Newspaper of Evening Star, December 13, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 13, 1861 Page 3
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| JOB PRINTING Or Eviat Dmciimioi * Executed with neotneea and dispatch on application at the star OrriCE. At the Lowest Cash Price*. Satisfaction guarantied. nc M-tf LOCAL MEWS. CaiMi*aL CotraT.?Yesterday Michael Ma rage and William Matthews, soldiers, were tried on charges of assault and battery and restating an officer OfiU*r Samuel T. Larcombe waa knocked down and tamped on by these two soldiers, In front of Mrs Courtney's, on the Island, In the evening of November (Mb They were found guilty of assault and battery only, and were sentenced s&ch to at x inontha Imprisonment (a the county jail and to pay a fine or fil. Charles Stephens, a free negro, was arraigned for stealing 'aoout the 20th September last) a carpet bag from Mr. Allen Pearce, which contained a gold and a silver watch, a ring, a Mexican pimi handkerchief, silver spoons, and many other costly article*, besides a number of deeds, mortgages. notes, receipts, and valuable papers Stephens is from New York, and came here aa camp follower with one of the regiments. The "bag and a portion of Ita contents were found in bis possession, and he acknowledged to Justice Callan, st his examination, and to officer Faytnan, at the jail, that be had taken It. He aaid he had ttirewn the papers Into the canal, and that the ring hurt his finger and be gave It to a boy on the canal That it hurt his finger Is not to oe wondered st, ss the owner testified that It weighed more than two ounces. It was of California gold, without any set, and was valued at from f50 to .-WO Those articles which were recovered bv Mr. Pearce were exhibited by him to the court and Jury, and were of the aggregate value of from S300 to 8400 Among other things was the handkerchief. which Mr. Pearce aaid he valued at from $50 to 960 The counael and other gentlemen In court manifested considerable cariosity to sea this valusble ' wiper," and It was passed from hand to hand. It Is of fine graaa, of almost similar texture with[grass linen, snd was beautifully embroidered. [Toe genuine pint handkerchief*, manufactured in Mexico, are sometimes valued at a moch higher price than this one ] Ftephens waa convicted and sentenced to three years impriaooment in the penitentiary. A DrrscTivs's 9quabbls ?Below we print a note?an advertisement?from Washington's indigenous "Detective Allen," sgalnst the western " Detect}vOklien," now employed by the Government at this point to great advantage to the publie service. We print It, not becauae we have the slightest sympathy with Mr. E. J. Allen's assailant, but Iri accordance with ourcnstomsry advertising rules, allowing the party paying hia money to sute his grievances after hla own fashion Hla letter, as s whole, cannot injure the party at whom It is aimed. If but on account of its very bad temper snd worse taste We msvsdd, that while we are certain that the western " Detective Allen" has msde an unfortunste mistake in judging of our lawj and police practices from the standpoint of tb> runaway negro. we know well that the public ia greatly indebted to his energy. sagacity and fidelity, for important services rer.dered to the military authorities here, in tb* cor.duct of police affairs growing out of nec.?sary measures to repress the rebellion: r To the Public.? Having been asked by a number of my fellow-c (ttte*s how It waa that I loaned myself to the s ?*Htlonists for the purpose of getting up that report, which was read before the Sena? laat v I deem It due to myself snd to them to ss-^ u publicly as I can, that the report Is not m I ^ never in mv life connected with sn /thing so mean and dirty. It Is not the produ' 0f a0y District officer, but waa worked UP b fa person from Chlcsgo, Illinois, who Is tit' re It Ignorant of our laws, but has Impudence en augh to meddle with our local Institutions, 'itbough the Government is pledged to protei t Ahem He signs the nsme of " E J. Allen" to the report, snd thst has deceived many of my friends la order that the deception may not be again practiced successfully, I beg my friend# to understand, aa well as the detectives of the District who have any experience in arresting criminals, that 'E J.Allen" meana " Pinkerton," who is well known to detectives here and in the large western cities. The services of Pinkerton snd his gsng will hardly remunerate the Government for the expense of keeping them; especially If they are employed only In making reports for the purposes of abolition disturbers of the peace of the country. o It* a . r. allis, Detective Officer. A Sc??XSTio!t ?Mr. Wallatk: I beg for space enough to suggest to parties about Alexandria whs nave suffered by theft and the destruction of property by soldiers?and who should, I think, be satisfied, by this time, that they have nothing to expect, in the way of prevention or redress, from the officers In commsnd?thst tbeyprepsrs, without further delay, to present their claims to Congress, sccompanled by detalla of facts and loss,with such prooft by respectable neighhors aa can be obtained. I would reeommend a like course in cases where property (such aa land, buildings. Umber, Ac.) has been taken or used by competent military authority for forts, camps, Ac. Wealthy secessionists (some of them actively engaged In the rebel service), who have influential friends at court, have succeeded, I am c^tdtbly Informed, in obtaining both protection and compensstlon for their property; but t^? loyal, the I widows snd the poor, who are no\?0 fortunate .. to be secessionist with powerful Union r?