Newspaper of Evening Star, December 13, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 13, 1861 Page 4
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g*" . ?L 1 * THE EVENING STAR. RfcifcCTtOV t vr aoaxiTsoa 8b? plMwd m? b*r wttb a lear 1o here*?. b?f lonl to >t?*r i faintly tote In i a1*,b, A ad tbe devt 'Jut U trought apoke ao aweetly of h)'n, Thai I at* la tbem sway la a l-?vrr?a Brat kiu O. fair her fjrf aa tbe t?tlliebt at aea, And Ha glancra of love arerkled only for me ; ? From tt? d-DC? and tbe aooj; abe turned gaily aside. Aid vowed me h??rt and ber band aa my br:de. O, aweet was tbe dew on Ler ripe, roay Upa. Aa t ha ? - ? - ? iaiKii*K hao f*. *> > t K?. uliklal - w uvw ? i ?? u V V- ?*.'?U tuc f JVI'I ? p* t And sve swore, as 1 ga<9d la b?r rye's sunny blue, 80 lorg u she lived, s? 1 tog she'd be true: Ob the b-acti where the twilight long shadows Led made, In Jane's b-lmy breeies, ooe eeen'ng we stray'd; W its n ahell wbo*e fair tint teemed dusk in her hind She wrote, "I love thee," on the ware-wishing sand Then (ha sighed, that the soft, amorous air might 1 mnart Kindred feeling* of love to or warm, throbbing heart L'ke afoot, on my knet* In the wet sand 1 knelt, (Ye gc<u: my best breeches!) and told her I felt That 1 loT'd none but hfr?would she yield to mv wish**? attbv tame time, 1t bought of my breeches? A Ter* 1' me rhym*, but I wanted a better, A vo. tie sound is the same by changing a letter ) V.'Hh her thumb on ber now, and her Angers tend out. Like a twist which a gobbler glvea to his anout, Uer ami)* breath'd derision, her head shook "adieu Aad her lips aweatly warbled, 'I'll be?bans'd: If I do" Ai*??ir? ?It Is discreditable to our ?Uy Uat the work ot military ortfan^xitton hs? bees delayed thus l?rg VVbat linp'-eaalon must It mk- ou the uilnds ?f tbe Ibouaanda of brava a-%r. wti > pisa through Memphis oa their way to enn pa and fert e>M?, Intended for ber defenc-, to ?ee b^r atresia czawdtd with stalwart m?n and ?ot a company drilling, not a dsn flying, and not a rote of martl-il tuutfc saluting tbe ear! It incst a acoufnga m"r zeal ai.d d m pen th?lr ardor to Mt sueb an exhibition of apathy wbero they b*d ri^bt o r xprct the livelieat display of martial Rth'ala rn Th?/ h?ve r-?ad the proceeding* cf cur ^retid onsii-eg; oor strong r^t^lntl^rs, t?re tb'ag w*r aDd a'ern rt*< lve; our rloqu?-.t addr ? depict: ng the danger of Memphis and calling the t nil re vb) I? v to arira for b?.r defeaee;? ut cn timing bere aod "It- eaa ng tb?* perfect nonchaiaiiei with wblch ws *?etn to repaid Hie d-tacf il p?r!la which w# ?a!d environed us, tbey m'lat b?> f ree* totbs conclualcn that our mats g, raolottf : * acd afdivaa were hut ?'?ound fttid fury, aUn fylng nothing " Our .W? iJ I- ?- -? M ' * % auuum iocs Eiw tQd blusb; thera. evtrv ?ft-rnoon, at 3 p m , every shop and tor* < eloscd, and all, o'd and young, are seen ?.Uve'y drilltaj; W tereis the patriotism, wh*r? U The pride, w cie n tbe ?pmk of Memphis, that six* di>-5 not imitatem> nubk an ^iauiple? Bet*e??n tbe xtortiona of reraorse'rss apeculst< rs, and tbe apatby of tbe citizens, who have re> iu lined at bom*, in pref rence to if I vim; tbelr personal lerv'c i tv ibe pubic d^f?*n<*e, Memphis * ?'re**ytrir ? *?${ la public estimation Ataia?e\i Die 7 JLJ \ll4 A?R' N??f M1'"*T9 *T THE WA8Hi'i IN^TON CI TY FU8T OFFICE. Offie* Ope* from 8 A. M to ft 30 P. M ? Sundays, 8 fo 10 A M &ASLS Oi OdE. >.?rc St 9 JO a ra.. 1? p. IB. and ? m ?t 3 so ^ m. and 9 p. tn V?<*f?rr a; ?.* p m Ai?xacJ ta tip m. and Opm -LTZetow* at lS p m a:ic 9 p. m. Oil Po bi Com Oft * 2p. m KoctFi! ; aoO t ort ? .r?*?oo it 4 p m ; (aterm9 diii p *c?a no routa* at 9 p m ob Moixiar. W?4litt tlajr a a ; Pimm. Ac. sp j u at >.};?. m ad 9 p m. Hiu kvi ,?, FredBrick Baa c pper Marlboro Bt 9 p a O i'lTillt tt 11. in or Mnrilw MAILS AKRtVE Northers and kuum at 6 a. m. 9 ? a. m. axxl a P. Oi. >&rthxre*t?rn*t 3 a. at 9 ? a. m. and 6 p. m. V- ?*t?rn *1 It * m A <-x%Dd>ia at 7 a n? and Sp m. K? <'C-tow at 8 a. m ana 3 p m. Id ?>iot Contort at 9 y> a. m H cfct i ie atd P >rt 1'obacoo at A p. m.; Intarma4iMo p'a*-e* on toot** at o p. m. Monday, Wadnaah; ai-d Fridn* / owvpo i, a> S a m. a'd 6 p.m. Bri?ok?i la jnl Fraderiok at a p. m. V p?*r *t ?rlh ?ro it 4 p. m. Cot< u ? a. J p m on Taa^ay, rkur*dtjr and B*tu''?T. J.KvVIs CM,*- PHANfc. P M VV ??S(-9T0N ClTT, D?o 7. If 61. d?9it S>L,A*KKTr. COMFORTS. BED LJNING. '?b. v."oUu, To vela. Naakica. Qui U, fco.,a !) aut p'r. Cm; imoiY marked in piair. lane Ce.rpt.ta, Cn.'lai-a, OUciotua. Ruia.Aa., upper #o?-? * Ac of etook loom no to frr.OKaa. JP*RRY iBtiH., da^St Pa. **.. ted ?tfc atroec IHAIR DYE'.-TO COLOR BLACK J Ot. BROW w.'?Only 39 eacta a b? x. Three boxew tor ona do1, ar Gr?f, rod or flazea hair can p? c.iai.geo in a few aooonds to a j t black or browo. t j 6*1' c UpiAra'a Liquid Hair Dye, the beat aaa oi.eapcat in the wor'd, producing tfc? n >u eflt it ta ssbiied a rieb uaiur*. aapearano*. Each Box of UPH AM'd H A. K DYK .a w rrar.ted ?o ooctain aa luoca ka it <iy. aa otbera aell for vm* dollar! Co d b? * i: t"cm aiii no - ? ?- > atd S. UXLVfcRT FORD*. oorner 11th atr et and Pa. ave. ?-?o1y *J?0 MILITARY OFFICERS AND OTHERS. BATCHMLOR'S GBNOISB HAIR BYE. The Beat in the World, 7*4 Oil* Kel%abl* and Harm it* t Hair Dy* K*#w%. Md by ail Dmccitu; alao, at Bimros'i Patent Mf-. taa rtore. cy. Patent Office, our. F A 7th. Udtt V Gins': Hur Store, ?+% Penn'a avenue. whert !.