Newspaper of Evening Star, December 9, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 9, 1861 Page 2
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ywj' i 1 j*' ? ' THE KV FJMM; STAR. WASTIINCiTON CITY: MO?ID4V DECEMBER 9. I9?l> Spirit *f the M?rnlnf PressThe Int'lbf.!*'*' bM something fnrtb*r !? ??v Up?B the Haaon *nd Sltd?ll unit The Hrr*"''-"*" ^"sts it* readers If ?ore dese" ?f abc'Hion do tjlne abuses President L'ne^ln fei " too lsdi^it w!tb tboae oflc?n of tbt I army who bave exhibit d a love for nlgi<er at? hint; ' and nv< "The country demands tbe tmroed'atr and complete abolition of slaver y in be ulstrlct of Columbia." OUR MILITARY BUDGET. An ntmnt ?sibmish troilee le^ttrdiy ifiersooa a dispatch reached the head^ua.'.ers hare, from Frederick, Maryland, announcing that a ttgnal officer oo the Maryland belfht? of the Fotomac had discovered troop# moving from Winchester towards Harper a Ferry H' hereupon ?;eneral BanVs promptly ordered the 16th Indiana Volunteer*, with two rifle guns. to the Instant support of Colonel Geary, who, it will be remembered, continue* in command at that point. This morning, a subsequent despatch brings Information that tbe force of the enemy above referred to proved to be entirely composed of cavalry, which tamed oil' In another direction as though seourlug the already exhausted country for forage or something of the sort some miles oft t'om Harper a Ferry. So that prospect of a skirmish was #oun spoiled. rRAtD? rroM ike cuxuuiAi^ utr*iTXiM. Mr. David B Christ, of Pottaville, Pa , an active and well known detective of misdemeanors in the county of S'-huylkill, Pa., has lately been employed in the Commissary Department In this city as wei^hmaster of corn, oata, chop feed, coal, Ac. Mr. Christ became suspicious that there was something rotten In Denmark, and Informed Col Rocker and Capt E L. Hautx. who haa charge of the department. They at once relieved Mr Christ from his post and set him at work to ferret out the suspected frauds Mr Christ commencf d and had not gone far in hla Investigations before be got upon the track or some of these Government thieves, and he discovered that oats by the wagon load has been stolen, wood, 4c., to large amounta The matter waa traced np so close to tbe doors of some of the guilty parties that tt^y have confess-d their guilt and saveral arrests hare been made. Among the parties charged are military men, teamsters, purchasers, Ac , of these goods, a regular conspiracy gotten up for the parr>."?eof stealing from the Government. COLOML A-STOR. Headquarters, Army of tke Potomac.) Washington, Nov. 30, l*?5l. t Ordtrs. .Vc 51. John J Astor, Laq , of New Vork, is announced m Volunteer Alde-de-Carop to the Commanding General, with tbe rank of Colonel, and will be rb?ved and inspected accordingly. Hv r .nn?iid of Maj General McClclldii 8 Williams, Ass't Adj. General Official Ws. P. MttuK, Aide-de-camp Cel. Astor is the eldest grandson of the late John Jacob Astor, and with praiseworthy patriotism indeed, haa left for the time being his immense estate to labor here, as he ts laboring a* Industriously and unremlUedly as any other man !n tbe military aervlce. in the good r4UW! nf the restoration of the Union. NAVT tABD. Yeaterdsv morning the steamer Baltimore ar rlvtdat the yard, having been absent for some time, engaged In the naval service on tbe coast and in the bay The Murray and Satellite arrived tfcia morning, but with news of interest. Fi>ur shells were flred from the rebel batteries at the Satellite as she came np, none of which struck her, sll going too high, thougb good line shots Vessels pasn the batteries now without hesttatioa, and In many cases sre apparently unnoticed by the rebel*. fc>en when flred upon it It rare that one Is struck. The Satellite will re. m tin at the yard a dav or two for repairs A HIGH COMPLIMENT. We hear that Lieut. Col. Hudson, of Major General McClellan'a stall, has reported, a* the result of his late inspection of the 4th Connecticut volunteers, Col Tyler, that they more nearly approach the condition of remarkably efficient regulars than any other regiment he has so far had occasion to Inspect. Such a report concerning them deaerves to be thus made known to the world, as If but for the prospective effect of so doing npon the rest of th?A'tuy of the Potomac. MB. RCSSKLL A> D T11K &AR1BALDIANS YiVsima Side or thb Potomac, Dec. 9?Fitter S'ar I wa? present at the review of the New York troops by Gov. Morgan and others upon Saturday. As to tha review, I Lave no doubt that you have already acquainted your readera with Its particulars. Among the distinguished person* who assisted at it was Mr Russell. corre*poudent of the London Time*. He was a/terwarda. with a number of other gentlemen, a gueat of Colonel DXtassy'a at a dinner, which, for camp life, was decidedly magnificent. There were preaent all tbe . fficersof his regiment. Ina neat little speech which Dr Russell made, he spoke of the Garibaldi (/turds particularly attracting his attention by their fine soldierlike appearance; and of the officers be sed he had traveled a great deal but never before met ?o large a party representing so many different nations where such perfect good will and brotherhood seemed to reign. He ended by proposing three cheeri for Col. DTtaasy Thi? waa responded to by the Colonel in happy atyle There were several speeches from others, but not having time to give you any more particulars, 1 remain yours truly, K. ub la M Gen. Fremont haa taken apartments here en E street, between Ninth and Tenth. D-^Gen Patterson has called for a Court of Inquiry Into bis conduct In tbe campaign of last SpMng and Summer. ('./"From Shilllnyton, Odeon Building, we have Oodey> Lady's Book for January, a wonderful number. lO~The uaval court-ma.