Newspaper of Evening Star, December 7, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 7, 1861 Page 2
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THE KVEMIW STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: SATfmi>AT .DECEMBER T, 1(M1. Ov* F*U!?p? a' the virion* rGil!ta*ycanip? and prwltlrnj will eon ftr a feror by >wptcg as M ?r iwrnwDii ind nffe'rt in their IrJn'.tl** *~i a a ' pr!r.U-d on tb? f?*tr?? i ftm pre? In "? o-iUi ?/ Baltimore, Its edition u ao a* to r?*ioii* It to N* put to preaa at an r?riy bour Ad**r* therefore, oboutd be ent in htfurt 12 o'clwk m j otherwise they tony may not apptv uiitli tut* next day. |[? To our Baltimore rvadera we would aav kkat tk. A mm4 .mJ Ik. Cl joi iut uib*. ai'u iauuu ruitiuii ui mc oi'i' can be bid In Baltimore of E. F. Hazeltou. agent, 1 No. 74 Wdt Baltimore street, near Gay?the flr?t edition at half past four and the aecond at eight o'clock, on the arrival of tbe trains from Washington, giving all tbe latest news from the seat of war up to tbe time of going to press |[TTbe new Dollar Weekly Star, fuller than vsr et Metropolitan n?ws snd gossip, and choice h??i?i/ imuiu|, > hvw uu l ui uuumci icauy n r delivery to the public. Embraced In Its enterUlolng contents are the following articles: TW Walton Matthews Tragedy. and Re-arrest of Charles Jefferds; J uat W bat theSeldiers Want? an Invaluable bill of fare for the camp; Sketch of Capt Charles Wilkes; Seizurecf Contraband Articles, Tybae Island and Fort Pulaski; D s^ overy of tbe Sex of JJlla Zoyara. rTMia?nt !>liwne; Ucmburdm a*, at Penac&ola: Gen Prlce'a Neeaho Proclamation; Reports of the Secretary of War acd Poa'maater Uenefe!; Work at tbe Nary Yard, Thanksgiving among tbe Voluntetra; LH-a'Ls of Soldiera; Congressional procfdioKi Important new* from late southern papers: Interesting Military Kudeet, with d-taiis of affairs In Fairfax and the Upper Potomac, and with tbe flotilla. Military movement* In Missouri. Western Virginia, and Kentucky: Aff?'r* at r* I. - * m ?i -?* ???* ? * vbii Vf r wr?rr?* i?ii?nriiCj IIfllvrCSV, rCTl KCySl ^ Savannah, and Fort Plck^na Latr?t telegraphic d'.apatcbea from all quartera; Valuable Agricultural and Horticultural nr<iaeellany, local new*, and general Intelligence. Thla la Jutt the piper above all othera for per?ona aojournlng In the National Metropolia to Mixl to tk?lr (r1?n<t> - - ? -' ? ? ?... ? < u auiiiir rnor iiulV three cent* per copy, or f 1 00 per annum; postage jjeepsid by atampa when ao arranged Spirit of the >I*rnlBg Preaa. Tbe Ini'lltgtmrrr urge* tbe Impropriety of Con gremional legislation with respect to emaneipatlon, and the evils that would result from making that the object of the war. Tbo Hrpublirm treats upon European Intervention in Mexico. A ViaodLAK ksport ? In tbe course of his speech on the condition of the Washington jail. Ac., recently delivered by Senator Wilson, he Introduced a report en the subject made by .Mr. J E All' n. a detective from the West in Government employment here, made to the Provost Marshal, which is full of monstrous statements utterly destitute of fouudatl >n; showing that it* author baa suffered himseif to tie imposed upou by crazy abolitionists on the one hand, and runaway slaves on tLe other. We have no space to-day in which to analyze ?wi rrpwi at i?*ngin >v e may bcwever briefly point out tbe fact rbat tbe very baals of hi* statement ) wholly unfounded? bla allegation that runaways committed to tbe Washington iall as acta, arc sold far their jail fees If a legal title to ttaem be not established by aome claimant. All that la "newi" h?-re. No auch thing ever oc currcd In thla Dlautct. Oar lawa, that have ex* Is led for centuries, rt quire the arrest and detention of vagrant negroes, especially runaway?. Nearly all wbo now runaway from their owners set up the plea that they were employed by their ? ? a _ ovirri id mmiary ae vice against the Union, of course That plea on their part la to proof cf tb? fact Wherever the fret mey be made apparent, of courae their incarceration Is Illegal, Ud tboae wbc knowingly ordered it or aided it thould be puuished. But in at leaat nine out of every ten casea where negroes have been imprisoned aa runaways here of late, they were law fMjr ao imprisoned. That the Jail itself ia a disgrace to civilization, la no less true than the fact Out Coagresa alone la responsible fur Its c?nHllW. Mr * ... . M..v? cwpciuuu upon ioc uiagiv* tratea and county officers ia wholly without Juatifteaiion la fact. That la to say, he charge* all of th?cn alike , whereas most of them are as correct MO aa any In any community. That he alao efcargas the asme crimes upon our municipal polioe?>who have nothing whatever to do with the arrest of runaway negroes?ia proof positive that V? ? ? * * a ?? * ?? ? - - e rvouy mew time or nothing of the subject on which he made his political sensation report It thould bj remembered that existing lav nukes it the dm'y of county officers to take vagrant negroes Into custody, and of magistrates to commit them to Jail If they reasonably suspec'. them of b?tng runaways; or to the wo kbouse If they cannot give aecurlty teat tbey will not become a tax upon the community. The law In on-aiaveholding Illinois 1* even stricter upon them Until Congress may alter the law here In this particular, it 1* the ("lain duty of the judiciary to oontinue to enforce It, unlets Its operation be suspended by express dictation of the General Government, under the plea of a military necessity of the times, upon which President Lincoln has of late, very necessarily, assumed functions which we neither more nor less than those of a dictator hip In all auch casea we Lave anatalned bU action, because we have known it to be patriotic ud requisite for the preservation o? The State We have no fear, however, that he will extend that policy to tbe mere porpoae of working out the end* and alma of naked abolittonlam. We may not inappropriately add tbat we know Mr J E Allen to b? a very expert detective off. oor, and that be haa rendered essential service to tfea Government In the die-barge of bit legltl mate nones nut in assuming to father a balderdub abolition report, chock foil of buncombe and looet sentiments for facta, he haa appeared altogether In a new, and inappropriate, rol* A SsnsAi.oa Fal??hood. ? Among the characteristic atoriea of the faction who are now atriving t* tarn Centres* Into a Robeaperlan French