Newspaper of Evening Star, December 14, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 14, 1861 Page 3
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JOB PRINTING Or Etmt Dwc*r?Tioi? Kicruted with neatr-ssand dispatch on application at the STAR OFFICE. At tbe LpwmI Cash Price*. Sattsfartloa guarantied no ?-tf LOCAL NEWS. Da. Biowsios om Thk National Caisis ? Tbe opening lecture of the " Association" course ?w delivered last night at the Smithsonian, by Dr Brownaon, of manv-aided fame Senator Sumner, Postmaster Clephane, and other gentlemen were on the platform, and the lecturer was introduced to the audience by tbe patrlarcbal-beurded Rev. ishn Plerpont, well known as preacher, poet, school-book compiler, and crusader against New England mm. Mr Plerpont, In explaining tbe object of tbe lectures, said tbe lectarera were not drilled as to what they should my, prior to taking the stand, but were left free to speak, and the bearers to receive or reject the sent)meats uttered, as they might elert He then humorously introduced the tpesker for tbe evening as a man who had seen many sides of many subjecto, (great laughter, joined la by Dr. Brownaon.] but who waa always sure to Interest his bearers, whatever the subject be treated upon. Or. Rrwwntou plead guilty to the Impeachment of his witty friend, but thought a Justification might be found for changes of opinion when those changes were made In the honest search for truth. la regard to the remark that the lecturers of tblfe course ' were not to be drilled," he would aay that anybody who attempted to drill him would And him a very refractory and undisciplined subject. (Laughter ] In treating upon the National Crlala" he would emphasize the word mmemal. He believed this to be a nation, because It Is recognlied by foreign nations, has existed, ss such, for nearly a century, bass national flag and motto, baa exercia>d tbe functions of a nation, a ad discharged a nation's obligations; and not that It was a confederated league to be dissolved at will, as wss held by those who hsd appealed from tbe last reason?from the argument of ballots to the argumentof bullets. He wished to know whether this was tbe capital of tbe na? tlon or the capital of the District of Columbia?? whether be was here at home, on native soil; speaking to his own people or to the people of a foreign State. He proceeded to argue with no little cogency the question of cltlxensblp as opposed to the States right theory, and In this connection asked are tbe people In this District citizens of the United States ? Are tbe people born In the Territories citiiens of the United States? They are certainly recognised as such In passing from the Territories Into the States. The Constitution and Union has been called a compact, and, It is said, that the founders of the Constitution looked upon It in the light of a contract?but It should be remembered that at the time tbe Constitution was framed the theory of Locke, Rousaeau and others prevailed, that all governments were founded on contract. The founder* of our government did not mean to deny that ours Is a nation. We are a nation In that we are composed substantially of one people living always under one government. Yet he believed In State rightsrights that the State did not take from Government, and that the Government cannot take away ao long aa States are loyal to the Government. As Individuals may lose civil rights by abusing them, ao may States. He liked the system-of State lines and tbe emulation It Induces. Were the seceded States Integral parts of a wbolt or not* They say not, that there was a league only. Admit that It was only a contract?like all other partnership contracts, all the contracting parties must agree to a dissolution ere It is valid In any view accession was s crime, a breach of taltb VVe have got to decide this now by War. War is looked upon by many folks as the greatest of all evils. But there were worse thisgs than war. War is only a terrible effort of nature to eliminate a disease gradually spproaching tbe seat of life and threatening dissolution. Tbe condition of the nation is far less calamitous than its condition four years ago. War la only justifiable when It is waged to redress wrongs and secure an enduring peace. When just liable it is sacred and holy. 11 was one of these desperate remedies that physicians call heroic. Four yesrs ago the slave Interest was In full power, with combinations enabling It to rule the nation. With reckless Young America at the North, uader the lead of Fernando Wood's and New Yark Herald's scting under the slave Interest, we were hastening to ruin through loss of integrity, public and private. Far-algbted men well nigh despaired of the Republic. We were losing sight of the fact that tnere are worthier things on earth than mere material prosperity. War revives and regeneratesa nation War would purify our political atmosphere, and give us a nation of beroee. The highest on the list of humsntty were ever the martyrs in religion; next were ranged soldiers dying in fighting for a noble cause These sacrifices will do more to rejuvenate and Invigorate the nation in three or four years, than a century of peace. We need the correction which war is bringing us. He did not lament this war, but its causes; snd now let it bt tear; not mere mimic fray, but stern, determined, relentless wsr Our soldiers must not only have the courage is die, but the courage ts kill. He wanted no war carried on upon peace principles. Klther give up the war, and call ourselves pol troons and cowards, or work In earnest, and 'Lay on, Macduff, And damned be he who flrstcries, bold, enough!" This wsr waa brought on by slavery. Which shall we sacrifice, the nstlon or slavery? The war abould not be prosecuted for tbe destruction of slavery, but If it stood in the way, let slavery periab; but the Union must be preserved He woald fight for bis liberty, and what he wished for himself be would give to others, be he white, black, red, yellow, or coppercolored. He was not an abolitionist, but he would say that we owe It more to the abolitionists of the North thsn to any other cause, thst the slaves have net become desperate (aa deprived of hope of deliverance) and risen In insurrection Tbe abolitionists have been called fanatics Are they so In any other sense than all live men are to dead men; all disinterested msn to selfl?h men; all heroic men to cowarda? But let tbia question be settled forever, and so settled that tbe eternal nigger should be besrd no more In our politics When the rebels were whipped, or came oick, he would Insist on their full rights, with no nigger thrown Into the scale. As far as our forces advance, we should advance to govern and protect both black and white within our lines. He would then have, not a despotic Government, but s strong Government, which should yet become, in s fuller