Newspaper of Evening Star, December 14, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 14, 1861 Page 4
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*THE EVEMNfi STAR 1 TRIE LOXELI1FM j kflka - * -1la ioneivln U*e Ueaart, When eye of nv> wny acan O'er all the wide, wide w?at? ?f *an?1. To tr*re of (W!ow w:*ti ; "When from no meanest Arab teot Doth tho lone iruoke cl-ud rise. Grateful aa that from Heaven sent T* pathleaa Tsrsera eyes, With no green thing to look upoi, ad the sur-;j!?ro in the silts Tt? ton*><r oa the Monoula, iBld th' eternal anow, WWll f'nm th#? tin?Mn w?iv ? ? . ?-c. w vj> tv * ?/i turn The eagles threat below, Aid o'er the West the gory cloud* That swathe the dead sua glow. Tls lonely on the Oc?*b. W hen the bar? raft doth eaat lu shadow oa the tropic seas, W hare winds hare breathed their last. And parched lips pray, and heated eyes 9tX%iu vainly from the mast Bit lonc'lccM in th# rifru wv bow itmu with thousands load Have not one voice to welcome us; No band from out the crowd Stretched fortb to greet us, pa:m to ps'rn. In genial brotherhood Hermits lone tbeee far traaacand, W bo have fellowi, but no friend OKLAT1XX SOAP. It U impossible to cleanse greasy dishes, unaided bj soap, and many soft hands are rendered unfit for needlework bj dally immerSiooa in hot duhwater. As an emollient for chapped akin and a superior soap where a lather il rl?miwul T amnl/t > - ? ?? ? wvuiuioun the following recipe:?To two pounds of olive soap cot up into small slice?, add two ounces t>f borax, put the ingredients into a crock, pour ever two quarta of coid water, aet the vesael on part of the range where there U but little heat, stirring ^occasionally until the borax is dissolved (eight or nine hours,) and when eooled. thick gelatine is produced, which housekeepers need use but once to prove its efficacy *nd economy ?Selected. TO ?T?W A BREAST OF VEAL Uut It in pieoes, tnd pat it into a pot with a banch of aweet herbs, a email piece of bacon, a little mace,and a few black peppercorn*,salt, and one ?r two onions, and as much water as ^111 corer it; stew well over a alow fire; boil some pew and lettuce by themselvee, and when the Teal is stewed enough, strain the liquor from it, and put into a utewpan with part of the liquor, the peas, lettuce, and a piece of batter, and let them stew again; thick* en with the yolks of two or three egg? and a little flour VAXING TEA. Water for in akin" tea should te u?ei the moment it boils. The reaaow ag.-ign<*i, la thst if it is boiled for some time, all the gas that is ia it escapes with the steam, and it will then not make tea of the beat flavor. Clear, pure, oft water is best. TO BEHOVE CLINKER. Clinker often forms in stoves lined with fire bat not those lined with soapstone. It ean easily be removed by putting a few oyster hells upon the ignited coal, as they cause it to rail off and mingle with the coal cinders. A* ATKocior* Jos? ?On? of the ton of Torento the other nl?ht, l*?r:ed tard* of invitation for a select re-anio:., to Like place at hia mansion In one of the fashionable ?treets. Some maliclou? person got hold of one of the cards, counterfeited it, ?i?d srutcopies to. Tom. Dick and Harry, all of whom were totally unknown to the partygiver, ar.d the laat kind of persons he would with to WW>nni? In hti >?f1a~ Tk" " ?1 J ,L" " * -v t" * *vim' * uc uiiaic is ucvcriot*U a* b"r?lnj{ Indescribable CI7" The railway carriage* la France are now warmed very comfortably by means of the exhausted steam f ora the engines. TRIE BSMAn. PrcUrtid 4y Royal Lftttrs Pate*: of E nut an J, and iftuTtJ :kt Seals of tke Ecolt de Pkarmarie ds Paris, and tk' Imperial College of Medieint, Vtenna. TRIKWKMAR No 1 Is *be ?tf*Ua! remedy for Rklaxatiox, S?px?xaioXxucea ami fexiiar?tio3 <>s tux Systx.m. TRIE9EMAR No. ?, Completely and entirely eradicates all traoes of tnose dikOiUers, for wh on Copaiva aud Cubebs ha.a seaera ly heca thought ai antidote, to the iuib %>f the health of a vast portion of the popalat Of!. TRIESEMAR No 3. ! the great end sur* tnifd?of the oivilized world for isupuntiee of the s>*t?m,es well as eeoondj'y sjnijroun, obviating the destructive use of MereBry. we!) ?a other deleterious ingredients, and which all the Saraaparilla in the world oauaot rem ve TaitskXs R Noe. 1.2 and S are alike devoid of taate or aoie!!. acd of all nauseating eua'iliea. 'I'hey are in tne form of a loaetge, and may lie nb toe toilet table without their uae being euaeeeted Ho a ui tic case* at *i eaoh, or four $3oa*ea in one To. ar.J ir. i-7 caaes.tnus saving .?*. a? aUtr.i; by Vaist-au, La '.eoiaud, Koax, A^c., Ac. Wboesale acd reiart Wt L?K. H. A. BAKKDW. I'M Bieeoker street. (4 doors from Mao*tre*t;. New York Imn.ecia'eij ou r* I ^ - C . r ?s- - bwip* ui rcmuaocoi ut. DtiEow wiii lorwa.-a i Tri???.naf tj aay rart of the world, secure: y 1 Mcxed.&od acoordixig to the instru i;oei i 01 the w-'iier. Pobu"?J?-J &iso b* DR RARROW, tuat popular I and b;autifa:.T illustrated niedioa! wo k, H?kiu\i. ! Frailty. Hnce 25 cents. Trinemar a d Unnt can he Obtained by swial aathonty from 5*. C. FORD, WsahtPC'oo. i>. C. del2-3ui FP ^ R S ! p u Rg ?i FURS''1* MINK SABLE. FITCH, WATER MINK. , w FRENCH SABLE. Ib *-eat variety, and oheap, at d?3 Im SEYMOJ^irS, Georgetown. 