Newspaper of Evening Star, December 6, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 6, 1861 Page 3
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i JOB PRIffTI!fO I Of Evsav Dascatrnoji Executed ?ltb neatness aad dispatch cn application it tkt fTAR OFFICE. At the Lowest Cuh Price* Satisfaction guarantied. no tt-tf LOCAL !NEWS.~ An Exrtio*Di54.*t Cask or Ltjso-ib ? Nlgbt before ls*t, about one o'clock, Serjeant Newman, of the Metropolitan Police, and some of his patrolmen, were la the Georgetown Guardhouse, which Is situated on High street, near the canal, when they were alarmed by bearing piercing ahrltks which evidently proceeded from a female la distress With the innate gallantry of policemen everywhere, they hurried out of the guardbouse, and crossing the canal got into Cherry street, but found that they had mimed the object of tbelr solicitude, as the screams were now apparently on the north side of the ranal Tbey began to get interested, and hurriedly retraced their stepa, but when tbej reached Bridge street found they had ovenihot the mark, aa the cries of dlatreaa were now aouthofthem. Finally they got into the stable yard of the omnlbua line, and just then loud screaming Issued from the interior of a large omnibus standing in the middle cf the yard They opeaed the door of the coach, and siw Inside cf it a well-dreaaed and very respect*bli looking female lying on the floor, who seemed to be safer!ng yery much. The sympathizing bearta of the policemen?particularly of thoee who had wive*?opened at once, but they could not resist aaklng the sufferer how she came to be there at that time o* night She replied that abe was in no condition to answer questions then, but if they would convey ber to some comfortable f'tace she would explain the matter in the mornng She would only say now that she was neither drunken or Immoral, but a respectable married woman. They at once conveyed her to the Guardbouae. and Sergeant Newman with energy set himself to work first to relieve the sufferer, and then to investigate the circumstances He sent around to many of the pbyaiclana In Georgetown, but none of them came. He then went for Mrs. Lucaa, the local "Mrs. Gamp," who, although very old and feeble, came promptly, for which she deserve* special mention In the mean time th- sergeant had with much trouble procured a buggy and dispatched some of bis men to try and find the patient's friends; but aa she was suffering too much to make a very intelligible statement, they returned unsuccessful The kind-hearted seraeant was then going to remove the unfortunate woman to his own home; but remembering an Irishwoman In Cherry alley, named Mrs Haggerty, he went to ber and stated the case, when she at once made preparations to receive the patient who was Immediately removed to the bouse and placed In a clean and comfortable bed This was at half past 3 o'clock yesterday morning, and in l?*ss than half an hour a fine, chubby, black-batred boy was born The mother's name is Margaret Lynch, and she resides on F st between First and Second streets, Iln this city She says her busband is a seaman, with the fleet off the coast of South Carolina; that Rhe has been married four years, and thin is her first child She says she got In the omnibus at the foot of the Capital, about 7 o'clock p m , to go and see some friends; that she soon commenced to suffer severely, and her groans attracted the attention of the driver, who repeatedly stopped and upbraided ber with being drunk or crazy; and that she was unable to leave the coach and bel p herself The driver of the stage, George Goldens?who was brought from his home and was frightened, aa he well might be under the circumstances said she got Into the omnibus at a much later hour than she says, but he gives no satisfactory explanation of his own conduct in leaving her alone in the coach, without help. Sergeant Newman gave to Mr?. Lucas a fee of ?5 for her service* out of b's private purse, and he aa well as the patrolmen and the kindhearted Irish woman, Mra Haggerty, deaerve great credit The sergeant has promised to remunerate Mrs Haggerty also, but doubtless other benevolent parties will relieve him of this por'ion of the expense. The mother and babe are doing much better than could be expected under the circumstances, we are gl*d to say. Tbeyoung stranger ought to have a ram- to commemorate the queer circumstances attending bis arrival. Doeatlcka would probably suggest Omnlbustah." PoLtcn Ripokts ?The patrolmen of the Fourth W ard reported during the paat two days the following arrests made by themP. Reire, hackman, charged by J. Horseman wi'h leaving his reins; dismissed, and complainant paid costs Wm Brsnaell, assault and battery; security for peace Dennis Donihoo, larceny of money; dismissed. \ancv Zanders, receiving stolen money; dismissed Michael Fitzgerald, hackman, refusing to take a passenger; do Jno. Regan, drunk and disorderly; fired 91 94- Thomas K. Miller, stealing cowi; Jail for court. Bridget Ralney. assault and battery; security for peace. M Griffin, selling liquor to negroes after night; dismissed Ellen Fitzgerald, aasaalt and threats; security for further hearing Marcus Cohen, defrauding A. Glnberger of S30; Jail for court. Lump Semmes, fighting; dismissed. Beside* these, a number of arrests of soldier* were made, who were turned over to the military. Thxati* ?To-night Owens take* hi* benefit, appearing in three character* One of the piece* is "Poor PUllcoddy," in many respects the best farce, aa John Owens Is the best "PHlleoddy," extant. Mica Snsan Dtnin will appear as -'Su*an:' in the same rich farce Mis* Denin Is a capital ci'-a etj to Owen*, as her nerve and command of facial muscle enable* her to maintain a sort of Rachelerque severity of countenance through the trying passage* of old comedy and modern farce quite refreahlng in contraat to the giggling mime* who are so often amljjned to mis support leading ccmediana When however she dots break down at a critical place she teehees in earnest, (as she does everything she undertake*,) a* happened in the "The Heir-at-Law" (played by text) the other night, very much In the amusement of a sympathetic audience. Paiadi or Binxxi'a Zocavks.?On Wednesdty afternoon the 23d Pennsylvania Regiment, under Colonel D. B Birney, paraded through the city. Thi* regiment has for the last two months been stationed at CampGrabam, on Queen's farm, about 3# mile* out