Newspaper of Evening Star, December 16, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 16, 1861 Page 2
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THE ~F.VF.MNU STAR. WASHtTOTON CITT: MOSDAT... DECEMBER 0_/~Tfcv%h Thb mi* to printed on tb? fsst^r mm p?";a It am mntb ef Baltimore. ita edition 1? Wre a* ?? rrqatre It to be put to pre** at *n Let.- j , therefore, nbonld be rnt Ib before 1* oriock * . otherwise they may fUa> ??>t opreer until tb# next dav. Iiy To oor Raltinu>r? rradrri we would sav T>?at ?be fl?-*t and sreond edition of the Sfar tan t?f bad In Baltimore ??f F. F Hazelton, agent. No 74 We?t Baltimore street, near Gay?th? Hit edition at 1 alf past four and the second at eight o'clock, on the arrival of the trains from Washington, p'vlng all the latest newt ftaan the neat of wu up to tbe time of golag to pw. Spirit ( tbe Morning Prrsa. Tbe Imtelligvnctt ?t this morning 1? occupied with new* rtaUm Tbe K'fnbl*ran further treats upon tbe ne^ro . (JVH Tl)-*ilII'IW \liJIIT ?rk?t? ?*U1 k> ?. _ ... ...... m . m uv v ? in W * rwepfon at the Whit* hor i to-r rrow night, f?o? e-ght o'clock until half pa*t : n. OFR MIL?TAKf BI DT.ET. la addition to the ummiry of Commander Palmer'* report of the circumstances attending tlx t scape ot the Sumter from the harbor of St. Thomas, given la the 5?ar elsewhere, we learn, oa looking over the long report In question, that Commander P., on coming to an anchor in the karbor of St. Thomas, was notified tbat under tke law he would be compelled to wait twentyfour hours after the Sumter's departure ere following her; and therefore was driven to the alternative of weighing anchor and taking a portion a marine league outside the mouth of th? aaroor, ana mere risking the escape ol theenemy | -Ux mouth of the harbor beUig fifteen mtlea wide The Sumter escaped ?m tbe first succeeding dark night; aa, thoigh Capt. Palmer aaw and nnderstood the algnal tbat ate was about to start made by bia agent on shore, and got up (team nd searched In tbe dark for her aa abe went out, he was enable to fnd her It la clear that the people oo shore exerted themselves to aid the eaotpe; sending a small (private) steamer some# ?- - - -_v auriu 11 urr 10 waica ror the Invquoi*, ami to algaal Capt S^mmee relative to her petition, course. kc Thus waa ibe successfully facilitated We may xM. that the Department believe that If the ctrcumatancea turn out aa stated by Commaader Palmer, no eenaure whatever can atUch to 'hat o4cer. THI UrilIMI!tTr WITH MILITARY BBINIS. rhe New York ljth regiment, engineer corps, threw a pontoon bridge 3ft0 feet long across the Ksster* Branch of the Potomac, above the Navy Yard, oa Saturday afternoon, and croaaed it successfully with men, horse*, and ha*v wagoM A number of the floata or pontoons were then piled over by the soldiers, using ahovela aa paddles. The corps alao experimented with the new flying bridge of ropes.which haa been Improved ao itit men can eroea It with great facility. Many ladles croaaed aad returned, without danger, over a rariae four hundred fett wide and fifty feet deep. Mra. Welles, wife of Ihe Secretary of the Navy, Commodore Bmiih ?n<i _ ? ? vnuwi muiiigan wtrt j among the apectatora | When tbe bridge eiperlmenti were finished, the regtmeat formed to line and Col. Mulligan mth Intndueed to them He addreased thrm la a congratulatory speech, which ?u en'huMaattcallv received be.tEKAL srjfi??a. The Injury auftdloed by General Sumner on Saturday afternoon laat. which yesterday gave riae to a prevaleat rumor of hla death, wi? by no meana aa aerion* as wu drat thought He wai riding at. a rapid gait, when hla horse atepped ' Into a foot hole, and falling, fell heavily on h'.m, t*'rtng and brulslag him greatly, but not ao aa to endanger hla life. Hla condition haa alnce been rrmatantly Iwftovlng He la expected to be out j again la t*so or three daya. rwoiD roaLtacT. loumm. A beautiful eabre baa been manufactured In I New York, to be presented to Lieut Tompkins, whose brilliant cavalry duh Into t-alrfax Court Hoose village last spring la so well r etc em beted The wrapon la of the regulation size, and bears the following Inscription "Presented to Lieutenant Char lea ti Charles W. Elliott, la commemoration of the charge at Fatifax Court House, May 31st, mi.'? woaa cAFTrais ?v the sauna. Commander Palmer write* the Navy Pepartmeat that the Sumter raptured the Joseph Parke, of Boston, on the35th r?epteiiiber, and the Daniel TinwSriilo. ?? V ? " ~ ... ? , vi 4?cw iiaveu,uu iae Z7iD october. 8he landed the fourteen prisoner* she made on the Trowbridge, while the whole crew of the Park* (foreigners) were Irduced to join her. tbi escape oe the afxteft Commander Palmer's Ditpatek to the JVary Department, Aeeoumttng for ktr Escape. The N-"Vy Department ha* .received dispatches from Captain Palmer, commanding the steamer Iroquois, la which be minutely relates hit movements la order to capture the pirate Sumter The Government at Ma'ttnlq'ie, be says, refused to alEe the Sumter coals, bvtrMow?r: Ler to come to ?t Pierre, where she obte ed i -apply from English men bant* The Sumter bad been r?^?!ved with courtesy at the seat of Government, ai;a Captain Palmer discovered, to nae hla c wn language, that this far<? of the non-recognltlon of the Confederate fl.<g by France and Engisnd Is uplayed ont " He had a correspondence with the Governor, the result of whleb was, be was referred to a i*r*i7r?nVi nf Wb stoat International Law, to the effect that one belligerent could not depart from a port until tweaty four ho?r* after another had left. The Burster waa at that time In the port, and the IroMola ?u obliged to anchor one marine league from tbe shore Tb* majority of the citizens of Port Royal were la favor of tbe Sumter, and therefore anzloua for her escape. Being Freacb, they sympathise with Leu 1st ana, to which State they thought tbe Sumter belonged Throughout bis proceeding*, Capt. Pilmn wii apprehensive and fearful that the Sumter would eacape blm. and wlabed that abe were anywhere el* than under French protection, aa tbe autborlUra were throwing every obstacle In bla way Tbe Governor, however,. repudiated unlike fMeadllneaa In reply to Palmer'a complaint. . Owing to the distance from abore, which tbe lrcquoa waa obliged to occupy, and tbe fact that the bay la fifteen ml tea wide, and for tbe reason* above atated, tbe Sumter succeeded In <?eaplnc w k")uoi ioiiowea, but found no Wk on (m hack ground of the sky. ?