Newspaper of Evening Star, December 16, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 16, 1861 Page 3
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JOB PRINTING Or Evibt Dkbcbiption Executed with neat neaa and dispatch on application at the star office. At the Lowest Cash Prices Patlafactioa guarantied. no M-tf TbcAL NEWS. Sybbbabb to Ctrt. Wit**a ?Capt. Wilkes, of the San Jacinto, arrived at h<? residence,corner of Eleventh and H streets. In this city, on Saturday evening, and received from his admirers the compliment of a serenade. The music w*a by the Marine Bsnd, and they commenced with ?< Hall to the Chief ." After 'aeveral p'ecea had been performed, Mayor Wallach Introduced Captain Wilkes with the followlngbrfel speech: FmViw -citizens: I regret to Inform yeu that Cawaln Wilkes Is not able to addreas you to"irifcht, m he would Mke to, In responae to the r*>mpliment paid him by this unexpected sereHade. He 1? known to you; all his paat career stands out clear and lustrous It Is his last great act, the seizure of the rebel commissioners, that adda special luster to his name. It Is s luster of which the citizens of Washington have Just reason to be proud. Allow me to Introduce to you Cant Wilkes, the hero of the Trent Captain Wilkes wss greeted with enthuslaatlc cheers. W hen they had subsided he spoke briefly ss follows: Gentlemen and Fellow Citizens?I would like to ray much to you to night I feel in my heart that I owe much to you for this unexpected compliment All our Interests are Identified Coming, aa this honor does, from you, my fellow citizens and those who know me, I appreciate It more fully than If It came from any other source. I attribute thla demonstration to my having recently performed an act of public duty. I will not refer more specifically to my course on that occasion, but will only siy thatahould Another almllar emergency arise I should do exactly the aame thing again Alh>w me to bid you good night. 1 would spsik longer were I not laboring under a severe Indisposition. At the cloae of Captain Wilkes' Ipeech he was repeatedly cheered The band played several more p'ecee and then withdrew Amonr those who wrt-e present to welcome Captain Wilkes wis Commodore Shubrlck. H aa vzy's Otstbb Saloo* and Pacbibo Hor s a. The business of ptrkllng, preserving and packing oysters has hitherto been carried on in a small way by peraons engaged In it, but Harvey, by hi* energy, has established an extensive business. The building In which it is carried on la never *mpty from early morning to twelve at night. Some idea may be obtained of the extent of the busl ness by the fol lowl ng d ecrl ptlon of the bui ld?The lot froet* 50 feet on C street, between Teeth snd Eleventh, and runa back 180 fret to B ***** The rear of the lot Is occupied by a building 40 feet square, which la the receiving house, where the bivalves, fresh from their bed?, are deposited in enormous bunks for use From this a doer leads to the shucking room, 21 by 30 feet In else, where thirty men and boys are constsntly employed In shucking The acsldlng room, where the apparatua is placed, Is 1# by 30 feet, |?i>d ! farnlsb*d with t six-horse power boiler, constructed by Denmead. of Baltimore, end the apparatua by Crosby, of thla city Here, bealdea i Bn*Ker*' *re eighteen men and boys employed as waiters constantly at work. The saloon occupies the lower story of the front and the entire length of a wing recently sdded to the len6th of 105 fe*'. w,t?? coun ter loo fret In length, capable of accommodating fifty peraona at a alttlng. The packing and storeroom is 110 by 16 feet, and here are arranged the steam kettles for pickling and preserving, all of Improved construction. The second story is used 'together ss a sample and salea-room. and conUlna vaat quantities of all kinds of pleklea, preserves and can fruita for wholesale The entire Arrangement of the establishment Is a novelty In Waahlngton, and a visit la sufflclent to excite surprise at the immense amount of labor