aense than ever before, the pride and glory of the whole earth. The lecture was warmly applauded throughout. Upon Its conclusion there wss a call for Senator Sumner, but that gentleman foiled to respond, bavin* spparently no impromptu remarks committed to memory for the occasion. The lecture-room was tastefully and profusely decorated with national flags, and a fine band of music was In attendance Diatis or Soldixxs ? The following deaths soldiers hsve occurred since our last report: Private Tlflany company H, Twenty-third New York volunteers, at camp. B. Bridge, company 6, Sixteenth Indiana volunters, st Patent Ofllce Hospital. A. Friedllng. company K, Nineteenth Indiana volunteers, st Pstent Oflce Hospital. Francla Moran, company E, Second United States cavalry, st Circle Hospital. John Harrlgan, company H, Third United States lnfontry, at the Circle Hospital. J. D. Bidewell, company H, Fifty-second Pennsylvania volunteers, at Columbian College Hospital M V. Planders, company K, Second Wisconsin volunteers. Jscob Everle, company B, Thirty-first Pennsylvania volunteers Ira Scott, Reagan's Battery, Flfty-eixth New York volunteers. Simons Gibbons, company B, Fifth Pennsylvania Reserve corps at Camp Plerpont John Baker, company I, First Pennsylvania Reserve corps, at Elizabeth Hospital Pstrlck Rooney, company B, Seventy-seventh New York volunteers, Naval Hospital. Sergeant Smith McCoon, company R, Twentieth New York mllltla, at camp. Abraham Buckley, company I, Twentieth New York mllltla, at camp. J no. Dumas, company A, Independent Michigan volunteers, st St Elizabeth Hospital Henry Brown, company E, Sixth United States Infantry, at Circle Ht*p' ia. Harrison Hardy, company C, Sixth U. S. cavalry, at Eruptive Hospital. PMvate Hough, compear E. Eighty-fifth Pennsylvania, at Camp Good Hope. Policx Ripoars?Fmutk WmrdBestdeaesses '.sewbere reported, the following arrests were returned by the patrolmen la their reports for yesterday: J W Betctitel, drunk and dlsorderlv. wss arrested by patrolman Grant, and flnsd ?5M by Justice Walter Peter Daugherty, for shoeing Ellen Fitzgerald, was arrested by patrolmsn Crows, and held to security for peace by Justice Barnaclo. Lleat. N O. Bemherst snd Lieut w. O. Lelat, for racing their bones on Seventh street, were arrested by patrolman Crown aad fined ? W each by Justice Barnaclo. Ellen Fitzgerald, for using abusive language aad making threats, was arrested by patrolman Peodie aid fined II M by Justice waiter James Lvoas, drunk, wsa arrested by patrolman Psndle, and dismissed by Justice Barnaclo A number of others, connected with the military, were arrested aad turssd over to the Provost Guard. Ltqvom Cass ? Dea lei Nolaa waa arraotod by tbe patrolmen of the Flftn Ward a day or two since fur selling liquor without license. He was tMed before J settee Ferguson yesterday aad fined ??. ?s* ttVBSTtsmtr rf Washington Academy ?l Music. PeMusyivaale s?enue, bctweca X nth aad Tenth streets. m Bfmmn* It ?Yesterdsy. John Murray, of ihe Anderson fcouaves, wu arrested by Patrolman Kelly Iter threatening certain femsler, and drawing I pistol In tb? boose where they were John I wu clad In citizen's dress, a circumstance calculated to toll against him when he was brought before J ostlce Done, but ha ssld he only tool the disguise for a short Jolly In to#n. when the officer went for his witnesses John saw a chance toeacape, and slipping through a back door, he Icaled a partition fence twelve fee* bigh, and Wat nigh getting or, when he was discovered by Officer Norwood and taken back to the office. While he was seated there a voung man named Crlpps entered the office, and John mistook him for a young man who bad been with him the night before, and had taken money from him He Instantly eel?-d Crlpps, and giving him a chunk with his fist, demanded his money, but discovering his error, he undertook to spologlte. John evidently hsd a little too mnch whisky sboard. Justice Donn sent him to Jail to await an order from hit Colonel. T*? PotktH Wiu Police Station ?The Commissioners of the Metrepolltan police having obtained permission to use five of the rooms in the east wing of the City Hall ss a station-bouse for the Seventh District (Fourth Wsrd) patrol, have set about flttl ng them up for the purpose. The rooms selected sre the two first on the left and three on the right side of the basement pas? sage. The two on the left are being arranged, one for a trial room, and one for a heating room for the patrol. The three on the right are fitted: one for prisoners, one for lodgers, and one for the bunk room for the men off auty to lleep In. The arrangements for the comfort snd safekeeping of lodger* are exoellent, as well ss for the convenience and comfort of the magistrate snd the officers snd the men of the district. The supply of water will be furnished from a hydrant just Inside the passage doorway, through pipe leading to every room, with an arrangement for cleanalng the cells snd keeping them dry. The gas fixtures are so arranged as to secure light in every room when nee?ed. The work will be completed in a few days. Criminal Corav.?Yesterday, George Maasey, (colored,) Indicted for larceny of a coat and *est from Wm. Robinson, (also colored,) in September laat. was found guflty And sentenced to nine months' Imprisonment in jail and to pay a fine of one dollar Thomas Gorman, indicted for the larceny of a trunk, valued at $35, from H. O Hood, in October last, guilty. Sentenced to one year and three months' imprisonment in the Penitentiary. Matthew Riley, Indicted for the larceny of a watch sod chain and f30 in money, from Jeremiah Shehan, was found guilty, and sentenced to be Imprisoned in the Penitentiary for one year. The trial of Thomas W.Armstrong, William H. Belt, William Fowler, Samuel Thomas, and George Webster, all free negroes, for riot, was in progress, when the Court adjourned. Supbemb Copbt.?On Thursday, Mr Titian J. Coffey, of Washington, D. C , was admitted an Attorney and Counsellor of this Court. No. 27. Tbe city of Carondelet, plaintiff in error, vs the city of St. Louis. Tb? argument of this cause was continued by Mr. Gardenhire and Mr. Shepley for the defendant in error. Friday ?Mr. Theodore Bunyon, of New Jersey, was admitted an Attorney and Counsellor of this Court. No. 27. The city of Carondelet, plaintiff in error, vs. the ciiy of St. Louis. The argument of this cause was continued by Mr Shepley for the defendant in error and concluded by Mr. Ewlng for the plaintiff In error. Adjourned until Monday. Am Ihtoierable Nuisance ?Some parties are doing a big thing just now for thelrconvenlence, but very much to the inconvenience of the public, by occupying Maryland avenue, from Seventh street to Eleventh street west, with a continuous line of freight cars loaded with coal and lumber. The cars are kfept coupled day after day in this position, and venicles and