Newspaper of Evening Star, December 12, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 12, 1861 Page 4
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^THK KVEMWG STAR. Tbb Mi??rmirri ficjintn ?'The following drw rlpt on cf lt? ?te*mer B?rten will ?( ? trrnf j Idea of tie gunboats now building for the Mlaati tppt : "It ) bwllt ?o that when mdf for imlM, little will bf presented above tb?* waW line nvr Uf auuir 01 iof i(ani khu iuc wi wi iut tuiuir tack*. All tb- n.?i-binary Is under wanr.aud tbl- pert |? ?n divided Into wa'er-tlgbt compart Brnts that, In rate a ball should enter one, It ran d>, no mater'al dsmige The n dra are sloped at an anfle of 45 drfjrres, and are cohered with iron platt* two and o? e-half Inches In thtckneaa, ?rnrelybol'Mi to eaeh other and ?hron?fb the h?*avy timber beneath Earh plate hat been submitted to adequate ?e?t?, and Is calculated to re?Nt any mta-lle known to triodf-rr. warfir"The bow 1* piero-d with four port-belee, through which will protude the m Jiir? of lour M pound Parrnt guna, the atern will have two pieces of the lame sort; the aldra will have, escb, of thoae formidable 10-Inch oolnmblada. whoae ran?* la only rq-taiea oy anY*o!D? a irine leta loan Infinity Tbe magat ne la perfectly Inae-'aslble to accidents of any kind, and la placed b low tne water-line near the stern "' A* Acrasss 4a Da to Show rh Colors Maggie Mitchell la now playing at Pittsburg On Monday night a Captain or Lieutenant Krtun visited the theatre, and raised a disturbance by arcualng a gentleman preeent of having been a manager of a Southern theater. He wan also exeeast vely angry over the statement tbattheactress bad snng the Souhern Marseillaise daring a | recent v'ait to Sec e* si a, and pr^s^ntf-d or received a rebel flag Braun was finally pat out ofth*hcaae, but returned and demanded an explanation Tbe Dispatch deacribea the acence which j followed: When the curtain fell, the eblvaltic captain or Untenant waa boisterous in bis calls for M!se Uii k.11 .t i.nM?k. w. * miv HT7U, WUW m\ irusiu iDf CUTtain nrorted by Manage- Headers i. Oar hero demanded an explanation, whereupon tbe Manager rtited briefly that tbe ladv wa? too much agitated to sp*ak. but that be was author!t^d by b-r ti sta'e that ?be h*d nev?r trampled upon the Anerlran flag This dental of a charge never publicly made against tbe lady, mollti?d Captain or Li^utenan* Braun. and he teatlHed hlaaatiafir. tlon in an *mphatlc manner i 2 \?J~ A let er from a privateln the9eventy-nlnth N V. highlanderi. di?clo??? an instance of just retribution which fell on an earnest traitor who should have been hung month* ago. It will be rem^mb^r^d taat in eariy part of stimm<r, a man empioV"d in the Washirgton navy yardwa* discovered tilling; sbella with sand instead of the pro ?r ni?teriil. This man bad received a medical tdacati' n and on bis escape within the rebel i?es rxumxl the practice of hi* protection. Wben the S* vfnty-ninth landed at P rtRovl. the Srst sight which greeted them on entering the hosptal was thi* man seated at a table, with a *p r?did case of surgical Instruments before lilni, his left arm resting naturally upon the table and the position of hi? body Indicating perfect eaae, bnt upon a closer examination, It was discovered that the entire upper portion of hie b- ed had bern cut away, from the crown to the back of neck, by a cannon ball Pomi Babik*?The Independence Guardian, U' der the of "Cenaus Matters.'1 says that , ' 'fane habits were born in this village on Saturday nleht. and tt wa?n't much of ? nluht fnr bibift, nett er " Dubuque ran beat thit One woman. living near the outer levee, hud recently three at onr*e, and another, residing on the bluff, bad three bablrc a few dm afterward This p are ta not ve-y remarkable f ir bab ea, considering that It la weat of th? Miasiaainpl, yet cia^a of turns and thrmi occur here na rhe . ia onea are born at Independence ?Dutruqu* (low) Herald. Mail a?r? ngfm?-nts *t the washiNtiTO.N city post office. OJUt Op"t from 8 A. M- to ft 30 P. M ? Sundays, 8 to 10 A. M ~ . _ MAJL.8 IM OSE. .iDrinfin ua ta ivrn m.,MDp>inlUll ^iortnvMrem at 3 30 p. m. aid 9 p. m W -' rc a. a *-p m Alaxandia .t ? p m. and 9 p m ?-orreiowa at 3S> p m arc 9 p. m. O!1 Po nl Com o-t at 3 p- m Kocfcvil * auu rort Tobacco at 9 p. m ; i a term? diat i> meM on roat?? at 9 p m on Monday, Wednesday ano Friday. Anoaponaat \9> ?. m and 9 p m. Broukni'ti Frederick and Upper Marlboro at 9 p. m Coleerille at 9 p. n>. on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. MAILS ARRIVE NorfHatn tnH K^it?rr At 6 A m A ? ?#* a 9. m. N otthv**tern at 6 a. m 9 S) a m. and 6 p. m. Wntf rn at M a in AI'**r.<l> ta at 7 a n* and 3p it. at ' * in an-1 3 p m. t >ld pint Comfort at 9 S' a. in Ko?lr? l ?rd Pjrt Tob*cof> at f p . m.; interme?UaU p aoe- on iout?3 at is p. m. >jooda7, Wednt*uaj aLd r riJa* noapo'i at 6 a m &rd 6 p. m. ?rook?i : ?n 1 Frederics at fl p. m. p??r viar!bt?fo?t 4 p tn. <'ol' ?Mle?iSp m on Toe?Ha? rburfday and 8atar ar. i,K Wl!? Ci*?-PHAN&, P M w a ?bt ?to? Citt, d*c 7. 1mi. de 9 3t HL*^KtT>?. COMFORTS, BED LINING, fab o v. lcui*, Towe.?, N&pkina. Qui U, Ao., a IBiiantpy. < >ne p ioe on j marked Is p'tir firurei. larpeta. Curtains, Oilcloths. Ruia, te., upper ril-?p?jUoa of stook :nov r? no ob'ifatlon to pirehfta/ PKHRY * URU., de?-? Pa. av., acd 9th itreet. t'fHAMr* HAIR l)\Kl-TO COLOR BLACK ' OH BhOW."Ottij 39 cent* a box. Three bexe* for t>h~ ?ar Or?j, red or Qnzen titi: can b? c::*r i<v ir & .'<?w secocda to a j t biaok or brown. b? sen c l ; Liquid Ha.r Dye, the best and cheapeet in tne vror.a. pr _/dnci-;t. the moirent It it applied * rirrs naarai appearar or. fc&ch Box of U p HAM'S I. a k OVfci ? wtrratited to oontajn tLM in nob Aatr </?.- n other* tell for one dollar'. Hold by 9 0. L" i-HaM, 310 t^itMnui atieet, h ?Uaipma. &;.d ?. ( AliVkKT FORD, corner 11th tr-?: r-#.. av? ?epi-?oly *J?Q MIL' 1AK V OFFICERS AND OTHERS. BATCHFLGR'S UKXUINE HAIR DYE. ?>- Beet to the World, TV <">*;, hut*t .4 HarmUst Hair Dyt Kaovn. Pold by a;! aim, at Bxbxxto:*'* Patent MectHne j*ter??.? p. Patect Oftce.oor F * 7th, aod at biiv'? Mair Htora, Mi Per.n'a avecue. where LA-o.ea cat h??