which la required to satisfy the demand made upon the house Certainly Harvey deserves success, for neither war, nor blockadea, nor consideration of expense has prevented him from supplying ail dem sad* made promptly and satiafactorlly, A Tbipl* Oppihdib?Cat KtUutr. TKtft, AsMult and Battery ? An Indignant and infuriated female, whose accent and demeanor plainly Indicated that ahe waa trom the Emerald lale, called oa Justice Thompson at hla offlce on Eighth . , ' *ome Ibur weeks ago, to make a complaint aga.nst a bad neighbor; a "monsut crater," (aa Vjf ^nf^er waadeacrlbed by the complainant,) for hilling her cat, four pretty little kittens, and arte, Wards rommlttlng a - 'desperate assault" upon the complainant because she protested against wholesale murderer of ths feline species. ATer bearing the complaint, ths Justice advised tne complainant to go home, and to have nothing *'1 d0 In the m?tter unleaa the bad nelKhb^t molested her. and put her In ,>0<,.<yfear. After much reluctance, thla advice followed by ths complainant, who, however, returned a few days ago to the Juatice, and exhibited to him a broken head, a pair of black yes, and divers bruises on her face, which she alleged to have been Juat Inflicted by "the bloody minded and wholeaale cat murderer." The offender being brought before the Juatice by a constable, a scene was presented In the magistrate's ofilce which almost defies description. The two belligerents, who sre of the tpfttr sex, raved and denounced each other In the moet furious manner imaginable The magistrate commanded the pesce, but there was no peace' The ladiea seemed Inclined to keep up the war feeling and have a regular row?another Kilkenny cat i?' i on the floor of his offlce They mutuall- .rnZ^Li each other of theft. With the of'the w,r, st ^ ?hst they would wh^h^f S.ii" IJr ^ *nd d?n?d justice, SfJ' t *1 ,h'm hY ms?i strati, thejf e * * "* ,e*' ttan no from Judge Craw*?*?' f-i *he grand Jury, now In session?a aevere "'.tilloa. CmtMiMAL CocaT ?On Saturday, Wm. Fowler and Samuel Thomaa, convicted of riot and an aflYay In Georgetown, about the ftth of last August, were esch sentenced to Imprisonment In Oie County jail five months, and to pay a fins of Robert Barnes, Indicted for the larceny of a Quantity of tewelry from Brooke Mackall, on the 4 h of July lsat, waa found qullty, and sentenced to one year's confinement In the pisnltentlary Patrick Sullivan. Indicted for the larceny of two pistols, valued at S30, from Mra Henrietta Clltt, In September last, was then plsced upon trial. An error being discovered In the Indictment, it was returned to the grand jury for correction. Henry Walaey, for larceny of *2 50 In money from Charles Hamilton, on the 30th of October last, was found guilty. Sentenced to eight months' Imprisonment In Jail, and to pay a fine 9. Chasb o? Ixci.vDtABiss?Saturday night, Roundsman Turner, while going around his heat la the Pourth Ward, saw two men In the alley running from Four-and-a-fcalf street to Marble alley. P?nnaylvanla and Missouri avenues, in the act of setting fire to stables located there He saw them light their matchea, and they were about to apply them to the buildings, when they were disoovered, the roundsman creeping upon them They started and ran, and Turner, caUtng the patrolmen to hla aid, gave' chase: but they had too much start, and succeeded, by jumping fences and dividing their pursuers, in making their escape Turner, in the cha?, drew his Distol and tried to shoot one of them, but the cap failed. One of the men baa been seen loitering about the tobies in that alley for several days paat. Tbb Smttbsobia* oiovrds sre to be lighted, we are glad to bear, by order of the Commissioner of pa bite buildings, B B French, Esq Lamps are to be placed along all the carriage-ways and foot-walka leading to the building. The old I planking on the walk leading from the Institution to the Tenth street bridge, Is slso being removed, snd a gravel walk substituted for It. These Improvements were much