Newspaper of Evening Star, December 14, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 14, 1861 Page 2
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THE | VKN^,; sTA,f7 WASHINGTON CITY: ITrROiV... DerKMBRR 14, PataKO* * the vsrions military rinp* *n4 *iu confer a ftrnf by ke^pl ng na pmH mcveeu ???d aflhlra In 1hel? K^TlH-upb I HI pr'nO-d nn tha f*s<i *t V?W vr*m m ua- snu|b of tialtMit?re. ita edition fr ?? *r rr^wlfT H t*? he put to preee at "<n early b?"ir therefore. should he er?? tn before 12 O'clock * , otherwise they may n>ay B??t appear until the neit day. LT To our BaltlWiore r-aders we would uv the am and aecond edition of the Sfr can 1?- hid in Baltimore of K. P Haxelton, tgrnt, *?. "I H eat Baltimore street, near Gay -the fl'it edition at half past four and the second at eight ' clock, ?n the arrival of tbe trains from Wash tngtoa. citing all tha !atr*t nrws from the seat of w ar up to the t'me of going to ( tew lETTbe new Dollar Weekly Mar, foliar than *"*** ?f Metropolitan new* and gowip, and choice J.>rary reading, Is now on out counter ready for <WlTrery to the public. Embraced In tta entertaining content* are the following artlr les: Reports of the Head* of Departments; important and Interesting news from the South: AVhlrs at l-ortress Monroe, Hatteraa, Pert Royal, and Cairo; OecupMlou of l^rbee Island; Military Troublea la Arkansas; The lata Battle at Per. acola. Movements In Kentucky. Tennesaee. Mlsaourl, and WeKara Virginia; How Western Marksmen Shoot. Report of ReoOnnoiaaancca on tha Southern Coaa*. MovemahU of tb* Army of the Potomac; Operations of the flotilla, Affairs at the Navy Yard, The Republican Caucus; Humors of an Army Mall Bag; Murder of a Goyernment employe? and a soldier of the 63d Pennsylvania Regiment; Deaths of Soldiers at the Hospitals. Procedl.igs of Congress, Supreme Court, Circuit and Criminal Courts: Interesting Military Budget; latest telegraphic dispatches; Editorials upon the topics of the day; Valuable Agricultural, Horticultural, ar,d Gardening miscellany; Household and Workshop Recipes. Ac., Ac , with several columns of local news, poetry, and general Intelligence. This Is Just the paper above all others for persons sojourning In the National Metropolis to s*nd to their Mends U a distance Price only three ceata per copy, or ?1 00 per annum; postage prepaid by sta?y* when so arranged. Spirit of the blaming Press. The Intellig'Hur further treats upon the Mason and 8!ldeli arrest. The Rtfitb'.ican further treats upon the negro. It also "dislikes the whole business of ' border State' troops " ' ? OUR MILITARY BUDGET. Who's Who; mad What's W hat ? Lieutenant General Charles Ellett, Jr., the same who planned and executed all the celebrated and successful military movements and campaigns of the elder and younger Napoleon, the Duke of Wellington, and other great captains of ancient and modern times, It will be remembered, every member of Congress and scat, t^red over the hotel and doggery gathering plaoea of the city (for free distribution) one of his char, acterlstlc pamphlets, in which he writes down the Commander-in-chief of the Army cf the I nlted States an ass; and thus proves Gen. Scott to have been an aas also, In venturing to differ with him on that point. In this pamphlet, wherein he announces that he has secret plans of bis own for the successful con- I duct of the w?r, it is plain that his bad opinion of ; Major General McClellan's capacity grows out of . the latter's declension lo waste his time in being bored, snd bored, and bored with Ellett's charming schemes concerning matters of which he knows nothing practical, just as he has notori- ? ously bored others in high position for the last twenty-flve years with similar better plans of his own for any and everything of public Interest for bonce Wherever he has been employed this prop^n ity of his Is well known. As well known as the fact that he Is a visionary theorist, whose schemes for "doing everything for everybody' have as little practicability about them?hla famous plan for catchiag and bagging the rain waters in the Alleganies. with which to keep up the navigation of the Ohio In dry weather, for ins'snce?as the other fact that if a man happened to stsnd In kls way, or to refuse to be bored past indurance with his moon struck contraptions, he is most likely to essay an interminable controversy with kite on paper. Thirty years since we were In the engineer department of the same public work with him, and from that day to this have known well, as the profeaalon at large know well, this remarkable propensity of his. It so happened that Gen McClellan came Into