Newspaper of Evening Star, December 5, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 5, 1861 Page 3
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JOB PRINTING Or Evsst DttcimioR Lwcutcd with MtM??n4 dlepetth on appiicmthmit the S?TAE OFFICE, At the Lowest Cub Prices. *attafactton guarantied. no M-tf LOCAL NEWS. A Bold Cattlb Tiikp ?Yccterday afternoon, Patrolman Hannan was Informed that a man and bov were on the road to Baltimore with five fine milch cowa. atolen from persona in Washington Patrolmen Pendle and Hannan started In pursuit, and obtaining on the road a ahattered wagon, a lame horae, and twlne-atrlng harness, thev succeeded in overtaking the driver and hia atock, about a half mile from Beltavllle. The atock was ecured at a farm near Biadenaburg, and the prlai oner and hia boy brought to thta city and taken before Juatlce Donn Hr gave his name as Thoa. Miller, and aald the cattle were delivered to him for wle, bv a man named Albert The boy,whoee name ia Charles Kirby, testified that the man em piovea nim, io? ?s cent* a day and board', to drive the cow* to Baltimore He started yesterday morning, and got the rowi from the square between Thirteenth and Fourteenth streets, by the canal. The Bister of the borUstlfird to the hiring of tbe boy She had known the man for several years In this city, but did not know anything about hta tartness Miller, In tnswer to a question, admitted that be had served one year In tbe prison In thlaclty, aud thought he waa sent down on the charge of stealing a watch; others present at tbe magistrate's cfflce thought be went down for stealing a cow and calf He was rally com. mltted The cattle will be brought to tbe city today. aod delivered to tbe owner* U*aths or Soldisiu.?Tbe following deaths of soldiers have occurred since our last report Peter Maxwell, company I, Second New York eavalrv, at Seminary Hospital. Benjamin Jers. company A, First New Jersey cavalry, at Camp Cast's. Private Miliiitan. company E, First Michigan cavalry, at Ipdlana Hospital CharlM romnanv K Fiftv.a^nnrl P?nn. sylvanla volunteer*, at Camp Dodge. W H . Comfort, compahv I, Fourty-fourth New York volunteers, at Union Hospital Matthew Cavanagb, company 1, Fourth Pennsylvania volunteers, at Seminary Hospital. R VV Ballard. company H, Fory-flflh Pennsylvania volunteers, at t*emtnarv Hospital Stephen Matteson, company E, Fiftieth New York volunteers, at ramp. corporal Alexander Morgan, company B, Twelfth Pennsylvania reserve corps, at Citnp Plerpont. The Casal ?The water la being drawn ont of the Georgetown level of the canal this morning, to give the wo'kmen an opportunity to put In place the 'retailing to support that portion of the new Government bridge wblch crwift the Cheaapeake and Ohio canal at the north end of the Alexandria aqueduct No coal boats have come tbrc^gh the canal from Cumberland since the late freshet on the Potomac Rut f#>w Knatu are rnmlnt/ In >n<l (k*? la therefore but little trade In Georgetown In grain, flour, Ac. Oestbal Guardhouse Cases?B*fort Justin TKnmp'tm?Robert Nichols, drnnk; di?ro1?s**<1. Wm C Jones, drunk *nd disorderly; fined 61. T A Wsckman, rfo , SI 94 Margaret Brown, drnnk; workbouae 60 dass Georee St Jobn and Andr-w Adams. pretending to be p< l'cemen, and ss??u1rinc Richard Pinnell; secu'l*v for court. Jobn Ki- rnsn, drank: turned over to the military The arresta were made bv patrola of the Second Ward? two; of the Third Ward, three; and of the Fonrth Ward. two. Eleven lodgers were accommodated. A Modsl Psovieiow Stoke.?We yesterday afternoon ylalted the establishment of Mr. Thos R. wjison. No 119 Pennsylvania avenue. (Flrat W ard.) and found there almost ss great a variety of edibles ss can be met with in our market Among the luxuries be has on hand may be mentioned !tame ana wild tnrkev*, venison and other game, I fat and 'ender chickens, fr^sb llsb, beef, pork, 1 and mutton, and a line ?tock of fruits and v?ge- I tables In season, tfstd<>s "other articles too numerous to mention." Give W llson a call and see for yourselves. A Dur W ell?In digging the well* Inside the fortlflrationaon thessuth aide of the Potman, water for the use of the garrisons has been ob? talned at a reasonable depth In every Instance but one. The well In Fort Scott baa already been excavated to a dept of about 193 feet, and no signs of water have yrt been discovered The workmen are now boring through a strata of compact fine blue loam, which cuta like new cheese at flrat, but becomes bard by exposure to the air The aoldlera are fashioning pipes, toys, Ac., out of It. PoLtcs ?Brfort fustic* Birnarlo.?Yesterdav morning Wm Patterson, colored, was arrested by county officer Freeman for stealing several article* of clothing. He resisted the officer, and tried tn escaoe, but was Anally secured, and the officer is entitled to the credit of being "the man who struck Billy Patterson " He was sent to Jail In two case*, one for larceny, the other for aa*aultlng the cfficer. Maria Herbert and Emillne (reishr were arrested for fighting. They gave security for peac?. Citt Orriciu ?Saturday even'ng. Mr. Henry Lvles entered upon the duties of Clerk of the 1 Center Market, vice John Waters, removed. Mr. Jas Bowen as Clerk of the Northern Market, vice Thos Brown, removed: Jas H Rlrrh > Commissioner of Improvements for the Kastern District, vice Taylor, removed; and Jacob Kleiber Messenger to tbe Mayor, vice Win Q. Locke, removed, have also entered upon their duties. Cbixinal Cocst?Yesterday, samuel Fearson, jr . f.and guilty of an assault and battery on Rtcba d Ballenger, was sentenced to pay a fine of S* and coats; and James Collins, found guilty of an assault snd battery on Kitty CuUen, was fined Si and costs There being no cases ready for trial, the petit Ijary was discharged until Msrturday. A.i election was held at the Gymnasium on Tuesday evening, for oflrern during tbe next three months, resulting as follows: Bryan Green, President; Henry L Fuller, Treasurer; Robert Ueall, Secretary Tbe report for the last quarter khows the goc'ety to be in tbe most flourishing condition, having s larger number of members than at any former period. Fiohtixo amoso themselves ?Yesterday afternoon W m Rav inH laur f)ri?