needed. Accidikt.?Richard Morris, a private in the Eighth Pennaylvanla Regiment, stationed at Lewlnavllle, Virginia, was accidentally killed by the discharge of a muaket In the handa of a comrade, who waa Instructing him in the manual In ! handling the musket, by some means or other, it wen i off, Its con tenia?a ball and two buckshot? passing through Morris's head, killing him Instantiy Tb! Accidikt at tbb Capitol ?It was Mr. Robert Sleight, foreman of the work on the new deme of the Capitol who fell from that structure on Ssturdsy, to the temporary roof below?a dlstanca of HO feet. It Is feared that the injuriee be received may reault fatally. To-biobt Frank Brower, the well-known comedian, makes kls flrvt appearance at Canterbury Hal1 All the other stars remain, and with toe new blU of decided originality the entertain!!! meat promises to be unusually attractive. Cbbistt's Opbba Hocsa Is the reaort of tb? *lu? of Waahtngtoo, frequently falling to sc commodate the crowd whleh collec's at Its doors To-aigbt some new tost urea la the way of fun are to be presented by the Christy's Fibb?On Saturday Bight last, the fodderhouse of M r W ill lam Garrett, Montgomery county. Md , was entirely destroyed by fire, together with all Its corneals The work la supposed to have been that of aa laeeadiary Tbsatbb ?The Aeeen Sisters" continues to fill tbe theater, and la announced for further repetition la Its fee and spirit, and In the beauty ? f the scenic representations, we have the i?cret t'ls ^rest unccess / Bat ?(tsactios at Odd Kell??w? Hsll to r.l*hii new baUada, jukea and burleequee, excel>iag u spirit aad novelty, I. D?atb? o? Soldiiis ?The following soldier* I ii?? died since our laat report t I _ Amos Holcomb, company M, 2d New York I Cavalry, at Seminary Hospital i Isaac Dean, company G, 17th New York Volun| teer*, at Union Hospital, Georgetown. Maddoc, company G. 87th New York I Volunteers, at Meridian Hill. I ?.9liw Wilson, company K,56th New York I Volunteers, at Eruptive Hospital ! Alexander Bigham, company F, 2d U. 8 InI Eruptive Hospital. Wm Maywood, company I, 56th New York, at I camp. Robert Whlgham, company F, 12th PennsylI vanta Reserve Corps, at Camp Plerpont I Loren K Sylon, company G, 1st Berdan SharpI shooters, at Columbian Collect Hospital Michael Riley, company D, 4th it. 8 Infantry, I at Circle Ho?pltaal. 1 I vCf??rml. 8 Scott, company H, 2d New I * ork Csvslry, at Eruptive Hospital. I J H Staples, company F, 3th Wisconsin VolI unteer*, at General Hospital. Amo? Texter, company M, Cameron Dragoons, at St Elisabeth Hospital. 8 ' Silas Chrlstman, company E, 35th New York Volunteers, at Falls Church I vE1JJih D1una<lt'company C, 8th New York Cavalry, at Eruptive Hospital Richard Morris, 8th Pennsylvania Volunteers, I at Csmp Plerpont ? I ?Jolin Mclnerny. company F, 7th New Jersey I Csvslry, at Csmp Stoneman I John McCaw. company E, 13th Pennsylvania I Volunteers, at Tennallytown. Lfw.,.a ,L Kneass. compsny H, 13th PennsylI vania Volunteers, at Tennallytown I ?Saleb B,*aD? company A, 23d Pennsylvania Volunteers, st Camp Graham John Goodwin, company 1, 23d Pennsylvania | Volunteers, at Camp Graham. CkwiAi Goabdhovb Casks-Be/or, Juititt Clark ? Sundsv-Thos. McCsrty,drunk and dlsorderly; turned over to the military Jno Rile*, do ; do. Thompson R East, do ; do. Ciptain :ad? .,Th2".J,<0' do i do R ^ I a BridgetCuunlnghar; q0 . I Mo fltf Nathan Lowe, do.:d9. 04 ' Ed broom ; ' ??* Htary Fletcher. stealing tr.": J?J' fo.r court Stephen Billiard, I Inls^i -tk 'n default of security for f!?ceP. Tho* . Leonard, disorderly! dismissed. IW, w*"' :ud?. ? M^tt, profanity; do. n.?i A Dnnlvnj Michael Kane, disorderly, do. I i? I. do,: do Maboney, beatI arMti*^ ' .J? m fault aecurlty. bfthe y lhe ^ond, T t>y the Third, and '4-"--?"V. L rU s"""' deJfv^^^oT drunk and dlsorPu^l 5 i.r 2 - Edward Welsh and Wm. drunk and fighting; do #1 58 eacn. Geo. I Ve^lnii (.