Newspaper of Evening Star, December 11, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 11, 1861 Page 3
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JOB PRINTING Or Eveet Dxsceimioh Executed ?1th neatness and dispatch en xpplleatlon at the STAR OFFICE, At tb? Lowest Cash Prices mtlkfictlon gtisrahtled. nc M-tf LOCAL NEWS. cniminai, Covbt ?Yesterdsy, Henry Goodrich. Indicted for aaaanlt and battery, with Intent to kill, on Thomas Anderson, was found guilty of an aaaault and battery only, and was fentenced to Jmprlsonment In the county jail six months srd to pay a fine of St. [This aaaanlt was made by Goodrich on Anderson at the blacksmith abop of the latter, across the Eaatern Branch, a few months since. Goodrich was Intoxicated, snd struck Anderson over the head with a hammer, inflicting a painful wound I Bsrtlett Lipscomb, assault and battery on Cornelius Leonard Not guilty. Benj. Gsnt, (free colored,) convicted of larceny in stealing five hogs from Terrence Boyle, was sentenced to the penitentiary for one year and thre? montba. Thomas Msckay, convicted of larceny on three separate indictments, was found guilty In each f#se Two of the lndictmenta were for the robbery In Georgetown on the lfith September last, which w*a reported at length In the Star at the time. Mackav, It will be remembered, entered the house of Mr. Jos. A Williamson, of the Land Office, pot on a pair of that gentleman's unmentionables In exchange for his own. filled the pockets with jewelry, which he had gathered up on the premises, snd then stupidly went to bed in the chamber adjoining that which he had ransacked for hla plunder This act led to two sepsrate Indictments?for stealing st th ttlme the property of Mr Jos. A. Williamson and of Mr. S'm'l R Howell. Previous to &at time he had stolen a tidy from Mfa Chloe Ann Wardell, In the First Ward, and for that offence waa indicted by the name of Thos Michael. The Court sentenced him ss Thos Michael In the minor case to three months Imprisonment in the county Jail; then, under the name of Thoa. Mackay. to serve a term of fifteen months In each of the other cases, making his whole term of imprisonment two years and nine months. Coclds't Stand Fixe ?Jenny Ltnd?not the Swedish Nightingale, but one of the frail sisterhood so called?has located herself In that fashionable part of the town, the west end. With becoming modesty, however, she chose a resldence in a retired part of the Flrnt Ward, near the Observatory. Yet the neighborhood is tolerab'y lively, ss will readily be believed when wo state that It la In the vicinity of the Government me^s-house, stock yards, Ac Yesterday morning, two soldiers entered her honse, and were rather too noisy to suit her Ideas of propriety. She ordered them out, but they refused to go, when she took s gun and pointing at them threatened to shoot. A young girl, one of the Inmates of the bouse, snatched the gun from the hands of heroic Jenny, and the soldiers, who were not sfrald of a woman, not they, became more uproarious than ever. They thought the gun was sll make-believe Jenny couldn't see It, not in thst light. She ran up-stairs, brought down a aix shooter In her hsnd, and as she entered the door fired A bullet passed between the heads of the intruders; thev looked; her finger waa still on the trigger; rather'doubtfully they took a step In advance; bang went another barrel, the bullet juat grazing the whiskers of one fellow, when both abruptly turned, and Incontinently fl^d Jenny gave them a parting round as they vsntshed, snd the ball this time passed through the coat tails of the hindmost man. From the position of the wound in the aforessid coat-tails It Is apparent that when that ball passed through them they must have been horizontally projected by the rapid retreat of the wearer. Polick Rkpobts ?Besides the guard bouse reports, the sergeant of the Third Ward returned vesterdsy morning: H Evelen, assault and bat. tery; held to security for peace, by Justice Welter. Mrs. McCarthy, selling liquor to soldiers; dismissed by Justice Barnaclo The sergeant of the Fourth Ward returns W A Ray. drunk, disorderly, and profane, fined 81 91, and SHit to workbouse for 90 dava by Justice Walter Jas. Gtotzburg, assault and battery; {ail for hearing. Elizabeth Glotzburg. do. do.; the latter was also fined 2 58 fsr contempt, by Justice Welter Maria Brunzell, vagrant; workhouse for 30 days. John Kelly, for dealing faro; fined *50 91, bv Justice Clark Thomaa Hill, fighting; dismissed by Justice Walter. Tour arrests of soldiers were made, who were turned over to the military. 9cfxeme Cocxt ?Yesterday, Mr. I?evl Parsons snd Mr. Henry Wllklns, of California, and Mr. Addison L. Roache, of Indiana, were admitted Attorneys and Counsellors of this Court Nos 31 snd 255 Benjamin Ruffuer et al , appellants, va Nathan'el B Hogg, and Nathaniel ? Hogg, appellant, vs. Benjamin Ruffner et al. The argument of these causes was continued by Mr. Stewart and Mr. Stevens for the reapondenta. and concluded by Mr. Ewlng for the complainsot No. 39. Edmund G. Stiles, plaintiff In error, v? Solomon Davis et al. This cauae waa submitted to the consideration of the Court on the record snd printed srguments by Mr E G Smith for the plaintiff in error, and by Mr Bennett for the defendant In error, ugder the 20th rtile of Court Deaths or Soldieev?Tbe following soldiers have died since our last report: John Buckwalter, compsny K, Fourth Pennsylvania volunteers, at camp Pierpont. William Berringer, company A, Eleventh Pennsylvania volunteers, at Columbian College John Smith, company D, Forty-seventh Pennsylvania volunteers at Hunter's Chapel Isaac Kelly, company C, Twelfth Pennsylvania volunteers, st Seminary Hospital Daniel Strawcutter, company D, Forty-fifth Pennsylvania volnnteers, at Seminary Hospital Frederick Wetsinger, company H, Fortieth Pennsylvania volunteers, at camp Pierpont. Fully Committed ?Yesterday, Wm. F. Norton was fully committed to jail for court by Justice Dona on a charge of robbing Chas. Erskine of a bowie knife, pistol, monsy, and various other articles He is the same man who the night before behaved so outrageously in tbe Justice's office when first arrested He was Identified as the man who bad followed several members of Congress with the supposed Intention of aseasslnatlng them during the Kansas troubles, and was then arrested and committed to jail by Justice Donn, but waa subsequently released. Washihotos Lxctubi Association?In another column will be found the announcement