'n0lS!STOGIVENOT;CE, Tnat theeobsoriA bar hath obuiced from the Orphan*' Court of -?u.u|kvn iU (DO iflllDOl 01 UOlUHHf)^, i tteri teeanieatary on ihe personal eetat* of Joku Shrove. late of Waahi&ct a osunty afjreaaid. d cmmO' All ^imci h%vir* otiQi agauut the eau: dera^aed are hereby vn-utd to exhibit the ?am?, vita t?.? vouchers thereof, to the tu'icn | ber, oe or before the seventh day of December I next; they may otherwise by lav be excluded from an brnefi' < f intend eat?t?. Giv- a und*- ra< li?nd th a eererith d*j of Deoembar,I?il. MARY ELIZABETH BHREVK, da 9 Hooatrii. THIS IS tu AilVK .notice. That the aubeor.ber hath obtained from the Oryhaa'e Courtof Wa*?in?tou Coaiity, in the Dietriot of i Colombia, letter* tee amearary no tne paraonai eatate f Arc Nmu, lata of \Vaahin?ton oounty, I deceased A.i per dual havinc cliims &<%iDit the : Mid deceased are hereby waraed to exhrbit the , aa-re. v;th the vou"h?re tb?re?f, to the absortbar, on or beior* *ne fourteenth day cf November nest; tocy mai otharwiae by lav be exoladed fros ! all beneht i>f t..? said estate. (tlVMii m* kuLrui tk?? ...... wLiummiii! UIT uj HOmiw lHl MICHAEL GRiFMTH. co :5 l*w3w? fcxeootor. { jHFSaNS' COURT. Novsxsra 19.1*??1. Dm:7id <J Caiuntbi*. Wayktntto* Comity, To- ! ?ru ^-lr. 'h- oat? of OhtrIn H Cranio. admioi*- ; trator of Joac L.. Crowu,(leo-a*?"i,thea^nuB>? ra- ; tor afor??aid In witt? the approbation of tjia Or ! rhat?' C?mrt of Wuhimton ooantT afore aid, appointed 6<vTtRl>AY, the seventh day of Dooem- ' cast for the final fcewient and distribution } t4 tfe j personal eetateof ta<d deoeasoJ, of thea*s?t* ia ka' <i. so far a* t*? same bav? been owilsated aod I taxre i lpt > mo? ?; ween and wh?r??Ji??? on e^l uesrs of itid rf?o?ta*<j are notified touapiarss. &ed55??E& ^>5*? wWuked oom a week for tlr^s l)al^Lrr"?l Ur ,reT1?M to tM ^ True ?ofj?Twt i vr>~ fiio u<u/. m?rKea m pifcin ft* ! ?. C*r?eta, Curtfcio*, OilaU>tte?. Rmcs, Ao., ujpwr 5ooft An i3ip?otioa of atook Im>n bo obligation lo PKRRY * B*0? 4o?-at Pm. %mA>U ggt ps^g&yg^. * ff-'isw, kivvt. kf UUrwMMi'l 1?> Ata. I ?04 ???? > i? vorM, p i o4 mU?."SU'no naat I Stw^gTOS^asasr^ m moot lair -V u uUmtb mil for mm (ullsri T^rST^amm&skS-iiSi tret ?md Pa, tn. ?? fr^oly ?p<> MILITARY OFFICERS AND OTHERS. BATCH SLOk'S UbUviliB HAIR BYE, Th? B?t In Ui? WorliT 3V OtUt hMUcU ?U fi*rm*4U Hmw D*4 JDum. PlMtorr-dl BtNMfAiailii Bn?4TV)N. Y? -' < H WHrlittimjVrui'iDiit. i plAW9^ FlANOfa, P1A.MM9,-N*v Pimm ! irw: e Vk7z; R o TT^' ftiJi fcsr . p? ?? ??>?< *??o Lh-f<n, < 1 ^ i*?"?--tijjlrf* - 'j. & QOVBRNMKNT DISPATCB. I { HMHW : FABT F&SieHT LINE MEW YOKK fS1! A ? H 1 N ?> T O N r?? HAkKltMVRUH. A Spjo:*! tireaih with each Tiiid, ic order to ?m?'e eafely aod d:?r*wh. ALL RAIL, WiTKofrr CHANGE OF CARS. on and after M'?KPAV. Nov. 18th, t?>? Company will receive &oc U5a?p"rt ttantttoaa ?*f War. o**min?Bt Storea, Sutlere* Mippiis* for the A'my and a!) Miaoellanao?a Freight, at Low Rate*. without masAi or bcle. Contract* for lievts, *n Larst <Junn>' t?, nt Htdwenl Ra:u. E^Fmiht received only at the Depot of the l>Ltral Railroad of Nov J?r>7, Pifr No. 2, North Riper. For farther tnfsrmat.on, ??r special Contract*, enquire at the Q0t<? of tkt Company. 49 Brcndieny, iV. Y . Or diS fe**syira?t? at*., \ia3htngton City. fC^Mark Good*. "H?T?nur.ent Pi?patoh."-Ttl Freight received from 8 a. rn to 3 p. m. A. D. HOPK, f ?& Hope Fxereta Co.. do io-lnt !?iij?rmtend?ntNrtTTf V This Company offers to the sublio" Ut Squalled Advantages'* for the Safe and Quick IHrpitoh of Umh Freight*. Pao?aces, V&iaatlea, Money, &o. &o., to all parts of the United States. Exsresres to aud f*om the North and VWtrt depart froin ana arrive hi Washington t-wioe dally. All Expresses are ln , harfe of tx?rrunc*d and rthabU Mesrenxers. All Packa?ee for The Soldiers cameo at "own Halv" oar usial rates. All Gooys for the so-called "Confederate Stales" and all Arttoies " Contraband of Wat" wlil be Rkvdsbd. On' Expresses la^ve Neir York at 1. $, an.! f P. M., arriving in VVashinfton at 6A. M. and 4J0 Expresses leave Philadelphia at gjn A, M. and I1.P-.Mn arrivim in Washington at I ?< P. M. and t A. ia. Expresses .eave Ba umore at 4 ?? A. M. an<l 1 P. M.^arriviag in Washiagton at 6 A.M. and6*> Kxpre**e? for ail points North and WmI leave Washingtonat7jf? a. P/M.dailr. Special Contractu for iar?e quantities of Freight can made on application to thia ? tfioe. All Woods called for aad delivered frt* of Extra charges. E. W, PAftSONS, Sup't Adams' Express Company. Washington, August a. IkH. an O-tl M. I. FHA^KLlfl, OPTICIAN TO THE PRESIDENT AXD MILITARY STAFFS, 944 P^nr'aav., no, tfi aide,) bet. 12th and 13th at* spectacles, provided with genuibe Rook Crystal or Fenaoopio Letaes. mount? I in cold, liver or steel, and muted with utmost care for ever; ace and eyesight. FIRST ^ | ~ {] CLASS MILITARY FIELD-GLASSES, \ Microscopes, Comp??8??, and MatheraUiral Is strum^nta, at the lowest Eastern priof a. oc 3-tr New pa per hanging, window SHADL. AND UPHOLSTERING ESTAL13HMEN1, 460 Nijith Strut, 'W* 1 a 1 ? *? ? - ? ? " ? i iic iiiiucrnjuBu. iormeny 01 tnetirmoi Kr&nkIm A Kottirock. b&i op? ,e?i a X?w Store at 4C0 Ninth Htreet oi;o door noutn of E ?tre*t, on the ea*? ?ida, where ue ha* a srr??ll ohoioo ?twk. and would be happy to receive the order* of the friends ar d customers f the old firm. Particular aftention will be paid to P*perh*ngins and ITphoster j work in all it? branches, no 2a 3taw3w I,. J ROTHROCK. UILLIAKDS! r\arT3 The iOTOra * of the SAME OF BILLIARDS will find ia KViRlCII'S FINE HALL. n?.?? _ ? wi UVT c rcnuay: vacua aveaue and lltii atreet, j (south aide.) tiro of the mo*t admirable TABLES in tne United State*, with ever? oom/ortand oonvenienoe au ?