^<5"? and disorderly; dismissed. Jno. I -*{ Maloney, assaulting and beating CeirlS*" ??? tt 'h"ketf*a*i f?" furthe* J al r)u#.i 5..Aea^r< . Wre.nce Connally, and irv ti!5 Jf. ta:nedJ0Wr t0 th* milltthJlw r^nrMcL*W?'d>; dismissed. HumI ?1 T Galoway and John Enwrtght, profanity: fined Soi aMcDermott, drunk and disorderly: ST! f3 ? 9u"n Anderson, (col'd,) drui-k anti ^ rln? ,mj2rsrrlr do 81 * Edward Malay, ai m ' ,.e!? M Dan,el Collln*- Profanity; do! ivJl hl .ueT^U' thiW Were the **c?nd, w.i Third, and seven by the Fourth da?d paU?lmen ?ne lod*" was accommo? I m?n VkCw!_fLTrAIB-"TYesterday afternoon, patrolJE?k9hakJPeare. of the Second Ward, waa sent LdVmV!?'' .1? t8ke rr0m her hon* ? *"ldier who had lmpudentl*rntered her house and behaved the 7al7 iLPrCp".San,nef Th* olBcer answered I th? ?arretted John Maloney, a private of MslonPvT1 7^f?r j*v'DK behaved as charged Sen an7 . h.'.e *n.d * ,CU?e " I'd Cn Thlrstreet, near D. John Nevlns ?i?o I I of tb? 5th ravn'pv - -uun .ittiiip, alio I bruised, and his face zreatlv Ht? I fnll^wt#! yF men left bim "^ddenly. but were I f "owed by sergeant Downer and patrolman Hes* I 2i2r. ^r1 as they Were^bouPto I I innk h of the Treasury grounds and I I i? ^ the handle of a billy the lead I b?v,ng be*n entirely beaten out fhey were I in the guardhouse for trial. V - li,..rnornlpK' aft*r a preliminary hearing of i^eTeL?^ S. >case as "stated elicited; *nd the physicisn attending patrolman I Shakespeare being unwilling to testify that his I wounds are not dangerous, the prlaoners, Nevlns court Were committed to Jail for I P?*sbntatxo!I ?A fine flag was Dreaent. I ed to the 23d Pennsylvania regiment, Col Bir- I ney on Saturday afternoon, by the Hon Galoaha A. Grow, Speaker of the House of Represents- I SAfisSEL* i* State 01 ''enns\rlvanla. X1' a flag to each of the regiments SBftff (Lr?w' *nd this is the flfth^casion ?_ J J? c,amP ground near the Soldiers' I Home wss tastefully decorated with evergreens I and patriotic Inscriptions for the occasion, and a I ^1M j.Sro,T, pok? briefly, and was warmly an- I Pjf"dedh Hon. W Kelly, of Phlladel^ *e1 * n ^"'f ?f ?be regiment, and I responded in appropriate terms. I Terai J'O'ds were subsequently presented to I officers of the regiment on beValf of tWrespe? tlve companies Hendrlck B. Wright, m^SbS rsS?nnin" ?m 8cranton. Presented the one to I th?j ? Cant w?nP"y ^."d ^nator Cowan fi^E P WaUace and Lleut Reese, of com- I ^'VrLifxronr ?Editor Star: In your issue of I this date I find an account of the encounter I had I with a Government teamster on Saturday, the 7th I Instant 1 have great repugnance to appearing in I print, and have been congrstulatlng myself all the I week that thla occurrence had escaped your notice, I but I And you have received an account of it from | aome aource unknown to me. The statement pub- | llsbed, slthough nearly true, ia inaccurate in some I particulars, doing Injustice In two points to the I teamster. It is not mentioned that before I passed I on and left him 1 snatched the whip from his I hand and atxuck him with It, which Is his apology I for attacking me afterwards. It ij stated thst he I struck me, on coming up to me, with his whip, I whereas he only had nsture's weapons, and used I nothing but his own bone and muacle. I make I tb a statement In order that justice msy be done the teamster, who Is now In confinement, and cannot speak for himself A note, received from I him since his arrest, Informs me that his name Is I W. Patterson, and the mind of the community I may be relieved by having at last discovered the I man who struck thst individual Respectfully yours, Moaais S. Millie. Washington city, Dec 14, 1861. The Govxenmimt Pkiiitbks ?The hands em- I ployed In the Government Printing Office have I memoralllied Congress to consent to the reduction I In the hours of labor from ten to eight boura I The petition waa presented to the House last week by Mr Wslton, of Vermont The following resolution has been adopted by I the employees In that department: Ritolvtd, That the Compositors and Pressmen ( of the Government office sre hereby permitted to | receive