of a course of lectures to be delivered at the Smithsonian Institution this winter under the auspices of sn association of gentlemen of this city. It will be seen that the list of lecturers invited is made up of the moot distinguished speakers in the country The course will commence on Friday evening next, 13th inat ; the opening lecture being by that most original mind and profound aeholar, Orestes A Browuson, LL D. Thxatie ?The great spectacular piece, ? The Reven listers," went off brilliantly last night, Indeed, and elicited continued applause It will be repeated to-night. Mr McDonough, under whose spirited management tbe piece ia introduced in Washington, designs to add some new snd brilliant scenic i ffects to tbe hereafter representations By the way, we are requested by numerous lady readers to suggest to Mr McDonough the propriety of giving some matinee performances of ' The Seven Sisters'' for (he benefit of ladles and children. Special Daily Teais fxom New Voxx von Axmt Recbcits ?The express trains from New York to Washington, 1? many Instances, fall to make connections, owing to tbe trains being overloaded with recruits To obviate future difficulty, Mr Canfield, manager of government railroads, has made arrangements for a through train from New York every twenty-four hours for recruits, who will not be permuted to occupy the express fains CiXTXAL GcaXDHOUsx Cases?Be fort Jnttict W*lt*r?John Hartigan. drunk; fined tl 56 Chas. Heatn, drunk snd disorderly; do S3 Agnes Dunn or Margaret Corcoran, do ; workhouse 30 days Jas Hill, drank; fined tl 56 John Drunk, do ; for trial. E. H Fitzgerald, drank and disorderly; fined 93 56 Of tbe arrests three were by the Second, and one each by (he Third, Fourth and Seventh Ward patrols Three lodgers were accommodated Dismissed ?Yesterday, John White was dismissed from security In ths charge of aallcloua made against htm at the guardhouse on Monday morning, tbe proof being loss file lent In the opinion of Justice walter The mischief alleged was the wringing the necka of two chickens belongIng to a neighbor. t Heavy Robsset ? Wm Johnson, brother of i-Governor Johnson, of Psnnsylvanla, had hla pocks* picked yesterday afternoon at tbe railroad station of two government drafts, one for S5,000 and tbe otber for Sl,800, a check on a bank In Pittsburg for $3,500, and S600 In cash Miss Cabbie La Mout mads a most suocsasful d?*ut at Canterbury Hall last night, bar admirable singing eliciting enthasisstlc applause The dextroos fists and marvelous agility of Ward, with tbe performances of others of the company, kept np the spirit of the entertainment. Tax F?stival at Thorn's Bnlldlng, Seventh street, for tbe benefit ef the Methodist Protsstnnt Cbnreh, N Intb street, Is crowded nightly, we are glad to aay. Attention la called to the advertisement of Jones A Co , cinter of 8tb sod D streets They have large stocks of Eggs, Potatoes, Apples, Ch^ees, and other articles In the^provlslon line The C?mpbbi?la sUllcontinue stOdd Fellows' Hill apparently with Inezhanstlhle resources of fit and ?omleallttee Michioisi CLItii at Won.-Editor Star: The employee* in th? several Department*, from Michigan, met last evening at the office of Gen. H L Steven*, in this city, and formed a soldier*' aid association, having In view, particularly, the interest* of the Michigan troop* In thi* military department. A constitution was adopted, and officer* were elected a* follow*: Hon. James M Edmund*, President; Judge J. H Gray, Vice President; H J. Alvord, Secretary) Z Mom*, TOMIUII. The object* of the association briefly are :?To look after the sick and wounded in the hoep'tali and the general condition of the soldier* in camp; to see that tbe comforts and necessities which are constantly being made up and forwarded to this city by the families and friend* of the soldiers reach the company or regiment desired, and to be a special means of communication between tbe people of Michigan and their gallant representatives ia tbe army of the Potomac A fund was raised to carry on the objects of the Association, and committees were appointed to carry out the details A storekeeper?J. B Bloss, Esq., of the General Land Office?was appointed to take charge of the goods arriving by express for our *oldlers. and forward packages to the regiment or company indicated. This movement is one in tbe right direct}^ and cannot fall to work positive good to our brave soldiers. The association desires communications from the several Michigan regiments, directed to the secretary at Washington. Respectfully, M E N H Washington, Dec. 11,1861. Pickpockets Opeeatino Scccsssr number of pickpockets now in the city cannot be told. They may be named " legion,'' and they comprise all the grades, from the genteel, fashionable " dip" down to the vagabond handkerchief picker. They have operated most successfully at the railroad depot within a few days On Saturday, a gentleman, on his way to his home with about 8240 jn his pocket, a part of which was for the relief of a soldier's family, was robbed of the entire amount at the ticket office. Yesterday, at 5 o'clock p m , Mr. A. A. Johnson, of Pa .had his picked of about $20,000 In money, drafts and checks. This morning, another gentleman lost ?40 in money by a similar operation In the same place When our Government police detectives shall have thoroughly ventilated their theories upon tbe centraband question, it is to be hoped they will give some attention to their legitimate business and to the grievance* of whits folk*. Prot. Lows'* gas Generators ?Much Inconvenience has attended the operations of Prof Lowe in making observations at points dls'ant from the slty, from tbe fact that his balloons had to be Inflated in the city and transported to the point where the observations were to be made, a slow and tedious process. This will now be obviated, as portable gas generators have been constructed, and are now ready for service. Two of them, Nos 5 and 6, are now in the city, and attract much attention In the armory lot. The apearatus Is contained In a box very much retailing the cage* used by itinerant showmen for their curiosities, and being fixed upon a fourwheeled carriage, strongly constructed, the whole machinery, balloon and attachment, may be transported to any point a* easily as an ordinary train wagon. Release or a White Man ?Yesterday a gentleman from the Sanitary Committee called upon Justice Donn to obtain a release for John Kelly, tbe Insane soldier confined In ths county Jail, who failed