vogue a< a leading civil engineer of the West just as he was being played out In that quarter; and It haa recently happened that after some three Interviews, and being bored In each past Indurance with his half demented belief that ke knew precisely how the csmpaign on the Potomac should be conducted, while all but himself were profoundly ignorant upon the subject and careless of the public interest, a member of the General's stuff was compelled at length to Inform him, curtly, that he had no more time at b>*?Ellett's?disposal Those who know Charles Ellett, Jr , civil engineer, on learning tluit facts, will simply wonder that his prolific and really trenchant pen had felled to pamphlet" the General long ere this late day. So much for the causes and animus of his assault His plans for the campaign, as a matter of course, are after the fashion of the plans of the old man who haa for years past bored all In this region who would listen to him, with his model of a flying machine and his speeches in explanation of it. (>r those of the man who proposed to bridge the Atlantic for railroad purposes, with a grand hotel in the middle cn t. and an Xberg chained near the latter for the convenient supply of the pesMogert with julepa?nelther of wblch is a wh't more crsry tbaa k'.s never-to-be-forgotten scheme of catching the rain water falling on the Alleganies or icmewhere else, to be dealt out to raise the water m the Ohio. Ha Is noted as a specious writer; -as specious aa hundreds who are kept la lunatic asylums, and alao aa a man of varied information, which, of late years, has been of no practical use to him, i we apprehend, owing to the Increasing vagaries ' of his mind, a leading one of which seems to "be that no one knows anything about anything, worth knowing, bat himself The brat of the ?oke, however, la, that he knowa everything intuitively. He does not base his plans of the campalga aa G-aeral McClellan neceeaarlly bases Att UP?? nctual detailed knowledge of the situation! euch aa no other man In the world eau have, for lastaoee, but upon surmises, which he takes for granted, (such aa, that the Union army oa this line at the lat of October waa 250,000 strong: Us strength then being some 130,000 ) We ewe an apology to the flier1# readers for devoting so much space to Mr Char lee Ellett, Jr.'s characteristic half-cracked pamphlet; but we deem it proper to explain thus, as briefly as poaalUe, hie appearance before the country In his latest fit of the Firet Captfltn of the Age. Had he fhlled much longer to do it, theee who know him would hardly have fhlled to inquire of them* ?what tha d?1 has become of Char lee EUatt, aow that it ia high time he should have uadertokeo tha direction of the war ? P S ?Hie "plaa" was, aahetantially, as follow* Vltr te sad tbs campaign by pitting aaingle reglnaent aga I net the rebel arm y oa the other aide of the Potomac ' To land somewhere about Aqola Creek a regiment, at one df the nearest points to tha Orange and Alexandria Railroad; to push It as rapidly aa possible op to the line of that work and cut dowa the toieftrap* wisen there, aad to seisei the flrst peaaing traia -all of ^o?rse without tha knowledge of the rebels wherever in force j ? regiment waa thea to steam dowa to Gordons 111^ destroying the bridge, He., >?*hlad them; and there to setae another aassiutr train n>c half (he regiment was the* to proceed oa the last .atfaed train In the dtWetlon of Lynchburg. burnw. , ften ey Vl ia,. j ^ ^ I tflsseCuM og Richmond, also destroying the! bridge behind them Bv ? ?'* mrftn* be expected to fut o# the supplies ai>d reinforcements of the rebel army, forcing them to scattcr in dotible- . quick time Thus the practicability of hit rejected "plan" ! of ending ?bc war was about on a par With bis plan cf keeping tip the navigation of the Ohio 1 Or of that of the founder of hit sctool if In- j vrntlon?the author of the great Idea of catching larka?"wben the skies fail." mp?T!.