on their sccounts any such sums ss they I may need for the present use: but they are enjoined to deposit with the Superintendent, over their I own Individual signstures, snd In the name of I this Society, a formal declaration thst, in recetv- I lng such sums, they do so with the distinct I understanding thst they sre entitle to and elalm, I under the law of Congress snd of this association, I the full pay now received In private office*, with a view of an Immediate appeal to Congreas from I the decision of the Comptroller. Biows'i Hotkl Chassis Hands ?It Is understood that on Saturday Mr Marshall Brown I sold his establishment to Messrs Andrew Potts, CorneliuaWendell, and Thos J. Fisher, (of (he I firm of McGuIre A Co ,) and that after the fiist of I January the establishment will be carried on I under the ausp'ces of Capt Potts, a gentlemen I thoroughly competent to succeed even so efficient a manager as Mr. Brown ha* proved himself to I be through a long and most successful career. The sale we learn, embraces the furniture and I good will of the establishment. Mr. Brown re- I malnlng the proprietor of the building and real I estate. This house has been exceedingly well kept in I the past and has deservedly enjoyed great pros- I perlty. Under Its new msnagement the public I may count upon Its being kept In the front rank of the first class hotels of the world. A Caoss-riai ?On Saturday, Mary O'Keefe appeared before Justice ThompMn and charged I Mary Harrington with the larceny of a feather I pillow, a coarse apron, and a piece of carpet be- I longing to the complainant. Mary Harrington I appeared and retorted by charging Mary O'Keefe I with stealing a pillow case, a hood, an umbrella, I and two and a half bars of sosp. Mary Kelly sppeared as a witness for Mary Harrington, was I next accused by Mary O'Keefe with stealing three cup* and six aaucera from her The Justice heard all the witnesses In the case, and finally determined to dismiss the charges of theft, ana allow tb* parties to go before tne grand Jury if I th?y choc* And as bad feeling seemed to exist among the parties, he held Mrs. Harrington to securiUk/or peace. Polics Ripoits ? In addition to the cases elsewhere reported, Ellen Fitzgerald was arrested Batarday night by the Metropolitan Police for threatening a neighbor's family The case waa esaalned by Justice Johnson and dismissed. Joe. Clutsbaek. for selling liauor after hours, was arrested by Roundsman Pen wick, and fined f 10.94 by Justice Walter David Freeman, ooloced, dtairderly; fined ISM by Justice Walter Mark Wardea and Wm. Warden, boys, were arrested yesterday for profanity In the streets by Patrolman Hanaan, and were lectured by J ustice Walter aad made to pay 96 cents coals, each Rilioiops Sbrvicis at tbi Capitol ?Rev Mr Kellogg, if Boston pretcbed at the Capitol, | en the "Freedom of the Gospel " The attend- I ance waa large. I T?i New Bridge ?The new Government bridge across the Potomac ! progressing rapidly. The water baa been drawn from the trunk of the Alexandria Aqueduct, and workmen are busily employed In laying inside of It a substantial flooring of tbe roadway. The Interior width !? nineteen feet: so vehicles can pats etch other and hare a few feet to spare The tressel work on tbe Virginia aide la nearly finished, and that on tbla aide?across the Chesapeake and Ohio Csn&l? la ready to be put in place aa soon a* w*>er la drawn from tbe canal. Not the Biidioioom ? We have been requested to atate that In the case of the disturbance of a wedding on the Island, a night or two since, by three young women, who Intruded their presence without being invited on that occasion, it was one of the male guests, and not the bride, groom, who was claimed bv Miss Mary Donnelly as hers and hers only Our Informant seems shocked at the insinuation against tbe bridegroom , who he nyi la quite a moral man. Innate Heat ? Borne chap, who must have got a Mil head of steam on before be went to the lecture, complains in the HtpubUtan and