Newspaper of Evening Star, December 9, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 9, 1861 Page 4
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eggui- '? THE EVENING STAR. IJ^Tbe Belfast (Me ) Journal Intimates that, 1b consequence of tne Joconwenlenca to pedeatrl*ns on the side-walks, from the large number of ?o*es perched upon tbe e?*ea of tat- buildings, applicat!< n will he made fora cJtyordtnance that toev (ball sit with their ' in board,'' as the sailor* av d7*'-Itlsst Brussels," sayi the Monittmr r? iSteele," that the greatest qiaatity of beer is coasumed. at Vtockhoim tiieni(>?t braidy; at Madr d tbe m'?t cborolate; at Paris the moat absinthe; at Constantinople the im?t coffee; and at London the greatest quantity uf strong wines trr The Ladies rf the Rev T. S King's parish In San Pranclwo have furnished 2 75o soldiers w.ia toweis, nanaerchteT*. tor king* in part, aud kits, containing comb, needles, thimbles thread, tape*, Ac. 117" More tbau fyco 000 bare been used this f?li la IL0 purchase of applrs In Western New York by two apple-dealinglu Boston The pries piid was about double that of last year. U7"Tlie total amount of loans made by the eltv of Philadelphia is f IS 532.400, and the to'al mm to be raided for the pnymentcf Interest taereon, the coming year, la *213,295. CT1 A correspondent of the Toronto Globe advocates the establishment of annn vt?/ ,? * t? ?> ? city, In view of the prvalllng ?fr?ti!jtion among tie poorer classes and tbe approach of winter. twelve borses purchased by Prince Napoleon, while on b s recent visit to Boston, *rr? shipped la tbe French bark Orient on Tnursiay. {U~Tb?* Wilson Manufacturing Company of Conneetlcat have 'urn an extensive contract for tbe manufacture of topper wheels for gun carriage* ft ! n?arly six month* sine* a vessel from t foreign port hss entered the harbor cf New Or. loan*. '.ry The ?''ldi?rs of Ibe Black Ro-se Cavalry, It it id ttf up WOO worth of cbee** on the Franeta fek dd>'a do? award trip from Troy. flTLm1?tU1> p ckcri receiving hota fr?m Indiana are iequ1 nt t-> (fivr b?aili tdat tUe products w It ? ot b* turmsbod to rebels IJZT Cb>* ate* mem on Like Uotario cave nearly a i ltlii up f?r tbe ?eaa*n?tbey Lave done only a fair b ?!<.?sa tblt year |X^ it is aaiU tbit Kali, tbe B >?tou ?ulp'nr, is fM.t !>rin^inif ?owarrl- c->aij l'tlou b.s c> i <>??..! rquea rlaii ?l?tue ? ! iV -iMntUio If^New Haven. Ct , la infested with highway robbars VtH\ CHri?P 800D8. Fr??* Rtrtnt las* A?rti<m Sa m at t\* > ?(*. V? j eh<-&p i.aoe Jvs'i tod <"o!lv? in real H NI T?'N. MAiTtksIS VALKN?.>tltNNES, PoINT AKPiJQtih.&o. , BONNE t RIBBONS, ??f?r stiles, and ver? CnE*?nROIl EHLD CELLARS and lets of Co l?r_?_aad ? CHILDREN'S PLUSH ar.d FELT HATS,new Aixl. in iilaifon to the above. we have juet received a ful1. as'ortmoat Velvet Ribbon*. Hwr Net*, Hvji 1> o fi-? sad On.amen-.e, Kouohra, F of fi iu jreat profusion, M< u muz &* ?: a d Col?r<, G%untet? ofev-ry deajription, G ov e, to.. Sea. A'd ev-.ry t'linj appertaining to a well or<fc?r?l Ladiea' Fa> cy Goods Store, all of regent ?i??tLua, aal purckattd J or CasK at War Pant c mh. Great barg&iiu msr now be obtained at MAXWELL'S )>ad e?' Good3 a: i C.o&k and M<nti I* Store, le 3 3te? No. :?vS Ta avenue. TlHiLAIli'l.' Hli iiDni/uiow w >m uutifli/.l C 1 UI\ L? J ll'J r^NMUVAMA Avmi, ilthtz'.m t>:k and ?"0i? <u The Hr.der*isned, harmf located himself as ab'.v?. take* this method oi informing the oiUz*n? cf the Firit Wuri that a* ha* ope ."a a ?rit c.ui Provision Store, condcoted similar to those for ?hioh fhiiadelpaia i* !amoas Hera oan be ioun at a*l tim?i> a large and fr*?h "fPlT of POI . THY, GAMK, > K.KF, ML'T TOi>?, *o. FKL1 rttaiiJ VKtttTAIJLfca in season r\rt:o?ii*r attention is rolled to bis stock and tnoe? of ifUi CEK. CHl.tJK.U Fi?ila;e pniajrint Butter. oo-uin and Western H?serve. U*ttg deterw ??1 ro tne itrnteil attention to the *?i;? n ?Ua customers, and to keep every artio.e in tue it no of the beat it*, and .sell at the love*: laartec pnoea, he hope* to morit a aha re of fubiie pa<ror>a(r. Farciliea vill bo r&'tod ojondftiir for ordera, if required, p*> It TUllMAW R. WILSON. 00(1 JOH.NW>N <t NAGLE, QUO *OJ No- HKn5?TLVA!tiA Ara.vci, ?o?s Betweeu .Ninth and Tenth *U.. south aide. orrwt torn hu: CHA.MPAGNES-o. U Mumm, P^por Heidsiok, Most & Cb&niou. Bailuifor k. Co., Cart:?f 4. I JL? CLAREli-ft. Jaiiea, St. E?t?phe, C?nten*c, *o.,ki_ttiecasJi or doxfi HOOK \VTN F.S? D?i<' e? 1 e m?r, Joh?nne?berfer, Li?bf-*uec;nilch. K adeeheiin?r, fco. ? . . KHANIiv U" ' "" . .n.?:,uii..raiil euerry, Jiweir*, in wooJ or clui. LO.NDUN P(iRTLR, U&wn Stoat, Edinburgh kjxl Vorkah;re Ales, ortha best brands, in bot tie* or atotejnga. CIOARS-Uivtuaod Domestic, or U* ehoioeat btlMI. We Mil the?M>A*al attention of Satlera.Rettan rants a*'- KihuIki to our large and veii Miweted STOCK OK PINE GROCER IKS, Fresh Meat. Poaitrj. F.sii, s-oap*. Vegetable* FraiU in aermeuoallr sa'eacar.a. PREsLH V'c,3, idbai, fto .Almond*, Nnta, Kai CHfcESK, i Ka?Wn and Weetern Cuttin*1; Ham, boet Gothtii Bu'ter.tha b*?tCh*mpa?ne'"ider. WORCtS*TKKSdiKfc and Oyeter sjauo?. Pickl-i of every detar'pUon, Pepper 3auoe and Tomato C'ataap, br the ?al on or dozen. All of which v? offer at the lowest pygfib e prioea and on reasonable terras *?| JOHNSON & NAQLE. IV fc .PAPER HANGING, WINDOW buauk. a\i? IPHO STKRING K9 TALI- HMEN 1, 460 Ninth bum, The underticned, formerly of the firm of Fraakbn A K' throok, ba? opened a Mew ^tore at 4*>o Ninth one door south of E on the ea?t ?id<?. where ue ba? a mail choioe itook. acd woulu be happy so reoei ve the order# of the Xriende and cailomem f the old firm. Partioular a'tention will be pa d to Paperhan*tnc and Upholstery work in ail ita branonee. nog, 3tair3w L. J RUTHROCK. /^v (SOMETHING NfcW ! /^v Di->coy EST or^x\ I MjJ At 5191 C strctT, of pet it* ~ tkf IktOitT. OYSTfcltS sTtAMKD la the !?U?iI Ana A Uor?ufb!y Coo?ed (fitr aupenor to A roA*t) u :tM MMMu, tlu fattut liM ON Ttcurd CAli Aid aee. TM usderaigned re.