Newspaper of Evening Star, December 5, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 5, 1861 Page 1
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w ' { ^ 0 V?t. XVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C. THURSDAY. DECEMBER 5, 1861. N?. 2.743. THE EVENING STAR M PUBLISHED EV&R T 4FTBRN00Ift (BUNDAY BXCEPT&p.) AT THE KTAR BCU.01N6I, fcrw ef Pwwflww KMM Ma KUvrmtk ft. 9t W. D. WALLAOH. Pspert WTTed la p^ckaga by carrlen it Ml ft*r. of 17 oeoti per month. To mall nbaorlben iM price u |3 M ytmr, < mdmmmc*; H for At Bontfaa; 91 for three month*; ud for lea than three months at the rate of IS cents t week. Single copies, o*t cbxt; 1b wrappers, two cbjits. 117 Advbbtotmbmts should he sent to the ftce before It o'clock m ; otherwise they may not appear until the next day. Synopsis of Department Reports. Repert sf the Secretary ef War. secretary lameron. in bis report, aeta oat with a statement of thr entire eattm?ted strenzth of tbe army, boih volunteers and regulars, aa follows:? Tbree motftbs' men, 77 875, and for the war, ?lo,?37?aggregate, 718 512 Maryland la pat down at 7 00U for the war; tbe Dletrict of Columbia, 2.823 three months', and l,ttp fur the w*r; Virginia, 779 thiee montha'. aca 12,000 for the ww j Pennsylvania, 19 199 three months', and 04 TWO for the war; New York. 10,184 three months', and 1"0.9U0 for the war; Maasachosetts. 3.435 three montha', and 26.7W for the war; and other States In proportion. T he strengt h of the res ular ar m v, 1 ncludl ng new ?>nauri?-dis n 'w ice juiy act or uongresa, is estimated at 9U.344, making an sgflrega'e of voluntnr* and regular* for the war of 060 961. The serrral arm* of tee service are estimated aa follow*:? * *" Regulars. AWUInfantry 557 a*3 1U75 MS.3K3 Cavalry 54 654 4 744 50.3% Artillery ? 3s0 4,3(* 24 688 Rifles 4. Sharpsh'ra S.395 8,395 F.nglneerw 107 107 640,617 '20334 660 971 Tb* appropriation* asked for the service of tbe fiscal ymr are computed for a farce of 500.UX) nwa. The numerical strength <f tbe cavalry force Is ?nw grea'er than Is required, snd aa it ran only be maintained at a great cost, measures will be taken for its gradual red -.ctloo. Concrete at \t? late extra aetsion authorized the acceptance of 3<JO (00 volunteera and appropriated SJUOjOOO OO' for tbeir aapport. but *o numerous vrertr the offeraof vnlnnteera it is believed l.WW IXJC men could have been obU'ned, bad tber* been guiuumjr iu I'-crpi ineir wmcn. u will, M>l the Secretary, be now for Congtra* lo way wbeth er th? arn.y (ball be further augmented. with a lew to a more apeedy term) nation of tb? wnr If confied to the pr*?ert limit fixed by law, It ii p-op to rouaolid?te auch of 'he re.imenta ai may f-om time to time fall belcw the regulation standard, and tbua reduce the number of oificen and exprnae* of the army. Th report ape.ikaln high terms of theefllclency alredy shown by the voluuteera; refers to the wonderful strength of ?ur lna itutlons in tbe peof)V to raoidlv trith*?finti Wrlh#* ?">> ?? a r ' K ? K ? ? -? "" men** army, without resort 10 conscriptions, levies, drafts ar other extraordinary expedient*, ?av? th?- rebellion extendel over an area of 733 111 ?q li'e mtlea, pota^ln? a coast line of 3 5?3 mil I and a tbore line of 25 414 miles, with an interior boundary line of 7.031 milea 'n length The battle of Bull Run 1? br'efl^ referred to and the result declared to b- *-the natural consequence of the premature advmce of our brav- but uudiaciplined troopa. which the lmpuien e of ihe country dem?nd?-d " Other ejrly rever?ea. a??nie of no permanent advantage to the enemy are referred to, but he aaya, "the poaaeaaion of Weatern Virg'nU and the occupation of Hattera* and Beaufort have nobly ledeemed our transient reverses " Tb*> early position of Maryland, Delaware, Kenta ky. Missouri and Western Virginia, ia next reviewed, and their present condition pointed to with pride, as showing the increasing progress of loyalty to the Uuion No doubt *i entertained that the army on Potom >c. under 'b able leader, will soon ma te such a demonstration as will re eatiblish lta authority throughout all the rebellious States. It il SllvT^Mt^d tha* PfMMent Ko pmrvA??_ fred to tend comm!?;onerc with the army with power to enforce obligations of cootracta and the collection of debts d ie to 1 yai citizen", in diatricta where the clYil power has ceaied to exist The deficiency of arm* ind munitions of war at the commencement of the rebellion is alluded to, and the meuures taken to procure a supply are set fertb Congr-ss is urged to authorize the establishment of a national foundery, at some point of facility, for the manufacture of heavy artl lery The reorganization of the militia of the country upon a uniform bants is also recommended The Sta'ea should. It is urged, be aided in organizing, arming and discip'inlng them. Immediate attention is called to the condition of our fortilcatlona upon the seaboard and the lakes and upon our exposed frontiers. They should at once be placed in perfect condition for successful drfense " The corps of cad'tsat the Military Academy, n w numbering only 1W, H la recommended shou.d be increased to SUU, the increase to come from toe States cordially co-operating with the Government la bringing their forces into