assembly, with a Robeaperlan directory conflating of Senator Sumner, Representative Lovejoy et al. la one alleging that President Lincoln privately repndlstrs the position of hia recent mesnge wherein he aeta his face agalnat the " revolution ary measure*"' aought to be Inaugurated by the faction in queation. It la well known to all here who know aught of what tranaplrea around themthat this s'ory la utterly fklae It waa gotten op, If possible. to break the forca and effect udoo ? Ht?lr revolutionary scheai<-? which the message must havt. Ne Chief Magistrate and Cabinet ware aver more Irmly fixed in a purpose, t*an P real dent Lincoln and a major'ty of hia constitutional advisers la that of adhering aa cloaely aa passible to tbe Constitution In the future condact of tbe war, and In defeating the machinations of tkoee who aeek to pertxh . In our own land, the history of the Prench revolution of '8b (XT' Yesterday tbe Brat veaael of Oen. Burnside's expedition waa to have left New York city W..W stores ror Annapolis, where It will take on troops for tbe Sooth. jp'Tw* hundred and ifty members of the Mew \ ock Herrnlh regiment are now ofllcers In th* anny of tbe United States. IP* The .New Voik 75U? Regiment left New Tori yesterday for Foit Pickens Auaii os ftsroaTaas ?It in stated that two Iff?tiers ?f the New ^ ork Tribune hare been arrested *nd riim:s?d before Vsn \Vfck*s conpeaslouai committee on contracts, at Wsshingtss, ? a ekvgtof ttriw purlulood ud uuwd to to published > po t n of the report of said com KA ffMt fiamard for American aulUtlcftl exiaW itiivr 1b tnrof>? f.?ery earner toinga ?Mwi frum our Cot.?uia and diplomatic r?pr< aeiitmifra for worka like O.instead a and H?ip*r'a |If Tb# Oblo trcopa at Cheat Mountain, V* , te*' b*fB cMMtructloy log cabins for winter qaa iters. M?sl?i-e tia ibay bad only cm ao*er. e*>- and >re dra^n*.kn?fe? ail tuS-n iMyai*. ( ' t,.*a ' h 4' % Tm Allvokd Niobo Tano?? ?In order tot justify their monatroua acbtme < f arming the ne- j groea of the South and aiding and abetting In I general mldilgbt incendiarlim and throat-cutting of women ard children by tbc negroea, to make up fbeir own shortcoming* In felling to enter the ranka of the army, a? the ant!-sbolltlonlsts have done, the sdvocatra of the inauguration of a Freneh-reroiutlcn hrre are burping upon an allegation that the rebels are us ng armed reirlmenta I* ? #*??!*# iinfrn? that ill lirKiura a^ninct u? n?m~a?y " >* tbey have a single suchcompary anywhere In the The story that there ta inch a raiment at or about Winchester, V* , is utterly false Th<?v employ ne^roe* to do the labor of tbeir camps, construct military works, 4c.. and such slaves so uvd are justly and surely confiscated and freed by the law, a* fas', as our armies can get possession of them The only negroes in arms any. wherein the South are at New Orlean*. Tbey are free negroes; not a slave being among them. A large number of them are men of property more or less education?Creole mulatto?*, quadroons siid octoroons?who form a class entirely different from any other negroes in the United States, and who in New Orleans hive occupied a social I II si ... 1 ?... A ; *?' ? # At a ? # Bun ^umicai rwiui ciuuciy uiucran irum iuni ui the rest tf the negroes there, for quite half a century. They are the class that iu the war of 1812 were In arms ntder Jackson; a larre number of thein ?re thTQ-elves slaveholder?. Those now in arms there are doing duty only aa home guardspatrol duty. Thus they form an armed municipal police, and have no where been brought Into the held fgalnst our troops It it due to the rause of truth and the preservation of the Union from becoming a prey to the proposed establishment in the V?*?k ?# a L*.unnl. ,?viiu vi a rivu.u icfvmuuuaiy ^uvcruuitu^ "li the oi.e band, and at tbe South to the reactory revolutionary government which Jeff Davia, Mason. Slid**U, e: u I , are seeking to establish there, that the falsehood of this humbug story about tbe employment of negro troop* should be known We hold It to be self-evident that if the revolutionists of the N'oith succeed in obtaining the control of th^ policy and mensures of the government In the loyal section of the Union, they thereby assure the eventual triumph of the reactory revolution now in pr press In the South. A Reply to > >"o Pro-Slavery 31au." Editor Stab : " Answe s are request d," and with your pernnision we desire to make a ft-w corrections In the article of your yesterday's correspondent. I have t?ken the'i/nr tor a lony time, ana am so liberally disposed towards It as to believe you will give all a fair hearing. Your bumi>'.e servant Is a " No Pro Slavery .Man" also, and born and bred In a slave State, at that; and belfVves that tbe ungenerous flings In the article of No Pro-Slavery Man will, upon reflection and second thought, i?e dt emed, even by the writer, unworthy of a pro-slavery man, much more i f a No Pro-Slavery Man. But, to b? brief and 'o the point: A Christian pulpit h*a not be*n vacated, that it might be tilled by an abolition high priest Hi* first sermon did nut enjoin amalgamation with the Indians and negroes, but the reverse His hearers have not invited, as may be Inferred, the man latt spoken of to lecture They have shown no fanatical Industry They have made no assault on Prewld'-nt Lincoln and hi* Cab'net; on the tontraiy, some of tLem hav.' risked their lives to sustain him ; and tbe loyal I'uiuii rtv-n of tt ? J * ? - maryiaua, > lrginia, KMiucty aiMl .Missouri have no warmer, truer friend* I'he gift* d clergyman and bis bearers, referred to so ungenerouslv, believ'? in supporting the I'nioa and the Government at all hazards, at all perils, at whatever cost of time or treasure; in protecting the Union men of the whole South.who are be^glut; for our help and the baud of deliverance, In ail their coiistitu tional ripbts; and als> In confiscating the property cf the traitors and rebels in arms against this the only free governmeat ou earth?uo matter of what that property consists, or what sbaoe It t ik'S Such men need not be feared or resisted Patriots now and ever, they stai d by the t'nion aUd the Constitution It !? the traitors who have hois'ed the black Hag, the triitors who have bluted at a king for a rater on Am-rictn soil, the tra.tors who even have hinted at the general freeing of all the slaves, rather than that tbe glorlout tirs and stripes should tioat. bearinu- inmri w ?n J " J l tJadnesa to the loyal Uukn nten all over our land. It is these men. and not tht Unlon-loviug, lawabiding. loyal citizen* of Ibe capital of our nation We have always been called mcdent, bat we desire to say ore word more; and that is. that we be'leve in reading the Star, if we see tit, or auy other newspaper; in afeudlng whatever | church we choose?waether Protectant, catholic I or Jewish?if w? are pro?id -d with- a small amount of change ; and ;n s^endirg our tune and | money in any way we d? em proper, ao be we do not Interfere with the civil, political or religious rights of our neighbor* " Fair play U a jewel," Air Ld.torj and we ask vour indulgriice tor these f?w lines, a* accepting the Invitation, " Answers requested " No Pho rfla v?uv Mt:i No. 2 vV tahiniftu^. L)?