Newspaper of Evening Star, December 5, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 5, 1861 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: TlimsDAY DFt FHBFR s, Wl. ' >ra Fkbmp* at tbe ailvTU military cam pa ud positions will confer a ft or by keeping us poetod ?c motmrnti ind sfffclrs In their vicinities. rh??gh Tn ftTAm la printed on tha fastest press In n*r south of Baltimore, its edition ?? w liriif ss to require It to b?* pat to press at mo *irlf hour therefore, should b? ent In before It o'clock ? ; otherwise they msy mar not appear until the next day. * lLr~ To our Baltimore readers we would ?-iv that the Brat and aecood edition of the Star can I* had tn Baltimore of E. P. Hazellon. agent. No T1 West Baltimore street, near Gay?the flrrt ?dltion at half past four and the aecond at eight o'clock, on the arrival of the trains from Wash ngtoti. giving aH the latest news from the sent of w?r up to the time of going to press Spirit of the Morning Preaa. The devotes Its attention to the nbject o* the colonization of negroes The Rtput-irrtn again trot* out its emancipation nag, and berates military officers who have refustd to harbor fngltives. The Pistrict Jndiciar; . The judiciary of the District of Columbia yesterday became tbe subject of eery bitter animadversion In the tours- of the Senate's proceedings The 00081*00 wai the consideration of joint resolutions proposed by Mr. Wilson, directing tbe liberation of certain negroes now confined in the Washington jail. The condition of that prison was very justly censured with grent severity, with as much as that with which the grand jury for th a county have censured It, tertu after term, for yean past, in their customary presentments with reference to It. In thus censuring It. tbe grand juries have always taken occasion to out the feet that Congress was justly chargeable with the responsibility for the shameful evils of which they complalncd. Not once, but twenty times, :n the las! decade, have the grand jury besought Congress to make the neceaaarv appropriation to enable the Marshal cf the District to make the Waah n^ton jail somewhat more comfortable and de'eterious to tbe health of those confined in it, than "an Austrian dungeon." But they have always so appealed in vain. Now that the attentl< n of so nsnny Senators is o zealously turned to the subject, it is to be hoped that Congress will no lunger leave it in ltschronlc deplo abie condition. We are smong those who believe that the class of laws of the District mfe'fiMfrrni Maryland half a century ago, which ^ ere r-psterday denounced as its ''black code," should be a.nended as sovn as possible. They certainly afford opportunities for extortion from and oppression of negroes by unprincipled magistrates, county officers and policemen, who will always ex;?t where the law affords them such opportunities In this matter this community has been wholly at the mercy c.f Congress, and has suffered accordingly In making those changes. It is to be hoped that the views 0f Senator Fes Meden, wherein he urged ? that the whole subject would be properly and fully dealt with." and added that be " favored nothing but a lawful ?nd constitutional course on the subject, ' and *lso that"the legal rights existing in this connection he would wish to regard* mete I ni> out Jus. tlce and discriminating as to facts," will be strictly kept in view. If sweeping changes are to be made In tLe principles of the laws of this District in the tone and temper manifested by more than one Senator yesterday, they will be made solely for political effect elsewhere and Without proper regard for Ihe well being of the community being legiaiated for. w *fcill cheerfully sustain thoughtful, wei.-b-jlaar.rd and discriminating changes in our whole judiciary system, we shall deprecate anything tfce sort which are likely to be neither Jnore nor lets than revolutionary experiments at the expense of the only community lawfully at the mercy, in such matters, of the ex per! mentors A few years since an effort at judicial reform Was essayed here As It Involved [in the shape of the adoption of a new code] completely doing away with all the laws under which our fellowcitizens had lived since the first settlement of the country, and as acqulesence in It was left optional with the people, of course It failed, as might have been expected. Nevertheless, this opportunity to reform our Judiciary In man/ essential particulars should be Improved. Let Congress, on consultation with numbqps of those interested in tbe social Condition and business prosperity of the Federal ^metropolis enact the necessary reform*, one by one, as necessity for them may be brought to their notice. This can be done to great advantage to our community, and to the relief of Congress from the stigma that new justly rests upon It for Its persistent neglect of its duty to the DIs. rlct In this particular, for a long series of years. Comxodobk Tatwall.?The Savannah papers state that Commodore Tatnall weut down to attack the Federal vessels at Tybee. but after 'ring at them for some time, and being unable to decoy them under the guns of Fort Pulaski, he retired This, it true, was very extraordinary conduct on tbe part of Commander Kodgers, who ought to have remembered the Landlady's song, which ays: 'Ducky, ducky, ducky, come and be killed. My customers are hungry and their bellies must be lllfd " The Department will no doubt Insti'ute a rigid inquiry Into the matter, in order to ascertain why be did not immediately, or sooner, go up with bis email, fi^ht-draft steamers and blow Fort P"iuk: and Irs 16*j heavy Dahlgren shell guns Into the air. No wonder Commodore Tatnall retired with his fleet, in utter disgust at such oonduct on oar part, and particularly afto' wasting sc much good powder, by heavy firing for nearly two hours, with the American vessels entirely beyond range of his shot, they not In any way noticing his afack or wasting their ammualtton in like In merely making a noise The next time t^c gallant Commodore makes a similar essay, we weald suggest that he should decoy kimstlf froaa under the gucs of Fort Falaski, end