Newspaper of Evening Star, December 6, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 6, 1861 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. SUGGESTIVE Rl'RAL LETTER. (Prom Moore't Kural New Yorker ] Editors Rural Nrw Yorker: How I do lore to tit down xnd penue thy paper ? page# In th? evening, after tbe toils of the day?a luxury that 1 wou'u wish every man around B4 ooald enjoy. But why marmur ? "If Igncar: e it bUs?. 'tla folly to be wlae " In vain have 1 attempted to introduce your valuable p?p?r, aj well as others, but with Kt>r success. Mine, and those of my two laring men, are the only three taken in this whole neighborhood which is indeed speaking 3>uor1y for my surroundings. At I consider your paper one that cheer? the firetide of many a happy home, and lacks not io scientific, natural, and mechtnical subjects, it becomes the organ of the million. W e *re ofoner&coia a measure ?nd in my humble opinico there is no one subject to interest mxn tnan the study of nan; and jutt in such a pa- | p?r as the 44 kural" do we find every act. every play, and every scene of domestic life portrayed; often 8 > vividly that it carrier me back to childhood, and in the next place sets cse exactly where I now stand?a tritie over the summit of life?or, is other words, past the tnl I JIa i\t an nlil A T)n* -? ? w:.?k ?- ? - " *"? -6". urn IJ uw OUIJDVV nuivu I had intended Here I km, in a fertile region, ad healthy as oan be found in the country, surrounded wi:h all the fruits 41 of my own raising." Evergreens to break the high winds arouod my dwelling, with flowers and shrubbery, Cuch as will cheer the eye at all seasons of their time. Just land enough to raise my own bread, or rather for self and wife, together with six children and a goodly sprinkling of xisltort, who are glad to see and who can very nearly al way? find us at hotue. My visiting is a/ * ? i:? J ? ? vt a inj i'uiii?u range, uua pieniy lO au HI bome, end can find co place abroad that teeru? qaite so comfortable. Tbe question may be asked, " What do all of yon do **' The first thing in the morning In to get up and make the fire?' wo keep n help in the house"'?then go out and work until bre?fcf*st. "Why don't your wife or oldest children make the fire?'' some may uk. Simply because I choose to do it. My wife gets up, prepare? breakfast, while tbe oldest daughter, thirteen, dressed the little ones, and all come dor.o to breakfast together. XJ Ut A* x .t ?* ? umo bojt, iaai me man woo clue* do* provide his bouse with fuel of the right kind, o that a fire is quickly kindled and easily kept up. deserves a poorly cooked meal?a thing which, thank God, I have never reason to complain of. and for which blessing I can. do a great deal which seme men might coneider oeneath a man's notice My oldest daughter cat bake as good bread as man need _ _ _' ,L * L_ .y ari J | J _ ? .... .V ....a mu-ji cfllj auu cau COOK an excellent dinner without any assistance, which I consider nothing to boast of, bat well know that too many of that age rare nothing about d affairs. Now for a rainy day; and lest some might think yoar ratacritar is one of those henpeaked fellows who only writes to relieve himself of a burden heavy on bis mind, let me state that in my house the o!d and even now prevalent eustoia of putting away the stoves at vviwiu inxio iu n:tj mere to remain until the chilling bNstscf autumn makes one shiver, is an 4- act" never jet " passed" in this establishment. Nor shall it b? bo long as I am ruler of my own house My "better half" th ugh? at firut it was out of order to have a stove standing all summer in a room ; but tha has long since come to the conclusion that it is a great comfort In our iatitudo there is aearc?iy one month during the whole earnrner but has a few chilly, wet days, and oh! how chilly they are if jou have no place to go to keep warm. Where this stove stands is *ny room, which opens into th* n*rlr?r ?r,j _ ? ? when the compery i# largo it i-4 al?o oconpied as a part thereof. Hera is my library and a ?crt of fruit store ; this latter will draw tae most fastidious out of the other room. In this Tucm my liuie bojs have their sports when the we&iher is too severe for them tu be out of door*. We lire plain in household matters as well as in dree*, and aim at no distinction; yet we rcceive company cf high respectability and tandin< in society, who come here, throwing off all formality and etiquette, and it dees my heart KOod to see them enio* th?m?i>iv?a in .. ??4 - J ? Vi? IU a free auJ easy manner. This is sot written to makeour abode appear like a paradise, by to means- Wo have carried one out of oar family to the grave, bare hid sickness, and calamities befall us. quite a fall ahire, and bare family troubles n well as ether people; but if in this communication there is a bint or suggestion that will be of use to others, then viy object is attained- Since we bare ripe fruit the whole year round, use bo saleratus cr soda, or at least very little, but little of candies, much lead meat than most of Our neighbors, we have been blessed with remarkably gwd bealtb, (the doctor says distreej sgly ao > which I attribute to these ab tin?c?e* TF liia K? r-r - ?' ! ? _ _ WW TTWl \Jk 1 flUC 1 II your oolumud it ia at your service. Po*o?a. PH1LADKLPMIA PROVISION STORK, 119 px.15*tlvama avktcx, bttw.z* and JOtk ik The urder?i<rwd, ;i&ur.< located himeelf as an ??>, Kkec n-:a mstnol of i^forminc tr<* eitixena oi the Kirat \\ &r. that lie t>a? oje.-d a first-e.aa* tr? if mi: *tore. co cu.ted to tiioae lor vhloh ? hiiadclphia i* faino 1a Here ca<i b? I >un at a>l tim?a a larga and fr??h ?rp?iy of toi* try, game, .kef.mut TO.