the field in behalf of the Union Th? svstem of promotions which prevails In the regular service should, it is urged, be appiled to the volunteer forces in the respective states, restricting however, the promotions to men actually in the field; and it is suggested that the distinction now existing between regulars and volunWri sbould not be continued. Recruiting for the regular army has not been as successful as anticipated^ and It is ther-f>re recommended that further inducements be held out to recruits by bounties and full pay when due. It la recommended that the law making oblijratoftf th? dtlfhflrv# fkt mlnAM mvw *nlla? uritVt g ?. C|. ?m *? UV H*U J w iMi" oat tbe conaeut of tbelr pareuts, should be repealed, and the subject left to the regulation* of tte War Departmeut, or to the civil tribunals of the country The employment of regimental bands. It la also recommended, should be limited Although tbe railroad facilities between BUtimore and Washington have been la'ely Improved, amusements shoultl be made for Isylng a double tr*ck between Washington and the Annapolia Junrtiou, with Improved sldeings and facilities at Annapolis and aiotu; tbe branch road Tbe recessity of an additional railroad between Washington and Baltimore, In case tbe navlgitlon of the Potomac la Interrupted by blockade or tbe wither, la rfext referred to, and tbe fact mentioned tbat a responsible company, chartered by tbe State of Maryland, bare prot>o?-d to build such a rnad upon condition tbat tbe Government will endorse tbeir bonds, they b nding themselves to set a?ide annually a sufficient sum for tbeir redemption at maturity, and to charge for trans portation rates in no cane to exceed four cents a ton per mile for freight, and three cents per mile for passengers. During tbe war, however, they will only cuarge two cem per mile for passengers It Is recommended that a railway be construct* ed through Washington, from tbe Navy Yard, by the Caplto!, to Georgetown, forming connections with tbe existing railroad depots, and using tbe q leduct bridge fur the purpose of crossing the river at G org e town. By a Junction of this proposed railway with the Orange and Alexandria railroad, not only would the communication with our troop* la Virginia be greatly Improved, but an eaay access be obtained to tbe Baltimore and Ohio railroad near Harper'* Ferry, by mean of the Loudoun and Hampshire railroad. To aid In tbe rt-conaini- tlou of tbe Baltimore and Otolo railroad tbe Department baa tendered to tbe company a auttcient force for ita protection during tbe progreaa of lbs work, aud will render auea facilities aa it may be able to provide la connection with it* other important publie duties. Tbe reconstruction of 'be Long Bridge across tbe Potoma la rapidly approaching com pie Ion, and wben tin is bed will be a substantial atructue. Tbe Secretary bere refers to tbe resignation of Lieut. Gen Hcott. and dsvi a t?li?h trthnt? (n *? ? long service Major G-n McClellan hissuccrs?jr id commiad, > also spoken of la warm terms S^creUry C?meron tUea proceeds to make the following important suggestions: " Fhe geographical position of the metropolis of tba uatioo, menaced by the rebels, and required to be def<?d(d by tboasasds of our tro: ps, laducre me to surest for consideration tbe propriety and eiped escr of reconstruction of tbe boundaries of tbe states of Delaware, Maryland, a ad Virginia VVladomand troe stateemaaahlp would dictate that tbe seat of national government, for all time f come, should be placed beyond reasonable daagrr of setta<-e by enemies within, as well as from capture from foes without. Bv agreement between tbe States named, such aa was r5;cted for similar purposes by Michigan and Onlo, and by Missouri and Iowa, their boundaries could be so changed as to render tbe capital more remote than at prearnt from tbe lonaenoe of S ate governments which have arrayed themselves in rebellion against tha Federal authority. To thia cod, the llmlto of Virginia might be so altered as to make her boaadarlee consist of tbe Bine RUlge on the east and Pennsylvaatn on ths MAPtfl. lMfilff f hnMil All fkd flunik sm! mast mm aa* pro at. By tbta uraoffmeot, two coar.tlM of MtrjrUnd (Alloghaay io4 Waabington) would bi vuiterrwd to the juriadletton of Virginia. All that par '.oo of Virginia wbtek lie* between tbo Bl ie R'dgm and tJnrnpeak- Bsy could th?n b? added to Maryland, while *kat portion of tb# poatnanla between the water* of the Ctoaapeakaand th- \*lan'Jp, now jo!* tiy fceld by Maryland aid ytrj;lnla, r <nld be iar?rportl<d tote tbe Stile of vilkWtif A reference to Um map will ahw that llMfV f raat oat oral umwUxl*. wklcb, for ail tlm? to come, would serve to mark the UmlU of these States To make the protection of the capital complete, In consideration of the lsree accession c f territory which Maryland would receive under the arrangement proposrd, it would ?