Newspaper of Evening Star, 11 Aralık 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 11 Aralık 1861 Page 1
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^mmaai??? I 11 THE EVENING STAR t ITB iJSH^BV At THE STAB. BtlLOLlOl, snksr / f$*AiplT**im Mum add glt**Atk H. ii W. D. WALLAOH. ' I <p g Paper* served la packages by parrlers at #4 a year, or 37 centsper month. To mall subscribes* the price is S3 ? a teat, ? month*; tl for three months; and for lea uu three moaths at the rate of 19 cents a week. Single copies, oaa cbht; la wrappers, two cbkts. 117" Adviktiixmi*ts shogld he seat to the efflce before IS o'clock m ; otherwise they may o^ippea^^Uh^x^day^^^^^^^ LATE HEWS FROM DIXIE. . We hare copies of the Richmond Dispatch of the 2d, and one or two other Secesh papers. From them we make the following summary of public news and other items, showing the state of things in those sections of Seceasia. Thus the Dispatch of the 3d inst. offers to pay liberally for any copies of Northern papers that sny one may furnish to their editorial room. This is a pregnant sign that the operations of the Secesh "underground railroad" has been much impeded of late. the Dispatch claims that at Soarey Creek sii hundred of Will's men had Utterly tollted fifteen hundred il Linoolnites!" This is the first beard of any ?uch Tictory, though said to hare occurred month* ago. It adds that McClellan's victory at Rich Mountain (wherein Garnett was killed) virtually forced Wise to evacuate the West It alse says that Floyd baa advanced a third time against the Union forces, but has half his oommand in hospital, hort du combat. The same journal characteriies the late Hatteras Union State Convention ss "a political farce." It charaetemes Parker H. French (now safe in Fort Warrfen) as an agent of Parson Brownlow?bosh It claims (on the authority of the Charleston (Mo ) Courier) that Jeff. Thompson has "captured the Platte Valley"?which u news here, indeed. It credits the army correspondent of the Knoxville Register with a declaration that the rebel works at Cumberland Oap amount to the strongest fortifications in Secessia. John J. Werth, "agent." advertises that so great is the scarcity of coke, (in Richmond.) that hereafter he csn only supply any one private family with a single load per month. A quartermaster advertises for five hundred army wagons for the use of the C. S. Army, and adds that he will purchase any number that abj one may have for sale. Mechanics of every description are?judging from the advertisements for them?as scarce as hen teeth in Riohmond. Cause why?they have nearly all been forced into the army as common soldiers. The surgeon in charge of the General Ho*= pital in Richmond advertises for nine good negro men and boys to hire as nurses! The brokers advertise any nnmber of Confederate and Virginia State bonds for sale, and offer heavy rates for gold and silver. The cashier of the Farmers Bank (at Richmond, gives notice that the payment of $24,543 01 which the bank holds a* the property of Capt. R II. Ramsey, has been "enjoined" by the district oourt of the C. S., as being liable to sequestration. None except those known to be actual residents on the line of the Richmond, Fredericksburg and Potomac Railroad, are allowed to travel upon it without passes. The Richmond and Petersburg Railroad Company require "passes" from all who travel over their road. Gov. Letcher estimates (in his message) the number of Virginia secesh troops in the field at 70,000; says that Virginia has furnished 350 pieces of artillery, and expended six millions of dollars for war purposes since April 7, last. He insists that the war must not end until the authority of Virginia again extends to the Ohio, and also that the possession ef Maryland by Secesh, is necessary to secure to Virginia the counties of Accomac and Northampton. | We think we see them in possession of Maryland.J H m F Gordon, (of Albemarle, we take it,) has been elected Clerk of the Virginia House of Delegates On motion of James Barboar, of Calpeper, James L. Kemper, of Madison, was, on the 2d inst . elected sneaker of theWirginia House of Delegates Harris Burgiss, of King William, was also elected Sergeant-at-Arms, and Rabt W Burke, of Augusta, Doorkeeper. The Confederate State Court in Richmond have confiscated $15,000 in the hands of the t ankers Pureed, in that city, the property of >> shmead et alt, of Philadelphia, ordered it to be paid over to the C. S Receiver, and that tLe Purcell's lawyer, J. H. Gilmer, shall get o>< fee