*. Ac. KKL'I IS and VfctiETAJiLE^ w.t*eo?. Partic?i?' uc*utou n nailed to hia atock and pnoeeof lit i t'EK, CHEESE. Ao. Pnlia e phia. Vrint Batter. Goiiiru and Weateru Reaerve. m _z ? ? - - oriLg ueterwiptu 10 <>va .as strictest attention to the watt* < f his uustomeM, and to keep every artioie lu his line of the beei ?ua it', and Mil at the lowf *t ii arket prices, he hopes to merit a sbare of pabiio pa roLagd. Miiuiim wiU o? waited npon da;'.? for orders, if 1*4 sired. no H THOMA8 R WILSON. OUO JOHNSON A NA6LK, k>U(J moJ No. PumiLTtiu Avma itocwaea .Ninth and Tenth sti . soutii side, or*xa for j>iLi; CHAMPAGNES?to. H Murom, Piper Heidsiok, Moot & Ch&ndon. Ballinger A Co., Cartier A Co , Ac. CLA K K I !*???. Julieo, St. Eetephe, Cantenao, Ac . by the oask or do*en. HOCK WINKS? Deidesbeimer, Johanaoeborger, Li^fraueBir.UcrwKiJdeeiieiinar, Ao. Bit ANDY. Wliieky, Uin. PCrt, Sherry. Madeira, in wooJ or LONDON PORTER. Brown Moot, Edinburgh ard Yorkshire a m, of tue best brands, :n Dot tie* or tU>ne jets ' C16AK>*?Havana aad Demeet.c, of th? ohoicest bracks. Woo*:! t'nesfrsc:*. a'tentiou oftHiti?r*,Re?taaraata It'l F?nii)it?? t-. o;;r i*rt? %nd weii-aeksted BTV-K OF >MNfc UKOCbfclK:*, Freeh Meat. rini..i?, l-un, toape, Vajaiaoiee acd FruiU ic oe/me'.i' V y a a'oa oacs. FKESEH Vfcs, Jeiiii*, Ae , Ainjooda, NnU, Rtuttoa ?' d Kigs. CHJiliSK.f Kaaternaiid Weatern Cn?*m>; Haw. b??: 0?j?n Botte*. the hMtCH*.aip*?ae < ider, WOkC Ks?TKR SHlTtL and Oyater Bauoe.P?ckUa of ever/ description. ;*?uoe Mid Tomato CaUcp, br the gal on or dosen. Ail oi whioh ve "3?r at the kiveat toseibie arioee aad cc reaaocabie term* V> t * JOHNSON A NA8LE. a. vl u * ??? ? ? iv t ? rArftltnA^tiinUi WIN DOW SHADb ANJA'PHOI 8TKEING K&rALI-HMENl, 460 Ninth Strut. Tb? nn<l*r? ixned. formerly of the flm of Prank)u.i K' tiroek. l*o? opened a Near s<tt>re at 4*0 Ni3t:i at ret one door south of ? at eet, on th>j nf ?H . wij)f? tie ku a imt!1 oftoioe a took and wopi.i be happy U? r#o?i?e Uie orWera of tiie meads IMCIM ir.e'i ' f trvn old |rm. f*?r"et: *r fc'teotRn will be paid to Psperhan*lOA acd L phontery work IB all its brMotie*. y?k???? L. J- *<>TBKOCK. ?/^~\ SOMETHING NEW! /^\ At Ml C rtrttt, opHMM ? ui T*iu ?r. OY!*TK ?& STKAMBD la tha fchetl TL>r<?f hly Cooaed (Ikr superior to * u IfiWjiifW, <M /Mini a?M m tuor*. Cad ud aee. T!-- : ad wane**! retpeotfaiir lutenqe his friend a ku ta? . ninoi. ao<i >infiura to the city, that he hoa niUf' h?? ou>a?l wili-uowi uauiagm.T lath' -til rrr>B*r? teaaoer, and ka? made viUfeiocoU to furai'h UV8TEK3 In any <?> v.<i u> oat qaeuiity iog? t% ionsanaoked fr >i*?. <..?> i.i 3 <? ?ojr* of dp iced and t ?eek r? w - in-.r R?rrj;<-nOP 1 FirsuM \B toe * ? i|m ?*it? or t*rroL ? -' * ?i 'h>. < l.j iovo f>/at*r iarnl?it?d ro?? tarl; umm*u lAo vuur, u BmTihot* micm, viimt I'tr of N lire, ibwnid oiil'ui nut trSff^Si&SaSS^3Bt M jkft BJ low. OmbkI Itak ^oiuwSP^rainef. CLBOM. BCrBVMrrU*. lawllll. rift1 F^t, friMk *?. pf*c ie?, 4o. AI?o, U?a>4Bad Fih? PUh. TurOp57T'?rr*HB4, Frwh trr*, Co?l. HaJibut. Ao. la firt. ?* .? th'> i lor la U?? NOftB?rs fflBrfc*(? aj * ob ..<v.;ci, bj rf3.-.ubi? jrtee* H t"!t Bn<l ftuvtiiM ?ajv '?J with OfiU'i. do tt??< t w, Ji-iut oi'Vt* ** au? ?*r. ol tfea ,/utriot. f? . -MM. |f tn? BMMT la *>+l Willi U*? order. > Ws MuMtllJfWllMIll * B Ol. ? B'. b:*i.i <??rj iur,9?wtof, wMa 1 o<om Bt tfUMUCtt. CO. _ ? ? . 90 /7 T? M? HAJIVBYi > B SICK AND WOUNDED SOLDIERS III f ( HOSPITAL m r&nformitf with tkt moiiHto* of ] (44 SMiti (f July 16. 1*61. . i At Stminarp Hospital, Georgetown, Nov CO. MC J Infantry 1 12 h Pe'in Volunteer!. 1 2d Maine Volunteer*.. 2 ?36'.U do do 1 . 3d Vermont Volunteers I 33d do do 1 ;>tb do do....l3 35tb do do 4 1 id New York Vol (a) 1 :36th do do...... 1 Mh Hn rin 1 I'M <lo do 1 13th do do ... 2 43th do do 2j IS'h do do.... I aid do do 3 lflb do do.... IjUt do Artillery... d 17th do do.... ti'lit do Rifles ...... 1 stlftt do do (6) 1 i*2d do Cavalry.... 1 ?d do do ... 21th do dol 2 05th do do.... I'Sth do do 1 3ad do do..., IMith t'o do 6 4.Vh do do.... 111st do Reaerte.... 2 i .'>24 do do.... 1! 31 do do 3 51th do do.... Ijl'h do d<> 1 57?h do do ... 1 12th do do...(c) 1 121 do do.... 1 1st Michigan Vol 1 ' TWh do An 1 1th do do 1 1 Srt N>w Vo'k Ovairy 1 id Wit-or.ain Vol.... 1 ?*---? *-i -? ? ??u J f i v n mmr iiiaiiu Ari, i | j u ru uu i 1 1st Penn. Volunteer*.. 3 tkh do do.... 0 1 4tb do do 3 Tth do do.... '2 5th do do...*.. 4 9'b Ma??atLu?"ti Vol.. 1 ?tb do do 4 Excelsior iirtgade.... 4 s'h do do 1 9th do d<> 2 Tutu!............ t3j 11th do do 2 (o) One officer, (b) One officer, (e) Oue officer. At (itntral Hospital, Union Hntii, eorn-r Bridge and Washington struts, Qeorgttourn, JS'ov 14th New York Vol.... 3;4tb R bode l*land Vol. 2 l?th do do......15' 1*$ Michi^au Vol .... I l?th do do lj<!d do do II iWh do do...... 4U<d do do 2 ittd <io do 3;4tb do do 2 ?r?K A.. Ar, 1Ui4 t *' U u" ?y? ? 14U ?f UV . . . , . I Sid do do...... iijtStb do do...... I Wh do do...... 1 1st Mli>n?-?-ta Jo 1 4:Jd do do ?! l?t California do 3 46th dg do ]1 lit Excvieior Brigade. 4 5(nb do do 3,'^d do do.... 1 511 do do V id do do....10 Ttfth do do U Ut M trylmd Vol ! 4th i's'iii Vola;itt-i? . 1 tm LT S Class*ur? ... 1 d h do do v.od P#"m. Cavilry .... 1 7th do d-j 1 ;3I do do 1 rtu 4o do 1 ' >u?-!daCoqntvCav tiry 1 I'-'b do do 2jlttP?nr. Artillery.... 1 ?Cid do do....?. 1 5th Rhode l*!and Art. 1 48th do do 11 lit New York Artillery a mil do d?> 2J9<1 U a. Artillery 2 Mb do do...... I l4'h do do I 4-j'b do do...... J Stli do d-^? ?..... 1 4?'b do do...... 2 Ut Indlmn R'tlet 1 2d Milne Volunteer*. ! *lott!? Battery 1 7'h do do 1 iSmith's Bitt?