-c fi isfii rY^3 rOLL*MBIA TYP- >GRA PllIfAL 80CI LL3 E 1'Y ?a ?te?l ineetin< if this Society will be n?ld in tr? O.siabar '1 Ills fc. ? K.M.vU st 7H o'olook. 1'* H. ?? B'lWKN, 8?o. ^y-KKV. JHt8. H. STOCKTON, O. L>, wilK b/ fiiYiue pannn-t i?u, preach ib the H?ll of ttie Homo of Kepr^ent&tivea on SL'NUAY (tomorr"? ) at 11 n'o oct. It* -r^RKV. BISHOP JANES, of Ne? York, l_3 wil! preaon l th? Motnodiat E. C-iu-ch i?n FoU'th lit , ?*%?t of ?he ?.,ap tol. TU-MORROW ,Snod?? ) MQli jtl atllo'nionk. It* I. O. t^-.-GKAND L'?DGE-An adt *< joorned m( -line of ths R. W Grand l.od-e oft'ie Di*triot of Coluoib a wili ne he'd a' Odd Fe l??i' Ha'l, on *th itreet, oi MONDAY EVEMING. the 9ib in t?nt, at 7 o'o'ook. d?7 2t J ?HN T H \ O *<"0 T"5=,*MkTROPOl.I l\N it AI i? K O A li OF 12 FI'"E. November 22. 1861. Rnolv'd. That the 'larc* o! i toon forfeited by i?oiiun 3d "f tie ruir:e- of the Company for non ra? m*n? of the eeoo d ins a inent be oince e ' f oin he atook liat a'd up'>u t' e buott - of aoo >unt of the Com^ any,and that the ?aine be and are h?reb? ur thtr declared to be orf ite<i in a~oor^aii:e with the eatu *-oti->nof th^Ctia ter. H'.tolced, '1 hat any of the original nhar? lio'dera wh' ? ares a e thu cari'e ed im, bo pprujitted to nubeo lbe to tikx a.n u ita up on payine the whole ba a-'C oi Cie ainonit uf said ?u ,<a ;ri p'ljiii on or nefore th? h - A tru? oop' f'oui tae miuntes. >t? J. W. MKKBI.^, Pec'y. Tv- v. ?. 8ANIT RY COMMISSION, 1? 2t4 F ?t , Washington, D. C.. 0t c id. T>;e Saaitary Oonimiarou has a collection of book* oliefrreuoe on Military Surjery at;d Army Hrtie: f. whioh Military t*urntcn'j a*, or near \Va?iur.gtn are invited t? ounault, FREDERICK LAW OLMSTED. d? 2-1 in General Secretarr. yylOECRFAM AND WATFK ICES, ol 1 L Sc the beet quality, at 37H ?er Quart. Hotel* anrT boardiug houses furnished at low rates. A targe assortment of fine Cake* kept mi hand *t th? rMiaaeiphw <Jo*/ tt,o%ery. corner Twelfth au-t F at*. i?o7-lm* rS?PKPARTMK,NT OF METROPOLITAN l 9 POLICE.?Office of hup* nntenden'.. No. 416 Uth it*e?t. Peraona wr?u have leat propertr ars requested to report their If** to th'8 Depart merjt. Large quantities ol lost property now tu the < ffioe. no??2awtf W.B.WEBB. t??pt. /OR 8A LE?A uonerai assorfmant of '1 obaco, " Se*a'a, Pipea, 4c.. \o , a ! ?f exte ?ut qualitv, auitah e for any rne tleairicg ?o ejtahljkh a una I baiiiiaai. Apply to J 1). HEPPARD. 494 Twelfth at , afcove f.. ' * BUTTtR AND EGGS. ItO pacV??e* Butter, large &t1 small size, iu i arre a ?r:nn Kme. In store and for k& e br I). E. DI'TROW. de7 lw* 4iO_Eulith ?t .li^ar Pa avenue._ THE WHITE HOUs?E 1 HE Well linsWL White House Restaurant, on Hi*n itr ft, i.ea- the ?:& al o Uf>?rge A . ? A town. ha* be?n iefc twi, anl pa t e? oanffM; f now be accomtno l?t>-<t wi'h eJjl?JSfe~.u rr va'er-otna. Game. Kmli, Ojiiers, and th - t?'-fct Win"*, i '.quote and S?**are. always < n h'nd. Families furuiehed with U> - te a, as usual ?*e7 mi A. HODlEx, Frofnetor. LJULIJ'KHS AMI* All " " " " - ? ^ ?iu \/ ? t* n i\ ^ IJ AfUStP to wet and colit a?A troubled with h?rd. stifT leather, or wh;> are in any way interested in the war and durability of lea ner, will fi>.d h-alth, eonifort. a>;d aoonomy (reattj proraot'd by u-ing FR * >MILi.KH'f I.BATHER PHEPKRVA tive and water proof on. ylacking. For sale geueialy by tnoa* wao eupply ?utler?. Ac. de 7 lw* Mrich military woods. W. tt.\LT k. Bdi ,h%v? jn?t ree?iv?d lar?e ulOjtiana to their atock oi very rioh Mi'itar? They o?ll p&rtioo'ar attention to their aeorfment of &ne Swi r>ia, 8abre?,!*i?he?, Kp*u e-tej. since. Doable, aid I'reble-row ghoaidar Strap , Hat and Cap OroanienU, 4o. M. VV. BALT A BHO., Jewellem, 354 Pa. Ave, 4<oor?wr?tof de T Br wn'e Hot*' Kt.iJAM .N DlWOLKF, ISo. .194 Pisa. Avisut, Adjoui'Mc the National iiotai. W*tki?i-vn, I) V. &??[> con*tantl? on bandalinr ai?>or*insn o' GOLD AND Nt.VLJl WATuMr . GOLD CHAINS. JEWELinr^i^V R WARti CUTLERY .SPECTACLES. OPKPA AMD *r y. B Repai'tnc dout by K. C Rim .no. a workman in Cnronomtt?ra, fiu? \N a oi.m, to. d?T If* ITHfc AMERICAN WATCH. M ADD TfON toonr unasu.i.? Ui? rtook nf London, Liverpool, anU u?o?va Watch**, ? hav? On ua>< < a. 1A#*? ?*-'> " * 4 ? ,, *u mftn? *o I r lK>th L*tiM ^XAafir STCr F^o^U. W" *A ^ ' 4SSwrt Howl. I 4?*-? OUR MILITARY BUDGET. BlVItW YkSTXKDAY. The Division commanded by Gen E. D. Keyea waa reviewed yesterday by Gen McClellan and Staff, on Meridian Hill. Tbe f->rcea reviewed consisted of the brigade# of General Couch, Peck and Grabam, with the Pennavlvaula Artillery, commanded by Maj Wrst, and the Cavalry troop of Capt. Ganard. of Ohio The Cornminder-luChief vra attended by Gen. Mar'-y, I,leot. Colonel* Colburn, Hudson and Sweitzer, and some dozen others cf bis military ftmily Among the throng of visitors, we noticed M">j. General Morgan, Gen. Patrick, and "enator lla-ris of New York. The regiments oi infantry were drawn up In three lines of battle, (by brlgad's,) with the I * ? # ?U ... J ' In ariiiiery lormmu a iuuivu, auu ai ci ?u Review, the whole division was drilled in evoluMoks of the line by Gen. Keyes, who formtd it into squares by battalion at double quick, and maneuvered the regiments closed en mnsxr In tte most intricate movements, in a masterly manner. The app?irance of th? twelve hollow squares going through the manuel, now bristling with bayonets, and now prettnting arms, was very Imposing, and elicited the greatest admiration \V? understand that the General commanding the division was highly complimented by General McClellan, who expressed the greatest gratlllcation with the proficiency acquired by the command in the short time that they have been under Gen. Keyea. LATER fBOM THE FROST. Yesterday, as was stated in our last Issue, the reconnois*ance mad) in the direction of Accotinck, extended to the mill on the old Fairfax road, and returned at nightfall without having met an enemy. Some of our cavalry went by Pobick cbnrcb, on the north, on the road between (n? PnKirW ArrntlnrV r'o?