* itMfitad, if deaired. raotor; -"i Barclay at. < 'att TS Broadway) N. V. rtdi f\]EVv CLUiKK, NEW 8HAWLP, AMD 1^ isew L rets Uioda, owr.ed dail*. On? prioeon i atiik a is p *in figurdeCwteU, Otic.oifca, Ruga, Mt'.tiLKi. Curtain#, Ao . g;?tr <!o ?ri. _ PERR\ A BKOTHKR, da 9 6t Pa ay., ?no ?ih ?tf<t. T TO OFFICERS. 1 HE CAMPAIGN ?A uampaicnirg Wages on the prcarian priuotpl*. arraTreed for aleep- cv lac or t<' act a* as Am^u aaoa in mm ''T .r n?iBn ur wound*, with ample room f< v ?tor?a ana p*oviai'>n*; light, water-proof, and perfectly new. iiavi -,g oeea ju^t ? uiit to order tjj one of flr?t maker* rn.NcV York, ta oleied for aaie at coat price. Ann. a nandaome, atmr*. aound, dark-browc HORsE. sitner 1 or aadi.e or Laraeea. Both may b* *eec on asp : cat ion to JAMES BROWN, at Mr. Irvine'a ?tar> ?. Corooraa'e Lace, bemrd tho Cuain Houae. IxIwmb 1 and H afc??>? T y w n a art afrvrwinn I ujlou nvi IV>CH IN Con?e*oeeee i>t oer to p*y cmh for ror; art;*:? ol good* w purefcaae. va are forced io retfuoc - *r i-cauteas to Cuk exc.u*iveiy,fc>r the roaeat. W e h?*e in store % TWT large Msortmeat 6f HEAUY-^^OK CLOTHING ft?r roec and &o??' wear, wi ict- are ?. nr at aw-jeo lower rate U:, urn if. WALL, HTKPHENS* CO . l a. tftnu*. between ttfc and K*h at . t? f a v ? ^jtiSBrtAXa ro? T?? WE8TKKN K1VKR3. VCl)TIlMi*TIJl tiS^KEAL'* OVFiCS. I W**km*io*, Jutm 17, lKl.f fiofeMii are invited for aoi.?tr?ntt*i? ?u?? >~ata uion tie W?l?ni rivera baeei&cattai* will t>? 1 mined tatoly prepared laid m?r h# axanusad at U?e y u?.r*erm?*tec'a Offioc at OtMlamau. Pit ?bo'f h. a^u at tbia oftoe. Pmy ?a<? from boat-bun'era a^d eatine-balld rs alone win oor.atderM. faci ?u'.aiittM Df fcnidera wiH beta*flnni?> omic*?rat:o- ||. C. MKIGsS, i* i? onr<>rnim/?r W?nerai I'mta-i State ARMY CLOVtc: ARMV GLOVES At UM Giove l>?ot of fT U HASTING'S k CO , sas P at. facirt Pa. av. g * WAICHKU. llOLD AND SIi/VfH ENGLISH. ?W189 AND AMERICAN I nara now on aaud a ia<?e clock of a'l th? moat ca.-brawd Wa d*, taat I a? ae|ha? at IM very to?eit ?r:c?a tuat ?c?<>d ami raltable time aeepera eaa b* ad?ided ai; and every detclpuon of fin? JfcWtL* > * B ?-ao?; all bow atjle# received u ?oob aa ma ob fast a red. and offered at tha loweat rate*, H?lv?r ware nanafaerand ia ?T own ?h-p. AI kisdaot MIiITAK\ OOOuSon hand ?uc& m kevoivera. Seorci, Saahea. Beita, Bowie KBivta. Pocket ? otn?aa?*? Ac.. *e. Alao atronc Aral*. Tracks and Brd Comb-neH;ar^ nranyotuer tmaca aaotaT and ornamental at 3M Pennsylvania n >' if H. A It/to ttultlutf, corr.?r of s?v?oth it *a Pi Cfclori'orm if|?b*faiZ2J A3 of Tm* b lor a*J?. bo fr-t&wlv* n I 'notice Un kwi $Atr to w ?Uj of Btzt Jugyr al! ?<r.4>e?ia*"ml to tt* 'ftJlmoTfc K. Wbiti * Co . erelwrebjr rotikeJ that tbolr B^cotmta. acta* aod (??* Hula vi i fce pttood ib Uo bftod* of f^PMAliAAh/lll. 41 DArinrt in iB.'AhL. nLAMOftt. PIA*Vn0, NANOMf f'UM wetHw TJ?TItfz F BUTT'S Stat ' ih^Jt #ora?r P* ?\ *04 L fa L ! * < - % 0 ICS AND WOUNDED aOLDUM IN HOSPITAL. Pn>>t**k*i m ton form tlf with tks rutimUm / (44 simm f f J*h i?, i0n. At Srmtnary Morfitai, Q**rg it own, Dtt. 6. 1& U ? Infantry 14;4Hh Pwin Volanteera. 2 2d Main* vmuniwn . i itui ao an 1 3d Vermont Vol an teera | 8?th do do 1 5th do do.... 9 15th do do 1 9thMassachusetsVol.. 1 36th do do 1 1?t Rhod? Island Art. 1 4 id do do 1 4th do do.. 1 45th do do.>>a,.12 5th Connecticut Vol.. 4 5'id do do 3 id New York Vol (?) 1 lit do Artillery... 5 3d do do.... 1 1st do Rifles ...... 1 15th do do.... 1 '2d do Cavalry .... I 17fh do do....10 4th do do ..... 8 Slat do do. (6) i 5th do do* I 22d do do.... 1 Uth do do 4 25th do do.... 1 1st do Remrre.... 1 33d do do.... 1 4 th do do 1 5*d do do.... 1 l*th do do...(c) I srth do do.... l 1st Mlchtgaa Vol 1 too u<> ao... i <10 ao ao t ??th do do.... 1 M VViacoMln Vol.... I Sd New York Cavalry 2 5th do do.... 8 &th do do... 3 6th do do....11 1st Penn . Volunteer*.. S ExceUlor Brigade.... * 4th do do 1 ? 5th do do 4 Total............137th do do 4 (?) One officer, (b) One officer (e) One officer. At General Hospital, Union Hotel, comer Bridge and Washington streets, Georgetown, Dee 0. Mth.New York Vol.... 3:5thVennontVolunteera 1 17th do do 6 4th Rhode Ialand Vol. 1 19th do do 1 SthNewJaraey Vol... 8 19th do do 3 8th do do.... 1 ?d do do 1 l?t Michigan Vol 1 ! 33d do do 8 id do do 7 3Sth do do 1 3d do do 8 43d do do 4 4th do do 8 ! 44*h do do 8 2d Wloconalndo 1 50th do do 3 8th do do...... 1 Sid do do 1 lit Minnesota do 1 T#th do do a 1st California do 3 85th do do 1 lat Excelaior Brigade. 3 id Penn. Volunteera. 1 3d do ao.... 7 4th do do 1 Ut Maryland Vol 1 rt h d<J do 1 l?t Indiana Kidea 1 \ 7th do do 1 Stockton'* Mich Vol. 8 Sth do do 1 id Penn. Cavalry .... I 18th do do 1 3d do do. 1 93d do do 1 S-h do do 1 2*th do do 1 7th NewJeraeyCaralrv 1 27th do do 1 Harria' Light Cavalry 2 3?th do do 1 2d U S. Artillery 1 uu do do .l|4tb do do l 4AIh do do...... 2 Stb do do 1 KKttbdo do i lit New Jersey Art ... 2 2d Maine Volunteer*.. 1 Motfs Battery 1 M NewHampahlreVol 2 Smltb's Battery 1 *2d Vermont Volunteers 2 3d do do.... 3 Total. 103 I At t Columbian ColUgt, Watkimgtom, I Dtc. 8. 2d Maine Volunteers.. 3|6th NewJersey Vol.... 1 Sfh H n An llwl. J- ? m mm wv ? ? * ? *U UU UU 1 9th do do 1 Fth do do.... 1 lltb do do 2 1st Fenn. Artillery.... 3 adVermontVolunteer! 2 lit do Cavalry 4 3d do do.... 1 4th do do...... 1 5th do do.... 4 Harlan's Cavalry 1 K>th Massachusetts Vol 1 C foreman' Rifle* 1 14th do do. 1 1st Penn Volunteer*.. 5 Rhode Island Battery. 3 3d do do 12 1st Long Island Vol .. 1 4th do do...... 1 1st NewYork Cavalry . 1 8th do do 2 7th do do.... 1 i11th do do...... 1 6th do do.... 6 12th do do...... 1 Harris Cavalry 2,13th do do 1 #2d NewYork Vol l|23d do do 3 a&ta ao do...... 1 <7th do do 3 33d do do 1 31st da do 1 3<Uh do do 1 53d do do 19 3?th do do...... 3 90th do do 2 4Ub do do...... 4 1st Michigan Cavalry. 1 51th do do...... 2 Jd do Vol 10 77th do do...... 2 3d do do...... 8 79th do do I 4th do do...... 2 Anderson Zouave*.... 1 -th do do., (a) 5 1st Excelsior Brigade. 3 Stockton's Mich Vol. 2 2d do do.... 2 1st Minnesota Vol 1 I> Kalb N. Y. Vol ... 1 5th Wisconsin Vol... 1 Lincoln Cavalry 1 7th do do.... 1 Oneida N V Cavalry. 3 8th 1111 nols Cavalry... 