New York avenue. It number* 1 5UU men. of fine appearance and martial bearing. All the appointments are in good taste, and the dark-blue Zouave uniform, with the neat artillery stripe, ha* a very pretty effect Their marcbiog was excellent, and the musical attachment (consisting of a drum corp* of 30and a band of 21 pieces) was about the large* of the kind we have noticed. The regiment has evident.y been well managed and carefully drilled, and will present a moat formidable front to anything that may feel dUposed to oppose it. PaonrtLY Atusdid To ?In the Star of last Monday, attention was called to the condition of Catharine Ryan and ber infant, who were given lodging* at t'ie Central Guardhouse tbe night previous, and the sympathy of the benevolent was askrd for them. Justice Thompson was immediately besieged by benevolent ladles. *ome of whom oBered to give tbe poor woman a home, and other* tendered everything necessary for the comfort of heraelf and child She has been completely supplied with clothing for herself and rhild. and to-morrow will depart for ber home in New York,where, she says, *be can live comfortably enough The benevolent ladieaof Washington are always prompt to relieve the distressed, and only require to be told where they are. Gsoesk Christy * Opzea House.?Tbere was naturally a rush Ust night to tbe opening of this place of amua^roent bv so celebrated a company as that of Geo. Christy's, and tbe spacious house was filled to repletion, up stairs and down. With such comicalities as "The Raw Recruits," "The Three Contraband*," "African Giant and the Black Tom Thumb," " Stocks are I up and Stock* are down, ' performed by a capital company, led off by the veritable George Christy blmse f, it is little wonder that the run was uproanou* and tbe applause enthusiastic Tonight they propoae to give another Illustration of tbe fact that the world move*! Picxrocaars S?j?t A* ay ?William Fox and John alias Frank Teney, two notorious plckpocketa, well known la the North and Weal, were arrested last night by Detective officer B s* aril Patrolman Sage, and taken before Justice Ferguson. As they had committed no depredation* here as yet, they were dismissed by Justice Ferguson, on condition that they should immediately leave the city. Officer* Boas and Sage escorted the pickpockets to the car* and saw them off by the next train, thus preventing there chevalier* d' Industrie from prosecuting tbelr anticipated depredation* la this city. To ni?ht, Ward, tbe juggler and pantoml. mist; Pierce, the well-known favorite of last seaaoa: and the accomplished actress. Mis* Marlon Pierce, appear to-night at Canterbury Hall Important improvements for the convenience and coffifoit of the audience have been Introduced, and an Immense bill prepared for the opening of the newly furnished hall. Don't forget the matinee to-morrow afternoon. Wasrria* ui* Wifi ?John Smith, (who bat John ?) a resident 't English Hill, was yesterday arrested by policman Fraslsr for disturbing th* peace of th* locality by thrashing his wife. Ha waa sent to jail by Justice Dunn Amacit a*d Ba itiit?" Bob Rata " a wall fcnewn colored individual, living la th* Northern Liberties, was arrested yesterday by patrolman I penwlek fx entering a house and attacking the lGinafc* He was scat to )*il by Justice tlarnaclo. pHtlABKiFHtA Paovision PToaa, 119 Pnsmyl Kir ia area*/ - Wilson keep* en Laid a censtant s pplf of v>r,dirt Poultry Capons, Ve .la- n and m- f Ji. k'nd* ;*e~ L * *J*?rt;*en?#nt A YHt hn e*tai>iiat?ment mill p?y lor tue troukae. de?t* Svratxt Cottrt?Yesterday, J a* B. Gardenhire, Em , ?f Mo.. John J. Redlck, Esq , of Nebraska, 8am'I F. Clarkaon. Eaq , of N Y , and Lorenzo Sherwood, Eaq .of NY, were admitted attorneys and counsellors of thia Court No. 10. Aebaa P Dutton et al , plaintiffs In error, agt. H Norton Strong et al Thla cauae was argred by Mr. Dooltttle for the plaintiffs Id error, and by Mr. Hibbard for the defendants In error. Fioht in th* First \YaH> ? Cyrus Hook, employed about the Government stables and stock yards, night before last accused James Cassidy, captain of the Government night Watch there, of stealing his (Hook's) blanket Casstdy called Hook a Uar, for which expression he waa promptlv knocked down by Hook, who la a much smaller man Major Rucker hearing of the affair immediately discharged both the parties. Visit to the Smithsonian.?a detachment of the 56'h Regiment New York Volunteers, Col. Van Wyck commanding, which Is quartered at Kalorama, visited the Smithsonian Institution and other places r f interest In thta city, yesterday. Another detachment of the same regiment Is on a similar visit to this city to-day. Central Guardhouse Casks)?Be/ore Justice Thompson?Arthur Devlin, drunk; fined f 1 53. Wm. Neal, disorderly conduct; do f 1 91 Geo. Stoweil, drunk; do SIM Margaret McNnl, drunk and disorderly; do. $1.91. Tobias Williams, dc.j do. SI.94. arfe*ted on a Bench Warrant ?a bench was issued yesterday by Judge Crawford against Richard Lee in an assault case, and Lee was arrested by Patrolman Campbell of the Island, and turned over to the Marshal. Selling Liquor to Soldiers?wm Drew, restaurant keeper In Georgetown, was arrested by Patrolman Brown yesterdav, on the charge of selling liquor to soldiers, and was held to oail for his appearance at court. w Assault with Intent to Kill ?Jabez Petard was yesterday arrested by the patrolmen of the Fifth Ward for an assault and battery an John Evans with intent to kill. He gave f->00 ball for a further hearing this afternoon at 4 o'clock. The Cambpellr still continue successful at Odd Fellows' Hall, adding new attractions to th?lr entertainments nightly. w. w. Bcrdstte, at No. 3ol 7th street, between l and K, has determined not only to coatlaue business, but also 10 Increase it very largely. 1 n the last two or three days he has received more than 100 piecescf benutlful dr? ss goods, such as de lalnes, worsted goods, s'.lks, Ac , ranging in price from *25 eta. to SI 45 Also a laree assortment of new style cloaks, canton flannels, Ac., Ac. Barnard's Vulcanized Pens do not corrode, do not cut through the tbinest paper; neither will they spatter over the roughest surfaced paper, and are decidedly the best metalic pen ever made. Shillingtcn, bookseller, stationer, and news dealer, Od^on Building, corner hour-and a balf street and Pennsylvania avenue, is agent for the sale of the "Vulcanized Pen" In this city. J CoesHBj?The sodden o! tinges of our oiim&te are sources of Pvlmoxarv, Bronchial and Asthmatic AjTerttons. Experience tiuving proved that simple remedies oFu>n aot speedily and certainly wneu taken tn t-ie c&rly ctages of the disease, reouurse should at once f>e had to " Drown'* Bronchial Trocket." or Lozenges, le', the Cold, Cough, or Irritation of the Throat be ever eo slight, as by this precaution a more serious attack ma? be effectually warded off. Pvh'ic SpeaJttrs and Sinters will fino th.