMftii and F ?M. Heia prepared to introduce "Va'cr and Gudioc the most fero:able terns, auu guarantiee ectira atla faction. Ha has on n&rci a lot of COOKING kni other STOVES, winoa be will aeii lefts than ooat, as lie w^.Si.ej to cet rid of Uiem. 12c !7 S? 6AS FIXTURES. T T K ! ? yf/ir< anil aim tiki 1 wir? 0 |C F11TUHKS of eatmlj New Patterns and $8Bi|n? anaFuush, r.;arior m stria to ^nyifci&g hereu .or# ffei d in thu market W e inrite oiUieni j?np-ai It U> ea!l aad ossimc? oar stock of tr&s ana Witrr Fix net, faeliDf oociident tlsM w? htrr, t!;? btat itnck in WajniLXion. All Work in the aborw Tin? sntrasted lo *?r ear# Will b? praxvty attend to. f-iVE.HS h Mo?HAN. ?>: >tf ar? o atTML I' \f FiOK OF 1NSFLC70F. AND 8EAL15* IJ OF MSTiiaa VVxshui?tch, July It, 111#, 1JTH 8 IS ilr.... h i <JI?h.S. M'? ??)'? to the f iflUe or m*m>o of tie Cor$e a won U, !?? , the urder- iar<> < fio-y prepared, "w sr*v?r refiiire.1 ia wrunc.and an ?i0 payment i>f t?e ft? of nay o?n?, ?o Jcip'ot. aamit;*. tost. yr?.te,?rd ascertain **? aeoarttiy of recietrcticc of say ta* m?Wr iii in tlue city." fcirery m??r, iffrard ;r.iorre3t,yrui be condemned aid another, ?*!?? av! rpar.ted a* true, will t* etmiM p aoe. jf ptr>Y?r| to t>? aoea-aie in lu mv??- piT,qf ? w* ? T3 Ji I jo ? ?uo%> aitftij, | ?cd wsm ir*t iu?o?suca for ??e. Ofto? No. *l0 Ssvnih street, (near Odd Fel. * ' Hail.) Oecu from S ft. sc., to ? ?. mCHAJTl.tJt; W. CUNNINGHAM, It W-tf 1 n?>*>o?or *nd *? !?" of ??? M?tftr?. DENTISTRY. J^EW AND IMPROVED INVENTION ARTIFICIAL CHEOPLAST1 BOPS TEETH. Without Mmtal Ptxta oa Claim. DR. 9. B S19E8MOND, 910 Broasiwv, yeic York?'ibi) i'tnn. y/tvima At? m??, (tiwx i2(4 anj i3XA j(j , Cailfl tha attention of the publia to tUe lol'owing advantages of bi? iicsroveO gTstei": g ii* a. 1. Tue Teeth of hio niftap'Xciure never oorode nor oh* ooior bT ftny^*1-*-0 ftotdi, bams thre? fourth? iUiifer thtr tin* other. a. No te*ik orr >ntB need bo eztivjte*), ae the ftrtifioia* or>e? car be inserted over thorn. >. The root? will ba ir.ft<!<? inoffensive. an never o ache. 4. No temporary t*?h ?re needed, as permanent one? nan be made irnn:*ii*te! j. theroby preserviajt the n?tur&i exp?ee%iou o! ?h- fv>e. whioh under the old ST item is freensatly d>shsa"NJ * Tii. l- I I - -- * '* * * v. i ii'? ?uri ns* uccn ra.'T wicc over lire years by irany of the Erst oheti>'?tB and of this OOUntTT. Dr.?. iiMR'io invented a vh>te unrt'struetive metal hliirg, with whio.1 the n >?t temh can be fi!!e-I withcat pain, nad oe:i bui!<I u? a jor feet, sound tootu or an* side roots, whioh *?iil ias? throngh liietime. The beat of rsferoaaes siven?to Dr V, Mott:Dr. Doremua, Professor ofCheniiEtry. N. V.; Hon. Judge \V ayue. of th* Supreme Court of Washington. aad th'jusatds of otflfrs Call and examine for yourself. no 8 m M TEETH. LOOMiS. M. u., iue inrentiy and patentee oftua MINERAL PLATE TKETh, nT wr. teeds personal 17 at hia ofioe ... iU;a o-'t QcySr J Many per*or.s nan wear these teeth whi^**'1 oaniiot wear " a, and aj perron oar. w-ar others who oaocot *?c*r thc/c. Persona caJiiij *t mj office can be aocomrao^ated with any style aiul price of Teeth they may desire; bat t6 those wno a-e and wish tne purest, o-eaaest, strongest, and perfect denture that art can crodaae, the MINERAL PLATE will i-e more fully warranted. Rooms in this estf?No. 138 Pa. avenneLtj?twe?a ??u uib iuui sis. a n,?DJ Area street, Phi ade! oo ll-tf 18 TO GIVK NOT1CK. Toat the rub* sorib^r hath obtand lrom 'he Orphan's Court or Washington C"ULty, in the D strict oi Columbia, letters '.? amen-ary on t?e personal ?> tate c f Ann Nish, lata of Washington county, d OAaieil A'i seraous havin; claims against the aid deceased aro hereby ?irn?l to exhibit the saw*, with thi vottrtKfri th?re?t, toihx ber, on or belore the fonru-en'.h day of November neit; they may otuerwse by law L?e excluded from all benefit of the said estate. Given iinder my hand th:s fourteenth u&r of November. idol. MICHAEL GKiFl ITH, no 16 l?w3f* tixeontor. THIS IS TO GIVF NOTICE. That the ?uoeeri(>er hath obtained from the Orphan's Court of Washington Coun<y, in the District ot Co urt b a, letteisof a<lmini?trat!on 01 the personal estate 01 ^ artha (a :as Pa'?e*) Hutching, late of Washington courty, deocaseA All persons bavin* claims agaiiat the >aid deceased are hereoy warned to exhibit the oaroe, with the vodchers ttereoi, to the sub* oab< r, on or )*efore the seoond day of Nov? inber next; they ma? otherwise by ;aw be exc nded from a 1 be iefit of the s.aid etia a. Oiren under my hand ?his 8 m?o>hJ day of November, 18C. OEO. W. HARK >ES>i*. no4-law3w* Ad.niniatratnx. QRPHANS' COURT. November 12.1*61. District of Ciltt -Tibia, Wnkmtton Coun'y. To?r?i In the case of O hades H Cratic, ad.ti.ni8trator of Joan L. Crown,deceased, the a: mitim rat?