1 McClellan'sDragoons. 1 1st D C. Volunteers.. 3 Cameron Dragoons... 2 1st California Vol 2 1st New Jersey Cav^ry 3 2d do Vol.... 1 Total If 3 3d do do.... 1 (a) One officer. At General Hospital, {(Melt,) Watkirngtm, Die 6. Medical Stafi 2| 10th U. 8. Infantry.... 4 FaflbaM fl?-a n n ir-i A ij up^ iHT^K ? i ! ? u v#. wu oifen I lit U S. Cavalry 1 1st Michigan Vol 1 _!d do do 3 Tttt Maine Volunteers. 1 4th do do 2 2d Penn. Volunteers . 3 5th do do 2 5th do do 1 6th do do 5 26th do do...... 1 1st do Artillery.... 1 52d do do 1 2d do do 1 9th New York Vol... 1 3d do do 2 24th do do.... 4 5th do do........ 2 41th da do.... 3 1st do Infantry 2 59th do do.... 1 2d do do 5 61st do do.... 9 3d do do 2,4th Rhode Island Vol. I 6th do do 2i5th N. Hampshire Vol 9 ?th do do 1 Quartermaster's Dep't 1 Hth do do 41 ? 9:h do do lj Total 73* At Fifth District School House Hospital, Branch of General Hospital cn E street, Dee. 6. ;td Michigan Vol 1 2d Vermont Volunteers 1 1st Kentucky Cavalry, 1112th Pennsylvania Vol. 1 ?Oi ork Vol... ll-23d do do.. 1 ?t& Massachusetts Vol. 1|5Uth do do.. 1 lOtb do do., ijath Michigan Vol.... 1 1st Kxcelaior Brigade. 1 Oblo Cavalry, (unat). 1 2d U. S. Cavalry...... 1 IMthPennsylvanlaVol 4 4th Penn. Cavalry .... 1 ? 5th Rhod" Island Vol. 1 Total IV SicJt remaining t? s?? Hospital far Eruptive Diseases, at Kalorama, Dee 6. 2d lT 8. Infantry 1 lit Penn Artillery.... 2 3d do Artillery.... 1 lit do Volunteer!. 1 5th do Cavalry 2 3th do do 1 6 fa do do 3 Sth do do 1 Knglneer Corps 1 36ih do do...... 1 2d Maine Volunteer!.. 2 45th do do S 7th do do t5 53d do do 8 Uth do do 1165th do do 1 2d Vermont do 1 104thdo do...... 3 lit New York Artillery 71 lit Michigan Cavalry. 4 2d do Cavalry 22|'id do Vol 1 Sth do do ...2? Stockton' Mich. Vol. 1 Cflth New York Vol... 1 7th Wlaconiln Vol.... 1 57th do do ... 2 19th Indiana Vol 3 Blit do do.... 3 lit do Cavalry.. 1 77th do do.... 1 ?Berdan Sharpshooters 1 Total 115 At /iJI?? mA/? -1. . a -.w - aavc/' ?? ? i < r? # z> c, i><c r 19th Indiana Vol ..(a;67!4th Rbode Island Vol. I IGth d<> do 41 Uth Maine Volunteers 1 1?t do Cavalry.. 6| I at Michigan Cavalry. 7 3d do dn 1J36th Ptnn. Volunteers. 2 intN.Y Art.,Loop B. 2 53d do do .,...12 2d New York Artillery 1 7th do Cavalry. 3 Total 110 Utrrddn Sharpa'ra ..(6) 3 l?) One offlrer. (6) One officer. At Gtntrml Hospital, Ai*-tzndrt+, Dte 6. 3d Maine Volunteers. 7 79th N>w York Vol... 2 4th do do 5 Fire Zouavea 2 5th do do...... 4 Lincoln Cavalry 1 1st Massachusetts Art. 1 Cameron Rifles 2 2d do Vol.23 lat New Jersey Vol.... 1 lith do do..13 5th do do.... 0 4d VermontVolunteei* 1 Uth Penn Caralry ...18 5th do do......21 2flth do Vol 1 1<TRhode Island Art.. 1 29th do do 5 <Uh Wl U 90.W J ? ? ? w-MMVX- M'-M? ? WI I.1W (917*11 UU UU * f 1st New York Cavalry 1 32d do do II Utb N*.w York Vol... 8 33d do do 1 15th do do.... 1 45th do do .... 8 'Mil do do....17 4?th do do 6 17th do do.... 8 47th do do 1 l&th do do.... 4 61st do do tt 1Mb do do.... y SKth do do 1 <15iL do do.... 3 90th do do U M\u do do.... ft 27th Indiana Vol 25 do do....I(r 3d Wisconsin Vol....11 2* b do do....12 2d Michigan Vol 11 31st do do.... 4 3d do do fi Xtd do do....11 5th do do ft 3?th do do.... 7 1st Minnesota Vol 1 4f!<h An An a ilk r< a -m? ??? ?? ? o nu c a. iuwuirr 9 61st do do.... 1 '2d do Artillery.... 1 6Mb do do.... 1 Wtb do do.... * Total 338 {?7* Washington papers please oopr and lend bill* to the War Department. dec 11?3t INDIA Rl'BBER PANTLOON8, Legflna, Coats, IV nohos, Blanket*, Ao., at the Uutler'a fca?p:y D?K>t, ? u. 394 Fa ave.. Baok Room, d? 4-tf or 3S? D >t, bitywa 9th and 10th. D N BOATS Q**rUrmA$t*r UmurmTs CMe*, I b? s&ts : rat to (JitrUnnuMr of'tfci L'LiUdtotS A'.y,it WMkJUiton. bT iff'** It H Brig. 6ml tad QOVQHt, COLDJJvHOA*8KNB?, COMPO UND SY h CP OF OVU ARABIC TKw ?lM?ant aud popular Coagh R?m*jr iuu i b?M 10 j>>D| known acd e>xt?n*ir*lj mm that mo?t persona litve t<MniD? familiar with ita extraordi- I nary floiej. It oan ba had at nil Ua pnaoiaal drag rtorM. at 20 and an canta a MM. co 4 (titaktHm GEORGETOWN ADVERTMTS Masse v. colli.\s k co.'tf _ , PHlLADhLPUIA DRAVirUT ALB. We harejcat received a nppli el the above A ie, whtoa we reoonmend to be ofa very eajerlor *ua*ity. Person* wishing tu pnrehaee. oy matins inmediate app,;eatu?n, oan be furmahed. ARNY A SfliNN, no 7 GeorgetownJUST ft.*...:viVjfc.u10 hiid*. p Portw Rico SUGARS uul'-'.t. \> t? whisky, W9" , . . Al.tVYIVJfB, to bbl*. cj uBii^d &-3.1 K?ra??d J*Ufci A R?, ?: t+-r* Rio *rul ju-va, COFFEE, ioT c-io?u) MOLAS.-'E8. Far?v? t J. E'lCfS. . M ! OAS F1TT1NQ, ftc. Awm j. dove & co. R V. N >. 'farw IOf,::*utii ? r arilM wi*b WllTUflESoitalirmy Navr i-Htein*and 0et gna SOdFunsh, rt:per::>r n stjie to anytUinf horetoor* offar ?J tu lata mark**. Vv? invite oitixena (reu?iH It to aa.1 aua bi*mina our atoot of fias ud Wnter Fix trea, foelinc oo'iUiRiit thi|vo hare the tut Moctet! atook in VV&ahiczton. AU Work in las *(*> '<? LcoiaUuted too&xoArt "* '^5MVKk8 ? McSRAN. mMrt-f *t* P atTMi. OFFICE OF INSPECTOR AND StALE* Ob #A? ;>13*fc.R?. >V * 3Ei!w?oi-?. J ?ly It, ie*. noricx - J clF'( JIVEN. Te^urH ably to !?? ?ior. ordinance of the Corporator appTir? V-.t is, lMp, the urdarjjned is now prepare. at ??r rsf;ired in wr tint, ?nd oa pre-pant-ml of tt.e ire of alty ?enu, to icspeot, siamins, tsst, fi'jve, i-i as^ertai? tfte acoaraey of rsf i?tr?tion of t. ;y c-.e meter in qse ip thia city." fcitery aie'-sr, ^ucidincor.ect.iriilhscori^nined a ad another, s? s.nd marked ai trie, will be set ?a ?' * t'.a.c. it proved to be scosrv* in its meiioienRMit .f rr *. it vili besaaleu hcao -ainjiy, ard a;air>ut in tor.iuca for use, No. Ji6 ge*?*c;ti s'icot. (ne*r Odl Pel . we'KtU ) UfSof'-.raU. m,, to 4 p.m. CHARMS W. CUNNINGHAM, dentistryT New and improved invention o* ARTIFICIAL CHFOPLAST2 BONK T E K T 0, Without Mbtal Plats or Clasps. DR. P. B SlGESMOND, 910 Brr,a4t?av. lt*i? York? 260 Pennsylvania Av rnw. bttititn 121< and !3;A sts , Wa%\m*trrn, Calls th9 attention of the publie to the !o;lo*mc advactaies o. b:- iv.f -mod wrstem: 1. mo i^?*:q oi i irianulaotcr# Wtl'MBSKj never oorw-ie nor change ooior by any^"' aoids. boius thr?* fourths iirhterthan any otnrr. 