^oifuiijr .nlorma hiafrieuda In tie I'HU.ot. auu ?iaitora to tae oitj. tbAt aa hA< refiiiAd iita UL& Aud WKLI-IJOWI miAJtiiEKi t in a imat ihoroDtb manner. a?.u li?? wade ootn p:tto arrAcgeirsiita to furniah OY8TFR-* is? a^t ty a AtU in Any quantity 4U> to SO- ta, tooa ahooJced ferdAy. U uu.- to 8 (XR| cu> of Spiued A .d t'o?b ci up oa j?c&na herm^UoAl y * a.ou Formatted U lire ?ti I bj or barrei. Yt *on? wis^.ug to riA?? Oystora ftomiahed reen on ij urokia uie wiawr, at Ua.tnnora pnoes, wnboiii lear cA ia.ur?, ?t?ouid oa.. %ca make ar- | ra* ? arOt? at on ? Fmgnt. un.e, and money \ eared bj purc..&? nc of me, as ! furnish an arttrle 3ua. to tne oeieOrateU Baltimore e?U juatmeuta, prices j aa*. a* low. TO 8UTLERH, " earned Meet* . ot*#ci-rst ^ardicoe, Cains, Btraw^w.ea, t"inal-'ee, Pigs' F-et, Tripe, A?j Ao.4c A bo, Flo* es. Caisup,, tJu.idj ElAoee.fco Also, ?,ani' ai*4 Vesn tub. i'urfcs. ifranie, t- r^sn L t??u Cud. t'.Autat. to. Lu Ua. e v.- * . m t for sa;? iu tae Noittii ia markets a.?ari on tend, at reasonable prioe* Hotels aaa !am::tu? rvpp(ti*d deWltilOait ??' rt' 1 m"4 * m J VI Mid i/iaulOb to iMtui, t{ tr.? roonay is aei.t with the ordar. ?] i?n ' era is from 6 a u<. to H ivi t. every uay, except tSu&day, wuen l ctoee at to o'clock %. m. ? in T M HARVKY T?*E FROFfc* IUND& OF OLOTHS FOH Bo.Ui?r Cotu. ntHUN, Jackets, and at U?e ft p?r pnoee ?cv le i op.'uwl to day. New Clocks, Shawle, *?> a prioe only, a^arlced in p am iruree. Carpets, Curtain*. Oilcloths. Kin, Ao . epper foora FKRKY it HRO., Fa. avenae and Ninth st. . OC M J ? w ?MI " Parry Biiildi-K." 1 H K. additiani[to hia ; r. | ft jo* ote of the I'jf.-.ct, where hia f? CARRIA6L8 W*?6.\; of &: kind* c*cnot be ear kii hja Vtr.f ax)?rt?M m tLe t-usiu.>p#? Uj ttre r^oertii satisfaction. rX* Ok Carriages and Wtioui kept *u *ePAIRS naat'r done, ud all c pi era ytvmft j attended to. Second kt*4 Csmacaa taken id exeh\nia for K*o^<. ANDREW J. JOYCE, d la if comer of Ko<irte?i?th and E ata. TMOJHl'i* '.Vr* MEOli.lNEiS, 1 LIKE PRKSr.f ViH AND CORDIAL, For aaJa, wbo.aeaiaaod reta^bj^ _ 3. v- ruK if. incjfut, I M Vim Cofo^r K avMlh at. *n<l P? *?rou?. AI.AKGb fpgTBMT OF RAVKN.I be-Ji i: * C<> toU tt- ib*?? A I piano t'uR i? n?ve JiutPPf^W ir'iT'il st uh? Kin) rur? of W. G " " ' " H.I 7/tK> >f r, *rwrm F&. avttae ud F.ler et* ?iAi<?, ? r*u4 acoi.iA-hAa4 of right Pmdo,7 oot?v?, for ?i- ror t?> nog CLOTHS K<?* ARMY ANf? NAVY MFN ? Vt?>*n,Ptrtj,B ?U( loth*, lVMnktu ilMIMI I<<<II ? ? " .w. ii'iov oi witel <'l? tha. luti n"N, and Via>lli|?, for aiUsaqa tsp?:o . On* fmm i nly, m%/fe<Nt iBf !%in Ciirta. rUBHY A OKtiTHKJt. P% >'H P? ?:0^>iTi?n at atNi nwuuK, Fof a*5# at ?ww.vrv.tar? e ><WlT KifllC ?twkn*Tr #t.r> joia /tiTi* ti ft,* ?i?4 <rf fk. l t-? .?j, mm (twiu * *?? a^ ytri* m fcr at OrtW, uu be.?? UttwofeM^AMk** WHk'wtkn'u ,'> : w ^ * * ? - ^ J A ?? SICK AND WOUNDED SOLD1KRS lH f HOSPITAL. Pnblxtktd m conformity with tkt rtnhttim / tkt Stnutt if July 16, 1081. At Stmimarf Hospital, titorfttoltn, Nov. 29. id U. 8 Infantry ! 1 l*?h Penn Volanteer?. 1 -I.. (I'.ltftL. -J . -M _ ? fi i'iwur unjnirm., < oo i Id Vermont Volunteer* 1 Sid do do 1 5?h do do 13 35th do do 4 'id New York Vol (a) 1 36th do do I 8th do do 1 tad do do 1 13th do do ... 2 4.5th do do..,*. 22 15th do do.... l[52d do do 2 16th do do.... 1 let do ArttUery... 6 !7th do do.... 6 lit do Riflea 1 <ll?t do do (b) 1 -?d do Caralry .... 1 22d do do ... 2 4th do . do...... 2 25th * do do.... I'5th do do l od do do.... ifiuh do c 45th do do.... 1 i?t do Reserve.... a ?d do do.... I M do do 1 54th do do.... 1 Itfa do do,.,... 1 j'th do do ... 1 j 12th do ao...(t) 1 ffiid do do.... l,ut Michigan Vol I <9th do do.... I 4th do do 1 Yor* Cavalry 1 M VVi*;?>i*in Vol.... l 1st Rhode Island Art. 1 5th do do.... 1 l?t Penn. Volunteer*.-. 3 6th do do.... 6 4th do do 3l7th do do 2 5J6 do do 4l9th MttwacfauieU Vol.. 1 Ttti do do *.4 Lixcvislor Brigade.... 4 sth do do...... 1 9th do do 2 Total 13j lltb do do...... 2 (a) One officer, (fc) One officer (e) One officer. At UtntrtU Hospital, Union Hntt',eorn>r Bridge and Washington ttrtett, Georgetown, Nov 29. lith .Nnw York Vol.... 3 4th Rhode Island Vol. 2 l'tu do do 15ilatMichigan Vol .... 1 i?h do do 1 -id do do 11 lS*h do do 4 3d do do 2 221 do do 3 4th do do 2 27th do do 1 v'd Whcouiindo 1 ?d do do 2;4tb do do 1 ^'b <J? <}o 1 1st Mlnr.e?otado 1 do do 7;l?t r?iifpra!ado 3 45th do do l jut Exrelsiof Brigade. 4 Vith do do 3:2d dn do... I 5.'d do do V Id do do....10 72th do do ^, I ? Mirvland Vol 1 4 th IVnn Volunteer* . Mtt U S CI a*wur?... l 6 h do do...... 2!2<i P?-nn Cavalry 1 ?tb do do Ill do do...... 1 9th do do ! oneid&CountyCavalry 1 12 h do do {j!it Hrnn Artillery.... 1 '23d do do, 1 5'b Rhodf l?land Art. 1 M?k - ? * ** L * "" ~ j.u uu iiiii.iewiotKAruiirry z fTth do . do V'2d U S. Artillery 2 3?*h do do ijltta do do I 45th do do...... 3>'?*t do d<> 1 4dth do do tijltt lndliua R'flrfi 1 2d Maine Volun??f*r?. tjWott's B-Utery 1 7th do do 1; Smith's Battery 2 '21 NewHamp?ti'reVol 2|D? Kalb Regim-nt... 1 3d do do.... 2 Engineer Corp* 1 2d VermontVolun eert 4 3d do do.... 3 TvtaJ 141 3th do do.... S At Hospital at Columbian Colltgi, Washington, Nov 29. 2d Maine Volunteer*.. 4 1st i'enn. Cavalry 4 5th do do 1 Harlan'*Ft-nti.Cavalry 1 Vth do do 1 1st Penn Rifl*s 1 llth do do 2 Chrcmnn's Rifles 1 2d Vermont Volunteer* 2 l*t Pmn Volunteer*.. ?> 3d do do.... 1 !d do do 10 e?v J- - uu bo.... / 4tn ao <io 4 lttthMaKHchusettiVol '2|?th do do 2 14th do do. !!n?th do do ] ls*h do do. 1 tilth do do 1 l?t Long Ialand Vol .. ljl-Jtb do do 1 UtN'ewYorkCavalry. Ijl3th ?u? do 1 HarriaN. Y . Cavalry.. 1,23d do do!.!*!! ? 