^ ^ ??Til New* rioM KiKLm -Wf direct threader to tbe extracts from foreign aourcea found la tW Siar to-day, for data oa which to baae a correct opinion, not of the poaltlon which tbe geveranenta of England and France propoae to take relative to Cept Wllkea' aelsare of Maaon, SUdrll, Mc Far land and F.uatlt, but of the activity of tha icrnu of tbe Jeft Davla rebellion on tbe ether aid* of tha water, and their aympathlaera aatlM for hv i?i> ?i? w v ^ nuu uur dtllCi ROW m arms I against the Ualoa. AU tbe world know that tbcy understand lo a charm bow to manage tbe press for their owa purposes on this aide of tbe oceaa; ud It la cioar, from these exiracta that (bey are hardly leoa IikUu oo tbe otber. Thus, It U understood lo diplomatic circles here, (bat tbe apparently-positive declaration* o what England aad France propose to do, found 1? tbs antt-l'ntted States English sod Prenchf paper* just rscclvrd, amount, slmplv, to what those egging oathi Journals Inqueation (In order, If pnsslb'.s, to bring about active European ntertm?ce with tbe existing blockade.) desire those ovsramsau to do lathe premises And, further, tbst the wlib to create a lasnclal and do* ? paaie id tta toya! um to aiM at tbe lieu tea of theer raw bead-and bloodv-boaee atortee mi what bee been *?4 la hereafter 10 be done in tte Better The purpose of the?e tricka of the (*ece*b) trade 'a a? my held, ta that bit well Informed people tat* e?cnpr*-bQed at a glance thet their pretended exposition of the att.tude of England ui Pruaa, laouib to iittie more then a desperate ahuAe to depreaa public confide are la our ! ??? State* that being the great power of the j Unn*?, which ta apejtfUr to i.eerwheUn the re- bei~ m uuleee 4t?trcyt4 by the ucctaa oi aviue ****** J ?p j 1 # HIGHLY IMPORTANT FROM ENGLAND ? A I *U. A A - - - _ ? *irr i? i vi Mir rnmrr Gr*K Ex(ltfn?t over the M?nn and S l? dell Affair?A Qneen'a Mnirngfr Sett with Dispttthri to Lord Lvenato Drmud the Restoration of the Feraans of the Suthtrn Envoya?Views cf the British Press. Halifax, D>c 12 ?The Luropa arrived here to-dar from Liverpool, on the 30th ult , and Que*n*town on the 2d ln?f , where she was detained until Monday, by order of the British goveriimetit yhe has the (-J uee n's mrsatii^er on board, with dispatches for Lord Lyons London. Dec 1 ?The Observer stnt?s tta^t the rr..., I ^.111 A 1 0 1 A A _ . t_ jcwcinuierii wu' arninnu irum rrtnacni Ltincrin and his Cabinet the fratoratlon of thf peraona of the Southern envoya to the BrltUh government Yeaterday afternoon after Ave o'clock her M?jeaty held a Prlvv Council at Wlndaor Caatle Three of her Maleaty'a mlnlatTa, Including the Flrat Lord of Admiralty and Secretary of state for War, traveled from London to Wlndaor by apodal tra"n to be preaent Prevlona to leaving town, the Three Mlnlafera had "ttead-d a Cabinet council at Lord Palmeraton'a ofllclal realdence The Observer ?*ya a apeclal mcMenger of foreign aT!n1ra bat been o'dt-red torarryour demnnda to Lord Lyor.a. and will proceed bv packet from ^umou^wn i?>?iay I nf |*'lOllC Will DP WIIWM I to know that thrae d< tnar.d* ar* for an apology, and ?o niaiat on a reatitution to the protection of the Rritinh flag of tboae who were violently and Illegally torn from that ?arrrd asylum The Obaerver add# : " There la no reason why they abould not be restored to the quarter deck of a British Admiral at New York, or Washington lUelf, in the face of tenortwelv? men of war, wboce presence In the Potomac would render the blattering Cabinet at Washington as helping at the Trent wat before the gum and cntlitse* of the San Jacinto. It ia no fault of ourt if it should cuuir even to lois " Arrangements for Increasing the force In Canada are not yet complete, but in a very few hours everything w'.'.l be aettled In the meantime a lartr* *h',p, th?* Melbourne, baa been taken up and t? :s w being loaded with Armstrong Kli" ? sod? 80 ?*) Enfield r flea, ammunition nliu otner store* at Woolwich. It ) not lmpoasible that this vessel Will be enr.otled by one or two ships of war Tb? rlB?? are in'ended for the Canadian military, and strong reinforcements of field artillery will be dispatched forthwith The London Tiroea' City article of the 30th ays: "Th* position of the Federal states of America la almost Identical in every commercial point of view with that wt ich was occupied towards ua by Russia before the Crimean War. Russia had a hostile tariff while we looked to her for a larj;e portion of o?' general supply of breadstnffs, but there is th'.S peculiarity 'n our present case, that the rotnmencenipntwou'.d be by breaking >ip Ihe blockade of the ?cutlu m ports, at once I free our industry from the anxiety of a cotton famine,and Bend prosperity to Lancashire through | the winder. At the same time we shall open I o?ir trade to eight million in the Confederate I ^bltM whn Ho?imo nAtKlnn ? 1? I ?**?>v ??v*?iv uutuiu^ ?/rwcr mail lu UC OUT customers ? At a privy council on Saturday an order wai Issued prohibiting the export from the United Kingdom or the carrying coastwise, of gunpowder, saltpetre, nitrate of soda and brimstone. The Times has no hope that the Federal iroverncm nt will comply with the demands of Kngland The Morning Star declares that the statement of instructions having been s-nt to Lord Lyons to ob'ain the restitution of the Confederation, w< premature, and so exaggerate* it te bt iitlu ally untrue Tbe Liverpool CoU'ier believes tbat the Warrior has tw?n ordered to Annapolia with the ultlmatutn of the government. [SBCO.ND DISTATf u J It was regarded when tbe Luropa left that there was a hopeful lc?