2. No t?e:h orrooi* need bo extracted, as tUe artificial or>** fa: 1 ho irsorted over them. 3 T^io roou will bo maue im>fFeneiVe, an rever o ache. 4. No tem??r*rT t??th are u?e<!ed, as permanent one* ran t"? made iiniEed.ata:jr, tueroby preserving the natural of tun faoe. winch nr.dttr the old system is lre^uenliT disfijured 6. 1'hiP work has b?>en fully tostetl over Svojeiri by man of thn first cbenriite and physicians of tins oountry. Dr. i?. has also invented a white nndestructive metal fi li-*. with via ?? the moat sensitive teeth can be fi'led without pain, and can build up a P*T feat, sound tootli on any ride roots, which will last through lifetime. The oe?i of references riven?to Dr V. Mott; Dr. Doremu<, Professor 01 Chemistry. N. \ Hon. Judec Warne, of th* Supreme Court of Washmiton, and thousands of others Cal a id examine for yourself. no 3 6m M TEETH. LOCVVli!i, M. U , me inveutcaud patecira oftb* MINERAL PLATE TEETd, at leads peraonx iy at his xffee .n this cit? Jw&Saf Many persons can wear tnese teeth who^-1?1?' aanr.ot wear others, and no person can w*-ar others Who CAnnol w?*.r th?aA Persons calling *t my offnsoan t>e aonommoaatM with auy aryle aud price of Teeth thoy may desire, bat to tiioae who ?re particular and wiah the pureat, olear.est, strongest, and moat perfeot denture that art oan rodDee, the MINERAL. PLATE will ba more fn'ly warranted. Rooms in this city?No. 33* Pa. arenas. Ib*tw?ea tth and 10th ata. Also, VOT Arch atreet, P hi ad el ?nia. oo l? tf /A S-I.M K'i'HING NKW! ^ iT^T At 'JH} ( <tTC4t, CPPOIltt tk* Tkta tr. OYSTERSSTEAMED Id the S1W1 &r.d Thoroughly Cooked 'far superior to a ro\-t) in two tkf fattts* timi on rttord. fall and see. The undersigned retpaetfaily 'nlorma hi? f'ier Is ! in the District. ai:<1 tsitor,) to the oitj, that he has rehtted klH 11.11 find VL ?a-rxt>TT,>u~?.. ? ??? -- ??? ? m?tv * < .H? * I in a most thorough iri"kua>-r. and l a- ti.ade com- | pie>to arrar.s??ii!C!a? to liiinikh OYSTER- in a:;y i aty;e ar.d it auy ^uar.l.ty 400 to 600 m Ion# ehuck<*i per day. 2 WO t?. cans olbpiceu aid F'e?h put up Jan j?cans herm.'tii'aJ'y staled. Furnished | tnthechel h? >he btiMie or barrel. Persons w.shine to have Oyptare fuuiehed r*tu- I larly through tli? vrii!t?r. at liaititriore prio??i. without f^ar of ia''ure, *h> ?: ?J o.i 1 and make arr?nefra?r;t. at once Freight. time, and nioi,?y saved h? pnrehaainit of me. as I furnish an article I e?tiat to the relet: rated iiaitimore establishments, I at prices just as low. ] TO SUTLERS. Cat ned Mmts, l.obntMa, j^arum^s. Ci&ioa, Siravrt-.errie >, lon:at< e?, I'ti;/ * F*et, Tr?ne. Ao. ate.,*'-. a:so, t'ickit.6. Catsup. Sa.:oe*. Urancy ' Feachss, &o. nls .. Oair.'and Fresh Fish. Tui- 1 it's. Te*rapia?, i I -Sii L"l stera. Cod. Haiihiit. An. In taot, every ilung lor nfc'e tu the Northt rn market* aiwaye on Um a, at rt>n?r?nat>ie pnoee Hotels arid f&<M.leu KUpphed witu ?>yst*'s. delivered wi'ltontoiiarico i-aiiy part of the Dutriot. in ?eason, it t'ie money if with fh* order. M r e#tab ishment is open from 5 a. m. to >2 at cif lit. every cfiy, ojcc-'pt Sunday, won ! close at 10 o'clock a. i:;. ?? n T M . HAKVKY OQCl JOHNSON 4 NA6LE, ?>CQ &OJ No. Vi^*J HZIKSTLVaNIA AVKXUB, i?0%7 Between Ninth and Tenth ?ti.. south aide, OFFBK FoR CAl.K: nu a wii a r> vi'iJ ? n a* - " vu/\.ni au iiic?i*. n ;?iurn iij, fip?r U6i(jsio<i i M?e; & Cbaiidon, l$ulli:iger A Co., Cartier 4. Co, fco, CLaHKI ?t. Julian, St. Katephe, Caalenao, Sto., t y the cisk or d<^uHOCK WINES?Deidenfieimer, Johano?ab8ri?T, Liebfr&uwimiloli, ht'(J?J>h? .n.?r, to. BRANDY, Whiiky,Uin. Port, Sherry, Madeira, in wood oLONDON HORl'KR, Brown Stout, Edmturch nod \orkahire A lea, of the beat branda, in bot tie* or stoi.e ju?s CIGARS? Havana and Dom^atic, of tbe choicest !>ran?a. VVecall theaaeotnl attention of8utlera,R**t*uraDta and F?mUie? to ou i*r***nd welJ-?el?ote<t STOCK. OFJ-'INE GROCERIES. Freah Meat. roaitr*. Ktali, foapa, Vi>ietaMesan<t FrniU in hermetically s a'ed caca. PREfEK VfcS, Jelliea, Ac , <ia, Nats, Rai- j Bin# a d ? iga. CHEE8E, ( Eastern and Western Cutting*; Ham, beat Goah?n butter, the bratChampagae ' ider. WQRCKs*TkMSHi Kk tadOya(erSauoe, Picki a of every desonption, Pepper Sauce and Tons&to Catsup, t>> the fx: on or dozen. All of which w? offrtr at the loweat possible prioea and on"reasonable term* no J JOHNSON A NA8LE. DR.GODFREYS AMIDOTKWII.L CURE ' UoNORHiltF. v inn* dajr*\ No charge of diet re*ui">d It is an Eng-^H^PW liah specifio of s:xiy-five >ea atari i'.glKlL and wi;i no: harm ine mi?t uelioate con TBz atitution It oorit&i r no prioa ft. Sold by S. C. UPHAM.310 Ihasnut atreet, hiladeiphia, and iu Wa*hiugtou by 8. C. POKD, I oarner 11th atreet and Fa. ^c. bo 26 eoly DRMAULT^LA^>"^:rjKD^' Read tba following unaolioited encomiflEv nnia: ... Sr , *| MirnAt nAmmann f nam ?AA ki.uu ? T . _ j,.- wsrwu-w- W f "They are the best Iremale Pilia extant." *'I have used them with oomple'e auooeaa." "Would cut be without them upon any oonaideratioc." "They oporate speedily ana effectively." Hrioefl sent by maii Sold br B. C, UPHAM, SlOChracut street, Philadelphia,and in Wulc ington by 8. C. FORD, corner 11th atreet and Pa. avenue. r,o 8B eol? THK SUBSCRIBERS beg leave to inform their patrona and the eubno generally of be-?* iHK'^Wi'StSltVoSK.'" " ok 1ft Tney aleo reap^cuiry invite attention of Wjf their Armv and Navy onatomera, and thoae"- * reeuinnt ontfitainthat Una. to their anterior aualitiea of Sworda, fcpaaleta. Shoatder Straea Helta, Cbape*u*. Hata, Cape Haahoa, and Gold Laaee, j oon> tintly on hand, which are warranted aa repra | M3vjw1at ter.d?nng thank* for the liberal patronage 1 mlninH.thn will * . . ,r . - i r ? mvi it a "WUUEUUCC, ^ ' Y. J. HKIBhRBER k. CO . (Baooeaaora to H. F. I^ uil n & Co .) CITIZBN. MILITARYm?J NATAL TAILORS, I 363 Peauaylvama Avenue. oo 16 eoflm ' H FRENCH <k KlCtlSfKlN A VK Just received a Ireah supply of Not? Papert Colored Burden, rul?! and ptaui,with Enf e'.opea to wiatoh Alao, Flac ? aaer of ail kinda, i vltb and w thoct Mottoea; LnTefopet to match. ! P*rer? an?i Pocket Boore of every description. & la'te eaaortJneat orStatjor^rr. Naw Ycik Paper* received daily; Papers from ' **** aaana?? WTKAVEUN? TRUNK*. J E Offer tor tale tha la/feet asrormcnt an r*AVKlJNti TRUNKS fpnnd m?^ IM? eitf. joinprt?iBg bf?t Soie WMi.e.BB? lAdiee' rfren. and Paekinf Tr?n??, Va-^??i , ioea. CarpM liar*. <to., which we are aow ae.ling ,o. j i 0 ? 4