-ry 2 ? 1 Nr *'Hauipali re Vol 2 P-- Kalb Reglineiit... I '# 1 do do.... PjEngineer Corp* 1 2d VeriuoutVolun.eers 4j id do do.... :< ToUl' ......141 6th do do.... 8) At Hcifiial at Columbia*. Coilegt, 5T'thingtm, iW, K. 2d Maine Volunteers.. 4-M Peun. Cava rv 1 5th do do I [Harlan's Pen'* Cavalry 1 8th do do ljlitPenn Rill ? I 11th do do...... yjOhrocnin's Rifles 1 2d Vermont Volunteers Silat Jtam Volunteers.. 5 3d do do.... 1 (id do do 1U ,'th do do.... 7 1th do do...... 1 l^thMassSi-bust ue Vol Z st'i do uu i! 14th do do. 1 IGlis do do...... 1 |8th d> do. 1'lltb do do. 1 1st Long Island Vol .. 1112th do do 1 istNewYr.rk Cavalry . I'lith Uo d ? 1 HavlsN V Cavalry . I 234 do d> > '.'id N'ewVorkVol l;i}?!b f < c*o 3 { itfth do do Jt :31st da do 3* 36th do d j...... ijfcld dt do 1 *>Ttb da do...... (i]Uih do do 1 41th do do 3 do do VO 15th do do...... ij&tUb d ? do 4 ,<?a co ao 4| 1st Michigan Cavalry. 5 0!?*b do do...... 11 lit do Vol '2 7'JtLi do ill....... IjU di Ao 14 Aadersoo Zonsves.... 2 ;d do do...... 0 1st Excelsior Brigade. 3.4th <:o do 2 -d do do.... a, 3th do do is DeKatb.N. Y Vol ... 2 Stockton's Michigan I.'n flu rivalry 1; lud* peadent Vol.... 1st 1* S.Ch&s-curs.... 1 5th Wisconsin Vol... J BerdnaSharprhoote.-K. S?iHth do dj.... 3 McCHLin'sDr-goona. IjTCi do do.... i (*am-*'on Dr-^cons... 5!i latMinnesota Vol 1 Knglueer C*-ri>*> > j Iftih Indiana Vol 1 1st.\ew JerseyCavalry 4!~th III!a?.is Cavalry... 1 vd do Vol.... 1 St urn i* Illinois Rlfl s. ! 3d do do.... I la t . (oralaVol..... 1 itti do do.... 1 1st D C. Volunteers.. 4 6tu do do.... > Oneld-iN.Y Cavalry. 3 7th do do.... 1 - 1st Penr Artillery.... 2? Total.... iy? At Hutpital, ^C'ttU,) Waikix&on, yoo 2v>. IlD^inrew 'i lltb N>w York Vol... I 'id L 8 CaTnlry 5 ?i!st do <lo.... & 4th do do. 2;?>t D C Volu:>t?wr?.. 1 5th do do 2 M P*n>i VolunW<*r* . 1 6th do do 6 Ith do do...... 1 l?t do Artillery.... ljstti do d.> 1 2d do do 2 -52.1 do du 1 3d do do 2 Officer* 2 4tb do dc 1: Ho?i.ital Steward 1 5tn do do 41 Itb N Hampshire Vol 1 1 ?t do lnliintry iiaih do do..12 2d do do b\Ift Michigan Vol 1 3d do do. '2 ?ta Muiue Yolaubtri. 1 6tb do do Ij 4tb Rtode IsUud V?l. 3 3th do du C '-iuar'triiiast>ir"s Dep'i 1 10th do do j ? ! na atir rora vei... l Total.... 66 24th do do.... a At Fifth District School Huva Hospital, Branch of Mineral Muipuul vn ? itrtit, A?r. *20 1st Excrialur brigade. 1 Itb Penn. Caval-y .... 1 29th New York Vol... 1 l?t Kentucky Cavalry. I ,3d Michigan Vol I Otto Cav?l>y (urat). 1 r'n do do ] lOt'u Maauich'ia^tU vol 1 1'2'hPeuiitvlvauiaVol. 1 Stb khodr lalai.d Vol. 1 '.lid do do.. 1 -idVeraaontViluntwra 1 OOth do do., li _ 104th do do.. 4 Total lb Ud U. S. Cavalry l] Suk rtmatnixq in /*? Hospital far E v/iivt L)\s u\'t. at K'florami. .Vur SSi 34 I- 8. Infantry 1,3# h P'-nn Volunteers. I fi b da d< 1 16 b do do 6 4th do Cavalry 1'VJd do d< 5th do do v >4'h dj do 1 9*b do do 3 %Vb do do 6 ad Maine Volunteers.. V;y?5tb do do 1 ?tb do do...... 6 K'l'hdo do ! Jd Vctumnt do 1 H-irl m'? LltfhtCavalr v 1st N**wYork ArtHleryll 1st Micbl? Oavairy. 7 41th New York Vol... 3 rftojliton's Michigan 57th do do.... ? cavalry I *l?t do do.... 5 7th Wlscoraln Vol.... 2 W*q do do.... I 31 MIcblifH Vol I Harris LlaktCavaky .10 link Irdlxua Vol 5 21 New York Cavalry 3; Ut d> C^vulr;'.. 1 1st Fenn Artillery ... !jQuartermasLot a Dejt 2 1st do Volunteer!. 1 . 1**- J. - 1 ? ' ~ cm co an...... i| Total...... li-i At St. ElizzbttK Hoipiizi P.'aiter.t Branch, fiovmbtr 29. !?t Ex^elalor Brigade. 3"Wh Pean Volunteers. ? 2d do d-? 1 V7tb N- *.* Vork Vol... I 4th do do 4!59,hPenn Volui'eers. I 53d Penn Voluuiutia .2&'?tL New J r*ty Vol... 3 b h do do I Ut Penn Keaerv?.... 2 f?h NtvVork Vui... 3|l?tN>w York Artillery 5 2V;h do do.... Il5th Pfan.f!a??lro ?' _ _ t - - ?? - ?- - ?" * 7 A 33ti? Penn VolanWS *. 1; M O elds Cnvairy ... i 5?h Vermont do Id'Can.won H'!!<. 3 Hfl h New York Vol.. 3i Brirkti'i Art. U^thtl. 3 SSth Feno Voluntwa. 1. ? Sfttu Ntw Yoik Vol... Si Total 9i> id do do.... li At Indiana Haspital iPattnt OffUt), \V*ik n^to*, D- C., Ao* VS ltfta IndUua Vol ..(a 63,301b P<>nn Volunteers. 2 16th do do t|l*t New York Arllile y 1 '/7th do do 2 Ut Michigan Cavalry. li> Ut do Cavalry.. Hi, Berdau Sbar^abootrra. 4] Total 106 ?.j? rcou.votuaMfr* .ii| (a) One officer. At Utntrai Ho'pital, Altnuuiri*, Nov 2U lat Now York Onvalry 1 6th Vermont Vol 'H) 15th Nvw York Vol... 'i 1st Ntw Jersey Cavalry 1 16th do do+..^ 5 b do Vol.... 1 17th do do.... h id Michigan Vol 1-i IHth do do.... 4 Ut do do 3 45th do do.... U 5th do do i> aflth do do.... 5 3d Malue Volunteers. 7 STth do do....lU Ith do d? 5 31 at do do.... 5 5th do do 5 fid do do.... 10 1st Rhode Islaod Art.. 2 3Mh do do.... S 1st Mnssacbnn Its Art. i 40th do do.... 7 Lincoln Cavalry I 7Vth do do.... 1 Cameron Kltt>-s. ~i 3-id Pern. 'id Pl.'? Zouaves 1 Slat do do t 1st Minnesota Vol 1 wth do do 3 Hsrbu Caralry 14 Mth do do 3 Civilian ? 1Mb do Ca?airy. ..Ml "11? *1 Vermont Volunteer* l| Total lbtf , trr Waaiiagton papers plea*? copv and ?-nd bllMUi the War Department dee 4?3t PKttSONH IN BLACK % a offered our uane! ana a;oea of ail fh? lahrlo* in iu*t tioa, ' o ir p >-r?y,R-fyjpw A, O ~W?W1?. VO*ili. ?C. ttn'r ?*> *h?rr aai V Mtaru wrif?> imwiU ? J '"V ' l.'r-Vl'jt MV f UM i <1 luoilrt 80 ' XV v\ UROTHKR. i feuit. ftv*.. fcmt StU ?trest, % uo.-ym *>?rry fluldim." , ? I ' = JEOROETOWN ADYERPMTS \1A98EY. COLLINS ft CO.'S i PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT ALE. We have Jmt received a cup ply oi the above A;e, r hioia we recommend to be pi* ?ert eupf>rior quait?. Person* wishing to porohac*. br m&jilng ;xnnediate application, oan be furnished. A1CW ft SHIN*, no 7 U<H>rcetown. | 4/eT ?tfc?:ElVKP# 10 t.hda, prune Porto F ioo SUGAJtS 1*M.' !m 1-1 k*?WH?RirV. ao bi.c! HKKfliNe woSaYewivkjs, *0 bb!a. Crus-O'i and Refined SLGARS, ft bass Xio J juts COFFEE, 10 hL<i?.