>e necessary that that Statu.should content so to modify her Constitution as to limit the basis of her representation to her white population. In this connection. It would be the part of wlsdom to rrannex to the District of Columbia that i portion of Its original limits which by act of Congress was retroceded to the State of Virginia. It is already a grave question, what shall be done with those slaves who are abandoned by their owners on the edvmce of our troops Into ( southern territory, as at Beaufort district, in South ? Carolina. ? The number left within our control at that point Is very considerable, and similar cases will probably (v-cur. What ?ball be done with them? v*n we anora u> icna mem r or ward to their m titer*, to b? by tbmi aroused against ua, or used In to ?!!?? tn rebellion t Their labor mty be useful to us Withheld from the enemy, It lessens his military resources; and withholding them has no tendency to reduce the horrors of Insurrection even in the rebel communities. They constitute a military resource, and being such, that they should not be turned over to the enemy, U too plain to discuss Why deprive of ofplies by a blockade and volunteers? Give him m?n to produce supplies The despotism to be made of slav? ry by rebels, after the close of the war, can be safely left to the wisdom and patriotism of Congress. The representatives of the people will unquestionably s^-cure to the loval slaveholders every rl^ht to which tLey are entitled under the Censtil tution of the country. 1 Repo t of the Secretary of the Navy. The d'jtlei of the nan during the past summer have been tiireef( Id: to guard the insurgent porta and a coast line of nearly three tbousar d miles; to > protect our marl time commerce and cruise in pur' suit of piratical v< ssHs sent out by the confederates; and o take part lu combined naval a~d ' military expeditions against North and South Carolina, and the porta of the infected dls ricts The report of the Secretary of the Navy gives d?s 1 tailed Inform ation of to^panner in which th?se arduous duties have h*nwrfnfm?t Vessel* bare been sunk In Ocracoke Inlet, on the .North Carolina const, and others -re about to be sunk in tli? harbors of Charleston and Savannah i One hund-ed and fifty-three vessels, of various slZ'-s, h ve bee raptured since the institution of tbe blockade, most of them in attemptiug to run tbe blockade The Nav.U expeditions were, It seems, planned after receiving the reports rf a board of rtHoers. who d> liberated on the best points to be attacked ai d s-iaed This board consisted of Captain* J F. Dupout and Charles H Davis, ot the Navy; Maj->r John O Harnard, of tbe Army; and Profe?-or Alexander Bacbe, of the Coast survey. Tbe Sectary reports that fl m-otfi er A H Foote, of the Navy, has organized nn efficient Nav.l force in the Mississippi, auxiliary to the i Army. Of privateers, the report states that ,:such of tbe?e cruisers as eluded tbe blockade and capture i were soon wrecked, beacbed, or sunk, with tbe > exception of one, the -steamer Sumter, which by some fatality was permitted to pass tbe Brooklyn, ' tben olotkadlng one of tbe pas-es of tbe Mississippi, and after a brief and feeble chase by the latter was allowed to proceed on her piratical ; voyage An Investigation of this whole occurrence has been ordered by the department." The Secretary fully su~t?lns the set of Csp'ain \Vlikes In capturing Masou and Siidell. Hesays admirably: "TM prompt and decisive action of Captain Wllkea on thia cccaa on merited and recemd the < emphatic approval of tbe department, and If a too j generoua forbearance wai exhibited by him In < not capturing the vessel which hid th*-ae rebel < emiaearies on board, it may, In view of the special circumstances, and of ita patriotic motives, be excused; but It m- st by no means be permit- ' ted to constitute a precedent hereafter for the treatment of any ca?e of similar Infraction of neu- . tral obligations by foreign vesiels engaged In i commerce or the carrying trade " There were, on the 4th of March last, in commission and at tbe service of the Secretary of the Navy, only 42 vessels, carrying 555 auus, and 7 SOU men. I here are to-day in commission, 264 t vessels, carrying 2 557 guns, and over '22,000 men! < Thia ia an immense work to da in little more than eight months Besides this, there will be readyvery shortly, fifty-two newsteamers, "peculiarly adapt*d to coast-guard duty;" three of which are iron-clad. . I be Secretary advlaes the creation of more grades in the naval service, aa likely to add to tbe elli lency of tbe work, by making tbe rewards more frequent Al?o, he recommends a rule that officers be retired with a autficlent allowance, af er forty-five yearn' service. Twenty-five acting lieutenant*, tour buidred and tbiriy-three acting masters, and two bundred and nine abaters' mates, htve been appointed, in order to have t i fillers eno igb for the aolaryely-lncreased navy. I' 41 >iw uccn aciiug engineers ana lur- ' Try or* appointed The Secretary a?k? Congress to foster the Naval Scuool to such a decree that at least double the usual number of cadets may be insti uctrd. , I'he Secretary says, "on the employment of fugitives." ) * lu tne roastwise and blockading duties of the Navjr, it has been not unfrequent that fugitives f'Oiu insurrectionary places have sought our ships for refuge and protection, and our naval commanders have applied to me for Instruction as to ( the proper disposition which should be made of such refugees My answer has been that, if insur- < gents, they should be handed over to the custody . of the Government; but if, on the contrary, they