Newspaper of Evening Star, December 7, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 7, 1861 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR PUBLISHED EVERT AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY BXCBBTKD ) AT THE MTAI fcras* ./ Ttmm* mmd Kli^ntk ,t n w" p- wallaoh. Paper. served U package* by carrier* it*4i tw. or 37 orato p?r month To mall subscribers S0*.1! ?*> ytar, < ?d~U4, fa for six months j ?i for throe months; ud tor 1cm thaa three months at the rate of IS orata a week. 81agle coptea, on cbrt; la wrappere, two caim. Advbbthbwrrt? should be aent to the Mce before IS o'clock na ; otherwise they but , ?ot appear until the next day. INTERESTING SOUTHERN NEWS. THE OCCCFATIOR OF TYPER I3LA5D BT THE _ FEDERALS The savannah Republican publishes a letter from Fort Pulaski, direct, dated Not 25, from "Ojeh we make the following extract: .Th* " 7 ?ppeared around Tyboa Point about 11 o cloek a. m yesterday. The aentinel reported them, and the assembly waa beat; we were ordered to the guns; there we awaited tfiem The enemy, oompoeed of a frigate and one gunboat, rounded the point and began to throw shot and shell on Tybee Not having received a reply, they dispatched the guaboata for more vessels. About A o'clock the gunboat came back,with two more very large vessels; soon after, a long train of small boat* waa seen to leave the veaaels and head for the shore. About 6 o'clock the Federal flag was seen flying on Tybee laland. t *C?,at7 ?'c,oc* Capt. Read, of the Irish \ olunteen, took a souad of his men and went over to the island and got in sight of the v . ? *?' V0001(1them 411 ?roucd the fire; but finding that he could not effect his object, which waa to burn the large hospital, there oeing too many men around the house, he returned and burnt all the houses on his war including Capt. King's large house, also the : Platform where the boat lands. They also brought off an old negro, the property of Mr l King, whom the picket had left, lie la now at the fort. j This morning, the Federal flsg could be seen fljmgon the lighthouse. There are three large vessels off the point now, and another gunboat has just arrived. | The island ia naturally protected by large sand hills, which could hare protected our men from the shalli of the enemy, I think a thousand men would whip them off lB two hours. The enemy have a l .?in ^ tht? ?rutbern Sutes bordering on the Atlantic, but I think they have gained "7.U'U? T "ki?? Tyb?? W..4, IV think they can get enough rice and cotton on I ly bee to pay the cost of the expedition, as they say they did at Port Royal. ' J Capt 8. has gone out to burn some fishermen s huts on the island. P'e?ty of tm?an??on and men, and Zl -,n um lv0me ran?? of our gunswe will ahow tbem the difference between taking Port Royal and Fort Pulaski. rrRTHER FROM TTBRK. From the Savannah News of the 28th we extract the following: The steamer Ida arrived from Fort Pulaski at 4 o clook, yesterday afternoon, having left J at 2 o clock. Capt. Ciroopely reports six Federal vessels still inside the bar. Five more Teasels, supposed to be transports, arrived yesterday noon, and can be seen outside the bar, ?5^>8 .#,eJen I****1" ? ? DOW in sight of r>m their m0T?n??ntB ft was thought the vessels outside would come in over the bar last evening. The veasela inside lie at anchor about four miles from the fort, and out of the reaoh of our guns. One, a large frigate, oan be seen from the Exchange and the balconies of the stores on the bluff. Between 10 and_11 o'clock yeeterday morning, a party of 1 ankee troops, armed with muskets, were observed from the fort advant-5 ? ,kC f1': towards King's landing. | Two or three round shot and shell were fired at them from the fort. When the first shell waa th. .J % "kwi prMlrated themselves on ? -ccond hei1 bun,t ?T? T7hlr0i? tQd ^ *? the ??Ter 0f ?