(!ow-?''ioe4) MOLASSES. yjrmthTiOHN J. Ht 'SUE. Mil GAS FITTING, &c. A WM T. DOVE A OO. A.&E Noir prepare u> fieccte any *r4?r? witii v,.cc they ma* be f*Torei id tte PJL.UMB1N6, OAS OK 8THAM FOTLNC BUSMNLt:!?. tT" Store on ?iii street, a few door* uortk of Pa. I* whttt i.: it .>e fou^a a oom*.ste aisorimeni 1 UBANdfc u; KRS and other #AS,STEAM arri WATER FIXTl'HKS. lift-W fttiNYDEK. PLDXBEK AND GAS FITTER, Haa tsaior<wi ro tho corner of Twelfth arid F ?t?. H i is >r3fved to introduce Wat;: &ad 6aa upoaa t- e most f-.vcrab;* t?r;ii?j and guaranties entire ssttftfaotion. tieh&s oa L*nd a lo! cf COOKIN9 and other ?IOVt.a, w&sca he ,wt!i eell e?* taau ooet, aa h* v .titss to set rid of them. no 17 We A H FIXTURES. Jj Hiti' it< etore, and are <1ai y r<?oemnj [. 9AB | PIXTURFSot eat.'rciy Nev Patt?rreand Deaigna icj Finish, Biipr-rior in atyie to anything heietoioi* I*j *1 m this market. We inriteoitiieua teneial a tc e.iil &. J oib.;,.:.c out otook of 6a? and Water Fix ?. ??, fsaiiij* confident that ire have the bMt e s?ok iii WashingtonAll Work in tJ>?!\tove Tine intriat^d to ear ear* Vl'l K* tfATtf 9 f f\ w > i wv vivoj p?.? p < wi MYERS % Mo?HAN. aMir_?_ ? STB D ttTeeC nKiCK OF {N8PEOYOR AND PEALK* OF WAS .SfKTI^S. 'Wl 8MIH*T0S. Jl*ly II. 1IK, NOTICE IS NEtiVBY UIVRN. 'f !>?t, ftfc* ablr to the proviaiout of it? oa-iuanoe of fif- Cor9jrt*:-->n *syrored M v H. HXBU, tuo ucderri jnea ia : 9 *%rod,"vte3e?er re#tnr?d in writing.and ou * s rc-i.i*a*. ofi.'n fee of fifty cents, to ireje"* - fti'.n*. fro re. at j Mo*?tain ibe accuracy of re;1-traii'm ofauy saa in use in tiiie oity.*' Kt J ire tor, if:i>an<l incorrect, will be condemned &?a another, ae*!e<: *r 1 inxr*e<) a* trae will l># aetl&iM F'ace. If ?r?>y#vt to be aco?T.;9 in ita reeasojeir.ei t c, g*s, it wiJ bp *r?'ea acco-avni!y, again ?ll in joaitiou fui"cr?, ORce No. t iu i*erer<h street, (near Odd Ffi tb' Hi'.: ; Os5ii from S a., iru, to 5 ?. ia. CHARTS W. CUNNINGHAM, ?y ll-tf Inspector and Sealer of <*a.? Meters. DENTISTS Y. f\li;vv AND IMI'RUVKU INVENTION li or ARTIFICIAL CHEOPLAST1 BO HE T E B T H, WirHor MktaX. I't.atbob iYhh. DR. S. B 8!GEt?MOND. SHO Licuiwrij, Nt\n York? 20') Av M'M, h't\9t'* l"'\ end <$ih rtf , Wa*km*ton, tis iiUiiUvii of the ruMic to t'ie loilowinj \ i r^tn't of hi? lT.Prr.vW :-^?Vin : l. Tfle T?sth of i<i6 li annlr.oturfl v, ra||V low oorod? ?ior 6 ooior by e: fc'ide. .<ii ff>n>thf iUhlerthat &bj other. .. 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Call a~d examine for yourself. i?<> 8 6m YI 7EETH. 1*1 LOO.\1!S, M. i>., u.o iuTontor?ac patentee v * MINERAL PLATE TEETH. a* .*TB!e? l?t>ia perianal!* at hi* oftoe .c this oUt.foas&i* Mailt perscDt .--an wear ti oa* Uvrh wiiostuip e* i:ol w .r ott era, aad no person can w- ar others *hn cMjnot w??r tiiese. i>.-sons ca lias at n; j office can be acrommouated witli SLf style *:d pr!o? <*f Teeth tu?j may desire; ai to tno?e vrno art? particu ar aud vricii the purrst, c.eaaoar, atrongert, ar.<1 moet perfect denture that art can produce, th? MINERAL JPLATE vtli tr? UK- ofi-Af ?a. :a.:t^J. lioorre in this oiti? No. 3:** 1'a. avenue, betweea #! J ma, Aiso, t#OT Arch street, Phi.adeJ ?.u?. oe 14-tf 14 TO ?31VK NOTICE. Tliat the eubm. boriher hatu obta acd from 'he Orpkau'a Povrt ot r.,ht!iit?'U 4'ountr, in the Diitrict of (Jaluuibia, )ot?*rfc t?i'?i!ion:?rv on t^e personal ea t\<* f Ana Nnali, late of WahIhhIvii count?, noo****-!. a., pcr-.oaii havia* olsuns a^-vi* *t the eaad decease.1 a.e hereby warned to exbrbit the svie. T7ith iho vou*her? thereof to ?<ie ?tib?criber. on or beiora the fourteenth cat ? f November nest; tht?> mat otherwise by law be excluded from a 1 i>ereLt of the ?aid e :tate. Given m.drr my hand tbiafourteenth dav oI N >vem!>"r 1WI. W1CHAKL OKlKHTH, uo 25 law3#"* Executor. rpHlS IS TO "> 1 V K NOT1CK. That the X mosoriber hath cbtairud from the Orphau's Court of Waahiticton Co-mit. in thn iwtn?? <>< Co uu<ba. let*.e:?of vlnnmstratiou on the personal c-tate-n ar*lt% taia? Patiei) Hutchins, late of Washington cou:<ty, sieorase-i. A.; persons having olaima e,^a!ns>i the -.aid ateea^t^a are hereby war nod to exhibit the same, with the voucher# trmtvf. to the eub:onb. r, on or before the seoond aiy ol Novt?nL>er ntxt;they mar otherwise l>y law h-.' .'*3 uded from a [ beuclit of the tai 1 e?ta'9. Given under iry hand this 8'Ootid dar of November,'<{n' (jEO. \V. HAKK 'iEisS, no<-)aw3w* A-lininigtratrix. ^JRPHANS' COURT.Novsmbkk 1?. ISM. District uf *'jlnmbia, W%skxn*UM County, Town .-?In h?ca?9 0f Chariot li Crajta. administrator ol Jo-it. L. Crown.deceased, the a mims rat >r?<' rf-ari with the approbation of the Or p!t?.u?' Court of \Va<hinct'i? <ouuir ?f>re aid, appointed Tl RUAY, the seventu day of DectsnI ??- ext for the ?s*'t|r?neut and <istr hut ion vt tu > personal ?i>tst*of said ueoeaeej.oi the a-set* 1 . ha d so far &? tiid same iiav? ho?n ?,.i!?n<ui ?n,i toriid 1 ii i money; wl.e i auu where a!i the cred t uiv au ' heirii of sard iieceafd are notifiwl toapp.?r. ?nt.- Orphans' fo^rt 11 WaUiugcon etoreo&i l,) w th thoir cJai m prop* !y vouched, t.r thei ot?i??rwnie by Uw be cxo uded from Ml beneht in said dec* BtxJ's estate, provided a copy of iliie ordi-r 'e publi Led once a w elf for three ?o*kK in the E'euiog rtsr previous to the aaid 7tli da* of D-< eml-er next. T. ue copy?Tent: MtMKS KELLY, no 13 MwSw Hfgi'ter of Willi. hH.(i'M)|- RKV,?* ANTIDOTE WILL CURE t> iMJRKHIKV m kix dayf. oil use of diet ie?uir*d It u a i 1"usl:s!i fcyecifio of siity-live >ea ? ptatu I::e*<ggfc4. &Qil Wf<l I ftL hurin ilifl ?? >?-* """ ' " _ _ - mmm 11V Ul '?? UW. IVO J%f UUU " .1.uiKTi U <xh?M nonrnc'i .?. Pnos rl. by j*. C. UPM A V|? 310 Cheengt street, rlnlnu* plna, aud in \Va?hmgiou bT S. C. ^'HD,

