Newspaper of Evening Star, December 5, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 5, 1861 Page 4
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THE EVEMNK STAR. iiniti til TBI Socth ?Tb" LevitviU* Jour. M! of I*?'ardi4T ? '}? : W t rwiwH TtfrniaT wltb grti'lFtnan who ts t pref \ txw^s.?*ly rWlt In tb? far n'c We baTc krown i>lon p>r?onary for yet:*. sad tavtfuil cenfidesce in bis atitemrnta Hf *rfV? enti tl?*t 'be p~opU of ibf i*outb ?r? ' ?r*vly a'damed, an4 thf t tbev entertain tbe verv went ft-an a? to tte r?ault of the w?r Tb* blovr m> K ? V kaa V^c n a fit/- k Kt? I K? C* >. ?a 1 In w |.>C J H??r " '* '< wv? Wf I v 'J* i" I H.v* Pouth Carolina bJ cwuUibuted to betgh**!! '.ht-Jr fr-i, and many oiiiinunUles are b>rirrlng on despair. lit s>>cue auctioni a strong Union aentt> ir?i t but th? npress!?n of that sentiment la aupprt** d by the rebellious rabble. Our tnfurni <nt tiawled from New Orleans to Merr.pb.s a :d thence to Bowlin* Green by way of N sbvlH* He mw no troops between New O i?m and Memphis, and presumes that the en. llsfmT.t of soldiers has ceased, the resources of the South having been putty well exhausted. The prlrts of tne necessaries of life attheSoutb, he siys, are very high, which is owing to sunt w>nt to the srsrclty of par fund* Gold and a* y mviict vvuiuiauus ^'irunuiu ui fl%J tu per cent., and can be obtained only with great dlfi^alty at these rates He bad but little opportunity to obta'n Intelligence in reference to tfce rebel force in tbe vicinity of BowI'd? (ireen, but be dues not tbluk It ) ?o great as b?s b*en represented Tbere are mo batteries at Nashville, tbe authorities not bavins deemed that point in the least dinger from Federnl Invasion Thi Rkbsl? is Tihior ?A dispatch from Mrtupbis to the .Njshville Patriot reprts^it* that p?ace as In great excitement relative to an eipected InTMtoa by tbe Federal troops by land and I water, and says during tbe next few d iy? a great battle will be f juiiht at Colutubns, and if we are overpowered Memphis !? los' to the South, unless Alabama, Mississippi snd Louisiana help ' The same despondency is felt in Arkanaaa. Tbe Little Rock Democrat of tbe )6'b saye: "The exciting news received from tbe Northwest yester day bad a profound effect upon many meiiiberi of the Legislature wurae bom lay In that direction Miny tf tbetii talked of a precipitate retreat from town, and we should not be surprised If, by toaigut?unless be't-r new# 1* heard?both houses rc left without a querum " UjT The Charleston Mercury ha* been compel ed to reduce lta site nearly one half When our troop* get to Charleston thev will quickly dispose of the < ther half iij~ The fleet which sailed from New London oiue time since to be sunk In Southern Inlets, carried 7,941 tons of stone. imt is reDorted that larire numbers of th? firitiab troop*'now m Canada have recently deserted, most of them succeeding in effecting tbeir ee- ape frr Lord Paimerston baa entered upon hi# 7Mb Tear He waa born u-a tb? turn of October, 1781. i;^"Artemua Ward'' i? a distant relative of Don Uannibal Hamliu. />, ?oMtlHi.N(j !\ ? W ! KAlaJBlUIMT DlgCOVIKT Of.fX / Xliif mi Asa \jJlf At C ure*i. arrettu III ?4eO ?f. OY*ThRS >TtAMLO |? U?e 8M anC Thor ngiilf Cooked (ffsr auaerior *o a rea t> in two mmutts, r<*? fmttsi tinu on. rtcord Call ai-d ac-?. Tfc? nndei anted r?*. peotfuily lniorma Kiafr.enda In tite :>iair>ot. and ?intora to the oit?, that he har refita*! hia old an-1 w*u-mwn kSTABLitHMi T in a moat '.hof'.'uxn mscn- r. ai a ha? made oom piete arrati?f>inei.ts to furmah OYSTER.-? in any ty e aod lc a^y 4 jautit* <00 to Sxi ga ioca shucked per day. 2 0u) to S 00 can* ol Sptoed ai.d h 'eah Ct up daily?caaa hei radically aisled FurniehK thi ahei Vy ne kuane or barrel. p?s.eon* widhic,. to %>. OjrV-a furnished regnlariv t.irpaxh the winter, at iia.timore prioea. vnbout fear of ia>lure, ?nou)d oail and make arrant iH-nt? at on^a Fr?*'.g .t. time, and money saved by aareias'n< of me, as I formah an article 2uaJ to the celebrated Baltimore establsalunenU, pnoes j js*aa 1-w. TO SUTLERS Carped M??t?, i obaters. Sa'dicaa, Ciaraa. Pirasrr^eriiea. i'omat?ea. Pi*?* F-ut, Tripe, ko fv.,4a. A iu, Pick ?a. Catsnp, 3aj<w, Brandy eacbes, to Alfci, i?aro? aud F een F.ah. TurTerrapinr, Fresh L"b??er?, Cod, Halibut. 4o. la lact. e>e ? thing ttt sale in the >ortht rn mar fcfU a.\? ara on bani, at reMonabl? pnoe?. Hotels as-! faraihM supplied w.ta 1?T?t*r?, delivered wi.hout c i- any part of the District, ir i?30b, it tn?* mewj is i&< t with ths order. Mr e?tao isb-nert is open from 5 a m. to 12 at tust ever* oij, OAOt^pt SiuidAj. w.iec 1 olced at 1C o'oiCKk a. a. ??i7 T. .M HARVKY. OV?l JOHNSON & NaGLE. OUQ XoJ So 'iPS Cl VJUViHU ftVINT*, UeVireen .Ninth and l'enlu pie . soutli s;-le, orrn ron ?ale: CHAMPAGNES?1?. H Mamm, Piper Heidsick, jAcet 4 Chaj?J<>n. iioiliL^er A, Co , Cartier & Co , Ao. CL.AMK'1 Juiien. St. Eetsphe, Canteoae, to, o* ttecask or 'ot'c bOCK WIN EH?Det<Jesfe'.niar, Johasceeberger, Li^tfraaenmiich. R i>ci?sheun?r, to. BP A Ni>Y . Wnskj, Gin. Port, tfaerry, Mvieira, in wood or clM4. LONOON PORTKR. Brown Stout- Kri; n>?r?h %.?J Yorkshire AIM, of the best brauds, ib bot tie* or stone jus*. OIGARr*? Usvum and Pomestl", of the ohoioest >?aaas. Veot! t*ie it**1 attention of gatlers,Restaurants *i.d K?iralic? t., our large* at.d W?iI-?eleoU?<1 BTOCK OF i-'INt ORUCKKlE;, Freeh Meat, roaitri. F.?h. !H?ape. \ egetabiee and Fruits il Ke'Wtlca,!* } t'MCUS. PR fa ?V ts, J *1 lies, Ac .Amoads, Nuts, RmS2CS V 4 r Iga. CHfcKSK,i fca*t*rnand Wwtem Cutting); Bam, bent Goshen utter,the t>*st Limn on* r.? < :der. VfORCF.STKRtiHIRE and Oys'erSanoe. i'lck s of every desoriftooE. Pepper Sauoe and Tomato Cauup, t>? the ga> on or doaeu Ail <>f whioh we off^r at the lowest possib e noes and ou reasonable terms mi JOHNSON k. NA,GLfcL ptllUUKLhHIA PROVISION STORK, in ih^?y:..'*su Armi, ijtk and ?o(A ni Tbt noder*if ned, harm* located himself u ?h<>ve, takes this method of;i.forming ( *? citiaem of the First Ward tuat lie na? npt .