to excite the sympathy of the contraband seekers, as was noticed in the Star of tbe day before The intention of the committee Is to dispose of him, as shsuld have been tbe case four months ago, by removing him to the Insane Asylum for treatment. We are Informed that the committee did not know until Monday of bis case, which is regarded as very strange, considering the visits of the Boriaboola Gha Association to the jail, and the protracted Inspection given to prison affairs by that soft-hearted policeman, Detective Allen. Dismissed.?Henry Anthony, who was charged by Mrs. Eliia Hoffman with being the leader of the gang who entered her house a few nights since ard committed a robbery, was arrested by officer Champion day before yesterday and taken before Justice Cull. The witness for the prosecution failed to appear, and Anthony was dismissed. Honestt ?In these dsys of army contractors, sutlers, Ac., it is certainly refreshing to have to record a case of honesty. Carter, one of the drivers of the Union line of omnibuses, a night or two since, received a $2 50 gold piece from a gentleman, both mistaking it for a dime. The driver promptly returned the money when satisfled of the identity of the party from whom he received It. Verdict or the Coroner's Just?The Coroner's inquest into the cause of the death of John Bringline, who was snot tbe night before last in Prather's alley, resulted In a verdict of death from a shot fired from a pistol in the bands of one Albert Contner. A slip of paper was found In tbB pocket of tbe deceased, indicating that he was a married man. White House.?See tbe advertisement In another column of the well-known and populsr place of resort in Georgetown, the White House Restaurant, and then go over and see what good things may be bad in our sister city. Go and see George Christy, Japanese Tommy, and tbe others of tbe gre*t company now established at the Christy Opera House, Tenth street Next week tbe Christys wili bring out some of their Inimitable afterpieces. A Bboken Limb ?Yesterday private John F Simmons, of Capt Geary's 3a Penn?ylvau!a Cavalry, had bis leg broken below the knee during drill. Haik Dte ?Upham's Hair Dye, a valuable prePsration is for sale, (38 cents per box) at S C. ord's, corner of lltb street and Pennsylvania avenue. See advertisement. "Frane Browbr, the "Original Happy Uncle Tom," and world-wide renowned delineator of the plantation negro, is in town. Botd's Washington Citt Directory for 1*62 is now In course of publication Tbe canvassers are acttvely employed collecting the necessary information. An Appeal ror the Orphans ?The lady manager* of St. Joseph'* Orphan Asylum most earnestly sppeal to charitable and generous hearts?to all those whose daily life is gladdened and made joyous with the surroundings of plenty, prosperity and peace?to remember amid the comforts and luxuries of happy homes the outcast and forsaken, and nobly come forward to support with their presence and assist with their purses the sale which is now open at Franklin Hail, corner ?f Ninth and D street, for tbe benefit of the destltuts and desolate little orphan boys. Soldiers Special Notice ?Do your duty to F>urselves, protect your health, use Holloway's ills and Ointment For wounds, sores, bowel complaints, and fevers, they are a perfect safeguard. Full direction* how to use them with every box. Only 33 cent*. 210 The Star in the First Ward?Mr. John Mathews i* the sole agent for serving tbe Star to subscribers in the First Ward of this city. All arrearages of subscriptions will therefore be paid only to him; as well as all arresrages due In that ward for the Baltimore Sun, of which he Is also the agent there lw BLA&R1JCD At Providenoe Chapel, on the Wth instant, by Rev. 8. M. Diolrson. Mr JOSEPH M ANGUM and Mm MARY HAZLE. * On the 10th of December, by tb* Rev*Mr. Marphi .CHARGES LITCH FI ELD, of Georgetown, to Miss ELIZA J. PEfcRCE, of thisoity. * , ^8^ i OIKD. On tbe 10th instant, after a short illness. JACOB b'uX, a native of Philadelphia, In ths ?3d year or his age. His remains will be taken to Fal's Churon, from Cams v\ad?worth, Upton's Hill, Va., on Thars day, Deoember 13. [Philadelphia papers oop?.] On the loth of Deoember, ANNA O DONNELL, wife of Thomas O'Donnell, aged 23 years. Her fnneral will take plaoe to morrow, Irom her husband's reeidenoe, on D street, between 3d sod 4* streets, Island, at 3 o'olock. Her friends and ths frlsnds of the family are invited. * In Georgetows. D. C.. on Bnnday, the i'h Inst, a/tar a painial illness of * weeks, Mr. GEORGE GRIMES, aged in years and 11 months. Dearest fa;her, tuna hast left us, Hsre th? loss we deeply fe?l t But 'tis God that hath Weft ns, Hs oan all onr sorrows heal. Yet. again we hope to meet thee, Whan the day of life is flee. Then in heaven with joy to greet thee, Whsre no farewell tear Is shed: * J TO THE LADIES! ULE8 JOLLIVET. Ladies' Haudreeeer. from Paris. Jost arrived, informs ths ladies of Wasbi gton that he will open on the 12th of Lxxjembw. a large assortasent of Fells Head Dresses, Wreaths and H rides' Wreaths, the most splendid oho.oe of Flowers for drssse*; also. Goid and Ciieaille Nets, ail kinds of Hair Work : and attend to dressing ad tea'hair. 352J) street, between 3th and Ittn. de 10-lw* J CLOCKS AND WATCHES., . U8T Reoei?ed a go ?' assortment of Clooksand Wa'one* at the old stand of J. Robinson. J ROBINSON * CO.^ 349 Psnn. avenoe, opposite. da 6 f B rowirs Hotel. MA. CARD. ?. J AIGLER Has ths p:sa*nre to inform his friends and the pnbiio.ttatt be has opened a first e ass Restaarant. at the favorite location on D street, between 11th aad mh streets, so long nni unowu as Aig ere Confectionery establishment. Haviiu made arrangements fur aeoostan supply ol all th s oi the reason, and feoured the ssrvieasof pp.iteaadoompeten^attonss?" I % AMUSEMENTS. ODD FELLOWS' HALL! srvinth. Above dst. COIf TIN USD SUCCESS of the World Rijnwmc campbell minstrels! TWENTY STAR PERFORMERS The Beet Band in the Wor d ! Change of Prograi ma Every Night! Admission 25 cents. Doors open at 7 o'clock; commencing at % o'oloclt de II at yyASHLNGTON THEATER f THE TRIUMt*il Qp THE AGE ! THE TRIUMfH- OF THE AGE: THE TRIUMPH OF THE AGE! IN SCENIC ART! Tbe shouts of applause whioh greeted the performance of the Romantic Spectacular Drama of THE SEVEN SISTERS! last evening, gives to it a promin?no? beyond any previous effort in theatricals ip Washington. Th* La?t fcxnb. THE BIRTH OF THE BUTTERFLY in tSe BOWER of FERNS ! is the most gorgeous s??ht ever witnessed. MISS susai/denin. as Tapt. Highbov. will drill her c^mpanv of zouaves-30 young ladies! Seats secured three days in aivanoe Box offioe opan lOtiil 3 "'clock. de 11 COTILLON PARTY * at M Ocr Fxllows' Ha.ll, Navtyard, jk TO MORROW EVENING, (Thursda*. Deo. 12) UMB Tiokets SO cents. Prof. c. F. BARNES, de^l 2t* Manager. AB a L L To b* given # ? THURSDAY EVENING. D?o. 12, jit In WARD'S BUILDING, flfk (Corner of Pa. avenue and 2d st.) Hfllt J'tokets one dolla-, admitting a gentl'man and ies. de 11 2t* PROF. C. F. BARNE'S, (of New York,) DANCI G ACADEMIES at Odd Fe! * low*' Hall, Navv Yard every Monday and J5g Thuriday. A school in the city will soon bs/M formed, in aoen ral loo&lity. Private claEsesUwS a'tended to For circulars, terms, eto., enquire of WM. H.BARNES at S. W. Thompson's, Gent's Furnishing Store. 