Newspaper of Evening Star, December 12, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 12, 1861 Page 2
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*??>?i THE EVENING STAB. WASHINGTON CITT: ?mtsniv pgrpiiEi i?, mi. IIT To cur HiltlnnR W* WOQld SBT J t>.?? ibr Irit ltd imwm! MUtloc at tb# Sf?? c?n 1* bid 1b B*lUiwr? of R P BuMtos. i^nt, \? 71 Wmi Baltimore Mwrt, Mr (Jay?the Irat nl'tlon s' half part fonr and tbo nwood at bt oYlork, on th*? arrival cf tbo trnlaa trora WnablaLtrton. p?Tli?g all lb* la'rat newa ftwn tbe ar%t of w** ip to tb<? tlm* of going to pi?ae. a?<>4i mi tka Maralaf Pi >a?. The InulUftne* bu in* p1e*eof antlr* upon X?w York foot editorial recommending Nrwr Yoofc cltyaatbe ??at of Government. on theg roand that " Ukotl * "*?! V-Aa tutk tk? blood of tko nnHon, and do ?l in ? rotmtry riling* Him Wm*k*nfion. yeonid 6? r*ttro*n*d by the femr of jHtMi&it* wk tmm/'t retrytklwg in Stw York ' The JnuUifnuor tbtaka that the high repute whleb tborlTtl admlnlatratlon of tbe elty of New York baa galaed for parity, Integrity and economy rortalnly g1*ea great weight to this suggestion 4 the Enmomg Foot, and proceeds wltb rruei Irony to quota from the Fott's own oolumna *erioae admissions of the moot disgraceful nnd eoormoua oorporatlon awtndlea perpetrated I n that It? deapi*e th? aforesaid " reetralalag fear of pabMrJ*y ? TL? R*pnb r*ean la negro. nrgro, negro, negro, Ut pago. ?d page, 3d page, *tb pag Q*?ral McClella*, Mr. TUi^enSUrtlt, the Slavery Qaeatioa aad the War. We are very glad r? **, to this nunlot'i ?? fttlHf+m. a contradiction (**'<?Uy atborlfd bv ibat jjenUennan) of tbo truth rf the allegation tado originally In the New York Timts' Waahlag ton eorreapondence, that Mr Thaddeua Steven a bad 'atarUed the (Republican party] raocua by declaring that after Mr Cameron*a report bad been accepted by the Prealdent, Gen. McClellan want to btm and threatened to realgn If It waa mt Into Congreaa with the panacea reapectlng tbe emancipation and arming of thealavea of reb?ia nnmrd'4'd " Teaterday, w? took oeraalon emphatically to dec? the e< metDNi of tbla atatement ao far ?> General wrWlM waa concerned, and are gratU tod tb?t Mr 9<evena aoaoon cornea forward to atamp it with the brand of nntrnth, ao far aa be la ooaeemed Tbe whole a'ory, It la evident to oa, grew out of tbe fact that it la well known here that General McCletlan. and, Indeed, every other general rftcer now In the aerviee on tbla line, w nether regular cr volunteer, U of opinion that for CoDgrea* to ea*ay to make the war one for the abolition or slave'y, rather than, u originally designed. a war for the restoration of the Union as nor fs'bers mad'* lt.wtl. be to Insure the eventual access of tbe rebellion of Jeff Davis A. Co We perceive by the by, that tbe New York t*tntng Pott (for which wr entertain much respect) fa endeavoring to lessen public cotfld-nce In the Commander-in-Chief, apparently because It doubt" bta -esdif:es? to endorse tbe red republican revolution in the gor^nment of the United States the abolitionists of Congress are plainly seeking to Inaugurate as an offset for the attempted reaetory revolution of the southern oligarchy. We dsubt not, Gen McCieUan sincerely bo that the initiation of an abolition policy In tbo prosecution of tbe wmr, will alien late from tbe c^ooe tbo conldene* and regard of & majority ef hi* troopa, because we know well that furb la tbo opinion of nine-tenths of tbe oaBoer# of ever? grade and ?ll branch** of tbe service, under him He muat be well aware that It would have tbe effect alao of buttoning up tbe pockets of tbe most prudent and fe*l!y patriotic mea who may otherwise be expected to loon qomt hereafter to tbe Government for tbe farther prooeeutlon of tbe contest Or, la other words ttiat to tarn the wir Into one (or the Mbucipatloa of the ?UTe?of the South, would be, In plain English, bu* Jo rttaUlah at the North a deepotiam of Meaar* 8u?oer. Lor*)oy, 4 Co ,u Injurious in lta etfwt? upoa tte public Interest every whit, aa tbe dcapc'tam tt?? triumph of which waufal he arnrea, in '&? pcuio, <-> ooing Wi may a*d .'artbe#, that while offtgTh (bat G<o MeClellan did not deviate kit %>nting?Dt deaat ml?tlon to reelgo Ma tnni|pd. aa alleged bf Mr 9t<rv%n?, we doubt not ttv be baa freely ?-xprawed tbe opinion that If the wax be turned Into ao abciitton eruaade, there (U be little hope of bringing tbe ao-ealled seceded state* back under tbe aatbority of tbe United State*, by force of arm* With reference K> tbe cynical intimation of tbe /?#? that tbtre la ao pore propriety In Qen. MeClellsn'* laterferenre vrlifc tbe political purposes for which tbe ?a' may be proaecuted; than lr an effort on bla oari to dictate tbe niaaaurea wbleh tbe Secretary of the Treasury may Itke to Meure suit-lent loans for the war'* due prcseoutioo. we bar* to suggest that the poblic, not erased with abolitionism, took tc him to adviae tae President freely upon all mooted point* bearing on tbe prospect of victory for tbe arma of the United States Statesmanlike policy, as well as military ?treDgtb, i? rrqilred to assure aa a triumph and It would be criminal on his nart not to point out trackly to the Preaident the impropriety of any possible change In the pollry of ttx Govtn inent witb r>tereact to the war, which be ma- nave reaw>o to believe fraught With lmmtcsnt danger of tbe defeat of bit military m*-a>urea >i CoaunaudeMn-Chief. So far It la clearly til* duty to go; and we trust and believe that be baa not hesitated to discbarge that duty. We may further add, that It la well kuowu here (bit the Tie*** of the President and Commands* 4 m /lhU# 1 AR *11 mattaaa ? ? ??