^m effectual for cie&ring and strengthening the voice See advert'?*menr del if _ Volunteers Attention. For the derangements of the system, moidental to the change "f diet, wounds, eruptions and *xpo?uret>. whioh every volunteer is liabl* to. There ars no ier> edi?s so s?fa, oonvnient and reliable as Holloway s Pills and Oin'ment, 25 oents per box. no 25-1 w Notice.?Beware of counterreits and unpnnoip.ed dea'ers endeavoring to dispose of iheir own and other artic es on the reputation at'ained by HtlmboUTs Extract Buchu, a posit've and specific remedy for diseases.of the B adder. Kidneys, Gravel, D'opsy. Ao.'Ao., fto. Ask for Hel? bold's. Tak?j no other. See advertisement in another o??l nmn se 30 married On the 3d irs'ant. by Rev Alfred Fo'mead. ROBER'i H. YEATMAN, of this city, to MOLL1 B O., daughter of R< z n B S mps -n. of Baltimore count*, Md. I Ha!to Sun oopy.l * l>i r.U| On Thursday night the5th ins?., J A M ES cliNT?'N. the son of James and Alice Petersoin the 16 h year of his aga His funera'will take place on tomorrow, (Saturday the 7th,) at 2 o'clock. The friends of the family are invited to attenl hie 'uneral from his parents'resiaenoe, in the rear ol 14th street, between 1 and K * Inth so ty December 5th. afW a lingering ill ness.Mra LUCINPA W. ELINGTON. aged 53 years She was a native of Fredericksburg. Va., b t for the la?t 1 vears a resident of this city. Farewell,dear loved one, we'll meet hire no more ; Althougn it waa hard for us to part, We hope we will meet tt ee o.i that hapsy sho e Where we wi 1 be iorever uaied In heart! v d. At hia resideooe. No. 46 B'ide st .Ge rgetown, JOHN J KoWLt rf, in the 44ih year of.his age. His friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend bis funeral at 2 p. m., Sanday, the 8'h iu'tant. (Philadelphia Ledger copy.> * Suddenly, on the morninc of thefith instant, at 971 street, M a R Y. the beloved wife of Edward C w ins, Jr., aged 2> years. * At Brosd '"reek, on Thursday, the 5th instant. LKWIs* BOM AN JACKSON, a<ed 30 years, of Prinoe George s county. * ff u R s ! furs!! FURS!!! MINK SABLEfitch. WATER MINK, FRENCH SABLE. In great variety, a*d ohear, at de5 tin SEYMOUR'S, Georgetown. ()\K WOOD *7 JO PER CORD. 1 am receiving seasoned Oak Wood, whioh I will acll at ?7.50 a', the railroad or (leavcred for 9h.50 per cord. Icquire of me, at the railroad, or of C. B. CHl lli'H at the depot, orders leit at my resi dence 4<>0 14th street, near the Long Bridge, will beatterned to. de5-3t* S.W.K HANDY. IN STORE. AND FOR SAI.E CHEAP FOR CASH? 5 noo pairs B'ue and Grey Blankets, a.tsm |)ouble and Single Ccmf.>r'?. I,***) Lined aid Unliued Buff?!-? Robes, Buckley's Patent Cane-scat Army Chairs, the best oanip ebair m use. f avor s and Shiyock's Camp Cots, lair and Husk Mattresses of al! sizes. Feather, Hair and Kxoelsior PiHows, Ao.. Ac. J As C MoGUIRR A CO.. d*5 2w oorn r Tenth st. and Pa. avenue. WORSTED GOODS. EXTENSIVE Assortment ol La-lies' and Chil aren's Hoods. Son'ags Coata, cloaks. Sleeves, Hosiery, Gloves, Ao. Ao. Also, a large invoice of beautiful Worsted Embroidered Slippers, L' mp Stan is. Ao , will be void on.eap aad at one prioe at No 30 Market Sp?c*. no 12-3W* SCHLA1CII A CO. NNEW MILLINERY. OW Operacg a \*ry seleo* assortment of WINTER B' ?NNET*, comprising the^^^ newest and m >st desirable sty es of the sea on, to whioh the a'tention of the ladies is^^K invued, at the Fanoy Ctore of HUTCHINSON ft MU^RO, 310 Pannsylvania ave.. between 9th and loth str?et?, where Miss THOMPSON is prepared to execute promptly all orders instrusted to h*r de 2 6t PHONOGRAPHY TAUtiHT.-Gentlemen and ladies desiring to avail themselves of the op portunity can aeqnire a tnorougn knowledge of tue erinois.'es ol Phonography and Reforting, praouoally b/aoourseof only 12 lessons, ol one boar each. This useful art needs no rtooro'nend*tion as its value is now we.l understood, and it is shaved that several olr.sses ma* be formed here, the more tsp cialiy as the terms are rea-onabl-, i. ?. five do.lar? lor the whole course each, payable alter the first l*sson. Applicants will plt **e a dress tox No. 4 Mai office, and as soon as a suAuient number are subaeribed to-iorma class, and'he necessary books have arrived, the time ot <*ommeuormei.t will be determined on. de 2 4f no dishes. he Wrll known New York restaurant of Gosling, long reu.arkable f r its excellent oooki^g. p*rfeo* ariai gements, >cd low pnoes. has opened a Waihi'Cton b anoh at 847 Pa. avi nue. south side, b<low Twelf h st. m. HEYMaN, <*e 4 Iw* Proprietor. JONlONft?ON IONfr?ONIONS. UST Received on ooi?ignmeut 1^00 'tinolM ,nm. Union*. su _ Mi t (1nm?r KifWrln mil I ?t*. READ-HREAD?BttEAD! _ NAVY AND PILOT BREAD. Hia Barrels. , , Families ought to buy this Bread, a? it ia of first quality, and a b?-rel ooptains ?b<>ut 85 pou da, oosting 9170 per barrel oniy Alto, Bread in sa^ks ^^vlum/ettibone. de<-3t? No. 4Sd Fourteenth st. T NOTICE THIS. ^ BE Qfloess ot the Army and others, owing us billa are hereby notified not to pay Mrson the same unless they o>.. show a written order, dated after Deoember lit, iMl. empoweriug them to sign OUf Q&IQ6, * jo?. t. k. plant h co? Dealers In Camp Furniture, etovea, to, 35o p sr. between 9th acd loth; and 478X 7th St., 1 do'J north of E st, de4-3t* Washirgtoa, D O. Mxjlt A TPura W. GALT A BKO. etui special atuntion to i tkei aseor ment of Ladies' ana Gentlemen's Witchsi of English, awisa, and American marufaotore, >n Bold anl SLve. Coaee. Warn .lee. Chronom t^rs, Jewelry, Ae? ! t a. e ? ly repn red i ? M. W. GALt A BRO., Jewellers, 314 P*. avenue, de 4-X Four doors weat of Brown's Hotel, j AMUSEMENTS. T H F A T R E f MR. J. E. OWENS,JBENRPIT at<l Last Ap-' pearanoe but one. FR i DAV, Deoember 6, Will be performed Buokstnne's romedieH* of THE HAPPIEST DAY OF MY LIFE. Mr.Gllman Mr. JK Owen? After whioh, POOR PILL1CODDY. Pfctet . Mr. J B. Owen* To oonc'nde with the faroe of BOX AN 1> COX. . ? % Cox ? Mr. J. F. Owens If ; ? A N TE R B U R Y_ U A L L, < Formerly the Washington A'rernbty Rooms.