370 Pa ave. de .1-lm* i^eorge christy's VT OPERA MOUSE, tbnth ?trb*t. bptwbbn b and f. OPEN EVERY E VENING. tUESDAV, Deo 10. GEORGK CHKI^ new acts every msht! clair ville and ?Th new baJiada! HASLAM, the great Flntist, in n?w (oios every night! japanese tummy in songs, dances, ant imitations of celebrated opra 'ingers ! TIM HAYES, the Champion Jig Dancer! C. O'NEIL, the oelebrated Comedian ! and the whole oompany In laughab'e performances ALL THIS WEEE. admission?Parquet 60 cents ; Gallery 25 cents. No ha!f pnoe. Doors open at quarter to 7; oommenoe at quarter to B. de 10 CANTERBURY HALL, (Formerly the Washington Assembly Rooms,) Louisiana avenue, near oorner of 6th street, in the rear of the National and Brown's Hotels, JjOPEN EVERY NIGHT! With the first talent in Amerioa, ENTIRE CHANGlToFPROGRAMME. The front of the auditorium is seated with elegant ro-ewcod orchestor otiairs. The oele'wa'ed Violinist, Mr. GOODAI.L, conducts the Orobexter. MISS CARRTi LA MONT. JAMES WARD, BILLY PIERCE, J A VIES WARD, BHLY PIEtlCE, JAMES WARD, BILLY PIERCE, JAMES WARD. BILLY PIERCE, Miss MARION PIERCE. GEORGE W.ARCHER as Atlas to night TO-NIGHT, THE B VAIJTmjL BALLET LA BAYADERE MISS CAKHlfc LA MONT. Dice Paikbb (funny Diok)... at the Canterbury. Harry Fox?_ the uantbrbubt. w b. Harbison?? at the Canterbury. M'llb Frami La Follr at the Cantbrbubt. Miss jclia Hudson, the be&utiful sonsstress at the Canterbury. Mime* Emma Miles Willis. Vernon, Pabkbr Clifton and a host of others at the Canterbury. MATINEE For Families, Ladies, and Children. SATURDAY AFTERNOON, at2o'olook. Admission?Children 10 cents. Ppicbs of Admission?Parquet, 25 ota.; Orchestra Chars, 50 oent*. de 10 Yy A S HINGTON THEATRE. EXTRA~NOTICE. The public are most respeotfully informed that the great novelty whioh has been for many weeks in active preparation will be brought frrward on MONDA V EVENING, the title is that of the SEVEN SISTERS or THE BIRTH OF THE BUTTERFLY, in thi BOWER OF FERNS. The piece will be produced under the di eotion of Mr. JOHN MoDONOUH. of Phiadelphta. at whose Theatre the p>ay rnn an entire season; as also at Miss Laura Keene's, New York. Seats can M seemed tnree dsys in advance. Box Sheet o?en MONDAY MORNING, at 10 o'clock. No advance in the price of admission, de 7 6t ARLINGTON CLUB.?The members of the Arlington Club beg leave to announce to th*ir friends and the public generally that JS they intend giving their Eighth Grand CO f)M TILLON PARTY at Franklin Hall, D st.,Uuflk near 12th, on MONDAY, December 23d. Tiokets so cents, admitting a gentleman and ladies. By order of ths Committee. oe4 7.ll* F POTATOES OR SALE, to arrive per brig Tangent and schooners Pathway and Riohard Vaux, bushels Mercer Potatoes, deliverable at Baltimore or Washington. Apply to c. A WOOD * CO., No. 910 F street, between 14 th and 15'h, Washington, D. c. de 10 lw* Soldiers and all others exposed towetandoold and t routed with hsrd, stiff leather, or who are in any way interested in the wear and durability of leather, will find health, comfort, aid economy greatly promoted by u?ing FRANK MILLER'S LEATHER PRESERVA TIVE AND WATER PROOF OIL BLACKING. For sale generally by those who supply sutlers. A o. de7 lw* Butter AND EGGS. 100 p&okage* Butter, large and small size, 20 barre's prime Eggs. In store and for sa e by D. E. DUTROW. de7 lw* 430 Eighth st, near Pa. avenue. mayor's office, 1"1 Washington, Deoember6. 1861. Proposals will be received at this offioe until Thursday next, the l?th instant, at )2 o'o ock m.. for taking off the old sheathing and shingling, and reaheathing and shingling with new material the Center Market House, from Seventh to Ninth, street west; also, for repairing the windows and doors of said market, Irom Seventh to Nitth street west. Bidders will state the amount in bulk for whioh they propose to do the work, whioh must be executed to the satisfaction of trie Mayor and the Commissioners of the Center Market. RICHARD WALLACH, de7-5t Mayor. 2nnn CORDS OF PINE WOOO(itanding) juUU for sale, seven miles from Georgetown4 D. C.. on the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal. App'y Lt G. WHITE) or PETER VONESSEN, Georgetown. D. C. no 3t>-eo6t 2nnn grey and white blankets, UUU just reoeived at ' J. B. PUDNEY'S, de 4-tf 394 Pa. avenue baek room. GLOVES! CAPS! BUCKSKIN GLOVES. MILITARY VAUNTLETS, INDIA RUBBER HATS. A large aaaortmebt for sale at deS-tm SEYMOUR'S, Georgetown. VVALLOWER'S PRODUCE STORE. TT 463 Ettkt street. Hotels, Boarding Houses. Restaurants, Sutler's, and private f%nmjM, win be supplied at lowest cash prioes, with Fresh Butter in one pound printa, and roll, Apples, ^onltrv, Eggs, Dried Fruit, uo 16 tw* A. R fkl. Agt. A RMY FINGER MITTENS. Just the thing, /V for the Soldier, also Buokskin Gloves, ana Gauntlets,at 394 Pa. ave.. Back Room, de 4-tf or 368 D at., between fHh and loth. A Lit PERSONS INDEBTED TO B I. A NkALE are hereby notified toeall and set tie their aooounta on or befor* the 1st d?y of JaLu ary, 1MB; after whioh date the bills will be piaoed "itSS" "fe?N"g.TKALE. 59 Ltuisimui Lf.fti* wm/7(4 its , 59 North Side, Raring oomp eted his arrangeinenta. is now ready to attend, even more vigorously than ever, to HOUSE, SIGN and ORNAMENTAL PAINTING, In all of ita rations oranohes Having secured the eennoee ot a oorps of exoallent workmen, 1 am prepared to do Flags and Banners lr the best stylo and on tbe most reaeonab'e terms. no P eolm [Repab.] roughs, coldsy hoarsen ess, ao. COMPOUND SYKDF OF 9UM ARABIC. This pieoaant and popular Congh Remedy has