>k, and eonaol* and rotton had slightly ttoprovtd hut, after digesting the tone of the Amcr can prr?a a reaction aM In, and fear* were entertained tbatthc Washington government would justify the act The English journals were very bitter and hostile, continuing to treat the affair as an intolerable iuaolt. Lord Lyons Instructions In which the Cabinet are ?aid to be unanimous, are explicit and dctrrrnl noH The Po?t say* an ?ckBowledgmeat of the error and the iiirretider of the prisoners Will be received With great joy, but If the Federal government fail* to do to. no man in England will blind bit eye*to tb? alternative that Kn^land ruu*t do her duty. The Times continue* to as?->rt that it ha* been Mr Seward's policy to force aouarrel with England, an icdll* tot energetic military preparation* in Canada Thare ha* been a serious decline daily taking place in Canadian securltic*, amounting to 12 per cent The Time* predict* tbree things to Immediately follow the outbreak?namely the destruction or tbe Southern blockade of the Southern ports, nod t&e recoanltion of the Southern Confederacy by France and Kupland I'he Pari* argils pretty clearly that France win s!de with England and recognize the Southern Confederacy, and take a decided attitude In the International question The Liverpool Post givesa rumor that Napoleon baa been proposed as arbitrator of tbe question between England and the United States Th? Americans in Paris paid a complimentary visit to Gen. Scott?Mr. Dayton acting as chairman. THREE DAYS LATER. The Steamship Washington off tape Race. Thr A ustralian I hartered to < onvry Tro*ps 10 Canada Th? Eicitrnifnt Agr.iutt the I n trd Stairs I'uabated - Napoleon Trnders his Service* as Media tar. 8t. N. F , Dec 15.?The newsboat of the associated press bat arrived from Cap?t Rare wttb tbe adv ces of tbf steamship City or Wash. inKtoo,from Liverpool via Queenstown on theStb, intercepted off'bat point. The ship Lady Fraiklln, from London fsr New Yorfc. put into Plymouth on the 3d instant, and took fire tbe same night, and was scuttled Some southerners among her crew are suspected of firing tbe ship Tbe Australasian has been charter! d to carry troom aiM a haUrrv #>f *r?it.?.rir tn ul f ???- - T j ?v vBiiaua. UUC wsi to sail 011 tbe I'ith THE LATEST. tJCEK?MTow!?. l>c. 5 ?Tbe excitement In reference to the Stldell and Mason affair continue* unabated. Tbe Farts Temp* repeats the statement that Napoleon has tendered bis services as a mediator it I* rumored that the steamer Persia has been chartered to convey troops to Canada. This, bowever, is pronounced premature The Australasian was advertised tojpil for New York on the 7tb, but the America Bis been substituted. At the banquet given at Rochdale, Mr Bright made an elaoorate speech on American affairs. He declined to give a decided opinion in tbe Trent affair. He said he believed that If tbe act be literal, America would make a fitting reparation He strongly condemned warlike feeling* In reference to the matter, and scouted tbe idea tbat tbe Amrrican Cabinet bad resolved to pick a auarrel with Kni/lanri H?mixta " ? # ,1 uii vivtf uciii pri* oration in favbr of (hp North. A letter wai read from .Mr Cobden, of the Pacific line, urging a sunpen?ion of judgment. A lette r from t>?n tVott to favor of maintaining friendly relation* between England and America attracts much attention The exportation of arms, nmmuftitlan and lead are prohibited The Part* Patrle ha* an editorial for* shadowing the 4t*pwltioa of Franc* to recognise the Southern Confederacy if Kngland *e!a the example Tue I>ail* New* rejulce* that Con grew* meet* before the KnglWh dt-ptanda can get out to America, and hopes that it will act with honor and dignity, and that the golden opportunity will not be luct. A large number of naval ve-aels have been ordered to be ready for Immediate commlMlou The tranaport Melbourne wan to leave Woolwich on the 5th for Halifax, with 30,UUU stand of arma and large quantities of ammunition, and six Armstrong gun? ?be will be convoyed by the Orpheus, of vl guita. The frigate Warrior will be ready for foreign service Immediately Her destination will depend ob the answer from Washington -? ? ? ? * " * m iijHiwii vi rmr? iram r?iiguiia lor IVCW Vork continue* The funda fell \ per sent, on the 3d. Appearance* Indicate that tbe French paper* have been Instructed to write in an antt-American tone Commercial ?Ltctrpool, Dec 5?On tbe 3d flour advanced 6d; wheat'id; corned Haifa today were atrady at tbe advance. Frovialona closed quiet Conaol* for money l*J ? *90 \, ex-divldend* THE VERY LATEST. Tmk Ton* or tii Piikch paa-s Moukrat1mo ? A PbACKVULSoLDTION or THr C"TIOM Tmocsbt hot 1 mr * i *l a Lo?i> jm, Dec S ?Tbe tone of the French prea* U changing. Tbe Monlteur conaldera that a prtcefol solution of the niualnn li MI ! ? I if I It nays that | ubttc opinion tu tur l:r?iu d !*UW-x is ?ery powerful, b it also very U kle; ai?d *aya it wtU tee best to awaits solution of Ibe <j lewtion TbcJoiirui DtUti, approvi d and r?. v.ewrd the Rtonitour'a article, aod tddi that the trench government it ta n? hurry to recojjnn- ttie southern Coufedeiacy Other French ,apcra txpress the mu><* opinion. Mm. I jXMLl'l KlCtPTUiv ?*Im I I Irti f I'mal reception of tb* i'imu took p'tr? on .Snarly ?<1 of t&?? For?t.-ii MtnUter*) an t r^* ..iw.-' 1 of Coii^rrta. v. tutir tam.i,**, p&ld ibe r rti^cii Auung U?v l?n?r w?r? Spraker Crow <md iady. I 1 I ' Farther la Reference ta the tharieatea fir# -A S'lre liiitreclleil fttparted NiwYoik, Dec li?The special diapafchea received here from Old Point aay that the fte at Charleston waa the work of negroea Philadelphia, Dec 14 ?A epeclal dlapatu to the Inquirer attrlbutea the fire at Cbarleaton to lV? K._1.I a .