* Louisiana avenue, near ocner of 6h street, m the rear ol th* National and Brown's Hoteis, OPKN EVERY NIGHT! With the firet tai?nt in Ainertoa. ENTIRE CHANOK~VF PROGRAMME. The front of the auditorium is seated with e'egant ro ew< od orchenter chairs . ,, Theoe'e"?a ed Violinist, Mr. Goodall, conducts the Ore heater. First appearance of the rerow^d JAMES WARD, HILLY FIERCF, james ward. 8',-VX ?!{$???' james ward, billy pierce, jaSiesward, m billy pierce, Miss MARION PIERCE, The Versatile A"tres* in addition to the established faTori'es. TO-NIGHT. THE BKAUTI??HL BALLET LA MONDOLINA, TUMBLETY OUTDONE. Pick Pabkkr (funny DiokJ....attheCAMTBiBCBT. Haket Fox ? the Cantbrburt. I w. B. HaBRIMJN at the CANTFRBtTBY. M'llb Framc La Follb at the C?ktbrbcry. Miss Julia Hudson, the beautiful eonrstresp at the Cattbbbury. Mi**rs Emma Mil** Wiliie. Vbrsim, Parkkr Clifton and a host of others at the Canterbury. MATINEE For Families, Ladies, and Children. SATURDAY AFTERNOON, at 2 o'olook. Admission?Children 10 csnts. Pi? icbs ob Admtsmof? Parquet, 25 ots ; Parterre 15 oenf a? 6 C^EORGE CHRISTY'S I NEW OPERA HOU8K, iht'tsnth strbbt.nbab b strbbt.^m The above Temple of Minstrelsy will l>e opened on THURSDAY EVENING, Dec. 5 h, for a Short S'eaaon, by the worid-renowced George Christy's MInstreh, From Broadway, New iork. The select entertainmerts of this oe'ebra^eo Company willl b? under Mi" i m,T>e'liate rirecfion and persona' supervrs.on of Mr GfoRgs Christy the aoknow ede?<t Bcr'on of the 1 th open I'ran a whose perfo mances iu New Y- rk city lor the Km eighteen ?ears have b?en at'ended by tha rhtf and fashi-n of th? crt-at metroB?li?. For particulars see sma.l bills and future advertisements. _ ? , Admission?Parquet 50 oents; Dress Circle 25 centa. de 4 J^ING'S NATIONAL CIRCUS! Manager - T. King Associate Manager O. Scott Kqu^stnan Manager. ? P. Whitaker A*ent R P- Jones The public is respectfully Informed that this Circus will exhibit a' GEORGETOWN. ? I->r Three Days and Nights MONDAY, TUE8 DAY and WEDNESDAY. ?>?c.2l,Sd and 4th. on the ot oorner of West and Gre?n sis.. ut>'>n ? hich ocoanion* M*'''lle H E l.t ?1SE, the star of th" A rena. Madame Marie, Mi?s Virginia, Madame Caniille, Miss Eloiae, the Child K ider. Tom Kine, Wm K<ncade, F. Tnurrair*-. Phim Nathans. F. Whi'taker, J .Frank'm, J Ward. G^orse Sroher, and the two Clowns. Gardiner ai d Kenned*, will apnar in el<= g *n' ly d versified entertainments. [[j~ Due Notice will he given of the return of t^io Troupe to Washington, and the Inacgubai. Opbbin-? of the New Hrick Amphitheater. d?2 ODDFELLOWS'HALL: *BV?!?TH, Abovb D ST. TWO NEW STARS! WM.~WRAY, The greatest perfumer of the age! WRAY THE ORTAT COMEDIAN! WRAY THE Gf F'AT M * N JOI-T ! WRA\ THE K K AT VFNTRI LOQIJ'BT! WRAY THE GREAT MAGICIAN! EVERY MG11T! JOHN N"Y" BOYD. Tke I ig/itniHK Jig Dancer. EVfcRY NlGHi ! In connection with the Camptie'l Minstrel?i.xteen Star Perfirmers, in a ne* ami varied prot ou ht.y. ?>,ir>r? open at 7 o'clock; ppi for?r.\noe oommenoiug at 8 o'clock precisely. Admission 25 cects. no ?i liUST AM J) FOUND. IOST?Last evening, at 5th Cavalry Ba'l, a t cape, numbered 2i6 Fu. Jer please leav* at Wil'.ards*. dc6 Jt* IOST?Between D ai.i F sts , or on Pa aye ue, a between 6th and lith sts, on \Ve'!ne??!ay, a sable fur C A Pi-. .f5 rewsrd will be e ven f >r the return of it to the owuer, 4 49 H st.. Navy Y ard. IT Miss L. NEVV MAN. OJ)A RF. WARD.?Stolen, ot ihe night of the ?5 C\J h Deoenib. r, from ?ny stable, a fTV__Ugiit grey MAKE, UX hand^ h gh, atiout a years old, rather heavy built, ens manc?-^-i anl tail, sound and in go^d coi.dition. ds6 3^_ W M HENRY UPPERMAN. ?nr REWARD?Grayed away ?>n Frid?*, Nov?"nbor 2?d, from 1 ?t street, hp- > <M taeej K ar.d L. five C-;Wt?; one roMi"??^ wither.' keil horns.and four red. tw niAnAa thein witii whit* faoes. ThJ above row?rd will he pal" Tor their return to MICHAEL KENNEDY, on 1st street, between K and L. c. |f\ RF.WARD?RAN AWAY ?On the Ifith 5 I IF irst^nt,(rom Heorgetown bridge a tv Day HORSE, with white feet, marked U S," on his left tshou der. The owner pay a liberal reward for bis return to JOHN Mo - GARVFY'S, oorner 2?th and K sts. da 8 3-* ?.rn R EWA RD ?Lost, between 7tn st eut and the depot, or i-tolen af the ticket rflc?, or intneo^r^; iri or 190 DOLLARS, in 32?'? Sl"'? a d ons S3 gold pieo- s and ot.e doubtful di-l "r. i The above re*ard will be pud for the deliver* of the same to THOMAS CONNER, oaruer 7ih a id 1 K streets, No. 33? de 5 3t* HORSR FOUND-A brown HORSE, with saddle and bridle, came to tho l premi?e? of the undersigred. New Y'ork i Hotel, 360 n'Uth C street, city of WKjl | Washiiif'on The owner of the sama Tl^ I isherehT notified to com" forward,provo?"**"fc4<" ' propertT, and take the i-am" f w w P de 5 3f KNGE L Ha KPT tc UNGER. f>|A REWARD.?Stolen from the subscriber, lIU iivirf mle this >ide of the Chain c\ 'i-Jge.a small Bay HOR!*F, b'aok n ane"L-Tn and tail, hltck le/s.the right hip little lower than the left; a few spots on baok, oau**d by the caddie rubbing;a small white spot on his forehead. Anyone returning the said Hors9 to the subscriber will receive the above reward. d * 5-61 AMOS BURROWS. * OST?The Baok of a small Gold Hunting-oas? 1 j Watch The exact location in wl ion it wis lost is not known. The finder wi'l b^ lib?rally re warded by leaving it at SfcMKKN'S Jewelry Store de 4-3i* ?e REWARD.?Left with th^ hackinan. or !o t iu coming from the d"pot to Dr. Young's, r^n'i. avenue, on M"ndar nigiit la.t, a CARPET HAG, ootta'ning a dres* atd other articles of ladie* wearing apparel, fhe aoove reward will be p*id to any rne leaving it (ooctont^ entire) st No J9X Louisiana avenus, or at the offioe of the Star. de 4-3t* LOST.-A SEAL RING, aud a FOX-HEAD SEAL, attaohsd to a ring, with corn -lian ?et. $5 reward will be given to whoever ref.rpB the a<tides to this officc. de2 t( Ran away from thj? ^ubsorirer, near Bladtinsbu'f, BO if ANTHONY, commonly oalled Toner. He is 5 feet 5ohes CDB high, verr black, short hair, grum oj'unt*- Jf nauoe wh?n spoken to. with a sinvl scar <?ver one of hif eyes. Went away with black jacket (Uriitea States butt ?ns on K,) cas-nefpanta, yellow gauntlet gloves. I will give ?150to*ny on-.' | ''!m "'helper ma'jrt dt-.r. | boarding. HOARDING ?A handsome suit of Room?, iii a private residence near the Pa'ent Office Meals famished in the best style. References r? ! Sired. Inquire at No. S?7 H, between 4th and 5th sU. de 4 eoSt* HOARDING.?Pour gentlemen oan b? acooirmoD dated with table Board, at 371 Pa. avenue, opposite tue National Hotel. Dinner at 6 o'ciook. de4 BOARD?Respectable parties may find good Board acd welt furnished Rooms, br day, week, or month, in noases No. ATS and 4TT 13th street, three doors from Pa. avenue_ and midway between A iliard*' and Kirkwo^ds' Hote.s. no Kim* ~ educational. M'M/<SSS553 fgib'I?- NCH Sbvbm BciLoixes. ' No. 130 Pennsylvania avenue. Cironlars to be obtained at the Boo*stores and of tfia Prinaipal. co?-lm* DRY GOODS! WHItKLKT, ?TONl k CO., Mo. SSI Baltimobb Stbbbt, Near Sharp, Balttmor*. otJar for tale a desirable atoak ol GO ft 8 AT LOW PMJCKS, F O ft O A 8 U I And in* it* the at I m? of defers to the tame. MIHw ????????I?