/-nll aAlillan were arrested by patrolman Frasler, for sa?ault lag and beating a comrade, who waa left lying on the street until be waa removed to bis quarters to be properly attended. The prisoner* were taken to the guardhouse and delivered to the provost guard. To ?i6iiT the new Christy Opera House, on Tenth street. Is to be opened by the celebrated George Christy Mlnatr?ls Tbey will open with a programme of unnaual spirit, crammed with many of the good things so irresistibly at'racttve to the elite of New York for the last eighteen years. Rotaiar ?The store of Mr Tyler Soot ha 11, on Twentieth street, near Pennsylvania avenue, In the First Ward, was broken open night before last, and a number of tobacco pipes, pen-knives, and ether articles, also a small amount of money and postage stamps were atoieu. Mr. Southall aaye his loss la about ?300. THtirit ?Owena' "Or. Pangloaa" laat night w very gooQ, y?i, exceedingly g->ca; ana .Mr Bland's ' Lord i)ubrrly" wu quiet. natural, bomorcua, excellent The other leading part* were of average excellence To-night, Mr Owens appears aa ?-Pacl Pry," aad"?ao*tn Lowe." Fan enough for one night. Liqron Ca?* ?David Reeea. a aoldler of the 30th >ew York regiment, waa arreated by the Metropolitan Police in the Sixth Ward yeaterdav. charged with furniahlng liquor to hia com radea He waa delivered to the offlcera of hla regiment. Prrrosip to as 8tols* ?The Metropolitan Police !n the First Ward yeaterday took from Henry Krittkamp a large Colt's arm/ pistol, about th? uauai aise for cavalry. Kritskainp alienee tnat be bought it for t3 90, which aum Is hardly one eighth of its full value Gtur atte act ioss are constantly being added te the entertainments at Canterbury Hall. Tonight, s novel programme, with the ft rat appear a# If? A^wlall I Ka w4aIImla# whrt iMnmss VI Ml VWW?M| *HV ? ?? ! I?v? the leadership of im orchestra Dikiaiiid ?Henry Erford, a youth, who hu b?*D several day* la tb* county jail oa suspicion of a larceny of *43 from a man named Rotbcblld, wu reloaard last alght by the committing magistrate, Justice Dona. Cowittit) ?Marco* Cohen, charged with defrauding Augustus Genberger oat of a sum of about NO, w*s examined be/ore Justice Walter yesterday, who committed him to Jail to answer the charg* before the Criminal Court. IAaaasT or Col BiTsan?Wa boat upon the Sir rot tnst Col. BeUer, of the Caaaoroa Rides, has btri ptaord uuder ax rest by order of tbe War Department. . Buu*m -to iMtui ctaptauMlMmtloo were imiidfd at Brown's Hotel lut alBgbjrtV b?4 of the Nu?imuU Indiana regiment Several opeecbea were mode \ raoeaaMV* of nnnaaai evellenre at (><la >*llew?' Hall t?? nt*b?, overflowing wltb fnn, r^/- ai?4 rvv Lous ocr f r ttie eo'-Ma i p.?. tyvt Prof. Baruea, a: 044 FeUowa' Hall, Navy Var*, tonight i N'otiwo*tht LibkkaLitt ? Editor Starr I beg the privilege of vour columns to acknowledge tbe great liberality and kindnesa ahown to tbe sick of the 1st Michigan cavalry regiment while In camp at Carroll Spring In the vicinity of the Navy Yard. Burlag the alx weeks of our encampment there oar alck Hat baa been very large, but tbe sufferings of tbe alck have been very mueh relieved and their comfort promoted by tbe asalduous attritions and generosity ef tbe people of the vicinity To all of them we are under many obligations But aeveral instances of liberality dewrre particular mention The Kast Washington Library Association, Donald McCathran. chairman, in conjunction with a committee of the blacksmiths employed in th* Navy Yard, procured acomrrodtoua build injt for a bosplta'. fitted it up, furnished It with tairty-alx beaa and bedding, a cooking atove and utensils, chatra, tablet, ana everything, indeed, requisite for bnapital purposes. All these they gratultoiialy tendered for the uae of our aick Nor did their generosity stop here They have since continuf d, in varlova ways, and in the most optyiL.. J ? * _ ? a ? i _a ?- *?--a_ ? ?a uiiiom uimuicr, v> minisirr io mnr cpinion I have, besides, reeeivtd from the several aoorces named below, the following sums In cash for the use and benefit of the sick of the regiment: From a committee of the employees In the Navy Yard rolling mill, Wfn. Barbour, chairman, S43 23, from J . W. Thornpaon, representing the employees in the Navy Yard laboratory, 90 83; from .Messrs Holmer, Gow and Fullerton, repreaenting the employees In the Navy Yard machine shop, $40. The last named committee have also paid to private families the additional sum of fA5, for receiving and taking car* of some of our sick. Much liberality and practical patriotism merit, and, 1 think, justify this public acknowledgment In behalf of the sick of the regiment. I tender to tboa# gentlemen, to the ladiei of the vicinity, and to othe'a whose attentions we shall long remember, our grateful thanks. Gso K Johsso*', QnroaAn El ?? Vf Patft.l... Washington, Not. 30, 1081 Smote Covnr?Wednesday?Mr. Chief Jtistlce Taney stated that during the rerew of the Cour he received a letter from Hon B. C. Howard, dated 13th September, 1901, resigning hta ltuation at reporter of this Court He directed the clerk to file siid letter, and gave notice that the vacancy would not be filled until the arrival of Mr. Justice Nelson John R. Sbepley. Esq , of Mo ; Thos. Sunderland, Esq , or Cal ; Mlcah Dyer, Jr , Esq , of Mesa; and Edward Patteram Esq , of N. V , were admitted attorneys and counsellors of this Court. Nos 6 and 7. The Uni*ed States, plaintiff* In error, agt George N Stewart and Charles Le Baron These cau'es were submitted 'o the consideration of the Court on the record and printed rKumrnvt oi ?ir Attorney '-ent-ral bate* for the plaintlfi* in error, and of Mr Stewart and Mr. Dargan for ih- defendant* in error. No t78 Cbarlea N Mackubln, appellant, agt. Jobn A Lockwood e? al Appeal from the district court of the United Statin for Minnesota The marten In controversy in this came having been agreed and settled between the parties. It waa, on motion of Mr tilllet, ordered that this appeal be dismissed. No 32 Jobn D Hacer, appellant, net John R Thompson et al. On motion of Mr. J. P. Bradley, suggesting a diminution of the record, a certiorari was < warded. [COMMUNICATED. The death or Lieut Snydsb.U S Engineer C'>rp? on the 16th alt , baa occasioned among bis numerous friends the deepest sorrow, and none more keenly feel bla loss than thoae wl'h whom be bad daily Intercourse In the late Held of bla employment. Having been at Fort Sumter during Ita bombardment, where bla courage as a aoldler was fully testrd. he was detailed as an assistant In the construction of the forts for the defense of Washington. In this sphere of usefulness, and In th* strict performance of duty, he contracted the disease which bore blm to an early grave. All who were under blm% a seeondary capacity, soon learned his worth, and became greatly endeared to him The last work which be laid off, now being constructed at Cedar Hill, near Clark Mill*' studio, under tb? direction of the energetic manager, Mr. Henry Payne, has been draped In mourning in respect to bis memorytruly should It be called lu honor of his name, Fort Snyder. * * *. Ssmiors Cask.?This morning, at 2)$ o'clock, George St. J"bn and Andrew