venture sufficiently near to the Arr.e' ^an vessels that his shot may be able to reach them, and theirs in morn may reach him C_T"The U. S. war steamer James Ad^sr arrived at Baltimore on Tuesday night from Southamptcc Wither she had been on a cruise in search v of the Confederate war steamer Nashville, she came by way of Fayal and the Azores, and immediately on her arrival an officer was dispatched o Washington Bhe brings no intelligence of psaiai Interest Sy A letter from Western Virginia says* " | am Mrry to Inform von that Major Slemmer, of r<rrt Pickens fame, is not expected to live. He c*m# bCT* ???P*ct tbe troops, but was attacked with camp fsvsr and dysentery-which nearly si. DOW lyln* ,B Pf^wlous eoodltlon. His wife Is here with him " By The Baltimore Sm? says that Gen. McC1#a*n through Baltimore yesterday t*<0, fee the purpose of joining h!s family In Pennsyl?aala, and bringing them to Washington to reside daring the wln'er. ITT1 From the publishers, Peterson A Bros Philadelphia, we have the capital new story from ''Tempi* Bar," entitled "For Better For Thl* tb* ? edition | ubilshed by the Petersons ^-ir.sDwui:"f pr'De* k?*'* phi?rrS J^oodoti ^News if November 7 says at from the month of the Foyle to the bros<i ,fc*bha?n?n the falUiievt the potato VM* K^eraland complete tnan ir/~ fsdlara has lo Kentuekv ulbele^n reg'. ?e r, t&rtto mctntaof cavairv, ?i4 ?t rn.fjHill. ir. and Oln<> !,<*??nl a ia. \ OFR MILITARY BUDfiCT. tht com hasp of thi flotilla We hnr that Lieut Commanding A P Har. rell, lately In command of tbesecond division of the Potomac flotilla, has been ordered 10 the com mandof the flotilla?Captain Craven having been relieved Lieut. Harnll will remove to tbe Harriet La*e COSTRAfcAStm IS THS PtSTRICT. Tbv following from the Str.te Department will be read witL Interest here : Dkpaktmkst or Statu. ) Washington City, Dec 4, 1~61 f To Mtjor General Gto B McCleilan Washington General 1 am directed by the President to call your atteution to the following subject Persons claimed to be held to service or labor under the laws of tfce StUe of Virginia, and actually employed in hostile service against tbe Government of the United State#, frequently escape from the lines of the enemy's force* and are received within the lines of the army of the Potomac. This Department understand!" that such persons, afterwards coming into the city of Washington, are Habic to be arrested by the city police, upon the presumption, arising from - oloi, that thev are fugitives from service or labor Bv the 1th section of the act of Ccng'ess approved August fitb, 1S6I, entitled "An act to con fiscate property used for lnsurrcctiona-y purposes, inch hostile employment is made a full and sufficient answer to any further claim to service or lal>or. Persons thus employed and escaping are received into the military protection of the United States, and their arrest as fugitives from service or labor should be Immediately followed by the military arrest of tbe parties tnaklng tbe seizure Cop tm of this c immunisation will be went to the Mayor of tbe city of Washington and to the Marshal of the District of Columbia, that any collision between the civil and military authorities may be avoided 1 am. General, your very obedient, Wm H.Skwakd. - latksimkal oldixi. Htudqitirttrs of the Army, Adj't GenUs Office, ) Washington, Nov. 25, letil. \ General Orders, Xo. 102. 1 Major Isaac Lynde. ?th Infantry, for abandoning his post?Fort Fillmore, N. M.? on the 2?th of July, l*?t>l,aad*uo?eq<iently surrendering his command to an Inferior force of Insurgti ts Is, l>y direction of th? Pres'ddit of the United St ite*, dropped from the rolls of th* army from this date. 'S. The Secretary of War directs that ailtfflcers and enlisted men of the volunteer service, now prisoners In the bends of the enemy or reported a< "missing In action," or that may be hereafter taken prisoners or reported ' missing In action." be transfer ed to skeleton raiments to be formed by tne Governors of the respective States, ntid to consist entirely of ?uch prisoners and missing officers and men Tbe vacancies thus oc<^sioned In the ortaniied regiments will be tillt dr by the Governors of the various States to which the regiments bel'ng c 3 in time of actual fle.'d service, officers of Cavalry, Artillery, and Infantry a-e permitted to wear tbe light b!uc overcoat prescribed f.>r enlisted Hen of tbe mounted c-^rpe. I The Uniform for Chaplains of the Army will be plain bla k frock coat with standing cllar a:.d one row of nine black buttons; plain black pantaloons; blick felt hat, or army forage cap. without ornament On occasions of ceremony a plain chapsau de bras may be worn. By command of Maj General McCleilan: , - , . ... L? Thom*"- Adjutant General. Official ED row.MsKrsD, Ass't Adj General. THE or A EKBKLLIOl'S pr1vat* The followiug Army order has been promulgated : Hindquarters, Arrny of the Potomac, f Washington, Nov. i!9, 1-61. < Gemtrttl Oritrs, A'o 49 1 I he attention of the Major General commanding Las been directed in an especial manner to the report of Drlgadier General E D Keyee transmitting the narratlv.s of eye-witnesses of the } circumstances of the shooting of Private Thoma? j OKourke, Company D, Wh Pennsylvania Volunteers, by Captain V\ . K. Enright, commanding Company I), indofl^r of theday. at Cantonment ILi a-lev. near the Great Falls rf the Potomac, on t! p 0 h of Noveml>er, 1-01. Tbe sh>oting of Prlv .te O'Konrke resulted tn b's d'-ati,; ar-d Captain Enrlgbt, for his own v'ndic-flon. h-.s risked for n Court of Inquiry Aft. r a careful perusal of the narratives of Lieutenant W S Day. Company A; Assistant Surgeon Morrison. 1st Sergpant Coleman. Company |?Corporal Andrew Wayt. Company A. aid Private I.lward O L'ary, Company D,?all of the 1,1 h Pennsylvania Volunteers, ?tak?n befare Captain J Heron Foster, ?U<> of tbe lath IVunsylvauia > o.nntpe's. commanding at tbfit place, tbp Major General commanding is satisfied thatth? ?hooting of Private O'Konrke by Tap aln Eugrlght was jHstiflible as an act of self-defen < ? of as well as necessary for the enforcement of military at?r-i ??lln*? 