*.,tives and friends, must adopt som ? other ir'saw of obiSlT^oTw o'f !Lnd protection from injury, and 1 know of fl0ne better than the suggested application to Cow'.em. A Union Man. A SoLDiaa ? A Volunteer from !?' ?:? atde of the river met leveral soldiers of rvi. -0.8. Cavalry, who are stationed on Ms 7ir^d avenue, near the Capitol, on Tuesday .jgbt, who asked him to take something to drink. !He accepted the Invitation, and took something so often that he became oblivloua, and In that condition was robbed of a considerable amount of money he had been entrusted with. He made complalat, and waa taken to the barracks of the Cavalry, where he identified one man, who waa arretted bv the oUlcers and cammltted to jail by Justice Ferguson. Two other men, supposed tb be of the party, are missing, and It ia probable have deserted. None of the money has been recovered. Dismisskd ?Yesterday morning officer Allen arrested Jaa Handa spon a charg%of taking let(ters from the Post Office directed to campa below the Eastern Branch without proper authority. It appeared on examisatlon before Justice Donn that Hands had been employed in carrying the malla to several cmps; but recently one of the camps employed another person to carry the mall for tnatcamp. Upon coming to the city the new carrier discovered that Hands had taken his mall, and this caused the Issue of thewsrrsot. There being no proof of intentional offense, the case was dismissed. TaiATaa.?? The Seven Sisters" continues the card of the theater, filling the bouse nightly, up atairs and down The spectacles and tableaux as now perfected are extremely effective, and are undoubtedly the finest displsys of the sort ever seen here We notice, however, by both the dexter snd sinister digits of the guardian angel" that dollar jewelry Is supposed to circulate to some extent in pxradiae, and to be the correct thing for beatific wear. The piece baa another anomaly In the shape of a itnpid Yankee;?but perhaps theaa little discrepancies are Intentional aa among the wonderments of the piece. _____ DisTTiaiiie a Wsssiro ?A wedding party on the Island waa diaturbed laat night by a trio of (ay girls, whose names are respectively Msry on nelly, Cornelia Rollins, and Cornelia Desimond. It seems that Mary claimed some sort of right to have a say In the matter of the bridegroom bestowing hla affectlona, and brought the two Cornelias with her to back her position. They were all taken In charge by the Metropollt?a Police, and duly fined by the justice before whom they were taken. Bkllim Liftroa to SoLoiaas ?Peter Mulligan wss arrested by officer Leach and brought be/ore Justice Walter, on the charge of selling liquor to soldiers, snd siao for selling liquor by the smsll without license. Os the first charge, be was fined JO and 50 cent! costs; and, on the second charge, held to ball for court. Staauao a Ham?Richard Smith, a eolored man, wss arrested yesterday afternoon by officer Gibson, for attempting to ateal a ham from the store of Mlddleton A deall, on the Avenue He was walking off with the ham sn his shoulder when arrested Hs waa committed to jail, by Justice Dona, roe Coort. *? WiitTsaQuAiTias ?The Eleventh regiment Mtlae volunteers, stationed west of Columbian College, will, la a few days, go Into winter quartera, oo the ground lately occupied by the E ghth New Jersey regiment, where comfortable wooden buildings have been erected for their accommoda tloa. ? Gxkat att aaction at Chrlaty'a Opera House to-night?new burlesques, songs, sad original comicalities A grand programme Is In preparation for the matinee to morrow?Jast the thing foe ladles snd children Taa beautiful ballet I.* Bayadere st Canterbury Ha l to-night, with the charming Miss Carrie La Moat in r.sw and select ballads Look out fort he to-morrow afternoon, oh! ye little folks. L qvoa Casa -John Barthol was yesterdsy fined fitf 5* by Justice Fergason. for selling liquor on Sunday laat, In the Fifth Ward. Ruuia the Fair for the benefit of the Ninths' Methodist Protestant Chnrcb, held at Thora'f p.ll, tevefttfc ?Wee< ! Sxaiors Arrut in Giouitowk -Night before last a soldier of the 9th U 8. Cavalry was In the refttaurmnl of Wm EUls behaving In a disorderly ana violent manner, when the Provost Ottara was aent for. They came, when theaoldler resisted the arrest, and, It la aald, anapped a ptatol twice at the guard One of the force Immediately raised hla gan and struck the soldier over the head, knocking him Insensible and Inflicting a serious, perhaps fatal, wound. The Injured man was taken to the hoapltal. Dras?Capt. Thos. Kerrigan,of the 23th regiment N V V , who was wounded on the night of tha 15th of September, while on picket duty at Ball's Crosa Roads, Va , died at 5, o'clock last evening, at the Providence Hoapltal. Capt. Kerrigan la a brother of Col. Kerrigan, of the 25th regiaaent. John Smith Aoain ?That notorious character, John Smith?poor John?got Into trouble again last night on the Island by being too persistent In his manifestations of affection for a mulatto girl. Sbecsiled the watch, and John waa takenflagrant dtlictu. This time John hailed from the Navy Yard 7 VVASHtneto* LmcTtTKK Association?Dr. Hrownaon opens the course of Association Lectures to-night. Subject: Tki National Critu. Ahotbxr Immense bill at Odd Fellows' Hall to-night, crammed with novaltlea and original burlesques. An Inquiry ?Editor Star: Allow me to aak through the columns of your paper (of course for information only) the names of the public-spirited gentlemen?citizens of Washington?whoso disinterestedly "desire to place the community, of which they form a part, on a higher plane in regard to literature, loyalty and liberty;" and to aak these "one hundred citizens" whether the toldents of our city (those who alone are tntitlid to reap pleasure and profit from the propoaed lectures? tha more wealthy claaaes) would not be better pleased at a more "exclusive and narrow policy" than that adopted, namely: by charging fit* i na'ead of thru dollars for tickets of admission. The Smithsonian Institution being a public building, and parties having heretofore been allowed (by some great mismanagement) to listen to lecture* on "literature," Ac., therein, without being charged an entrance fee, I greatly fear that laboring men and their wives acd families might In many caaes attempt to gain admittance, and thus mar the pleasure of select "pay" hearers. I trust the "one hundred" will consider the sugtlon made and advance the tariff of charges advertised for tha very good reasons above stated ** " plrfts '' Gomo to QetT thx Bcsinxss?Crancr for Bargains ?Having determined to quit the dry goods business, we offer our whole stock of goods to the public for less than New York wholesale pr'cea, which we are anxious to close by the 1st of January, with the privilege of the store, which is one of the best stands In the city, recently occupied by R B. Hsll, No. 375 Seventh street, between I and K streets. de I2-3t Matthxws A Co. Soldirrs Spr^al Noticr ?Do your duty to yourselves, protect your health, use Holloway's Pills and Ointment. For wounds, sores, bowel complaints, and revere, they are a perfect safeguard. Full directions how to use them with every box. Only 25 cents. 