*? ie? can havai: sashed, if desired. Factory-fcl Barclay**. (Sis J33 Broadway )N. Y. o? a it m\\ CM-AK-*, NEW SHAWLM, AND iew Lree< ttcoda, opened daily. One prloeoriy. mark din plftin figures. Ceneta, Oik ia?, Raft, Matting*, Curtain*, Ac . nfptr floor*. PERR\ A BROTHER. $eP ft Pa av., an<i ?tk *tr**C TTO OFFICERS. BE CAMPAIGN -A Oajspaiialng Wagon on tkaPrn*siat> principle, arranged for *iewu- /rv tag vr to aet a* an Anita anoe in oa?e of sieknes* or wuuud*. with ample room fot'*'*strr??a.d pi^viorxi*i light, water-proof, and perfeety mw. haTi" g be?nju?t to order by old of to? traX makers m New York, la offered for *aJe at coat price. _Ai?o, a " ndsoine. *tronc. w??^ <i??w ^?? v V<na vivwa BUK^K, 9\.bet for uddi* or htmeu. boU? m*y be sms on sepuostion to JAME8 BkOWN. at Mr. IrTtn^*! > tables. Coroorwi'e Lsiit), belied tU? Cbsm Hock, SstirseB 1 acd H jlwu ? 1CA3H NOTICE, N <Xas"*ueace ot oar;p{ to -*** tor ewri a'tic. e of cxxU "re parqcaMS vs are forofl to reuses oar business t? Oasn exe!n?i??!T, for the resect. We jnvb in store a very !?'*e a?Trt?real cf BF.AUY MaDE CLOTHING for me* atd boys' wear, which are seilrhr at a much lover rate than ssoa..y, WALL. STEPHENS A CO.. sua Pa. avecee. hetwe*u f :h *c<310M: st . *r * I Int.I ? ??.-?v jgUNBOArero^THj WLdTEEN RrVfcKJ. Q*u rnxAitn Smui'i Omca, l to*, June 11,1*1 \ Fto?o?iLl ar? Invited for oonetrncticg 9ant?;?U aeon the Western rivers f>f?iSMUooi will be immeOataly yrrpare?i ard KX t* ~}?raloed at the Wu*r'ermaeterJs Office U 9*nr,f*Ti. Pit ehargh. and at this offioe. >'<<^s?is ! via U?ai buU ere and engine- balld V aioce wlU ba bobi> {* aqs rbOiiOatl oj budert win b? taken Hrto os*.l?.-a; ')n M. jp. < U U itrtxmtMtar Uw#r*l ITniM S???? jTi MY~OLOVb?: A ^ , AJUtY GLOVES" At tin ?tore U*pot of f.U HAfTlNO'8 A CO , li? D n . (wm Pa ??, WATCHKK %IOLD AND Ml.y KK CNGLIBH. fWISS I Lhr-m no*' i. Wi^fa ^ce ?teck of a'l the nx-?i Wa of;e?, that 1 am selllna at iha ?er* W?*?i ? < uu ?**<1 *u4 nl.ibU Clia* iW'ri (dmh ;u?o*fi*?r?re?l. ?m o*>r?d at t&? iowMt JU*. K.??# w?/c a ncffcc cr. djn ay ow? nl*of. : t nitot MfTlTAKY pCKJUBom M,'*** fi Sftcpwi. |*?rii, Sm??. Be u. povM utM. PiKku t,?f tftM*-*- A ?<*?. Alao atrosc Arir.- Trrcii ud Cotnbirj^l: %r<! whjj other Ujfcc* fesuiui :D.Uill4U>'CUi fr. JJf pMOMlnU c J? it R, A- HOOD I to?i? m T??b iot mi*. bo ?-a?vlm* J WF ?o<to?n<H>. T H ..,_. . . ? d(U,l UUloMWfclllof kw MIL. Will II,,.; Til t *^o*r ?W*Eltd tiin*. T?? K. K WHIT ft. *m ?M CtAMijcmikM. iS&ii5!*^ !. : < _ f ! MC* 4"? w?D!,^i? ftOLDIKRI IN tfOIPITAL. F*blukU t* tufirmitf with tki nmMm / U4 5<mU4 if Julf IB, U61. At Stmirnarf Harpritmi, Ofrgttown, Dec. 8 *dU 9 Infantry 14 9*h Penn Volunteers. 2 2d Msloc Volnotw? . 11 lt?h do do 1 3d Vffmont Volunteer* i .'fitb d? do 1 5th do do.... 9 35th do do...... 1 9thMumcbuartsVoJ.. ! ?h do do U )?t Kkodr Iitiad Art. l|4*Jd do do...... 1 4th do do.. 1,45th do do 13 4i a ir _ i i ?.>j j _ -M _ a j?n vwnirer*icai r?i .. ->^a ao ,t M New York Vol (?) J Ut do Artillery. .. 5 3d do do.... 1 lit do Rifle* 1 15th do do.... l id do Cavalry.... 1 17tt? do do....16 4th do do '2 ai?t do do (t) 1 5th do d" 1 ttd do do ... 1 llth do do 4 25th do do.... 1 1 at do Reserve.... I 'J3d do d".... 1 4th do do...... 1 58d do do.... 1 12th do do...(c) I 57th do do.... 1 l*t Michigan Vol f "2d do do.... 1 4th do do I 78th do do.... 1 -id Wlaromln Vol.... 1 'id New York Cavalry 2 5th do do.... 6 eth da do..'. 3 6fh do do.... 11 1st Penn. Volunteer!.. 2 Kxcel*lor Brigade.... 2 4th do do 1 5th do do 4 Total ,,,133 7th do do 4 ( ) One officer, (b) One bfflcer. (c) One oOcer. At Oentral Hospital, Union Hot*!, tvmtr Bridge and Washington streets, Oeorgetoren, Dec 6. llthNewYorkVol.... 3 SthVermontVolunteere 1 17th do do 6 4th Rhode Island Vol. 1 iSth do do 1 5th New Jerwy Vol... i 10th <tit An 1 A*. 1 . Md do do 1 lilt Michigan Vol !!!! 1 S3d do do...... ^I'Jd do do...... ? ! 35th do do...... 1>34 do do...... 4 | 43d* do do...... 4 4th do do...... 2 | 44'h do do...... *i4d W!?conalndo 1 5<rth do do 3 6th do do 1 5M do do...... 11 lit Minnesota do 1 79th do do Si lit California do...... 2 S*th do do...... j j let Excelalor Brigade. 3 I 9.1 Pmiti Vol nnlM rt 1 .'Irl A. ? ,1 /. ? 4th du do 1 I'd Maryland Vol 1 A h 'to do 1 lit Inriiann Rilln I 7th .do do...... 1 Stcekton's Mich Vol. 8 f?th ?li> do 1 '2d Penn Cavalry .... 1 ! ]*><h do do 1 3d do do ...... 1 ; ZW tlo do 119 h do do T 2t?h do do 1 7:hNewJer?eyCava!rv 1 j if7th dc do...... 1 Ha-rts' Light C*vafry 2 30th do do 1 2d U 8. Artillery 1 : 45th do do...... 3 Uh dc do 1 !fth do do...... 2 Mk do dr> 1 Il04thdo do 1 lit New Jersey Art.... '2 'id Ma!"* Vo!nnte*r? - 1 "1 r>tt*? 1 3d NewH?irr?UireVol 2 Smith's Battery ...... 1 2d VermontVoiumeen 2 ?? I 3>J do do,... 3 Total 103 A? at Coivmbian ColUgt, Wi?KrnrHtnt j i Pit 0 | 2d Maine Yolantc??.. 3j?tb NewJereeyVcl.... 1 5th do do...... Il7th do do.... 1 9th do do...... l|f?th do do.... 1 ! 11th do do a lit Pen a. Artillery.... 2 , 2d Vermont Volunteeri 2 1st do Cavalry 4 3d do do.... i 4:h do do I 5th do do.... 4 Harlan's Cava!:? 1 10th Mamachusetta Vol 1 Chroman'a Rifles I 1 I.U ? - * ? - kui uo no. i ik r?un Volunteer*.. 5 Rbodf Inland B**Wry. 3 3?1 do do 12 l?t Long Uland Vol .. 1 1th do do 1 Ut New York Cavalry . 1 rttb do do 2 7th do do.... Ijllth do do 1 bth do do.... 0 ICh do d<> 1 HarMa Cavalry 2 I3:h do d? 1 t'd New York Vol lj?3d do do 2 *6th do do...... l V7tu do do 3 ! 33d do do s hist rfa An i 36th do do...... l|321 do do!!"!!lP J 37th da do 3{9>Vb do do U ,44th do do 4! lift Michigan Cav&i/y. 1 841 a do do did do Vol If. 77th do dn...... 8! 3d do do 6 -?tb do d< 1:4th do do 2 : Anderson Zouaves.... IjSth do do...(a) . > I 1st Exc*Ulor Brivtde. 3,Stockton's Vol. 8 ?d do do.... 8! 1st Minnesota Vol 1 J ! I* Kalb N Y Vol ... l|5tb Wisconsin Vol... 1 Ltrvoln Cavalry H7th do do.... 1 - v v r*? ? 1 ? * ?? va i? a va?ai| y. J CIQ iUlUCll UBYBiry... 1 ' M<*Clell?n'a Dragoons 1 litD C. Volunteers.. 3 Ctuoeron Dragoon*... 