Newspaper of Evening Star, December 11, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 11, 1861 Page 4
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r* m ^ _ _ Ifc??* !. I 111! THE EVENING STARHint* tor Dfcmbfr. 1. Clear up the lanes and roadi about your farm Don't tat them be blocked all winter with tboee old rieds. rail*, logs and filth generally A good farmer den't need thia hint It i* intended for the thriftier and slevenly, and tbev are fba verr one? who never read the Ohio Firmer 2. Buildings should never be painted in hot or wet westb^r The beat time to paint outbuildings is either now or early next spring The paint will etrike in better, and be more durable. 3. Form cTnbe for the discussion of topics connected with the farm. These should have a good agricultural library, and meet at least twice each month. Aside from the agriculta ral information acquired at such clubs, the social value may be immense 4. Next to Farmers' Clubs, the jest thing f*r the amusement and instruction of a neighborhood, is village lectures Get your moat intelligent men to lecture on some topic, say enee each week or month. 5. If your fall work ia done, you can. before the very eold weather seta in, haul out your manure. A load of manure hauled out in the fall, ia worth two loads hanled in the spring; besides yon have time to haul it now?you may be Too busy next spring 9. Ffir the oredit ef good husbandry,don't pasture your meadows to death this fall. It is now time they were dear of animals, and the animals themselves would be better under shelter. 7. As the evenings grow colder and longer, read your agricultural paper attentively, and think over your plans for spring work. Work wall 1*(<1 Ant i. ? ? - ?* ?v ? w. ...<4 VW? *o vuv tvu 1 111 uvuo. TV D IIUSI lllf coming year will b? a prosperous one to the farmers of the northern States The rebels will ba thoroughly thrashed by spring; farm produce will be high, and if a kind Providence civet as a fruitful, as well as a peaceful geason, LuAflSia will ?g?in*pro?per 8. Be sure to keep go?d. bright and cheerful fires during the winter; get the best oil lamps, and spend your long erenings in profitable reading or conversation. Every good father who reads this will omit nothing that he can afford, whieh will aid to the comfort ank hap* niuoM ui Dig iamuy. Don t postpone your fe; enjoy it as you go along. If, heretofore, yon bare bad little ^njoynrcnt, now is a good time to commence.?Ohio Farmer. Fight is Wirt Cockty, Virginia?The Wheeling Intelligencer of Thursday says: "We learn by a letter received last evening from Parkersbargb, that a d operate fight took place a da? orstnceln Wirt county, between Capt Simpaon's company. 11th Virginia regiment, and a much larger number of Moccasin Rangers. Capt. Simpson's men were In a bouse getting something to eat, and the honse was surrounded by the Mocr aai na J - ???* * . ~ uu ifinsiiafa a surrender Capt Simpson declined and a fight ensued. Some eigbt or ten of tbe Moccasins were killed, and they were driven back into tbe woods The fight lasted about one hour." C^The London Time* Dublishea ?n bow that the cotton crl*es has saved the Lancashire* manufactures from great disaster For two year* there been excessive shipments to all foreign markets, and these roods but for the present rise in the staple must at length have betn sacrificed on the most ruinous terms. fETA barbarous attempt at murder took place ?t LaGuerche, France. A young wife attempted to kill her husband by pouring melted lead Into his ear while he slept, and during the paroxysm of pain which ensued he struck her three times with an axe, inflicting serious wound*, but not | killing her. HIT-Great complaint is made by the Bostonians of their excessive taxation and the increase of public expenditures The present rate of taxa ? s* vu, ana me debt whtch in 1*1'' was but one a:,d a half-millions. wa< two millions in 1^5? four and a half ia 1-.M> and nearly five and a half in 1861. ? By Sir Richard Bethel i? Bankruptcy and insolvency bill now become law, imprisonment for debt is practically abolished in England and Wales A debtor, even though he should wish H.will not be all wed to remain In prison l>eyond fourteen days IT^" H is stated iu the Droeheda Conservative, an Irish paper, that several of the youni; men who are ctfisers in tbe Pope s brigade, which went to Italy last year, " have determined to emigrare to the United States and join the Irish brigade now being raised by Meagher."' ITT A line of canal communication can be I rptaed for ships of the capacity of 1,0UU tons, | from Late Michigan, via the Illinois river, to I the Mississippi, and thus every State west of the 1 ?iw*^aanies and east of the Rocky mountains be P'*u-rd In direct communication with the lake*. IET A flrtn in Norristown, Pa.. have a contract Tor making five hundred army stoves. Tte stovea are constracted out of heavy sheet iron, and are about twenty-six inches in height, in the shape cf a rone eighteen inches wide at the bottom, and four at the top, with about four feet of pipe. ffr- The number of families of volunteer* receiving relief from the city authorities of Philadelphia la ]o,7<*4. PHILADELPHIA PROVISION STORE, X 119 PiFman D>*I> Au*?rn? 1 Bttwttn 13?i and JOt* .?l* * The nndersigned, having located him?eif m above, talres this method ofinformini ti.e oitixeos of the First Ward iuat he nas ub0u*<1 a first-o.ass Provision Store, conducted simi ar to those for ?)uoh Philadelphia is famous Here caa be loun 1 at at) times a large aud fresh apply I t'Ori.TRY. GAME. . FEF. MLT TOrt, AO. FhUISand VEGETABLES in seaPartieuiar attention le called to tra stock and priOM of HI I TER. CHEESE, Ao. Prmatie.phi* Print Butter. Goshen and Western Reserve. Being determined to give the stricteat attention to the wants of his oustooiew, and to keep every ^rticie in his line of the beat quaiitr, and sen at the vim unrin pnoea, ne nope* to merit a ahare of yoblio aatronace. F?m:,ie? will b? waited upon daily for order*, if repaired. no 16 THOMAS R. wqy( >N. QQQ JOHNSON fc NAGLE, OilQ GOS7 No. l?t Pnnmunu Avmi. htOo It etwees Ninth aad Tentn ata.. aoutn aide, orru FOE ?ALB : CHAMPAGNES?G. ki Momm, Piper Heidaiok, floet k. CUaadon. Bullinger & Co., Cartier X Co, Ao. CLARETS?St. Jatiec, St. Eatephe, Cantenac, _ 4o., b? tae oaak or dcHa. HOCK WINKS?Deidesaeimer. Johannesberjer, Liebfraaeniai oh, Rodesbeimsr, 4to. BRA.N DYj Wiiisiy, Gin. fort, Shorn. Msdeim, LONDON PoV?tR, Brown Stoat. Edinburgh sr<i Yorkshire Ales, of the best brands, m but ties or stone Ju*s. CIGARS?Havana and Domestic, of the oboioest braoas. Weoal. 