2*1 NewYork Vol Ii2?th do do 3 25th do do 2:31st d? do 3 A ^ A - < W>a > . * U t/utu uu uo???t*i ij(lO CiO 1 3?th do do...... fiiloih do do...... 1 Uth do do...... 3 .>2i do do 2t> 45th do do I do do 4 5UU do do 4 1st Michigan Cavalry. 5 5'?th do do...... 1 1st do Vol '2 79th do do 1 '3d do do 12 Anderson Zouave*.... 2 "id do do ? 1st Excslsior Brigade. 3 4th do do '2 '2d do do.... i^th do do t* De Knlb N. Y. Vol ... 2;$?oekton'? Michigan Lln> oln Cavalry lj iitd* pendent Vol.... 2 1st L' S. Chas?enrs.... 1 5th Wl* onsin Vol... 1 Berdan Sharpshooter*. a Oth do do.... 3 McClellan'sUra^oons. IjTth do do.... 2 Cameron Prayoons... '2, let Minnesota Vol 1 Engineer Corps ] j i^ib Indiana Vol I lstNew Jersey Cavalry 4;^:u Illinois Cavalry... I 2d do Vol.... 1 fetim-is lll'nnla R ?*? 1 3d do do.... 1 1st <"JUifornta Vol 1 5th do .do.... 1 U. D O. Volunteer*.. 4 6th do do.... 1 OneidaN. Y.Cavalry. 3 7 la do do.... 1 l?t Fenn. Artillery.... 2 Total..... l'Jt At Qemral Hospital, (CircU,) Wathmgton, Nov 29. Engineer* '2 44th New York Vol... I J/t I* /- 1 . r.'.? o.ol?i QO ao 5 2? 4? Iti'J D c Volnoteers.. 1 !? ?? S M **rnn Volnnv-rri . i Mh do do 6, Ub do do 1 1st do Artillfry lJ.'jth do do 1 2d do do 8 5id do do.....* I 3d do do 2 Officers % 4th do do 1 Hospital Steward...*. 1 2" .^?do: * 4th N- Hampshire Vol l :? no miantry ZIOiQ an do..1*2 2d do do 5! lit Michigan Vol 1 3d do do a 7tn Maine Volunteers. 1 tttb do do 3 Kb Rhode Island Vol. 3 ith do do ?; <.?uarterina?W'? Dep't 1 lOtb do do <; ? ?d New York Vol... !: Total..... 86 21tb do do.... 2; At Fifth District School Hospital, Branch of Ueneral Hospital in E street, A'of.|8. # Ut Excelilor Brigade. 1 4tb Petin. Cavalrv i 29th New \ ork Vol... 1; 1st Kentucky Cavalry. 1 3d Michigan Vol 1 Ohio Cavalry, (una!). 1 fth do do 1110th Maaaarhuaetta Vol 1 l'2!h Pennsylvania Vol. l|5th Rbode Island Vol. 1 23d do do.. I "2d Vermont Volunteers 1 50th do do.. I ? 101th do do.. 4 Total in 2d U. 8 Cavalry 1 Stoic rtmamtng t? tit Hospital for Eruptive l)\s?a\ti. at Kalurama. Nov ?Si. 3d L' 8. Infantry 1 UttthPenn. Volunteer!. 1 fi'L do du 1 49 h do do...... 5 4th do Cavalry 1 5:jd do da 43 5th do do v!..'?4th do do ..... 1 6:h do do 3j--5th d? do...... 5 Sd Maine Volunteers.. 'jj'^th do do...... 1 7th do do 6 lOlfbdo do 2 id Vermout do 1 Harlnn'sLlgbtCavalry 'i 1st NewYork Artllleryll 1st Michigan Cavairy . ? 44?h New York Vol... 3|Stoiktou'? Michigan 57th do do.... ?| cavalry 1 " * .... u., uu.... i)|iia nucaniio vol.... 2 Mth do do..,. 1 34 Mtcblg&u Vol 1 Harris LI_'ttCavaky .lo[ :0th Indiana Vol 5 2.1 New York Cavalry 3 l*t do Cavalry.. 1 lat Penn Artillery ... 1 Qua. termastet's Dvp't 3 lal do Volunteers. 1 ?tb do do 1 Total IM At St. Eltzabttk Hoif it%l. Eastern Branch, Ifovtmb'.r 29. lat Ei>dstor l^' gade. 3|34!h Pnsm Volunteers. <i 3d do do I ' ~ li N'w York Vol... I a ?. - -* * - i - - ?n ou oo <tio9th KeDn.VoluotMn. I 5Jd Penn Volunteers . /- 1 vrh Vhw J-r?ty Vol... 3 fib da do l.lrtftnu ileierve.... -J feh New York Vol... 3| i?t New York Artillery i Z9h do do.... 1 |5tu I'cun. Cavalry.... 1 SStto t'enn Volu&iee ?. 1 l?t Oneida Cavalry... 1 5th Vermont do 10 Can.tron KiSes 3 ^ b New York Vol .. 2 Brickel ? Art. BatUl. 3 B5th Urnn Volunteer*. 1 ? 5?tbNew YoikVol... 5 Total 90 2d do do.... 4 A' InJii'ta HotjJihil ( Patent O/Rct). Wishi V t lift I D C JVar *i Itftli Indtaua Voi ..(a',63;:Mth IVnn Volunteer!. *2 10th do do l| 1st New Vork ArMIIery 1 th do di. vi 1st .Michigan Cavalry. 10 let do Cavalry.. S HerdanSbarpsboote'ra 41 Total.. 1?6 53dFeun.Volunteers ,14| (o) One officer At Otntral Hosmtil -- , ?) * " 1st New York Cavalry 1,3th Vermont Vol 20 13th New York Vol... 2j l?t New Jersey Cavalry 1 16th do do....l8|5'h do Vol ... I 17th do do.... H ,'d Michigan Vol 12 18th do flo.... 4 kl do do 3 25th do do.... 3 5th do do 6 I 96th do do.... 3 3d Malito Volunteers. ? I *7th do do....10 4th do do S 3t?t do do.... 5,Sth do do 3 rid do do.... 10 l?t Rhode lata nd Art., t ?Kk J - * - ' no oo.... 5 l?t Maa?achu?ftt? Ait. '! 40tb do do.... 7 Lincoln Cnvalrv 1 79th do do.... 1 Can.cron Rifle*. *2 JlA Penn. 2d Fiie Zouav*...... l OUt do do S lit Mlnr-rto'sVoL.... 1 8Mb do do 3 HarHn Cavalry 14 96tb do do 3 Civilian I 11th do Cavalry...14 3d Vermont Volunteer* 1 Total i-? K Washington paper* pMJM< copv and aet.d > the W ar Department. der 1 -3t ' " " r . * ? * ? ? |jr n9unr> iw nuAVH. are offered our'tuua. X h i stock of ftil lita f?hrio? la mat line, at our trowrtfaij fricea. AJ?ro ^hatr'.a, Cioeka, to. Our jt>rth?rn and Kutnn oorreajonder.U earn] 1 vi r.n? u^pHr? dait) I A..: rf utook tohoited; a inovre no oMuatXi-i Ptorcbnt# CbKEi 4 BROT4K*. Mil. ave., aad 9th -treat, m. #-?t "rarrj B iildia# " GEORGETOWN ADVEKT'MTS MASSKY. COLLTNS A CQ.'S PHILADELPHIA DRAVQHT ALB. We have just received a supply ol the above Ale, wtuoft we recommend to be ola very superior quality. Persons wishing to purchase, by mating immediate application, can be furnished. ARNY A 8HINN, no 7 Georgetown. 1 r i. i.- .S *. ltsTTv "-* JKOl AEiVjE.IVI.U10 hhda. trims PitIo Kico SUGARS Wtbbli. Oid kr? WR18HY, ?' bbl?. KKHKLN6 and ALKWIVKB. ft hW?. Crnelsftd %nci Kebuad M'SARs, >> !>?? Rio and Javs. COFFKL, ^ 1*) hh??8.(loTr niioed>MO:jASSfc8. For tal? by JOHN J. ROSUR- Mil GAS FITTING, fcc. AWM T. P'JVE * CO. RK prepared to execute any rdara wlU W4)?h they mar be favored in the PLSMniN?, ?AS OR STEAM FITTING BUSINESS. (TT Store on ?th street, a few door* north of Pa ureses, where mar M found a comp ate assortment i CHANDELIERS and "tfaar ? AS, STEAM ac< WATER FIXTURES. iat7-t? I S.N VDEK. PL ONBSR APfD HAS FITTER, Hu remaned to the oorrar of Twelfth acd F ate. He ia rrepti-cd to introduce Wat?r and 6m afon the moift ftTorabie terms, tud guaranties eatir* S&ttCUtCtlCD. He baa on hand a fat a! C0okIR9 and other STOVES, which fceirili ?,Ii idMtbao eoat, aa ha wiahea to eet rid of thsin. no 1) WS AS FIXTURES. E Hare in store, etna are aai. y recemci, #J5 flX TURKS of entirely New Patterns and Designa mil FiDitk, enper.or iu fct*io tv anything Lereloior* fffci <i in t us market, \Yt inriteoitixeus general It tc sail ard examine oar stock of Sas and Water Fix irM. teeiiof oontidect tint wc have tie elected stock ib Washington. Ail Work in tlie V ove line intuited to *nr ear* Will be pramftly attendod to. MYER6 * Moll HAN. at; I II 370 D atreet. Of F1CE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER OF *A3 MKlKRg, Wi?Hir??