WANTS. W/NrFD-Two good TIN and SHEET IRON WORKERS. Apply immediately at S*1 P?. arenne. d* 6 3t* WiNTBD-A good Mn?> BLACKSMITH. In. quire of Mr. N. ZASGE, corner of Seventfc acd B et?. de 6 3t* VVANTED-A firet-rat# COOK, who can com# *? well reoommrn <ea, at 023 Eleventh ?tr?et, below C, * _de 6 3t* WANTED?A. FURNISHED HOUSE, in a central k cation. Good rtnt ea'd an*1 b^t of r*fvence? given. Acdreee Bo* 336 Pott Clfiaa de *? at* WANTED?A SITUATION, by a y??r* m?n. to teed l>ar cr a biNi'rd to ?m. ri?? had thee ye?r%' expenenca in New \ ork. AdJresa SIDNEY BRAMAN. through Poat Office. U* WANTED.?F?ur or five rood FIN'l'HFRS ?? may obtain emp'oyineut at tha l.eorgetown Foundry, if immediate application be mad# to WM. T. DUVALL" <le$ st* WANTED?By a farmer government clerk, a * CLERKSHIP with a payma^tfr ?uanermaate'. connns^ry or autler. A pply at this office, or^tn"H K.." thfoath t'ie Po?t OTio'> de6 3' WANTED?A urart BOY. or young man. to a?ai't in a 'etail at >re. Fami iaritj with dry rood" a^d e?n??' furm?hi"g. ne^eaaary. Ajp y to Mr THOMPSON, 37<? Pi >v>iua I<* WANTED?By a **utler, a PARTNER, that " will iarntoh Miffioiert capital for the bun*eF?. Address ' H. G," to* 769 Waah.ngton Post Office. de 6-3' * VVANTKD-A SITUATION by a re peofable *T girl, to oook WK?h. iron, in a p'l^ate family. Appl* at No A30 M issachusetts averua, between 21 and 3d streets a >rthi H* WANTED?Three firat c'ara WAITERS,immediately. Good As? y immediate y to T POTENTINI, 279 Pa ava., betwe'n " th ana 11th street. _____ H* WANTED IMMEDIATELY-A thoroughly compRtent DRIVER. A!iO, one 'hat ei* come well recommended Apply ? PARK ER'S, ocraerJK and c at*. da 3 4t WANTED?By a reapeotabie young womar, a felTUAT ON aa chambermaid or to cook. wa?h and iron for a ama'i family, ^ood city referfpc* caa be given. Addreaa Box 10 S'.ar Office. It* VV ANTED?Two MEN. to work in a Dairy, * * they muat be good milkers, alao to good 'arm, also acvrr&I da* bands. Aj-ply at Looc?t Hill Farm. 7th street road, near the fi st |-?11 gate. d*6 3t* WANTED?A family without ohiHren want a *? FURNISHED HO' SK.con eniert r.-> Pa. avenu?, oori'amine froii 8 to !=> ruo n?. wit'i a ata b'e a'tacheJ. Address, by better, No 7d, N?t <ma. j Hotel. 3t* WANTED-A colored GIRL, abut 14 years oil. to run ol errands and aait on a la ty. None bit' a-, honert. tidv girl nre J tall. Apfly at 4Eleventh ,t.. betweea G >nJRH pAYTf)K BOARD WAN TED, by a gentlemin in aFre c'l family wlier 1 th ? langvag Iwhfh he deinrea^lo learr. )<a extensively spoken. Address ?it!i *ui part cul?rs,"Advertiser," care?: Star Olftoe. | de6 at* BOARD WANTED, for a r cf three ? rR< us. Two commodious ' el-rooms n" essa y, ai d t?e character of the eatabl:alimeat m!i*t, l.e genteel. (?r a email Vumiahel Hr-u?e would be renfnl Address No. 90, Wn ard Iiota'. de 6 21* WANTED - A good WOMAN, cook. t"> go two II m los in the country i'o ore ?ho understand* her ba*tnp*? the n ghest prices wi" b? p^idApply ai N". 301 Pa ave.. h?twe*n 9tb and io!h ftre<"fB, ""uth tide Reference required. AUo.a f.o't and taok PARLOR for rent, at 301 Pa. av de 6-3^ \\T ANTED?Go->d able-bodied MEN. For par>1 tic-li'B app iy it the Revlile House, on ?. ben 21st and .2d stg de s 6t* W AN TED - A practira' WATCH MAKER ? ? Address at mo*, box 49, Poat Offioe statijig wh"' arpiicant can be seen. de 5-2t* anth) a gooo Mill ner ; riori" l^u* the bept need a plr. S. H^ LLF.R, No. 34 Market Spaoe,between 7t3 and 8th atn. d?6 lw' WANTED?A good COf>K a^d CHAMBER. MAID. K?'d recrmm?ndaf">',8 will r?e?re the h'?h?8? wag's. Aopi??tNo North Caci to' n'reef ' e>yi?eii B ar.d C ^tr?' t8. de 5 tf Wa NTEII I M M E DI A T E L V-On? rood | B' A"KSMITH xn 2 WKEFLWR GH PS. Fi'et-. 'ais h*nds wi l obtain th? h'erte-? witfes;i n?'ne cth-r n^ed apply. Itquueat No. 292 Seventh 't. weat. d?5-2t j Four go'>d dressmakers wanted at No. 241 latre?*r isih de 4 3:* wANTED-6ood COAT and pA*J'r? MAKI'.R^. App'? Immediately to DUVALL k BWt>, MT"ha t Tailors de 4 V* Three or four resectable gent em?n o*i? ftcoomin with noth cor.veniPTt to the Avenue ard the Pepar'm?ntg. Al?o. '' eble Boardsrs. Juouire at tuia office. j de 4-3t* I WANTED?A HITUATO?N in a ?t re (no* par- I " ticlar a? reFard>i the kind of business*, compenration moderato, by a yonn* iran 17 ye*ra_ <1 age, of good and indnst lal babitu, aid with tp* b?gt <>f recommendations. A<ldresa "J B. ( City Poat Office. _de 4 3t*__ ll/ANTEO?At the G^vernm"^ Hospital forthe *? Inrane, *i* single WHITE W< >MEN, to do chamber ard launlry work. Appii at th*. *1?**'" I tal. t e 3 WANTED-11AXI whisky and brandy BOTTLES. Ca?h sndeli?e'T. F. B. HASTING* A CO., 323 ? ftreet, no25tf Phi'harnionio Bu.Iding. ANTED?Every person to know f at f am in Yy rh" ma-k't, ready t<? pay o?.?h fur a'artic'eg in the k< w>*faruikl>f lin*. Tboae leavin? toe I o\tir. or having a i?nrp!n?, will dowel1 to ca1' R. BUCHLY. Seventh ?t .between Genu H st ., Cast side,) D; a.t>r m ?>&? and Second-!.a d Eurmture. n? 16 V*' ANTED-TAILOAS. TAILORS-* fa lura c mpeter,? to work on r ilitary cwl?. AFP'7 ? Ko:>P.?t Walt.Steph?".s A."f ^5 ??/ANTE'1 ? are now i>?*ymg 8ECONDVV TIAV' FURNITURE,STOVE>and BED DING, for which we are paying the nighfat , c-vs1; price . Eanulie.; de?-!'t:n% iiot'n??eepinr. or havmt a?urpin? of fuTitnrw, wiii find it to tiKir adT&i.taje to give ua a ' ail. BO NT/ ft G R IFF! H, la-tf No. 3?i9 '.li St.. I .etw. i an-I K rt.^. pUrTER WANTED. Cr': a*. WALL, -;rEV/ I'll ENS & CO.'S. 3 Pa avenu ae 18 FOB. SALS AMD RENT. f OT TO L.EASE, on Tenth, betwe?n ?i and H I Lj streets, west ci^e Inquire of SHEPHERD, I corner "rven h and D st?. d? P St I/liR RENT?With B' a d.a large fro t BLOOM. 