* Wh J, ? sppeared upon the beach, out of reach of the guns of the fort. It is not knewn whether any of them were hit by our ahot and shell; but those who saw the bursting of the shell?which made the sand fly in their immediate vicinity?are under the impreeaion that they were not entirely harmlea*. THE BLOCKADKR4 OFF TH* TEXAS COAST Alt EXrHANttR OF SHOTS. We eopy the following from the Qalveston riewg: Captain A A Tomlinsen, from Velasco, informs us that about 3 p m. on Friday last, the schooner Sam Houston, cruising from the eastward, aailed to within a mile of the fort at \ elasco, and fired a 12-ponnder, the ball passing over and but a few feet above the left corner of the fort, and striking a log in the flrnLw .iP*, ,hot immediately returned from the fort by an 18-pounder, the ball paasing a httle to the leit or atern of the achooner, when she immediately turned to get oat of the way, raising the United States flag at the same time. Four other shots were fired at her from the fort, all of which were line shots, the first striking the water short of the schooner and ricocheting, and apparently hitting her; the third, fourth, and fifth shots fell short, and probably did no damage, as she was now toe far off. Af'ai*8 ard about Kertccxt.?From the Louisville Journal and other western papers we extract the following : The Calhoun, Ky., correspondent of the Journal writes, Nov. 28 : John C. Breckinridge, with several thousand of the maltreated individuals who have " loat their rights," has been maneuvering around in Logan and Butler countiea for several days E?t, bat, from some good reason known to lmself, has suddenly " retired in good order"' to Bowling Green. The " chivalry*' stationed at Hopkinsville received a rumor last week that Col. Jackson s Cavalry were advancing upon the place, and thereupon a goodly portion of them departed on "treble quick.'"' and, when last heard from, were beyond the Tennessee line. If the mere report affects them thus, what will not the reality do? The Evansnlle (Ind.) Journal oi Saturday says that a battle near Calhoun, Ky., ia imminent, and our foree there is such as to render defeat improbable, if not impossible. The Journal predicts the speedy occupation of Bowling Green by our troops, if Gen. Crittenden id successful. Gen. Buell will march forward the immense army encamped on the line of the Nashville road, and the enemy will be forced to evacuate the Green river country. The Bowling Green correspondent of the New Orleans Pioayane mate a fair statement of the case wbea he said that the position of the Confederates in Kentucky ia critical. A Pbimx Minister's Dread of tie Kind of Kiros ? Kaunits only feared one thing, and that was death; and this fear necessarily increased with years The word "small-pox" caused him a shudder, for he had been attacked by it himsalf in youth, and had seen Maria Therera on the point of death from the disease. When bis reader came to that word, or to "inoculation," or "vaccine." but, before all, "death," he had speoial orders to pass it over Se far was this carried, that strangers of distinction who arrived in Vienna were warned to yield to the Chanoellor's wishes on this point; and no allusion mast even be made to his birth-day. No one had the oourage to tell him of the death of Frederick the Great, until one of his readers said, as if inadvertently. that the ooorier had arrived from Berlin, wfth letters from King Frederick William. Wbea Joeeph II. expired! the Prince's chamberlain laid before kirn a document which should have had the Imperial sign-manual, saying ia explaaatioa: " Hit Majesty no loag er signs." The Prince was in the habit of eaadiag dishes from his table to a favorite aunt, aad this weat ea long after her decease, as no one oared fee tell him she had been dead for four years. When his eldest aad beet beloved son died, the Prince oaly heard the fact by the deep mounting laid oat for himself to wear. ?Onm a WesJt. fZr W llkle CoIIIds (e said la have bora offered ?4,000 for a story to appear In the OernhlU, to follow that whl<*h be baa oadertaksa la All the Year Round t7*All?it a bundrvd tbcuaard soldiers are nrceeaary at Naples to make headway agalnat the rmed robbers who iff thoee lilt prov- I X / -(Sfttmug Star. ? w VSi. XVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C. SATURDAY. DECEMBER 7. 1861. N9. 2.745. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. FRVM EUROPE. Arrival lithe Nsrth Aafrleu The Case of the Steamer Naihville?Discussion of the English Press on the Subject? The Arrival of Messrs. Mason and SUdell Expected. Po*ttand, Dec ?The steamer North American arrived here to-night with Liverpool datee to theMd alt. The rsse of the steamer* Nashville and Harvey Birch attracted great attention In England. The Nashville remained at Southampton for repairs The captain of the Harvey Birch had gone to London to consult with the American Minister. The erew of the Harvey Birch were vowing vengeance against the crew of the Nashville, because they were placed In Irons for refusing to take the oath of allegiance to the rebels. The officers of the Herv-v Birch declare that she was on soundings when the Nashville boredown upon her. Col Peyton was on board the Nashville on a mission from North Carolina, and with Commander Pegrarn had gone to London Com Pegram wants to have the Nashville made into a ship of war at Southampton, but legal difficulties have been raised. The question has been raised whether the neutrality of the Oueen's proclamation haa not been Infracted by landing prisoners of war by the Nashville. The London Times alludes to the case, and points to tbe visit of the steamer Adgsr, and saya it would be to the Interest of England to keep tbem both out of our harbors, and if this cannot be done they must both be let In alike. The London Star, although wishing the commander of the Nashville to be punished, says If he can produce a commission from tbe Confederate States, tbe government must let him go as having recognized these States aa belligerents. It is reported that tbe steamer Adriatic has been sold and is fitting out for the West Indies. There Is a strong impression that she Is destined for the Confederate States 44 Commissioners" Mason and Slidell were expected at Southampton in the steamer La Plata, due on the 29th ult. Canton has been evacuated by the British. It was reported that tbe United States steamer James Adger was cruising to intercept the British steamer Capture, having contraband of war on board. There are no tidings of the steamers North Britain and Anglo-Saxon now about due from Liverpool. THE LITEST FROM MISSOURI. Depar.ment of the West?Army Orders* St Lovis, Dec. 5 ?Gen. Halleck has issued lengthy general orders in reference to affklrs in this department, the principal points of which are aa follows: Lieut. Colonel B. O Farrar has been appointed provost marshal general of tbe department. The commanding officer of districts, posts, and corps are directed to arrest and place in confinement all persons In arms agalnat the United States, or who give aid, assistance or encouragement to tbe enemy All property belonging to such persons, which can be used by tbe army, will be taken possession of far that purpose, and all other property will be examined by a board of officers and sold, according to the army regulations. All persons found In disguise, as pretended loyal citizens, or under false pretences, within our lines,giving Information to or communicating with the enemy, will be arrested, tried and shot as spl?p. Persons not employed or enlisted In the service of the so-called Confederate States who commit acts of hostility, will not be treated as prisoners of war, but punished as criminals and shot, or less severely punished, according to the rules of war In consequence of large numbers of Union families and non-combatants having been plundered and driven from their homes In a destitute condition, thousands of such persons are now finding their way to this city, and the provost marshals are directed to ascertain the condition of persons wbo are driven from their homes, and under the military law of retaliation, quarter them in the bouses and feed and clothe tbem at the expense of avowed secessionists, who, although they do not themselves rob and plunder, give aid and encouragement to abet and countenance such acts of their fellow-rtbels. Rulla, Mo , Dec 6 ?Ben McCulloch is erecting barracks at Bennenville, Arkansas, for winter quarters. Kansas Citt, Mo , Dec 6?Col. JennUon's regiment haa moved to a point between here and Leavenworth All communication with Independence is cut