Adam* were arr^stf-d and taken to tbe guardhouse by Patrolmen Kelly and Hie-?e. They were charged by Mr. Richard Pinnell, of Howard county, Md , with having represented themselves as policemen and arrested him They pretended to be taking him to the station-house, but passed by, and when they got him In the dark, on Tenth street, they asked him what he would give them to let him to Several gentlemen who saw tbe arrest no titled tbe police and bad tbe bogua policemen arreatrd. Juatlce Thompson held each to bill for court in tbe a im of $250 to appear at court to anawer in iwo cases?for tbe a?aautt end for pretending to be policemen for an improper purpose. N*w Thkatsk.?A nuinoer of gentlemen have, we learn, united with Mr. John T. Ford, of Holliday Street Theater, in Baltimore, to build a modern and elegant temple of the drama in our city Tbe location will be the aite of the place now occupied by George Christy's Minatrela, on Tenth atreet, which ia very centrally altuatod. The propoaed building will, in site, elegance, an J atvle, be aim liar to Laura Keene'e Theater, In New York, and will neat aa many auditors. It will be completed and opened early In the aprinir. I n?l ('....K... --- ' --J ? - v m ?? IUQ tiuivcia OIC 1IOUJCU QIIU CVTf yiliinjj HI readiness to commence tbe new place, the pres?ot building will be occupied by the Christy Minstrels. Thk Cohcekt Last Night.?The concert of Mrs. Cecilia Young, at the Thirteenth street Baptist Church last evening, was a successful aft'dir, we are glad to say. There was a full bouse, and Mrs Young proved to tbe satisfaction of the audleuce that in concert music sbe is destined to take as high a place ns has been accorded her In tbe rendition of sacred music She was ablv see ondrd by that excellent pianist. Mr (ieorge Felix Benkert, and other eminent performers, and nearly every piece wai encored This wan a decided compliment, aa there was considerable musical talent amongst the audience. Ptkalihg ?Clinton Smith, colored, wan arrested this morning by pa'rohnan Sessford for stealing a sack of meal from Alfred Lee. He was taken Before Justice Thompson, who retained him at tbe central station for a hearing. Circuit Court.?To-day, Mr. Davldge. one of tbe counsel for plaintiff in tbe case or Jones agt Dermott, la arguing tbe ess*: before the Jury. Philadelphia Provision Stoke, 119 Ptnnsyleama ave*w?Wilson keeps on band a constant l Ji J r* n ?? ? suppiy 01 ?pienun rouur^, capons, venison ana Game of all kinds. 8et> hia advertisement A Kit to his establishment will pay for the trou. de 4-3t* W. W. Buedittk, at No. 351 ?th street, between I and K, baa determined not only to coatiiue business, but alio m increase it very largely. In tbe last two or three dava be bat received more tbau 1U0 pieces of beautiful drtv goods, aucb aa de Ulnes. worsted goods, allka, 4c , ranging in price from 25 eta. to ! 35 Alao a large assortment of new style cloak*, canton flannela, ic., Ac. Ba?5*?d'? Vdlcanisib Ps?s do not corrode, do not cut through tbe thlnest paper; neither will they ipatter over the roughest surfaced paper, and are decidedly the beat metalic pen ever made. Shilllngton, bookseller, stationer, and news dealer, Odron Building, corner hour-and-a half street and Pennsylvania avenue, Is agent for the sale of the ''Vulcanized Pen" In this city. ? Gosohs,?The sudden changes of oar olimate are ouro^i 01 rwtmoniry, pvtmenttu ?nu Aunmaiie tftrtxotu. 1-jxperierioe having prove<l that simple reroediM often &-A speecily and certainly when taken in th? early atagee of the dii?ueLreoourte ibuultl at onoe bo bad to * Broiwn'* Bronchial XVoc/U?," or Lojce&icea^let the Gold, Cough, or lr ( I U?UU U U| kUV I Ul UBk 1^3 I TVI ?V SilRUfc, M UJ IU1I preoaation a more aerioua attack mar b? warded off. Public &r*ak*rt aiid Stnttrs wili fi nd theni effectual for clearing and atrengtheiuni tbe raio* Bee advertisement. del-ly VoLCNlBKli ATTENTION. Forth? derangemeuU cf the?j?t#m, incidental t j the ehange < f diet, wouoda, eruptions and exposure*, whioh every volunteer it liable to. There are r.e i e.t eJi*t eo ei(e, convenient and reliable aa Holioway'a Pill* and Ointment, 25 oente per box. DOJW* n otic*.?Beware of oonnter'eit* and qnertnoi de*ers endeavoring to diapoee of their own and other trtio'ea on :1m reputation at'ainsd by HtlmbolSt ir-ic B**ku,% positive and ipeo.6; remedy for diiauMof the y.adder, Kidnpye, Grarei D*op?y, 4.0 , Ac., to. Aak for Helmbold'a. Take oo other. See advertisement ;e another o<>i ran M 30 MAHBIKP In 6?o-(*tovn, D. C , on Tuesday. the 3d by he Kev B P. Bittfnr*. ttKOKGE W. OR ME to clara E .daughter of Jut ph Libboy. Em On the SI 1 or ant, bt the Rev. Father Boyle, Mr. GbORttE WOOLJDK iDOK. of New York, to *im JULIA A. HARbAUOH, dau?hter of V. Hi'bM|k, of Uli o ty. * Dwm^r 4th. 1881. at St. Mitthew'a Church, by th* R*V. Dr Whit*. Mr R. P. HAKVKV toMfc KLIZABtTH fe EDMON1), both of Waahimtoo, 0. C. _ln thi?_q t?, at Bt.w A1 oy I f,' Ch?roh^bj t h *R ev Mlfcln Os TuawUf ?v*b1u. th? 3d uutant, u Colon*. Mrr. 8 K AH B WTibON.wifc ofT.omu N. Wilson, of MoatcoiDtry oointy, Md , ia the 66th Mr af MfM?. 0 COSLUA OF FINE WOODOtandlngT lor mT?,h?id nilMfrom Goorgstuvn' teg. 1 LIST OF LETTERS REMAINIXfl IN THE POST OFFICE, GEORGETOWN, D C , Far the Ninth eidtai NiTtaber 30, 1961. fTT" Peraoa* applying for lettera in 'he fo'Iowin* hatwill plene at; the* are advertised; otherwise they may not rooeive them. LADIES' LIST Amies Mia* A E Dorrat Bridget Myltt Mrt Dr Andtrm SIiuS Futton Mm E McBridt Mm ) Btekti Mm Earth Gertiam Mr? Sarah McKmit* Mrt Byera Mra Sarah Grown Mrt E 1 McCallitttr Mra M Burka Mrt Matilda Otinea Mra ?ltta Maekall Mi?t M Bract Mitt M Houkiut Cathtriut O'BrwnMittL Brown Mitt Mary Hilt Mitt Konma C Pitrct Mrt Marr A t? ' KJt ij * tt J. aa ' . ? C *a at n ' oiitr snmm i?i tiyus miss in r- fierce i?irs r Bo:* Miss M Hill Mirth* V Paine Mils E Byrne Mrt P W Harnett Martha E Ryan Mrl Bridget Brj^rn Mill fclla Harett Mr? Mtrj A Ricard Mn M Burks Miss C H ?rpsr Lixue A Ridfely Mm M L Baraei Mtii G Holt Henrietta Re*d Miss Mary A Butll Mn* O Johnson Mu? 8 ? Smith Anna Cameron Miss S Johnson Louisa Bmallweod Mrs A Crock well Mis* 1 Kenedy Mrs Sarah 8wary MrsRohanna Clements Miss K Keeuan Miss Mar/ ftmith Sirah J-'i i Crow ell Miss M I Kerran Mrs _ Hyphens Mies M Conwrigh* Mtaan Liglit Mri B?rah 3 Turner >ir? Mai* Crowley Ellen Lo?euel Mm G Teunett Mn H M Collina Emilme Martha Miaa Luct ThompaonChrietella Dowl inr lieorriana McPhcraon Mis* LiWjrriii Mm Jaoa I | Deatou Mra M A Mathcva Loot K Walker Mti Jane Dourher'y Mr? R i Martin Mr* C Wilkeraon Mti E JKtii Mm lrail McClure Mr? Mr- Walker Emily F Davie Mra Harnll )or D-4 Wheatlay Miaa 8 A Dix Mm D L McDamal Mra L Woodlt; Mra S