Newspaper of Evening Star, December 7, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 7, 1861 Page 3
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O* Eviit Dwcmirrioif with neetneaa ai?4 4lapatch on application at mar urriub. At the Lowest Cub Prices Petlcfactton guarantied nt M-tf LOCAL NEWS. = Hrvoms o? an A but Mail Baa ? Affairs at the CVy Post OJfUt ?Among the manv odd address* upon soldiers' letters, the following poetical Inscription, written In a delicate feminine band, was upon a letter that reached the Washington city post office a day or two ago: "Letter: hlr thee on thy mission; straight tf Camp Tennally go: Kf#n thVt?lf In ctaaM anM U* ?<? * gvw vvuVkl VU | ?V? ?W? U1 J ?a!t be alow. On vour way paw through tbc city that'a called Wiablnettn, DC; Find ont If McClellan'a pretty, then communicate with me Then proceed to Camp Tennally; hunt the AnAereon Zouave*, Who I'm eertala will not dally, but be found imo? thai hn?a Then And out their young Lieutenant, Henry 8. Elder by name; Tell him then, If 'tis convenient, yon will with him remain.'* To aatlafy the cariosity about oar gallant Commander-in-Chief, expreaeed in the above, the fair writer ia hereby informed that in the opinion *f the ladles hereabout, General McClell&n la decidedly good-looking. The following come* from some town "out Weit," of courae: "Way fiver to Washington quickly fly, To the brave Michigan Third, Company I; There let a gallant young aoldler, Alfred M Gardner by name, Be the flra* to unfold yoar contenta and read the ?ame " A letW reached the offlee the other day, a* thousands of others do every day in the week, ?o inde nitely add rented aa that no one could tell what to do with It It waa aent to some camp at a venture, and next day waa returned with the following peremptory and slightly Hibernian ln?*oriement, "Not for thla regiment. Don't aend it back again?mind that!" The following, received in thla city from a Kan*a? P. M , shows that the schoolmaster it not abroad in ?at country yet: "Oct 7, H*t. ? D<?ar air It la with ahame that I aend you th?se few it la to Let you no that I Dont und-rstand makln out the quarterly acount curent I have got a lowyer and a Dorttor and som farmera to make It out and none of them understands Itao I thangbt i wwui 11 rry mis my ?eii 1 nave l)on ii in* bmi l Cauid I am no acolier bard'ey to If yon will make one Plain like these we have and aend one to me *o I Can tell how to Do it 1 want to Do write if I node bow If there are any miaa stakes it aint mad* apupura your* Truly Poatmaster at Kanaia " We note aome material improvementa which have been effected at the poatcffice recently under the superintendence of Postmaater Clephane. dealgned to facilitate the operatlona of the office, and also to make the employees aa comfortable aa poMibie in the discharge of their duty. The delivery wlndowa being aituat -d on tbe north, and consequently tbe coldeat aide of the Post Office build In?, the clerks of the delivery hive hitherto Buffered no! a little during the winter mocthaof the year from conatant'v stand log In the piercing cold draught of air which ruahea through, to the serious detriment of their health. To obviate thia thick pan en of glaaa have been aet In A groove* at the sides of tbe exposed apertures, ao constructed aa to alide up and down, the lower edge of tbe sliding pane having a piece cut out in a crescent shape, through which letters are delivered to applicants When large packages are to be delivered, tbe moveable pane Is pushed up, where It la caught and bHd by a aprlng until It is thrust down again. Thus tbe cold Is measurably excluded. A moat acceptable improvement for tbe benefit of the ladles has been achieved In tbeconstruction of an enclosed entrance or ante-room to the ladle* window, which la to be furnished with heating apparatus and appropriate furniture. The ladles window opens Into this ante-room, which is pri ??c, auu ior lue especial oenooi 01 iue lair sex. Gentlemen calling for letters for their lady frlenda receive them at the window formerly devoted to the ladle* When the City Post Oflcewti first built it was generally believed to be large enough for any possible contingency that might arise But the architect never dreamed that it was to be the scene of soch extensive postal operations as have been instituted there since the breaking out of the great rebellion, and therefore did not make his plan with reference to the receiving, assorting, and supplying of mail matter to an army of a quarter of a million cf men, to say nothing of a resident and floating population amounting to at least one half that number during the intermission of Congress, and added to that again the huge extra demands upon the office consequent upon the Congressional sessions Th* tremendous influx and afflux of mail matter thus dslly acenring, not only requires a large clerical force, which has been provided, but also an enlargement of the office, the necessity for which grows more apparent day by day Postmaster Clephane has promptly taken tbe initiatory steps towards effecting this important change, and asked the department for more room, and haa been assigned several convenient apartments In one of the adjoining wings of the Post Office building. With theee Increased facilities for serving the public, the Immense bulk of the mails now transmitted hither and sent away dally will be distributed and forwarded with proportionate economy of time All About a. Box*bt ?Last night, Patrolman Crown rushed Into the office Justice Donn, cUw*ly followed by several females, who w?re very much excited, and each woman trying to get the Squire's attention first The trouble seemed to be. when the case was sifted, that one of the UM U k,?A U?? V. I .V. \a aaujcv, tan. m uiw, ini ucr uuiiucv wuu jin. Behrens, a milliner, to be fitted up, and though be bad called over and over again In five weeks, she could not get her bonnet. It was exactly sucb an aggravation as that received by Mrs Ptlllcoddy at tne bands of Mrs Slmcox. Last night sbe went sgain for her bonnet, and could not get It, finished or unfinished In a moment of anger she seized upon a bonnet In tbe store, and remarked tbat sbe would take that If the other was not given up. One Samatag jumped up and seized the complainant, and took tne bonnet from her. Mrs White, tbe lady customer, accused the Germsn. Samstag, with assault and battery. Samstag then wanted to accuse Mrs White with stealing tbe bonnet, and Mrs. Behrens, tbe milliner, wanted to justify herself. Justice Doun ordered Mrs Bebrens, as sbe could not bring tbe bonnet herself to-day, (It being her Sabbath,) to end It to the office; Mrs. White to be present with the money to pay for It; and Samstag to kesp his tongue. The parties went off, not exactly satisfied, but determined to make thlnirs right in the morning. Deaths or Soldum ?Since our last report the following d-atbi have occurred : Jeremiah Schalftr, company D, 6th Pennsylvania Reserve corps, at Camp Pierpont. Daniel Schwarb, iat Long island volunteers, at camp. Wm A. McDowell, 1st regiment Dlatrlct of Columbia volunteeis. Jos Bakely, company D, 6th . 