>kc tn He Inrmt?n_ tion with theold Fairfax roud. Home w^oicn and a boy met with, report no rebels at Fairfax Court House, but some pickets between there and Germantown. In connection with this reconnoiasance from Opneral Hancock's brigade, General Fitz John Porter sent a force to the vicinity of Flint Hill, towards Fairfax Court House. It returned last evening, without having seen or hea.d of an enemy in that quarter All was quiet last night in front of General Porter's position. NAVY TAHD. I'll*- .Mount waslitneton yesterday took Com Wyman, flag-officer of tbe Potomac flotilla, down to the Harriet l.ane, ofl' ludian Head, returning to the yard In the evening. The Harriet Lane I* now the flag ship, tbe Yankee being at the yard undergoing extensive improvements, upon the completion of which she will again become the flag ship of the squadron. Com. Harreil resumes his duties as flag officer of tbe flotilla, on board the L'nlon. The Pu?ey went down this morning to the Penfacola, expecting soon to return. No news of Interest has been received from the batteries on the lower Potomar. THK AZTEC CLt B During our military occupation of the Mexican capital, the officers of the force (lien. MrClellan among mem) who nrn en erea me city rormed a social club tailed the Aztec Club, which subsequently embraced others who tad occasion to visit that city on official business As there are now In the armv of the I'otoii^ quite a large number of Its members, It is proposed to reorganiz? It here. We learn that thev will mnn !.? #?? ...?? for that purpcse. AN JNCORRZCT RUMOR It is currently believed In Alexandria that the rebels have abandoned their Aquia Creek defences The story doubtless grows out of the passage of a large number of freighting vessels up the river of late without being flred at from them. We, however, have no confidence in It They are doubtless about there still in little diminished force. BLtSCKER'S DIVISION. k* ? 1 M ?- - uuvrmui ui imrw I orij W8I W DdV6 reviewed Gen. Blencker's entire division th!s forenoon Owing to ether engagements, however, he was compelled to postpone It, until a time not yet fixed. government aoincv for thk dispatches Of rebel property. Lieut Col Reynolds has been appolrtedd resident agent Fort Koyal, under the general regulations relative te securing arid disposing of The property found or brought within the territory now or hereafter occupied by the Federal forces In the disloyal States He tas been ordered to report to Secretary of the Tr? ?nri? MAYOR'S OPF1CK, WAgnmGTO*, Deoember6 1881. Pr.tok*l* will he reeei?ed at this offioe until Thurw'ay d>-xt, the l?tli mstant, et '2 o'o ock in. for t%kii}( off the oM sheathing aad shmg'inf, and rasheathing and shingling *-:th new material the Center Maik t Hou**, from Seventh to Ni' th ntr'*et weet; alio, for repairing the windows and doors of said market,lrom Seveatb to NilOi street w*st. Bidders will stats the amount in bulk for wh>ah they propose to <*o the w?>rk. which must be rxnooteo to the satisfaction "f tie .Mayor and the Commissioners of the Center Market. RICHARD WALLACH, d?7-5t Mayor. L. Towkhs J. M. Towek*. J. B. Towms. L TOWKKS k, CO., STEAM BOOK AND JOR PRINTING ESTABLISHMENT, Corner Louisiana mvtnut and Suctk st. The attention of th"? buMnes* ootnrrninity is respectfully invi *d to th? New Book an-i J ib Print i??? l- i.r&blii'hment. which has been fitted up with new material, 'n the most complete manner, is now prepared to execute in a satisfactory style, every varifty of Printing, vi*: H~>okb Speeches. P*m?h!ets, Cards, Circular*, yut'er*' Bianks, *o , t-o. The &tt?ntion ol member* of Congress ia erpeoial y requested for our facilities for printing Hp <vches, we have the lartot steam powr in tiie oity. d* 7 Kw6m HTO THK PUBI.1C. *VIN6 My&tte Men oa1 led to a paragraph in the Globe, whioh i? repo'Vd as part of the tatement of Hon. Mr. Wilcon, in th? .Jeca'e, I'ecember 4tii, 1861, ui retard to the arre?t --t -i ??i- -L- - - ui ouivrru petjup wno row in fonfin?mM* in the county i*if of Washinftou, D. C , whioh also fives the Dtmei of the ?? netablrs who arrested ^in, I find mr nam^ m'n'ioned.and at the bottom of this list a n'ateinprit ?hat "(,c? of thee o n tables, a Mr, Kir*. notorious her? i n this o'ty at one of the o eatures tha'. live by this business, took up a poor boy named Arm.-trong. who ran ftwey from Alexandria joined an Ohi > rrfsim?Dt, and was left in this oity when t*e rennient we> t borne. fe took him "o jail ?nd took from him a do lar 01 d a half that the ?o'diers bad given him." At niv f> low citizens might su?pec-t me of being the one tha'has c< m ait'e I this great outrage I fee! t my duty to info'in the puwio that it is aot J. F. El* g, as 1 never arretted a b>y by that uam?. wmcn rnereonrfl orthejal will show, sfcd furtlier, ft* will be ??en b? that tut there w*g nnothtr oifloer Kick- 1 would Iika the h' norabla men,born wh-> will ha* e this ca?e under investigation to watch and see the actions and deeds of iom* certain pe em ? wbo make si oh reports on the mere *tateinents of negrooa. J F K'NG, I'nited-S-a'es Deie-tive. Hiibeoribed a< <1 sworn to hefo e me, th * 6 h Jar of Ueoetnber. 1061. THoMAX C. DONN, Justice of the Peaos for Washington oount-,D. C de 7-V J CLOCKS AND WATCHES. UST Rec?.i eJ a go assortment of c looks and -l-I -A s * * ** ? ?Vu?tw 01 no uiu bmqq or J. tin'iiDgOQ* _,fV 340, opposite Brown's Hotel. AH Clooka ana Warclm* warranted. Aw J A J T HOBINHON A CO.T^ 349 Penn. avenue, opootite da6 6t* Brown'a Hotel. \1 A. f'ARD. I'll. J AlfiLEH Has the p'earure to inform hi* friends a^d the publio, that he haa open-d a first c &*i Keatauraut. at the favonte looai.n on D street, between 11th and t*th rtr?*ta. ao long an I we l-knowu aa Ai* er'a Confectionery esta.lisfcmeut. Havinc made arrangem^nta for a oo i?tan asps', r of alt th i de'ioao ea ol the seaaon, and secured the Mrvioea of po.ite and eompeten attendants, he hopea to receive a due ahare of pnblio favor. de 6 lm Q tfiT 1? A * CI PLflMn ft M ?a?ruominu Cfc rU I 3 LlVtrj r - tables, a hn? etyiien l>?y HORSE, perf-oUj so*n<i and seat e, suitab e for an of H-Tn fioer ?