-tlal In the caae of Commander Scott, late of tbe Keystone State, for leaving his station without leave, has reported to Secretary, who has not yet passed upon ita odin; Commander Poor, tried for allowing the Sumtsr to escape from New Orleana, when he was la command of tbe Brooklyn, blockading that port, was acquitted by the Court, and the sentence haa been approved by Secretary Welles Pbbsokal ?Hon. J Hilyard Cameron, of Toronto, Canada, OoL Jame* A. Mulligan, the hero of Lexington; Lieut. Colonel J. W. Tillman, Major A. W. Clark, and Lieutenants Hill and Battrick, of Rankin's U. 8. Lancers, are at the National. ILrThe Halifax (Nova Scotia) Sun Justifies ths taking of Mason and Slldell from tbe British mail steamer Trent, sud argues that the act was strictly In accordance with the laws of the nations. It also publishes s lohg communication from Jas. Whitman, who takes the same grounds. Sscsktabt Sbwabb ?Secretary Seward has not gone to Auburn, as stated by soma of our cote mprrarles. He went on Saturday night last as far as Philadelphia, accompanying some of bis fhmily that far oo their way to Auburn. He waa, hawever, back la Waahlngton on the next? last evening by 9 p m Tub Amsrit *5 Pbopls sre getting to be, after the fhstlon of. the English. large consumers of Ala, Porter. Ac , and.the quantity Imported to this country Immii Europe every year la enormous. It mar be a matter of Interest to tha American FobUc to know that not only Europe but America also, Is becoming noted for its good Ale; and among our boms brewers can be named Smith A Brother, of New York City, wto offer to t>.? pat' le an Ale, P?rW and Brown Btont, runt for | parity, fine Savor, fed too*; qualities, is ssid to be unsurpassed P/* During tbe present iiu-uth 4*,~43 bozs I" ire a t? e?ve d J>t 'Mnuiinatt - ^naiust 1 to uiouth last yea* Suits at 93 3Ua *J.W p?r um lbs ob Tuesday AN OFFICIAL REPORT. ? An Intf mtlnf Natal > Rebel Fortification* Abandoned. Art. lT 9. S Pi^sili ) Port Royal harbor. Nov St, 1661. > Pd< Ofb'.ft 7. F Dupvnt Sm In ohrdlrnre to instructions contained in vo?r letter ofthe '-'lib inatant, I left thla barbor at ~i a m. of tbe?5tb instant, in rompany with tbe Unedilla, Lieut Commanding Collins. auH the Pembina Littst Commardinii B?r>khead piloted bv ttf v,xen. Capt Bo-itelle We rrei*? d this bar at I j>? and thaiof S*t Helena at 9 30, a s-teamer supposed to i? tbe'ltn Clinch bjing then ofl the Edisto river, which poaitiun she shortly left, and teamed up the river I eoon afterward* came iu light of a fort on the point of Otto Island, into which, at the d'a'ance of a mile, 1 threw a lew ahelia, at did the gunboats, to discover if It were occupied. There being no sniwir. I tent a boat on shore to take poa?easion, and found it to be a regular triangular work, with two faces towards the water, of two hundred and fify feet each, with bactlons and a curtain on the land side; the whole surrounded by a ditch The magatlne had been blown up, and everything carried away or destroyed; the only thing left being the fragmeuta cf an eighty pound r'fie nun. which had been bur?t. There was also on the outside a large quantify of timber and palmeto logs, which I left undisturbed, there being little or no probability of *ny one coming to runnve it, and considering that should we or upv the place it would be required to finl sh the work Having made the above examination I continued up the CtR?saw river with the gunboats, piloted by Capt. Bcutelle Wbenjust passing Morgan river, about two miles from Otter Island, I came in sight of a fort directly ahead, and at the junction of Barnwell creek with the Coosaw. When \?itbin a mile we threw a few shells Into it. and there being no signs of sccupatiou, and the n?groet showing themselves in the neighborhood, 1 sent a boat on shore to U:ke possession, and found it to be a redoubt, wtth a ditch on tbree faces, and a steep slope toward the water, above which the parapet wa? elevated thirty feet; its name being (as we found from papers picked up) For! Ha\ward The armament had consisted of only three guns?one rifle, which had been removed-ar.d two eighteen pounders, which being of a very antiquated make, and spiked, I destroyed by breaking the trnaions off. The next morning early I returned, and removed to this vessel a quantity of intrenching tools which I found near the fort, together with a large sling cart and two siege carriages, which had not been much injured bv the fire, which had consumed sufficiently to render useless the other one. and all the timbers. This being completed, 1 returned to Otter Creek Island, and finding there tbe Vlx?n, which had preceded us for the purpose of bringing rff an engineer?Lt O'Rouke? who had been sent by lien Sherman to Join us at Cottin'a Landing. He desired to make a drawing of tbe fort, and as it was late, I anchored for the nitrht, lenving again on the morning of the 27th with the gunboats and Vixen (ther? not being water for the Pawnee) to ascend the Ashepoo liver, as I understood ihat there was a military station a sbcrt distance up. After running a few miles I discovered a redoubt, and having, as before. satisfied myself that it was not occupied, I landed and found that, like the others, it was very carefully and scientifically built, with a deep ditch around it. Everything had V?n destroyed and carrif d away except a rifled 24 pounder and an old Eugllsb lb pounder, both of whlcb had been burst and another Impounder. which I destroyed . Having performed this duty, 1 continued up tbe river, thinking that I might find fortifications at Motqulto Creek, which offers the only inland channel of communication with Charleston None had, however, been erected there, and I continued up the river to t?ie plantation on Hutchinson Island, about twelve milts above Olter Island, whtch was as far b? the vessels could go Her- were a large number of tieg oes, but no white men. although they told me there w:u a picket of soldiers about three miles beyond At this time I heard beavy firing, and as we all supposed It proceeded from the Pawuee, I hurried every one on board and returned down the river as quickly as possible; but on reaching tbat vessel was told that the sounds came from the direction of Beaufort J ben. with the Pawnee, got under weigh, and *< coinpunied by the other vessel ran a-ros* the bhv to Hunting Islands river, where I landed and looked for tbe fortifications on the |>oiiit of Huntlug Island, but could not find the least appearance of there ever having been any there. Tb?