were free from auy voluntary participation In j the rebellion, and sought the shelter and protection of our fl ijj, then they should be cared lor and employed in some useful manner, and mlght^e | enlisted to serve on our public vessels or in out navy yard*, receiving wages for tnelr labor If such employment could :.ot be furnished to all by the navy, they might be referred to the army, and if no employment could be found for them { in the public service, they should t>? allowed tu proceed freely and peaceably, without restraint, 1 A u.l> a H?Hi.?. * - " ~ wv? iiTmyuvu in any myat portion OI me country Tnl? 1 bave confide, ed to be the whole rtqulred duty, in the premises, of our naval ' ottcers." The naval estimates for the year ending June I 30, 1903, amount to S44,fti5 005, and besi <e- this, tbe Secretary reports a deficit of SI6 530 0U0, needed for current expenses to pay for vessels fiurchuaed, and for necessary alteration* Incurred u Acting them for naval purposes, f r tbe purchase of Additional vessels, ana for the constr. cHon and completion of twenty iron-clad vessels. A UL KINDS OF FANCY GROCKRIK8 AND 1 I\ SuL.r's Gootls on har>d a id for *a e low by BROWNING A KfcATI G. < do 4 Stawlf 353 Pa ?venue noar fith st. SOMK THING NEW-SUrERlOK HULLED ' CORN ?The sebsoriber, having sot the ajrency | to Washington and Georgetown witb this delioate preparation of Corn, would respectfully < ask of his friends, and the publ o at lares, to give A,"'P?"1rM,?iRiDLV .y/."? ' Pa. tVMM. bstwatn HLh H-nil iiith I N. H.?Manufacturer of Marble Slant:?*, Mouumeute, Table Tope, Ac. 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Rolla, Not. 48.?Inquiries made since my arrival here satlafy me at once that no large body of rebel troopa are between thla point and Springfield Price Is reported by the scouts to be still at Pinevllle with tbe balance of tbe rebel army, intending to leave to-day (Thursday) to form a Junction with McCuIIourd at Springfield. An emigrant from the latter place confirms theabovc In all essential particulars. A company of eighty rebels have operated ?*?veral days at Lebanon. Tbey represent them elves as Texan rangers The captain of th? rangers t'atrd that McCulloujfh would follow up 81gel with 18,000 men; that Price, with the centre divlsl6n, was tfcer Jtfierson City, and that a third division was chasing up Lane into Ranaas Thee are over 1,000 refugee families here, many of -ttianri In a destitute -condition, with a pitiful prospect for the winter. ROLLA. MO . Dw 3 ?\f?inp Oawa? u*V.a , ..... , WW ?uujyi uwncili WUW iCl fc here on Saturday latt.with loo caralry from Gen. Wyman'i brigade, In aearch of tbe notorious rebel Freeman, arrived at Salem last night. At about 3 <*Vlock this morning he wan attacked at that place by the rebels, under Colonels Freeman and Turner, and after a sharp fteht?the enemy holding one part of (he town, and our forces another?the rebels were driven from the place and rompletely routed, with a loss of some 10 killed and 30 wounded, besides a great many prisoners captured. Among the latter was a captain. Our iosit was about 15 killed and woiica-d Major Bowen holds the town Reinforcements have been sent him, as it is fea-ed the enemy will ral'v in large numbers and ovt-rwh^lm his command It is reported that from 2 000 to 3,000 of the eaemy are in that vicinity. ARRIVAL OF THE NORTHERN LIGHT. Mo e < old from Ca ifornia?Probnbllity of he C ptO't of the Sumter?Later from larthogena Niw Yosk, Dec 4?Tbe steamer Northern Li"ht. from Asplcwall, has arrived, bringing S870 <>00 in treasure from California. Capt Linklepaugh reporta that information baa been received at AsDinwall that the nrivat?,r Sumter was at Martinique on November 9ih, and tuat the U. S gunboct Iroquois wai within three bourn Mil of her Advices from Carthagena state that Gen Caval haa been defeated, and that the Arc).bishop of Bogota bai been expelled by G*>n. Motquera, and that the latter's forces occupied a part of Antiaguia. Deplorable accounts from Bolivia have been received The commanding general at L?pas had ordered the execution of over two hundred persons engaged in the recent revolutionary movements there. Amor.g those executed were exPresident Cordovn, Gen. Hermosa, a number of priests, and four colonels. Later from St. Thov>a??The \V? st India M l! ( onpany iu? Hull about the Arrest ( Sildt*I and Niw York, Dec. 4.?Advices from St.Thomas, received via Aspinwall, report that tbe captain of the privateer Jeff Davis was aboard tbe steamer Trent when Messii AJtson and sill del wtre captured I be West India Mall Company, in consequence of the Trent attair, had ordTed all their stents to furnish no more coal to United States vessels. The United States s'oop-of-war Wyoming was it Panama at last accounts. From California. Saw Francisco, Cal.. N"V. 30 ?T*>e s'eatner St. Lout* sailed to-day for Panama with $961,000 In treaaure, and 40 phaseng-r# for Nt-w York, including Senator Stark, of Oregon, sev-ral army ifllcera, and about U 000 s)ldltrs recently enlisted. Printer to the Ma ylaud llvnse ( Delegates. Annapolis, Dec 4 ?Incaucustonight, Thomas I Wilson was elected printer to the House by five najoriiy over Messrs Bu'l Sc. Tuttle. Old Weather at Montreal. Montrxal, Dec. 3 ?The weather