whatever out of it. , Oo the night of the 1st thej had auite a -oow storm in Riohmond. * the La Fourcbe (La.) Union (change the name) cemplains that three of our vessels lately sent Wu to Coilliou Island, the men on which made sad havoc with certain cattle of the Thibadouz family and Judge Barras. Private James A. Miller has been shot, near Winchester, in pursuance of a sentenoe of a court martial, for attemptiag the life of Capt. Henderson, of the Jefferson Cavalry. He was shot by a file of men from Capt H.'s comply The Dispatch pronounces the story that the original copy of the Seuth Carolina ordinance of secession was found at Beaufort when our forces entered it, and forwarded to our Navy Department, a "tough story." It is alleged that "the Yankees attempted a landing on the night of the 25th ult. at the mouth of the Perdido river, near Pensacola, but were "most signally repulsed by our gallant troops there." News here A oerreepondent writing from Abingdon, (southwestern) Va., to the iiispatch, says that the burned bridges in East Tennessee will be repaired in a few weeks; that the Virginia 56th and 57th regiments were then in Abingdon on the way to join Gen. Humphrey Marshall in Russell county, Va. The regiment of Col Moore, raised just there, were to march with them on the next day. These troops, those at his camp, and those at Pound Gap, were to form a junction, and with them, obese Humphrey was soon to march into Eastern Kentucky to fire the Kentucky heart. He was to be in supporting distance of Zollicoffer, and was expected "greatly to stiffen" the Confed cause in that quarter. The roads in the mountainous region of Virginia had been impassable for some weeks. They render (in the writer's judgment) that county safe from invasion for the winter. Concerning Floyd's exploit* about Cotton Hill, the writer says: "Gen. Floyd went down to Cotton Hill, Fsyette county, on a plan concerted with Gen. Lee, to take the enemy in the rear, while Gen. Lee should occupy him in front, before Sewell. Shortly before setting out on his hasardous and adventurous expedition, a large portion of Gen Lee's force was ordered to Pocahontas oouaty, and Gen. Lee himself was soon after sent to South Carolina; leaving a very small force In front of the enemy at Meadow Bluff. When Gen. Floyd, therefore, reached Cotton HjU, instead of being able to effect anything in the enemy's rear, ae found that the enemy were entirely free, if they chose, to get in hu rear, and to employ their whole force to surround him. He held his position however, which was clearly untenable, for several weeks, and only withdraw when it became necessary, to prevent being surrounded by two columns of the enemy?under Gen Schenok and Gen B/nham?which were marching to a common point near Fayette Court House, ia his rear. This movement he eluded successfully, by reaching the point before the enemy, which he did with some hard fighting and a verv small loas of man. He accomplished it without any loes of baggage or property, other than what was necessary to be destroyed and left in order to make room ia the wagons for the siek?of course preferring to destroy property rather than leave his siek in the hands of the enemy. Some of his men wero badly off for shoe* in eonseqnonoe of several boxes of numbers li's, It's, and It's having bee* seat him from Riohmond, (negro shoes,) which, of course were too large for the feet of white " After baffling Sohenck and Bonham by reaohing Fayette Conrt Hoase before they formed tneir junction there, he saw very little of them at all. In fact it was impossible for them to follow hps in any foree ; and his subsequent movements after leaving Fayette Court House war* exclusively with reference to wip f / St at. - T VSft. XVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C. WEDNESDAY. DECEMBER 11. 1861. N?. 2.748. t?r quarters He hu established his winter camp near Petertown, in Monroe county, about forty miles from the White Sulphur Springs, and about thirty from the Virginia and Tennessee railroad at Newbern, Pulaski county. His c*mp thus affords protection to both those points, aad is loeated in a country fruitful in supplies. It is not deemed possible for the etaetny to p&ss the mountains to either Newbern or the Springs, such is the horrible condition of the roaaa It would seem that the enemy are themselves convinced of this fact, as I see that seven or eight of tneir regiments are announced as ordered to Kentucky; where I am quite sure they will find the roads in as bad a condition as