-tf for the aiayer*. WE OFFER TO MILITARY MEN a large aaaortsieat of GREY and BLUE FLAN IN EL OVER SHIRTS. WHITE SHIRT-? DRAW. ERS. CAMP BLANKETS, HALF-HOSE, Ao? tmen we invite all oa*h purchaaera to examine before making their seleotsona. WALL, STEPHENS * CO.. S'i9 Pa. & ., between 9th and 10th ata. ib g I Intel'unicer aii-1 K??3h?ioan.> W HOYS' CLOTHING. E Hare received within the last da* or two a large aaa??rtroent of BOVS' SPRING CLOTH lNT>, embraoi^c ail atriea of lew-priced, medium, aoJ fine ?rsiiU9?. which we are aeiling a t very low prioee for caah. WALL, STEPHEN * CO., 3'iil Pa. aT ., het*re?n <?tii and 10th sta. ma (lntatIi?*Tie*r ?>id Kesahliaan.) iv rw cloa k*7 -n ew sh awls. and il New Dr*?* Uoodit, opened rta.llr. One prioeoni;. mark din p'lkin fizures. Carters, Oilcloths, Kuti, Matting*, CsrtaTce, Ac . upper f;oor?. PERK \ A BROTHER, dw 9 5t Pa av.. and ?thstr?et._ Tto officers. HE CAMPAIGN.?A Campaigning Wagon on | the Prn**;ai> principle, arranged lor sleep- ?v lucor u> act as Amh?,?n(!? iu oaae T-iP tiokuess or woumis. with ample rootc for^^-^-*store* and provisions; light, water-proof, and perfectly new. havii.g been just built to oraer by one of tae first makers in New York, is offered for sale a: cost price. Also, a handsome, atroric, sound, dan-Drown HORHK, either for saddle or harness. Both may be seen on application to JAMES BROWN, at Mr. Irvine's stables, Corooran'a Lane, bocmd the Chain House, between 1 and H atreofn ?w an 1CA8H NOTICE. N Consetaeuoo - i ~jiit baying to pay cash for I every article oi j,ooda we purouase, ?? aro fgrcad tO re<iaoe our huiinsn In r!*ik *? ,L ?? VWBK WAVtUBlVOl/l tul VUO reacLt. \V e hive iu atore a Terr large aeaortneat of READY-MADE CLOTHING for men and bof ' wear, wnioh are telling at a much lover rate titan ueaily. WALL. STEPBENS Jfc CO.. Fa. avence, between ?th ard 10th at . j ifl 1 kr R?mS ^JUNBOATS ?0E tub WESTERN RIVERS. QvikTiutAarn finnu'i Omci. I W*iki*Kt<m, Jun* 17,1261.1 i pKorouLi are invited for ooua^aoLcc GunboaU upon 'if W?u>ra river a. M Speomoatioaa will b? imnieiliately prepared and Say be examined at the Qu*rte-maat?r'a OSoe at inoinnati. Pit'abargtt. and at tfcie ofioe. Propoaala from boat bail* era and engine-build er? alone will be oouailered. P ar.a submitted by bidden will be takeu iota eooeideratioii. M- C. MEIGS, toll <Jnartema?tar General UllM State A KMY GLOVES A ARMY GLOVES" At the Glove Depot of f. B HASTING'S A CO , 3'i3 Pat., facing Pt.?v., 4Z WATCHES. VIOLD AND 8Il>VKR ENGLISH, 8WISS AND AMERICAN. I have now on herd a large stock of all the moat oe.ebratad Wa'obee, that 1 am selling at the very IuwmI prioee tnat good and reliable time keepers ean be atlorded at; and ever? description of fine JhWKLR> ra tiand;all new atyle# received aa MXmM uianafao'.ared, and offered at the lowest raiea. Silver ware manufactured in my own ehop. All kmdaof MILITARY GOODS on band.such as Revolvers, Sworcs. Sashes, Belts, Bowie Reives. Pocket Conipaasee. Ao? Ao. Aleo strong Armr Trunks and B?-d Combined: and many other . -1- A. uniiu ?uu oioanieiiui w w? fenn?yivaaia areuue. ?> -<' if H. A HOOD Sm UK. LOCKWOOD ETtt TEETH nn Rubier, and performa all rir"Tii yrrrnrri" ' r M iw L Sto- Hui.Ji .r, corner of Seventh it- amfAaflBli* aveaae. Chloroform 11 van, u dxired.^''' rT* kinds of Teeth for aale. no 6-^ewlm* Om NOTICE N And alter the let day of next Janaary all mtmoi indebted to the late fi> m of E E. Whit* ? Co . are Hereby notified that their arrouuu. notea and dae billa vi I be plaoed m the handa of 1 my aroroey for collection. All peraona ao indebted deal ring to aaro ooata of law saita will nave to eett e arior to above specified time. de?Vaw?w E. E. WHITE. T.N DIA inBREB Pk N'ri . .nuo i? _ . ?_ 4iv/v/no, lirri'Ui, 1 CoWtj^oMko*, Blatketa, *c., at the Sutler's ' 394 Pa an., Hack Room, J* 4-tf or D ?t.. between eth ami loth. (j II H BOATS PLajia *jto SraemciTioaa for balls of Bo*ta tor tae Wctto-Q risers are on exhibition at ( K.;a p&09, and at oflloee of Quartermasters at r'ttaiarjr. Clac:a,aau, St. I^ats A.ton. BoataiCo be d? iTered at Cairo. Bida aboulu be aratto QuartorTn*?w 6oa*r*iofthe United States Army. at Waenlagton, by let Ayoit, at uoon. H* C. MKI6Sf I )t l? Brit, tail and (jwr?rn'mw Ssa*'. /-Mkiiana pmmi o?. ?aKn.. .? - I 'WV?V| vvr MVVt nVARCbi^ COi KikJ' hay? t*oom??inili?i vitb >u jttr*ordioArr tititr It oan be hvl M. *11 the ?nno >*1 gociVBKAT pi?r;Vw HKAf FLO Hit* ! CKKV ? ? BEO&QETOWN AJVfiBT'MTS We b*T<? JnKt r?xV?i?ed* (apply of theabore Ale, viuoL we reoommend io be of % rerr aaporlnr 4 unity. Pir:cu irln^iac to prsr-^ase. oy mating im r.?<1iate Application. ofca be furaithwl. ARII T c nniim, I ?p' Owjetown. |WT MtCElVirv~ .S ?&** (nv i'Jrto Rico StWARS 1*0 bWfc Old R?e WHISKY. tiOblHs. HKKRINP And ALEWIVtB, (0 bb!e. Cro?ii?d &r,.j Koaiiod ilCAf?, ? ytc- i-i ?'? ? COFFEE, 1? hhdi?.