off. The rebel Hayes has selzf d all the horses of the Pacific Stage Company at Independence, and there has been a general confiscation of Union property Skdalia, Dec 6 ?The Union citizens attacked a gang of returned rebels at Dunksburg, killing seven and wounding ten. Three of the wounded have since died. Lbavb*wobth, Dec <1 ?Gen Denver has been assigned to the command of all the Kansas regiments Trains are again moving on the Platte county road From Pert Royal?Another Prize Captured Naw Yomk, Dec. 6?The steamer Vanderbilt arrived here this morning, having left Port Royal on the 3d. She brings no news of Importance, and nothing later from the Savannah river The health of the troops at Port Royal eontinues good. Beaufort has not been occupied. Among the passengers by tbe Vanderbilt is Capt. Christie and five of tbe crew of tbescbr. Albion, captured whilst attempting to run b'ockade. Also a secession spy taken at Port Royal. bbconnoissancb of vbdbbal tboom ?th1ii battbbiks ca ptcb bd. Nbw York. Dec ? ?A letter received by the steamer at New York from Port Royal says that the S*venty-nlnth New York Regiment bad made a reconnoissance towards Charleston, cspturlng three batteries and spiking tbe guns, and returning to camp after having approached to within twenty miles of Charleston. A large amount of cotton was found ready for shipment, but the rebels were destroying much of it About a thousand "contrabands'' were already about tbe forts, and others were coming In. The Westera Virginia Can vent len. Whbzlins, Dec 5?The Convention to-day abolished the system of voting tie* voce in tbe Legislsture, substituting that of voting by ballot. Mr Burley, of Marsbsll county, offered a resolution to inquire Into the expediency of requiring all attorneys to take the oath of sHeglance. Also of allowing no person to sue in the courts who is disloyal to the government. The War In Kentncky. Cincinnati, Dec 5 ?A Frankfort dispatch to the Commercial Advertiser says Zolllcoffer is on the south side of Cumberland river, seven miles from Somerset, with 7 900 men. and some good artillery. Gen Schoff la en this side, and will be ready to engage him as soon as tbe river, which Is swollen, recedes. A fight Is expected sooa. A Confederate Steamer Passed at Sea. Nbw Yoax, Dec.#.?The ship Yorkshire, from Liverpool, reports: ' November 36, passed a steamer, bark rigged, showing the Confederate flag. She appeared to have lost her bulwarks Hid a spread eagle on her rtern end a white wheelbouse She was steering southwest." Gea. Prentiss* Admenitl^s te Secessionists. St. Josephs, Mo., Dee fr?Gen Prentiss made a speech yesterday, In which he said: "As God Is my judge, every secessionist shall take the oath of allegiance to the Stars and Stripes, or I will send them to work on the trenches of Fart Smith ?? Oaa af the Rat Hale Squadron Retaraed. Boston, Dee. 5.?Below, ship Terror, of the rat-bole squadron. She put back in a leaky condition, when off Hatteras. ["Rat hole" is the popular designation of vessels loaded with stone intended to oeetruct the navigation of harbors ] Sixty Thsasaad Stand af Ami frans Europe Nbw Yoti, Dee. 6 ?The steamer Bavaria, from Southampton, has arrived. Her advloes have been anticipated. She brought sixty thousand stand of arms for the United Matea government, purchased in Belgium. ladicUaentsf Radakl. FaacaoLD. N. J., Dee.5 ?Tbe grand Jury came into court this morning, finding eighteen bills of Indictment, among which was one agate* Radakl for the rrorder of Fellner He was Indicted upon tbe evidence of Mrs. Marks. Treepe fer Fart Pickeas. Nbw Yobb. Dec. 6.?The steamer Baltic sailed this fnrenooa for Fort Plckene, with the 75th New York Bftf.uj-ut. , The steamer Vanderbilt will return immediately to Port Royal with quartermaster's supplies. THE DOLLAR STAR! INDUCEMENTS TO CLUBS! NOW 18 THE TIME TO SUBSCRIBE! The Fullest and Moat Reliable Newa frsm the Seat of Government! Reading Matter for the Fireside Circle! The present year la undoubtedly the moot eventful In the political hlatory of thla country, and the rt^rd of occurrences transpiring at the Federal Metropolis la naturally ol atrlklng aud remarkable