Newspaper of Evening Star, December 13, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 13, 1861 Page 1
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$ (gktintij $>i<xx. -?? ,n. . I V2fe. XVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C . FRIDAY. DECEMBER 13. 1861. N?. 2.750. mrnmmmmm THE EVENING STAR ? PUBLISHED BVBRT AFtAiL/tOOit, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAA UJILOINM, ftnMr wf p?Mi)ii(Mw mwi ami JUvrmti it. IT W. D. W4LLAOH. P*txr? wrTed IS (SUtB*ei Iff oftCTlen it it A feu, or 37 oeota per aooath. io ma'.! | the price U $3 JO a yew, ? linen, 91 far Ml oatki; tl for throe moathe; u4 for im ttu im moBtba at Ike rale of 19 eoik week. Malic copies, oils cairr; la wrappere, two onrre. (17 inriirnniKTi ihoaM bo Ml to tkt oRee before IS o'clock n.; otberwiae they may ao? appear until the aext day. INTERESTING FROM PORT ROYAL The Cettea>Cellrctiea Arraafeaaeata?The *toa? Fleet?Aa laportut Adraace Mayeaieat. 4 . i Corrcapondenee of the New York fcxpceea ] Hit to 5 HlAB, PoBT ttotaa. 8. C , ) . , dffimtwr i. imi It hu Wen determined by Gen Sherman to appoint an agent to collect and a to re the cotton, now lying looae in auch luimanae quantltiea on the various d?aerted plantationa on tht* and the neighboring Islands Tbat which atl 11 remains unpicked will ato be gathered and packed, and la thia work the negroes are to be employed A doable purpose will thnabe answered; the valuable commodity, io whose aecurity the world ia Interested, will be obtained, and the Inflammable material, out of which some propose to manufacture a aervlle InaurrecUon, will be put to a much more advantageoua one The negroes, while picking and atoring cotton, wm at wwiing against me rebellion, quite as effectively u If burning their master's Douses, ad shooting their masters themselves Indiscriminately; tnd st the same time, the danger of dividing Northern sentiment will not be increased The blscks are to be paid for their labor on proper vouchers, and the cotton Is to be shipped to the Quartermaster General at New > ork, snd sold by him on public account. Lt. Col Nobles, late commanding the New York 79th Regiment, but who has within s few dsys resigned his commission, hss been appointed to superintend this Important work He is fitted for it, by his previous life, part of which hss been spent at the South among the negroes snd In the cottrn country It is believed that cotton worth from s million to a nplllton and a half of moner, can be Immediately procured In this vicinity Mr. Nobles hss already began the initiatory preparations ior di? important enterprise, and aet oat to-dav for St Helena Island He maj perhaps be unable to accomplish as much an he desirea, as the rebels are burning or burying cotton as fast as they-can, returning often In small squads at night t" the places where Federal forces have visited during the day As, however, reinforcements are expected to arrive here to-day, It will be in the power of the cooftnanding General to make such a disposition of the troops as will preveat in future these returns Nobles will take with him a large enough force to secure himself against any hitefruption. The stone fleet, as it ia called, hove in sight yesterday and sailed away again to-day; if 1 knew whither it was going, I would not tell; but 1 don't. I learn that Gen Lee undoubtedly is In command of the refcel forces In South Carolina; those who ought to be well iuformed air that he ia at lk? i*? A -?? - mi?? n M,w* IIW|?, ?,IMI or 0,MM 01 wniCb are supposed to be at Charleston, and 4,000 at Savannah. I enclose a copy of a singular letter, the original of wblch lies before me, nod which indicate*the uneasiness felt by 9onth Carolinians In the secrets of State, In regard to their negroes, so long ago as laat May That uneasiness in now proven to have been fuUy warranted : Sr?r? of South Carolina* ) Htad^uartrrs, Majr !M, I80I ( To Capt Stipken Elliott, Jr. Dear Sir:?(n reply to yours of the 17th, to the Governor, I am desired say that the reason why the sea coast and parish companies have been called Into service here baa been because It waa distinctly understood to be the desire of the parishes that their companies ahouid remain to guard and protect their coast, and to koep up a strut folic* wkort tk* Negroes wtrt n numtrout?for tbia purpose, sabres were given to them, the cav<ilry, and not given to the up country companies Vour local companies were requtrea for Immediate protection The Governor begs me to assure yon most posltivsly and distinctly that that was the only reason the parish companies were not cafled Into service here, and aa a matter of conrse jo? will at once see the Justice of tbe reasons. i ae bwrnoc would have most readily called upon you bad Ibla not been tbe caae. Reepectfullv youra, F. I. Mom, J ft , Ald-de-Camp an<> Private Secretary. December 6 -An Important movement la to be made to-day?indeed, baa already commenced A large force, onder Gen Stevena, haa been ordered to Beaufort, and ia about atarting. The entire telaml of Port Royml ia to be permanently occupied. Tbe troop* are already under arma, reglmenta are marching peat headquartera, the a team era to convey them are being put in readineaa, the Quartermacter'a