oorniv mth ntre??. b. bo K eoly ?*R UL PUNT'S "I'GA R-0OATED FK1* MALE REGULATING PILLfe jen* K~a<l tne fo!.?winj i!.mo ? ited enoomi Ui: Bf / I i_ar.not emimiead 1 hem too highly." ^ r-1 "They rs+ the bi?t te^-ale Pi!!* onant." *'I have u-e< th^ui with oomp'e e: m^ens." " Wonld L'jt be wiiLoat the in upemany cunBiier atl'-n." "They operas ispe<j<l''j eud ctTHJti??iy." Prices* I"ont l>y mat. Holu t>? a C L'PHAM, 310 ? h iru' street, f'li * >? i.ijtloh by tf. C. FOitD, oorner'litii utreet and Fa. a--tine. oo8R-eol? ITx CELt I o R H O f K b, No 338 ?kv*t5th 8t . Petit)*#* I amtl K Str't?.?. fleat vjootnni'iat O'i! tor tra.riera and hoarders. The i &id?r ,mu! Har alwijt supplied with the ohi'ifgl ViaiiiiaSiiU Li?u?re. lio U-lii.t?o* JOHN HAYZ::L, Proprietor I "pTcA HTJc,K~4. I'd. J 2A at.. Prtava. Washington. PR' Ulti afp Comxishion Merchants. Mt*:c!iandn?aud Produce received on ouneignment *'d storage. mi i> ?nii?? JUST MKCEIVEUHt>l? Fx r% Fvnilv Flour, Km Hbis. Super Flour. 2>wt*aek? New Buotwhe&t, 10Bb? Foil Batter. For ?ale low by J IV CAHTKK 4. CO., no 18 e< 2w* 2d p* rpllF. HL R8CR1BKRS beg leave to inorrn their 1 F&'roi.a and the ptbiio neutrally of be-?? ir.* mir-Prifi vlf.i r. f.i!?iior?t ok nlHi FALL *' '! vViNI'KR GOODS WK Tnsy a so re^. ^clful y invite attonVon of vT# their Army and Navy ouatoiEera, and ft <|nir ii( "V. fiU iuth?t itue. >o tbeir *ueenor tnaltbetof 8wo-d<, t pallets. S>iou tier i*tr*p* Bfclte, Clia-^aa, HaU, Cap* t^aahaa, and Gold La^ea, oomttauiiy ou baud. which ar? warranted aa repre tested. Whi at tendering thank* for th? liberal patronaco eLioyeU, they will enJ**vor to merit a?v uuhu?:im. F. J. HEIBKHGER * CO, (^uucfssvr* to M. F. Lond?n & Co ,) CITIZ.KN. MILITARY am>i !*Af 4L TAILORS, 3*> i t'ouuaylvarsia Avenue. <w? 18 <v t^ri H .?*?*?? * RICHS1EIW VJ y|_ repaired a fro?h aapply of Note Pater, Colored Border*. ruled and jlain. with EnV."" 111 u? IIII ^>f SUliomtr. * ufAV?3'A,F?irt,:r,"J ^ ??? ^MwnsBi. \V|. ?JPVM? .TRUNKS. rJASBMKwwjs iitri-w"'? **- *"s" * ,ri - """ *** "WUSb / BOm. JOHNSTON, ALTIIIOBI LOCK HOSPITAL. H*i di$t?irU tkt mm Ctrlato, Sy**dy mmd wJy Rtwudf m <*? Wot id, FOR ALL DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. L*r NO FALSE DELICACY FRSTENT. APPLY IMMEDIATELY. A CURE WARRANTED, OR NO CHAROE, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. Waakoaaa W ?? Back, ItnctvM, Afaeuturf ikt Ki4 rod Bladdar .:^*?iRc:*r? Diaciiaifaa, Impoiaoc?, Gaoarel DaMlity, Nai.*otiaaaaa, ?>?tc?p??, L&nraor, CanfMiao f Uiu, Low Spinta, hifiuaou or iha Hurt, Timidity, Trarablinra, Dimuaaa a' or Gtddioaaa, D:>aaaa of lha ...4 TV,^., V Hbi? - I ... m,nrn*. I tea or BovtU?tb?s? Ttrnbit Disorders anting from Roll- I tar? H?biuof Yoaih?ihata Draadfal and D??trc;tiT? Practical which r?ud?r &I?rna#t unpoaaibU, and daatraj brji U*iy and Mid. YOUyO MEN Eapaclallj who ha?? baooma tha rictimi ?f Solitary Vlei> (h?t draadful and daatra&UT* habit which aimaaily awaapa to ao antimaly (MM thoaaanda of Yoarf Mae of the DHt staked talanla tod brilliant intallact, wbo might otharwlaa ha?a a a tram, ad iiatauuif Srcataa wiU tha ihsodara of alaqaauca or waked to acatacf tha ll?iuf iyra, maj Mil wiifc fall CMiSdauc*. MARRIAQX. MuillD PUI05I, or Toinf Mto cattampl&ucf Marmp, bung >w?t? of physical waakuau, arfan:a dakility, daforniMaa. Ac., tpaadtlt corad. H* whoplacaa bimsaif nsdar lh? ear* of Dr. I. may rtlifi* aatiy cotiBdt u his honor aa a fantlamaa and MuttftnUJ raiy u j'on hia skill aa a ptyaiciaa. OFFICE No. 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. Isft hkud (ida jr?iof froa. Balnioora sunt, a faw dears fraa lb* eoruar. rail oot to observe name see camber. Letter* mi a ww | 'iu kiiw vv.iMtt my^tuy. DK, JOHNSTON, Mttcbar W u>? Roy?i Ooiltri of 80rf?0L?, Laudae, frid?ata 'rem out of tba moat amioant Colltf in tba t>oi'.?d utr*. and tba eiai'ar pan of whoaa lifa baa fcaan apaut in lit boyiuli of London, Pirn, Philadelphia and alaawfcara, hu aflrctad aotna of th* moat aatoniahtug ear** that war* ??r known; ir?o? troublad with nofin? in tfca haad aud Itrt arhan fraat narronaotM. ?ir-y alarread at j taduen tornda, *?ahfu!na?a with freqgtot Ma?ui?f, ui'.aciUad ao:naumaa wtib daraufamtnl af luiud, a?:a carad xcmadlalilf. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE VftKi.v Slin Afhart ahn hiifi irlcrad fhamaalva< kt > **rtuln practice iudulfid in wb?n alcmk? habit frkuBtntly ]erne? from evil compcLiooa, or at icbool, tht ih;li *f whico at* oijfhU? felt nm when a*l*ep, and if oote?r*d. r*nd*r* n.arrwf* iin| uaaibl*. and d**troy* both ound and bod*, abonll appiy immediately. T> *r* torn* of th? *ad and melancholy effeii?rredac*4 y *arly hatus of *oot!i, ?i*: W**kn*?* of the Back and Lim'i*. Pai' ? in lit* Head, rhmnee* of Might, Lo*? of Mc*c?ar PjIpilaUos of in* Hiari, Sertoti irritability, D*r>ii(*DUi of lb* Digttu** function*, General Debility, Symptom* uf Consumption, Ac. M tMaLLV?TTit fearful eject* on the mind art mach ta k* dreaded?Lo*a of Memory, Confueioo of ld*ai, D*tr***.en f (spirit*, EtiI Kor*bodic??, A**r*ion of Society, a*lf-Di*tru*'. I.< ? of Solitude, Timi Jity, *tc., ar* *ome of tb* ??ile y- > *' i NBRTOD D??ILITr.--Tho?**niJ* can new )*df * what U lb* cm* of their declining health, loeing .beir rigor, becooluf ??