<vujci mrw itiro VM ? * wc?nu| vu (U? relation of the tia Wf froblera or question, to Lbs wmr l*i?s;tKilT -Tb( rot*, yesterday, la tb? House tabling Mr. Lovrjojr's resolution directto* the Preaident to order General Haiieck to change tb?r policy with reference to fugitive aiaTea flock ng to hit citnpa, should go fkr toward* assuring the country that abolitionism la not to have the fall awing in oontrolllng the leg: nation af the ?easioa that many an iclpate. it is well-known that bad ail the antl-abolltl octets of the body been present, the majority It on the table would have been -v * -i y*t?r>9Al ? Mneola occupied Ml TSec frmidtut Baoitla reoterday during tfce t( Um eologira conarqu-nt on the 4?Mi zt ft-wUi Baker TUH htiMM p?iouff, J inci Willard BOf**. ** ' '** N- P?PPW.M of the Kmxtktr. i*abr;?MM M Jonathan " of r??wy ftw Ju^nM Umiflre," t-t Ik Uvm* la aaarair " # tax ag th? i?ctaren for the Xrw Bottl (*:? ?We nodart'.aadtfcatlhepoetaaa and iWra iMic br'dfe |n cbargt of tha t ?fc. N. V. W V ? tkroara, om flttorday wit, from tkla aid* of the Ewl?? Branch, net ;b? Hiry Yard, wbtre UUa $tg Ur??t U ?ow kUtioood fMM It -TJiWlu ?A MnMpon4nt of tba daw V ork ftiptaaa ^Ttwafro? SI Tboons, Nov I avail amtfrf ?W aaUtag <rf a vmmI to Halaaunwail of bow Um arroat of budau aad Mum tea haaa raortvod bora Tbo "Tnmt" ba4 hardly arrive at this Wand, Mm the wrath af rrory fagilak reaidoat waa 4rlf*t la Ik* fcif feaat pitek, aad tb* tMltwatnt vtkt waweliedia cvary piaoa wbora Kn^lUha**? cMfrMk la bardiy dcaclbabia Oa iM atbor hand ttto law loyal Aatflewi oa tbla Mi?< avar *iaeo ralaa tkolr brad, kick, and tko action of Captain W Mhaa I an?dlaUKy oa rarolp* of tkla aewa, Mr. Un. tKi KagUak Coaaul. dia pair bed a ataaaa vasal to w MNia < ? AMiru on mat kuim of Sfec tmi**, wet volooaiamM dUpateh to k'oWBin* J?rr*t, wfcU*a will arareaijr earnest tta tr?*??r!r krtwaaa EngLaad u4 U?? La w4 Im(n Ttf r^prcwloa bete la Uat Mr. 9(Wu4 yrlll aot Af-pao** ?( Captain Wllta110*^rL* TrifciJtd alaamer wUrta arrived oa tha 12-.* IN!* , T*p?rtM tha Sunit* at St. Plana M?tlnque OsHi iarg* notnbrr of bar crew la Iraaa ** variou* w??oaca. 4 Ke4*al aiMo-ot-mu to *Aer her and ui** jaaalb:* c?lM 1mT are Ion*. TM Mkl Mr.' a*.-, ?*f? * day, tato OUtdUfWtek-i taw 0/ Cur?< \o teperm}*|Wu # jaBtMii 1Mb , ^uc ? :o t?Ml I* u?*t port. ?m military prpcasT. IKIUI VISIT TO 0*1 caiira Ths d-JegsUoo of southern obl*f? bow In tbil | r?(y?<?tMis(lnK <*( Creek, Pcislnole ud Chtrks- | ww (ndtsns?paid s visit to the camp* on the other side of the river, on yosterdar, < eowpony with Oowmlselonor Dole tod Udv, Mn General Lane, Major Cntler (Creek &?enf), Mr Ctrmtb, he. They witnessed a review of General Butter eld's brigade, and wero highly grat'flsd at see! ing the evolutions of the troops Ttev alii wit1 a eased a revlsw of General Barker's division. After visiting the various forU and lnapertrng th? artillery and ronnltlon* of war, they expreaa^d the mrit unlimited confidence in tLs lareeae of tbe Union eanae. and aild their onlv wlah waa tbat all the chiefs in tbeaoutbweat could have the aame opportunity to ?ce bow basely tbe Confederates bad lied to their wben they told there tbe Government of tbe United States wa? broken to pieces, and had no army ot guna to fight with. Tbs utmost pa'na were taken bv Oen?-ral* Butter field, Wadtwortb, McDowell, Blanker, Ac., to make It an agreeable vlalt. and toglv* tbe Iniltftna n AnrAr4t?n'tv In KM mn^Vi ? rnaalKls/f WWiV u ?-?? wv*. ill u - u ? " ^ \.'*V i vi'. v? the army. They returned highly pleaaed with their lilt, and aatlafled that tha GoTeramrnt can whip a half down aoutbern confederacies wattT*RD The Stepping 9tn nea arrived laat evening from the upper flotilla, bat with no aewa of importance Y aster day morning she ran Into the mouth of Oeeoqnan creek, but the appearance of a body of rebel artillery forced h?r to return to the channel of the Potomac There are evld^neee of a large body of rebels In the vicinity of Oncoquaa cre?k. IS *1"" encampment* being visible from (ke dn?n (TftMmwi Tbe Mount Washington eapeeted to go down to-day Foet Kll?woeth , Va . dec ii ? Editor 5f?? : The 98th regiment of Infantry, of Utlca, N Y , and late of General Slocum's brltade, has been changed fmtn Infantry to heavy artillery, and trarns->ned *s followt:?-.'ompanle* B ana G at Port Ellsworth, under the rcmmand of Li?ut Col R H Richardson, and the other eight companWa at Fort Lyon, und-r Col Wm H Cbrlstlin. The brigade that was 1 n Fort Lyon baa moved towards Hunter's Inlet. Your*, Ac., Hichabds aaconnotteaiso in roaca A portion of Oen Helnttleman'sdlvlscn yesterday went a* far a* Occrqnai. Also, two brigade* from Oen. Sumner's division went within rwo * i _ m !"