>r private (tent eman. Can be teen at**^? the above itablee. on C street, between Of and eth sta. de b-9f WASHINGTON GVMNA8HM. Ninth it. near L'tnUr Mark't This establishment i* now oMn from 6 a. m. to 9 p. m One of the officers in attandaaoe from 1 to 3 a .d from 6 tot o'olouk. F?rsoas l'adi~t a sedentary life weald do well to join imined.atel*. 91 a month, 82 thre? months. de 8 St* LOVES! BUCKSKIN GLOVES, MlLITAK> aL'NTLKI'S, AH MY CAPS, INDIA RUBBER HAT?. A large assortnvut for said at de5'm SEYMOUR'S. Georgetown. T vi Uj iO'I* ? u?i ?? * - * " * - I ? IU int. LiAUit.n: Mra. ll. A. HAMILTON, of Baiu-cra, oon 0 i ? INTERESTING FROM THE SOUTH. From late Southern paper* we take the following : lick crib* bridok rsfa1rrd. I.ttichbcro. Dec. 4.?President Branuer, of the Erat TermRailroad, telegraphed here that the bridge over Lick Creak ia *11 right, and that the traloi aro oaa-lng over He will fcavealln* of paeketa at Union on Tburadav to carrr paaaen gers around that bridge. FKD1RAL ?C5B'>A.TS CBASID, ETC. y FMrH'i, D c 3 ?On Sundav l?st several Federal gunboats came in sight of Columbue, Kj , and live cf the Confederate gunbojt* cb*.?ed them several mile*. No captures were effected The Confederate steamer Grampus cap'ured on Friday a lumber boat car Bird'* Point, which bad on board 175 OW) feet of lumber The Federals have ?ent twelve boats loaded with troops frnci Taducab and Cairo to St Louis. The Florida and Pamlico engaged a Federal vessel ott the eait end of Horn Island at 9 o'clock

tbia morning. The Federal! retired. ?OVTH CAB0L1NA COSHDIBATE SVKATOKS Colcmbia, S. C., Dec. 4.?The Legislature on yesterday elected the Hon. R W Barnwell and Hon. Ja* L Orr, Confederate States Senators riKSBTTKRIAN OBNXRAL AMIMB -T Acocsta. Dec 4 ?The Presbyterian Gecsral A??emblyof the Confederate States convened here to-day. The Rev Francis McFarland was electi-.tA.ilava <na V? ?? b?a1 amali cu iiiuuciaivi uj uvA/iamoiipii. 'TARSOS BHOWSLOW." The dispatch published yesterday to the effect that "Parson Browolow" commanded the forces at an engagement in Eastern Tennessee Is ra'-her doubtful, as the Richmond Dispatch of Monday contains the following card which he recently published: I have never, at any time, left Knoxvllle or elsewhere with any guns, nor have 1 bad any gm>s to furnish to others 1 left Knoxvllle about three weeks ago, on horseback, to try and collect some fees due me for advertising in the adjoining counties of Blount and Sevier, and stated 4o dlf&rent persons where I was going and what mv business was. ' As It rm/arda th?* bridvp. bnrnincr I h??? nn knowledge of the guilty parties, and 1 never bad any intimation from any quarter of any such purpose until I heard the next dav that the outrage bad been perpetrated 1 condemn the burning moat unqualifiedly, aa an ill-advlaed measure, and I am not a sympathizer in any such movement. And bad a knowledge cf any auch purpose come to me, I would have felt bound Id honor and all good conacience to have made the fact known to the chief officers of the railroads. "I voluntarily signed a communication to Gen. Zollicofler, weeks ago, together with fifteen or twenty other gentlemen, pledging ourselves to promote peace, and to urge Uuion men not to rebel, to take up arms, or to commit any outrages whatever. That document was published in all the Tennessee papers I signed It In good faith, and I have kept that faith. "Wk. G. Browslow." CAPTURE 0? COH F RD KR AT K STKAMRRS We c?py the following from the Mobile Advertiser of the *24th ult: We are informed on good anttaority that private dUpatches, received In thla city laat night, from Hnndsboroueh, atate that the ateamer Oregon putin theie iast evening and reported the capture of the iteamera California, or the mall line, the Lewis, the John Brlggs. and one other vessel. We hope the report Is not well founded, but fear it is. as the Gulf was known to be filled with Lincoln gunboats Th? steamers, except thp I pa'll ]??ft h?ra a*? mAmU/> MV - ..J - wviv j\ vmuu j iUVi IIi II. AXUIKMK!?TS I* RICHMOND, VA. There are two places of amusement open in Richmond. Mn< Ida Vernon made her tint appearance at the Richmond Tbeaier on Mondav night. The "Partington Sisters" are performing at Metropolitan Hall On Monday night the "Social Club," formerly of Washington city, had a cotillon party at Montlcello Hall, and on the same evening a grand ball was given at City Arms Hall. ARRIVAL OF PRISONERS Three prisoners of war arrived at Richmond on the 5th instant, by the Central train, under charge of Sergeant K. F. Morrison, of company A. Fourth North Carolina regim-nt. Their names are Charles Runnel, a citizen of Fairfax county; haripl Snliivnn In fKt. L)0?r-..l ? - ? - ?w??j k? in uv a uuu * cirinyi?a* nia regiment, and Henry Vanport, private in tha Sixty-ninth Pennsylvania regiment. A RUNAWAY PRISOMKH KKCAPTCRKP At an early hour on Wednesday morning, aava the Richmond Dlapateh, an individual in blue uniform wa* observe t skulking through an apple orchard in Hanover county, and Mr. \V C Smith very properly took bim into cu*tody. He proved to be one of tb? Bull Runeraof the Federal army, who had made hiaeacape from a Richmond priaon two or thre*- day* previously and waa making bta wav to the blockading fleet Mr Smith conducted him bsck to Richmond He bad been employed for aome time aa a hoapital mirse TO COAL I'KALKRS AND OTHFRS.?For aa'e, MO to snn tens Run < { Mine Cum^e intd Coal, <iai f exacted to aru e by O. * O. anal, to be delivered on )u>*.tc m. .(*? r?rt >wn * < < ? demurrage, A a., to he pad by purohaser from t> at point Address, statin; highest prioe lor ca*h. Box 3S0 Post Offioe, Aexand ia. Vs. de?-6t* Oysters?Oysters. THE OVERLAND OYSTER EXPRESS COMPANY Is now prepared to furaish Restaurant*, Hotels, MitWs, and Private Faailiet With^tv / S FRE>H OYSTERS, by the gallon or(C\ fmJ in oaii? o! all s zee. xv>-w The Oyster* arrive 4al)y fresh from xSAjf the watora of the ChetpeMe Bay, and are of the beat qua ity The company invite* the patronage of the rfca'ers end trie pub e in feaeral, a d guarantees a p ompt atte: tion to all orders. Offioe?4* Market Spase, (Avenue House,) between 7th and eth sts no 30-lm (Republican. 1 QfH> OLADKSBUTTER. KEG^ Cnone Uladea Hutt-r, just received direct from S?iir.0ra?? o-ui:ty. l*a Ko sale low by JOHN H SEMMfeS A CO . o'ir.9lh st ana l,a. av., oppo. west end no (Kep.i Center Market, GERMAN DlVl>?iO\7ATTKNT10N !