1 From the narratives taken and signed In presence of Captain appears that Captain Enright was officer of the day at Cantonment Rowley on the <tb November, lbGl; that he detected in a house within the lims a quantity r,f whisky, and ordered It to be seized; that while this w k doing, the deceased and another very disorderly private of the same regiment off, r^d violence and used threats against Captain Enrl*ht. Iri their efforts to obtain of the whisky, in which last one of th?m suci-eedpd notwithstanding the exertions of tbe officer of tbe day; that be orderpd these men to be arres'ed by the guard, and that deceased, drawing his bayonet and using the foulest and most profane language, resisted the arres'; that, Anally, he was rather persuaded than ci m pel led to sheath bis bayonet arid be taken, with his companion, to the guardhouep; that he and his comrade continued to revile Captain Knrl^ht and threaten blm with violence and rrv'iige; and that he directed them to l>e tied, though with mistaken lenity be caused this to be so loosely done, for fear of hurting them, that tbey succeeded In disengaging themselves; that they continued their railing and their threats, and were again, and more securely, tied, by order of the officer of the guard; that they contrived, by means of a large knife which deceased had secreted in his sleeve, to cut the cords with which they were thus tied, and that then O'Rourke brandishing the knife, and, together with h's comrade, threatening to take revenge on all who were concerned in confining him, detied arrest, that the guard, though ordered to rearrest him were backward aud did not obe> the order; that upon SergeantColsmati attemptin^to prevail on the deceased to lav aside the weafou and yield to arrest, be assaulted bim fiercely with tbe knife making r^veral cuts at him; that Captain Enright. coming up and ordering deceased to give up his knife, was grossly reviled, threatened and taunted by him; that Captain Enright presented a pistol, warning d^ieased ol the consequences of persistence, and approaching him. again ordered blm to give up tbe knife; that Sergean' Coleman, at this juncture, stepped between them, and rfqoested deceased to give up his knife, to which dec-a-sed repll. d witb i cut which | grazed Coleman's person, aud caused htm to jump I t*3* *? a?d that de eased had again raised hlsarm I In act to strike, when Captain Enright fired with , f ttal effect. It would thus appear that there was | left to to the bfflcer of the day, in the execution of his office, the choice of retreating before the assault of a mutinous soldier of his own company or of putting him to dta'h To have retreated might not have been possible or safe, but It would certainly been been very prejudicial to ?..od order and military discipline. In adopting the alternative of dealing summarily with the offender Captain Enright simply dischsrged his duty His condact was not snly justifiable but meritorious If there were any conflict in the narratives of the witnesses, a Court of Inquiry would be ordered, but officers, non-commissioned officers and privates all concur so remarkably that any further investigation seems unnecessary 7 2 The Major General commanding cannot speak In the stme term* of commendation of the conduct of the guard on this occasion. The insubordinate and mutinous behavior of tbe deceased and his comrade was, so long as he rematned at large and unpunished, a disgrace to the regiment It Is was especially disgraceful to the guard who had charge of the camp that day. The guard bad orders U. arrest these mutinous ?!?' ?.? through a most unbecoming and unsolderllke backwardness, these orders were not obeyed. The nituralaud necessary consequences ensued If tLey had done their duty with energy and promptitude the officer of the day would not have beeu obliged to shoot down ?he deceased In 2 T*?dlc*,? military discipline. The blood of O Route Is on tbe beads of those who shrank fr .m their doty when ordered to arrest him ay command of Major General McCleilan: Williams, Ass't. Adjutant General. Official; Ricmb. U. Iawm, A.dc-de-Csmp tET Prince Napoleon has subscribed 5.01? francs, and the Pr no as Clotbllde a.uw. toward the monument of r>unt Cayour. Her royal highlit ss write. "In beevm ug a Kmc. woman bv m/ marriage, my Wt has remained profoundly devored to Italy I am happy to ahow ft,|? to-day In nntMpg my name to my ^uaband's In doln? honor lo the memory uf Count Cavour." itr The carrying capacity of the marine lie. t I ndlit* i>et<*"een Cnicago and enstera seaports Is not fir. If. ny, be|.,w 45,100,000 buslels offfrain, ye ti. .. i^uof prod <oest ibai |MMt tbe pres> bt ! s-sij- li; ve ' fii >?? ?|ii' th>s ij. . t i, ,s ?-?: . Mr ti?' . s* i: '9 it tt i* i in,j,o i ted, j l t II,' cltW f i av ^ u:i wiil .t I ttu Lvt 3,UW,UJ0 buajjeu ol grata in i.ty.e j Stat Qarrie* ? b? Anwered. What, Mr Editor. are the signs of the timet' Is there not an abolition storm brewing * Are not the elements gathering around us with portentous blacknea< .' Have we not an abolition press U> our city, aa tmscbievouslv busy and gangrenous as ab >lltlon presses are everywhere wont to be * Haa not a Christian pulpit beVn vacated. In order that it might bf filled by an abolition high priest, who?f first 9ermou, as such, enjoined upon hit bearers the paramount dnty of amalgamation with Indians and negroea * Are not these subtle preparations to be followed up with the additional enginery of p>>bllc lectures on abolition, by Beecbtr, Greeley, and Wendell Phillips, to be succeeded in due course by Fred Douglass 1 What does ? 