boon so long known and extensively used that most israss: T3KWH Ji'i.)1wjsssii drug stores, at * and SO oeots a bottle, oe i4-d2m?eo4?n* WANTS. / \j|7 ANTED? A yovacGERMAtt.wkoeanoome " well reo^ynroend*!, to work in a Store. In qaire at 5HQ Pa. jy.. at the 9ft>re de II-ft* \VANTED-T?o or tbre* MFN, of goat mill dress, who write* a e'?U? hied. A dure, t with referenoe. "T. H'bo< 588 Pott Ogee. It* WANTED? B? a respectable yoacg girl, a SITUaTION as ohambermaid or nurae. Apply CP K c treet, third door from 7th Lt* \V ANTED? A CHAMBERMAID r.nd DI9Hde imA APP'J at Ebb.u House. W'ANTED-First class VEST HANDS. App'y to F. j. HK1BERGER A CO., 369 Pehn. avenoe. da 11-3t* WANTED?A GIR >. to do the housework of a vv small firmly at 129 Second st, between D and E.German preferred It* \*7ANTED-3 BOYS at A. LaTRUITTF/S ? new Billiard Rootas, oorner Pa. avaaue and Fifteenth tt. dsll St* tVA.NTED-Fonr good SEAMSTRESSES at " No. 9*0 Fifih st., between La>-d M sts. Also,' two young ladies, good sewers, would be tafce* for six months to learn dress mating It* WANTED TO RENT?A neatly furntshed HOU>*K, in a central location, of from '0 to 13 rooms. Good rent. Kest of references given. Address Box 14 Star Office It* WANTED?A competent GIRL, for general housework in a small family. Apply at No. 130 west Seoond street, between D and E streets north, (between car depot and City Hall.i It* WANTED-A SITUATION,by a young woman ; is an excellent oook and baker; understands her business in all it? branohes Please address a note to Washington Post Offioe, to-morrow from 1" to 2. for "Sarah '' It* WANTED?A youth who has experience in the " Mercantile bueiress. wishes to obtain a SIT UATION, in some establishment, at modeiate ooropen atlon Best of references given Address "G, Star Office. ds 11-3t* WANTrD-A FU R NISHED HOUSE, or furnished fom?, with boa-d, on Georgetown Heights Address immediately, with terms and full particulars, Mr?. J. BRYCE SMITH, Willard's Hotel, room ?3. it* WANTED?A good COOK, oae that understands cooking for a small respectable b >?r ing house, and can come well reoomnie sded wi 1 find a good situation by inquiring at ?48 Pen : avenue. dot gt* VkJ ANTED?At the Rail oad Station an honest LAD or young man (whito or oolorec) to attend the segar stand. He must be attentive and good at ohsrging money. A boy with some experience in bar tending would be preferred. Apply at the saloon. It* WANTED?A competent dressmaker and lady's " maid wants a SITUATION with a lid* or family. Thoroiigh'v understands cutting ana fitting children's clothing : also, family sewing ofall kind*. Please address "L. M. D.," Star offio*. for one week. it* WANTED-Two smart WAITERS, at GORLINfi'S Restaurant. Apply immediately, ST4 Penn. avenue ^ anted, a good GIRL, to wash and iron and make herself generally useful. Good wages given, and a good home. Apply at 274 Pean. av. da 11 it* WANTED-A GARDENER, or farm hand. " Aiso. a fine-toiied Piano to rent. Appi? at No 8 4X eteet. de 10-31* WANTKD-A good VEST HAND wsnted im WILLIAM TUCKER'*, 496 Peng avenue, between and 6th sts. de 10 5t* wanted IMMKDIATELY?S?vcra' good DRE**M\KERS. App'y at Mrs BRA1NARD'S. 4 94 Fifteenth s?. de lfl-3t* WANTED?Two aotive CHAMBERMAID^ Asply to Miss SARAH AUSTIN. 800 6'h street, balow Pa av de 10 st* WANTED?By a first-rate coo<r, who can coine v* well reooiim* n ed. a alTL'ATIOv. Apply at 59t Eleventh street, below C. d? 10 2t* WANTF4>?A young MAN, to ge-<e as olerk in a retail store. Adlre s. with references. Box 417 Waslur-gton city Post Offioe. de 10-3t* WANTED?A respectable young WOMAN *? (white or oolorea'ti assist in doing general housework. Apply at 487 Twelfth street, betw?en G and H. de 10 8i.* WANTED? By a former government olerk, a *? CLERKSHIP with a pavma*t?r, auaitermaster. commissary or sutler. Address "H. K.," Star Office. <ie io y* WANTED TO RENT?Two or three ROOMS, with a Kitchen, near the Patent Olfica by a gentleman and his wife. Address "F. J. 5?.." Tost Office. de in 3t* \\r ANTED? A BOY. from 16 to 18 year* of age, " to drive a horse and cart?onethitcan reiad and write. Good wages and rteady empoyirent. Inquire at the G*s Works, 26th and G st? . First W ard, of Mr P'HAHE. ^ de 10-St | WANTED I M M E D I A T K L Y-A good NURSE. Apply at No. 4(.6 Third street west de9 2t* WANTED TO RENT-On or before the 1st y? January, by a runctnal tenant, a DWELLING HOUSk. oontaing 7 to 9 iooms. Address "Authur" at this office. de 4-eo3t* VV7^ANTED?Three DRESSMAKERS, at No. ' v a59 18th street, between H and I. None but good hands need apply. Also, two Young Ladies to Ie*rn the busiaesr. Work the year round. de 9 3t* WANTED-Good able-bodied MEN. For partio?lars aps ly at the Reville House, on G. between 21 at and sta. de S Ct* WANTED-A good MILLtNER ; none bat the best need applv. 8. HKLLER, No. 34 Market Space, between 7th and 8th sts. dc5 1w* WANTED-A good COOK and CHAMBERMAID. Rood recommendations will necure the highest wages. Apply at No. 3S8 No?-th Cari tol street, between B and C streets. de 5 tf WANTED?lO.m^o whisky and brandy BOTTLES. Cash sn ?leli*err. F. B. HASTING* A CO.. 393 D street, no 25 tf Philharmonto Building. WANTED?Every person to know that I am in the market, ready to pay cash for all artioles in the housefurnishing line. Those leaving the city, or having a surplus, will do well to oa1.. R. BLCH LY, 42S Seventh ?t.,between Gana H st?., (east side,) Dealer in New and Second-hand Furniture. no 16 CUTTER WANTKD. Call at WALL, STEPHENS 4 CO.'S. 399 Pa avenue. se 18 WANTED.?We are now buying SECONDHAND FURNITURE,STOVEhand BED DING, for which we are paying the highest cash prices. Families declining housekeeptag, or having a surplus of furniture, will find it to their advantage to give us a nail. BONTZ & GRIFFITH. 1e 13-tf No. 369 7th st.. hetw. 1 ann K *t*. WASTED?TAILORS, TAILORS -50 Tailors competent to work on military goods. A pply G. KOLr,at Wall. Stephens & Co/s. se25 BOARDING. 1JOARDING ? A handsome suit of Rooms, in a I) private residenoe near the Pa'ent Offioe. Meals famished in the best style. References re <nired. Inquire at No. 597 H, between 4th and 5th sts. de 4 eoat* BOARD.?Respectable parties may find good Board and welt furnished Rooms, bv day, week, or month, in houses No. 4 75 and 477 13-h street, three doors from Ha. avenue and midway between Willards' and Kirkwoods' Hole's, no S6 lm* EDUCATIONAL. \II8S BROOKE'S ENGLISH A*D FRENCH I BOAR DIXG AS J) DA Y c CHOOL, Sxvbn Buildings, No. 130 Pennsylvania avenue. Ciroulars to be obtained at the Bookstores and of the Prinoipal. no 26 1m* SMITH A BROTHER'S PALE CREAM ALE, SUPERIOR AMBER A1 E, PORTER a*d NEW YORK BROWN STOUT. The above CELEBRATED AMERICAN ALES are Brewed from the CHOICEST BAR. LEY MALT and HOPS, and highly esteemed by (hose who have usad them. Purchasers are requested to rail and examine our superior a'ook, assured that they will find the BEST and PURE rT artioles. We have at all times a large stook ready for delivery, in wh<*'e, hal< and quarter casks, suitably for the TB;i.