210 ?T"? St ax 15 tbi Firsc Ward ?Mr. John Matbews is the sole agent for serving the Star to subscribers In the First Ward of this city All arrearaees of subscriptions will therefore be paid only to him, as well as all arrearagea due In that *rard for the Baltimore San, of which he is also the agent there. 1W MARRIED At Washington oity. ontheioth m-tant, by the Rev. Joshua >lone;l. JAMES WKBB.of Balti^Wu&?Mr RVV GAYLEAD/of Baltl[hammore Clipper an1 American copy.] ebkn kmini^sw>f r*t t.b McFalls, Mr. fliXftfuJ??10 M " IND,ANA rf0.(> i.JhMr,"d?7.?NMTSm^S,thvb7 Rev Mr. M^CanE'"O/mobv ?M^fYwW^Ltto MARION j^_u/?buhn,ah of washington o. c. [lnt] * I*ir? ? ^-WOOD notice. ~ NO. A. GRIMES, Canal Wharves, George^tn "wood l\ jt7trt'ld ,n,al1 iou' And oak wood at *8so, m^SliTe m G??r*?town or First Ward, Waak'Bii??: da 12 3.* 502 ELEVENTH STREET. f|jQ E. FISHER A BROTHERS. french steam scourers, _v Baltimoxx, Md. The only place this tide of New York wh... r.?.0? ?n Dress cleaned. reetortag the i? n*?y* Morinoes, Delaines, and "ail apart. k*1161 J>re??s elsaned without taken ^ ('rape and other Bhkwls. Table coven ??h Leavi'il^n" oje?ned ,n ^e best manner oloth to ?r wee'k An?7ll'i.*LSp ient to Baltimore twies t Md r.,.? wl.hj.Jg A|an| ?Ck?EAP*~a lar'? portable tflni n , a.rr^7 anj other purr?*"5s. 8. A. gover, 34** Pennsylvania ave 5?: dell 3t* (#^aj attractions.-Grand rush tor v* 7th st-eet, to see the new stock of Clothing, reoeived at smith's, No. 4fl0 Tth street. deJMm (Rep.) PRESENTS FOR THE HOLIDAYS! a ladies' furs-ladies' furs 1 Just opened, jroin New York, fall supply of Ladies' hnrs la ail their variety. Fur Department op stairs Passate throuch th* *tor*' ? b. h. st1nkmetz. 236 Pa avenue near oorner 13th st. dell lm between Wiilarua'and Kirkwocds. DENJAMIN DxWOLFF. , No 384 Prjiji. Avxsur, Adjoining the National Hotel. Watkingien, D C, ^Mlk _ *??ps oonstantl* on hand afine assortmen' o' GOLD AND, SILVER watch K *, GOLD ?rr?falns. jewel*y.silvkr ware. CUTLERY SPECTACLES. OPERA AND FIELD QLAHMSES* fc , fc N. b Reoai'inc done by f. u. Richard, late from No. 1028 Chestnct street, l'hila eiphia, a skilfal workman In Chronometers, fine Wa ones, de 7 i in* f^.ERMAN DIVISION, ATTENTION ! ^headquarters For Sending Money to Germany and all part of the Country, IS Makkrt Spacr, * Sum of tkt German Flat. nog-lm waddle horses for sale.?a lot of very i? ane Kentuoky Horses for sale at the e\ Kentnoky Sale Stable, in the rear of Clay's tiai Hotel, near Pennsylvania avenue and street. no 30 Tthe white house he Welfknswn White House Restaurant, oi High street, near the canal, n George a town, has been iefi.te<l, and pa-t'es canv(f?v now be aooommodated with oomfortableUiiM i rrivate rooms. Game. Fish, Oysters, and the best Wines. Liquors, and Segars, always on hsnd. Families furnished with Ovate s, as usual *o7-lm a. rodikh, Frosrietor. potatoes or sale, to arrive per brig Tangent and schooners Pathway and Riohard Vaux, s,uoo bushels Meroer Potatoes, deliverable at Baltimore or ^ynhiqgton. Apply to c. a wood * co., No. s10 k street, between 14 th and 15th, Washtngtoa. d. c. de 10-lw* UOLDIERS AND ALL OTHERS EXP08ED C5 to wet and ooMTand tronble*Twith hard, stiff leather, or who are io any way interested m the wear and durability of leather, will find health, ING. For sale generally by thoee who supply sutlers. Ao. de> lv' HIRING, LIVER Y^.yJKTrfD EXCHANGE Nos, 3? and SO E and luh'streets, sooth 01 ? W Ulard's Hotel. Geot'emen wishing to hire a neat and stylish turnout ean be supplied with a team of any description. in a st? 1b of ra'e _ , EXCELLENCE. The beet oare beatawed on Livery horses. Saddle horses.saitable lor army officers, always en hand. n?-lm* en barrels fresh eggs Just arrived. For sale low. , ? jones * co , oorner Eighth and d streets. 5AAA BUSHELS SPLENDID POTATOES, ,UllU For sale. JONES k. CO, ooraer Eighth and D streets. CAfi BARRELS APPLES. Juu In fine order, at low prioa _ JONES A CO., oorner Eighth ana D streets. 1AA BkRRELS SWEET POTATOES. 1UU From New Jsrsey JONES A c6, ooraer Eighth and D stieets. I OA BOXES CHEESE. 1 L\l At New York prioe. . ? JONES* CO.. ooraer Eighth and D streets. QRANGES, COCOANUTS^N^WALNUTS oorner Eighth and D streets. 100 cSftgfEK..?,W5AT 9ENUINE JONES M CO.. oom*r Eighth and D streets. 200 tf"el" ONIONS, de 10-U* oorner Eighth ana D streets. Ma, , J. Al9LERAH^*he' pleasure to laform his friecds and the public, that he_has openod a first o'ase Restaaraat at the mvcrlte looatlon on D street, between Uth and 'tth streets, so long and ?eli-Knowu as AixiePs ConfeoUonsry estabUshmsnt. Haviuz made srraagsments for a eonstan s ipely ofali the de ioac>e? ol the season, and secured the services ef po its aud owiuMtea' attwtea MHI w receife a dee ?Sare of jubHo AMUSEMENTS. I 25EORGE CHRISTY'S Ijr NEW OPERA HOUSE, t15th btbbit, waihisotos. This beautiful ud elegant hall, eligibly situated, on Tenth street, between E and F streets. near Penney vania avenne. la "nthe FIR8T FLOOR. without ate pa or atatre to aaoend, very easy of ac oeaa and egre*a, delig I'fuily heated a d pleasantly ventilated. _ Now Opbh Evbry Nioht, Under th" niaTiag-m*"t of . GEORGE CHRISTY, , The Prince of Negro Wiu and the Pioneer of Negro Minstrelsy, Latxof Bkoadwat, Nivv York. with A First class Minstrel Company. Sinoe this admirable h* 11 eaa been open to th* publio, it has been mrhtly orowdcd by the Most Eltgast abd Ripijbd Acdirncss, the larger proportion beinc Ladie? and Famines. Mr. Christy will shortly sppear in hisfamoas Negro Dramatio Characters, of which due noilo* will be given. ? , Admission?Parquet, 50 oents ; Gallery 25 cents, I Doors open quarter before7, commercing at q uarter before t o'olook. de B I f \DETFELLOW8* HALL: VJ ?ivihth, Abovi D St. CONTINUED SUCCESS of the WOM-D RlilOWHS CAMPBELL MINSTRELS: m TWENTY STAR PERFORMERS ' The Best Band in the World! Change of Prograums Every Night! Admission. i... >? 