* _ .1.^. J iur ui^iiinK uuvoi nave insurrrcuun, an ?)? that one half of Charleston 1* !n rtilofe The Baltltnnre Ametlcan lay*: Our prtvatee?dvlcts from Norfolk do not make anv menlon Connecting the slavri with the conflagratton, futber than it waa supposed to be tbe work o:an Incend'ary Tbe fire Is said to hare oMglnited In a taab factory, near the junction of King ind Hroad atreeta?that it crossed Broad atree" tnd hid destroyed tbe Institute Hal), and Rotnd Cburch and tbe Theatre, on Meeting atreet, ouat have passed diagonally acrosa Clitlord, Osauhrt, Cumberland, Priacesa, Queen and (Jhalners atreeta, a distance of nearly a half mile tbnugh tbe very heart of the city Aa do mention lanaae of tbe destruction of the City Hall, Court Hcuae, Guard Houae, and Chrlat Cburch, at tbe four cornera of Broad and Meeting atreet, It la to be presumed they hare eacaped Tbe Mills Houae, one cf the principal botda of tbe city, about half a square from the R<und Church, on Meeting atreet, la alia aatd to iave been burned, together with tbe Catholic CUhedr?l and Asylum on Arcbdile atreet The Are was raid to be atlil raging on Tluraday evening, having continued for forty a^ht hou's The Theatre, which la aild to have ?een uuroea, ia r e extreme point on jueeung at eet, that we are enabled to locate the extent of the eonflngratlon, and ita deatruction would ncesaarlly Involve aever&l square* of closely tullt frame buildings In lta rear From an exanlnatlon of the map we think It likely that the Cbarleaton Hotel haa escaped, though I Lis not more than a square beyond the theatre There la another statement brought by paaan* gfers that the Catholic Cathedral la burnt. Tata, If true, would extend the Are acroaa Ring ateet, a distance of four or live aquarea weat of th< Inatltute Hall and the Theatre, and would warant the rumor that one half of the city baa been destroyed \V e learn that the Are was checked on Meeting street, before it reached the large btaildlng of Adams Express Company, on the corner north of Market street, though moat of the storehouses on the other side of Meeting street were destroytd or damaged. LATER We learn that the irreatent e*rlf??meni r\?AV* 11 as! I p. ? - ? V M |/| v at Norfolk on Friday morning, and that a great variety of rumor* were afloat its to the origin of the conflagration, it was stated that the sash factory was fired by a ftee negro, who had been arrested, and eonferted that tt oral Intended si the flr*t move for an extended slaTe Insurrection It was also rumored at !fo-folk that a large number of regroes had been *rfe#tpd who had b<?en found In pow^Sslon of arm and knives, and that the confession of the Incendiary had been fully corroborated Theae, hovevar, are mere ruiro s. such as would likely ie in circulation under all the circumstances, and may or may not be well founded. The despatch In the Norfolk papers, dated at Charleston, at 6 o'clock on rhursdiy evening, makes no mention of a servile insurrection. six hours later from cHarlkston?the comrLA?RATIOS STILL P H OO RISSI 50 . We learn by the Norfolk boat wtlch arrived on Sunday morning, that thelteamer Illinois, which arrived at FoftfeM Monroe from Port Royal, brings six hours' later Intelligence from the Are at Charleston. The Illinois passed Charleston bar at 1Co'clock on mursaay ntjjtit, and the captain reports tbat 1 bt Mta? astounded to see In the direction of Charleston the greatent Illumination of the heavens he had ever wltnesed It appeared at that distance as if a large portloli ol tee city was In flame*, ttiS wan not like th? reflection from dmouldering ruins, but resembled a raging and sweeping conflagration. This is six hours later than the dispafa h from the Norfolk Day Book, which represented tbat the tire was still raging at Ave o'clock on Thursday evening, and that word was sent to Augusta for assistance Further Particulars si the tharlestca Fire. Foetit's Monroe, Dec. 13?The Norfolk Day Book of to day gives the following startling Intelligence BrancmVill*. B.C., (?6 miles froth Charleston,) Dec. U ?Passengers who have just arrived here report a destructive lire lapt night at Charleston. * 4p The Are commenced In Charleston last night, (Dec 11,) at nine o'clock. In Ruzel & Co's sash factory, at the foot of Hazel street, and communicated to the opposite side of Hazel, to Cameron A. Co's machine shops. 1'nder the Impulse thus given and a stiff breeze, with a small supply of water, the conflagration assumed a formidable character, nearly equalling the most extensive conflagration on the American continent. The Theater, Floyd's coach factorv. oDnosite tbe Kxprees office, the rid Executive BuTldlnr, and all toe hou?e? between that point and Que?n treet, are burued. Tbe whole of one aide of Broad street lc destroyed, from Colonel Gadsden's Mszyck afreet A considerable por i " ? of tk* city, tram East Bay to King strut, it I destroyed Among the prominent buildings burned are the Inatltute and St. Andrew's hails, Theater, Catholic cathedral and the Circular church. At last account* from Charleston, up to Ive thla morning (Dec 12,) thefire had erosstd Broad ?!., and teas sieeeptng furiously on Tbe telegraph lines from Charleston are down, consequently we are not able to stat? whether the I tire haa ceased or not. Bka.?cuvillb, Dec. 12, 5 p m ?The fire la still racing- A thousand houseless persons are huddled In the stree's The express train Irft Augusta thla afternoon with prorlelons to supply tbe wants of the sufferers, and men to aaalat In con| trollng the tire The fire was the tcork of an ?