Newspaper of Evening Star, December 14, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 14, 1861 Page 1
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I nil I r THE EVENING STAR n FUBUSHBD E VERT AETERIfOON, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED J AT THE STAR BUILDING*, 9tr%f / PMUylMM Mnau ?i EUmntA ?. f bmn% Star. * VHt. XVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C . SATURDAY. DECEMBER 14. 1861. N?. 2.751. r???????^??? ? ? ? rr W. D. WALLAOH. ? i Papers ?er red la package! by cantors H Ml year, ot 37 cents per month. To mail nbwlfeai the price is 93 30 a fear, 1m <8 tor sis oath*; SI for three months; aad for lea than three months at the rate of It one a weak. Sialic copies 05* cast; la wrappers, two sum. U7" ADTaaTtsaiteirTt shontd be seat to the Aoe before IS o'clock m ; otherwise tboy may ot sppear an til the next day. ICA!f. MAG. AGAIN Every now and than the eourta of law furniah as with a atory which, if not aoita to piquant u the plot or a French novel, leave* atill greater aeope for the imaginatien, and has the advantage of reating on a sabeiratura ef bard facta. The Master of the Rolla haa juat decided a case of thia kind, and thoogh, perhapa, it was not striotlj necessary for the ends of law, has considerably reoapitolated for oar benefit its aaore striking fee tares. In the romanoee of law oourts love ia apt to play a aubordinate part to money; hat in thia eaae tha two agencies aeem to have been nrettv evenlv balanced, and predominate alternately. A young English lady falls in lore with a yonng French gentleman, by nam* De Pontea, in 1823; tender toot are lightly exchanged and lightly broken. Before the year is oat the lady'a frienda make a match for her?probably tmmrrtmg* d* tmnveyantm?with " an Snglisb hmImm mtmid Dolpbia, of >o?iderablc Tortone and ^eetatea ia the eonnty of Gloucester " So far there is nothing in the tale mocb at variance with the common experience ol human life. a! U_ _ ?,?? *_? - * - rnnauj at. Asoipmn laus into extravagant habits, squanders bis estate, and " reduce! himself and wife to comparative indigence and distress." This, too, 1* not without precedent bat it ta not easy to understand on what principle the husband, on receiving some assistance from Mrs. Dolphin's relatives, was induced U settle BMt of his property on Mrs. Dolphin foi life, with power of appointment and disposal kT will. N?terth*Uu thi? /!?? ?? ! ? ? - ? | n?o UVUV) ?UV upon the exercise of the sower thus given hei the point of law submitted to the Muter of th< Rotla aroee Whether she was actually separated from her husband from 1839 to 1853 doei not appear, bat daring that period she ii described as having led " a very wretched life," such as is sometimes found to predispose married ladiee to the indulgenoe of forbiddec sentiments. Some strange fate took her to Paris, and "while in Parts she learned that the French gentleman to whom she had avowed eternal fidelity in 1823 had risen from a subaltern ik. A- ?* i mum. iu mi Brio7 to a posiuon oi considerable eminence, and that he was at that time commending as General a division of the French army in the department of the Lower Charente, in France." Above all, he was still i bachelor. This discovery, like the rich nnele't death in the popular negro ditty, seems tc have revived all her forgotten feelings of attachment; she loet do time in opening an amatory correspondence, and before long reduced the bashful General to surrender, not, indeed at discretion, but upon th? sole condition thai atui ??W ?- -- * - ms >m|M uo uueogige nerseit iron the prior anion to Mr. Dolphin. It wti in tho days boforo the Divorce Court wm estab tithed; bat tho ecclesiastical tribunals were nol leu jealous than Sir Creesw?ll Cresswell ol grantiag divorces a vinculo for reasons within tho power of either party to create at will. Aeoordiagiy Mrs. Dolphin's thoughts turned, e those of so many unhappy lovers have before, to tho land where a single act suffiaes tc tie or loose tho knot of wedlock. She wat eventually advised that such a divorce might _ .Li-* * ? " * ~ * o? oownea in seoutna U Mr. and Mrs. Dolchin would reside la that country for fortj days, so as to obtain a domicile, and if it could be proved that Mr. Dolphin had been guilt) of aduitory during that time. It is reallj very fortunate that the breach of some othei Commandment than the seventh, such as the sixth or eighth, by Mr. Dolphin was not prescribed by the lawyers as a necessary preliminary, for this pliable gentleman submitted. ?V ! ?-?