>E, HOTELS, and F*M1LY USE. which we offer on tLe MOST FAVORABLE TERMS. SMITH A RROTHER, Brewers, No. 188 A 160 West 18th at,New York City Orders by Mail or Express p umptly execute4. ce ?-4Sm SFOR THE POOR. OUP. BREAD and CLOTHING will be given to tit* puor ol this oity and >ioinity on every Tue:day, Thursday and raturday at 13 o'olock. at the Institution of the Sifters of Char:ty, oorner of Eighteenth s . and New York avei ue. Contributions to this vork of oharity, etth*r in money, a'ovisiobs cr olcthing, will be thankfully received by the - isters. ae 1 w pANCY GOODS A UCTION1PRICES! STEVENS'Ss'ock of Fancy Goods?Pa avenue, between 8 h and nth sta. opposne Cent-r Marketmust be olonea out by the fi st of Jannary. The stook is larca and of great variety, anl is now offered to the paMio at laas than oost. The ladiee erp-o ally are invited to avail themselves of tbia trnssr10 VlIST. fee K:'" de?2w Aaaianea. TO COAL DEALERS AND OTHER8.-Por sale. 100 to sno tons Rnp cf Mum Cambe latd Coal, daily expected to ani?e by C. A 0.? anel,:o be delivered on boats a* Georgetown. All expense-. ' cemurrage. A c., to be pa d by parohaaer fro<u ti at . point Address, stating highest anoe lor eash, ' Box 380 Post OAoe, Alexand ia.Va. de 6-6t* ; Heavy wool hosk. shirts and DRAWERS, and ARM V SHIRTS, at i?? Pa aven^e.back room; or Sftf D street, I^twe^n r LOST AND FOUND. 1^?TRAYFD?A black POINTER DOO. il*f J on when he left ft leather ool'ftr ind ??w-0 ch*H>. A lil<era! reward w 1 be pud foi?-J ? r bis return to No M'J P atraet, betweeL??^ I'th ind 18th >t*. If CTRAYED AWAT-Oi tSe?h. from the rear of No. 6 Lonlsa^a sv*nu*, a bft?ffv HOP. r*E. About 1< la da Mfh: with *wo\li3P white hind feet. and sprung ic the left front knee; had on a bridle and breast a'rap. A liberal reward will be paid for her return to me. _ OHA8 HUSHES. <> 11-St* No. * Loniatacft aveeno. T* AK R N V P?< >n Saturday last, ?ilftffc? bay BOBSh. with saddle and bridle. The owner i? repeated to come forward prove property, pay charges, and take him ?wm ^CZX JACOB NEURATH.oornerltthat. de lQ-3f* ard Maryland ar..eftat. UTRAYKD ?Broke from behind a wagon on the C5 roftd between Tennallr town and Keorge e\ town, on Thuaday laat, a white MARK >3 three years old; had on a head halter. A ^wA lioeral reward will be pud foi her return ta n? Stable on Pa. avenue, bet. 13* and '?th st-eet* de in 3 ? THOMPSON NAYLOR. LOST?Thia morning, bstweetfiwh and !Mh a a , on Peuus* vania ave.. a MEMOkanDuM BOOK, oontaining a discharge and o'her papers of v*lue to the owner. Th- finder will be *uitab'v rewarded by returning the same to the S'M PSt >N HOUSF, corner l"tli and Pa ave. de 0 2t* LO?T?On Sunday morning la?t. on 14'h street, near the foot of Meridian Hill, a paokagenf private PAPERS, of no o?e onl* to the person whose nam* they bear. The fi> d *r wili be enitab y rewarded by ieavirg them at the Star Office, or with SIMEON WHITELY. room No. 3. War Department - ds jq St* T OST?Yesterday evening, on 10th street, beA-i twecji D street and Smithsonian Grounds, a Browa Moroeeo RETICULE, contain ng about 8?J. one $ 10 note of the Planter*' Bai k of Ba'timore, and the balance in told and ailver. The naPer will bo 6Uitablv re?arde1 by leaving the same with J. S HARVEY 4 CO, wood and coal offiae. b? tween 0 ai.d E strerts de in 2t* District of Columbia, Wasu7s?to5 Cocjctt, to wit .--1 horeby certify that ?v Lewia Dyer, of said oonnty, brought before me, as strav, tr? ap aasing on his enclosure;-, a so*rol HORSE about li Team old, about 1SH hands high; hird feet white, and a white stripe down hi* forehead; a few white tadd e tra*ke; an-! shod a'l round. Given under band of me, one of the J us'i^e* of the Peace ir. and torthecomty &fore?aid, ti.ic iO h da* of December, 1961 The owcer ofthe nbive r'escnbed hor*e is re unested to prove property, par oh?rre?,and take him away, LEWIS DYER, do 10 3t* Georgetown, near the Aqueduct. rOST?On ^edneaday eventnc last, (supposed -4 l?ft ic omnibus from tieoreetown,) a brown fur MUFF. A suitable reward ?il! *e given, if ?e turned t-> the owner, at'291 F etreet. dej-3'* I OST.-A SEAL ?ING, and a FOX HEAD * A SbAL. attached to a nag. wi th corneal tan set. 85 reward will b? given to whoever retnrnath" ait'o'ex to this office. d?g tt <8*1(1 REWARD.? I oit. f o<n my plaoe, on the C I" Heights of Georgetown, * liver c Wed and yh te pointer SLUT. W'th a white at'eak >n her fvse. and single dewcliws. Ala^ ene with doab'o dew ?l**j The al o-.-e reward w I' bs riven for either of rhe?ed -gs. if irft at Dr. J. 6. <ik EfiS TON'S stable, on E, bo.ween 13th and l?th ate. de 9-3t* ffiQC REWARD Will bo paid fir the return of V""-' ' ne Uiaolf HORSK, Harness, a-d tr\ ?ov red Burgy, with b ue; hired at "L-i^ the stable of H. C A K Wro*, O street, be twon. 17th and 18th streets, on F'idar, November 221,1*61,by John Foster. Said Foster isaboU5 ftet 10 or 11 inches high; of tacdy oomgiexion. ?mn visage, arge nose, betwe n f rty lire and fif y years of age, resid ?nce Nobl? street, near Second atreet. Philadelphia, p& Said H<.rfe ie ab< nt 1 % hards t igh.oap ?,ff ih-? left hip. The atove re? a d will be taid for the return of the Ho-i>. H&rnvi, and Bucgr. Also, fifry do'lars ? ! 1 ko paid ior the ftrre*- aiid ocnvioti->n of John Foster de 7-1 w* S' Mt'fL A K WROF. Ran away from the ^ubsorihf.w, near Bladensburg, BOV ANTHONY, Jk* commonly called Toney. He is 5 fe*t5 ii.ches *73 high, verr blaok, short tair, grum counts- |p Dftsoe when spoken to. with a smail soar over one of hia eye*. Went away w:th bla'k J j,. Wet (United ^tates batt ns on u,l cas nst pants, yellow gauntlet gloves. I will give #1W to any one that will bring him home to e. de 2 2w* HELDKR M AGRr'DKR. FOK SALE AND RENT\ SENATORS OR MEMBERS CAN BE AC O' mmoda fd wi'h a niceiy tun i lied aait of rosins, at fro. 30 ?X street^be'we?n Pa.