in Western Virginia." A Norfolk correspondent writes to the Dispatch that ob the 2d inst., in the engagement at Ions taw of that date, the Confea steamer Patrick Henry played the very d?1 with an United States gunboat and a frigate, disabling them, Ac., Ac., and that the ooncussion of the firing shook the windows in Norfolk, more than ten miles off. Not a shot from the Patrick Henry took effect, it will be remembered. In his message, Qov. Letcher pays that a large portion of the ammunition and all the heavy artillery sent to other secesh States for coast defence was captured in the navy yard at Norfolk. He argues to show the folly of an attempt on the part of the rebels to take Fortress Monroe. a|e asserts that Virginia has in the service at tnis time fifty-nine regiments of infantry, several now forming, eight of cavalry, and other independent companies, and also a regiment of artillery, with other single companies. On the 30th June, he says the number of Virginia troop in the field was 41,845 men of all arms. He inveighs loudly against the Western Virginians for declining to acquiesce In the Stated secession. He vehemently urges his followers to screw thei? courage up to renewed secession exertions. He intimates that the Virginia Military Institute (at Lexington) is now shut up, urges the production of gunpowder, and remarks, in effect, but for the State's railroad facilities the rebellion would have been a failure ere this. Change is astonishing high in Richmond? 20 Eer cent. Alexander Hill advertises that he as issued small notes (fractions of a dollar) to the amount of $15,000. to enable him to make change without paying 20 per cent, premium for specie to that end, and charging it to his customers. The Virginia State Convention has passed an ordinance taking away from the people the election of Attorneys for the Commonwealth, Clerks, Sergeants and Constables in towns and cities. Edward A. Pollard, who, whilom, flourished here, has published in Richmond " a new Southern book." The Richmond theater recently gave a benefit to the Hampton sufferers, by which $250 I were realized. A destructive fire occurred ia Georgetown, South Carolina, not long since, in which $10,000 worth of naval stores were destroyed. Many advertisers are bidding high, in the Dispatch, for substitutes to serve in the army. The " wants," in Richmond, seem to be pretty much after that fashion. Marshall Parks, of Norfolk, advertises four steamboats for sale?no business now exists for them there, evidently. THE DOLLAR STAR! INDUCEMENTS TO CLUBS! NOW IS THE TIME TO SUBSCRIBE! The Fullest and >l??t Reliable News from the Seat of Government! Reading Matter for the Fireside Circle! The present year la undoubtedly the most eventful In the political history of this country, and the record of occurrences transpiring at the Federal Metropolis is naturally ol striking and remarkable interest. The public desire to receive prompt, fnJl and reliable accounts of all that passes Mere is most Intense, and we have consequently made alterations and improvements in the weekly Issue of the Washington Star to meet this want most satisfactorily In compliance with the wish of the public the paper baa been changed from a quarto to the more convenient folio shape, and now appears a handsome sheet of thirty-two columns, filled with choice and carefully prepared Reading Matter, and bearing the name of the "Washington Dollar Weekly Star." As indicated by the title, we now furnish the paper at the unprecedented low price of ONE DOLLAR PER YEAR 11 Or barely more than the price of the paper upon which it Is printed. It is our determination to make the Weekly Star not only the largest and handsomest Dollar Newspaper in the United States, but that It shall absolutely be The Best Family Weeely Newspaper in the World!!! It contains the very fullest, freshest, and most important details of all that transpires at the Seat of Government; editorials on all the impor tant topics of the times; the news of the week; Interesting correspondence from all parts of the world; capital storlea; humorous and graphic sketches, and the pick of the floating miscellany of literature and gossip. The Dollar Star has as a permanent feature a carefully prepared AGRICULTURAL DEPARTMENT, embodying whatever may be of Interest to farmers In the transactions of the Interior Department, the Smithsonian Institution, and the U. 3^kgricultural Society. Gardening and Horticultare also receive due attention in this department of the paper, and we also give each