*- A I - * " nouiiog ioiq. w o#i passive instrument in th? hand* of his wife, and, for aught that appears, would hare done whatever he was toll. The golden shower which found its way into Danse'i chamber was equally efficacious in overcoming the virtue and fddity of Mr. Dolphin, lit "was induced, for a considerable sum of mono] paid down, and an income secured to him ol ?300 per annum, to co to Sootland and take ? paramour with him. Into the further difficulties which arose in satisfying the requirements of Scotch Matri monial Law we n?ed not enter; suffice it to saj that allsoruples and obstacles were overcome that the necessary affidavits were made oat nd that a decree was duly obtained from th< Divorce Courts of Scotland in July, 1854 Meanwhile the lady, impatient of delay, and burning to prove the reality of her affeotion by ome ouiwara mark or confidence, had made her will in Gen. De Pontes' favor. The next question was the marriage settlements. and here another set of lawyer;?this time French -eame in, and suggested that, after all, the divorce, " under tne circumstances of collusion by which it was obtained," woold not b? valid in England. Uow this ooald affect the validity of the will we eannot pretend to say, However, Mrs Dolphin was recommended tc Call back on the power of appointment, which most, we suppoae, have been general in iti terms, and to settle her property abeolately ob her intended husband by an ordinary conveyance, subject, of oourse, to the danger ol his changing his mind. Accordingly this wai dose, in reliance on the General'* honor, and the parties were formally married, not ono< only, bat in oonaeqaenoe of Mri. Dol phin becoming a Roman Catholio. At la*t the lady died, and two question arow reapecting the disposition of,her property? ftrat, whether the will, vaild in iUolf, had nol been revoked by the *nb*eqaent deed* of appointment; and, aeoondly, whether, rappoaing the will to have been ao revoked, these deedi were themselves valid. To an uninitated mind there is no alight difficulty in under standing how one document could possiblj u?t? TMiauy enougn to aeteat another, and et not validity enough to atand by itself However, thia point waa diapoeed of by th< deeiaion of the ooart that the will waa rood whatever the validity of the deeda. Moreover, inaamuoh aa the benefit of the latter wai waived bv General De Pontea, the Jndge wai relieved from determining how far they wen vitiated by the alleged eonaideration?vis that the Qeaernt ahonld ro through the utr. riage ceremony and oohabit vitl Mr*. Dolphin daring the lifetime ef her husband, not jet legally dironed from her The Mwael and moral of the tale are added by the Muter of the Rolls for the benefit ol too sympathetic readers. The aooond marriage ?u u unhappy u the lint?a separation ensued, and the heroin* died, as beroinei should, in a convent two years afterwards Perhaps tha caution waa not unneoeaaaary, yet we should ba sorry to thinh that such s career oould posse? a dangeroua fascination for any but tha weakest of womanhind. II requires a combination of circumstances and character so paeuLar aa to defy Imitation. What ia rather to ha feared is that the oeeasion - m ?-i ?-i- ? ?? *1 * mi rvruiuuD oi social c?cu*ia u? uui mij excite exaggerated suspicion* of the srils going on around us. There is acsrtain olass o| minds to which it is satisfactory to believe that society is honeycombed with intrigue aad secret guilt, aad that a mystery of passion and deception underlies the fair surface of domestic life. Nothing, we are persuaded, can be a greater mistake It is not one in a hundred families that has a skeleton in the honse. There may be a romance in the personal history of many, if not of most, who nave passed through the varied experiences ef a long life, but in the vast majority ef eases it is a homely ana innocent romance eaougn soon u wouia hardly bear the telling, and would Interest iom bat thoee who hart an aafkiling interest la all that doa? not ooneern them. Novelists have aaeh to answer far in popularising a conception of haaiaa natara and ha at an conduct vhioh assigns to draiaatie emotion*, oft an of an aril kind, a far aaore prominent place than that to vhioh they are fairly entitled If people would but reneaber that these violent contrast* of light aad shade are exceptions, aad very rare exceptions, la the real landscape of the world, they woald do little harm. At it ia, they receive just eno<^h confirmation from the startling facts (hit now *od th?o com* to light to distort the views of many people about the oarrent morality of their neighbora. For oar own part, we greatly prefer to oonsider the eononrrenee of Mr*. Dolphin'* artfulness, Mr. Dolphin's shamelessnees, and Oeneral De PonteT easy oomplianoe with an advantageous but very questionable proposal, as an exceptional phenomenon saoh as rew of ' us are likely to see paralleled in the eeurse of a life time.?London Timts. Nov. 9. MILITARY TROUBLES I* ARKANSAS. From thft message of Gov. Rector to the Arkansas Legislature, delivered last month, it appear* ttfat the 8tate Convention, Legislature and Governor, have been at varianoe with eaeh other ever sinee the Legislature met. The Governor complains ohiefly of the oreation of a military board, which he terms as an " unmerited rebuke to the executive inoumbent." The following abridgement of the message will convey an idea of military affairs in that section : r " On the 10th of May Gen. McCullooh was put in command of the Indian Territory west . of Arkansas, and had with him two regiments, one from Louisiana and one from Arkansas, i Before he could prepare for any offensive operations, Gen. Lyon, in pursuit of Jackson, approaohed near the south boundary line of Mis' souri. and