'hesMc^w. attentionofSutlers.RestanranU Mid Fsintns* to our ]?rce aad woil-seKotert STOCK or KINK GROCVkTkS, Fresh Meat. Puaitr*. Fun, ?oaps. VecetablesanU Fruits in bormeu<a;:T eaiis. PRKeKBVKS. Jellies. Afl . llmn?4. N-? sins Ai d Figs. CHEF.J'F,! Gut^raud WMtern Cutting>; Ham, be?f tjuili'ii butter, the b'stChampacue ""ider. WORCF^tkrshirl and Oy?t?r Sauce. Hirklcs of every description, Pepper 8mm and Tomato Catsup, by the eat on or do sen. All of whioh we offer at the lowest possible noes ami on reasonable termsno 3 JOHNSON A NAGLK. New paper hanging, window BHADK. AND UPBOUSTKRING K8TALICHMKN T, 460 Ninth Stiiit. The undertirned, formerly of the firm of FrankUn A h "t'ook. has opened a New Store at 4?0 Hist* street, one door soath of K street, on the east sid*. where he has a small ohoioe stock, and wouM be happy to reoetve the orders of the friends ax d customers nt toe old firm. Partio i'ar attention will be paid to Paeerhanra _ ? ? - Lot and ushoistery work is ail it* branobes. uoa 3i??3w L. J. ROTHROCK. T?HE PROPER KINDS OF CLOTHS TOR 1 Soidwir ClHki. (Iihun, Jackets, and Dreesee, at th?>ro?er pnoM. New iota ^peued to day. New Cloaks, Shawls, *&ae wo* iiulj, marked is ?'aln Scares. tSSA. e???. .... V,v.*"" Pa. amoe and Ninth st, aott M "Ferry BsUdixs." ' T0akr1a9ks. iiK Sabeoribar saving nwuis addiuansto hi? fi"B- BSBi'.' for manufacturing carr'agt.s au?) m LieMT W \GOJ9s of all kinds cannot be ear passed, at d tr'tn bis tdmt e*?amnoe tfc (be bosi^ tttotossctdywie ?... en bacq. Ai> RSPAiRt} rmlir deua. and ail erders *f??oonJr^mr^^rarrVag m taken tu "xofianxe for y..T: ' ||t^o>TM ttiNioWBu, ?. --w j,?rr S*U AMmcy far Us LHtfrul of Oaitim nm, H kMi Orders eaaaisa be lefts* <* ^ "WWXSsr ? GEORGETOWN ADVEKTMTS We h?T* jn?t reoetved ft supply of theabove Ale, wluoa we reooniirend to be or a ?er? anterior Itr. Pflraau willuu tn iBrnhuA. h? m&lilf im mediate apptieatioa.'oan ">k furanhVd. AKNV 4. ?H1NN. noT Georgetown. iwr received- ~ * to hhds.enme Porto Rioo SUGARS this. Oid J^re WHISKY, bhls. BEARING and ALE W1VKS, to bbls. Crashed an<T Refined SUGARS, r ^a?s Rio and Jara COFFEE. M> hhds.t low priced) MOLASSES. Fw salahT JOHN J. DOGUE. ? l> ' GAS FITTING^ AWM *. DOVKVGO. at Now srei-reu to ejecute any erders witfc Wtnoh thai tr\\ b? favored in the PLVMBlNtf. GAS OR SYEAM FITTING BUSINESS. rr Store on Mh street, a few doors north ef Pa. yense, where mar be foind a compete assortment ef CHANDELIERS and ether GAS, STEAM ac< WATER FIXTURES. Ian t? I SNYDER, . FLUMBER ATiD OAS FTTTER. Has removed to the corner of Twelfth an<1 F sts. He is prepared to introdnoe Water scd Gas upon the roost JavoraMe terms, and guarantiee entire satisfaction. #!ehas on hand a lot cf COOKING and other OVES, which he will tell lees than dost, a* he wishes to ?et rid of them. no 11 W GAS FIXTURES. E Havo id store, and are daj j reoemnj, AS I FIXTURES of entirely New Patterns and Dei gns and b tnish, superior in style to anythitj heretofore let ?1 in this market. We innteoitiiens |ener?l l? to tail and examine onr a took of tfas and Water Ptx* j res, feeling oon&dent that we hate the beat eeieoteri stock in Washington. AM Work <n the a!-ove line intni?t?d to e*r ear* will be prenyl! y attended to. MYE&8 * Mot HAN. mar Hf 3T> D street f)f FlOB OF INSPECTOR AND SEALK* v/ Or MEYERSi Wa?vtw?m? f?l? 1ft IMi It OTIC X IS HEREBY 57VX]y.'ili?lOM> ab.y to th" >ro?is:on? of the ordinance of I ie Corporation a?*rored .May it- ISSft.tne underrigned ia now fre?ared, "whenever required in writing, and on pra-tayment of the fe? of fifty oenta, to icapeot. axaiu' n?. teat, >roye, a ,d ascertain the accuracy of regiatration of any itt meter in nae in thia oily." Every meter, if found iroorrect, wili b? condemned and another, acaisd and marked aa true, will be aetin.'* plaoe. If proved to be aocatte in ita msfcauioroent ofgaa,it will be*e%lea aoco-aingly, ace again ?*t is f>aii>on for aae. 0#a> No, flu Se*enta atreM, (n?ar Odd r*l. wa' Hail.) Opea fro?n s a. m., to if. m. CHARLKd W. UUNNINSHAM, 't ll-tf Inaaector and Scaler of Caa Maters. DENTISTRY. J^EVV AND IMPROVED INVENTION ARTIFICIAL CHEOPLASTl BONE T E E T H, Without Mktal Flats ok Clasp#. DR. 9. H Slfi ESMOND, 910 Broadway, fl/eta Yorb?4GV Pennsylvania Av tnue, bti men 12i.i ami 13th fts , Was km* ton, Calls the attention of the puWio to the following advantagea of his improved system : 1. The Teath of hie manufacture wiDMnnqjl nev*r oorodo nor oh*nfe oolor by any^**"31 tcin. beir.t three fourthe lighter than any other. 2. No teotii or root# need bo extracted, m the artinoial on?e oau be inserted over them. >. The rooU will be made inoffensive, an never U AbUO, ?. No temporary teeth are needed, as permanent ones oan be made immediately, thereby preferring the natural expression of the faoe. whioh under the old system ;s frequently disfigured. 