week a choice budget of Household Recipes for our lady readers; also, Recipes for the Workshop, together with an official list of all the new inventions Issued from the Patent Office each week. In short, It is our purpose to give our leaders a varied, rich, and sparkling variety of the reading that at once instructs and entertains, but aiming to make WASHineTon News and Gossip our speciality, In accordance with the views set forth above. Believing it to be better to sell many papers at a low pries than a few at a high price, we have determined to offer the following Extraordinary Inducements to Clubs. To Single Subscribers SI.00 per year. To Cluns of Five... 95 cents. To Clubs of Ten (10 cents. To Clubs of Fifteen 85 cents. To Clubs of Twenty-five 80 cents. To Clubs of Fifty 75 cents. Address W. D. Wallach, Publisher of the Star, Wsshlngton, D. C., with subscription money enclosed, or for specimen copies, which will be forwarded gratis. BILLIARDS! rtTTT Ths lovers ' * " of the SAME OP BILLIARDS will find ia ENRICH** FINE HALL, OorMT o Psnnsy Ivania aveaae aad 11th stint, (sooth side,) two of the most adaurabla TABLES ia tha Untad States, with every oom/ort aad aaS-tf fcwjhjTpl arers. PERSONS IN BLACK fro offered our usual I fiie stock of all thembriej in that lias, at oar proverbially low aricee Also. Shawls, Clo\ks, Ao. Oar Northern and Kaetarn correspondents ssad as Lew sappiiec <iaj]y. s An .uspeotion of stock solicited; it ioears uo obligation to purchase. PERRY A BROTHKR, ?,>W. a "SrtAUiBESv I, ?^mem TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. From Gti Banks' Divisiin. Frederick, Dec. 10?There are no advices of any further hostilities at Dam No. 5 After retrieving the guni under cover of the night, the enemy withdrew to a safer distance, and sent a few harmless iron compliments to our friends, after which they disappeared The Union soldier who was shot twice has since died. The battery was commanded by Captain or Colonel PenA quartermaster's office Is to be opened at flagerstown to-morrow, under the superintendence of Capt G . A Flagg The object of this Is understood to be to supply the troops at and around Williamsport. as wellas to prevent the swindling operations of speculators In forage In that vicinity. Capt Flagg is from Connecticut, and has had large experience in matters pertaining to this department. He envoys the reputation of being an excellent executive officer. Yesterday, a man named J. T. Monroe arrived here from Winchester From all I can gather, be was a private in the Confederate army, but having come nnder the ban of their arbitrary military code he fled, and foQnd refuge within the Union lines. The information he brings is not of high Importance. Gen. Jackson's force consisted of one brigade, (four regiments of about 7110 m-n each.) and was located live miles east of Winchester His men were principally residents of the county, were plentifully supplied and clothed, and were generally contented. Ashby's cavalry were flourishing about in the neighborhood of Msrtinsburg. and Pendleton's battery was understood to be on its wav from Bath to Winchester. There were many Union men in and around Winchester, but they were afraid to openly avow th el rsen tlm en ts. From the Seath. Louisville, Dec. 9 ?The Southern papers contain the following dispatches : G W. Johnston, Provisional Governor of Southern Kentucky, has issued a long message. Col. John S Williams, with a body of troops numbering 1,400 men, Is encamped at Pound Gap. They are suffering greatly for want of shoes, blankets, and winter clothing, and are calling on the ladles of the country for socks and flannel shirts. From Missso'i. St. Lotns, Dec. 9?Gen. Halleck has issued orders seating that the Mayor of the city will require all municipal officers to Immediately subscribe to the oath of allegiance prescribed f->r them by the convention in October last, and directing the provost marshal to arrest all State officers who, Laving failed to subscribe to such oath within the time fixed by the convention, may attempt to exercise civil authority In violation of the ordinance. The War in Western Virginia. Hcttonvillk, Va., Dec. 9.?One sergeant and four privates, deserters from the enemy's camp towards Monterey, came in last night. They report the rebels In a suffering condition. The roads were Impassable, and the soldiers were anxious to desert. The deserters belonged to the Hansborough battalion, and are from Western Virginia. Sterna at Cape Race. St. John's, N. F , Dec. 9 ?A thick snow