A GENILEMEN-S LIST. Adaraa Cyras Galleghtr John Mafilten Col A L ' Atlanta Jno W Gilliger Luke Marion A In Aytoo M.i?t Jaa E Guriay Rev R R Neebmier Prof G AddaonJuoJJr (ireeuly S T-3 NottWm AuaatrJuoH GlieherWro O'Kane Capt Jaa-J Ahem Michael Green_W H _ 0"Neil Jno _ Andrew* uureiea unee K?? w h. ueboru Henry H Adami Wni H-4 Hubruct Herman One OA I Br*dl ibrus'i Hiitt; Mr (ojreier Oppenhelmer E 9 Brtnt O A dialer) Pratt W L Beck AafUU Mealj John 2 Pilmtr Capt W E Bojle Ambroe* D Hietinre Geo Pratt Medcalf 1 Brenuan Cornaliua Hayett Win C Purbeek Juc II I Burrowi Chaa R Huinpeuf Thoe W Poet Jotia I Bowere Charlea Hoover Michael Paraooa Grant C B??erjJjre Capt E THnjthej L 8 Ptrue Enoa Borne Edwd HtU Joetph Pabat Ada re Burgess Georre Hm.lej John Robert Alfred Bat; Htnrj U Heist John Rav BenJ?2 Barr.s H-nrj L Hauf Jacob Brittio Geo Haniaejr Joaiah Rifferd Emanuel i Birch Henrj Htttztl Jae RuhrerGeo W Baker IT J Howard Joteph Rinching H E Bali J W Holcroft Jno B 2 Robinson Geo S Blarney James Hickey Janet Read H W?2 Buelger Johu Harrit Franklin Ratclitfe Jit Baker Jno W Hubbt Edward Rait Jno V holy ltaac-2 Holden Lt D L Robj J H Bihiugt Dr J 8-4 Hart Chat Redfern Jat Brennao Jno Hutibrant A G Ruly Jno Bailey Joteph Juttin H F KuppJno Brown Jno Jordan Jottph Rowe Jat D 1 B.trker 'ames Johnson Jno K RrftiiJno Bo when Patrick Johnson Jot L Rodpert Jno E < Blick Peter Jewett Amorv Rierdan Owtn 4 Brady Patrick Jetfertor A VV 8cribner Allen Brittiin 8 Johnson Lfwit 9tewart Lt A W? 3 Barnard 8 Johnson Robert Andrew BtrreuThoe H Jonet Wm Sutter C P Bell Wm E Johnson Wm U Btoweii t B Brown 11lit Rel y Chat Bc'ineik Mr Bents WmH Kiehl Capt Sul.iv ?n Cathrme Caster W H Kir by Ch ?t Stone Lt C K Chamberl tin L R Ketchiedge Geo 8t<raDeiaucy CoaiKoar Elaph Kmc H?1 Stayton D*%id \ Chilton Goo U W K \'ii H(orjr Sjpunukle David I I Corbett Jno Kietla Dime'? 3 Str ittoei Sergt E J Curncen Jno Kiikp?triek J 8 Hchctr Tr^ux Campbell Jocepn Kennedy John Souie G?i W?1 Cle-iry J>m(i K-ntJ.iU Seyffert Gu*ter?? Coournd H ?n.I P Keliy J. t fihirp Uco ] (/[(J'tog J'aiei Keul<r Pet?f Smith it A i Callio J >me? ;r Krug Robt Striker Henry ( Crump J?* P Ke un.r Timothy Kpeir Hiram /- I rv_ t< n u . rr. " ..' v>io?eiaiDpe ur i u nentuj i noe nioan Jai Oopp?ck Jamet Knaeinfer Wm *8t(erA J Campbell John Luob >ck 4 Caraou Sigler Jaa I C ilhouu Joseph Loderf D.untl Sliermvi Jno R?2 , Clement J met Lyons Daniel Sweeny Jno Coyle Juo A Lvnn Ma) G A Stoneaiper J H Callirhtu MiCh'l LolleriG D Smith J> o M Coi J>i LiueyJ.ia Snyder Oli?er H?2 Corrpobat Lt T M Liar Joa Scully Re* Thoa Cocker T Lynch Jae Scully Jno , CUry Wilbert Lone J Sheah in Patrick Cotton \V H LeipJatC Stokfs Patrick Donelly Edud Lmnam Lodfe Steel Wm H? 2 Dnitetvanii KJwd Liver^ood M P?2 Spiufelburg Wm ' DewollT Jimta Limed Lt Col S?< Spe'ir Win DcrrAugmt Lodg-r Lt J E SeydimWm-2 D.n? Li A E Lamer Wm B M Steelman Lt W A DiyLtCh.ih3 Marka Lawrence Syninrit Mr Dofhcrty Wn Murcher Ll Turner Jo? P 1 Dioen John Morriaou Lt Win J-2 T?jrior D W Dajton Mrtjor McNeir m W Tippeu Edm'd D Dunn M T McDowell Wm Thompson G R 4Bro Drelier Cupt F Miliy Hm Tooku* Hei.ry J Dale I R Morria Cni/t W H Thorn ;? Jonathan Dacl<at*der Ma) L I Miclr S?mi Thumbll Jr*? Dayton Cspi T O Mucholl 8aml?3 T ?ylor Job?-2 Dug tn ThwC McDonald Robt Thorn Jno 8 K Dot an W in Morgan Xtal Torbert Jno T?3 j Doo^hertjAB?nforJMur^<i? Maj Twiggett Lt Eut Capt H Mirtin Phillip? I T ernev P?illip?t bvcrcu u b ;no-? iomp?vn *^?pt ? rEldred^e Carf W M'tWlck iat H Tiernev Timuth y 4 Emery JaaM McDonald Jno Town C-?PtT II?3 Eberle Christian Martin Jno Thomaa Win Eichclbcrg?r A McGarry Jne Tyler Win 8 Alder Lt O L Murray l'pi?n Hon Horace F otter Cnpt J H Moore J B Vickere Jno L Frank Adam McV*ney Ja??'2 Vamell <jeo W Fairinan Cola McManuo? Jao-2 Van Oradile A A Furch Erbert MantjrJaa Waliute Tho* Fitzklll Ldw^rd Madox Jaa R. Wyfth Aloi R. Penaierrnackrr E McN m?e jai M nh irt Alti Friukftl G W Myerly Jno Wkitiac Prank A Furueat Mm) Geo E McDonald U, E Weber rcrd ?2 Fitzgerald K M ? Moran John Wright Krmcis H Foeter Henry Met Jno Warner GT Funely Jatoea Mitchell Jaa jr Wutkins Geo 6 - 2 Folli J?ite jJj'turrov Ja? Wolfe G A Kirren James ^^!VI*ck Patrick Wiiluius Geo Kitfpitrick N 2 Morey Henr? 8 Webb Jot B Kieher Lt M P Morort Racn Wolfeiufer Inn Keuerty Mathew Moda Geo W Washington Col H <1 Guthrie Lt Juo J McNary Li G H Ward Jno , Gray Se? all G Meruia Geo Watiou Jno Gerhardi A C McNu ty Edward W*gnerJnoC Greenleat Dr C R Marshall Capt D D We?t Nuhamel Greesly Anthony Morrnou D L Welch Besse Goodwin CUaa A McGuire D to Whitman Ross Gits'jn Dr Moriarty Daniel Wearer Html A?2 " Gilbert Capt E S McCartjr Pennis Werkrnerater Siuion Gife Horace K Mitchell Chaa W William* Mra Gruinb e Juiues MauhofC F Young Win G trriaon Jeaae F-2 Moiau Bartholomew Zimmerman WH?3 c uauepner jai Mortu tdvu 4ollL>treltx I Uotitjr Ll J D ( MISCELLANEOUS.?C. B , 4, Catherine, 2; M. J. J ; i Offictra of the Guard at Georgetown Kerry. II HENRY ADDISON, Poetmaitsr. Arlington club.-The members of the ; Arlington Club be* leave to announce to j?a lti?ir friend* and the pubho genera ly that jjnI thoy intend giving th-ir Lighth Grand C> /TM rlLLDN far rV at Frar/kun Hall, D friffl . near 12th, on >1 ON DA V, Deoember 2<tri. Tickets 5n o?cta, admitting a gentieinin and la- ' dirs. liy order ol th* Committee. oe 4,7.11* ATTENTION, SUTLERS! wSjI WHOLESALE Z I fUj BOOT ASD SHOE DEPOT, f ftl? SSW Wo 309 E f^TREir, * fftte (south side,) tetween 13th aud 133* *t?.. A'ear ike Wiilard Hotel. We invite all sutlers and citia?iia to call and ex- amine our i took be<"or? purchasing e ee whore. I ro32 2w* bCHAFEK A FOK*TER BR?>8. SCHOFIKI.D'8 Ill Hi W v?, 1>I V fc.IV Y .c'A l.fc. A->L? E. A. VJM. A:\Ufc. J 8 r A B LF8 Nob. a 1 and 2*n K and Mth'atreets, south of \V illard's Hotel. \ Gent'em'n wishing to hire a neat and stylish ' turnout can he Bupp'ied wiih a team of any tie- 1 soription, in a st?l? <?f ra-e EXCELLENCE. * The be?t care beetnwed on Livery horses. , Saddle horses, suitable lor army offioere, always ? cu hand. c2S I in* j Auction bargain*' ! VERY CHKAP GOODS, { From Rtttnt Cask Auction Sales at tke Worth. Ve'y oh#ap Lace Se?* and Collars in real H??NI TON, MALTESE VALENCIENNES, POINT 1 APfi.IOLK.Ao. I BONNEv RIBBONS, super stiles, and very | ? E>f'BROlf>ERED COLLARS and sets of Col- I 1 Lars and ~leev?s. i CHlLDRfc.N'8 PLUSH and FELT HATS,new j design*, *o , 4o. . And, in addition to the above, we hav? juet reoeived a full assortment Velvet Ribbons, Hair ' Nets. Head Dresses and Ornamen x, Kouehes. ] Powers in great profusion, H >u mux Sets aid Co.lara, 6*unt ets of ev ry demription, Giov.'b, " Ac., do. A"d evsry t'ling appertaining to a well ordered Ladies' Fans* Hoods Wore. aT' of recent s ??!eocion. ta^rurckastd for Cask at War Panic ' Frift. i Great bargains may now bo obtained at MAXWBLL'8 Lades' Good' and C oak and Minti la Store. de 8 3teo N'?. Pa avenue. J rrHfcKE 18 SOMETHING YOU WANT * 1 at the ? Soldiers' supply store, H I'Ouui&aa Avenue, bet. 6th and 7th sts. Best Goods, Lowest Prioea, c Sut.ers Supplied, no 6 lm t-ai; a-d Hoo. PERSONS IN WANT OP OVAL FRAMES ; I lor Phutof rapLs of all si*--s, Gilt or Rosewood, ; oan be supplied 1 y JOHN WAU.NtR, next door j to liia old estab'iahineut, iiflS Pa. avenue. N B. Lookinc class plates inserted in old frames. ' no 7M m J ^ADDI-E HORSES FOR 8ALE.-A lot of very I ^7 fine Kentuoky Horaea for aa)e at th*/cv_ Kentuoky r"ai# stable, in the rear of C aj'<s TXft Hotel, MM Pennay.vania avenua and ( street. no 3? 2w* HUTTtR! BUTTER!! ! BUTTER!!!