2 1st California Vol i 1st Now Jersey Cavalry 3 M do Vol.... 1 Total 103 3d do do.... 1 (a) One oAoer. , AI Otmmi Hotyital, (CtrcJt,) WaiAtngton, D ? J$ Me Ileal SUB 8'IOtbU 9 Infantry.... 4 Engineer* 1 til D C Voluntwrra.. 1 litU S Cavalry 1 Ut Michigan Vol 1 'id do do 3 7to Maine Volunteers. 1 4th do do n 2d P'nV Volunteer* . 3 | 6th do do ft 5th do da...... 1 ! rtth do do 5 *d:h do do 1 lit do Artillery.... 1 3id do ? do 1 lid do do 1 9th New York Vol... 1 ; 3d do do 21 ~24th do do.... 2 5th do do U 41th do do.... 3 !?t do lafantry 8 30:h do do.... 1 M do da 8,61st do do.... i 3d do do... 2 4th Rhode Island Vol. 1 oiq ao ao 1 5tb > Hampab'.re Vol 0 7tb do do 1 Qpartermuter'i D*p'l 1 8U? do do 4 ? &:h do do 1 Total 72 ' At Fifth District School HemHoipital, Branch of O'.iural Hotpttal on E ttrttt, Dee. 0. 3-i Michigan Vol 1 -M Vermont Volunteer* 1 1st Kentucky Cavalry. 1 jli'h PennsvlvanlaVol. 1 KD h \?w\ork Vol... 1 Aid do do.. 1 7th Masaacbuaett* Vol. lj>utta do do.. 1 lOtb do do.. l|8'h Michigan Vol.... 1 lit Kfrclllftf H ri tr?A^ !,AVUr.?.?? 4 * ?-?' w */mu vavauy J 1 Vd U S Cavalry 1 IWth PennsytvaaiaVcl 4 4th Penn. Cavalry.... 1 ? Sib Rhode Island Vol. 1 Total 19 | SicJk remaining in I At Horpilal for Eruptive Distant, at Kalorama, Dte 6 OJ ft a ?-* a - - * ~ - w v a. luiiDuv 11 Hi fen Artillery ... 2 3d do Artillery 1 lit do Volunteer! . l 5th do Cavalry sUth do* do 1 tt'h do do 3 5th do do...... 1 i' Engineer Corps I 36 h do do 1 2d Maine Volunteer*.. 2 4Sth do do 5 > j 7th do do C 5'Jd do do b ; llth do do I 85th do do...... 1 2d Vermont do 1 104th do do 3 l?t New York Artillery 7 1st Michigan Cavairy . 4 31 do Cavalry 22 3d do Vol 1 8th da do ...26 Sto-kton'a Mich. Vol. 1 56th New York Vol... 1 7th Wi?oonaln Vol.... 1 67th do do ... 2 19th Indiana Vol 3 i 6!?t do do.... 3 lat do Cavalry.. 1 77th do do.... 1 ?? Berdaj^harpahcotera 1 Total 115 J At Iniimma Hoipital ( Pafnt OJJUt), Watkinfton, D. C., Dtt <y 19th Indiana Vol ..(?,.tf7i4th Rbcde Island Vol. I lfltb do do 4tilth Maine Vduntt*-ra 1 1st do Cavalry., 6] 1st Michigan Cavslrv. 7 3d do do 1 |3Ath Pmo Volunteers. 3 IstN.V Art .Emp B. i*,53d do do 14 8d New York Artillery l| . 7tb do Cavalry. 31 Total,........... 110 { lierdaaSharps'rs ..(b) 3) (a) One officer (b) One odoer. Ax Oentrai Hospital, AUxmdrva, Dec 8 3d Maine Volunteer*. 7j79tb N-w York Vol... i 4th do do 5 PI re Zouaves *2 5th do do...... 4 Lincoln Cavalry 1 ' l*t MjjsachUfc-tts Art. I Cameron Rifles i 2d do Vol.?t 1st New Jersey Vol.... 1 12th do do.. 13 6>h do <lo.... * 'id Vermont Volunteers lilith P?n<i r???ir? 'a 5th do do j; h do Vol...... 1 lit Rhode Island Art.. 1 3?th do do 3 . Sib Connecticut Vol ..15 3uth do do 4 lat New York Cavalry 1 Wd do do . 11 ?th Niw York Vol... 8 131 do do...... 1 lSlh do do ... 1 15th do do .... 3 Utth do do....17 4?th do do (J 17tb do do.... 8 47th do do 1 J9tta do do ... 4 (ll?t do do 3 19th do do. .. O^h do do l 35th do do.... 3 ?th do do 3 yth do do.... & 37th Indiana Vol 85 *7tb do do....10 31 VViacooAln Vol....11 do do....iii/d MlchtJIF Vol 11 Slrt t\ A A r> .1 i 1-A A ? j_ jm I _ -?V. ? T | P%A uu no 0 ; 33d do do....11 5th do do t V*b do do.... 7 Irt Minnesota Vol 1 UXa do do.... & 4tb U S Infantry.... S 6iat do do.... 1 id do Artillery.... 1 #Kh do do.... 1 ? do do.... < Total ITT Wuhlnfton ptpm ploaM oopv and wnd biuato the War Department dec 11?Ji INDIA RUBBER PANTLOON8, ].**('oa, 1 Coau, P< aeboa. Bluketa, Ac* at fba Butlar'a fcofpJy Dopct, 394 Pa in., Hack Room. A* t-tf or tli I) ?C. bitwf n *?h and lout. U M BO ATS Qn*i1?rmmiUr OOA?*._ ( M*t to OurttrniUr fitomlof U? Unt?i .state Arm 7. u wukUfloa, by LwAy nyt. I*W Hrti. Owl hi* Q???t?'iBi>rt<>r ; {ji'L'ttHtt, COLD*. HQAUtSNKM, *?. s& >* d/TA^frftua I GEORGETOWN ADVEBT'MTS OQHT4LB> W? have jn?t wi sot ply ol the above ai*, wfuou ? recommend to be or avert *op"iior ?nlitj. Po'wbi vi?hmc to purqb&??. br raaiint .m mediate afpiioaiion, oAa b? nirnuhed. ARM \ ft t?HINN. no y ? Georgetown. JfcBl' Kbthl V 10 bbds. prims port*/ Rieo SC6AK9 i?bbU. Oid Ry-WHISKY, tSO bbla. OERRING ?od ALKWIVKm to bbi?, Crutiisd and ReSiW HU6A ITS, tnb*g? Rio and Java COFFEE, lit hhc?.(iow?-pr<.cM) MOjASf ES. F<t >a. ? K.t JOHN J. Bf'fiTfK. ?11 GAS FITTING, kc. Awm V. JH>VK * CO. RE N~* jre?ar?c to esecnta at? er4?n wlU w ion tr?Jr yinT l?e favored la U>*? PLVMBlNti. 0AS? OR STEAM F17T1NC flCSIHRf.H. PT* Stove oc fth street, e. f?-? doort norta of pa. vbere >n*j be fooac t oon:r assortment ef CHANDttLlfcRSud otter VAc, STEAM antf WATER i'lXTCKKS. taW-1* 18NVDER. . PLUMBER AND t>A? FITTKR. Bu rwnoTM to theocraer of Tweuth and F ?U, 8e ia prrparrd to introduce Water and 6a* neon i? moot favorable tsrira, and caarantiee entire satiabotion. He ha* on hand a lot of COOKIN9 and other STOVES, whichhe will cell lee? than oo?t, m he wisliee to cet rid of them. no IV WO A S FIXTURES, E Have in etore, and are d&i.y recemni, WAS FIXTURES of ectirMT New Patfornaand Decicn* and Finiata, up?r;<>r a atyie to anything heretofore ofT?i <1 in thi* market. we inTiteoitisena jenertU ly to tall and exarcic? oar fteck of Gaa ana Water Fix ire?, feei.'nt oorfident that we hare the beat aeieoted atook in Wistutitoa. AH Work in the a^re litie ihtrmated to ear care will be promptly attest to, MYERS * McVHAN. mr?-tl ST6 D atreet QIFICB OFo^NS^-OTORiiAND SEALER WiUiKtTORi Ja'y M.1W. VOT1CE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That,a?reeably to the proviatoua ci the ordinance of tae >"cr>oration a?proved Ma; IS, the BLde-ncned ia now prepared, "wfc?r.erer reined is wr:tinc,and vu pro- ll.