5. This work has been lolly tor tar) over five years by many of the first chemists and physioians of this C'untrj. Dr. i*. has a!po invented a white undestruotive metal {Mine, with which the most sensitive teeth oan he filled without pain, and oan build up a P*r (eot, sound tooth on any side roots, which will last through lifetime. The best of referenoesgiren?to Dr. V. Mott; Dr. Doremus, Professor ofChemistry, N. V.; Hon. Judge Wayne, of the Supreme Court "f Washington. and thuusaui* of others Call and examine for yourself. no 8 6m M TEETH. LOUMIS, M. D., ttie inveiitrr and patentee of*- . MiNKRAL FI.ATK TEETH, at k6D(li aermniiilv Ki? niirt* ? ?k?. * J ? u>v WMW tu %nia WII,7 '(TVPVPVf Many persona can wear theee teeth who^*TTr" sannot woar others, and no person oan wear others who cannot wear these. pTsons calling at my offioe can be aooommooated with any style and price of Teeth they may desire; bat to those wno are particular and wish the purest, cleanest, strongest, and most perfect denture thai art oan ?rodn?e, the MINERAL PLATE will he more fully warranted. Rooms in thia city?No. S3? Pi.avenue, t etweea th %nJ lUb sts. Also. 907 Arch street. Phi adel pbia. oc l*-tf SOMETHING NKW ! /^N ^\^jiiii?n-r d^coviey /i' ?3 sire?i, opposite tk* Theater. OYSTERSSTEAMED In th? Shall and Thorough!y Cooked (far superior to a rofc?t) in two minutes, the fastest tim* on record. Call and see. The undersigned respectfully ralorms his friends in the District, and visitors to the oity. that he has refitted his old and wkll known bstablishmint in a most thorough manner, and has made oofhp ete arrangements to furnish OYSTERS in any sfy e and in any quantity. 4<*> to 500 g& Iocs shnoked per day. 2 UH? to cans of Spiced and Kresh put up daily?cans hermetically scaled. Furnished iu the shel; by the Wushe or barrel. l'ersop? wishing to have Oysters furnished regularly through the winter, at Baltimore prioes, without fear of laiiure, should ca and make arraiix^uienta at i'cje. Freight. time, and money saved t>y purchasing of me, as 1 inrnish an artioie equal to the celebrated Baltimore establishments, at prioes just as low. TO SUTLERS. Carned Meats. Lobeters, ?*rduie?. Clams, Strawberries, Tomatoes, Figs' Feet, Tnpe, Ac. Ac., Ao. Also, Pickles, Catsup,S*Jcos, Brandy Peaches, Ao. Also, Game and Fresh I'ie|^Turl<-s, Terrapins, Fre^h Lobsters, Cod, HalinVt, Ac. In faot, every thing for sale in the Northern markets always on hand, at reasonable prioes Hotels and families supplied with Oysters, dervered without onarge t any part of the District, in season, li the money is sent with the order. .Vlr estab ishment >s open from 5 a. in. to 12 at nicht. every day, except Sunday, when 1 close at 10 o'e'ock a. m. _ ?* n T M H A H V K Y. DR.GODFREY'S ANTIDOTE WILL CURE GONORKH<KV in pi* dayp. No change of diet requir'd It i? an Kntiirt :-peoitc of amy-five yea * atan< and will not harm the mut delicate oon u>^ ftitntion It oontar * no mintra s, Pnoe ?L So d byS.C. UPHAM.310 Chsanut street, hifcdelphia, ind in Washington by S. C. FOKD, oormr nth street ari.l P* a-e bo 26 eoly DR. DUPONT8 SUGAR COATED TEMALE REGULATING PILLS Read the following unsolicited enoomi HfWe uma: |Cr "1 cannot commend 'hem too highly." ^ t-3 "They are the be*t temale Pilia extent." "I have ueed them with oomplete aucoes*." " Wi u!d not t>e without them upon any considerati<>c." " rfcer operate speedil? and pfTsotivHY." Pnee $1 Sent by man Hold by 8. CJ. UPHAM, 310 Ch'iBut street, Philadelphta, and in Washington by a. C. FORI),oomer 11th street and Pa. avenue no at- eel y L1 X C K L S I " K H O T K L, fj No 35* SEVKflTU ?T . Between I ???< K Struts. Beat accommodations for travelers and boarders. The Larder and Bar always supplied with the choicest Viands auU l?i?U"rs. no 14-lmeo" JOHN HAV'/KL, Proprietor J" P. CABTKK A <<>. . 2d ft.. Pi. are. Wa.iktwtton. PKOIiCCB DSALaSS AND COMMHAIO* MutCHASTS. Merchandisa atid Proiiuoe received t>n consignment and storace. " * " * JI'ST RECEIVKD? 2?" Bbla. Ex:ra Family Flour, 1?> Bbla. Super F;our, *<"?*cke New Bnok wheat, 10 Bbls Roll Butter. For aale low by J P CARTF.H It CO., _ no 12 ?V'2?* 2d atreet. Pa ave. THE SUBSCRIBERS be* leave to inform their patrouaaud the pubno generally of bo-_ g, irjr amply au*p>i"d with a auperior ?t< ok ol>li FALL an! WINTER GOODS. \K They alno reapeotful y invite attention ol yjf their Army and >a?y onatoiuera, and those" re^ outfit* in that line, to their aaperior anal- < lUea of 8?orda, Epauteta. Shoulder Strata Belts, chateau*. Hata. Cao* S*?he?. i ---- constivni.y on hand, which are warranted a? repre WRtWt. W'h;l?t tendering thank# for the liberal patronage enjoyed, they wil endeavor to merit a oontinuance. V. J HKIBERGER A CO., (Suooe*eorr to H. P. I?ud"nft Co.,) CITIZMN. MILITARY and NAVAL TAILORS, )6'11'earn 7 Irani a Avenne. oo 16 enSm H FRENCH A R1CHSTEIN AVE Just received a ireeh apply of Note Pa- | Mr, Colored Border*, ruied and plain, with En- ; velopee to mateh Al*o, I-la* Caaer of ail kind*, with and without Mottoes; Envelopes to match. parses sod Pocket Hooka of every deeoription, A large assortment of Stationery. New York Paper* reeeived daily; Paper* from all part* of the cuntry. _ PRENCH A RICHSTEIN, xii UTt* ?n?n'i? LARGh ASSORTMENT OF RAVEN. Bacon A Co. and Stein way A Sou'i^smi an rivalled PIANO FORTES lyive jnsi^W^P arrived at the Mnsw Sto'S of W. G * " MkTZKRoTT, oorner of Pa. avenue and ElevtC AUo.atood ssoond-haad upright Piano, 7 octave, tor?l?for fHW no g C?I.OTHS FOR ARMY AND NAVY MEN.? j Beavers, Pilots. Broa* l lotas, and Doeakm*. Aiutnnr nanal fnli * "lAk- "* f * ** P? ?VOTB? ?Q^ Nlntti ?t. .? J^2^4S^N0 c"kd>*<~ j no H m C?ra?r KibtwUi gu BOR JOHNSTON, ALfIMORI LOCI BOiriTAL, H*i tk* melt C*rtt?, Spttdt mmd tmlf i D jil CJICiMi ftfWMUJ Ml ?*? ^PT?a, FOE ALL DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. LST WO FALSE DELICACY PR* TENTAPPLY IMMEDIATELY. A CURE WARRANTED. OR NO CHARGE, IN PROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. Waaknaaa ?f Js* Batk, tnctaila, A faction ?f tfca Eid and Bladda; ?Teian;?.r? Diacnarfaa, lm^cuhcv. Ganaral Dabih'.j, Nit 'ns>nm, f>?apa*-i*. Ltuaor, UonfrnM ml Idaaa, L?? Sprrt, P> Ipiutlou at tb? Haart, Timiduy, Traroblin ja, Kmnmrf kfti n Gtddioaaa, DImim ef (bi aad, Throat, H-** or Bkin, Affaetiona of lit Lepra, Btoma-fi *r D^#ala?thaaa Tambla Diaordtn truing Iron BoltUry HaMia af Yaath?'im Drudfil and I>??ro Mi?? Prattxaa which raadar Marruft impcuibU, and daairay bath Bad? and Miod. YOUNG MEN EapaeKllr wbaba?a bacoma tba ricuoia af Solitary !??, that dxaadfal and daatracti*a habit which aimaally awaapa la ao |rt'? thcoaandaof Youi'f M*n nf tb? lenst axaUad ultnu and brilliant intallact, %ho mifhl atharwtM Ka?a anfMiif td Ut'Atfh** feinttn with fKa (KanHtra r f a I?. g??net *r tilli t? iCMtr tb? lira.! Irrt, ? ; oil with I fall ctt.ld?nc? MARRIAVE. S1?