the Military Board of Arkansas called out ten regiments for defensive purposes. . On the 2lst of June the Board dispatched a , messenger to Riohmond proposing to transfer the entire State force with their arras to the Confederate Government, making a oondition precedent, however, that the arms were to be * used for the protection of Arkansas. The rebel ' Secretary of State was willing to receive the men and arms, bat would make no promise as to their future disposition, and so the transfer | was not then effected. " On the 4th of July the effort was again es' sayed. oneof themembersof the board visiting , Gen. Hardee, then recently appointed to the oommand of the northern harder of Arkansas, ! and an eti m -??? m ? - .. ?? www ft wvawj IUW fhould be taken among the Arkansas troops, and if a majority of eaoh company oonsented tQ be transferred, those consenting frere to bd turned over as a company, if, however, a ma1 ioritv declined, the company was to be disbanded altogether. One oompany of Oeneral 1 Yell's division disbanded; and two or three hundred others, 4 from various motives, r?' turned home.' This was for the eastern division of the army. "The western division, under Qen. Pearce, 1 however, was not so easily transferred After > the battle of Springfield the Military Board L dispatched an agent to Oeneral Pearce to turn 1 over his troopa to Gen Hardee. The agent 1 proposed to submit the question of the transfer, ' but Gen. Pearce got mad and refused to allow ? it to be done, following this insubordinate ' conduct up by writing a most abusive letter to the board. Not content with this, Pearce separated his tro?pa from McCulloch's command, ' and marched them back to Arkansas, where they were informally disbanded and Bent home. I n~? r>??? -? " - uvt. xvccwr hji mil wunoux rurct 8 com| mand McCulloch was left too weak for anytbing but passive inaction.' " As soon as Pearce's return to Arkansas ' was known, the Military Board, fearing a dis; bandment, directed him (Pearce) to suspend all action inteference to the transfer, but tbe despatches were received too late, and only'in time to stay the waste of public property scat1 Ured in *11 directions.' " This narrative shows that the Arkansas forces, claimed to be twenty-two thousand in number, are in a complete state of demoral' isation and desuetude?if we may use that > expression." I ?T11 f * - - ? Aoe iouowing significant recommendation 1 indicates that the Germ ana and Irish ef Ar> kansas are in no way disposed to exert them' selves in behalf of Jeff Davis and his agents : ' " It is prabable that the troops now in the f field will meet present emergencies, whilst it k maj be safely calculated that a much larger number will have to go into service before 1 spring. I beg to recommend that the executive authorities be authorised to organise two r k class regiments,' one of Germans and their i immediate descendants, and another of Irish > and their deacendents. # * These ' people, though brave and patriotic, have been deterred from entering the army mainly because for tbem there was little chance for pro' motion. * * * * If I should be mista1 ken, however, in the oausea that hav* H*t*rru) them, and it ia found to proceed from a lack of inclination, then authority ought to be given to draft a regiment from each class. It is not a wise or just government which, in a war like this, taxes native blood and energy alone, leaving the foreign-born at home, reaping the fruits of dear-bought victories." Hew Western Marks mm Shoot. [From the Cincinnati Commercial ] A letter, descriptive of the battle of Wildcat, 1 11 uwiw>/t niuicu ur our Durreipunaeoi OD f the 27th of Ootob?r, lingered ea (he way about i a month, and arrived here after the atory of I the fight had crown stale. We eztraot from i it, however, a list of the names of some of the rebels who were killed in the fight, their persons being identified by many Tennessee > patriots in the Wildcat Brigade. Adjutant - Davis, of the 17th Ohio, was undertaker, and t made the following note at the burial, being aasisted by the suggestions of the Tennes ; M?UU : i Wm. Neatherly, Roane county, Tennessee? 1 a car pan Ur. 44 Shot through the head." Joha Stephen*. Granger oounty,Tennessee? r a farmer. 44 Shot through the head." I Perry Newman, Tennessee, sergeant of his company. He was brother to the ex-Lieuteni ant Governor of Tennessee, who was colonel of Ai i ? i. ?i ? *a_ * ' ? , ibo regiment. '* onoi tnrougn ine cead ' Ju. Stephena, Charleston, MoMinn county, i TeDntHM. When the body of thia man waa I found, Adjutant Davis aaked a Tenneaaeean to i deacribe him. " Well," aaid Tenneaaee, " he waa a politician, and a h?11 of a fellow gener allv." He wai ahot in the atomach. Joel Crabtree, Lee eonntj, Va., a farmer. > " Shot in the neea" Uenrj Duncan, Roane county, Tenn., a oarL penter. who reeided near Kingaton. Shot r through the oollar bone. Swing Qipaon, Lee county, Va., a farmer, i Shot through the breaat. I John Neatherland, Campbell eountj, Tenn. " Shot through the breaat. ' Thia man waa not . certainly identified, some aaaertina that hie i name wu Wm. M. Long. i Three othera