here la cold ind clear. The thermometer atanda at ten degrees ibove 2-ro. Western Yirgioia Convention. VYhkblino, Dec 3?The Convention today :hanged the name of the new State from Kanawha o Western Virginia. AMERIC&H WATCHES For AmericanH. i THE AMERICAN WATCH CO. beg to call , iheatteation of ths citizens of Washington and 1 irioinity to the superiority of their Watches over all mn/irta-'i- vhftfhAr P"? -~r w fc/W 1CD VI UUg I Oil* The Company unhssitatingly guarantee their Watohea to be unsurpassod by thnae of any country for durability and fine time keeping qualities. CAUTION. The Company would caution buyers to beware of the cheap English and 8wss Watches now being lent among soldiers in and aroucd Washington, rheee watohes are of the poorest dsaoription of Foreign manufacture, and utterly worthloss aa am* Keepers as tbe makers well knew when they lent them to this oountry. LADIES' WATCHES. The Company would invite espeoial attention to their latest style ol Watch for Ladies. 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;far?M0??9Mr. WM*1?CI?b7]5,C. ROUGHS, COLi)!*. BOAKSBNESH, Ac. COMPOUND SYKU$ OF GUM ARABIC. This pleasant and popular Cough R? medy hM been to lone known and extensively used that moat p?raon* have tseoom.e familiar with its extraordinary efficacy. It o&n be had all the pnno pal drug stores, at 25 and SO cents a bottle. oc i4d2nriAeo4tn* rpO MILITARY OFFICERS AND OTHERS. BATCHBLOR'S GENUINE HAIR DYE, The Best in the World, Tht Only RtliabU and fiarmlttt Hair Dyt Ktumn. Sold by all Druggists; a!><>, at B&BasToa'i Patect Medioine Store, < p. Patent Office, our. F A 7th, 6iim'? Hair Store, Penn'a a venae, where Ladies oan have it applied, if desired. Factory?Si Barclay et. jiat? sas Broadway; If. Y. 00 S-lr P III V A T B. FRIVAT3D. r? n i v A T u. GONORRHOEA CURED PERMANENTLY is Tb&eb Days! Ana n-> internal meuioibes need?no interference With bmtnesr?no fain?no dieting inedioines? *toiie*?, and will not stain. GLEET AND STRICTURES liani*hed unJ*r h' treatment. LADIKtt With WHITES?tk* death to Yonthand Beauty? nerd he t'out>:?J no longer. . , SYPHILLI8 In a1! its forms. whether recent or of Ion* ?tJirulin?. oureU, ar;d evt ry vertigo of diseana removed Item the system. Our oharne* ?ha'l he th? most reasonable aod satisfactory tit all partes. Conan fa ions fee at ail lime*. Meoiciuee pnt up with fulidirections for nsa. ani so d to ?uti ers, travellers, ft at i?w rates M'-d'oine furni.-hed which is a oertain preventive to an* *nd eli Veneria! l)is<>a <*s D^n't f>? afrsid of high prices. Come and tee us. No ctiarce for investigation*. M. LA BONTA, Fraot ta?ne?. fT7"Offi"? Washinct^n Bui'dinis. c?rn r Fa. ave. aad 7ih street, Wa.hintlon D. C., Ro m No. 8. n~> 18-3?i 'pO FAMILIES AND 8UTLKK8. /" N 1 Th? und rf.igne'l 'e.'PFOtfiH r in- ? Ai I form* thi oit xens of Wa*htnitoa YJJfK and (he trv sr;at Dublin thut the* fiave o'ii?t%ntly on }i'n<i a 'a^ge an8ort"'<jrt cf O VH i'kKS of the veiy heat qua'ity; also k-eps a lar?t? qu?ntit? of I h->ioe ricklrd Offteri?. Our ? ia'ded Oysters can't h? be t,uone up in fi>tc'asd ? yie. t?ive ii8 a oall. Wo f'ol **ti fie (that you will ca ! arain. S W. DAVIS k CO. corner of I2>t? aid K nt'e m. n?>v27.m' Ll^iON Anil ?. NVfcL,oPfci!*.?Tw?n I ?y <!ifierent styles of Note ana better Paper, with Eaveiopes to iisatoh. Views of Washmgtec. in the form of a Rose, and in feook form; aiao, sopsrate All the Daily ar d Weekly Papers cootantly oc aand. Heraid, Times, and Tribune teoeived every auhtf te o'olook. P&;>er? from ai! part* of the oonntry. 1 Hima Vrtvtia f n/i a. ? ? ? VBHI-' ?* /?? ." Wl. ? ?! A f*eeti cnppiy cf Co< ks for eamiaer rc&dine, 3hec.i> A large a??ortmant of Javemlea? Ma/ne Re:i'i Books, Hollo Hooka, Ahbott'a Histunee fco. * A discount of 1? to 5f> p<>r cent, on aU bound fcocjt FRENCH ft RIOHSTF.IN, a>H Vfl Nutiop*.! M..ok?t"rc. U? >'V * . I>!A!SOS, i'lANOr. FiA <US.-Ne? Pt<in?e E received evi-r* w?ek. ''ome atd leok at th* as?ortmontat V.K I'ZEROTfi*Mnaio depot. wrn?r P* ??? I'1 Vv?i th mt T* TO OFFICERS. 1 HE CAMPAIGN ?A G&snpatenirg W?onoo the Pruasian principle, ar'a"eod for Bleep- fry iin or to aot as an Am'u anoe in caso of siokneaa or wounda. with ample room tw""' * suh a HijU proviai >i.s; li/cht, water-proof, and perfectly new, navi % beanjUft ' t-> order by odb of tne first makers in New York, is offered for sale ai cost price. Also, a h?nd*ome, strong, eonnd, dark-bro<sm HORHK, either for saddle or harness. Both u.&j l>e seen on app.ioation to JAME# BROWN, at Mr. Irvine's Stable#, Corooran's Lane, Mdad the Chain House, between ! and H P" TP WATCH KEi'AlK iNl? ASH) siLVtK A Ant MANUFACTORY. 1 have one of the t est establishments, and 'ar fahec with a complete 6et of tools for repair- -Sn nj every deaonption of fine Watohea, and par' iouiar attention give to the affS I i"0. ><ifn oompeter.t workman .and a, wori e/iaxan tK Alio, every desorip iou of standard SI L VER W* ,'t K. plain and oruainentai, manufactured undei ar jvn Biyiei vision, which m? customers will bnc ?r r.iperiOr in ?uaUtj and finish to northern ware soM fcy dealers in general and represented a? thsu Wu nifciiulactare. H. U. HOOD, WALL, STEPHENS & CO.. 384 FBIt.-WTLVAIflA Arxtnm, MILITARY AND NAVAL merchant tailors. AND HEAI?Y-MADE CLOTHIERS, AND EXTENSIVE DEALERS IN 6KNTLEMKN'S FURNISHING GOODS, ge6-1 f 'Intel A. Keycb.