*M?r> reasons, er Tca<i( Man c?til??<platlr,f Mur*f?, biiiig ???- et rty?ic?l (Ability, 4?formiut>, *C-, curtd. lit ?bnr!iiM himMlf acdar tli* ear* ?f Dr. J. re if nprt fly eonfld* in bi* honor u * (tn'Jtmtr acd MaldtoUy t?i j upon bU skill a phytician. OFFICE No. 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. I aft band aida M"*ut 'r0** Baltimora itraat, a faw dMn hta tha csraar. F?u n't to ob?ar?a oama au4 cimkii katurt mat ha paid and contain a lamp. 1)R JOHNSTON, Matabaraf lb a Rojm Colltga of Svrraana, Landaa, |nilatl from oca of tba moat aminant Collt(?? in tha Uoil*4 lataa, and tha rtaatar part of whoaa lifa baa haan apant la tha hoapitala of London, Pani, Philadalphia and alaawhara, h"i aSccttd aoiua of tha moat aatoriiahinf carta that vara a?ar known; roai.j troablad with rinjmf in tha haad aud aari whan aaltap; graat narrenanaaa, tmr alarmad at aaddan aosndi, baahfalntaa with fraqatnt blathtnj, attaodad a<wnatira?? with daranfaiaaot af mind, vara tarad irotaadiataly. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE. Taunf Man and othara who ha*a in)arad iharoaalvaa by a aartain practica induifad in whau alona ?a habit fraqaaaUy laarnad from a*il coinpaniona, or at aehorl, tht affacta af whica ara nightly fait aran wean aalaap, and if not carad. ranrltra marria^a impoaaibla, and daatroya both mind aod bod*, ahoald apply ianidiatal?. Thaaa ara ajiua of tha aad and malancholy affacta crodacad ay arlr babita of aoath, ?ii : Waaknaaa of tha Back and Li'Tiha, Pair ? in tha Haad. Pimnan of Sijbt, Loaa of Maaca?at a* *"? ??: . - * ? ww- ?* ruwcr, iiipiiauon ui ma naari, nytpapajr, Nar?oaa irritability, Daranjramanl of the lhgatti'a t'nnctiooa, Gauaral Datiiuty, Symptnma of Conanmption, 4c. M?5tally.?Tlia fmrfal adieu on tha mind art maeh ta ?a draadad?Loaa of Maraory, Confoaion of Idaaa, Oapraaaira f Spirit*, KtiI t'orabodinjra, Avaraion of 8ocitty, Balf-Diatra*t, Lo*a of Solitsda, Timidity, ate., ara aoma of lb* tail* prodac*d. NKRTOl'a DlilLITY.?Thouaanda can n*v )adga vbat 1* tha eioaa of tbair dtclming haalth, luting thair tigor, becoming waak, pala, nar?ona and amaciatad, baring a aiogalar tppaarioca aboat tha ayaa, coagb ar aymptom* af caoiampUaa. u tan as iis fir inriiUUEHCE. Thin U>e rmeraided and impnulent ?otary of pleae?r? ftnde ha hae imbibed uie eeeda of thie painful diaeaaa, u to* often happcni that an ill-timed aai.aa of ehame or dread of dieccrery detere hi.-n from applying to thoaa who, from education ana reepectability, can alone befrund him. He fall* into the haudt of iftiornnt end deeigniuf pretendere, who, incapable I eennr, filch hii pecuniary aBbetance, kaep him trilinf montb anar month, or ai lonf at toe amallaat ft* can be eblained, and in deepair leave turn with rained health to eigh e?ar rue fnllitif dieappotiiimeiit; or by the uae of that deadly peiaoL?Slercary? huaten the coueutsuoaal ayrartotna ef tbie terrible diaeaee, each ae Afectiene of the Heart, Throe'., Head, kin, Ac., prorreeelnr witi. frif Ufal rapidity, till death pita a 5m ened to hie areaafs; eut eruife by eendinf hirat that inC-ARntr* WKM* ? ? , ? ? ? ?* *? uv wi * ? If r (IIVIDB. DR JOHNSON'S HfMEDY tX)R ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND IMPOTENCY. Mj Ibu rr**t *-nd import am r?m?d? vtakn ?f Jl? tifui im apaadilj eui4 and fill rigtt iMtmd. Tkaatmdt if Ui? mi n?tt?aa in J dakilruiad, vka kad iMt (II kept, k??? aaar. iraraadutaij Tal:??ad. All lmpadiraasu l* M?rri?fa, Phy?t?il w Mtaul Duqu'llnt:?u? k*u ?f Fr?cra?iu?? r?*.r. Riitiu Irriukilitr. Tramalinr tad Wt kutia Ext* at km < lk? mut fa?.rre! klad ?j??dllj earad. rWT\An*.? ? ? ?? ? ? niujunorLMRiyT ur 1HE PRESS. Tib Mart Tmoi'iahdi carad at thii ioatilauan witbia tka iaal aarantaan yaara. and.lha ncniarau important 8?'fi al aparnuain parlarnad by Dr. Jahnatan, vitnaaaad by ifia rapartara ?( tba p&paia and many ?thar oaraoqa, tiaucaa af vbltb ha?a appaarad again &ad if am ba/ara iha pablio, baa do bia aundin( aa a gaotUnian af ch&nctar and raapwialblllty. ia a laBtiam gaarantaa la (ba aBietad. mar l?-ly LEA Jr PERHINI' CBLRBRATID Worcestershire Sauce. Pronounood by 35 EXTRACT CONNOISSEURS 1| of a Letter fr^ni * to b? the I i Mtdxcml Jm V *' Martraa " ONLY fiOMII ~ JHL-A To Brother 8A57CE." feHjgaj at Worcester. # and applicable to .. rell l'wdv T-sSE*"?! rim that their Sa*<? fcVBKY ? is hwhly esteemed "> Inaia, ?nd is, in VAnllii i my opinion. th? most >? ''" j palatable, a>> well as OF DISH at,??-iSthe most wholesome Sn?" that is made." The a^MlVO SAIII^K la nn? iml> th? lUT?w( mnat torn,** condiment knowu, but the m?>st Economical, a? a lew drops iu Soup, Gravy, or With Fish, hot and oold Joints, BuJ Steak, dame, tc? impart au exquisite aeet, whioh unprincipled Sauce manufacturers have in vain endeavored to imitatt. On the Bfakfi't, Lumhton, Dinner, or Supper Tablt, a cruet eoutaming " LEA & PKRRZN9' wo?cU8TlCRsmAlC SAUCE" is indispeuaaTo appreciate the excillent qualities of this delicious preparation it is only neoessary to purohase a snml bottle of the genwmu, of a respectable gronor or Haa ?r o ? ? ? any noiti una ntstaurnnt pro prietors se.dom place the Futt Sauce before their guests, Out substitute a genuine BottU filled with a spurious mixture. For sale by Grocers and Fruiterers ererywheie. JOHN DUNCAN t. eONS, Union Svart and litk street, yeu> York, t*ol? Wholesale Agents for the United State*. A Htook always in store ? Alio order? reoeivad for H1 ra?? h - r ** * ?MW*?ttl|?IIIVUM irum r,ngi?'ia. Lr Ftwart of Counttrftitt and Imitations. ?p 3-1 t.wo Omi Cough, Celd, Hoart*n*ts, ImMt Irrttaium or Sort/SnhU/TA ? -<? c' ii? Throat, Riiurtt