*d a first c.ui fro'ision Store. cooiutted simitar to those for vtuoh vhilad-lpnia u lamoas. Her* oftu be loan at a*l times a large and fresh fftt'-J of hOUi TRY, OAMK. -EKF, MIT TO%,Ao. FKUIISand VfcGEYAlILM in season. Partirp:n' attention is ealled to his stock and RKM Of HI ITER, CHKK8K, Ao. Fsilaii*iphi% Print Butter. Gosr.ea and Western Reserve. Beiu| iociTeths strictest attention to the vanf <>f hisOMstoineM, aod to keep every artieJe In his line of the best 411a ft*, and sell at the lowest market prices, he ho pee to merit a chare of pabiic pa>rona?e. Famine* wiu be waited spon (or orders, if "nolo THOMAS R. WILSON. NfcW PAPKRHANGING.' WINDOW HHAD& AND UP HO .HTKRI.NO ROTA LI ~H MEN i. 460 Nl.111 Biklil. The eademgaed. formerly of the firm of FrankRn A R Ui ock. bid opa ed a New -tore at 460 liath atreet cne Cuur eouth of E at'eet, og the M" aid . where be ha* a nail oboioe atook. and wouJa be happy to receive the oriiera of the fnenda ?-rJ cbi turner# f toe old firm. Partioutar a'teutic n will be fa.d to Paperhangin? and Upboiatery work in aw ite braoonee. bo ? S.awaw L- J ROTHROCK. TCAKR1A8ES. HE ttabeorber urmi made additiena to hia fkctory. rr.jjrnt it bow oaeoi the lira eet^nvn^a In U>e Wmtricc, where hia faouiueafiflEKRf for in&oDiao'orin* CARRIAGK!? tcu^SK LIGHT W^GO>? of ail kmda cannot be aar Meaec, a"d from kia locc ezaemnoe in the baatmi%be hopea to give general aauaiaotioc. of Cam*f ee and Ltvfat Wat an a kept jm ?p icn*. MM ftli OH?tl f e.! eodftd lo. (1 U N g O A t Oumrtm mmsUr ffmmuft Qfkc4.' I Waikmtum Cut. JnhrU,IM.i n.Aj^> 153 ciraciric4Tio? for nulla of *?n B' fti* jot ta? WNttrn rirtn *r? on exhibition ftt feu ci*.jftiul at uOom of QaarMrmMter M PutftAfcr*. CUnciunftti, St. Look ftnd Aiu-u. u> rm daiiverftd ftt Cairo. Bids ahoold b? Kit to O ftftrtariPftftter G?o?rftJ of the United tftfttM Arm?, ftt Wftftkinf ton, err lit A^|n^t,^. >*? Bn?. Oftn'iftftd UftftrtocawftfrSen''' JTi&EMKN B 1N0UJLANCK COMVANY WASHINGTON AND 8EOMETOWN. wfiw... ? teH% ' ]uuo6IIWA, AediWW ftothw?(L. c H. iJtbCu. Ut.t. I*. UiVM. No UlAit fot Poiic.M. JAMES ADAMS. PrM?C?it Am 8. P*Ti?.b?v^Uf>. U%A^&*,,^n,if?2itS.*Ve?? bua? fur ob* Or*>, r<*d or f&xsfWraaa to 9Ui|M * % few Moortf* to ? J t b!%ok or ft an| W? u otUrt Mif for *m? tultml" Kid b? S CT Uf HA VI, 31Q >'*? ?;>? ?Cro*t, h +, 4*yhi?. and f CaLVa&T POfeU, >oru?r l!TL ^tr K and ?'? %*?. ? AUKliv AMOKtHUNr OF RAVlf*, L%,"0 A Cv *? ft S-'n'r^ijw-*eii ( ; ;v Lr?%jhws trvwr* ^ > '/. A ft i\**-u*r > i?ft. ?r?|Mt *r 1 KJr? wi '.I . _ . ? a? c. * *^iC moowJ-mmI wrilkl Puao,i oottv*, ** % *<-r#j?. TW Ml % k w ICS A.HD WOCMDED lOLOURI 1)1 f HOSPITAL P*bl\tk*d M cmfvrmity wttA I** ntoitU en / tk* Stniu <f Juty 16, 1X51 At Rtmint'i Hcrpital, Qf+frtoim, Not 29 MD.H Infantry I 12 h Peim Volnnteera. I 2d Maine Volrinieera . 2 Mth do do 1 3d Vermont Volunteer* ! 3:>d do do...... 1 Vb do do.... 13 '15th do do...... 4 21 New York Vol (a) l 36th do do 1 9tb do do.... 1 4 2d do do 1 13th do do ... 2 45th do do..... 22 I5'h do do.... 1 '5M do do 2 16 b do do.... 1 1st do Art'llery... > 17th do do.... 6 1st do Rlflts ...... 1 21 ?t do do. (6) 1 21 do Cavalry.... 1 ?d do do ... 2 1th do do 2 25th do do.... l|5th do* do 1 :Kd do d".... ijllth do do 6 toth do do.... l'lst do Reterve.... 2 584 do do.... 1,3d do do...... 3 54*h do do.... 1 1th do do.?... 1 57 tU do do,... 1 I2tb do do...(0 1 <S2d do do.... 1 1st Michigan Vol 1* 79th do do.... 1 4th do do 1 2d New York Cavalry 1 2d WiaooMln Vol.... 1 1st Rhode Island Art. 1 5th do do."... 1 l?t Penn. Volnnteeri.. 3 tfth do do.... 6 4th do do 3 7th do do.... 2 5th do do 4 9th Maaaacbuaeta Vol.. 1 7th do -do 4 ExcelalorBrtpadr.... 1 Pth do do...... 1 9th do di 2 Total............13? 11th do do 2 (a) OneodWr. (&) One odlcer. (e) One officer A* Getural Horpitai, Union Hut$'t tomfr Bridge and Washington ttrttti, Otorg*town, ?r 29. lltblNew York Vol.... 3.4th Rhode Island Vol. 2 l?th do do I3tl?t Jdicblgau Vol 1 i l-th do do 1 -2d do do 11 iv.h do do 1 3d do do -2 fid do do UJIth do do...... 2 27th do do 1 | 4d Wisconsin do 1 3-Jd do do 2|titb do do 1 35 th do do 1 !? Minnesota do 1 43d do do 7 Ut California do 3 45th do do 1 lit Kxrelalor Brigade. 4 50th do do 3 rid do do.... 1 52d do do *2 3d do do....10 ryth do do *2 1st Maryland Vol 1 4tb Pena. Volunteer*. 1 {1st U d Cbaaaeura... 1 O'h do do 2Jid Penn. Cavalry .... 1 ?tb do do l :>d do do 1 *?th do do...... r Oneida CountyCavairy 1 l'2th do do 2 iat Penn Artillery.... I '23d do do 1:5th Rhode Island Art. 1 26th do do...... 1 j 1st New York Artillery -2 s/io ao ao 'J id i ?. Artillery 2 JOtb do do...... i Ith do do 1 45th do do 3 >?b do d 1 4?th do do 'J 1st Indiana Rifle* 1 id Maine Volunteer*. 1 Ylott's Battery 1 7'h do do I Smith's B ittcry 'I iM iNewHampsb reVol v De Kalb Regiment... 1 3d do do.... 8 Engineer Corps...... 1 id VermontVolnneets 4 3d do do.... 3 To^a' 141 5th do do.... 8 At Herpital at Columbian Colltgt, Washington, I Nor 20. -M Maine\olanteer*.. 4 l?t Penn Cava rr..... 1 5th do do I Harlan'sFetm C^alry i SHh do do 1 1st Penn Rifles 1 lltb do do 2 ObfouiaD1* Rifle* 1 *d Vermont Volunteers 2 1st Peun Volunteers.. 5 3d do do.... 1; Id do do lo 5th do do.... 711th do do...... 4 It'tb MawacbuaetuVol !2|8th do do 2 14th do do. lilMh do do...... 1 l'r.h do do. l il?ii (1 j do...... i Ut Long Iil*nd V#1 .. 1;i2t& do do 1 Ut New York Cavalry . l|l3ia do d<> I Har'l? N. V. Cavalry.. !i'2T<d do do 2 2id New York Vol lj/Tib do tlo :j -?3th do do...... *2 3l?t ii. da...... 3 3flth do d>?...... IJ'tjd do do I 37th do d'~> ? I45rb do do 1 41th do d?? 5 Mil do do i") 4>tta do do 1 9o h d ? do 4 5lth do do...... 4 ??t Michigan Cavalry. 3 Sft'h do I Ut do Vol i 79tb do do I ,'M do do 1* And?-raon Zo?tnv?a ... do do i la* ?xr?lalor Urigadr. 3|lth do do...... *2 id do do.... 2 3th do d<> b Da Ka.b N Y. Vol ... a Stockton's Michigan Lta< oil Cavslrv 11 o 1st U S.Ct.aa->eur?.... 1 Mb Wlxoealu Vol... 1 Berdan Sbarr*hoot?-!x. 2 fltb d* do.... 3 MeClellan'sDragoons. 1 T;b do do.... a Cam#- on Draji.ons... 2 ftt Mlnr.r-iotaVol 1 En*: lu?er Corp- ...... i '<?'!> lnd'.a:;<i Vol 1 l?t New J eney Cavalry 1 Illinois Caralrv... 1 -id do Vol.... 1 8Mrirl? Illlaoia R!fl . I 3d do do.... 11U! California Vol 1 5?b do * do.... ! Iitl) C. Volunteers.. 4 fl?h do do.... 1 Oneida N \'.Cavalry. 3 7th do do.... 1 i?t Fenn. Artillery.... 