1 this fanatical industry aim at? Does it not meau. firs', an assault upon President Lincoln and his Cabinet, in order to subjugate it. or break it up and put abolitioui>?s per .?? in the r lace of constitutional and coi srrvatlve men* Does it uot in'end, next, to drive off Maryland, tr.e loval portions of Virginia, Kentucky and Missouri to the Southern Confederacy, and to disgust every citizen throughout the country whose heart beats true to the music of the Union and the Constitution, as transd l't? d by our fathers ' Does it not propose new *'aid and comfort'' to the foilorn hopes of its old allies, Jefl Davis a^d fcis false crew, so that secession may surely triumph, and disunion become a u fixed fact With these perils close in our front, what must m*>n and patrots do' Must we not resist them, without fear or flinching, till they are put to tight' Musi we not sustain our honest President ind the sound meu in hisCabi et, against all the fury and devices of their foes* Must we n?t show to the whole world that first, and before all th'ngs ea*thly, is ourde?ire to keep our Constitution and Union without change or mutilation ? If such be the fhlurs we are to ilo. what are the corresponding tLlnxs to refrain from ' Are they not, to refrain from patronizing abolition newspapers; from attending abolition preaching'; and from wasting time and money on abolition lectures ' Answers are requested. No Puo-slaveky mas * Who k Elected Mayor or New York City* The politicians are yet full of excitement ubout the Mayoralty contest, Gunther's friends claim h's election by tigh'y majority over <>,)>dyke They say that tome three hundred votes for "Godfrey Gunther"' were not allowed, and that two hundred more, with part of the name clipped off, so as to re?d "C Godfrey (iunth" were also thrown out With these, end the amended returns, they fiijure up the majority of eighty. It is said that the Board of Canvassers, composed In the main or Gunther s friends, will allow thes? votes, and thus defeat Mr Upd\ke The Republicans are very active. They have procured returns from all the election districts, and a proml e from Mr. Kennedy not to allow the police returns to be fur'her seen. Vet, in view of the present state of arti-rs, they do not fell very easy. The cost of beiug Mayor of the city is becoming a little too "tall1' for poor men to stand,?us the following estimate, within gun shot of security. will show: ?tiuntht r'? bills, "JO 000; Ondvk^'s bills, #40,000, Wood's bills. ?l<?,000 ? A". Y. ErprtsS ID" The shipbuilders of the Clyde are full of business A contract has been made with the French Government for a transatlantic line of steamer*; thr Black Prince and Sco'iaare rapidly beiue Co" pleted, and five screw sttamrrs, varying from 600 to 1 600 tons, are beiog constructed f>>r a Hue betw.en the Clyde and Quebec \]~J~The mutineers fifty-nine In number, now confined at Turtugas, complain bitterly of the treatment they are receiving at the hands of the Government They are uud to keep the fort clean, and do much of the work on the Island, such as coaling vessels uuloading cattle, A c. HI/" Madam Goldschmidt Lind was so well pleased with her reception In Liverp ool lately, that she has promised to again visit the town, and sing at a private concert, to be given exclusively to tne members of the Philharmonic Society. lT~r"The 5th of November (Guy F&wkes' day) v as ce lebrated by some (Viu persons taking tea together at Hut!. Wonder if it was gunpowder tea. ^????? W ? A ' HON, No. 5 ?The mMiib rs nf ! * . * ' .brae,v' rAc?* Fire Co . No. are hereby i.otih-d that rh? regular monthly i->eetui< of the comjany will b3 held THIS (Thursday) EVEN!, **' o ciook, over n?t'i Snoe Store Hasineaa of the utrn >*t mi porta lioe demands the atter dance of every metrfer _m GKO. FLETCHER, Ste. r*?u. S. HAMT'RV COMMISSION, JvT- w K5' Washington, D. C.. 0?o 2d. J he "Miliary t.onirr.isson has a ool'eo'inn of book ?e .ref-rer.oe . n Military Surterv act! Army Hytie;.e, winch Miiitaiy Surgeons at or rear u a?hi? gtirj are invito t > consult. 1 O, FREDERICK LAW OLMSTED, d\2-lm General Secretary. CREAM AND WATER ICES, L.3 the J7K per quart. Ho'eis and boarding houses fhmibhed at low rates. A 'gr*? a?sortmert of fine Cakes kept on hand at the rkilad'lphvx ( oHfr'tKm-ry, corn?r Twelfth an.; F t?. no 7 1 ru" Y^-PEHA^TMFNT OF METROPOLITAN r .?... "LICE.?Office of hup'rictendeiit. No. i.J'.i ''.r6?V Person* wno have iMdt property are requested to rcp,>rt tieir Ioms t> tins Department. Large (ju.antitiee of lost prrperty now in lilO 1 no 3' avwtl w. B WKI1B. Pupt. the bngilsh Lutherar. Churoh, oorner ol H and Uth sts., ooitiiuffnoinr at half-past 4 o'c)i>ck p, in . to he oontini?l one hour onlr. oo 7-ain fcU?R HIRE.?A HORSE M-'itarV WidlT a:.d a t>r d.e. w>!l be hired oq rcasoi able term* to a careftii an I re-ponsibie officer. Address "Offioar." a tn*. thee of the Evening Star, Washington d? 5 2L,M)R SALF-?At F LfM I NO A FfTvs Livery I 'tables a hn? stylisn l?ay HORSE, perf"*etly sonn<! and *ent e, suitali e for an of IrH hcor < r private gent'eman. Can te seen at^ *> t i e above stables, on C street, between and 6th eU- d?5-3t* AIL PERSONS INDEBTED TO B. I. NEAi.E are hereby notified to call and set tie their aoconnts on or l>efor" the 1st d*y of Jai u ar*. 1832; after wh ch date the h lls wiil be p ?c.d la the iisiuls f m> attar ey for 0'>l!eot.ou <le JOHN E. NEALE. 'T'O COAL DEALERS AND OTh ER8.?For ? sale, i(0 to ifti tons Run rf Mine Turnip laLd Cos,. <la.i i expected to aril e by C A O. t an?l lo be te ivered on boats a Ge r*et-wu. Allexpenne . <!. i.urraee, A e? to he pa d by purchaser from ti at fi"i D "t<h'Ht pi-ica toe oa?h. B"X 3*s?> Post Qffioo, A.fxand la, Va. de5-6t* \ata3hlngton gvmnam' m, ri . , Ninth St. Meir Cent'r Mnrkit riuses?abli?hiTient is uow opmi 0oai6 a. in. to 9 p. m t)ne of the officers in attendance from I to 3 a f'om 6 to8 o olook. H?rso:-.e I adi' f a se<lentary life w tild do well to jcia inimed ?? |y. *1 a ii '.ntli. $2 VOire* montns. deg f'loveb! \I c A p ^ i Bi'CK^KIN GLOVES, MILITARY OAI'NTLETS. A"?vrAP?, INDIA KHBBKK HATS. A 'arte asbjitme t for se^e at. '"i SEVMOI R'S. Georretown. JMfORTANT TO THE L. A DIES! Mrs. M. a. hamilton, rf Baltimore, con ?".ue- to .?*ju at atfaotion t.? bar beauti winter ? o n !v k. ttf, h Ea D DRESSFS, &nd yJLLINERY . , general, at5^f b "wl"?s.No 24fi Pa.av.nue.ov-r Mrs. Robert Wruht'a Corset Depot Ce 6 3t* 1^ U R 8 ! ~F t~ P R pupb*'' MINK SABLE. t ITCH. WATER MINK, , . J . FRENCU SABLE. In Rreat variety, a^d ohaap, at 0?slm SEVMOLR'S, Goorcetown. QSK WOOD 97 AO PER CORD. seasoned Oak Wood, which I will sell at a; the railroad or delivered for $3.d0 per eord. p!il.',upn(i,.n!r' ftt the railroad, or of C. B. CHURCH at the depot, orders leit at my test druoe 4b6 Uth street, noar tha Long Bridge, will be atfrued vo. 8. W. K HANDY. TN STORE, 1 AND FOR SAI E ?b a<^r?woR cash2 ooo p.