* light-bouse had been rerently blown up, and all tae public property carried away. I bad now examined all the points mentioned In your letter except Coffin's landing, which had b-en visited by l.leut O Kourke on his way across and he reporting that no works had been erected there, I did not ttink it worth tbe delay that would have been occasioned there I left Huntfug Island harbor at V a m. this morning, and reached my anchorage here at meridian With regard to the other inquiries tba' I was order-d to, I would beg leave to say. that whenever practicable.,tbe slaves have been removed; as on tbe northern side of the Athepoo,where there la no communication with the Kdlsto At all the plantations south of that a great many still remain at Hutchinson island, not less, I think, than 120 Not a white man seems to be left anywhere outside the line of military occupation, which was higher than I was able to go with the vessels. The slaves are doing nothing, and are very friendly, and *s?,ii?ttd us voluntarl ly wherever we wanted their aid , and sometimes, as -it Fort Hayward. workrd very hard I overheard one of tLem say that It was but fair they should do so for u-?. as we werr working for them he more intelligent among them told me that there wa> no packed cotton this year, aud that not much more tb?n half tbe cotton and scarcely any of tbe provision crop had been gathered * * * I forgot to mention that as far as we couid make out. on our return down the river, (the Ashepoo.) they appeared to be burning houses in the direction of the South F.d!sto river, or on tnose , lantatlons which must have still been in the possession of the whites, aud the same thing termtd to be continued during the night I cannot finish without mentioning the obligations I am under to Capt B"ute!)e, for the skill and untiring energy be displayed in piloting us through those Inland waters; and I think tbe people mutt have been a little surprised at seeing vessel* of war passing at full speed up narrow, aud. not over deep, rivers, such as tbe Coosaw and Ashepoo. I am, very respectfully, your obedient servant, P. Drayton, Commander, (commanding Pawnee.) -rvj?iNOTlCE.-Tta Ladies of Georgetown will _k_3 hold a FAIR over * (fsma Office, oorner High and Gay sheets. Tor the be eht of the Mok >o;Ji9rs in the ho?-itaa, oomn encin* TO MORROW < Tuesday ) EVENiNG ai7* o'clock. Adnnsm nl"cenur. d j >-4g Ylr"i'ADI>-S' FESTIVAL, AT THORN'S 1 * H?l, 8?ven h at., between D an1 Eats., THIS EVEN N? , for th?bent-fitof the Me.h- d:st f r< teaiant Chu oh, Ninth st. A S"tn?r a d H-f'6> men,* pro'Med; loe Cream atd I'seful Articles for sa e I he spiei.did ban i from hrci.kbn Pquare wi.l enliven tne ooesston. Come sli, and assist hrt ladies Tickets of admission t?n oenta. to ta had at the door. de 9 at* O. O. F.-OR AND LODGE-An ad i_3 journed meeting of the R. \V Grand Lod-e ofthe District of Columbia will l>e held a* Oda Fe>lows' Ha l.onith street.on MONDAY EVENING. the 9th in tant, at 7 o'c oo*. de7 il J"HN T. BaN*?S. G. S*o nrg^lCECRKAM A >D WATER ICES, of LkJ, the heat quality, at 37X per quart. Hotels and hoarding houses furcisiied at low rates. A !a-*e a*sortinnnt of fine Oakes kept on hand at the Pkiladtlpkia Ctn/tciuMrry, corner Twelfth am. F sta. do 7-lm* NEW CLOAK*. NEW SHAWLS, AND New ureas Goods, opened dMlv. On* prioe only, mark a in plain figure*. Carrets. Oilcloths, Rugs, Mattiugs, Curtains, A.c . upptr floors. , _ PERR\ A BROTHER. _ oej'_6t Pa. av., and 9th str?et. PERSONS IN BLACK Will find our sTosk of k Mournii ( G ods ful , jvmp e, ana at most moderate at s throughout the entire year One p-ioe o .lr, ma ked ia plain figures Carp <u, Oilcloths. Curtains. &c., upper floors. PKKKY A BRO., de9-H Pa. avenue and Ninth st fpOK CITIZENS WEAR-CLO'?'H8. PASSI' M KRE-* and VErilNGS.afi i s<ti\j. One prioe only, uiark'd in plain figu es. An inspect o>. of stook incurs no obligalian to purchase Clloloths, Carpets, Curtains Ac., upper floors. ? PEMKV 4. BRO., de > it Pa avfnus ami Ninth st. QFF1CI AL N O T i C E. qrmuni?m Gnnu's Offic*, ( Wmkxntto* C\ly, Deeember 5th, :86).( Tbe following Resolution has i>een adopted by the Hoase of Representatives of the United States, vix : tu?alttJ, "That the Peoretar; of War be requested u> furnish Uj this Hou-e fall oontraou made by tbe Quarterinastet''. D-pa tinent. for feeding disabled h?raes during the winter;?to tat* the terms of these oontraots, the names ot the oontraetora. and the number of horses given out;? and whether tnose oontraots were made upon palt l e uotiee.' All oAcera and agenti of the Quartermaster's Department, are lnstruoted to send >o the Quar.ermaster General immediatelj t poa aeeing this noiioe, o >piee of all oonirao a. a- d a i information embraced wchia the terms of the Rtso utioa. .... M MEIGS, de9 1<H (lot"! A Rey.) Qua terma?ter Gen'U THIS IS TO 01VEN0T.CE,'fiat the raUc~Mber hat a obtained fro?u the Orphans' Court of Waiteiagton oouoty, in the DisUict of Columbia 1 Iters tea ameuiary on the persona! estate of Johu r*i?:*ve, late of Washmgt n county n ,r said d csasei All persoos havu g c ai>iu. agun-t the % . droned are henby varntd to exhibit im xm , witn the vonehers there*,r, to the snbae'i Je , ( i or bef ?re the eeve?th dsy of Dece.o b r i bt xr . ti. j . tufty otherwise bj law bj exoiuue.t f i<ts 1 A iK'ft t .1. B * I* t> . u iiud<? in U'n i th ? ?. v-r>>h d*.y cf Iiecem- , be.'.l.ot. .MARY ELIZABETH SHMEVc. aeKlawSw* h xeoatrix. | Late prom the soi'th. Wi take the following from lite Southern pa pen: THE PBSACCLA MGAGEMtHT?WARRlNaTON IN ASHES The Pensacola Obeerver has the following : While we are not able to give the full pirtlculars of the casualitles, Ae , of the fight, we are prepared to correct tome errora we were led Into by Madame Rumor It wji not the Niagara but the Colorado that was Injured In the engagement, and ahe haa hauled off ' Nearly the whole of Warrington haa been reduced to ashes by the enemy's shot and shell None of our bat'eries are injured, and among the bulldinga destroyed are the St. John'* and the Catholic churches. The houses occupied by the officers are only slightly damaged. As to the injury done the enemv, any report made ts all speculation, and no reliable or truthful statements have come from there wt A'.l ou r batteries have been worked with great credit to those in charge of thrm On yesterday there were thirteen of Abe's vessels in sight, but from their tardiness in commencing the light this morning we are led to believe that somebody Is hurt. ' A gentleman just from Warrington confirms the report that the firing of the enemy la very bad and of very little effect He aays be counted over twenty ahella lying there on a street, none of them having exploded The force engaged has been McRae'a and Wheat'* and another battery, all from Louisiana and Mississippi. [From the Charleston Courier, Nov -2ath ] PsnkacoLa, Nov. 23 ?9 a. m ?Both partiesare silent this morning 1 walked down to the beach this morning