BDB J?ro?*Ttm, AlIIMOliE ' ' LOCK HOSPrfiL. , H? diM?r?d Ikt awM CirMto. fiptMh ?U ( % I<Twul Rmu^i, fa (ii WnrLA FOB ALL P13KABB80F IMP&UPBNCR. LET NO FALSE DELICACT FRJfrWNT APPLY 1MMEPIATBLY. A CURE WARRANTED, OR NO CHARbg, IN non ONE TO TWO DAYS. WiUiih of Ja Brlit, atmiBTM, AtfQmma of tk* KM> aya and Bladdar AtgiiKin Dtackarfoo, tapotoaev, oral Debility, WmcmoMi, /)??r?p?t. Uonat, Coafaaion of l?!aaa, Low Bpir.-j, ?i:piu:io?j of tba Haart, Timidity, Tramblinfa, DiiMtMo' Sifptor flidduoaa, [hutn rf tht tad, Tbro?t,Nn*a or flkia, Af?C.KUef 0>a Lang*, hem ten or Bowala?ibaaa TarriMa Diaordori ariota J from Mitar* Hakiu of Yocih?ihaaa Drond/al and Dootracu** Praeutaa vhicb randar Marnaja impooaiHa, nod daatray b?tk Body and Mind. YOVXG MEN Capaetally wbo ha?? baton* Ua ?lcUma of Solltara Tlea, tbat draadfal and daatraeu** habit wilca aauMily avaapa to an aiiumaly jma Lhooa?r,di of Yoorg Mai. of iha raoat IliKIJ tfilDU AOQ D liiulQv lUlCllVVlf WOO OUf BV rj?i w b?*t antraaead luttMn; Stocta *vJb tht thsndtrt af alo. oaanea or trakad to acatary iba llnnf lyrt. may Mil vitk f?.l eaoldtoca. MARRIAQE. MaBklBD PBB?o*9, cr Ycnnf Mtb eaoiaroptaUBf Murtagt, bainf uwart of phriical TlihlH, atfaai* diklitty, dtformiutt, Ae., tpttdilr csrtd. Hi who plaeti hinttlf sndtr tha eart of Dr. J. ?ay rallflooiIt eenidt 10 hit honor at a faot!anwn ud MaMtoUy raly ?poo hu aktil at a phyatctaa. OFFICE No. 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. I?fl band aida roinf from Btltiaora tuttt, a fa w doan from Ua eoroar. Fail doi to obatrra oajaa aud DBmbar Lallan at ha paid and cootaic a aitmp. DR. JOHNSTON, Mtmbaraf U)t Royal Ceilajra of tiarrtoui. Laedan, rradaait from oat of tha moat acnoan*. Collijrii m tha ta'.at, asd tha ritatar pan of vhoaa Ufa h?t b?*n aptut la tha noapttalt of London, Parit, Puladalphia ard altavbara, kai atacltd aooia of tka raoat aaioniahinf eartt that wara 1 trtr acn*o; many irvav ta wiw riii^inp u> LnB n?tn ana tart whtu atittp; rrtu ntrTotuottt, bttaf tlarmtJ at tnddtn tcsn4t. biiakfalnttt with frtqctot blatbiaf, atttodtd lootMait witk dtranftostot of aucd, wtrt cartd nr.mtMaltly. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE Ttunf Mto ana otntra arbo bara iojartd ta?m?tS?tt by a tinvii pracuca mduif ad in wbtu alooa?? habit frtjatuly Itamtd frnm tvil companion*, or at aehool, tht tgtcu M whicn art nlrhtly ftlt tvtn ?Mn atittp, and if not cartd, ranltrt marriift iirpoatibla, aod dtacxoTt both fund ana body, aboald apply imrotdiattl*. Tnttt art tou t of tht tad and mt>aehotj tfftctt prodactd by tarlr habita of yoath. ?i*: Wtskom of tbt B<ek and Limht. Paint in tht Htnd, DimntM of 8>rht, Lota <*1 Mar ClAr Powtr. Palpitation of lot H??rt. Dytptpty. Ntrmti irritability, Otraaftmtnt of tht l>i{ttti*t Faftcuuia, Qtutral Dthtity, Symptom* of Contnmpiion. Ac M IT Ti I I V TV. f. . pin I .#./>?. i K . nl.jl . .. .. .... . a ?> ?utvti in* ''iiitu fcw ba draadad?Lot! of Mamory, Coufvaio, of Idaaa, Darrtaaioo of Spirit*, Evil Kortbo^injfa, Avaraton of Society. Salf-Diatruat, Lo?a of Solitoda, Timidity. MB. aia aoraa of lb* aula prod uc ad. NIBTOI'I DEBILITY ?Th^aaanda cm noar )sdf arbai ia lha cauaa of tbair declining haalth, loan.* 1 r. * i r rigor, ba0 xi ing w*ak, pala, naraoua and amaciatad. bavtnf a aiayo'ii appaaranca iboBt tta arii, eouju or ayrrptoma of Canaan pDISEASES OF IMPRUDEKCR. Wban lha miagBidat; aod irnprudani *otary of piaaaara t>. da ha hai irobibart uia aaada of tfcia rcinfBl diaa?aa, it coo b-ppara that aoiil-umad aana* of ahama or draad of diacoaary datara him from applying to tboaa who, from education ana raapacubiUiy, caa alone hafnoad bin. Ho Mia into tha bar. ia of ignorint and dreigmij prttendara, arho, incapable a! carina, Blth hie pacrinitr; aabatanta, keep him indmg moith an*r month, or aa Ion; *e tue amallaat raa een ba obtained, and in deepnr luta him with rc.nad health to eigb a?ar oia galling diarppotntmant; or by tta uaa of that deadly poiaon?Merearr?htatan 'ha cctiiUtBtional ayraptome of tbia urrlbla diaeaee, each aa Afecurneof tha Heart, fbroai. Head, in, mi... ^iv>iiiaiii| wiuj rngi.usi raptauy, uii aia'.o p?u a 5?n?d te tn artadfsi njffiriuf? irjii.f himt ih?t ?n:?e???rtd e?int?v from wbM? Wvrnt ii? ttt'illt rticrni DE. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AMD 1MPOTENCY My tbli fr?*t and irapcrteut r?n!?dT v?ekn*?i *f ibt ?r*tci I arc ipttdily c?'?d u> a nil Tigw viiwiid. Tbtaatndt t? 'Ji? i mil o?rr#?i ?n( ' in:>uuO, *k? had tMl til h*pt, *i??? >??o imntdiiuly f?u*T?d. All lmpadUatnu l? MTbyiUi: f MtnUl DiiqBtllie?ii?oi. htt ?f rr?cr?-.iiT? !? *??, Nir<Mi !rrlu.kflii*. TrtakHiif to4 Wukam ? Butinua ? Ifct dmi ktad ?p**dily c?r?d. ENDORSEMENT OF THE PRKSR Tm Mart Tmouiands eirad at thu tmutatiac ?itfela tk* laat aauiaan jaa/a, aiid the narcaravt invariant inrrt a1 apatatiam f arfartaad fc? Dr. J.a ncco, by Jit iiimin / u> a pa para ana mujr >Uiii mmm, ur. -. * vhlcb ha?a appairad i.giln a&d again bafara tha pabiic, *aa!dai hit aundirj u a (tallan^o ?f chanctar and riaraotlH'llif, It a iVflaunt fwaramaa (a tha aS-etad mar ll-ly LEA fe PERRISl' CKLKBRATKD Worcestenlilre Saurn. Pronounood by BUS EXTRACT CONNOISSEURS jff of a Letter from a to I* the fti Mtdual bmiMm Jm V at Mad I'M "ONLY GOOD Toms Brother SAUCE." HBjSj it WoroMter. and applicable to .. rel, that trieir Sauet h VLK \ 'Mj'"!' La hithly esteemed ^EsSSS"-|ib India, and i?. in VARIETY - |uiy opinio* . th? most ? i "nBoa'at- h p. as vroil m or wsa. ^psuatimap The above aAL'CF m m-t on;* trie bf?t an* ropctar cojumment known, bnt the MM f (M|mI j teal, as a lcvr drops in Sony, f+rary, or with Wrfc.j ' hot and oo'd Joints, Buf Suak, <j? >nt, it., impart an rxqcia.te lost, wtuoh unprmetpUd Sauce man- ! ufacturers have in vaiu endeavored to imitau. On the Breakfast, Lun hton, Dinner, or Suwvm Table, a oruet conU nin* " LEA 4 PERKINS* WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE" is mdiapenw! ble. t T-, - - i? ?ppmciiiie tne erctlirnt of this delicious preparation it is on y nect*tary to purehase a sm- i 1 bott e of the genuine, of & respectable ?ro| oar or ^ea er, as many Hoitl an<i Keuaurant proj prietors seldom piaoe the Pure Srauo* before their gue?tK, Dutjubstitute a genuine dottle filled with a spurious mixture. , For sale b/ Grocer* and Fruiterers eT^ry where. JOHN DUNCAN A SO*8. i'lit on. Sqwiti and Hr4 strut, Ntw York. Sole Who!