*cendtary. The New York Herald has the following sensation dispatch: o.. -. ? * - - - - ?ai.iiav?ii urc i? ? i oe uid foint boat brings tbe report of the discovery and prompt suppression by the military authorities of a negro Insurrection at Charleston The account states tbat the plot waa disclosed by a body aervant of a military officer, who said that the negroes of the city were to be Joined by large binds of negroes from the country, who were to come In armed at night. He aald that tlie sash factory had been tired by a free negro, whom he designated and who baa be?n arrested. A email quantity of armi has been found under the floor of a negro cabin. They were all new and In good order In other negro cabins knives and batcbeta were found secreted The greatest consternation prevailed Families were tlostng and barring their windows The flre companies being composed of men who are engaged on military duty elsewhere, the fire engines were worked by negroes, who broke and rendered useless the two best onea. The offices of the Courier and Mercury are aald to be destroyed. Another account states that negro insurrections broke out in the interior 0/ South Carolina two days before the fire and art still raging uncktckod; hi.llk.. * ' * umtuia ion rcpuri m not weu authenticated r^-MKMBERS OF BT. ANDREW* 80CILU* KTY D C.. wno are in arrears with their qua terly due*, anl cannot make it convenient to attend evening meeti ga 'opii the e%me. will feaae take notice tnat in aooordanoe with a reao ution of the Societr, a member of the B iard of Managera *ill o&ll on them at their respective p aoei of buftineta.or at their retidenoea, with their Mile of the araounU due. a? aoon as the same ahall he made out by Uie feoretary. By order of tbe Fr?aident. GILUKkT CAMKHON. JOHN RKKK'E,Cor.Sec. de i? e< 3t y-H? ENTERTAINMENT FOR THE HOi.1 llJj BaYS?A PA1K for the benefit of Fletoher Chapel will be held at Thorn'a Bui ding, on ">th street, commencing Deoember 18th, and continuing through the Holidays. A careful eeteotion of all varietiea of uarful and fancy artio ea for Chriatmaa, with Confectionery in abundanoe, will fee found upon the ta"le?. Ad exoellent Supper, with all the deliotoiea of theaeaaon. p'ovuitHlcach evening. Single admiaaion 10 oenta; season tioketa, admitting a gentleman and lad?, 00 centa; aupper tiokeu 25 oeute?all of wh oh may be had of theladiea or atlhe door. de 16 Iw* ry^r-TO THE VOTERS OF WA8HINO1.S TON.?The Aaae??or of eaoh Ward will meet at the followln* naoea from in r.'r>i~?w - ? till S o'olook p. m. from the Uth to the Slit December, inoluaive, to correct and register the namea of thoae omitted from ihe poll list. 1 at Ward.?John A Rhefm, 17!l Pennsylvania tT<*Dua, berw*>en 17th and luth atreeta, 3d Ward.?Thomaa Stewart, corner 18th and H streets. . 3d Ward.?Henry Curt/a.oorner 8th and Latrer'.a 4th Ward.?Tbqjnaa W. Buroh 6th street, bete een 6 and H atheeta- _ 5'h Ward.?William A. Harper, 31 atreet ea?t. No. 4'4&. between Kaat Capitol and A at?-?et north. I <i h War<J.?Geo. Ollard,at T. K. Clark's Office. Virginia arei tte, between 9 hand iOth streets. Tih Ward ?P?ter Hepbu'n, No. 85 eonth P street, be i ween (Ih and 9th atreeta wwt. de 10-otSlat CREAM AND WATER ICES, of 1 ? the beat quality, at JTK Mr ?rt. Hotel* and boarding house* furnished at low rat*^. A larce aa*ortmMit of in* Cakoa kept on haDd at tha PhilarteifKia Con/*cti<mtry, corner Twelfth ami F aU. no 7-lm* rg?U. s. HANIT RY COMMISSION,

19 244 Pat, WaahiDfton, D. C-. Dto. Sd. The Sanitary Commiuion baa a oolleotion of hook < olrefoianoo on Military Pnrtary aod Army Hjiieir. which Military Surgeon* at or near washicct >n are invited to o<>n*alt. FREDERICK LAW OLMSTED, de 3-1 in Sanaral Sacratory. 562 5"TNTH_?TRKKT. 5^5 t l. ai tr /\r-? / ??? ? * ? ? ~-"l? r i VorJc^,r*ACTOItb A mt Io- NoTth'ro MudHtartri. ' Na. > ?> i "(A. t-ytrro. Ctuttr Mark I and M iA< r tar >/ M tr't Wi at, Lift mad Cigar Btcrt. de ! eo2?* 0 / Kntlckt War & *?. Loti?riLL?. b?"c 14 ? Cipt Lei ti'a expedition bu returned here from Jacksonville. bringing two prisoners. No further details are obtainable Lajt Thurtd*y company I, of the Ohio Fifteen tb, were attacked by 150 secession cavalry dismounted The secraslonlsts trod one volley, to which the Federals replied, flr?d two volleys. Wounding aeveral, Whom the oavalry carried off. The Federals returned unhurt Paaia. Kt , Dec 14?Abe Spears and Dan tie!, ler, two of the moat prominent secessionists of this county, were killed about 6 o'clock this evening Heller shot a soldier through the head, killing him, when one of the soldier's comrades killed therr botb. The fracas originated by a man named Rode en attempting to ?et cut of town with contraband good* and letter* for 'he rebela. Rodger* baa been captured and la now In J*11 Letters found on.bim are now In possrsa'on of oar autborltiea. An attack en this town by tbe rebels la expected and reinforcements http been tent for Seven hundred aoldlera will be here to olght. All la quiet up to nine o'clock thla evening. SKIBMISH AT JACKSOltVILLI, XT. Baodad, Ky , Dec U ?A courier from Jackaonvllle, Ky , says that when rapt Lee arr'ted with reinforcements for Col Wbltaker, he found the houae where the aeceealonlata were endeavor* Ing to make Union men subscribe t > the oatn of allegiance to tbe Southern Confederacy entirely deserted Capt Lee then dispatched a squad of aoldlera to several accession reaidencea, who fou?d they had all been vacated, with evidence* of a hasty | retreat Three secessionists were reported to have been wounded at the aktrmlah yesterday at Jackaonville. Colonel Whltaker ordered tbe buildings from whence shots were fired upon hla men to be aet on fire and deatroyed, but Capt Lee, at the requeat of the Union men, who feared retaliation on tke wltt drawal of tbe Federal troopa, got tbe order -revoked A BATTLE IMMIXt.1T. Cincinnati, Dec 15.?The Enquirer'* Louisville correspondence of the 14tb sajra Oen. John* ton. with 15,000 Federal troop* wan on the northern bank of Oreen river, and that Roaaeau waa aeven miles distant, preparing to loin him. Another brigade was to concentrate at Momfard*Title Gen Buckner with 25,000 men, covering all the hills back of Green river, waa preparing to prevent our troop* from crossing the river. Gen Thomas' division, on the left wing, is bearing down from the east, to get In Buckner'a rear. Gen. Mitchell's division on the right wing, move* tM* morning towsrds Green river. An engagement Is considered Imminent. SITTERS'. SUPPLY STORE AND BUILD 1NG MEN OF WASHINGTON, ATTENTION' If yea want 9igns Fainted n* in rood style, sal at ihor' n >t oe, and oheaasr thai you ban *et then lone at an > other rstabl shrrent in Washington, ? ? u #n it \ v .a OBI unnanilLiu.i> i??. ?"