>r afore?ai l has with the approbation of the Or pii?n?' Court of Wa hinzton count* efore ai i, appointed SaT( ROAY, the seventh day of December naxt for the fii;a! s ?tiem?nt and ?Hstr.button of th i personal estateaf said deceased, of thea sets in ha'd. so far as tue same have Ojilejtoil and turne-l into money; whan auo where ail the cr'ed t ore anl heirs of said .:eo<?a8?l are notified to appear. (' nth? Orphans' Court cf Wath niton o<>utjtT aforesaid,I w th tiieir clai-r* pnpeiy vouche<tfcr they may otheiwue by i*w be exa uded from *11 benefit in said djoe^sed's es'ate. provided a copy of this order j_e published one* a w?ek for three vie 11 in me f-'euin* ttar previous to the aaid 7th OA* of 0 x ember next. True oopy?Teat: MOSES KELLY, no 13 law3w hegitter of VVill*. DR.GODFREY'S AVIlborKWILL CLRE iiuNOtKH(F.l id tlx day*. r?o chance of diet re^mrfd it ia &a Hdiliati specifio of aixlr-hve jea atan< leg >Xgi3?^, and will do', harm iiie m >Btde'icate ooii citation ltoo-tai * no mint a Fnoe si. Sotd by S. C. UFHAM.3I0 Clu?nut atreet, Philadelphia, unci io Washington by S. C. f-'oKD, corner lUh ??r?? end Pa a-* bo?6 eoly DK DUPONT'S HI'GAR-COATED FEMALE REGULATtNG PILLS Aft* Read the following unaoiicited enoomi ??f ? urna: m/F j "1 o&nnot oommend ?hem too highly." ^ t "They are the be?t 1-annate Pilia fxtant." "I ba*e u*ed thent with s-mp'e e ulceus." "Wrujd not be without them apon any oonaulerattoc." "They operate aaaedily and ttf *>tively." Pnoe $\ Kent bj niafi Sold br S C UPHAM, nn rk..n?* . uL i.j-i-i? T --- , mooi, ru unjoipp'?, ?ua 10 vv??n! in*ton by 8. C. FOKl), ooruer 11th street and Pa. wmg- no?-eol* Excclbioh HOTEL,. No aft* SiviitTB St . | Between I an4 K Strtett. Beat aooommo'.atione tor travelers ard boardera. 1 The l.ard?r and Bar alwaya supplied with the ohoio?at Viands and f^annra no U-lrnro* JOHN HAVZKIj. Proprietor J P. CARTER 2d St.. Pa. are. Was hin* ton. Pro Die Dkalbr* and CciimaiioM Mxbchant*. Al?rohaBdiR<* and Prodaoe reoeived on consignment and storage. no la eolm* JUST RECE!VEI>**> Bbls. t*:ra Family Floor, I 100 Bbia. Super Fiour, auoSacka Nov Buokwhe&t, 10 Bbls Koil Butter. For aale low by J P CARTER A CO., no 18-er2w* . 2d BtreM. Pa ave. THE SUBSCRIBERS be* leave to inform their patrooa and the atih.m ?> tn< emp'j supplied with ft interior ?t ok ol^tt FiT,l/ft?Kl WINTKR ?<?OtW. , Wk Tne? also respectful j in?tte attention of 43 their Annv end Navy customers, ftnd those mulrici outfit! id that lire, to their superior sualSwn'di, fceaalets. Phi.aider Straps Beits, Chapeaus, Hate, Cape, gashes. and Go'd Laes, oonstaatJy on ta?4, which are warranted m repre eoted, Whilst tendering thanks for t?e liberal patronage n J 'yed, they will en<l?a?or totorit ao?ntinaauoe. V. i. HKIBKRGt.ft * CO, (Buooeseors to^H. P. Lo?t n & Co ,) CITIZEN. MILITARY-UN AVAL TAILORS, 26'4 hennsTlT&iua Avenue. 00 18 warn . HPRKNCH * RICHSTK.1N AVK Just reoeivedafresn supply of Note PaMr, Colored Borders, ru.ed and plain, with Envelopes to fiatofc Aiso, Mm Paper of all kinds, with and without Mottoes; E ^elopee to matoh. Parses and Pooket B oti of every deeortpuon. 1 A large aeeortmeot of Stauot. - r?, ,New_ York Papers reoeived dan V: PsMFl frnrn I r?n. <xt?e WpggkcH ft ElgfMTKIII, ttu bit* . ?om?niiM Mrt 80is I rv.^ iw*> MxTTWim Trunk*, V* UMh?IJ>M (?!?, fat WhMk W? *r? row MJlBI "if*1 BUR JOHNSTON, ALVIHOll ' LOOK HOSPITAL, H? tkt MMt OtfUUm, Svttdm mmd mt$ Efttml Rtwudf im tkt World, FOR ALL pigKABEg OF IMPRUDENCE. LST NO FALSE DELICACY ?RKTMHT. AFFLY IMMEDIATELY. A CURE WARRANTED. OR NO CHARGE, IN PROM OyE TO TWO DAYB. *f ?*Back, Sliicirrti, ifieutci W tfc* Eidand BUddar ^Wiuan Dlaehargaa, lapottner. 6*0ir*l Dtbiliiy, Nar. ?anaa?, i)nptf?r, Lumi, Cotifnaiae f Idaaa, Low Sjir/.i, ?_;fiuuou of th* Ha?n. Timidity, PrtrabliDf', Dinwtu of 81 f at or liiddiuaaa, DIuih of Ik* Raad, Throat, Ncaa or Skin, Affactioua of tht, 8 tornten or bow?)??thf?? Tambla Diinrdtrt anatag Iron Balilary Habit* of Yoeth?th*a* Draadfal u.d D??:racti?a Praclk?? which rtudtr Mtrnifi impoaaibla, and d itray brJi Botod Mind. YOUNG MEN Capaenllj wbo ba?a b a tore* th* ?t'.'_'*? cf fiollv ry Tie*, tb-.t dr*a?fnl and dattrocU?a habit whloh am**!!? avaapa ta w 1 iimilt (ta'i thcoaanda of Voai f Mauof th* Boat ciakad ul?nt* and briiliaiit intallect, wbo might athtrwu* Ba?