and rain storm set in at Cape Race yesterday afternoon, at 4 o'clock, continuing through the night, thus precluding the possibility of boarding the Asia, from New York, with late dispatches for Europe She probably passed th? Cape durlne the night. * Flag Presentation-Kentucky Senatorial domination Locisvillk. Dec. 10 ?An elegant flag was presented by the Louisville lad'es tc Gen. Monsen at Camp Ben. Spaulding yesterday. Frankfort, Dec. 10 ?Garrett Davis was nominated f%^U. S. Senator yesterday, beating Guthrie one me George N. Sanders Begging European Sympathy for the Rebels. LorisviLLK, Dec. 10 ?The Nashville papers contain a letter from George N. Senders to Kossuth, extolling the secession movements, and hoping that the European lovero of freedom will extend their symptbles to the South. AMERICA!* WATCHES For Americans. THE AMERICAN WATCH CO. be* to oall the attention of the citizens of Washington and viomity to the superiority of their Watches over all imported, whether Swiss or Eng'ish. The Company unhesitatingly guarantee their Watches to be unsurpassed by those of any oountry for durability and fine time keeping qualities. CAUTION. The Company would oaution buyers to beware of the oheap English and Swiss Watohes now being sent among soldiers in and around Washington. These watohes are of the poorest description of foreign manufacture, and utterly worthless as time keepers, as the makers well knew when they sent them to this oountry. . LADIES' WATCHES. The Company would invito espeoial attention to their latest style ot Watch for Ladies. Every one will have the same guarantee that accompanies the most oostly Chronometer of their manufacture. 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Avairoa and Tknt* St. LEWIS JOHNSON, of our firm, having been appointed a Subscription Agent lor the National Loan aathorited by the aot of Congress of *.7th July, 1*61, we are prepared to famish, to parties desirous of making investment, any amount ol 79-10 Treasury Noi*o. of convenient sues. no ? tf LEWIS JOHNSON ft CO. \J|/ALL, STEPHENS ft CO.. " 38# Pbiomtlvania Aram, MILITARY AND NAVAL MERCHANT TAILORS, AND READY-MADE CLOTHIERS, 1NU so?-if t Intel, ft Repab.) QUNBOAT8 fob til WESTERN RIVERA QcARTnHAsm enratAL'o Ovvici, / Wtisktturton, Junt 17,1861. | Proposals are iavitad for aoaairaoting 6 noboats upon the Western rivers. Specifications will be immediately prepared an-1 may be examined at the Q uartermaster's Office si Cincinnati. Pit'sbargh. and at this o(Kr Proposals from tM>at t>uil''era and engine (mitt or* alone will be considered. P.ans submitted by bidders will be taken into e^2^*mtv?ajkrtan?Mter ?eaerp?; UniioUStat* OENSION OFFICE, 6th, 1S?1. TO ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN. ^ , Application having been maae under too act of 23d Jane, 1860, for the reissue of the Land W arrant* described herein, which are alleged to have be^n lost or destroyed, notice is hereby given .that at the date following the description ofoaoh War rant, a new Certificate, of like tenor, will be issued. if no valid objection shall then appear I No. 9,T??, for 12? aoies. issued under the act of Maroh, 1855, in the name of Daniel West, and granted on the 14th day of July, 1855.-December 7. 1961. No. 57,803, for 1W Mm, issued under the act of Maroh, i?56, in the iaat of Hannah, widow of

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Platts, and grqaled November tfth, 1851.?Deoember 28,1861- ^ No. 72 524 for 160 acres, issued under the act of Maroh. 185>, in the name of Thomas Johnson and granted on tne 9th day of September, '857.?January 4,1MB. . . .. , , i\o. 42,216, for 80 acres, issued under the act of March, 1855, in the name of Polly, widow of John Camp, aud granted on the 23d day of September, 1856 ? January 4,1862. No. 23 426, for 16) acres, issued under the act of March. 1855, in the name of William Scott, and was granted on the 1st day of May, 1856.?January 11, JOSEPH H. BARRETT, e It-law Commissioner. j>A| ATTENTION, SUTLERS! IB] WHOLESALE fBI f ! BOOT AND SHOE DEPOT. FW " K No 309 E Strkst, w Pt I (South side,) between 13th and 13J? sts.. Near the Willard Hotel. We invite all sutlers and citizens to oall and examine our ttock before purchasing e sew here. ro22 2w* SCHAFER A FORSTER BROS rJ^HERE IS SOMETHING YOU WANT SOLDIERS' SUPPLY STORE, 35 Louisiana Avenue, bet. 6th and 7th sts. 