\k, p\le,*3c* and emaciated, baring a (tacalat at ;airartca utoui tba ?Mt, coofti or ajn.[ wan of etuia^ DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. Whin th* raiif uided anl unj ndtnt ?otarf of plaaaua led# ha h->a imbibtd tba a*?<!a of thti painfal diaaaat, it to* often h ppana that an lll-litnad atnaa uf ahaiua or draad of diacovary latara hitu from appia in{ to thoaa who, from docatioo and raapacUbility, ctu aloua bafrtand him. Ha (alia lb la tba -Sn..d? of ift.nraot and daaigning pratar.dara, ?ho,laeafjbla af cariiiZ, R-eti hia pacnmfirjr anbitant*. laap htm ug rwo'.h af[ar month, or aa loof aa U.a a>nal>at fa# can b? eblainad, and In djaj- tir l???a nun witfc rvinad baalth to alfh Tar nia^rJIinf diaappcln'.raiLl; or / lti$ Baa of that ittt j j y*eicci:?ri?rcwj?nM;?n iu? couiuiB'-Wll jlDUlOOll m IMS unit I* tiUtait, iscbai Aff?c*.ion? ci'Ui* K??r. Thiaa'., Hiii*, kin, ft:., f ro*r???irr with frtf htful rapiuuj, till ilaath pau a paned ta hi? drttdfel ?wlf?ru.j? k* landing hitnt a Ui?t mcJl*ea??rad eaacitrv froro vhaat Kimi na inxlir DR. JOHN SOX'S REMEDY FOR OHOANIC WLAKIiESS AND IMPOTZNCY tj tMi f raat ir.d imrarUiit r?ra? Jj vaakntM af th? art*bi ui ipucu; evil infl f?U ?lyr (mini Tktuuli af ih? mi nartaai a.d ??ki:utad, ?ka had I ml all b?p?, ctf! kite. imi&cdiala'y rali**a<L A'l impa<l'>s?i*t* t* Manltp. Pfc??laa'. ?f Mtnf.! rNiqaalItKilni, Umi ' !*racraa.u<? !*a??r. ViiTm Irnuku<.T. ????k!tr.f ea< W??kn????r tiiiaiUM af u? BMI ftarfa. kiild r.?rid_ ENDORSEMENT OF 7HK PHhSS. T?B Mart raot'SAHDt eartd a: Ibti ioititmiao :?? a tk* 'tit Ttart, and ?ha raiutravi important Birfi M.1 ifiriuroiptrntL tib; Dr. Jahrttao, vitntiMil bj ta* r#Mrura < lha paptri and many c'.htr crmna, dkicw *f vrb.cb hsTt ifp?ar?4 again and afun kMH lb* flblic, b?bn r.s.asJi.if a ftoUtcaau ?f eharaeur ana u a isflsiant f* :ramat < tb? 15-1? LEA k PERKINS' CELEBRATED Worcestershire Sauce. Fronouno?'l \>y J EXTRACT CONNOISSEURS ?| of a Letter from ? to U the II OmtUmm* -ONLY GOOD Jt \ hfXr To Hu Srotker BAUCIS." at Woroettar. Mil?p>lio?b!elo - r.11 BW&KvtKv ^^srHin liidia, and is. in V AKIiiii Jiuy opinion, the inokt ?*?*<gpa aut>'?, ax well aa or IIIsH iiatne most wiiviee<'nie ^^^PSiKr?tli&ti?i!iafle." The al?ove *AUCK is not on!? the ?2?t ab-i moiit fOFCLAU CONDIMENT knOWD, bllt til IROSt E, a? a Jew drops ir. Sirup, Grarv, or with 'Fish, hot and eo!d Jointt, Bttf Sunk, iiamt, tc., impart an exquisite zsbt, whioh ttnprintiyltd Sauce Manufacturer* have (u vain endeavored to imitate. On the Brtakfau, Lumkttm, Dinner, or Suppei Tablt, a cruet contaimcj " LEA & PfcRRINS' WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE" u iuditpem*l?;e. 1 o appreciate the excillmt fnahrits of this rf*Vi' irtfj preparation it ia uiily ueoessarj to puroliaee a HB?1I bottle of the ntnuuu. ol a reeuectabie co cer or tiea er,aa manj Hottl v a tustavrmt proprietors seidotn pHoe the Putt Seuoe before their guest*, lot suiistitutoa genuine BottU filled with ajpurtou; mixta 13. For sale by Growers and Fruiterer* everywhere. JOHN DUNCAN i SONS, UnioiI Stuart aid IVk tlrtc'.. A'tie York, Sola Wholesale Agent* for tlie United States, A Stock always in store?Also orders received for direct shipments from Kngla- ?L ?LI cswon v C0ttn(?r/eitl awi fatiaiiwu.^/Tl sep 3-lj,?o #C*ti Com* CM, Autnta any hruation c* Sorr%4St 0/ tkt r?rMI, iiMWtl til Ho.cM\At Couth w? Comi?**r~ tun. arotu-kint, t CutmtTA, Cu*r *?d (t?< stmtik to It* trait* of PUBLIC SPKAKKRB and 8IN6ERS. _F8W are tvt't 01 th? nr??..?+? ? - m? ?! vvi U9UWU V| UKOCAi i'K OoutL or *'Co union Ooiu'' in itt hr?t state: that which In the b>c:ainr Wunld yield to a miia remedy, If nec;?ateJ,suonart&ok>the Lulis. "Bro&n'$ Brtmckvil 7V???s" ooutainmg demuioeotiDfredl nu, allay Pa uioaary and Bioncbiai Irritation. ??"Thai trouble in my Throat, (for BROWN S whioh the "TVoeAtt" area Bfecito) "*Tlnf made me often im?r?whiiTROCHES jerer." N. P. WILLIS. BROWN'S " 1 recommend their aae to Pv?Lic *r*AX?s?." fROCHES RKV. E. H. CHAP1N. ?n>at serveeinsuMmnj Ho*s?? BROWN'S SM?." REV. DANIEL WISE. *R,irRW4 "Almost insuat relief in the dis ! itwssins labor oi broathinx q o nnr aiiu ! to A ttuu ? *' ur.v n 11 n ~ RKV. A. C. EP8LfceT<?N. ROCHEs 1 " Contain oo Op:uin or anithinc HROWrsi'* ' ?R. A.A HAVKS, BR )WN P Omul, Zctten, RROCUE8 i,i'A'rW."<1 ?$!** *"nL'ic* BROWN 8 DB- * F* BMEL^W, VROCffE* ** &?Mieuu ia PR. J . K tV. LANE, BROWN 6 JBttim "1 *a?3 ?Tor?l ?* ? *zc*ilect for * UV KB ' Tf B?or ( BR OWN 9 ** ' fl'WA* itoLi, WROCBE8 <???"* U HIOWH! KEY, fl. J. F. AWPBkg^W^ VROGflJbd M Krwrtvu. "o >tim Ho*ri# n?M *ta irritation of ih? Tfiro?t, m> BtGWN'3 -"ttcqu ?ita BrK4#iX9 *nd Bin*CI li 7KOCRKP M.8TACV MULNPONj BXOWN'8 *weki?ef r8^nVh SfB I-etoale Collets, TROCHES "ttrer.t ;-?ne5' when taken before *nd?*=?' >r??iiins,M they ?ierent BtOWN'8 UoareeLSM. Proir their M*teffect, (BOMBS **?< ? *BWWN'B l-.T-vliii S'AtSirol {iSJoSSi. gjc? TOPHAM'B uuia PREMIUM TH V N K 9SQ15 MAPfUFACTOHY, 191 SlVINTU tiTSUT, Wlffi1MTM,0,C. Bllm awarded \rj Maryland lnjtitit* Btitiirore, NuTdnicor 7. IStO. "* 1,-3 ' *' *? I am constantly imkln*. and alwayi kftv* M kui of th? b*rt mate.-<hi, ??trr i?ti?n ml Fine Soia LsaUcr. Woo! Box, md Paofcicc Truaka. ffHiiJuex. 0*rKt.