* Birinoad liatamug Saaataa with lh* ubtmdara of ?r w*ka4 to acatacy lb* lirttg ljr*, may esil vitfc 11 tonldanc* MARRIAGE. Mtlt I1D Piaioi"!, or Trarf M?a ewoWtnplatitig MtrtM<a, bf rig awara of physical vaakoata, *rg*ri? riakllity, damruitiaa, Ac., apaadil? carad. H* who oUctt t.imaaif SLdir '.h* ear* af Dr. J. may r*ligiaail; cm,id* in hia bnwr aa a gentleman and c*old*olly faly apori hi* *kl!l aa a phyaiciau. OFFICE No. 7 SOUTH FREDERICK 8T. I?fl bud tlda jro'.nir fro* Baltimore ttieef, a faw doart (rem the corntr. fail not to obttr?e otoi* and nVBbar. better* B?it be paid and contain s. ttair.p. VK JinysroNt ftiairbtr tl a>? Re yai Co:ni? ef Sar*tout, Lai.aeo, trtdit't froru oi.* of the racet eminent Coltegee in lb* Uoi.ed Mu<tee, and the fiiait part of yfcoae lift hat teen eper.t in lit tojp-.uli of London, Per<e, Philadelphia and (Invb4ii, ha* eatcted i?m ef wmimMm carta that war* |Ttr k""?n: many troubled with ringing In tha btad and tart ?hta *tlttp; great nerTooauttt, being alarmed at tallica eoacde, bathfilnett with frequent tlaeSir, i, atrtndtd ecctumee with titricftretut af oar.d, vara cured xniatdiately. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE Taai.g Men aoa outrt who have injurtd thtmteWat by a r-~-la whan alone?a babit frequently learnt a irum a?II coiupationt. or at tchorl, tha tfftcte af *!>iCR ire nifhtiy felt e'en ?!> ? uleep, an-l If oof rtndtrt marriage iropotiiMt, and datuuyt cotb mind aud Sc'r, should apply imwediattiy. Tnett art tumt of tha tsd and melancholy tfftett tredbctd by tarly fcabitt of rosth. tii s Wtaknett of tht Buck an(l Lira k?. Paint in the Head, Dirnnett of Sight, Loet of Mutca.&r Fnwer. Palpitation of tot Heart, Dytpepey, Ner?o?e irritability, Derangement of tha Digeetire Faoctioot, Oantral Debility, Syiuptoine of Conttunption, 4c. lllSTiLLV.?Tfce fearful effect* on the mind are much la tt dreaded?Loee of Memory, Confution of ldtat, Dtprtttien f Sciriu, Evil t'orebodinrt, A'tmoo of BocittT. Btlf-Dia treat", Lo?e of Solitude, Timidity, ?u., art lorne of Uia enle ptodaced. NihtoI'i Dbbilitt.?TboBaande cun new )sdje what it Us* c>?t of their declining health, loeinr their vigor, be com lr.g weak, pale, nervoce and emacieted, baring a lingular appearance *bo?t the eyee, coejh or eymptome of cooiimpDISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. Whan tha raiagmdad and unprcdent *otary of pleieare tnde ha h.i iid' u ? J u>a aeeda of thia palatal dueaee, it to* often b j pena :h%t ar. U1-tiT.?d ainae of ahvm or dread of dieeerery detara him f'orc applying to tboaa who, from tdnciuoo and r?ir>??t&biiity, can alone befriend him. Re ftlle iota the of ignorant and deaigniog pretendera, who, incapable a: esriur, tleh bie peccniary eabetance, keep him trilling nunth Mtar month, or aa long ae t/ia emalleet fee can be obU ned.acd in deepair leave him * Itt rained health to eigb ar ote galling dnif fointment; or by the uae of that deadly pciton?alarcnry?huaten the conetifutiooal eymBton>e of thia tambla diaa&ae, each i-.? of the Hcait. Throat, Head, kin, * : , r>rojraa?!n( frigbtfei rapidity, till death pate a arlftd to hie CreftdW aSortnfi by aruding hirst that aniCATtrn.! fp?m ?KM? W???"? >? ?? !? DR. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND IMPOTENCY. ly ihu rr??t and in>p?rt?nl rtmidy wi&kLtit ?f lb* trfaot itt cpxJiij _at?i ua ??!! <i^*r Tl-?a?'ui<U ? lh? smi r,?rr?i? *n4 dtbUiUMd, vh* kid iMt *11 ??, a?t? ?< > iiaundiMiiy r?li#T?cj. All tcju ? Mirri-fi, ? MtnUl IM?q??lb**> ef Ptwti, Ntniu Im'tki.iij. T??n>k!iaf Al Wt*kn?ti ?r Kiki?*t>?9 ?f U? ftitre] k:sd cf jilj cwrec! ENDORSEMENT OF \HE PRESS. Xm 5Udr T*oL?Affr>? cuiii ?w Uiit tottiiatira within U? la?i MTinUl:i end th* nimircu imperuot SirriMl tymutL* p?rf*rrt?d or Dr. J?fcn?iet>, wiUitMtd by til rM?tn?r? ?t th? pnf?r? *na many ?Ui*r p?r?or?, nMicti *1 k - ypiertd ifrio And k* eit the pablie, bI In: bi? iwadmf ? & g.ntltiiuxi *i cfcir.?e;?r *nd rttpantiit a t<4 f*eren?? la tha el::ui mit 15-1? LEA Ac PERKINS* CELK3B&TED Worcestershire Sauce. Pronounced by EXTRACT CONNOISSEURS pi of a Lettor a to be t>,e Jf S Medical (fen ltman Jm V. at Madras " ONLY GOOD ToHuBro^r SAUCfc." n Wo rooster. and applicable to Tell !.Y* EVERY ThKiV'eiU^acJ "tl:-- m India, end i?, m VAK1K TY mjopinion,th?most - ?m paat:t>'e, as weilas (j|? T,; _ n ffc* ran?t WlKiltlOltH __ Sauce liiatr* madf." The above SAUCE is n"t onli the b**t tnd moil roruLA*conDiMi!?T known, but the most Economical, as a lew drop# :n Soup, draw, or with Fisk, hot and oo!d Joint!, Beef Steak, Gam*. #e.. imparl an exquisite ze?t, whioli unprincipled Sauoe manufacturer* have in vain endeavored to imitate. On the Breakfast, Lunrkeon, lHnner, or Supr** Tnhl,, a cruet conta'niu* " LEA A FERRINS' WORCKBTERSHIRE SATCK" u indispensable. To sppreoiat* the excellent fuaHtut of this delirious preparation it is only neoessary to parchase a bit.til bott.e of the tenuint, or a respectable grooer or Hea er, a? many Hotel au4 kestaurant pro prietors ?e dom place the Pur* Pauoe before their guests, but snhstitutea genuine Bottle filled with a mixture. For sale by Grocers and Fruiterers everywhere. JOHN DUNCAN A SONS, Union Square and, 14(A street, Ntto York, Sole Wholesale Agents for the United States. a .i_ ? A U?VVA Oi w?ji in ?iore.?Alia orders received for direct shipments from Knr la- d. Bettart qf Co*ni4rftiis and Imitation*.