~~ \J HEADQUARTERS For Bending Money to Herman) and all part of the Country, 19 Makkkt Spacv, Sun of tk? tierrriM? Hag. t oW-lm Government Loan Agcncy, Opvicb or LEWIS JOHNSON 4; CO., BANKERS. Cokmu or Pa. Avbnck and Tenth St. LKWIS JOHNSON, of our firm, having been appointed a >u' soription Assent tor the National Luao authorise-l by the aot of Congress ot '.7th July, 1861, we are prepared'o furnish, to parties desirous of u.aklrif In??tin?iil _ __ ?IT VI 7 3 10 Treasury N ^ua, of aonvenient *is#s. aoJ9 tf LKWIS JOHNSON A CO. PIANOS! PIANOS!! PIANOS!!! m A number if ue* f Oct. PIANOS UH reoe ved jeetarday froa tne o*lebrat?d *11 *? laotory rf Win Knabe k, Co., anion* them a very l<a?..d?>oine curved Piano, which obtained the highest premium f'o-n the late Baltimore Exhibition, and vi ioh 1 oflVr for sale (as a hue New Year's presertion accommodating auU at pnoea to suit the times ro KENT?I will have several Picnos always on h&niL tbouih i was unabld last week to serve ronw of my oUBtomars. Amateurs arejaviud to oAaiifiuQ, r. m. KfiiUHr.nHAUH, anv'/7 Im, No 498 11th street. JTE A!*?TF, A"-TEA8 ! UST Receive^ a pnme l"t i.cwFor sale low at BROWNING A HEATING'S, Oe 4 oia^tf *353 Pa.avenue, near 6th it JU8T RKCF1VED TEN BBL8. 8. HORINK 9 superior < LI) RYK WBHKY, eight tears o <1. warranted Ai?o prune Monon*ahela VV hi?ki*a for tale at 353 Pa av^no*. br d? 4 3tawtf BROWNING A KEATING. wr i t 4_>t ^ un i 11? i? ?* * ? '? " ** * * * ' J I novcivcil' A liUl Ur III.M VKHV superior OLD CAHlNKf BRaNDY.M BROWNING A KEATING'8, de 4 stawtf 333 Pa avenue, rear 6th si. Ju8t k f.ce1 vki) and for "ale low, twent* fi-? obis white onions and five Mi Havana orangks, by BROWNING A KEATING, de 4-3tawtf 353 Pa. avenne, near ?tn st. IrrHERIAL O L, j alcohol, k krosen e oil! Dealers ?up plied with the above at loweet mar* let rates, by nnnrnT M UMITU *?* 0tUl t H| (I ate Smith & Ohappell.) da 4 *o3t* 1.1 South Sharp at, Baltimore. O NOTICE M And after the 1st day of next January ail persons indebted to the late fi m of K E. Whits * Co . are hereby notified that their aooounU. note* and due hill* wi 1 be placed in the h%flde of my at omey for oolleotion. All persona ao indebted desiring to save ooata of lav aoita will have to aett e prior to th? above apeoified time. de sJLawaw E. E. WHITE. C-OMETHIN9 TiEW?SUPERIOR HULLED C? COR IV.?'The aubeoriber, having got the agenoy to ajpdy Waahington and Georgetown with thia rti-iiotte preparation of Corn, would reepeot/uiiy aak of hia friend*, and the pablie at large, to give it a trial. Aieo, Popped Corn, elain and eagaiwd. WM. BR ADLY. Agent, Pa. avenue, between 18th Hi 18th it*. N. B.?Manufaoturer of Marble Mantlee, Monnmenu. Table Tope, Ao. A large assortment a'way a on hand. oc 19-Sm Chee5?1 cherkeu " chek8ei 11 on hand and for cale unf by K. B. HAdTiftea * co, ^ *8* DsL. facing Pa. avenut, TO ? U Philharmonic Building. 10A.8H NOTICE. N OonM^aanoe of our baviag to M o*?h for ?t?tt ixtiole o| goods we nrsuM. we areforoed tontutoir bateMt? Ouk?dHtviV,hifit of61?EA DY#-MXJ)I ^ TREASURER'S MONTHLY STA1 Skoteing tkt amount to kit ertdit. at tkt dattt af Trtatwrf, and icitk tkt several Amttant Trtasm far tr Sirk driftt kirt been itsu*4 prxor ta tkt 4* and tkt baltuuti rtminiir at tk* M*M datt tttk) and from denotitarui, ordered by tkt htertiary edited and *Lta tkt amounts to Ail ertdit **i Mint and bramektt, and tkt amountt vttkkoid I mote under jmturrtttionmtf tattirot. la what plaoe. Treasury of the United States. Washington, P. C... Assistant Treasurer, Boston, Massachusetts Assistant Treasurer, S'ew York, New York Assistant Treasurer, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania... Assistant Treasurer. St. Louis, Mitmn Assistant Treasurer, San Francisco, California. Depositary at Baltimore. Maryland..... ? Depositary ?t Buffalo, New Y ork .? ? Depositary at Cincinnati, Ohio..... Depositary at I.oiiisrill?. Kentucky..... ....... Depositary at Pittsburg. Pennsylvania?? ... Depositary at Chicago, 1 Hinois .. _ Depositary at Detroit. Michigan ?- ? Depositary at allaof?*t. croix, Wisconsin Depositary at Oinaha Citj, N*?>raska. Depositary at Olytnpia City, Washington. Garfield Depositary at Falls oi ?t cron. Reymart ) Depositary at Omaha City, (Gilmorel De^asi ary at Baltimore Deponta'v at Cincinnati (Sherlock) Depositary at Lomavile, < Haidemaiu.... 0 Overdraft Aaai*t\"t Treasurer, New York. N? Overdraft* Assistant I'leaaure-, Philadelphia, F Overdraws Assistant Treaaurer. 8an F aaoiaeo, Ovirdrafta Depositary at Baltimore _ Overdraft* - Transfers ordered from Aaaiatant Treasurer, Ne Transfers ordered to AasistantSTreaaurer, St. L< fransfers ordered to Aaaiatant Treaaarer, San P rnns'ereordered tn Depositary at Cinoiaoati, < Tiaaafera ordered to Depoaitary at Chtoaro, 1 11 Bullion Assay office of the United Htatea, New York... Mint of the United Statea, Philadelphia. Pa Branch mint of the United State*, San Franoisou, CaJ U N A V A I In States note under It Branch mint of the United State*, Charlotte, N. C... Branch mint of the United State*, Dahloneca, Ga ... Branch mint of the United State*, New Orleans, La. Asoistant Treasurer, New Orleans. Louisiana.. _ ViimantTr-a or r Cha'les on, South Carol na. JspoRitarjr at Richmond. Vir^ima.. ~ . .. ?. >epositary at Norfolk, Virginia.......... ..... )epo?itarjr at \\ ilmincton, North Carolina........ ? >?pogitary at Savannati. Georgia............... )epositary at Mobile, Alabama..... l)eoositari at Nashville.Tennessee Depositary at Galveston, TV*a? . ? l>?poaitary at Little Rock, Arkansas. . Depositary at 1 allahasnoe, Florida Depositary at Norfolk (lawyerI Total balaooe to the oredit of the Treasarar Total unavailable Avauabls ba?aijc a ? ^ ?