?_ a ?M A *_ ?i - ??" - - ? 111 una 01 r unit i nuri uouw. pnnini; in ;ne iff on the line of tee 0~nge and Alexandria railroad beyond Acrottnk creek Neither of theae reeonnolterlng parties met with any opposition, nor were any ?lgi.s of the enemy aeen They returned y*a?erday afternoon, having been ab*?nt from their encampment ainoe twelve o'clock last night. * LETTBB FROM Pttl^OJJKR ? AT RICHMOND A letter ha* b?*n received from Jamn Patrick, Company F, of rb*a?er, belonging to Col AverIll'a Cavalry, who wai taken prisoner in the ak rm ih two weeks afro bevond Vienna He states t at twenty aeven of tbeiri are In the Rich mond jail, all w< 11 excep'ing Sergeant Rryaon. who. durinir the aklrmlah. fell from hfs hnra? and wa? thua It jured In tte acoulder. The partv of rebels which effected their rapture w?i composed of 300 of the G.?orgia Cavalry. latcrritfai and Important Official l>i?patches from Part Royal. The Nary D^pa-tmerit tbls morn1 nsf received the following highly-interesting cfficlal accounts f naval movement* near Port Roy?l: Fl*o Ship VV aba*h, > Port Royal Harbor. 8 C . Dee 4. 1?8i. J t*!R : The apprehension of lcs'ng possesion of the bav of Bt Helens?so exceedingly valuable for a harbor, for Its proximity to Char'eston. and for the command It secures of lsr?e rivers supplying ctorior communication with the htate of I South Carolina?has Induced me to dispatch a second exoedltlon thn?. imd?* a-. Drayton,with order* to bold tbe Island until Gen. Sbcrmin ia prepared to sa*ume military occupatioa of It, wben be will transfer tbe fort to his troop# I bave alao despatched Commander C R P Rodger* to make a reconnoisanco of Warsaw Inlet, in order to aaeerain tbe posit on and force of the enetnv'a battery there?information which tbe Commanding General ha* expressed to me hia deal re to obtain before landing troopa on Tybee laland Tbe Department will have the goodness to obKe-ve that. In tbe necessary occupation of S?. Helena aouc.d, ar.d of Tvbee roads, and in the examination of Warsaw Inlet, a large numUr of the veeae a of my sauadron la engaged, which will be released ana employed on blockading du'v aa aoon aa Otter and Tvbe? islands en beid wr v iim rmy Vary respectfully, your most ob't serraol, 8 F. Drpoift, Flag Offi er Com'dK, Ac til KtroiT or ciMxmtR e *. p. tosatii U 3 F>+c Skip " WabaiK." i Port Royal Harbor, 8th Dec , 1961 5 Sir: On yeaterday morning I leftTvbee Roads, before davllgbt, with th* steamers Ostawa, Penar? end Pembina, and crossed the bar of Wartaw Pound at baif tide, not having less tbnn 18 f-rtof water upon it W'e approached tb* fort War saw laiana wiicn a inlle, a d aeeir^ neither irana nor men, w? did not lire, but I gent Meat Barnes to it. with a white fl*g He found it an inchaed octoganal worn wltb platform* for eight guns on the wa'er fa<*ea Tbe land faces were protected bv abattia Tbe work wis well constructed. Tbe guns bad been rrcnoved, tbe platforma cut. and tbe mapaxlne blown up From tbe freshness of tbe fooc-prln'a and ether algna. it app?*red to have bren abandoned very recently. Adjo'.nlnc tbe fort are hutaor a'^eds fur a In pa* oa mt/^n ftnmt. ?-J L-{-' k.,.ivwu. .y?ni' luiiivci oitu uricn re* m?<n; everything elae had been carried away. We Immediately pushed on to Cabbage Island, where we had been led to look for another battery; but there was nothing of the kind there We went to tbe mouth of th<> creek, tbrough the Romilly Marsh, and to the mouth of Wilmington river. From the mouth of Wilmington river we observed a battery, bearing from usabout N. W by W % W , and distant about three miles It in on tbe river, and Just above a house with a red cupola, which la one of the Coast Hnrvev points cf trlangulatlon, and la about ten miles from Savannah Between tbe houae a ad the fort was a larye w.wh)iukui. oui we roiM noi count tbe tents We counted flvegans. apparentlv of Urge calibre, on tbe face of tbe battery townrda ua We could only see one gun upon the otber face, but there may bave been more We were near enough to aee tbe men on the rairp?rts and tbe glittering of tbetr bayonet* We saw several small vessels; some of them In Romllljr Marsb were In tow of a small steam-tug, fcrit tbey were all beyond oar reach. L'pin Little Tfbee Island we could see no earthworka. but could not get nearer to It than two miles, because of tbe sboals In coming nut of Warsaw Hound, at high tide, we bad not lew than twenty-one feet of water on tbe bar Returning to Tybee roads at one o'clock. I landed and made a recounoisaance on foot, with the marine* of tbe Savannah and detachments of mall-arm men from that ship and tbe Ottawa l> i n aibfj U* moutb of th? Lazaret b Cwifc,,, having do T-oat* in which to rtuam. our pro/reae waa stopped. We watted unt'l low tide, buttbe r ret k wu onfordable. i whs ible however, with tbe issuance of Lleat Luce, to obtain, from tbe top of a tree, tbe position In wbtcb a battery baa be*a supposed to exist, and I am satisfied that there Is no battery there. Tbe spar whlcb was mistaken for a derrick, Is aim ply a place of look* at, and there was no appearand* of any earth work or position for (runs A battery at such a Elace woo d be of do use whatever There may ewever have been a signal ?