\S or * ftStKSYPK Gen franklin was on Thursday furnished With copy of the order for the execution of Win. H. Johnson, a private la the Lincoln Cavalry. Ac- ! cording to report hi* offence was desertion. Supposing himaelf to be In Ibe presence of tue enemy, he expressed hia joy that he had made hist scape. The ?thcer in command had a private converaation with him, when he freely and anxiottalv gave auch information aa would have been of great Importance to the rebels Hla revelation being concluded, he was arreated. and m"ch to his aurpriae he dlacovered hi? mistake wheu he was taken back to hi*, own camp a prisoner The execution took place yeateidsv afternoon In the presence of about seven thousand soldier? belonging to Gen Franklin's divialnu A de tachmeut of twelve men were detailed for the purpose. Eight of them first iired, wben Johnaon fell on his coffin, but life not being extinct. th? other four in reserve fired with the required effect. He was ahot at 3 o'clock, p in Previous to hia execution he was sent around to the various encampments of the division to which he belonged seated upou his own colfia in a cart, (the troops being drawn up in line,) and the various regimental bands played a funeral dirge as he Was taken slowly paat. This is the first execution In the army of the Potomac since the commencement of the rebellion. i Perioral ?Capt. Charles Wilkes Is expected to arrive in Waahington this evening The New York sa?'f ' The Mr. Kllet, a civil engineer, who has written a pamphlet censuring Gen McClellan, and censuring all his military operations and intentions, once had a famous controversy with the Heading railroad in which he demonstrated that the railroad could not carry WW,000 tons of coal without such a destruct'on of the rails as to wear out the road, a demonstration which, fortunately for the road and for the coal region, proved, in practical application, to lack the essential elements of certainty." !Iy"From Franck Taylor, we have a spirited translation by Capt. S V. Benet, U. S. A . of "The Political and Military History of the campaign of Waterloo; by General Baron De Jomini." New York: D. Van Nostrand. Appointed?Mr. John Watts, Jr., of New Mexico, has been appointed to a temporary 1st class clerkship (l,vt)U per annum) in the Pension bureau. MASONIC -By order of the M- K. F. P j communication of Columbia ChapH.rJA. M.. W,11 l*? held THIS (Saturday I EVENING, at 7}? o clock. Companion* in food ilanaiD* are cordial'* invito. JH 8. JOHN THOMSON, See. |[?" THK LAD1 Eg' FAIR AT THE HALL ov r Adams Express Office, corner High anfl ? > a?reet?, for the ban?ht of ihe tnval d ? ,ldiers at tha hospitals, will e'nso TO-NIGHT. Many sreful artimes remain to be dissosrd of. It* fTf**,R*Y> ORGAN, D.7). wiiTpreach lk3 m the East Washington Methodit Episcopal Church, on 4th street. hetw*?n E and G. TOMORROW1 (Sunday) MORNING at 11o'&ek. rn-AFUBLIC MEETING IN BEHAL>"OF ... T?:,,e connected with the Army, specially with the Quartermaster's department, the ne?a bfiy?,and others, will be held in the Hall of the Young.Men s Christian Association. Pa. avenue. To",'"" EVB*. Th^ special Missionary just eigsged h* the Aasocaiion?the Kev. W m. C. Stitt, will he introoaoea. The plan and importance of this mission will be explained. Tr e object and p an of operation of the Chirstian Commission, reoently instituted and in session ? jj" 0lty? WI" ''? stated Addresfcej may be expeoted bv Kev. Mr. Alvord. who has more than any other rao?ntly visited encampments on both sides ol tha Potoniao, and by tvro or more Ct apUins The public are cordially inv.ted. de 14-lt nn-T^JHIL VOTERS OK WA^HINfT?',TTh* Assessor of raoh Ward will V *h?mllowiag p.aoes fr >m Wo'olocka m. till 3 o olook p in from the Uth to the 31st December, inclusive, to oorrect and recister the names of those omitted from the poll list. 1st Ward.?John A Shi?m, n ? rnMTlmi? avenie, be'ween 17th atjd I8th streets. 2d Ward.?Thomas Stewart, ccrrner 12th and H streets. 3d W ard.?Henry Curtis,corner 8th and L streets 4,8 ^&rd.?Tnomas W. Burch,5tft street, between G and H streets. 5 h Ward.?William A. Harper, 31 street ea*t. No. 42?, !<etweeu Ea*t Capito! aud A st'?et north. 6 li Ward.?Geo. T. E. 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Cas't SiurU at fl 26 to 9U85 on hand nea ured f. r it re end iui<l? toor erin N- * ie.iBi' good iiU.infl a* on materia a! way*: f.' -W *?a r?-wir?*d or-Tif r.iorniut ' gM utai^s.Hosisrr.tiloves,Aa.,forl.alm, uauti mst ,au hiidrau. de 14 tf l!*1!*ORTA?lT FROM KEflTrCKY. PrMpwtMl i Battle?Eel I iceffer Retreatlaf A|tln-OwfaiTil1f Is PMifHion of the Rebels?I'nien Meta Drlve?Away. Cincinnati. Dec. 13.?Tbc Frankfort (Ky.) Gazette has a dispatch which says that when th<> stage left Somerset at 11 o'clock on Wednesday there had been no fighting The postmaster wrote as follows We are expecting to flsrht hourly The enemy are cloae upon u*, with a force eetlmatt-d at from eight to thousand men. Our force is about 5,000 effective men Beth clMxens and soldiers complain of Gen Thomas for not having sent rein, forcenients to Gen. Scnocpf." As it cannot Interfere with the plana laiddt wn, ! it 1? not improper to state that the plan of ben. , Bucll waa. that Gen. Thomas ahonld get in the | tear of Gen. Zollicoffer. Letters to-nicht eiDressapprehensionsabout the result, should