found on Hauser Hill were not t identified. The buttons on the jaoketa of the deeeaaed were all United States regulation pattern. The pointa of intereat in the fore going are the remark* indicating the terrible < snooting of the Hooeiera. Wherever theae fellows have had a ehanee to draw trigger, the f prominent mortality record haa been, >(shot in i the head." I ? A nn I n fff ? Ma/\lf?A?Ak( niL.Aur.iirniA rilUf 1S1UHI BiUKHi i I 1 lfPuniiTiiu Avwiivn, Bttwm \Stkmmd10tk tit Tha ni>der?ijaad, harmr looatad himaalf m ftbov*. IkkM tjua Iikho^ oflnformini the oitnena of the Piret Ward that he has opened a fir?t < Profiiion Store oond noted similar to thoee for rbioh Philadelphia & iamo a a Her* cu h# lomn< at a*l Umee a larie aad freeh ??K ?i *?Partio a laj^tenrod^ gg%ajg 4? *?? atoafc aad Beiaf deterrmned to ii?e me atrioteet attention I ?uSf. hTSK l?ina ?r tHad fttuia J i?MH market prioee. ne hopes to merit a ihirt of 'VemifwewiJf be vailed mou d*il? Ior orders, if r*2oj7^ THOMAS E. WILSON. ' EVLKY DJ?W".,ra?VNT)H. H. 1 attired br aay body?eiril funo'ionarie?, I vnTudunoffori. Ac.??ieouted at UertTAR OP FICB, iow6e*ici<>rT style, ai Jew ratss for Ceslt. * 4 tf i . rrtje u ftift 1 -? Ml V. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. LATEST FROM MISSOURI Lkavbnwoith, Dec. 12.?Col. Morgan, In command of the troopa at Weaton, haa issued a proclamation to the citizen* of Platte county, in which be calla upon them to aid him in protecting the railroad, ajd calla upon absentees to return assuring them protection to their persons and property, if loyal. No negroes are to be allowed to enter the linea or to leave without paases. All marauding, partlea of afmea men are to be . Reports from Gen. Price's army state that he raaae a speocn n usceoia, vowing vengeance on Kansas for the burning cif that place. Sidalia, Mo., Dec. 12.?The scouting expedition, composed of a pajt of Merrii'i hor*e ana two companies of a regular cavalry, returned here this afternoon, bringing in ai prisoners four captalna, two lieutenants, and about forty rebels They also captured one mortar and a large number of horses and wagons. The expedition went as f*r as Waverly. They report that a force of 2,000 rebels remains at Lexington. Shelby smen were seen and pursued several times. The report of a fight near Waverly proven t? be false. St. Joseph, Dec 12.?Gen. Prentiss' command was to move from Platte city to Richfield on the 11th inst. A rebel camp, numbering 3,000 men, is reported near Albany. The report that Gen Prentiss had bsgged 500 rebels Is not trii*. skcissi031st8 to support the refcfkx* St Louis, Dec. 13.?The following general order was issued to-day: Htadquarttrs Dev't of ISTitsouri 1 St. Louis, Dec. 12. f The ?ufferlng families, driven by the rebela / Am Qsn U ... A kti v * ' iiviu ouuiuwtii mmoari, woo nave already arrived berc, have been supplied with voluntary contribution* made by Union men. Others are on their way, to arrive in a few days, and tbese must be supplied by charity from the men known to be hostile to the Union. K llkt Will be pfepared Of all personi of this class who tlo not voluntarily furnish their quota, and a contribution will be levied of 510,0U0, in clothing, provisions, ana quarters, dr money in lieli thereof. This levy will be mscU upon the following classes of persons, In proportion to the gul't.and property of each Individual: First, those In arms with the enemy whO have property in this city; second, those who have furnished pecuniary or other aid to the eneritVj or to persons in the enemy's service ; third, those who nave, in writing or by publication, given encouragement to the rebels or insurgents. Brig. Cen. Curtis, B I* Farrar, provost marshal general, and Charles Borg, assessor of St. Louis county, will constitute a board for levying the aforementioned contribution. As soon as any part of this contribution shall have been asseasrd, iuc (jiuvmt luainoai general will notuy tbe parties assessed, or their agents or representatives, stating the amount of provisions, clothing and quarters, or the money value thereo', required of each; and If these supplies are not furnished within the time specified in such notice, he will issue an execution, and sufficient property will oe taken and sold at public auction, to satisfy the assessment, with costs, and, as a penalty, 25 per cent, additional. Jf any person upon wbom such assessment shall be made shall flic with the firovoat marshal general an affidavit that he is a oyal citizen, ana has been true to his allegiance to the United States, he will be allowed one week to furnish evidence to the board to vindicate his character; and If at the end of that time be shall not be able to satisfy the board of hit loyalty, the assessment shall be increased 10 per cent., and the levy immediately made. Arrival sf Rtfs(rrs from New Orlrans? Great Indignation at Nashville relative t? Impressments?The Governor Mtbbed and Fled tt Memphis. Cincinnati, Dec. 12 ?Two refugees from Ne* Orleana have irrlwii h?r? tk?? !? << k - ? -*?