-/~fl sep3-lj.eo #C*'? Ctr%?*. C ol6, 7?^K?nta, ??y Irrxtaixon or SortIM55 of tk* Threat, h*ti*%* tk* if<k b?? Covtk m? ConflMWSum. Brcmchitit, Aikmm, t Cat**rh, r<?ar >M<i itm nrtHKtk to tk* vote* of PUBLIC SPEAKERS ajid BIN6ER8. Few are aware of Lie import*.see of oheotinc a CoJth or "Coninu.n Coid" in it? 6r?t tate.that which In the b^smir* would yield to a mild remedy, if ntfj'eoteL aocRauaclcsthe Lunts. "Broi*n'I Brontktal 7Voc*?j," coti'.Atni-ui demulcent mcredi?r.u, allay Pumiouary and Bronchial Irritation. I " That trouble in Throat, (foi BROWN'81 whioh the area a^iifin hariDt made ofUv k n>w? whiaTROOHE8 jerer.n N. P. WILLIS. nioWN'<* ** i reoomttertd th?r nee to Pw?li? okuwpi 3pBAUB>/. TROCP-Esj HKV. K. H. UHAPIN. "tfrnat i?rnpf inrabdaiug Uoarji HROW.VB !?Ms." REV. DANIEL WlkJE. fRnrNkD "Almost mstact re'ipfinths di? treMin .Abor of breathiQc r?cali?i BROWN'S toA*B,KV, A. 0. E66LE9TON. *ROCHES " Cen!?m 110 Opium or *nythin? injan.-w." DR. A. A HAVK8, BROWN'S CVUwiiJi, iSoitott. " A and P"/?_suit oouibic* TROUXES tI#a f0r Ooe#m, &o."

CROWN 8 DM.i.f.BM BLOW^ e.oca? H*OWX B M i h*ve proved fXMllent foi MOCBKS W.~,WAEBEB> StOWN ? "Benrfoifci whan omjelled U moons JJs?SfStt.'i'.r3H*,wA<!fl?? uv*a MUU * ' a IWMUU VI MiO A UI unit < BROWN'S 'onioion iruii Sriitui and Sim .HOC.*. r..e?O^OHN?ON,4 siowk'h VROCRES " 9 real benefit whtn U*en before iu'. tiler preaching, m they reTSDl BROWN'S Hovwdm. ^rcm theu hi! effect, 1 tluok the? wiii be oI jerauent fcltROCHKB fUtut t<ime. rkv. IS. rowley, A.M. BROWN'S Preeidett of Atliona Colie?<\Tea?. T.OC.K |FFWM^r5i?2S"4a Wf agmm tophamb mxz& premium trunk QHS manufactory, 99 Sitsnih Strut, Washimt*n, D. C. Silver Ma^. r.wde^by a^rri?iuljartinit? MiiiiitviPt nyToicpfr 7# I89D. 41* lajtitllte' I an oonatoDtlT maklnx.aDd itwji ha*? W4, oT(be 1*h\ material, wvwrr deecrlpfaori ?] Woo Box. and 0r^3,!S.Wa&At Lew Prxstt. Meabers of ConirMsand traveler* wi'l please iumiM my stocx before purohasici olievherc | Trucks that are made in other eitiee. Superior Leather and Dree* Tmnhe made te j ?rder. Trunk* ooT#>r*l and retired at short notioe GooJa delivered free of oharce to ajijtyart of the i lit* *orgettnrn, and Alexandria. I owkw a.Tt)PmM? OMB-MA.DK MOUjjp AND bUUKtt, I ?| ? f "They fO right to tlie 8p?t.? INSTANT RELIEF STOP I OUR GOVtH ] PURIFY YOUR BREATH t*TRHN?THBN YOUR VOICE SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS, A.X.I GOOD FOR CLERGYMEN, GOOD FOR LECTURERS, GOOD FOR PUBLIC SPEAKERS, GOOD FOR SINGERS, GOOD FOR CONSUMPTITES. OKNTM4MKN GARRY SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. LADIES ARK DELIGHTED WITH SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. CHILDREN CRY FOR SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. Tb*y relieve % Cough . __ Vuej olear the Throat. They give strength and Toluoie to Um voloa. They impart a delioioua aroma to the breath. They are delightful to the taate. They are made of simple herbe and oannot harm any one. I advia* every one who haa a* Cough or a Huaky Voioe, or a Bad Breath, or any difficulty of the Throat, to set a paokage of my Threat Confeo tiona. They will relieve you inatantly, and you wilt agree with me that * U.eT ao rirht to the apot.' You will find them very uaefui a:.d pleasant while traveling or attending publto meetings, for still in t your Cough or allayinr your thirat. If you try one paokage I am safe in saying that yoi will ever af terwarda consider them lndiepeneible. You will find them at the Druggists and Oealera is Medioi? PRICE TWENTY-FIVE CENTS. Air signature ii oa ?&Ou paokaie, All others are counterfeit. A Pack are will be eent by mall, prepaid, on re oeipt of Thirty Cent*. AddrMr. HKNRV V SPALDING, No. 4? CEOAR STREET, NEW YORK. M A Ml IA MM 1Ia? A *IU /?> iieivuuaneauauie & *Headaclie. fly ?fc* im el Uew rilia tta ittuii .Yirt'jw ?r SitJt h**s**K* may t>? prevented; ard i tateu tl the ooi&meaoesieiit et fc. ittMk iinn? dlate relief from jam and lioknMS vffl be obUis?4. ! ?* celdom fall in remofiat tii Xeutt* aad Hvw'tU to wlu.-.k f<ns?iee am to nbjttt. Tdij art fe&tiy iMn tkeb'ewela,?rfwrvcf fti riVKMI. r i+ u? o- ??