Gen Zollicoffer force Gen Schocpff ' to an engagement before Gen..Thnmai arrives. An < ffi-er who arrived from Loudon this evening says that the rumor there wa? that after aomc picket fighting, Gen. Zollicoffer began to retreat ?gnin j If this should prove true, Gen Thomn will j not be tn time to Intercept him Troops continue'pouring into Louisville. Fcur regiments passed through yesterday. The Commercial of this city haa a dispatch, i which sava: " The Paymaster from Loudon rei porta that Gen Crittenden is at Cumberland Gap ! with fifteen hundred men and a large force In the ' vicinity."' A letter to the Representative from Wayne ' county aays that Major Helvetl and three others 1 captured with him by the rebels were killed after j their capture. 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Saddle horses, suitable for army ofioers, always Q" lm* ELEVENTH STREET. CAO E. FISHER ft BROTHERS. FRENCH STEAM SCOURERS. Baxtimosb, Md. The only place this side of New Y? rk, where too oan get a bilk D eis oleaned, restoring the lustre eauol to new. Mori noes. Delaines. an1 all kinds of Ladies Dresses o.eaned without taken apart. Crape and other Shawls, Tabla Covers and Gentleman's Ctothing, cleaned in the best mann-r. Leaving im subsuncein the oloth to injure it or make it more easily to soil. N. B Goods will be sent tn Baltimore twiae a week, and return with like promptness. da 13 tw WM. P. SHE DP, Agent. | MFOR i ANT TO MILITARY MENI Army Ragul*tioa Hats, MoClellaa Fatigue Cape, u, _ _ . A Cfiaa.earsde Paris Caps. Staff Capa made to order, witb appropriate ce l??>a. B. H. 8T NEMETZ, 336 Pa. s venue, near corner i?h st , .Between W rlaids' ano Kirk woods' Hot Is . Agecoy f?r Gitten'a Cork Cap Havelcok, highly reoommended for the ase of oar rank and I e by Lieut Son. Winfield Boott. de II lm BU TT K R w AND RG88. I?>* Butwr, .'arga and small ins, ? a> re s ar ni" Esgs. It. I'wit and ror en e by . , . . . y D- E* DUTROW. j de7 lw* 4 Ay Eighth st., near Pa. avenue, j ornciAL j Abraham Likcolr. President of the United Btatea ot A merioa:

Ti> AH Whom it Mtw Cen rem Sativfae orf evidenoe been exhibited to me that Jose Cobtas r Prrot. h?a Nmo appointed Consul of the Argentine KrpuHtc. at PhiladrIpkia. I do hereb* recngo's? him as such, ud dSolare him free toexeroise and enjoy such functions, powers, am privileges. aa are allowed to the Conaaiaof the m^st favored nations, 10 the United States. In testimony whereof, I have caused theae Letters to b# trade potest, and the seal of the United States to be hereunto affixed Given under my hand at the city of Washlutton. the 11th day of Dtoeinter. A. D. (L a.] 1861, ?>f the Independence of the United Statea of America. thefitith. ? ABRAHAM LINCOLN. By the Preaident: William H Sewaed. Secretary of State. HOUBE-FU&NISHING OOODJi. At Greatly Redccep Kates. For fa'e by COhTLAN A CO . At Noa. s16 A 111* Ealtimofs St., Baltikcie. Table Cutlery, A!Kata Spoone, A! bat* Forks, Tlftted 1>a Sets. Coffee Urna, Table Caatora, Chafing Dishes, Uraahea, waiters, Hat Ra~ks. m t'mhre la Standi. Corkaoreva, Nntiraoka, Cooks' Kr-ivea, Bread Knives. Kitohen Knives and Forka, Champagne ... . . , Nippers, Albata Soup Ladies, Candleatioka, Patsnt Ioe Pitchers, C'< flee and Tea rota? Waffi# frona. Patent Gridirons, Kitohen Spoone. and Weighta, Coffte Mi la. Bathing Tubs, Sat? oceans, Tarie Mata. Uaa Stoves, Foot Tuba, Chamber Buckets, Toilet Seta, Willow Baskets, Wooden Ware, Sieve*. Oevonahire Cliafrs, Oyster Dishes, gas Fix-rum*. c?f? cf Frenoh, fcnjluh, and A merican manufacture. 1-rerch, Dread fn; and Eaat Irtdia * CHINA, _ , , in areat va-iety. Old Housekespers and new beginners will find it 'o their advantage to oall and examine oar stock when wanting any of the above description of cooda. COKTLAN A CO.. Noa. 1116 and 218 Baltimore atreet. Between Charles acd St. raul streets, Importera, M At.ufaeturers and Dealers in Housekeeping artioles generally. de 14-eo2w lttfi ? GILT OVAL AO/* *00 PICTURE FRAMES. 480 A variety ol patterns and aisea of Oval Pioture Frames from the beat manufactory in the oonntry, Hasse Par touts, Picture Cord ana Tasaela, Naila, Hints. Ao. Fine Gold, Imitation Gold Band, Bud,6reen and Blue H<>LLAN f> SHADK9, all aisea, made to order, 'n the beet manner.oheap for ca?b, at . JOHN M \H WRITER'S, No, 48t> Seventh at , ? doora atove da M eo3t* Odu Fellows' Hall. INTERIOR ADORNMENTS, PAPERHANRINGS~aH Grades and Prioes Gilt Wand, Bi IT. Green and Blue Holland Window Shades. all aizee, made to order. A beautiful variety of Oval Pioture Framea, from the best manufactory in the oouotry Passe Partouts, Pioture Cord and Taesrls, different aisea acd oolora, Picture Kinga, Nails, Ao. Cheap for oaah Onfera for Paperhangmgs or Window Shadea punctually executed, and no miar< presentation made to effaot aalea A call aolioited JOHN MARKR1TER. No. 4S6 Seventh at, 8 doora al?ove de ll-?o3t* Odd Fellows' Hall. JUST K ECEIVEI) A LOT OF THAT VERY superior OLD CAHINKT BRANDY, at BROWNING A KEATING'S. de 4 Jtawtf 333 Pa avenue, near 6th al. 1 (W)O * RAISINS. 