pedestrians are obliged to make a half mile detour to get around this obstacle through dust or mud as the case may be Whether the railroad company, private partlra owning Coal and lumber, or Government employees are at fault it is quite certain a prompt remedy Ihould be applied. Runaway and Accident.?Thursday evening, i laboring man, named Wm Ward, was employed in driving a wagon In the northern part of the city, when hla horse got frightened and ran off wltn him, near the corner of Fourth street and Massachusetts avenue. The wagon waa dashed against a pump, and the driver thrown with such violence upon a granite carriage step ss to csuse the blood to gush from his mouth ahd nostrils. He wan removed to hia home in a carriage, by patrolmen Leach He resides on Sixth, near Q street. It is feared he is seriously Injured interBally. Serious Accident ?A government teamster named James O'Brien while driving slong the Bladensburg rosd In the neighborhood of Glenwood Cemetery, was a day or two since thrown from his hcrse, fallin - under the heavy wagon which he wa* driving, the wheels of which passed over one of his lees, crushing it almost into a jelly. He was taken to one of the neighboring nospltals by a sutler who happened to be paaalng by at the time. It Is doubtful whether he can live long enough to undergo amputation. EMSALXI3C1 AND PBTBBRYING TH1 DEAD ? DrS Charles D Brown and Jos. B. Alexander, late of New York, have opened an office, It will be seen by the advertisement, at Harvey 4. Co's, No. 410 Seventh street, in this city, and are now engaged in embalming dead bodies after The method of the celebrated Prof Sucquet, of Paris. These gentlemen bear the highest testimony of merit for themselves and their art from Drs Mrtt, Crane, and many other of the most distinguished members of the New York faculty. Shootino Cask in Gbobgetown?As two volunteer officers were proceeding slong High street night before lsst one of them was assaulted by a soldier near the corner of Gay street. The officer was knocked senseless, when his comrade Instantly drew his pistol and pursued the assailant down Gay street, firing at him as he ran. He was not struck probably, as he made excellent time, and not having returned to his quarters la supposed to be running yet. PoLica Reports ?In addition to cases at the guardhouse yesterday, the patrolmen of the Fourth Ward reported to the Superintendent of Police: Peter Mona&han, for selling liquor to soldiers; held to bail for court, by Jutice Walter. James Kolb, f >r defacing lager beer kegs belonging to another person; case for trial. John Lake, threats of violence; dischargsd. Several soldiers, for disorderly conduct, were turned over to the Provost Guard. Not the Cobbbct Thino ?Patrolman Kelly arrested Sergeant J. J. Brvers and Corporal Reschman, of the 56th New York regiment, who were charged with assault and battery and drawing a pistol on L Hlrsch. The affair grew out of an attempt to sell a vest to one of them, who tried the garment on. and without paying for it, refused to take it off They were sent to iall to await the demands of their Colonel, by Justice Donn. The Scwdat Law ?P. Dlngfelder waa arrested by Patrolman Leach upon the charge of selling liquor on Sunday, and the case was laid before Justice Walter yesterday After a hearing of the testimony, be was fined S25 94, from which judgment he appealed to court. G. A Springman was arrested by Pstrolman Kelly upon the same charge, and he was also fined 925 94 by Justice Walter. Smash Up.?Yesterday, as Mr L Neumeyer was driving slowly to the depot with a heavy market wagon, a carrier of New York papers approached In a light buggy, drawn by a fine horse, upon a quick trot. The buggy came in contact with the wagon, and Mr. Neumeyer waa thrown out, and the wagon and buggy both considerably shattered. Fortunately neither of the drivers were seriously hurt Goods bob Citizens as wbll as Soldibbs ? Mr. Thompson, In connection with a New York house, is now offering furnishing goods (ladies snd gentlemen's) at No. 370 Pennsylvania avenue, under Brown's, st very reasonable prices ; especially In the way of handkerchiefs, hosiery, scarfs, ties, l'nen collars, Ac , Ac. See advertisement Th? Ellbt about town is chuckling over Civil Engineer Ellet's desperate attempt to shake the confidence of the people In the Commanding General. They paas It around, and discuss it with great gusto; and we have no doubt It will find its way into DUle by way of the underground railroad,which seems to be still In operation. _________ Taa caowos which throng the entrance of Christy's opera hotMe nightly, bear evidence to the good quality of The performances An original programme to-night, replete with humorous jokceand burlesques This afternoon the Christy's give a grand soiree D'Etblope for the special accommodation of ladles and children. 8en?r* Dbatb ?Yesterday morning a colored man who was attending ihe Northern Market, waa taken sick suddenly and fell in the gangway. Prompt efforts were made for his recovery, bat he died almost Immedlstely. It Is said the deceased wss of Intemperate habits. Taa attbactiohs at Canterbury Hall are being nightly augmented by the Introduction of new novelties and the of additional stars. Tonight s bill exoeiltng la originality: aad on Monday the first appearance of the well knowa Ethiopian comedian, Frank Brewer. The Campbells still continue their spirited entertainments st Odd Fellows' Hall, preeeatlng selections of decided merit, and in the happiest Attention Is called to th^ advertisement else, wo re ft Wm Oerwln Burgy's b;and/,wkne and clear store. For c'olce liquor*, teas, ai d elegut fancy good* call at 3? Peni, svenue. Produck Miiiit or WASMiNeTojf?Reported for the Star by Mem. W. E Clark ft Co .wholesale Prod ace CommMot Merchants, No. 427 Seventh street, between 0 and H. Apple*, green, by the barrel 83 75 a 84 50 _ ll dried, lD< ? a ?u Beans, white, per bushel 1 75 a a 00 " mixed, " 1 95 a 1 50 Butter, eholce New York State.. 22 a 25 " prime Western 14 a 17 " " Roll IC a 18 " " Table, at retail... 22 * 25 Beeta, per bushel 80 a 100 Cbeetnuta, per bushel 3 50 a 4 00 Cranberries, per barrel 8 00 a 8 50 Chickens, live, per doten 2 50 a 3 oo " dressed, per doien.... 3 00 a 4 00 Corn, per buaoel 85 a 90 Corn meal, per bushel ..? 90 a 1 Of) Cheese, gtrlctiy prime, per lb.... 8 a P " prime 7 a 8 " Western 6 a 7 Ducks, per pair 65 a 1 00 country 25 a 28 I " Western, selected 22 a 25 " at the mark 20 a 21 Flour, rhoice brand 8 00 a 8 50 ?? Western 6 00 a 7 50 " Buckwheat 3 00 a 3 50 Geese, picked 75 a 1 00 Hay..... 25 a 30 Hams, sugar-cured 10 a 11 '* plain. 8 a 10 Hickory nuta, per bushel 1 00 a 1 50 Lemons, per box 8 50 a 9 00 Oata, per bushel 50 a 55 Onions, ? 90 a 1 00 " white 1 00 a 1 10 Pork, dressed, per lb 5% a 6 Peaches, dried, per lb 9 a 10 Potatoes, pink eye 80 a 83 41 white Mercers 80 a 85 " common red 50 a 60 " peach blows.... 