-- ? ' irrwtfts F.mmmimm, JVsr/siA, Fe. Cephftlio i'uls ?;ocrn?iLsh the object for vslftk they wert mjkds, rj: Ctr? of h?UMh? lo fth lb forms, trim lis IsMisur, Utrftik, fs. They ht.T? beec Mated in mers thas a UeuaM mm, vita entire saooest. Am* lis Dtmmrmt, SU OlmUL Mm, Xros are, or h?T* been troubled v ith tks head e. send for ft box,( Fills so Uxt ye* 1 difty bftve tLeru in oftse of ftz^tUok. Am tfts Wsstsm JL, K. 6u?tn, Ckiss#*, /U, We heartily endorae Mr.ttyftidiBf.ftrt kla U1 mral!ed Oyaftuo Pills. Prtm tk* Stulktm ??U Jfm Otlt&u, L?. Try them ! too tiiftt are afflicted, and'irs ftrs ssrs that your testimony can be ftdd<?a ta ?hs ftlr?4) nnmAPAH? li?* ? i ?? v?_ ? . ' ? ma inwinu WBI1B llti - * otter medicine oau prodaoe. A?m tkt 9uiH(, HuMfrri, imp*. Mr. Hmlduic onld not oooneet Lla U)M Witk kD artlole ho aid not know to >o?wi rati ktril jPVmh tii Adfttrtittr, yrwWwM, A. J. The Otihalio PUla are eaio to i>e a rtnarfrabl} effective lemed? for the h?adaehe,and eoeefUt very beat for that very fre?een? eamplaict *vt) u? ever been diaoavered. ?m (4? Si. L*wU ?he immense demand for (he article ( Pills) le increaainc. JYm? tk* ??mU Tmiiry Simr, feast***, To, We are nre that r*teona aiferbu with the ku4 aaiie, who try them, will attek u th*a. JVm I*? i^Kiir, JL /, tMdavn mi ??e?r far*r ta tr*?r,?rea th? oat rea?ectab!e ?tarter*. ?> ? tli ? ? ? rwi Hi 7W , OHMMilt WUV1V9 r?UUllf? and ill persons of **d*ntmry kmiitt, Iher are t*Icabie & a L*x*ti*i .ImproTlnr in* yrmtitt, iirlni tent and ?{' t? '? digest! re crimi, and re tenet the utui> iiMlioH; and sV*m th th* 1 whole T?tern. ! The CEPHALIC PILLS r re tte renlt of long investigation *ud ctrtfaliy oondaeted experiments, having t>een in one ma?y ye*r*. dinac which time they have prevented and relieved a vaet amoant of pain and suffering rem Headwfte, whether originating in the ntmout system or from a deranged state of the ttnm*kA. They are entirely vegetable in tkeir eomposition. and may be taken at ail timee with perfect safety withont making any ohange of diet, mmd tkt $?nt$ of My du*trtfbl* l?K< riwiiri U Hit I# Ummuiit iU?i to thiidrm. HE WARE OF COUNTERFEITS ! The genome have eignatnree of He&r? C Spa.dire on each Box. Bold trr l>rx* gicta and all etker Dial on in Mtdl elnea. A Hex will be cent by mall prepaid en Ike FFIOE. 8ft CENTO. AJ'. tntn tkaxid be xddreeeed to * HENRY C. SPALDIF18, 48 CXB 1.X tfnilT. N*w Voxx. I Ofhiiio l'ilia are takinx the pia*e of all kuUs. tVcm tit Commtreiti Bull*tin, Potto*, Nmi Said to be verr effio*ciom for the headaene. From tkt OmwutmI, OincwmmH, Okie, gnflerinf humanity o&c now be relieved. ITT* A unite bottle of Spalding's Prepared Glue Will BAvetan tinuu it. ??? mmm wd? wuumiji SPALDING'S PREPARED OLUEt SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SAVE THE PIECES! ECONOMY! DISPATCH c^-a stitcii in Tim batm nih*."^h As ao?wlMiti will hippon. ?T?n |? well re??l&te? femitiM, it U *?ry de?r?ble lo h?v? mm diaaa w*t for raptirtaf Fuiutve, Toys SPALDING'S PREPARMn nrnn, moett all neb emertenoiM, and do household oa lord to N? without It. It ? ilnn ready, and to ti?? atleking point H USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE.** N. B.-A Brnah aooompaaiaa each Bottta. Pna If aanta. iddiw HENEY C. SPALD1N8, Mo. iSCadaratraelNav Yarfe CAUTION. I ?"?to u?miS~ C* I I t&o fo i umij? ? * 11 ? TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY. NORTHERN OENRAL RAILWAY. ru Skcrttfl. QmicJust mmd Bit Rtmufrcni WOTT. NOHTS^IICI^NORTHWEST. WINTER STXIDULM Ciisoior ftxt. On ud after 9lTN0A?,Mth Nortnbw, Pmnbmmr Trains will Rrrtn And fl#urt frn* (a:r?rt Station aa fol'owa i Tk*lNi Noktb Lkavs Bait at 8 90s. m. cfTalo Expreea 8 p. in. Park ton Aoermmodatinn 4 f. m Pitubarg and Fa-rubnr* fc xpreea 8 V p. m. Tkaixs SorTH AKaiv Earkton AcoommodaUon atUn uSa'o Expresc 8 2u a. m. Pitubarg and Harntburg Eiym* ip. m. Mail 6 T f. ra. The 6 *. m train from Waahinxtoa eon nee > with the 8 20 a ra. tram from Baltimore for the Wrat and for Buffalo, Elmira Rochester, Dun kjrk, Catadaigaa ami Niagara Fai a.aud for New York city. The 21 a. m. train from Waahingtoa oonneets with the 3 a. m train frrm Beltimoie to Wni, North a d Northwaetaad tlwiiraaod Buffalo and Rochester. The 6 p. tn. train frcm Washington oocneou with the 6IV) p. ra. t am liora Bwtimore for Putaborg HarrmLurg aid the NY*?t aoo la adireot ooaaeotiont'or Lek*ron. Faaton Al.ectown and N*w York via Cehtral Railroad of New Jeraey. Try thia roule for New York l?