8. cavalry, at Circle hoapital. Tbos Burke, company 1,8th Pennsylvania cavalry, at Union hoapital. D B 0?ks, company G, 44th New York volunteers, at Union hoapital Wm Hill, company , 85th Pennsylvania vol I un leers at Sc. Elisabeth hoapital. Geo. Robertson, ilth regiment Maine volun lepra, si t'upuve fever nospiiai. J H Mason, company C, 43d New York volunteers, at Union hotel Aaguat Frish, company B , 'M U S cavalry, at Circle koaoltal. Daniel V Carpenter, Harlan'a Pennsylvania cavalry, at Eruptive Fever taoapltal Private J B. Kitchen, Company E, Fifty-sec oad Pennsylvania Regiment O. VV. Gist, 2d company Flrat Pennaylvanla Cavalry. Ait Asrss ? Editor Star; Considering your Journal the fest far exposlsg violation* of law or encroarbmenta upon the rights of citizens, 1 would respectfully ask you to notice the following facta: On the 31at October, 1801, while my carriage wji atandlng close to the curb-atone, on the corner of Seventeenth and 6 atreeta, It waa run Into by an army wagoa, and materially damaged, endangering the lives of my friend and my aelf. On the ttth November a similar outrage waa perpetrated by aa army wagon while a lady was driving, reducing the carrisge to a wreck Most fortanataiy, the ladjr escaped uninjured, but the damage was such as to aalarga the expense of repairs As I am not the only sufferer by this reckle*s driving of army wagons, I would reapeetfully auggest that all who have been thus Injured 11* the coechmakers hill of repair*, with, vouchers, at the oHoe of Justice Donn, who will p%t the matter into a tangible shape for obtaining U??? fns waii9 anniiAft 1m I pecanitry mm < nwp*??, ?v. 7 ??- ??rrv,. ... securing a reit?edy for these manifest wror.n, 1 reroala very respectfully yours, H B A Bonnet roi Mrs Lincoln ?Tbe ladle* of New York city have been devoting their atten-1 tloe to a very costly bonaet, manufactured by Mr Higgles of that city, tod Intended aa present to Mrs. Llaeoln. The B.oststriking features of tke beaa?tars the striata. on whlcka fat r Ilk earm of oar respected Ckfrf Magistrate has been wovea, suVroaaded bra wreath, saraeaated by the national -hield the branch, and other emblems, tttrd to adMa tke kead-dress of Ike President's wife The beuaet was to have been dispatched EM -evening, aad will dsnbtlem be presented ts Vlis Liae?ln ("-dar III ?Joshua Riley, M. D., of (jforiitewn, Is q-ilte 111, we regret te bear. 9 A Bold Ro*b**y ?Night before la??, about 1* o'clock, a party of soldi en came to the dwelling of Mr* Ellen Hofftoan,on north ? itreet. between Sixth and Seventh itreeta east, and demanded admittance She refuted to allow tbem to come In, when tbev effected ft forcible entrance, and after raneacklog the premlies, eattled off ft timber of abawla, bed elotbln*. drr rood*, houae keeping article*, dream, fce 7 icT,"including a necesaary article of chamber furniture, tainted at by Byron aa having been discovered by a jealous tauaband In the aearch for Don Juan. Mrs Hoffman procured from Justice Coll a warrant for tbe arrest of Henry Anthony, charging him with being the 1 ader of tbe gsng who committed thla audacious robbery, but be has not yet been arrested She also procured from the same magistrate a warrant to search tbe premises of Nicholas White, a soldier living on tn? same square with beraelf. and went there In company with Patrolmen Champion and O'Lusbv or the Sixth Ward, but none of the missing articles were found on hia premises. srmmi Cottit ?Ve*terclay, Oliver h Palmpr. Win F Aldrirh I * M nn rrvjs H orsoo An drew* and Menzo Dlefendorf, Esqs .of N. Y., W'm R Scott, E?q , of P? , md w T. Bu-geaa, K*q , of 111., were admitted attorney* and counsellors of thla Court. No 23 Thomaa Pearce, plaintiff In error, agt. Randall G Higglns In error to the circuit court of the United States for the eaatern district of Arkansas Thla cause having been called for argument, and neither party being prepared to argue the same, It waa dismissed, with costs, under the 19th rule of the Court. No 12 The United States, appellants, agt S. J Hensley. Thla cause waa argued by Mr. Edwin M Stanton for the appellants No 26 The United States,appellants, sgt Chaa. CoTllland et al. Thla cauae was argued by Mr. Edwin M Stanton for the appllants ino w waiter L,aMn, appellants, agt Aug. M Harrington etal and the Illinois Central Railroad Company The argument of this cause was commenced by Mr Burgess for the appellantand continued by Mr Beckwlth for tbeapp?Ue?6. Adjourned until Monday. PriLic Schools ?The new member of the Board for the Fourth School District, Mr. Jonaa B Ellis, In conjunction with his colleagues, Messrs. J. E. Holmead and John T. Cassell, paid a visit to the district night-school, Sixth street, (Island,) Thursday night The number In attendance was quite small, but the attention and order of thoae present were highly commended Although our city'a experience of night schools baa not thus far proved very exhlleratlng, we must admit that the order of the Fourth District night-school Is highly Indicative of future success The Trustees of the Fourth District are bestowing much time and labor in reorganizing the Island schools. This ts a good work, and though It may occasion a temporary inconvenience to tne teachers, It must In the end benefit them and their pupil* The life of a public school system is In the thoroughness of lt? classification?the having tbe right study pursued In tbe right time and place. Riser id ? An Interesting white girl, only 13 years of age, was rescued last night, by Detective Officer B<>st, from an assignation bouse kept by a y-llow woman. This is tbe third Instance within the last fortnight in which Officer Boas has been called upon by distressed relativesof girls (minors) to recover them from houses of ill