**iafor the Uuitsd State*. ; A Stock ai ways in store ? Aim orders reeeivoa I for direot shipments from Enc.vtl. lLS~ fit wart tit Count fr/ttls a?J imitatiim*. -/fl ep 3rly,oo Cyre Cv+|*. Cold, iio*ritt**n. In- ! *T%\Yk? amy /rr?J??i?n c Sc??i ? ? 0/ ii< zvoa*, /;<;?*** ?a? 1 iStiBPmfTn f Couth t* 0e<tnMtj?11!'Ti 1'I h ll.ll Iim, Bro+ckiitt, | %lil'jkLjjwfrwf " caj*?r*. n?o? ?? * Vy ,*%aEir5y*/ 'if ? ?'(* lo in eo:<? o/ Nti/V/tKw^ PUBLIC S F i: A K E R 8 mo eiNttEKt?. Pew ?ie iwirecff].* importance ol cUeomnt a Cocjh or "Common Colo'' in its first state; f il which In the bej.c.xn *;;uid yie;-i toamiia remfj dr, if ne|lecteJ.?... i Mit knftie Lti.ts. "fittmn't ! Btonekiml Trc-m.t," c. i ;ta:i; \s ?,eniuTc. r t?n4redl nti, allay Pa fDoriarr and Hionotiiai Irritation. "Tnat troutJe id my Threat, (for BROWN'S which the "IYoc*?.< are* <?pf<.!fcu) * *?int made its often i iwrf ?t;iTROCHES m*r.r* ? ??... ? ? r? n ijuiiir? BROWN'S " 1 recommend ti<?ir nae to PvmLia Snuni." * ROCHES REV. K. H. CHAP1N. "Groat aemoeiE auhdnjng HoaksbBROWN'B mm." REV. DANIEL WISE. fRnrnrs "Alraoat inat&nt relief ia the dn tr???tne labor of breailuog peeuliai RROVN'fi 5o ASTHMA." w? p REV. A. C. ESGLESTON. TROCHES " Co..Uju bo Opu:m or %Bythini iajirio??." DR. A. A liA^ES, BROWN'S GktmtH. A&nca, 44 A auraieand ? r*?aat ? >tt'ira TROCHES ,,.c f9. (jow.Mi, ie " ! Blown 8 W? TR0CRK8 J5?n**Uk) in Biommipi," OA. I. K. VV. LANE, BIOWN 8 Bmsm VROUHES wTJSltf'? BROWN 3 ^V. 1.V WAREEJJ^ Iwrocees * I BKOWKB fc?s.V.B. ? I*. AN PERSON. vsnniiKB " Errxct*4L a raaiortox 12o?ra?1 neM Wl<f initfittcn of iue Thrtmt, M , illOWN'S *00110011 vub 9ml2Ui utd SimHOWES '" .-r.-- M. STiO V VKOGELES bacoftt *h?a taker. before S.nH or??i*K<n? wvwt f wuUiUB f ? ? ?UV J fTBTOKI BIOWN'8 Hoaiseaear. From lieir Hit iMJect. I tin ok Ui?r will be of permtaent ad?*IK)?S8 ,ow,? . M. BROWN'S rr*4Ul?Lt olAthens College, Ten*. "oc"ks ' < ' , na TOl'HAMS mrurw* V PREMIUM TRUNK iUfi % % MANUFACTORY, 490 SlTlKTB SiMST, Wapktjwto*, D. C. BllwMed*' awarded by Maryland Instltito Btltiir.OTe, Nov?m}*r 7,18*). AIm, Modal bl Metropolitan Mechanic*' Insti tite, Washington, D. C., 1897, I Am cocrtantlT making. ar.d always havo oi kt?4, of Uio beat material, every dworiptien ? rinn sole Leather, Iron frame. Wood Box, and D _ Sokoo; SatoleJj^Ve* At Low Frtcu. Members of Coan???a3 tr-.Tftlwi will pleaae nunme m; ?took beloro juiou*-.** eiMtrhert Trunk* the tare made in other ciS??. 9aj#rior Leather aud Drm Tmcke made to Tru'nke oovered and retired at ihort notice, ftoode delivered frei or oharee to anyfcut or Ik* it* -orjetown, an1 Aiex-.ndria. HMK?? O TQPHAM. ROMK-MA.UK BOOTS i.-VU SHOES, Por Umh'. Mti?n' am CHii-oaan'e Wma?? At Mxtmdimiiy M 41 Pa.??.. u?t. u* im ttYA* i TftAVMLtiflitS' D1BWOTOEY.I TUORTHE&N CENBAL *AlLWAl\ Tkt 3k*rt*tl, Q*itk*> tmmd B+u John A** B+lttTlfW EST. WINTER SCKMDULE w n?vi i !?t ?rKt !>? fr.vo:*'* in U;* Ptu,.ibl^a, JAS OK 8TJT: AM FiT?iNI? JJUSINE:iS. Store ob ?th at. * =*, * few doora north of Pa. avonae, wfce.e rear be teaad a commute *w-rtmer.1 ti CHaNPEUEkS and oibar 9AS,BTSaMm* wat Eh i 1XTURKS. uft-lr ItNYDEK, FLeXBSR AND HAS PITTMR, Bu rennoYsU to th* oorrer oi Twelfth ana F st?. He ia f^arud to introduce Water and Sasnpcn the mort favorable te mi, acd jua-actiea enure tatiafuctioD. 4eh&? on hacd a lot of COOKIN9 and other STOVES, whioh he will aell leeettiaa ooat, aa he wialiee to cet rid of them. no If We AS FIXTURES. E flar- .l ?.<>rc. \nc are t'M_T reofuvirr JS WHA.HOIOT J 1X1. On n.d After Pl'NDA Y. Wtb No^mbtr, PA??en fttr TrAinc will Arrive And depArt from OAlvArt StAUoL A* follows: Ttiin Netri Luri MaiI At 30 a. m. PnffAlo Expree* S p. in. P?rktoL AocfmmodAtioii 4p. m PitUbargArrf KATiabvrc fexp<-??? I T p. m T*AIS? Sons ABBOT Pa* k ton AcoommodAtioB At I a. a KufUln Kxpresa 8 Su a. m Pituburg And HArneburg k'xpro** NLAU 6 30 ?. m. Tbe 8 a. m trAm from WAabicrton oopaecta with th? ?J0 a. m. trAin frxm H%!timi>re fnrUe Wnt And for BntfAlo. Kim rA Hiohe?t?T, Daokirk. CAaAdAifBA And NiAgirA FaI.i, ABd for N*w York oity. The 21 A. m. trAin from WAahicfton conpeou with the 3 p. m trAin frnn Baltimore to WmU North A"d Northweet A?d tlmirA And BnffUo And Rooheeter. Theft p. m.trAin from Wnsfcineton oonneota with the&.S-'p. m. tiain from Bvtimore for Puttr-urf, HAf risbori And the W ~*t Aid la a direct oouneotioatfor Leb\ron, FA?ton Aliens, wn And New YorkviA CehtrAl RAilrrA-l of New Jtrtej. Try this rou^e for New York ErThe ocijr train ioatruif Baiumareon Sunday e2 p. ni. train, for HftTiafcarc.llttaoarf, Chicigo and ti e Went. 'I h* <>uiy train arriving in Baltimore on Sunday is th > 3" a-m. train. JAS.U CLakKE, do 86 ly guperirtenrtenC nA<?BBI??Bft AND FROM VFlNT^k S( HEDULM. filSRHSflW Bl'KClAL NOTICE TO TRAVELER0. On asd afw?r, November 18, tatf.PM*n??r Trajn* between W^PHINGTON and UAuTIMOKK T-iil n n an follow*: ThAlfiS MOV tjifl MJRTH. Momiat ?ixpre#? leave \V tuihircVn 6.W a. K. Ar rive &t If*. Urn- re 7 Ui, .; FiiiifSelphia It*? P.K ; i>ew \ork If m.; Martian rc Mfcp. M. Mom us Aocomirkxlation laavt. W&antnctcn 1.4* a v. Airiveat Baltimoro ?.30 a. at. No oooneotior* at llaltirrore. New York Mai' Train?!<?avo WanhiEitcti at 11 a m.; arrive at Baicmcre is 40 p. Ahiladelphla L. m r? w New V ArW 1A ? Atterxcen Aooommo^ftura?Irave Waahiaxtoo 3.15 r, it. Arrivaal La 'in ere? W r. M.; flame tmrf SO a. M.; Phil&<2e'pl:ia lt.OO p. *. KTfSin; fclxp-W?letiTe W??' ititlcn ? p. M. Am?? -st ih! 'asovf Wi F.a.; Paiit.ielphia 1C SB r. M-: New York * * v.; H \ nrr I a. M. TAJ iAi M6 J /Atf 6 <? CTri, L?t? New ^ ork at t a. U.; Pi^lnce.piLaU.M a. ? , I-.iltu.cretfur>k. AirlTfl aihii^toul.eo *' *'a-* New York at Sp. m.; Philadelphia to JO r. m ; Baltimore CSV a. *. Arrive at VP ae Lin* ton I ^ L^areNev Yort at 1' ?. v.; Philadelphia IJC a. w ; CaiUiajretH a.m. Anlveat Waahiiftoa 910 a. MAooonajrvodaticn Triune leavr Baltimore at I a. M.,*rd*p.n , for Waahinjtoa, arrive there at 11 a.m. and 7 p.