-ro*, July It,IMS, ttUTlCK IS HEKUBt tn? h/V, Tha*.a;i?e ?tny to tie ;;otuiiou? if the ordinance of fie Cotparaiion a?>rov?u May ?. .i'.tfje nndftrMjcea u now pi-eyare<l,"?rsoever t cuired in wr ttaj, aca jl f ??**-L3nT r.f ;}>#? ict of ally ocm?, t<> it.r^ect, xaaiiS'-. Ml. ?iu*e. icdiu'ije',t?ic accuracy ol r<?ji4lrat'.i2 o! acy tneier ?n in ta.u city." E?ei? aioter, ifjouud incorrect, will he conaeir.-ad aad ftuotav, ct;So a..-J .-.a-i-; u? true will i.-? ?et in .'i !i ?ro-?cd to uc aca?r*.;e in tu u7?j?inuout i.. c ,i -V n ui -'^3 ITi.Mt KCC0*U1L|1J? *nit *5*111 >at ?a ?o:nuo? lor use. t>?c? No * if? tt*rf>nt?i Odd F?l e*V dfci! ' Ojo:i 11.. a;., tc ? ?. m. OHA?l,fH W. CUNNINGHAM, ? ir tf lr??*^*or fcr.^i $eA'fcrofn?? Meters. DENTISTKY. V'KW A N L> lMI'flOVF.!) INVKNTKiV i of artificial cheoplasti boke TEETH, Without ?1jetal Plat* or Clasps. pr. s. p pTsksmond. * 10 Prpiutitpy, .V<tj York? 260 Ptnmylrania Af> m%r, b?tvi?n iiJ.V and 13?A ?'J , '.Va 'Mintton, Caii.r. the iLtentior of the puMio to tti9 lollowinx idvan'ajcs of hi* iiiip'i?e<l sjatein : 1, The Towth of hf? manufacture *il 'KjfiFSu^ aayer o->rr<J? nor chMiR? oolnr l>r ?lj *oid?, b^ini '>re? fourth* than ar.j otli<r. 2. No t^eili u/ routs ueod bo extra^to!, as the trti6cia! ore* n%n be lrsertod over th.'ru. 8 The rucU *;Ii bo made ini ffeaaiye, an nerer u acne. 4. No temporary testh nre i:ee.i<*!, as ;crman*nt ones ^an b? n>*<Je immediate'!*, thereby preserving .. /.? ll*? '- ? ?1 - 1 - . _ ^ i-VUBIV U ? * HI*. lOHJCl * UiQU U ?i'lC r th? old system is Irr^unot!* diclieured. 6. Tins work h*n been lullj t??t?<d over live years r>y man j of the first chooucta aud phrbioi&ns of this country. Dr. !*. has also invented ft white nndf structive me?*l ft lint, with whuy trie ni<;st a.' .^itive teeth an be filled without pa:n, &nd can bu:id up a per feet, sound tooth on an} rid? roots, whioh will last thrnucii lifetime. * The ?>fisiof refeteness tiven? to Dr V Alott: Dr. [)<>renm?, Profresor or Chemistry. N. V.; lion. Judge Wayne, of-ih? Supreme Court of Washington, and thousai (is of otuersCall and examine for yourself. no 8 6m VI TEETH. 1T1? LCHVM13, M. U., tt.e lnventc ami patecte# of tti? MINERAL PI.ATK TEETri, at te^.ds personally at his office .n this citT raauMf Many persons oan w*ar these teeth w 1m ** * * rT eausot wear other*, ai d no person can w ar others who cannot wear tnege. r? - ??- *? rrntina o?: UH4 Hi irv once cat be \ccommt>oated with a>.y stfieand price t f Teeth they may ueeirs; but tt> those who ere particular and wirh the purest, o.sanest, strongest, ai.a most perfect denture thai art can sroduae, the MINERAL PLATE will b? more fslly warranted. Kooma in this oity?No. S3* betweea *tQ and loth eta. Also, it07 Arch street, Pfuacel 9:0 a. oc lS-tf THIS IS TO UIVK NOTICE. That the subscriber hath obtam<d trom the Orphan's Co^'rtof Washington County, in the District of Columbia, letter* tes''ary on the peraoiial estate i f A;.n Nash, late of Washington c unty, ii. f eaw i. Ail pernou* having cHims against the said deceased are hereby warned to exhibit the mo. with th* vouchers thereof, to the subscriber, on or before the fourteenth day of November neat; tii?y may otherwise by law be exoluded from at benofTt of the said estate. Giveu under my hand tins fourteenth day of Noven.ber. 18U MICHAEL GRIFFITH, ao lt-lawlw* r'xaoutor. 'IM11S IS TO GIVE NOTICE, That the 1 ru"scriber hatU ub*Ainf?l ti,.? ? ? ?<l" < / I ^Iir.u ? Conrt of'Washington County, in the District of Co'uri.b a. letters of administration on the personal estate oi art ha (alia* Pat-e?) Kutchin*. lr.te o( Washington coo. tr, deceaseil. Al. person* having claims Kgusit the taid Utoea'ct are hereby warn>*d to "xtiibit the same, with t!ie vouchers thereof, to th? sub?onb. r, ou or before the second day ol Nnv mber next; they may otherw ise by law be ixo uded l'rom a l benefit of the said e*ta e. Givm under iny hand tbis second day of November. 13b. UEO. W. HARKvEfS, ntifHyjit* Administratrix. / JRPHAN9' COURT. %ovi*b?e lii, 1861. [hstrict of Cotwrbia, Wa/hin/tnn Cuun'y, TowtIn th* case of cnaries ti Cracm, administrator of Jotin L. Crown.decsaed, the a minis rat:<r aforeraid has witii tlie approbation ot thaOr phat'"' Court of Wa hinet in ? ouut* More aid, appointed Ti K DAY, the saveutu day of DecemI>t i.ext for tlie fiual M'tlvm-'ut and <;i?tr>bution o! th personal fhtatf of; aid deceased, of the a -sets i . ha- d far an *.:ie same hav? t en o >ile.sred and turned int n>one>; wiien and where all the cred t or? an1 heirs of said rte>jeaa*d are notified to appear (' ii t v?Orpha:V Courtt f V\ &sh ngion oouuty aloresaid,) wth their cJainrs prope ly vouohed.or ttie> may otheiwue by Kw be exc.uded fri ill all benefit in sa.d deoe sod's estate provided a copy of this ord<?r lie published onue a w ek for three weeks in the F.?enin< star previou* to the said 7th da* of December next. i uoavvr? I Mi: mobes to 13 lawiw Kt'gmtor ol Wili?. DR. g"dfrev's antidote w ill cufe (jONORKH'Fi in fix day?. chMjze of return d It is an !;s!i ispecitic of sixty-five 5 ea - nmni t r 7?T|a'fip, at.J will not harm tKc m i.tdsiicata con- |JgJ/ ititut'Of) Itooiitai * no mine a .?. Frioa a l. Sold L?jr a. C. >1,310 Lh?ssE?it street. Philadelphia, and lu Wa?hiuntou by 8.C. ?*'?rd. corner 11th ?tre??t si.a I & a-e. bo2K eoly |\R DUPOPiT'S HI1GAR-COATED FEU MALE REGULATING P1LL8 MStf Read tbe following uuao! lotted eucoau if>y uir-si Br / *1 oannot commend 'hem too highly." W j~T "They are the lie?t 1-emale Pi!is exuint." 'I have ueed th^m with oomp e." i-ucess.'* " Wculd n?t (>e without t.'ieia jocu any consideration." "They operate speedily and f If >otiv?ly." P'100 t-ent oy wait Hoabt s* C UPHAM,