2 Total 19b At tftntrai HotpUai, (Ctreit.) Washington, _ Nov 89 Liutn^-n a,?tta New York Vol... 4 ltd U. 14. Cavalry 5 UiUt do do 5 4th do do a l*t D C Volnotwi.. I 5th dc do aiad J*fnn. Voluntcrt* . i ?th do do H ItU do do 1 t?t do Artillery.... 1j5tii do d^ 1 '<id do do S 5M do do 1 3d do do........ 'J Oflwrn a 4th do do ]! Hospital Steward 1 5th do do 4(4th N Hampshire Vol 1 !?t do Infantry ijSth do do..ia 2d do dn 5| 1st Michigan Vol 1 3d do do. 2 7tt? Main** Volunteers. 1 6tb do do 3 4tb R Lode Island Vol. 3 9th do do <> <4uarterutastir'a LVp^ 1 HKh do do ?| ? 22d New York Vol... 1, Total *6 21th do do.... gj At Fi fth District School House Hospital. Franch of 'rt??ra' Hcspitnl on E strttt, Nov. 2? lit Excelsior Hrlgade. l|Ub Ppnn. Cavalry.... 1 tftnh New V ork Vol... l ist Kentucky Cavalry. 1 3d Michigan Vol l |Ohlo Cavalry, (neat). 1 fth do d<> 11 llith Massachusetts Vol 1 12th Pennsylvania Vol. l]5th Rhode Island Vol. 1 23d do do.. 1 2d Vermont Volunteers 1 50th do do.. 1 ? I 104th do do.. 4 Total IB 2d U. P.Cavaliv 1 Sick remai*i*f im th? Hoipitnl for Empties j Dit'nset, ai Kulorama, Nov 22 3d V 9. Infuistry.?.. 1 36th P?*nn.Volunteers. 1 6th do do 1 46th do do 5 4th do Cavalry 1 53d do do 23 5th do do 2 54th do do 1 H'h do do 3 -oth do do 5 2d Mi<tae Volunteer*.. 2 90tb do do 1 I 7th do do t> liMihdo do 2 2d Vermont do 1 Har!m's LlgbtCevalry 2 1st NowYork Arttlleryll 1st Michigan Cnvairy . 7 14th New York Vol... 3 Stockton's Mlcbignn 57th do do.... b rivalry 1 61 st do do.... 5 7th Wisconsin Vol.... 2 t*Uh do do.... 1 3d Michigan Vol 1 Harris Light Cavalry .10 19th Indiana Vol 5 2d New YorkCavidrv. rt 1st Ho i 1st Penn Artillery ... 1 IJnarterinaMer'i l>ep't 2 Ut do Volunteers. 1 Btb do do 1 Total 121) At St. EHtab*tk Hopital. Eastern Branch, Novtmb tr 29. l?t Exielalor Brigade. 3|3?5'h Penn Volunteer*. (t 'id do do,.... 1 jSTth New York Vol... 1 4tti do do 1 JlMb Penn Vulun'eera. 1 33d Peuu Volunteers 7ib New J"r?ey Vol... 3 bh do do 1 1st Penn Reserve.... 2 bth New York Vol... 3 tstNew York Artillery 5 26th do do.... 1 5tb Peon. Cavalry.... 1 36tb Henn Voluutee'a. 1 - 1st Ouelda Cavalry ... 1 Stb Vermont do 10 Cair.^ron Kltlea 3 M'.h New York Vol.. 21 Brlcktl'i Art. Hittai s both Peon Volunteer*. I ? S9th New Yolk Vol ... 6 Total 90 2d do do.... I At Indian* Hospital I Patent Office), Waskimgton, D. C., Xuv 29. 19th Indiana Vol . .(a,6.'i 3tUb Peri Volantoera. '2 10th do do 4 1st New York Artillery 1 '27th do do '2 lit Michigan Cavalry. 10 lat do Cavalry.. <J BerdanSharpshooter*. 4 Total ..104 53d Penn Volunteer* .14 (?) One officer. il /!?...?> 11^-24-1 - " ? a* iiMzanafta, ifwt W tat New York Cavalry 1 ;3tb Vermont Vol 'JO 15th N\W York Vol... 1 lat New Jeraey Cavalry I 14th do do....It* 5?h do Vol.... 1 17th do do.... h id Michigan Vol .....1J 18th do do.... t id do do 3 45th do do.... 3 3th do do...... 5 Wth do do.... & 3d Mnlne Volunteer*. 7 S7th Mp do....10 4th do do 5 Slat We do.... 5 5th do do 5 Xtd do do.... 10 lat Rhodelaland Art.. 2 X*th do do.... 5 lat Mnaaachua^tu Art. 'J 10th do do.... 7 Lincoln Civilry I 79tb do do.... 1 Cameron Rifles * 3Jd Penn. 3d Fl'e Zouave* I ?lst do do...... ? lat Minnesota Vol 1 Jfclh do do 3 Harl-n Cavalry 14 ttth do do 3 Civilian 1 11th do Cevaky . ..14 id Vermont Yolu&teera 11 Total lev IT/* WMMngtoa papers pl?wc oopv md tend nEtotteWw Department drt 4?3t DKHsONS IN BUtCJt ? oii?r?l oar coal ? tot aioek of * ! th* bMt? lu uuu in, *i ?cr >?-? i?.tr pri?M Aii-* U, I.mmIb, ?c. iliLr S"T<\L?rm ntlitiwrn corrc?p >a4?;,ta ??od Pi wily. \r ia??,-r?;i n f ?.?* KHiottrl1 it iivura bp a*' iat.ou U> ptL>?4**? fr.RHV A. HRoTmKR. W4MI GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS | MABSKY. COLLINS * CO.?8 PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT ALE. I We have ju>l received n supply ol theaboY? Al?, ? .tofc we reouinmenJ to b* of? v rj ra^rlar toMitf. Person* wi'.hini t<> purchase. br making immediate appiieitiou, o*a be fnrniahrd. AKN* A i?HINN. no 7 Georgetown. Jvt. i n iiiy- a ic hhds. trnn* Porto Rico 8USARS 1*0 rl>i?. OkI Fy- WU1SAY. tto Hi it. HERRING aod ALEWIVK9, tf m>!?\ Crashed acu K*Bb<v) SUGARS, fr> "r?o Rio and Jiva CUFFKK, ??"> UliUi ?!';- pvoe<1> MOLA^fc'B. i > hy j o u N j. nog UK. M 11 ~ GAS FITTING, &c. AW M t. DO V E A CO. stK Mi* yrt>s?rf<i V) oseonts ?.ij *?i?i wltt " w :oa they n:a; rx? "**vre,l in U;e PLVMiJINiS, 8AS Oil ?TEAM FITTING iJUL?3Nf,S3. iZT* Men on etr*et, a few doc r? torts of P* arsr.c*-urre m*T te jor i.u a om&aiete a*f o-tnjeut ! ViiAiQilLJfeas awl other 6AS, STEAM aa< I VTAfCR FKTMBK8 ian jy y 3NYPKR. . M. I'/.WMiMli ANjr*UVitlTTISll, 4 Hu ran;3T?*t lolte corner of Tw*lPb and P IK. H?i? fr ?j*red to i: trotiao? W?ttr and 6u ?oh no?i fa?rcraKa ter.ns, ud (narautiea entire j?.i$ eflO'.ion. f|!?hs" "n Land a 'ot of OOOKIN6 and other *tOVKS, vniCQ be will eei! :see than coet, a? h? VHHM tn jet n4 cf then;, ca 17 Wtl A 6 F1XTURU8. F, jl?Ts ib su<i are uai.r reoetTir.c, gas ; fllTUX&Sol+uO.roiy ^v-w I'&tterss&ud i)og!jn? a>:d FmifcU, si pcrior in s'jie to an jthini: .?reteore ?JV; ?1 in tai? i.iark^-t. \V e toner*! ii u ami e.?M<.:r.e "ur I'ook of Osg and Water i x i ' : 5 ccrjidect that we hare the l-eit t* eoted r.tock in \V?uihiBjt? c. A Work sr tlfaix>rs iemtr*?te<1 to ei,r ear* ?il he jrojijv.j to, MYfclfcB * MoCHAN. <P*t t-tl 876 1) ttre?<. fVFlOK OK JNSPF.OfOR AND SKALKE U OF ?A8 MKlIiRS. >Vajni!??Toii, Julj It, 1M-. IfOTlCB IS HLREIiY trlTES, That, acre# &l)!f tO thA r.f tr ? nr^ir-*r./>? Af I r - . . ... ? ? v. V. ui V?.?wv Vi i.iv VVI porktion ???roYsd M*j 12. )TJf, the undeiuened ia nr w prt>nrc l, "whftr-vrer rHnjired in WTi:i::?,*n? on pre pay incut ot tiie '?.*< of fifty om!i, to lnepeot. ium;sf. tout. jrurt, itia ?soert?un the ftorsrftoy of r^O'tTMion ct cm meter la us# ,;n tiue city." S?ery .T.*ier, iffoci.'} incorrect, wii be oondemued and u>')ta*r, r^lad ?r.U niftridd u true, Tri!i h? let mi'< 9 M9. u pro??t to bs aoc*r*iO in lU ikmui* msut )?tn*. .t -srii. b- t'.ea kco-ainfiy. ftsd a?* r> ??t in fofitton for uae. V&"r N?>. sio Se^eiith street,(near Odd Fel w* rift ) (.v?ar fron's ?. m., to i ?. m. CHAKhf'S W. CUNNINGHAM, |y U tf in!??*nt - ftnd of Its .***it?"/>, DENTISTRY. and improved invention AHT1F1CIAL CHE0PLAST1 BONE T E E T H, J With.