> f\KANGE COUNTY ("ONDKNSKn Mil if ? U It is highly recommends ! hr Phyaioiane, Snip Masters and I ravelers. Insure* a aweef. pure artiole lor any length of time Never oecuinsa cheesy, Mi't xuaiautteu o keep in aaj oumate ICT t or sale ai faoto y prices. KING 4 BUHCHELL, oc 22 Oor"er lMh *t and Vermont *v. ^ 1 I I \i 1>H a ? ? run TBI Y> KlVtKJ, Uvi.ktskma.8tia Benbral's Ovric*. ( Wti'ktn*ton, June 17,1861.f Paorng&M> *re invited lor constructing Gunboats upon the Western rivers Spocinc&tions wil* be immediately prepared and may be examined at the Qunronnaster's Office at Cincinnati. Pit Bba'gh. acd at this office. Proposals from boat bnil era and engme-balld nr* alone will bo considered. P at.a submitted by biaJera will be taken into consideration M C. MEiGS, iei8 Unnrtormaster general t. nitAii ^tate i nnn lbs soap and candles for I sale ehpRB for p*?h Aisn^ want?u-^?ty?*> lba Arm* Grease and Fough r%ik>? ?or whioh the higbert price will t<e paid at the Nations' S<-ap and Caudle Works, oor. Gr<?en ?t. ano Cana . Georgetown. i). U. no 7 1m ?B JKU KI L. Proprietor. i/> MILITARY UOOKS. F KENOH k RICHSTiKN have just received a arge and coraplet* assortment of Military Book* o' ail kinds, which they offer Irorn ten to fifty per oent. below the regular retail prioee,?in oluding: A new edition of Hardee's Infantry and Rifle Taction, oomplete, $1.25 For es' Volunteers' Manual. 2 vols, 93 Alle ' Compendium of Hardee's Taotios, *0o Gross's Military Surcery,75o MuhAn'a fiillri pnrtlhn* *ir?n an/4 * ? _ i - .... . v...Hw??*vuaau V'UkfKBi|OOCU # Hardee's Taotios, cheap odition. -3c The Soldier's Guide, a complete roanpal tvafl drill book for the use oi tae Volunteer Militia aud the hom? Guard, iic The iltad Book for the U.S. Soldier, ieini first book ot iustruotiou to the U. S. lafaatrj taotios, 2jo Also, Military Maps, Map of tba Seat of War, Charts, (iuides, &o Fiags, Badges and Medals of every description. Any of the a wove sent by n:ail froa. * KKNCll k RlCHSTKlN, m ? W 4T? P?nT)?T'?*nia *?< ?) ? RMY Gi.OVKM ARMY GLOVES!! At the Glove Depot of F. B H ACTING'S * CO , 3a:< 0 ?t . f%oirg Pa ?v , Itril llUl't'"!- UD..IX. ... ? ? w ?&uiiv TV tin c I i\uutbC< O 1 UK?ti ?? 434 k itkt strut. Hotels, Boarding H?uir<. Kesuar&nts,Sntler'f. ind private families. wi i be supplied at lowest 'a?h prioes, with Frpah Hu.tcr in one pound print*, ?nU roll, App ei, 1 outtt', E*s?, Dried F ait, Book wheat, >1 al.Poiafc'ee, Onions, oate.&c.&o J. WALLOWEK, JR., no 1H Tv' A. RI- KI,. Alt C(l M. T PARKER. CQ J*J Louisiana at. bit 6>k and Ttk sts , ?J*7 North Side, Having completed hi* ari?ugem*nU is now read; io a t-nd. even more *ivo>ousl/ thau ever, to HOUSE, SIGN and ORNAME.VtAL TAINTING, In all of ita various oracohfs Having secured ;he services ot a aorM of ?m-ll?nt wmtimn i >inp&red to do KI*m and H\nner? ir the beet Etjle ind on the mott rea?onab e terms. do? en Ira [Kepah 1 HNLT/ iiOOK*. 18TOUY of the United Netheriande, by Job* L.otkro? Motley , 3 voia.; free b* mail, ti. Tee Rise of the Lvtoa Keynbhe, a history, by loLn lyothroy Mouey; I to a oioth; free by mail, (li Silaa Mamer, the Wt??r of Rareicl, by the lathor or ''Adam Ew? cloth 7f|oenta; paper K> Life and Career af flaior Andre, by W Lb troy torcetut; flrfO. After laeberge with a Pun ?,?Nma6r Voyare o Labrador and Novicnndlaods by Rev Louia L. do': ? : ai HA Tue AiiLuJhcture of FlioUieiuo or HrAro-Car!OD Oiia. by Tiio..iA? AnUeell, M. Dj #1.*. m-fi ? 87* Ponna. gwwwnrtngg^ BEAT FLOUfc. I 'Wlfcu , 0017 v Tn Oot ?v. ?ri'i l&th ?t, 1 a4MBl'"S CeKK^UlJR8 OBEESK! ' ?** * 1 !^"i!Sffl?Sr i QOVERNMKNT DISPATCH. fimHH FAST FEVIGHT LINE NEW YORK iWv AUHlNGTOfi via HAMJLlSMUtUi H. A Spooia! wiP b? tret tbroaph with each Tra.c. in orUw to M't uietj and cicpatoh. AI L RAIL, WITHOUT?"CHANGE OF CARS. on and afW MOSGDAY. Not. ISth, tLii Company wil1 and traBtp^rt Munition* of War, #ov?rnmect StorM, SutlaiV foppii??for the Army andalt MiMalkMMOM Fre.f lit. at !.o* Rats*. without idui or btlx. Sperimi Contracti /or t* Lart* yumntitiu, at h trim*-<l Lain. HT,P>?i*ht reoeived only *t the D*pot nftto* C-Tiral Rilirofcd of New Jersey, Pier No i. North River. For farther informat on, or tpeoi&l contract*, er.o a i f a> the Ofict nf 'h? C-mprnv. 49 Brotdteny, ft. Y , Or 34* Pennrylvanii #r?., iratAmilM (V*. U^ M&rlr Gools. *rn?rient Dipp&tah TTI r reigai received true 8 a. m to 3 p m. . ^ A.. D HCJPK, 6k Hops Express Co.. no3fi-lm Superintendent. NOTICE. ifiVSVIBM ? ADAMS' EXPRESS Co.WPABIf ." This Company offer* to tna .pah'io** I ueijuaiiad Advantages'' for the Sale ann Quick l-ispatob of Heavy F^eiphU Pacraeee, Valuables, Money, 4,0. Jtc.. to all p^rtfi cf ?he t'cited State*. Expresses to tnd f'ont the No'th an-1 Wert depart from and aniVts 1 Washington twice dally. All Expre?ees ar? t* , hftiee of txrtrnnctd and rthabi* Meseeajer?, Ail Packages for Th v Soldiers carried a: "om riALr" our usual rates. All G<x*le for the so-called "Coiifederata Mid a!l Articles ** Cocirrs>an-i of War" will be Rnsns. Ou Kxprea?<c leave New York at 1. , an-1 P. M., arriving in Washington a- 6 A. H- an J IjO P.M. Expresne* leave Philacclphi* at 3.