>un placed there, as ; tbe potrit i>pon which tbe upar i? raise i Is upon tbe oatbeaatern part of Little Tvbee laland, and U OAivmanfllna mw ? ' vw-wn?my p > ?? *'t \'u?r? vaiivi I bare to tbn.k Lleat t>m g !*teren* for the meet eerneet, cordial and *fllMent co-operation, ad aleo Lleuta Com'/ Amtum and B?nkbead. wbeee reaaeia were alwav* In the right place, and always well bandifd 1 have the honor to be, very respectfully, your obedient servant. C. B P Rmiii, Commandet. Flag-Oftoer B. F Dcpowt, commanding, *e. BBPOST <7 CtMHuDOIl VVrOXI. V 8 Flaj-Shif WiUal, 1 /art fitfol H*rtor, S C . Dec 6, 1601 J Bib : 1 bare the bvavr to Inform the Department that the fortification* ?t Waraaw 1 aland { have been abandoned by tbe rebel*, after mortng the gun*, cutting up tbe platform*and breaching 1 om Cue of tbe fort. Per tbe circumstances attending tbl* important discovery. and tbe temporary occupation ef the water* of Warsaw Bound, a* well aa for a knowledge of tbe inner and ultimate ilua of defence selerted bv the e&ffflV. I havB th? nlMIUM tr\ raL* I to tbe accompanying report of Commander C. R P Rod?ers, upon wboae judgment tad skill 1 railed for tbe execution of this undertaking. Wiruw Inlet tad sound constitute a second entrance lata Savaanab river ; snd as SI feet caa b? carried over tbe bar st high water, this passage is but little inferior to Tybee entrance Tbe bigbest point reached by Com Rodger* was about elgbt miles from Wanaw be', iboat ' 1 tea from 8a*aci?ab, and between four sod five from Tbaaderbolt on one side and Mcatgomerv- 1 oatbeotber Tkeee two last place* are deecrlbed la tbe Coast Burvey Memol and Reporta. ' I attach tbe highest value to tbla |inMMrtur I have tbe honor to be, dr, lespec'fully, your .< Obedient servant. 8 F DuP?*T, I Flag Otteez temmaodlag, fcc. |< \ CONGRESSIONAL. KXXTUlk OOMILEU-AwmM Kwlra. okkatb ? t mwaiy, in*r (M clom of vat TVport? Knlofid upon the death of the lito Biker w?*e p'taMixm) by Meun DUon, Wumner asd Latkuo, and after the adoption of the oanal resolution of reapeet to the memory oi the deceased t the Senate ad loomed Hoc**.?Yesterday. after our report closed? The following resolution waa taken up: Whereas, Major General Haileck, of tee Wextern Department, haa la*u?d an order prohibiting aegroea from comtne within the line* of our army, and deluding three already under the protection of our troopa, and wbereaa a different roller and practice prevails in other department*, by the direct sanction of the Administration; and wbereaa aald or?*er la cruel and Inhuman, and. In the Judgment of thla House, baaed upon no milltan neceasity: Therefore Rttoirtd. That the President of the United States be respectfully requested to direct (MaJ">r General Halleck to ndhll asld order, or cause It to conform with the practice of the other departments of the Army The aectlon of Gen Hal'eck'a report referred to In the resolution waa read. follow* : Htadfuaritri Departmtnt */ Miimwrt, ) t ?..U <U or. r w. iiu?r?nI/*I SV| I90(> ) I. It haa been repreaenled that Important In* formation, reapectlng tb? number and condition of our foroea, I* conveyed to the enemy by means of fugitive alavea admitted within our Itoea In order to remedy thla evil, It la directed that no aurh peraona be hereafter permitted to enter the lino* of any camp, or of any foreea on the marcb, and that anv now wltbln auch line* be Immediately ex. .hided therefrom Mr Stevena urged Immediate action upon the resolution He believed theaentlment to exclude aluvee 'r-m our Urea and return tbem to their matter* wna concurred In by General MoCleilan while In Weatern Virginia Afterwarda br the J (reclamation of Major f?*n Dlx when he marched o the E 'atern Shore of Virginia Alto, that the aame order baa been made here regarding the army Of the Potomac. The laanlnix nf ?h? nrA?r tnr Gen Fremont'* inrcmor trti more for the purpose of hunting him down. He thought that all such cane* as returning th?m to their matter* vai a <1 t?t'tare to the military profession of the army, and that the commanding generals In urh canes deserve to have the epaulett* taken from their shoulder* "God forgive them, they know not what they do." Mr Lovejoy, of lllino'a, would much reefer that some ooe else should d1scu?s these question* that wou d not be fanatical or one ideaed His conviction w*? thct all tbeae orders we*e l?