(lotr ?n<*di KOLAS;? EB. l>r JOHN J. BfiCUE. m;| - ' - - GAS FITTING, &c. _ A Wi* ?. DOVE * CO. RK Now frepfciou ic execute *lj rd*r? w!U Wt>?h ti.e? to** be UTorod 10 tie PLWHfilN^, ?A8 ok stkaji FIT*lift BUSINESS. E7" Btoi? rs ilrMt,*tew doors north of Pv renne, where a.a7 be found a comft>?te fccsortnieDj f OHANCELIKHS ?cd otfcs: as, STEAM and WATER FIXTURES. J*T?1* 18n ypkr . FL OMBBK AND &AS FiTTKh. Ht? mnoT*?l to the oomer cf Twelfth and F *U. He in prepared to introduce Wat*- a&?1 6m u?ob Ha mn*t f? vnrAKIJi t*rm? awH ?? ? -.v.? ?u- (iwauMva ra?av %ti?T\otion. . . Jehaa on hasd a lot of COOftlNQ and other 0 VES. which be will 11 1?m than oo?t, aa ha wiahea to r** rlrl of them. no IV We A8 PIXlViKBi E Hire iu atore, and are dai.j re^MTtnc, Sis FIXTURES of entire!* New Patierni&nd Deaiina and Fiqiah. popenor in atrie to anything heretofore ffei d in this market. W e invite oitiseca ceneiai Lr tr *all ana exam:r.e oar atock of *iaa and Water Fix ires, fee!ini confident that wa hare the D?rt eie^ted atoqk m Wachiniton. Al i Work in the above Tine mtraated to Mr ear* will be pronipty attended to, MYER8 * Mo?HAN. war m 376 D afreet (^FICE OF J[N _AN D SEALER ^ Wf ?*D muffiftO, J sly It, it*, MOTIVE IS fiKHtSf GI VEN. That, tfre*?olr lo tn? pr.Hisictt* of t!i? ordinance of the Corpontic^ tp>rored May 1J. Ilg , the nndor-nDor! i? L.'tr f<???roc." LstX-rer required in writing, or. f.?-f*T?noM of tue f&? of fifty oents, to in#feot. jprcTf, im! oenertftin the tccaraoy cf ration ?f any iu rector in aso in ttuc oify." Krery meter, if found incorrect, wtil be condemned ?nd another, tad marked u true, will bo ?*tiBi>? If pio?ed to be M<ja"*Ie lc Its br??Ki7iiicuk vii |U* II Vljl :)0 Bd.fQ K3CO*QlD(lJ| *q<> *z* r> y yt in position for ace. OAoe No. #10 Seventh street, (near Odd P?!?%*' < 0??t> from t a. m., to ft . nj. CRACKS w. Cunningham. t 13 if iu*?? tor and ftaaier of 6u H<tirj dentistry, .view anu improvkd invention 11 or ARTIFICIAL CHE0PLAST1 BONE t e k t H, Without Metal Plats or Claim. dr. 8. n h1gesmond, H10 DrooATitt? York?'i60 Ptnntylrnnia tnui, 12t.l and 13/4 Its , Wiuktntton, Call* the attention of the puMio to the lollowin* alvanfupg of hi* improved ?r*tem: 1. The Teeth of hi* roar.m&cturo !! Mm* never oorode nor oh?.n*? nnlnr h? ?niV*u*' acids. beiufi tlir?? fontth# lighter thar an? other. 2. No teeth or ri?ota need be extraotfd, as the arlinoial ones oan be irserted oyer them. I- The rocta will be made inoHonaivo. an never o ache. 4. No temporary teath are permanent ones oaa bo made immediately, thereby preserving the natural expoecsion of the face, whioh under the old sjatem u fr?*ueDtlj tiiuftgured. K Tki> u?. i.? t- - -??- * ' - ? V a Uin wuift 11 LA C UVTJII liilij IWlWi UV^r I1V0 jP4ri by mar.? of the first oheiuiats a^d phT?ioiana of this oouutrj. Dr. S. has &:? > invented a white undestructive metal fillmr, with which the moat sensitive teeth can he filial without pain, and can build up a perfect, sound tooth on atij aide roots, which will tast through lifetime. Tho best of reference# riven?to Dr. V. Mott: Dr. Dorwirn's, Prot^snor orCheinistrT. N. V.; Hon. Judge W&jne, of the Supreme Court of Washington, and thousands of othersCall and oxftmiua for yourself. no 8 6m M TEETH. LOO.MiS, M. U? Ue inventor and patentee of Ui> MINERAL FIXATE TEETH. at tends personal It at hia office .n this oity.SaNQi? maiiT persons fas wetr these teeth who"*'"" aannot others, ai.d no person can wear ethers oar. not wear these. {"er?'ias oallint it my ofioeean beaooenmoaated th ary style and prioc of Teeth the* may desire; hut 10 those wuo are particular and wish the purest, o eauorft, strongest, ami most perfoct denture that art can erodute, the MINERAL 1*LATH will b? more fully <rar<-&r.ted. Rooms in this oily?No. 3381'a.arenne, helweei tth and 10th sU. Also, MOT Arch street, Phi.adel ptua. oo II tf BOMKTHING NEW! /^N Igi f*J'^EATIST Discovaai v'J?9r J# om r ?? * ? lae 7*??'?r. OYSTERS STEAMED In the Shell and Thoroughly Cooaed ifar aupenor to a roa?t) in iwo tht fat tut timt on rteorti. call ?nd see. The onderauned respectfully informs bis friends in the District, and visitors to the oity. that he haa refiuec uis old and wxll-knowm kstablishmb>t in a moat thorough manner, and haa n>ade c< m piete arrangements to furnish OYSTERS in any style aud in any quantity. ?<J0 to ca .oua ahuokeu per (lay. 2 <**> to S.nou oans of Spued and Kreah pat up daily?can* hermetioaHy st-aied. Furnished in the shell by the ku?he. or barrel. Feraous wishing to have Oysters furnished rfis ladr tliroutn the winter, at Baltimore prices, without fear of failure, should oa!1 and make arrangements^ ouoe. Freight. time, and money taveil by puWs6ing of me, as 1 furnish an article equal to t!>e celebrated Baltimore establishments, at prices just aa low. TO SUTLERS. Canned Mea*?, Lobsters, Sa-dmes,, Strawberries, Tomatoes, Fig a' F-?et, Tnpe, Ao. *o.,4o, Also, Pickles, Catsup, Sauces, Brandy FnacUes, .to. Also, Gaine and Fiesii Fish. Turies, Terrapins, Fresh Lobsters, C?-c!, Halibut. Ac. iu utci, over; mini ior sale in the Northern marketa aiwars on band, at reaaonable price* Hotels and families enpphed with, delivered without oiiarge t-- auy part of the Diatriot. in leaaon. if the money i* eent with the order. My eatabiiahmeut la open from 5 a. m. to 12 at nirht, every cay, exoept Sunday, when 1 otoae at 10 o'afock a. m. ?e 87 T. .M. HARVEY, JOUNSON A NAGLE, OUQ ?Uv No. i'*9 PmwiLViBU Avmirt, muJ Between Ninth and Teeth ata.. aonth aide, orrxK ?o* calk: CHAMPAGNKfc?G. H. Momm, Piper Heidaiok, Moet A Cuandon. Builinier A Co., Cartier A v/u i au? CLAKEirt?Vt. Ju'.ien, St. Eetephe, Cantenao, &o , bT the out or dosen. HOOK WINES?D?ide?heimer, Johannesberter, Liebfrauenmiloh. Rudesheiirm, Ao. BRANDY, Wi.isky,Oia, P(5rt, Sherry, Msdeira, in wood or class.