fame, whither they have been enticed by procursses While our legislators are on the subject of judicial reform In this Dts'rlct, their attention may properly be called to the fact that there is no law here punishing tbe keepers of b?wdy bouses for harboring or enticing away gtrls under age from their homes. The fact that tbe victims of such villainy are white, will not disqualify them, it is to be hoped, ss candidates for redress at the hands of our law-makers. Polick Reports ?Yesterday, John C. Hohn w*? arrested by patrolman Crown for assault and battery, also for seiltng liquor to soldiers; held to ball in both cases bv Justice Barnaclo. Dinlel Sullivan, disorderly; turned over to the military. Wm Bruning wat arrested upon the complaint of Lieut. Morris for an assault with a pistol, and turned over to the military. John Smith, whipping his wif*; jail for court Chas Parker, assault and battery on Kilen Nash; sent to jail for court by Justice Walter Felix Snyder and J. H Sullivan, boys, fighting in the street, were lectured and dismissed by Justice Donn J Kelly, disorderly conduct; fined SI 58by Justice Thompson Geo. Stowell, do ; do. SI 94 by the same justice The cases were reported by the sergeant of the Fourth Ward. Kind Acts Rvmixbkkkd?Our brave volunteers have shown In repeated instances their grateful appreciation of kindnesses extended to them by our clttzena. l)urln? tbe year, tbe Rev. Mr. Holmead (Grace Church, Episcopal,) and family have performed many (food de?da for auft'eilng and needy aoldiera, making their house a sort of military hospital. a* it were. The member* of the New Jersey Eighth Regiment, (Col Johnson,) aa a mark of gratitude ">r auch services rendered to aoldiera or that regiment, have presented to Mr Holmead tbe bandaome turn of S177, to be d* voted to the purchaae of a new Sunday achool library for hia church, and tbe liquidation of a small balance of debt upon the old library and the church organ. Thk Stabbixo Afvaik.?Jabez Petard, whole Kv tho rvftlsAlmon -?j |m?i t'tm-vii v?? ?uc r iiku tv at u iui nn avaauit and battery, with intent to kill, on Jobn bvans, was noticed in the Star of yeaterday, appeared before Juatlce Ferguson at 4 o'clock p in for a further hearing. From the evidence it appeared that Evan* h?i for tone time paat made a butt of Petard, and a few days aince threatened to knock hia brain* out with a atone which he (bvans) baa in hi* hanJ He then dropped the lone, and putting a rope around Petard's neck pulled him abcut, saying he would bang him. Petard exploded at last?aa petards generally do? and after warning Evans oil', drew a smnll knife and pricked him la the shoulder, inflicting a light wound The case waa dismissed by the magistrate. Ssmiocs Accid?nt?Yesterday afternoon, as Mr H H K Elliot, proprietor of the Philadelphia "Evening Journal, wan riding in a bugtry on Sixth near C street, a butcher's wagon caine in contact with bis light vehicle, and tore off one of the hind wheela, and Mr. E was thrown out. He was taken in charge by Mr. Thayer, of the Affiprlran T^l^trranh (:ommnv ?nH ?orrr? r*m nln of the Metropolitan police, and conveyed to bis room* at F Butler'* boarding hous>>, when it waa aacertalned that hia Injuries, though painful, are not necessarily dangerouv Sergeant Cronln think* the colllalon might have been avoided If the carriages aud omnibuses at the stable* on Sixth street had not blockaded the atreet to a considerable extent. Csntbal Guardhouse Casks?Before Jvstiet Thompson ?^'ary McMonagan, vagrant; workhouse 90 days D U. Buzee, drunk and disorderly: do. tl M George Ryan, soldier; turned over to the military John Doughertr. do John Qnlnn. drunk and disorderly; fined SI 94. David Shay, disorderly; do 91 SM Jane Johnson, drunk and out after houra; workhouse flo days Thos Smith, disorderly; dismissed. George Johnson, do: do. L Vansklver, profanity: flued SI 9t Gilbert Fowler, do ; do. SI 91 Seven lodgers were accommodated Of the arreata two were made by the Second; three by the Third; four bv the Fourth; and two by the Seventh Ward patroU. ___ Fotrmrn Wabd Pouck ? Yesterday, Lewis Pranit, for violating the building regulations by constructing a wooden building adjoining it to a brick ouiiaing; ruiea ior trial oerore Justice Walter Mrs Warner, for obstructing the street*; do. Matthew Butler, assault and battery; waa dismissed by J uatlce Barnaclo. Tboa. Curtis, do ; lined 9'2 94. Washington Steany, assault and battery-on a female; was held to ball for court, and flned S3 1* for profanity, by Justice Walter. Four cases were turned over to the military. Thbatik ?To-night Mr. John E. Owens makes bis last appearance, and will do duty In three famoua characters?''Pllllcoddy," "Box," and "Solon Shingle." On Monday night Mr. Bland will brine out the great spectacle piece, "The Seven Sisters," for which the requisite machinery, properties, &c . Ste ,. have arrived from Philadelphia, and it will be produced here With all the splendor of effects which hu characterized It at northern theater*. Alaem or Finn ?The alarm of fir* last night, about half-past seven o'clock, which was general and brought out the fire companies In different parts of the city, wss caused by a violation of the city ordinances,by tbe burning of a lartrequantity of rubbish In Ninth street near D. The light was quite brilliant, aod could b? seen a great distance. J Mad Doo Killed ?Yesterday afternoon, a floe d?g, belonging to a gentleman named Sewell, residing In the Northern Liberties, exhibited symptoms of hydrophobia at Shreeve's stables, on Seventh street Patrolman Crown took a pistol and shot the animal. It Is believed that the dog was bitten some time age by a rabid dog. Aiolie's Rkstackavt ?Seeelsewhere the an nouucement of the opening of this establishment by a gentleman so well qualified by nature and experience te cater suecseafully for the public as Mr J Airier UIs place has been fitted In beautiful style Indeed, and most certainly become a favorite resort for all who love good eating and drinking Thi Bolltmobb Wim ? Our enterprising neighbors. Johnson * Nagle, are the Washington agents for ths Bollinger enampafrae, a new wine In this market. It possesses a remarkable fine body, and we have rarely Indeed found any other champagne to exceed It li flavor It cab hardly All soon to become a standard fk to rite la this reCbaistt's opera house was again crammed last night to overflowing, and the performances rectlvrd with