and looked at Pickens. She seems considerably battered A long dark place upon her aide, which the men say Is shot marks, wa# plainly visible Poor Fort McRae suffered yesterdar far more than we thought Six men were killed by the falling of the cover of a rest, and ten others wounded They say five huudred shot and shell feel into the fort. The damage was done by the ships, which took position southwest of the fort, where the guns could not be very effective, and fire broadside after broadstd* upon her. A battery located just back of her aided in repelling the attack, and, It Is said, struck them fifteen times Only two ships are off the harbor thin morning I fear neither party will ren"w the fight this morning. If they do McRae will probably be abandoned during the day, and the battery behind her worked. But If she was levelled to the sand, nothing would be accomplished towards the reduction of our batteries. We have never counted her as anything in the fight. AN ABOLITION CLUB IN NSW ORLEANS. From the New Orleans Crescent of the 23d ult. we take the following: Yesterday morning Lieut. Morel, of the Third District Police, upon information received, arrested a German named Frenzel, who lives on Charles street, in the second district, charging him with being an incendiary and traitor to the State and Southern Confederacy It appears that F., who Is quite an intelligent man, bad excited Lieut Morel's suspicions some time since, by remarks that he was reported to have made in favor of Lincoln and his dynasty; he was watched, 'he resul' of which was he was heard to boast th-.t there was a powerful organization In this city?at least 5 COO strong?which, the moment Lincoln's army made its appearance here on our coast, would rise and help them to the best of their ability. He further Is reported to have said that bis society would cut all the rebels' throats; and that, as no one knew or suspected its existence, it was all the more powerful A SAVANNAH ACCOUNT Of THK INVASION. The subjoined extracts Pre from a letter found in the possession of Orderly Sergeant r H Dunham. of company C, (Capt Waring's) of the ?th Georgia Huzzars. Col Melds, who wa* captured near Burke's S'atlon, Va ,a f. w days sl ice The letter is postmark! ri Savannah, Nov 26,leK>l, and Is addressed to ' Henry P Miller, c?re Capt Waring, Georgia Huzzirs. Col Fields, 9th Regiment of Cavalry, Manassas, Va.," and Is signed *'\ our aff. sister, Lizzie." After some mention of private affaire, "Lizzie" says: "I suppose von have heard before this of the Port Royal afiair It is really true the Yankees have possession Beaufort has been d-serted by its inhabitants Mr. Bayard came to the city last week, dressed In a shabby suit that he would not have thought of wearing at one time, having lost everything His barn, filled with a splecdidcrop of corn and cotton, to all of which he set fi'e and burned down?lost all bis negroes, except three or four house servants. So Mr Bulter told Pa Many families who a short mouth since were wealtbyare now ruined, #id now rent In' bouses in Charleston for #l*.? a month "A Mrs Dunn, who fled In great hast?. afterwards sent her brott^g and four servant* to try to save something; he and tbe four servant were all taken by the thieving Yankees They have visited Danfurkle Island, I believe Mrs Dunn lives there, and taken Stoddard a negroes One escaped by biding himself. "Jimmy says that a gentleman told him that the enemy are shelling Tybee, but I ve heard nothing more of it. You know all the trooi* have been withdrawn from the toast, and are now encamped about the city. I wrote you of the safe arrival of Anderson In'a steamer bringing 11,000 *tand of small arms, canuon and ammunL tion of all kinds, blankets and shoes, and a day arid'sah' arrival of a schooner, bringing coffee " I inclose the Northern account of the Port ,Ge", Drayton> who commanded the South Carolina forces at Port Royal, haa been arrested as a traitor; they say he orde<i a retreat before there was any neceaslty, ss they had time to save everything,instead of which they retreated with such precipitation as to leave their arms behind; the officers even left their swords This Gen. Drayton's brother was in command of one the vtssels of tbe fleet. " Your afiectionate sister, Lizzie." OBNKRAL ITEMS. The Richmond correspondent of the Charleston Mercury says : Day by day reports thicken in regard to Magruder's incompetency, and charges even weightier than tbla are preferred agalnat nlm. Lee would probibly have superceded hirn bad he not been called to your city An advertiser in the Norfolk Day Book, of December 5, wa its to buy a quantity of old American fL'nion) flags. A heavy snow *torm Prevailed in Richmond on tbe'Jd Instant Meaars Bell, Vest and Conrad, took seata in tbe rebel Congress as members from Missouri. BRISK TRACE IN TRUNKS Por months past the sale of arms and munitions of war has been brisk, but this branch of trade during the last few days, aeema to have been to-' tally eclipsed by the large operationa in the trunk business Tbis ratber mysterious movement mav I**rhaps, be explained by the fact, which we bear on good authority, that certalu tradera of Charleston were recently ascertained to be taking very energetic step# to aend away from the city as much aa possible of their atocka of gooda etc Gen. Lee, having been Informed of tbe facta promptly issued an order to put a stop to these unmanly doings. We are glad of it ?CkarUntm Mtrtury 13/A COSPtliKK A TK STEAMER FIRED Galveston Nov 9,(vlaNew Orleans, Nov.15 ) A' half past three o'clock tbla morning the sentinels on tbe ateamer Ruak aaw tbe ateamer Royal CaPl Heebie, abandoned and burning, off Bolivar, In the Bay. Boats wera eent to her assistance The fire waa within a few feet of her magaz'ne, which waa saved and the fire quenched The damage waa light There were indications or a atout resistance by her crew. The cutlasaea were found below deck, but the other amal) arma were mlsstng. M uaket balls were found Imbedded nl !I,K v I? Ja auppoa-d a frigate launch neared the Yacht before It waa diacovered. The pa'ty *v,dently conaiated of two men I he V acht's crew numbered fifteen. The Yacht waa brought in. The enemy, evidently frightened, left in a hurry. COALS TO NEWCASTLE. The steamboat Louisville laat evening took out 1.075 sarks of aalt and 500 sacks rf cofi'ee for New Orleans After tbla, we expect the day to come when New