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After Ioebergs with a Painter, a Summer Voyase to Labrador and Newfoundland; by Rev Louis L. Nob e; 91 JO. , The Manufacture of Photogemo or Hydro-Car bon Oils, by Thomas Antisell, M. D.; 01.76. Any of the above free by mail. FRENCH* RICHSTEIN, ap 2t 97S Penna. avenue. UNION PAPER AND EN VELOPES.-Twen ty different stylet of Note and Letter Paper, with Envelopes to matoh. . . ? Views of Washington in the form of a Rose, and in Book form; also, separate All the Daily and WeeklyPapers constantly on hand. Herald. Times, and Tribune reoeived every uicht at 6 o'clock. Papers from all parts of the oountry. Hoodie's Dime Novels and Song Books. A fresh supply of Books for summer reading. ? A large assortment of JnyemilM? Mayne Reid'a Books, Rollo Books. Abbott's Histories. Ac. A discount of 1C to aO per oen? on all bound bocks FRENCH A RICHSTEIN, ma28 National Bookstore. Pa ay. KUCKWHEATFLOUR^^ FLOUR, CERO CR tiW'A ^URCH E LL, oc 17 Corner Vermont av. and 15th st. EW VOLUME BALZAC'S NOVELS.?The Alohe-mst, or the Hqnse of Claee; front the French of Honore de B*i?ao. Free by nul, #1. 3ilas Marner. the Weaver of Rayeloe; by Geo. S." S'tooSffifiT? f fssw. ?yHM NK VERY NICE SECOND-HAND PIANO for ??. A lso, a large 'too.k of Baoon A Co.'s and Steinway A Son's havellHH just been reoeived at the Musws i^ore^^f^. ITT P<ims for rmnt. *e G,BB8N^415fK?5.T..-v-'iffl, aiwaya on hand, or aiaae to order at the si orteat QOTKtfllltNr DISPATCH. I FAST FREIGHT LINE NEW YORK ASHINGTON no HAMJUamUKGH. A Special Mes>enc?r Til' be tent through with each Train, in order to Mn safety and dispatoh. ALL RAIL, WITHOUT CHANGE OF CARS. on and after MONDAY. Nov. 1Mb, this Company will receive and tra??port Munitions of War, #overnment Stores, Sutlers' Sup pi sen for the Army and all Miscellaneoas Freight, at Low Rate?. WITHOUT BRKAI OF BULK. Special Contracts .for Govls. i* kargt Qunntirits, at Reduced Rates. IC^Freight received only at the Depot ofthe Central Railroad of New Jersey, Pier No. 2, North River. For further informat.on, cr special contracta, enquire at the Ojaee of th' Crtnpnny, 49 Erondwiy, fi. Y, Or 5 IS Pennf^ivnniu are., Wa.-kmtton Ctty. K^Mark Goods, 'Government Dispatch."-/"Tl Freight received from 8 a. m. to 3p. m. A. I). HOPE, Cf tiW Hope Express Co.. no26-lm Superintendent. NOTICE. ' ADAMS' This Company offers to tne pubMo** Lnequalled Advantages'' for the Sale ana Quick IMspsteh of Heavy Freights. Packages, Valuables, Money, 4c. Ac., to all parts ofthe United Statea. Expresses to and from the North and West dapart from and ariive tii W aahington twice daily. All Expresses are in charge of and reltabit Messengers. All Packages for The 3oldiera carried at "oki hal?" onr usual rates. All Goods for the so-called "Confederate States" and ali Articles " Contraband of War" will be Rxpuskd. Ou>- Expresses leave New York at 1.f, and P. M., arriving in Washington at a A. M. and hX P. M. Expresses leave Philadelphia at 8.30 A. M. and U P. M., arriving in Washington at 3 30 P. M, and A. M. Expresses leave Baltimore at 4.20 A. M. and 3 P. M.. arriving in Washington at 6 A. M- andSSO P. M. Expresses for all points North and West leave Washington at 7.30 A. M. and 2.30 P. M. daily. Special Contracts for large quantities of Freight can be made on application to this < >ffioe. All Goods called for aud delivered fru of Extra oharges. E. W, PARSONS, Snp't Adams' Express Company. Washington. August 23. 1961. au 23-tf MAIL STEAM VR REINDEER, f* every other day to and from "" GEN. SICKLE'S DIVISION Dl R KCT THROUGH IN FOUR HOURS. The steamer leaves Jones Wharf, foot of 13*h street,on MONDAY, WEDNESi>\Y and 9 o'clock, a. m..( r-turning from the i>ivisior.,) 1-aving Ma?t?waman t'reek at san.e hour, cnftESDAY. I HURSDAY and SATURDAY. Passengers and light i-reight taken, (Except alcoholic liquors.) Fare to or from the (.'amp 92 Fare for round trip (returning next day,) - 3 Passengers are not required by tha Government to have passes. No meals furnished. WILLIAM R.KIEHL, nov26-1 w Captain. Medicine lor the Arm). PRYB'3 VEGETABLE PAIN CURER. EVERY FAMILY, AS WELL AS EVERY SOLDIER, SHOULD ALWAYS HAVE A DOTTLEjyy HAND. This preparation is an Infallible External or Internal Remedy for Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Hums, Sores, Sprains, Ringworms, Canker, Painters' Coiio, Dysentery, Liver Complaint, Piles. Dyspepsia. Chilblains, Kidney Complaints, Teeiha^ne, Headaches, Colds, Coughs, Bruises, Fever ar.d Ague, ('ho.era, Ac. ., , The PAIN CUREtt is entirely vegetable in its Composition, anc< may be csed at all times with perfeot safety. Kuil directions aooompany each bottle. Manufactured by JOSEPH S. FRYE, Salem. Maps. For sale by all principal Druggists no4-lm* 91. I. FKA.1KL.lNi OPTICIAN TO THE PRESIDENT AND MILITARY STAFFS, 'J44 P^fe'aav.,' north side,) bet. 12th and 13th its SPECTACLES, provided with genuir.e Rock Crystal or Penscopic Lenses, mounted in gold, silver or steel, and suited wi'.h utmost care for every age and eyesight. FIRST ^CC ? 