department la fall of buetle and bualneaa, and the proapect of at> Important aa advance into tbe interior, and on the direct road to Charleaton. Alia tbe men with eager excitement. Simultaneously with thla move another la to occur?the occupation of Tybee I aland, on Waraaw sound?alao by a force large enough to hold thia place againat any attache tbe enemy can make. Should the poasea ton vf Beaufort prove to be the first atep of a march In tbe direction of Charleaton, eventa of magnitude muat be cloae at hand. Col Noblea haa already occuDled Ladle*' and 9t Helena island* with troop*, and by to-night Port Royal Island will also be in our poaaeaalon; in i day or two more the cotton will be coming la from the Interior. The rebela have entirely abandoned the coaat, aad begun blockading tbe creek* and rivers to Impede oar further progress inUnd Thla Intelligence la brought In by negroes who were encaged on tbe work; so that oar occupation of Beaufort will prove a disagreeable Interruption to this employment of the Confederates, and at the e*me tim<* a pretty sure earnest of the readlne?e wbich ticn Sherman now appear* to feel for aggreealveoperations A. B. Important from Havana. [Correspondence of tbe N. Y. Exprem ] Ha van a,Dec ?There moat be aoms mistake tn tbe statemsaU of the New York and other Northern papers, sbout the eHcisooy of the blockade Three dsys ago, the Confederate steamship ? ? m . ? ? " -" vanarrQui, uapv ?miu>, came into port with a valuable cargo of eettoa, which will find a good market at Barcelona, whither It will at once be chipped. Three ether (teainert are naderetood to m routs, ?one from New Orleans, aad another from Charleston Tbe Confederate steamer W. Mallorr came la yesterday from Mobile, 'with a cargo of Naval 6tor*s. The captala won Id have baoagbt cotton, bat tbe Confederate authorities at Mobile would not permit It to be shipped. VftMll ara riff'? iTurt Am w fur nufti In tH? C. 9. A , and ws do not leant that many captures are made. Most of these vessels carry coffee, for woich they get S15J{ to flOy. Tus Black Fla? ?The Memphis Avalanche advocstos the "Black Flag" Ides In the followlog ferocious language: We unhesitatingly say<hat the cause of justice, that the rauss of humanity itself, demand that tbe black lag shall be unfurled on every fleld? that extermination aad death shall be proclaimed aga net the hellish miscreants who persint in polluting oar soil with their orimes. Ws will stop the effusion of blood, we will arrest tbe horrors WW| wy iauguwci ui IUC iu?, uy rum pin of overwhelming and unoparlag vengeance, w nen Oliver Cromwell majMcred the garrlaon of Drogbeda, suffering not a man to eecape, be jaatlfted on thla ground (bat b1? object waa to briBg tbe war to a cloe??to stop tbe effHloB of blood? aad tbat It waa, therefore, a merciful act on bia part The South can afford bo laager to trifle? be moat strike tbe moat fearful b wwa?the wax cry tf extermination must be raiaed. ZoLLicorrta ioviicm* ?We bare newa by letter from gomaraet, Ky, to the effect that Zollfcoffer baa advanced ta tbe north bank of Green rlvee with 13,000 men, and that Qen. pboepf, with hla force*, la retreating from before them to Boawwt, Zollieoffer'a force la tu euperlor to tbat of the Federal* apoa that llaa, and han for the aafoty of Oea f&oepf* gallant command may wall be Indulged. We uadeniMd Um bridge aeroee (he Bacon creek ?u d octroyed day before yeeterday Some ny It ww doM ay the aeoeah; other* by oeraona who hare a grudg* i(iloit the Railroad Comptny ? LtuttvtlU Jinmal. Tib Hbcomb Stoms Piut -The New Bedford (Maaa ) Standard aanoaneee the departure from that place, ea Monday laat. of two ahlpa aad tre berqaee which have been ftttad out there to eocnpeae a part of the aaeoad atone fleot. The Standard eaya that theae raauli are to bo need tor the purpoeeef t>iockadla* the harbor af Charieeton, In noaneettati with ebtpe ftttlng at Deatoc, New i.oodoa aad New York ? Am? ran tu Soctb ? Wo Informed that Urge it nan left the Thamea on Sopday morula* laat, ,170. or Nmnbv.) with p4pers made oat for Teaerlffe.bat. la fact, for My port aha mr mtke la the soatbera State* Th? It I Ued li her docks, aa wa aro to d. with povrd?r ad other manttleas of war, the balk of whieh iu took oa board off Purieet ? tmfluk ? ?** Campaigning with the F*deral?. The following are extracts from a letter written bj a joung lettler in America who baa eollated ia the Federal army, dated Camp Crittenden, State of Kentaoky, Sept. 10th, 1801: " My pay in a rifle oompany is ?3 per month, two anita of clothea each year, two blanketa. three paira of Blucher boots, one pair of half Wellingtons, two flannel shirta, two felt hats, two paira of socks, eto.; bat we bare got no uniforms yet. All I have vet is a rifle and bayonet, eanteen, haversack, blanket, cartridge and cap-bez, body* belt, 30 caps, and 50 rounds of ammanition. Bat what clothes yon do not take you get paid for. We live in tents, and there is one large wagon to each eompany. A company consists of 100 men, eight corporals, five sergeants, two lieutenants, one captain, one drummer, a fifer, and a teamster. The wagon is drawn by sij horses. We drill about four or six hours a day, excepting Sundays, when we attend divine service twice in the dav. The chaplain is a Baptist minister. We live a great deal befter than English soldiers, or than I did at sea while in the Indies. The worst of the American army is that the offioers do not know the drill. We have 19 tentafor the non-commissioned officers and men, and two for the captain and lieutenant. We have a poor band?three lifers, two tenor drummers, and two bass drummers?the din they make! We live on the fat of the land?any sheep, hogs, green corn, potatoes, oalvea, etc., which do not know the oounterliirn Am tllrun nfiinnaM If J- ? .