*> A. M. aa<1 11 P. M., arriving in W&ohingwn at if) P. >1. and 6 A. W. Kxprers^s leave Baltimore at 4 20 A- M. six* S P. M ^arriving in Wa*i mgton at o A. M- and 6 8f bxpreeses for a!! poicts North and We#t laave Wiuth.nct'iii *.t75r< ? \S n->.! -2 P V Special Contracts fur 'ar^e qu&ntiti*e of Freight oan be maie o._ appl.oaHo;. to thu ' doe. All Goods sailed for aud deliver.>d frt* of Kxtra charge*. E. W, PARSONS, Sup't A da.Lxpreu C japanf. Washington. Angiief 23. I36K ta S tf -JT? MAli-STEAA1V H RUNDKER, fver* <'th-" da* to ami Ir^m GfcX. 81 "KL.E'8 DIVISION DIR LOT. THROUGH IN FOftt HOURS. The ?tea>?:??r rave* J n Wharf, fo >t cf 13'h Btr^t. on MONDW. '.VKBNR?i) Y a^d P?.lDAV,a;3 'oio< k. a. m.,(r turn-ig fr,m ttm lmtisior.) 1 a-ine Ma Uvunitn ? reek at * - * e h mr. unTlKSDAY, HL RSI?AY an I SATURDAY. Pa-8^ncer? *nd .>*h* t-r?i*ht takca, (F.x ?>pt *'0 'holic liquor#.) Fare to or fr<>m the airp - 42 K are for rouQi- trip ( e'vrnine re* t flay, J 3 g*r? aie not*! by the uovjrnmeai to h*ve pnt-sea. No ueaU furiualiod. WILLIAM P. K!F.HL, nov26-1 w. Cap aiQ. Medicine for the Army. FRYE'S VE6ETIULE PAIN CURER. BVBKY FAMILY, AS~ WELL AS EVERY xnr nijt?. munin.n aiwjv-? havh A BOTTLE ON HAND. This preparation is an Infallible External or Internal Remedy for Rheiimati?m, Neoraisia, burut, t)?run>, Ringworm*. Canker, Painters' Coiio, Dy-entery, Liver Comolaint, Piles. Uyspepsia, Cbilbtaias, Kidcer Complaints, Teeiha he, Headaches, Colds, Cou(b3, Bruises, Fever and Arue, Choiera. Ac The PAIN Cl.'REK is entirely vegetable In its composition, ai d rrat be ased at all tin es wvh perfect safety. Ku'l directions accompany eaon boitle. Manufactured by JOSEPHS FRYE, Sal km. Mass. For sale hy al' prin ipal Drutt'sts no 4-1 m* >1. 1. pkankun, OPTIClAis TO THK PRESIDENT AyD MILITARY UTAi-FS, 94 4 Penn'a a v., no. Ui side,) bet. 13th aad 13th eta SPLCTACLKS, provide with genuine Rook Crje'al or Periscopio Lenses. mounted in gold, si;ver or steel, and suued with utmost care for every age and eyesight. FIRST czczhO CLASS MILITARY FIELD-GLASSES, Compasses, and Mathem\t<cal In atrumeoU, at the lowest K*stern pne< a. ocfe)-tr ( 1 SUTLERS WANTED. WREAT ADVANTAGE'S to be found by Sutle-s, and <1e?!ers >n acd Shoes,at *K- ? NEW YORK WH LEGALE BRANCH*?! JlOUSE, 349 Pennsylvania avenue,(o??rf W| annej's Shoe store.) ' wilt* We manufacture onr own Goods, and aek at New Yorkprie**. thereby savin* freight. Havinc constant,y on hand a large stock, we oas enppl) at a moraei t s rctioe. auv quantity desired. A lar?e assortment of ? sole Huh-out Shoo*, and Lone-leg Boots. . Sutlers liberalises W.:tt. A o*l from ali iltHfa Mocifd. uo7 1m* W BITSHOL SE A IJNCKLES. YWOOl> AND GOAL. . OU Will (ureijr t*t your money's worth by oallinz at the PIONKKK MILLS, rcmihwui tm M D ACL WW <(f l. >? ?* CIFMt V. I > VJ IlW. X AV Ci? Aiect.) They Ml! oLaftj^r and five better mtuort than iujt othe"j in th* ^itr?cot, ??lit, ud delivered free of charge. If ton don 11 ehere ?i the Pioneer Mi* * atna.,act be satisfied. t-tT.r |?OOTS AMU gH'JhS^ TO ??IT Til We are new otacafaotarinc all klnde of BOOTS U< tfHOKS, *aH co atanlij reoeinnr aa^Ste ?*fHT cl ewj rn ma<1e work of every de- ?3E?a oration, mule Bzpreca!# to order, and willy Rj" be eola at a aiaoj lower jHoe lhacnac teen" r& keretofoie charged ta fti* ?;*? 'sr maah lrJc :*r Persons in w.l of Boots an4 Shoos of smItd or ltr made work, 11) always find a rood assorimm s ?ij.-eand at t>? 'owes; j?r'?-?. nitre as e call. '1E1FF1N * BRO., % * ' r^Titinru Km*. ARMV cjr ?*)caos t*Al -AG MKAT, ] 8*' cans FKKsil TOMATOK8, 48.'can# FRK8H VEAL, yo cans BKKF, la mod*, 240 oans ROAST BKKF, Weans I RES.fl MUTTON. t* oans BEEF and 6UAVY, *40 cans SOUP tad BOUILLL ?uu> VEKNl'D ni'UIi'ATHn VUK tables* F*r M:3 ?t New^York Factory trioM. KiNS <fc Bl'RCHKLL. < w t Cortor I and Httoenth *tre?te. 'PHB KUKOPKAN HOTEL., KEPT BY f. 1 KM R JOB. at tns cornw of P?nB I. , A ire no? ?u<i EloveuUi (treat, tuu bMifEwf fre*UT iic?i :"ocl r<*c?nllj iixl now ofmiHU t; eater uiducemMitofor the j*trota*a of oiti?er,? fctid tiifcu *uy oiher :,ac ho tee in the atj, mm fuoo* beic.1 i?M that those of any other aotel oe Pern, annuo, aiui his iooorcmxlatieaa or pencxutct or transect boarder* unexc^tioiiibie. Tneoaranc restaurant arraccementa of the 1 European iiotei bare already become rmrj nh ar t.+: nm r' i> > ? A&r h? r?iiriH Kv IhA m nmt fl* jc::hi?. Tne ?fe*fietor rlsdfea ucrpc. tted atv?t, Uoc and oosuccno liberal ei M'wiiturea to flva?t'Tiocion to all, and itura rs-.sva Lis cv.tatioa W *11 tflUMtHi- Fn'o???n H.i'ol Malt. dat-tt WE OFFfcR TO MILITARY MEN a ,ar?a aaaortmeat of G F. ? V and B L I K F LA N N fcL QVER-SH1K 1'8, Will 1 & ?tiiKTM, DKAvT ERb. CAMP BLANKETS, HALF-HOBF. Aom 1 we invito ail <.*si parehaamto axamla* i *!?r? makcc the.r WALL. STEPHILNBA CO- 1 *93 Pa. at., between 9th tad 10th aU. m 8 in* Bo YIP CLOTHING. ? R Hav? reooivM wiu>it La? tat <W <r Wl) . res aMartuuLi of BOYS' BPftlS? CLOTBING, ombraoiac au at*T?e of low-jrload. madiam, tad too ?oahtto?, whioa wa are a t wy IO. in 8TKrHJC,s , 398 Pa. aY..>* twaae and10th m. iw8 j Every i- >j l??'?? i 0| a*ij b-rfj?atvil hDoacuriH. trim ar.<! navy oilicfcii. wUm, fcc.??j*oaWd at % THE WEEKLY STAR. WhiM nmeUmi Family u4 Mm joinua ffwier of '.atmcm* tmd i*C Uu mm be /cuad I* uf Kfcw to poMfcto* ? Friday MorriBf. TlHII O* ' ii m>i? *m. i Single oopt> P? uioa 41 M Five coplea........... Xrr coptos.?,## ? ?? t W fwttty iTi oopkm. It tawtiMf ooatalnafee " W?ekl?r?