100 kega ohoioe Goahen batter, juit received and : for aftle cheep by F. B. HASTINGS A CO.. I no tf 3'i:<D?t-. faoing Pa. avenue. < L^OR SALE. T FINE OLO MADEIRA WINE The advertiaer aaa a Unarter Caak of Old Mad?lra Wme which heotfera for a&le. The Wine < la thirty foar year* old, a d wu p tiro hated b? the , peaent owner iu a Meira five year* ago. Tnia . wine r raained in 'he Ea?t olim&'e over two tear*. , The oviirrviJ onerea eignt aouara per f&uon ior it la China, whioh tie then refuted, but will now J eell at that prioe. Addreaa Box 834 City Poat { Office. de 2-2t* PHONOGRAPHY TAUGHT.-Gentlemen and J ladieeueairiuc to avail tftemeelvea of the op J port unity can aaquire a thorough knowledge of ] the prinoip!ee or Phonography and Reporting, 1 practically by a ooarae of only IS leaeona, oi one Fiour each. Th?e uaeful ait needa no reoom*neci?- ' tion.aa ita raiae ia now wail ui lerato^d, and it ii tWiored that aawal olaaaea may be formed ave, the more eap*oiaiiy aa the terms are raasorabl-, t. .bra do lare lor the whole oonrae each, payable alter the (rat toeon. Appllo&nU will , pleaae addreaa bo* No. 4 Mar offloe. and aa aoon aa a auffiiauot number are e?b?o'ibed toiorma olaaa, and the naoaaaary booke nave arrived, the time of oomaeaeement will be determined oa. < de l it* 'KStfSS? 3?? AKUEOO tl.jul .? *T.J.? W.M.SAM. I i ~ WANTS. \V ANTEI>?God abta-bodied MEN. For jar" tio"l%ri app Ijr at the Rerille House, on G, b?<?feo2l?tand;?d sta. de5 6t* \I7ANTED-A praotica' WATCH MAKER " " Acid'??? at onoe. box 49, Poet Olfioe.atahaf ? vh?n? atpiioant can be Been. de 5-2t* WANTED?A 61K I -to do general houaev<rk. | Knqaire at No. 3SS L street, between w h and 13'h. __ II* I WANTKD-A tood MILLINER ; none tu' the b?*t reed ajplr, S. HKLLER, No. 31 Market Spaoe. between 7th an<Hlth*ta. de ft I w * WANTED?A Rood COOK ardCHAMBFR, MAID. Bofd recnunendafrrg will secure the h'rhesr wanes. App!? *t No 3** North C?*i tol strret >etwe??n 1> ai.d C strefts. de 5 tf W'ANTKO-A frra i FURNISHED HOUSE, *' fur a fam ;j of (hree- Address "O. G," J*tar Oflioe rivinc iteinia and loca ion, lor two day*, de 5-U* A WHITE COOK WANTED. One who un derstands her buainesa can find a permanent Diaoe with good watee at No. 4SA D at, between l?t and Jd ata. east Apply imm< diately. If J. W. JENNING?. WANTED? By arepp*ctab!e young woman, a SITUATION u nook. ?uUr ami ironer. Good refe-enoe, if required App:yatNo Cii OrB*nn tt'eet, batween 6ih and 7!h and M and N sts. If WANTED-A SITUATION, by a young man, as bookkeeper; willin? to assist in any ca paoity ; or as oiPtam or purser's e'e'k; salary . raMsra!":satisfactory re ereuse. Addreis'\V*nt" at this office. It* WA NTHI) I M M E D I A T E L, V-Oc? sood ' B!.ACK8M1TH an i 3 WHEKLWR OHTS. First-rlajs h%nds will obtain the highest wares j none oth*r need apply. Inquire at No. tHJ'a ft*v?nth it. west. da 5-2t* I/ODR GOOD DRESSM4KKRH WANTED j a at No. 241 I street. near 18th d?4 8:* W* AJSTKIX??r>nd COAT and PA^TS MA KKHS. Apt?U Immediate y to DDVALL A , BftO. %T??r"h^^ t Tail>r? de 4 s*? WA^TKD- A good "'AKK and PIK BAKKR. Aro!y at the corner of E and E erenth da 4-3t* WANTED?A ?mali or ine?lium-*i*ed FURNI^HhD HOUSE Loovion weft ofK'shth ?t, north of the Avenue. Address "J H H Star Office. de4-2t* ( Three or four relectable gen. , t enisn o*n t>e a_o>mtn .dated with B>.?r.i. both sorivenio't to th? Avcnus ae<l th?v Depar'nunU. i A!? ?- 1 ?b!e Poind"* . Inquire r.t tfciio(fi?e. de 4-St* \\TANTED TO RK*T?On nr before th* 1st ?v Jtnnary,ty a rlmctual tenant, a DWHjLl\G HOI'm- . con'niDK 7 to 9 looms. Address < Mn har1' Bt this office. de4-e^(3t,' , I>OARD WANTKD, inn private fain' *, for j> K?rtlemar and wif-? In 'he vicinit? of P*tr?vi- ( a tta.-vnKA. n.l k} 1 . _? A I 1 _ _ _ vautr. i>v<niup ami .-imiri bi. erm?. V t , ?t tills rffiae, R. I>. Cf TKANDKR. ] de 4-2'.* < \\1 f- ^T^D-A PAR LOR ?nd t w? CHa.M 1 T BKRS, on fint or *-*cood fl ><>r. in the n?ir h yirhro.l of \Villam?' preferred A libe-ai pri"* will l>e p^id for ?u-ti apartment*. AU1raw*"A B. < Jr tar t ffi o? . d ? 4 2t * i \VANTKD-AHTUATlON in&et re mot pur- J " tio-<iar a3 re.ardg the ktr.d of business*, com- . i?ermMon m >derate, ><y ?ioun? ttai 17 ye*rs of ige.of go&d and inrloet iai habit*, and ikith t?>? . >f?t of recommendvions Ad^regs "J R. c.," , P?ity Poat Offjo*. de 4 St* AI'ROPE'SOR OF MUSIC, orcanint o'onecf t^e princua ohurehes of Washington. denirek I o >ir fortabl* hon e'fi a prh ate fim> y. wh?'e tui;ion t<< on* or two guhola-* wnuid h? taifn in pvt 'ayment of hoard. Ktf re-oes exchanged Adlre*? "Jlu'icu* " Star ?;fli:e de 4 2t' il/ ANTRP-A PI.ACK ag *?? rnr?e, by a ' " hea thy youn* wo'ran with a fresh b" ast of ni k. Flease addre?g Box No. 7 !?fa<- Cltt ^e, and ; n?s anv??ruii?r win can. "?3 n VVANTKU-MtheG-rerrm-nt Hospital fo'th* I ?* Infan*, ?ix *in?le W rtl I'K W i' M K Si, to do i 'hMnl>er a d launJry work. Apply at the Al_ . ?'e 3 'w WANTED?A iarije Furnifhed HOL'S*E, or two id < ininj, fo- a hoardinr b use. -* \ddrfgj14 WashinjtinCity," NVi lard?' Hotel de 3 at* UTANTKD TO RPNT-A modiste k zed DWKI-I.'NG HOUSE. a 8. OR'; an.1 a *TAIILK in \Vn*hiin?"P or l}"r>re?to* n. Aiso, :n hire hr th* mont\ a ro er, hon -?r and indue- \ :noua Man, me 1 t? csre <?f tr? driv* ?i J 'art Address "W. W.," WatniiijU'L Fo*t Of- i ioe. d?3 8t* PAHTVKP 'WANTKI), TH\T WII L IN- 1 ve.*t ? ?r $2 (ino. for oto half interest i*1 \ irmjr rto*e in NVasliineton; also, in the imnuf&e- ' ureofthrse or four a't'o' s. all payin* ah%rd- i oire p-ofi*. a- d I'x'er.eiv-lv used in the a'm, *.nd j%n Up morease 1 t an? amount. Address 'lirourh , fo?t "ffice with real i aim, stating whf re an in | lorview oan bo dea-tt* E. PKHWY. 1 WANTKI)?A suit of two or more R'lOM?, within two rauares of the NVr Department, jeot'emsii and wne only. To include Board In|uire at Star Office uo 27 1 w 117 A MTKh In 1**1 wki.l>. ?I I.?-J- DAT WW ' * *** " ?