1,UUU PACKAGES RMSINS. Just rtoeiwd and for rale by _<!?lSJt MIRRAY A SEMME8. (COLUMBIA MARKET, ^ Pa a rmue. corner 1\irteentk St. Th? subscriber wou.d most reapeotlully inform 'he citixens of Wasjington tha* he has retimed to hiaold euarter, where lie intends keeping a firstrate market in all ita branchea, aa in times gone. He will be happy to greet hit old friends and oas turners. N. B ?Goods sent free cf oharge to any part of the oity. do 13 C MALLARD. ?HR1STMAS?CHRISTMAS?CHRISTMAS! TOYS! TOYS! TOY?! TOYS! COMBS, BRUSHES and PERFUMERY ! FANCY BOXES! CHINA ORNAMENTS! DOLLS, DOLLS, DOLLS ! (all kinda.) RIBANDS. FLOWKR8, HOSIKRY AND GLOVES! And all kinda of gooda suitable (or the aeason. de 13 iia At SHKDD'S. Eleventh at. 2nnn CORDS OF PINE WOOlXsUnding) for sale, seven miles from Georgetown* D. C., or. the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal. App'y Lt G. WHITE; or PETER VONES8EN, Georgetown. I). C. no ?K-eo6t ALL PERSONS INDEBTED TO B. I. NEALE are hereby notified to oall and aet tie their aooountaon or befor* the lat d?y of January. 1862; after wlrch date the bills will be plaoed in the hands < f my attorney for oolleouon de 5-eo3t JOHN E. NEALE. I AD1ES CLOTH CLOAKS! Biaok Beaver Cloth Cloaka, Brown Beaver Clo'h Cloaka, ^ Grey Braver Cloth Cloaks, Lion Skin (>loaka. Fanoy Striped Cloth Cloaka. Pluah and Bear Skin Cloaka. Cloaka, Circulars, Sao^ues and Ladies' Coats in endleas variety, at MAXWELL'S Cloak and Fanoy Store, 3'iS Penneylvama avenue. N. B. A new aupply of Cloaka of all of the abova mentioned s'ylea will be opened on Wedneeday, Deoember llth. de 10 Steo CLOCKS AND WATCHES. UST Reoei -ed a go assortment of Clooks and Wa*ohes at the old stand of J. Robinson. >v 349, opposite Brown's Hotel. All Clooks and Watohe* warranted. mim. J A J T KOBINBON 4k CO.^^ 349 Penn. avenue, oppose de6 6t* Brown's Hotel. F^OR SALE OR RFNT-A fine toned seven octwe o?. wood PIANO, modern^^B^^ sty e Ape'? at Mrs. LO WK'S TmnmingHHBI Sto^e, 29T PeuQ aveuue, between9th and*** m * * l"th ^ts? south ?ida. de 12 eo3t HMONS, RAISINS. FIGS, i ? . DATE8. Just received and in store. f.RIFFIN A POISAL, de 12 Steo' 243 Penn. avenue, near 13. h at. JUST RECEIVED AND FOR -ALE LOW, twentr five bbla WHITE ONIONS and five bbis Havana ohangks, by , BROWNING A KEATING, de vatawtf 333 Pa. a venae, near eta at. EXCELSIOR HOTEL, No 358 Sevkhtb St.. Between / nmd K Strutt. Beat accommodations for travelers and boarders. The t^arder and Bar always supplied with tha ohoioest Viands and Li?u"rs. no 14-lmeo" JOHN HAVZEL, Proprietor JUST RECEIVED200 Bbls. Extra Family Flour, 100 Bbls. Super Flour. 3008acks New Buckwheat, 10Bbls Moll Butter. For sale low by J P CARTER A CO., no 1? ao?w? 3d street. Pa ava. Just r.r -i. lo??t , HROH'NINU i xkiflNGD det atawtf 3a3 P%.avenue, near 8th at rTHERIAL OIL, JOj ALCOHOL, ... , ^ ... iLSER08ENE OIL! Dealera supplied with the above atloweat market rates, by .nBSL^SL F or Modiof Money to tiernuty apj ill Mrt ofih# Country, IS Mabkkt Space, Sun of ik? btrtnmn FUu. re g-lm W ADDLE HORSES FOR SALE.?A lot of my K5 fine Kentucky Horses for sale at tk^^X? Kentooky Sale Stable, in the rear of Clay's 1TA Hotel, near Penniy vawa avenue and atreet. go jq T?tu, THE WHITE HOUSE. HE Welt kcawa White Hooae Restaurant, on High atreet, near the eanai, B Gaorie A . - A town, haa be^n iefi>t?d, and pa.t<aa oaaVCTMV now be aooonuuo Kted with eemfortab el&^RT ?r;vata rroma. Game. Fiah, Oysters, andlhebTt Wines, i iiiunra and iSegars, always oa hand. Famtliea furiuehad wltM CK?ta a%s aiaal A. koDlfcK. Protrletor, P POTATOES r OR SALE, to arrive per bria Tangent and eoh^onera Pathway and Rio bard VanT?5o ^eahe a Mercer Potatoes^ deliverable at Baltiaaore or \\ a an i n? ton.Apply to C. A WOOD a CO? ???? ?gggft? *? AMUSEMENTS. I The ? to anDPBUoe to their friends and tb? paMio generally Uat tfcev intend givice ?h?renhth GRAND COT!I.LON PARTY at Praaklia^A Ha!'