TnttlU. fencer of being suffocated at tbe Smithsonian on riday night The Smithsonian Hall Is notoriously tbe best ventilated lecture room in the country. Stealii*? Broomb ?Henry Fletcher, (colored,) an old ofiender, waa arrested on Saturday evening and brought before Justice Clark, at the guard houae, for ateallng a lot of brooms from William Lord, and yesterday waa committed to answer the chsrge before the criminal court. Not the Man ?We are requested to state that the F. Butler mentioned in Saturday's Star m having lost money and a watch at a gtttbling house is not Mr. Ferdinand Butler, restaurant keeper, Fourteenth street. CoMMEJ.CE THS N?W VIII WITH a DlllT It la uaeful Jor registering events, past, present, v-- jonire?a valuable pocket oompanion for aoldiera and busineas men?containing almanac calender tablea, blank space for every day in the year, memorandum, each account for each month, with neatly printed heading!. Shllllngton, bookseller, stationer, and newsdealer, corner of Fourand-a-half street and Penn aventie, has.fifty different kinds, in varioul style* of binding. Don't be without one of these useful little souvenirs 3t Ooi!?o to Quit the Business?Chance for Bargains ?Having determined to quit the dry goods busineas, we offer our whole stock of good! to the public for leas than New York wholesale pr'ces, which we are anxious to close by the 1st of January, with the privilege of the store, which is one of the best stands in the city, recently occupied by R B Hall, No. 375 Seventh street, between I and K streets. de l2-3t Matthews A Co. Soldiers Special Noticb ?Do your duty to yourselves, protest your health, use Holloway's Pills and Ointment. For wounds, sores, bowel complaints, and fever*, they are a perfect safe guard. Full dlrectiona how to use them with every box. Only 25 cents. 810 The staft t* thk First Ward?Mr. John Mathews is the sole agent, for serving the Star to subscribers in the First Ward of this city. All arrearages of subscriptions will therefore be paid only to him; as well aa all arrearagea due In that ward for the Baltimore Sun, of which he Is also the agent there. lw Notice.?Beware of counterfeits and unprincipled dealers endeavoring to dispose of their own anq other articles on the reputation attained by He,mbold s Extract Bwku, a positive and specifio remedy for diseases of the Bladder, Kidneys, Gravel, Dropsy, to.. Ao., Ao. Ask for Helmbold's. Take no other. See advertisement ic another ool umn. " MARRIED In this oity, on Thursday, the 12th instant, ty the Rev. Mr. Dickien. WM. C. SH1MONe6k, of Wisconsini, to CORNELIA SOPHIA KfcY, daughter of the late John Gordon. * DIED, On the l?h instant, WILLIAM HENRY, aged 8 months and 16 days, youngest son of Frederick and Mary Ellen Prosperi. I take these little lambs, said He, Ahd lay them on mv br'&st, Protection they shall find in ma?ln me be ever h^est: The relatives and friends of the family are requested 10 attend his funeral on to morrow < Tuesday) afternoon at 2 o'oloek, from the resideuce of his pasents, on Seventh street, between E and G streets east. * On the evening of the 15th instant, afte' a short illness, Mrs. GEORGEANA M. LEWIS,aged3 years. Her friends eh* acquaintance* are invited to a'teni her funeral, from her late resid?noe, 4 75 Thirteenth street, three doora from Penn avenue, at 1 o clock to morrow (Tuesday.) * On ?7?ning. the Uth in-tant,at 4o'clock, HELEN GlVENEv, wife cf Bernard 6ivecey, aged 75 yeai s. Her funeral will take plac* to-morrow (Tuesday) morning at 10 o'olock. at St Mary's Church, on Fifth s reet, bstween G and Mount Olitet Cemetery. The friends of the family are resprotfu ly requested to a'tend. OAMUEL W. THOMPSON. 370 Prnnstlvahia Avenue. (Part or Store of E. A. Lake A Co.) Under Brown'.t Hottl. Has in store on consignment, for sale at Rttatl or WkoltsaU. An immense stock of Ladies' and Gent's Hand kerohie s.from tbe ooinmon goods at 91 per dozen to the very fine French Needlework and Lace Edges. Klegant Goods for Christmas Presents, Gent's Linen and Silk Hundkerohiefs. in a!l grades, from oents eacn, to $10 per dozen. Gent s Linen Collars in all styles, from our own manufactory, at Troy, New York, at 10 otn s each and upwards, about ha:f the usuai price for the same foods. Gent's Scarfs, Neck Ties, Ac, over ??