>ub e and single Ccmf .rr.? 1,"00 Lined and linlined Buffalo Robes, Buckley's Patent Caae-stat Army Chaus, the best oaiup chair in use. Payor s and Shiyock's Camp Cots. Hair and t-tijafc Matr<-e?se? of a t sizes, heather, Hiir and J- x jeisior Pillows, Ac., A e. . . J AS C MoGUIRK A CO.. tie b . r com r l out.i st ani Pa. avenue. A NOTICE T?? OFFICERS. ? /Mor<an STALLION, stylish and spirited, yet docile and easi y ma ased.asrv d?rk Bay 6 yea-s old, '.6 hands S inohesTJrt\ hi*h. and will be so d low, aa the owner i? ?*?iB* lOrtb. lobe seen at CON KLIN'* Stable. ; >4th street, b?low t e avenue. de 4 2t* WORSTED GOODS. ~" J , * Assortment ol Ladle*' and Chii S<^u?afs Coats, l loake, Sleeves, Ho?ie, y, Gloves, to. 4o. Also, a larxe invoice ^v "ir?t*d t-M>l>ro?dered Slippers, L mp noU-aw* SCHLA1CH A CO. jv..^ new millinery. KH PeHiC\ 5 JrJ *>ot "'"rtnteiit of ?> l > 1 tK MtiNNErt*, oamprisicj the newest aud m >st desirable sty es of theaea which the attention of the la.Ues i.JJr ttor* V HUTCHINSON* "tO^Ro.310 Pennsylvania ave.. between nth andlluU streets, whe.e Misa THOMPSON is presaied to execute prorrpwy all orders lAatrusted to *e3 M rpO THK LAOiF.8 OF WASHINGTON, V?>srszi2r ?'f > ; t^u tri. ou W #du?sday, Leoe nb. 4 11 ?> u'-.iook. at >ro. y4?* P? ave ! ' "de,il11 ' MN natoc. i 9 CONGRESSIONAL. IXV VIlib I ONGRESS-Secsnd Sfiilti. !*k>4T? \ eaterdav, after the rlo?( of our report?

Tbj following k'fUrmfn were appoln'ed to tbe standing Committer On Forest, Relatlons-MeBsra Sumner. Coilamer, Doolittle, Wllinot, Browning, Polk. Harris. On F 1 nance? Messrs. Feasenden, Simmons. Sherman, Howe, P?arce, Bright, McDougall uVVnmn,e?f-yeM,i Chwdler, King, .Morr II. Wilson. Ten Lyck. Saulsbury, Johnson of Jen n. Oil Military Affair* and tbe Militia? Mem Wdajii. Kir.,, Lane of hid . Lane of Kuntns, nice, Latham, Pear<-e. i>,C!,s,s Hale. Grimes. Fool, Sherman. 1 li >ra?on, Kennrdy. McDonrall Oa the Judiciary?Messrs Trumbull, Foster, I en K??k. tewin. Harris. Bayard, Powell. On Poet Office, and p.?t Roads-Messrs CoilaLaYba Wade, Trumbull, Kice, Bright, <>n Public Lard*?Messrs. Harlan, Clark. Pomeroy, Johnson of Teen , Klce, Nesmltb, Carllle. >11 1 ri 'ate Land Claim*?Messrs Harris, Poster, Sumner. Polk, Bavard On Ir.dian Affairs?Messrs. D?olittle, WilkinS?"rke* Wa"' ' ?f Kan9,!, Har,an. N-*mitb, HUl/rlTD'*". FOBtn L"? of lnd> ?l?not, Pomeroy, Sauhbury, Wlllry. On Revolutionary Claims ? Messrs Ktnc Chandler, Wilmot, Hile, Neamllh. g' ?V,_9.1>>!!n*~AI*?,*I' CIark, Simmons, Howe, V\ iimot. Pomero^. Polk. Thomson On District of Columbia-Meaara Grimea, 1)1 ion, Morrill, \\ ade, Anthony, Keunedy, PowOu Patents and the Patent Office?Messrs S'mm?n,> ?aI^,,er; ^owan> Thomson, Saulsbcry. On Public Building* and Ground*? \1 essra tool, Anthony. Chandler. Bright, KennedyOil Territories?Messrs Wade, Wilkinson Pomero^rPW"'n*' Jobn>ou Ten# , Carllle! To Audit and. Control the Continent Expentes Tenn ^ Dixon- Clark- Johnson cf On Printing?Messrs Anthony. Harlan,Powell, rill 1atham B,,ls?Messrs. Lane of Ind , MorSaulsinry.11"1 Blll,-Mef"'i- Browning, Wjlley, Fe?s?endfn Llbrary-Mw'rS- P"r<*' Co!lam^ j Messrs Fessenden and Trumbull in ac-nrd. ance with the Senate resolution of ihi prerloJi tetote* PP? ntcd K^enf* 'he Smithsonian Mr Foct gave notice that he would ask leave to jij'roduce a bill to authorize the President of the United states to fill up the "corps of cadeta" Polnr ,,ed f,ta,'S 11,11113 Y c^demy at \Vt" t voteof :?ll0ViCK rt,,ol,ltion wa? adoptejl by a iffuKrT'r J?L.'i C- Br?klnhdge,a member of this body from the State of Kentucky, Joined the enemies of biscountry, and ia now |n arma against |ne Government he had sworn to support TbereResolved, Th*t said John C Breckinridge, the Senate' SD '* Lereby from the w?ri.?rlme* the following, which laid over und^r the rule: Aurfeed. That the President be requested to nvr^inV?ejt< Date^^^e, Df the ChMgW ?e-timo nv.and finding, of the recent court of inquiry in ItawfArmy ?" " 'Mlles-of ^United Vr Hale anbaaltted the following resolution RtsolieJ, I hat the Committee on the Judiciary r 'o inquire Into tbe expediencyan? of the1 nf?arf??tU,'"K tbSPrrt ,,t Supreme Court n ?.! r fcta,e* and establishing instead th? ?T ^upreme Court, in pursuance of the provisions of the Constitution, which, in the T.nbl7^uX?",wm Mr. Clark offered the following : Rtso.vtd. That the Marshal of the District of Columbia be directed to report immediately to in ihl fiH t ."Bm? of a" P*" 0"" now conCued !?!n. c ,jr Washington, with the the^a?Jfstr?? ard the names of , ???tf tritM by whom committed, and the leiiijtL it their Imprisonment, and the names of the persons who made the tirst arrest Adopted alio agreed to: ?fltrWl th* foUow,nK> w?>lch was R'.fn/ved, That all laws now in force within the D strict of Columbia relating to the arrest of persons as fugitives from service or labor together with all other "awa concerning persons of color within the Diatrict of tTolumbia. be referr^ " ?a the D,-,r,rt of Columbia, and that iLe committee further lnstru t.d to f?T n'l.V, |e of aboliahing slavery in Ira of Ilivtl' U compensation to the loynl holdJ !{n1?*Vr,nVht' ,1bankfi rt Congre? to Lieut John Henry Russell, 'he otfliers. seamen a,,d S5v .t P^lm f lgat-* Colorado, for'thelr I . y ersacoia; supplementary to an a t tae r^H' ^0, " U> '-1 'Itlxens of tue I u.ted *-ateK woo may .Hoover deposit- of H-August 1-, 1.-66, to aintliah the distinction no*r existing let ween the regular and volunteer f?rc?s of theSfnltod Stat4; ^ prnv"^ conniv TniVr'V'.V"'ftJ'" fOntlu. ?f la th? county Jail for th?* county of Washington >n th^ District ?f Columbia: to Ublish a line "f steim " d ^banshaiWi^nrm" Fr",<c,HC?. 1" California, wich'S.1. bI? I< bll,a-1'ouching at the SandJil." *"d JlP,ni u' authorize and f?ll|. tate mining operations In the States of r?iifnT..u were iutroduc'td, read a?,d rVfer^d ^ Adjourn^' daylC"'_Af er tb Cl?