^The only tr?m leavinf Balbmareon S?d4&t : tni J> m tram, for Haruburf, i'ltubars. Cm oigoaad the Wett. i h? only tram arriving io fiaitimora on Ptiod&y ia th 8 2Ua. m. tr&itt. J AS.CI.aKKK, _coj|6 1r Superintendent. pA^ifr.K?ER TRJ^IN^ TO AND FROM WJJPtek S^H?E'ULS. Bi'KCI On *m<1 rfur Monday, NoTenbtr II, ust, Pu tenser Tjvu* between WASHINGTON and BALTIMORE will ran ae follows: trains Moriye north. Morning Kxprp*? i?a>e V\ aehlngton ,H> a. M. Arrive at Batimore 7 u a. v.; Philadelphia U *> r.M ; >ew York $ r. harruonrg l.lir. m. i-lcrnmg Aocunui.oo&bon leave Wid. nitoe 7.40 a k. Arrive at Baltimore9jo a. m. No ooaneotioca at Baltimore. IHvw York Maii Train?leave Washington at 11 a. x.; arrive at Baltimore 1140 p. * ; Ahiladelphia kZlr. x.; New York 10 p. x. Afternoon Aooommodauon?leave Washington L(fiM> Arrive at Baltimore4 M p. x^ Harrubarg ?j0a. x^ Philadelphia 10.00 p.x. Kve^int Exp-eee?leave Washington t P. x. Arrive *i Baltimore tflf. x.; Philadelphia 1OJ0 r. v.; Ne-jr York 4 a. x.; Harriet art i a. *. Tkj/AS MctTine B&VTIL Leave Nev York r-t 7 a. P'jMcWfk.* 11 JO a. M ;BallitLcrel 50 p. M. Arrive i r\V aauiagton MO ? K* '^ re New York at ?>. Mm PkUMftffctt 1? J* P. x ; Baltimorecao a. x. Arrive at Waahington *"?Icare Nev York at 1' p. Philadelphia ?Jt a., m ; Baltimore7.15 a.m. Arrive at Waahingtt n ?? a.x. Accommodation Trjuna leave Baltimore at *. x..and*p.m .fur Waahirjton, arrive there at 11 a. m. and 7 p. m. Passenger Trains leaving Washington at 7.40 a. x. and S^i p. at., and Baltimore at?J* a. M and SjM p. u , make direct connection* for Aunapolia at the Jo notion. Train* leave Annapolis for Baltimore and W?sh incton at fc-50 a. x. and 3 40 p. x> Paespnger Trains leaviug Washington at 6.10 i, m., 11 i x a*'d 6 p. x.. and Ba'timore at *J0 and 7a) a. x..and SV p. will ?? only at Annapolij J mutton awf (ttrlav) Junction ??i Awirji|sii Hi usi iue mo jtccmflMWlM Trainr o*'v Trams will leave Washington and Baltimore promptiv *fcn card time. W. P. SMITH, Master of Transportation, Bait. J. T ENGLAND, Agent, Camden Station. Baltimore. G. F. blLHEH i', Agsnt at waeh.ngton. no > fMt STEAM WEEKLY BKTWEEN NEW YOKa AND LIVERPOOL, Landing and embarking passengers at Queenstown, Ireland. The Liverpool, New York and Philadelphia Steamship Company lnfnd dispatohinc th?ir fHU powered Clyd?-built iron ?team*hips as fonbwi: GLASGOW Saturday, August 3d. CITY OF BALTIMORE. - M loth. Kangaroo. - isth. Aud ever} Saturday, at noon, from Pier 44, North nver. liTii or rmui. First Cabin _#T5 Do. to I .on/ton tTi K. tomans 86 to Hamburg ? Steerage #30 Do. to London 34 lk>. to ^a-is .. 38 Do. to Humburg, af Passengers forwarded to Havre. Bremen, Rot I kviuwnif aukwciau y ai roaaooa (DfOUCR IftrN. i Person* vuhni to brine *> * their mend* oan buf ticket! at iow rate*. I Hor farther information apply at the Captain* OfBoe. JOHN G. DaL-, Ajett, If Broadway. N. Y., Or to Q. A. HERRING, Adam* Expre** Balti| more. _ NORTHERN CENTRAL RAILWAY. sX'PERlNTENDENT'S OFP1CE.I Caxvkht Station, Batimore. May It, IM,. ( On and after Sunday, May 18th, 1961, Train* on the NORTHERN CENTRAL RAILWAY ar rtve and depart as followa. nnul fnrtaer noUoa. i TRAINS NORTH. SAIL atSW A.M. ? ARRn^UR69?AdcdMM0DAT10N at P. ! M The I.UA. M. train oonneot* at Relay Hoaaa with train* on the Weetern Maryland Railroad; at lianorer Junction with Hanover and Qettabnrg Railroad*; at York with York and WrigtiUrule Railroad; at Harrttbargvuh PenneylvaLi* Railroad for all paru of the Weat. aieo with Lebannoc Valley Railroad to Yorkdir*et; at Northnm Nerland with L and B. Railroad for Rin*?toc and | all part* of Wyooming Valley .and at^anharrwith the Philadelphia and Ene Railroad lor allparU I Northern Pennaylvania and New York. Tae 3 JO P. M tram uakee all tne aL>cre aounaotion* ITAAnt H>nn? -< _ Rai'road and the Lebannon Rai.road. Tr.08 P. M train mate* oor racoon* with Peon ylTania Railroad for all parta at the Weet, and direct oonneota for New York. trains arritm. Mai! at 8 in p M.; Kxprex at 7.46 A. M* Ram?berg Accommodation at 2.43 P. M. For Ttoketa and information inquire at the Ticket Offioe, Calvert Station. Bait more, J. C. CLA B K. PHILAHELPHIA, WILtfl Hn|BE MINGTOM AND BALT1MORK RAILROAD. SPUING AND SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. Ou and alter 7UKSDAY Way Utn, Pmiwhw T'libe lor Pfcuade phia will leave President street Depotdaily (except Sundaya>aa follows, vn. xp-rea Trein at 6 15 A.M. War Mail Train at M6 A. M.; Evening Mail at 446 o'oiook. On 8UJ^DAYSat 4 46 P. M. only. Al! train a oonneet with New Y01K traina exoept 4A6 P. M. train on Saturdays. A Freight Train with passenger oar attachec1 leaves at 5 P. M , atopping at allBtabona between Baltimore and Havre de-6rso*. Paseengera for Delaware ai d the Kaetern fhore of Maryland wilt find the moet expeditious route by way of W 'lmington. Ir^All Pnlnr^ ' > * ' " - ? , uiubi |it? rona Deiort entering the oars. WM CRAWFORD. Ag?C YORK AND ERIE RAIL ROAD. ? Pumiir Traiu leaf# rla Paronia Ferry and Long Doc k, from foot of Chamber* street. New York, a* fol.owi, ti? : . , TOO a. m , EX^K >-:<3.for Dunkirk, and Buffalo, and prmo>pal iater?e"iate Stations. 