56 Oents. Doors open at ) o'olock; commencing at 8 o'clock de 11 8t ^yASHINSTON THEATER ! THE TR1UMPH~~D" THE AGE ! THE TRIUMPH OF THE AGE! THE TRIUMPH OF TBE AGE! IN SCfeNIC ART! The shout* of applause whioh greeted the eerformanoe of the Romantio Speotaoular Drama of THE SEVEN SISTERS! laat evening, gives to it a prominenoe beyond any I previous effort in theatricals in Washington. Th* I.a?t Pcxwb. THE BIRTH OF THE BUTTERFLY in the BOWER OF FERN9 ! A is the moat gorgeous sight ever witnessed, MISS 8U8ANDRNIN, as Cftpt. Highboy, will drill her company of ZOUAVES-80 YOUNG LADIES'. Seats seoured three days in advanoe. Box offioe open lOtiil 3 o'clock. de 11 I PROF, a F. BARNE'S, (of New York,) DANCI'G ACADEMIES- at Odd Fel- ? low*' Hall, NavT Yard, every Monday and Jf* Thursday. A sohool in the city will soon be#Pl formed, in a oen ral locality. Private(Masses UiSB attended to For oiroularsitertna, etc., enquire of WM.H, BARNES at 8. W. Thompson's, Kent's Furnishing Store, 37 0 Pa ave. de ll-lm* CANTERBURY HALL, (Formerly the Washington Assembly Rooms,) Louisiana avenue, near oorner of 6th street, in the rear of the National and Brown's Hotels. OPEN EVERY NIGHT! With the first talent in America. ENTIRE CHANQ~E~OF PROGRAMME. The front of th* auditorium is seated with elegant ro'ewood orohester chairs. The celebrated Violinist, Mr. GOODALL. oonduota the Oroh*fter. MISS CARR"IE LA MONT. JAMES WARD, BILLY PIERCE, JAMES WARD, BH.LY PIERRE, JAMES WARP, BILLY PIERCE, JAMES WARD. BILLY PIERCE, Mias MARION PIERCE. GEORGE W. ARCHER as Atlas to night. TO-NIGHT, THE BEAUTIFUL BALLET LA BAYADERE MISS CARRIE LA MONTk Pick Pabkbr (funny Dick)... attheCAMTXRBrxy. Harry FoX .at the Cantbrbury. I W. B. Harriso*_?. at the Canterbury. I M'i.lx Frank La Follx at the Cantbrbury, | Miss Julia Hudson, the beautiful soncstress at the Cantbrbuby, ) Missus Emma Mils* Willis. Vbrnon, Parker Clirtoh and a host of other*.. .... the Cantbrbcky. I MATINEE For Families, Ladies, and Children. SATURDAY AFTERNOON, at2o'olock. Admission?Children ....10oents. I Psicxs of Admission?Parquet,25 ots.; Orohes- I tra Chans, 50 oents. delo WANTS. I WANTED ?A good journeyman BAKER oan I obtain oonstant employment by applying to I R. A. EDMON8TON, No. 134 High at, Georgetown^ de 13 3t WANTED?Br onb or two aingle gent'emen, a * ? ROOM, iiritn Board, in a respeotahle pri?ate J family. Offers address "No. 450," office of this I HHf. It* | WANTED-A SITUATION as bookkeeper or salesman, by a gentleman of 20 yeara' expe- I riecoe, with firat-olaaa refereroe , compecaa'nn at the discretion of the emp'oyer, on a trial. For I an interview address "A. B , Box 1, Star Office. dels 1m* I A HIGHLY RESPECTABLE LADY, with the best reference and security, would like a I Member or Senator to rent a fine house in the I western part of the oitr. where they would have I the privilege of selecting their room and society, with the best Board ana every oomfort of home I Address "C. C./' Star Offioe. d* 13 3t* WANTED TO RENT?A neatly furniahed I HOUHE, in a central location, ot from '0 to I 15 rooms. Good rent. Best of references given. Address, immediately. Box 14 alar Office. It* A YOUNG GIRL Wantaap'ace to do oham- I berwo k or take care of children. Address "C. I F.." Star Offioe. de l2-2t? WANTED TO RENT-A HOUSE anywhere between First street and Georgetown Kent rot to exoeed $25 per month. Address "J N. M.," I Box No. 11, Star Offioe de 12 3t? j \17ANTED-First class VEST HANDS. App'y VV to F. J. HE1BERGER * CO., 369 Penn. avenue. de 11-St* I WANTED-3 BOYS at A. LaTRUITTE'8 new Billiard Rooms, oorner Pa. avenue and I Fifteenth st. delist" I WANTED?A youth who has experience in the yy Mercantile business, wishea to obtain a 8ITU ATI ON, in some establishment, at moderate I oompen-atlon Best of references given. Address "G. SUr Offioe. __ de 11-at* WANTED?A good VEST HAND wanted im W mediately, at WILLIAM TUCKER'S, 486 Penn. avenue, between and 6th sts. de 10 5t* WANTED?Good able-bodied MEN. For par-I tio?lars app ly at th* Revill* House, on G, I between 21st and 82J sts. de 5 6t? I WANTED-A good MILLINER ; none but the best need apply. 8. HELLER, No. 34 Market Space, betweenj[thjkndjlth_sts. de 5 lw* I WANTED?lo.ono whisky and brandy BOT- I TLE8. Cash sn delivery. F. B. HASTINGS * CO.. 323 1> street, no 25 tf Philharmonio BuHding. I WANTED?Every person to know that I am in I the market, ready to pay cash for all artiolea I in the housefurnishing line. Those leavina the I oity, or having a surplus, will do well to oail, R. I BUCH LY, 488 Seventh st,,between Gand H sts., I (east aide,) Dealer in New and Seoond-hasd Fur- I niture. no 16 I H74.NTED.-We are now buying 8ECONDTi HAND FURNITURE, 8TOVESand BEDDING, for whioh we are paying the highest I caah prioea. Familiea deoiimng housekeeping, or I having a snrplua of fnrnitare, will find it to their I * 6RiFFlTH, Je lS-tf No. 369 Tth St.. betw. 1 and K sts. ANTED? TAILORS, TAILORS-?50 Tailors competent to work on military gooda. Apply I G. KOLP. at Wall. Stephens & Co.ra. ae25 VR.IB03DMAZI. Prolttttd by Royal L$tttrs Pattnt of England, and secured by th* Stals of the EcoU de Pkarmac it de Paris, and tkt Imptrial College of Mtdicino, Yionna. TRIE8EMAR No 1 I* th* effaotual remedy for Rblaxation, Srxamatorrhcba and Kxuau*tiom ob thb Stbtxm. TR1ESEMAR No. 8, , Completely and entirely eradioatea all traoea of thoae diaordera, for whioh Copaiva and Cnbeba have sene-a ly been thought an antidote, to th* rain of th* haalth of a vast portion of th* popala t0** TRIE8EMAR No 3, la th* graat and aure remedy of the civilised world for all Impuriti** of the ayatem, aa well aa reoondary aymptoma, obviating the deatrnetiv* uae of M*re?ry, aa well aa other d'leteriosa mgredienU, and whioh all the Saraaparilla m the world oanuot remive TxiaaiMAR No*. 1,2 and S are alik*devoid of taat* or *m*ll. and of all nau**atins eua'iti**. Th*y are in the form of a loiei ge, and may lie on th* ioil*t table without their aa* being aue*^Sold m tin oa**a at fts eaoh.or four 9S oaaee in one for f9, and in ?ri oaaea, thua aaving 9^-aa administered by Vaipeae, l^allemand, Roux. *o? Ac. Who eaale and retail by DR. H. A. BARROW, 194 Bl**ok*r street, (4 doors from MaoDougal street). New York, lamadia^aiy on i* eeipt of remittanoe, Dr. BabXow trill forward Trfeeanar to any rart of the world, secure y paokeaiand addresaed aooording to the instruction* also by DR BARROW, that popular and beautifully illustrated medical work. Human Frailty. Price 28 oents. Trieeemar and Book be obtained by speeial authority from 8. C. FORD, Waahington. D. C. d* l?-?in PROPOSALS WILL BK RECEIVED BY 1861 for furnishing th* plan* and material*, and build ng at one*, compl*te in every r**p?ot, fonr Brick Oven* of th* mos ap;rov*d pattern to b* heated by wood, eaoh large enough to i>ake (7S0) s*v*n hundred and Mt|?armyraUon*?f bread at