Orleana will shin cotton to Memphis Mtmpkit Appeal. MISSISSIPPI. The Natchez Courier states that parties in that cltv are actually purchasing the necessaries of life and sending them to New Orleans on speculation. insubordinate 1 he Lexington Advertiser of tbe 15th says We learn that two negroes belonging to Mr Boyd near Benton, shot their master with his own gun' on Sunday night last, and then made thelT e? "P? They were pursued and fiually captured Mr Boyd is seriously wounded. WAK1NQ UP THE EXTORTIONERS. We had quite a stirring day yesterday among the "extortioners " Our neighbor of the Citizen came out heavy on these Lincolnlte chaps, and it was rumored that the Sun and Citizen offices t(Lbe "PP'eMod by our Yankee simulators The Senate of Mlnisslppl have adopted a prerwolu?on, Proposing the passage of "effective laws preventing tbe growing of another (cotton) crop until the present is disposed of " The residence of the late Dr Harney, in Baton Rouge, now tli- property of Gen Harney, of tbe Federal army, is to be Immediately confiscated. SMITH A BROTHER'S P A L K C H E A M A L, E, SUPERIOR AMBER A IE, POKIER and NEW YORK BROWN STOUT. Tti? above CELEBRATED AMERICAN ALES are Brewed from the CHOICEST BAR. LEY MALT and HOPS, aud highly esteemed by i hose who have ased them. Purohaeers are requested lo call and examine onr superior s'ook, assared that they wil! find the BEST and PURE T artio>a. We have at til times a large stuoa read; [or deli ?%rr, n wh"le, half and quarter cask a, suitable for the TAADE, HOTELS, and FAMILY i;?K which we offer oa the MOST FAVORABI E TERMS. rMITH A RKOTHER. Brewers No t5S * lfto WestMtfcit,New York City LxVtoiby M*U or Pry?Ftir aaeoateJ, t^th^'J3Ril*1"1 Clothing win b? given I EMhuSinth lm*Sld v 81 v^rfc Ch*r tT. ??rMr of J?" . ?l #Pd ^ or* ? ' ? . ! Contributions to this *ork of eKaritf. eith*r in I eJ^fkOT.?l?",,rro,otllin?' Wl" ** thankfully re ^ivH ry th?fc htmg. def lw I j Bollinger Champagne. Th'g favorite brand u to be fou-d a*. the I I SOLE AUTHORIZED AOENT j Po* WuH! &T0!? Cl?T.

JAMBS *. GIBBONS. H. - ? penrsylv?uia avenne. _?L2J1___ opp^ atte Wil ardt,' Hotel. P A N C V GOOD?" S AUCTloffpKtCKS! I STEVENS'S stock of Fancy Good a?Pa avenue I between 8 h and ?th ate . opposite Center Market-! I must be ploae I out Ht tlie first of JanuaYy The f??Sd IJ, tv1' an.d.of *' * v in sty, anl ia now offared to tie pu lie at leaa t^an ooi*. The ladiee I opV^rtBn? Vto 'fure^a^e firat' olaee%oods at wry OLANKETS, COMFORTS, BED LINING I fall MppyT ' Tow?1-? t?> Ac., a One p-ioe only. marked in plain fitnrea. i floors Cu^t*InB Oiloiotha. Ruga, Ao., upper I An inspection of atook incrrs no obligation to I PP/.?555? PER RV A Ao., (la9~5t Pa. 9th street. I Mail arrangements at the wash- I JNG1 ON CITY POST OFFICE. I Office Optn from 8 A. M. to 8 30 P. M ? I Sundays, 8 to 10 A M. II v ? , MAILS CLOiE. Northern anil Eastern at 9 30 a m? 3.30 p. m. and I p ni ? J Northwestern at 3 SO p. in. and 9 p. m- J' Western at 3 p m. ( Alexandria at 4 p m. and 9 p ni I G^oraefowa at 3 31 p m. and 9 p. m. Old Point Com ort at 2 p. in ' Rockvilie and Port Tobaoao at <> p. m ; interne neVda? SMld .1" " ? P m' 0n Monday w?<Annapolis at 3jo p. m and 9 pm. I p m00 Frederick and Upper Marlboro at 9 I Friday*1'1* * P'm' ?n MondR'? Wadnaaday and j u .. MAILS ARRIVE I, Northern and Eastern at 6 a. m. 9 30 a. m. and 6 11 Pa rn j wSSrau vs.*-m 9:? " ,,id"mAlexandria at 7 a m and 3 p m. rJ*?W &t,8 ^ rn and 3 p m. Old Hoint Comfort at 9 30 a. m I, .iiite0.!.! acf* Port Tobaooo at? p. m.; mterme- 11 daVand^Frida* ' ' St? P" m' Mon,laJ' WedneaA nnapoli* at 6 a m. ard 6 p. m. Brookvijfe an 1 Freleriok at 6 p. ra. L pper Marlboro at 4 p. m. Colervil e at 3 p m on Tuesday, Thuraday and I Saturday. LEWIS CLKPhAnE, P M Wi'm'OTOiiCiTT, Pec 7.180). rte93t I BU T T E R ~ I 1/w . . AND EGGS. ?. B utter, large and amall aise, 2o r>arre a prime Eggs. In atore and Tor ta e by I ... ?. L D. E.DUTROW, ! Eighth st. near Pa. avenne. J TUL ut i7PE W,H,TE HOUSE n..h . knawn White Houas Reatanrant. on I High atrret, near the canal, nbeorge-A. A I town, haa be?n iefrt*d, and pa t ea canVi^SA# I now he accommodated with comfortableiiliBtI rr>vate rtionia. Game. Fish, Oysters, and tru^-at I Wmea. I iqaora and Serars. always on hand Families furnianed with Ovate s.aa uaua! I ^71m A. RODIEk, Prorrietor. AH' 0?HKRS EXPOSED I L.iL if 11 a"'' *ronbied with hard, stiff wSS Vd?S,? VS'lsk m^lTek^YL^-^erpres^EVA8 T? VE AND WATER'1PROOF OIL* BLACK?ot *'* fenerally by tftoae who supply aut- I iers. ?o. de7 lw* M... RICH MILITARY ?OODS. . s O\LT ft WKo. have io<it reoei ved l&rse I "oadi?DB t0 ,he'r 8tock ol very rloh MiliUrj I '*r,J??l!?r attention t? their ??eortiTOBt Jt fine Swiu.Ja, Sabre&,SMhea. Ep\u!ettes, Sing e, I Double, at d Treble-row Shoulder Strap*. Hat *n<f I Cap OruainenU, Ao. M. W. GALT A BRO., Jewellers, j._?, <1^4 Pa.ave.. 4<1oota west of I ?^-7 3 Brown's Hotel. I UENJAMIN DKWOLFF, A i ?. P*?*. Avbiibi, Adjoining the National Hotel. Wafkimt'on, D C, gu*'ur"an uu"-u,', .u"?,',?lu wark.l"| CUTLERY[ SPECTACLES. OPERA AND I m it > HELD ULASbES, trr Al%ul IV. B Repairink dor:e by F. C. Richakt>. a akil- I dfiW7>lrrr*RI1 Chroaon,f tera, fine Wa otee. Ac. I Im a nnTr.^iJ\1KR,CAN WATCH. I N ADD. I ION to our uniieuallr large atook of I London, Liverpool, and Geneva Watche?, we have I ??.'*-** a^? tment of A in n an manu ao- I Valtham, Muaaohu> etta?f r both Ladies I and Gentlemen, in bold and Stiver C&aes. J Ali o| th^ above n[fered oheap. anH warranted. I M. W. GALT A HRO . J?we lers, I j.,? 33,1 ave.,4 doors west of - 67 ^ Hrnwn's H tel. | |\|AYOR'S OFFICE, JL ? . Washihotow, Deoember6, 1861. PROPOSALS will be reee,?ed at this office until I rhurs^'ay neit the loth insUnt, at 12 o'o ock m. I for takiaf off the old sheathing and ahmg'ing, and I renter Market 8H'0Rlln,/ new material the I ' atr"et w?Kt rU*r' from Seveli'b to Ninth I dkMjrsof .aid rnar\et,irom^v5ntX^?^W.treet I on ted to theaatis/aotion <ft'.e Major and the Com- I raiaaioneraofche Center Market. I RICHARD WALLACH, de7"5t Mayor. I H. v.-._ uTO THE PUBLIC. " I h,7 c^Ti.& tiOD ??:i?d to a paragraph in I the Globe, whioh is repo''ed aa part of the ?tat?- I mer.t of Hon. Mr. Wilson, In th* Jenate I l>eoember 4th. 1861, in regard to the arre.t I i*0}1*, ?ho are bow m confin-ment in I the comity jail of \V a?hinrtou, O. C , which also I gives the names of the oonetablea who arrested I! t em,! find my name m-nhoced, and at the bottom I t,ate,neilt '.?