3*10 C htsnu; streei. Ph .ladHpl.ta, and in Wuh mt ion ! ? a. u. r uHU, corner Uth street and Pa. a. enuc no 2R-eolt 1? X C t L. *> 1 o K H O T K L, -i No 3Js SRVisrH ?t. Vtlw'rn 1 anrl K Slrieli. Best ?4ooa.muuftUui:c lor traveler! and boaidere. Ti e I ard?r and Bar alwav# iu;p!ted with tl.e oa< least Viands and uoM-lmeo" JOHN HAYZEL, Proprietor I PrCAHTtJuTooTJ 2d St., Pm. ore. Wask'iuton. PKOKCCK PK> LiVf ANU COMMISSION Me&ciiamth. Merchandiseand Produce reoenred on ounsign?BtHI storage no Ifl eohn* JlW7?UFlVED8W) Bbu. Fx ra Fannlv F'onr, loo Bbia Super F'our, 2<^^v?ki> New Book wheat, 10 Koil Butler. For sale low t>y J P CAPTKK fc CO.. boH^er 2w* 2d ctreet. Pa ave. T^HF. 90B9OR1BGRH be* leave to inform their patron* an1 the pubtio it?r erally of be-^*^ in* miid:| tiippUivi with a su?e ior at ck ol>H KA I.L and Wl N I*KK OU< < f>S R& Thu. ? - lul l ( VW I Ul J iUVll? >'MlltH?B Cf their Army and Navy customers, and those"" * rrquirint outfits iu mat lire, to their tupenorsualities of Hworria, hpaaleta. ShouUler Strap* Belt*, Chase&ua, Hats, Cap# Sashes, and (jord Laces, oonatautly on hand, vhioti are warranted an repre enteu. W h. at tend^rinc thank* for the liberal patronage enjoyed, Uiey wil endeavor to merit a continuance. F. J. HEIBKROF.R A CO, tSuocemora to H. F. Loudon 1. Co ,) CITIZEN, W > LIT Ah i' ant NAVAL TAILOHS, 36V PennaylTaua Avenue. oe 16 er*3m ' FRENCH A RICHSTEiN \ r. juit rceivod a frrsh supply of Note Paper, Colored Uoruera, ruied and plain, with En ewpee to n.aton A.??>, Hsi Paper of all kinda, with; auJ wiftiout Mottoea; Envelopes to matoh. Puraoa ami Pocket ol every deeoriptton. \ iar*e aeeortm art of Stationer*. Nev York Pa pert reoeivad tiauy; Paper* from aL pa woftheocnntn. FRENCH & RITBSTEIN, T B 9^* P?TT1 ?*?rr? \JLI TVAVKLINe TRUCKS*. ?A18I^KWN% i?iawi5Sii lioee, Car?*t [! (?, 4o., wliioh we are now ee.lint It very lew eneee. / BDR johritor, ALT1MURB LOCK HOSPITAL, H?i Htt?trU tkt wtott (Vm?, Sfudf mm4 MJy Fftctu+i Rtwttdf m tkt wtrld, FOB A I.I. niPKARKS UP I M PR linENRE. LET NO FALSE DELICACY PREVENT. APPLY IMMEDIATELY. 1 CUKE WARRANTED. OR NO CHARGE, IN rROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. tf 'Ji Back, itnctnrM, Afteuoia tb? lid ?nd BUdd?; Duc^frgf, IropwaocT, Q?a rtl L) bility. N?i.?po?iiMt, ?>v*p?p?T, La&faor, Cprfur. on ?f ld?u, Low Spnu, P-ipiiaaou or th? Tunidity, Tr?:xbliof?, lHrrmtM ) SifM or Giddmtaa. (>' ?? of lh? aid. ThiroaL. Nrtfft or Skin. A cf !-*? *- Stom a'h u Pow?!??ihaia Tomfclo Pioordar* artaing Iron BollU?y of Yna'h?iha?a DraadfaJ and P?atmcu?a PraeUcaa winch roouar Mamsfa iiupaa?tl?, aud doatroy both Body tod Mind. YO UNO MEN lapaeully who h?T? tocomo tha rictmia of Solitary Tit a, that droadfal nod daauactna habit which annuity iwoapa to an anomaly frivo thoaaauda of YosrgMo- of tho Bool aiakad talanta a>.d brilliant intolloct, who mifht otharwuo ha?a ontranead Uaianar.f Sanataa with tha thaudara of a la. aaaaea or wakad te acataey tha living lyro, may Mil with rail contdanco. MAURI AUK. MtllllD PlRtoni, or Yoang Man eoototnplatlnf Marriaga, bamy awara of phyaical watknata, orfanl* Ability, daforui-jaa, Jtc., apaaOiN "enraS. Ha who Uacas Lnmitii o.idar tho eara of Dr. J. may rallftarv? :n hit bonor aa a gautlaitao aad aonldaauy talj. a ton bia akill aa a phyaicun. OFFICE No. 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. laft bund ?idafoin| from Baltiraora ivin, a faw uaari'r?aa lb a corrtr Fail not to cbaaraa lull and oarnaar. kauara Kit ba paid uid conuic a ateoip. i)R JOHNSTOy, Mar-bar tf iba Rojai Coitaja of Sarfacai, Laodao, fradiata Iron ooa of tha neat aminant Collajaa in tha Unitad and iha riaaiar part of whoaa llfa fcaa baan ?j ti.t la lha noapiula of London, Paria, Philadaiphia aad aiaavbara, baa alacta4 aoma of tha moat aatoniabtuf carat ihat vara avar koova; ci&ny trotbltd with nnfmr is tha haad aud lira whan aaliap; rtaat narTonanata, alarroad at aaddan aoohda. b?ahnLlnasa with fraqomt Llaabiof. atiacdad aorcaumaa *rij> daraofamaot af wind, wara carad vrar^a* diaialy. TAK? PARTICULAR NOTICE Vawnf Man aixl oth?? vhc bata lujsrad taarnaiirai by a aartaw pracuca indulgad in whan aiooa?a habit frtjuacuj laaruad from a?il compaciooa, or at achocl, tha aSacta af vbien ara iufbtly fait a*an whan aalaap, and if not ccrad, ranuare n.MTi?f? unpo??iDl?, >ua dtsiroj* botb nuud ?ud kodt, thoald apply nrnu?di*t?lT. T ie?t ail torn* of tbt imd and tu?lancl">iy a8?CU t rf Joead by aarj? babita of jruui.'i. ?t? : W? ikn??? of tba B ci tod Llibb*. Paina in lb* Hand, Lhmncia of ttig hi, Loaa of Mmcmi Powar. Palpitation of uit Haart, Dyapapay, Nikou irritability, Dtr&iiftmti.l of lb* Digctuvt Function*, Gar.tral Datiuty, Symptom* of Gor.inmr'ton, ftc. Ml'TiLLt-'ftii faartcl ittcu on tba muid *ra n?ch U ai driadid ?Lo?? of Mimory, Coi,feiioc of Idtai, Dil runM ' 8pmu, Evil For*bodtnga, Avtrtioo of Socnty, Bitf-Diiirim, Lot* ot 8oh;adi, Timidity, ate* ara torn* af tLa i?i!i productll. NlRtOl'i DaaiLlTT ?Thcuiar. U e?ui uaw )adfa what i* It# ctHi of tbair daclimnf baalth, loainf ttilir vigor, bicomla( wiak, pall, oar*. aa and iir.acwtaa, baring a air.jalii arpiaranci abost tin iyit, cocjh er lyLnptomi of cacian<pUao. % DISFASES OF 1MPRVUENCE Whin tbi mn jnided und imprudto: votary of pliaaar* t.da ha h=i iQibibid mi ntdi ot th-.i paiofai dm?u, it toa oftar bappeua ilrot an ill-tinad nnn of ahatna or draad of diicot arj dllira -iai from applying to Uioal who, from idncauon and raipacubiltty, Can nlom bifrtand him. Hi ftlla inta tba Sai:da of ijnoraril m4 deaipmnf pritmdiri. who, ine?r?Ha I c?ring, rich hU pecuniary aofcttanca, kt?p him thSinf cr.witi) afttr mouth, or at loot at lat amallati ftt uo b? ott-ir'td, and in dttpair lt??? mm with ruuitd hoaltii to tiirh t?ir nit tilling ditappointratut; or by tut stt of tfcn dtadlj p~:t?n?.Vtrcory?list'tr, tht eoiittitBtlonal tymptonit of fhit ttrriblt dittitt.aaeh at Aftcuoniof tht Hta.