*. Pauie:.(er Traina leaving Waaliinaton at 7 *> a. it. a u X' > r. v., and Baltimore at 1M a. m and IJC p.m. make direct oceqooUoiia for Aunapolia at the Jo notion. Traina laave Anc&yolia for Baltimore and jVaah ington at 6.5P a. M. and 8 p. M Paaaenxer Traina .favine v* aanlufton at 6.1* a. m., Ham. a> ' 6 p. u.. and Ba tiinore at 4J0 and 7,1' a. M-, and 3 & '> p. x.. will ?tom onivat Annaptits Junction and Watntngton (Htlam Jttrnritmm. waj Aamei.gera miut take tbe Accommodation Trains only Trat> t will leave VVaatungton and Baltimore promptly u/k h card Mm*. W. P. SMITH, Alaater of Tra\?p rtation, Bait. J. T. ENGLAND, Agent, Crnndon Station. Baltimore. 6. T*. l*. Agent at W'aatiinttop. poao -,? sihAM WEEKLY BETWEEN ITZ-iig? NEW VOKK AND LIVERPOOL. ? ^ Landing and emt>arkibg paa*eiigera at Ouftti?'owi>. Ireland Th? Liverpool. New York ar.d Philadelphia Bteamahi* Cotnpai j tot*n<i diapatohmc their full ovirHl C yd**- i>aut iron Steai&?hip? aa follows : ttLA&OOW, August 3d. OF BALTIMORE. * s 10th rawuakuu. " ? " 13th.* And every Saturdar, *t noon, from Pier ?4, North river. &ATIH or PA*?A4B. Fir*t Cabin ?#74 0t>. to London ? Do. to 15 Do. to Hamburg 86 Bleeriue __ fan Do. to London 34 Do. to i^-ii 3* Do. to Hnmboic ? ?- ~ 86 P?8?enK?:? fcrirardtd to H?*re. Bremen, Rotterdam. Antwerp, 4o, at raduoed tlirujicti tares. i ers"r.? wishtr.R to tiring out their frieoda oan b,;y tictots at low rat^s Kor lurther information apply at the Captain* Offioe. JOJ4N ?. DaL* , Acect, 16 Broadway. N. Y., Or to Q. A. HER UlNti* Aoaine Express Balti- I ?n/iM i ? NORTHERN CENTRAL RAILWAY. SUPERINTENDENT'S OFF1CE.I Caltiet atiosi B&timore. May 18,18a. | On and titter P outlay, May 19th, 1861, Trains on th* NORTHERN CENTRAL RAILWAY nr nve and depart u toilows. until further notion. TRAIN* NQfiTH. MAIL at R 15 A.M. ^ EXPRESS atSJi> P. M. HARRIbHURU ACCOMMODATION It I P. M. The 8.15 A.M. train oosnnota at Rainy Honan ltb trains on the Western Maryland Railroad; at Hanover Junotion witti Hanover ana GetUhurg K& Iroade; at York with York and Wrifhuviile Rat road; at Hatntturr wnh Pencsy vara Rail roai for nil parts of thu West. aim. with Vai Katlroad to N*w Yorkdirttt; at Northum berianl with L and K. ?si!road for luncstou and ah parts of W ?o? nun* Vail#* And at *nz2Dcry with the r'bilauelptia au-i l-'ric Katiro&d lor ail parU Northern Peoneylvauis %b?l New York. The 3 P. M train makes all ttie above oonneot.une oxocpt H&rovor Rairtnd, WrighUville Kvlro&d and the Lebannon Val>? Railroiad. The 8 P. M train irakae oorn?sjtiui.* with Penue*Ivaaia Railroad for all parts of the Weet.and direct connects for New \ ork. TRAINS ARRIVE. Mail atCl 'P V.; Exprors at 7 44 A. M.. flarriabare AoaonuriodstioL a; 2.43 P. M. For T?ekeU and ir.f?r ation inquire at the Ticket Ofioe, Calvert Station. B* J. fc. CLARK'. Hnpt. PHI LA nfcl.PHIA, WILTftHM M1NGTON AND UAL"W. TIMORK RAlLKt'AD. SPHiyG AXD SUMStkh AhAAfiOEMkNT. Or. and ai?*r Tt'I.SMY May l?Ui, h??B|? Truca t-iT Pnuade pt.ia will Inve Premdeat atrMt Depot;j**oept S*UDdaT?)a? follow*, via: I'-xpn^a Vn?h> at 6 15 A. M Way Mail Train at 4.45 A.M.; Evening Mail at 4 46 o'olook. On 8UNliAYPat 4 45 p. M oniy. All traina oonneot with N?w York trains exoept 4.46 P. M. tram on Bator, day a. A Freight Tram with paaaanfer oar attaohad Imtm at 5 P. M , stopping at all fnationa between Ua.Uinor* and Hjvre di>-6r?o?. I'aatet igera for Delaware a'd the Kastern ffcore if Maryland will ftnd themoat expedition* roate by way af W'lwingtoB. 1X7" All Colored Peraona rauct give fc^d befora entering U<e oar?. WM CRAWFORD, Ageat. ! w VORK AND ERIE RAILROAD Pumf?r Tmm Imti via Pavonia Farr? and Long Uock. from foot of Chaafan trsot. New York, a* follow*, m: 7.un a. m . EX 'RKbS. for Duntirk, and Buffalo, and jrmoipal interme ?>a Station*. | |i>'L m .MAIL, for Dnnku*. acU f Unpad lata ! StAtioca?This Train remain* over cif ht at Elsura, and proceeds tha naxt raornini. 1 9.'/i a m . MILK dailj, for Ofctviiia, and inter I mail late Station*. ll.ooa. m , ACCOMMODATION, daily, far fort Jervu, atd principal Stations 4 00 p. m., WAV. for Abcdiatown, Newburgh, 'mJoV n?TpflOHTt|iXPRE88, daily, for DonJ^uk,^?ff*io,rCac?n(l&iinaaDd pnnoipa! Station* ?... .i?tn vi D*ura?7 scop* ti ail Mail Train stiMoo*, and rim r?n!j to Klmlra. 6 00 p.m.. ACCOMMODATION .for Hornarrille. and pnnoi al Station*. CH A 8. M1N OT, eaa'l 8?p*t. NATHANIEL MARSH. Raowrw. YOh K. HARLEM AND LKAVl^GN NEW K O IUp FOR ALBAN?YeSRM^R SMISGa?EW*Comawnci' i Monday, May IKh, Ittl. For Abany?U*? a. m. til r xpr**a traim from JPor Dorer Plain*?4.-00 p. m. stopping at White Plain* and station* north to Dover plain*?from nth Btroot station. _ (This train -wall run to MUlcrton every Saturday r*For^5'roton Fail#?fclla. m. atoppinc at all atauooa north of Ford ham from Mth atreat mation. For Wtui< Ptai:*-fc?, 4:10 aad Sew >. m. atoppint at nil station* from 98th atreet atetion. For W hit* Piain*?*:I5 p. m. atoppinc at all ateBon* from White atroet elation. For William* flr:it??-yj>t llflSa. m.aad.MQp. m. atoppinc at all atatior* from TTtfc atrMt station. Retnrmnc trill leare? aiHor-wv a. m. twt uithi trta. . Dovtr Pitini?641 k BU .( *? trMlM IMTM Mtl lerton ?t<t> Monday mornlm at o a, m.( Wiili?m? Bridge-**'.*? a. ?.* $&sr*%rzsi a..j j'."1" ^?cius'Buk"m^irir wihKTW'^V,1. *a5SS?0sra&tw roaiU??Ht? triun^^A. tit m., ?*d !.? $. m. PMliJliitA'rflk. cno ? m. 4J5 ?. ?- ., ' "Wf.Wflt"' ^yssjfiJtssajr^ t>~ -.?& AND KENBAN?TOK IWroT.v X JL11A M .T*l ?'* * -' A?>- ? <*!A ?*!?,<?? j AMk c uC^?L?C.< . . _ A|* Ai ?"!.? TBCsmdec snd Jrrr?? "??? iMf?* *-< J"" C..,. MigF&rbo?,< a< oT-njj ATT^., Til Camden M4 AHJOT.iC lu. * iH?T fr* Jer *7 City, AijW*^*7VffjleMiafton ud ,'eney C :y, A^^tf^nTcwndeii aad Jerary Ctty, t fcraa-ri At Um'p.M., TiaCa??eceo<l Jeree; Clcy,(&>aL AUmLtIi Candec an<? Arc bey, (': tloa, freight and paeetLjer, Ftret C in Vict-* .< P^SrJSf^VfclB rtM tails. Vto* 114 P. M Nu'.Htvari axcaftea. For 0?TM?re. Kaatcn. Lamberts tUa, F.eiui t ton. Ao-at yj? aVM.. andifc i\ M. t "^cr^ater Bay. Stroedatart.ferai'tou.WiitM harre.Moctroee, 6'eat Berd, Ac,. .