8.00 v m, MAIL, for Dunkira, and intermediate Stations?Tkis Train remains over night at Kimira, vTbu-riu,. ^ to?,. "fl.ooa ^ACCOMMODATION. daily. Cor Port i*m?. flNi>i f 4? s. m? WAV, for MiddiStowu, Newbargh, 1*1,, D... ffitehttsztsrsiff ffiwii Stations, and runs onlj to fclmirfc 00 p.m.. ACCOMMODATION Jor Hornesrille, and prifccipa. Stations. wATHANm. ?a3/&Bg2^y' Coinmenoini &oodaj. Mar trtk, 1M1. For Abany?ll^o a. m. nut axyraaa train froa for Dow Plain#?4^? y. in. stoyyiu at Whlta I'.nns and stations north U> Dortnr ylain#?from Htb itmt stauoc. (This train wiD ran to Miliarias ararr Batarday *fFof6r'oton Fail#??:li a. m. stoyyinc at all station# north of Forrtham from tttn straw station. For Wrlut# Piains??9i, 4:10 and fcOO a. m. stop ytac at all stations from Sth straat stattoa. For Whlta Plains??s<t y. m. stoypiuf at all staquus from Whlta straat station. For Williams Bridf-7JD, llili a. m. aad MS y, m. stoysinc at allst&tions from trtk strsat stattoa. Aibaay-440 a?mf%ftaf aiyrsutnia ( Uo??r p aiofr-ag^a. a^lTkis tram taavas Mil White P;#;im-*ta!V<? a. m. 4.-M A ?? a. m. W i hams B ridca-^fc?), M i. m.A hoo^'a. Hijjh Brldy# evarj^few rolr-ntaa. frow #n? ? ? * r. /?mn 0UKCH1LU AHI Sapt*" mSS&ZS w.^ti P ot| triln 6, ft. Jb a. m., lad I J* f. ML Paitoiaf'tV2n.4i?f m 4ttp m. slot Sir,i i^mic^TOam. 8.i5 %. m., ui iM Mi *^Wi*K---. I: (BeooMl Ct?? 'no*et.) At* P M., naCaraaen u< Jvnn Ctty.tKvv&ut V. M., mOtndwted Jctmt CHy.fBottt *^*&SgjB2m?lBi fcteSKf: ? YLel P.^M Tr*:r riu felly. Tte 11* P. ILMli}. For He TidweTKajtoa, Lunbwrmile,, reirntt tos.Ac .*17.19 A. M?*ao ?* P M,lroat?i tor barr?,Mot)tro??, Or??t Bontf. 4o? H1JPA. M.. froni kextullMU ru D*l*wtr?, L*oA?v*iu?a mm / For M&neh ChoRk, i^ki?o*? asd BetlbhfmAt 1,10 A. M7?ndflt?. M.. frcm A#o?lriU>t dewofc Ins 7.10 A. M. 11-e oonuecti wilt th# L-t r >a*rl?? ?? ?? a???wmmm kit A.. M ,> n? Mi Aabor. (0 Nxl a. AMA ux JRMT Oltr.(N.?. Ac- idbk4*Oo?.) AIe* W'' ?*ICC5*:: ** ?**? ' Mofr am*434 Clt,! At ltXr/MrrCoTmiee sod Amber.(A< eoeme *fmL is Ctaim toi Aaeboy, (C and A. At't^Vll^ rte teeelerton mm! J?r?9yCit?. At K*iSrlenHaf1oc Mi J*r?y Clt?. "wrcftaca!.. tadlA. M. udl am! ?* F'A' FrMfcoidAtlA. M UilP. M. _ %? *$?%?' a P.-tf'iS For P?ltD*r? tirertcc, TVauoo, Beverly. Beeilofton, Flprvnneoo, Boroertow:, ??., at 12j*. I, 1,7* and J P. M. BUamvr Trenton for oreer town, aod it term* dial* placet, at tit P. M. froa Wainut atrrei :st? Por New York and War Llp"f. loavtoj KenainjrVc Depot take tbe oar* oe Fifth et'eet above Wal int, half an hocr hofore depa'tare Tbe f aara ran tnt a tie depot, and oc arnra! of traia rc n from tbe fle,?ot. Kilty pounds of bartare only allowed toeaoh paaaetter. Paaaencara are prohibited from tafcint anything aa ba?tac" but their wearing app*r* All laccace over fiAy pounds to be paid for extra. The oompeny liaiit their responsibility f r >! ?!? to on* doi ar ?er poand.and will not be liable fur any anion ut bevoud one bund red dcllara, exoept Ky apecia. oouract. _ wh. h.6at2mkp,af?n>*-^^^_-grlat central rol'tk m>* SHHIKthe webt, ? Hcnsor* nr ywitd HAILKOAU JVJTIT SKNTHAL hAJLKOAp. Fx^Mi Train. I# ? fw York otty depota of Budaon River Ru road daily. Sunday a excepted, a a toltowa: From Ckaribera street Frrm Slat at atatior. t 7.00 a b: At 7 25 a ?r H no M ?.00 pm 11 J? - i?pn\ s an p ib tsi r m Mcctrtal and Buffalo Train with aieeptnt Sra, 9J6 em. 1 <5 p n> nneetiDc at Albany with the N?w Yolr Cet tral Railroad lor Sohanectady. Rocbwter.ytioa Batav-*. Rome, and nations on Rome aid \V*tr* town n %ilr> art. Syraouee. ftiacara Falta, Suapenaun Bridge. Auburn. Genera.Cat at daif ita Traiaa in oonnection leave Buffa'o and c ion via LAke ifborp. Buffalo and ake Huron and Great Western Rai.road. for Hamilton. 1 ororte, petrolt Chicago. Toledo,Milvaukie. Fon Du Lac. KvrunC| ,nwia< d rnins ith tmeni '?* 'M. nieith, Dubuque, Peoria, Rook Island. Muscatine, Iowa City, Bamngton, y?ntT, CKinftei^, Alton. ??t. Louis. Cairo, Torre Baete. lndianaeon, Louisville,Cincinnati, l a?ton, Colun bos, Cleveland, atii all poiiita West, Northweet and ttouta ml NORTHCRNROUTK. _ Connecting with Trains at Itot.viU Tmr * Boston and Reus. A Saratoga Roads for Saratoga. Whitehall, Rutiand, Burlington, ht. A ibans, Roe -e Point, Platteburgh,, Montreal, 4c., *Yr Freight Arrangements by thie route ae I above, without change of Cats, trom the Depots 13 Chambers and Canal streeto. are at ail tines at favora'jie as ?e<ie by oth?r Railroad i?? The facilities of this great New York R< ?t*, *0 tne West commend it to the conftdeooe of n>e>chants anj sh pper? for promptress and dirpatoh