85 " Sweet, per barrel 3 50 a 4 00 Quails, per doten 1 75 a 2 00 Rabbita, each,,... 15 a 20 Turkeys, dressed, Der lb 12 a 14 Turnip*, per barrel 1 00 a 150 Walnuts, per bushel <0 a 65 Ckntral Gcardhousk Casks?Before Justice Walter.?Friday?Joseph Kelly, drunk; lined 81.58. Jerry Quick, drunk and vagrant; workhouse 90 day*. John Eggleston, disorderly: fine and costs #12 30 John Johnson and William Pbelps, do. da 812 30 each, and for assault and battery and resisting officers, security far court. Ssmuel Leland, drunk; dismissed. C. A. Short, dismissed, the accuser confessing an error in accusing him of taking his money, which he had concealed in his own stocking. J F.McDermot, the accuser of Short, was lined SI.94 for being drunk. Of the arrests three were by the Second and five by the Fourth Ward patrols Eight lodgers were accommodated Saturday.?D. Spater, drunk; fined SI 91. O. Shaefer, do., do. SI 91. J. Dytcber, drunk and disorderly; do. 85 94. J. T. Mason, do., do. S5 91 F Donnelly, do.; dismissed. D W. B"lls, do , do J B . Sm'th, drunk and profane; fined 83 94 F Hlldebrand, drunk; dismissed. J. Adamson, disorderly and assault; finedSll 17. John Hagerty, disorderly; fined S5 91. Wm A. Groves, drunk and disorderly; fined SI. L. Culberson, suspicious person; dismissed J. W. Wilson, drunk and disorderly; fined ?5 94. Assault on Ma/or Millkr.?While Major Milltt, of the quartermaster's department, was walkln? along in the First Ward a day or two since in company with a daughter of Col Rucker's, they attempted to cross the street while a Government wagon train was passing, when the driver of one of the wagons hurried his horses, and would have run over the lady had not Major Miller caught the horses by the bridle reins and checked them The driver was very insolent, but Major Miller passed on. He had gone but a short distance when the driver followed him, and struck him on the back of the head with the butt end of a whip, knocking him serseless, and then continued the assault by striking him several times afterwards. Arrkst for Dealing faroe? Last night, detective officer Kimball arrested a man named Thomas Edgar for dealing faro in a bouse partly occupied by Mrs. Werner, on Pennsylvania av enue The officer entered the house and found parties dealing. The entire working paraphernalia?checks, table and a solid silver deal-box? were taken by the officer. The prisoner was committed to jail for a further hearing before Justice Donn. The cause of arrest, It seems, was the fact that Mr. F Butler had gone into the house and lost about 8~5 and a gold watch. Fast Offickrs ? N. G. Benhort and W. O. Lint, military officers, wore arrested by Metropolitan Police officer, S. T. Crown, yesterday evening, on Seventh street, for racing horses. They were conducted to the office of Justice Barnacio, who, after a hearing of the case, fined them 85.91. Thkatkr?The 44 Seven Sisters" was again presented last night in effective style, eliciting enthusiastic applause. It promises to have equal if not greater success here than in Philadelphia and New York. Thk Fair in Gioksitown.-'The Ladles Fair, corner of Gay and High streets, closes to-night. Pretty girls and good music. See advertisement CoMMKNCK THK N?W YKAR WITH A DlART ? It is useful for registering events, pant, present, and future?a valuable pocket companion for soldiers and business men?containing almanac calender tables, blank space for avery day in the year, memorandum, each account for each month, with neatly printed headings. Shlilington, bookseller, stationer, and newsdealer, corner of Fourand-a-balf street and Penn. avenue, has fifty different kinds, in various styles of binding. Don't be without one of these useful little souvenirs. 3t Gotno to Quit thk Bcsinkss?Chanck for Bargains ?Having determined to quit the dry goods business, we offer our whole stock of goods to the public for less than New York wholesale prices, which we are anxious to close by the 1st of January .-with the privilege of the store, which is one of the best stands in the city, recently occupied by R B. Hall, No. 375 Seventh street, between I "and K streets. de 12-3t Matthews 4 Co. Soldikrs Spkcial Notick ?Do your duty to Fourselves, protect your health, use Holloway's ills and Ointment. For wounds, sores, bowel complaints, and fevers, they are a perfect safeguard. Full directions how to use them with every box. Only 25 cents. 210 Thk Star in thk First Ward ?Mr. John Mathews is the sole agent for serving the Star to subscribers In the First Ward of this city. All arrearages of subscriptions will therefore be paid only to him; as well as all arrearages due In that ward for the Baltimore Sum, of which he Is also the agent there. lw NoTicm.?Beware of counterfeits and unprincipled dealers endeavoring to dispose of iheir own and other artioles on the reputation attained by HelmboUTt Extract Bucku, a positive and specifio remedy for diseases of the Bladder. Kidneys, Gravel, Dropsy, Ac., Ac., fto. Ask for Helmbold's. Take no other. See advertisement ic another oolnmn. aeso . DIKD. On the 13th instant, Mrs. SUSAN FINDLEY, in the 60th year of her age The funeral will take plaoe from her late residence, on Second street, to-norrow (Sunday) af tercoon, at 2 o'olook. On the morning of the 13th instant, in the 17th year of her age, alter a long.and painful illness, of consumption. MARY A. E. GRI t'FiTH, beloved dang' ter of John H. and Frances Griffith. Dearest Mary, thou hast left us, Here thr loss we deeply fe?l; But 'tis God that hath nereft us, He can all our sorrows heal. Yet. again we hope to meet thee, When the day of life is flee. Then in heayen with joy to greet thee, Whrre no farewell tear is shed: Her friends and those of the family are oordially invited to attend her funeral, on to morrow (Sunday) afternoon at 3 o'olook, from the resideno* of her parents, oorner of Virginia avenue and Third street east, withon; further rvtioe. * On Friday, the 13th instant, at 3K o'clock, after a severe illness of five dajs. ALO YSI US. youngesteon of Edward and M Lenney, aged 2 years and 2 months. The friends and acquaintances of the family are respectfully invited to attend his faneral, from his parent.' residenoe, No. 170 Penn. avenue, on Sunday, the 15th instant, at 2 o'olook. On Saturday, the 14th ins ant, at 3 o'o'ook a. m , Mr. THOMAS COOKENDORFER, in the 83d year ol his age His funeral wl I take plaoe on Monday, the 16th in tant, at 3 o'olook, from the reeidence of his sonin-law, L. O. Castiemwi, on the oorner of Penn. atenoeand 26th street west. The friends of the family are invited to attend the funeral. * At Montebello. Pnaoe George's oonnty. Md , the residenoa of B K Morse 1, Ess.. on the 13th lest., A. MACOMB FORD, in the 25th year of his age, eldest son of the late 8. Calvert Ford, of Washington, D. C. His friends and aoeaaincanoes and those of the family are respeetfnlly res nested to attend his funeral. whieh will take plaoe from St. Aloysins' Chu;oh, on Monday, 16th instant, at 2 o'olook p. in. [Philadelphia papers copy.] * On Satnrdajr. 14th instant, af er a long and painful illness of 9 weeks, KATIE ESTELLE. the older daughter of Riohard T. and Sarah E. Robey. Dearest Katie, th u hast lift us, We thy loss so deeply fe?i; Out 'tis God who has bereft us. He osn all oar sorrows heai f The friends and aoquaintanoee are respeot'ully invited to attend her funeral, from her father's residence, on E strset. between *th and 7th, Navy Yard, at 2 o'clock to-morrow. ? NOW IS TUB TIME To get your Winter