. D strea*. rnr 11th,oa MONDAY, |)? IM ?Mnb?r2S The committee pled re thameelvea tb?t they will tpare neither paiaa cor expense to aaake thi? th* party of the imi?i Tioke.s S" cents, admitting ifot>m%D sod sdie* Byera*r of the de li,t? ji'_ Mom.MENTA^ rm fItL? The Monumental Club takes rrMt >l?tur*Jn announcing to their friends and the pablio in g% central tha* they will giv? their fbartaapth JB Grand Assemb'v on NEW YEARS EVfi./M the Slst day of d?cembar,at Franklia Hall,MH co>ner 9th and D f t?. TiokeU, adir ittmc a rent eman and ladies. *o centa. See futare advertisement. II* /jeorge chkitty's VI NEW OPERA HO USE, Testh Steeet, Wasbisoton. Thia beautiful and alafaot hall,eligibly sitaatad, on Tenth street, between E and F streets. near Pcntsy1 vania avenue. is nj the FIRST FLOOR. without steps or ataire to aaoeod, very easy of aooeaa aod egress, delig itfuily heated A'd pleasantly ventilated. Now Onn Evket Ni?bt, Under the rrana??mect of oeor0k CHRISTY. The Prinoe of Negro Wita and the Piobmt of Nejro Minstrelsy, Lmor BaoADWAT. Niw Yon. with A Ftrst class Minstrel Company. Sinoe this admirable h* 11 eaa b*aa om to the public, it hasbarn nightly crowd d by the Most Elegahtahd Refined Abdibhcbs, the larger proportion being Ladie* and Families. Mr. Christy will ehortly appear in his famous Necro Dramatio Characters, or irhioh dae notloe will be liven. ADMiaaion?Parquet, 80 oenti ; Gallery 36 cmU. Door* open q uarter before7. oommenoi ng at a carter before 8 o'clock. IS ODD FELLOWS' HALL! Seventh. a pots d St. continotd success of the Wokld Rixowsid CAMPBELL MINSTRELSr twenty star performers * The Beet Band in the World! Chance of Profra<rmi Every Night! Admission 25 centa. Doora ofieo at 7 o'clock ; oommenoing at o'clook de 11 ?t ^yASHINGTON THEATER J thk triumphto^ the age j thetrilmph ofthragi? the triumph of the age! in scenic art! The shouta of applause which greeted the performance of the Romantic Spaotaoular Drama of thk seven sisters! last evening, gives to it a prominenoe beyond any previous effort in ttreatnoala in Washington. the Birth ofatthkf butterfly in the bower of ferns! " "" ?<M1^Vu'9'AN,tV"NfN*,t?"~1' - * Seats aeon red three days in advaaoe. Box oftoe open lu Uil 9 o'clook. 4*11 PROF. C. F. BARNES' (of New York.) DA NCI > G ACADEMIES at Odd Pel- 9%. low?' Hall, Navv Yard, every Monday aad JB Thurrdav. A school in the city will soon b formed, in a oen ra! looality Private olasseeMBV attended to For circulars, terma, etc., enquire of WM. H. BARNES atS. W. Thompson's, Kent's Furnishing Store, 370 Pa. are. dell-lm* CANTERBURY H A L L (Formerly the Washington Aseembly Roopia.) Louisiana avenue, heAr Corner of 8th street, in tha rear of the National and BtoWn's Hotels, OPEN EVERY NIGHT! With the first talent in Amefiaa, ENTIRE CHANG~E~OF PROGRAMME. The front of the auditorium is seated with elegant rosewood orohester ohairs. The oelebrated Violinist, Mr. GOODALL, ood? duots the Orohester. MISS CARRIE LA MONT. JAMES WARH, billy pierce, JAMES WARD, pierce. JAMESWARD, billy pierce, JAMES WARD. billy pierce, miss Marion pierce. GEORGE W. ARCHER aa Atlas to night TO-N16HT, THE BEAUTIFUL RALLET LA BAYADERE m18s CARRIE LA MONT. Dick Pabkbr (funny DiokL-. -attheCANTnavaT. Hasky Fox at the Cahtiikit. vv. B. Haki!?o!<~? at the CtNTnirii. M'lli Frakx La Folli at the CaiTTUBraT. Miss Jclia HtdsoS. the beautiful songstress .at the Caxtulbvet. Miskka Emma Milbs Willi*. Vkrnon, Pabkbb Cliftor and a host of others at tha Caxtixitit. MATINEE For Families, Ladies, and Children. SATURDAY AFTERNOON, at J o'oloek. Admission?Children -, - 10 oenta. Prices of Admission? Parquet,SSota.; Orohaetra Chaus, 60 oent*. deio T NOTICE' HE WASHINGTON ACADEMYof MUSIC, ??9 pbnn. amni, Ntntk end Tenth ttruts. The public are respeotfuMy informed that tha suocess of the daily and nightly entertainments at this already overwhelmingly popular establishment, has been pre eminent. It is now Ikmous for the b-st Refreshments to be obtained in Washington, its bar and larder being unsurpassed Its Musio is of the most agreeable aad recherche description ; its free ooneerts being nightly enoored throughout the entire parformanoa. Its d^ors are open to the pub io tree of charge ; and offi **rs are constantly in attendance to prascve o d^r and proper decorum. de 1S-2W HENRY ROSENTHAL, Prop'r. L._ , WM. COR WIN BURGY. ATE W ith the old and well known hosea of WM. 8 COKWINACO, ? , . , . Nbw Yo*g, Dealer inekotct Prandm, Wmts Cxtart, fc.. emd Importer of Ttit nni Ckinete Fanty Goodt, No 3*7 Pbnnstlvania avkmcs, (tut arce tMxih Street,) tktntton, D. C. T he attentron of oonr o.sseurs and the pablic gete ally is invited to my elot k of hne Brandies, W mes Cigare. Teas. A o , 03mpri*ing Hennessey Ota d and Sayer BrtBdies, Widow Ctioqaot. Moot A Cbandon. Mum's, Heidsick A Co , and Associates V ej g uey, Champagnes; Per martins. Am oi t a1o Snd Vnarte She.rie,; vVanderer7>e.?rve U(j South Slue Madenas; H rmony and Rur rerster p.?tu; the oeiebratad "WSO" Club House Gin; Irish Hoo oh, Bubrhou and Mouoi rahela Whiakie?; Jamaica a- d St. Croix Rums; Cabiana, Figa o LaKosadeStn-iaco. a Lspanolaan? v rlcus brands of Cuars and very fine \ oung bysoe. Hyson. Imparisl and Eogliah Breskfa?t Teas ta oatty bog's imported by myself expressly for family use. da 13 1m *pO THE PEOP^E^OF WASHINGTON AND aits THOSE WHO IRTBRD TO FBOFLB IT. Your attention ia called to DERROlSrS PATENT COMBINATION " AMERICAN UNION" PORTABLE BUILDINGS. THE SIMPLEST. LIGHTK8T. AND CHEAPEST. In tbi Wouu! Combinint Neatness, Utility, FJkiemcy, and Pi c ersiJUatum. fE7*Enterad for_exhibition aod compatitioaat NVorid s Fair, to ba held m London, in 1BBJTI SiBes and atylaf ta sait aLy fanoy, from a rail oad sluuit^to an Ita.iau viiia, will ba promptly fur HbU from $?,??, f?o. f 60, #?, to RIM each. Cottages from fiOO to RJ^oo each. Villas from #6,000 upward. Apply to ? t A. DERROM, P'tarion, ?ew Jersey, or to JOHNDRKW, Agent, Post Oftceb, x No. ITS , _ Waahington, D. C. 'OT? jsaair^ffiyss. a x te"a1ZuSfttl Tlgkt Wi" * _d ??tt? andrew per rom. Cn BARRELS FRESH KtiG*. J ust arnvad. For sate low 5,000 P^HBl^LKNDjDTOT^. cnn ba* k[jir?",sl *** I.|MM>.U Inui 100 ISO aoxn chebsk, " i At jtofonm. nj&stjga. ()*$?? oocoanuts fflfJgUijpt? aornar Kigkto aad D straeta. 100 "N"""5 ? JONES A co OO'B'r Lighth and C st e 200 ^nnecticlt ONIONS, da lo-si* aorMr Eighth and D svaatB, AUCTION 8ALE8. By GREEN 4 WILLIAM#. AaettoaoerB. f^OVERNWENT SALE OF CONDEMNED atreete, nrwntritu a* I* o'ojoek a. m., the folTowihj artte ee. V1B 7 barrea Pe?k ?6 4e. , 8 berrela iiW f?"?!" **efc? I* barrels #W. * 9fmnAt each. po? w*? Hvd Mil sa buabele Split Peae, 4*5 U 56 buahe'a Bcmir*. MS Wbaebt H?a. ?. On pounde Buna. v** pounds Bun. ISO aouctft Mne< Vegetablee Tarn* (Uk m eae^e, ar iU ejuivaient, The Good* will be old la !?u Mrtcwmwrated, end the purchaser will be required to eettie for them wh'o kaocked < f ud r#w>?t tbe i*oOi Cppr?oni 'having Mock to feed woald do well to *dSu dU "'^REEN A WILL1AMB. A??ta. Br J.C. MoSUI RE A CO.. Aeotittneere. PUBLIC SALE OF CONDBMNF-D HOME! a up Mclm AT a pen?*-? Will ha yU Aaetioa, oa J'HURSDAt MOlMINC, DeeemberlKh.etMeVock, M tbe dcT?n?? Corral, "8SoISS'AMT'mulW' *" Coa-lowiad ee unfct lor pablie i^nrm Terms eeab ta apeeie. . , ? J. J. DANA. Peat. and A. 6i. M. deU-dta J. C. McGUlRE A CO-A?ta. Br J.C. MrGUIR E. A CO.. Auctioneers. nPRUBTEKU SALE OF LAR6E AND VAL 1 Villi Utor Oirtroi Hill.? Ob tHLRB 5AY AFTERNuON. January Sd.a* 4 o'euak at ie aaotioo room*, br virtue oia deed oi treat fraea uetlee A. Rolla. and da tad Fabraajr 16th, lfc*. a?d daly reoorded ta Liber J. A. S. No. Wi. fb!u*a ??,at ee*., 00aof Oa lead records lor %?1i| tonooanty. D C.,1 sha aall Lot naaiborod few (IK in Moare numbered aiz hundred aad eight-two ?). fronting lto feet on Delaware avenue. IB feet a 1 do bee on nortk E atreet, aad IM feet laokoa od Fi rat atraat aaat. Teriaa: One tmrd oaah, the rawBinder railiaat tweva months, with inter eat, aaearad br daad af *7f the term* of tale are not oosnplied VIth wttkir ftve daya tne-eefter.the traatee reeervee the n^l to raael! at the nek and expense of defaulting psrehaeer. All ooavevanoes at tba eoat of mrcimw. W. 8. HOLLIDAY. Traatoa. da 11'SawAds J. C. McGL lRF- ACO .AacU. Br J C. MoGL'IRK A CO., Auctioneers TRUSTEE'S PALE OF HOUPE AND LOT OH WOBTH K ST.. IITWIIil 4TH AMD 5TM STU wnr ?On SATUN DA Y AFTERNOON, Jana arr 4th. 1K2. at 4 o'eloek.on tbe preouees. br virtue of e deed of treat to the subeenber, dated D* o*mber lat, IMO.and dulr rroorded in Liber J A. 8.. Ne. ?8. folloe Ml, et ee* , one o' the land reoorde for Waabintton oo?rty, D C*., I ahail aeii ??rt of Lot Dan^berad one.(l ) in PanAre nanbrrad ftra hundred and flfWn. be?innini for the tame at tba aoatkveato^rueror aaid Lot No. l.and raoaiac thenna aaat aixtean feet; tnecoe north aarantT-oao feetalerao loohea; thaooe vnt *ixt?on feet: tnanoa aonth aerenty one faet eleven mohee to the plaoe of befinniaf. tojether with the lirproremerta, ooraiatina of a three-etory briok dwalllng hoaae. Terma: ?5fl0 oaah ; the remai nder i n 6 and It moot ha, wiUi intareat, aeoarad hy a dead of traat on the pramiaee All oonreyanomr at tbe ooat of parohaaar. THO J, FISHER,Tra?tea. da 4-lawAda J. C. MoGUIRE A CO.. Aaota. PRIVATE. DR. LA BONTA CURES ALL DISEASES OF A CERTAIN CLASS. Witboat tba Uae of DtaguafinK Drnga of any kind. jVm Yarfc CUv Hospttml Tt>ttmoni+l> Fmnuktd. CONSULTATIONS FREE I hare two rffioea, with an aaaiatant in each. * 'ffioea open at all hoara. I will be foand m peraon in Room No. S. Waahinfton Building, Penn. avenue, oorner Sevaatk at.t Waahlagton, D.C.,atal! timea?aaoept from