>i?T Mktal Plat* pi Clasm. i DR. S. 1? sifc ESMOND, 910 Urci ' ? j, yns 1 or!*?*ir?0 P<vn*ylvania Av I tntit, oti'.f.m !?.'* on! t3/a sis , I C%.1? 'he s't' Titian of the pi'Mio to ti?o lollowini ?ivactaj"3 0' hi# ir.Pror??1 &TBt9m : 1. The Tee'h of ns i^ariuiacture i?vr cor- tf? ?ior ohvipA oo:or by wuy^1"' ? ids, t ^iai :r;#s fouitba <i{htbr '.hao any utiier. , 2. No tf nib nr T"OC. Z( s?t bo extractwi, ?a tb" , V tiSciV f ?<*u he i~*'itrd-ivcr thee*. i 2 The root? will ba nra".,: :n< floneiv". ar iierar O C.'ie. ! i. No trap'"*i t te^th ere >ie ' 1,au p^rniSwort ; o^rs nan of- mvte iiw-.'xhntf r. i.sroty pressrvi::,; ? r'io natural oi tiib faco. wliioii nu.i?r tii# old by*iei , vs fii^uor.? J disfi|UTtf 4 o This wont has been iy to. fed over five tears , ty nun; of tiie farrt cberaiiU aud pltyeicians of tins ( oouulr/. i l)r.> Iim t;n.o iiiVftitr! a vLit* i;nd#i>?ruc?ive i in - ii It . *. mtn ?*b:'>,t the :u<>3t ee<ritiva to?th < r t?* (j <*? wu 'uut p*'P \uducbu M up a per i leot, Mil I toot oil U} um rf'ot*. vtiicb wiilia?t " UiroMfli lifetime. * Tfir .?-*?; ci reference# > lit V . .Mott: Dr. Professor of Chem2*t-y. N. ^ I!?l. Ji Iga Wait a, ut ta* Supreme Court ?>f Washington, an>1 ?n uta.: r?B of oth*ra Oa;. a:i* examine for ynarulf. :*!> 8 6111 TKJiTHi ^ i?l? LOOVit*. M. U. tLvautr.r air? ale .to* MlNKRAL FliATfc TtH'-i'ti. at ^ hie r\* r.' n t'.ia /\?f .MviV !"""? ' " ' *-3 we?r tuere t?fth wbo^OS^F ?aL_ot Wd*r oU.frj, and t:> ,?rton can -?. ar others taoCAs:.3t =? :. Pi iiK.Ud c-. me at r'- ofu ><~\n beacsomnioflai^d w fi r.i.v ?'.?;? aivd pric* cf eatn tiicj tea* desire; bat to t.iose who r.r? particular and wian lire purest, a;.-' >noat perfect deiture that *:i ot'i f rod4>e, the NiNKKAL 1'LATK will be wvraavsi. h wet* i.i una oiiv?Xo. 33* Pa.4venv91h?tvMa tti a;v,: lOtii sta., MOT ^ob street, riii ?ae! #na. oc tl tf TUI?5 IS TO ?i.V- NOTICE. That the iuHi soriber iia<h lrom t he Orphaa'a 1 Coirtof W%<hiu*t??u Cou<ity, m t'.e District <>f Columbia. letters te? amen arv on t ? p*wsMial estate i f Acn NasU, late oi Washington osuntr, d'cea*ei A 9~r -ona havine cUiini ajviu*? the 1 ?.%|j dcc?*ei*<l ikrn h^rtli) warned to exhibit the sa? e. with th ? von -h-ra th-*reof, U>?herub8?rt bar, on or r:.e forr'eep'1! dar < f November n?> t; tl <*y n a ? t.ther-.ripe by in~r be exjiuded iron A.-1 hftnAfit ftf Ih? a*sii fc *??A Oi*en urd-r niy har><i thie fourteenth day of November 1*1 .vtlCHAKL OHIFMTH, n > iS 1 ?w:i?* fr xecntor. 'PHIS IS TO G I V ? . NOT I C K. Tint the i 1 ru(<bor<her hath obtained from tfce Orphan'* < Court of W la'i'njj'iiU Co in'T, in tiio !>iMtriot of Co un b a. .?i e:? f adnunifctratioi! on the personsI *f.ta?e?>i ar'hata.ia* i'at-*,) Hutchma, tato of I Wv. hn.iton rourty, rieoeaaed. Ah percona havirg I clanna Ruairf th? taid otcea-e'f are hereby va n?-d to exiubit the earne, with tt* vou'-hera thereof, to the eur>?c ib r, on or before the aeoond day of Nov niber next: they ms? otherwise by law b-> ? *o from a I bo-.?-Ci of the ?aid e?.ta n. Given an ler my hand this s 'cor>it da^ of November. iH6>. ?iEo. w. hark ^ej*S\ not lawSw* Aclnnnia'ratrix. I AftPlAMV COURT. VoviMBt* II, 1661. Ihttrift nf Columbia Wf*fhm*ton County, 7V leit Id ih?> eaae of C'ha-ies H Craciu, adrnuiatrator of Joni l,. Ororn.iis: i?eJ,ta-?a inin'a rat?r afof-aiJ has * it h the approba'iou of the or pnat.*' Court of \Va-riicift"n m)ci t? afore ail, appoiated frnTl R DAY, the seventh day of December :.*xt for the fi al * 'ti^rneut arid riistr button of th j personal eptat<?of said deceased, of thea-aeta in hft'd &?? r*r fU thA *vrn.-* hmir* -?*" - ?i ' ______ _ . ... .nW WWMIW |<U v IA-WII Vt / IQJIO'I OtIU turae i i*.t money; when ai? where all the cred t cm an I hair* *a:i' I'eooiwi'iJ are u?ti&?d to appear. (' n tri" Orphans' rourt i f VYar)i.n<<on onituty alore*?id,)w th theirclaiT? rr. pa iy vouched,ir U.*y may oiharwi?? by l-.w n?i exo tided fr. m *11 hT^fic m sa.u d o-* ee<l'B estate, provided a copy cf thii ??rd<-r ' * p'ibii:h?*d occ? a wek for three veaks In the E-eiiinr Mar previ- us to the saiuTtb da> of December next. T ne copy?Te*ti , m0sk9 kelly, no 13 la wo w N of WiUs. Dr.g')bkrev8 antidote will cuke , OuNOKKHtKV in mx day.. No oliauieof diet required it la ?a Erglull specific of nxty-live yea * statu kkJAhL. and wiii cot harm I be m -^t delicate ooustuurion Itouritai t no mi'sra <, Prioo ?i. chjiu iifB.i;. urn AM, 310 Cli??nut street, Philadelphia, and ia Washington hf 8. C. "ORD, oomer i ith etreet and Ha a e ?? foly < DR DUPONT'8 tM'GAR-COATED FEMALE REGULATING PILLS /*?>> R-a-i the fohowiuc unsolicited euoomi mLf,, < tuna: Kr t * 1 oMinot o< rouisnd 'hern too highly." W t-3 They are the be?t Female PiJig fxrant." '1 Have n-ed th3ni with ooinpie'e tur>?eia." i *'VVi u!d not bo without them upouany oonaideratior^" "They operate epeediIy and cff -otively." Mnon $i icat by mati Hoia b? 8 t. UPHAM, \ 31<? Lh ?ru? aire*", Ph ladelphia, and in Washington by 8. C. FORD, corner 11th etreet aod l'a. i avenue no 36- eol* XCEL 8 I ?? R HOTEL. J N'o 33* Sbvsntb 8t . Better n 1 and K Sifter*. !>eet taoommu .ationa for traveler* and boarder*. < The i ardor and Bar alwaya supplied with the ohoicst Viand* and Liqu"ra , no U-ln.eo* JOHN HAV7HL. Proprietor J_ PTCA H TFR A. oo. 2d it.. Pa- e?. WtuklnnUm. I'K TCC* 1>VALXK< CCMJ?!S?IU> MlKCHAXTS. I.- < L. l_ - -* * .....vuxuvu. i iuuuuo i?v?i\rwj on ounaignmeui m J? tar age. no 18 er>tm* JU?T RECEIVED? ~ | 200 Bbls fcxra PninilT Flo*r, U?0 fib!*. Super Fiour, 1 iiviSackn N?* Buo? wheat. * 10 UN * H oil Batter. I For aale low br J P CARTER A CO., \ uoJ8-?'*w* gd tract. Ph. ave. THK SUBSCK1BKRS b** 1 ?v? to in'orm iheii patroLaau.1 the pnUio geteraJly of be-?? | iitc Mafriy eurpW *0 whit a anpeMor at ok 1 FA L Land WINTER 6UOW They alao reapeotful j invite a'tegtioprf it their Array fnclNa^y ouitom?f?, thoue"-^ rr^"lr:ui outfits in that :k *. o their ru.erior ar.alitic? i f Stroru'a, r paaleU. fchoo der Helta, 1 Hata, Cap*, fnsiiea, and Goid La n, uuural>uuj vu iibuu win 'ii ?re wirrfenwc fev r^pr? * *? a tad. W h. at ter dniut thank* for the liberal putrouage e. jyeJ.thep wil> en l^avor t i:;ont ai" Lt. uuauoe. ' ?. i. HEIUKRUEK k. CO , |[<'JPOM?ur( 11 H. F. I.i 'ld n .1 Co ,) 1 citizrn. military**! ai tal tailous, 36*4 Penueyi varna Avenue. oo <H <v 3?" HM IRKMIH & R1CHSTKIN A VK Ju?t received & fre?h snpplr of NaUFtjer, Colored !!or?.er?, ruled *u*l plats, with Eu?t-l psi to m*teh Alao. Hi** I'epnr of all ltii. li, with ac?l without Motto* ; tinreio^ee t<> natch, Pursea ad Pno'ket fJook-' < ! every leeonptiua. i K l?ric? ?*aortroeiit of Stationer*. N * V k f s??r? received daily; Payer*