* 0f our ye*ter. ' P1?1 'ntro?luted tt bill prohibiting the or return oTfogitlrt ^ tLe C"Pture Mr flutchics introduced a bill to abolish slaverv in the District of Columbia, objected to. entVwaJehVbtitXCJ/aDEl0f ,n ,h? pr'"and h ,eT y bwn practiced indlrectxy, and aa such exchange would not only increas^ Srve th. M^ .a,nd VK?r ?f our arm'- hut ?'.bserve the highest interests of bnmauitv atid aa such eichange does not Invoke the recognition of the rebels as a government: Therefore 1 bat tbe >r,*s'dent of the United uieMure^foT^h** ?U> lnau?urate ?ystematlc preaeilt wac "change of prisoners In the lab mT.1T ?iMr ,VValU'il w" solved to pun.ah Major Lynde and other officers f>r surrender l"SeU or* *? an *>'>?><> oi l" ,". Mr Pendleton offered the followln-' Rtiolced, That the Commlitee on /udiciarv l?e lustrucUd to Inquire what change, if auy Is ne^ essary In the laws regulating the tiklnc of den.Bit ions to be used .n the FcderalcourUa^dfhe ;rtnceAd1P!;7"',0' ? elsli ?gS2ng',ntr?dUCed bv D'^n.was fxtfelvtd, That the Committee on Foreign \f fairs be instructed to inquire into and report whether .t Is practicable and expedient to obtain r,'rJhfn dU I"'vHpges of aettiementand of citi^trshipon any psrt of tbla continent or on the adjacent islands aouth of the United S'ates for the beueflt of auch f ee persons of African decent as "rsL e ^ emltjr,u' thereto from the United S .*te?, or where such emigrants may form themtfi)eL'nt0 ,ndt'P''ndent colonies, under auch protion m may eecure them from foreign mol(?t4Resolutions o"h the rebellion wero laid over till Tuesday, without being r?ad. A resolution instructing the Commltoe on Terlnflulr' 'J110 tbe "podlencv of provldi*?h . ^?m| let,on of ,he ^tf?orlal capitol of Ig ^'d to torcP?ft ?y bul or otheiwlse, was sSisis ^g*.1iw'" *hM "> PHOTOGRAPHERS V. .. tN,D.d1:,".B.R?T,y?7P^, IV;; c^f"cat terns for th? hoiid&rs, wh.oL th?? win ?n ?? \ tk prices for owfi. Orderl by " r e? pr;* filieu with d,sp?wu 7 d? S I1^1^ RUBBER PANTLt>ON8, Lerclrts fcwT'Wit? *0-" ...??? ''Wo'ilohj?Wait 4 'OHN B. ri'DNKY. or 1\ CAUTION TO THE PUBLIC. . ? ' 0llINoeue? of the oon:tant r m .reislnr in. itation of then d.'isnt hiastix u M?>tti Mmi a liteir rtn imp*rial, (b reez 8mJ?> 1 couatder it mw I*Vt (?a^OU O IfllLlt <aob lILiOlilinn/ Si Urar"ivTto^^ibfe $ n.. BRANCH HOUSE OP P. TIERNAN k BON ? y^?A#,hW',;c io^he ^ 'o4fdof Mass's s?i 8 AMUSEMENT8. yBlS 18 THb ONE OF THE SEASON ! The member* of the MOUNT CI ARB CL' B take pleasure in informing tfc ir friftjii tr M tb-irVevnth 6'aud COTI < ON PaHTV M ill b> givn at 8tott's Hall or NEW / YKAK'8 KVK ?ee f artieulars is fu'nrtfcP^ k!t?i( a?r.l It* /"JEORGE CHRISTY'S ** yKIT OPERA MOUSE. *1/ T*5TH *TRI?T,*1AB I fTIHT.^i) The a^nve Temple of Minatrelay will he opened THURSDAY EVENING, Dk. %th, for a Short Season, by the worid renowned (ieoriteth'liKj's Hlnstrela, Frrni Br onrftca v, Netr York. The select entertain men ta of thia ce ebrated Comps: y ?i!ll b? under the immediate directum and persona: supervision of Mr. Gkobgb Chbistt. tijs aak now edged Bcr'on of the I- thopiin I'rai a whose perfcrmanoea in New York city lor the last eighteen jeers have been at'ended by the title and fashion of the treat metropolis. For particular* aee amail bills and fatare advertisements . Apxusioji-Parquet an cents; Dreaa Circle a pent?. de 4 j^ING^ NATIONAL CIRCUS! {Manager ?L..T- Ring Assooiate Manager C. Soott Ksuratrian jW&aacer F. Whit'aker At?at R P.Jones The public i? respectfully informed that this Circus wiii extlbit at GEORGETOWN. It Three Hays and Nights. MONDAY, TIMESDAY and WEDNESDAY. Dec. 2J, ad and 4th. on the ot oorner of Weat and Gre*n s's., upon which occasions Maji'lle HELOISE.the trtarof the Arena. Ma tame Marie, Mi'a Virginia, Madame Camille, Miss Eloiae, the Child Rider. Tom Kmc, w?m Kmcade.E. Tonrraire, Philo Natbana, F. Whntaker, J .Franklin, J Ward. George Archer, and the two Cl^vna.Gardiner and Kennedy, will apn-ar in el'aan ly d versified entertainments. HjT Irtie Notioc will be given of the return ol t' e Troup* to Washington, and the litArsrRAi. Orgmy-. of the New Hriok A m ihithxatbb. d*2 CANTERBURY HALL, (Formerly the Wathington Assembly Rnoms,) Louisiana avenue, n'ar oo-ner ol > h street, in the rear ol the National and Brown'a Hotela, OPEN EVERY NIGHT! With the first talent in Amerioa. EyTIHE CHAyUE~OFPROGRAMME. Reappeaia ? of MISS JULIA HUDSON. The Beautiful Songstress N*'c Sengs, Xttc Dances, and Netr Flays' 10 NIGHT. THE B*MUTIP|JL BALLET I A MONDOLIXA, LA MO\DOLI\A, LA MOXDOL1XA. LA MOyDOLlHA, TUMBLETY OUTDONE. Pick Parker <funcy Dick)... at tbeCAXTRBBtRT. Harry Fox.__ .at the Caktbrbckv. ** . B. H?Ratso?i_~~ at the Cant?rbcuv. M'i lb Fkam< La F? llb at the C? ntekbtr', , Mias Jtlia h t wos, the beautiful eonsstreas at the CamtrRBCRt. Mta!>K.4 Emma Mil?s Willis. Vern>w, Parker Clifton ana a hott of ottiera at the CA5?KRBfRY. A GRAND AFTKRflPON MATINEE On_ * F liNe," D*^TDecember 4 h. Fur Famili's, Ladies, and Children. Doors open at 2 o'o oik. Adnuaaion?Children - 10 cents. Admission?Nights - Parquet, 25 cents; Parterre 1A cent* Door a open at 7; commence at7K o'cloek. de 2 tf _ ^ ODD FELLOWS7"HALLT *va?fTH. Above DSt. two ye vr starSt WM. WRAY, The greatest perf u iner of the age! WRAY THB HRITAT COMEDIAN* WRAY THE G H EAT HANJOl^T! WRAY TtiE KRhAT VENTRILOttUIST! WRAY THE GREAT MAGICIAN! BVERY NIGHT! JOHN N~Y~ BOYD. The I iiktnmt Jig IMncf, every night: In connection with the Campbell Minstrels sixteen Star Performers, in a new and varied pro~ gi amine nightly. Doors open at.7 o'olook; peiformaiice oommeccing at 8 o'olock precisely. Admission 25 oents. no 9" ""OTF F I C I A L. TRKASrRY Departmrnt. ( November ?'