LONDON PORTER, Brown Stoat, Edinbnrfh and Yorkshire Alec, of the beet brands, in bot ties or stone jags. CIGARS? Havana and Domestic, of the ohoioest brands. Poultry, |A,i J ^?(iA;hifJ i;WIv0W "Wn^as^fiiwsr* C"{?? & ' *' "*? *' *. R?! ? ?. i?y-T -/ ??- "U vi uwaou, All of which we offer at the In wee t possible priuea ftail on reasonable terms, noi JOHNSON k NAGLE. D~~ ~R. GODFREY'S ANTIDOTE WILL CUBE GONORKHiKV mux dare. cnanreof diet required. It ta aa Ecg-^MVK luii tipeoifio of ai*ty-five ?ea etan< ingHBHb. and will not harm the moatdelioate oon ctitntion It oooUi"* m mrafra'*, Price ft. Sold by S. C. UPHAM, 310 Cheanut etreet, hilftdelphia, and in Washington by 8. C. FORD, oorner 11th atreet and Pa. a*e. noKeoly Dr. duponts sugar-coated female rKUUIiATlNG pills Read the following uneolioited enooini K, uma: . > --1 oannoi oonmena ?nem too highly." Wr3 "They ftre the best hemale Pilis extant." "1 have used them with complete suooess." "Would not be without them neon any consideration." "They operate speedily and effective]/." Prioe 91 Sent by mall Sold h? 8. C. UPHA.M, *10 Chesnut street, Philadelphia, and in Washington by 8. C. FOKD.oorner 11th street and Pa. avenue. no 36- eoly THF. SUBSCRIBERS beg leave to inform their petrous and the pnbuo generally of be- mm in* amply supplied with a superior st ok ot^H FA L L and W1 NTF.R BOODS. . WK They also respeotful'y invite attention of Wlf their Army and Navy customers, and those"-* resuirint outfits in that line, to their snperior sualitlM of HanrHa k ilk * " cw??v Hiu Mritad 0U haud' w*"oh are warranted aa repr? VVhil.t taixlerinj thanks for the literal patronage Bcjojred.tiif y wil; endeavor to merit a continuance a V. i. HKIBKRGKR * QO . UUMCeto H. P. Ijondon* Co ,1 CITir.KN, H'LITARY md NA VAL TAILORS, .. _ 38? penjjeylvama A venae. tx> 16 e<?9wi H.v? ,F*BNPH Jt H1CHSTB1N ; Popon from il! p*ru ?"V^g^oM * RWB9TEIN, ??* ? gy<* Pur l5St^HSi io<??. Corpet Bat*. ??~ wkiok wo iro now ao ting ? / f Look HttiritiL, I Ht AiNMrrf tk? mm Or tate, 8p*df ?U ?Uf Rf*ct+*l JUiudf im lit WrM, I F1IR AL.L C!9BABBBJ>P IMPKfDBNCB. LET NO FALSE DELICACY PREWENT APPLY IMMEDIATELY. 4 gVR E WARRANTED. OR NO CHAROE, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. tiUuM of lit Sack, StnctBrM, Af ?cti<rot of tfea KMtad Bladdir .^toinar* S.tcbaryoo, lapotoac*, Oobtra. Utility, ItkcToiaoMi, ?>y?papor, Lupn, Ggoftiwi of Umi, Lo? fpnj, ?^pu?uo?i of U? Hi in, Tiraiduj, Tramblinci, Dimnaaa ef Bif at or Oiddinaaa, Dttaaao of IM aad. Throat, Noao er Skia, Afactioc* of tho Lun, Stomach or Bowalt?thoot T cm bit Dtaordtra aritwf from ?*Utary Babitaof Yontb?thoaa Dnadfii and DottncQ't Pratttcoa which rtadtr Marnafa UapoaaibU, a*4 doauoy hoik Sod; ui Miod. YOV\li MKN Kapacially tk? ha?a bacocra tfa? vietima ( fcltmy Tie*, that drtadfnl and daaira*u*a habit which annuity la an anumaly (Tar* tbuaaanda of Yoarg Mao o# tha tiaktd ultnu ud brilliant laiailacu who Mffcl otharwiaa ba?? autrancad Uatanaof with th? thaodara of caaoca o? wakad t* tcatacy tfaa tl?inf lyra, im; Mil with nil ctoldtoea. MARRIAUK. Mi It BHD PUtoitl, or Towig Mao taotairyLatinf Martuj?i btinf awara of piyaica.1 waakoaaa, arfmaia dtbtllty, 4*Ar>e!uaa, 4c., apatdily caftd. ft a who placat hitnain tndar tha Cut af Of. J. my ralijrt ??ly coaBdt in hit honor a? a ftatUnun and Moldaoflf raly a pen hta akill aa a pbyaician. OFFICE IT#. 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. laft hand aidajwtaf fram BaJtimotaatraat, a (ff daon fr?a in a coroar. rm not :o burn dioi aoi iinMt. kalian mi b? paid and cmuui I tump. dr. JosrrsTotr, ttt'abtr W tb? floyai Collar? of 8ur?aoca, koodoo, rrt4iIII from so* of th? moat amuiant ColUfti in tb? Uoltad Itataa, and tb* riaatar port of vhoaa lift hu baan (pool la tb* Hoapiula of London, Paria, Pkiltdtlpbit ud ilMVkiri, ku ilicttd too* of lit* moot aatontabinf oarti that vara var kbovo; many tro?bl?d with ruifinf la lb* baad and aara vbaa aalaap; rraat narvooanaaa, bam* atarmad at ad Jar. aoanda, baabnilcaa* vitb fraqaaot blaaoing, attaedad aeoatiniaa wilt daranf amaot af mud, vara carad uaadiataty. take particular notice. Tmtf Man and othara vbo ba?? lojorad tbamoalvaa by a run pracuoa indulf ad to vban alona?a baMt frag?antJy Uaruad from a?ti eotnpsr.iuna, or at acbool, tb* BacLt of vbico ar? a'fbtl* f*'t a*?n vbaa ailaap, and if aot ?ar*d. raodari marnafa impoaaiHa, aud daairoya botb ouad and body, aboold apply iiumadiatal?. Tbaaa ara aoma of tiaa aad aad raalaneboly (facta rrodaead by aarijr bahita of routh, ?n: Waakoaaa of tb* B?ek and, Pair.a in tba Ha&d, Dimnaaa of fhgbt, Loaa of Maaca>ar Povar, Palpitation of to* Heart, Dripapay, Nar*oa* irritability, Darabfamrat of tb? Di(ftau?a Faactiooa, Utnarai Dal.iiity, 8ympto<sa of Conaamptioa, Ac. ?l>iTALLT.