> ?; ?*HU UIBIiUJ DV/1 *? TLK8. Ca*h sn deliver*. F. II. HASTING* A CO.. 3!i3 i? *tree?, no 25 tf Fhi'h%rmor:!o BuMing. WANTED?Every person to know t>-at f am in | th? ma-kft, ready to pay cash for all artic'ea n the h.usefurnishing line. Those leaving tne si*y, or having & surplus, will dowel1 to ca'l. R. BUCH LY, 42* Seventh ?t, between G una H at?., 1 eaBt side,) Dealer in New And Second-hV;d Furntura. no 16 " WANTFI>? TAILORS, TAIL0RS -50 Tailore competent to work on military roods. Apply ] B. KOLP. at Wall. Stephens 3c. (!o 'b. *??25 i WANTED.?We are now buyint SECOND- 1 HAND Ft RNITUEE,8TO VE>acd BH D [)ING, for which we are paying the fcirheat *Ajh nrii'Au. Pumi' t 1 (\T? lmina iiniiuDLacr.ins nr a mvirg a ?urp!u8 of furniture, Will find it to tL'eir i ui?a.;:!Aee to t ivs us a ?ail. BONTZ A GRIFFITH, V-tf No. "t<>9 g' . I Mi-i K ft*. t j H'TTER WANTED. Call at WALL, STEI'HENS &. GO.'S. ,V2i P* avenuei. b? 18 LOST AN L> FOUM?. ! LOST?On the 4.1i of December, Mack gett ( t R?ts***. tipped with gold. between H h a'.d E ! ;o<Uh and Pa avanuo. A liberal roward will be . >aid lor its return Jo No 4 A3 Tenth ?t, between K and F. lf_ J ftin REWARD-RAN AWAY -On the leth 2? I"*nt,'rom Georgetown bridge, a c\__ Kay HORSK, with white feet, ttmlred TiJfi , J S," on hm 'eft shou der. Tha owner will lay a liberal rewa'd f ?r lis r.'tum to JOHN Mo iAR VEY'S, oorner 27th and K sta d?5-S* g> tA REWARD ?Loet, between itu at est a'd the depot, or ?tol?u a', the ticket ^fllre, or ; 11 the otra; 185 or 190 llOL.LAR;*. in #30'? Jiit'a . i don: S3 gold pieo-a and oi.e doubtful dol ar. ; rhe above i? ?ard will be piid for the deliver* of 4 he game to THOMaS CONNER. coiner 7th a d i a treats, >o. 338 de5 3t* " HORSK FOUND ?A brown HORSE, saddle and bridle, oame to tbo >retr.ia?? "f the under?ugn?d, New York I Hotel, 360 north C street, city of JRMBgl lVa?liii f'on Tlie owner of theaMne , a here** notifie I to com" forw*rd,prove?"'""*""? >r<*pcr?T, auu Mkc mo nw*? d?5_3r KNQKLHoR J)T A UNGER. l' I A REWA RD.-Stolen from the subscriber, i ^ I U livif g ' X r llo thi? udeof th*Ch?in c\ t Iri^ge.a small Hay liORSK, b'aok ?i aneTirri uid tail, H*ck lene.the right hip little 1 -we han the left; a few spots on baoi, oaus'd by the , addle rubbne;* *mall white spot oa his forehead. Vcy f-ne returning the rai 1 Horu to the t-ubeou>er will receive the above reward, d- 5-6t AMOS BURROWS. LOST?The Back of a small Gold Hunting cat:* Watch The exaot loovioa in wt sol it w?s oat i? not known. The finder wiM b? 'ib'rally re ' vrded by leaving it at SEMKiiN'8 Jewelry Jtore de* St* J> .T HE W A RD?Strayed or btoler, on Saturday. ip't a araail e ??d red Btffvo COW,rr-~?_fm' M>th ears cut The above reward will be I sx&rS tai' f?r her return to M'? URKSNA-wy^H IAN, T.mpera-ee H?.l Allay. , de Wt' i J> T REWARD.- !.efl with ths hajkman, or !o-t p ' in o^jtu' g from the d p >t to Dr. Young's, i^ni. avet u*. on W udv nigut !a t, aCaHl'tir ?\G, oortaining a droc aid other *.rtielea of laUe? veariug apcarel. The r.b?vo reward will be >*id to any c ne leaving it (co. toil* entire) tt No. 59* Louisiana a vena* or at the offioe of the Star. ae ^TRAYED A WAV?From the subscriber on ' o r* at u re'at eh bt, tbe 31 H November, 1861. cv k-n'M; L?:.k<?en o')ior:U MAR ? ", wilh dark iiace ar.d till; & little orrut fallen end ittl? roftoh bsok; quiie active and keetly built, i^ie ^ad & set of g arson her wh?n ohegotiooie. . rne fi:der will be liberally rena de'lb? returning ler safe and sound to me on High street, 1)9, Georgetown, D. C. de3-3t* THOMAS S JONES. | OST-A SEAL RING, and a FOX HEAD li SEAL, att*oh?d to a ring. withoorao?l an ?et. 55 reward will b? given to whoever returns the L.tioies to this oif.oa. de 3 tf Ran away from the hub?crirer, , I1A>P Ula,lAnaK..r? DfW A V l uHMV VA 1 .oininoolj c&llod Tonaf. He is 5fa^t6 iiclto 67 < ugh, v*rr blaok, short hur, crura oonutn- In ianc? when a;otea to. with a amali sear VI iver one of hit *>#?. Went away with black J . j aoketf United States butt ns on ua> cm dm pant*. < rf I low gauntlet glove?. 1 will fci ve 9130 to an? on* i h*t wiil brine him hot?>e to e da8 ?w* HELPER MAGR' DKK. ? ] ED U CATION All j! Mi?S HHOOK M EN6L18H AND FRENCH ? boarding and da.y . chool, j ? Sari* BciLDises, No. 130 Pmnittvania ormit. I < Ciroular* to t* obtained at ths Buoutorw and I jf the Principal. no2? lm* j r - - i ? 6LADK8 BUTTKR. KKfis Cboi'A Olftdte Bnltc-r. J??t rc-eei?ed l Iirect friHo Son??r??t o"*uty. P*. Fo tale iuw 1 j JOHN H 8EMMK8 Jfc CO . | cor. Mil it- u? 1*. iv., o|?o. VMt end Bctt-Mtt Center Market, | % ?? HAVE YOU SUBSCRIBED FOR THE WEEKLY STAR, TO BE MAILED TO YOUR FRIEND OR RELATIVE? IT IS THE BEST DOLLAR WEEKLY IN THE WORLD! ITS WASHINGTON NEWI IS INEqi'ALLED! ITS GENERAL NEWS IS UNSURfASPED DY THAT OF ANY TWO DOLLAR ur??(?irt mr n m. WL. IV L. 1 : ITS AGRICULTURAL MATTER WTI.L BE WORTH TO ANY FARMER A HUNDRED TIMES ITS YEARLY COST. ITS HOUSEHOLD RECIPES WILL SAVB TEN TIMES ITS COST EACH YEAR TO ANY FAMILY. 7V Number for this WVwi, to bf out on Frt 7lf?_ ? f? ? uri TAr#/ fiwfl BiWl'// 4U V 4W rn n?, p* ? o i fort remarkably interesting one. P+T9fi*i nt a A* *t*mr* frkn f*ou!A keen Posted with reference to what is really going on here in these interesting times should receive it regularly. CALL AT ONCE AT THE STAR OPP1CE AND HUBS*CRIBE POR IT ~ FOB 3ALK AJXD HtlST. FURNISHED PARLOR AND CHAMBER l O LET?No. O* street between C ad < i'y Ha l. <<?!& ? FOR RENT-A PARI.OR and CHAMBP.R. hanlromely fun ithed. Ii,<ui'f it 39* nth street, b?f?sfp G and H 8tre?t?. df 5^t3' FOR RENT-A fbrnilhad PARLOR am HEl -KUOM with *aa^ii 2_i u "T. App j at >13 st, near war u?p?riiwut I'e i-3t* Rooms for RtNT,-s?v?ii kftod?a?ir lainifiiiwd Rooms ca. bs filter i.T acpiTlr* at No 4 <H Eunth at.. bet we an G *ad H, n Kth Fat? ?..t Office. de 6 it* TO LKT \V:tho-wt .< ut Board, three KUR nl^hkd ROOMS in * private famil*. p i d wi h *?'er([i'l .a iacd tdea-auM* ?ituatei' a *' tie Aveuue. ln^uir at th1 S'*r Offica. q a 3 .-'ALE-The Stock and lir.ou Will of a Reft tail Oroodi* it i* a joot) location, ai d dome a Imr bttlikCtf. Fh? SUi-e and Fit oan be ha<1 ' t a tno?lt rate rer.t. Apply At U>:? iffije. rt..a ?t? I^O LKT-Alt r Sf'RBi vith Fi*tur?e;or wnu'd ?? l is (i K?d #il of the Btire and Dwolhn . Inqure at No. i 1 Vennsj lvama ave * e ?a?t, c>pp igitd C&pito Groan's, seoool door !r-m 1st at [ d?5 ?'? I^URNISIIEf) ROOMS OJl HO(J*E TOR f H r.? i vi> Ku n shed Rooms with or with ~nt Board, in a pnvate fatniit. L< cation l>eat la [he ritj auu n-'ar tf?<> Treasury Department. Two eentiem'i wi'h Meir wives, or four ladies, pre erred. Or r those who are w I.iiik to pay a good ?rios nee a*)p!?. C-un^laminr ocrsoQi neel nit n%ke flpp'ff^tion. O It e House wi I he r-' tei to I jup"'na! and fi'dt ela** tenant*? "K B<?' 