-> V. a MVJ puJJVU WIVU^U Nasbvllle, and report that Memphis is strongly fortified on the river side. There were two gunboats at the landing, and a regiment of infantry and a few companies of rrtillery composed all (be troops at that point. They arrived at Nashville on the Oth instant. The city was in a high state of excitement on that day, and on the following day an attempt was made to draft citizens into the army. The indignation of the people was Intense. A mob broke out In the fourth ward, and four policemen who attempted to quell the riot were soot dead The mob then rushed to the capltol to attack Gov. Harris, who fled to Memphis. The papers the next day stated that th? Governor haa gone thither on business Last 8aturday8,500 men from Louisville passed through, carrying black flags The refugees estimate the number on the sick 11 ( In thfl Vaahvilla A - ... . ? at iiuiu Cl^Uk VU VCU thousand Nearly all the Texas Ranger* were on the ?ick llat, and suffering dreadfully. Frlvateers Fitting Oat Under the Mexican Flat. Niw Yoax, Dec.13.?It la freely stated here that there are a number of letters of marque in this city issued by the Mexican government to prev upon the commerce of England, Fiance and Spain, and that vessels are flttlng out here, which they have a right to do under similar decision to that allowing the Nashville to fit out at Southampton. The vessels will sail under the Mexican flag as war veasels, and be entitled to bring prize* into neutral poits. Messrs Breckinridce and Hant?r A?n1 far a Fassage t* k nropr. Halifax, Dec. 13 ?It la strongly rumored here to*day that Messrs Breckinridge and Hurter had applied for a passage In the Canada from thla port, but were refused In consequence of a telegram from Secretary Cameron, warning the agents of the Cunard line against the consequences of carrying rebels. Nkw Yokk, Dec. 13 ?Mr. Cunard emphatically contradicts the above report. The Steamer Enropa aft Cape Race. 8t. Johns, N F., Dec 13 ?The steamer Eu v|n, iiuiu uiTcrpiioi, wiid mree aayi later advices, passed off Cape Rtce at 11 30 this morning. The sea was very high, owing to the recent heavy storm, and the news-boat of the Associated Press was unable to get more half a mile from the Cape, and as the steamer would not come nearer, her news was not obtained. The Europa will be due at Halifax on Sunday morning. R?c?rtl? ef the Flaws frsoa Ear*p? at Washington N?w York, Dec. 13 ?Special dispatches received here state the European news by the Hansa create* little excitement at Washington. Thoa Richardson A'Co , of thla city, denytbat the man Spence, chairman of the Liverpool Indignation meeting, la a member of the firm of Rlchardaon, Spence A Co., of Liverpool. Pardee af Mrs. Hartaag. Albany, Dec. 12 ?Mary Hartung,who has been Imprisoned three years and a half, on the charge

of poisoning her husband, was unconditionally releaaed by Judge Wright to-day. Official Vote of New Yerk far Mayer. Nkw Von, Dec. 13 ?The efflclal count of the vote of this city gives Mr. Opdyke for mayor 1,213 over Mayor YVood, and 814 over Mr. Gunther. Zelliceffer Again Reported Retreating. Cincinnati, Dee. 13 ? U la reported that Zollicoffer ia retreating again, which will defeat Gen. Thomaa' plan of getting In hia rear. QFF1CIAL WOT I C E. Qvabtum*im tamal i Ovncs. { Washington .Decern b or 5th, 1H1.\ The following ReeolaUon haa been adopted by the Bonae of Eepreeeatafaw of the United States, is < H*$olv*d, "That ttaa Secretary of War be requested to fkrniah total* Home oopiM of all eon V- ? ? m ucparunoDl, for feeding diaabled horeee darinc the winter;?to t?ie tie term* of theee eontr note, the umei 01 the oontraotora, end the amber of horeea given out:? and whether tnoee oontraota were made upon pub ho aoUoe.'' All ofioera and areata of the Qaartermwter'a Department, are inat^uot?l to eend to the Quartermaster General Immediately upon aeeing thia nouoe, oopieeof all oontraota.and all informaUoa embraoed within the term* o{ the Reeolition. . . ^ _ M C. MEIGS, de 9 lot (Iatel. k Key.) QaartermaaUr Qen'l. IN BTOEiwD POE fjjje J ? CHEAP POE CA8H5,000 paira Blaeand Grey Blanket*. S.000 poable and Single Ccnuorta. knokler'a Patent Cane-eeat Army?Chalre, the beet SSS&u, JA8C. MoOUIRE * CO- < d*f?v oor?*r Tenth ft. ???*? ?*?>? 1 * i- ) >* . ;J THE DOLLAR STAR! INDUCEMENTS TO CLUBS' NOW IS THE TIME TO SUBSCRIBE! The Falleat and Most Reliable New* It-cm the Seat ( Government! j- jic ^ r. _ ,i . p " J - /. r iv0ik??/^ mailer jor inc nrtsiuc virwr. The present yatt It undoubtedly the moat eventful In tke political history of thla country, and the record of occurrences transpiring at the Federal Metropolis Is naturally ai striking and remarkable interest. The public desire to receive prompt, full and. reliable accounts of aU that vasttt ktrt la mMt Intense, and we have m ? ? t - ? ? consequently made alteration! and Improvements In the weekly Issue of the Washington Star to meet tbt* want most swMsfcciWlly. la compliance with the wish of the public the paper has been chunked from a quarto to the more convenient folio shape, and now appears a Kami torn? sheet of thirty-two columns, filled with choice and carefully prepared Reading Mattel, and bearing the name of the tt TTT V.