-n? ?- ? ?? ? ? ? ?? .wwmw? ) Muvi it ?u?jr uv uui take the oath of allegiance to the Government they are immediately pnt to death. There is a* roll call five times a day to prevent desertion. I am in good health, bat there are only about six in the company who have not been in the doctor's hands. Harrah for theUiion!" ?British United Servtee Gazette. "Hang km "?"Hang 'em," yee, hang them, every one Every East Tennessean found recreant to the will and Interest of theState of Tennessee, and known to be actively conniving with Its enemies, should be bung and loftily When the cltlzensof a stuie have, by an overwhelming majority at the ballot-box, determined on Its foreign policy, and by that policy have been necessitated to arm for the defence of their homes and firesides, every resident on the soil of that State who lends or ? I ?. .1 J * ? sa ? - - Kim Am io ice in racier, deserves as utue mercy an Beelzebub will give them In bli empire Wherever the cobralike head of treaaon la lifted, It ahould be tricken off, and that quickly, for Its poisonous saliva Is contagious as the alra of Masemma "Hang 'em," every one ? Memphis AvaUmek*, id. T*? Most** Fliit.?Commodore Porter's Mortar fleet will be ready to sail the latter part of this month. The schooners snd brigs, twenty in number, are now receiving extra timbers at New York ship yards. The mortar brd-platea, upon which the ponderoua ordnance will rest, are now In process of manufacture at New York Iron works. Each vessel will carry one mortar of the largest dimensions, supplied by the Government. The draught of the vesaels, equipped, will range from nine to >? " for service In shallow waters. The destination Is known only to tbe Government. OFFICIAL. Tixasuky Dbpaktmrm, / November 30, 1861.% Sotite u k*r?by given of the readiness of this Department to redeem the Treasury n cites author iced by the aot of Congress approved 17th Decern ber, 180P TKein^f?et ar shaIi T?aa>-? 11 ? va ^kvu AiVMUIJ UVWf Will UVklV on the firat day of February next, by the terms of the above act P. CHASE, Secretary of the Trea?ury. noSOSawSw [Intel. ] Ejob printing, VERT Description of JOB ^RINTINO r?> taired by any bodj?oitnene, oiril fanouoBanea, army ana.naTT omoere, antler*, &o.?exeo?te4 at the STAR OFFICE, in eatiaAMrtort lojr -?'#? for C*J?h "> * n PHILADKLPHIA PROVISION STORE. 119 PmiTiTiXU A VEUVE, Bttttem 1914 and 201A ttt The undersigned, bavins located himself as take* this method or informing the oitiiens of the First Ward that he has opened a first-olass Provision Stort. eonduoted similar to those for *t\ioh Philadelphia is famous. Here oaa be loan* at ail times a large and fresh sopplr of POUI.TRY, GAME, VKEF.MUTTOa.fco. FRUITS and VkeEtAJILEd in seaton. Partioslar attention is ealled to bis stook and prioea of BUTTER. CHEESE, fco. PnllaJe.phia Print Batter. Goshen and W esters Reserve. Being determined to civs tne strictest attention to the wanfsof his onstomeM, and to keek every artiale In his line of the best eaalit*. end Mil a.tth* lowest market prices, he bo pee to m*rit a share of ''Famine wilfb? wiited o^od daily for orders, if repaired. no 18 THOMAS R. WILSON. Oysters?Oysters. THE OVERLAND OYSTER EXPRES8 COMPANY Is now prepared to Iunusb Restaurants, Hotels, batters* ana Private Fawliea with^^v f \ FREaH OYSTERS, by tfce gfflon or(fX fm J in oaus ot all sues. The Oysters arnre daily fresh from the waters of the Ctaapeafce Bay, and ere and tne'pobhe in cfa?ral, and guarantees a prompt attention to allOTwrs. Omoe??S Masket Spaoe, (Avenue Hoase,) between 7th and ?th sts do 3tmm i Republican. 1 New paperhanging. window SHADE. AND UP BOLSTERING ESTALISHMENl, 460 Ninth Siiiit. The undersigned, formerly of the firm of F rankin k. Roth rook, has opened a New Mtore at 460 Ninth street, one door south of e st'eet, on the east aide, where he has a email ohoioe itook. and would be happy to reoeive the orders of the friends and customers f the old firm. Partioular attention will be paid to Paperhnnfins and Upholstery work in all its branohee. no gatawaw L. J- ROTBROCK. tfSfc _ BILLIARDS! TCTm The lovers f ^ of the aaifv av 11 v r a d na ?AWCi vr DIUUUIKVO will And la KMRICH'S FINK HALL. Corner Penaay Ivania av?ca* tod 11th itraot, ( oath iidt<) * two of th? mo?t admir?bU ' TAILS* in tne united gtatai.with trrtrj oomfort and I wl-tf j>T5-e ?Urorm. WK OFFER TO MILITARY MEN ? l*rie &R8. BLA NRET8, HALF^HOSK^Ao , whtofe we innta all otib pnrohuera to examine "xsfore m&liof U?eir <>,?*:ck>q?. WALL, STEPHENS ft CO.. 1M P*. ?t., between 9th mi 10th *U. m H (lato'lueneer hkI Hw?nb!io*n.