6 Oity Po*t Olfi '.e, ir. r?-\ came, de 5 8 FARM FOR SM.K.-A FARM oonU oinc 22* acrrii* of whi'-h ce h*'f:? >11 mnhsr, the r?*i iue of ?rft'>le l?: <1 ol *"' d qu*:<t? AbmdMio# of jrod wafer woll diktriBute-1 AViti i>i ha f ai v??ra* hau' of ^ " ejs'a Mrit-sh, o' ,f Wft'hir gtrn B^i ch H iMroad in i'rinee G-*'. .e'? joailj. nn.l ?i" mi a half vn I* o' Turnp.'ke of Ba t cno'e and \% a**nr> t ?n. and wifnn r ire mi! a from Washington. AnApp'f* d P?ach Orchard. . ...? ?_ ? ?.K tl ...? II J .,?l. i vo u win. in ui-r, iniu ft'.u umici ia<i tMiildi? e* For part;o*>:ara and terras. entoir# ?f IWa subscriber, 1?7 6?b street, between N aad O ilr.-*"ii n'irti), v\ ?.abiii(t'<n. I>. <' (1?5 1* CHARLES C SAH.ER. Il'KIMS TO KENT,without b ? .1 #f AO H IV street. bstwe*--. b*h and Sth. d-? 4-4t* |?OR R r' \T?Furui-n*i or ucfurn sh?d- a !ari? r PAK' OR an-1 No 473, coraer_L ?,nd Eleven'h sts , south side. de 4-8t* HANDSOMELY FI HNI^HED ROOM~-4>r? larg ? ! furr.iih 'il r ioot Koont f->r eat. supplied with #as and water. Apply at 44 A I st.,f south ?id?> hetweenjrh and loth sts d*4 S * ROOMS TO ME LET-* suitofKOOMSto be . 1 rt, iii a private residence. nrar the War D*ivtmpnt: w ut.i ?r to r.n???r"t?.hlr? nnrti>>? *itr-0r i< a sui:cor mnsio room*. References exchar>g??d. I Enquire at Star office. de 4 St* DAIRY FOR PALE? Having eiiM fic 'lwt M'lsh Cow#, F x ures, and a good run of ens:om?ra. Irquire at the Carnage Shop near fi st :ol' gate.7tn ?tre*t road de 4 2t* BUS1NES* STAND FOR RENT.?We offer for rent the capa-^'ous Room over our gt< r<?. Entrance both frcm Pa. avenue and O street M. W. HALT A BRO., Jeweller*, 3A4 Pa avenue, de 4-3t Four doors west of Hrnvn't Motel. I^OR RKNT-A smail FRAME BUILDING, I t?o rooim. In^vire at 39$ K st deS-Sl* IfOR R KNT?Handsomely furnished suits of ROOMS, tupplud with gas aud wat?r. Apply it No 300 Eleventh street, between Pa. avenue ind E st. co 29 e<>?t* FOR RKNT-A FURNISHED HOUSE, oontaining 10 room**, pjrassat y oca ted, with gaa throughout 40.S Twelfth at , jftween lacd K. nn EM>R RENT?The PREMISE** on the comer ? of 14tu &u(J C streets, lately ooonpted by K. \V. B\t?p A t'o , wood and coal dAal?r? For terms, ko .apply to WII.LIAM H. PHILIP, No. 40 la. ivenua. nol'-f?"tf RENT? An untarnished three story briek HOUJ'E, No. 30H. ?na a furnished Parlor and ?everai Chambers, 306 Delaware avenu? north, iear the Capitol no 27-eo3t* j^OR RENT-A FURNISHED t^T I tau inft 10 rooms?173 I street, Letween 2n-h tml 2! de 3 3t* FOR RENT?Dob We Hariors, with IV (o.!dme doors b'tween, nea 1* fa m?h"d as parlor aid chamber. Inquire a: 37 5 E street, betwren > h and i??tl> sts. de 3-St* CHTKNISHFD ROOMS FOK RKN f.?A lance I Parlor and four fine Chambers handsomely furnished, in the mo-t dee rable p<rt of Washingin*:on, No. 422 F street north, between 6:h a&d rt;? streets west, in ?he immediate vioinity ot the Post and Pster.t OITioee, may be ha*? on reasonable t?rrn*. ry Applying to r. j. MAOKUDEK, No. ?9?> I) street, between 6th and 7th ats. de 3 T.ThASSt* TWO FURNISHED ROOMS FOR RhNT, on first floor, at 406 D afreet, between 6th and rth. do 36 tf Handsomely furnished rooms.Four handsomely h umiahed Rooma, suaplied vith ta? and water, and convenient to the PateU tod post Office Departments, (or rent. App * at ISO^ Maasaohoaetta avenue, north aide, between Ith aoH ?tb eta. ma 21 BOARDING. BOA B DINO.-Ponr gentlemen oau beaoooirmodated with table Hi a d, at 371 Pa. & vac no, >pp<>?re tue National Hotdi. Dinuer at 6 o'clock. _de< 3J" IIOARP.?Reapectable parties may find rood iJ DU&1 u & a wei imntanea Kooma. r>t j?y, reck, or month, in h un* No. 475 and 47 7 13th itreet, three dors from ?*a. avenue atJ raid?ar etwee > Wizards' and Kirk wo His' Hotel*, no -c 1m* DR1 GOODS! WHITELKV, STONE <c CO., No. H!>1 BilTlllOkl J*TKK*T. Near Sknrp, Baltimort, Offer for sale a detuable stock of eooDs AT LOT? PPICES, F O II GASH! And intite the attentate of dealer* to the aame. no a-^w Government Loan Agencj, ow LEWIS JOHNSON *. CO.. BANKERS, Coensa of Pa. Ave.nce aiiD a Si. LEWIS JOHNSON, t f oar firm, having been ippo nted a ?ul scription Agent mr the National Loan authorised b? the aot of Corgreee of "?7lh July, 1861, we are prepared to furnich. to parties leaircuo of u.aking investment, am aniomt o< r 3 10 Treasury N -tee, ?f oon vetiient tigoa. no *9 tl LbWIst JOHNSOM 4 CO, PIANOS! PIANOS!! PIANOS!!! A number of te%r * Oct PIANOS iHMSK reoe ved yesterday from the o?lebrat~d 'if % Jl taotory r fWm Knabe k. Co., among them a vary haidaoma o*ived Ptan-i, whion obtained thehigh?st peniium from the late Malum ore Exhibition, knd wi wh 1 offtr for salt (as a fine New Year's preee> t) on acoommodating te: mi. and at amors to ?mt the times ? ro RENT?l wrl hare eevra1 PitM* alrays 3n hand.thourh I *aa unable last week to serva (om? "f my oastomar*. Au.ateera are icvikd to examine. P. C, R* 1CHKNBACB. mrt? 1 m. No 498 lltH street. Oyatcrt?Oysters. THE OVERLAND OYSTER EXPRESS COMPANY [s now prepare* to fariash Reataa rants. Hotela, sutlers, and Private Fsralies witk^K\ FRK* R O V STERS, by the gallon IH WU1 V mil IVV. The Oyiter* n rive daily freeh from tii? water* of the Chaif itke Uty.ahd ire of the be?t <na ity The company .nmaa the patrc naje of th? d*ar*y .rybi ,?.tp ?^i??~^a noaa-im |Rr?abti?aa.] no 1-1* Otrtir Elfrtntij at, afld* Pa.Y&ao. 0 SECOND EDITION. THREE O'CLOCK, P. M. CONGRESSIONAL TiriiUT, Deoembar S. *bkats ?After tb? prwntstloo of petitions by sundry Senators, lncli d n? one (preoented by Mr. Sumner) for the emanr potion of the slsrro of tbo South as a war nmnrf The pending revolution of Mr. Grimes calling for the paper* In the cane of tbe charge* afalul Col Mllea, L' 9 A . and tbe Government * action thereon. vn? taken np; and It srns adopted . Mr Trumbull introduced his promised bltl U? provide for tbe conlscatlon of slaves aad other property of persons In arms or otherwise being traitors to tbe United 9tatr? Tbl? bill having been read a flrvt aad second time, Mr T addressed the Senate a length la eaplaiiattoc of <ti provision*, and urging Its eaactment A reaolutlon was adopted (Introduced yturdav by Mr Snmner) calling on the War Department for copies of a1' correspondence, orders Ac., la Ita pnaseasion. bea ,ug on Major Gen HaUork'* official action with reference to aiavea A motion list on adjourning to-day they wtr?ld adjourn ever until Monday neit having beon mtdr by Mr. Foote, and agreed to. tbe Benata went lato executive ares ton Hot** ?Mr. tiurlrr ottered a rraolutlon Instruct! ng tbe Committer 011 the Judiciary to In quire If a telegraphic ceuaorahtp of tttc p**m biw> been eatibi'ai<ed in tu city, and If ao, by whor authority and by whom constructed, and to report tf auch censorship haa sot been used to restrain wholesome political criticism and dlacwslon. while its professed and laudable object haa bee* to withhold from the enemy Information la r+fer^nce to the movemen t of the irony; adopted On motion of Mr tHeTena. the House tat* Committee of the \V bole on tbe aUU oftha Union, (Mr. Wltkiifie, of Ky., In the chnlr) and took under consideration it resolution referring tbe ev^ral subjects of the President's annual message to appropriate committees, upon which a pro tj&cted <lis<ussion was progressing when ear reporter lift. OUR MILITARY BUDGET M*V? Tlie Wyiadank arrived at the yard eerly tbl* morning from the dOUlU abave tbe ba'.terlea, rej parting all quiet. A jrreet number of Teasels paased up during tb?