511 CLASS J MILITARY FIELD-UI.ASSES, Microscopes, Compasses, and Mathematical In struments, at the lowest Eastern prima. oc ?-tr SUTLERS WANTED. VIREAT ADVANTAGES to be found by Sutlers, and dealers in Boots and Shoes, at the^^o NEW YORK WHOLESALE BKANCHBHI HOUSE, 348 Pennsylvania avenue, (oterf ] Janney's Shoe Store.) * Hb We manufacture our own Goods, and sell at New York prices, thereby Bavins freight. Having constantly on hand a large Stook. we oan supply at a moment's notice, any quantity desired. A large assortment of t sole Hign-eut Shoes, and Long-leg Boots. Sutlers liberally dealt with. A oal> from all dealer* solicited. no7-lm* WHlTEHOUSE A UNCKLKS. YWOOD AND COAL. OU Will surely get your money's worth by calling at the PIONEER MILLS, southwest ser ner of Severn* street mmd CeuuU, (GEO. PAGE, Agent.) They sell cheaper and give better measure than any others in the bity?cut, split, and delivered free of charge. Ifvoa doc 11 elieve , i ve the Pioneer Mills atria., and be satisfied. T-lv.r gOOTS AMD TO S?IT VU We are new mans facta ring all kinds of BOOTS as 4 SHOES, and oo:stantTy receiving a^^fe* sapply of eastern made work of esery ce-BR? sortftioc, made expressly ^order.anJ willw Hj be sold at a rnsc'a lower price than has been* W heretoiore charged is this Sity for mash inferior Persons in want of Boots and Shoos of saatera or ity made work, wih always find a good aaaortmea tastoear-d at tk* lowaat arioea. Gireasaoaii. 9R1FF1N * BRO? ail ' et? F*nns?!vania avenseA RMY SUPPUJSL A j dstKMCEIVED? 480 cans SAUSAVE MEAT, 840 cans FRESH TOMATOES, 48ocans FRESH VEAL, 360 cans BKEF.s Im mode, 340 cans ROAST BEEF, 360 cans FRESH MUTTON, S4?oans BEEF and GRAVY. MO cans SOUP and BOUILLI, 30oases FRENCH DESSICATED VE?E TABLE8. For sale at New York Factory prices. KlVx A BURCHELL. se 3 Og??C ) and Fifteenth streets. TiHK EUROPEAN HOTEL. KEPT BY T, EMR1CH. at the corner of Penn.I, .4 avenue and Eleventh street, has beenWHBW greatly improved recently and now offers greater inducements for tne patronage of oitisens and strangeia than any other house m the oity.his prices be.rg lees that those of aay other hotel on Peon, avenue, and his accommodations for permrnent or transient boarders unexceptionable. The bar and reetaarant arrangements of tAs European Hotel have already beoome very popalar. being all that oan bo desired by the moist faeudioaa. The proprietor sledges unremitted attention and continued libera) expotd. tores to givosatsfsounn to ail.and thus renews his invitation to *11 to iive i^e Hntnl a eall. 4e4-tt OVER-SIilKTS, WHITK SHIRTS, DRAWERS, CAMP BLANKETS. HALF-HOSK, Ac., which we invite all cash purchasers to examiao before making tboir selections. WALL* frBPHENS A CO? Slid Pa. av., between tth and 10th sta. m g (lwt*'i)seneoT- aq<l WeeehMoaa.) W BOYS' CLOTHING. E Have received wittau. uw last day mt two a arge assortment of BOY^ SPRING CLOTI ING. embracing all styles of low-prieod, modi am, ar?i fine qualities, which we are Belling a t very .0. ri~. tor -jf 8TKPHKNB ? COU Pa. av^iMtween M aaTlMk sis. no t? (|a>sii?s<w<s">iiH awH'wiB.i KVERY DosoSlfi?a,rt^U?aie^KJNTll<l? requ.rea dj any b-jd)?oitiaeat, oivil fanouoaanes. army andnavy oncers, sa tiers, Ac.?axecatod at theMTAR OFPIOK.insa?isfce*ory stole, at tow raus for C^ah. THE WEEKLY STAR. Tkto w?llil Family u4 Nivi Joaroa.lac ttu ou brtoaBdli aay Mtor-41 m Friday moralng. Single copy, pe? uiga M Five coplea mm,. 4 7? Tea copies I N oopiea. ) ? * 9$ ao It la variably ooatalaa tke " Waaklajrtoa Nnn' tkal baa made IV DaUp Jmmv 5mt circulate o generally tbroog boat tke ooantry IZTSinffle copies (la wrap para) eaa ke procured at tbe counter lm mm* lately afW Ike Issue oftke paper. Prior?THRKK CENTS IIELMBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATION. " HIOHLY CONCENTRATED ? Compound Fluid Extract Buchu, A Posttirt an>i Spectjkc Remedy For Diaeaaaa of tfco BLADDER, KIDNEYS. GRAVEL,and DROPSICAL SWELLINGS. Thia Medioine lnoreaaoe the power of Digeetioa. ard excitea the absobbexts into Daattty aoUt>n. by whteh the watbby oa c^Lraaora depoemona. and a ! unbatubal bnlabobmbrts Bra rediie**!, as wen a* pais ard isflamhatiob, aM U food for MEN. WOMEN. OR