1 hi #< -i? "v"ruRfcNCH * RLCB8TK1N, ' ? ?? *> *? %\ iKAVKLlNe TRUNKS. 1 t? r. od?r i?r mm ti? Maor.lMU ? THAVKM \;fc TRUNKS to I? fp?ta,i ?-? 1 ?, 1 Uu, s. Oit >* li&zt, Ao.f blob ?e ?r<> iy>w M'tim I / 8 Da JOHNSTON, urinoRK LOCK HOSPITAL, f?i iittt+trtd tkt me.'t Crrfin, Sf**dy urn* Mif S/?(i??i Htmtdf m? i4? WTld, FOH ALL DI9EASKSOP IMPRt'DENCK. ljJ%1 n"apply immediately. I CURE WAHRANTED. OR NO CHAhOS, IN MOM ONE TO TWO DAYS. WiiliiiH af lit Back. 8tnc:ortt, Afteuant tf tk* Rid?rd E1t<*dt? 3licti((ii> latpotancv. Otar*l Dtbtlity, Ntc.?octutt?, dvactpat, Lunat, Coofmau , f Utu, Low Sfir.j, p-p.jiuou of tfct Hi rt, TuciJity, 'raiublinra, Dir-iiitti of or Uiddmtta, Oiitaat of Ust [ ad. Throat, N.wt or Skin. AStcUoi.t of Ibt Limn, 9t?atb ot Bowtlt?that* TtrrtMa Diaordtra anting rrorn oli\tj Habita of Youth?tbt>t Drtadfal and DmntU'i I'racktt which rtndar Mirntgt lbipoaa'.blt, and dttvaj fcf.b kdr aud Miud. young men EtpteiiUj wba htTa btC"tut tht *icun?i ? fiita.ry Tlct, bat drtadfal and dtr.ractiTt babtt which ?nn?al!j m?f? a an amirotly gravt 'iioaannda of Teui g Man of tba moat uaktd taltntt and brilliant ii.tailtet, vbo mifht atbaiwut ia?t tu'jxnctd luitinr.c Btoattt wi h tba thandtrt tl tl?istnca or waktd ta tcrrcy ibt living lyrt, c*y Mil with Vli cauldtnct marriage. MilltID Fniom,er Tnn( Mm e?iU(sf'ittii( Waritgt, htiiijr awari of phyaical vtakaaaa, dtbiluy, Uformiutt, Ac., tpttdiir ccrtd. Ht who plaeti himttlf cndtr tht curt af D?. J. mty raltriittlt cotildt in bit booor at a gtotitmao aad aarftdtutiy tly apon bit tkiil aa a phytician. OFFICE No. 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. aft baud tldt going from fli'i i mini fi? Tiliw hi cornar. Fail not to ebaer** nam* aal ninitar. U?u?n dim ba paid arid totiUir. a aump. Dh. JOHNSTON, Mambaraf tbi Royal Cuiiajra of Bute tout, LM>4ao, aradai:a from on of lb* moot aiuinant Goiltatt U> tb? hat**, and :ha riaatar part of vboat li/a P*a t ??n aj tot w ha hoapiula of London, Pari*, Pbiladaiphla and alaawtiara, >aa tSac'.ad aonx of th? nun: iau?iiabin{ ecrta tbit vara irar known; many trocbiad with nnjpur in tba baad and lar* whan aalaap; praat mrtouuiM, bairr alarmaJ at taJdan aoanda, bi?bfu!n?i? with fra^uai t biaafiiuf, anandad Kxnaumta with dtraaftroaM of uiad, vara can J HninilUtaiy. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE Vaanf M?u aad ottiart wbo Lava tojnrad th?n*ai?*? by a tartato pracica uidulftd in whan alona?a habit frt.;eautJy irnad from a?il companiona, or at acbocl, lb# tstcta af rhicb ara nightly fait a??n whan aalaap, ar.d if not c era a, rar.dara inarriart impuaaibl*, and daatroja botii mii-d ac.d Kvij, lioaid ajply immadiatalv. Th'n art aoma of tba aad od naltatbciy afaeta credaead >7 airlr habiti of Tonih, ?i?: Waak'jaat of tba Back ax.d Litoba, Pmri in 'h? Haad, Dimnaaa of Mifbt, Loaa of Mnrtai Powar. Palpifntioo of tna Haart, Dyaptpaj, n rtol irntaftilitv. Dcfi.! Jrnitnl nf lha Di*??n*k Puni>u.?a Qahinty, 6yrup;onie of Cb{>anm|ti?n, Itl. MfTALLT ?Tli* ftartol cllacu cn lh? ralsd &rt Oi?eh to > drtidad ? of Mamory, Coufutioa of Idtia, Dtpraatito f Bpiriu, Kill Kortbodin*?, A?trtton uf SocittT, Btlf-Ditjo?t, Lot* of Sclusrlt, Timidity, tic., art ten* <Mf Ui( a??U rrodvcod. ' NlHful'l DiaiLlTT.?Thoaoandt can now Jadgt wbatu fca c?M< of lb?ir daclioitg f tilth, lotmr btir ?igir, baconng wa?i, pal?, oar?i,u? ai.d oroacialtd, baring a tingalai ipp<?rarca about ?ht ifii, cough or ayaiptoma of cooaaioplira. DISEASES OF IMPR VDESCE Wkm lb* rn?fuid?d and ur.prudtot tot-.ry of pl? our* ti.da it b?a licbiitd Hit tttJl of till* painful diaoaaa, it loo ofttu S ipptDt that ati ill-li~ifd ttmt of ahama or droad of diarottry iatara him from applying to thooo who, from adoca'ion tod rttpactabil.t?, cad aloro befriend him. Ht falli into tha bmda of i(:iorao> ant' deeigmug pre'.tndera, who, mcapjblt cum t, tlch t)>t ptcBinary tobotaiico, Iter him triS ng nouib after mor.tb, or at Ion# at t?e emailer. fee can be obHinad.-od in dtepair lea*e Dim vitb rained health to eigh ??er ma gtiling ditappolmmaot; or by lb* ate of that deadly p-jieoii?Mercury?bieitn the Cone'.ituuocal eyror-totne of ihta .trnble dieeaee, atch aa AffeCUor.eof lb* Heart. Tbroat, Head, Ikin, kc , prr-greet.iig with frifbtftl rapidity, till dtaih pa.a a tared to hie dreadfar eafferiLge by eotdii.g biuil ilti ac liiciTarii) eai .'.rt from whoat kairm no tra?eler ratarna DR JOHNSON'S K FMKDY FOli ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND JMPOTENCY. >- mis {rill and Irppartui rimd j viihin tf tha r|?n? ill Ifttulj kitft and f?U ? f?r ntwrad. TS?u??cd? *7 U* Ml narraaa au4 daiii'tmad, vfc* kid ImI kll fc??a, Strt kid iiomtdifttdy ralinad. All n,p?ir:?ru ; Pb'tlaal ?r >*?c;al Ducultutioi, Uu ?f rnciiii.ii I'ivii, Iiitiu lriiu?uriT. ?oi Waakaau > tiuuuu ( Ui? am fstrfal iptsd'ij eared. ENDORSEMENT OF 1 HE PRESS. I r? Ma" T *"?lui ??~OS lied at tiia locjtauvc v.tblo *? laat n.d *i t rinirtn inp^ri"". Bk f :*! ?y?rat'?r? j?rfo-rii?d ty Dr , * !*. imtl fct wi 'aparura ti the p*p?rt and rr-pj aihar baraena, nrjeta ( frith btri ?pt-r?n _;vi t,?fira tha patlic, >? i;dM Lit 1.JCUI.1 j u a f aolleisfin ef e!imcUr and mra-.a:il'tly. la ? aaMciaat (lUttlli t? t!?a - ;u nar 1S-1? LEA A. PERHINk1 CELEBRATED Worcestershire Saucc. ProucaateJ Ly fc_li EXTRACT DON'NOISSECRS Ft of a Letter from a 10 L-e the I I Oimlemm Jt~ 1 at M a-lraa "ONLV OMOD /&. ? . ig li To Hit Brotiur SAUCE." ajflEkSi Worcester. and applicable to .^Mr .. r?,ll L.V*JPri. uL'uv -'.~.7T ri't thai their .Satu-? tvfcKY ij? i*!""' ri!f estPeiued 0 India, an<l i?, in VARILI'V - !n> opinion, the most fT?"?Sipa *t-h e. as Trail ai j OF nmw fflff.?mostwbrlesvmi 1 wr WP"' l^^5P>awc. iStremade." j The m.l:TA "SA ITPI> l- >1. ? th/* ?? r ?rwt I PoPCLAh C03t)IMK?