> styles, at very low prions. Custom-made Shirts at 91.25 to 92.25, on hand Shirts measured for here, and made toorieriu New York,and good fits,ana good materiala.wart; measures f>rward?d every Saturday morning Under garments,Hosiery, Gloves, Ao , for Ladies, Gentleman,an hildren. deUtf l^OR HOLIDAY PRESENTS-Cloaks,Shawls, T " " " Silks. Silk Robes " fine Dress Goods " Lace Sea. Sne " Embroideries. " " " Embroidered " M Collsrs. Emhroi* ** M dered Hardker - " ehiefs. Medium M Drei s Goods, low " M 14 price Dress ** ." ** Goods, all other kinds Dry Go ds at our proverbially low prioes, marked in plain figure#. One price only. An inspection of atook implies no ob'igation to purohase. PERRY * BRO., Penn.avenue and Ninth ?t., de 14 20t "Perry Buldicg." Silver siMWftt'8,fm SILVER URN\S. 1 SILVER TbREENS SILVER BOWLS, aLVFR DISHES, FORKS, SILVER PITCHERS, WAITERS, SALTCELLARS, With a gr?at collt tion of small r artitUt. iv ta 4'e for Bridal Oiftt These goods are all of our own manufacture, of the mos^legant workmanship and finish, and we do not bAave, for variety and quantity, are surpassed brany other collection in the oountry. EPERONES DIAMOND JEWELRY, VINE WATCHES. #e., #r. For sale by StM'L KIRK A SONS, 173 Baltimore at., Baltimore, Md. Eatabliahed 1817. de 14-I2t* SCHOFIELD'S HIRING,LIVERY,SALE AND EXCHANGE 8 TA B LFS Noa. 2#0 and 290 E aad 14th'atreeta, south of W illard's Hotel. Gentlemen wishing to hire a neat and stylish turnout oan be supplied with a team of any description, in a style of rare EXCELLENCE. The best care beatnwed on Livery horsea. Saddle horse a. am table lor army ofioera, always on hand. u2& lm* 5Q2 ELEVENTH STREET" 5Q2 E. FISHER A BROTHERS. FRENCH STEAM SCOURERS. Baltimore, Md. The only plaoe this aide of New York, where you oan get a Silk Dress cleaned, restoring the lustre e?uol to new. Morinoes, Delaines, and all kinds of Ladies Dresses "leaned without taken apart. Crape and other Shawls, Table Covers, and Ktleman's Clothing, oleaned in the best manner, vmg no substanoe in the oloth to injure it or make it more easily to soilN. B Goods will be sent to Baltimore twioe a week, and return with like promptness. de 1> 2w WM. P. SHE DP. Agent. J TO THE LADIES! ULES JOLLIVET. Ladies' Hairdreeser. 1 rom i Pans, just avived. informs the ladies of Washington that ne will open on the 13th of December, a large assortment of Felix Head Dresses, Wreaths ai>d Brides' Wreaths, the most splendid cboioe of Flowers for dresses ; also. Go d and Chem le Nets, all kinds of Hair Work ; and attend to dressing tadies' hair. 35a D street, between 9th and loth. deiO-lw* J TEAS-TEAS-TEAS! UST Reoeived a prime lot new Teas. For sale low at BROWNING A KEATING'S, de4 ttawtf 853 Pa.avenae, near 6th et. ?the*1al oit(joh Dealers supplied with the above?^Kloweet'marJUST

DECEIVED A LOT OF THAT VERY ds 4 3tawtf 353 Pa avenue, near ftth et I? V K* V BODY UOICS TO SMITH'S, No 4?(? | CTO' "ssa.-1 WANTS. fOLORED ROY WANTKD between tbeagea of 11 ana II. Apply at 33*> H atreet. eoraer of Fourteenth. U* WANTED-AtG. W. l)R F. W'S. the drer,tf99 Peon. avenue, a SERVANT to 4o plain oooking and waahing. App'v immeciats'y. It* BOARD W ANTED, inn privatsfamfy or seleot bearding house by a gent'eman, wile and ohild. Addreta* Brn-y." Star Office. It* 1*7 ANTED?AGENTS to oanvera reuments for Siendil Work ; oan mike fi to #5 per day. Arply at Room No. A3, Washington Building J? ^ WANTED-By a respectable woman, a SITU ATION as cook, washer and ironer, one who oan oome weil reoominended, In a respeotablefam ily. Apply at 4*7 Eleventh street, second door from K. . H VV ANTED TO HIRE?A comfortable furniahed or unfurnished HHUSE, within thr*6 or four blocks of the Avenue and between 6tl> and 15 a sts. Address, statins