*ued by the generals commanding, and not by the authority of the Prenldent Why did not the Prealdent remove tbem or cahler them, as be would do? It was the concurrent testlmonv of every general in the field, with whom be had conveised, that these slave* never came into their camp* es apt** He roc,oiler ted wblle In company with General McDowell, on the morning of the battle of BuU Run, that he (the General) wa< very careful In questioning every slave he tort In r frrence to the position of the enemy, and the topography of the country, and In no Instance did they deceive the General He considered th'm the best scouts we had Mr Blair, of Mo., thought the genMeman (Mr. Steven*) had done Major Gen Hnlleck gre*t Injustice He bad conversed with Gen Hallerk In reference to thla order, aa be t BUU) had also misapprehended the order; and Gen H told him that whatever was done nnder the color of this order, was cot Intended by hint, as slave" were In the habit of coming from Cairn Into the camps fo? the purpose of selling goo<?? to the soldiers, ard going back to the enemy with all the Information they could obtain for the use of the enemy Mr Fouke, of 111., said that the order laaued by Gen Halleck was a wise and salutary one He .., Jk 1 ?I * * hiu, in lur nuusc pmi inn IMNNM, and the vdmiterr force* ct bl* SHate would cea?e The whole army there would atand by Urn Halleck. He would now any that alavea did come from Cairo into the camps, and furnish Infi rme.tlon to the enemy. Theae facta be knew If hi* colleague (Mr l*ovejoy) would pay leaa attention to the negroes a d more to the country, ihey would get along better [Applause In the gallerlea ] Mr Kellogg, of 111 . aald he had watched the actlona of the AdnalDi*tr*tlon closely, and read wrll bla inenaage to thlr Houae. and he ?aw nothing upon which to base auch a proclamation of Gen Halleck The Admlniatratlon bad no hand directly or Indirectly, In tbti order, or In -ui^iuk mc puncjr uai wm in tue general lln* of that order. After further debate, tLe whole (abject was tabled by a vote of ye*a *8, nays 09. The following gentlemen were appointed a elect comm ttee on that portion of the President'! ai.noal message relating to defense on theweatera lakes and rivers: Messrs Arnold, of Illinois; Ashlev, of Ohl'.; Noell, of Mlisourl; Aldrlch of .tTtiineso'a; Babbitt, of Pennsylvania; Spauldlng, of New York; Granger, cf Michigan; Wheeler, of New York; and Potter, of Wisconsin. Eulogies upon the decease of the late Senator Biker were delivered by Mstisrs Shield, Phelps. Colfax. Dunlap. Richardson, Kelly, Sargent, and Rlddie; and after the adoption of the ca<totna^y resolutions In respect to the memory of the late Senator, tha House adjourned THE FIGHT AT FORT PIC&KMS IMPORTANT ADDITIONAL PARTICULARS Tb* Only Aoc?ut A* Tfi fram Oar lid?. By 'he coutesv of a gentleman of tbla city we have br?u permitted to ready a private inter from bla ion, onboard t * U S ate mer Richmond, reo-ntly stationed at Paaa 1'Outre, but wblcb aub> vqaentytook part in tb* light at Fort Pickens. Tiie letter la dated Not *3d, I p m At ten o'clock on tbe mornin? of the 23d the 1 - ' * " mvuxK-au v^riiru i ' omdsrament or rort M<v Kea and tbe neighboring sand bit'erlea For awhile everything went on swimmingly; bat tbe enemy, ope?lng a powerful rifled battery on the ship, the ror fllct grew ?erlous The writer (a Lieutenant on board the R :) says: "1 bad been complimenting tee captain of one of our guns, for the accuracy of bis aim, when a shell from Fort McCrea bouncad through our bulwarks and took 'be poor fellow's head square oft His brains anc^blood were scattered all over mv face, blinding my e%ea, and making my brain ml "Webad thirteen men serving that gun Of mese im were wounded aod one killed outright. Tbe spectacle was oar of Uie moot horrible lMclmblt. "The firing continued allday, and win returned by the enemy next morning By tbia time, bowever, we had moved beyond range of their guns, but the Niagara was still doing her beat to alleoce tfafin '? L p to tbia time, Fort PIckena had loot but on* man killed and aeven wounded " 8cme 1d<* of the welgbt of tho rebel metal may be bad, in the fort, that when the abell, alluded to above, struck us, tbeexplosion raised the sblp out of water, and mad? her stagger like a dru 'ken man 'Another shell burst six fret below the waterline, causing the ship to leak freely, but hy the aid of ttie steam pumpa, we think we can keep her free 4 We bave Impaired, but haw not destroyed. ana cwnoi aetiroy tort VcKae, until we have rittfxl gun* Tbe smoothbore guna wblch we are obliged to u?e, la no mutch for the rifled cannon of the enroiy. and the aooner the Governn*ent act upon tbe truth tbe better "The Niagara, all the while, waa at aome distance outalae the bar, and cannot be much injured "To-morrow t'^Jd) we Intend to renew tbe bombardment, with tbe determination. to whip or be whipped "The Richmond, previous to coming here, waa einptoytd in the blockade of tbe MlMlaalppi Paaaes. During her abaeoce from there, we have learned that aevtml rebel vessels have mauaged 1a un tn wn A Spanish vm?I bad eorne down, with a number of ^poniards on board, wbo were obliged to recapo from New Orleans to avoid Imprisonment These fugitive* report that tbe most vigorous preparations were making by the rebels to repel attack. They bad three Iron-clad steam battering rams readv, eocb carrvlnr fro. eighteen to twenty guns, of the heaviest calibre. They were also constructing additional steam raxps and Are rafts."*-A*. Y Sxpriii. Pria 0?b. Baaki* OlTtiUa. (Correspondence of the Associated Preas.J Frbdssici, Dec It ?The 19th Maaaacbuaetts, of Gen Stone'* dlvlaloo, baa txwn aent to Mtiddy Branch to picket tbe Potomac, in lieu of Gen. Banks'dlvlaloo Their poetoAce la at Darnestown. Sen. Stone's command will tbns keep fire guard from mm tbe Groat Falls to Nolan's Ferry, above tbe ipontb of tbe Monooacy Yesterday altemoon heavy tad rapid caunon. adlng was beard in direction of Conrad's Ferry, bnt nothing baa yet been ascertained as to tfes cause. F&utkicx, Dee. 11, noon ?Up to 10 o*clock no lotelllgMiCe has been received at headquarters as lo tbe cause of the firing in the direction of Cdward'a Ferry yesterday - Gentlemen who cams from tbat direction aay tbe firing continued Irregularly all day.