-? ?m u(p^<i?jw! Center Market, in the roar. delfl eo8w_ WAGONS, WAGONS, WAGONS Whave now on hand a lot of very strong built agops, a:t%ble for Grooers,'Sutlerr.or Pedlcra. Ai?o, (.amp*, Pol?a,Fpnngf,&o. JLT Kepi binnr promptly attended to. ?/~T1 ROftfcRT H. GRAHAM, Coaoh Maker, de 16 3t* Bights atreet f OOK OUT FOR STORMY WEATHER, i J and send yosr orders immediately to HAMILTON; the renowned G aaier. who will wager that hae?ii glaa? more lights of glass in 4 d&y than any oiner man In America, ard as cheap. N. H Large job* of caz-ngdon* at greatly radioed pnoe . Shop?7th at.. opposite Tenter Market,in the rear de 16 e* ?w? Ohio wiNfce AND BR AND1V*. Ifavinc received a consignment of Zimmtrmmnn i Co 't CinoinnMiCh'o Catawba Wineaand Bran met; we therefore offer to Drnggists, Grooers. Hotel and Sa'oon Keepers. ?o , DRY CATAWBA WINE, Light and Strong?the former in boxes for table nse. and the latter in half barre's for mixing and oooking purposes. SWBBt CATAWBA OR LADIES' WINE, in barrftle &rtd h* f barrel , for table u?e?a very superior artiole for the hotldaya. CATAWBA BKAyDY, In unaurpaaaable atimulant and very uaefil for BrAnd* Pucoh. I.YLK & COFFIN. da 19 lrti 69 Louiaiana avenue. 486 DEC OiRlAlT>I^O N 9. 486 A oliofM pel?otionof PftMrhanctRfa, Warranted Gold and Imitation Gold Band Window Shade* ; also. Buff. Green, tnd B ne Holland by the yard or made into Window Shade*; Pioture Cord and Iaaaela, different aisea and o lora; Pioture Naila, mia, Ac. Alao, the handaoireataaaor'ment of OYal Piotnre Framra in the oity, from the boat minufacto ry id wmm w uuiry. Alto, Fame Partnnta and Card Viaite Fr%mee All articlea warranted *a reprraented, or no aale. Purohaainc frr oa?h, all cooda will be aold at tk# lowest remunerative artoea. Allowinit ni old atook to aoonmn ate, peraona Seedinc the above pooda will find naw and deairale artiolea Terma ea#h. A oall ta eolieited. fT^ Remember the number. JOHN MAKKRITF.K, No. 48ft Seventh et, t dcora above de la-iw Odd Fellow' HMI. . PROFESSOR CORBYN AHD J. B BISHOP, VETERINARY SURGEONS, AT * J. W WILL1AHS * STABLES, 6th and D Street*, A5D J. SMITH'S, 19th Street mad Ptai*a A reave, de 19-eoSt* 4 kk5*PJi9D 81ZKSJLADIK8' REAL "'""pee'r'^'bbother, de'4-?t Penn a^nue and Ninth etreet. FFURS FOR LADIES. OUR Cap a an I Haifa, lar(a Biaa, real Mink Sable, for aa:e oheap at M. BINDER'S. Manafrotarar, Washington Bui d:ng,7th at aid Pa .. da 14 it* Room No. 1?. PJR SA.LE?A dark oheetuat MARE, 15 haoda high, perfeotly round and gentle. and ?\ work* wall in barneaa or under the caddie, _1 ,T~ and ia cold for no hult. a* the ow er no farther nee f >r her. App'y at 62'i K ?tre?t. de 14 3f ? CAZERAC BRANDY-Five-eighU and four^ quarter oa< ki lMn Cartillcn, Saserao & Co'a. Cogaao, and an assortment of l%ter vintage*, for aaieby LAWRKNCH MYERS A CO., Importer!, 32 South William at., de 14-3t* 14 J?A18. New York L BALMORAL SKIRTS, ARGE L 'U new ana stylish things at moat ay derate ra'ea. With all other kind* of Dry Roods for tbe general and speoial want* of fa^rnUuN^and housekeepde M-yt Pern avepneapd Ninth et. 17OR SALE?4(##9 bushels Maine POTAr TOES, ou board eohooner S. B. Stebbinge,at Berry's Wharf, Georgetown. de 7-1 w* T. O. YOUNG. tJUPKRIflR nillllTV ni.iiv d i/ , ,i f" o ^"cloths. * Superior grades Cloths, Cunmeri and VmI inc> . With all other kinds of Dry Good* M o?r prove; foully low ?rioe. PERRYS* BROTHER. de 14-tt Pann. av?nn* and Ninth etraat CLANCY CARRIAGE r AND SLEIGH RORB9. Hudson Bay Wolf. Badger. Fox. Oaaat, and other faro* Carnage and S eigh Robes. Alto, Buffalo Hobe? by the dogan or bale, at tha lirii w%rero. m in the rear of V\ all a bar* NARD'S A uotion Rooms,oorner touth sida Pent. avennaaad Nint> st- d* 14-* Alight new vobk Builtoovbrbd Wagoa (new), a new eat of Oo?biesrv Hsroess. icade in New York, also a eet "Hnr Single Hamate for the waaoa, an exougi ?" tagly strong, servi?**bla Hor-a? o be sold togcthar o* s*?a-ately. May ba aeaa on apelicattOB to JAMKg BROWN, raMaa at the barf cfCoroorail'sBaildtng, or at 467 Seventeenth street, oor w^i m i? a* 14 * rT*OY8 AND FANCY BOOD8 ... KC'ijhWs. "Mi" CftANDBLL.*. 198 Bridja atrrat, ?*o num. Tha trade f??? d d 114 3i* A UL KINDS OF FANCY GKOOERIB9 AND a sm&tr&jffj. d? 4 OtawtX 343 Pi. arame, sett Ith at. AMUSEMENTS. I hickory _ ... | The weinb?r* re?t plaaaare la Mn?>anein< t their many g% friem-'a and the pablio canara'th that tner will poaitra'y cira their rentn GRANDJW CO" lulon party at the Franklin - allum oornar of Ninth and D atraeta, oa TU^BOAY, (New V'ar'i Kt?.) t'tmber Slit Ticket* fifty OftDta, adtmttinc a cent eman and ladia* By order of the Conm <|m of * rranieiren'a. For ?artioa *r? ffntar* adTertieemeri'e If / J.EOROE CBKISTV8 NXW OPERA HOFSE, 1 SSTH MttlT. WimHOTOW. Thia b*antifal and elegant hall, flifibW Sitnatec?, on Tenth rtrect, between K and P atrMta. near Ppnr.?y! v&nia averm-. > in th? FIR8T FLOOR. without a'ep* or atair* to aaoe^d, rary w<t of Moaaa ard fjrea*. de!ig rfnily heved a d pieaeantly ventilated Now Opxw F.viat Nisit, linear th* n.anM^mart or OKOROKCHR19TV. TH* Prince of Nefro Wiu and the Piooaar of !