?, 1863.S A'etlce it hertby firm of tlie rsadmess cf thia Dej a'tmect to redeem the Treasury notea author ised by the aot of Congreaa approved 17th Deoem ber. I860 The intereat on i uch Treaiury notea will ceare on the firat day of Feb uary next, by the terina of tee above act S. P. CHASE, Secretary of the Treasury. no9? ftwSw [Intel.] *%|LTLE FOR SALE.?A atrong MULE, aound .'I and kind, tu a:ngle or double barneas. For f-ale cheap, on 2u atreet, la rear ol j34 Pa ave. de 4 3f ISO DISHES. t HE Wrll knovn New Ycrk restaurant of Goiliiig, long rerr.arkable f r ita excellent oooki* g, p< rfeet arrargementa, ard low pnc;a ha* opened a Wa-ihirgUm b anoh at '247 Pa. avenue, snath aide. b<-jow Twelf h at. M.HEYMaN, lw? Proprietor. Marine and opera glasses Just recived at MILITARY Ayi?TR UyK %TORE, *05 Pa. avenue, south side, between 9th and l?th de 4 3t* streets. /^REAT CLOAK OPENING AT MAX VI WELL'S WEDNESDAY AND IHl.'RSDAY, DbCECBKR 4th AM) 5TH Ladie*'Cloth Sacquea. Coata and Ciroularain a 1 the !a est iicsigrs. will be open :or inspection and ?ale in cur Cloak Rooms (2d story) on the ar?ve named riars. Remember the place is MAXWELL'S Cloak and Far;or Store, no ;S>-eo3t No 38S Pa. aver ua, /JOV'T PAT! ERN ** AXLE BOXES, Blackxmithe' Polished Steel Hammers, Farriers' do. do. Joiners' do. do. H acksmiths' Buttresses (steel), Horae Shoe Boxea. Burden's Horae Shoea, Springs. Axles Vioea, Sledrea 4c., Ac. Colt's Army and Navy R?volvrrs. Ac. Ac Ao Now being received by JOHN R. ELVANS, _de 3 lweo (Repnb.) 309 Pa. avenue. FOR SALE?A gooJ s!B?d new WAGON for one or two h rses suitable for a sutler or grocer. Ap ply ?t 37.") Maryland avenue, let ween 2d aril S<?stroets. de 2-3t* C. OFENSTEIN. S" DR. LOCKWOi'D * Eut-ber, and performs all UfcN TAL OPERATIONS, in the Wash _ i ingto^ Muildine, oorner of Seventh ?t. an 'TMbsa? Pa avenue. Ch'oroform given, if desir?^d/^ 1111 Aii kinds of Teeth (or sal*. noCawlm' 11 ru^, ON10N8?ON IONS-ONIONS. v UST Reoeivcd on oonsignment 1^00 Punches prime Onions. For sale low. army FINGER MITTENS. Just the th og /X for the "oldier, also Bnckskin Gloves, and Gauntiets, at . . j*2? Pa. are.. Back Room, or M3 D St.. between 9th and Heavy wool hose, shikts and DRAWERS, and ARM V f?HIR re, at &4 f; ?f?" 2,000 SS^J>?WH,T,! BL4N8E ' J. B. PUDNEY'8, de4-tl 384 Pa. avenue backroom. Bread-hread-bread: ' J SD PILOT BREAD. <41 Barrrlb. amilias ought to buy this Bread, as it is of first ity, and a ba-rei oontatns about U pom da. ?fa. oA."?' B,~? ' -? "" AllffKISafflFh. N "HANDS LINE.' OT1CE TO FROM PH1LA The steamer b. Chamtierlain is now loading at the above port f >? Alexandria and _?^bb. stfi'i'Di gS!Stl ? ,'g -'MtSW i ifxni'^sna^"tboe- wkr8tk*j,. HVUtiA TTT~~~ NOTICE THIS. HE OlBoers of the Araa* and others, owing us diiis are hereby notified not to pay any person the aame anieea they oaa a bow a written order, raivl after Deoember lai, 1KI, empowering them lo sign our name. w ' n _ . . JOS. T. K. PLANT * COI)a%Jer?1?i?t.^In/ Furniture, etoves, *o , 3 a 10th: an*l M. W. SALT ?U0Uo. to a?.' j~y?" Cr?ftS?i'! tSJL*XkN ^31tly>?SXd Cbronon,JUr?- Ac., dea-? Four doon wg^ o?j|rown'sBoUj ou at.oe ot air, an J vhen fo'ded is the n.oet o<,w iagi.i.t 4V9 7 h si. between H^SfiSpTfc. , AUCTION SALK>. By J.C. MrOl'IlK, A CO., Aaotaoaeer* Excellent household fcrnitirf: at Acctio*?OaSATURDAV MORNING, Tth, oommencing at > o'olock, w* m | Mil. in i-oat of the a?< tion Room*. a I*'** oo ieo tic? of foe Woaeehold Parnit?? and ?h % genMemsn decinlaf Houseka^mg. o->t?>yri*iagWalnut Hsirolot i rotas. Do da K r. ertjon and Arm Chain, Marble-toy Center and Sid* Tab es I ovuiiit Chair*. Font Cuahi' *. Walnut Marble-top Birmi* aad Wea^o'and*. Waluetsnd Mahogany Wsrdrohasand Bedst*. <ls. Panted Bureau* an1 V* B'hstar.da. Toi ctSet* Cat e Sca^ Clamber and Rreeptioc Chairs. l?o Rockers Hair Mat'r ss.-s, Festh'r Bed a, Featier B Iste-s aod Pillow*, Shuek *1 r4trew?i. Co* ace Badstsads. Maple-p<>at Bedsteads, .n b gaey S:d ?bnsrd and ? *t*BMon Tsble, ? hinfli, (ijaaa and Croaker*, Cutlery, 4a., <>ra lite 1 i?aer tta*. C a or. Chafing Dishes, Hon miac (*1m? Finger Po*!'. Decanters, Ao , Wiae ?*ia>eee, Jelly 6ia*e*a,*to , Bruwe *. Int'Bin a'd Vrntiao Ca'H-a, B.anket*, Comforts. Coa terpanea, (Juilts, To*ether With a oompiete aaaortmen' ot at'obe* Requisite*. Tern a rash. fie i gt J.C McGUIRE A CO . A*rta. B? WAIT. A BARNARD. A aetionr era. Cvrtuf Pa. ar?. and y>*!k $irtf* CONTINUATION OF IAR?i*i AND PKRbMPTORY SALE Of a Ele'.ast Askobtwbrt or Lamaa *>pGin TLrvKs'a fraa, Slbioh *r, tn .. *v Acctioh.?Ob WJ -AV MORNING, ?th of December, oonn?x?iDf at le o'elcck. ? will sell by oaia ogae, at our A action Room*, a .arte and superh assortment of a^rtr?' and gentlemen'* Fur and Sleigh Robe*, Ac., AdOaat received direct from one of tlie largest imp.j.-tera ard manufacture* on Broadway, New fork. All tna^e up exareaa'y for the present srason and of the latest tfiea, and will fca war-anted free from r-??tk,eom prsiog? Larce .Mink. Hudson Bay, and other Sables. Carain*!s. Capes. Talmas, aud Srta. Stone Martei. Miuk. Fitch, and Er r-iae. Rich Seta, and Single Pie^e* Stone Marten, Wito- M'nk Mountain Marten.SiberiaD s* hi rr*i, German Fitoh.Silver Marten, and Royal S?airrel Seta, Fur. Seal, Beaver, and other Gloves, Otter Cap*, Beaver, and other Muff>ra. Aleo, every variety of Ladiea and Children'* Fare, Fancy Csrnageaod Sieigh Ro'-a, Lined end Ua ined Buffalo Robes, Fur Coats, Ac.. * p. As the ea e wiii *e without reserve, it offer* a fine neportunity for ladiea a d Gentleman to sup p y themselves with first-o a*s Fart,and we lavibe the :adies and the public genera 1> to tbe sale. Terms oasb. de4 WALL ? BARNARD Aoota. By J. C. MoGUlRK A CO.. Aaeticeer*. Ij* X T V N ? I V K SA LR OF Soo ooo I m J JTOBTKO A*U I'OMBaTiC ClOAKa.?<*b J*ATl R Day fc VfcNI NG, tteoem -*r 7tn, oommencir* at 2 o''!'.ook.wo ahaU sell at the \\ aahincu a Nat < aal Ci*a'fctoreof Meaara. Homan A Clandiee. No. 467)* M h atree% b?twe9n Pa a* e ard F atreer, opposite Willarie* Hotel,a weil selected stock of? 300 OOO IMPORTED AND DOMESTIC ... CIGARS of clioioe brands, sli of wt.ieti have been ael<ot-d by Mr A Bomon, of the atove firm, a ina?t? f the moat extended expenenoe in the clear*. Terma oaah. N B Bidd'rs who are not sa'i*fi~d ? ith their pnrohaaes at the time of delivery need not reoei re <?e4 J. C McfiLTR*' A ^O., McU By J C. McGUIRK A CO., Auctioneers TRUSTFE f* SALE OF HO"-K AND LOT O* KPSIH K St.. 4TH ?KI' 5lB v T** wear?OeSATUKDay aFTERI^OON, Jana ary ?t*i, )bA3 at 4 o'clock. on th* pp miaee by vtrtue "f a de.d of trrst to the rubs riber, dater* D^o itb?r 1 t. iwn, an t duly r'eorded m I iber J A. 8..N' . 