-*ni* faartoi *f?ct* oo til* mind art tsteb I* k* dr**d*4?Lmi of M?mory, Cor.fwioo of Id***, D?rraaaia? of Spirit*, KtII Forabadinp, Artraion of Sociaty, Salf-Diatrsit, Lot* of SoHtad*, Tin. id;;*, *teH ui Mm* of tb* *?U* **d*e*d. NKBvori D??ilitt.?Thtutsi* eu naw )*d(* wh*t 1* tb* c&M* of lb*ir dcelloinf fc**Hb, lotiuf tb*ir rigor, bacamicf v**k, p*la, r>*r?ou* and *roaei*t*d, having * *icfBl*> *Pf**r*nc* *bMt tb* if *i, CMffa *r lympuxni of CMiiapUll, DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. When tb* mt*rnld*d *od impradtut ?otary of pl?a?*r* led* k* ha* itubUMd u.* laid* of tbt* painfal di**a*?, U tea *ft*B bapf*e* tbit an tll-tim*4 Mn?* of ihaci* a* dr*?d of dt*e***rv d*t*ra him from applying to thoa* who, troa *dae*ti*o and raapaciabihty, c?o alon* b*fn*nd biai. H< fall* iota tb* baada of ignorant aod daaifntog prataodar*, who, ioeapatl* f cant*, Bleb hia pacor.iarj aababuic*, k**p bun tnfing raottb a/tar moc\tb, or a* loer a* u>* *mall**t f?* can b* *btamad, and In d**pair laaaa bira with rainad haalih U aifb t?r mi ramof aiooppoir.traont; or by til* of that doadly poioou?Moreary?haotoo tho Maiotitauooal yiactomo of tbu torn bit diooaoo, asch > Af oeuooa of tho Boon, Tb root. Rood, kin, Ac., profroMirf with frifbtfal rapidity, till dootb pau t ponod to hio droadfal aaforinf* by oondinf himt o that aodiaoorarad co in try frora wbooo boarsa do trarolot rotaroo. DR JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND IMPOTBNCY ^ By thlo (root u4 lnportaat roraody votknmof tho orrua on apaadUy (Mod u< fall rigor rootorod. TVtuudi of tho oot uomii ui dobilitatod, who had toot oil feopa, ?*? boon irsmodiatoly rolio'od. Ail Irapodimoou to MarrlafO,Phyoi?*J o* Mdata! Diisnltioaiiona, booa of PmomoUto Povor, Borrou IrrltablMtr. Troablinr ood Woakuooo or Biaiaatioo of tho moot foariml ktad apoodlly carad. ENDORSEMENT OF 1 HE FRESS. Tai Tmouiaxc* carod at tfclo lnaihauoc vithlo tho loot oortLtooo roaro, and tho naraaroaa important Sarrital oporatioua porformod by Dr. Johiioton, witcooood by tho raportan of tho papora ai.d icaoy athor rarwr.a, ooticoo af vhlah ba*o oppoaraJ again and again boforo tho pakhe, bolidoo bio ataodmj aa a footiomao of cfcarcctor ana roopoaolMllty, to a aaBotaat f-aaractoo to tbo oflietod. mar lUr LEA.It PERRIRI' CELEBRATES Worcestershire Sauce. Prouounoed l?y EXTRACT CONNOISSEURS or a Letter from a to he the 8 J Miditnl ir*ntltman Jk ^ at Madras <>NLY GOOD % T* u' r? t' M, 9| 7o /ft* Brother SAUCE." at Woroeater. and applicable to gjjgg! ? Tel! L.M&.. w. . B v r?*> that their S<mk? L'EKt U*?n?t'?? ii hichlr e?teeuied r i ~r in Inain. iLnri in AKIKTN -r-? -Jint opinion, the moat atihie. as well =4 OF DISH. rnoit wholesoree uc* that i s rnmif." The above hal'ce ii not only the best and most roruLAR roxijiv! inr kuown, but the most Fconomtcal, as ? lew drops in Sovp, Orary, or with h\tk. hot and flbid Joints, Buf Sttak, Uamt, 4v., impart an exquisite jest, which unprintipled Sauce man nfaoturers have iu vain endeavored to imiial*. On the, Lunik*on. Dinner, or Svvrtt Tablt, a oruet oontainioj "LEA & PERKINS* WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE" is indispensabid, 'I'ft UnnrAm fo k ?. it * ?_?.; ?_ ?r r. ?-v..i?vu mu txc?(?mi 7*1tin?5 OF tHIB 1411preparation it is only neoeaaary to purohaae & ?iu?ll bottle of the genwue, of a respectable grocer or dea er. aa many Hotel and Re.uaurant proprietura seldom piaoe tlie Pure sauce before their Kueeta. :>ut aubatitutea genuine Bottle filled with a rrut\out mixture. For ?%le by 6rooera and Fruiterers everywhere. JOHN DUNCAN A SONS, Union Square and 14/* ftrut, New York, Hole Wholeaaie Agents for the United State*. A Stook alwaya in store ? Alao orders received for direct ahipmenta from England. rC7* Betnere of Coemttrfritt weed iMtiaiinai.JTI ?p 3-ly.eo " Pari Cnik, Celel, Hmtmmm*, 1+^liWATV Aueeex*. nv MJI tf lit Thro*l, Rtl%*n* tkt NyWITnl Hackvmt Couth ** Ccmntmp~ l>l'*."ltl.lMl turn, Bremckttti, jLikmu, WiUliUiAM0 t C+lmrrk, CUnr mud n?? WMPW itrmttk lo tkt ***** if r?BLIC SPEAKERS and SINGERS. Few are aware of the Importance of oheokinc Oenjii or "Common Cold" in its first state; that which in the beginin? would yield to a nil la rjrae dj, it n?f leo tod, soud attacks the Lun&s. "Bronn'i Bronchiml TVoeAo." oontainHij demuloeqtineredtenU. allay raimonary and Bronohial Irritation. "That trouble in ray Throat, (fot BROWN'S whioh the "JVesJut" area speoifto) harini made me o^.et a mere whis TROCHES Mrar." * ?? * n iwutoi BIOWN'B " 1 reooiamend their to Pvaue snum." TROCHES REV. E. H. CHAPIN. BROWN'S ?ROC HP'S M Almoit inat&Lt relief in the die w BB treeaing labor of breathing jecaliai RROWNf* tO AaTHM4." BKUWHTS KEV. A. C. EW0LE8TON. TROCHES " Contain no Oyinm or anything mjanoaa," DR. A. A HAV Ed, ^ BROWN? Chimin, BosiM nnrava M A aim*io and fleaeant aombina TROCHES n#B fol Cbwmfi,x io. BROWN 8 * * '""XL. TROCRK8 BROWN 8 Btiim " 1 bj??e proved U*? UMlirat f?l "0C"M "-'KW. ?.UK. BROWN 8 BmIM. MOOES n^^MT5S.g'S5?U- " BROWN S " **' D? * r* tEOCMES BK0WIT8 orannro with Sruini a&4 BimWR0CMK8 fr?l M. STAGY JOHNSON, acowH-e TKOCMC8 "freai to&efit vh*n Ukoc b?fDr* iiowffa iiocw ragggjffi ?