* New# Uil has ma4r TV Dmiiy Star clrrmlMa o gem-rally throng teat tba eraitry a' - - - u/ ?* *? copies (la wrappers) eu to p*?eured at the counter. Immediately after (to too* ? of the paper Price?THREE CENTS. IlELMBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATION. ? H10HLY COyCSNTRATMDn Compound Fluid Extract Btohu, A Potutrt and Sptei/it Rrnudf For Dimum of 119 BLADDER, KIDNEYS. OR A VEL. and DROPSICAL 8W ELLIN OB. Tmc M.Jieitie Inoretces the power of DifMOoa, ft d "xc;t" the ti'iiiliJTi Into b??JQ>7 Mboi, by vbic*i the watcky ui c?lckboc* depoaiuot*. .ltd a! r*!??iC*Ai ?ml *am .mm ft re rednood, ft' W?ll ft? *4131 AND INFLaMMATIOH, ftixl U (OOd KEN. WOMEN. OR CHILDREN. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCKV For W(atn<i''i Anting from Ki?*mn, of DiMiptttoa, Kjwly I di?or'ti?ii rr A' Atttndtd with tk* FoliotrtNg Sfmptomi Indisposition to Kxertion, !,<>? of Power, I <>?? of M?mon, cf Hr?tkia|, \Vaa'< N'rv??, Trrmb inc. Horror of Wtk^falKMt, Bioio*** vt VPirn in tli? Um) . n-v"?ft' Latitude of thi? Ma?cui*r s*r?u>nj, Hot Mg?Hm( of th? H-jdy, Dr;cetiufth?fk'ii, K np'ion* on l?? Fao*. H> LID COMT*!IA!K*. ... -WW J I?v ?I?- II a vwf U ?u fU * U . W ^ I OB 111! medicine inv?ri%i ly isn irn, toon fo low? 1A1POTENCY. FATUITY I PlLEPTIC FITS, In one of tcktck tke Patient mof Fiyirt, Who can ??y t' ?? t^y nre rot fr*a?*?tly follow by those "piekfrl di?ka?,?." *INSANITY A>D CONSUMPTION." Many %r? *?* ofttm i-itwof thwir acffarinf, sl-t sojii w;ll co>r>? THE RBCOK DSov THE INSANE ASYLUM* And Ike Melnnekoig Drotks k? Conntmptxmm, BEAK AMf LB WIT!**" TO THE TtCTH or THE A->?. ETIOR. THE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFECTED W ITU URniMir U k ivvcua v?? v ?? i<n it .1 wrot Requires the a d of medicine to strengthen and It Tig orate the S?y?tem wluob HELM BOLD'!* EXTRACT BUChC a TBtaL WILL COffVlJtC* TBI *WT AKkPTICaL. FEMA LE8- FEMALES? PEMALE8, OLD OR YOUNG, t*J?<rl>E. M&K R>E1>, Oft CONTF MPUATI.NG \l\RHl\OE. In Maiy 4/T'ffont P'cultar it F-mnl't tfe 1-xtre t Huccu ia ui eeua I o by any?~ther rem e^y, a* in hk> oste or Ket i U .L. Irr cu a'l'y. P?ni(u!n?<??. or SuppreBe.on o< Cu*t< mar> EvaauatioLB Ulo rate" -r ^h:r?oe? 'ate of the t'te>us, Louonriin or W hi' i,M*rilitf.?ii for all oofTip-ai i? iar-idei.t to ti e wi eU-^r arikia* 4 < ^ II. . A / I _ IIOIII iDU Mrecoii, >1 ui' .*iiuu, vr in'M DECLINE OR CHANGE OF LIFE! KM SYMPTOMS ABOVE NO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHUUT IT Take no mors Balsam, Mercury, or Unpi?a?mmt Idedictn* for Unpleasant and Dangtraut iHuastt. HELMBOLL'S EXTRACT BUCHV CURBS BtVKtl UDI.ASI.S In all their 8u*ea; At little Expena* Little or do cuii.*e it: Diet; No luoonveueaoe; And mo *zro?w*. It oauen a frf^u u. demre ad f .vet atteaftb to Urinate tie et>, Rem vmt? bet uotioca. Preventing and Cminf ? ricturt-a ol the Urethra, Allayluc < tin a d i LtiarnmiUin. eo frequent in the ol^aeof di??a ee. aini txye.iiaf ?4i Pouonous Uxstastd. and i*o-n ami Matter. THOVI4MU CPOM THOCSASDt WHO HATE BEEN THE VICTIMS OF QUACKS, and who tav? pail heavyjtu to be oared is a abort Ume, have f .una th< y were deoeivnd, ?ud that the ' roitoit" haa, by the uae pw.'fui mttnntmtr* been aried up in tee ijiteci, to b.eax oat lb an at gravaUd form, and fERHAFS A*TMR MARR1A**, Us* HKLMBOLDTj bXTRAOl BUCHU Bii atfeot<ous aa-i diseaa of tM CR1NARY OReA.1t, whether exiatiot in mi or rimi, from whatever c&uee oncmatinx and no mattar of HOW LOilO STANOINO Disease* of these Orface retntre the aid of a DiraETic. liELMbOLD S EXTRACT BUCHU IS THE OKtAT DIURETIC, nod it is oertnin to hire the oesired effect la Diseases Jut w?im if ii r*ccrmwund*d. btidbbob or tbb kiw rbspomsiblb abd bbL1ABL* CBARACTBB vilCaooompany the medioiaes. 0 CERTIFICATES Of CURbt*. Fr^m 8 to ? jatuxilAf. vtUi N?mM known to eUENCE A MO FAME. MPHYSICIANS" PLEASE * NOTICE." va iui "wo iBCftBr" or HELMBOLLt'S EXTRACT tiUCHU laoom^oeed ot Vaehn.C a Abated Joaip?r Btrrwt, teieotod witli treat o&re bj a oompeteai d ac(i?t. PREPARED IN VACUO. DT H. T. HBLnBOLI), rr*cuoii am Anairiia*. menus i. ana poie nu uiacturtr of Hgl.MROT.n'K GENUINE PREPAEATI0N8. AFFIDAVIT. Personally upwia before me. at Aidernan ot tbe 01 ty of Fhliadt piua, H. T. Helmsold, who being duly ?wc n.dout ?ay. h.? piefra<aUoa? contain no naroot c, no mercury, or outer i&Jarioaa "*yj. helm bold. Sworr an<i subeoribed h?f>re ma, tlit? aij of November, 1864 WM. f Aid... man. Nlntt ?t.. ?mt* Hm?, flui*. PHYSICIANS IN ATTENDANCE FROM ? A. M TO 6 T M. Price |1 per Wttl*, er ill tor t*. Oellreied to acr address, moitm; ytaltd (h? >bMmkOB. Add raw letter for loformfctm la eeajdwe H. T. HELM BOLD, OMIM, Depot, 1M SoaUk TnU at., below C>HI?1 Ptol? % KKWAII OF OOUNT**r*JTB AND UNt&INCIfLMD OMAJUMMS rt.o ?d? ror to diwoM "of U?u tad ' oln?r trntlM on a? rtHMtoi mint *r m ? Mxttmu Pa i >?, MUM AarMfariik, m M j^rtwd X?m VaA Botd br & B. w&xra, B. ft luuii >tu Nfuti & C. PoU. B. B. bliiinu, B C. Hajok, Eimu 4 Unoci, 4. ft, Him ITeekuKtoe eed Beerseiewm. AND ALL DiVWlBTB WTMMTWmWAM. aax fob hsjuold*. vin so kND AVOIDIMruamon mi I I iimi Wi/ ;

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