CHILDREN. UELMBOLDS EXTRACT BUCHU For Weakneesea name from Ex??? > , HabiU of Diaaipaboa. Early Ir discretion or A*>nee. Attended teith tAt Following Symptoms : Indisposition to Exertion, Loss of Powar, Loss of Memory. Difficulty ofBraathin*. Weak Nerves, TremSii** Horror of Dwaas. Wakefalooea, Dimness of Vision. Paia in uia Back. Universal Lassitude of the Muscular System, Hot Bauds, Flashing or the H/'. Dryness of tue Skin, Eruptions on the Paoe. PALLID COCBTBNANCB. Tbeae symptoms, il a< lowed to go on, whioh Uua medicine invariably ramovea. eoon follows IMPOTENCY, FATUITY. EPILEPTIC FITS. In one of which the Patient may E<rpire. Who can say tnat they are not fre*aeatly tallowed by thoae "DiaxFrL DUBAaas," "INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Many are nware of the eanee of thair suffering, BUT SORB WILL COBFSSa. THE RECORDS OF THE INSANE ASYLUMS And the Melancholy Death* by Contempt ion, BBAR AMPLB W1T5BAS TO THB TBCTB OF TBS assBBTlOlt. THE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFECTED WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS. Requiree the aid of medicine to etrengthea ?nd Invigorate the Syatem which HKLMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU iararw ty dot* A TRIAL WILL C0NV1.NCR THR MOST tKRPTlCAX* FEMALES- FEMALES-FEMALES, OLD OR YOUNG, SINGLE. MARRIED, OR CONTEMPLATING MARRIAGE, In Many Affection* Peculiar to Female 1 the Extract Buchu la nceaua 1 d by any other remedy, as in Chlorosis or Retention, Irr gu a'ity. Painfullness, or Suppression ot Customary Eruuationa. Uioerateu or Schirroas state of trie Uterua. Leucorrhea or Whites, Sterility, a d for all oomplaints incident to the aex, whether ariaing from Indiaoretion, Habits of Diaaipation, or in the DECLINE OR CHANOE OF LIFE! BBB SYMPTOMS ABOVB. NO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT. Take no mors Bah am, Mercury or Unpleaeaut Mtdicint Joe Unpleasant and Oangerou* IHttaset. HELMBOLD S EXT&AC'J BUCHU ccaxa SECRET DISEASES In all their Sta?ea; ? At little Expenao; LitUe or no change in Diet; No inoonveiueaee; And no r.zpotue*. It causes a fre*u nt desire aid givaa strength to Urinate, thereby Removing obstruotiona, Preventing ana Curing Sinotarea of the Urethra. Allaying Pain and li fls.n.rnation. ao frequent m the olaas of diaeatea, and expalling mn Poisonous, Diseased, and worm out Matter. thou* i-NLs upon THouaam>a WHO HAVE BEEN THE VICTIMS OF QUACKS, and who ha ve paid heavy fee* to be eared in a abort tune, have fouud t:.* y were dt?oei ved, aad that tne "poisoh" has, by the use U" powerful attrmgent*" been dned up in the system, to break oat in aa aggravated form, and PERHAPS AFTER MARRIAGE, Ua? UELMtiOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU all afeotions an 1 diseaa ?e of the URINARY ORGANS, whether exieting in MALI OR FECIALS, from whatever cause originating and ao matter of HOW LONG STANDING. Diseaaea of theee Organs require the aid of a DiBBBTIC. HELMBOLD S EXTRACT. BUCHU IS THE GREAT DIURETIC, and it la certain to have the deeired effect la Diaeaaea/or tohtch t( is rtcomm 'nded. TIBBBCB OF TBI MOST RBRPOR.'lkLB AB9 BBL1ABLB CBABACTBB wUl!accompany the medicines. CERTIFICATES OF CURES. " From 8 to V years' atandlBR, with Na-5cftj^2?>ANO pxME. uPHYSICIANS" PLEASE "NOTICE." WB MAJCB "BO RBCBBT" OF LBOBBDIBBTa " HELMBOLDS EXTRACT BUOHU ta composed of Buchu. Ca*>ebsa*4 Janipar Barriaa, aeieoted with (Teat oare by a ood^stsat AracgiM. PREPARED IN VACUO, BT H. T. HELMBOLD, Practioal and AnalyUoal Chemist, and Sola MaaBiaoturer of HKLMB0LD8 GENU INK PRKPARATI0S8 AFFIDAVIT. Personally appear00 oefora me. an Aldarsaaa sf the oity of Pnuadalphia, H. T. Hblmbold, wbo being duly awcrn. doth aay. hi* preparauoaa contain no narootio, no merenry, or otkar injarioaa T""' "" "* """ V" B ?. HELMBOLD. Alderman, Ninth st..abova Ram. Fkila. PHYSICIANS IN ATTENDANCE FROM tl A. M. TO 8 F. H. Price SI par kettle, er alx for If. Delivered to any addraaa, aaoaraly paakad froa obaarvatton. Address letters for Information la wMli H. T. HELMBOLD. ChamiM, Depot, lot BobU Tentk at., baiow Ckastaat, Fkila . ^ w BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS . AND UNPRINCIPLED DEALERS HelmboWt Mkiae Frap^at%m*, m < Extras* Jatk, tr m m Ssi ispapffli, " u ? Improved JUm WaaA. Sold by S, B. Waih, X. D. SnJUB, J?n Wilbt. S. C. Fobb. S. B. EjrrwiatLB, ?. Q. Majob. Exbwbll A LaimbUi J? E. Maraa AND ALL DRW9ISTS EVERYWHERE. :<Xu tp 1 i-' * TAJEkpoOTBm. \ r Oat eet the kdwetiaawa. UMikrk. AND AVOID IM POSITION ?a i kCFOIVU pa k-bjr * I .