* i. T\.11 TT7 ^ ?L1 fll II w asmngioii jjouar w eesiy Diar. As Indicated by the title, we now furnlah the paper at the unprecedented low price of ONE DOLLAR PER YEAR 11 Or barely more than the price of the paper upon which It is printcS. ft ii our determination to make the Wskklt Star &0t ?nly the largest and handsomest Dollar Ntwspaper In the United State*, but that it ahall absolutely be The Best Family Weekly Newspaper in the World!!! 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In short, It is our purpose to give our readers a varied, rich, and sparkling vaflety of the reading that at once Instructs and entertains, but aiming to make Washi56to? News and Gossip our sptciahty, In accordance with the views set forth above. Believing it to be better to seil many papers at a low price than a fe# at a high price, we have determined to offer the following Extraordinary Inducements to Clubs. To Single Subscriber* 81.00 per year. To Clubs of Five 85 cents. Ta Pliiht nf Tpn Wl rpnti V V* ?* ?w VVMWt To Clubs of Fifteen. 85 cents. To Clubs of Twenty-five 80 cents. To Clubs of Fifty 75 cent*. Address W. D. Wallach, Publisher of the Star, Washington, D. C., with subscription money enclosed, or for specimen copies, which will be forwarded gfatls. SMITH A BROTHER'S PALE CKEAM ALK, SUPERIOR AMBER ALE, PORTER amd NEW YORK BROWN STOUT. The above CELEBRATED AMERICAN ALES ere Brewed from the CHOICEST BAR. LEY MALT and HOPS, and highiy esteemed by those who have used them. 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PIANOS iBHHK reoeived jogterday from the oelebrated 'If mi? laotoryofWm. Knabe 4 Co., among them a very handsome carved Piano, whioh obtained the highaat nramin m frnm f ka lata Dal L1? k k i * ^ _ WD k y I VIUI U til IIVM1 fcUO I??D UOUkUUUIil ElAUl "lUUlij and wfcioh 1 offer for tele (as a fine New Year's fresentlon accommodating tei ms, and at.prioee o auit the times. TO RENT?1 will have several Pianos always on hand, though I waa unable iaat week to serve aome of my customers. Amateurs are invited to examine. F. C. RE1CHKNBACH, ov?7 Im. No 496 11 th gtreet. ttOMKTHlNB NEW-SUPERIOR HULLED CORAT.'?'The subeoriber, having cot the agenoy to saptly Washington and Georcetown with this delioate propagation of Corn, would respectfully ask of his friends, and the publte at large, to give it a trial. Also, Popped Corn, plain and sugared. WM BRADLY, Agent. Pa. avenue, between 18th and 19th *ts. N. B.?Manufacturer of Marble Mantles, Monuments, Table Tops, &o. A large assortment a ways on hand. oo 19 3m TlfLHJftP'MIi 32*?^ ? U?UI%1VM< V? kug VUlUOl VI X Pim, j L +avenue and Eleventh atreet, hu b??n?Gv|f ireatiy improved recently and now offem iBia * traater inducement* for the pttron&go of oitiiftiii i and ?tr?iif er? than any other yablio home in the oitj, hia price* being lezi thin thoee of any other hotel on Penn. avenue, and hia aooommodationa tor permanent or transient boardera nnexoeptionable. The bar and restaurant arrangement* of the European Hotel have already txsoome very po?a lar. beinj all that oan be deaired by the moat faa uaions. me proprietor Pledgee unremitted attention and oontinaea liberal expenditure*to fir? ut Lifaotion to all, and Urn renewe hie invitation u all to rive the Enroaean Hot*1 a call. d? *-ti |~JIBBS' HAIR tSTOEK^ PER ^UA^R/. R AYD^^U RlMWlGd. HALF WIGB, FRIZKTTES, Ao. A full (tool alwaye on hand, or made to order at the ahorteet aoboe. Hair Work repaired or exohant*<i. N. B.?Lad lee' Hair Dred in ue moet nataraJ m%nnmr aft M4a I CA nnn LBfl M)AP AND CANDI.KB for 1 tiUjUUU sale oheap for oaah. AUo, wanted?acxywo lh?. Army Grease and Roach fallow, tor whioh the hicheat price will be paid, at the National Soap and Candle works, oor. Green at. ana Cana , Georgetown. 1). C. no7 1m C. O JEWELL; Prosrietor, T CARRIAGES. HE Subscriber fcavinc made additiens to hie fao tory, making it now one of the IarteaU jna? In the Distnot, where hia faoiwlio.QaMft for manufacturing CARRlAti KS andJfc-JLL LIGHT WAGONS of all kinda oannot be air eaaaed.ami from hia Ion* eiaenence in tha buai ne??, he hoped to civ* (onoraJ nbaf&otioa. 11 kind* of CamafMaod Li?ht Wacona ktft on bud. All REPAIRS BMtir dooa, ud ail onion prompt; j attend ad to. jaats.1 rt H tf aomr of Fourteenth and I ?. DUPON-re UNPOWDB*. _ hbhmbbmbhbmmhhhmhhhhiH 1 AMERICA* WATCHES For Americans. THE AMERICAN WATCH CO. tog to sail theMteation of the citites* of Washington and vicinity to the superiority of tbeir Watches over all imported, whether Swiss or Eng ish. The Company unhesitatingly guarantee their Watohes to be unsurpassed by those of any oountry for durability and fine time keeping tualities. CAUTION. The Company would oaution buyers to beware of the oheap English and Swiss Watohes now being sent among soldiers in and around Washington* These watohes are of the poorest description of , (oraUn man iifarTn rr and utterly worthless as time keepers, as the makers well knew when they sent them to this oountry. LADIES' WATCHES. The Coimmnr would invite Moeenl attestion in their l?t??t ?tjle oi Watoh for Ladiea. Every on* will have the tame guarantee that aooompanlet the moat ooatly Chronometer of their manufacture. Theatjleaof