> W BOYS' CLOTH INB. R H?n reoelred within the iMt d?y or two t tri< teeortment of BO\s' SPRING CLOTH IN6Lembr*otin til etrlee of low-prioed, medmm, io<j fine anaJKiss, wnioh we *.r? ?Allin* a. t mr? !? prioee tot owb. ^VALL. BTEPHKNB * CO., .? , ..'asia^te ,k ssl? 1 ? ts&r.s sar, ^^ sSrsa-.s? .^nf tr?*ter TodacflMota for the jatronate of oifiieci ?d4 stranger* than any other tnblio hooee in tbr jltr. us prioeeMac I'M than Ihoee or any othei ] tmR on penn. iTtma, ud hia aoocmmodationt or ferajujent or tracalent boarder* onexoeptioaibie. 1 he bar and rectanrant arraaeemecta of U>? a- ?eac Role aare ahead* beoonu very eoaa ;ar. beiafjJJ that oaa be deairec by tKe moiffaa id ona. The eroenetor ?led no remitted aaen ?sra.Hwmn 9p h*nd, or mad* ord?r ittb* thortM* ^000 A l>A V* n ATM 1k? A vma a??? _ - J TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. LATER FROM EIROPE. HIGHLY IMPORTANT NEWS. Effect of the Arrrtt of Slldell and Masonindignation Meeting in Liverpool?Mode* rate View* of the London Tinei*-Thf Confederate Sieamer Bermuda Arrived at Havre with Two Thoasand Bale* of Cot' ton?The Caie of the Steamer ItaihTllte. Sandy Book, Dec 12 ?The iteamer Hansa. from Bremen, via Southampton on the 28th ult., baa lust passed thia point on her way to New York. Tne following outline of her newa has been received: " The steamship La Plata, from St. Thomas, arrived at Southampton on the 27th, (before the Hansa sailed.) and reported that the relvl commissioners Slldell ana Mason had been forcibly taken from the ateamer Trent, on her passage to St Thomas. Capt Nelson had entered hla protest against the capture of the Harvey Birch" bv the rebel steamer Nashville The Southampton magistrates refused Capt Nelson a warrant for the search of the Nashville to recover his property, and referred him to the Secretary of State Capt Pegrain and Mr Yancey returned from London toge'her. The latter states that It has oeen mnmaiea 10 mm mrougn a iturd party mat the Nashville la recognized by the British government as a national vessel, and will be ellowed to refit and repair at Southampton, as was the James Adger, to as to exercise perfect neutrality between the two contending parties. Lowooh. Nov 37.?Consols closed st fbr money, and 93,V for account. Cotton closed dull, with sales during the two days previous of 9,000 bales. Qaotatlons were unchanged. Manchester advices were unfavorable. Wheat closed easier. Corn was dull. .1 a -a?j.? rruviaiuua ciineu sveaaier. HIGHLY INTERESTING DETAILS. The London Times of the 23th contains an account of a meeting in Liverpool in reference to the seizure of Messrs. Slldell and Mason. The following placard was posted on 'Change: "octkaox on the british flag." Tke Southern Commissioners forcibly removed from n British Mill Steamer. A public meeting was held at 3 o'clock, and wb? crowded to excess The chair was occupied by James Spence, who read the following resolution: " Resolved, That this meeting, having heard with indignation that an American Federal ship ftf urn r hll fe\m ihlu t?kan f rr\m m U'IMak muil ... _ w?v>w>r raavu *| viii u l/liuau u1b11 itramer certain pass* ngera who were proceeding peaceful!v under the sheltef of our Sa?. from one neutral port to another, do earnestly ca.l upon our Government to assert the dignity of the British flag, by requiring prompt reparation for this outrave " This resolution was received with great enthusiasm. The resolution was advocated by the chairman, who considered that he waaexpresslng the feeling of the people when he said it waa the duty of the people to press on the government the Imperative necessity of vindicating the honor and dignity of the British name and nag. Mr. John Cambell considered that there was reason to doubt whether the facta related and acted upon by this meeting were in reality a breach of International law, and referred to the opinions of the law officers of the crown aa being in some measure lnrllni?H tn ahnur that moti -I with respect to the Southern commissioners was justifiable under the existing stateof international law, and urged the propriety of postponing consideration on the subject till tc-taormw. Mr. Torr sustained Mr. Cambell's views, and the chairman suggested to meet the objections of Mr. Cambcll, to strike out the words "by requiring prompt reparation for this outrage " Thus amended, the resolution was passed nearly unanimously. Several merchants present expressed their views sfter the adjournment, that the meeting and its action were premature. The London Times is more moderate In ita conmenu than the News. While denying that th# federal government, on Ita own position, -'that the exlatlng war ia a mere rebellion," has a right to overhaul neutral ship*, It nevertheless admits that England herself has established precedents which now tell against ber. But these pcecedenta were made under circumstances very different, It aaserts, from those which now occur. England was then fighting for existence, and did In those days what she would not do now or allow others to do. In discussing the question whether Mason and Slidell were liable to capture as belligerents or contrabands, the Times states that it Is the opinion oi very eminent jurists mat tms was noi a question to be adjudicated by a boat's crew. The legal course would have been to take the ship Into port for adjudication. It concludes with the expression tbat England will discuss the question with calmness, ana appeals to the Federal States not to provoke war by sucb acts. The rebel steamer Bermuda arrived at Havre sin >lt?k Q V* ???,? vu iuc ?