* kro Minatrala*. LAftcf Bkoaswat. Niw Yoit. itk A First class Minstrel Company. Sine* this admirable h*U mi to Uio puHio, it has bo*? cwfctly orowd d by ?b* Moit eligamtawd rifihid avpibnces, the larger proportion being i^adie and Famine*. Mr. Christy will shortly appear la his famous Necro Dramatio Charaotsrs, of whioh die nolloo will ho 11 ren A dx!s?io!??Par^not, W osnti; Gallery 15 roots. Doors o?en %narler before7, commencing at qnarter before I o'eloat. do M yy A8HINGTON THEATER ! THE TRIJJMPH~0?> T?E ACE! THE TRIUMPH OF THE AGS! THE TRIUMPH OF THE AGE! IN SCENIC ART! Tho shoit* of Apf laase irhioh groetoi the mtformaooe of the Romantic Ppeotaoalar Drama of THE SEVEN 8TBTER8 ! last oromng. rivet to It a proraioenoe beyond aoy prerioas effort In thoatrioals ir Washington. THE BIR TH'o^TH EBlflTE R F LY in the BOWER OF FERNS ! is the most go'ieons sisht ever witnessed. MIM SUSAIvrDRNIN, O^.*. *W.aa Ua.. i. m. A ~m. ~ Qn? C7VSM PVM I Wl kill W U? J IU VI TSUVT UUA >'WW? open 10 all S o'olcok. dell PROF. C. F. BAR NFS' (of New Tor*.) DANCING ACADEMIES. at Odd Fel- % low*' Hall, Nav? Vard. every Monday and IS Thnr?day; and at Temp*ranoe Hai, E t,#Pl between 9th and 10th eta , every To'edarMMb and Friday afternoon* and evenings. Private ca*s?a a'tended to For oiroolars. term*, eta., enquire of WM. H.BARNKH at 8.W. Thom??f n'e, Hent'a Famlahinc Store. 370 Pa av*. dell-lm* ^ANTRRBUR V H ALL, (Formerly the Washington Assembly Room*.) Lottiaian* avenae, near oorner of ?th atreet. In the With the firat ta>nt in Amerioa. BSTIRS CHAyoT'oF PROGRAMMS. The front of the anditonnin ia seated with elegant ro?ewood oroheater chaire. The oelebra'ed Viollniat, Mr. GOODALL. ooddaota the Orohester. M1BS CARRTi LA MONT. JAMKtt WAR0, BILLY PIERCE, JAM KH WARD. B1I.LY P1KHCR. james warp, billy pikrce, james warp. billy pierce, Min marion pierce. OEOROL W. ARCHER mAUm to night. TO-NI0HT. THK BFAIJTIFfJL BALLET LA BAYADERE miss CARRIE LA MONT. Bin Pabibb (fanny Diok > . HtheCAHTEBBTrBT. arkt Fo* ?t the Cawtbbbuet. .W. B. uirikon ?tthe Ci!*T?i?riT. M'llb Feawk La FWJ.1 ?t the Cuitbbbcet. Mim Julia Hnneos, the be?utifnl oncstreep . at the Cantbbbtit. Mimbp Emma Milbs Willi*. VbEKON, PaBKBK CLirTON and ? host of other* it the Canteebcey. MATINEE For Families, Ladies, and Children. SATURDAY AFTERNOON. at J o'clock. Admission?Children 10 oenU. Piicbs or Admimiok-Parquet, ?cU ; Orchee phai?b aaftta Am 1a bis V< ? P| W WU?" DD FELLOWS' HALL: ??vi?*th. Arcvi D8t. continue!) success of the WoiLD JllKOWHIB CAMPBELL MINSTRELS! twenty star performers ' The Beat Bind in the World : Change of Programme f?V?r>" Night! Admits ion. ...16 oenu. Doors open at 7 o'oloek ; oonunenotng at I o'clock deli-tt T NOTICE f HE W ASHINGVoN ACADEMY of M CMC, 980 Pink. Atkkci, betttttn ninth and 7c*r4 itrttts The are raspeotfully informed that the suocess of the daily and ntghtJy entertainments at this already overwhelmingly popular establishment, has Se? n pre eminent. It il flow Anions for the b*st Refreshments to be obuined in wascic|ton. its bar and larder being ^ Iu Mutio is of the most trrtelblfMd r*oh?roh? detonation ; its free ooneert* b?inc nlcbt J oored thromhout the entire cerform?noe. It* d^orsare open io the pnb io Ire# of charge ; Ann nffi ^rt irA Annsiantl* U ? ? ? I1IU- Hipis -vp o dsr and B'oper d^ocruf. delj-*w HENkV ROSENTHAL Prffj'r. LWM. COR WIN BURQY, ATE With the old and wall known bona* of WM. 8 t OKWIN A CO , Niw Vmi, Dtaler in cko:te Prandt<?, Win-t Citar*, fe.. uj Importer o) T*m anl Chin*** Fanry tieodt, NO 347 PB!t3?YLVA!tl4 nVI5UI, I tnt a> oe MXth Street,J Wmrktntton. D. C The attention of eonr.o:?*enr* and the Public fee al.y invited to my *t>< k of hne Braraie*,\A in'* C:ear? Teas. A o , OmpriMnc Henn^aaey Ota d ana Sajer B andiet, widow Ciioqnot. Ma t A Cfcandoi. M m'?, Heidaick A Co . aud Aaao iate* Veia uey. t:haip\gne?; P?'martin*. Am 11 Ado and Vnarte 8herrie?; Wanderer, K?#tT? and J*oUth Side Madeiiaa; H rmcui and Burmerater P irt?; the otlebrated "WiC" Clnb Houm 6m; Iriah. t*, B:?irl?on End Mono- fahVa Whiekiet.; Jamaica a d ?t. Croix Rum*; Cahata, Pif- | ao LaRotadeSan'iaco.' a li*pano)aan v rfona brand* of Cuariand very fine Vnuni Hjaon, Hi oa. Imperial and Engli?lj Breakfast Tata in catty box** imported by myaelrexpreatly for fkmily u*a. da 13 1m 1,000 PACKASb^I8Rl%INei. J nat recei??d and for tale by delS 8t MURRAY A BEMMBg. /COLUMBIA MARKET, V ' Pa artnu*. eornn 7Vrf?e?'& ft. Th* vnbforiber won.d moat reapaetinPy inform the oitiiena of Waaamcton t a* he haa returned to bia old auarter, where he intend* ke'pint a m&r lit in i.11 ?* hp*n?liaa aa in ti? He will be happy to greet liir old friend* and out tomera. N. p ?Gooda%?nt frM cf charge to Mr Pert of the oity. de 13 C MALLARD. ?JHRIBTMAS?CHFI8TM AS?CHRISTMAS! TOYS! .TOYS! TOY*! TOYS' COMBS, BRUSHESand PERFUMERY! FANCY BOXES: CHINA ORNAMENTS! DOLLS, DOLLS, DOLLS ! (all kinda.) RIBANDS. FLOWERS, HOSIERY AND GLOVES! And all kinda of eooda *u.table for tbe aeaeon. de 13 ?w At SHEDD'S. Eleventh at, rjERMAN DIVISION, ATTENTION! HEADQUARTERS For Sending Money to Germany aad all part of the Country. IS MamxiT Bract, Sua e^ (^rmaa flai iteg-Iwi rial*. under njr dirrotion. None ?uch to be found aewhere la tit* Diatrict. Good Brown Sugar at toanta par lb. A oonylata aaaortin*nt of tirooaraa alway* on band. ISRAEL DEM1N6. No. f34 wh da U M* between Loaiaiana av. and D at. FURS! PURS!! P II R 8 !!! A very large and auaerb aaeortment of Ruaaiia and Hud on Bay Sablea, Mink, Kraune. Chinehil la, Fitob, French Mink and ftablea, River Mink, fco., in Cloak*. CtMa, Cuff* and Muff*. Glowa, eantleu. Col'ara, Caaa, Ac., from ona of the caat importer* and mannfaotarere <n Naw York A1m>, Childraa'a Ermine Sota, at arivate aala. at Tare Waroroo-n of W ALL A BARNARD, iuat m the rear of their aaotiou rooma, oorner eouth aid a Peaa. avenue and Ninth at. 4* 14 9t f *R6B LOTS OP BED BLANKRTS,noM the whole at oar pravotbtaliy tow prioa, aaraau ia ?pwp&a. CvtiiM. OUoiotto. lift. Wmlow 8h*4M, P iftno tnd T*M? C o ' ri, Ao., aiper fl" ra. An inaytion of stock i"?ura so oblnttUon to ?uikM PhfcRYABRn, P.?nu. ?r? Ninth ?