interest The public desire to receive prompt, full and reliable accounts of all that passes here ia moot intenae, and we have conaequently made alterations and lmprovemauta In the weekly Issue of the Washington Star to meet this want moot satisfactorily In compliance with the wish of the public the paper has been changed from a quarto to the more convenient folio ahape, and now appear* a handsome sheet of thirty-two columns, filled with choice and carefully prepared Reading Matter, and bearing the name of the "Washington Dollar Weekly Star." Aa Indicated by the title, we now furnlah the paper at the unprecedented low price of ONE DOLLAR PER YEAR!! Or barely more than the price of the paper upon which it ia printed. It la our determination to make the Weekly Star not only the largest and handsomest Dollar Nowspaper in the United States, but that it shall absolutely be The Best Family Weekly Newspaper in the World!!! It contains the very fullest, freshest, and most important detalla of all that tranaplres at the Seat of Government^ editorials on all the lmpor tant topics of the times; the newa of the week; interesting correspondence from all parts of the world; capital stories-, humoroua and graphic sketches, and the pick of the floating miscellany of literature and gossip. The Dollar Star has as a permanent feature a carefully prepared AGRICULTURAL DEPARTMENT, embodying whatever may be of Interest to farmers in the transactions of the Interior Department, the Smithsonian Institution, and the U. S. Agricultural Society. Gardening and Horticulture also receive due attention in this department of the paper, and we also give each week a choice budget of Household Recipes for our lady readers; also, Recipes for the Workshop, together with an official list of all the new inventions issued from the Patent Office each week. In short, It is our purpose to give our readers a varied, rich, and sparkling variety of the reading that at once instructs and entertains, but aiming to make Washikotoh News ard Gossip our specialty, in accordance with the views set forth above. Mieving It to be better to sell many papers at a low price than a few at a high price, we have determined to offer the following Extraordinary Inducements to Clubs. To Single Subscribers 91.UU per year. To Clubs of Five 95 cents. To Clubs of Ten 90 cents. To Clubs of .Fifteen 85 cvnts. To Clubo of Twenty-five 80 cents. To Clubo of Fifty. ? ? ?. 75 cents. Address W D. Wallach, Publisher of the Star, Washington, D. 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RENCH A RICHST1EN have just reoeived a I large and complete assortment of Military Bt>oki I of all kinds, which they offer from ten to fifty I per oent. below the regular retail prieea,?in- I oluding: Anew edition of Hardee's Infantry and Rifle I faotios, oomplete, 91.2ft Forces' Volunteers' Manual, 2 vola, 92 Allen'a Compendium of Hardee'a Taotica, t*o Grass's Military Surgery, 75o Mahan's Field Fortification and Outpost, each7f I Hardee's Tactios, cheap edition, '/So The Soldier's Guide, a complete manual and I drill book for the use ot the Volunteer Militia and I the Home Guard, 26o I The Hand-Book for the u.S. Soldier, .oeing first book of instruction to the u. S. Infantry tao- i tios.25c Also, Military Maps, Map of the Seat of War, I Charts, Guides, Ao. I Flags, Badges and Medals of every description. I Any of the aVove sent by mail free. french a k1chstein. malt 47 Vnnnav'vania avenue rmy gloves! i army gloves!! At the Glove Depot of f. b hasting's a co , 333 D st . facing Pa av , Wallower'ss produce store. 