-'tn ui mo ICO VI 111 IT OSDU, 10 inifHIi e*aiaino, ten, prove, tod aeoertain the tooirtoT of regutr&tioc of *ar im meter in nee in ten oify." Gwrj meter, iffoauJ ir.correct, will t>e condemned and another, ?e%l:?d and marSe-l u tmewtli be et in i?? p,*M. If proved to be acoira?e in its ineass'.fmeut of tie, it a-'il te sealed aeoo-ainiiy, and is tin est in tcsiiion for use. OJdfe No. *l6 ?e?ccth ttreet,(near Odd Fel e*i' Hal! ) 0?en 'Tom 8 a. m., to I ?. m. . CHARHS'-* W. CUNNINGHAM, )r i*-tf incyector an>l 9ea'eroi te Meter*. X3RW AN1? IMPROVED INVENTION k 1 OF A R *Pt fl f T A I mi rn or i ?"t? ? a#f* ? jviox< ?.? i '/riAOJ i DVif A TEETH, Without M*tal Plat* oa DR. 9. B sioESMOND, 910 Ero*>li*av, Hem York?560 P?jmsvJra*?? At: ??, bttrtirn !2rS ??-< ISt* tij , Wa*hi?ft<m, Calls Jhi? ?ttf-ation of tbe pubiio to the lollowlnt viva.urates of hi* improved sjflem ! /HAf: I. Tm T??eth of bfs nifcnctaotnro aever oorode nor oJivgo ocior \>j fcaid?. fcelart'irt? foudiig littler Ut&na&j other. 8. No t?votj, or root p. t>?> eji? vite<l, ne ifa? *rtiuci*; o /> rAn t? ii--4?r:w nver twin. 3 The rvoti *i!l be mid* inoffeulve, ta r.?Ter o ache. A j -v.. ? ?- ? i - , tn-iufruiai* pWTT:5D^lil ones nan **< made mimcdifcleiy, thetODj preaervtoK the natural exfK*i?gu>n of the iHoe, whloh umler t^.e old <sj*|? jr ^ijentiT dtsfizured, 3 This work lifts !x?efi fu:ly*tof ted over five i?tri bj msnj cf the Hut ohfirrtt* *ud phreioi&ni of this oouxu/y. * Dr. 8- has aiso tr.Teutrd a wlrtc rndestructive metal n il" a. with wHicn the no?t gerattive teeth "\n ue 6.01 witnont i>.vn, ami can build up a PPr loot, sound tooth on anj aide root*, which will last through lifetime. The beat of rc'e-enc?? jivec?to I>t V. Mott; Dr. Dorema?, Professor oi Charr.istry. N. V,; Hon. Judge Wayne, of the Supreme Court of Waahinftoi;, and thoueacda of other* Call and examine for yourself. no 8 6m M TEETH. LOOM 19, M. i>-,tiie 10rente/ and yatentea aftu* Ml.NKRAL I'LATL TELTH. kt/fD teou* arreou?i.ll? *t him ?" Many persons oao w?*r theea teodi Ban not vni others, and no peraos oaa wtar others who oaanot *oar theae. P?.ao&a oAi.itt *.f tut officeoan be aocouunooeted with any style and price of Teeth they may desire; tint to those who are pertien Ar and wuh the purest. c,e*neat, sirou?ei?t, and moii perfect denture that art can produce, the .MINERAL PLATE Will be mor? fully warranted. Room* in this city -No. 339 Pa. avenue. b*tweea tth and 10th ats. Also, WOT Arch street. Phi edel a.i.e. oo lA-tf SOMETHING NEW! 4^. .ttv fajimnn discovkbt oilgci iaj vijif ths Aei \luf XSSy AI 091 C ftrMt, orroriu (As 7 A?? sr. ? OTSTER3 M'tAMKD in the Hheii and Thoroughly Coosed (fir superior to e roa?t> in two ihmwiii, tkt f<uu*t timi <m r*eor4 <;eil and see. The undersigned respectfully informs his friends in *n? IMainot. and visitors to the oity. that ha has recited his old and wkll-inow^ sstablishxknT i i ,u> :i luviiwr. sea DM made oomp'ete a. rangemetts to furnish OYSTERs ii any sry>e aod in any quantity 400 to KF u ioni snuokea prrday. 2 ux> to 3 urn cans of Spvoed and t-resh put up daily?oana hermetically ?> eled. Furnished tu the th?*ii fey the fcuahe or ben-el. Persona wuhing to have Oysters furnished regular It through the winter, at Baltimore prioes, without fear of failure, ?hould oar. and make err&ncn.'JDU at ouaa. Frelgnt, time, and money saved by purohas'ng of I furnish an article esual to the o*-lebrated Baltimore establishments, at prioes Juat aa loir. TO SUTLERS, Cauced Meats, I obatera, Sa'dinet, Clama, Strawberries, I'omatoea, Pins' F^et, Tripe, Ao. 4o..Ao. Also, Pickles, Catsup, Sajoea, brandy Peaches, Ao. Also, Game and Fresh Fish. Turl'*s, Terrapins, Fresh Lobsters. God. Halibut, Ao. la fiwt, every thine for aale in the Noitht rn markets aJ wan on hand, at reasonable prioea. Hotels and familiea supplied with Oysters, delivered wi.bout onarge t* any part of the District, in season, i( the mou?y is seiit with the order. >11 e?tal>.Hi:mast is open from 5 a m. to 12 at nicht, every nay, except 8uaday, when 1 olose at lo oVock a. in. r 71 T. M HARVKY. (lOO JOHNSON A NAGLE, OuQ rtOf No. 4*9 PBNNAYLVAWlA AVSJIfB. ?0*7 Between Ninth aud Tenth sta., south side, OFFKR FOR SA.LS: CHAM PAG N E8-G. H Mumm, Piper Heidsick, MoetA Chandbn. Bu.linjar A Co., Cart:er A Cot&o. Ci.AKElS? Ft. Julien, St. EeUphs, Can'enac, Ac , by the cask or dogen. HOCK W1NE8? Deide?beimer, Johannesberter, Liebiranenimloh. Radeaheim?r, Ac. BRANDY, Whisky,Gin, POrt, Sherry. Madeira, in wood o>- ilaas. LONDON PORTER. Brown 8tont, Kdinbnrih and Yorkshire Ales, of the beet brands, in bot tie* or stone jags. CIGARS? Havana and Domestic, of the ohoiAat brands. the special attention of Satlers.Restan rants m.i r amine" vo our iart?ar.(i weii-?el?cted STOCK OF HNE GROCERIES, Fresh Moat. Poultry, Fish, Soaps. Veietabiea &n<l Fruits in j t jrrrfetieaH? * a'ed oana* PRKfEW V t s, Jeiliee, Ao , Almond*, Nota, RaiSlnS ?' !} f us. CflEESE, lEuUrnsod Weetern Outtinj' Ham, best ftosheii Butter,the brat Champagne '"ider. WOKCF.?T K R 8 HIR E and Oyster Sauoe. Picklre ul every description, Pepper f^auoe and Tomato Cat-up, b? the c&i on or dozen. AU of which we at the lowoat possible prioes and Jii reasonable terms do 1 JOHNSON A NAGLE. DR.O'jDFKKV'S ANTIDOTE WILL CURE GoNORKBfE V in etx day*. cbacgeof diet required It is aa Eng- I mi- sptro.fio of siztv-five jea * ?tan< iec^kSAe. | and w: i i:ot harm the m >stde!ieate oon..uadon It ?-ji,t?i no m *? ? *. Prioe ft. HcidbyS. O UPHAV1, 310 Ch.snut street, I h lsdelphia, end in \V??hiit?tou by 3. C. Pt'KD, I corner llth street and Pa a e. aoSBeoly I Dr dl'pont'# hi gar-coated fbmale rkgui?atlng pills Road the foliowlnc unsolicited enooiai JK> urns: Lr / "1 tennot oommend * hem too highly," "Ther Me the be.t t-em?le Pilit extent."