*M 31 L** Prtc**. , j^^sar^ss&Tiijas: ttajionor LeithfirMd Dtom TnuUu nftde I* ?r4rinU *OT?re4 %?4 reared U hbort Koqm. Qooda dalirerid free of oh*ri? to Murfeavt of lfc? |JOIftB-MADK HUOT8 AND &HOK& * ... " They go r 1*tit to C1m Bp+W I LNSTANT RELIEF STOP \OOft OOVRI PURIFY TOUR BREATH STRENGTHEN YOUR VOICE SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS, Ul GOOD FOR CLERGYMEN, HOOD FOR LECTURERS, OOOD FOR PUBLIC Sf MAXIMS, GOOD FOR SINOBRS, GOOD FOR CONS UMFTJTES. GENTLEMEN CARRY SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS LADIK8 ARE DELIGHTED WITH SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. CHILDREN CRY POR SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. They relieve a Cough iiutantly. Thfj clear the Throat. They give atreofth and r. larue to the voioe. They impart a delusions ar<>ma to tbe breath. The? are delightful to the taate. They are made of Pimple herb* and oaanot harm any one. I advite every one who ha* a' Oon|h or a Hasky Voice, or a Bad Breath, or any diffioulty of the Th'oat, to get a paokage of my Throat Coafieo tioce. They vill relieve yua inatantly, and you wui agree with me that "they go richt to the epot,' Yea will had them very n*efni and yieaaant while traveling or attending public meeting*, for etilliBg your Cough or a'layinc yo*?r thirst. Ifyoatryo&e paokag* I am ?afe in sayifcg that yon will ever af terwarda ounaider then indiapenaibia. Yoa will find them at the DrmcgifU and Dealers ia Med* IoineaPK1CE TWENTY FIVE CENTS. Mr aianatare ia on each package. Ail other* are i oounterfeit. A Packer? will l>e aent by mall, prepaid, on re j ceipt of Thirty Centa. i Addrcaf, HKNRT C IPALDIM, No. 4S CEl.'AK HTRKET, NEW YORK. I " * * * A^iS % I1VI IVUOIiVUUQWII^ I Headache. I ? By toe im ( tkeoe Plilf toe portable MtMki ffirwj 0r Suk H?dmtkt may be prevented; at 4 i token at the oororaenoemect ! an at took inra alatr relief from pain and aiokneoa w#l be obtuse*. ?n?y aeldom fkil in remonac too 5hhm iM Htmdm*k* lo wmck females are m nbjm, I They ut rent) j a pen too lunula ia?nin flto>iiwin. For Literary JCm, EtwdmtH, Deheate Females, and all peraona of mdtrnfry kmkitt, to or are raJaable aa a Lw?m .impronti too maWi, flrlnf lew an4 ttfif to too 41foetlTe arcane, as* ro otoriag too natural eiaeticity aa4 etreac to o too kola ay item. The CEPHALIC PILLS are too reaelt of lone Invert! ration *od aarcfaJy oocdaoted expert in enta, baTin? been in im many yean, d vine whioh time they h*Te prevented u< relieved a nit unout of pain ud offering rem Headaehe, whether originating in the ?mr*c*? ?yitem er from ft derangod tate of the ttommcA. The? ue entirely vegetable in Uetr eompoettlon, and may be taken at all time* with perfect ?fety without making &nj ohange of diet, mmd tkt m6| imu of My du+trttM&U rmimt it m?i m mdmmitt* tktm to tkildrtm. HE WARE OF OOUNTKKFKITtS! The gename hare five aignatmrw *f flaw U Spalding on each Dor. bold try Drift uta and ah etaer Deaiera la Medi tiDM. A B?* will t? cent by mall jUjlM r?MlH . PRICE. 9* CBNTS. ! At1 M4?i aho Aid b? MdroMe*! to HENRY C. SPALDIN9, 4t Okiujl Btuit. Nrw Ym. ? Prtm tU Xmmmimm, NmrfoU, r*. O^talic Pi'.u aooomflu* lb* objool for vktol tey were mad*, ria: Car* ( headaehe la all tU forma. Vttm U4 Mmmmtmm. fftr/M, ft. Tie/ bore boon toatod in mmn tfcaa m. tk??M MNi nth etttre inooeu. frm tki Dtmtrt. tt Cltmd, Mm. Ifyoa ar?, or have been troubled Ith Ui head aoh?, Mod for a box, (Oe>?tkao P1L1 mo that yei c-iy have turn 1l cue of ?r??ftank. Ami tii Wuurm IL JL. Smkm, CMwi, IU. n3btt$ZifffcS ? " Fr*m iks Samthtm Path Ptmdw, Iftm Orlmm, U. Try them ! yon that are afflicted, and**e art nra that yonrtMUmon/ eaa ho aaued la the a'reaiy naroerom lint that has reoeired bacofl? that a* other medioine oaa prodaoe. Pr*m tk* 9u?M4, OMMfirt, iewa. Mr. Saaldlac wo*id not eonaaat hla aaae Witt an article he aid not kmom to pn? real a?ni Wiw 1*4 Admm turn, frtiMww. ft. I. Tiie Ceplialic FUiaar? said K? be a rnvtabli eflP3ti?e i fmedy for we headaolM, mm ana at tk? twj beet tor thft rory freoert flautist tkik lti4 ever beeu d.socTered. Frtmtlu St. LmU JHmmmt, ?i duMBW <t*ma&d far Ua MtVala fCeehMIe ) it rMi&y laorwim. fy<nn ?A? Kmtmmkm VmUtv Btm, IMwU, Fa. JK Wg? aSKBrssR'SSr *'^ Vk? tMinaorr in their km m ?*i??, ft? Mm oat imrmmtm iwMrten. Prtm tk* Dmikt Jl?n. JVmtj+rU M. J. Oo*h*lis fill* *re taklag U>? ?! of All kiXa. Ami tU Oimmtrrial BmlUHm, BmM, JIiii Baid to b? very eftaniwu for tM bo. Am tk* ftwmriMt, CMm w ri. 04m, Buffering ham*nitr au mv b? roiiorod. ET A BB?I? bottl# of Spalding's Prepared 61m will an tm tl? iu ?o?t mumlly. SPALDING'S PRHPARED GLUE* SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SAVE THE riBCKit ECONOMY! DISPATCH c7""A ill Tixb 8avm Nin.NXD As aooidapta will hjMMft,rrac In wall racatetoa f^^rauiatwu'for r^JrU! ftSJtS?,ft?? Crook ary, * . MPALDITfO'8 PREPARED GLOM innati All nak aMrMMML tad no kaaiikiU m tfsi M USEFUL IN BTKAY MOUS*.m'M&TkJ?SSZfmmm**m "*"* *oMa>> ^ BNftY O, WiUHNt, 1 . - Wo, tS Crt?rrtmCWw Tort CAUTION. AA MiMlA kitprwMuplcd ftrtoBiiniOHuuiifit ?Oun 'Ci UMIIV 4?fuf? ?M ? tit C- I .IHM4, c. ? PAL.L?tN? 8 ffctkCAKKW <????.?<, rw. | ????^i i m TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY. MOITKSKN CENkAL RAILWAY. Tkt Blmtul. QmitMsi ?w Btrt JUmAm B*lt\ OET HWEW. WINTER 8CXXDVLK CiiMlor i imi. Or.' 1 k(Ur PCNDAV ,Mk Nt*?kt(, Pmu gor Ytwiaa fiiJ arrive and depart tna Calrort Station M fo. iO?i: Tkaihc Noiti Lun Mali M a ata. m. Hiffa KxrreMl p. m. Porkton AcwHimodwoii 4 f. m. Pittabarf m.d HnTiabnrt m. Tm*i>? fcocta A antra Pwktou AOOOBHuMtlOt ItlkB. Hlfal) &or?M Pitiebargaad HarnaWarf EzfTMi I p. in. lUil TIM 6 . m UlU from WuklMtoa nonanota with the tio a. m. bain froiB BUhain for uo We: and hr Buiki*. fcJmra KoalM'tar, Pan ^irk. Canadug?iH Slii&ii Falj,ud for New ?V train fron Washington oonnoete with the? a a train fr> m Baltiatoia U? Waet, North rdN orthweat and t mirm and Baltic laid kookailir> The i p. m. train from Washington oonnaou with the k*ip. m. train from BUfcwora lor Putotmrg. Harriet urg and the Wr?t aad la a direct nonnon tionror Ljfca^on. Eniton Alljotoan pmt Maw Yorkrta C*htra Railroad of Now Jareor. Try Una ron.e for Now York CTTkeoaiT train ioavtM BaltiaaraoahidaT lajLfeaS ?. aa tnui. fox HnjiiaOarg.Pittsbarg. Ch>oiiouaUe Wnl. _ ^ . Th* only train arnnng tn Baitimnre oa ?n?dar ta thi ? a. m. train. JAJ*. V CUKKF. pABSKMStR TRAINS TU AND FB.CM WlNTXh S*H$JDULM. ^^SaSSK^^SSI^SI!!? rSf^v^K ttssi ^ratejMfr % BALTIMORE Will ran m follow*: rAAlA'5 Jior/Tve north. Morc;r.