>?* ''one of theaeC;n- I 1 names, a Mr. Kirs, notorious here i D this o'ty as I one of the o eature# tha? live by this business, I too* up a poor boy named Armstrong, who ran I away from Alexandria joined an Ohr? regimen?. I and was Jeft in this city'when t-e re.imen" w.n| I ho ne. he took him -o jail and tock from mm a I dollar ard a haT that the soldiers had given him" I "'T (t. VT m,*ht suapect me ..f beicu I f^rrmt.h^.h?E,?0, I?'?,tth" outrage I feel t my duty to info-m the poOio that it is not I J V|,,.KIJ K' 1 never arrested a b >t br that nain? I whioh the record offheja 1 wi lshow.snd further', I that list there w^sawofAer officer I win ii* ^hi1 ? * 'norabl? members who I will ha etMa ca-e under inventigation to watoh I an-J aee the actions and deeds of roin? certain pe^ I i aoi a who make auob reporta on the m-re state- I ments of negroes. j p KING I y?. . . United-Siatea Deieotiv'e. I iii, k ^I?,,worn ? me, th's 6'h day I' c Juauoe o8fthe P^aoe for VVuh:^gton^oount'-', D. Jt?T Rgira?. Watches at the old stand of J. RoSinaon. Iv US-waasfjfsffii.1boul a"c J & J T KOBINSON A CO.^ I 349 Penn. avenue, oppotite 06 B bt Brown*a Hotel. J . AIRLER Has the p'easure to inform I his friends and the publio. that he haa opened a I nr*? 2^?'eii?.eitaurWat th? '?vorit? looaiionon I between ltth and ^2th streets, so long I aad well-known as Aig er'a Confeouoneyy eatat* I lishmeut. Having made errangements for a oon- I liS" 'S?!1' ol a" th? deiioao ea ol the aaaao*. and I a ecu red the aervicea ol poiiie and oompeten' atten- I dan s, he hopes to receive a due share Sf^lu lavor. ^ ^ lm I GLOV es: I CAPS! BUCKSKIN GLOVES. ?i;.!TAcV>l/'ur"TLBTS' I ., India Rt/Befcft hats. A large assortnieLt for aa>e at SEYMOUR'S. Georgetown. TO COAL DEALKRS AND OTHERS<-Por I r.* 'Wto^'t'ina Run of Mine Cnmbe land I to arn?e by C. A Q. Canal, to I be delivered on boata a.Ge -rgetown. All expense', I d by purohaaer from t?aI I Oysters?Oysters. THE OVERLA^OYSTER EXPRESS j ' pr.ep?r<S to furmah ReaUnranta, Hotela, I f*? tier a, and Private Faa'.liea with /?v I fB^APJii8TKR8, b7 *aJlon /Z) I oi all s ses. wlUv I J he Oysters arrive Aiiiy fresh from the waters of the CkstMle ttay, and are t>f the beat quality. Theoompany mviteg the patronage of the deal. I ere and the pubhe in general, and guarantee a I ."'"Pt atte tion to all orders. * ^a no 30 1 in tRepubnoan.l I ror Sending Money tj> tveimany and all part ofth# I . W S'*? tht Flmt. noM-Im WADDLE HORSES FOR SALE.?A lot of very I irZ fw.e Kentucky Horaea for aale at tha^v I HotI?0^L,ap> BUb,?? ^ re^ <* Ciay's jVjS ttrm!r P?aniy vsiiia avenue and IdiPY I ?? - * - * BUTTtR I BUTTER If I *** . BDTTER t!i "" ! for' ^ol^p by ?0,h8fl AjUtU,r' *?r*"?T*?d nnS,., ,P- B HASTINGS * CO., - . f . D st.. facing Pa avenue I I H UBBKR PANTLOONS, Ltgglns, Supp^ii?o^ ^^eU.Acat iheS s'iei'i I .1 - a-.e ^.324 Pa. ave., Back Room. I "*-tf or Hi D at, botwwn 9^#^^ | AUCTION SALES. | CONSTABLE'S SALE. -Will be void on ' TUKSOAY MORNING. D'a.l?U1itl<oVkl I in front of the auction store of Wall A Barnard, to aatiafy an execution? Udoaen of Old CoinM Biandy, ? dc z ?n 01 Old Bourbon Wklafey, 5 acts of jewelry, I double-. aed Enmah Patent Le er Sold Watch. In ftrat rate order, I lookawM.m good order Sale pos ti-e Term* eash in par fcnda. JOHN G STAFFORD, ? capable.. It WALLA BARNARD. A acta Bv WALLA '< ARM AMD Austionaera. Corner 9.'A afreet and Pa. art Household furniture, mlaneet*. B*npi5o.A? . Ae-O., TUESDAY NORNIN6, lnthjcttant, at ?e o'ol -ok, we aha'.l aeu, ia front of the Auction Rooms, Household Pnnutara, A 0.-of theatock we have ted on atorage, comprising? Heciafads, bureaus, Ward robea, Mahogaty Bookcas", Lounse*. Fo.'a, Mahoganv Tabiee Dreeaing Stands, Beda Bedd irg and B>nke'a, Co.ton lop and Shir k Mattreesas, Washstands, Cane and Wood-seat Chaira and Kockera. Harp eta and Oilclotha, Gas Cnanda'ier, Lamp*, Ao. , Piatod Caatore. Pitted Batter and Cake Eaitw, Sugars, * o Rnivea acd Fo ka. a large aaaortment, Co-k ng and other Stovee. Ternuoaah. It WALL A BARNARD. Anota. By THOS. FOWLING, Auotitneer. No. 174 Bridtl St., Gtvrtitawn Furniture, househoi d effectp, 'Pi"*1**' 71?2.LJl* *c *c ?lT Afctiob.-On w^D\KtDA\ MORNING. Il k matant, at 10 o'olook I will ' '1.1 . tr of ..I the Aaotion kovmi, a gen ra aaaortment of Houeekaeping Artie ea. Tinner*' Too a. Ao,, oomprMinc? Br eaus. Be<isteads.? aneand Wood e*a* Chair*. Bed* and Bidding, Loucge*, TaUei and Waahatinds, Cooku g and Parlor Stovee and Kitchen Ftrni ture Alto a large and oomplete aaaortmeat of Tinner*' Too * o -mpii?iDg every article fora Largo eats liahment. potitive and terms eash. del- t rno\ P'>Wf.fNG. A wot By WALL A B A RN AR D, Auctioneers. Comtr Pa. art. and Ninth ttrtrt CONTINUATION SALE OF AN ELEGANT A?8ohtmcut op Ladibs' ano Gbrtlbmbh* Fuks. Slbigh R< reb, Ac., Ac. at Apctioi* ? Hating jo?t received another large ?took, we will ointirue the aale at oar large ^alearootn Jaattin the rear'f oar Auot'on Ronma^t 10 o'c!ock,THUR9DAY MoRNlNG. 13th inatant The atock tonpriaea a 'arge and superb assortment of ladiee'and gentiemen'a Fura. and 9 eigh Robea, Ao., from the largest importer and manufacturer in New Y ork. made up especially for the preaent season, 01 the iateat Btnes.ard wa ranted free from ncth, and true to name. We nam*? Hudaon Bay, Stable, CI oaks, Capes .and Vietormes, Cuff*, am Muff', Mink anl Fitoh Do do do Krminice Do do do Ermine for Children. Frenoh Mink, F'ercb Pab'e, River Mink, Cape*. Taliras. Cuff*, and Muffa, * Iberian Squirrel Do do Pur. Seal. Beaver, *nd other Glovaa, Gauntia's, Cap*, and Muffles. Fanoy Carriage ann Slaich Robea, Lined and UniiLed Buffalo Robea. Ac., %o. The atock will be on exhibition on \\ edneaday, and the pub ic generally are invited. Te'ma Caah. de9 WALL A BARNARD. A acta. J. C. MoGUIRE A CO., Auotionoera. CMALL AND DESIRABLE BRICK DWELC5 LlflG HOUSE A5D LOT AT PUBLIC SaLS.?On THURSDAY AFTER NOON, DeoemLer the 12th. at 4 o'olook on the premiaea, we shall eel I part of Lot No. 1. in Squareil7. fronting on Maaaaonoeet'e avenue, between 4th ard 5th streets west, running through to II street, together with the imp'ovemei ts,oon*i*ting of a neat and well baiit Brick Dweiling-honae oontainirg six room*. This is a very comfortable and well arranged house, and in a desiraOie situation for a private reitidenoe. Title perteot. Terms: One- third oaah; the residue in fi and 12 