1 lnq"ireatNo 473 4utti at eof,near I) Will I accommodate three or lour persona with Day B ard. de6-Sf COR RENT?With or without Board, a neatly r faruahsd PARLOR am BEO-ROOM, with gas, on 2d floor. Apply at 513 Seventeenth st, I near War Department fHt* T*0 LET-One splei diJ PARLOR, ar.d twofine I 1 auita < f Rooxna. we I mrLiateJ. Alao. four alngle R < ms Water and caa. App y at .^99 west I I3'.h at, be'ween F ana t>, one gqua-r f om the I White House. de6 3t* T?1GH f OR TEN GOOB HANDS FOR I _Cj droa^niaking waited through ti e scsa oi of I Congreaa, at A. HUBNRR'S Pa ia Drej-aniakn g I Fata lishuient. No 506 Uth et., between Ha. ave. I and E at. di6 Si* T'O KENT?EURNISHED ROOMS: Donble I 1 Parlora on firat fl ?.?r< a Ri<-m on th.rd tl <>r, I atove and ga-* . two small Hall Koomts?at 4 4 1 I t- leventh at There ia stable rooru for one horae I att^ehe<i de 6 3t* I l>URN SHEU PAR' OK AND ' HAMBKKS. I r A nice'y an* coinfortab'y (irH'kra Parl'tr, I with two adjjiming Cha nt er*. oa the fcrat floor, I I'otise No 411 Thirteenth at., betwo u l? and H, I for rent The 1 >ca* oi ard U e ceighb?rlKOl are I al>e pleaas nt and the r oms cotvtuient ami c m| niodioaa. Call at th? prein^eo^ de6 t* l/OR RENT?A fine four-a o y ?!RICK BUILD II iNG, witn watar and gaa rhronrhout, very I n'Ofly lo at?d. can be rtnted m <-x<haace for a | >m*l er, p'ainer house in ? me of th ou tkirtsof | ts e out 1 hero are ianu y rea?ons for the p oI poaeJ eic' Per?o. a who k ow of a s-ua l I nea houa^ may add e ? pe'sonai'y or by let er M. j. F.. 244 avenue. d?6 ? * A K Ailr CKANCf. IO SECI'RE A LU /\ CR AT1VE BUSINESS?Th.? aubaor!b*:? are | aulhoriSMl to fell the inline Eizttt'eaof a '.ratI olaaa Billiard Saloon, can tral y lccat< d on Penn I ay vacia avacue, and now doing a good lu'in ti, I It i?comp o'ely fu'i.i h^d in every rejreot, and ! a? I Pbe'an'a bett :>?ewioi " iarble t'#d Tablet. Aprlyto JaS. C. M.GL'iRE A CO., Auctioneers. I 1196 flt - CURNISllED PARLOR AND CHAMBER j r TO LbT?No. 6 4)t *trtet, botwein C a-.d ? iiy Hall. de 6-3 * COR RENT-A PARLOR and CHAMBER, I r hanlaoinely far> lahsd. Inquire at 39' 13th j atree*, b tween G and H streets. deMt' DOOMS FOR RENT.?Several hardj ms'y IV tu-nished Hooma ca i be rented hyapplii g at No 4 ?S Eighth at, b^twean G and H. north PatI eat Otfioe. d? 5 3t* I T'O LET?With or witt.ont Board, three FUR1 NICHED ROO 'OS in a private family, tuttI able tor a yarlor and derate a, supp l d with water *nd ga . aid rlea-?n'-l? aitaatea n ar tie A venue. Imair at the Star Office. de 6 3;* I COR SALE-Th?btook and G od Will of a Ner tail Grooery It ia a rood location, acd doing a I fair baameja. Tha Store and Fixterea can be had at a moderate rect. Apply at tnia cmoe de 5 !H* rl'0 LET-a laige 8T< RE. with Fiiturea; or ' vngld cell l is Ox'd A ill of the Store and I Dwellin.. Inquire at No. 41 Pennayltrama ave i eat,t, opp .aite capito Grounaa, ?eoond door tr?m latat d>5?* Cornished room4* or house p?.r I r B en I\? 1 wo Em mehed Roome. with or with 1 rat Board, m a ?:ivat? family. Looation beat in the oity and near theTreaaory Dtpaitraect. l'wo I gentlem- n with tneir wives, or four ladiea, p:e| Ferre.1 Only thoee wno are w.liiag to fay a good price nee apply. C??nifla r.lng frreeaa nee not mak j tp-'io*lion. Or tne llouat wl.1 be r^rtei to a punc ua. Std ft. at claaa Unaet. Addreee ' E. G.," i Boa S 42, City Poet Olfioe, ia real name. I 4e?tt* AUCTION SALES. By J. C. McGt'lRE & CO., AMtiog?*r?. CM ALL AND DF.SIRABLE B*!'** DWEL hopie a!hd Lot at prbl'C Slk ?On TWl MUDAV Ajf ERNf'ON, ?m e-- the IS h. at 40 clock on she prem*s*a. we ahsl a* I part . ^ I Lot No. 1 m Squ\reM7 fronting an MimcL -set a j aver.ue. I41WMC 4th ai d .Mh striata west, ruining i through to h etreet, togeter with the imp ovej roe; to, consisting of a neat and veil buut Bruk I ling-house containing ?ix rx-m -. I Thu i? a very e ?m ortab' * and wall arranged boose, and in a desirab.e situation fjr a private residence. Tit e perfect Term*: One third oath; tSereaHuein ft ard IJ mo* ths. w th irtereat, ?ecu-rd by a dead in tru ? uc the premises j c. McGUIftF. A CO, Auc a C. M Ot IRE A PO , Auc"mn#*-? Peremptory sale of a very valttABLKr->*>** Lot n*a? thk RountD Dgr?T r?i? IHCR.-DAV, 'he 12'h of December a: a o elr ck, we will eel! to the highest lid-?er on In pren-iaes part of 1 ot No. 4. inN)uare No. fiti, b Mnn;ng at the northwe-1 corner of ?aid ?gua e ard running thenoe aoLtiiwar.lly with the lia< of New Jerra* avenue 4> feet: therce ea?'er y I?m fe*t to a po nt dietant;7 leet a u'lierly fr-m tieaoutn i e otiot11 K f r<?ft; thenca northwardly to >aidlme of Katreet.inte.soetirg the same at th* disrauo* of 100 feet east from the ?a-d northwest 'onier of *id sans re and thence w <st with and !ine ol said E street to the point of b-g in? inc. The above pr pertr i* eitna ed at t^acorcer of New Jersey *verue and E sueet.and la b*iieved lo he the beat bnaiuea* loea'i >n "< a' t*ie Depot Ternia: Oue-tni-rt ca?h; the remainder in t and P m nth*. lor cotes I earirg n threat from t a dat of aal , ec ired oy a dead of nmt on th? premi edeS-dAda J. C McGlMRE A CO , accta. PU BII| O RALE OF V A LIT A BL K PE RSON~ *1. I- *TATg ?Ry virtue of a:i otd<>r of ttie Or phanv Court of Prince lie r? "a oou*ty the auH ecriber. as h x?< utor. wul eel! a- pui> ic sale, a! the late residence of Mra. Mary H^ll. deceased. in Queon Anne Diotri ct, on THt:K*I>AY. 12th I}aoember. 1861. par ol the Persona! Estate of raid deceaeed, consisting of? A number of Work H >r?ee and Mu'ea, Wo k Oxen. Cows and Yoans Ca't e, A fine j>*n of Pork (Sow* and Shoata,) ''..rso Por.>r nn.l Tf rea:i?-. Wagonsand C?* Carte, Two Car iage? anrt on? p?ir of Ho ess. r *rmn * I p e-entaol all ki d?, Crop of Co. n i if rot p-er>< ut-lv ao d,) H^t and l ro?end?-r of all k uds. Ac . Ac , Ae. Term* of faie: For a! H'nis of aid under cash ; end 'or rum-a.Kove th^t amouT.t. ajreptod drxf'aon Balt-rure at 6 iifnths, lu.eieat added, wi 1 re requ r'd |?7" 8a:? to oturmenoe at II oVo??k a m . ? ? . .. WIL'.lAM B HIL(.. de 6 2^wt? ^xeca or ol M? Mar? >-a By J. C. McGLI K I , t Ct>., Anotioneer*. I^XCt!.! ENT FIOl.'* J I'D! 11 FOR NIT" RR rfATAirri v-O SUl'H \\ OK.MNfr. j l)' fifinr*r 7th. oonimenciag a?. 1# o'c'o^a. *ii*ij eeii. in | ont of tt.L* * ?n t?'?r ttoc m?, a ;*'<e oo i*cticn r.j f;Ile >'ou3--i:olii > u^n'fur? and ^ tT*"t? o' a geri'leman d* -lining ft. us; ke-pi e, c n,;na:ng? Walnut Hairo ot i .