Passenger trains, with fmoking and ftleepfg Cars ron m eonneotion on the New York Contra, Road. For particulars as to local trains and freight ar rangementa, inauire^at the Ce^>t.a6& W arret. at. i>> r . cm i j n. pupwimrnaf^i j^lWDlVlDUAL, ^ENTERPRISE mfmfMES EASTER V Ay6 wt STERN SHORE STEAMERS. "K1NT," Ca?t. J H. I rvu Y' flOXEEM,-' Cajt. W. Normu, Will nun their routes m follow*, lean't Li|bt treet, Ma. U more. foot of Camden, it 7 o'clock A. M: RENT?For Cambridge, Denton ajid Landmt* on Cboitu| nw, ererj WEDNESDAY ar-u SATURDAY, returning every Thareday and Hoadtr. For Annapolis and We*t River, every Tl'EK DA V acc FRIDAY and returning ?tei!?ri. jPlONEER?For St. M ichae"* ??H Ka*U>c. vie Mile'* River, every WEDNkSDAY.aijd retar: tne name day. For Annapolis, Weet River, Carebridge, Oxford and Eaatun Point. every TUCR^DAY. returning by came root* on Friday. For Annaeou*. West Rlrer, St. Michael'* and Eon, via Mile's River Ferrr, every SATt'R \ retaining every Monday 07 came route to Cambridge, Denton, Oxford and f uku Fare b>?^M'icha?.'* and Milee' Rivera rouu! " tn>, <I.) , ? 1? Fare to Weet River, trcucd trie, ?1) ? I * Fare to Annaeoli* (roend tri?7l oetltai * " MEALS EXTRA. I ISCrttf? MWfc, foot Of ca~?en BaiUmore C. K. CANNON. 1 ' ? NOT1CK TO T&AVKLK&S. 1 -? Poetmajter ?eaerai having order**! tM mail itmM b#two?e WuhliKtoB, ? ^ Bfc t morv.and Old Point ?Portr'-*' Monro?) to be rwumM), on and Monday, tee latta initut. tM Bar Lib*of afaatera will leave Batimore EVfcKY 1>AY (exoept Sue iia?) from their Wharf, foot or t mot Dock, at ?* o'o:oct p. re., or ia.trediately after the arrira ot the WaahiEf ton Train, wbioh leavee Waatiac u i at ik o'c ocl p. m. ?Mf M. N FALL*. Ft?1 _ Jf .U.S. GOVKRNMKNT LINK ^^tStm^TO FORT MOHROE AND OLI, UtTM tbe loww end^l&Twff B*.n more, vast side, DAILY, (Sunday inolededjat Ot o'olook P. ML t*k.Li paaaecrert and feiffat.abd oonn<*otini witk the Railroad hnee. to ud f'cm WMtMr|?oc D. C.. Phi ao pma, New York, B<>? ton, York, Harrnborg, Pittat>ur*. Pa. and tbe Weet, immediate:? aftar the arrival ol the Eapree* Train from New York and PL..aceipuia. The following ie the Scheda.e: From New York to Fort Monroe tad back. 814 From Phiifdetfh'k at d back tin From Ba'timore and hack ?t. ETPROCURE YOUR TIC*ET*??3 ? la New Use New Jmmy Raiiroac Oftce aaa ui.wipmo, fcUP V/iFuifUJ " OBO01 Hi. ? . oornar of Sixth and Cheotont etreeta, or at the I>pot Broad and Prime atreou. In Baltimora, 01 t> ard tho Btoamara. foot o4 Union Dooh. HIGH OCONMKR. 1'uMcitr Agent. jw.FOK BOSTON VIA NEWPORT AND FALL RIVER. By ? a?>L<?id aa?i eopermr Bteamera METROfALIB. EMPIRE STATE. BAY STATE. ai*l hTATEOF MAliNE. ofireet trace Ut and fed, bat parti sa tarty adapt"! ?< t? nariraUoa of Loai leia^c 8c tad, ratiunf la or itaecuot with the rail Hirer asd Old Colony Ra^toad, aiataroa of mile* onlj to Borton Leave Pier No.? North Rlear near the Battery. The t*(earner EMPIRE AtaTE,Capu b-ay tot. Monday*. Wedneedaya, aad Fridaya, at 4 o'oicot Bfc Brvn, -J Taeodaya, Thnredara, and flatar day a, at 4 o'clock P.Jf? toaohini at Newport eaeh way. I TMH Btoaraera are Attod with oonunodieaa tale roome, ape every wmnrmect for tb? aaennh and oomronol pa^i^nera. who are afforded "" in:a rout? a rnthta' rwt ob board, and oo arri?a. at pail Rirar atyaeed mi Steamboat TnUjcaot lag fiottoc, ?iriy the following morning: or may remain ODboarfnU. fU't ng of the Apo-mmMttioc IMJL ML, by vtieh they may raaeh Boatoa A baggage muttr la attaabad to ? ! atoanar, who raaatvea and tiekatotAo baggage. and aoocit rrn'? tii? mi t? iu deeunation. A Mbw rcaa m oonneotiou with this Lisa be tween Pail Kim and Prondenoe daily, except Pmikt to Boston u forwaedad throaf h witt jrn^uljeyatoh by an KxyraaaJPrain. whfah eavn | rmii RiTBt BTprT morcibf, BIDdl?* eioeptoc. w 7* o'ojook for Bo ton aiit N?w BMl> rj, arri viti f Ate cMtiaaiion at about 11 A. M For freight or pa*aa?*. ml; ob board, or at tb? oio?oEFiw.Ni).lNort! K.rar. For ?tat* roosi anc t>oi thk apply oa hoard. or if a??ir?c to mm thorn is adra&oe, to Wm BORDKN. Aft Wand W Wwt itrwt, W. V. jMttrias N?r York Aftjy, dud*Tt PiirK* M. NorU R v?r, Mlo'e.ockP M..MJ OrotoiiMljr o'c.oci P. M? or m the?????? >1 MtiTTriiD wkioh lam B< ?to? Jtt &%f. SE tku f SS|fro^lfcSt2if?. ) ": Th?-*OM.?nd ^AtaraiM. Fro? 8r?rt<* ?MoB<iiy/W?<icM<3?r,rrulaj. . _Pa??einer? fron. Grotoc proofed wm r*i'n*? ProndeiMW aad Jtoatot. it the "flTJ' L, Tnu.NMk.Li Aid jIao* it a^^ce*,1<$w*jE other ro?t*e, Mufle (SwjUM fc?t" ?J| A* ? ?ornlnt ;..r>M MtMQi| Nortk u4 Kmi W ?S|Nir a'mMii v WiT praassTj/ss:kuwwSM p^ayt|Mttt|itt Pro*i4iM* rtt i? TSESaS^SHeiESM * im'" ? ? *,at* lr?ul ' Frmt*.

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