| Kxpr?r? laave \* a?Kr (toe i.l?i. M. Ar nnit Batroor* 1M *.. * ; UJI r. ; Nv York p. (la/riM'tr* i.u r. m. Mori..hi Aocori m 'Mlon faave W*ch;nftcr A.M. AriittH HvLmorr f JO a.m. No odd** t.oci a: Haltiiror* New York Mail Trais?Jo**o Warkincton at 11 i. arriTO at jjkljiwn M t. AklWawykte A&arnooa AooomraoiatioD? 1mm W??biiiiU.r LKr.i. Ajrly* H BtHuoontB p. tu H?rti?n<t $jb a. T'hu?<i 6. ph>^ 10.(51 r JL Emuu Riirwi iMr? WtiMnitM p. a. Arrive ?T BaTtJmor* e.c f. Phi.adelpbia U N Leav* New \ orun*. H; Pr.uace pkia 11J0 a. .iBftltaaorellOr.K. Ax.-irt at^W mMa^Voc m? ''ZleftT* N?v York ttlir.iu PtilaAgi?k:a I"* p. a* Balti??re C8>< jl a. Arur* at Wuhuftos 4 * L?av? N?v York a< 11 p. a.; Ffelia4al?kia ?> a. m ; Baltimore 7 Jk a. a. Arm* ?t 9 go nt AooommotSatton Train 1mm Baltimore at a. a., ai.4 k p. It . for Wiiti,4torM arrive tfcere at u a. a. and 7 p. a> . . _ P??#?erer Trane leeving Wm^JbzIod at i 40 a. x. and U* P-a . and Baltimore at ?; a. a and *Jf w makA AAnnMltana f/*? A W i!> 5?tction. Train* leare Anaapoiie for Baluaore aa4 Wuh inct^n at fc-jO a. m. ard 14C p. m Puiruier Traice ieavinc w aehmitoe at 6.'C a. 11 A- M- ? <> 6 r. k.. and Ba timore ?t 4J0 ami 7J1 a. m., ai.2 9 V r. M-. will sit oi?/|?: Jwn-ito* tuul Wamtntton (JUlSf) JwmtHtm Wat Aui'Dieri must take the JVatfi f w%ly Train* will leave VVaehuifton and Baltimore rromrtly upon card ttmu. W. P. SMITH, J. T. ENSufSK" * ?K*""- B'1 'SfwvosfSKULiiisEeas* Laedirr aod moarkiac pamritn at Qneenatovn. Ireland. The Liverpool. New York aod<a Steamakie (Tympany intriid diepatohinc their fail jowert-d Cl/d^built iron Steanahipe u follow*: r? >?.tBrc?T, Auguat ad. I CITY OF BALTIMORE. M " l?tt. KANGAROO. " ** Wh. And every MMf t M noon, from Pm *. North nnr, UTU Of F4MAU. Pint Cabin #T8 Do. to LodcIol W Do. to Parle M Do. to Hamlmrt U Btaeraxe *> DM * to London? M Do. to ? - SI Do. to Huni'jurr^ .. *> PMMDieri forwarded t. H??re. Brrmec. Hot tardaru, Antwerp, Ae . at rerfuoed thronefa fare*. hereon* withinf to brine ort their lriend* can buy ticket* at low r?t?? For further information apply at the Captain* Offloe. JOBN 6. DAL' , A rent. 14 ilroadva*. N. Y . Or toQ. A. HERRING, Adam* Expree* Haitimora. , NORTHERN central railway. SUPERINTENDENT* OFFICE,} Ciiriir 9TAT105. Baumore. Mar U, l?61. < MMODATION ll P. 8.15 A. M.tmn oonneott kt R?Ur Hoaae with trans on the Western Maryland Rai.road; at Hanover Jo action wiUi Har.over ar 1 Gerubtr ? ?n!ro*da; at York with Y?rk_ai><l Wn*?'Uri!le a*iirua<i; at narriiDarcwiia reuiiT nut Rii road for all part* of tae West. a. so with Lebanoon Valley Railroad < An? Yfrh 4tr*e(. at Northern berland with L. and B. Railroad for KlnxPtonand all parts of W too nil m V allay.and atSsLhurj with the Phi adetphia and Erie Railroad tor all part* NorUirrt Pennsylvania and New York. The S JO P. M train make* all tae above oonneatioui except Hanover Railroad, WTifhtsrilie Railroad and the Lebannon Vaney Railroad, Tbe 8 P. M train mates ootr.ecuons with Pecn syTVania Railroad for all parts of the Weet, aatl direct oonneots for New York. TRJLIWS AERITM. Mall at 10 K M.; fcijrer at 7 U A. M.; Hsrnsbarc Aooorciiiodation at Ml P. M. t. ?J. leforeeiioL 104aire it tk* Tickrt (ifcvf, Cft.Tfrt Station, Bfc timcre. i. C. CLARE. > ?*!. Hi FfliW.?Sk,?H^ Bw;"' SPR1HO AND S CMM?CXR A A A J NO EM^NT. (in tod ^?er Tl KM?A Y M?r l?t?, Pm?rrn?*r TruMfor Ph;iad?.?fai* yill if*re Praauiontatr**< M?| umi iCIOTFI PinitMIU TOIIOWI, jng: Kxprow Train at 15 A.ll. Way Mail TimM MS A. M.; KTeniug Mail M 4 45 o'clock On PI N1)A VS M 4 45 P. M. ?T,i?. All tr?iu? oood?c? witb NtwVori tram# exocpt 4.45 P. M. train onSMat r*Wt t~* with p4iMnr oar I Imtm ui J atoppibf at allstatiorn Mtm lit tim'.r* ?r<J Harre d?~6r?o*. riMuiTi for t>el*war? *r<j tbc Kactsrn fhor* cf Maryland wiU find Uic Bout axrsdiQova ro?tc by TwaaB3>--- mi at give boad befor* ntermg the oar?. WM CIAWFQI p. Aft YOEK^ND tKIK RAIL TthmTi???? rim rmrr> iu*F?Ty and Long iH>ok, from loot of trtot, Nrw > ork.M foliow?, tis : *f? % m . EX HRM?lor DuLk rk. And Buff&io. And ?r ,uc pv int?mii> A't StAturns M, MAIL, for i>?nkirt. ud lnWrmadiat* Btatioe*?Tlua Train remain* owr lutfct ?t Kimirs. uxl prt)o?^u tbe uMt laormac .00 ft m.. milk miI7. for nm*iiU uui i>i? "fi oS'itr.'ivttoMMOPATION.Aaiir. lot f*>rt 'Tsv^g^r M"a >u,w?. "tit ?. ml N1G HT^tX PRE98. 411 J. for D?i, STi^k*. ^^MBjCWSStiSk*. BorMvnl.#, ^ 'rlmo1^ \VHAJLM1NOT.6?1 But HATMAN1BL MAMB, Uwwr. EW^ YOtiE. IU|tLEM > D a * & S5&" Mis^SF'0" CoMMMtH iMdai. Mu nu. ?or Abuy-a. ? iprwi tnus (row "Vo^IvotW FttBO-fcAO p. Hi flOMivt *t Wklt? Pmuw ud sttboM Dortfc to Dotlv *imo??n?c Uth ttr?et ftfcUon (tti. tnii will r*n to MllWto* ?*?n Mr*., *7of6rotoR Falta?Mf*. m. ito^iDiilt'.i ?u ttoaa Dorti of Fordkua tro? Kih Mm ?t*Uo?. For Wmmu-MMtU ?cd fc??. ?.?*?p Mi lUllilkDoM fro* aBU striot station. ??f~w7Tlikm? ~Brid? %. m. md M? r ^PfS^fewS1. ?>rto? rr*p Muloaj moraine M I ft. m.) ?5V" TaKpgaajina? w" a?M(L trim. iSSs5ti3?ii *?* * ' ?** * T&gSnc wrnn^rnf "?un??'I ****** yeegTkee*ei? triJ?? ? ?? ?r ?rd tj* *. * riiWlltir^rrili I - r m f J?? * ?.'%r Si uf U%U^M ft . t.23 ? ?.. . MJ ? J* ??J

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