Clothing at low prices, at 460 7tn street. dell lis (Rep.) ^TTtNTION.^TLERS, OFFICERS AND A large stock of CAMP STOVES, manufactured and for sale at 221 Pennsylvania avenne, near Center Market. dell -tf H. J. GREG OR Y. C V ER V BODY GOES TO SMITH'S, No 4 60 nss";"* WANTS. H7ANTED-A WOMAN, to oook, Ao. Aptly Yl 4S6 Tenth street. nsar the Atm?. II* tvANTED-A lea^the Drug busi n?M. IcMir?ofJOHN R. MAJOR."oj-ner Tth And H street*. d? 1* ? WANTED-Bt aresp*>t*bls yoapr woman, a SITUATION m oook ?r chemt?fi?vajd. Aip't at No. 183 H street, betweem 19th afldlotli stf.. for 2 day. " _ WANTED-At Gosing Re Unrant, m . good WAITER, and a ?ood GIRL, to aaaiat is the k"eh*n. Good board and good par ?> ?> Apply at '247 Pa ay., between 12th and 13 h at. It* WANTED-A LEADER for the band of the 3d Regiment, U.S. Infantry. None bat ao aow'edgtataientand experience, wi'l be acaept i Afp t Atthiaojnoebetween 11 ooltcka^ in..and 2H P m. FREDERICK DEVUE. ad Lieut. 3d Infantry. Adjutant. _ . g Adjutant'! Office, 3d Infantrr.U. S. A.. de 14 <t Franklin Square. Washington. D. C. House furnished or unfurnished WANTED?For which a good rent would be paid: or advertiser would ^xohange a email neat house, containing 8 apartmenta, large yard and aideentranoe; two blocks from Pa ave , for alar*er hou?e, furniahed or unfurnished: paying the difference of rent. Addreaa "J unius,' city PoatOffioe. de 14 3t* ___ WANTED-At No. 1?9 Pejw.a^erae. between mh and l?th itreeU, a WOMAN, who i? a competent cook ; colored preferred. To one who thoronghly understands the bnsiness cf cooking, good wagea wi'l be paid. Satisfactory referencea will be required aa to oharacter and experience. Apply immediate!*. . . .. A'ao, an intelligent colored act aai wa ter and make himself generally uaeful in the houae. de 14 *t? VI/ANTED ?A good Journeyman BAKER can Tv obtain constant employment by applying to R. A. EDMONSTON, No. 134 High st, 6enr*a town deJ3 3t WANTKB-^A SITUATION ??J??0"?fp ' or sAleamafr, by a gentleman of 2r ya&ra expe rienC*, with first-rless reference ; compensa ion . at the disor'tio i of the emp'oyer, on a trial, ror I an interview addrea?"A. B , Box I, Star Office. de 13 1m* . I A HIGHLY RESPECTABLE LADY, with I the beat reference and security, Would like a I Memb?r or S"na*or to rent a fine house in the ! western part of th* oity, where they would have I the privilege of selecting their room and society, I with the beat Board and every comfort of home I Addreaa "C. C.." Star Offioe. de 13 3t* I WANTED TO RENT-A HOUfE anywhere J b9tween Firat atreet and Georgetown Rent I rot to exceed #25 per month. Addreaa" J N. M., I Box No. 11, Star Office de 12 3t* I IVANTBD-A good VEST HAND wanted im I WILLIAM TUCKER'S, 486 Penn avenue, between 4)i and 6th sts. _<telO 5t _ WANTED?10,non whisky and brandy BOT- I TLES. Cash an delivery. F. B. HASTING" A CO.. .183 l> street, no2vtf Philharmoaic Buildjnc. I CUTTER WANTED. Call at WALL, STE- 1 PHENS fc CO.'S. 33*2 Pa avenue. se 18 WANTED?Every person to know that I am in 1 the market, ready to pay cash for all I in the housefurnishing line. Those leaving tne I city, or having a surplus, will do well to call, K. I BUCHLY, 42S Seventh ?t .between Gand H sts., (east side,) Dealor m New and Second-ha.d Fur- | niture. no 16 WANTED TO PURCHASE?On reasonable J terms, a frame or brick HOUSE, containing I 5 or 6 rooms, situated aomewhere between Filth 1 and Klevecth streets west and 1 and N ata. north. I Any person having such a house for ea'e can hear I of a puroha?er by applying at Room No 18, second 1 Hoor P. O. Department. de 12 3.eo I WANTED?WOOD CUTTERS, to cut wood I yy by the oord,about 5 miles from the city. A I comfortable house to live in, and the highest P?ce 1 given. App y immediately to W tl.CLAGETT, I at Wm. t-huster A Co.'s Dry Gtx?ds Store, No 39 I Pa. avenue, between 7th and 8th sts. de lo-eolw I ANTED?TAILORS, 7M/LORS.-50 Tailors competent to work on military goods. A pply I G. KOLP. at Wall. Stephens A Co.'s. se25 LOST AND FOUND. LOST-A small MEMORANDUM BOOK, in- I scribed on the side H BLAND, Washm-ton I Theater. Any one havng found t>e same by re- I turning it to the box offioe of the Theater, or to I 4S6 Tenth st., will be suitable rewarded. It* I LOST.?Loat on Tuesd y night test jn the; ity,a I dark morocco MEMORANDUM BOOK, with I elastic strap. The book contains aome ptysrs anl memoranda of no conaequence to any ore but the owner. A reward of $5 will bs paid to the finder I of the bo^k iy leaving the same at the office of HM Star. de 14 2f STOLEN?Between 6 and 8 o'olook of the eve-I ning of December 13 the corner r_ffj\ . I 6th atreet and Pa. a?enue one I ay H< >K^ K "L-JJ about 15K hanos high; feet on near Mlf"'* I white to ankle Joint; ha-i on military saddle and | fauipments, wi tithe figures 56 on saddle c oth. I Th^ finder will b? suitably rewarded by leaving I the property at the camp of the 56th regiment at I K.Wm.,qrtl.W..ion?IH.?l.VAN WYCK CTRAYED OR STOLEN?From the oommora I on Tnesday, December 31,18' 1 a re-1 | COW. with horns, white oa t-ie back ard part of the tail; a little on the face and I some on other pa'ts; has six teat?: a bell on when I stolen. Five dollar* reward will bo aiven for in- I formation that wrl lead to her reoev^ry, by J. B. 1 1GLEHART. Georgia avetu-, bttween Mh and loth ate., Navy Yard. ce 14 2t I LOST-On the llth insta-.t, between Havre de I Grase and Washington, a small POrKET- I BOOK, which is worth nothing to any one but J myself The Book oontained several notes drawn I m my favor, some have been in bank, a draft to mv I order on Mercha ts' Bank, of Boston.dated 7th I in*tant, for fifty do'lars. one five dollar bank note. I and on* one dollar note l oth unourrent, my card | with my name on it. Gen. Porter's pass riven tj I me to pass to Virginia. The finder ^1 be liberally I rewarded by returning it to me JOSKPH LIBBEY, de 14 3t^ Seortetown, D. C. STRAY? Came to my stable . on Tuesday 1 !i morning,a bay MARE. The owner is gy r quested to call. pro?e property, pay expauses,and take her away. I M. J. pnpk,, K street, de 13-3t* Between 8th and Jth sta .