AUCTION SALES. By green A williams, Auctioneers household furniture. flour, Ao., JL1 at Acctioji.?On saturday, the 14th instant. at 10 o'olook a. m., we shel' sell, at onr auotion room*, oorner of Seventh and d streets, a we 1 assorted lot of Houtehold Furniture of every desert ption. Fifty barrels Extra Flour. ? 8 KEEN A WILLIAMS. A not*. By J. c. MoGUIRE A CO , Auotionee-s. UAN080ME FARISMADE PARLORFURaa nitcrs. Gas Chandkli irs. Ao , Ac , at Pr flue A Uctio!? ?On TO MORROW MORNING, Peo. lith, at 10 o'elook, in front r>( the Auction Rooms, we ?hall sellSuit of solid Rosewood Satin Damask-oovered Parlor Furniture. oomprisinc two Sofai.two Arm and four Parlor Chairs, Suit of Rosewood Brooatelle covered Parlor Furniture, Mahout? case Piano Forte, Marble to? Center end Sofa Tables, Whatnot Fancy Tables and Chairs, Velvet. Hrusse s iad Three pit Carpets. Straw Matting. fmuioth. , Double and Finale Bedsteads. Feathftr Beds, Mattresses, Pillows, Comforts; Blankets, Spreads, China. Glass and Crockery Ware, Cooking and other Stiver, Ac , Ac. It [Rep 1 J. c. MoGUIRF. A co.. Auots. | By J. c. MoGUIRE A co.. Auctioneers. PUBLIC SALE OF CONDEMNED HORSES and Mclxs at Afctio*.? Will be sold at Auotiou, on THURSDAY MORNING, December 19th, at 10 o'o'oek, at the Government Corral, oorner of G and Twenty-seoood street*, a lot of HORSES AND M1LVS. Condemned as unfit for public servioe. Terms oash in specie. J. J. DANA. Tfcprand A.Q. M. del) dts J. c. MoGUIRE a co., Auoti. IiOST AND FOUND. T7 STRAY.?Came to my stable . oa Tuesday morning, a bay MARE. The owner is gy requested to oall for her, pay expenses,and take her away. M. J. POPE. K street, de la 3t* Retween ?th ana Jth sts, r\istrict of columbia. Copwtt or ' Washisgtob, to wit:-I hnrnli j _i" certify that Thomas Harding, brought! /VI, before me as tresspassing on his prem-Hr"^r ises, during the latter part of November. " 1861,4 dry Miloh cows, two of them red, one red and white, and one bnndle Given uunder my hand snd seaLthis '3th day of December, 1861. THOMAS C. DONN, Justice of the Peace lor Washington county, Distriot of Columbia. The owner and owners oj the above described onw< are hereby requested to come forward, prove property, pay ohargos and tskethem away THOMA* HARDING,, on old Bladensbnrgh Road, de 13-3f about l K miles from Biaoensburgh. pOUND-A lady's BREASTPIN, which the r owner can have by describing and p&ylhg for the adverticemont. Call at No. 43 East Capitol street. de 12 2t* CJTRAYED?From Mr. Pumpl-rey's Stable, on K5 Monday, the 9th instant, a bay MAR E. g\, and her colt; no marks reoollected. TheT??5* oolt is about 7 months old, and of a bay^^" color ,The mar? is ared t or B years. a reward of five dollars will be given for any information that may lead to their recoverv. Aepiy to Mr. J. M. BUSHER, at Squire Bonn's rffije de 12 2t* IOST.?A Writing Tab'e was void at auction, -j 28th September, by Gre^n A Williams, oorner Seventh and'D its. The rfrawers contained Pri vate Papers belongine to Frsnois A Dickons He is very antious to recover 'hem. and any information of them will be a great favor. Please address or inform JOHN JOHNSON. Agent, correr Seventh *qg E streets, opposite 6eneral Post Office de 12^t" ^jtrayed away?On the 6th. from the 'ear C of No. 6 Louisiana avenue, a bar cv horse, about 14 na' ds high; with two *1*5^ white hind feet, and spruns in the left front knee; had on a bridle and breast strap. a liberal reward will be paid for her return to me. , ., bfias hughes. de 11-st* No. 6 Louisiana avenue. Iost-a seal ?ING. and a fox head seal, attaohed to a ring, with corneallan set. $5 reward will be gives to whoever returns the artioles to this office. de2 tf ?QC REWARD Will be paid for the return of wine Black HORSE, Harness, atd c\ Covered Buggy, with b ue linings; hired at TLfl the stable off.C A E. Wro*, G street, be ?tween 17t:i and 18th streets, on Friday, November John Foster. Said Foster is about5 feet 10 or II inches high: of sacdy complexion, thin visage, lar*e nose, between forty-five and fifty years of age, residenoe Noble street, near S^oona street. Philadelphia, Pa Said Horee is about l.-As hands high.cap off the left hip. The above reva-d will be paid for the return of the Horse. Harness, and Buggr. Also, fifty dollars wi 1 fce paid for the arres* and oonvioti?>n of John Foster. det.iw* SAMUEL < . A E WROE. Ran away from the subscriber, near Bladensburg. BOY ANTHONY, commonly called Toner. He is 5feet5inohes high, very blaok, short hair, grum oounte- gn, ranee when spoken to. with a small scat over on* of his eyes. Went away with black ? ? jaoket (United States buttons on if,) oasinet pants, yellow gauntlet gloves. I will give flWtoany one that will bring him hoire to >re. de2 2w* FIELDER MAGRUDER. BOARDING. IIOARDING.?A handsome suit of Rooms, m a 13 private residence near the Patent Office. Meals furnished in the best style. References re quired, inquire at No. 4?7 H, between 4th and 5th sts. _ de 4 eo3t* BOARD.?Respectable parties may find good Board and well furnished Rooms, by day, week, or month, in houses No. 470 and 477 13th street, three doors from fa. avenue, and midway between Willards'and Kirkwojds' Hotels, no 98 1m* EDUCATIONAL. \|18s brooke's english and french itl BOARDING AND DAY iCHOOL, Srvrn Bcildinss, No. 130 Pennsylvania avennt. Circulars to be obtained at the Bookstores and of the Principal. noSB-lm* ^yA8HINGTON lecture association course for 1861-'?s. at thi hall or THE SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION. Desiring to aid in placing the onmmunity of whioh they form a oart on a higher piane in rerard to Literature. Loyflty and Liberty, one hundred oitixensof Washington have united in an organization be known as the 'Washington Lecture Association," with the present arsicii of a oourse ?>f lectures, by men who have qarned a repu'ation or the highest culture and the most earnest patriotism. These leotures have no narrow or eiolusive purpose, but there will be invited and wek?