-t, Threat, Ha id, kin, Ac, pr}|rttiinc with frif htfsl rapidity,til! 4a?tb pitta Mrtd tt hit ori?<lf>r nfirlofi by aaadinf bintttlut w1itct*ertd caaii'.rr from wfcaat toarut uo trartltr rtiari.t DR JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND 1MPOTENCY. ly lb It fit at and important rtmtdy vtakntu of tht art act art ipttduy cartd ana fell *i(?r itttortd. Thootundt or tfct oat norroma and dtbibt&Md, wh? bad loot all bopt, btM btta licmtdiattly ralit'td. All Loipauimtoit to Marriaf tLPhytl?al or Mtuta! Diaqaal laciiivn*, imi ai rr?eraau?a rawar, Htr**u Irrlukllli*. T? "*Vln * ?c< Waakaaaa at SmiiUH af Ua matt faarfa! kind tf taaily f ?ra1. ENDORSEMENT OK 1 UK PRESS. TBI M*!*r t>oriiiDl eirad at IhU iaaliiatiau viUIb Ua i??i Ttin, and tha narcaraaa lapntan Barfiu. ayarauaoi parfarroad feT Dr. Jaimalm, wiinaaaal fey to* rapartart / -Jit p.'.par? and many athar caraana, oatitai af which bara tppairad afun and again bafara iba fabht, a aMaa kia aa a f antlarcao af charastar ana raapataiUlltT. ia a ??3anrii |??mini u tha uMlciad. mar 18-1 y LEA fc PERIll.W afiw Worcestershire Sauce. Pronounod>i 1>T EXTRACT CONNOISSEURS Ml of a Letter from a to be the f| MtdUal Umtlvna* ?onlv t:?? SAUCE." UKkJIj Worcester. and applicable to ? Tell L.Vfpir. V. BV r*? j tbM their Slut* *?Vfc.K* iu, ? ' is hichty esteemed ?. -zi^T-rr- m India, and i?, m VAHIh.Fi pf my opinion, th? most ?-w pa ats !?'e,?s w <11 aa OF DISH ilHii.?1 Mthe most wholesome ut- wish. I^J^0SatKi thatramade." The above SAUCE u not onlt the bb?t and moat Popular comment known, but the moat Etonomtcal, as a few drops in Soup, draw, or with F'isk, hot and cold Joint*, Beef Sunk, iinme, #e.. impart an exqmaite aeet, whioh unrrttutpled Sauce manufacturers have in vain endeavored to imitate, On the Breakfatt, Luncheon, Dinner, or Strri Table, a ornet containing " LEA 3t PBJlKiNS' WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE" is ir.dtapenaabla. To appreciate the eretllent quaHtits of this delicious prepaation it ia only necee^aiy to purohase a eiruli bottle of the genuine, of a respectable grocer nr <Iaa *r a ??? ? * ? ?- ?? bo niftuy noiei &na nesiaurant proprietors ae'.dom p.ace the Pure Sauoe before their guests. but substitute a genuine Bottle filled with a*pnrtoK.? mixture. For sale by Grocers and Fruiterer* e'^rywhere. JOHN DUNCAN A. SO*S, Union Square and l4rA strut, N?W York, Sole Wholesale Agents for t ie United States. A Stock always in store?Also orders reoeived for direct shipments from Engla- d. ILT Brwart Counterfeit* and Imitation*.-TT1 sep 3-ly.eo /V?? /? * <---* l ?*3, flMVIIMll, Iny*?mo any /rrt!?t?ow ? S?rr??? e/ <4i Tkromt, tk* Hntkxnt Ctmtk m Cw?.*mw*(vm, Brontixitt, .4k?H| # C-tnr *nj ntl itr<*(U (o : t? rote4 Qf PUBLIC SPEAKERS AND S1N6ER8. Few are ?w? ( of Use importance of chacitius ft Coot It or "Co arn-JE Coid" in it.* first lag'r.tLat whioh in the bsfininj would yield to * nuilii r-medr, if neglecte i. eooDftttackitbe Lents. "L'otrn't Bronchial Trceiti," oontaiiiHit oeiruinentiuj'eai nU, allay PcimoR&rf ftnd U;OL?inai Irritation. _ "That trouble id cij Throat. ifor BROWN'S whioh the "TVoeA?i" area ipecifio) mrine aivle me often am^'ewhiiYROCHES ferPT." N.P.WILLIS. BROWN'S M I reooiameiid their ??e to PtlLif Sruiui." VROCBES HEV. E. H. CHAPIN. "Breat ?er?toe in subduing Ho**s?BROWN'S ???." REV. DAMEL WISE. onniivN "A inoet instant relief in the di trssaicc labor of breathing peculiar hrown'h to Asthma."' ' KBV. A. C. E06LESTON. TROCHES' " Coatun no Ofiuai *nything i&janott ** DR. A A UAVE9, BIIO^YN'P, Cktmiit, Bo'tea, WRon^R*!-" V"1'?.' ?M<I m^*f.'BI ELOW, BROWN ff woo*** brown 8 m 4 er0T0d tb** ejtwllent f?r f ROOF KB **? '"? WA*iy^ BlOWS?! ?7V??V?4 iionBFH ** I>naScJ?l compel 1?4 U lEOUIBB 19MB, aftorliic&?ia Cold." 8KOWHB Wfiv. B. J.F.AXU?KB^W^t VVOOMP** " fcf?*rnru-4b re?9TiEf Ho?r?e aen c.r'i Irr. anion of lit* Throat, m BROWM'i* MPjpon with rrt rtn and Sum?00?E. ~?* ? ?AOV i0? 0N. .? (rTAM?. ??. BROWJCS Vcaakw of M ??:o, Southern Ferial# Coutce. VHOniKS lynefct when taken, before ?R ?t>4 titer M ther ?r?2?* RinWN'S ftoArefccee*. From tkeir t*?t ofloc*. L Uiluk thej Till be of tenement idVROOHK3 *?Wl,gT. A. M. BROWN'S rrmCwt of Athens College, Tens* WROCMKS i tit ?:< Viiwi mm ouAt^yj < l-'y m tof haws egsa VSia PREMIUM TRUNK VQS MANUFACTORY, 499 8I7MTH STRUT, W *gHI.N?T#?, D. C. Bllvtr Medft! ^warded by Maryland InstltaU Baitimor*. NovtiEber 7,18*>. 4Uw. Madal by Metropolitan M*c.'!\mn?? i> W*?lUE?*>n' D C" W9r' a. , ,';iaKIrf?. -j' '?1 |A?nb?n of QWir*" uauoe my ator<A t?fore jan.t.asinj dirrhm 1 Yraake thatar* mode in oUier uitie*. | Superior Leather and Dr??# Trmnta made te ' Trunks ootot-*1 %n?i roe*' rwJ at ahort aotooe GooSb delivered fr? ?> Cf citi^e u uytfdn of the tit* M>rgat0Va.aad AiexKnlna. ??MK?W.T<tPHAM. I JJOMK-MADK BOO^S AND 810B, Um'| Misan' ard C**n'? W ui, m ? fa. bet, nh*nS3u^ 1 * They fo rlfht to tlM Spot.'' lNBTANt EBLIKF STOP \ VOR 0099M PURIFY YOUR BREATH STRENGTHEN YOUR VOICE SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS, ill GOOD FOR CLERGYMEN, GOOD FOR LECTURERS, GOOD FOR PVR1.1C Kf>K AEKRR GOOD FOR SIPTGXRS, GOOD FOR CO/fSUMFTirsa. GENTLEMEN CARRY 6PALDINGS THROAT CONFECTIONS. LAD1KS ARfe DELIGHTED WITH BFALDINQ'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. CHILDREN CRY POR SPALDING 8 THROAT CONFECTIONS. i They relieve a Cough instantly, Titer clear the Throat. They fire strength and re lame to the to lea. The; impart a delicious aroma to tha breath. They are delightful to the taste. They are made of simple herbs an J cannot harm any one. I advie* every one who ha* a* Cough or a Hasty Voioe, or a Bad Breath, or any difficulty of the ' Throat, to get a package of my Threat Confoo j fon*. They will relieve yon instantly, ud yoa will agree with me that "they go rirht to the epot.' Vn? .