(Navy Va'd ) District of Columbia, cou*ty or I Washisotou. to wit .?1 herebygg = certify that Thomas Harding, brought* before me as treaspassing on hi? prem-Hr^T lses, during the latter part of November. r*h"' I 1861, 4 drv Milch COWS, two of th?rn red, one red I and white, and one brindle * ,1 Given uunder my h&Dd und pea , this Stn aaj of I December. 1861. THOMAS C. DONN. Justice of the Peace for Washington county,! District of Columb'a. ... . . The owner and owners of the above deacribed I oowa are hereby requeated to oome forward, prove 1 property, pay charges and t*ke them away I v v THOMA* HaRDING, on old Bladensburgh Road, I de 13-31* about miles from BiaueHsburgh. I LOST.?A Writing Tab'e wm sold at auotion, I 28th September, by Green A Williams, oorner I Seventh aod*D sts. The drawees oantained Pri vate Papera belonging to Franoia A Dickena. He I ia very anxioua to reoover 'hem, and any informa- 1 tion of them will be a creat fa?or. Please address j or inform JOHN JOHNSON, A gent, corner Sev- ] enth snd E streets, opposite General Post Offioe I de 12-3t* I LOST.?A SEAL SING, and a FOX-HEAD J SEAL, attaohad to a ring, with cornelian set. I f 5 reward will be givea to whoever returns the I articles to this office. de 2 ti I REWARD Will be paid for the return of j rne Blaok HORSE, Harness, a'd |T\?^ ; ovrred Burgy, with b'ue lir.inca; hired at the stable of !*. C AE Wro', G street, be tweeu 17th and 18th streets, on Friday, November Sd,1861,by John Foster. Said Foater ia about 5 feet 10 or 11 inchea high: of aandy oomplexion. thin visage, large nose, between forty five and fifty years of age, resid *noe Noble atreet. near Second atreet, Philadelphia, Pa Said Horte ia ab< ut I V hai.da high,cap offths left hip. The above rev ad will be paid for the return of the Horae. Harnera, and Buggy. Alao. fifty dollara wi'l ue paid for the a-rea' ana oonviction of John Foater de7 lw* SaMUKL C. A E WROE. Ran away from thic subscriber. near Bladeosburg, BOY ANTHON\, JfM commonly called Toney. He is 5feet5 inches IB high, ver* black, short hair, gruin counte- iT\ r.ance when spo<ea to. with a small sua; >1 over one of his ejes. Went away with black-^?? jacket (United States buttnaa on n,) casinet pants, yellow gauntlet gloves. I will give flSOtoany one d"'i.'"'"" """"^ELDEII M?GRHD>;R. BOARTUNG. BOARD.?Reapectablo partiea may find good Boaid asd well furniahed Rooina, by day, week, or month, in houses No. 475 and 477 13th street, three doom from Pa. avenue and midway between Willards' and Kirk woods' Hote.s. no 36 lm* EDUCATIONAL. MISS BROOKK'S ENGLISH aijd FRENCH BOARDING AND DAY CHOOL. SlVBtf Bcildincs. No. 130 P*nn*ytva?ia avenu*. Ciroulars to be obtained at the Bookstagee and of Ue Prinoipal. noJI lm* jyjADAME LEONTINE BLANCHE!', Wpk^YATE FRENCH LESSONS. Apply at 151 West atreet, Georgetown ; or 40T F atreet, Washington. de 10-lm TO FAMILIES AND The underaigned reapucthilly in- I aJ forms the eitisena of Wa?niii?ton and the transient public that they have oonataotly on nand a large aa ortmont of OYSTERS of Ue very beet qaallty: alao keepa a large aaantity of Cnoioe Pickled Oysters. Oar sealded Oysters can't be be?t, done up in first claaa style. Give as a call. We feel MtisfiedUsUyoj? will ca 1 wain. B. W.JDAVI8 A CO. oorner of l?h and E streets. novgT la* J WOOD NOTICE. NO. A. GR1M&8, Canal Wharves. Georgetown, will seljBntillBt January, ia small lots, l?INE WOOD at #7.5r, And 0>1 WOOD at ffSJO, GaEKN PINE at f?, Delivered ia Georgetown or Flret Ward. WaabiBftoa. de lJ-Jt* GEORGETOWN. | ? Corrtrpond*nc4 / Tks 8Utr. j OioinTown, Dee 14,10fl 1 Tbe Georgetown City Councils met last evening I Tbe Board ei Aldermen adjourned without I transacting sny boa I quorum being present I In the Board of Common Council, eoiumunlca- I ti(m? were received from the Mayor?one enclo- I iflr a letfer from Wm. Emmert, complaining of I the damp eoaditloncf thecellaraon Bridge etreet, I (near Jefferson irtreet,? and of the filthy condition I of the alley on Jefferson ?tfeet, in tbe rear of Foi- I all's row; one calling attention to the neceselty of I making an appropriation to purchase fuel ff' 'be I poor of the town; one In relation to Aqueducf I street; and several enclosing accounts These I communication! were appropriately referred A communication was received from the Sur- I veyor, enclosing an estimate of the coat of grading I and paving Aqueduct street, and draining Mont- I gomery street at ita Intersection with Aqueduct I street; referred. Petltiona from James Collins praying for re- 1 mission of a fine; from J.N. Ferraon stating that | he holdi an order of Jamea O'Day on tbe Corpo- I ration, and praying for 1 ntereat oh the amount, I and from H. B Walker, market-master, praying I for a reatoration of hie salary to t200 per annum; I also, accounts of J. W. Marll. of tbe Levy Court, I and of the Surveyor were all approprlateij re- I ferred ? . I A resolution repealing the resolution authorising I the transfer of the atock held by the Corporation I in the Metropolitan Railroad; and a resolution I Instructing the committee b?fore Congress to ask I that body for certain amendments to the charter, I were laid over until next Friday. [ The amendmenta It la proprsed In thla resolu- I tlon to ask for are: First, one to empower the 1 Corporation to enforce payment of tbe wa'er tax I as of other taxes Secord, one to give the Cor- I poration power to aell real estate for taxes due (as J in Washington) Instead of seeking for aud levy- I ing on peraonal property Third, one aaklng that I all wblte male cltiten's may be allowed to Vote I for eucn Corporation officers as are elective, ^th- I out payment of tbe poll or school tax This I resolution was offered by Mr. Tenny, and will I probably lead to considerable debate, as will tbe 1 resolution relative to tbe transfer of Metropolitan I Railroad stock. A lively time Is expected ] A resolution directing tbat licenses for carta. I drays, and wagons shall expire on tbe 3let of De- I cember of each year, and each vehicle shall have I a label affixed to denote the year taf which it bss I been licensed; a resolution In favor of A F.Offutt I Ac Co ; and a reslution authorizing the Mayor to I employ Dr. Lauck to attend cases of smallpox I among the poor of the town, were paastd I FOB SALE AND RENT. F^BIOR RENT?Two well furnished ROOM?, on 1 the firs* floor, in a pleasant part of tno oity, J suitable lor one or two gent'emen. Ineuire No I 367 C street, n?ar 4K. de 13-lw I R^MOOMS FOR RENT?Donb'e Parlors, with I folding doors between, on the first floor, neat ? I furnished as parlcr aud chamber, in a healthy aiid 1 p eisant looali'y. near th? Avona". I?*0' at I 37ft E street, between 9th and ,i*th eta, de 13 3t I FBOR SALE-A new BRICK HOUSE oortain- I ice 10rooms, with or without the furniture; I aitnated near the Post Office; for cash or libera! I credit. Appiy J. CLARKE, No. J Washington Bni'dtnge, oorner 7Ui anc 1'a ay. ?i* '* 3* I O I.ET?A rmi I oottage HOUSE", (about one I mile from Wiliards' Hotel,) obtaining five I rooms. Rent per month. Stable room for two I horses?pasjur?ire. A lot of Furniture and u*?fu I Household Articles for sale at less th?n cost, all new Address "Comfort," at the office of this paper. de'3 2t IFOR RENT-The UNION BUILDINGS rear J the intersection of E street and Pennsylvania I avenue. 