(T kuOWn, buttUe IIIOM Irron'rm- j ical, ae^a !ew drops in Soup. Or/try* ?r witn t\*k, hut an<l Cf'd Jointi, Bttf bt-ak, Uame, 4"r impart ai> e*?i jn.te zest, whioh unnintipM Sauce naaaafacturers have in vain endeavored to imitatt On th? Brtakfa t, I.vnk'On, Dinner, or Surr*r Tihlt, a oruet ooct&'iur:( " LEA A PKrRiNtV WUKCUSTKRSHIRK 8AUCR" li indupeneab>. j To appreciate the irctHtnt vvAh'ttt of thi* delicious preparation it la only necessary t?? purobake & ?in-1! l>ott.e of the **nwin', of a respectable icroc*r or <'ea er, an many Hot'i ami Hn.aurint pro prietori ne dom pia?e the Pur* ?auoe before their guesta, 'out eubaiitutoa (teauine BottU tilled with l t^krtouj mixture. , For sale by tir?oars and Fruiterer* everywhere. J OH V DUNCAN A SO *3, Union StfJir* and litk flrttl, Seu> York, S<:'? Wholesale A?onts for tiie Uuited State# A Stoefc a ways in store? Alto orders received tor direet rhipinents from Engl*'d. Beware of Count erf*ili and Imitations .??JI _erp3-ly,eo #CWc? Ctrutlt, i *>id. riN'HmM, in ^kMio mv /mimton or Sa?r mm ef (*< ihrotu, tilltft tit Has * m i Couti m? Consumption, ffra?*iiu, (Mtmrrk, Citar and ii?i rtrtngtk to tm vox.* a' PUBLIC SPEAKERS A I'D SMN6KR9. Few ?' awa'-ec:th? i;:i??.'?*_ce of oheoKi^r ? Confh or "CozDrooo Co!d ' in lU ?rat ei- o;l!.*t which in the tnginins would jic'd to a mi'd reir?dr, if nocleotej.aoonariaoktths Lunja. "B'wn'i Eronckinl IVsriUJ," ooutai.. nc >: niuu:oert Mfrsdi sta. aiiaj fa itiourr ?;>d tfioncnia! IrriHt.un, I "That ?-oat;e in mj Throat, ifci BROWN'S' which the "7VoeJk?i" are* ayeoitiOJ __i ' *"< * mo oren a m?r? wiiiBf ROCHE# KW." N. P. WILLIS. BROWN'S " 1 recommend their km to Pvsue sf 1aib1s." VROGHES K?v- B. H. CHAPIN. "great eorTiooir.aobduiiiK Hoak?? BROWN'S REV. DANil^L WISE. innnpiH " Almoet i&sta&t rol'ef in the di# tfMsiHK iabor of bre?ttuiic pecahtJ hrowN'8 to Asthma." BROWNE KEV. A. C. EG0LESTON. JROCHES " Cost* j co Opium or %nytMni 'tVi*nom?.'' DR. A. A HA^KS. BROWN'S C4mut, Cctton, m a ?i ? -? - * f*OOHK8 aombl" BROWN B *** * BI?KLOW# u u - Jm<W' rttOCMKJ? &W??m} ntowwixLr." DX. J. F. ffflLANK, 3ROWN S E-tim r.oo.E! BROWN 8 '* "?gt IIOCIEB " SHOWN S ? fHOONti? " ln re jwnac Ho*r?# new to J irritation oftfc* Throat, m RIOWN'8 -o^irior with 3?U'.m and 8m? k*S." f*OC*E8 Pr*f- H.StAC^JOHNHONj BROWN'S frtlUr of 2? 0*10,'SouVhsr* Fejialo Cclisre. VROClV?3 **?r?al benefit whan takrn before p. n - i.rd!?iT i/Mvr tv w ocuwr*# r ivui UCU OUPOl? I tlyak they wi;i he of f?rm*oect adI RUCHES t*?u*e urm?, RKV. K. AOWLKY, A. M. SIOWNt! Preiiilral u A (honi Golltit, Y*u. "OCM.* inivmiginHZSF' * '- ? mjfjPfc TOPHAM'B mmw Qu PREMIUM T H V y K VBQ MAXVFACTMY, 499 8rn?TH SraaaT, V> h^iotom, D. C. SUfirHtdtl awarded by Maryland Inatltvtfl Baltimore, Noveint-er T, 1M0. Urn. m?i?T^ 1 an <y*nat?rt?* makicr, and aivaya b^ra ?a uw, of the beat material. rrerr en* rtrUeo ?f Fine Sole Laat&w, WOO: Hex, ftUfl Mactbera of Oon/Taaa and u%rel?ri will aleaaa jxaminamy itooi toforo r?Ton??mf eUovhorc Fracka that are made in other citjrw. superior Leather and Dreaa Tmnka ma^e to ? ?. Trnnka oorarad and repaired at ahort notice. 6 oo?a dah vor ! : n* of charse U> anrtpart of the ii?? or*aUrra. and Aleaan?!. ia MMT-TiaT"rWAHI. pjOMB-MADK UOO?S A>ii 8 HUB*, Uv'aa'. M;a*n'txsCarina a*'* A i>ia At Ez'**4**\iy <-?* ritu. At TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY. J^OKTHERN CBNRAL RAILWAY. TK4 Short til Quukttt and But tUmHtfrmm. BmltiWK9T, NORTH* AlfrSftoRTHWERT. fiuBsaams WINTER SCHEDULE CHJ ROB 0? i IMS. On ?nc' *<Ur Hl'NDA Y, 84tfc Nor?at>?r, P?w?a?r Trtiai vill arrive and depart Iron C*ir?rt Mjtfion m fol ow? : Tm*.m? Noitb Lbatk Buffalo Kxrrwa t p. ra. A ?. ? - ? i r-> >iva nw in "liowiull % f. HI. PitUbDrg fti>d I a-riat?ar? t x^'mi I ? p.m. Tkain* South Arhivk Pa'kton Accommodation at 8 a. m Hulltlo ExpreulM m. Pit cburg cud Hamabarg Eipmi 2 p. nu Mail Si ^ at The*?' a. m train from Waaiiinftoa ocraacU with the 8 20 a m. Lai'i from Baltimore for tbe Wfit m?1 fj- Dutfalo, Elm <a R.ocb?*tar, Dunkirk. Ca-~adaitu& and Niagara Pal it, aad fur !\?w V (?rlr city. ^be 21 a. m. train f^om Waahinrtcwi eormaata with Ih - a t- m train fr< n Baltiuoio to Woat, Nort'i ? ilM orU>wca| tad t-.inira aod Buffalo and Rnoheater. The 5 p. m. train from WaahiDgton oononoU with thofcSJf m. t &in from Bv.'timoie for Prto'org Harnaburg aid '.ho W ^t and ?a a direct commotio . or 1,eh von. Fan ton A Hentown and Now York via Cohtral Rai' of Now Jeraoy. Try tiiia Tuu.0 for Now Yolk 0I7"Tlif only tram lotrirg Baitimareon S'BR.lay iaThe2p.n> ti&ic. for Ha nan?r*,liU*;-ari, Cfc??t|o and tre Woat. i hi only train arriving in Ba!tim<>ro on Sunday ia th B ? a. m. train. JAts.CCl.AMKK. no .<S ly guperittoadopC rSA'^KNttKR TRA1\8 T<? aivn trmtiM K BALT MORK. "" ~ WINTER SCHEDULE. Ca and eJlar Monday, NoYembor II, 1961. Pw OTier Tr\ina Mwe?n WASHINGTON and SALIIHURR wi" njn ae follower TRAINS MUTlflV KORTH. Morning Kxg rec a ieare W aahicctcn 6.10 a. m. Arnre at Baltimore 7 u a. *.; Philadelphia 1U0 p. ; N?W YorS * r. M.; Hart hi.erg l.U P. *. Morning Accommodation leave W aatyngton 7.40 a m. Arms at BaitimoroJJO a. *- No onnn?? tisne at ua'.t'n-or?. n?w york mall train?iaav* waahiofton at 11 4 m.; arrive at ualtimcra 13 ?0 p. aluadoiptiia t/tr. u.; new n ort l? p. a. aftercoon accommodation?lear* waahinrtoc 3.11 p.m. arrive at pa tiiror? 4 m p. llarninurg i.r a. phnr.<ie!?hta 10.?! p. m. fcvenmi kxpr<??<v?le*?e ws*hirfton 5 p. m a -nve at balumo ? t.C p. phi.a*l?irfcia lp 58 r h-; new york 4 *. v.; ftarr;at?rrl a. h. TRJiyS LlGTIlSU SQVTn. l^atfl new \?uk ut 7 a. pm^w tbia 1190 a. A ; jjait irore i 0 p. 2i. arrive ( waihla?toq mc fa m? ' ^ave new york at i,p. *h pfciladeljiua man p. ? ; baiue'.rea .si a, m. a rare at a? him ton i 4 ltaven>w york at i' p. fh^adelphia ?jn a. m ; :ia.ui.' re> S-i a.m. arrive at waablccton 9!? a.m. acooii.rr.oda'ior traica 'earr baltimore at 4 m , atd p. w . for wa?fcilct<?n, arrive ther* at 11 a.m.and7 p.w. r*nn:?w ir?irr?TlDf WM. ir.jtfln at 7 4<? A M. a ad 3,1* P. tx- Daltiwre at 7Ji a. an.l 9J0 r m . make d;rec; coimeoticns tor Annapolis at the Junctior. Train* leave Annapolis for Baltimore and Wash trrtort %? 