(<! .1 -?-l ' - ' a vh w in uuu uuiu tci y urciu: ftnu WBl I I tr&velint or a'tending pnbiio meetings, for stilling j your Couth or a*layinr jo%r thirst. If yoa try one pickaxe I am ?afe in saying that yon will ever af j terwfcrda eonsider them mdispensibla. Yoa will , find them at the Druggists and Dealers la Medi I owesPRICE TWENTY FIVE CENTS. My signature is on each paokata. Ail others are counterfeit. A Package will be sent by mall, prepaid, on re oeipt of 1 hirty Cents. v Address, urmrv r ipivmsn No. 48 CEDAR STREET, NEW YOftK. >' 5U?? &. w^CURE I NervousHeadacne l Headache. ? By the im ( tkm Pllla Ut perledie Mtuki I Jfir*Mi sr Sui H?4aJu m?y be prevented; ud j 1 token at the oemmenoement el an sttaek tmae dlate relief from pain and iloksen vfc be ebtmned. They seldom fail in removing Ike Nmmtti aad Htmdatk* to vhish females are se sibjset They ast gently ipen Uabeweis. ww<1 A?mnswi. For Litarmry Mt%, SnUmtt. Deli sals Females, and all Masons of tadmumm kmHtt, they are ealaable as a Lmmmtim*. improving the fniiu, giving I mm and ?? ' to the digestive organs, and re storing the nataral eiaetioity and strength e the whole srstem. The CEPHALIC PILLS are Uerscaltef long inT?iii|miigD "to o?r?iny ?? f lien to, hftTinc bMn in nee m&ur year*. daring which time Ihey have prevented ud rehered a nit amoant ol Hun and offering rem Hetduh*, whether eni 1natinc in the mr?mi ?r?tem or from a deranged ttte of the ifiwiii. They are entirely vegetable in their eompocltioc. , and may be taken at ail times with perfect aafety i without mating any change of diet, tmd ik* mbj i?m 4/ m? iumrrt?bU tuM rtmdmt it wn ? UMMUIir Ik*m < ektidrtm, DEW ARK OF COUNTERFEIT*! The genome hare five aifootirea of He jut C o? Mob Box. So d by Ermxfixta %a4 all eUer Dffelero IB i*Mi j tinet. I A Has wlli t* sent by Bftll pr*P*i4 reoeipte tke PRICE, a* CENTS. All truri ikri'd bo addressed to HENRY C. HPALOIN*. 4S Cna Sthit, Nnr Yoil frrm tkt jHMMir, Norfolk, r?. OphBli* Pillii looomotioh the object for vfcitk 1 tfcey wore mote, n?; Cut o 1 hoMMholaill lto I forms. Fttm tk* ! < ?r. /to/ai*, f*. Veer hft?e b*eo tMled la mere uu ft Uwn | ft.aft.wiUi ? Frtm til Dimntii, fit. ClmU, Htm*. I if yo? ?re, or hire Iwt troubled v ith Ut bm4 J ftcliS.Mudforft t>oz?<Oerhftjo Pilla M Vkftt r?i J naftj hft ?e them it oft?e ol fta^ttftek. Prm tk4 Wtsfrm K. JL tfutfW, Aw*/*, III, ! We ce?rti y endone Mr. tfpftldlA*, ft?4 klft U , nrailed CejliftUo P 111ft. t :m ikt aWftflm PlU Vm Qrli?? L? Try them ! yon that are afflicted, and*w? an nn that yonr teptimony oan be ad-led I* Ike alreadi : enmerona ll?t that haa reoelved beneili that m ! other modiolus can jrodaoe. /Vm tk4 ffUKU, Jlllflll, iMM. Mr. gpaldmc would not eonnaet hla l&a* WU an artiole he aid not mow to mnh real Merit. I from tl4 iiwrHwr, Promdmrn, JL. i. Tbe C-eph&i:o Pilla are caid to b? ? rnaartffci] effective i em wit for the head*ehe, nd eneefut i twy boat for that Tory I mUbI ?*BQ>4ai5t vtMk i Ui ever been deooTered. Frtm tkt St. Lwii DMMarM, The immene* demand for U? article rc**kaile Pula) la ujoreaein#, I Am tki ZMWiU raUev 8*?r. iaoavu, r*. W#aiw rare that fera^na aaleruw vUk UitiM wu*i woo try uiem, vui IDtt M Un>. fVMt >*? Ad^trtOtr. ItwMwfc K. L Who lestimorr is th^lr f?r?r u otreac, froa tk* moat reapeotabio ??flora. Frtm tht D*U? Ntm, Ntmpmt, IL J, OemJ 10 1'iUo are IstiBs the plaoo of *11 ki?4?. >?* ? llu ComwurtUU Bullttm, But**, Nmi Said to be Tory oAoaoiooa for tbo haotUohe. Prom tkt Oommsmmi. PimmiK | Bnfferlac huauutv oaa bow be roliavod. 17 Ik nagie bottU of Spalding's Prepared 61a? will ut6 too time* ita oo?t unm&lly. aPALBINO'S PREPARED OLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED OLUBf SPALDING'S PREPARED OLUBI 8AVK THE PIKCK8! ECONOMY! DISPATCH CT"A Stitch m Tunbivu A? aooidmta will in w?U >HilUM fomiliM, it ^ very deairable to bar* mm 0>?af Jid^ci'NvoQient vaj for repamoc F urni tara, Toy? Crocker?, 4c. MPALDINO'B PREPARED nrnn moeto all ouoh ramttnem, and bo hoasehoM o? %flbrd to be without it. It w always randy. and to the ttoktnc point " USEFUL IN KVER.Y BOUSE." t*. Bi?A Hnuh innnwp?too sash B*ttU. rrio M saata. ^ MEN*Y a 8PALD1N9, Mo. 48 Mu mm, Now Tort CAUTION. idw te uinm botoro ta*rhiotaf, and tso Us the tB i MM. MUUNVtt'ftlU'UlU) LVH.J21 iSSUS**?*? SVSKS" A TBAVKLLERS' DIRECTOR 1. JUORTHLRN CENRAL RAILWAY. Tkt Skorttil. Qmtckttt nU B*rt JtMU/rm JUJtt WB8T. NORTH"!>D*NO*THWL?T. auwav WINTER SOSQVLt C1U.X4Ior I'M*. On and fcftw pl'nda vtuth notmmi, phwu V?r Tr?4ct will arrive ud depart Iroa ftUdon M follovs : t?ais? nc*th liavi Buffalo EspreM p. m. Fsrkton Aoo< RIM0<<U10<1 4 p. m. Pittabarg and H&rriatmrg 8 9> p m T*ais? ScrtH AlKirs Pirkun Aooonnnodauon at 8 a. m Faflal J Exr?* ? * * ? Pitubarg ud flL-riibiiri Kiprwi 2 p. m. Mm * *> ? m. The 6 m train fro* WaehJnfton oocnect* with the ? JO a. m. tun from Baltimore for the Wdtini for Buflalo. Elnma Roohe?tar, Dunkirk - Cai.adaiteaand S &??* Fa , and for New y ^ 01 ' ^ The Si 'a. m. train from Washington eonnecu with the##, n tiain fr? m, Baltiaioie to W??t North a'd Northweet aad fchrura and BcfTaioand The p. in. traic from Waehmfton oonneeto with the&-3?>. nu train f?om Baltimore ter Pnteo*rt, gamebuf aid the W?t aM le a direct eonaeeOod for Lel>?'on. fc'attoo h ilentowp aad New Yorkrta Cafetra Hailrcad of New Jcraey. Try ?WU * ^ ? - - a. ??* iv^v iwi ji?w i vr C^The only tr*tn kavitt on Panda* ia.tfi?J p. m. tr?ic. for Ha nabury, i'ltuhari. Cfci oaroand tt>? Wmi. 