uproarious laughter aad applause The attraction of this company eaanot fall of ln> surlng a mo#t sotceMfui season, however pro. tracted I Sruvn ro* tub U?m Potomac.?K small tamer named the "Volunteer," which was originally built for use In the shallow waters of the Delaware rlrer, above Philadelphia, has been purchased by the Government, for service In the waters of the Upper Pdtomac. She ia a sternwheel boat, and draws onlv eighteen Inches of water She will be brought from Philadelphia as soon as repairs which sha is now undergoing have been completed. Tubnbd Ova* to the Civil AtrTHoaiTias ? Jas Morrlsaey. a soldier of the 8th Inhatrv, who was arrested for aswinitlnsr and beating P Condon. rvf St Vi r.hiiv/?k an/I tnrna/1 over to tke military bv Justice Thompson, has been turned over to the civil authorities by request of tbe commanding officer of the regiment, and tbia morning be wai committed to jail for court by Joatice Thompson. D*ad ?Thla community will sympathize sincerely with their much reapected fellow-citizen, the venerable Amos Kendall, upon the loaa of his only remaining ion, John Kendall, Esq , whose death is recorded in the obituary notices elsewhere. The funeral services will take place tomorrow afternoon at the Rev. Mr. Sunderland's church. Four-and-a-half street. ThbGkokoitown City Cotjrcils?It ha* been said that "the world Is governed too much," but the raying will not apply to our slater city. The winter aeralon of the Council* commenced thla week, and at the flrat regular meeting, laat night, no bualneaa waa transacted for want of a quorum, although matters of aome importance are lying over a Joxo the numerous resorts for amusement. Odd Fellows' Hall admirably sustain* its merited popularity with the Washington public. An original entertainment to-night, unsurpassed in fun. 0Sict and Wocsdid Soldixrs ?The aggregate number of sick and wounded soldiers accommodated in the various hospitals in this city, amounta to 1,0?4. Thk District Volunteers have been aaalgned to the brigade under Col. Robinson, acting brigadier, who commanded at Fort McHenry during the Baltimore troubles. Rltf i or Alt v Fin* Uirvfiv la inaf reiving the finest conceivable oysters They are finer than ever before found their way to thla market In any considerable quantities. Thk Star ij? thk First Ward ?Mr. John Mathews ia tbe sole agent for serving the Star to subscribers In the First Ward of thii city. All arrearages of subscriptions will tberefore be paid only to him: as well as all arrearages due In that ward for the Baltimore 5kh, of which he is also the agent there. Iw Ijtdia Rubber Cores?Manufactured undrr Good1?7u?? 1C lfl?J J - J ~ ?..???? W ? ?r?*/ iVf IUW. A new and desi rable article which hat long been needed to take the place of the common cork for Champagne. Porter, Ale. Cider, &c., afrer the original cora la drawn. They prevent any lou rf fixed air and keep the liquor In the tame state as when first opened It being air-tight, it is the only article suitable for Arlds, Aqua Ammonia, Smelling Salts, Indelible Ink, and a great variety of articles which are more or less volatile, and which destroy the common cork, but have no effect upon the Rubber. The Rubber Stopper will not chip or break off a* the common cork Is liable to, making it necesiarv tn Hlcr nut th* n*rt loft In the nopV nf bottle or pbial Its toughneaa and tenacity obviate* this objection to tbe common cork. They are prepared with the purest article*, imparting no amell or taste to tbe moat delicate preparation, and may be relied upon by all Phy iclani and Surgeon*. On the icore of economy, it will take the place of another corks and stoppers, as quantities of liquors of all kinds and medicines are obliged to be thrown away, having become stale and worth less, for tbe want of being tightly corked. They are also a perfect substitute for ground glass stoppen for druggi?ts' bottle* and phlala, which often tick and are difficult to get out Tbey are put up a dozen In a box of different aizes expre*alv lor families, so that when any bottle of liquid Is opened, the Rubber cork should be used. They can be put up differently, assorted for Wine and l.lquor Storea. Beer Bottlers, Hotels, Club Rooms, Bar-rooms, Ac , Ac., of such sizes and quantities as may be wanted. They will be for sale at all tbe principal Drug? 1st and Rubber Stores throughout the United tates A company has been formed under tha title of the Goodyear India Rvbber Cork Company, for tU. .# A ?? -? * ' * lur uiauuiaciuro 01 inf move article, nnaer ite exclusive license from Mr. Goodyear's Executors for the United States, and tbey intend to place them before the public at prices so reasonable that they will come into general use, and in a great measure supercede the common cork For sale at H A. Hall's India Rubber Warehouse, 3118 Pennsylvania avenue, Washington, D. C. eo3i None*.?Beware of counterfeits and unprincipled dealers endeavoring to dispose of their own and other artio'es on the repat&tion attained l>j Hflmbold't Ertrnet Bneku, a positive &nd ?peoifio remedy for diseases of the Biadder, Kidneys, Gra?n.rt? a. ? a ? - - f ? t ? ??? j?? tui. u vpoj, au., ctu.f aoi abi iur neimuoia b, Take no other. See advertisement in another ool omn. ae3n MARRIED On the 28th ultimo, by the Rev. Septimua Tuatin, 1) D., Mr. JULIUS 8. MoALLISIER. U. S. Army, to Miia NAREMETA 8. STALLINGS. On the 5th instant, by the Rev John C. Smith, D O.Mr GHORGKT B\^SKTT;of this city, . a ? i t f * * f D I.' A tlT A Vr ? * - - L - ? ? lO/MIBB bliUA A- 1 ntnun A I . ui iuioni(SD, [ Detroit papers oopy.) * On the 5th instant, At the Second Baptist Churoh, hf the Kev. B. H. Benton, JAMES A. DUN MNOTON to Mi?s MARY K. ST. JOHN, all of this city. I Port Tobacco Times copy ] Dl KL>, On Friday nicht, the 8th instant, atSo'olock. LAURA LtJCINDA, you-icer daughter of Joseph and Gracey Richards, aced 4 years 4 months and 6 days. fierfu-erai will take place on Sunday, the 8th icstan;, at 2 o'clock. The friends of the family are invited to atten i her faneial. from her parents' residence, No. 235 E St., between 3d and 4>i sts.. Island. On the morning of the7th instant, at S o'olook, of typhoid fever, at the residence of R. C. Fox, at nen-an t?reea, jutim ivis;xuai,l.only remaining son of H n Amos Kendall ana wife, in the 13th year of his aca. His funeral services will take place to-morrow (Sunday aite noon, at half past 2, at the Fir>t Presbyterian Church, 4H st. The friends of the family are cordially invited to attend FD R~8 ! - FURS!! F U R 8 ! ! ! MINK SABLE. FITCH, WATER MINK. FRENCH SABLE. In feat variety, and oheap, at de5 Jm SEYMOUR'S, Georgetown. f\\K WOOD S7 SO PER CORD. V/ ? I am receiving seasoned Oak Wood, which I will sell at $7.50 at the railroad or delivered for 08.50 per cord. Inquire of me, at the railroad, or of C. B. CHIJRCH at the depot. Orders leit at my resi dence. 