Ik* AhkJPfmfl Hackunt Couth m Cr ?.?? ?rliVlMMKilLlI fw?. Hroiukitir, 4Uw?t k^lKUap-J # Cainr*, C.??f !?? WNHPW to im of >&l37gv\y mmic 8 P K A K E R ? ARB SINGERS. Fsw are iwirt of th* im?nr??n<i? ?? ? * Uoujh or "Common Cola** in it* first atace; tHat which in the begining would yield to ft mild remedy, if oefleote'l.aoonattaokitbe Lance. "Brown's Brontkitl IVof/Ui," containing demuloentingredi cu, allay Pi.mourr and Bronohial Irritation. I "That trouhJe in mj Throat, (for BROWN'S whion the "TVee*^" area apecifio) I having made me o"ten amerewbiafEOCHKB ^r?r* N. P. WILLIS. BIOWN'8 " 1 reooramend their ??e to Pw?Li? SraAiM.." ? ?iM TROCHES REV, E. H. CHAPIN. M0reat lemce in rohdning H o tin BROWN'S mi." REV. DANIEL WISE. tinrRKH "Almost instant relief in the dietreesiDR labor of breathing jeounar hrown'b to Asthma." MRU WW S REV. A. C. E??LKRTOIM. TROCHES "Contain no Opiam or ftnTthint o ?nJ*rioi*." DR. A. A. HAVES, CROWN'S Ckmtii, Xoitm, wmnnuva "Arimplsand pleasant orabiuTROCRKS ti?a for Cowom, ic." BKOWN S DB- * ? vttnnwa ?* itiiiilRl ? -t ?if. j7k wvcane, BROWN 8 Btim ** l Is?tb proved thm tztellent f*i VROCHE8 yfm?ivgm RSV. M. W. WARREN. BROWN R Bittm. "Bmeftaiftl *hm mpelled U TROCRE8 i^hIc. *#cr'nf from Cold." llEV. t?j.P. ANDERSON.

BROWN 5 St. Limit, TKOGIE8 " erTMTitl. 'a rworui Ho?r?nen tod InriUtion of the Throat, m BROWK'B oxuroe with Srutui ia4 8imviociec m. 8*AC Y johnson. _ Lm Gm. BIOWN'S oi i?ia?io. southern "unps Feinale Coliefe. TIOCRKB " Sreet benefit when taken before and alter pruaominx, u they prevent BROWN'S P.oareeaees. From their pasteffeot, 1 tiunk ther vUl be of permanent adVROCREB .van tat" to ic?. _ _ . ? RKV.K. EOWtf'Y.A. M. BROWN'S President of Athene C .\??e, 'fen*. "oo"?s <e i-'y Sjv J,1 WHAM'S HH QMSS P R F M I U M TR V N K QUC MANUFACTORY, 499 SlVXNTH STXI1T, WtllHIWTtl, P. C, Silver Med*' awarded by Maryland Icatitxte e Baltimore, Nowmbdr ?, if*). A,-. Medfti ^ I am aooatantlr makinj, and alvara have em kaad, of the t ?et material, every deaonytiea er Pine Bole Leather, Iron Krame. Ladiar' Drew, Woad Box, and Paekini T ranks, Kamaier. Carpet, aad fJanvaa Travel 1 a* Bar*, School Batohels, *e^ At Ltm Prieu. Meiabera of Coaxreea and travelera will ?Lease exarcme my tookj before purobaainc eiaewhere i uiuf u?i n? maun iq oilier ouies. 8n??rior LiiUtr ud Dress Trwki m*4e to Trunks oovvrsd and reMlrad at short noUce. 6 delivered free oi oLvc? to aurlpart or tbs i" ^ OT*->DjiU^sb-.T0PHAM. UOME-MADK H(K>TM AND ISHOEtS, Lambs'. Misses' ana Chubs sft*a Wiae, ... 'TSffiftftt J | / ;j Mib?y go tight tm tbeSpot." 1N8TAN* RELIEF BtOP \ OUR CO?#M j PURIFY YOUR BREATH STRENGTHEN YOUR VOICE SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS, , All 1 GOOD FOR CLERGYMEN, GOOD FOR LECTURERS, GOOD FOR PUBLIC SPEAKERS, GOOD FOR SINGERS, GOOD Fon CONSUMPTIVES. GENTLEMEN CARRY SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. LADIES ARE DELI6HTED WITH SPALDING'8 THROAT C0NFECTI0N8. CHILDREN CRY FOR SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. i They relieve a Con?h inatantly. They oiear the Throat. They give ?trenjth and to lame to the to toe. They impart a delicious aroma to the breath. They are delightful to the taate. They are trade of aimple herbs and cannot harm any one. . I a.a.. ?I- - t-.J"-. #? a. ? a outivv o?ci y uuc WIIU nai (k l/OQ|Q OT ft IIQIKJ Voioe, or a Bad Breath, or any difficulty of the Throat, tn get a pack ace of try Throat Confections. They will relieve you instantly, ami yon will agree with me that "they go right to the spot.' You will find them very useful and pleaeant while traveling or attending public meeting*, for (tilling your Cough or allaying yoir thirst. If you try one package 1 am cafe in saying that yon will ever af terwards consider them indispensible, You will find them at the Druggists and Dealers ia Medicines PRICE TWENTY-FIVE CENTS. My signature is on each package. All others are oqpnterfeit. A Package will be sent by mail, prepaid, on re oeipt of Thirty Cent*. Address. HENRY C. SPALDING, No. 48 CEDAR STREET, NEW YORK. lol NervousHeadache I Headache. I By tke ?? of tfceoe Pill* tk? penodie attacks fTrtvui ?r Sitk * may be prevented; ar 4 j 1 at the onmmenoement c! an attack imme- i late rel lef from pain au4 aiokneas wffl be obtained. Thev seldom fail in removing U* Nmuttm aid Htmftii>i to whieh females are ao nbjMt They aet gently s*on ths bowels,?natru fii i timmm. For Littrtry Mm, Studmti. Delicate and all persona of lUmtwn kmMti, they are vml ableaa a Improving the giving law* and u?r to the digest)re organs, and rs storing the nataral eiaatioity and strength e the whole system. The CEl'H A MC PI LLP the renit of long Investigation *nrtoaref*Hy condaot^d experiments, having been in nse many years, daring which time they have prevented and relieved a vast amoint of pain and snflering rom Headaehe, whether originating in the ?*r?etu system or from a deranged state of the utowimck. They are entirely vegetable in their oomposltion, and may be taken at ail times with perfect safety without making any change of diet, mmd tk* ofr?*utt 0/ say difiYHtbU ImtU rtmdmt it mm tm win Bfiin nines iu cost annually. SPALDING'8 PREPARED GLUB! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUB! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUB! SAVE THE PIECES! ' , ECONOMY! DISPATCH inr'a Stitc? ih Tins Bavbs Ni?.l,-m i As aocideuu will happen, even In well regnlatea families, it is very desirable to have tome obeip | and:oonreni*nt way for repairing Furniture, Toy? Crookery, Ao. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUB meets all inch emergencies, and no hoi se hold oa i affortl to be withont it. It is always ready, and to the sticking point 1 " USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE." N B.-A Break aoooropaaiee each Bottle Prie I II oenta. Address 1 HKNIV n aPiT iuw M?. 4?"codir W^Nrw Torfc j CAUTION. U*f??< 2mb5?.1?* b#for* V*rohfi?inf.and ?M KT . PALD1W?H PRKPAfcEU 9XVK?dl 1 iktm to tkildr?*. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS! Tbe lemino have five mnatoroo of Honrr 0. Spaldin? on oaoh Box. Sold br Uritcirta and all otfcor Doaioro la Modi loos. A Boa will bo aont by mall prepaid oa roooipt o U? PRICE. 8* CENTS. 11 ordori fkcald be a<*dreooed to HENRY C. HPAUHHft, 49 C?a* SvaiaTt Niw You. r T i I htm tkt Kmtmmmr, Nwfolk, Tm. C">?hali? Ptlla 11- -1-i * r-w.? avwviuritsu tuo uujcvl 1?I VBIII they weieuiade, ns: Cnre of headache In ail Mi forms. fVm Ui iHwtoir, Ktrftlk, T?, Whey have th*en tested in mart Una a Uamaaf mm, with entire a^caaa. From Ik* Dtm?rmt, Si. Cltmd. Mm*. If ron are, or have been troubled w itb the head aohe.aend for n box,( Pille eottat yea < may naye tnem In eaae ot anUttaek. Ftim tk4 Wuttm R. R. Omuttu, CMe?f e, III. We heartily endoree Mr. Spalding, and kin nnnvalled Cephalic Pilla, ftaw tin Stmikf * Pmtk Aair, Htm Orlmma, 1m. Try them ! jon that are afflicted, and'yre are nrt 1 that yonr testimony can be ad^ed te the already numerous list that haa received beneftu tkat M other medicine oan produoe. 1 rrwm IM eruHII, MMV?n, iMMk Mr. Spalding vonld not oonnMt kla nil vitk ui artiole he did not know to paw? real merit Fitm tkt Advtrtittr, ffnUmi, X. Vhe Ce?h*Uo Pille ire eaia to be a remarkakii effective emedy for the headaehe, and oneeftke very boot for that very fre^iont eempialnt wkiek haa ever boon dlaooTered. Frtm tit St. Limit JwwrH. Tke imreenre demand for Ik* artlele (Cepkalle i Pilla) u rapidly tacreaeini. trim tkt Kmmmwkm T*iU* Sir, iMMto, T*. We are rare that pweone nfmi| witk the kead Mh?, who try them, will itiek te ta*&. 1 JVmr U< i^tirtuir, fruUwii, JL 1, The teetimory in their fever u rtreig, frea tk? < oet reepectable oarterm. JFYem tkt Dotty JV'mi, Iftmpm t, JL J, Cepkalio 1'illa are taking the place of all kiata. ! fYm Ii? CommtrcUU BulUtim, Bono*, Mmi Said to be very eftoaoiona for the headache. < Am tie GmwircttJ, Cuuiwuit, 0*ie, Saflermg humanity can now be relieved. __________________________ I IDT A tingle bottle of Spalding'* Prepared Glue rSAVELLERS' DIRECTORY. NORTHERN CKNRAL RAILWAY. rkt Short til, Qmtchttt and But RouUfrtm jtmitiNORTlC AffD%ORTbWF.9r. WINTER SCHEDULE Chanobor Jims. On and after 91NDA yT^Ui November, Pa*?*n ter Train* will arrive and depart from Calvert . m?ivu m ivuvvv . T**m? North Liavb Mail at 8?a.m. H u fTaio Kxproaa a p. m. Parkton Aoo. mmodation 4 f. ra. PitUbnrg and Uamabarc fcxAroaa 8 3n p. m. _ .... T*AJ*S SotTH Ainiv* Parkloh Accommodation at la m Fuflalo Expreaa 8 aw %. m. Piuabarg and Harrie borg Kxprwa 8 p. m. MUl 6 J) lu< The 6 a. m train from Waahint ton oonneota With th? R JH k. m. tr&in from UaR >n#A. ?k? w?t ?d for ButiaJo~E1 mira R^che-Ur Dnn kirk, Cauadaifoa and Niajara Falia, and for hew Yo^uiity. " P 21 a. m. train from Washington oonneota wiUTtheSe. in train frrm Baltimore to Wml North a-d N orthweat a ad fc Imira and Buffalo and Roohester. The 5 p. m. train from Waahicgton oonceota with the 6 3D . m. t.ajn from Baltimore for Pittaburi, Harneburg and the Wratandis a direct oonnee lion i or Lebaron. fc'aston Alientowa and Ne? York via Cehtral Railroad of New Jersey. Try this rcn;? for New York fi^The only tram leaving Baltimareoc Pnnday is.tneS p. m. train, for Ha-rfsbarK,l'ittsb<irc, Chicago and the West. The only train arriving In Baltimore on guo<laj is th * 30a. m. tram. JA9-C CLAHRK, no ?8 ly Superintendent pA?*KNSER TRAINS^TO AND F*Ojl * BALT'Mt/RE. WINTEH SCHBDtJLE. On tod after Monday, NoTeir.bfr II, 1M1.PM enter Tnuna between WASHINGTON and BALTIMORE will ran m followa: TRAINS MOV ISO NORTH. Morr.'ne Kxpreet le&re WMbiLctoD 6.10 a. m. Arrive Baltimore 7.4* a. m.; PhilMelybU 1&J0 r. ; .\ew York p. Harrubarc 1.1# T. *. Morning Accommodation ie*rr> Washington 7.40 a m. Arrive At-iiaitimore IJO a. m. No oonneotioni at Baltimore. New York Mail Train? !? .*? w??kir?t/i? ? n a.. arrive at Baltimore 12.40 p. u.; Ahiladelyhia k.& p. New York lo p. m. Afternoon Accommodation?leave WMhmitor. Vtf P. M. Arrive tt Baltimore (Mm.; Harri?wirj A. Mm Philadelphia lo.on p. u. Kvenini E*?reae? imh Wu'icjiot p. u. Arrive at Baltimore M2p. Philadelphia loji ' N,3fejvV JoyfeWA' Lmt? New ? ork at 7 a. m.; PtnbufalBlua 11 JO a. m ; Baltimore I H p. u. Arrive arW aihififton MO ''"eare Nrw York at kr. v.; Philadelphia lojo p. h.; Baltimore lio a. m. Arrive at Washington! * l^?ave New York it ii ?- w ?* 4. m ; Baltimore 7j? a.m. Arrive at WaeKinton ? SO a.m. Aooommodation Traine leave Baltimore at a m., and (p.m. for Washington, arrive there at 11 a. m. and 7 p. m. Passenger Trains leaving Washington at 7.40 a. m. and >.> p. m.< and Baltimore at 7if a. m and *A0 p. m , make direot connections for Annapolis at the J uootion. Trains leave Annapolis for Baltimore and Wash Lcston at 6.50 a. m. and 3 40 p. mPassenger Trains leaving w aahington at 6.10 a. m.. 11 a. m. a- d 5 p. m., and Baltimore at 4J0 and 7.3 > a. Mm and 3 50 p. M.. will rtov only at AnnapoUt Junction and Warmnrton (Htlay) Junction W'&t Aassf ngerg n.ust take the Accommodation 99* i A TttfWS OTIlJf Trains will leave W'aehineton and Baltimore rromrtly upcn card ttmt. W. P. SMITH, Master of Transportation, Bait. J. T. ENGLAND, Agent,Camden Station, Baltimore. 6. P. GILBEKT. Agent at Washington. nog STKAM WEEKLY BETWEEN tflPfg NEW YOMK AND LIVER POOL, Landing and embarking passengera at (Jueenstown. Ireland. The Liverpool, New York and Philadelphia Steamshie Company intend dispatohinc their full powered Clyd?-buili iron SteamnhiDi &a fnllnw? GLASGOW ..SaturdayAugust 3d. CITY OF BALTIMORE, " " loth. KANGAROO. 44 44 UU. And every Saturday, at noon, from Pier44, North n?er. KATSS Of rA??A61. Pir?t Cabin . .075 Do. to London ~ 80 Do. to Pari* 86 Do. to Hamburg 86 Steerage?- ?990 Do. to l^cndOD ?? 