6.S> a. M. and 2fr. M Passenger Train* :*aviug w aeinngtoi: at 6.10 a. v., 11 a m a"i 5 f. x.. and Batimnre at 4.30 and 7,1 a. K . arc' S V' p. *.. Will *top only at Annafoiu junction nnd llra.?Atnirro? iHfla-j) Junction Wa? Ave neem u. net take ion AcommoJaittm T'li-s on'y Irbx s w',H leare Washington and Baltimore yrcmptty *??ta card ume. W. P. SMITH. Master of Traceportatior , Bait. J, T.KNuU - U, AgeijA r?m'let 3'atioc Baltimore. tt. > *. M17HF.H I. Agent at Washinstou. no? MGAM WLKKLY B>- T\V l.fcN N*,w VOW K AND LI V l.Ki'OOL, witrfim Laadint and enibarkinc passengers at Quci-iistown, Ireland The Liverpool. New York and Philadelphia SUamehis I'i'iorai y intend dispatching their fii.l powered C[jd--r>Hiit iron Stearomips aa follows: ttLAH*OW ^itoroaj, August 3d. OIT\ ?>F BALTIMORE, ' " 10th. KaNGAKOO. 11 13th And everj noon, from Pier44, North riser. *at*? ot passAaa. Firat <"abin. . #75 Do. to 1 .nnilrni 90 Do. in ffcru , 85 f\.. A? ?1 ? i kj. lo Iinmuuri ?.? - .. _ 86 etwr??? ???^ #au l>o. to L.ondjti ?_ 34 IK?. to 'Vtl S* Do. to Hnmbnrr. ....... 35 l'at-iieu<er? foraarutd to Havre. Bremen. Rotter<la-n. Antwerp, 4.0 . nf reduced throncn tares. i-eisOQ* wishing to brine out their friends can buy tnket? at low rates for further information apply at the Captains Oifcoe. JOHN ?. D/L , A rent, 14 B' ( adway. V. Y., Or to Q. A. HUKRING, A<'ami Express Baitimore. ? " NORTHERN CENTRAL RAILWAY. SUPERINTENDENT'S OFFICE.I Cuvnx ^tatioh, Baliroore. May 18,1861. < Ot; acd after Suci^ay. May 19th, 1361, Trans on t?,f- NORTHERN CENTRAL RAILWAY ar rive and depart as follows. nnti! further so tic*. TRAINS NORTH. MAIL at 8 14 A. M. KXPR KS8 atSJD^, M. H ARRlt*BL"K?i ACCOMMODATION at P. M. The .is A. M. tram conneota at Rtir Hogu w.'.h trains on U:e WMtern .Maryland Rai mad; *: I;*?no*?r Junotton with Haaorerand Gettsbarf Ra:; mad a; at York with York ami Wnjhtrrille Railroad; at Harr ?' ur< ?uh Pe&eay ra^ia Rai rovl fur an part* of tue Wsat, mo with Lebaonon Va;>? Ka.lroad to >'?w York dirtet, at Northum beriand with L and B. Hailroad for Ki&catoo and a p*.rt? of Wjoomina VaMeyjina at*ant>ar7 with the Philadelphia auo Erie Railroad lor ail part* Northern Pennsylvania and New York. The 3.30 P. M train make* a ; the a bo re oonreot'ore except Hanover Railrrad, WrifhUviH* Kaiiroa?J and the Lf'-annoc Vail*j Railroad. T!*e 8 P. M ?ram makea conn notion* with Pennar>ama Ranrrad for a!' parta of the West,and diroot connects lor New York. T11A1NR ARRITS. Mail (It6in v M.; Kxpi j- ?M7UA. M.; Harnabure Accommodation at J.43 P. M. For '1 tnketa and infer .ation inquire at the Ticket tHfioe, statioi, Ba umcr\ J. C. CHRg.Snpt. m?r<n^ ?PHILADELPHIA, WILBffSragtC MINGTO.N AST? BALTIMORK RAILROAD. SPtiiyn AND SUMMER Akb.A*o FM* NT. On sr..J s.'ter 'IUKSDAY* May 14tii, Puf?D(er I rune k" Phnade phia will .eave Preaident atreet I 9fot (exoept ^aadayalas foliowa, via: s xproi?Tr?in at 6 15 A. M Way Mail Train at t.45 A. M.; Kvpnirj Mat: at 4 46 o'cook. OnHl'Nl?A Y8at4 45 P. M.on!v. All trains connect with N?w York train* exoept 4P. M. train on Satar. dare. A Kreirht Train with paaaencer car attached leave* at 5 P. M . stop pint at all BtaUona between b& tunoreaud Hivre d<"-Gr*o?. Paasergere for De avarea d the Kaatern S'hore 9? Maryland will fiud tiie in oat expedition a route by wajof Wilmington. liT" All Colored Peraona uiuet give bond before enteriug the oar a. WM CRAWKORU, Agent. ? voRK AMI ERIK RA1L??2S3OttH Brian Pumd(W Tnuni leayana Paronia Perry and Loi?g Luck, from foot of Cham'-ers strert. New York-as follow*, tie : T? a. m , EXfKK.8S.for Dunkirk, and Buffalo, and principal liiterm* ia'e Stations. 8a. m, MAIL.for Dunkirit. and intermediate S'atiocs?This Train remains orer night at Klnura, and orooMas the next rooming Sun a in MILK uail,, for ObTilia. and intar mediate rotations. 11 m a. m , ACCOM MODATION. daily, for Port 'vs'i^.'wW gnaw* <?!,. to, D..kirk, Buffalo. Canandaitua^nd principal Buttons The Train of Satarday stops at all Mail Train Stations, and rnns odIj to fciinira. 6 00 p. m.. ACCOMMODATION Jor Horaasrills, and priaaipaJ Station. _ vbi-ci, ninui.*H'i BlfX NATHANIEL MAKtiH. ReoetT*r. ?mhNGW YOKE. HARLEM AND iagggaK ALBANY RAILROAD. HHH LEAVl.>6 NEW YORK FOR iLB^Y,5Sjk' N, ,gjfi ANfWKft. Commenriuc Mood**, Mar TTth, 1MI. For Abany?UsOO a. m. ntt expreu two from For*Sorer Plains?4.-00 f. m stopping at Whit* fiuai and stations north to Dor*Y plains?from St'.c street station. ! (This train will ru to Mtllertoa every Batarday For Qroton Fall*?fclii m. stowiu at ail stations nor'.h of FoiUha.ii. from Mth street station. For \V hits Plains?t3B, 4.10 and fcno s. m. sloppine at all stations from 26th street ?tati< -n. For White Piain?-fc ftp. m. stopping at ail stations from W hiio street station. For Williams Bride*-?*, 11:1ft a. m. and fc? p. a. stopeing atjlJI staftys ijom 27th str**t stauon. Albany?a. m. fast eiprsss train. Dover Plains?fcSO a. m. (This train leave* Ru ler-on every Monday moral ng st 0 a. a.) (*rotoc Pails?ft ?. m. White Platae-*l0.741 a.altNlt?i,a Williams Bridge-**, too *. a.lMK p. m. ?Wv m JSTiyVC^ u ftbd 3,? fc^d t m. M3j.? Troy ?:id Alte^r I with W,4s p. m, rlotori in ??9ia? ?*rM? 15 ?. ?i olBJ^d.j roilkkMtM* b?w i ? U& I. ?., u4 !,? * m w ??? ? 8,?* 4ii,f ir?ic?'?? a !i.*S t u>. u< ?*? ?&i ??? w*mmm am L^WiJWfiikr,u ;?vi] iliA* OMdiB Mtf Amfr.iC %m4 a. Mi Jaraay Cll f, (H. j. 1M u4 imtmr Orty (Mora 4t%( A. M., rt* 1?iigtriL u4 Jan ly City, AmTV, t1? Cam4?> Mi Ambvy. (C ui A. f ^ City, AtUkP. M., n* Cutties Md Jar Myr CUy.(to*tk'^1 n"' r flail J. VU1UI p. JKXsHsf-BcvXsTfc ':!^Yr! t^s^sssttisrsbTixr, ny ? li ia m Daiann, UoUvuat m wit Mi A. Wllfi IW Dtll IMTlBf fc^Mcfui-;iHo t ?? tad I A. ft. IKlluOtN w?ss atw?ot vhuf 'hZiKSESZ iri'-TV , Ltton, Flof?M)'oo, ru-ratutown, &o., at Ulf. I. i,O* acdIP. M NM*r Tronton for towr.. mkJ ultrwt Jiau?lao*?, at IM r, M. froannalilnM |Pr For New York and War LIom. loading SSHraSfef'^ s?^4?i5,."TO oara rue int) the dojot, a&4 oa arrival of train raa from Ue <Je K>t. Fifty joanda of bactaco only a<i?wo?S W> each pwsrugrr I HMT^tri are probitoted froa taking anything as ^>Bt tlnr wearui i^n> All bacfac* over ft ft? p. uli1? to oe paid for xtra Tm company limit their re?por.?i{i!ity for herrace to one ^ol ar per pound, aoc will not bo ltahieTor an* inotr.t beyond ou haadrod dollars, except kj rp?