466 14th street, near ths Long Bridge, will be attended to. de?-3t* 3. W.K. HANDY. IN STORE, AND FOR BALE CHEAP FOR CASH? 5.000 fairs B ue and 6rey Blankets, 2.000 Double and Single Comforts. l.noo Lined and Unlined Buffalo Robes, Buokley's Patent Cane-seat Army Chairs, the best oampohainn use. Favor s and Shiyock's Camp Cots, Hair and Husk Mattresses of all sues. Feather, Hair and Kxoelsior Pillows, ftc.,*o. J AS C MoGUIRE & CO.. de 5 2w porn- r Tenth ?t. and Pa. avenue. E WORSTED GOODS. XTENSIVE Assortment of Ladies' and Children's Hoods, Son'ags. Coats, Cloaks, Sleoves, Hosiery, Gloves, 4o. ho. Also, a large invoice of heABtiftal Worsted Embroidered Slippers, L' mp stands, to., will be soid eieap and at one prioe at No SO Market Spaoo. noia-aw* SCHLA1CH A CO. NNEW MILLINERY. OW Opening a very select assortment of WINTER BONNETS, comprising the^^Pk newest and mist desirable sty es of the sea 9* son. to whioh the attention of the ladies is.^^ invited, at the ranoy store or Hi ruHinsuw jt MUNRO, 310 Pennsylvania ave.. between ?th and 10th atreet*, where Mua THOMPSON ia prepared to exeonte promptly all ordera inatr listed to her. deS 6t INDIA RUBBER PANTLOONS, Legcini, X Coata, Ponohoa, Blanket*, to., at the Sutler'* Supply Depot, _ , ? 334 P? ave.. Rack Room, de 4-tf or 336 D it., between 9th and 10th. I HAVE JUST RECEIVED THIS DAY, A large invoioe of Buffalo and wolf Kobe*. alto a

oeairable artio e of Borae Blanket*, all ofwbioh will be offered at low price*. JOHN B. PUDNEY. 394 Pa. ave.. Back Room, de 4 tf or 399 D at between 9*h and loth. I CAUTION TO THE PUBLIC. N Cot.aeeoenoeofthe oonatantly increasing imitation of the diffaient brand* or Meaare. Moot A lUtnitnii'iCHAMPAiiNK WINES eaaeaiailt of zssSagK::rA &&^m*\ , H?t,i?*^gTBu^?^^'w3kie?t*n- ? I i?4-lW *?* / m immmmmmmmmmamammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm WANTS. w ANTKU-A (ood CASK IDC riE HAKKR. Arply at the corner of S and Eleventh ata. d?7-?* ? private farrUy. a competent *? GIRL t> cook, washer and ironer Onrd wagea will be siren to anob, by applyinz tt *93 Pa. avenne op staira. da 7 3t* WANTED TO R E N T?Fl' R NI TURK (nr a ' ?? houaa of 10 to 15 rooma, or a Furnished Hrnae of th?t miss. AdJreea, with particulars, ! rt.,"Pt&Mffio*. de7-St* | WAiMTK.n TO RENT?A n?atiy fnrmahed HOUSE, m a central location. Beat of reference given. Pertiea havinj an unformatted h'use ir.ay a'.eo apply. Addreaa Bos 14 star Of It* WANTKD?A your.g. atronr GIRl., of g'^od character, (if poaslbl*. a German,) to waah, l'cn, and be geneia'ly useful in a email fami . Thehigh?tt ?? ?? will b? paid. Apply immediately at No 846 H ft., between 18th ard 19th eta. de 7 2t* WANTKD?By a small family in furnisk?d momi, a aervant til R L who will do the waiting and can come well recommended aa a firat rate aeamitresa to do a'ain ae wing and fit and out ohildren'a clothe* < raaie or femaie.) One qualified for the above at 1 hear of a good aitnation by applying at thiaoffioe. It* W/N rFl??Two good TIN and SHEET IRON WORKERS. Apply immediately at Stfl Pa. avenue. de6 3t* IVANTED-A goo.1 uncle BLACKSMITH. Ina in rm nf Mr. M 7 4 SlRR. rnrnur nf 9?v?nt h and 8 sts. de 6 3f WANTED?A first-rate COOK, who can corns wail recommenced, at 643 Eleventh street, below C. ; d? 6 2t* W7ANTED?A FURNISHED HOUSE, in a " central location. Good rent said and best of references given. Address Box 336 Post Office. deb 3t* \\TANTED.?Four or five rood FINISHERS " may obfain employment at the Georgetown Foundry, if immediate application be made to i. fu v AIjLI OP o 31 WANTED?fly a former government clerk, a CLKRKJHIP with a paymaster. ?uart?>rmaster, oommtssary or sutler. Apply at this office, orto"H K.." through the Post Offlo? ^eS3t* WANTED-By a Sutler, a PARTNER, that will furnish sufficient capital for the bu*ir.ess. Address ' H. 6," Dox 769 Washington Post Offioe. de6-3f WANTED IMMEDIATELY?A thorooghlr oompetent DRIVER. Also, one ?hat oak come well recommended Apply at GE<'*GE PARKFR'3, oorHer and C st?. tte 3 4t WANTED-Two MEN. to wwkTTiTa Dair^, they must he good milkers, also to good farm, H in lAffnrK I H ft. W Iiin.^1 i nnl? mi I nnr. m i 14 i I ? ..WMWO. < YYlJ *?* *iW/UO* Ili-I Farm,7th street road, near the fiat toll gate. d* 6 3t* WANTED?A Tamil* without children want a FURNISHED HOUSE, convenient to Pa. avenue, oontaimnc from 8 to in room*, with a eta b'e attached. Address, by letter, No 75. N?tnnal Hotel. de 6 St* |> O ARD WANTED, by a eentleman. in a French 13 family wh*r? th^ iantoac ( ?h oh he desires to learn) in exc n?ively spoken. Address, with fail particulars, Advertiser," oareof Star Office. de6 2t* HOARD WANTED, forafamilr of three persona. Two commodious (e l-rocms n? essary, ana me cnaraoier 01 inn eatauianment must t>e genteel. Or a small Fumtahel Houae would be rented. Addreaa No. 90, Willard Hotel. de 6 tt* WANTFD-A Rood WOMAN, *o two *? m'lea in the oountry- To one who underatanda her buainoaa the higheet prices will be paid. Apply at No. .101 Pa ave.. brtween 9th and loth Ftrewfa, aouth aide Refernnoe required. Alao.a front and lack PARLOR for rent, at 301 Pa. av de 6-3t* WANTED? Good able-bodied MEN. For partio?lar8 app ly at the Reville Houae. on ft, between 21 at and S2d ata de 5 6t* WANTED-A Kood MM.LINER : nonebu* the " best need applr. S. H KLLER, No. 34 Market Space, betyen 7th and 8th sts. dei 1 w* WANTED-A Rood COOK ard CHAMBURMA ID. fiord recomm^nda?"*"* will secure the highest wages. Applr at No. 3*8 North Cari tol street between B and C strefts. de 5 tf 1*7 ANTED?At the Government Hospital forth* vv Inrane, six single WHITE WOMEN, to do chamber and laundry work. Apply at the Hospital. de 3 Iw WANTED?10,?*) whisky and brandy BOTTLES. Carh sn delivery. J?. B. HASTING"* A CO.. ? 323 |) street, no 25 tf Philharmoaic Building. WANTED?Every person to know that I am in tk? nia-kf-t, ready to pay cash for ail articles in the hoasefurnishmc linn. Those leaving tne U. ? 