>me to the piatform Representative Men, widely differing it may be, in views of polioy?the Association only insisting that they ihail harmonise in a common loyalty. To this end the following distinguished gentlemen have been invited to participate in the oourse, and a large number have acoeptad. Hon Edward L?eretl, Hon. D 8. Dickinson, Bayard Taylor, Eft']. John B Uoogh, Hon. Jostpb Holt, Pres. Anderson, Rochester, Hon. Horses Greeley, Wendsll Phillips, Orestes A. Brownson, LL. D. Junes Russell Lowell, Res. Henry W Beecbsr, Re*. George B., Oliver Wendell Holmes, Geo. William Cams, President Felton, Harvaed. Ralph W. Emerson. The leotures will be delivered at (he Hall of the Smithsonian Institution, whioh has been kindiy granted for the purpote. THK FIRST LXCTCRS. The first lecture wil' be by the eminent Cath^lio oholar.Mr Br wnbo*,on friday evening next, the 13th ins . pr cs or tickcts Season ticket, admitting lady and gentleman.?3.00 ' * * one gentleman...... 2?0 " " " one lady.... l.M) These tiokets are for sale at Franok Taylor's, Shepherd's, Anderson's and Pinllin^ton's Bookstores, and at Willards' and tr.e National Hotels. JOHN PIERPONT, President. w a. c*of?tjt, Secretary. Washington. Deo. 7,1861. de 10 tf |yjadame leont1n e blanchet, Will Give D? Paais PRIVATE FRENCH LESSONS. Apply at 19i West street, Georgetown ; or 4 07 F street, Washington. de 10-1 m* TO FAMILIES AND SUTLERS. The undersigned retpeotfully in- f ~ forms the citisens of Washiogton and the transient publio that they have constantly on h*nd a la^ge as- ? sortmect of OYSTERS of the very best quality: aiso keeps a large quantity of Cnoioe Piokleo Orsters. Our soa Idea Oysters can't be be t, done up in first olass s yle. Give us a oall. We feel satisfied that you will call again. S. W. DAVIS A CO. oorner of 12tb and E streets. nov?7 I m* FOR CITIZENS' WEAR-CLOTHS, CASSIMER B"? and VEttTitNGS. a full supply. One prioe only, marked in plain figures. An inspaotion of stock incurs no obligation to purohase Oilcloths, Carpets, Curtains Ao., upper floor*. PEKRV i BRO., de 9 5t Pa. avenue and Ninth st. Butter . AND EGGS. 100 paokagei r utter, large and small sue, 2" f arre s prime Eggs. i n store and for sa e by D. F.. DUTROW, jie7 lw* 480 Eighth st, near Pa avenue._ JMPOR1ANT TO M1L.ITAKY?MKN! Army Regul*tios Ua*s, MoClellui Fatigue Caps,. Chaa eurs de Paris (!aps. Staff Caps made to ord-r. with appropriate de vioee. B. H. BT'NEMETZ. 436 Pa. avenue, near oorner isth st,Between Wi lards'ana Kirkwoods' H< t*Is UJ~ Age> oy for Gttten's Cork Cap Havek>ek, his iily reoom mended for the use of oar rank aud file by Lieut Qea. Winfield So -)tt. de il-lm J to the ladies! ulks jolllvetj Ladies' Hairdrewer. Irom Pans, lust arrived, iniorms the ladies of Washi (ton that he will open op the Itth of Decenbey. a large assortment of Frlix hea-i dressetr, Wreaths ar.d Brides Wreaths, the m .st splendid of Flowers for draws ; also Go d and CLjaUi* nets.a:) ktads of Hair Work : aud attend wmir. s?iDstreet,utwesa?th 4 ? FOR SALE A>TT) RENT. TWO VEKY PARLORS, oonamunieatinf. oa I firet floor, handsomely ftirntahed. with or without Board, at No. 9 Indian* avenue, opposite the Cltr Hall ? P)R RENT?Two well furniehed ROOMS, on the firat flor in * pleaaant part of the city, ?ri table lor one or two gentemen. lneaire No. 867 C streM. near 4S- de 13-lw nOOMS FOR RENT?Doub'e Parlora, with II folding doors between, on the first Boor, neatly furnished aa parlor and Chamber, in a healthy and pleasant locality, near the Avenue. Inquire at 37 4 E atreet. between 9th and !<Hh ats. de IS 3t* . C<URNISHED HOUSE FOR RENT?No. JM t r Ei?hteenth atreet. between F and 6. in perfect order, with g*a, wat?r and bath. Apply to JOS. H. BRADLY, Jr., corner 4H and D at:eeta, opeoaiteCity Hall. It* TO LET?A rmaW ootiaae HOUSK, (aboat one mile from Willarda' Hotel,* c ntaining five roims. Rent #9 per month. Ptable room for two horaea?pa?iur??e. A lot ?-f Furniture and u??ful Honaeho'd A'tiolee for aale at leaa ihvn ooat. all hew Addreaa ''Comfort," at the offioe of thia payer. ^ dei? at* FOR RENT-The UNION BUILDINGS Bear the interaection of E atreet and Penneylvauia arenne,70 feet front. I3B feet '"eep.toan alley 90 feet wide Can be need for eeverai atorea. Lolts for warehouaes and o'her purpoaea; and will be rented for a term of veare- or ahorter period. Enquire of J. T St*vena. 517 7th atreet. or the owner, Mr. WiHarda' Ho e!. del vat FOK RENT-A large PARLOR and CHAMBER, No 4*7 Fifth atreft between D and E, near the City Hill. de 12 8t* BURNISHED ROOMS-Three large and well r fnrniahed Rooma, with or without Board, in a Northern famil*. can be had by addreaaing imme-' dlaUly. "Ohio," Poet Office. de 12 tf I O LET?The aeoond atory of a b?iok HOLSE, " unfurniahel. or weald be furniahed to a deairab.e pirty. Inquire at 3?2 tt street, between 12th ami 13 h. __ ae 10 it I?OR RENT?A ROOM. ?o by 20, euitab'e for a F atore, with baaement. on Penn. avenue. neer 4K atreet. aouth aide. F >r terma inquire I\o 419 l'enn a?enue. Modern fixtures fir front, a 1 p'e pared ana in complete order. de 12 St* I7?OR RENT?In afirst-olass houae. an elacant r auitof FURNISHED ROOMS, wa-med r y a furnace, witi gas. hot acd oo!d water. Loca?i- n detirableand oentral.convemont to the Post Om e. Pa. avenue atd Capitol. References ' vch^eed. Addreaa R, S , Bo* 3.Star Office. de 12-St* Furnished parlor and chambers A nioeiy ard oomfo'tably furn:etie-l karier, with two adjoining CLambera. on the firat floorhouse No. 411 Thirteenth atree*, between ? and H?f t rent. The ooation and the neighborhood are alike p easant. and the rooma oonven ent and oommodn ua. Call at the premtaea. de 18-8.