*v ? -d C street I oaatnn very desirable. dell 4 * IT'OR SALF?The Good WTiil. Fixings, and r Stook of a iruch frequented Wine and Lager B?er Saloon, to which a ball room and garde" are a taohod, at a reasonable prioe. For particulars inquire at the St darles Re.iauraai, o rner Pa. avenue and Third at. tie 11-1* * FOR RENT-Two furnished CHAMBERS in Georgetown. For situation inquire at No 121 Bridge et. de 10 tf r| O LET?The second story of a bfirk HO'JSF, * unfuruisheor wad ? larniai.od to a desirah.e part*. Inquire at G ttreet, t etw en lath and 13 h. de in ?t* ^ *0 LE T?With or without Board, one splerdid A PA K LOR, and two fine suita of Roorrs, we'l furcialiOJ. Also, four single R"om9 Water and gas Appyat '99 west )6th at, between F ftnd G, one squftre f om theWhite House L'L'R.N 1SHEU HOUSE IN GEORGETOW N r for rent, (former refidenoe ofthe la?e Hon. George M. Bibb.) corner of Fayette and f*ecooa ats.# Irquire of Dr. K1DWELL, or at Mr. J a? K SON'S Law ?iffioe, tor terms, Ao de 10 St* HOUSE FOR REN r?A ver* desirable three a'oiy HOUSE on Oat, between and 6th Bte. It has a back building, gap. and ail modern conveniences. Apply to T H. HAVENNER. No. 34 7 C a'reet, opposite the preimaes. de la 3t* A | EMBERS OF CONGRESS AND OTHERS l"l cai find very ploa*ant R<?ONS a pailor and one or two bedrooms, in a priva'e famil? and desirable situation witnit five minutes'weli of tho city Post Office. Inquire at this office. Rfferei oe *eq uired, de iQ-tf I?OR SALE?The large threa-ttory BRICK r RKjllDENCE No. 448, on the north side of E str?m between 6th and ?td ata , lately oouplei by Col. Luke I aa. For prio?. Ao , icquire of PRANCI8 MOHI1N, E?q , 6th atr?et. bo-wo-n EandF, or of R H. LAShfcY,Ao. 36 I-oni? ia .a avenue de 10-lw ^PLKNOIDSUITE OF R(?f?M?*FOR RENT. , The adv?rtia*r haa the fo'lowing Roomi for rent w thout boards One par'orand bed room, with fuel aud gas, ? I Hi per month fi st door. One oarlor. b d io?m aud dreasing room, aeoond floor, 91 0 per month. Three bed rooms in the third atory at 990 per month The location is the most deri-ab'e in the rity, near the Tr?aaury Department ana the immediate nfighb >rhood of Secretary Cameion'a and General MoClellan'a. Arrangements might be made with the hoocokeeper to furnish breakfaat and tea. On y firft olasa people need app y, and tho*e wl o are wil ing to pay tne above pnoea in aivarce. Address J G . 9 ar Office de IP-it* C'OR RENT-Two FURNISHED ROOMS,on the 2J floor, in a pi ftsant and healthy part of the city. Apply at 460 Eleventti at., between F and O. da 9 St* I^OR RENT-A FURNISHED HOUSE,"in a Georretown, containing 11 rooma, be?iues the kitohen. I? ia situated in a very desirable neighborhood. For part'cu ara address "R. P Geo *?itown References exol'anged. de 9 St* ROOM* FOR RENT.?The large fcni dirg on fcouthwest corner of i a avenue and Sixth at , j opposite Brown's and the National, having nnaergoue thorough repair and reoo: atruotion. < ff-"r* to transient and permanent residents beautifully !ooatod and arranged Rooms, furnished or nnfurniahed. ? ntraroe at large portiso on Sixth at. Also, a large Store on the Av nue for rent. Addreea R. B. GELSTON, Waahinfton. J de9 St* FOR RENT.?The large DWELi INGS a-tnated on theooruer of Ninth au1 E atreet* are for rent. They are admirabl/oa'.oulftted for burne a purpqjps and veil adapted to store rooma tor government parftoaes, being oonMgnuus to the General Poat OP?j Department and but a moment's walk from r* ?nay lvania avenue a- d the Center Market hou??. Apply to NIOHOLA8 CAi.LAN. N^'ary Pmblio, No. S13 F atreet. t?tween 14th and 15th de ) yt* L^OR SALE?4bnahela Maine POTAr TOEf. oil board echooner 8 B Stebbioga, at Berry's Whftrf, bevrgetown de 7-1 w* T. G. YOUNG. A RARE CHANCE TO SECURE A LU CRATIVE BUSINESS-The aubacnbe-a ftre authorised to tell the <ntire Fixtures of ft firatolass Billiard Saloon, oentrally located on Ponn sy.var.ia avenue, and now doing a good basin?ae. It is oomp<o:ely furniih*d id every respect, ftnd hfta Phe'ftn'a best Rosewoel Marble bed TftOlea. Apply to JAS. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. dee et | FARM FOR SALE.?a FARM containing 225 ftores, of winch one ha f iB in limber, the realdoe of arable land of good quality. Abnndanoe of good water, well distriDut?d. Wituin hall an houra' haul of Sragg'a switch, or oroaaicg o Washington B^knoh Railroad in Prmoe George's oountv. and ?ithin a hftlf mile of the Tarnpike cf Ba'timore ftnd Wftahiogton.ftnd within nine milea from Washington. An Ap^le and Prftob Orchard, of recent g.owth. Huuae, Barn, ftnd other asaT buudinga. For partieulara and terma, enqftiretf the subscriber, 1ST 6th street, between N and O atreeta north, w ashiueton. D. C. of oordwcod for aal* on the promisee. de5 6t* CHaKI Ki* tt SAILER. FOR RENT-The PRKMieE" uu the oorner of 14ta and C street*, latalt oooup.ed by R. W, Bat<- A Co , and eoal deal era. For terma, Ao .apply to WILLI AMH. PHILIP. No. 40 I a. avenne. noll-aotf TWO FURBISHED R.OOM8 POR *HNT. on first floor, ftt 406 D street, between f?h and 7th, ae ?? rf UANDSOMELY FURNISHED 11 Four nan.iaomeiy ^armaned Rooms, suMMtf with gas water, and cosvetuect to tie Patent AN a?ufl8Sfi!ii old, thoroughly trained, and w^l adapted lor ft cftrriftga, seller, jrreer. or e?pr*M^V business. Also, a lis hi oceerei vagoo aod^-"tizr-mf. Oairateerner 11 th ao4^su*?U, SECONDEDrnON. THKEK Q* CLOCK, F. . CONG R ESS TONAL XXTTTltH CQlN?W-??cw^ in WttstmT. Dwfct II. BB*ATn~-After the |JI wis Bus sad fifcmw of sundry private ntmorlik and tw? pet vat? bills? x Mr. Harris 1 ntrodoced a bill to ea?tract a ratiroad from Wwkln|1oa la Baltimore, apoe tka plan mnntrd bv fhr Secretary of War; retwred to tbe Military Affairs Ca^mlltcr Mr. Chandler Introduced a reeolotloe to pay tta v'dow of Senator Bingham the VMMea, Ac , of hitf senatorial compensation; referred to feci dental E^oenses Committee Mr Wlteoa Introduced a Mil to iacreaee tha number of the rideta at the Wast Poiat Military Academy Referral to tbe Committee on Military Affairs Here the P real dent entered tha Hall, accompanied by Senators Trumbull a ad Browning. sad his secretaries (Messrs Nlcolay *ud Hay), aad aa soon as he wa% seated Mr. Neamith announced tue death of his lata colleague, Senator Baker, of Oregon, quent and feeling eulogy, closing with ^?wlag the customary reflations of coadoleaoo, adj earnment over, Ac. Mr Mcbongal then address ad tbe Bettflc )a a similar eulogy; and was followed by Mr. Browning and Mr. Cowan, the latter of whom was occupying tha attention of tha body, similarly* ' when o lr reporter left the chamber. Hou*k.? After the consideration of coMtdera bie busineae of minor tmportanot. tha following bills and joint resolutions wera Introduced etra referred : Instructing the Committee on Military Affhirs to inquire Into the expediency of transporting by mall all letters of officers, soldiers, sailors