11 J II ir o W?'J| "I IJCbVIUC 1 CUID1UB, Win UU WCII IU CB"i IV. BUCHLY, 43? Seventh ?t .between (J ana H its., (e&st side,) Dealer in New and Seoond-haod Furniture no 16 WANTED-TAILORS, TAILORS -50 Tailors _ competent to work on military roods. A cplj 6. Wall. Stephens A Oo.'a. ae2S WANTED.?We are now burini SECONDHAND FUKNITUR B, STOVES and BED DIN6, for whioh we are pavinc the hipheat oaah prioes. Familiea declining houaekeepina, or having a anrplua of furniture, will find it to their advantage to give ua a ?all. BONTZ & eRlFFITH, Je 15-tf No. 369 Tth *t.. betw. 1 ann K ata. CUTTfcK WANTED. Call at WALL, STEPHENS A CO.'8. Pa avenue. se 18 ~ BOARDING. ^IX PERSON8 CAN BK ACCOMMODATED S3 with *ood Rooms and Board, within fjur quarts of the Wa' Department. west by add'??rlng "E. 8," this offije de 7 2t* HOARDING.?A handsome suit of Rooms, in a private residence noar the Patent Office. Meals furnished in the be*t style. References re auirfd. lc?aire at No. 5**7 H, between 4th and 5th 8la. da4 eo8t* nOARD.?Respectable parties -may find rood Roard and well furnished Rooms, by day, week, or month, in houses No. 4 75 and 477 lStn street, three do jrs from fa. avenue, and midway betWMi Wiliards' and Kirkwo >ds' Hole's, no 26 lm* ________ MISS BROOKK'S EN6USH A*D FRENCH BOARDISU AND DAY aCHOOL. Skvkh Bcildinss, No. 130 Pennsttrani* avenue. Ciroulars to be obtained at the Bookstorea and of the Priuoipal. noSB-lm* All kInds of fancy groceries and Sutler's Goods on h&r.d a id for ??! low by BROWNING A KEATING. de 4 3?awtf 333 Pa. wnae, imar 6th st. DRY GOODS! WHITELKY, STONK ?c CO., No. SSI Baltimoeb Street, Near Skarp, Ba! import, Offer for sale a desirable stock of IOOD8 AT LOW PMICKS, f O A gash! And invite the attewtoeeef dealers to the same. no 23-2w Buhler rest aura nt, A la Matson Do'te, 3?i* pennsylvania a vinue. The above plaoe is now opened t> tne public at large and the Proprietor will endeavor to A ? A five fu 1 satislao ion to all who mar pa- Tflft roniae him. BKkAKFAST from 8 to 13 o'clock. at Snoots. TABLE dk HO l"F. at 5 o'olock, at 75 cents. DINNERS and SUPPERS at all hours, at the shortest notioe. GA.VtE. OYSTERS, 4o? always on hand. d? S-lw WATCHES. llOLD AND SILVER ENGLISH, SWISS AND AMERICAN. I have now on hand a large stock of all the most celebrated Waichec, that I am selling at the very lowest prioes tnat good and reliaMe time keepers oan be adorded at; and every description of fire JEWELRi ?n hauo;all new styles reoeived as soon as manufactured, and offered at the lowest rates. Silver ware manufactured in my own shop. All kinds of MILITARY GOODS on hand, sucn as Revolvers, Swords, Sashes, Belts, Bowie Knives, Pocket Compasses. Ac., Ao. Also strong A mwiA O.J --4 ? a I ai uij m. i uurb auu oru v^uiituiuvu. ?uu many uiuvr things useful and ornamental a: 338 Pennsylvania avenue. noyi tf H. A. HOOD. " |>ALMORAL SKIRTS," New Supplies, New I) Patterns, and at reduced price*. 100 pieces new and styluh Delaines, at low prioes. 300 pieces new styles Prints, at 12H oents per yard. loo piece* white and colored Fiannels. One prire only, marked in plair figures. Carpets, Curtains, Oilolotbs, Ruis, Ac , upper floors. Aninspeotion of stock implies no obligation to purohase. PKRRY k. BRO. Penn. avenue and ?tn st. de3-St ' Perry Building." m-~? /\ n t~y t m r> *"* aiA* ??t r? t* as *. a ij'un i>i 1l /. r, o w bMi-.noreiDU oir osu&i r full stook of Cloths, Ctssimeres, and Vestinss, man? of them for fine Out 1 nee sails. Also Cloths and C&ssimerrs of finer grades than usually had in tnis market. One prioe only, marked in plaia figures. \n inspection of stook incurs no obligation to pn oaase. I i KR\ A BROTHER, Pa. avenue and Ninth St., no25-5td "Perrr Building " NEW CLOAKS AND SHAWLS, opened today. iadies' Cloak Cotns, plain and ribbed A to, a fine stook of medium and rich Black Silr* A few of tho-e very oheap Silk Robes. With all kinds of Dry Goois for the general and p c lal wants of families. 25 pieoes|white Skirting Cambrtos. unepnoe only, m*r*ec in plain Dfur??. C""* CurUiMcSii?!f KM,"' <U8 St Pa. WW* and NuUfc it. ONE VERY NICE SECOND-HAND PIANO for 950, a Lao. ?Urce ?took of v., s W'> ** * } AMUSEMENTS. LAPT NIoTlT VSi OWENS. WATI.'RDAT. Pwnitur 7, WiM b? ??rfnrin*d th* of POOfc PILL1CODDY. Prttr PUliowWf Mr. J. B. Ot*m AfW which. th? ffcroe of BOX Aflll COX _ COX. . . m m m mm ? - ..< ? M T J . K O W Wll To ?'BoladM with the drun% THE YANKEE TEAM8TEK Solon 8hin|l? Mr. J. 8 Oven* lt? rrHK STFW ART Hlil I A M II RltVH IV TUB 1 FIFLD AGAIN! ThePIXTH GRAND BALL of the f?TRWA *?T HOLLAND CLUB w.!l Tike plio? ?t M bTOTT'* Hall. corner ofPa av?rae and joth lW t. on TUKHDAY. De<j?nber in*h /f& The member* pledice th?ir,??l*?? that n?i-MH ther pain* nor expense will be ?pare-1 to make tiaa the b?rt Kail of thereaar.n Hart' Band has b*en engaged for the orcaaion. Tickets On? Doi'ar. Committte of Arrmtrmmtt. H. C. h.gpj, Wm ?rover, F.J Rwd, C. Crump, de 7 3t* WASHINGTON T H E A T~R B. extraHotice. The ptibhe are mn?t respectfn ly itform'd that the crpftt noveltv which has b?en for man? we?k? iu OVIIVO VTVaiiftllUU Wl | (IV ITUUKIli I? I WMU UH MONDAY tVKNlNR. the t<tl? in that of the SEVEN SISTEKS THE BIRTH OF THE BUTTERFLY, in TUB BOWER OF FERNS. The piece will be prodded under the di ection of Mr. JOHN M-DONOUH. of Phta'aljh a. at whose neatre the p'ar ran an e tir* ?t&;on; as %l*o a' Mi?? Laura Keene'a. N?w York. J*eat? oan b? ?wn ed tnree d*n in advanoa. Bo* q- \u\v nt v ifnDMi va a w <9 ' 'Kc u iu v/ ?? i?a .vi v/Riiinv afc iv u ui . No wavanoo in th? price of a^mi?gion. de7 tt ^ANTKHBURV HALL. (Formerly the Waahicgton A'*en.bly Roumi,) Louisiana avenne, n'ar oom?r of 6'h street. in the rear of the National and Rrown'e Hotel*, OPFN EVERY NIGHT! With th< firat t?!<?nt in America. ENTIRE CHANGE OFPKOUKAMME. The front of the auditorium is seated with elegant ro ewcod oreliester etiairs. The 09 e^'a ed Violinist, Mr, Goodall, conducts the Oroheoter. First appearance of the rMo*i?<l JAMK.S WAR li, HILLY FIKRCK, JAMES WARD. BI'.LY PIKM^B. JAMK3 WAKI), HILLY PIF.RCK, JAMES WAHD. BIl.LV PIERCE, Mio MARION PI K ROE, Tho Vers&tne A-tres* in a1 litiou to the ett&blubed favorres. Tn.viOHT rviv norTiiriTi nti I it m v 11 iw ?? a | ? ? aj u m-* a Lit MONDOL IN A, TIMBLtTY OUTDONE. Hick Parkkr (funny Diok)....attbeCA*TimBrRT. Harry Fox ? the Oantubuiit. ^ . B. Harkmok^? at the CASTFRnr*T. M'llk Frami (.a Poll* at the Canterbury. tolas Jclia Hudson, tne beautiful conrntreftp at the Canterbury. Miikks Fmma Milts Willi*. Versus, Parker Cliftoh and a host of others at the Cantkbcky. MATINEE For Families, Ladies, and Children. SATURDAY AFTERNOON. al2o'clock. Ad mission?Children ..10 cents. P?ic?s of Admission?Parquet, 25 ots ; Orchestra Chars. 