-of.??. .. d> her*?rti^n end Arm Chaire, Marble-top C" ter end r^!ile I abiea ' ire Cnairr,? o.^t Cc?hi n-, W|a nut Marble-'op Bureiu-ani as-a a^i. ; }y* ' ' n I Aia ! n> W?rt'r ''"sand Be :-*???da, [ ra i led Bureaus end a h't^'dn, Toi et S?fa, CaieSea Ci a^boi and R< o pt.oat baira. l?o R k ke , Hair M*"r *?*/, F^' t'i-r Ra-*e. Fee.ti-er IJIeto'e a'.d PI low .SHuek Vattreasee, t: of age \tap' p s; .'eaiin, M u ea-- * Sid 1 oer^ and i x' i ion Tabla, ' hma, G !a?e aud Crcoie:?, CutlerjtAc., Ora ite L-i-cer S4"', C a or Chafing l> sh'a, Bo niiari G!as^ Flucer Fowir, Decanter*, 4o . Win* ?>la res. Jelly G **? *, 'lo , Brues'e'a, In^-ain . ar?l Venitian Caraeto, Blanket*, Comforts Cou t-rp^nei, (iuilte. Toreth?r wi'.h a uomp>et3 a^sortmeut oi Kitchen Requisites. Tern s caea. <?? J.C MoGUIRKA CO . A octa. ' ' J C. MoRU'RE A CO.. An?tio>?era. r X T N s i V K SaLK t.F 300 000 l.MroKrr.v A*.D l omkst c Cir.aa* ? ?i.i ??a i*l R1? * Y fr.V C.MING, Uooem -r 7f?, comnsenoir-g at 2 it t'i I ee I at the VN aehircron N*t onal I'i.*.* ?,"r"of Meaara H' man A C; andlee. Mo. 4 h 8tre*', between Pa. a>e aud F *t'xlr' ^1 -aid*' iiot<', a weJi selected 300 000 IMPORTED AND DOMESTIC CIGARS of choice branda, all of wiort have been fei?ctd Dy Mr A Homon, of th* above firm a man <f the in^st expended experience ia the cigar bu&n.eaa. 1 erma ca?h. N It Bidd re wtoare rot sa'rfi d with their P''ofaseg at the time of delivery ne?d not receive ti]6fR. _<=e4 J. C McGI'lR v A ^O.t urta By J C. McGL'IRK A CO., Anctioceers. rl',RUSTKE'S JALK (?F HO * E AND l.OT i oshsthK St.. b.iwiix 4th asd 5ih *Ts1 WBS. -On | LKD-?\ AFl tKMOUN, Janu ary 4th, lt-62, at 4 << c! ^ck, on th* pr-mifes. by vir I tue ? f a u-'. d of trrat to the rubs nl?r, dater* D?r rrb?r ! t, 18^>, an I duly r-corded in I ib-r J A. V r" ,f?L0? SI. '*eg,nneo th? ,ard r'c; o'd? f .r W%fh-r. ton coo- ty, D I aha I a. 1 ra t < f f.ot run be'?d ont*, (1 ) in *qu*.re numb r?-d fi ire bundred *?d flfte"r. I f g ntin? tor tiie ?ame at tue a< utnw< e? o r:;rr aai-1 l ot No I and 'umng lienos e^nt sixteen f' et; thf uo" ror h "venty-??ne leete ever mclies; west ?ix' en feet; then e a>_uth s-venty one fe?t eleven lnchea to tl o place o| i.eginnin<c. togeth'r with the iirprove'neLta. cot.eiriar of a three atory brick dwej'iug hoore. Terms: SM# cash ; the remainder iT 6 ard IS month*, wan l&tereit, eeenred by a deed o: fust on 'he premises All o avejancinr at the co6t rf pnroh*eer. , , . . THO J. KISHEK.Tni'fe. 104 lawAda J. C. Mcut'lRE & fco., AncU. HU H L E R R E8TAO R A NT, A la Matfon Dree, 32-i Pkmsstlvania Avixci. The above place is now opened t> tue pub'io Bt lar?e and the Proprietor will ei.deavor to A . . A give fu I satislao iou to ail who may pa-Vfv!feA9 tromzeh'm. tfc'W BKMKPAi'T from 8 tn Uockok atsJfctaT Ta BI.E dk ho K?'5 >'eiock. at 7jcen s. . . V ai d SUPPERS at all l,oUra. at the abort at notice GAME. OYSTERS, Ac., always on Land. (2 WATCHES. " *OI.D AND Pli.VFK ENGLISH, SWISS AND AMERICAN I have now on hand a :a'ge stock of a 1 the moat celebrated Waich.ea, that 1 am aeliing at Ihe very lowe -t prices t.iat good a-.d rcliat le time keepers ?SLU.l'i?il,Drdei1 at; and overy dpfciption office Jn vv hLK v ' n iiaL?l; all new ?tvled rec^;v?d as toon aa inanufactnred, e.' d offered at the luweat rates. Silver **are marufaoturrd in i..t own ?ui n All kinds of Ml> ITARV GOODS oVhand.Yuah as KevoJvers, S?.orr!s. Sas^ea. Be t?, Bowie Kniveb. Pocket < oinpaa-ea. Ac , Ao. Aisoatrric Arm* I ronks and B? d Comb'neil:ard tvany other tiiiugs taelul aud ornamental a. 33** Penntyivan.a i' 3" tf H. A. HOOD "UALMOR <>L SKIRTS," New Supphea.New a) I a't?ri)s, and atreducfd price*. 100 piecas new and atylirh Delamea, at low pr"<ea. ?ard piece" new P' 12* per KXipieree white atd colored Fiannela. <?n? pru e only, marked in plain figured. ^ -pets. Curtains, Oiiolotxia, Ru<?, Ac . npper An inspection of atock implies no obligation to purchase. ? PERRY A BRO, . ? .. Peun. avenue and Mb et.. ' Perry Building." f^ERMAN DIVISION, ATTKNTION! headquarters For Sending Money to Kermany and all part of tiia Country, IS M*kkkt Spack, Sim of tki tjrrman hint roS^-lm Goverunirni Loan Agency, Orrrcx or LEWIS JOHNSON A CO., bankers. CoaNKR of Pa Avinck and Tenth St. LEWIS JOH * SON, i f our firm, having b?en ' appo uted a u; aoripti?n Ag t or tue Natit nal ! V '.aa b? the act of Co?gre?? cf :7th J ly, IShl, ve are picpar<*d 'o Jur'iieli, to parties : of ' ?k'nf mveetinent, any au.ou^t ol j 7 3 10 1 reasury N -tra, i f eonvervnt iiim. | no .3 tl LEWI:* JOHNSON A CO. j piANOS! PIANOttll FIANUS!'! I A ritinber if 7 Oct. PI ANOS { recs ved ??steiday troti tue ciebr^tod *111 ? i . taotory . f Win Knab?4 C-?..among them a ??ry hai duoire otivtd Piaao, whion ntaineO I'.efi-iieat p-aiiiiutn froa the late Bnltimora Kxhi?>itiDB. and Wi ah luff r f >r sa> (at a ti e Sew Year's f reae-tion accommodaung te me. ai.d at pnoea o suit the times ly ' t*?e several Piano* always on hand, though I was unable laat week to arrve eoine.t f mj cuatomar*. Air.ateurs are iuvit.d to exainine. F. C. Rl ICH ? N BACH. awv?r lm. No 496 11th street. OyiteiR-Oj8(?rH. THE OVERLAND OYSTER EXPRESS _ CUjIi 1 la now P'eparad to furnish Restaurants, Botela. Sutlare, and Private hankies with^^v /?v t K K-? il OV STERS, by tie gallon oi.j^ in saus ot all a in. njv \ Lla The Oyatersai rive freah from ^SflT the waters of tba < rv-. *#oake Bay,and are of the beat qua ity. The (wmpany invite* the (lifonage of tke 4#a>* t?<?VdJV5~^- Ho?'1 ^ no ?im IRepubiiaaa.] 90'i BUTTER. KEO> uiioi:* o lad eg Butt-r juat te^aissH "0m ""Toh'NVVES'M " ; .. n~.S?- *" " WeetarB rivers are on exbibiuoa at Q">{t**aeter General of the Uaitod Statos Army, al W aahingtoc, by let Aagoat, at nooa. It 1? Brig. and Q a??r^S5i?!Sh. 2 00(1 c?R?f OF PINE WOOi*(ataadingi 1*'ulo -ale, aaven inilee from G*orget . 0 SECOND EDITION. i ! ? THREE O'CLOCK, P. M. ??^? ? ???.??? ? OlTJt MILITARY BUDGET ?: ?Lccrm? ?* wit res*. Lieut Hare, of tLr 31?t Ne? Vofk ralastsm, wii brought offf Id from Ofs Freeh* j IId' division, this forenoon His rffeese *u aWplBg when on poet, doiBg picket doty Tbe chances are ten to one that he will be doly shot for hla high milltarv rrtme. b" *> ** rom" m It ted to close ronlaeraent. LATE LOCAL NEWS. CiacriT Corar ?In the case of Zepbanlsb Jonoa agt John P lnk le. "xerutwr of Ann R Dermott. decfa?ed . tb? Jury thla morr Ine brought la a verdict for pla'utitt I is mages 149 81 with interest on ?20 13d?part thereof?from tb<* 5th day of April, 166-i The rate will perhaps be sgaia taken before the Supeme Court on appeal of tb<* defendant, though noactt'-n haaaa ret been taken toward* d?1??K ao Thla rloaea the jury trial# before tfaia court the present terra The court having beer advised that Mr Jesses McHeory. th* late Surveyor of the County of Washington, haa removed from th* county, [aup po*ed to b' in D!x*e?Rbp ,J md the cA e baa become vacant, and that it la nec?