Yesterday morning tbe enemy aaat aeveral man serosa tbe river at Dam No S, and the skirmish* tra on both aldia kept ap a acattertag fire on tbe ihorea for aom? time. No person was injursd on our side, nor is it known that any were killed or wounded on tbe aid* of the enemy. ru~i.>ia ?* ? md'&pt cfouI?,'of"tb'? Bodr doard. fcav?r?turned to their reep^tl** poete. Everything la quiet In the city and encampBT?r New York 1Mb reached hare trout Muddy Branch i?* night. -traxiiao -Robert Boebury, * MUIarohantud flftfc ptosllug i*X) from Sergeaat P. Norria, wu ineat'd by the patrolmen of the Fifth Ward, and rfier eaaatloattoft vw committed to jail for court. % * % ATTENTION, No. member* of 'J^9 the PirMteruo* Fir* iV?rMT. No. $, nertbj tot6^1 ?o M m?*dui of ?,7* trr ^Pfcte^srcttSis a Fed at the hvlLo- IOih etre't. h? we*e Pweo. at. M<1 latre-t, on FRIDAY KYKNING. Utk IMC. at 6 o'otoek, A prompt atfc-ndano* of t^a n*Bib<n 1* ii^oea'jK). aryt Brethren tn food stared in are oowlisll* tnritad. By orde* of the W. M. da It-tt l/y WASHINGTON LECTURE A8SOCIALk 9 TION.?OIUTII A. U L. D? will deliver the first Looter* of tie ooarea at the Smth?on?a* lnat?*atior, on FRIDAY EVENING, D?c?tiih?r II Sobjeot? Tk* National Crifit. o?*n at 7 o ao?k. Leotare at I. <"arda of ad.9!uioc Me-n'a. d?13 ?t WM.A CROKFUT. geo rV-3F?ATTKNTloN. NATIONAL UNION L? LEAGUE !?The ratalar meeting of tk'a J aaooiatioD will be hrId in Temperance Ha l, E t'-et, h*'we?? 9th and Wth ?tr??u, ou THURSDAY KVEvJNfl,D??Nil*r 1 at 7 o'clock. LM ever* member be prevent. aa in* porta-1 bnaiaaaa will oon.e before the Laaitne. By order: drtll-y F A. BOLPEN. Sea. firPUDlKB' FESTIVAL, AT THORN'S l* H*ll, 8-ven'h at. betw-en D and b eta., THIS EVENING, for tis benefit of the Meih'diat Protectant Ch?toh. Nlcth at. A Supper and Refrai^meoM provided; loe Cream and Uaefa'Artl ' lea for aa e The aelecdid ban 1 attached to the 8th Irffcc .r* wilt enliven tbe oocaeion, Come all, ud aaaiat ih" ladiea 1 icket* of atimiaaion t^n o?nti. to he hvi at the door. de? it* || f1 TO THE VOTFR8 OF WASHINtfUJJ TON.-The Aaeteeor of eaoh Ward will meet at the fbUowtng piwsn ffxa lfloMooka. m. till So'olook p m. from the Uth to the Slat Deoeroher, inoladre. to correct and r*4 later the rami of thoee omitted from ih? poll ii?t. lit W?rd.-Jnbn A Rhe?m, ITS Peufjlruit *v?cg-, be w'-eu 17th and J8th atreeta. ?u nara.-moniM nwwiri, ourutr ion h tr- eu. 3<1 \\ arc-.?Hanry CurU?roorn?r h and L 4th W?rd.-Tbom*? W. March 6fti st.-Mt, b?t<*?*iitiand a ?trw*U. 9 k w*rrf.? William . Harp*r. 91 ttr?*t (M, N 43S, between K?'t r.a#itoi aitd A BO'th6 h h Geo. C< llarrf, at T. K. <?lark'? Office. Vlfiilllt ILTAf IIP. I fftt?r*AT> ft hind ifth atra+tm 7 ta Ward ? P-t?r H*ptu n. No. M sooth F street, bt'we?n 8th and 9ta atreeta wtat. d? 10 tSlat ry-ga-ICK CKKAM AND WATER ICES. oi lb# tHMt ftt 31% ??r auart. Hotels and boarding tioo*e? furnished at low rate >. A la-?? ??a^'tm?nt of fine Oake* k?j>t an hand at the PKiiadtlfkia C on/*etion*ry. Paellth an.i P It*. ^o 7 lm* V-g?U. 8. SANIT RV COMMISSION. 244 F at , Waahiugton, D. C.. D?? 3d. The Sanitary Commission has a oolleotion of hook 0(1 f?r?noo ?n Military Sur??ry and Army Hjrci?: r- whinh Military Sorgeona at or near \\ n ar? inri^l to ooosait FRKOERICK LAW OLM'TKO. d*3-lrn Genarai i*??reU>ry. S^OW CAPES FOR 8A LE.-Thra* fisa Show CaiM AddrM* F. H EVANS. Box 149 Pn?t Offioe. U FOR 8A LF?F >r the oheas prtoe rf 930, a Mff?ct!y konnd MARE, eight j'?n on. good for working in any abape. uirs at 434 Seyanth at. ws~ It* V hHKVT IRI1M J HAT RecM??d 2" ttindle* number tl Sheet Iron inMfio: quality, artf for *a'e GRIFFIN ft FOIflAL. It* 943 Pen 1. avenge. aehiniton. L/OR BALE OR KKN I -\ fiuetosed mt?b r octive loir-wood PUNn, moder *'y 0 App'* at Mr*. LOW ? 'S Trimiuin(|HIH Pto:*, ?97 Prnn avenue, between 9th mil'"**1 l?tfa >U? fouth rid*. de 12 eoSt L batons, RA18INB, pigp, DATES. J out received and in atore. ?RlPFIN * POI8AL. deUSteo* 841 Pfpp. avenue. near 13'h rt. J WO 'D NOTICE NO. A GRIVIK*, Ca*a! Wh?r**?, Georgetown, will ? I uut1' t?' January. in final' Iota, PINK. WOOD at try. And O* K WOOD at $8?, OnK' N PINK at ??, Delivered in Oeorcetovn or Ftrat Ward, Waah1 ng toe. da H-St* r^Q2 ELEVENTH STREET. 