"I h*r? nerd them mth complete tacoNi." W'-uld not be without them udoc uit oor. Kl?r att<r..'* "Thery op<rat?apoodt ' and eff J0tJv*ty." Pnoo $1 Pent by n,afi 8oldb? B C tTPHAM, 310 t b tcu; atroot, fh'Iadaiphia, aua in Wa?Rta*ton by 8. C. FORD, oornor Uth street and Pa, aviisa- ao 8&. poIt THH M?B3CKlBfcBH bof leave to inform that/ pitroua&nu the pi, boo laterally of bo ike imply ?nppii<?i with a superior si ok oi^H| FA LL. and wlNTF.R GOO OS. |f\ The>p also reepeoiful y invito attention of Wff their Armi andl^a?p oastomora, and thoeo^"^ r^uira* outfits in that hue. i? tbeir rapertor eaalitiffl of 6?orda, Lpaaieta Shoo dor Strap* Helta, t.'hapoaoa, Uata. Cap* 8aah*a, and Gold Laeoa, ooc'iactly on hand, which are warranted aa rep re sooted, . W forderinj thanks for tboliborai patrona?a erJoyed, they wll! *nd?a r to merit aocnttnoauoo. F* J? Ht.IBKRGER 4 CO-, . ! Suooocaora to H. r. L^-cd' n A Co ,) /ti <rr? ilm i t Tmn a i? v ? ** 1 " * v* - - - ui i xm* mm i* % u< a ? a j% X ama r TAH.U&S, 1 383 P?uijylr?ruA Annas. oc 16 p<-8m ? HH FRENCH A R1CHBTEIN AVE J?ul received & fr??h snpflyof Not* Pv fr, Colored Burden, rmioa ud pl*ic, wjui Envelope! to matoii Also, Flu Ptper of all kinds, vttb and without Mottoes Envelope* V aato^ PirtH and PooAet Bookt ol ?vory description. '?? rw? fro. TJS*<- * .icerm*. % / ' = BDa JOHNSTON, ALVinORl LOCK HOSPITAL, Au MumrM tkt MM CVtate, toiMb ?U ?Uy KfittM+l Mmmtdr mi U< VirU, FOE A.LL DISEASES-OF IMPRUDENCE. L*r 1*0 FAZ.SS DELICACY FtiETtWT. APPLY IMMEDIATELY. A CVRE WARRANTED. OR NO CHARGE, IN ?R03i ONE TO TWO DAYS. WuinMif fctl, lirwurta, ifMttni W IkiUii;> tod B la dd a r toi aiiixr-* SuctirfU, InpotiiKT, 8ao r*l DaUltlj, Dyopopo*, Lunar, MMm of 14*t?, Low Sfinu, Mpiutw of tbo lloart, TWiditf, TrombUnfs, Dtmc,aai at B\ghi or Ciddiiitoo, DIMM* of lk( tod, Throat, Noil or ikin. Af tcoona of tho Laura, Itoaict or Bowalt?tbaaa Tamota Dioordara iruia( from SoitUr? Habit* of Toatfc?thaoa Draadhl and Do*trBcti*o PraeIkh which randar Munui Impooolbla, ud dootro? fcotk ftodj ud Mind. YOUNG MEN EiurUll* .Kikiii .fc- J u)? vivuiw *i w?rwj vi?*| that drtadfsl and d??tmcu?t habit which a uc tally twaapa l* u atiUmilj |TIT? thonaanda of Yotrg Mao of tha DMl aiakad talanu and brilliant Intallact, vlM mifht otharvtaa ka*a ?Dtraoc?d Utumr.j Baoataa vitb tka tbtodara of anacea or vakad u tccac; lit h?io# Itm, mar Mi! vttk fall ceoldanca. MARRIAGE. Man I ID Pfkiofti, or Toma( Man tocuuplatisf Mar*}* !*> batof a vara of rhyaieai waaknaaa, ?rfa!nia dabiUiy, aafornnuaa. tc~, apaadila ecrad. R who rUeaa himaoH ndn tha eart of Dr. J. su; rallri aly cot,(Ida id hit hooor u t factiaaaa ud Mcfdaoflr my apoo hia (kill a* a phyaician. OFFICE No. 7 SOUTH FREDS RICK ST. laft hand tida roir, g from Baltunora atraat, a f?? <wn from tha (Air, r ail doi to obaarra Dam a aaa oatabar lauara mat ba paid aad coo talc a itaop. DR. JOHNSTON, Mambar af tha Royal Collaja of tarfaooa, Laodan, rrtdaata from oca of tha moat amis art Collafaa In tha Cnttad tataa, and tha rtaitar part of vhoaa Ufa baa baaa apaut 10 thaboaptulaof London, Paria, Philadelphia aad alaawbara, baa aflaetad aoma tha moat aaunlahibf ear*a that vara a?ar kno*o; maoy troablad with nofuif to tha baad and aara vhao aalaap: araat narroaaoaaa, tela# alarraad at aaddati aouuda, l-aahfcloaaa with fraqaaut bliablog, auaodad aometimaa with daranfatuaol af mud, vara eared wnmedlatalj. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE. Taaog Men and ottera who have Injured themaalvae by a aartain practice indulged in wben aloe a?a babit frequently laar'iad from aril cor ipenlona. or at acboct, tba afacu of vhiso >ii u if bily fait a*eo wean aalaap, aad If aot cur ad, randara marriage impoaeihle. and daatroya both mind aod body, ehoold apply ImmediatafvTbtae ara aoma of tha aid and rselaaeboiy efecta prelacad by aarl* baMu of jroath. warn i Waakoaaa of tha Back aad Limb*. Paine in tha Head, Diasuaaa of Bight, Loaa of Mwa<a> Power, Palpitation of to a Heart, Oyapapay, Nervosa irntabiluy, Derangement of tha Digaeti*e ranotiooa, General lupwui* wi V?u?mnv;iwi, MlKTiLLT,-^it faarfal iftcu oo tha mind *M iraeh ta k* draadad?Lot* of Memory, Gonfot.oo ofldiu, Oliruiim f 8pm:?, E?tl Porabodinfi, Aranlon of Social?, 8?lf-Dutrait, Lot* o( Selitnda, TUmduy, tic, ui mi ?f tha a?ii? prodactd. NlMol'l DlilLITT?Thoaaaodi cu oaw ]adf what U lh? eteai of thalr dacltninf health, loalof vbair *lfcr, b?coi?Inf *?ak, pale, aar*oaa and aroaciataa, having a dofalai apptaranca aboat (ha ajai, coafh at lymptaM af canaampttan. DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. Wkaa >ka --J ' ? ? * ' ' ' ?" b?u v>i v miMRiun ana im^raacai *OWrj or pilUUI Mil h* ha* lmblt>*d tb* ?**4* of thu palnfil di**t*?, It to* *#l*o h?f pant thai ao ill-tlm*d **n*? ofiham* or dr*ad of dMoenrj d*i*r* hire from ?ppl?inf to tho** who, from doctt'-oo aod r?}'?ct?btlitT, Eu >kx>* bafrund him. V* (all* lot* Ui* hand* of ifuoniot uid dfdfniof Dr*t*od*r*, who, tftcapabl* */ ceriu*, Clch hi* ptcmiwry (Mxuutc*, k**p bin tritiaf nto'i a-Ttr month, or a* loe# aa to* araailtat ri* uo b* okteir.*d, and la d**p?lr 1**** bit* wi'.h r?ln*1 h**lta to atfh ?tr on ft !ncf liMppotnusaol; 0r b j th* ** of that da?*tr ^ihf?ha*t*r, th* eou*ui*(ico*J (ymptort of tbf* Krribl* dl**> *, l*cb a* Afftf.ioti of th* H**n, Threat. Htad, Skin, Ac.. crofrtaalng with frtfttfsl rabidity, til! dtadi p?u a air.od t* hi* arvadVT *?f*rlnf* by i*c<hrf bimt * khat aiiil*?*T*r*d uutii frets vbM* kairai n* txa?*l?r r*t*m*. DR. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR. ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND IMPOTENCY I; tkt* f r?at ud ImMrUrl ramad? v*akr.ia*r< th* *rflnt art ?p**d: j t*-?d and fail *if*r ;?>l*>*d. TWaaud* *f th* **t ?rr?*t dtblliuwd, vh* ktd latt all k*pt, **?* **(B iir.rcsdiattly ralit'*^. All inij.