'I It# un?y train amrin to Rtitimor* M Paadat UUitana. m. train. JA^ C CU*KK. noU6 ly yuffrifcteiideul. OASBENbtR TRAINS TV AND FECM Mr 14j-* morf WINTKH SfHRbVLt. On ud tSlm Monday, Norembr It, 1M. bmer Titini between Wa?HIM0TON ud rai.timor k <!! V .TP* MOW? Moraine Kxprees Inn Waeiuiiion ?J? a. m. A.r 7J* tPi pra*w?I?i? umt.U. New York*r. Harmi/trf l.U p. a. Morc.i.f Aocon.DiodAtJoe learc WMine*too M* f ArrTreH Ba.tunore?* A. a. No oobmotioci at 11*1 ti to ore. Nev Y ork Mail Tr?li-lwre Wwhuitoa M 11 a. wrrre W%IU&>t? 1S.M r. ASiidelrhl* ?J7 p. New \ ork M>?. m. Afternoon Aooon-m.^fcUoa? leave WulduU't tX! 1*HOSE4"? * ; K^nSKr? Hn Phi.Kl*. phi* t<u? r.u. s*wkf hinm leave wte^iDfton l f. k. Vv^;L^or* M81- *"? .Pk^elriua lojs ,7ri^V/jfcvfe8^WA " .^taSais'.'i' % Zifa^k!>?? t New York at v r. ., pyoade^hia s jr a. *, Baltimore I* A.m. Arrive at WasliiLjtrn fjD a. ?. Aooommotiatlon Trnu ton Baltimore at I 4. .< and ? r. H , (or Waakinfton, intn the:# at II a. u. and 1r. u. PtMenier Traiaa leannc WaaiuafftoB atur a. x. and tjSk r. k.. and Baltimore at 7jk a. and iJt r. 0. n.&* e direct oooneoUooa for Annapo.i* at the JuLction. Trains leave Annapolis for Balumor? and Wash lc*' - at $J0 a. m. and S?> r. m ' .erger Trains leann* W Mbinrtoc at CIO A. v 3 a m..ar0 5 p.k.. and Batimore at AJB and 7' A. M.,ac<3 S V r. will *t?? Iml* at iwMT?Jii Jumetttm anj Wa.'/??*rfo? (Ktlmy) J war Hon V* my Auiru|?! n.u?i tut Itie Accommodation 7Vat?ji Nly Tr?ma will leave Washington and Baltimore promptly upon card ttwu. W. r. SMITH, Mhater of Tranaportation, Bait. J. T. ENGLAND, Agent. Omden Station. Ba'timore. 8. P. 6ILHEHT. Agent at Waahington. no*> >JAgg ttTEAM WEEKLY BETWEEN NEWYORKANi) LIVERPOOL. ^ Laaaing and embarking ptaeengere at Qaeenatown, Ireland. The Liverpool, New York and Philadelphia Bteamahi* Company intend diapatchicg their fkil powered Clyd*-bnilt iron Steamahipa aa followa : 6LA9ttOW .Saturday, Auguat 3d. glTy^OF BALTIMORE. " - 1"U. * " 13th. And ?very Saturday, it noon, from Pier*4, Nortfi nw. uti? o? riHui. Firtt Cabin ? ?1# l)o. to London . an Do. to Fane K6 Do. to Hamburg 86 Kl??rt|i? . . . ?% K to i _ M Do. to ?*?>> 38 Do. to Hamburg..... . ... 96 PuMDieri forwarded to Havre. Bremec. KM tftrdam. Antwerp .*?, at ?cx-d UiiuufQ tare*. Pereona wwhiag to bring otft their friend* oar. boy tioketa at low r?te<i For farther information apply at the Captain* Oftce. JOHN 6. DaL^'i Ami, lft Hroa<dvay. N. V-, Or to Q. A. HERRING, Aaam* hirxi ba-u OW. NORTHERN CENTRAL RAILWAY, SnPKRINTKNDRNT1* tiPFirv Calvkit Station, batimore. May 18,1861. '< ttVyS K TH K RN^ NT& AL'li AIL'JE AiPM" tod depart a* follows, ncttl further aoUoe. ..... . TRAINS NOKTH. P|fe%Mtttt?V M. mHARRI8BI;RS ACCOMMODATION at I p. The 8.15 A. M. train oonneote at Relay House wltktnuu on the Western Maryland Ran road, at Haoonr Junction with Hanover and Gertebnrc Railroads; at York with York and Wrifhttvi ie Rai.rpad; at Harnsbnr* with Penueylvania Rai road for all parte of the Waet. a.eo with Lebacnoc Valley Railroad to A?w York dtrttt, at Northnin .T,for Kictston and rL (T 00 ^5* VaJ^T^d at ^BDbnrj witi. the Ph'ladel^hja and^ Erie Railroad jor all parte Northern Pennsylvania ?id New York. The 3 jo p. M train make* all um above con nee Suum ui?f> n?uuTBr K?;:rou, WrifhUvlil* Railroad and the Lehacnon VaJle* Railroad. The 8 P. M true iiium ounneotiona iU Pens Iranla Railroad for all parta oi tfc? Wast, and reot ootmeou for New York. TRAINS ARRITM. Mall at?10 |C It.; fixpreta at 7.?t A. M. Barnabarc Accommodation at 2.a P. M. for Twkett and information lcaaira at tiia Tioket (mm, Calvert Station, Baltimore. J. C. CL.ARR.Papt. -i PHILADELPHIA, \V1L iflH MING TON ANT BALTIMORE RAILKOAD. SPRING AND SUMMER AhKAMiEMEPT. On and alter TVESDAY May 14tc, Pa?*MT grains for Phuade phia will learp President atreet i>e?oi daily exoept PnDdaralaa fo iow*. via Tr?in at6 15 A.M.. Way Mm. Train at CIS A. Kvrtuni Mail at?tt o'oii>ot. On >*L NpA\ P. M. only. All tniM oocneet with New York trama exoept44t P. M. Iruo on batar Q*7?. A Protcbt True with ptiMCitr ear attached Iwtm at 6 P. M . atoppinc At all Btatiuna between B? timoreacd H*yre de-4?r?o*. PuMDttra for Delaware and the hiitn fhor* *t Maryland will find the moat expeilitioua root* by way of Wilaincton. Ir^ All Colored Pereona maat fire boi-d be for* entering the oars. WM CRAWPQRD. Atwit ^^^.NEW YOEK^ANQ ER1L RAIL PasMbc* Train* lean rta Pito P1& Ftrrv aju! I ytn* Utr> wab? Crw** *\f ^ ? ?? itrwU New York, Mfojlows.Til : 1M a> m , EXPRESS, for Dn:.krk, and Buffalo, aad principal mt?w"?te Station#. ?.ooa. m , MAIL, for Dnnkin. and intormadiat* Stations?This Train remains orer nijtt at Kl?irs, nyrr*MtiWsrr,, . and in tar "Tfctfr ^ACCOMMODATION. dally, for Port 'T5VVSW IVavtargk. %lf m.. N16HT^E JLPRKS8, daily, for Dan kirk, Caii&iid^ita&Abd ?'.iic. pal Htatioua Tm Train of SaXarday atopt at all Mail Train Stations, and ran* only to Elaira. 00 p.m. ACCOMMODATION Jor Horawnl *, and pnboipa Stadous. CH AS. MlNOT.fiw'l Sap't. NATHANIEL MARSH. Roo-tror. LngkbFe Coir>iL?Loit* MotiOaf, May tub. 1961. 11:00 a. m. fast exrmi train from om Plain*?t*? p. m atopy hi at White kcc Ktatiunc north to DoTb', plain*?from Mt station. train trill ran to MiUortoa ewr Satardaj rotoL Falla?fetta. m. aftoyytaf at all ataOop? north of Koraaaai iron Mtk atred atauob. For W kit* P.kit ?fcS'. tlf' aud fcw > atoyring at all atajaona from SRk atreot atatioa. For White I'.r.i.?- *6 a. m atopyiag at all i't Bona from w bit* vtroet aUuoL. For Wiliiaaa Bndco-?.?<,) 1:1* a. m- and Mo y. m- atoyaibf at ai i atapoaa froo irth atree* aUUoa. Return.r^x Will low a .v.? _ ? " t ?. BUWI ?xfr*M imr. t?r Pinn?-5JP m. (Thi? tr*in ,?*tm Mh ' mob itmj Monday nrarmni tlit. m.? trotoL 6?. m. Whiu ?.?.?* ft 1M9 m. \\ i,liMu BrxU> h?. M* . b. 4 h?> p. m. asssvsc- {^n%scrs KK^ S^Wv Trey frni Aiimlj rwitt lo^p'm k-tiwHlis ow) i0 \4 .m ?TaSw>.{ T*ul ' tT%nifc'* *r>% %

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