502 E. FISHER k. BROTHERS, FRENCH STEAM SCOURKRK Baltimokb, Mo. The only place thi? tide of New York, where too c%n get a Mlfc D tn cleaned. reatorim the loatre e^aol <e new. Monnoc* Oelainee. anl til of Ladiej Oreeiea oifeaned without taken apart. rape and other Shawl., Table Corere. and Genteman C.othinj, cleaned in the beat manner. %TIJL* n? stance in the oloth to injure it or make it more eaetly to aoil. N. B Ooodn will!bs? ?eot to Baltimore twlee a CA?l arn rnMi-n nirK Mr* ?r, ?Uv. t v?? a w i mi 4.? " viunipianif d> li -iW VV M P. HHKOD. Agent. TRXESBMAR. Proueud by Royal Littt't Patent of England, and Mcurtd by tit Stalt of tk* KcoU d* Pkarmacte d* Paris, and tk* Imptrxal CoiUgi of Muluwu, Jxmna. TRIEPEMAR No 1 It th? fffsotcai rcirMr for Rklaxition, Pr*bmatobbbcs* and f XBaUSTION ob TBI STaTlM. TEltSKMAR No. 9. Completer and entirely ?radio# tea all traoaa of th"M flisord*'*, for ?h oh Copaiva ukt cabtba hara f?re*a If ttcnght a.-, antidota. to tha run of th? hoaiihcf a va?t pcruon > f the popaiat0"* TRIK8KMAR NO S la tha (rut and aor? rtm*oy of ta? oiviUssd word for all imaunU** of t>i? *?at?in. aa weil a? laoond &*j ?)mp'orn'. obv attrf the deatruotive dm of Mero-iry. a? well aa otb* ileterioua inrr-dienta, ?c.d which a'l IM St'ftAp&ri'ii to the w-j<!d . %ncut rem ? T&u?t a * No* 1. i *nd 3 ar? nJike de f id or ?a*te or ame 1. *nd of a! nauaeatint *ualiias. They are m t&e fjrm of & lue, <',tno m?j lie on Le toilet table without their use being aoe?eo'?d Sold in hn oasea a* ts rach. o- four 93 oa^as in one for $9, ?n?l in 9*1 eaa??. 'hug aavmg $4. aa adiri i?te fU by Vaiprau. Lalleroanri. Koax. to., ??. Whf> ?nl? 8rd retail by DR. H. A. BAR n'/w . i?* e.ewirr straet. t? rioor? from MaoD -Qti. ktreetj. New York. Immeclaely on receipt of remittance, Dr. BaKbow will for war a Triorfrtkr t* any 'art of me world, ifcurey<d addi*?ted acoordicj to the instructions of tne w?w>r. * Pablnh-d a*so by DR BARROW, that popular and beautifully il'uttratad medical wo k. Human Fra lty PrioeS6o?nta. Tu?semar ard boo* oaa beohtalred by apaoiai authority from 3. C. FORI), Washing ton. D. Cj_ de 12 3 in HKAD Qt1 ARThR* for Clothirc. Furnishinc Goods. Haia and Caps, at No. 46u 7th atrset. de U lm (Ray.) 1/OR SALK CHKAP.-A large wrtaM* r HOUSE, vaUabla for Any and other purposes. 8. A. GOVKR, 34$ rannaj Ivaiua avai-yRKAT ATTRACTIONS.?G?and man K>r lid st e*t. to see_the_n?w a'ook of Clothin*. inn rawivM U K.HITaV, No. 460 Ttll itrMt da 11 I m <? ? ) EVKRY BODY GOFS TO SMITH'S, No 4?0 7th I'ree'.lu (at their Cmthinr. I-nrni'bing Quod*. Hat* *dj Cap*. (Map) da 11-im NOW IS THK TJMK To r?t jour Winter Ciothtof st low prions. at 460 7tn street. de 11 lro ( C?OMK ONK AND AM., To ?he PeopV* > Clothing 8tme. No. 4fi0 7th Mraet.aiw get jour Hood* at aitODiihinc low prioea. U-lll<Ti (Rap.) MI IN C E MKAT! MINCK MEAT" ? * ? ? a ire?a sapp 7 01 our Minoe M??.t a w read* ... KINO k ByfcHKrc; "* '1 corner Ifcj it mj Veiroont w, ATTttNTION, SUTLERS O* FiCERS AND A Ifrtertook of CAMP 8TOVEB, m?oufeoUr?l "ntTrVarkec ' *J*nn?ylv*ni?, avenue, new d? H. J. GREGORY. pATAWBA 0RAPES! m """<* uknr ll?>irt>u.l a -< . .. '-~:k S^KMETV.1 916 Pi avenne near oorner lsth at, de 111m betweea Witlaru*' and Kirk wood*. PHBOPOBALB WI1.L B* RKCEIV(CD BY I the uo4er?.? d?l . at h u offioe In Fred-nek, Md? until lSo'oioek m oo Friday, ike Mb of OeoemMr, 1861. for furnishing the plans and material*, and hnild'Of at ouoe, complete in every respeot, roar Briok ovens of the bm> approved pattern, to t* heated by wood, eaoh large enough ts bake (7*0) srsajS'-?^^Bsavflsf J -itSMZ soak a id *- ? JMI-Oft-IANT TO MILITARY VSN I _ C5te?i**r* d? ParlaOtM. JS? ** n"4'10 31 296 F*. tvjc?e, DMr oora?r U*o ?t, UetvMa Willed* tea Kirkw >rd?* HctMa. , IDT inT Y!rtUn'.* Cork Hw?l?el. hiibly reoomijjteded for tba> ?M of o?r ruk ted tie by Ut?i 9?n. WUt?ld BaeU. de tl-lm f^LAZBD WINDOW HASH W FOB. BALK Te fcrrivejMT Mhooser It. Niokcr???, *0 9 by U ted 9 b, 11 fiTte.d Wiado-v 9tek. djllTMftW M wooi> - ? lata I'rwu, Wa>hio?toa. 1). C. da 10-lw ^ Kit ATI NO. <! *-*artf w> r*. i?w?, ?*/ <* ?* outter: butteru d butter iu MO b*ff? ofcoioa Gwafctfa b attar, }??t raoelrad an4 ?? .a. <*?,?, p n0s 4 co noSS--if 3tt3Pal., faoiiif Pa- ftvanaa yy AftHINOTON LECTURE ASSOCIATION OOCRBE FOR l?61t?. 4T rm* uu or THt SMJTUBOtrrA* IttBTITVTtOt _pM4ru? to ?M u fUatu tt? .mwmttj wb?oh uiry f?ni % put o- ?hUk?r tiiMln mm |r ! it?rmt?r?. LrOTfclty tod I iWt/, or,# aaa^rod oHiM.aof Wa2la?*>? h?ro jnit*d la aa or|M? iMmI bo k now* aa tlio 'Wubjiftop U+ctmr* Aiwoitjwi." with tk? rnnit u rati a of a ooarao s?w^naStosss.\3aS i trwtiMk. Tk?M ieotaroa ?.a*o no narrow or ofBalv* par poo?, hat tbora will bo invited and wn^m to tha piatfo-m Hopreo#r>Utivo M?u, widWv differing it mtf bo. is v>ewa of potior? th? A*aooiatit>n r?Ty inaiitiq( that uier ikaii harmonise id a oommoa lOraltr. To thla ond ti>o fo'lowlag diatinfBiahod r*ntio men b*vo b<*n iovimd to participate la tha ecirw, and a lara# n"mber h?ro aooepted Re*. Edward fcvaraa. tUm D. S. Baaard Taalo*. Eaq Mr Oaagh, Roo Joatpfc Holt, PrtL ia4irwi. latktMr, ok Rtrt? Oraalap, Waada I PfciMtaa, Oraatra A. Irawnaan, LL. 0. Jtau MmII Umk, R?? Hurt W. Barchar, Ha> Oaarr* I (??aa*ar, OI??ar Waadcll Halna, Oaa Wilkaa Carua, mimw > , iiu'in. Mip W ??HM? Tb? lfotarM vill ba daiirarad at Um Bail of Ua | i?or..aa InarltuLon, wkiok uaa Dm kirn4iy (ranted for the parpoa. TBI r:*?T i.acms. Tk? firat laotar < ?ii be bj aaua?nt Cathiito onotar, Mr Bp wwaoii.on FR1DA V RVfcMNO neat, tha l*th uu-. raici or TicsiTt. B^aioa twkacadre.mai lady and tntlian.Hi> " " one cacUrnsa...... IN M M " onaMy ,... IN Thaaa ttokata arc for aala at Fraaafc Tiror'a. flhaahtrtl'i Aadaraaa'a aaa HmU mtan'i llnak. W A. Cmorrrr, Secretary W?hicgton. iW 1. ) > itolltf JUST PUBLISHED T J. >. LIFPIMCOTT k CO., PkUtMpUft* ~r MACLEOD'S SCEQPRV OP THE CRIMEAN _ l? ea Ui ? lAj Pif m I At Cnwii, vitk liMrki m ti.a Tixtir?t m Woanca. Ht Otorti B B. K&AI. ftC. t?.. SnrjeoD V> the bM m 11 Camp cm*for* Nfiiitoiol Leetarar ofi Miflt*ry 8argart in Andereon'* Ui<iT*riitf, (fltnow, ato. On* voL 12mo. 91M. IT COOKE'S NEW fNI'i En 8TATE8 CAVALRY TACTICS. CavaUy Taetiet; or Rega'atioaafir the lnatrno tion. Korma ion* and MoremecU of tha Cavairy oftbe Armr and\o|?nteera or h? United ft> By Philip St. tiaorge Cooke, Hrig Geo. U. 8. A. A*tk*n>td and A Bt ihi t-rcaiTAiT or Wa. November la ,1861. 