*d.m?cu v* Manlaf*. PhytUal ** Mantai ihinaalL?t" if P:*tl*iU?l Pmi. Ssrraaa lrilukillit. TxnMtof and Waakiitat > Elaaaaiiaa a? ika dm: ftar&! *%d ?p#?dt'j crtti. SyDOHSEMKKT OF 1 HE PRESS. TUB Hl5r nnriiTUl caiad at this tnautauer. wllkla ifca !ui MfinltiD Tfari, and tha ncrsaraai impartaat larriaal a^artUMi pitwn?d k; Dr. J#in*tao, ?iti>?M?d b;ui t!Nr.m e/ ihi papara a&d ou; tiliit ptraaoa, na*jc? ?f v&leh ba?a appaaiad again and afaio bafara tha paclie, ka ... ? ? |>u?i?iu?ii vi uuirci^iir ua rtf ptnaiWitty. It ? n?emi yrmnt?? t? th? ?Bict?d. war li-ly LEA * PERKINt1 CELEBRATED Worcestershire Sauce. Pronounced by 35 EXTRACT CONNOISSEURS 11 of a L?tt?r from a to b? the || OwmiUmmm at Madraa "ONLY bOOD i^b. 1 v xiii 8AUCE*" f*5Sg3 ? Worcester. and applicable to ^ Jf/* *lrk v vrv 7-ini that their Saut* tvfiKy igtr-r'' s highly esteemed VARIFTY 10 l&dia, ftijd is, in vahlLi' my opinion, the most Ifa* "MP* b'e. &f Wfii ns OF DISH. most waolesone *&.53FSauce ttiat rs dml" The above fcAUCE is n?t onlt the B&siacd m*? PoruLA* coifDiMjRTT known, but the most I conomical, aa 4 lew drop# in Soup. Gravy, or with FUk. hot and ooJd Joints, Buf St,ah, da mt, #e.. impart an exquia te Mat, whioh tmprtnetpitd Sauce iuajinffcoturera hava in vain endeavored to inuoM On the BriakraiI, Ltnukto*, 2H?*?r, or Suppm TaUf. a oruet oontainiof - LEA * PERRIN8' WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE" la Indispensable. To Appreciate the txttlUm fuaUtui of thia d*li~ Z%0%M preparation it ic nnlv r?A*aaar-w nnrc*f aaa ft ?m?ll bottle of the of ft roepoctftble grooor or deft or, & many Hoi-J ftnd Rutaurant pro prietora so dom piaoe the P*r? Sftuoe before their gue?t?. but aabatitnteft fennino BottU filled with ft rrvTKmt mixture. For ?&le by Oroo?r? ftnd Pmit?r?r? everywhere. JOHN DUNCAN A 8ON8, Union Sf?ar? and \Uk strut, Yotk. Sola Whol^aftla Agents for the United Stfttea. A Stock always in atore ? Alao ordera reooivod L*. Jt. * -> - ? tvi mini anipmenu irotn iliD{ltid. {U~ Brwart of Cownt erf tilt and JmtialiainVTl x>p My.eo i^Plli Cm* Ciutk, C*id, H?mi*n*tt, In~ W* Bronckitit, Alktnm, t C+tmrrk, Char md fin '"??!* 10 <4? <>*?? ?/ PUBLIC SPEAK & K AND SINGERS. rlnJh^fr mJvJ'* of tnifortanoo of obeokmc ?h?/h in thi'?Pimon Co!d"in its fir?t at&ce; that woioh in t babjf i m m wonld yield to a raila rema?^l?5W&!?df ?o?n attack, fhe Luni?. "Broun11 nuVnI; VT oontainnif deranloect\nt redi allAj r? iiiOD%ry and UronohiaT Irritation. BROWN'S "OCHEB JK???* BROWN'S r>o<)>d th?ir mc to TROOBKB RKV. K. H. CHAPIN. R>nwM? "?1 ?!?* SP.4JUB VOTV ?v 0 n?B9. RLVi i/Ai^ll?iL Wist. VBOPHRR 44 Almost lDitMt relief in the dietreating labor of bretthinc peculiar BROWN'S ? A"kBS{ ''a. o. E89LE8TON. TB0CHES ,*???? BKOWN'0 Oumitt, JSotton. ?^?u A lmpieaao omlio* TIOCIE8 titu i?r <Jo??h?a Jto." BROWN e *. BlflELOW. VROCRS8 " ?<* # *] in B*p BROWNS ^ WROCME8 ??'ient f., BROWN B K?V* ?*^r* BARREN. U WiMSniRl *hM AAinAA]l?i^ Y*00*KS torn OoiX" BIOWH 8 JPiV' *A ??"? wjfeTO5f^ro'?gr?h?<5^i BROWN'S ' agou vfth Sruiui aad BmaUii WROOHE8 Hra? M. OTAGV JOHNSON^ BEOWMS VROOHE6 M Sretl when taken befora Mra *adaftar fraaoMni, m they frejant BROW (PS ilowwDMi. Prom their H-rtefsct, TBOCBSn * J???if B?crWNH jvf ? i 'j mtsspi top ham^ mans WtfSaSl PREMIUM TRUNK HHJD MANUFACTORY, ! tH 8WTKTIU oTtDTt WA.8H1IMT9H, D, 0, BUT?rK?fc> awarded by Mjiry laodl utltiu* Aim. ??, I ! tsnftantlr maklni. ud ihnn I?m mm of the 0TWT toeotTrOwTW 1 Flaf ^ToLW**. ^Wooi flpx,ftrt . ^srassa. fcnterior Urait tad Draw Truka Mil to tt? ?*rf?to<rB. fcnd Atatfcrtr^ TnpBi w IJONB-IUM aoo^n and (hoiat~ t TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY. jy OKTHBAN CBNBAL RAILWAY. Tkt Skertul. Qvidmit m4 B**t XmM/Vhi B+ltiWK8T, WOKTH^ltfp^NOKTHWBT. winrtn. acuta tut CMAMB fit 'I 1MB. Onjuxi aftor Sl'NDA V. Mi* NtrnbM, Pwn gor Train* will arriTO and dcpartFraai CaJvort Station M fol'owa : M.u . ,^T*A!ir? NO?TB L?AT? Mail at l?a.n. Biifl^oExrro...,. m. P?rkton Aeo? ranodatior 4 a. a. Puuborg and Karriibarg Expr?m I SB a. a. * B. Tm*i*? Sccti Abkivi irktoa AoooiBBKxlauoB at a. m. uflilo LurMi 8 3D a. m. Pitta burg ?"fcd Barriiburi Kimta Sf m. Mail 6 30 p. ra. The a. m train from Washington ?ooneota with the (10 a. re. tiaia from Haiti more for the We it and for Buffalo. Elmira. Roohe*ter, Dockirk, Caoadaigna and Niagara Fal.i, and for New i York city. . . The 21 a. m. train froili Wa?r-:nr?6n ooanAota with the t?. m train from Balttmoie to West. North a-d Northwest and Elmira and Boffklo and Roc heater. The 5 p.m. train from Waib; eg ton oonnecU with theS.SDp. m. tiaiD fiom B%'timora for Pi-te^-crg. Barruburg and the Weet and u a direct oonaeo tior. ;or Leb\ ou. Fatton A lien town ud New York via Cehtral Railroad of New Jeney. Try thii roiCe for New York frr The onlr train lea vine HaJtimarann * >?Tfia 2 p-m. trun. for Htrrrabnrg, 1'itUburj, Cfcl oico and tb? Wwt. The only train amncf in Balttmor* on 0m?dAr la th 8 to a. m. train. JA8. C CLARKE, no 86 ly fcmllWMrt pAcSKN ER TRA1N8JTO AND FROM wiitVs J s< h Sd'ulm. On md ift?r Monday, November It, Ml. PM encer Tragus Wwwc WASHINGTON ud BALTIMORK will ran aa follow.: TRAINS MOVING NORTH. Morning l$xrre*s leave V\ Mfiir.sten 6.10 a. ?. Ar- i rive at Baltimore 1M a. m.; Philadelphia 1140 r.U ; New York I r. it.; Harris' erg 1.14 r. M. Mrrcicc Aocotr.iMKlatien leave W Mi, in ton 740 a ?. Arrive at Baltimore JO a. u. No oonneo t.ons at Bait more. New \ ork Mail Train?leave Washington at 11 a. n.; arrive at Dalumere II <0 r. AJiTladriyhia J7 r. M.; Mew * ork 10 p. if. A flex coon Aocornmodetioc?leave Waabinctoc 3.? p. u. Arrive at Baltimore 4Hr.lL; Hamamrg 1 A. Philadelphia 10jJ?n pi. , KreniOK ?x?reee?leave W MMngton 4 t- u. Arrive at Bammore 6.C r. M,. Ptuiadalptla lOJi ?. 