* Senators or members can be ac o< mmod&'ed with a nicely furni hed aalt of rooma. at No. 30 atreet,between Pa. av and C street. I.ooation very deairable. dellii* FOR SALE?The Good Will, Fmnga, and Stock of a rnrtch frequented Wine and Later Beer Saloon, to whioh k ball room and garder are a'tached, at a reasonable price. For particulars inquire at the St Cnarlea Re^taura^t, c rner Pa. avenue and Third at. ? de 11-1 w* COR RKNT?Two furniahed CfllMBKRS in r Georgetown. For aituation inquire at No. 121 Bridge at. deie_t? FOR RENT-A iurniah'd fbur etnry HOUfrE, No. 24 Louisiana avenue, oppoaite ! !ltn at, aad near City Hall. Inquire on the premiaea. de |0-eoiOt MHMBERS OF CONG!ES* AN V OTHERS oa- find very ploarant ROONS a pallorand one or two t.e-1 rooma, in a private fami r and desirable aitualicn within five nnnutea* walg of the city Poet Office. Inqu re at thia office.f Reference *equircd. . de 10- tf j FOR SALE?The large three-atory BRICK RESIDENCE. No. 448,on the north aide of E atreet, between 6th and 7td ate., lately occupied by Col. Luke l ea. For prioe, Ac , inquire of FRANCIS MOHLN, Esq., 6th atr-ef between E And F, or of R H. LASKEY, No. 36 Louisiana af^nde. <le lMw I70R SALE?4.09# bns'nela Maine POTAJT TOE^. Ou boarl echooner S. B. | Berrv'a Wharf, Georgetown de7-lw* T. G. \ Ot NG. I F~ARM FOR SALE. -A FARM containing 225 acrea, ot which one ha;f la in timber, the real- I due of arable lai.d of good quality. Abutdanceof I good wa'er, well diatriouted. vVittan ha f an I houra' hau! of Scagf'a Switch, or croaaing o I Washington Branch Railroad in Prince George s I county, and w ithin a half mile of the Turnpike of I Ba timore and Waal-.u.gton,and within ninemilea I from Washington. An Apple and Prach Oroherd, I of recent giowth. Hcuae, Barn, and otner ima: I bnildings. For particu'ara and terma. eijqnirasf tne aubaonber, 1S7 6th atreet, between N and O I atreeta north, Waahiiigton, D. C. I 3 K) o-irda of cordwood !<>r aale on the premiaes. deft 9t* CHARLES C hAILEK. I WO FURNISHED ROOMS FOR RKNT, I on firat floor, at 406 D atreet, between ?th and I 1th. ptf Handsomely furnished rooms.- i Four handaftmely Fnrniahed Rooma. aupplied | with gae and water, aud convenient to the Pa'ert I and Post Office Departments, lor rent. Apply at I 490* MaasacLusetU aTenne, north aide, between I 4th and Kh sU. >naa j J UST PUBLISHED by J. B. L1PPINCOTT 4c CO., Philadelphia. T MACLEOD'S SURGERY OF THE CRIMEAN WaR. Notes on the Surgery of tke War in tkt Crimea, I with Remarka on the Treatment ol Gunahot I Wounda. By George H B. Maoleod, M. D., F. K. I C. S., Surgeon to the General Hospital in Camp I before Seoaatopol Lecturer on Mifitary Surgery I in Anderaon'a Uaiirersity, Glasgow, etc., etc. One I vol. 12mo. $150. tl COOKE'S NEW UNITED STATES CAVALRY TACTICS. Cavalry Tactics; or Regu ationa for tne Inatruo I tion. Formation* and Mtwementa of the Cavairy I of the Army and \ olunteera of 1 he United Statea By Philip St. George Cooke, Brig Gen. u. s. a. i Authorised and Adopted Bt thk MmiTiit op Wa. November la', 1861. i rola. flSO. I!L EVOLUTIONS <?P THE LINE. The Pietd Manual of Evolutions of the Line, ar- I ranged in tabular 'orm, Tor tne u?e < f oftoera of the I U. a lLfantr>; being a arquel to the authorised U. 1 S Iniantr? Tactioa Translated with adaptation I to the U S. Service, from the laataatFieLChaotho. I ritiea. By Capt. Henry Coppee, late lcatuotor in the United Statea Military Academy, at West Point. 1 vol. 50 eta. Fv7 NEW ORDNANCE MANUAL. The Ordnance Manual, for the nae of the offioera i ofthe Army and oth*ra. Prepared nnder the di'ec- I tion of the War Department Third Edition Re vised. One vol. Demi sno, fully illustrated, with engravings on ateel. $% 50 Obdnancr Dkpibtjiint, i Washington. No^ 4*1861. s Hon. S. Cameron, Secretary of War: It ia reapeotfully teoomm^Lded that the Revised Edition or the Ordnance Manuel b? published lor the use of the Army. _ . WRlum Mahadiii, Lt Col. of (trdnanoe m charge ol Bureau. Approved Nov.4,1861. 7 Hoa. A. Scott, Acting Secretary of War. IH^For aale by the BOokaellera gerera'ly, or | will be sent poat-paid on receipt of the prioe by u. r.biuw^ B 11PP,NCOTT t co.t de 10-4t Publishers, Phradelphta. P A N*C Y GC^ODS AUCTION7PRICKS! I STEVENS'S atook of Fancy Goode-Pa avenne, I between 8 h and 9th ata., opposite Center Marketmust be closed out by the first ol January. The | stock is large and of great variety, and is now of- | fered to the public at less than cost. The ladies etproially are invited to avail themselves of this I srsri" to " "ai?' tffiissfc T.r7 de? 2w Aeaignea. QFFICUL N OT I C e. Qcaktibmasti* 0?w*B*L'S Ofticv, i Washington Oity. Deoemb^r 6th, 1861.\ The following Reeolvtion has been adopted by the Hoase of Rcpreaentativee of the United States, via: .. . ? Hesolved, "That tee Secretary of War be requested to furnish to this House copies <>f all oontraets made by the Quartermaster's Department, fof^eeding disabled horses during the winter:?to atate the terma of theae eontracta, the naoi"i ofthe oontraotora. and 'he number of horaea giveu out:? and wheihmnoae oontraota were made upon publio notiee.^P , , ? . . All officera and agenta of the Qaartermaater a Department, are inatrueted to send to taa Suartermaater General lmmediaUly upon aeeing ia notioe, oopiee of al! oontrao a. acd a 1 inform* tion embraced within the terms of the Resolution. H M?IG8t de9 10t (Intel. A Rep.) QeartermasUr Gen'.. PROPOSALS FOR FRESH BEEF. Wasbikotoji Aasssaln 10th Dee., 1861. Skalbs PaoposALe, to b? sndorsed "Proposals for Freeh Beef will be reoeived at Uus Areenal until 10 a m.o! the 20th instant, for the supply of TresaBeelfor 12 months from tke 1st January, 1863. The Beef to be of good and wholeaorae eaallty, i neoka acd shanks exoluded,; la eueh q uautiues as inav be from time to time requirrd. not eaoeeding five times in each wees;, on suoh days as shall be designated by Ihs Acting Assistant Commissary of bubsieteuoe; the Bt-ef to be delivtred at the Arsenal. The contract will ba awarded to the lowest re sponsible bidder, wko will be required to give the usual bonds within three days J. M. WH1TTEMORE. de 10 let LC Ord. A. A. CTs. IN store, AND FOR SALE CHEAP FOR CASB? s oon pairs B'.ue and Grey Blankets, ?.i.*o Doable a nd Single Cc mforta. I Lined aud tlnlmrd Bu#hl?* R"tf*i .. . Buckley's Patent Cane-seat Army Chair*, the be* camp chair in see. Favor a a .d Smyock'a Camp Cota? SECOND EDITION. * THREE O'CLOCK, P. M. "???? a 1 ' OUR MILITARY BUDGET. THE ACCIDENT AT FOKT PICKENS. List of llfLiw^WwKH. The folfcwlng oRcisl report bu been received tlWC ' H<a4<i%arUTt. Department / F!?rtd+. 