1 4d'J Eight strut. Hotels, Boarding Houses. Reatauranta.Satler a. I and private families, wiii be supplied at loweat I cash prioea, with Freah Butter in one pound prints, I and roll, Applea, Poultry, Egga, Dried Fruit, I Buckwheat, Meal, PoLlo wluj jj0-*0 i oo 16 >w* A. H K K*!.. A gt CLQ M. t. parker. cq Louisiana av . bet. 6tk and 7th sts , I North Side, Having oompleted hia arrangements la now ready I to a'.t?nd, even more viroroualy than ever, to I HOUSE, SIGN and ORNAMENTAL PAINT-I ING, in all of its varioua branches Havieg secured I the servioes ot a oorps of excellent workmen, 1 am I prepared to do Flags and Banners ic the best style I ana on the most reasonab'e terms. no9 eolm (Repuh.) History ofS^uniSd Joha Lothrop MoUey ; S vols.; free by mail, f?. E? Rise of the Daleh Repablie. a history, by I Lothrop Motieft roe oioth; free by Bail, I |UM Marner, thaWwivar of Ravelol, by the author of "Adam Beoe eloth 7l?oents ; paper If I TSi and Career mi Major Andre, by Wiatrop I Sargeant; flJO. After loebergs with a PainUr.a Summer Voyaae I to Labrador'and Newicundiand; by Rev Louis L. I Nob e: ?1J0. The ManuCaoture of Photo*?nio or Hydro-Car- I bon Oils, by Thomas AnUsell, M. D., 91.7ft. inf R.CB8TEIN, ' KP ? iiT* Penna. avenue. gBOkWHEAT HEAT FLOUR. CEBO oe 17 Corner Vermont av. and iMn at. jjambueo cu^aavlig cheese' aoib. ha-bu^ c^l-o e? U Ctn*r Vermont av. ana Uth ?, J 9 QOVERNMENT DISPATCH. FAST FRK18HT LINE NEW YORK TVV ASHINGTON r.a HAmMIBM UROH. A Special Mc??eagwr WiT be tent through with I each Train, in order to aamre safety and dispatoh. ALL RAIL, WITHOUT CHANGE OF CARS. on and after MONDAY. Nov. 18th, this Com- . pany will reoeive and transport I 1 Munitions of War.#overnmect Store*, Sutler*' I Supplies for the Army and all Misoeil&neoas Freight, at Low Rate*. WITHOtJT BKKAK OF BULK. Special Contracts fc* Largs Quantities, at Rtiuc'4 nates I > IT^ Freight reoeived only at the Of pot of the I Central Railroad of New Jereey, Pier No.), North I River. For furt-er informat on, cr apeoial oontraote, I enquire at the Office of tkf Grjnfnv, 49 Broadientl. N. Y , Or o4"? Pennsylvania are., Washington City. I JC^Mark Oi?od?, "**?y-rnTneBt Diepatoh."^Hl I J Freight received from 8 a. m. to 3j>. m. A. O. HOPK. . 14 ws? Hope Expreee Co, no 89-1 m Superintendent. I , NOTICE. j "ADAMS' EXPRESS CuMPAJIT." J Thia Company uffsra to the j>ublioM Unequalled I AdvantAgea" for the Sale ana Quick Jiiepatoh of I , neavy Freighta, Pao<a?ea, Valuable*, Money, Ao. | . Ao., to all parta of the United Statue. I* Expreaaea to and f'nm the North and Weetdo- I part from and arrive ic Waabinrton twice daily, AH Expre*aea are in charge of sxj>erunc*d-+nd reliable Meaeengers. All Packages for The Soldier* carried at "o!t? halt" our uaual rate*. . _ 1 All Goods for the eo-oallod "Confederate State*" and all AYtiole* " Contraband of War" will be I R*FUSKD. ... Our Expresaes leave New York at t,?,and IP. I M arriving in Washington at 6 A. M. and iJD I j ^Exprceaea leave Philadelphia at 8J0 A. M. and 11 P. M., arriving in Waahington at 4 >' P. M, and T Expr'eaaes leave Baltimore at 430 A.M. and 3 P. I | M.. arriving in Washington at 6 A. M. and 6 3t> I P. M. Expreasea for all pointa North and V\ eat leave 1 l Washington at 7.30 a. M. and 2.30 P. M. dailr. I Spools! Contract* for targe quantitiea of F reight I can be made on application to thia < >ffioe. AIL Good* called for and delivered Jrts of Extra I charge*. E. W, PARSONS, Sup't Adams' Express Company. Washington, August a. 1861. an 23-tf I MAIL STEAMER REINDEER, , p ( r evary other dar to and from I J IfiUiGEN. SICKLE'S DIVISION < DIRECT I THROUGH IN FOUR HOURS. The steamer leaves Jonea barf, foot pf lSth I street,on MONDAY, WEDNESDAY and Fhl- I t DAY,at 9 o'clock, a. m.,(returning from the l>ivi- I ? ion.) leaving Matte waman ?>eek at wni hour, I I cn "tUESDAY, l HURSDAY and SATl RD4Y . I ? Pasaengera and light Freight taken, I ? (Except alcoholic liquor*.) I < Fare to or from the Camp . - - - - 9* I 1 Fare for round trip (returning next day,> - 3 1 Paaaengera are not required by the Government I to have paaaea. I , Nomeala furnish . WILUAM R rIEHL, nov26-lw. __ WHiWi I Medicine for tbe Army. FRYB'S I : VEGETABLE PAIN CURER. EVERY FAMILY, AS WELL AS EVERY I SOLDIER. SHOULD ALWAYS HAVE A BOTTLE ON HAND. Thia preparation ia an Infallible Externa! or In- I ternal Remedy for Rheumatiam, Neuralgia, I burna, Sorea, Sprains, Riosworma, Canker, I it^^A&sa?s.^g <?