inontha. with intereat, secured by a deed in true* on the premiaea. de 6 J C. McGUI R E A CO . Anota. By J. C. McGUiRE A CO^ AuoUonaera, PEREMPTORY SALE OF A VERY VALrARLECBMB Lor rbab tub Railroad Dbpot ?on TH L'RfDA Y, the 12th of Deoember at 3 o'clock, we will sell to the highest bidder on 'he premises part of Lot No. 4, in Square No. 6X>, b?ginning at the northwest oorner of *aid square and rnnuine thenoe aoi thwarnly with thelin?of New Jersey avenue *' feet; thenoe easterly loo feet to a point distant i7 feet aontherly frrru theaontii lica of corth K street; thenoe northwardly to ?aid line of K street, interaeotmg the aame at tb*diatanoe of lno feet east from the aaid northwest rorner of aaid aquare.and thenoe vat with aaid line of aaid E street to the point of beginning. The atx ve property is eitna'ed at tke oorner of New Jersey avenue and E airee'.and is believed to t>e tbe best bneineat loea'i^n near t^ie Depot Terina : One-tnird ca?h; the remainder in 6 and It m'Mith*. for cotes bearing interest from tha day of aal ecnred oy a deed of tfuat on tbe aremisC* de6-dAds J. C. MoGUIRE A CO.,Auota. pUBLin SALE OF VALUABLE PERSONA al Estatk ? By virtue of an order n< the fir pbans' Court ol Brinoe George's oouoty the aubecrioer. as Executor, will aell at aublio aale, at tbe late reaideno? of Mrs. Mary Hall, deceased, in Queen Anne Distri ot, on THURSDAY. 12lh December. 1961, part of the Personal Eatate of aaid deoeaaed, oonsistmg of? A number of Work H?r?as and Mu'ea, Woi k Oxen. Cows and Young Cattle, A fine pen of Pork (Sow? ai.d Shoata,) Horse Power and Threaher, Wagons and Ox Carts, Two Car tages and one pair of Carriage Horaaa, Farmipjg lirplements of all ki> ds. Crop ofCorn (if not pre?ir.u*lv ao d.) Hay aud Provender of all kinda. Ao , Ac , Ao. Terms of cale; For all auma of at.d under 990, caah ; and 'nr aums iliove that amount, asoepted drafteon Baltimore at 6 in:ntha, inteiaat added, wi 1 be required (C7* Sale to oommenee at it o'olook a. m. WILLIAM B. HILL, de 6 2awts Exeoutrjr of Mrs. Mary MallPi J. C. MoGUIRE A CO? Auetioneera. I EXTENSIVE SALE OF 300,000 IM^ PORTBD AMD POMBSTIC ClGABS.?On SATURD*i EVENING, Deoem ?er 7tb, oominenciog at 2 o'c'ook.we shall sell at the ^ ashington Nationa. Ciea' store of Messrs. Homan A Chandlee. No. I4ih street, bet wean Pa. a*e and F streat, oppoaite Willards' Hotel,a wall aeleotad a took of? 300 000 IMPORTED AND DOMESTIC ... . CIGARS of ohoioe brands, all of wbioh have been selected by Mr A Homon, of the above firm, a man of the moat extended experience in tbe cigar busineaa. Terms oash. N B Bidd?ra who are not aatiafi?d with their purohasea at the time of delivery need not reoaira tliem. de 4 J. C. McGUIRE A CO.. Aaota. Government Loan Agency, Orrica or LEWIS JOHNSON A COBANKERS, Cornek of Pa. Atbscs and Tbjith St. LEWIS JOHNSON, of our firm, hanng been appointed a Mil.aonptiou Ageot ior the Nationa. Loan authorised by the aot of Congrees of :nh July, 1861, we are prepared o furnish, to p^tiaa deatrcua of making lavaatment, any amount of 7 3 lo Treasury N - taa, of aonvenient aixea. no .9 tl LEWIS JOHNSON A CO. PIANOS! PIANOS!! PIANOS!! ! _ A number of BMP t Oct. PIANOSIfpHI reoe ved jeaterday pom tbe celebrated MiTn taotory ofwm Knabe ? Co.. among them a vary hat.deome oarvaa Piano, whiob obtained the bigkeat premium from tha late B\ltim->re Exhibition, and wtioh 1 ofl.-r for aale (aa a fine New Year'a preaent) on aooouimodating te ma. and at prioea to auit tbe tiniea. W ^ENT?J will have several Piano a alwaya on hand, though I was unable laat week to aerve some of my onstomars. Amateurs are invited to examine. F. C. REICH K-NBACH, aov>T lm. No 496 UtH atraaC SOMETHiNG NEW-SUPERIOK HULLED O CORN.?-Tbe subscriber, hanng got the agenoy to supply Washington and Georgetown with {his dalioato Preparation of Corn, would raaaaotftlly "i Sic n. a-j&kk menta. Table Tops, Ac. A large aaaortment aways on ha"<>- oo 18 an> C"8"'-. CHEE8K CHKEa,!5 All on hand and for aale oheap by f - B- HASTINGS A CO . ? ,f 3,83 Dat.fcoicg Pa. arenaa, po 2S-tf Philtormonio BniHinf. 1m r* CASH NOTICE. N Co&Mfloepoe ol our baring lo fty ouh for P?aSnLe^Uerlm*ine^iF of rLady-majje clo?h7ng 'ft^^125 sua Pa. avenoe. between tth and lota at . t" ^ < Intel it BaaaK.' 150 DISHES. HE Well known New York restaurant of Gaeung. long remarkable f. r ita excellent oookirg, Perfect arracgamenta, and low priors baa opened a W*ahirjton biaaol1 at?4T Pa. avenue, aonth aide, Just Reoeived on ooaaif^''Baohaa 1 prime Oniona. For sale low. 150,000 jBMSfl/?SiOAMDLEB for A RMY GLOVES! AttbeGU,v.D?jKHoeAEMY O'-OVESS Y. B HASTING S A CO . ? D at.. iaaiagPa av , ^Ai.LOWK?>P*ODUOS fSSSffiSwi _POB 8ALE AND SKNT. atraat. id and 3d. li? F?u. M52.-rr^ HtilK0# vt U*??T App y at 4?0 Elev<nta at.. tMVNt t **"> *? ?* EOR RENT- A f I'RMSBtD HOU9B. I. ?*?TYS?wm: ? rooma. b?idH Om. 8 aa- I* i? ai'aated ii a ?#n deai-at^e B?i(b bar hood. For Hr>oi are KMrm -R. p .? ?eorae t~?wn Reference! ?xct urged 4# ? at* Room** FOR RFNT -The targe t*, aTt on toatiiVMt earner of 1 a mm tod Six'h at, oppoaite Browa'a ud the Ntbou . hav ,nc undergone thorough repair tod reo?i atinotion, olfera to traaaieat and reaidenta iraatifally ) oated and arranged Room* farm abed or aalarniahed. P n trance a? large portiao <>a Sixth at. Alao, a large Store on the AtiM" for rent Addr*?i R. B. GELSTON, waahiagtoa da? R* I?OR RENT.?The large DWEM INGS alt?r ated o" the oorner of NiaUi and R atreete ara for rant They ara admirabi/ oaonlated for bueina parpoaaa aod vail Adapted to a*ore rooma tor poearaaaat parpoeea, be ng eon'iguoee to tbe Geaerai Pott Ofloe Department aad tat a momenta walk from Penney Ivan ta av nae a*d (bo Canter Market bona* Apply to NICHOLAS CAI/LAN. No ary Pablie. No 913 F atreet. between Utn an<! IMh da i u* FOR PALE?4.000 hnehele Main* POTATO BP. oM board achooner 8 B 8??Miii|a. at Borrj'a Wharf, *?