-itu tiuiu oavouuau) ttuu ittu luuuoauu bales of cotton. tHB CASK or THK NA.SHVILL8. tn reply to the application of Capt. Nelson for a warrant to aearch the Nashville to recover the property belonging to him and the owners of hit ship, Earl Russell directed his secretary to say "that he cannot authorise magistrates to issue such warrants, and declines to Interfere In the matter." The annltratlon wai made on the recommends tlon of Minister Adams. The dispatches of the Southern commissioners, which escaped the vigilance of the officers of the 8an Jacinto, arrived safely in charge of a gentle* man of the party. On arriving at Southampton the Slidell and Mason families went on board the Nashville, and next day the dispatches were taken to London. No repairs had yet been commenced on the Nashville. The London News says: "The remote conaeauencea of this act we shall not attempt to prediet. Enough for the preaent time to say, it is one which will make it the duty of our Government to Insist on ample, complete and immediate aathfiction. Its wanton folly bida us hope that Lieut. Fairfax was acting without inatructions, mmA (k.t Ika ML' m I n r> wl f I nA ?uu ?uai w* aiuiii^vuu vauiuci wiu uv ouuuci

learn what baa taken place in the Bahama channel than It will disavow the act and restore Messrs. Mason and Slldell, and tender the fullest apology Nothing short of this reparation can be accepted." The London Times' city article says that consols declined 1 per cent, under the news of the capture of Mason and Slidell, but afterwards rallied % per cent, closing at 82ex-dividend. SMITH & BROTH KR'8 u a r t? n u v a at a r i.-* i *r xx u u v xt> u n. iTi n. u u 9 SUPERIOR AMBER Al?t, PORTER amd NEW YORK BROWN STOUT. The above CELEBRATED AMERICAN ALES are Brewed from the CHOICEST BAR. LEY MALT anrf HOPS, and highly esteemed by Ihoee who have need them. Parohaaer* are r?queeted to call and examine oar enperior e'ook, aesared that they will find the BEST and PUREST artiolee. We hare at all times a large itook ready for delivery, in wh?le, half and quarter cask*, suitable for the TRADE, HOTELS, and FAMILY USE. which we offer on the MOST FAVORABLE TERMS. SMITH A RROTHER. Brewer.. No. 168 * ISO West lath at, New York City. Order by Mail or Express promptly executed. ee ?- re PIANOS! PIANOS M PIANOS!!! A number of Ml Oot. PIANOS|B|BB reoeived yesterday from the oelebret*d *11 H ' taotory of Wm Kqebe ? Co., amoni them a very handsome oarred Piano, whioh obtained the highest premium from the late Baltimore Exhibition, and wfcioh 1 offer for sale .(as a fine New Year's sreeent)on aooommodating terms, and at pnoee to sait the time*. TO RENT?I will ksT* nU Piano* alwaya on hand, tbongh I fM unable lut VMt to aarra sai" "' TrfSBSIKffA'SSf,o anTtr la. No ?9> II tH atraat. UOMRTHINO NEW?SUPERIOR. HULLED O CORN??T^BBubeahbar.fiaTinf got tha agency to aawly Waakiacton ud Gaorgatown witk this daltoaita praaarttion of Corn. wo?UI rcapaotfully ul of hu frfanda, and the ?nblio at large, to give It ft trial. Alao, Poppa^Oor^ vaig and ?aK^r?<l _*L?dl?S@5 ?fi?5RfiS2 M?n? ?, iwi ivfK a iar|( ?11 ? t nil OB Wi OOlXH A M ?f"^rj*asicvfe, 0? 1) mtmt lUk it im Virraoit?? rt ft ?. {.i III ir !i -J.S T"l * 'Wstfi ) THE DOLLAR STAR! INDTJCEMEN VS TO CLUBS! NOW IS THE TIME TO SUBSCRIBE! Thf Fillm and Meat Reliable Flews Irta the Seat of Governmeat! . Reading Matter for the Fireside Circle ' The present year 1* undoubtedly the most eventful In the political history of this country, and the record of occurrences transpiring at the Federal Metropolis is naturally ol striking and remark'able interest. Th6 pnbllc desire to receive prompt, fuil and reliable accounts of aU that pastes here is most Intense, and we have eonsequeutly made alterations and Improvements in tbe weekly Issue of the Washington Star to meet this want most satisfactorily. In compliance with tbe wish of tbe public the paoer has been changed from a quarts to the more convenient folio shape, and now appears a handsome sheet of thirty-tico columns, filled with choice and carefully prepared Reading Matter, and bear lng the name of the " Washington Dollar Weekly Star." As Indicated by the title, we now furnl?h the paper at the unprecedented low price of ONE DOLLAR PER YEAR 1! Or barely more than the price of the paper upon It it nrintpH It la mi r H otorml natinn Ia make tbe Wkkklt Star not only tbe largest and handsomest Dollar Nawipaper Id tbe United Statea, but that it thall absolutely be Ttr? Qua* E* i UTT v W vrvi ? V *tv> n > r w *n> World!!! It con<jiln? the very fullest, freshest, and most Important details of all that transpires at the Seat of Government; editorials on all the impor tant topics of the times; the news of the week; interesting correspondence from all parts of th# world; capital stories; humorous and graphic sketches, and the pick of the floating misceiiany of literature and gossip. The Dollar Stab hat as a permanent feature a carq^lly