Caaea are varied and auit different * a j >l. m. ur.tAk r.. HMVOB, BUU mo ifilivuuuu 'H vi a *f aivu ivi ivuiv*f thftt will co sod keep time, hM met with oniveraal avor. ESPECIAL ATTENTION ia invited hj the Company to the fact that every Watoh, of whatever pTioe, manufactured at their Wom at Waltham, Mail, ia aooompanied by a certificate not only to warrant it, bat to prevent impoaition from a cheap and worthleea imitation that ia palmed off upon buyeraaa the genuine article. All our Watchea have upon the plate the trade mark "Waltham, M%ee?" and without that mark no Watoh ia genuine. Meaara. M. W. GALT * BROTHER havethe Watches of our manufacture for sale at Washington, and buyers oan depend upon finding the right style? and qualities at their establishment, No. 354 Pennsylvania avenue. ROBB1N8 A APPLETON, General Agenta, No-192 Broadway, noS-lrfl New York. CO . M. T. PARKER. CQ OJ Louisiana am . bet. S'H and 7tk its., ?JSs North Side, Havirg oompleted hia arrangements. it now ready to attnnd, even more viaoroualy than ever, to HOUSE, SIGN and ORNAMENTAL PAINTING, in all of ita varioim uranchea. accured in# eerv?eea ot a oorpa of excellent workmen, 1 am prepared to do Fla*a and Bunnera ic the beat atyle ana on the moat reasonable terma. no!?-eoIm tRepub.] F MILITARY BOOKS. RENCH tc RICHST1EN have juat reoeived a large and complete aaaortmwnt of M>.itary Booka of all kinda, which they offer from ten to fifty ?r b?iow me regular reiau pnce?,??- i eledini: A rtf HirilM'i* unrt Riflr I Taotics, complete, $1.21 Forces' Volunteers' Manual. S vols, 9? Allen's Compendium of Hardee's Tactics, too Gross's Military Sureery,75c ^ ^ Mahan's Field Fortifioation and Outpost, each 71 Hardee's Tactic*, cheap edition, 25c Tne Soldier's Guide, a complete manual and drill book for the use of the Volunteer Militia and the Home Guard, 25a The Hind-Book for the U.S. Soldier, oeini BrstBook of instruction to U.S. Infantry taotios. 25o Also, Military Maps, Map of the Seat of War, Charts. Guides. Ac. Piacs, Badges and Medale of every description. Ati ef the afeove sent bj mail free. FRENCH 4 KICHSTEIN. m? T? '.IT* PwnnuTiT?m> JjMREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital... t son, ooo. Of** wmir 0 ttrm mmd Lottuumm mm., iw Bmmk of IroiHariM. INSURE HOUSES AND OTHER PROPERTY AOAINST LOSS BY FIRE. Di* scrota, 8bo. Shoemaker, ^muki Redfern, Samuel Crop ley, William Wilton, Richard Jonea, John D. Barclay. Jaoob Gideon, Audrew Kothwell, Tuos. Parker, Riehard Barry, B. B. French. Dr. U. W. Davit, a.r _ -L- r rl? i. __ . r?U oiuih ior JAMES A0AM8. President. A??. 8. Davi?. Secretary. an 9-eo?ia WATCH REPAIRING ANDB1LVER WAR! MANUFACTORV. I n&re oae of tne beet establishment*, and for ^ehec with a complete set of tool* for repairr?s every description of fin?xWatohet, and particular attention 'jive to the same, by I her. mi h oompetent workman And a. work uuuile :ec A:so, every deeonp ion of standard SILVER >Vi RE. plain and ornamental, mannffcotnred nndei st <^wl stipervisi je, which my eustomers wili find s-suserior in quality and finish to northers ware vwuj udwoiamivuciw miu iopi owuwu mm tilvll Wi Tu*zulfcc t nr*. M. 0. HOOD, ? t **a Pi. WMH?. D?*r ttfc HlSTO&Y of thfuutod NeUterlaodi. by Job! I Lothrof htley ; 8 volt.; f*w b? nrnil, The R:?o of the D?toh Repui>.i?, a history, by John Lothrop Motl*c S roi :010th; free by mail, 81 1m Marner, th* Waiir of Ravelol, by Um author of "AducBwe , ololh MImbU ; paper K Life and Career of Major Andre, by Wintroe Barceant; 91 Jt). After lcfberji witli a Punter, a Summer Voyage to Labrador and Newfoundland; by Rot LomaL Nob e: 91 JO. The Manufacture of Photofeme or Hydro-Car bon Oils, by Thomaa Antiaell, M. D.; ?1.7*. Any of the above free by mail. FRENCH A R1CHSTEIN, M M 8TS Penna. a t eon a. V WOOD AND COAL. I jg*? worth by I Immm WALL. STEPHENS * cuv TV 338 PlNMTtTAltlA Avkmvi. MILITARY AND NAVAL MERCHANT TAILORS, AND READY-MADE CLOTHIERS, AND EXTENSIVE DEALERS IN GENTLEMEN'S PURNISB1N6 GOODS, ?e6-if (Infrl A Rppab.) MEVU VOLUME BALZAC'S NOVELS.-Th? I" Alohemiit, or the House of Claea;7roai the French at Honore de Balsac. , dilae Mfcrner. the Weaver of Rareloe; by Goo. Elliott, the author of"Adam Bade " Free dt mail, Tioeota. FRENCH A RICHSTEINT %?-? P??n> tT??M Uinvit ( AI un on T Aiiuroiv*rwwtT different styles of Not* and Letter Paper, with Envelope* to nateh. V.pwiof WMiiL|tor ic thefomofa Reee,and ib Book form; also.separate LI the 1>m t and w*ek;y Paper* eonstaatty ea band. Htra.d. Time*, aod Tribcne reoei red every night at( o'clock. Paper* from all pert* of the eooatry. Beadie'* Dine Novels and Bom Books. A freak supply of Books for simmer reading, sheep A large aeeortmal sf Jareoilfe?Mayne Re:d's Books, Rollo Books, At-boit's Histories. ka A disoount of 10 f BPter oeet. ocal boons bocks FRKNUB * lICHSTEIN, ma? Istisss! Bookstore. AT9 Pa. ae. nnnn tan ssnsa ? Mt aanafeotuiu all Up* ?f BOOM j;M!l si: Jut bMfl fOOTT?d ltUM||iui? ||?XZIi|ro?T 0 =ss=aasss9css=s THE W?PLY STAR. nil RMliMi rmmUr tai Urn j?waai? tNWili( I |WMr iwWy ?f lawettag mif*| thu cu be traBl U uy ittw H pthUafca* Friday Morala*. Tnaa?Out. tmmmnmkif, m <? ? Single