<o getown daj-lw? T. Q. YOUNG. FURNISHED APARTMENTS?Vary neatiy F u-n.ahed Rooma. and \ery conveniently arranged; .ooation vera dee rabla?a lav aoo-a ra>t o' Rigga * Co.'a Bank?on New Yoafc a Tana', No. 460 da 7 X UUTLKH8, ATTENTION i-Fjfi LSASS? D A large I.OT at tit* corner of PrBMilva^ia Krerueandthe ClroU ti the Firat War". wa*a a o. 5?. ta 1 lor a'ad for tha eraoticn of hm dlni a for eetler'a baaineea. A pal to H. SPA LTV NG. No 389 D at., between 9th aod Hth aU da 7 at* POR LEAJ-E AT A SACRIFICE- At tha Terr ? low rant > f 9W parauin. pain in advance. fr r two or thraa yeara, No ?, on Foarteen.h atre? t waat (weet de.i bat ara-a B and C atreeta aoath. containing 4 moma, aod kttohaa in book ba ldirg. alaa?a .t y l?.o*ted ??p j at Mr BEhRVMAnx 30, aaat aida Twelfth at. waat. between C aad D atreeta r.orth. 4*1 f OT TO L.EABB, on Tenth, between G and H I > atraou, waat aide. Irauire ofPBEPBERD. oorner t*eyen h and D eta. 4a4?' fj^OR RENT?With Boa-d.alarcefront ROOM. Inaaira at No 473 Pisth at eat. near p WiH ^ooonnmodate thraa or loar per Bona wUh Dap POK RENT?With or without Board, a~aoa?U V fa*Bi?bed PARLOR ana BRi -Rob.V with KM, OB M1 toor. Applr at *13 Boroato-ntb at, awer War Papartaaaat. raHt* TO LET? Ope eplacdid PARLOR, and twoina aaita of Rooma. wa'f larciatad. Alao. f?ar ainile Rooma Hater aad ft*. App , at s?<) weat . Ii ?#n F *na o?M??',af om tha White Honae. de4 ? 17IGBT OR TEN OOOB BANDS FOR Jlj draeamakit 1 waited throagb tha aeaa'on of Con*raae, at A. BURNER'S PaMe I>rMamakiog EataMiahmont. No 50? 11th aU. batwaaa Pa. ava. and Eat. 4e4ft* ?P0 RENT?FUR NIBBED ROOMS : DoaMa A Parlora oa nrat fl a Room on third fl or, atore and caa: two amaJI Hail Rooma?at 44 4 K lerenth at. There la atabla room h* om horaa attached 4e4 ?f FtAtNlSBED PARI OR AND THAMBERP. A nioolf and comfortably farnjabed Parlor, with two adjoining Chambera. on the firat floor. houee No. 411 Thirteenth at., between O aod B. for rent. The looation atd tbe neighborhood ara alike pjeaeent. and the r* oma ooavnnient aad o->mmodioaa. Call at tha preimaaa. da 4 at* L'OK RENT-A fcnefour-a o y HRICR BUILD r INO, With water and gaa throaghoat, vary nioely looated. oan be rented in exchange for a atnalior, plainer tionao id a< me of the oaiakirtaof tba oitr There are family reaaone for tha p*o poaed exchange. Peraora who know of a anall neat honae ma? addre a peraonAlly or by letter M. J. F.. 344 Per.p avenue de4 ?/ Arark chance to secure a lu CRATIVE BUSINESS-The atiba<mb-ra ara authorised to rail the mtire Fixta'ea of a hretolaaa Milliard Saloon, oentrally looated oa Pann a;.vania avenue, cod now doing a good baeincae. It iaoomp^'ely fhrnirh'd in avrry reapoct. and baa Phelan'a beat Roaewool Marble bad Tf blea. Apply to JA8. C. McGUIRE A CO.. Auctioneer* da 6 fit FARM FOR SALE.-AFARM containing 2? aorea. ol which one half 1a in timber, the real doe of arable land of good quality. Abiindanoeof good water, well dietributed. Witbin half an hoara' haul of Soagg'a Switch, or arreamg o Waahicgton Branch Railroad in Prinoe George'* oouotf. and within a ha!f miH of the Turnpike of Ba timore and Waahingttn. and within ninemilea from Waahington. An Apple and Praob Orohard. of recent giovth. Hvuae. B?rn and other r ma.' buildinga For aartiouiara and tor ma. enaair*>' tbe aabaoriber, 1**? 6th atreet, between N and O atreeta north, Waahington. D C. 9 o"Pdg of 4ordwv.,j fvi eaal c vu llie W T0IH1 P#C, de5 et* CHARLES C SAILER. FOR RENT?Tbe PREMISE'* on the oorner of 1?U and C atreeta, latal? oennpied by R. W. Batea A Co., wood and ooal deaiara. For term a, Ao .apply to WILLIAM H. PHILIP, No. 40 Lai aranae. noil aatl TWO FURNISHED ROOMS FOR RENT. on firat floor, at 406 1) atreet. betweea 4th and 7th. . no 36 tf HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOM8IA Four haadaomaly Farnuhed Rooma, anap .ec w:u. gaa and water, aod convenient b> the Patent and Poat Oftce Departr,ecta, lor rent. Apply at 490* MaasaoncraetU avenue, north aide, between ?th and 4th ata. ma a TO FAMILIES AND SUTLERS./^N 1 The und?raigned reaa?otfally in- f forma tiie oitiaena of Waahington nnd the tranaient public that they have conatantly on iiaod a large aaaortmect of OYSTERS of the very beet auality; alao keepa a large auantity of Choice Piokled Oratera. Oar aoa Idea Oyetera can't be be*t, done np in firat olaaa a'yie. Give ua a oall. We feel aati*fied that yon will call again. S.W.DAVIS A CO. oorner of Hth and E atreeta. dotTT 1 m* rOVT PATTERN | VI AXLB BOXES. Blaekamitha' Poaahed Staal Hammera, Farnera' do. ao. | ioinera' do. do. 1 aokamitha' Bnttrea?ea (ataaO, Horaa Shoe Boxea. Burden'a Horaa Shoaa, Springe. Axlea Vioaa, Hledgea Ao^ AcCoit'a Array and Navy Revolrera. A a. Ac Ao. Now being raceirad by JOHN R. ELVANS. de> lweo (Repub.) 309 Pa. avenue. SCHOFIELD'S HIRiNG,LIVER^SJ^L||AND EXCHANGE Noa. 280 and ?' 6 and Utb'atraata, aoath of Willard'a Hotel. Gent'emen wiahing to hire a aaat and etyliak turnout oan be aupplied anth a team of any d?aoription, in a at?le of ra-e EXCELLENCE. Tha beat care beetnwed on Livery horaea. Saddle horaea. auttable lor army o&oera, alwaya an band. n? im* PERSONS IN WANT OF OVAL FRAMES ior Photog rapna of all aixea. Gilt or Roaewood. oan beaapplied It JOHN WAGNER, next doer to hia old eatab labmeut. ti.1 Pa. aresie. N. B. Looking glaaa plate* iaaerted la olllramaa. no 27-1 m FU R S ! FURS!! FUR 8!!! M1NR SABLE. FITCH. WATER MINK. FRENCH SABLE. In great variety, a?d ohaap. at dei lm SEYMOUR'S. Georgetown. P STORE, AND FOR SALE CHEAP FOR CASH4,000 aaira Blue and Grey Blanket*. 3.000 pv able and Single Ccmfortal/oo Lined aod Unlined tictfalo Robea. Baokley'a Patent Cane eeat Army Chaka, Ua beat OAny oi ftir u m, Favor a and Shr Took'a Camp Cola. Hair aad Haak Mattreaeea of all aiaaa. I Feather, Hair and Exoe.aio' PiiiowaTAo., Ao. , , _ JAS C MoGLIRK A OO. de 5 3w corn r Tenth at. and Pa, avenaa. rhRANGE COUNTY CONDENSED M1LR<? 1 \J ItTa highly reooaaaanded by Phyaloiana, Snip Maatara and fravelera. Iniuraa a awaet. pare arUale for any ength of Ume Never beoomea ehaeay. and guarantied to keep in aay 0.1 mate ILr For aale at factor Tjpnaaa, ? KING A BURCHELL. oe 35 Corner Itth at and Vermont av. ExTgpai^aaLsya^^ cu.. ur*? ^?J^? a. Coau, t I oak a. Sleerfa. N^iO Markat ftpaoa. ai?l ^ on* pnoe et BCHLAICH A CO. I SAVE JUST RECEIVED THIS DAY, A large inrotoa of BalTa.r> and Wolf Robaa. aiec a ^tKWf^a 01 lio-ae BlaakeU,axl ?fwj i<-: will ba offeree at low aneaa JOHN B. PUDNEY. Pa.are . Back R . r dettf or 34A D at . betweea ?h aaa Mth. 1 CAUTION TO THE PUBLIC. N Conaaa aene? of tha oonatact ? lnirraalng ; <itation of thediferent brand. 01 Meeara Mort A nandon a CBAMPA.GNK WINES eaaec^J. of /mrerwU, (Greea faatj I ooaalfierit ms KSL.cS.'~. " C^^^aGaaaral^wt attest, ?r t waaoi aaara tha oaiabratad Wioeaof U.ia hoaa" al agenPaprtoea. VM1TM k HART, . 491 Sixtn etraat tap atatra.' aea' I . 44Hw Paaa ?-aaaa WaahKg'oi. UAMBURG CHEESE ! " u _ HAMHlkb Ct.k-t%

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