203 folioa .s'l, 't re* , one o' the land rrofc'flt f<?r W*? h.-nt ton en?f ty, D C? I aha'! *? ! r art rf l?ot run be'?d oue,<1 im p??ve nav>b< red five hundred snd flftoen.beic'nninc tor the rsmeattae southwest 0 ruer or said Lot No. I and >arn n* thenoe e^at sixteen f' el; thenoe nor h * veer*-one feet e even inches; tfceroe west aixt eti feet; then e s' Uth seventy one feet eleven inches to the plaoe of beginning, tojethfr with tbs lir, cona>a-inr of a fhr<-e atory brick dwelUar hon?e. Terma: Ran" oaah; the '-emaindrr ia 6 and IT month*, with iiitereat, eecared by a deH t?aet on 'he premises. All ocu,eyaBCin* a* the 00at rf rnrcb?ter. TBO J, FISHER. Traefa. de 4 lawAda J. C. Mo^UIRK a ro? A*^tr.. By THUS. HOWLING. Auctioneer r|1Kl'S TFE'S HALE OK PROPKRTY IN A 6kob??tows.? By virtaeof a deed of trust, exvented bv John O'DonooKhae and wife on the S31 cay of Mar two. aud recorded ib L'ber J. A&., No of the land records of Washinctoa c nntv. District of l'?? tim'j a, and at ti.e reau*st of Imc parties seoured tl ere' y, I will offer at public sale,on FRinAY, the 6th day of Dec m'.er, at the hour of 12 o'olock, th* followier piece of property . situated in Georgetown : The first bemc parts of Lo s No 69 and 7t. in Bea'ty A Ha* kins' aedition, situatei at the r orthweat corner of F redai ic* and F.rtt sts., frontiug 40 fe t, more or leas, ca Frederick, a'd 63 feet, no eor leer, on F irst atreet. Thia lot will be sold id two parts, etch fronting SI H feat, more or lees, on F'lrst street, and running back to the depth of the let Alro. part of Lot numbered 69, in same addition, fronting 20 feet rn the west aide o Frederiok street and rutimrg back 1W feet deep, with the frsme bou<e tnerevo, cow 00cupied by Mra. Also, part of same Lot, fronting 2n feet on weat aide of aains street. ar?1 running back lfit feet deep, with the frame ho*a* thereon. Terma : One ha'.f of th* purchase ironey in cash; the residue in t2 months from <tay of sale, with interest. All oocveyanMng at the oost ot pu'ohaser. R P JACKSON, Trastee. ao86 ts TUPS. DnWLlNQ. Aaet MARSHAL'S SALE.?In virtae of a writ of fieri facta* i?sned from the Clerk's Offioe ot the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia for the county of Washington and to me directed. I will expose to acblic sale, for cash, tn front of the Court House door of said oonnty on FHIDAV, the 6th day of December next, 1861 at 12o'olock m., the following property, to wit: All defendant'a right, title, olanm ana interest in and to Lot No. 38, in square No ?1 in the oity of Washington. D- C., together with ati and ainguiar the improvements thereoa. seised and levied upon as the property of Jame* G. Coombs, and will be sold to sa'isfy Judioials No. SB to January term, 1K?, in favor John E. Kendall. W SKLDF N, no 14-t* Late CJ b. Marsha. D.C. pENSION OFFIOR, itwi 6th, 1M1. TO ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN. Application having baaa made under tne aot of 23d June, I860, lor the reissue of the Laut Warrants described herein, which are alleged to have been lo*t or destroyed, notice t* hereby given, that at the date following the description of each War rant, a new Certificate, of like tenor, will be ia ued. if no valid objection *hal 1 the* appear No. 9,769 .for 120 acie*. issued ander the aot of Maroh. 18.%, in the name of Daniel West, an a granted on the 14th day of Jaly, UtxS.-Decmber 7, 1861. No. S7for 1W aaraa, tavued nnder the aot of Maroh, ' &, m the aaa* of HaSoah, widow o( James Wuaon, and granted on the 2uth day of February. 1857 ?December 30,1861 No. l>r 120 acres, issued under the aetof Maroh. 1855. in the name of Martha, widow of Andrew Meiioc, and granted oa the 15th day of April. 1856 ? December 21,1 Ml. No. 3,?e. for 160 acre*, issued under the act of March, 1856, in the name of Samuel- R J ack > ar and grantrd on the 1st day of Augu*t. 1856. No. 3 1'4. for 160 acres, l?sned nude- the aot of. March, 18S5, in the name of William H Tarranc*. and gtanteo ou Uie 13th day of July, 1856 -Deoem ber 21. l'UI. *o. 14.9*6, for 80 aires, issued ui.der the aot of atember 8?. in Uie name of L>evi Tread well, granted Sep ?mber 2?th, 1851. No 31 08f>, fo ' acres. ia?Bed ander the same act. in the name of Abel Platta, and granted November ?J?th. 1851 ? Deoember 28 1861. No 72 5M for 16o acre*, issued nnder the aot of March. I83>, in the name u! Thomas Johnson, and granted on Uie 9th day of September, '867.?Jan uafy 4, ISO. 1 o. *2^16, for 88 acres, imed under the aot of March, 18S6, in the name of Poll*, widow of John Camp, and granted on the 2Sd day of September. 1856.?January 4,1862. No. 23 426, for 161 aores. issued ander the aot of March. 1866, in the name of Wuliam booti, and waa granted on the lat day of May, 1856.?January U. JOSEPH H. BARRETT, e ia-law I'osns'Misssr. fiOHLER REaST^URANT. 32# PuytTivau AvBjrri. , Th* abov* plao* u now opened ti the pablie at large aDd the Proprietor will endeavor to A ^ , A give fa 1 aatlalao ion toall who may ta-TF?T tromxeh?. I BK kaK FAST from 8 to 12 o alook. at rfa lta. TABLE db HO ? Ea? 5 o'olock, at 75 oen'a. DINNERe aod SUPPERS at all hoar*, at the abort* at not.oe GAME. OYBTF?RS. Ao., alwaya oa hand. GOLB fw,w P0]*,?,11 n?od a large atock of a I the a>o?t oelebrated Wa ches, that 1 am aelliag at the rary i2. ?!f *0<>^ "' lifcNe time keepers *T,r' des?,iptioa office JEWbLki ri ha 3d; al: aew styles reeeived as J2>iMuTnutMUred* ^eat oilTff 1T&T6 ID4iofftCtuIf<j in itit OVI i|u fi All kind* of Mil ITARy*O^OL?8 oa hand.aaok as Ravolvera, Swords, Saahea. Baits, Bowie Aieostrrcg Army TTanka aad Bed Comb'oed: asd many other '' B AriWU*J ?" UO pieoea new aod atyli h Detaiaas, at low prioift. yarS UH o^ita far 100 piaoea white ai.d ooiored Plaaaala. One pri<-* o&iy. tMuked u alaia figures fi<K**** Caritlna, Oiici -tbs, Ru**, Aa . apper Anjjmpaetion of atoak imp.lei ko o**tifat*oa to fU " D PKR1YABIU, For Sending Meaay to Oarmaay aad alt pan ths 1? M?SS?%,^B. - ^ a FUt a FOR ARM\ A^ifl NAV\ M X H p;i it# B 4 irk# ? 'ftci' ? A ft!j lr >?f w*? ?" | ft fi a | v# i?|Rf fa tu?i" # ?i + * De Kio* only, ha*< 1 i* |u*m u ?r # i te. ?.

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