prepared AGRICULTURAL DEPARTMENT, embodying whatever may be of interest to farmers in the transactions of the Interior Department, the Smithsonian Institution, and the U. Agricultural Society. Gardening and Horticulture also receive due attention in this department of the paper, and we also give each week a choice budget rf Hoasebold Recipes for our lady readers; also, Recipes for the Workfhop, together with an official list of all the new inventions issued from the Patent Office each week. In short, it is our purpose to give our readers a varied, rich, and sparkling variety of the reading that at once instructs and entertains, but aiming to make Washwstow News akd Gossip our tpiclalttf, In accordance with the viewa tet forth above. Believing It to be better to ?eil many psfmrt at a low price than a few at a high price, we have determined to offer the following Extraordinary Inducements to Clubs. To ftincrl#* SiihftftHhtf>ri 111 HI) rv*f vmf To Clubs of Five T 95 cento. To Ctobs of Ten 90 cento. To Club* of > ifteer....<<>... 85 c?nto. To Ciub# of Twenty-flve c?nto. To Club# of l*ifty? 75 Addreas W. D. \Va.llach, PublUher of the Stau, Waahlngton, D. C., with subscription money enclosed, or for specimen copies, which will be forwarded gratis. novERNM u N tdispatch7 U -a FAST FREIGHT LINE & E W YORK 1*5^ A8HINOTON ria HAM&IBB UHOH. A Special MesreacOTWil! be >ent throuf h trith each Tram, id order to aMB'e safety and dispatch. ALL RAIL, WITHOUT CHANGE OF CAR8. on and after MONDAY. Nov. 18th, thia Company will receive and transp ort Munition* of War, overnment Storee, 8utler?' fupplieR for the Army, and ail Mitoellaoeoas Freight, at Lov Rate*. WITHOUT BRKAK OF BULK. I p. i /i? . /.? h-.j. t OFKM** JUT \JOVU 3 j IW A^UTg f yiMIIUiUIi at Rtdweed Ratis. ID" Freight received only at the D^pot of the C?Dtr?l Railroad of New Jertey, Pier No. 2, North River. For flutter lnTorm&t.ou, or epeoial oomractc, enquire at tbe OjU* of tk? Company, 49 Broadway, N. Y, Or ?48 Penmylvaniu aveWashington (Sly. Good*, "titfTDmeit Di?BMoh."-m Freight received froai 8 a. m. to 3 p. ra. A. D. HOPE, f tfc* Hope Expreea Co.. no>6-lm Superintendent. Narrnn ? ADAMS' EXPRESS COMPANY.'* This Company offers to tne puWic" Unequalled AdvantAges" for the Sale ana Quick liispatoh of Heavy Freight*. Pac* ates, Valuable*, Money, Ac. Ao., to all parts of the linifed State*, Kx presses to and from the North and Wert d?M-rt fr om and arrive it. Washington twice daily, J 111 Expresses are i? uharge of *xr*i*nc4d and tabl* Messengers. All Packages for The Soldiers carried at "on? halv" oar usual rates. All Good* for the so-oalled "Confederate States" and all Artiolee " Contraband of War" will be Rsrvun. Our Expresses leave New York at 1.1, and t P. M.^arrinn* "> Waehiajton at 6 A. al and fc30 Expresses leave Philadelphia at 8JO A. M. and aT MarnTia* in Waahinf ton at SO P. M, and ' Expresses leave Baltimore at 410 A. M. and 3 P. M., arriving in Washington at 6 A. M- and 8 30 P ._M? bxpreaaea lor an points North and Wert leave WMhiurtoo at7jn A. M. and 2.30 P. M. dailj. Special Contract* tor iarire ^uantitiM of Freight can be made on application to this < 'ffioe. All Gooda called for and delivered /* ? of Extra oharcea. E. W. PARSONS, ?r LI Adama' Express Company. Washington, Aaguat 23. 1861. an a-tf M. I. r&AKKLiN, OPT/C7AiWVO THK PRESIDENT AND MILITARY STAFFS. j 444 Penn'aav., north uae.) bet. llth and 1Mb iU SPECTACLES, provided with tannine Rook CryataJ or Parifoopio Leusei. mounted in cold, ulver or steel, and aaited with ntraoit oare for every age and eyeaight. _ FIRST CLASS MILITARY FIELD-GLASSES, Mloroaoopea, Compaaaea, and MathemUtcal In atrumenia. at the loveat Eaatarn priori. oo ?-tr T OABRIABRS. 1 HE Scbeoriber having m?ue> Additions to hia factory, making it now one of the largest in the Distrust, where bia facility MUtCr for m?nulacturicr CARRIAGES and W " MJ. U6HT WA60N|J of ali kinds cannot bo air passed, and from hta long experience in the t>u?i hop? to giro general satisfaction. h' rfC of Ccmagaa and Light Wagona kept SLti/sssi jr? 4~- ? ? ? -"r c3amt< nUPONTS ?UN POWDER, m AMERICAN WATCHES For Americans. THE AMERICAN WATcft CO. to oall the attention of the oitiseiu o( WaahiiiKtov and vioimty to the superiority of their W a tehee over ali imported, wanner swim or CEg linTbe Company anheciUtingly guarantee thair Watches to be nnturpaaeed by thoae of may oountry for durability and fine time keeping qualities. I CAUTION. The Company would oantion bnyera to beware of i the eheap Kngliah and 8wUa Watohea now being a aeat among aolJiert in and arontd Waahington. * Theae watohea are of the pnoreat description of foreign manufacture. and utterly worthlese aa time keepers u the makers well knew when they ent them to thia oosntry. LADIES' WATCHES. The Company would Invite espeoial attention to * their latest style oi Watch for Ladies. Every one . .. I wui r.ave ma tame tuaraniee mat aoormpaciea the i moat ooatly Chronometer of their manufacture. V r The ?tjle? of Casea are varied and suit different i _ i tastes, and the introduoti >c oT a Watoh fjr ladiet, ? that will go and keep time, has met with universal avor. J KSPKCIAL ATTENTION It invited by the Company to the faot tt at ?rny Watch, of whatever pnoe, manufactured at their '' Worvs at Waltham, Maes , i* aooompanied by a certificate not only to warrant it, bat to prevent ^ imposition from a oheap and wortV.ees imitation that is palmed off uponbuyers ? the genuine arti- * ole. A Hour Watehee have upon the plate the trado 1 mark "Waltham, Mm.," and without that mark p no Watoh is genuine. Maura. M. W. GALT A BROTHER Lave the * Watch?