\t ?.)<> * & rroaKMaic(toc,TU Uotevmrr, Lackeaenoe aaj Weet?:: Ka...road. for Macci Chonk, A.iertcwi. aad batt. An. .'. If 10 A* M? M P M?> (i Otjfl &6LllL^^or(f w'-p a^UO A^ M^u- eootneoU wnt? the trail ?? PvJr Mouot Ho'y M A. M. and I ar:i ^Vor Freebcidat? A.M. and t P. M. For Pa.ruy* Rire s,Pe?erw?o, Hfwlj. Cj> anrtoc, F oTcn^oc. Bort'entovn, Ac . at 1*% . i. ft, f% and t p. M Btaaner Treatea lor Bor4eatove. end latere dikU jwHi U KH P. M. fruin VV a!ant et.-f*'. 'tT For New York and Way Liu*. e*?,nr Kenaicjrtoc i>e*ot, take the cut ot Fiitii ? ?aoore Wai in t, half aa hoar before deea * nr? . ...? oar* rn> into the depot, and oo arrival of t?a l i : from taede,?ot. Fifty pound* of bacrace only k-.ovc ? raM*D|?r Paeeenjea ere prohibited / i: a* ., anytbiuf a* baciM' "at their wear,- 4 a??*: All ba<ce?e over &fty pocnde to be > ' extra. The company limit their rtepontifi ity bacvace to one ?oi ar pe*^ ?il! i.t liable ! * any aaoi< t beyond oae fcutdteu emoept by epecta. ooi tract. fc U. H fiAT7MKK. /.,* s^^^SES\F?iC,T?AliIi,,:?J ?' ? nvi^-ny i jtc SfftiftT" "* fivsftv- -' !S? T m M# * " 'i-S " **? ? ..' j' p in 1^6 1 id Montr,*! u>d Hcffklo Trtin with ilefiiu l*'S P III 1 it g, t??lfi?X*S 5???Z. W>? N?w \ O Or 5T. ^M.yWji*?< *>. B Uii, 4 vXt RiiV^ r 00 Rorr,e V. r. sLTIL ?? . Syr?ca?e. Mara* fv r 8o?per?i. n BndfA. Anbwrn. G?r?\-*.Ca a* <K #i.a fwSJi* Jor U&mil'oB. 1 <>r< r i>\ LT^m?? <w/i3k7iFi.n l?u La<<. T^rV.^h iWk ,0,L*^n? 1)U Ct iec, Ot Mi Doniettb. Dnba^ne, P?cria, F?0* J*.and Miiki' i ?'Jn L^ii.Cnro|Yeir? Htutf, liHfki tpn n coii^r'u:??.? JoiiiU \V Nt, North*Nt tad ttouth " NORTHKIIN ROUTE. _ Conneotine with Traira at 'I roy, with Troy A Boston and Rem k. Saratoga Poede for Saratoga, White hail, Rntiaud, Barliiurton, "U A1 bara. Ron ? Point, Piattabsrgn. Ogdenabaigh. Montreal, St., u IE7* Freight Arrangomenta by tin* rout* a* above, without chance of Cara, from the ItrpuU in rhtmMra and ?'anal atr?eta. a'? at all t:r,?? m favorable aa made by other Fi. rn.' (Yirft iM The tacilifaea of thia great Now York R?it?,?o l)>? Weat oo*nnioiid it to the ?or idauoe oi nieiot.ii/* aa ' ahipp?;? for promptiea* ard dicp&tofc Puaemer traira. with Smckuig iki wei ftotnm connection on the New tork Cenr: For'pa'tioo are m to iooal treina an^ f-eitht a' rangementa, inquire at the depot. 6? w arre A. ^ Hip*rn.ter- >i.' ^jp-^lNDIVlDUAL^^ITEFFRIMi EASTER" A <V D WVSTKS I SHORE STEAMERS. "KENr,"C?#t. J. H. fC'rwmi. I Y-f/OJVlf?iv."C?pt. W.Ncrir?.t. I Will ran tbeir nmM m follow*, leavi t L *Li treat, Mfc-UiBore, fool of Caindeu. at l o'clock A. M: KENT?For Cambridge, Denton and L?rd:Dti on Cboptanfc nwr, every W K.DNtSDAY * U A T t T wf l?* V? *- *- " naimuai! reuirmnf BTery IMrKltT a Monday. Fur Annai>olie and Weet River,evert Tl? DAY and FRIDAY and retort mt u e'fayi PIONEER?For Pt. Miohaol'tan* Fa*tO?. "a Mile'* River, every W EDNF-^DAV, *ud rr'.n: . the earn e day. ! For Annapohe, WMt River, Cairhrviae, <>*'t?rd | ud KuMn Fomt. every THURSDAY. retaiL.:>c 1 by lame roat* on Friday For Aii^spoli*.vVret River,gt. MieLaer?ar.4 i Eat ton, via Mile's River F?rr?. ?twj ftAT'li. DAY, returning every Monday bj *mme route Far? to Cambndra, Denton, Oxf..rd and Fn*ton .Point- ? tl ? Fare to ?L Miohael'1 and Mn<*' River-<r..?r1 F*re U>\fc^?t'RivM,irvni-<! trie, fit 1 ? Fare to AnoMoll* (rou&d trio 75 aeftti)?_ ?? " MEALS EXTRA. ITJ" P<-eirbt nut :<* >r?p?d. tt^ixfaad OSoe, LIGHT bT.,fc>o< ot <* *>& Baltimore C. K CAN^'tV rm , Ik! m ?? ? ?' ~~ ? " ? nui'iut xu m\taRr;, H*? Po?tma?ter 9?Mrt: havtut order**" tr? rju Nrntt between WubiaiMC, _ JT" 4 Ua t mo-e.aad Old Point > ForwijL Moaroai to ba racaroed, on and Moc lay, tboaDU lnatact, the Bay I. toe of it-iinw Wiil i*a?? Da timcre K VfcKY DAY feaoejt j*ci. day) from their vu. f. foot <11 moc D> ok. at is o'clock p. id., or immediate!. after the arrive. i the Wuhir.ftoo Train, which ieavoe Wuh.:.t a at 2* o'eloofc p. ol m ?-tf M. N FA I-LP. Pw*S. U.S. (K)VKR.NMKNT UNk fcfTTTi FORT MONROE A*i> OL2 point comport. Lmtm the lower end of UNION DOCK. IU'more, we*t tide, DAILY. (9und*T? in* ud*l, Oio'oi ok P. BI. t&kmc p?e*ei.fter? tu<i fripht. a 4 oonn^etinr *itti the Railroad lmee.t> ai.?i! Wethtrfon, D. C.. Philadelphia. New York.r * ton, York, Harrieburr, PitUbarc, Pa. mJ trie Wett, immediately af-er the arriv*! of J Tie tif ? Train from New Yoik and Phuiux lph;a The followmc i? the fVshedu.e : From New York to Fort Mooroe ud baok.-fl* From Phii*del|kh-a and took.... # From Baltimore and haok._ A* PROCURE YOUR TlCRKT^J^i in N?v York.?t u?e >Uw J*r?i KaUro?<i OB* loot of Co?rti?i d tr?**. In Phi.nd*:*hi?. ?t Ue Compter'* o?o*. N. W. eorctr of Biztk ?od CbMtcct atiMCa, or ?C tw D?y>t. R??rt MMl Prim* jtr?1a. ulsJiSzb* on #! ui oil V I linlNhK, ^ Pumi*r A|MI BOSTON VIA NV.VI PORT AND FALL HIVEK By l?* if'f-did ?cd ?cp*'C SOT?A*TSBiftlwaSEWii trwutii tad fMd. bnt Miferakwiy m^Apu-c tn \t* S2^/^tS,8sjvsa,v.j: The 8t^?E^lRSHT^r?^ ff ?w 7* Ml Prtd?r?, M 4 u'eiook The BtweeOTVETB^OU^! Cml Brere, w> - 4 ' ^ _Thw bte?n "rs ire Ictwfwith. ouiudmI'.cm Ule roonit. fci,d every <Hliaf*n?ent for tWeernrl t T &U(i OOITi^Ort <*1 - - Wk. .M ) * likli* i*H on board, ajxi on*rr.?? * rlii *tw?r ?-ooo?k1 ??r SMuaboftt Tr?lB.rMf feU14 BtnoD Hrly th? following mcroutg : or rtr [f^yM boyd e?tol et?rtiE? or the Aooo?rooa?M wtucb they misj rmot Boitot McrMre HMr la MuM to wefc Khukt. Who rwMfM tad tiHfeto Ui? ;?ai<a. Uu m?mpiaim Um mm to lta daata u*?oa. ? A?toM??r rasa la ooomcUoc with Una Una to^ gr?ec Piil Rirvr ud Proridanoe daiij. ?AO*f? rmttt %o B?ton ;a forwvdad thmnih viti> JM o'c ook for Boat?s klc Nov imW fti lta rlMtitk^liM a* 11 a ml J*or"KuLktoib<*rd.o: oftoe on Pier No. I NorthKIW^ r or r**f ^cr> ?r,Hit J* 'liIf?. la ouuwttee wiu ti?< pioKitor ww ^oriliMiMd Bmtoc *ac Pronder.c* R*..n?*J? eS??f.Wo?3 tera,3!sr &4:?H&ST? oUi?r roul**, ?nd iu uultumf for ? ' MvrtiLf L.U.M 00L?ct:a4 North 4x*l ? ** ?* # mtm tSat]Koftr it ?? ihmv, muoj ?*?** r**x fMt i7<Wr?f;md l?T* 0rotoM IB tfc?>i?A /^ Train, nnun? tint at PrerUeeoe w?l* i* ^^^SjUSBXhESra rnufKi w?f, _.,u rw maw Ink, or Stfssr "E? < f A. a

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