1 Art Pukmm, Nov Is61 ( Gtntrml. It U with much pain that after tbe Wonderful escape of my command from the mtsslles of tbe enemy, I hare to report to yw moot melancholy Accident, tbe result of gram oarslses new, whicn baa just occurred. In order to prevent accidents, I ordered ill tbe shot and shell of the enemy to be co flee ted, fearlug that tbe men might tamper witb some of tbe loaded shell* This was accordingly being done, when one of tbe men tried to empty a shell by kuocklng It against another, he being surrounded by a crowd. An ezploalon ensued, I'n'towed be that of another shell. Instantly klUlnr. five and wounding eeven otters?Jo wit: Killed?Sergeant Thomas Coorov, compsoy L, 1st Artillery. Pr rates?Loots Hey, Tbos Poole, Mlckael and Ready of same company, and prints Frederick Verger, company C 3d ImkntreT Wounded?Privates John Buckley and W?. Shaff-r, company L let Artillery, badly wounded; private Daniel Slater company A lat Artillery, seriously; private John Me Bride company K 3d Infantry, dangeroualy; private Daa'l Crontey, company E 3d Infhntry. slightly; private Wm. Gill, same company, sll^ttly; private Sylvan us Morgan, same company, badiv. I am, General, very respectfully, your obedient servant, Hsnvsy Baown, Colonel commanding. Brigadier General L Tbomas, Adjutant General, U S A. THE LATEST BY TELEGRAPH LATEST FROM THE SOUTH NEWS FROM CONFEDERATE SOURCE0. THE ENEMY IN EXPECTATION OF AN ATT ACE. NEWS FROM BEAUFORT. WHOLESALE DESTRUCTION OF COTTON AND CORN CROPS, A SLAVE STAMPEDE AT NORFOLK PARTICULARS WITHHELD "FOR PRUDENTIAL REASONS." m Baltimobi. Dec. 13?The Norfolk Day Bock baa dates from Peneacola to December 3. There wai no further fighting. Gen. Bragg hourly anticipated a renewal of the attack from Fort Plckena. The Federal veseela were Sitting la and cut of the harbor la a moat bewildering manner to tbe rebels. Sometimes there would be a doten in the evening, and all but two disappear before morning. The Norfolk Day Book of Thursday was oonsidersbly eicited in relation to the rumor that Norfolk la to be attacked It suggests additional obstructions to tbe entrance to tbe harbor. If not done by tbe military, It urges that the City Councils take It In hand. At Richmond, on Wedneedsy. tbe war excitement was high. The sto. m of war was expected to buret momentarily aomewhere A dispatch, dated Memphis. December 10, says that New Madrid is now fortified. Two regiments were sent tbe*t yesterday. It Is rumored that the contemplated attack on Cairo has been abandoned. Tbe 'ron ram 'Manassas" arrived at Columbus on Sunday. The Richmond Dispatch of Wednesday eoatalna tbe following mall news: Tbe Charleston Courier of the #th says that oa Wednesday night a detachment of tbe Beaufort artillery, numbering twenty-two men, passed ever to the island and visited Beaufort, where the utter desolation and abandonment was relieved only by the presence of one light and the barking of a dog. There were no algna of the enemy either on land or w?.ter. Our men then proceeded to the work of deatruction. Tbe chief object was to destroy tbe crops of cotton and tbe provisions on Paris Island, which, being near to the enemy, was crowded by the negroes who had Cocked there to escape from tbe control of their owners. Owing to want of boats, this object wae but partially effected. Seven hundred bales of cotton and seven boa. dred bushels of corn were burnt on Dr Thomas Fuller's plantation. Returning to the battery, the plantation work of destruction was resumed, and the torch waa successlvsly applied to tbe cotton of twelve other plantations, andtbeooatents of five barns were emptied and consumed Seventeen cropa amounting to nearly 4,080 balsa were thus effectually removed from tbe range of the destroyer. Tbe Courier also says the English war steamer Racer had arrived off Charleston harbor on Friday. She brought dispatches to the British Consul. The Racer left neit day for Port Royal The Courier" of the 9th says: Oa Friday last there were la sight and near thts harbor tbe steamship Susquehanns, two side-wheel gun boats, a storeshlp, a large schooner, supposed to be laden with coal, and the Sweedlah bark ??Mlnord." We hear that this last vessel was bound to thts port, supposing there was no blockade, which want of Information will be unfortunate for her owners, as she will no doubt be seized. 4The Montgomery (Ala.) " Mall," of tbs fitb Inst , congratulstes their readers at the report that old Harvey Brown has died of a wound received In the late fi^bt at Fort Plckena Passengers ap from that city, this morning, say that tbe report Is firmly believed, but not positively known to be true. The Richmond Dispatch has smong Its telegrams the following " Sntwrt if s ?<* e?sr? Bold At II ftkt Hiiiissi ?Charleston, Dae. 10 ? The Cbarleaton Courier of this morning says that the Lincoln fleet seised a schooner on Saturday, and that a steamer was seen passing on Monday with a floating battery or dock la tow. The Charleston Mercury of to-day aaya that tbe Yaa kee Invaders are getting bolder. A small body of them were seen near Port Reyal on Sunday The Norfolk Day Book speaks of aa Important arrest there of a number of alsved la tbe act of making their eecape to tbe North. They fifteen bdndred dollars la stolen money about them. An examination had been bad before th? Mayor, but for prudential reasons tbe report of it la withheld. FROM FORTRESS MOJROE. Balttmobb, December 13 -Tbe Old Polat?aet which arrived tbls morning brings tbe fo..owing news: . ... Fobtbbss Mohbob, Doc. lUth?The fj--4' Thursday flag-of-truce boff left beta t^la morning, la charge of Captala MlUward, with a large number of letters sad express spatters for tbs South. Tbs boat returned with two paMg?* from Richmond, who are British subjsete, and two from Norfolk. . Tbe Norfolk Dsy Book of ?o-day contains no news of importance All is very quiet la tbla vicinity. . . Among the paasenasrs byJ^? GE^^harlw Baltimore this morning, arm tbs Hon vaartm Theodore Russell, mayor of Cambridge^ Mam: ^ Tbe body of Private Wm C. Brews, aeoeneM, of tbe New York Tenth Reglmsat,wm saat boms by the Baltimore boat to-day. THE PIRATE ICRfSK. Niw Yoaa, Dec 13 -Aa arrival frsm ? Thomas says that great ladlgnsttM ex?s among tbs American residents at that plane at tbe ssosps of tbe privateer Sumter from Port Royal, Mar tlnlqua. Tbs captala of tbs lroquo*a?asoM-sured for having refused to pwrsao tbs pirate LATE LOCAL NEWS. A Cahwdatb ron Foar WiU"1 a u?aa rode through Blndonobny, Md *** " a 3SJ?i?. gott. with a squad, was Aaapatcbed la rawslt ed tbe bed "Seoeshsr," aad be wm takes from Ms ESmaadaseortsd iaaaambalaaoa, la which be waa brought to tbla city and delivered ap to tbo who was st large oa ball tm oaart te mm-a s % "?

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