*.', ? .?? BKOWITS Prwi&ni aKS "7" RWMJBatt82y n TOP HAM *8 K# r M B M I V M T It 9 If K QKSu MANUFACTORY, ttl BmiiTi win, Wihimtm, D, a ~ffl^?sst?isns?Bur** c"*KtomLEi&? ^ss^,'wa I Snpmior Uiuir u4 Draaa Tm?ta and* to Trinka tonnd AOd rmind at ?hor? eooda deiiv?r?d tr? ?feW?toaoyfpart o} tt? "* A1SSri3-?.T?f.AM. |JOIIB-MAOB NOO^S AND HIIB u M TImi ? rlfht f U? Iptw 1NSTANV RKI?iKF 8TOF IOVROOV#fl PDRIFT YO0R BRBATR STRENGTHEN YOUK VOICE SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. U1 GOOD FOM CLERGYMEN, GOOD FOR LECTURERS, GOOD FOR PUBLIC SPEAKERS, GOOD FOR SING MRS, GOOD FOR CONSUMPTIVES. GENTLEMEN CARSY SPALDING'S THROAT COFT1CTIOVB. LADIES ABE DELIBHTED WITH SPALDDfO'S THROAT C0NHCTI0H8 CHILDREN CRT FOR bPALDING'8 THROAT CONT1CTIOH8. Thty relieve ? Coagh iaattnti?. tber el?ar U>? TfcrOtt. * HV7 |IW mruiMI MN TtMIHV wm WV TWIW. They impart ft delioioas troM to the breath. They ars delightful to the tast*. Th*j ft re mftde of elm pie herb* and ousot harm tty one. I ftdnse every one who has ft' Cosgh or ft Inky Voioe, or ft Bad Breath, oft any difcealty of the Throat. to ret a package of my Threat Confeofaone. They will relieve yon instantly, and yon will ftcree with me thftt "they to risht to the spot.' Ton will find them very nuefol ftnd pleasant while traveling or attending pnblio meetings, for stilling yonr Coach or allaying yo'ir thirst. If yoa try one paokage I am safe in saying that yoa will ever af terwftrds oonsider them indispensibia. Von will find them at the Draggists and Dealers is Medi oineePRICK TWKNTV.PIVR fiKNT* My bi i natnre it on Mob p*ok*f. All otb*ri arc eoanUrfeit A Pftokace will b? MDt by mail, rt oelpt of Thirty Cent*. AddrotiHENRY C. SPALDING, No. 49 CKDAR STREET, NEW YORK. CURE NervousHeadache neaaacne. Br ?'* im tt Urn PUli tto htM* ?ttwU jr?TVMi m Si*k H$*4a?k* may ba prarento*; and 1 taken at the oommenoement at an Mtaak ima? 4 late relief from pain an4 aiekneaa win be otaiaa*. Whey aeldom tell m rmoTuu Ua JVaaiM im Htmdmtlit to whieh fomaJea ar* ao aibjeet. Wh?y Mt centiy ipon tkebevole,?fwwvtng 9mMmmm. fat fi??.?. u_ r>^-.j??- iui,^.. d ? ad all porooca of iMmfr* MM*?, thoy ve triable u a LM?rtw.lm?ronm tk? an?iti?. *vlm imm and ?n' to the diceetire arcana, ud n torlnc the na?ir?J elasticity aad strength to* wkole system. The CEPHALIC PILLS ar* toa ranll a/ lens iCT?atlratioc ?nd oarafa! y eocdaoted experiment* bavins been in aae many years, darins whiob time they have prevented and relieved a vast amoact of pain and saJTerins roat Beadaaha, whether onsi nating in the mmimm systea or from ? dsrangad ?Ute of (he HimU. They are entire!* vegetable in Uetr composition, and may be taken st ail timee with perfect safety withont mating a or ohange of diet, mmd Iks abUM4 4f amy duarrttabl* tant rtmdmi it tan ? admmiittr lim le tkxidrta. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS! The genaine hare five signatures ef Hnn c Spalding on eaoh Box. Sold by Driggista and all ethsr Dealers ta Medi IBM. A B?i will to MB* try nail ? r?MH* PRICK. ? CENTS. AU arMra ilinK to WdrMrt to HENRY C. 8PALD1N*. 48 Ona Brain. Nnr Yoaa. frM lij hMto. rm CaphaLia Pill* aaeomaliah Use object far vkiaa ttter wer* made, ti>: Get* kaaaaehe la all lto form*. #Vm 1*4 Mmmmntmar, JVcr/cJfc, fm. ?her have been tMtod la mere Mm t lt?wn mm, witfi entire aoceae. fram tu D$meerai. Si. fll?4. Mm*. If roi Are, or hare been troabled V It* Ike MM *on*. *ead for a box,(OeahaJe Pilla NtMi r*i bit nare ttaem in oue <n fnUttanfc, IVm lit Wut0r% ML IL SuMii flMMft, IU, 4K"1*'- " Prtm IJu Setui#m Ptk IMar, Htm Orl??>. U. Try them ! roa that are afflicted, Kfri are ear* that ronr t^BUmour can he uiIm m Ui &_raa^> Lumeroa list ib*i hd rooafood bwi? tHTfti otfcor mKdieiao ou prodaoo. tk* ftMiM, Dm) nywi, i<M> Mr. ftBfldioji vomld oot oousoot kia IUM vtU an articll he did lot bmow to y*M? rweetiL IVm tk* Adtmiuw, PfwUmm, JL i. XttSVierB Tory test ibr thft rory fco^ioai OOW^aJat arkio* ftu rvor boon dlsooTorod, Prrm Ui St. Ltmit J?wi, riftifssftisssLir "* .ffiwssswffawtt5r=:,s'Vk? tMbmorr u ttotr kms'llraif,frtatt? I ort r?yootabfr <im IVm lii iMly JV?m, i?wml, It i. OepbaUo mils ?i? taktagtka Mm of ail kurta. fy-MH U4 CmmmtiU BulUrtm, Bum*, Mw Said to ba t*j Mlo?io? for Um baadaab*. IVtn ti? Cmwinlili Cimrmmati, 04m. Baffenoi buaanitr oaa now bo raliorad. IL7" A unci* bottle of flpildliif Prepared Give vUl an ton tima lta ooct uUMlly. SPALDING*8 PREPARED OLVE! SPALDING'8 PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! BAYS THK PIBCR8! ECONOMY! DIStATOH CT"A Bmef i* TUB Bavm Nm"XI SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE mito all ?Mk nmrcmmim, bo boanteM m Mora to b? withoatIt It m *1 w*r? imAj. and tittllMlwMli - USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE." Vowta. 444ms mJuiRr c arAW)|N , K?. itOtferatTMt, M?v Yort ^CAUHON. W. iirale.1** " **" rALDlN*** mfct'AKMi 91**^9 I iSwtt^ Trwr: " ? *? / ; ^ TBAVKLLBBS' DIRECTORT. # -> ? ? ^ m. mm mmm . ? aUltiOBK-l l/bHRAli MlbWAT . SkmtmU QmUkut mmd JUm B*t* W^U^Ji#Df(OITHWEW WINTER SMKDDLt Ca&MI Of 11KB. ."vss.f? F^jrysffss: fitottoau folkovaT" Tiun Nomm Lun KWISMhaa Par ktoo A co mno4?tioc 4 ?. m. PitUtmri and Harris tun* IifrtM I r p m _ ^ _ Taaws Barra lixn SH'sHS aj~? * . Tk? a. m train froai Waahinitoa aofa?u vrtb tka ? a. m. bait front tfatimorc ff r uo W??t and for BbmIo. Klarita. Koeb*?tar, Daalurfc., CaDu,ai?M and Nia?ara Falia, aad for Nev Tort oity. Tm fl A. trmin ftn? Wiaiilw * ? witk tb? if- m trfciB fr< n B?ibaoi? l? Wwt. Nortk t'd K orikvcatsad t imir* m4 BaflWo ft*e EoohMfear. TkO p. m. tnu fr(>ro^\\^?nit?toE over *?tawitk H*rr:?; ii i ut? Writ uO n kdir?rt noriJ Uoollor L?b*ro[.. Bi?t? AUMton Ud York Ctktnl lulrotd of Nrw Smnrnj. Try tkii rot;* for N*w York "5ys Mmainr' ol* ly ftmyrt* ?