3 to;?. #150. iiT EVOI.UTION8 OF THE LINE. Tkt Fuui Manual o/ Evolutions at tK* Una, %ir?D|td in tabaiar lorn, for tb**M (lolowi or UM U. n Infiaatrt; being a ar quel to the authnriiad U. 8 lui&atrT Tactio* Trana'at<d wtn adaptattoa to the U 8. Bervloe, from the laateat Freooh aathoritiaa. Br Capt. Hanrj Coppee, late Inataotor la ttie Umtod Btatei Military Aoadeiuy, at Waat Point. 1 toI. 00 ota. nT NPW AB nfUAMPV If AMMAt - ? "- .uan vnu* T\t Ordxane* Manual, for th? in of tb? oCoora oftho Army and oth?r?. Prepared nuder tW di'ootion ofthe \\ ar Dep?'tm?or Third Edidoa E? vued. One vol. D?tni *?, fblly lUaatruod, with mr?\nng? on stool. 91 ?> 0*DMA5C? DirnTmvT. I u c n W?A*?*I0?. Not. 4, MM Hon. S. Cmmtrc, Secretary q/ War . It U resoeotfollT rooomin-cdod th?t the Rorlsod Edition 0/the Urdnuoo MsnuoJ be ?ab!uhod lor Uie em oi Uie Army. Willi am Mahadibk, Lt Col. of Ordu&et is charga of Binu. AMrovod No /. 4. 1961. I hob. A. J'roTT, Aotlsc Sooretary of War. fr rFor aale by the Bookaallara gac Orally, or win b? >?ot post-paid on roooipt of tho prioa by tne aabhahera. CA BARRELS FRESH EGO**. Jiitimnd. For aale low JONMS A CO . oorcer En nth and U itowu. 5,000 BUBH EL9 SPLEN mg ^TA^ES, oornor EiikU ud D atroota. CAA BARRELS APPLES. *JyJ\t In fine order, at low artoa JONES A CO , oornor Eigbth and D atraota. inn BARRELS SWEET POTATOES. 1UU From Now Jeraoy. JONES kct) , oorner Eighth ud D atrMta. I OA BOXES CHEESE. 1XU At Nov York arioo. JONES A CO., oornar Eighth and D atroata. /"\R ANGES, COCOANL'TS AND WALNUTS U fct inMM A l?a ? V* vv?., ooraer Bigbte &ad D atrHta. 100 ??"" ? _ JONK8 * OO.. oom*r Elcbth utd O itxMta. 200 BUi,t,!L8 ^"NKCTICtTOlJ.ONg. ifa Wl a?* Di.LkL J ~ - f iv vt wroar Bi(iu) HQ If Ml MM. FSR80NB IN BLACK Wilt tod oar atook of Monrnlrg Q->o1a fill, aMala, uo it matt moa rata rat* a throneboat the eatira y?*r Od? pnoeonlr, ma-ked to plain (ftrti Ur^tti. OiloioUta. Curt&ioa. Ao.^appar tioori. 4a?-6t Pi. mw One prioa onlr, ma-kr<1 ia plain t|ir?t. An inapaet:oo of atook laaara ao obiijauoa to parcti'-aa Oilolotha,Carpeta, Cartaica Ao..appar tloora. da 9 6t Pv a^fnu* ana Ni^th at. DKNJAMJN DiWOLFF, D No **4 Pita. A vBxVkt JX. v?lkw(M, i> c, mSm K**p? oon*t*aii? oo d*k1 & 6 o>? fc^aortmtzr 0 GOLD AND HILVFR WATCHfj. OOLO CMA^S.JKWRU Y1HLV'-R\VA*I?. CUTLERY s PECTACL KB, OPSKA AND FIELD GLASSES, ft , ft. N. B Rrpii'inr don* by K. o. Richard, late fu>m No. 10*28 CkMtnat Phils ei?hi*. ? kiifttl workman in Chronometers, finl W? ofctt, Ac. dillK* tfJERMA.N DIVIBIOVTATTKNTIOPI! II HEADQUARTERS For 9?Ltlin( Money to Sermnny ud all part of th? vouirTt IB MAKSXT Bpaxi. Sun of ikdGummm FIm*. roE-la SADDLE HORSES PORS?ALK.-A ntofwj fine Kentnoky HuitM for Mle *t Uj" Jfv Kentucky i'ki? MaN?, tn the retr of CHr'a^SA Hot*!, Mtr Peon* y> ram* Ithh Mfl Id***1 et-eet. do ? ??' T TBB WHITE HOUHE HE Well kiiswn White Hou? RMturwt, ot High atr At, near lb* oarai. n beorge A . . A town, ku b*#n irt t?d, aiui p? t m a&nYfafey now t>? fcooommo'lit^d viit orn/o:ttb?USU i r t&uruomi. Oun?. Pub.OrtUrt,uduTTit VilO*m. I lQUO-a and *! ? ? 1 " FamtliM furniaUwl wiih Ui t? i.u ?*a7-1m A. KODIEM, Pyoarifr. EXCELS! OE HOTEL. No 349 Sbvbjth Ht.. I ond K St*tf 11. Boat aooommo.ation* for tr*reler? tod twwdan, The Lftrder ?&d B?r ilnri anapUad with tfca ohotoeat V i*oda Md LiauTa do 14-ln.eo* JOHN HAYZKL, Proprietor. T P. CARTER k CO. %f i U *t., P?. ?? . P*oDrci Duioa a*i> comnutan Marohftndic- M>d Prod?oe roo?tT?d ? wmK mi fcnd ?U)f*4* Bo U *Q<?' JUf*T HECEIVEDym HM?. t*:r? rwnilt Pioir, ion Bbta 0vptr r lo?r, ,sifss,<NorBf.'S.rt~> For low by J. P. CARTER A CO., 50 It-ooHr' ad itrxt, P? tn. , jMt rMMTti I k. ?s ^gg^yK bvs.'t w or. ?th at ??wt I ? * ?* MV-wM (TTifTP m" " "Kiiur'Bartit. old. ?fcrruUi. A)?o. prtiM Moui|>1hU WU?> kiM for mm ft SaS P* iwu, br <U 4 mrnwtf BROWNING k KEATING. A LL KINDS OF FANCY OKOCKR1KS AND A i*Qt?wtf 3*3 Pfc.nw.near rt. IjiMBum cb-"Va;ot>8 , T1TUI7II AI />' l* ~ "alcohol. ikrofknk oil! dfkiin t pfu*' um ftbot* ? 1dtii> mr ::r aa. Fob ?s^7wTTirarv^ir l^rn 'k*."1 * **?*& *T U<*? ?U AUCTION 3ALK8. I" Bri.O.M?atlKKI OO.iinu.w^ OOBI.WJ BALT^r C<?wm MNfcD HOUM 5m r?u. a I* ? ?(*?, *t tk? imm r .;,a Om4mwWmwIi fm prntihr mrwf*. T*rmt owi la f+oi, J.J !>aNa. <V lad 4* a dU J C. M*9l IKK A QBr wall a barna*o cWmt f* ?. m?U Hk m?t . CHRISTMAS TOYS.FJtB WORK* M ak? Toar*? *. 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