=&%& Teetha-he, Headaohea, Colda, Cough*, Bruise*, I I F*ver and Ague. Cholera, Ao. I The PA IIV Cl'REK i* entirely vegetable in its I coftlcoC'tion, ant? may be need at all timea with I perTfrOt aAteij, Fall ilreoU.n. accompany each bottle. ManufScrn^p^Jy FRYE, I i Salkm, MA?:. If For sale by al'prlnoipal Druggists . ? I ^ tn 1. FHASELIN, ' | I OPTICIAN TOTHgPHESWMTAHD MILS44 Penn'a av.,i not th side,) bet. 13th and 13th at*. SPECTACLES, provided with genuine Rook Crystal or Pensoopio Leuees. mounted is golo, liver or ateel, and auited with utmoet eare for every age and eyesight. I FIRST ?G?m!>HEQ CUlB* 1 MILITARY FIELD-GLASSES. 1 Mlorosoopee, Compasses, and Mathematical It atrument*. at the loweat Eastern priors. oo?-tr ( C, SUTLERS WANTED. fREAT ADVANTAGES to be found by Sntlera,and de?lerain Bootaand theM^w 1 NEW YORK WHOLESALE BRANCHH|1 HOUSE, 348 Pennaylvaaiaavenue, (o?erf mi 1 Janney'a Shoe Store.) _ . We manufacture our own Good*, and eeli at Neu York pricss, thereby aaving freight. Having constantly on hand a large Stook. we oan upply at a moment'* rotioe, ay quantity de*ired. A large assortment of S *ole High-ont Shoes, and Long-leg Boot*. Sutler* liberally dMHvttk. A oal: from ali daalefaoiicitM. no7-lm* H1TKHQL SE A UNCKLES. Y-WOOD AND COAL. . OD Will surely xet your jnooey's worth by oa iini at the PIONEER M1LL8, swrtjpaft Mf ir or Seventh street and CaneU, (GEO. PAGE, Agent.) They eel: cheaper and gi*e hotter measure titan any others ir. the oity?cut. split, and delivered ires of charge. If yos don 11elievo r,T# 4 tbe Pioneer Milts a tria., and be satisfied. i i-lv.r ________ gOOTU AMD e?j?JES# *0 S1IW IU We are now !aanaf*ctu<-tLr a>. ?inds of BOOVS Md SHOES, and co: startly receiving ag*| sspply of eastern made work of everi do-^HH sorption, ma le expreost) to order, and wuf B1 J sold at a mao^ :o^er prioo taan ha* boot P?? heretofore chargeJ la Mia aity for ma*u lanriof artic es. Persons ia want of Boots atfi ^ .oso of eastern ei sity made work, will always find ajood asaortmra ??. ^VprnVlVa, S_, ctfi FeTiarlvatjia averse 3?o cans FRE.-H TOMATOES, 48<> cans FRESH VEAL. eu cans BKEF. iamod*, 340 cans ROAST BEEF, sen cans F RESH MUTTON, I4U oans 131,Eh and GRAVY! VE#ET? ^ VotfS?8T L LL. | Coraer I and Flftoenth stroois. ME EUROPEAN HOTEL. REP* BY Pi EMRIOH. at the corner of Penn.R > ^ A avenue and Eleventh steo*J, has J>jMnW9BV 1 i improved recently and now ofltrsl|pU greater Inducements lor the patronage of ettiseas and at rangers than any other aablie hoaaa lathe aity, his pr:oos being less than those of any other koto) on Perm, aveuue, and his aooonimodateons lor permanent or transient boarders aaazeopttoaable. The bar and restaurant arrangements of the 1 European have alrsady beeora* very sops lar. being all that oan bo 4mmhi by thsmosf fa* udlous. The proprietor p edges unremitted attentionand oontmued liberal eiK>udlt?reeto givesatvfaouon to aU. and thas r?evs his lavltauoa ? sll to rive the Ho*?l a eail. 4?4-tt IV K OFFER TO MILITARY MEN a ia?e vt aseortr ect of GREY ana BLUE FLANNhL J which we invito all oaah parch seers to axasaias | P*. .... I'W.M. K. Hit Wfc m?t f?eteMnei)eer sjirl Rewah'iaaa.) m tt rlntn>hf?fMr ItJ Every I t&ttfAR OFFICE, laeausfcotorf ****?*>[ % THE WEEKLY STAR. ?hla nirtai FBaMly u< nww Jmu M^lalait a greater variety f taU '** 0>u ou be feuad la uj ether to y?tutfcrl FrMUy Boralng. TllJI,_r?J*, MtMTMMf, M I Sla?le copy, per tuuu .Rl ? II 'l UnrUbl, contain the '<WaaBla*t?B News' U&t has made 7|i />??!* ?- ? _. o generally Utrooftbont the oouatry Single roplee (1* wrapper*) ou be procured at the counter, Immediately after fee lane of tke paper, Price?THREE CENTS HELMBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATION. " H10HLY CONCENTRATEDn Compound Fluid Extract Buohu, A Potittrt and SpotiJU fl rail dy For Dieeaaae of tf BLADDER, KIDNEYS. GRAVEL.u? DROFSICAL B\VELL1 NOB. mmmwm Thia Madioiae lnoreaaea Ute power of " ?. md aoitoa the aaeoaaavTa into tea^Ly acffSa. >T whioh the watbbt ob Ciicnota de?oauiI>BA. ind a. cnnatvbal titL?a?an?riT? arereAood! ^well aa ram od utrLAH nation, aad ia foW MEN, WOMEN, OR CRILDREA. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU For W etkoftpoi kriaing from KxofiP?, Habiu of DtaataaUot. Early l'diecr*-tino or AHiee. Attended with tk* Following Symptom.! : odupoaition to Exertion, Loaa of Purr. ?..rror of Dimn w it J5K5' Dimneaa ol Vicinn, p&ia ln th? Bae* Jniverral Laaaitude of the Muaealar Mr stem, lot Hand;, Flnahiag of the ijkaiy. Dryneta of the Skin, Eruptions oa the FMo. PALLID countDiitci. Tnpee rymptcm*, 11 a owed to go on. whieh nedicine in variably removee, aoon foilowa MPOTENCY, FATUITY. EPILEPTIC FITB, 1* on* of which tk* Patient may Ea~ptr*. Who can any that they are rot freaaaatly fatowed by thoee Himri ?isEA?a?." "INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Many are aware of the oanee of their angering, but Nona will counts. rHK RECORDS or THE INSANE ASYLUMS And tk* Melancholy Death* by rwnaatftwa, (BAR AMPLB WITWBB* TO TBI TBUTB OB TBB xasaBTUW. rHE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFECTED with organic Weakness. iequirea the aid of medicine to atreogthen and Invigorate the Syatem rhioh HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU %n*ar\ably dor* a TBIAL WILL COBVINCB THB MOIT HBPT1CAL. FEMA LES- FEMA LE8- FEMALES, JLD g5^>E,MriP8a9i^8LhaAMRtfWll>' ?? In Many Afftction* Pten'.tar to FtmaUt he Extract B'Jetiu ia nneaualled by any other reaiidy, aa in Chloroaia or Retention, Irn gmanty, Painfalneaa, or Sappreaa.on of Ooatomarr Kratlationa. U.oerateu or Sohirrona atate of the Uteua. Leuoorrhea or Whitee, Sterility. Btd for all )ompiarita incident to the aez. whethe- anaitg xom lndiacreuon, Habita of Dieaipation, or in the * DECLINE OR CHANGE OF LIFE! ?KB SYMPTOMS ABOVB. *0 FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT. y f Take no mora Baltam, Mercury, or Mtdicin* for Cnr leatant and Doaftrrai Dtaaaaaa. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHV ccasa SECRET DISEASES In all tbeir 8ta?ea; At little Ezvenae, Little or no change in Diet; No mooavealenee; And no i?2yenir?. Itoaaeee a fre^a?nt deaire ato fivea atrencth to L rinate, thereby Removing ObetruoUona, Preventing and Curing Smoturee of the Urethra. Allaying fain and lnflammatioB?*o [re^uent in the olaaa of dieea?ea, and expeUlag nil PotMMBI, D\s*a?*d, and worn out Mai tor. THorsA?Da upon TBoraAMDa WHO HATE BEEN THE VICTIMS OF QVACES, tod who ha ve paid heavy/oo* to be eared is a abort une, have found thry were deceived, aad that the *po?oh" baa, by the uae of "mimi/W artrimt?Ui" >een dried up in the ayatem, to break oat ia aa M[ravated form, and PERHAPS AFTER MAEAIA9M. Ua? HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUOHU klTaiTeetiona anl diaeaaae of the UH.INAB.T ORGANS, Bhether exlaUng la MALE OR FEMALE, from whatever oaaae originating and do aatMr at HOW LONG STANDING. Diaeaaee of th?ae Or gain require the aid of a DtrxBTic. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHV IS THE GREAT DIURETIC, knd It ia certain to hare the B*e?re4 atffcot la Diaeaaea for wfctca it u rocommmdta. ITIBBRCB 07 TBB MOgT i?W?M ARB SSIOABLB CBABACTBB rtll^tooompany tae atedioicaa. ?"T"'o WSAVaft?. FJLM&. "PHYSICIANS" PLEASE "NOTICE." WB Mif "BO BBCBBT" or "IBBUSIBBTa ' HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU aoompoeed ol Buoba, Ce^ebeaad Janiaer Bernee. teleotad with great oare by a ooiapetMt dmggvt PREPARED IN TACUO. B Y H T. H ELM BOLD, ?raetioal an?I AualytoeaJ Chemiet. aad Sole Mao ulaeturer of . IKLMBOLD'B OKNULKX FRKPAL-ATIOS 6 AFFIDAVIT. ?r^tess^.rB?SSSi2 wing duly awo.a.dou aay.hia preaaraUcua ooa atn no narootio, ao laerourr, or other t&Jartona Iraga, bataae paraly vegeut f. ^ ^ ..mboLD. Sworn and anbaonbed Ix'for# pi<v tr, . Mj of November, l*M. WM. tiniBBBRD, A.deyiian, Ninth aC. ncwra Baee. Fail^ Pi) r m . ' ' * * * I PHYSICIANS IN ATTENDANCE . FROM* A M TO b P. M. Trie* Si par bottle, or at* ler N. Delivered u aay addreaa, aaearaly packed fro? Addreea letteia for information 1b iob1<MM H. T. HELM BOLD, CkomiM, )opot, lot Soath Teath aL, balow Chetaat. FhUa BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS AND UNPRINCIPLED DEALERS MtlwUaWt Qtmmnt Pnpmr**m*, ? ? ImdMa, M ? ? Bai laparJHi, m m Jf reoid Reea Wn*h Bold by S. B. WaJTB. E. P. OJUM, ITiLBY. s. C. FoBB. S. R Rwbtbtu, B C. Lajob. Kicwblx A Labbbbcb, i. R. Matob AND kf l- DRVWIWTB EVERYWHERE. ASK FOR HELMBOLD'S- t TAX* WO OOBL *i OBt oat the advertiaewea J?0 AVOID IMFORfTIOH SB MtFO0?RR >aaerOe Bymp-wu m m$ Of**?'

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