- night, amc?g w&'. h w?f ?e??il of hrt'e *lxe. On* venae! paasrd yesterday In t?ro*d iirRgbl without molestation 1k? Wyandank will change her armament, and Uke on two 64-pound ihell fcuns. It i? rumored that her upper worki are to be removed, aad the steamer titted up for a gunboat; but as abe Is M well adapted to her present Imsiness u a transport, tb'a seema hardly probable. The Harriet Line and Ja-ob Hell laat ngbt went down cm fl reconnoiswnee near the rebel batVrtea. Just before tb* Wyaodank left. Tbe Anacoatla goes down and lie off the rebel guns every ulgbt on the lookout for tb* Pag*, whlrb It is believed romea out In the Potomv w henever deemed a^fe by her officers. TUe Coenr de l.'?n caoac up from tbe Lower Potomac ia<t night, convovlng eleven a:booners, *ome of which were laden with Government rii (ti Lfniniot < tl/4 !><.! >W m t\ I'M lint', and ha? txvn laying with the tiotllU below the batteries. i*he brings no newt of portanee. Toe Expr<t? lies at Liverpool point, with store* .forGen. j*icklci' brigade. Oa tier downward trip she took two balloon*, with their appurtenaaces, one of which wu left at Chickmoxan creek, and the other dispatched to Port Royal. The Rr-anlute also arrived :aat night, brlrglng up Conr. Harrell, dag officer of the lower flotilla. C?m Craven having been transferred, It la tboogkt ihnt the command of tbe whole flstlUh wrlll be given to Com Harieli. i Me Resolute brl^g* no news save that alreadv mentioned. A. OBASfi BAIL. Last night, tbe < 111 era of the 5tt? (reifula*) cavalry, MoJ^r OakesroiamanJing -iitertmnod their friends with a grand oaii at ttie residence of Mrt. Hobbie, near RoekCreeL. ocut ait l undr-d gneata were present, emb. wing a large notch* r oi imr.ury aid civic a:tUnp'i? < sad fa?hlon?blf* cititeus?Gen Stonemac with *?ts b*ide. Oeu. Sykes and wife, Gm Barry and da'ifbtera, Geo Graham, the sUfl of Gen. McCletlk.i, Soiistor* Harrla and Latham, and a boat of >:.i n Senator* and Representatives. The aupper >was superb, the music exquisite. the halls elaborately decorated with flags of ail nations, and the magnificent grounds surrounding the mansion were most effectively illuminated Dancing was kept up until after four o'clock this moruiog, when the lsst guests retired. It was decidedly oae of the most brilliant and agreeable entertainments of It* description that ever took place here or In the viciuity of Washington. The lad lea are to-day loud in praise of the officers of the 5th cavalry for the success of their efforts of last evening, for their entertainment. gksiual btut o'viaiox. Camp rux Dabskstowh, Md , Dr-c Editor titer: This morning, the 3d brigade of Gen. Banks' division struck their tents and took up line of marc b for Frederick The regiments constituting this brigade are In a most rfllclent state, and do great credit to Brigadier General Williams. who has bad th*m constantly rxerclaed In brigade drills, until ttie reglmepts can effectively compete with each ./her or with oth-r brigades The pickets of thla Brigade lining the canal and river from Seneca l/ock to within four miles of ChMn Bridge, are to be replaced by those from Gen Stone's ommard. The I h!rd Brigade constituted the rear of Gen Banks' move ment to Frederick. General Hamilton'* /Pint1 Brigade having left on yesterday, and General Abercromble'a (Third Brigade) on the day previous The general Impression appear* to be that Frederick la not to be the winter quarter* of the division, but merely a suitable position for locating a corps of reaerves. Okdikkd to as Reliaskd ?Ju*t ere going to pre** with our second edition to-day, we boar from an unofficial source, but on authority la which we place confidence, that, la accordance with that gentleman's repealed request, the State Department have directed that Mr Charles James F<tu:kuer, of Va , be released from hi* con Hoe roent in Fort Warren, upon hi* parole. He ha* urged on the autho'itie* here that If be be released upon hi* parole, he will proceed 1 ium?diatcly South and procure the like releaae of the Hon Alfred Ely. IX not aucceaful in that errand, he pledged himself to return to cuatody In Fort Warren in thirty day*. Dkatjis or Sbxatox*.?On Tuearfsy next the death of Senator Bingham will be announced to the Senate with appropriate euloglea, and mi Wednesday that of Senator Bak r. LATB LOCAL NEWS. A Wuiiim ?A large crowd assembled la St. Aloysius church to-day to witness the marriage of Miss Angela Lingan Doraey, daughter of Ifr. Dorset of the Poet OAce Department, and Mr*. Anna H. Doraey, the authoress, to Mr. Robert L. Eastman of tbe U S Army. The ceremony wat performed by Rev. Father Lynch. Tbe bMdeemald* were Miss Clara Doraev. sister of the brtdns Ml> Virginia Coalman, ilik-r of tbe bridegroom, aud M laa Octavia De Laureal. The groomsmen were Charles E. Haalett, Onrliia E Babcock and John U. William*, all of the Arm v. We asOoal amongst those present Senator Hue, Rev. Father Early, President of Georgetown College, aad Rev ratte- $*on*street A camber of Army ofleers, and a fair representation of the bsaUes of Washington were present. Bm v.naniae.?Lsst night, ths hand ef the ltth 1 idiana vulouleers serenaded Vsaur H ft. Lane at lbe National; Kspreeentntivse Crsrens and Mitchell, at Browns; and Whits, CatfU. ft hanks, Dann, Porter. Diw, and Hoi ma a, at their reaper tlve bosrding-hooees; thus InelndlJC all the reveentatlvce from Indiana, except Mr Jnllan The compliment was daly responded I* toy each of those gentlemen, In brief and appropriate a pesetas, which were happily rffved by ths crowd present They hsd previously serenaded thn Boa P P. r HiUamay. Commissioner of Patents, and aapp?d bouateouaiy under hie baapttable reef . THE LATEST BY TELEGRAPH FROM I?&TUM1W!IROE. BaLr??aa, Dk I -TM OU FMrni bmt tola#* Tbm fed bwi trace from Km*'" TW M?m epftuU^ kU atitei 9m ?**? IiM. ntiOl* te U* ? ??.*? %

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