> > Triauckt Dipaktmhit, Dec. 5.1861. AUCTION SALES. By J. C. MoGUIRK k CO., Aootioneera. OMALL AND DESIRABLE BRICK DWEL C5 LINS HOUSK ASD LOT AT PtMLlC SALE.?On THU KSDAY At TER NOON, D*c*mLer the 12th. at 4 o'olook on the premise*, we shall ae',' part ef Lot No. 1 in >**u*re?17. fronting on MasaaohaMt'e avenue, between 4th aLd Sth ctr*eta west, running through to H street, together with the imp oTenie U. consi?t ng of a neat and well bult Brick Dwe ilmg-house containing six room-. This is a very oomfortabie and wall arranged house, and in a desirable situation for a private residence. Tit'e perfect TJrms: One-third oash ; thereaidne in 6 and 13 mor tha. with interest, aacured by a deed in truat on the premiaea _de 6 J C. McGUIRE A CO . Auota. Br J. C. M?GUiRE A CO* Auctioneers. PEREMPTORY SALE OF A VERY VALCiBLlC>IMl Lot 5BAK THE RAILROAD Dlpot ? t?n TH UR^DA y, the 12th of December, at 3 o'cU ok, we will sell to the highest bidder on 'he premises part of Lot No. 4, ini**uare No.6*,hvi rinnint at the north*?t corner of ?aid square ard running thenoe northwardly with thelin*of New I Jer??T avenne 40 feet: thecoe easterly loo feet to a point distant J 7 ieet " therly Irom the south li-.e of rortl h street; thence northwardly to raid line of K street, intersecting the same at the distanoe of 100 leet east from the said northwest rorner of 4id square. and therce w ?st with said line of aaid E street to the point of beginr inc. The above prrporty is sitna ed at theoorner of New J?r*ey svecce and E s'reer.and is b'lieved IU U9 111" D?l DDV1UC8S IO<*? I "fM lit U?POl Ternna: One-tnird c&?h; the remv.nder in 6 wad 1J m'>nth?, for cot** beanrg interest from the day of aal?, < eoured by a deed of unit on tbepremuei deft-JAde J. C MoGUIR E A C<> , Auota, PUBLIC PALE OF VALUABLE PERSONAL E'-TATK ?"r virme of au order of the Orphans'Court of Frinoe Ge^rce'e county the eabicriber, s? fcxecutnr. will aell a'pabho aale, at tha l*te reaidenod of Mra. Mary Hall, deoeaeed. in Queea Anae Diatri ot, on THURSDAY, 12th D?oember, 1861. pan ot the Pereonal Eatate of aaid deoeaeed, consisting of? A number of Work H >r e? and Mo'ei, W"i k Oxen. Cows and Younr Catt'e. A fine p*n of Pork (Sow* and Bhoata,) w?ree Pow?r and Threeher, Waeonsand Ox Carte, Two Carnage* and one pair of Carnage Horaea, Furinir* Itrp'errente of all kir da, v>rop OI torn (II not ao d,) flnj and Provender of all kinds, fco , ftc , fco. Term" of ralei For all mini of and under *>. oath ; and 'or mmi above that ainooot accepted draft* on Baltimore at 6 mintha, interest added, wi1U? fequ red (IT- Bale to oommenoe at 11 o'clock a. m WILLIAM B HILL, de 6 2iwt? Execatorof Mra. Mary ball_ Py J. C. MoGUIRR A. CO.. Aaetio?>?ere. EX T K N 8 I V K RALK OF 300.000 IMroaTKD ash Iomkstic Cigars.?On 8ATURD* Y fc.Vt.NIN6, Deoem i#r 7tn, oommenoing at 2 o'o.ook.we sha't sell at the W ashinjton National Cira'storeof Messrs Homan & Chandlee, No. < >? U'.h etree', between Pa. a?e. a&d F street, opposite Willards' Hotel, a well selected stock of? _ 300 000 IMPORTED AND DOMESTIC CIO AR 8 of choice brands, all of wbieh bave been seleoted by Mr A Homon, of the above firm, a man of the most extended exoenenee in the citar ImiitMi. Terms cash. N B Bidders who are not *%tiffi?d with thair p:>.ohase* at the time of delivery need not reoeire them. del J. C McGUlRK k. CO., AucU. Br J C. McGUIRE k. CO., Auctioneer*. TRUSTEE'S FALK OF HOI'PE AND LOT 1 0!f KORIH K St.. BITWII* 4THAKD5THSTft wmt-OdSATUKDaY aFTEKMOON, Jano ary.4th, 1862. at 4 o'olock.on the pr'nutee. by virtue if a de*d of trnat to the cubesriber, date? Dec mb?-r 1-t, 1860, an'l duly recorded in i.iber J A. 8., Nr. 2TO. fohoe S'.l, et te^ , one oI the laad reoordf f ir Wac hint ton oourty. D C\, I ?ha'l sell yart rf Lot run ber?d one. (1 iiuP^uire numbrred fire O r* t * 1- - *? * * " uuuuicu aiiu nupra. wtl umm ior inf nmni m? i' Uthwtst o TUfr or Mid Lot No. 1 and ' ' hence o&nt sixteen it el; thenoe nor h seventy-one ,'eete even tnohee; tiieuoe wciuix> en feet: then e c uth asventy one feet eleven inohra to toe place of beginning, together with the lmproTemetta, oon i?'lag of a three story brick dwelling hoase. Term*: ?.y? caeh; the remainder in C aad IS mouths, wiia u.terest, secured by a deed of traat on 'he premises. All ocnreyancinr at the ooat of purchaser. THO J, FISHER .Trustee. de4 law&da J. C. McfeUIRE k. CO.. A note. PBHHONOGRAPHY TAUGHT.-Gentl?nea and ladies aeairing to avail themselves of the op DOrtunitT rAn uonira # Che erinoip.'e* of Phonography end Reporting, Craotioally hi t ounru ot only IS leeeona, of on* our each. Thia useful art need* no reoommeni*tion. a* ita value ia now we.l understood, and it ta believed that *ever?l oiaaaee ma* be formed here, the more eap*oially aa the term* are reaeonabl>, i. ?. five doilara lor the whole eonree each, payable alter the firat l*aeon. Applicant* will pleate addreea box No, 4 J^tar oOoe. and aa aoon aa a auffioient nomber are aabaeribed to forma ciaaa, and tbe neoeaaary booka have arrived, tie time of commencement will be determined on. de t 4f T1S0 DISHES. HE Well known New York reitaarant of 6oalint. lone remarkable f-r ita excellent eookirg, aerfeot arraiaementa, and low prtoea. haa opened a WaWiinf ton b'anoh at 34T Pa. avtnue. aoatli aide, below Twelfih at, M. UJKYNaN. de 4 Iw* Proprietor. JONIONS?ONIONS?ONlONti. U8T Reoeived on ooneignmeat 1,SM> 1?ifcM prime Onion*. For eaJMow. ^ , BUIO DUJUn&LLi ? ? (VifHW HW I ?t*. 1*30 Baekkl*. _ Familiet ought to bay thia Bread, m ft is of first quality. and a barrel oontata* ab?>ot U pou- da, ooiUdc 917? nor barrel oniy Alto, Bread ia aaaJu at 41 o per loo pound*. call on WILTJUf?J5igS5fk. T NOTICE THIA. HF, Qfl||M#||||ni ud other*, own* n? mils ?n uer?Dj bousm not to par auy Hrtoi the line unl?M they oau ?ho w a a rittao order, dated Mt?r Deoeraber lit, 1K1, empowering them to H(i our name, JO& T. K. PLANT A CO., Dealers in Camp Furcitnre, rtorea. ae , SAO D e*. between 9th ad loth; and 4 To Si Tth eC? 1 dor north otKit, _????I \V^>?r,tea. b c. Mwatohm. W. ?AlrT A BRO eal apootal attratooa to their aaaorinent of Ladia*' ami Sectiemeo'i Watahee of KN6LI9H 8WIM, AND AMERICAN manufaqtara, 'U troid ant Silver Caeee. OCT Watohee. Caroaom tera, Jewelry, Aa* aacaially repaired. /UtiWTASfe de ?-St Foar door* weat of llrowa'a Hotel, rEMEKT, NOVKMIER **, IM1. I*? m?f?i hit ftiwmi, %* *4 k>(?v, *n r?? nri ?4 dAttfn+trd 4ftuor\*$; mmdtkK? ?f this MiiMM, but mt* ft TtfrtU *4 MkW, # A ^ ^ ^ ^ ? ?*- " " " ? ? ^ ?w wrwyi, ' ? WW >4C WWJl / tft / ikt 7V*M?rjr, fart m< y?f rtjmud ? y*4 m WUMltltll, Mk( UU 4?yMl 'r< ( '* >jr iuiMMl !>wftr(ri m4 Dty<iil?w m iuiu Draft* HfKHiBt Balanrw ?*OB^tyOtlU. i Ear: A***** ?.[ $viwn S. ? Ml. WW tJiZ.vJM I ??.'? ?: *.?,?? t ?JM 13 ITT >45 V i,nsrs7. i.m*iP f>u n M7JI 1 r I T5.???|L. ?.*i2 US. ? 3?M 1 m * SCnMSISJ cm* SI.4RI) i H00J66U, S*UIM ? * ? ? ' H'.w M 61S.T 1 IS Si4(r ......... 91 ?1 i?t "ft. F-4 2.4? 17 |?.a, n ......... 1*1*3$ . .t ......... . n ......... llSStJ l/?7 M mm .??;? ? * . I.W 11 ( ((^< n| ......... 