70 feet front, ISP feet <"eep, to an alley 3ft I feet wide Can be used for several stores. Lofts I for warehouses and other purposes;and will he I rented for a term of years- or shorter period. En- I quire of J. T St-vene, 517 7th etreet. or the I owner, Mr. Wizards' Ho e!. de 13-3t I FOK RENT?4 large PARLOR and CHAM I BKR, No. 437 Fifth street, between D And E, I near the City H?i. oe 12-3t* I tBURNISH ED ROOMS?Three large and well I furnished Rooms, with or without Board, in a I Northern fami!? can be had by adaressint imme- I diately, ''Ohio.*' Post Oftne. de 13 2t I I '? O LET?The second story of a back HOUSE, I 1 unfurnished, or would be furnished to a de- I sirabie party. Inquire at 332 t? street, hetweeu I j 12th and 13 h. de l'?_?t^_ FOR RENT-A by 20, suitable floral store, with basement, on Penn. avenue, near I 4>4 street, south side. F?t terras inquire No- 419 1 j Venn avsnoe. Modern fixtures far front, * 1 pre I pareJ atil incomplete orders FOR RENT?In a first-class house, an elegant I suit of FURNISHED ROOMwarmed by a I | furnace, wit>? gas. hot and oold water. Location I ' desirable and central, conveniont to the Post Office, I Pa. avenue acd Capitol. References exchanged. I Address R. 8.. Box 3, Star Office. de 12-St*_ j Furnished parlor and chambers I A nreely and comfortably furnished ?Jirl?r, I with two adjoining Chambers, on the first floor?I house No. 411 Thirteenth street, between f and j H?f ?r rent. The looation and the neighborhood j are alike p easant. and the rooms convenient and I oommodious. Call at the premises de 12 2i? I Senators or members can be ac I o< mmodated with a nioely furr.i hed suit of I rooms, at No. 30 street, between Fa. av and I C street. Looation very desirable. de II 4t* FOR SALE?The Good Will, Fixings, and I Stock of a muoh frequented Wine and Lager I Beer Saloon, to which a bali room and garden are I a'taohed, at a reasonable prioe. For particulars I inquire at the St Charles Restaurant, orner Pa. I avenue and Third at. de 11-lw* I OR RENT?Two furnished CHAMBKR9 in I Georgetown. For situation inquirs at No. 121 I Bridge st. de 10 tf I ITOR R ENT-A furnished fohr story HOUSE, I r No. 24 Louisiana avenne. opposite Fifth st , I and near City Hall. Inquire on the premises. de lo-eotot I MKMBERS OF CONGRESS AND OTHERS I can find very pleasant ROONS a parlor and J one or two bedrooms, in a private family and de- I tirabl? situation, within five minutes' walk of the I oity Post Office. Inquire at this offioe. Rc-fer- I enoe .equired. de 10-tf I I/OR t?ALE?The large three-story BRICK I r RESIDENCE No. 44S, on the north side of I E street, between 6th and 7tdsU, lately ? coupifdII by Col. Luke For price. *0 , inquire of I FRANCIS MOHUN, Esq., 6th street be.ween ! E and F, or of R. H. LACKEY, No. 36 Loni?iatia | avenue. de l<Mw I |7?OR SALE?4,00# bushele Maine POTA- I F TOES. Ou board sohooner S. B Stebbiogs, at I 1 Berry's Wharf, Georgetown de 7-1 w* T. G. VOHNG. FARM FOR SALB.-AFARM oontaining 225 acres, ol which one half is in timber, the resi- I due of arable land of good quality. Abundanoe of I good water, well distributed, within half an I hoars' haul of Scags's Switch, or croseicg o I Washington Branoh Railroad in Pnnoe George's I county, and within a half mile o* the Turnpike of I Ba t:more and Washington.and within nine miles I from Washington. An Apple and P'aoh Orchard, I of recent growth. H?.use, Barn, acd other smal I buildings^ Mar particulars and terras, enquire>f the subscnHr, 1S7 6th street, between N and O I streets north, Washington, D. C. 3*? cords of cord wood for sale on tha premises. des 9t? CHARLEt* C SAILER. I TWO FURNISHED ROOMS FOR RfcNT. on first floor, at 406 D street, between 6'h and 1 7 tn. PQ3B tf ANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS.- I Four nandaomely Furnished Rooms, supplied I with gas and water, and convenient to tne Patetl I and Post Ofhoe Departments, for rent. Apply at I 490H Massachusetts avenne. north side, between I 4th acd ?th sts. P A N C Y GOODS I AUCTION PRICES! STEVENS'S stock of Fancy Goods?Pa avenue, between 8 h and 0th sts., opposite Center Marketmust be closed out by the first of January. The I stock is large and of great variety, and is now offered to the public at less than cost. The ladies eeproially are invited to avail themselves of un? opportunity to suraha:* first olass goods at very low rates. ELLIOl T. Jr., de 9 2w Assign?. C'LAZED WINDOW SASH jr FOR SA L F To arrive per ?choo??a* E Niokerson.9 by 13 and 9 by 12 (Jiastd Wiadow Sash, daliveiabls at Baltimore or Washington. Appi; to C A. WOOD A. CO. No 210 F, between 14th and 19th etreets, Washington. D. C. de lt>-iw PERSONS IN WANT OF OVAL FRAMES for Photo* raphe of all sites, Gilt or Rosewood, can be supplied ly JOHN WAGNER, next door to his old establishment, 255 Fa. avenue. N. B. Looking glass plates inserted in oidframss. no 27-1 m CHEESE! CHEESE" CHEESE!!! LIQOORS. TOBACCO, CIGARS, N rrs, RAISINS. CRACKERS. Allonl.andandfor.ale eh-p^ CQ no 25-tf 'hfcSiZZe & S FOR THE POOR. OUP. BREAD and CLOTHING will be given to th* pror of this oity and vioinity on every Tuesday, Ti ursday atd raturday at 13 o'clock, at the Institution of the Sisters of Charity, oorner of Eighteenth s . and New York avenue. Contributions to this work of ehantr, either in money, provisions or slothing, will be thankfully received by tbe Sietors. det lw O Hi Ml GREY AND WHITE BLANKETS, AUOUj*.. 1. B. PUDNBV8, de4-tf 324 Pa. avenue, baok room. QLOVK8! 1N1>IA RWBBF.R HATS. A^sas^rtmsn^gry^. 1HAVE JUST RECEIVED THIS DAY, A large invoioe of Buffalo and wo f Robes, alsp a r esirab'.e artic e of Hon Blankets, all ofw ish I will be offeree at low B r( DNEY SS4 Fa.a?e B?k Roo?j. I | 4 i-\S or 1) between 9tk and l?h, I STCCOND EDITION. thiu ycuooL, r. our military budget. r*s ?itu ciroaa w?ic? na W41 aaoit^ The following wu tbe order Which t*m deserter J ohaston vh shot: Washington, Dec. 11, 1?1- V G?*#?ai Oritrt. S* 5S 1 Before a General CwSWsnartlalW which Colonel N J Jaetoeo, W Regisneat MM VeU wnteers, > President, which wu coaveaed ? U?? c4ff!P of FruklH1! Dlvlslo?, by rtrtw of Sneetafc orders No 141, from IWf Na*. 14, KM, WW arraigned ilk triwl H Johnston, Company P Pint Reglimeot New York Volunteer Cavalry, on tbn following charge and sp?