*?(, to M l* "P ny Itoi'diBt The wJEZZVSi o, Hi(h atr*ft, im' tfc* oftnal. n ueorf* A. . A tovn,kMbMi and n t ? ouM|V now t? aocommodiUKl ?uh oc JorUbi?ljuBLl tr t?'? r omi. Qim. Pwk, Ojiun.ul tk < lw?t <* V .. A. RODtli*, ProrrtKor. W? POTATOES P OR 8\LK, to ?rnw p#r hrif ?f.i rch or>ar? Patnwt) an.1 V.j'jha'd V*ai ? ?-! # i V ?roar FoUUh?, d-l?v*r?b:e 'I UkIuui or Wui inaton. Affif to C. A Wunu ? AUCTION HATiBP. THIS APTBRNOOrt * TO MORROW. 5f WALL * BARNARD. iHtioMn M iokl*a, of til* oity and <h aaty of W in*ton. bro?f ht bafora ?#. tha ittMnWr.o^u on' of tb* JaaMoaa oi tha P*u* u Md for m*j<i thia mr, d*T ?f hof??K?r, dark hrova HOK"?K. ?oin? kt large ia aaid oit?; aN'Ot 14 I and* h'f h;tWo h od f*rt wbitf. Cukt t called bv Ui Mdi'it; vlickt atar in 'he {mi???*4. id* ohafed by karnM#; a hod all roaad. aai>? M| a-<1 atw at 8 year* old Tbe ovntr of tha above de eon had bora* la re qu?fu>a io jt prr>f??w. w ui nut hiM ?*?? Ir^air* at 419 E lUHt, MM intn, Pott Of oe. or 4 1 # H atrMt Witnw kit l?nd and ?*ai Um ntklMtfNo. T?mh#r. 1M. Ii ROw Li.Nu. J. P KH 00 29-91* Wauu&fton oorwtj. ir7*THK ABOVE DESCRIBED BORR* viliti* aoid ?tPiWie AvcUob, 1c front of iL? An tion Rooms on TUEt?nAY MOKNLNd, ltth lutut, i? Kr mhim of Urtrf, M. d/i"* WALL A BARNARD, A?U. Br GREEN A WILLIAM*, AxtWMtra. C2< Vt RNMKNT BAL% OP CONDEMNED 1 Srnin AT Abctio*.?O* TUESDAY iw., th?17lbdar of DNMkw. hfcll ?Wl7l? frost of < ur 8tor* No. AS6. tortw of 7lk ui O itrnu, oomiBMoiac at ? o'elook a. nu, U>? f?l ubr.b.CKassi; *>'m f?c^' B*fd 4Ufitoui>0( or Grm Rio Cofea, ?1*J pontdi rmi cuh m aa*c a, or tta e*aivaJent. Go-vJ? will bo told ia lota m aba*a eoaan*jatol. and ikaparekaaar will ba r?*airod to M?tt* 'or Uam wkea kaookad cR. aad rtaori Um (ooc? cb (Joy of tfclO. Paraoc* h*?im at oak to fr+4 woald 4a wall to ttucd the nit, da U dta 6REKN 4 WILLIAMS. Aaoto. FUTURE DATS Br BONT7. A GRIFFITH. AaeboDaare. f ARGE SALE OP PANCY GOOD?, TOY*. Lf VAiBC. Ac, Ac. Ac ?On WEDNESDAY MOKMNG. Dooember It, at 14 o'olmk.on the first floor of tbo Auotioc Rooma, 36# Mjnik tre*t, we a; all aall a large aaeorUatnt of Paaey Good?,oom?riaint? French China Vaeaa, China Toya. Jew* Koxoa and 6 iu Vaaoa, Ao.. Re., Boxaa Toya. TeaHeta. Ae. tsaia poaiUra, and no poatrocinant on aooonnt of waather Tfrm?oaah. BON'TZ k GRIFFITH. A acta. Hll ^ftQ ftAMn#k m* K?t I arH IT afa By J.C. McUUIRE k. CO^ AittmiMra. PUBLIC SALE OF CONDKMNKD HORSES And Mclbh at Acctioh.?will >e ?o<d at Auotion, on I H I'RHDA Y MORNirW.UwMber 19th, at 10 o'c'ock. at the SortrtrntW Cor ml. ooroer of e and Tareuty afoocd atreeta, a .'<* of _ . HORSES AND MULES. Condemned aa onfct for pnhuo wrnot. Terma oath in apecia. J. J. DANA. Oa?t-Md A.f.H. do ? dta J. C. MoGUIKE A CO.. Aeota. O F P I C 1 A L. Tlltirif DxrAKTMBITT, I November 3D, 1KI.\ Ffitire iIt k?r?bt firm of tho readineea of thia Department to redeem the Treaanry do tee author i aed by tho act of Coni roaa approved 17th Deoem ber,laan The inter eat on anoh Treamry notea will eeaee on tho firrt day of Febraary next, by the tor mi of Uteaboveact. P. P. CHASE. Secretary of the Treaearr. po8oaaw3w Unll-l r|H> THEPEOPLE^F WASHINGTON AND amd tboci who ihtbnd to hofl it. Voir attention u oailed to DERROWS PATENT COMBINA TION "AMERICAN UNION" PORTABLE BUILDINGS. THE SIMPLEST. " ""'IhDCBKAPMT. Ill thi Woud! Comb**ini Ctxixty, K&timt*. mmd Di mniMtiM. JZ^Entered for exhibition ud omfetiUon at World'e Fair, to be held in London, is I Snea end atylee to tut ur ftMr, from a rail'oed ehest; u> as Italian vii.a, will be promptly furmahed. HbU from 91A. ?*>. ??o. #?. ?*n, to #16"*Moh. Cottage* from f jOO to 8M00 eaoh. Vlllaa from npward. A p? r to n A. DERROM, Patera* m, r*ew Joreey, or to JOHN* DRUW, Agent. Poet Oflce box No. ITS Waehinrton. D. C. G^Speoimene of bat at the ooraer of Niath atieetacd Pet.naj irama arenae. 117* A a certain partita are infringing on aay patent if tit, they a?? hereby notified that all per eona lnfrmg on my patent right wt.i be pro aeon ted to 'h* txttnt */ tk* Jete. _ de 13 ?t* ANDREW DERROM. PRIVATE. DR. LA BONTA CURES ALL DISEASES OP A CERTAIN CLASS. Without thetJae of Xhagaatiag Dnfi 9t aay kind. Sew York City Httpitml TktHmtmiMlt AntuM. CONSULTATIONS FREE 1 hire two cfteea, with an aaaiatant laeaak. Oftoea open at all honra. I vill be foand in person in Room No. 6, Weak ington Buildinc, Pena. arenae, ooraer Seventh at.. Waablniton, D- C , at all timee?exeept front la m. to A p m. on Teeedayn, Thursday a aad Satar day a, when 1 may ba aeon at ?y Off oe m Exohaa* e Biook. King atreet. oppoeite the Marakall Hone*. Alexandria, Va. ( 18 2m M. LA BONTA. RUNNING THE BLOCKADE. HARVEY la reoeirinc to day bnthelt of the laMt salt OY8TER8 by nfof^y /?\ the Poioaisc Hia ho?ti ar* ntc flTvl I aJ the blockade dav'y a c lare not b?en^^Aj?F lotormtt*^ a? yt. 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All order* for Fmr*..reiaff muit be 1 eft at Harvey A Co.'*. Ic Vtikrri, No 41? Seventh etraet. be twwouasdR. de lS-lw* 'po SUTLER'S AND DEALBBS GENEE In store and for aaie at the Um*tt towrtt. WO Bcim MtrufiotarM Virginia Tobaaao, . 9M Grow Fine Cat Che win*, oom inci of Goodwio'e, And^r?or.?, L? MoUaf and Coraiaa,' UAfrOti OooiIwii'i. k Ik. Hmokicr Tniecoi 5rwft Vi (tut * rook ie ? Tofcaoao,~ia Barr*.i VAjno D<um*?uo ard German Cifan. A larte assortment of B'ler Pipes. Tofethar with rrthinx partauinc Cigar and Tobaooo trad*. _ OKO. W, COCHRAN, da tl-auf >99 Pa. aw.. Kaat ot Nateaaa! if KAD QHARTlkRe for CloUisa. Fsnushisf Goods, HaU aad Cass. at No. dot 7U itrwi. ds >1 ! (Re? ) i^RKAT ATTRACTIONS.?Giaad Ff** ** vT 7th st-aat. to sos thaaav n<*k <ft Cloth m*. J ust received at SMITa^& N o. 46# Tlh treat. P" '^SPJkW^tmiifyy iorV ? *r i ftrnW'TV."" * n-i? |>EN J AM IN DBWOLFF, D N?a?4to|,ATr?, XH jbSPSEBfc. ..,? sBfe) N. ? I'Hi iu itoat fty w. C. IftU ?o?i ^o. IM? (IkNtKt ?tr?rt. 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