11* *' *Vt6 New York at Itr, ? PkilsdjtiBhi* 10JP t. v ; Ualtimore lit) a* a, Attit* m WMtiuntoc I A. k, U?T8>fw Torkftt 11 p. v.: Philadelphia 1JP a. m ; lUJiinioreTJ* a.*. Arrive*! WMhtafton 3^o a. at. A*ooir.mo4&tion Trvni leave Bait-more H a. M., 4i<l tr.x , for Wuhicrton. arrive thai* il 11 a. m. mid lj. a. PfcwsFLjier Tra?nf leannj Wa*lJr*4on at 7.?n a. x. ?~iu 3/4 r. and Baltimore at 7Si a. and SAO p. m , make dirc-ot oonneotiona for Aunapolia at the Jnuotioa. Traine leave Accifoln for Baltimore and Waah icaton at ?Jo a. a. and 2 ?o r ttPaeaenger Tram* lea ring Washington at 6.10 a., m., 11 a. m-. a' a A r. u.. and Baltimore at 4J0 and 7,3 ' a. m . and 3 k p. m-. w;ll stop only at Annapolxt Junrtton and tr<ij?f*rto? {h'lajr; War AaF?t~n(era iniibt take the Accommodation Trains only Traira w.ll leave Waahinfton and Baltimore promptly upt,n card timt, W. P. SMITH, Muter of Tranaportalion, Bait. J. T. ENGLAND, _ . _ , Agent, u?aa?D srMion. hh tiro or*. ; 8. p MhilF.B I'. A|?nt*t WMhinito?. no K) !^?swuA7a"; Landing and embarking M***nger* M < Quwnfown, Ireland , The Liverpool. New York and Philadelphia SWrothie Comru; intend diepatohinc their Ail ' owered C>d?-built iron Steamship* m follows i GLASGOW Satt.raav, Angnst 3d. I CITY OF BALTIMORE, M " 10th. KANGAROO. ** - lSt^. And every Saturday, ?t soon, from Pier44, North nw. , liru or fuikl . First Cabin... -fit go. to London M w. mm rMT. H Do. to B&zsbari ? OUMrue . 9* 1 Ifo. to l^ocdun M ' Ik). to parie ?... M Do. to Humt nrf-? ^ _ 96 PMMli(sri forwarded to Herre. Bremen, Hot- 1 terdam, Antwere.&o , it redaoed Uironib torn. Hereon* wiafarng to bring oat ?tetr /Hand* eu boy uoketa at low rate*. For farther information apply at the Captahu ?f~- i IU?wy.&.BfiKKIN(l,AlltlDI EliriH B*-Umor*. ! CKNAAVLA/LWAY, SUPERINTENDENT'S OFFICE,{ Caltvkt rttATiow, Mar It, 'J6L < ^W5i?SrKv^A"ftA?rA jffl!a5rjs rire and depart u foiiova. until fcruier Dotta*. TRAINS NORTH. I JIMHr2aa.MMODAT.ON ? . TW? U A U k?1- mmA -4 - ? ??? t? x*. ?i. u?u wumna * neu; noiM ,b train* on the Weetern Maryl&od Rairoad, at HMiorer Junction with HanoTeracd 6etUbtrf Railroad.; at York with York and Wrifh tortile H'H'f1 Harr>?bar*irith PenneylTanlaRaJlrofi for ail ?arta o? the Weat. aleo with Lebacnon Valley'Railroad ? N#i? Peri at North** bori&ndi with L find 3, H&ilro&d for Kinfitoiukl ipgaggBsa;bBS3HSB3I : *'"1 Mtvi u A ?UUB j 1 ? BU IO BUU HW I UlKt The jjn P.M ti^lri mskes sll u>e tt>ove oonneo- I jJ^ffissrirsr ;S?FEW?S? aireot oonnaota Tor New York. ( Mall at 6 in 4/?^tTJa Jl, ftirruburr Aoooramodatmc u tM P. M. * * J. C. CLARK, ktl 3 r5^#l?A?& Trains tor Pbunde phi* will leave President street Depot duiT (exoejt 8undaT*)ae foi.owa, n* J>.xpre*aTr?ln at8 U A. M , Way MaflTrainat MS A. M.; Evening Mail at 4 46 o'clock. On UN8A Y8at 4 45 P. m. only. All train* connect with w York train* exoept 4.46P. M. train on Batar. darn. A FreifM Train with nnuw oar attached leaven at 5 P. M , atoppinc at ailstationa between Baltimore and Havre d*-6r???. Pasaengera for Delaware and the KutPi f bore tf Maryland will find the moct expeditiona ronte by way 01 W<imingtoa. ry All Colored Pereona milt fire bond before ABlftrinv ??.ra WM CRAWFORD.Agont. YORK AND ERIK RAILk&jfifSgS^ ROAD PwNS(?r Trams l?aT? rta Par? ma Ferry and Long Dock, from foot of Chamhara troet. Now York, m foiowa^na: 7J? a. m . EX^R KWJ. for Dunkirk, and Buffalo, and prir.oipal ii)tenn?-Mfc*? Station*. _t on k. m . MAIL, for Dnrfcirt. ud utonndiii* S'?Qoc??This Train r'lutnion! night at Klaura, ".airn,W?JTK,*WHu.. ^ i.w mediate Stations. 11 ooa. m. ACCOMMODATION.dally, for Port > Jervu, and principal Station*. 4(0 . n., WAV, ;for Middlatova, Nrwbargh. ^10 it q.? N16RT daily, tot DanStations, and rans or.? ao Km. ra. 00 p.m.. ACCOMMODATION Jor Hornacri^s, "d""C;" "*TS4S.MINOT..-nB.,1 NATHANIEL MARgH. KwHwt, sgsmimz tSCftWfck' A R KA N GK M E N T Commend ni Monday, May *Tth, 1M. For Abany?ll.-OO ?. m. fact expreaa train from For fSrar Pialne?4*? f. m. topptaf at White PjalRB^ awl ^itataom north lo Dow {pain*?froa ^ wifl'ruB to MlHarton rrery Saturday r for"atorpXac at ail *t?fc^fSkSft^sa u.?. mu Itrtoa ?r?rj Momy aonlai at f a. a.) ?oton Fall?? ?. m. lllli?X<l|*^Mi|.B.4 M?j??" Smmkr trfina triillwr* ttk iiWH. mmM trwrtjor c?atraf Park, Yorknll#, Bima ud gpr" To^rB^atirig fc^r "*IB> w***' # Am ^ BiBSKBKffi^y klTAWtF^CC+r>C9C |M i?rwr Oil MN.1. AooomiBo6?eoa.) AK3Eav!ra-i?- ?* ,M~? AtTlKA.*., IiMlinw *mt JTt r, CUT. ICciMBrtwwl Aa>?y.(A??em?? AIH^VL tii Cud4?b Md Amb?y, (C ud A. At J^T M, ?ta |?U*toi J?nw? City, ^ J* ?* ct?r, All#!*.. raOiMN tad Jcrwr Ctty.fBvMirg M., Ti?CMDd?a ud J may Clty.(Ro?tk uuft, Iirjn PMWI4VI , T 11*1 V I lOIVW ) For Bander*. Raatoc, lAmbcr1 rrlis, A.M..udM p. N..fr0Bin . ...... _ KrzjXAyr. tor.. Kf *. r,jton, n* L?ok?v?rn? iH For fJuco^^nk, Allertov* lad Pthlto? ,M MO A. M. ?od Mf F. M. from CMMtt?toc <} *?<. ftMtr? m li? ooaaeou irlU lb* tmi mtui faosct H kfid I A- M. Ud I ud (M E?r' JTr?*b?14?< A. M ta4 t F. M. Jv t wrr.s&rirI- F.-tfvxs W ?..cnt ?treet wEirf. For Pmlmm, tirmtop, Mtaeo, Bmrtj. Bwr Uuton^FloT?noMO, Bor&stovn. Ac., at 1*K. I. Bteaincr Trenton for Borden to v?1and Interme diate p.aoea, at M P. M. from Walnut etre?t ^Cr For New Yort aad W?t Lire*. leaving EeL?.ttt' c i>*pot, take the oars oa Fifth street, above Wal int. half an boor before deaar tore Tha oare ran intj the depot, and on arrival of train raa from thede,**. Fifty pocr,d? of baggage only allow*} W>eao> aeeiPaeeencer* are prohibited from taking anything ae baggage bat their veartng appar*!. All baggage over fifty pounds to be pa<d for extra. The com ear 7 limit their responsibility f< r barrage to one 7*ol ar per pound, anc will not be liable for any amount beyond one hand red do liar a, sxoept by apeoial 00rtract, WM. H.CATZMKK. Agant. KAT CE>TR A ( Rot TK tOB MiTHK WKBT.vm HUDSON f IT fiiLtiOAu Mi arW roXx CE *ThAL t\ AJLHOAp ^ ifryi Trti< !