34 Do. to ?'aus 38 Do. to Huinburc 36 Passengers forwarded to Ha?re. Bremen, Rotterdam,,fto , at reduced throuch tare*. Person* wMtrng to bring ont their friends can bay ticket* at low rate*. Kor further information apply at the Captains Office. JOHN B. DA L* , Agent, IS Broadway, N. V.. Or to I}. A. HERRING, A< ams Express Baltimore. NORTHERN CENTRAL RAILWAY. SUPERINTENDENT'S OFFICE,! , Calvirt Station, Batircore. May 18,1?1. \ On and aft*r Pncday. May 19th, 1961, Train* on the NORTHKRN CENTRAL RAILWAY ar rive and depart as follows. until farther notioe. ThAINS NOKTH. MAIL at 8 15 A.M. .. EXPRKS8 atl^t P. M. HARRISBL Rtt ACCOMMODATION at I P. M. The 8.16 A. M. tram onnnecta at Relay Hooae with train* on the Western .Maryland Railroad; at Hanover Junotion with Haaoveraad Getuborg Railro%da; at York with York and WnchUrill* Railroad; at Hamsburc with Pennsylvania Railroad for all part* of the West, alao with Lebannon Valley Railroad to Una Yorkdtrtct, at Northum ber'.and with L. and B. K&i,ro?d for Riniitonand all parts of Wyoomini Valley And at tfonrmrr with the Philadelphia and Erie Railroad for all parts Northern Pennsylvania and New York. The 3.90 P. M train makes all the above oonneotions ezoept Hanover Raiiroad, W rights ville I Railroad and the Lebannon ValM? Rm.roiad. The 8P.M. train makes oonnections with PannS' Tama Kailruvf for ?JI ??-* ' direct oonnecu for Neir York. u h Mall ..???W!g4SK?A. M, Ham*bnrif Accommodation at *.43 P.M. *. tr ?T,!&ketJ,n.aP(1 information ic??ire it the 1 loket office, Ci.Tfrt Station, Daitimore, J. C. CLARK. 8?^t 'Bj&Wm SPKl?J ANDSVmA?K*ARHAkliKMEXT. On and Wfer TLfcSDAY May 14th, Paatencer \ DHUUSTI/CM lUHOWt T|K I'.zprMs Train at 6 15 A . M.. Way Mail Train at 1.46 A. M.; Kv en inj Mul M445 o'clock. On 8UN* I RA\ Sat 4 45 P. MT only. All traina oonnect with w York tram* exoept 4.44 P. M. train on Batnr. 1ft t*. A Freight Train with passenger oar attached Iwvn us P. M . atop pine at all station* between Baltimore and Havre de-6rao*. Passengers for Delaware and the Eastern Chore tf Maryland will find the moat expeditions ronte by wayof Wilmington. |r^ All Colored Persona win at give bond before enTennc the oar a. WM CRAWFORD, Agent l^_a_a_NEW YORK AND ERIK RAIL BHSHfiit road. Paaaenger Traina leave via Pavonia Ferry and Long Dock, from foot of Chambers itreet. New York, as follows, ti* : ^ _ 7.00 a. m , EXPRESS for Dunkirk, and Buffalo, and principal intermediate Stations. 8.00 am . MAIL.] for Dnnkiri. ?.nil I Statioca?Thia Train remains over night at Elmira, tnd arooeeda the next morning. .no a m.. MILK dailj, for OUanlle, and inter mod tats Statiorife. 11.00 a. m?, ACCOMMODATION, daily, for Port jV5,;*2.."^ SttE&Mm. Nn,b.?k. '&'rsrWsir,ift?E8S. MI,, ??, Dockirk, Buffalo, Canandugna,and annoipal Station* The Tratn of Saturday atopa at all Mail Train Btationa, and nine onlj to Klmira. , too p.m.. ACCOMMODATION Jor Horn anile, U>d ,r,C, ?aao NATHANIEL MARSH. Eeoeiyer. . ^^^_NEW YOhRj LEAVING NE^ Yofl 'po* ALBANY. TROY. NORTH AND WK?T 8CMMERARRANGEMKNT Commenoinc MoDdar, May STth, 1M1. For Abacy?11--00 a. n. fast ?xpre?i train from Mth street. For Dover Plaine?? <? p. m. stoppiBi at Whit* Plains and station* north to Dow plain*?from MUi street station. (This train vill run to Milierton every Saturday "jPor^S'rotoD Falls?MJa. m. storing at all stations north of FonlHasa from Mth street station. For White Plain* ?fc?, ill and fcoo ?. m. stop pine at all stations from SBth street station. For Whit*_Plain*??:?Sp. m. Mopping at ell stations from White street station. For Wliiiams Bridge?7JO, 11:15 a. m. and 540 p. m. stopeim at all stations from mi street station. Returning will leave? Aihar.y?a. m. fast express tram. Dover Plains?640 a. m. (This tram leaves Mu er ton even Mondav mormr.i at I a. ? ? White P fciu.-^io.ww a m.fcio A *00 p. a. William* Bridie-^*?,9^0 . m. Jt hoo p.m. Sunday train* will ware *th A eon* earaar ad itreetTfor Central Park, Yorkvilie. Harlem aad nBHIB And WK?r, Tr*'tf? l*ere: Prom Chamber**-. If.Y. From S U street. W&W. ft .* taWi- r*oy and Aihaur (with 1046 p.m., (HmI?t* ta leepi nK ear) 10,15 ?<? oTaded.) PM(fikeeH*e train , a J6 a. m.,aad l,#p.B AiiMJ. ... - HBB k ': Tfci CiiioitM^ A?f<7 ?.n<3 Fh|iM*> tkl M&r A"&HE .vf) AH A M , d| CuKln uX AbNt. IC ?B4 . Aoo-'rr.rrfWlVfcoL. Atll. K- wte !? < ? ui l' " '- '" 4 u< J?tmt Crty (Horn iBi J?n?y Crtr. ilBflMH Tl CtVdn isd AmN>r, (C *z>4 a. Lmmivftom Ud Jtrwy City, At?yM..C<i*C*?pdea ?i Jtrwej Ctty,(SvMur( At M..TiaC?ind?eand JotottCity,(8o?tk inarm-, mee r. M Mail Trsin rene a?i.y. The 11* P. For W?t*r ??p. tro?d|to?ri, BerMton, Wi Im ^.rre^MootrM*, Sr??JtB*od, *e., ?t 7.if A. M., uuia ?iiaiicm. tmi umothh IM is^iajKKMss ui 7.10 A. M. lfi# onMtU vith Ui train ieavi*g Ho !}'il ud I A M. Md I and ?M */fr FnOMilll.ll nitP *. ? J'K Wri^T-r^rir A fiffSi vCannt itmt *un. For Palmyra Riverton, Mum. Beverlf. B?rUafton^F orcLLooo, BoraentoWa, ?o., *1 lift. I, Tree toe for _Bordee$owa,afid latanae diate p.tort, at >fc P. M. froai Walaat etreel For Nov York and War UK*. leaving Eentin/rton i>epot, take the oart on Fifth etreet. above Wal.nt, half an hoer before departure The oar* ran let) the depot, and on arrival of train ran from thede^ot. Fifty poind of baccace only allowed to each paeeenger ('interfere are prohibited f-cm tak n anything ae baggage bat their wearing apparn. AH baggage over fifty ponnda to be paid for extra. The company limit their reeponaifeiUty for baccace to one do) ar per pound, aad will sot be liable for aay amount beyond one hnadrad dollar*, ezoept by oontraot. WM. H.CATZMEK, Agent r^^^_.CRbAT CENTRAL ROUTE POJ HHBTHE W WT, r%? HVDSON HIT WT*1A< HAILHOAU mmd HEW YOHM SBIiTK-AL KAII.KOAp. Fxpreoa Trama leeve ew York o!t* depot* of flideon River Ramoad ill. a.?i-^- -- * w?ij? CBUUV7 ? DAUvpu^, a? lOllVWM . Frojn Chambers street From Slst at. station. At 7.Oft a do At 7 SS a in 1100" 5 0" > m 11.26 6 .2J > ni >?? munirtti ana eunaioi Train with aleepag ara, V5?m I 145 p m Connoting at Albany with the N?w York CM tral Railroad for S*?t enectady. RoohMtt'A'Uoa Batavia. Rome, and etationa on Rome and Waterlown Railroad. Haffaio, Syracuse, Niagara Fa: a, tampernrr Bridge, Auborr.Genera.Caiandaigaa Traina