60 oenf de6 -?EORGE CHRISTY'S * flF.W OPF.KA HOUSE. iit^txnth 5trkbt, seah e ftkest.^3 The ahove Temple of Minstrelsy will be opened on THURSDAY EVENING, Deo. 5th. for a Short Season, by the world renowned George Christy's Minstrels, From Broadway, Ntte York. Tki? ..4. *LU a lie sricTv rubriMiiJu.oiiva ui villi uo oiiTmvu Company -vriill b? under the immediate direction and personal supervision of Mr Gfobgi Chbistt, the aoknow edged Bcr'on of the ! thiopun l>ran.a. whose performances in New York city tor the last eighteen irarc have been at'ended by the tltt* and fashion of the treat metropolis. For particulars toe smau bills and future advertisements. Admission?Par<u?t 50 cents; Dress Circle 25 cents. de 4 ARLINGTON CLUB.?The members of the Arlington Club beg leave to announce to jg* th lr friends and the public genera ly that SS they intend giving thfir fcighth Grand CO wIM TILLON PARTY at Franklin Hal, D sI.WbA _ _ ? _ * (1a l_ _ _ t I / \ k r\ If ? * k_ rtnJ nrnr i<in,rn .nu^UM . liecmofr tw. Ticket* Vi oents, admitting a gentiernan and ladies. Bv order ol the Commute*. oe 4,7.11" ODD FELLOWS' HALL! rtivBtTH. ABOV* D ST. TWO' X E W STARS' WM.~WRAY, The greatest performer of the age ! WRAY THK ORKAT CO.MF.PIAN: WRAY THK (j H EAT HANJOIWT! WRAY THE fiRKAT VKNTRILOQIIBT! WRAY THE GRKAT MAGICIAN! HVEKY NIGHT! JOHN NT BOYD. The ligktntne Jit Dancer. EVERY NIGHT! In connection with the Campbell Minstrel* aixteon Star Performer*, in a new and varied proRiammenightly. Doors open at,7o'olock; performance oommer.oing at 8 o'clock precisely. Ariraiasion 25 cents. no 9n [?OST AND FQjJND. CTRAYF.D AWAY?From the sabsoribar'a ataO hie, J&okeon Hali Alley, on the 5th m- c\ atant, a smalt sorrel MARK. A liberal re- H Vf ward will be paid for her retu*n to my sta ble. [ile 7-St* 1 THOS 6KARY LOST?On W?dBMd*T,th# 4th !n?t a POCKET MEMORANDUM, oonts.iniaic aco>nnts, one letter written ia the Geman iancuase and t?o or t1 ree looae bit a ?5 reward wi I ?<e raid t >? the re'urn of naid memorandum to THEO. F. RONCHI R'S rroeerr a'ore. Bridge at., Georgetown, n ar th- Market House. de7 at- MASON 8HIPMAN. LOST?On the7th inst, a large Grer HOCPID, with a a tap around his neck, and chain and card attached. * ltn the dress of the Secreta^y of War. Also * ? card of tb* Adams Exprara Company. The finder Will he liberally rewarded by returning to Gen. CAMERON, corner 15'.h and I at. de7 31* REWARD?Strayed or stole* from the rear of No. 6 Louisiana avenue between and 6*h streets, on the 6 .h of Deoember, j[ in>, a uay n uwsi,, wnn two wiuie hind<-^?-?fert and about 14 hand* high, a>d runic in front kne#?; ha*l on a buggy br die ai.d breast strap. A reward of ?5 will be paid to any p-rson who will return said Horse to No 6 Louisiana avenue, or information that will lead to the reoovpry of the H?r?e, and the apprehension and conviction of the thief. if ' REWAKU Will be paid for the return of rne Black HOR5K, Harness, ad ?ov red Bur*y, with b'ue limnca; hired at the stable of 8. C A K \Vro\ O trc?t, be "* twee., 17tii and 18th stre*ts, on Friday, November 22d,lft6!,by John Foster. 8aid Foster isabontS feet 10 or 11 inches hixh; of sar.dy comsiexion. thin visage, 'arise noes. between f?rty five and fif ? years of ace, resid -noe Nobl* street, near Seoond stieet, Philadelphia, Pa Said Horte is about 1 M hands Hgh,cap off >h* left hip. The above re a d will be paid for the return of the Ho'ic. Harness, and Butzv. Also, fifty dollars wi 1 we said for the arras' and oonviction of John Fuiter. de 7-1 w* S^MIIKL r,. & K WRQE. IOST?Last evening, at 5th Cavalry Ball, a ? TAPE, numbered ??. Finder please 'eave at Willards'. det-St* C'^O RE WARD.?Stolen, on the night of the V 5 h December, from my etM>le. a f\ light t rey MAKE, iSM hand: h gh. about 8 years old, rather hsawy bnilt, ong maue*^^^ an I tail, sound and in go d condition. _d?6 Si^ WM-BEN IIY UPPERMAN. ??>{T REWARD-Strayed awav on Fridiy, J mm >J November 23d, from 1st street, botweec K acd L, Ere C??W9; one ruanWf^ with crooked horns, and four red, two of^b^M^ them with white faoes. The above reward will be paid for tteir retnri to MICHAEL KENNEDY, on 1st street, between K and L. <ie6 2t* REWARD?RAN AWAY.-On the 16th V I"",from Heorgetown bridge, a Bay HOR8K, -with white feet, marked *'C M-Jp U 8," on hit left ahou der. Hie owner will pay a liberal reward for bia return to JOHN MoGARVeY'S, corner^2Tth and K ata. deHt* ? e;n REWARD ?Lost, between 7tn at eet and 'JtlU the depot, or ttolen at the ticket offtee, or in the oara: 189 or 190DOLL.ARS. in.RSO'a SlCa a? d one 93 gold pieo a and one doubtful dot ar. The above reward will be paid for the delivery of the aame to TH OM AS CON NER. oorner 7th and K atreeta. No. 338 tie 3 ? HORSE FOUND-A brown HORSE, with aaddle and bridle, oame to the preraiaea of the undereigned. New York Hotel, 360 north C atreet, city of jHPl vv Mnicf wo x do owner 01 uti um ir t>? it herebY notifiel to com- forward,pr0v<??"""?? property. And take the rain* i*?t de8 St- ENGELB A.HDT * UNGER. ?in REWARD.-Stolen from the aubeonber, V I*? living iH inlethia tide of the Chain jrv Bridge,a email Bay HOR?F, b'aok n an?*|^rfl and tail, black le/a.the right hip little lowe'^CT^. ttmn the left; a few uota on back, oaua?d br tke addle mbb'.ng; a email white ?pot on hia forMMd. Any one rataraier the aaid iforee to the rabeoriMr will reoenra the above reward. de6-6t AMOIBUUOW8. | OST-A fcEAL RING, and a FOX HEAD Li SEAL, attached to ? ring, with eoro??iian ? ? $i r?ward will bj uvea to W to oarer rets ma the aitrclea to thuofto*. del tf RAN AWAY .FROM THIC.piBacRibKii, tv nw Hiiaor.?Dur?, bov inmunii commonly c?a Ti>Mr. H? la Sraatf lnabaa liifb, rerr black, abort hair, cntaa OOUt*na^oa wh'i; apo*an to. witfc a ptl mu 4FW tvmr one of hla iim. Went ivtr with t ack 1 i jaoket(Unitad Statoa batt >na oa ic.) oaoul pant^, I reiiow (aunilet ciotm. i anil$ tva f 1*0to ui on 1 1 TSIJI*6"*' MAGftUDU. I I SECOND EDITION. I THREE O'CLOCK, p, M, OUR MILITARY BUDGRT COLO a XL III1W4I Th? laat m*notion rumor with wfcwm U M Kerrigan, la that haa caaaaltM aatelda la tka Old Capitol priaon On the contrary, I* to I day well and aa lively a* a cricket ipramu. Rev Dr. Mitchell, of Covlagten, Kjr . w* tody appointed chaplain to the 5th rag 1 meat of United States cavalry. a aavnw Governor Morgan to day reviewed the brigade of G?n'l Wadaworth A large throne aI Naw Yorker* were present. That Riroit.