*?ary, and the Ij?-vv Court haa solicited thla court to appoint competent peraon, It 'a therefore ordered by tbo court that Obarlea J Ubltran be and be la bet?br appointed Surveyor for the County of Waabiugton. In the District of Columbia In tbe caae. (No 1011.) Cbaa. Welrmaa agt. Columbus Alexander, (replevin,) the court overruled the motion for a t?!?l, trade by Mr Stone, coura-1 for platnt'ff, and give Judgment 0.1 the verdict THE LATEST BY TELEGRAPH FROM PORT ROVAI KK41FORT TKT t \OC<- tPIED. Niw York, Dec. 4 ?Tbe aMmulp Vanderbllt has arrived, with Port Rcjral datea to tbe9d No newa. Tbe health of the troof > la go 'd Beaufort 1* at: 11 unoccupied. Among the pacacncera arc Capt. Christie and tlve of tue crrw of the schooner Albion, who v -ret-ken for attempting to run the blockade She also bring* one accession a; y, takra at Port Royal. * I HE FIFTH V.iRK REGIMENT H BlLTI 10*E Baltimobe. Df.. 6 - 1'te I .f'h New York regiment, who rcturni 1 f om tbe r.aatcra Shore of , Virginia y?-etefd?y, * r-'led tbl? mornlag Leaving Frd?'ral H!i'. t^e, MMtcbod turough tbe city t > Gen Dli'i h. afio'taru-re. bearing with them a iarjje ae; eaaion fi captured la "Dixie." Tho d^g was carried with tbe nntca down. Oa depositing It at the besdqnsrteys. the battalion gave three rouain/ cheera for General Dix and tho American Union OFFICIAL. Ti(.t>rn P*riiT*nt. ( 1* ovembo SI, IMl. \ Ifotiet is ktrtbv sieoa of ths rejcdineaa ol this D pa tineut to r? deem toe Treasury r. >tea author istti by ttie act cf Congress approved 17.b Decern oer. lWi The intfresr on ao'i Tr?a*ury ?ote? will e.?aee ou ths firtt day of Feb vary next, by ths terms of me above act. P. CHA8F, Secretary of the Trea-ary. roSOSawSw [! te>.) jnoV T PATTERN U AXLE BOXES, Ble~k?milhr' Ponshed s?i?ei H? mue.s, ' rriers' to. do. Joiners' do. do. h aokumiths' B>ittrns>ea (stee!), Horse Sh<>? Box"". Borden's Horse !*hoes, | S-priug.'. AX'rs V?e??a, ""ed'e* Ao., Ac. Coit'a A' my and Navj R vo.vera. Ao. Ao Ao Now oeice received by JOHN R. F.LV4NS, de3 1 w?o iBbpiij i 3C8 I'%. 4? .^ae. \F MY FINGF.K Mil TEN*. Juat ?he tblaa f. r the >o d.<r, also bookakin G ovee, aad Gsunt e't, at sat P?. av? . B*ok Rocm, dei-tf O' 353 1) si.. bat we-1 ??th anl f-.h. KEKV* W'U H<'^? . ! B I - T? ANP Dka WEKf.acd ARM v -hir re. at S*4 l a avenge, hack room; or 333 I) street, be?.w*oo 9.tiand j?Uk ds4tf_ 2nnn crkv and white blankets. ?UuU Just re< eiv?d at J. B. fCONEY'S. de<-tl 39 4 Pa. avians bvk room. MUI.E FOR t*ALK-Astr< ns MULE, soand and kird. in s<cals or d"ub> ismes*. Km t ai<- oh- ap, on 2a atrsot, iq rear ol 8 \A Pa ave. de 4 a-' \f AR1NE AND OPERA GLASSES i'l. Jui<? reo-iv^i r i Q A R N E R 9 8 MILITARY A* D Th INK STOMK. Sfi3 Pa avenue,soa'b side, betwe^u P:n aod l#Q> de 4 S;* tl^ets A I L PFR"H)N?? INDEBTED TO B I. NE* i .K ar? here< ? notified t? call and set t:e th'ir ao oiiLts on or f>efor? ine 1st d-y of Jaia ary. 18-3. after vh oh Hate the b ii? will he yiaosd i^ tiie hatjd# . f my attjr ey for ooi eoi.on de s-et>3: JoHN E. NEALE. C DR. LOCIWOOD J^F.TS TEETH on Rubber, and serforms ail DENTAL OPfchATIONh.intbe ^ I'.ato Huildiat. oorner of Seventh at ar> IdBte Pa avettti?. t.'hlon <i>m tiven. lfdeeir^d '' All kind* of Tee'h Jor sale. no l-.ivlm' ATl't.NTi??N, SUTLERS! gAa 5^* W"Ot,*SALh |w}I f>: BOOT SH iM DEPOT. Ill 3U? t rr*HT, w Hb (South ri?la,) it* " 13 b and ISAa sta., Accr lkt Willard Hottl. We invite ail antlers a?'d oitianus to eall aad examinn our took be or- surcba^ira e aewbere. ro2hCHAFEK k FQR?fER BR'>8 \vANTED TO RENT?On or befors ths 1st " January, i y a r n'.ctua! terait. a DWELLING . Oi C'aing 1 to 9 OOMl*. A?1^rs?s A u har'^at this nice. ds 4-eot Auction hakg?in?' VKKYCHKAP GOODS, _ From RiCHt Cask Auction Sa it ai ike JVsrtA. Vvy cheap Lace Se's and Co lare in real H< ?NI T< N, MALTKSb VALENCIENNES, POINT APP. ICitit. Ao. BONNE l KiBBONS, ssper stvles, atd eery C t >1 b R Ol D BR ED COLLARS ?nd s>"U of Coila'* and-ieev. s. CHIl.DK K\'S PLl'SH and FLLT HATS, new de? jn',*o ,Ao. An t. in adait'on to the above, we have just reI o-ivsd % fail Asco.'tment' Ribbons, Hair I Net?, Head D'? fe? aril Orcames a, Kouohe?, P owers in gr?*at protusi-A, M"B ning Cots aid C<> lv?, rts of ev ly dseinp^uB, Gloves. Ac.. Ao. A'd ev "j t>un( apperiosciuf to a well o"l^r"<! La?lics'Fa' ^y G?k><1? a" of r<?eent f j'iou, au-l pnrektud for Catk M War Paste P S'^l. ... Great harrsin? m?T now be ' 'e,ne?i at taAXwei.L** Lad es' Goodi a C oak aid M^nti la J^ore, de 3 St' O N'i. <9* Ta avsnue. ^PHOFIKt D'S . _ HIRiNG, I IVERV.^A? K AND EXCflAN?B tf iABi Fd? Noa. 3S*acd if*' R ai d litVet eeta. sosth of ulard's Hotel. , L Gect'rm -n *ri?hinr to hi s a neat bad Stylist turnout can be ?i>pp ie^ wuh a ttam of any do coription, in a st-1-< f -a e 1 ? F.XLELLEN'E. Th? bc?t car^ or? La^%rr hormm. b/uiai* h ?r?p?. aut&Li* for wiry cAo*r>. on s d a ufe i "j BEKE 18 SOMETHING YOU wANT SOLDIERS' Si PTLY STORE, 33 i?ui? Aveuae, beLdUi aad 7th sta B^st Goods, Lowest Prices. Sat-ers Supp.isd, 1 bo 6 I caii at?d Ses PERSONS IN WANT OF OVAL FRAMES lor Pho oirapia of all slgea. Gilt or Roeswo^^i. oan be supslird t y JuHN WAG NER. seat dot# to iiia old s?tab ishmei.t, HAS Pa. a venae. N B. Looking-glass plate, lueerted la oldffmes no atT-lm SADDl E HORSES FOE *ALK.?A letefewy hue Kectacky Horses lor -ale at unfiVKentuokj tale btabie, ib ths rear of C ay iJqP Hotel, near Puanay.vauM aveoas aad . rt'oe*. ?? ^ BUTTtB! mrrm* Bcrrt*". 100 kH1 oboiot GuoA*A Llwof, Ji^ IMMVM IM for ?a?e obosp by BASTINeS A CO . wota rf ? D st-, fseiss Pv ave?ee. LARGE ASSORTMENT .OF RAVm. Bsool A Co aej t*uuiwa? A 8' i aarivailtfd PIANO PuR t Ka ^ta JiiliMM ar iv*d at tbe Masts rto*e ol W. g ' ? I ? M e.l ZtRu TTi corner ol Pa. aveaae aad Kiev e*Al?e" a ffeMh'*406"^ C VSSi Also osr a ?s ! rail stock '.f selset HZJmfcES m?res, aad Vss-isg., for eibaens sspa e . o~.rt.-u. Yihti"; fix?**. det-W Pa avsae asd NisS* 1 |hUPONT*8 8UMPOWDKR * yiii |# t * ii

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