*-lllc*tion : Ciati-" ?peclt<*tl^ ' la this: that be, the aaid PnnK William H. Joha ton, Company D, First Regiment New ) orb Volunteer Cavalry, having been d?lt? ?W? and mustered Into the service of the United. Stale* on or about the Hist day of A?nd, and baring received pay In the wvwt a# United States, did desert the anld asrvtoe ? w about the 4th day of Deoember, mi, ttom ? post mi picket duty near Benton's Tavern, on the Little Rirer Turnpike. In Fslrfcx and was oS the name day arreted wkile oa bin wav to join th^ eo?ny * To which charge and specification the accueed pleaded 4 Not Guilty." ^ _ . After mature deliberation en the testimony adduced. the Court found the prlaneer aa fellows Of the specification of the ehs*ge,'Guilty." Of the charge, "Guilty." And the Court thereupon did sentence htm, the said Private William H. Johnston, Company D, First Regiment New York Voluntas* Camhy. "to be ahot to death by muaketry," two-tbwda ac the members of the Court concurring In the sentence ^ 2 The aforegoing proceedings of the Courtmartial have been carefully examined by the Major General Commanding: The ease ts marked oy every circumstance of aggravation The accused is shown to have entertained for sons tlnse, witboirt cause, the intention to deaert; nay, If b* is to be believed, he enlisted with that laleatloa He l?ft his camp on the 4th of December, 18S1, pasaed our lines, and meeting with a email body of United States forces,whom he mistook fee rebels, proceeded to give them all the informntion in hi* power; amongst which was s statement Intended to facilitate an attack on aa outlying picket belonging to the Netlonnl Army. roe simple desertion the penalty la death r or doeertion coupled with such treachery, there can be no mercy. _ ? The proceedings, findings, and sentence of the court martial are confirmed, aud private Was.M. Johnston, company D, First Regiment New \ orb Volunteer Cavalry, will accordingly be ahot to death with musketry on Frldsy, the 13th December, 16fil, at such hour and place as the ?i" v*ton commander may designate. By command of Maj General McClellaa: 8. WiLLiaiss, Ass't AdJ General An autopsy was made of the body of Johnston by a number of surgeons last night, when It waa ascertained that the Irst volley was fatal, throb balls having entered the heart. !I1TI \ARD. The steamer Stepping Stonea arrived this morning from the upper flotilla, and took on a supply of coal and a Urge amount of shell for the Anacostta. She expected to return to-day at one o'clock. Yesterday morning the Jacob Bell p?s*ed the batteries and joined the lower flotilla. The batteries opened lire upon her as she went by, whlclt was returned by the steamer. TLe Sateilte left the yard yeaterdsy. and paaed the batteries this morning, just previous So lbo departure of the Steppirg Stones, which; by th* way. made a remarkable trip earning up, rucs'.ag. from the flotilla, a distance of nearly forty mllea, in two hours and fourteen minutes. SheLs we*e fired at the Sateliteby the rebei\ but It Is bel'.eved without effect. Schooners and other vessels pass daily without harm, and for the n-ost part are not fired upon at all. The Stepp! .g Stonee, an she came up, passed the steamer Cty of Richmond with stores for 81ckles' brigade. The W yandank thlsmornlng took on two 9-inch Dahlgren guns, and will join the flotilla again soon The Leslie and Cesar de Lion are being painted and made ready for servlse rapidly. The Mount Washington returned last evening with ;he party which ahe took down, and to-day left with another composed of Senators w.tL .Le families and friends. The Secretary of the Navy, Mr. Welles, waa expected to visit the Navy Yard this afternoon, at which time some interesting experiments were to be made with a new Invention for throwing highly combustible material upon an enemy. the latest by telegraph. Startling News from the South! CHARLESTON IN PLAMES. # A SLAVE INSURRECTION AT THE BOTTOM OF IT ! ONE HALF THE CITY DESTROYED! Baltimore. Dec 14 ?The Old Polat boat has arrived here, bringing the following news: Fortcess Monroe, Dec 13 ?A flag of truce boit under command of Capt. Mil ward, took Mr. Eddy, of North Carolina, to Craney laland today. A telegraphic dispatch to the Norfolk Day Book of today, from Charleston, states that a Ire broke cut In that place on Wednesday night, which was supposed to be the work of su lncendlnry. At the time of that dispatch, which was at 6 o'clock on Thursday, the flre was still burning. The Round Church, the Theater on Broad street, the Institute, and other public buildings are stated to have been destroyed. The flre swept across Broad street, and asslstanoe hsd been seat for from Augusta. Dis. stcbe* from Old Point .to the Northern papers attribute the fire to a sieve Insurrection. They say that one half of the city Is destroyed. The Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Maaons met in Richmond on Monday, and elected Lewis B. Wllllsms, of Orange, Grand Master lor the ensuing year. Items of feenthern News. Cairo. Dec. 13 ?The following Items of Southern intelligence are taken from the Memphis Appeal of the 11th Inst: Nsw Orleans, Dec. 10 ? Lieut. Shepard, of the Confederate steamer Mobile, has arrived at Brashaw City with a lieutenant and nine other Federal prlaoners, taken from the U 8 steamer Annie Taylor, which was wrecked near Sabine Pass Richmond, D*c 10 ?The Examiner ef this morning layi Coogreii, which to now in mmIoq, has passed a bill sdmltttng Kentucky Into the Southern Confederi-v. The admission of the State was made to embrace the whole of Its territory, and commissioner* were appointed, empowered to set la Its behalf. A bill hss been introduced In the Confederate Congress prohibiting the Importation of negroes from Africa . The Alabama House of Representative baa passed a bill legalising the suspension of specie payment by the banks of that State. ^ The report that Gen. Price baa bees auperse<if a by Gen. Heath Is dealed. The Governor of Mississippi has oalled on the Inhabitants for arms la te local news. Criminal Coont ?To-day, la the eaaa pi T. W. Armstrong, W . H Belt, Wm Fswler, Ram i Thomas and Geo-ge Wehater, free cblored man. Indicted for riot nnd aa affray In Georgetown on the 9th of October laat. (oa which evening tbe colored man Chisley was killed,) *bel?ry returned a verdict of guilty as * Samuel Thomaa, and not guilty as la tbe otter Jhree. * Accident a* r?a Carnyc ?Tbls moralat^a. soldier, while upoa the ^J^^ ^mounted seme oTthe ^aflteldJng P^ YflSL convenience at the workmen, froas which fee ML suiklng with ?r?t force upon tbe i. roof orer the rotunda, aerlouMy, and It ts feared totally Injuring blsa Death rioK H?*o?Haa?.?This afUi ta r, about 1 o'clock, tbe proprletae of the anple s^d candy stand at tbe corner af Eighthatreat and the avenue waa auddenly taken with namnrhage, resultlng la death la a tew msansaH. ArfAJna ih Alixihbmia ?Nsact MeaJaythe Justices of tbe Peace ef Alexandria e?armbleat the Court Houas to etfanlae a oountr court. m Wr athTfcd^.rtdaTyrsatn*. A ,7nSd di t e' f er ?< fl'^awlciT crs^e-e, . to "JJJ a r ' ? .ui.hdtof air isiriismsab

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