-We have every reason to belie** that the report of Mr. E J. Alte, detective officer, to Provost Marshal Porter, *u baadsd by the latter to the i*tate Departmeat for sacb action upon It a* might be necessary Thus, It wii sent by Secretory Vssri to District Attorney Carrington. whose da'f tt wss to take measures for the prompt correction of the real abuse* of law and liberty which II pointed out Gen. Carrtngton was engaged laaodoing, wbea Senator Wilson obtained H, or a copy of It, and used It as a whole?la errors of (bet and erroneous deductions included?for buncombe. btkatois Baiu hid bikgb** ?The dsath of Senator Baker will, accoidta? to tbe proasnt understanding, be announced la both Houses of Congress on Tuesday, and that of Senator llagbam, of Michigan, on Wednesday. LATE LOCAL NEWS. Ci*crir Cocbt?A Qu*tt*on ?f PrtrtUfi ?Vteral months since a ? rit In a cue of dent wu lasurd upon i)r Gwin, Senator from California, In a case *f debt. He directed the clerk cf the court to enter bis appearance in regular form, bat the day after came Mck. a id claiming exemption from attendance bef re the ro iris In civil caaea by virtue of his poaltlon, recalled his act of the day before and gave himself Into the coatody of tbe Marshal for refuting to enter bla appearance. He was aubaequeutly brought before Judge Merrick, through service of a writ of kabtat corpmt, and that functionary ordered his release. Motion has been made to-dsy bv Mr Bradley, counsel for plaintiff in the debt < *?*, for proc'tw to enforce the attend <-e of Dr O win. which Is r#. s sted by the Senator's counsel. Mr. Carlisle t woo pieaaa Lit client * exemption by virtue of hla office Cbmi.nal Corn ?To-dav, the c*ae of Thomas Clementa, wbo. in July l?at, pursued Catharlaa Cook from the lower story of a bouae to a chamber above, and d'a^ged ber from under the bed into tbe next room, was nubmltted ( tbe court, which in consideration of tbe facta that tbare was t;o evidence of any more criminal act on the pvt of the nccu?ed, than an aasault and battery on tba girl, and that Clement* has been c"nf ned in tbe countv jnil since July laat, sentenced him to pay a floe of SI Th-* caaeof Jamea W Hawklna, (free colored,) indicted f >r larceny in ab>aling three boxes of randt.t fmm Pit*, l-nvlftn ?Kah( Ik* oilK Am? August last, was then taken up. Niliow Escafk ?Th a morning, two floe horses attached to the hospital wagon of the 16th Massachusetts regiment ranaway, and Jn their route along Sixth street and Louisiana avenoe. narrowly miaaed doing Injury to persons and property. A colored man was just turning a alzmule team away from the wagon stand, near Seventh street. In Louisiana avenue, when the frightened animals overtook the team, and, fortunately, missed striking the mules with the wagon tongue, passed between the lead mules and the next apan, and were caught by tbe trace chains But for this luckv circumstance there might have been !wrwu? injury io persons in me crowa bi marcei square. Accidkht to Mr. Giokoe Wilis* ? Last night. Mr. Geo. Wilkes, proprietor of Wilkes' Spirit of the Times," met with an accident which will confine him to his rooms for some weeks While handling a loaded Derringer pistol It fell from his hand and struck with the batt upon the floor. The load waa dfacbarged, sad the ball entered hla leg above the knee, fortunately missing the arteries, and passed round and lodged fn the fleshy part of the thigh, from whence It was extracted nun HnnHmii of onr follow rItlmm Will learn with sincere Borrow of tbe death, lot night, in Georgetown, of James H Fleet, the so well known colored music teacher. HU disease waa typhoid fever. He wss universally respeetod and regarded where known by thcae whose respact and regard was creditable to him. Oephans' Cor*r ? Judge Purcell having recovered from bis indisposition, appeared In court to-dav, and several c*ses of administration, ko., have been disposed of. THE LATEST BY TELEGRAPH. FROM FORTRESS MONROE. ENGAGEMENT BETWEEN GUNBOATS. REPORTED EVACUATION OF TYBEK I8HNP. Baltimoki, Dec 7.?The Old Point boat has arrived here, bringing the following news: Foktkkm Mokkob, Dec ft ?The steamer Hpauldlng arrived here early thla morning from Hatteraa Inlet. #be bring* intelligence of naval engagement between the U. 8 gun boa la V D.itmaM anil r*iar? ftliu ciliprv, tuuciwnid, M uuimui, ?uw Cere*, and two Rebel gunboat* Between twenty and thirty ahota and abella were fired on each aide, but without doing any damage. Several ahota came cloee to the Bpauidlng, from the Rebel boat*, to which Capt. Uowaa replied with hia gun* By thla ateamer we aleo learn that on the td in*t. a furious gale prevailed at tbe Inlet, but the fortiflcationa remained uninjured by the tide, which was not as high as that of the prevlooa month. The troops were all in good health. The schooner Alexander, Capt Mtlea. with Ijovprnmrni Horn, wu Dying > USS v> unmi, having dragged her anchor afler springing aleak . About three-fourths of her ear*o will be saved, but In a damaged condition. The vessel Is nnlt for further use. A flag of truce has just come down from Norfolk, bringing Horatio Eagle and Ave ladles and children. Mr Eigle was released on his parole by the rebels. The passengers report nothing new. According to a dispatch dated Augusta, Tybee I Island wu evacuated by our troops, and the light bouse was burntd by the rebels ARMY FINGER MITTENS*. Jnst the thlni for the *oidier, also tfuokskm Gloves, and Gauntlets, at in t D. Suk D nnB de 4-tf or S*i D at.. baftraM ?th aad )"5th. HEAVV WOOL HOSE. 8HIRT8 AND DttAWERS.and ARM V *HIRT?, at S?4 I Fa avence, back room; or 363 1) atraot, Maaia 9th and )Oth. i?<tf 2 000 'alrt^i?Iwd)a|WHITK BLAN,tllKT , I ' ja?t racai at ^ ^ ruDWEY*. da 4-U 394 Pa. avaaaa ba*k iooi. MULE FOR SALE.-AatroM MULK.toaad and kind, in aingla or doab * karaaa*. For tala cheap, on 3d atraot, id rear of 634 Pa an. da 4 St* \f AR1NE AND OPERA SLASHES iu _ Juit w,v?d?? C A R .N E R' 0 MILITA R Y AND TH UNK BTOM.M, 1 de *?ath alds* b,nr>? M M tie their loMuti oa or befer* ita is* <m of Jut ?ry. J862; fcfter wh oh dtta lb* bill* will b? la the tiudi "f mj tOorutr jai^iwbo^ A bril'offiiKlDllljy ** " yd fd Mar U< WtUmrd Hofl. W* lartu ali MtUra Md to ?U *ai fiwii iikmiitiins too wajtt ?! mmmmi ?ll? v TOiMJf I in* 1rP *

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