* of our manufacture for sals at Washington, and bo/era can depend npon finding the right etyise and qualities at their establishment, No. 354 Feanr-Tlvania avenue. BOBBINS k APPLETON, 1 General Agents, No. 1*2 Broadway, 1 noJEMm New York. KQ . M. T. PARKER. PQ e ??/ Louisiana av . ba 6fk and Itk tt* , ?J*J p North Side, ? Having completed h.s arrangements. la now ready r to att?r.d, even more vigorously than ever, to 0 HOUSE, SIGN aLd ORNAMENTAL PAINT- ? 1NG, in all of its various Dranches Having secured the services ol a corps of excellent workmen, 1 am prepared to do Flag* and Banners ic the best style ?.nd on the moat reasonab'e terms. V ho 9 eol m [ Kepub.) F MILITARY BOOKS. BENCH & RICHST1EN have ju?t revived a large and oomplet? assortment of Military Books o' all kinds, which they offer from ten to fifty . per cent, below the regular retail price*,?in- 1 eluding: A new edition of Hardee'a Infantry and Rlfit Taction, oompiete, $1.26 Forces' VcUnteers' Manual, 2 vols, 82 Allen's Compendium of Hardee's Tactics, COc Gross's Military Sursery,75f JM ahan's Field Fortification and Outpost, each Ik i Hardee's Tactics, oheap edition, SSc Tr.e Soldier's Guide, a oompiete manna! and drill book for the use of the Volunteer Militia and i it - u liiB wu?iu* ? mi., The H?nd-Book for th? U. 8. Soldier, Mine first book of mstniotion to toe U. 8. lufastry tao^Al'^MUitary Map?, Map of the Seat of War, j Charti, Guides, Ao. ... , Fla??, B&dfeg and of every description. A?y of the aKore aent bf juM&** FRENCH A RHJ^STEIN. m* n aT? P?nn?T ?a...'* ??*">?? B EMREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY ' t of b WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. t Capital 9900,000. QfUt t+rnit 0 strut Lomtsimma ?., mmt B*mk tf W+'ktmsion. 1NSVRE HOUSES AND*OTHER PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS DY FIRE. Diucroas, ? 6 eg. Shoemaker, S*amue! Redfern, Samuel Cropley, Wuliam Wilson, . Richard Jones, John D. Barclay* J aoob GiddoE, Andrew RothweO, 5boa. Parker, Riahard Harry, f, . B. French, Dr. O. W. Dan*. NO charie for Policies. JAMES ADAMS, President, r Am 6. D a ns. Secretary. an 9-eo? v WATCH REPAIRING ANJL) SILVER WARS MANUFACTORY. } have os* *f the beet establishmenta, and far tetea with a ooraplwe eet of tools for repair- a pj every desoripuon of fl&e Watohes, and ^B| 1 particular attention five to the same, by tfli . *pcr <cihoompetentworkraaD.anda. work fyiarac tec Also, every deeonp ion of standard SILVER Wi RE. plain and ornamental, manufactured under 1 Bf inru uupcrviBJvu, wIUWU Mij vwnww? *wm iif m^nor in iq&IU) Idq to northern wtn out i>j dealera in f onorftl *f ^h**T WBTWUiwfnotBr*. b. O. HOOD, a $ *SW Pa. ???nn? H.18TORY of tllotyiitod Noii?r!?i)<??, bf Joha Louroj Motltj^ S^roiaM fr?? b? mail, ?4.^ A. UO IVino ui HIO 17B*VU UUllll B U#<*viy? If J ^ofcn Lothrop Motley; I voj :oioth; free by mail, Silas Marner, tba Weaver of Ravelol, by the author Ci "'Adam Bade r doth 7Mcenis ; paper M oonts. Life and Career of Major Andre, br Wintro? Sarreant; flJO. ? After Iccb^rgs wltfc a Painter, a Summer Vacate m to Labrador and Newfoundland; bj Rev Lome L Nbh e: The Maoufcctnre of Photocenio or Hydro-Car bon Oils, by Thomas Antue;I, M. D.; fl.TS, Any of the above fros b* mail. r rBKNCH A RICHSTEIN, * ?? M yy* Feuna. aver.ue. _ YWOOD AMD COAL. OU Will aarely set your rroney's worth br eallin* at the PIONEER MILLS, toutkwut *#r ?cr vj orr?in firii. m?a i cuaj, (tinu, rAWl , AcenL) They sell chancer and rive better msasura than uj others i* the caty?out. B?ht, uc deliT- tl ered free of charge. If to* doa 11 et.ere ?1 * b the Pioneer Mills & tn?_, *n4 he su>?fied t4 7Ir.r ' o WALL. STEPHEN'4 k. CO., " 3a-i Pbotmi-LTAJII* Atxhvb. p MILITARY AND NAVAL MERCHANT TAILORS. AND READY-MADE CLOTHIERS, AND EXTENSIVE DEALERS IN GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING GOODS, a &-if (InUl. A R ?> *> * M E W VOL DM E BALZAC'S NO VELS.?Tht ? i Aionemisi, or we Hubm tfOMsM tiic French of Honors de Baisao. Kr? t>y mul, (1. o 3ilas Maraer, the Weaver of Raveloe; by Geo. Klliott, rP author of "Adam Bede" Frwoi mail, toenU. PRKNCH ft RJCH^TEIN, ? w *? ?? I [NIOJS PAPER AND F.NVELOPER.-Tvan- 1 U ty different stylee of Note and Latter Paper, with Envelope* to matoh Vieva of waahinitoa in the form o! a Rom, tad ? hand. Herald, Times, and Tribana raoeivad every * oicht at 6 o'clock. Papers from all parte of the ooantry. UecwHe*! Dime Novel* &r a Song Books. A freak ? !