ta. m. to 6 p m. on Taaadaya, Tharadaya and Satardati, when I may*be aeen at my Office in Kxohange Block. King atreet, oppoaite tbe Maraball Hoaae, Alexandria, Va. da 18 ftn M. LA BONTA. L. Towias J- M- Towixa. i.B. Towm. L. TOWERS A CO^ STEAM BOOK AND JOB PRINTING ESTABLISHMENT. Cornrr Laauiasa aranw mmd Sixtk tt. The attention of the buaineaa oommanitr ia ra aeoUnllr tnvitad to the New Book and Job Pnntlag Eatab'.iahmerit, whieh haa beon fitted up with law material, in the moat oomaleta manner, ia now prepared to exeoata, in a aatiafaotorr atyle, every T*Bt?ia! Speaobaa.' Pamphleta, Carda, Ciroalara. Sntiera' Blanka. fto . A a. . Tba attention of memhera ef Congreea ia eape oially requeated for oar faoilitiee for prtaUng Speeohea, aa we have the Imrtttt ateam power ia theoiky. 4aT-lawtm yy A9HLNGTON LECTURE A'^SOCIATION COURSE FOR 1S6I-'?S. THE SMITHsfiVlAfMlNSTITUTION. Dee inn* to aid in paoiox the aommanity of wh lob they form a jart on ahighar plane in regard t? Literature, Loj#ty and Liberty, one hundred aitixanaof Waahington have united in an organixatiou ft be known aa the -'Waahington Lecture A edition." with th? prMMt ohici of oo of leotarea.W men who have earned a reputation for the hig^eat oulture and the moat earneat pa UTheaa leetarea have no narrow or eiolaaive parpoee, but tcere will bo invited aad y?'0"1;}.* , 10 the piatfcm Repreaentative Men, widalv diffenng it may be, in rieara ofpohor?the AeeooiaUon only inaiating that ther ahall harmonise in a 00tumor. i"o thla end the following diaiinguiahed gantlamen have been invited to participate in the ooaraa, and a laVge number have aooeptai. Hoe. Edward Evarati, Itoo D. a. Dlchifceon. BayarJ Taylor, I?j Joftn B Coagh, Hen Joaapa Holt, Praa Aodaraon, Recbaatar, Hon HoracaGraalty, Waodall Pbillipa, Oraataa A Brovnaoti, LL D. Jamaa Rnaaall Lawall, Rar Haory W Beachar, Ra* Gaorga B. Cfcaa?er, Oli??r Waodall Holmea, Oao. Wiltiaa Carta, Praaidaat faltoa, Harvard. Ralph W. Emareoc The leetarea will be delivered at the Ball of tho .tatoman Inatituuon, whioh haa beaa kiadlr granted for the purpoaa. TBI PIB8T LBCTTBB. . ^ ^ w next, the 13th ina . FB1CB OP TICXBTS. I Seaaon tiekat, adautting ladr aad gentle*aa.#SA8 I " one centleaaa I so I a* " one ladf........ ?. 1M I Tbaaa tickeu are for aaia at Fraaek Taylor'a. I Shepr.-'-dU, Anacraon'a SailliBfton a Book- I atorea, and at Wtiiarda' aad the NaUocal Bote)a. I JOHN Pi KK PONT, FraaiaaaC I W A. CBonTT.SeereUryWaahington, Dao. 7. IW1. If I PROPOSALS FOR FRESH BEEF. Wabiibotoh AaaBBAL, 16th Dae , IV). I Sbalbd PaoroaaLa, to be aadoraad "Propoaala I for preen Beef" anil be reoeived at Uua Araeoa' I an til 16 a mo! the>6U inatant, for theauppW of I Freaa Beef for IS moutha from the i*t Jaaaary, I lain. I T na Beef to be of good and wholeeome eaality. I (secica apd ahanka exeladed,)iB eaoh aaaanbee aa I Er be from Uae to Uae repaired, not exoeediug 1 1 timea in eaoh week, on aaob daya aa ahall be I ignated by tba AeUag Aaaiatant 00a miaaary | af Suoeietenoe; the Beef to be delivered at the I ^The oontraet will be awarded to the lowest ra I aaoaainie tedder, who anil be repaired to give I gMOE da 16 let Lt. Ord. A. A. C. B. I GsTsrincal Lorb Agemcj, OrrirB er I LEWIS JOHNSON A CO.. BANKERS, Cobjub or Pa. Atxrti abb Tbbtb St. I LEWIS JOHNSON, of oar inn, having beea appetateMa Sabeor.puoa Agent tor the Natioaai 1 Loan authoriiedi by the aot i>< Ceacreea of VTth Jnlr. I*, we are prepare 10 faraiah. to parttee deatroua of making taeaetment, aar amount at 7 S-10>Traaaary N otea, of eonveaient etaea. I ao? tl LEWIS JOHNSOM A CO. Mr. J. AlSLERAilaMhe p aaaure to i*?rm kla fFienda and the public, that he haa oyea^ a I ir?t oiaaa R ea'aurant. at the favorite loeatina oa I D atreet, halaaen 11th and i?h etreeta, ao U>ag I and watHinowa aa Aicier'a ? oLlee?ionery aataL I hah meat. Having made arraageaaeeta for aeon- I atani eaaely ofallthe de toaeiea of the eaaaoa, aaa I aeearad theaerrieeaofpo iuaad ooeapetea? aoec I he hopea to reeeive a dee ahare^of ^abue I PERSONS IN BLACK WiU ft ad oar etoak af I A Mourning G -ode tali, amnio, aad at moet enod I erate ratoa throu^hoat the entire rear I Oaa prioe oalr. marked 1b plain ftgarea I Carpeto. OiMethe. Curtaiea. Au^apper Poor a. I <eMt Pa. a av^aae. baek aoom; or?** D atraat, I received I ?W from ^ ?js9** raait. MORINK'S I "C 8^So^NfN'O^A KEATiSB.. I i A LL KINDSOF Fa\CY GROOKR1K9 AND ( ! ?\ BatUr'a Gooda e? hi- ?J a d for aa'e tow by | I a , nkRO^V^ING A hFATl O. I to 4 g'awtf ? yen ? B a i t^_ I Jf OAllfcR A < I Pa I t's a UaaLakA A?P Con I Meeokynd'aeaad Pra#aae naaivad urn < ??|k- I

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