* *?! T^INB TO AND FROM Wlimtk SC&BlVLM. ^SiSFBSS^SmAt^HS!^ mfflsz B#S NraiflUMt's. te1; Uftbr,.tT; >f? Vorkir.*.; Barrifbarc Lli r. ?. Momnx Aotomiiiwl&oot Inn W??t.::.|U?B 1# a..u. AmveU BaltimoreftJP a. *. No oonnw tiOLi ?t B* t.n.or?. >rw ^rS^Vtil?Imti WMklaftoa M II &. M*i arriT* M Autmort lL?o r. B^AkmMrhl* U7p. *.. Nrw York Mm. Aftmoot A?oajpodauoe Inn Wiiklutoi Mr.M. Arriba at Ba Umore4?P. aw limrtiri M? a. Phi.ade phia iojb p. p. Iimi Kxvpew?Ueve Waffctaftoa I r. u. Arrive *F BiiUraore C?f.?jTta afle.pbia H>? iWA " Leave NeirYori it ? i. ? ; PfcLida.?hi? II JO a. Baltimore t tr. . Amra a?WaJkln*toL ?.?f f'LMr? Not York at V. ?; Pklladalpkia 1#* r. Baltimore ?J? a. K. Amn at WtskiiirMi Dstasosafts. rL-?;' IT?ii'.I .eescurji wnti n'uliiutor at T?r a. x. aod IJM p. and Baltimore at i? a. aad1J0 p. , make direct oonoootion* for Anna^n at the J unotion. . _ Train* 1?A?A Aana?A!te PmM .wum* mj*A Il?a^ foctoD at a. h. and iwr. rumflier Train* leannx v\ aataiartoti at &.l? a. a a i<3 ? r. m.. and Bafliaora at 4JB and J a. M..and sy? r. wil rtop onltnt Junction m?4 Ifwutufiw ( Hi<a* Jtuunon War Aatiecffri nast take the Accommod*tim TV at* J on It Tram* will leave Waahtcjrtoa and Baltimore promptly nrrn emrd timt. W. P. SMITH, Maatar of TraLtpoMatioii, Bait. J. T. ENGLAND, Ajent.Oroden Station, Baltimora. 8. P. T. Agent at Waihmton. aa _|?i> STEAM WEEKLY BETWEEN NfcW YOER A5? D LIVK-EPOOL. IjLidinf Hrvl AtnlArkiM rnaar, nr? ai The Liverpool. New York tad Philadelphia Bteamahis Company iatenri diapatohint their f#il powered Clyde-bailt iron SteMaahipa aa followa GLASGOW -Satnrcay, A of net 3d. CITY OF BALTIMORE. " " 10tt. KANGAROO. M M l*h. And every Saturday, at noon, fro* Pier 44, North nw. utu of riauai. First Cabin .#* Do. to London _ ?e Do. to Pane ha Do. to Hamburg M Steerage ?. ?' Do. to London - - - - M Do. tO V?r|a .? ,, as Do. to Hunbare. a Passengers forwarded to Havre. Bremen. Rot tecdasai Antwvr/. Ac , at redaoed throneh tares. Person* wishisc to brine oat their mends oan buy achate at low ratea For farther information apply at the Captaica OAoe. JOHN G. DAL* , Acent, lft Broadway, ff. Y.. Or toQ. A. HERRING, Adams Exsrsea Bam ??. mmmm cew~^'t^/lwat. SUPERINTENDENTS OFFICE,! Calvmt Statioji, Batlrnora. May la, X?61. f nre and dtftrt u follow, nntiTfarther notice. -A.L.-UrU'-" Li PRESS itUP.M. HARRISBURG ACCOMMODATION at I f. _Tb?8.W A. M. train oonneota at Relay Hone# with traina on Ahe W?it(m Marylacd Railroad at Hanover Jan&tion with Haaorer end Getubun Railroads; at York with York and Wruhtaville Railroad; at Harnaberi with PenaayirantaRail road for all aarta of ?e Weet. also with LebaeDOD berland a*d ^Haitroad^r Unieton^ t.T^sSSsaf Iff KSWftSffiS ffortharn PeDnaylvaaia and New York. The f JO P. M train makes ail the at>oTe ooaaaabone tioryl H^nom Rv.roac, WncManiM Railroad and the Lebanaoa Vafoy Railroad. The 8 P. M. train oUm eoitfct oti with PtuK m.& Ra...road for all part* of the We?uao?l direct oonneots for New York. TRAINS AKB.ITK. Mall at 110 P. MUBxpre#* at "IM A. M.. lami bari Aooon.nioc&uor. at i.a P. M. For Tickets a:.a irj<rnation in^aire at the Ticket Ofioe, Calrert Statioc, Baltimore. J. C. CLAHK, !?c ? t PHILADELPHIA, W1LMlNGTO> AND BAL TIMOR ? RAILEUAI). SPR1N& AND SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. On and titer TUESDAY May Utn. Passenger Trains lor Pbuade.?hia will leave Precdent street Deeot i >*? ? H?nA*?? i * fm ? ifxprees VrmTc ttlli A.)f.,%?T Mai*! Train at M6 A. k Et?oib? Nil, at ftf o'olook. On 81 NDA YSat 4 45 f. IT. onTj. All trains oonceot witfc Nrw York trains exoopt iAt P. M. train on ttatnr j{*Pr?t|bt Tram with u-iapr oar attaobwl leare* atlP. M, stopping at *11 Stations kMitn Ba timorf aud de-6rao?. Paeeotrers for Delaware and the Eastern f Kore tf MarrUkbU wiii fiod the moat expeditious roate bp wT?taih ut (It* bead before ag the pare. WM CRA WFOKDt IUM^V bKlB KAiL PuMBfir Trtiu Inn vtt P?vt> sift Ferry and Long iK*ck, from foot of Cfc&abtra rtrwt, Now York|M folios*, tii s 7j00 V m , FX K?*?v for Dunkirk,Md BuffcJo. lad w.u.mI ltLwrao-'k.U gutiona OP ?. m, MAIL, for Dunkira. u4 latenaaduU* &U.Uoa??T:..? Tr*in r*ntiu onr iuffatM Kimtr*. t&c >roo?eoi ui? n?xt morjuu. imt m.. MILK diulj, rar OtwriU*. tad later Static-ct 11.00k. b . ACCOMMODATION. *Ulr. for Fori J*ma, udfi;uc:M bt?uooj u ?. NieiTsxr?B8e.feu*.fD. r*n K-M^tsssres? Stations, u4 r*M elite Hjmirv t W p. m-. ACCOM MOD ATI ON.for Bormrtltt, aad pi ftl BtMlcIaA? KJNOT, e?or 8*f*t. NATHANIEL MAKSB. I^tw. j^^?NKW YOkE HARLKM AND ' l " ^ s&v Cob??LO.L{ Moii^ajr.iUrnth.iMi. F^or Abaar?llstt a. a. kit mfrm* trail from ForKwr Plata*?atoMta* at Whit# P uu aad stations aortto to DoW. plaia*?ftotu "ftseaw- to MilUrtoi e*sn SatanU* aiSfept?TAAttKSSlSS.r For W kite Paih?fc3?,.?? uj fcflo> a. ?to> S^J!S3W?.? ~ QOBft froa W h.u rt'AOt *U.U0(W .E^iSE;? ^Jjg Plta^w%>|>. fc? *ja. d?s t*/5 rW,# *jotfe^PiiclaiLf[riC?PW^ p?? From ciuuS^r* F t tk ?Wf< Exmw.7 ud 1! a. m., 7-?.I! JR a. m * * *? ftt.d VJp mm A . ak I Mi p m f roy tad iwttii ??.? p. m . >Vmn4mi* ? MtiBf Mr)ia.Vi r- * duflw' f out tmil,* ( i* k. m. ?jm) .? * ? P?*k?kUf\!nMn,tJi*p ?*<*>? ii. ?nc ?mc UAUL^ '? a .|?Ji * &. _ ? ** m4 <Xa?dl> ?. w. 1 C>5 f. ? riWtt

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