9.218 40 ............4 *i yi11 HI -- ?n 73 .... .. U1IC1 *?7 Tjasi V.MSM m?7i ? o M I ?9.?0SJft' ? f. .tujrTD ? I''V ork 1>??.7|| 'jimt'T.B* roNor? California ? ................... - *7* f 1 *37 xTrt w York. N?w York 9?/?.?? g? >uu, MiMoari. !,?'?? ? ? o> rtnoiMO, CaL *mSOO.fWt o$ >mo? '?> <v inou. ? ivio^i.k. 91 *.m> i* Fund J 9*S^I3fl0t. ..J #.fl8il3 ?' -..J W9.634 16 .1 16 ?x> ooooo sen.)**) i? 1 I >6 I fi \nufl* LABLE. %3urr?ctionary Control. , 9M.nro?. 9?J? n , 9? Mff?s ~...j _27 (O I 27J90 ? .??*? . JD9 A7 - - - - 389*7 4* 146.&S 74 'JiJkbS H 13 i.972 M r.'.L?! iiwr r i/m*i Ti'.tw ?> ? 11 TV> hi 1 062 7?> 10.732 6K 6 0 * <> 77W SKI ID 437411 i,is' ?s \ian> li^SS 3,466 m 14 *6? 2b 4S?'W 16196 4 SIR 95 3 KM W !,<?? 1 Jltf 73 51692 ? HJSTS 9 4.167 H? 679 679 66 1,4 3(0 1.6*3 " 719,009 r? 90 93S 96 ??/?? 11 Mi M *o *tu i ? ? ?' ? > ? ? ? ? ii- 1 IT f ?> 3 P#o7-ll FOB SALE AND RENT. FOR-8ALE^4.000 bnthola Mum POTATOEt*. oi. bo?rd MbooMr 0. B gtebbfca. M Berrt'n Wharf, (tro ietovD T. G. YOUNG. IfLjlNlHtlKP APARTMENTS?Very neaMy r ruraiahed Rooma, and r?ry conTdinttT arrfcjifdj ioo*tion w? drt rable? few doo'a ?a?t o' R ikki k. Co.'a Bank?on ;New Yoi k Irani', No. 460 de7 ?t WUTLBKS, ATTENTION \-PJR LKASK? ij A large LOT at tit* corner of Penna? Irani* arerne and the Circ'e. li the Pir?? War". P*ta e No. 5t. we 1 loc&'ed for the ereetiei of bvi'dtnia Sr antler'* tmaiaeaa. A pel* to H. 0. bPA L^iNG, o 33*? P at., between 9th and 10th eta de 7 >f I70R SALE-HOUSE ANDLOTFOR 8ALEr A two a orj Frame UWkLLl^O, vitti Lot 90 by 100 feet, on h atreet, between I9:b and 9 th. fir at door frnm 1Mb, only .wo tqaarei lrom the War Department Terma in oaah, $9 ?>. Ineaire at No. 1$6 Fourth atreet, between L and New York are It* ' ' ^ ^ ? li'UB L.r.A!*b A I A BAUmril'K- At the rarr r low reat c f fan par kiBDm. yad in advance, for two or three roar*. No ?, on Poartaanth a*raet weat (wee aide.) batwe?n B and C atraau aoath. oontaininc 5 mama, and kitohea te baok batldirf, p'e*?a t y located Apply at Mr. HKKRYMA^'f. A30. eaat aide Twelfth ?t.. weat, between C and D atreete north. deT at* LOT TO L.EA8K, on Tenth, between 0 and JH etraeta, weat aid*. Inquire of 9HEPHKR D, corner Seven h and D ata. da ? at* f^OR RENT-With B< a*d. a large front ROOM. Inaaire at No 473 Sixth atreet. near D Will aoooibmodnta three or foar eeraom with Oar Hoard A~ ? "** FOR RKNT-Withor without Board. a DNkt!? fumi?h<* PARLOR and BKlROOM with (u, na 3d floor. Apply at SIS &evente?nth ?t , pear War Department- ?" Ml' TO LKT?One apiecdid PARLOR, aod two fine nita of Rooms, we 1 turi.isi.ed. Also. four [ ttajle Rooms Wat?r and fas App.y at 399 west I8tn ?t. between F ana to, one square t o? the I nrk^t. fa*? A-*" ?? HI w ii vhwi D 51 EHlGHr OR TEN ?OOB HANDS FOR dra*?makiafwa"t*d threarh tha mm oi of Conirui, kt A. HUBNKR'S Pa'ia Ort??mak r f Eata.hahmtnt, No 806 11th at., batweao Ha. ara. Ud E at. dee ? TH O RENT?FURNISHED ROOM?: Parlor* on firtt floor; a Rnomoii third fl-or, to v* md (? ; two small Hall Room*?at 44 4 UtTtnth at. Thar* it atabla room for ona hor?* attichtd d* 4 St' FH URNiSHED pari or and chamber?. A alot r and oomfortably lnrnuh'd Parlor, with two aqjoiDiac Chamber*, on tht brat floor, ho 111* Nn ill Thirt?Ik - ? ' ---< * ? ... . M>< >' ?.>! PM) UVIWVU V ?MU n, for rant. The location ar.d the neighborhood are alike pieaarnt. and the r om ootvecient and e n>inodioaa. Call at the premieee. de St* IT OR RENT?A fine four-eioy HRICK BUILI> r 1N0, Wita water and gaa throughout, very n'oely located, oan be rented is exchange for a, plainer houaelaeome of the oa'ekirta of toe oitT There are famiy reaeona for the fpoeeo exchange. Pereo a who know of a en a I nee- house mn? addrea aereonal'y or by letter M. I V Oil D... -- * .. . ... ,?u? W? < ' A RARfc CRANCR TO 8RCURE A LI' A CftATlVE BUSINESS -Tb" nbiorih- are authorised to tel. the tnU'e Fixtuies of a fcrutolaae Billiard f*aloon, oeot rally located on Pann t!mititmim, tad rav doini i food taamoM. It Uoompi***!? f?n>i?hed id ?rtrj rMMct.ud )iu Phc'an'a bMt Rnttwool Marble tod Tablet. Apply to JA0. C. McGUIRE ? CO., Auctioneer*. _d?6 m I?g|tWIBHKfi PARLOR AND CHAMBER * i u Lit.r?No. 6 <tt street, between C ?' d? ny Ball. dcS-3 CH)R RENT?A PAKI<OR Ud CHAVBEK. r handsomely far?ithed. lcqeireat 39* isth street, between G sod H etraets. fe 5-3T ROOMS FOR RI-\NT*-9*wal hand* mil; tarnished Rooms oan be rented by apply t?c a'. No 418 Eighth st., bet wean ? sad H, north Pat nt Office. * " TO LET? With or with oat Board, three FUR NI8HKD KOOMSin aanrat* family, suitable for a jar lor and chant*;*, nip id wuri water end fa-, and ?lea?*nt!? eitaaied n iw Avenge. In^eir-at the Star OEoe. det? ' FOR 9ALE-Tkee<Mk end Good Wi ! of a Re tailGrooery. It ia a food location. and doing a fair buiioMi. The Ptoreand Fixtnw can be heel at a moderate rent. Apply at this cAoe. deft ? _ TO LET?A It'ie PT' Rt, with Futures or woald eeTl l ie G->"d Will of the Stare and Dwelhnt. In^airaat No. 41 Pennst'irania ave > e east, opposite Capito, 4}roaocs, seooad door Irnii 1st st de S ? h'AKM KUKVALK.-A FARM oontft.mnr * or*, of whioh om h*lf ia in timber, the r>ai ** of ?r?ble Iftnd of fond qnelitr. AbindioMof food wil?r, well dtftrmuiM. Wittin k*if an hoaraj has! of SoAaa'a ttwiteh, o<- oroeaict o WaakiDfton BraaelkHailroM ia f?nnoe GeorK*'* eonptT. tad ithin e'half mile o' the Tampike of P^famore m4 Waabmnton tad within nine mil's from WMkiBfton. An at.d praob Orehard. of reeent giovtfe. Hkiw. flirc. aid other rmei bnikHcaa. For atrtiaafera and terma. eoaairo. th?> subscriber, 1ST ?th street, between J? aid O ^ niton, U. C. J a rui ui soravooa 10T Mi* OB Ihf irMl'M. <U&?? CHAMLKS C BAILER. DOOMS TO RENT, without b-vd ?t M? H n. rtr?C, btw? Stfc ?d ?U. de 4-4t* UANMOMKLY tt'ENI?HKn ROOM -*>(. Rl l?Tf? hfcna?om?L| f?roi(h?^ Pio?t Roo? fr>r . tnt, vitl mi tad v?ur. Aj?'y ?t 44# 1>,i?obU b3ir^rt> *ad itth ?u- d?l a * DOOMS TO BE LET?a a^t of ROOMS lo ^ IIlft,it??nnU rMidMM, ne?r the WirD?SkrtiB?Bt;? Bid IK to rMMoUbl* >%rtiM enurr itiviuor mbcI* rooms. R*f?na? wclatH. >??ir? o+?. .4*4 *' BUSINESS 8TAN1VRilR RENT.?"Wo Tfir ' "* *? mm aw m. r?. ** "^NrKf^gga'. JrwtUlrs. S64 P? *? <> ? ? *> ? Fof dor? t>?< r f hrow~? |j?uM IKNI-tk* ritfcMlfeE*? en tfc* ? of Mta MM C itrMU, oooapitc by K. " c5&Mattnf atac.^ffy l.'UN tlMUUtVMItf h)? Kklir.-fch'l* f ?? 6?T bm Cfca? bars hMCt *1"' tr ""'.y ' \fff ? r?0i? j noi W utiM mt'oc. No. ?W t M>rtk, k??*n ?!? ? J 1" tKiB cM?t* TiolBlty of U a*.:,,.l ?o * If

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