in oonceotion leave Buffalo and Suape& ion via Lake Shore, Buffalo and i ake Huron and Great VVeaUrn Railroad, for Hamilton. Toronto, Detroit, Chicago. Toledo. Mil waukie.Fon Da Lac, La Croaee. Madiaon. Prairie Da Cnien, Ga ena, Dnnleith. Dubuque, Peoria, Roek ialand. Nuaoafcce, Iowa City. Barhngfoti, Qiui.ct. Sannglieid, Alton. Loaia, Cairo, Tare haote. Jnd.anaao.ia. Louiaville, Cincinnati, l arton, Colon.I>ua, Ckreland, aid all poicta Weet, Ntorthweet and South NORTHERN ROUTE. Connecting with Traina at Troy, with Troy A Boston and Rena. A Saratoga Voada for Saratoga. Wfc.tehall, Rutland, Burlington,St. Albaoe. Roa*e Point, Plattaburgh, Ogdenabmgh, Montreal, Ac., Ac C7" Freight Arrangement* by thi* roite aa above, without change of Cara, trom the l>epoU ?a Cham here and Canal atreeta. are at all timee aa favorable aa made by other Railroad Cowpam*e The faoilitiea of thia great New York Rente. ?o tha Weet commend it to the oocfidecoe of merchants Ani aklABau Inr ??? - - J * - * 1 ? - ffVF. (VI flVUi^lUDH MiU UlPfllOOPweenger train*. with J'mokin* and BleepiPi *o?IdrBn lD oonn?otlon on lbe N?? York Certr*i For'ptrtioolara u to loo*] train* &nd franht *rraniemenU. inquire at the depot, 6? Wurren ?t. A. K. SMITH. Saperiotendect. Jj^^lNDlVlDUAL^ENTERPRISE HHtefi EASTERN AND WESTERN SHORE STEAMERS. "EENT," Cast. J. B. K>rw?n. "PIONEER," Capt. W. Normar, Will mn their route# as follows, leaviti Light street, Baltimore, foot of Cajnden, at ? o'clock A. KENT?For Cambridge. Denton and Landings on Cho?tar>k nver. every WEDNESDAY smI SATURDAY, returning every Thursday ud Monday. For Annapolis and Weet River,every TUESDAY and FRIDAY and returning sa>re days. JPIONEER? For St. M icbael'e an* East on. via Mile's Mirer, every WEDNESDAY, and retarn the same day. For Annapolis, West River, Cambridge, Oxford and Easton Point. every THURSDAY, retnrning by sine route on Kridav. For A&saiolu.WMt River,St. Miohael'a and Eaaton, Tit Mile's River Perry, every SATUR PAY, 'etcre!n every Monday Vy same route Fare to Cambridge, Denton, Oxford and Futon Point ?l? Fare to St. Miohaei'a and Miles' Riveru round trie, 01,) 1? Fare to Weet River, (roand trie, 91 1 ?i Fare to Annapoli* (round trie78oei5ta)? 71 MEALS EXTRA. tlTFrwiht muet be prepaid. Wharf and OHoe, LIGHT ST., foot of Camden Baltimore C. K. CANNON. IV NOTICE TO TRAVELERS. HE Fr??traMte- Vetera, having ordered the mat eervfee between Waebinxtoc, Ba.tmor*. and OM Point tFortreer^^4S^K^ Monroe) to be r?eumed, on and after^^^^^^^* Monday, the 9?th instant, the Bar Line of oteamers will leave Ba.fimore EVERY DAY lexoept Bun day) from their wharf, foot of L'niun Hoa*. o-eiook p. m., or immediately %fter Ihe arrive, ol the Wtihinftun Train, wkich ihtm Wa?tifi*toL at 2? o'oiool f. m. mlo-id M. N. FALLS. Preet -IT"**. U.S. GOVERNMENT LINE FORT_ MON ROE J>D OLA Lmtm the lower <D<fiSL Baltimore, weat aide, DAILY, (Sundaya melaoed,)at ?H o'clock P. SI. takmi paaeenaera and fright, and oonneotinc with the Railroad . nee. to and from WaalMiifton.prC.. Phi.adrlahia. New York, Boaton, York, Harnebarg, Pinabirc. Pv. atd tbe West, immediately after the arrive of tile Express Train from New York and Philadelphia. The following la the Scheda^e: Prom New York to Port Monroe and back. (U Prom Pbnade'.phia aDd t*ok Ala From Baltimore and hack |1 ETPROCURE YOUR TICRETS^U Id New th? N?v Jaraty Eailroad OAca foot of Conrtland street In Phi.ade rt.a, at the Company' ottoe, N. W. corner of Sixth and Chestnnt ttrMto, or at the Doftot. Broad aad Prim# atreeta. In Baltimore, on board tbe Ptaameri. foot of Uaion Dook. HU?H O'CONNEE, PuNDier Agent. hb. POK RPSTON VIA NEW POET 2ND PALLJIIVEE. By t:.e Meed id and anterior nrfrVsniSft MKSS uacnn*na r>m jarticniariy ada#t?>d to the nanjation of Loni leland Jv>acd. reusing n oonDftouoa vitli the rail River ai.d Oid Co.oar RaiU road, dietanoe of M bUh oaly to Bo?ton. IHM?S?IS8; Mondare, Wedneed*ye, and Fndar?, at ? o'cloek P. Mm tonehinx at Newport each way. The Steam srMETROPOLlH, Cart Browa, on laeydays, Tharedaye. and Satardaya, at? o'clock P. M.. losoninf at Newport each vay. ? ' ' WW VFWI J ?? iw Mlf VOTUl tr and oomfort ol #ra, who are afford^ by inc fioatoc ear y the fo owin* aoraiac : or nar Wain OD board aat-.i atartinc of the Aooommod^ KTi'A-M!b' ^lct U#T m*T reaah Boato* A ba?cace miMr ta attached to each ateamer, who reoaiTaa and ticketa the bauwa, and aooon' I&UM thi immr to its dNiiD&Uott A atMnn rana in connect,on with thia Lina benreec Fall Elver and Prondenoe daily, except rr?iffil *o tfonos ia rorwaM tbroach with irHt dispatch by an kx?r*?a Train. whioh invn Fall Rivor arorr morninc, !*sDdM? excepted. at 1U o'clock for Baatoc uif Nrv Bedford, arriva* it lU deputation ataboat 11 A M For fraixht or (umi, Mf >T on board, or at th a oflooon Pior No. S Norta KItot. For rtaie took* and borthk Mr r oa fcoard. or if da?ira*l to aecara them in adranoe, to WM PORDKN, Ax't . *> and Tl W eat iUf t. N. Y. TON?^\ocU^^he"forte* Ji- *Bi<St <Ji r^Srt^^n?v?rW'ROCK. C?rt, 1. C. ?mt, urf COMMON WEALTH, C?T1. w. WiUtai, 1b ootn*et;on wit* the Moli i f toe u.c PreTui?i>oe.?c(lBoo?oaHiC P: Riuro^f, feiXTTga orottiL ?: ijf' o'o.uc< P. M., or on tko arrirai of M MaiTTr^.n ?U:oa IOOTOO B?U>B ?tS?f.JL ^TCpLYMOlJTH HOCK fro* Now YctMondAf. WodMOdftf. and Fric?y. Fro? Srv-jehu v?tTllMH.TlwrvUT.wnibirtiH. Fro* ftrotoi -ffioiKlay. W?lu?dM,Md Frill**. PUMUMMB GruU)L foc??i|ttnu roUtc ProrW?'jo? fc'id Booton, LB ttoo Fipr^i Mi Tpii. raMkiac wtd plaoo in ?d*?MO offkow t>y IT"#??p?>w ? ???'? u ? wr K.i ui? wi; Moreicf l.mat ?OB?ei.3f Nortk and Kjut Pti "H1" Am pnfcr it, rdum w htiri & taaiBH, ctijof a ai<K?* r?y?ajniTMf bra?I net if dMirw.Mtl areOrotos la tk*1_14A. M. Train, oopn?ot??? at PivvidMot viU Ibt 1# A H. TTIU for B >?tor. Far# trom Hror,i?coe tc N?vport, Fifty MiU. rni?5Sr.T"~ ?a rOT B 'tl?. K OHM, nf PtttfllC t?a tHiiiil lb? iUA??r U Uit Prtifki !w A?% ^ ft**'1* * Al !* OfM 3 Swar-"oTu taflNKSSr

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