>'rr Now Y rk o-tT depots of Hndson Ri*?r Rai.road daily. Band ays exoeyted. *atolrovai From < hambers street Kr< in Slat at. statioL. t 7.00 a m At 7 K KB ?' " AfiO 9 n 1! JS6 - 6JI p m 9 zn 10 n . RpBtrtal and HnffkJo Trsia Vith sleeyinf p m | 45 m Ct'opa^buc at Alton* with t&a \?w YorM>a ?al Railroad for Schenectady. lothwtor. Uuea Batavia, lom, ard stations on Rom* and WnutJowb Railr< a<1. HaCvJo. Syracnbe, Majara Kai >, fcipMiKB BrMce. Aaharn. Genera.Caracriaisua Trains in connection leave Bufla'o und ?*, f .tl Hon rift Lake Shore, Buf&io ?n< i ake Hnron *rd great Western RtiIroM. for Hamilton. Tor? oto. Detroit, Chicaco. Toledo.MLaaukie. For Da Lao. I A I ' e>a lla<ii>Ai. t>,. . ... r i i r> _ yivwi, .nauirvi', f iwnr |7U ^ni*?nt V* bcnleith. Dubogti*. Peoria, Koek Irland. Mutr-aCue, Iowa City, Bar'inctoc. QaincT, 1, AJton. St. Loan,Cairo, Tarre baate, Iruf ai a? ia. lvoniaville, Clnairn&ti. 1 avton, Coivnbi i, C?> ??.Land, aau all jxmeU w eat, North?Mt and Voeta VHI. NORTHERN ROUTE. ConcfOtlDc Willi Traios at Troy, with Troy * Boston and R?na h Saratoga V oad? for Saratoga. VN c.tffia i, Rut.aLd, Burlington, M. AIhana, Ro??? Point, PlatUbargfc, Ogdenaburgk, Montreal, 4e., rrr Freight Amuwnesti by thie roat* aa kbore, without chance of Cara, tron the (>epota in Chambers and atreet*. are at a., time* aa farorabie aa made by o?h?r Ra road Cowiea?,!?? Tha laoil'tiea of ttua graat New Vork K' ?te, 'o the Wast command it to the oonideiioe of ne ekaiu WT ah ppe?? tor promptnaaa aad diapa'oh Paaeenger trains, with ?*mokmg and Pieepirg a m oonaaotioa on the New York Centra. For pardcolara aa to locaJ tralna and freight ar rangemaiiU. lnqaire at the depot, 69 Warren ?t. A. K. BM1TH. SapenntoadecL Jt^j^lNPlVlPUA^ ENTERPRISE '"ijjszsMnitir "imrcuLJ. H. ? rwu IO/fMMKCMC W. Norui. Will rue thair route* M fo.low*, mrt' | Lirkl tram, Baltimore, foot of Camden. at 7 o'clock a KENT?For Cambridge. Dectoo ukd Laodtnga ?n Chopt?i| nrtr, erery WEDNESDAY EKE? JAY, retomlLg ir?rj Taoradey ma For InnagaUa end Weet liver, every TIES Ue*a Rirer,every wT.DNESDA Y, asd retam hte aaiAA /fe? For ?unapclie, *\ art Rirer, Cambridge, Olfort ud Kutoi Point, err THCRFDaY. r?ttniiif br mom route on Friday. For Aanaaolla. West R1 rer, St. Miohaars antf Ea*ton, rta Mile's Hirer P?tt, tmy SaTuT DAY.retnrnit* mtj Monday by am* route Fare to Cambridge, Denton, Oxford and r a*ton Fareto^t^Miobatfl'r aa^ Miiee' Rirwjroaaf1 '* Fare to ^ exit'Ritw, (roaixl trie, fU 1W Fare to Annayo.i* (^oaiul trip 7Seedta) H or Qa^n BaJUPK>re C. R. CANNON. 1* NOTICE TO TRAVK^RS. B? Postnaatar ?eL*raj havinc ordered the p?!!?.W!W??W. Ill'Sf Monroe) to be reeained, on and after^^HHMB Monday, tbelDtb instant, tie Bay Line of steamer ^ai^eeB^timoreEVERy DAY (exoeptSao fexiS?? aw*, *. ** ? ?IVUB p. iuM VI iiumpuiBmij uwr ine irnin or Lh? WtihisitoD Train. vhiob iMVHWutitftoi U JHo'cioci p. m. m M. N FALLS. Pr?t. _JT? ^ U. B. QOVKKJVMEWT LINE ^ff.mgsQP'OLD Lmtn the lower ?cd of UrUON DOCK.B*Jtiaort.VMtiid*. DAILY, <Sob<Ut? ipel?d*d.) at tMo'oloek P. H. Ukin* pHMoieri uxf r*i?ht nr.d oeiweting vitb Uw Railroad linea. to from WaabingtoB. D. C.. Ph. to tki?,rinr York. Bo* ton, York, Hamabarf, Piiubart. Pa, atd tic Wart, imroadiateli after the irnnl of tM EurtM Train from New York and Philadelphia. The fbllovicf the Scheda.e : From New York to Port Monro* and baek...fu RS s?atai=:-z~ ? CTPmocr*E you* tickets la New the New Jersey Railroad OBee loot of Conrtiaod atreeC. Id Ph. adelphia, at the Coapanr'a o?oe, N. W. Qoro?r of Sixth and Chwetnot etreote, or at tho Dopot. Bh>%i and Prlne street*. Id BiJtinora, on b?*'C the Steamer*, foot of Union Dock. HU6H QCONNER. PiHMifer A cent. iM.POK BOSTON VIA NKU POIT AND FALL BIVKM _Bj ??. Oioadid and verier Steamere METROPOLjS, EMPIRE STATE, BAY STATE, ano STATti Of MAINE. of great treat th and apeod, bat Mrtioalarly adapted to tli? navigation of Loci If and So cud, running id oonL?yjt.on with the nil River aod OW Colony Ran road, dtatasoe of M milea only to So#ton Laava Pier Nv l ?y ri? giver gear the Battary. The Staaaar EMPIRE STATE, C?pt Brayton, Mocclara, W eanaadi.y?, Md Pridara, ?t 4 oTaloot FiM-, tonotiLf At Newport each way. The Steikrcer METROPOLIS,CMt Brawi, ei Taeadaia,Tnarad&ja. And Saturoava, At 4 o'oiooi P,ML., tooch'iox At Newport eaot way. 1mm Sieaiaera ure Atu*. with ommodioua atAte rooma, And every *n*xjemett fbr the eecanty And oomfort ol yaiangera. Who are a#ord*d s? tn.a route a wghta' raat on Soard. tod bnarrlta. At Pan Elver proo?<*l per Bl^ajr.^^tTraiB.react iac Doaton early ma following morwag: or nay s?Ji: issest. boat Mi A.. M: " ' taslM tike Mint to 1U devbsfctiocw A Btoamer nu in ?onr.*ouon with this LlM ba tVMD Pail R1T0T ud POT14MM daily. aioer* Fr*iibt to Boston ) (orw<M Urouk witfc matJinMok by aa tvnw Train, whieb m?n FV Rit4i ?wn m li a, tasda/a io*pt?2.ftt TJ* o'ciock tor Botuu. fcn<f N?v BMfoicJ. imnN at tu dMii nation at abo?t 11 A M ForfNutbt or fa*aac?. f9 J ?? board, ar atti>? OBMOl PivNo.l Nnitk bin> ri* ?i?i? fcpd twrth* ppiy OB toart, ?r jf 4wr?4 to ?oc*r? TON?'"'*" * ^ >* illiknit, la oota?cUot viti Uje HiotJi ?Un. frorli?np?^Q<: B<p?k>cw?.: ProvHeeeeBfiw^ 5t"h ? *"? j wp 1 dmom' PiwNali North XV?r, ?t?o?cio* f. *^??s Groton M?Jf o'cioy P. M., pr oc tM irnr* Q' 1WMravfif? r-t **V"~ ruwciftri fro in Grotos yoaxa Mr nu;ro? 'c Preyidmm^pmc BcakM, h t|> ll|??f mu, nMUK.MH >Im in MnaM oftko? w otW ro^VM, i&d In imubttM tor?ll tk? ?*f T wmh L1smimmdi( North ud Kmc P?* Tt&Ia* AftnBAflftUk* Al P>W?UM*? ?? iJPfitlifcr iMtML 3Sisw.vr,& wa fessr ^ ?.. w , * 4 ,

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