-c a oentracl. ^ M. H. SATZMKR,Ai?at ?GVEAT CEPiTUAI fOfTK IOJ dHEHKL 1 UK WEST, m HCD^nN t if WT'WgAi* ' AlLhOA'f md NEW YfiKK CK ThAL bAll-ROAp t xrie?? Trai-? i-~ N?w Y< rfc o tj depot# of iiodnori Kiver Rai 'oad daily? Sunday* excepted,< ?toi c w?: From i harubers street Frr u Slat at. stattoa. At 7 <M'am At 7 26 an in?? ? 6.00 f n l\Jt> " 635 |it 3 3" p m S 65 p m M?'Dtr a! and Buffalo Train with ale?p ag oars. 9. 5 p m Itff n Con: ~ctint at AV*ny *>tii ti e Nov York Cea trai Railroad for t*obeneotady F ohettejluoe Beta via Rome, a^d elation* on Rome and w?twtuVD Kailr a' Kaflaio tfvraoute. .Niacaa Falls, 8ii?iw>f si n Bndce. Auburn. Oem n.i a aid*.?ua. Trains in connection leavt Bufaoare Suep-aaiou via Lake Shore, BnffaJo arc! ake Hn'oii aad Great Wee'e^n Raiiroad for Hair>i;?on Toronto, Detroit Chicago, Toledo. Mtlwankie. K?>? r>a lac, La Cro?ae. Median frame Dn Ci ten, Kama, Panleith, Dahutue, Peo'ia. Roct i?.aad. Wears iine.iowa' i;y, ngr jLrton, Wine?, !*rrin* hed. Alton,**1. Louia.Cairo,T*? hwtt lid ai.aeo le. tower:!!*, CiMirMf. I a?ton, Co'in baa, CI-vend . a_u a!! poiLte Weet, Northweat end Boatfc W#rt* NORTHERN ROUTE. Conueoti&c wiiii Titii e at i rot, with Troy A fine ton and Rene i Saratoga P oedi for ^erau*a. Whiteha'l. Rotland, Burlington, ~t. Aioare, R Point. Piattaburgh,, Montreal, Ac., Jto }1J" Freight Arrangement* by thi* root* ae above, withert chance of Care, trow the l?*poU in Chambers and * anal etre^ta. are at all time? at favorable a* mad* by o?h? r Railroad t emperi?a Tho aci!'ties of thie great New York R'^te.'othe Weat commend it to the ooi fidetoe of nie<ehente au ah ppe>e lor proinptnee* and <t\epatcfc Paaeenger rraire. with hmoking and Weep?ra Cars run in connection on Uie New York Central Road. Kor particular! a? to looal tr*m* and freight ar raui?ii?att, m^i rr at the dftot tS w ?rrou ct. A. F. bMITH. 8iperinteod?LL INDIVIDUAL ENTERPRISE ?ASTER^JAD wrs^KRy SHORE STEAMERS. MKEXTCajpt. J H. K nran "PlOykERrCift. W Norman, Will ran thair r"ute? a* follove. lean (Light treei, tixore, foot oi Camden at 7 o'clock A. M: KENT?For Cambridge, Dec ton awl Landing* on Chcptaclc nT?'. erery WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, returning every Thcraday and Mooday. For Ar.aapoli*and VVe*t Hirer. every TUESDAY and FRIDAY and ret arcing *a < e day a. PIONEER?For St. Micr.aa'* an* Eaaton. rla Mile'* River, every WEDNESDAY, and return the anr day. _ ror Annapolis, weet Hirer, Cambridge, Oxford and KkrU n Point, every THlRpDAY. returning fcj nine route on Friday For Annapolia. Weet River, gL Michael'* and Ea ton, via MUe'a Riw Ferrr, every ?ATL'R DAY, returning ere?y Monday by nn* route. Fare to Cambridge, Denton, Oxlorti and F aaton Point , tl SO Fare to *t Michael's and Milee' Rivera round flit1*) 1" Pare to West River, (round trie, ?11 1 en are to Auaa^o * (rouad tn? Tl oe?U> Ik Meals extra. irr? Freight molt be preeaid. Wharf and Office, LIGHT f*T? foot of Camden BaJf.more C. K. CANNON. * ' NOTICE TO TRAVELERS. 1 RE Poetrnaeter Senerai ordered the mail eemoe betveen Waabitrto? , Ji ^ Baltimore,and Old Point Monroe) Jo be reeuroed, on and ?.yu7,un?ti< iuaiLiMBU Liu of t^mtri ?ill 1*?? Bt timore E VKkV DAY (exceptant, day) from their wharf, foot of I nion I> -o*t at ?H o'clock p. m., or iir-r e is?*!? after the arriva al the Waah.nctoB Train, winch leaves Waahinctoa at o'clock p. m. m?-tl M. W FALLS. Pr?t JT?U. 8 GOVERNMENT LINK fa-r FOKT MONROE a >D OLD POINT COMFOhT. Leave* the lower ecd of L .N I <?N DOCK, Baltimore, weat aide. MA1LV, (Snbdava melt?4ed, t at Of o*ol< ok P. M. t*kinc faaaeiicera awl {eicht. and oonneotinr with the Railroad linea. to arxl f oaa Waehtrg >?c, D. C.,Phi.ade phia. New York, Boeton, York, Harriet>?'f, PitUborc. Pa . ai d the Weet, immediately aPer taearn\-a2 ?>l the Expreee Train fr m New York aixl Philadelphia. The followin* tk? Prom New Yurk (o Port rfonroe and back. 914 From Phiiad.-lph a aod t>*ok.. . aia From Baltimore and back #*. ETPROCUEE YOU* TICEETS^B In Nrw the Nov Jmrmtj Railroad Oftca to A of d rtreet. In Ft. a?ie,pkua. at the Company'a otto*. N. W. ocrn?r nf Sixth tod Cheats at atroeta or at lb* D?pot, Broad and Prim* atreota. _ln Baltimore. on board the ttoatne-s. foot of *Jwol Dock. HUGH O'CONNER. fawMnw A?*nt. Bga-roy v,4r!,EwPO,T ?? By ta* afiecdMl and aspen or Steamer. MKTWOp'Lr*. EMPIEK STATE. BAY STATE, and PTAT^ OF MAINE, of great trebfth and fO'xl, bat particaiar.? acapteo to tt* navigation of L?olj laiand Bo and. raamnc in o. m Motion witfc the Kali Kivar Old Colony Kn ro?^, dwtanor of Mmilftc cc j to Bortt>n L?n Pier No. ? No'th Rl*?r d?lt t?i? Battery. fC Bimidw BMP IKE STATE,Cayi. Braytot, iu rndi}i> at 4 o'olook a;;.??.?, o. Taeedayi, TLuipdaye and BaCardata, U4 o'olocfc P.M.. to no tin j at N?*fort eaek way. Theae t>texm?ri krl 4tt*d with ooBimodiOBa C*t? room*, acd mrj tfmagemout for the wiiiTtr and oomrort ol km?I*"- wfce &ri aford+c >-? Una Mla ttJf Lta' reet on boarc. end oe arri?aJ at Fall Rlrer prooeed per 9:?ajnMBt True.reacbLH( Boston early the foDowuii Boraac: or ui remaui on board OLti. atar?..u$ oT the AooonmoaaQonitl A. Mby wt.iot. ther may raaoaBoetoa about Mi A. M. A bacrare master : attached to each *t#aj: er. who reoMTM and ticket* tue hacrare. IH aooom ' ataamar raoa u wucptm iritk Ui? Lim bo tvMn Fail Rlvor and ProtultaM daily, UMft Fmltit to Boaton lb forvartad throneh trlU mat djapatak by aa Kxiimi Train. vhl?k imtm F& Kj4er r?ar* moriucg, Sundaya xo?fM,? ao'oToolt for Beaton and Nav Bad/ord, arnnnc lU daaiiantion at at?<at HAM For irauhtar pa*aa?a. aaatyoa board, or attba ofioaoaPiar No. S North Ritot For etat* too*ra kLC Se :h? apply oa ard or if caairaq. to f*eara thorn in advauoa, to WM BOROKN.Af't ItaadTl Waat atreot. N Y. TON?Inland R.aia TW aaartawt and noatdi Sra^Mfjmaw WiluaaM. li ao; naeuoj witL U? rtx?c apd P<x.Tid!>: .? auJ Boa*?naad Pron<>: Kai.r^?, p?.?57ws3 tel&fi&ss iSA-susSstsifS ?gQXUy. Wgd and Fr ld&r. ,, rM?nr*i from Orotoa frmwoj t*r r*t!r?*4 tn SH- ?tTSlfbtSs *??ii lime k>r a ; tiwwty 2sSm?^t",cua? Norii U4 1.UL i?Q<f. ?r.t<>? a. Bi.ku' nr/v^y?....i ?? rafro ^jwKviWa ^ V ft lb*/;' 40 Ne",e,<'J[1122,rS rpy-io^TwRT ? "J" Lll- tk-*1-flBl M<1 /?* rtXf >. 8fr:-n. -*w? f .. ?i tK'f '? ? ?fc? ? v?i Is^iSMSfi^