and marines in the service of the L'nitod mate*, free of postage and If deemed expedient to report a bill to that effect; in relation to the military defter** of Philadelphia; Instructing tha Committee or. Military affilra to inquire Into tte expediency ef establishing regimental bands, to forfeit tbe property* and slave* of persons in srm? against the rartera! government; authorizing the Frovoe* OouA of Alexandria, Va , to retain and kaopall proper of tho*e in arm* against the federal gen T,m?r: referring to the Secretary of War for settlement of the claims of Mr Wallace, of Lexington. Mo , who suffered lost at tbe hands of the Ualoo trcopa during their occupation of that city, under Col Mulligan; Instructing tha Committee on the Judiciary to make Inquiries is miction to dona'.iout> of public lands to railroads foe tranaportlnff maUsand munitions of war, repealing theseootd section of the act to more effectually enforce the attendance of witnesses at the summons of etthet House, snd for other ru-p^ses; and Instructing tbe Committee on Foreign Affa'rs to report a blu establishing diplomatic relations between tha Government of the United State* and thooa of Havti and Liberia Mr Blair, cf Missouri, Introduced s Joint reeclution of approval of tbe bravery of our troops engaged under Qen L.;o*i at the batue of Spring field, Mo ; authoring the embroidering of the word "Springfleia" in Utteis of goid upon tha regimental e ior of each re?im*ot enraged ia that t>att:e, and directing President Lincoln to cause tbe resolutions to be r>al tc each raglmoot In tbe service of tbe United States; adopted. A bill to punish treason, to provide s mora effectual mode of colic t ag taxes, aad for oibsr pu. poses, was rtferrtd. OUR MILITARY BUDGET C*T*C1 Yesterday's Near York rn:sa?, In commaoUog upon Its report of tha proceedings of a lata perty c ucus in the Capltoi, remarked taat la theeourae of tbe debate? ??Mr Stevns stated with dellberaf'on that after the recent report of Mr Cameron bad bean accepted by the President, Gen. McClellaa went to toe latter and threatened to re?ign u ilett tha passages concerning the arming of the alivea Were modified." Now, we are at liberty to state, positively at4 distinctly, that if Mr S'evens msde any such al? l'gation, KB STATED THAT WB CH Was DOT TtttTfi. TBI VIIST MICHIOAN CAVALBY. This regiment pass:.! through Washington yeate d.y. on the way t- Jiii General Banks'* colunn. The men compiling it, and tbeir horses, are ba'.h capital ma'e.ial. The former, how. ever, evidently req ilre severe training to render theiu soldiers in fact, as well as !n name. Tha great lack In the army la in the cavalry arm of the aervice; not one mounted volunteer In five beine, up to thia time, a good rider, or looking aa a aoidier ahould look in hla personal bearing and appearance. Among the means of remedying thia deficiency lathe prompt emi loymentof . .e different foreign officers of experience who are daily applying to enter our service. We have Just now ?>ne la our m'.nd'f eye who comes here with tbe vary highest testimonials of his experience, efficiency, extensive military attainmenta and high personal character, having been actively engaged through* out some of the most notable campaigns of modern times The services of such an officer (speaking English fluently as he doea) at tbe bead cf a volunteer cavalry or artillery company, would be moat valuable Indeed Yet being unacquainted in onr aervice, he knows not where W> find a regiment requiring a captain competent to act at a military Instructor. We will take pleasure lu directing him to any Colonel who may writ* us a requeat to thst end THB BEBFLS IB 70BCB From information in our possession we believe that tbe rebels have for the past week been concentrating troops between Occtquan, until they now have a camp of ab. ut 30,000 there Appointed ?William R Snyder, of Mln., baa been appointed to a temporary first-class (*1,800 , per annum) clerkship in the Pension Bureau. LATB LOCAL NE1 VS. Another Mubdbb Case at a Hocje o* 111 Fame ?Last evening, between 8 and ? o'clock, a soldier named James Fowler, of tffe fi* Pennsylvania Regiment, was shot at the beuaObf Ellen Warren (otherwise called Jenny Llnd),mlch Is in the First Ward, on New York avenue, sooth side, between Twenfy-flrst and Twenty-second s's When the police force entered the bouee, a few minutes after 7 o'clock, they found him lying on the floor, living but speechless with a bulM wound In tbe back of his bead The misslla entered the lower part cf the skull, and did not pass through, but is lodged in the head The wounded man lingered untilabout eleven o'clock,whoa bo died Tbe body was Identified by tbe two brothers ef the murdered man, who la a single man from Pittsburg, without property Ellen Warre i. the bouse-keeper, Mary Arm strong allaa Sis Coombs, who went up to tbe bedchamber in tbe upper storv with Fowler,and eras with blm in thst room when be was murdered there; George X iblo, a teamster, who went to tha house with Fowler, and was there when be was murdered; Cbsries Smith, another teamster; and Chester Haslup, a youth, nephew of Ellen Warren, who waa alto In the bouse when tbe murder wss committed, were all arrested by the patrolmen of the First Ward, and taken to the guardhouse at the West End, where they now are A coronet's Inquest is being bold to day, bet the evidence so far Is of a very contradictory character. Attention Is called to the notice slsswbsrs ef the deserving Fair in Georgetown, for tbe benefit of sick soldle's la tbe hospitals A fine U. ft Military band performs algbily. THE LATEST BY TELEG&JLFM From Port K?jaL BEAITORT OCCUPIED BY OUR TROOFft* EXPEDITION TO TYBEE IftLAJCP. COTTON BEING BECPRKDGENERAL VICLE'S EXPRPlTlOW Niw Yon*, Dec. 11?Tbe transport Olty sf New York baa arrived frees Pert Reyal en fee 0th Inst. Tbe Atlantis arrived there en tbe fid Gen. Stephoee, with 1,000 mea, oeaapted tbs tgwn of Beaufort Tbe guebeat Pawnee, aad several other fraaoports aad a number of tooope, kit RUtse Read a tbe 4th for TV bee Island. Gen B her man bad appelated Cel. Noble, of tbe 79tk regiment, and Cel. Raydam te aap?t? tend tbe ptcklag and altering of eectoa at AIM Head end *bt adjaooat Mnnda. Tbe benltk ef tha troope I* good fMfi baft W| M IfffctlM fhf General Ylelet txpedlUee will pi AnMf about tbe 1Mb inet. wnom roRTRctR romoi Baltimobb, Dae. u.?Tha Old fe?n? beafi arrived here this morning Rhe nrt?^ no new* from Pertrem Monree

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