< of Rook* for ?nMr ?? larre umi tin?I oi Jiremlw? Mam* Raid'a Books, Rollo Hooka, Atbott'i Hietoriea. k.c. A diaoonnt ol owt on^bonnd bocka malt National ^nkiUir*. il* Pa.'av. a gOOn AND SHOE# TO 81 IT Til N WaaraMjrmapaikotaiSallkl^af SOOTT V Jon?nou^ made e^preaalr y> crtar^aad vU)f|] K^*?WTrBrx?aj? xn-ri.nri - r'?' tf^miuj^vili 2 v*? t&adtfooa a?orty Ol?5*T NIOTBBCOND HAND FIA^O # THE WSkKLY STAR. TiH OMlU* FUUly ||4 N(VI JNTMlm PMajr Mormlag. Tnw-Ont, wnniHr, to Single oopr, per uin m.?JI ? Five copies4 71 Ten copies t ? Vweaty-lve copies. II linrttMy ooatelos Ike??Waaklutea Nrws' Uhat baa nuie IV Datiy Xmm*( Star circulate a gflMrally throughout tha wu>>. EZT" Single copica (la wrapper*) caa fca praBured at tbe eouatar, Immediately aIter the taeae .. ? ?. yyu?. rnw?1BRECUH1TB. HELMBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATION. " HIOHL Y COyCEtTTRATwA'' Compound Fluid Extract Buchu, A FctUtrt mmd SpftjU Rmu4f % Per Dimmm of tt? I LADDER. KIDNEYS. GRAVEL,*?? DROPSICAL SWELLINGS Thia Medioiu* tnor?mm t*>< mto of Ihftum. M eZOitM the lUnntK InUi ha&lA? j which the watibt ok ( ilrnoii nd al CHH * TCBAl EKLAMKMSNT* V rwni<Md. V?ll U PAIS AMD INVLAHMATIOII, Ud It fOOC MtN, WOMEN. OR CHILDREN. HELM BOLD S EXTRACT BUCHU For W?kn??Mi irninj from t HaMta of DiMip*Urft. K*riy 1 t di#cr"tl"c or A^??. At tend "i tritk ?*? Fo''??*t*f Symptomi Dditpoaitioo to Kxert-on, Lou of Power, .om of Mfmorr, Piftcolty of Rr**th|Bc, Nfrr??, TrwnL inc. ? .# f\:.I ? - - ^ IU1IVI Ul wuwulnMi, of Vi?ion, Pam in <h? Haok, In r.v?a Ljuiitdta of tht Mmealtr t*Tit?n. lot tiauda. f luahing of the B'/Jy. ryceea of the^k'n, Kr?ptiona on tha Faoe, PALLID COVRTKHAHCm. Thoae aym?t< m?. it m owed to go on. vhioh tfcia ledieine invan*My morsi, aoon fo Iowa MPOTENCY. FATl'ITY. EPILEPTIC PIT** In on* of wkieh tkt Patient may Exj>*rt Who e&o ray t*at they ar? not ^D?ctlr fol nwed by tho* "dibbftl di *** *?." * INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Maaj are a*ar? of tb? wtw of thotr nfwiag, BUT HOSB WILL COHfBM. 'HE RECORDSn? THE INSANE ASYLUMS And the M'l*nckoi* Dtaiks 6? I'vmumpturr, BAB ASSPT.B WITSIM TO TUB TB1TTH Of TIB A?f?RTION. 'HK CONSTITUTION 0>ICE AFFECTED WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS. lo^Direa tb? a:d of to atreDfthen nnd|cuate the Sftt^m rhioh HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCML ly dott A. TRIAL WILL COWTIHCB THE HOST SKEPTICAL. ;rnf i r rc re m j r ro nr 1/ i r uc Ul'l/1 X X_i i?X /l liOU? A AJ lliOP >LD OR YOUNe, SINGLE. MARKltD, <?K CONTEMPLATING MARRIAGE. /? Many Affections Peculiar to |]fl Extract Buohu is uueeuailed by any other r<"?. dy, f in Chlorosis or Retention, lrr gu anty. 'tiuUiL?w, or Suppression ot Customary bvMatioLs. Ulo?ratM or Schirrons state of the L'te us. L.*uoormea or w mt?s, sterility. *r a ror ail ompiMuU inoideat to th? sex, wii?tb?r arising rom lndiscretiou, Habits of Dissipation, or in Ut DECLINE OR CHANGE OF LIFE! Ill SYMPTOM A.BOVB. *0 FAMILY SHOULD BS WITHOUT IT. "aJu no mort Baltam, Mtrntrf. m Dsyllllisl Mtdicin* for Cnpitatant aiid Dmmrtr&ma I Diteatii HELMBOLD'S EXTRAU'J BUCHV ccku SECRET Ui^AIEI D all tneir Sta?ea; utile or do cnnice in Dirt; No iaoeaTWUCM*; And no oxrfimt. t ceu??e a fre*a nt 4 mi re aou giree MrufU to r;nat?, the ebj Removing t>bet< notione, 'reveLticj and Caring Striotarae of the Urethra, Allaying rain and iLtunnnlioi, to raenart in tKe nU > nf iliue.ea I u UU V i u ?UV UIOBD VI ?iiu oafvuui| wl 'oij oner*i, IHntaitd, and worn mi Malt*r. TBoUliKM mi TIOCIiKM WHO HAVE SEEN THE TJCTJM8 OF QUACES, Ad who bare Mid 4?ot-|i/mi to be eared in a abort Lmo, have found th*y w?r# deoeived, aad that the rouon" bM, by tar im ot"**wr/ui aitrimimts" ?oa dried up in the lyitoia, to break oat la aa activated form, and PERHAPS AFTWR tfitirifla Or-HKLMHOLD'S EXTRACT BUCKO 11 a:faoUona Ml <ua?M<* of the CR1NABY OBflAHl, rhether exiatinc la MALI OR FinALI, rom whatever oaoee origmating and no ? ttor of llOW LO.16 STANDING. Heeaoee of those Orgaaa require Sho aid of a Di*?t ic. HELMBOLD'8 EZTRAC7 3UCHU 18 THE GRKAT DIURETIC. ad it ia oertam to have the deeired effect la )ieeaaee/er wkxck it u ruommmdad, iviBairca or thi voir aBsroaiuni an uLIABLI CHAJLACTSa ni?*eoomp*nr u>? idmioidm. CERTIFICATES OP CCRK8. Ft cm I to 10 retra' t&ndlfcc, *"* ""lolBTcf?.? rAUM. "PHYSICIANS" FLEASE mNOTICE.m wa urn "an linn" t\? "liamimUTI.'' HELM80LD*8 KXTAACT BUCHU loomfowd of Bs?ki,C?iMb(tlM jim^ir BtrnN, iwted with fr?at cure by oompM?u drwrciat. PREPARED jy VACUO, BY H. T. HILMBOLD, ^imotioaJ and Analytic*.; Cbwnnat, aad ?v.? Mac uiacturer of. rwr u dat n o nwrrw dd vv a d a ?rrnwu UUiAAA/lii/ U V AH ? ? ??1M AOTAAAVMW AFFIDAVIT. PeroonAIlr appe*r?c foforo m?. u Aldorau of bo city of Pbiladeipui*. H. T. Hxlhbclo, wfeo oib? daly wcm, dois ??. hl? preparation oonun co u&rootiu, do me.roarr,or otkar injurious mfo, bnt uc p?ro!y vocoUb^p. gj^MBOL D Swore and Baboenbod N>?>r* jne, tVi 2*.d*r of ioTfiuber, IBM WM. f. JUBBERD. Alderman, Ninth ot.. ?'or# Jlaoe, Pu4, _ k PHYSICIANS IN ATTENDANCE FROM * A M TO B F. M. Prict 91 ft MtU, ?r six tor 11. IMiv*r?d to My ftdd/eaa, Mo&rtir fkH from b?*rvn.on. AddreM lettoia for infonMtMMi la oaid?? H. T. HEU4BOLD, CUtin, topot, 1M 8obU TnU CkMiil, rkite V ' * * HE WARE OP OOUNTKEPKlTi AND UNPRINCIPLED DEALER* K2FVZ& ?* <?**** flmtmpmnllm m * jnyr n \j im vm4. BoM br b. b. Waits. Z. D. tiaui, jon Put. & C. Pou, ft. B. ImnitLi, ft. O. Iajob, Kdvu * liiwfwt j. ft-, itm WD ALL DRW?im MTXMTWRXKM. , ib v01 uuoold1. TAJLlWO OTKWL. ND AVOID I*POSITION M I KXPOMTftft

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