oopr, per aaiua............SI ? Five ooplei TPXS OOpl6l? *W* ^ ? fwntf-lw ^opi6f. ? it It laTutefcly ooatelM tb# i? Wwhlsftee Newt * that tea mad* 7V? Dmiif Kmm*+? Stmt circulate ao generally terougkont tea country bj-singie copies (1b wrapper*) tu to procured at tbe counter, Immediately altar tbe tasue of tbe paper Prlce-THREE CENTS. ? rxcr unAT nw GENUINE PREPARATION. " HIOHLY CONCENTRATED' Compound Fluid Extract Bvchu, A Potittvt md SftctJU R*m*df For Dimhm of ti? BLADDER. BIDNKYR. C.B A VBI. 8ICAL SWELLINGB'. Tkia M*dioiM inereeeee tke boww ofDlewtwe. tod ezcitea the ab?obbewt? ilIo bitiQi; mMi. by vhioh the witut ok cticnMi MMMM* mid a i runatveal bnlaeaemrkt> art iwtow. M vail M tkm ARD INFLAMMATION, Ud U $OOfl f0r MfN. WOMEN. OK CBILDIKN. HELMBOLDS EXTRACT BUCHV For W wkceMH Irtsinx from Kio??i?, BabtU of DiMipattom. Early Irdi?or?ti"B or A^bm. Attmild trttk Ik* Foliotttnt Sfmfi0wu: Indiiposition to Exertion, _ bo* of Powar, Lom of Memorr. Diftoalty of BrtaUuat, Weak N?rr??, TrWiin*. Hnrrorof Oimua ? Bimneaa of Viwon. Pain in the Back.' niyZrrK L*??itnd? of the Mueenlar *t stein, Hot Handy, Flashing of the Btyly. Dryn?*? of the Skin, Eruption* on the Faoe. fAXLID C0CHTBNA2ICB. Theee irm?tomi, 11 a loved to go on, wklak this medioine in variably remove*, eoon foiiowa 1MPOTENCY, FATUITY, EPILEPTIC PITS. In ont of which tht Patient may fajrira. Who oan tay that they are not fVataantly followed by thoee ,dibb?cl DiaaaeBa, M INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Many are aware of the naoae of Uwir aafferaf, but jtowb will coktbaa. THE RECORDS or THE INSANE ASYLUMS And th* Mtlnnrhoi? Ihnthi fry Cwiaay(??a, a BAB AMf LB WITKB8* TO TEB TBCTH OV TBI aaaBBitoa. THE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFECTED WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS, Requires the aid of medicine to atrengthra ami Idyi|orate the System vhioh HELM BOLD'* EXTRACT BUCHU imvrinf if dote a tbial will c05y1ncb thb host bbbjt1cal. FEMALES- FEMA LE8? FEMALES, OLD ORYOUN9, SINGLE MARRIED, Ol. CUNTtMI'LATINB MAKRIAuE, In Many Afttwent Peculiar to FiwulUi the Extraot Buonu la aneaaaUed by any other raw e>dy, aa id Chlorous or Retention, Irr f niantx Peinfulr.oaa. or Soppreasion of Cnatomar? Eneuationa. Uloerateo or Sohirroaa atate of the Utema, Leuoorrhea or Whitee, Sterility, and for ?U complainu incident to the eex, whether arieing from Indiscretion, Habita of Dissipation, or in the DECLINE OR CHANGE OF LIFE! IU SYMPTOM* ABOVE. NO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT. Take no mors Balsam, Merrmry, or Vnpltmtmml Midi cms for UnjiUasamt and Dang irons Dxssastt. HELMBOLDS EXTRACT BUCHU crass SECRET DISEASES Id all their 8ta?es; At little F.imom, Little or no oLante in Diet; No moonvenieaoa; And ?o azfofmt. It causes a frequ'nt desire *rd fives street th to Urinate, thereby Kenuvitj Obstt notions. Preventing and Curing Strictures of the Urethra, Allaying rainard lnflsmm&tioc, so frequent in the cl&ss of diseases, and expelling au Pouonous, IHssased, and teem out M niter. THorsASLS CPOX TBOCSA.KDS WHO HAVE BEEN THE VICTIMS OF QUACKS, and who bavc paid heavy feer to be csred in a short time, have fouuu tney were deoeived, and that the toibos" has, by the use of"powerful astr-Mtents" been dried up in the system, to break out ia an ag rsvttaH fnrin * ,' FSRHAPS AFTER MARRUUM. I)a? HELM HOLD'S EXTRACT BDCBU fril adectlOllfc Ul diNMM Of the CRINAftT OReANI, whether exietinf in MALE OR FEHALB, from whatever oauae originating and no matter of HOW LONG STANDING. Diaetaea of tbeae Organs require the a?d of a Di VB.KTIC. HELM HOLD'S EITRAC1 BUCHU IS THE GREAT DIURETIC, and it la certain to have the deeired effeet is Diaeaaea/or wkick it u rttcmmtndti. VIBIHCB or TU MOST RIIPOIILIIJ AID B.W L1ABLB CHAKACTM wi!l!a?oompnny the nedioinea. CERTIFICATES OP CURBS. From I to 90 yeva' aUadlag* with ANO FAMK< -PHYSICIANS" PLKASt "XOTICM." ' wm MAxm "ro iiout" or "za?u?iB*Ta.'* HtLMBOLl>*8 EXTRACT 0UCHU ia odtnpowd of Haoha, Catoba ud J nnlpm Darnaa. MleoUd with f rett ow by a oompotont dnuciat. PREPARED IN VACVO, BY H V. HILMBOLD, Praoboal ud Analytical Cbanist. Sol* Maa liiotvsr of HXLMBOLD'8 aiKUINX PREPARATIONS AFFIDAVIT. Paraonally appeared oafore nte. m AiteaH al the city of Philadelphia, H. T. RsLMaoLa, who beic< duly worn, doth cay. hla preparation* ooa tain no narootio, no meroary.or other tajaaioae bat aae parely r?|?Mbi ^ gf |tf Sworn and aabaanbed t*fore ioe, th.? <X Oaj ei November, MM. WM. P. HIHbERD, Aider man, Ninth at.. above Baoe. Paila. PHYSICIANS IN ATTENDANCE FROM 8 A. M TO 8 F. M. Trie* SI ft kottla, ?r iU ?w H. DallTorad to My addrw?, aaoaraly mM kmm HHnMMi Addreea letter a for mftn >!? ta aoaMma & T. HKLJIBOUD, CUatA Depot, 1M Soath Taatk at., balav CkMA Pklla BEWAJLB OP OOWTttFEIll AND XTJtFMJlfCIFLMD DKALKMM jtatrxa JgpLgucS g* m M MmtrmM Mmtlm, BoU bf 11. Wait*. 1 A. tawu *mm Wan, ft. c. folk ft. B. fciwmu, B. c. Majo?, Kxwwmu. * Unwa, J. R. B?m BMfcaitw ??i Iniuim, AKD ALL DMW?im MYMMJWMMMM. 6' * * '' ' JLB3& VQJL uuiooim. (Xminin?w>. * *?**. r UID AVOID IMPOSITION Mi IUMIII (- 8TI r ^ V

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