location and terms, C. U. HARRISON, 8tar Offioe H* WAN1HD TO RENT-A UOOM. or cellar. " within tbree aen?r?? of Pern, avenue, between the Capitol and Fifteenth street, smtaMe for a ama I provision itore Address ''Proviaion, Da'U Star Odin*. tor twj days. de 15 2t* WANTED?81* DR ESSM A K E 8 8. at No_S39 Eighteenth atreet, between H and I. None but goo-' hand* need app'y. Alao. two yonng ladle* to learn the bnsinees. Work the year round, and the Ke?t wg a given de 16-3t* W7 ANTED?A YOUTH-to lea'n the Drug buai Tf neaa. Inquire of JOHN R. MAJOR, "cner 7ih and H streets. de l*Si WANTED-A LEADER 'or the band of the 3d Regiment. IL8. Infantry. None but ao knowledgid ta'ent and experience, will be aosept ed. App y at thia office between 11 o'clcok a m., and p m. FREDERICK DKVoE. 2d Lleut.3d Infantry. Adjutant _ Adjutant's Office,3d tnflantrv.U. 8. A.. de 14 4t Franklin Square. Washington. D. C. 0U8E FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED W ANTED-For which a good rent would be paid: or advertl?er would 'xohange a small neat house, obtaining 8 apartmerts, large yard and sHeentrancitwo blocks ifom Pa. ave , foralarrer noure, furnished or flnftiriluhedi paving the difference of rent. Addresa "J uaiua," city Poet Offioe. de 14 St* \\J ANTED?At No. Vv 17ih ard '8tb atreeti, a WOMAN, #ho is a oompetent oook; oolored preferred. To one who thoroughly underatanda the bnaineaa rf cooking, good wagea wil be paid. Satiafaotory referer.oea will be required aa to character and experience. Apply immediately. . AHo. an intelligent colored BOY, to act aa wa ter and make himself generally useful IB the houae. de 14 2i* WANTED?A good journeyman BAKER 4>an obtain oonstanl employment by applying to R. A. EDMON8TON, No. 134 High st , George town de 13 3t \\7ANTED?A SITUATION as bookkeeper or vv salesman, by a gentleman of 20 yea*a' experience, with .firat-olaaa ref^reroe ; compersa'ion at the diacrftion of the emjp over, on a trial. For an interview addres* " A. U , Box 1, Star Office. rfe 13 lm* A HIGHLY RESPECTABLE LADY, with the best referenoe and security, would like a Member *r Sena'or to rent a fine house in the western part of the city, where they would have the privilege of selecting their room and society, with the best Board and every comfort of home Addreaa "C. C..?' Star Offioe. de 13 3t? WANTED?A good VEST HAND wanted im WILLIAM TUCKER'S, 4#? Penn avenues between 4 Hi and Sth ?t>. de 10 5t _ ?7 ANTED?lo.nno whiaky and brandy BOTTT TLE8. Cash sn daliverv. P. h. Hastings & co., 323 I) street, no 25 tf Philharmonic Building. CUTTER WANTED. Call at WALL, STEPHENS A CO.'S. 3'ig Pa avenue. se 18 WANTED?Every person to know that I am in the market, ready to pay cash for all articles in the hcusefurnishing line. Those leaving tne city, or having a surplus, will do well to call. R. BUCHLY, 45S Seventh ?t ,between G and Hsts., (east side,) Dealer in New and Second-hand Furniture. "? 16 WANTED-TilILORS. TAILORS.-SOT^lorm oompetent to work on military goods. A pply O. Wall.Stephena A t'o.'a. aefe liOSJ AND FOUND. |?OUND-A PURSE containing some morey and r a receipt.. Theowner wi'l o*ll at 45* Seventh street, opposite the Patent Offioe It* i ac REWARD-STRAYED OR STOLEN? J qp'J On Thursday evening, 12th instant, JfV-? a small sorrel HORSE, saddle and bridle, I a white oollar mark on his reok; a^out l.X"' , I oris hands high. The saddle was new,citizens'I saddle, and black leather bridle and ?te?l bit A I reward of $5 will be paid for hia return to the fitat ] tol'g^te on Baltimore turns ke. de!6 3t* BaMUEL 8. QEDD1NGS. DinR EWARD -Loat by a la-ty. last Saturday J ? IU afternoon, a gold WA'I CH and CHAIN. J Thev wers dropped on Pen-1, avenue, between S0:h | and ?*h ata.. or on 7th, between Pa. avenue and E I at The finder of the watch and chain ?ill receive | the above reward and the thank* of theowner upon I leaving them at the store of Mr. w. t. ik?vk, i Ninth rt., rear Pa av. de 16-3t I STOLEN?On Thursday night, between 11 and I 12o'clock alight bay HORSE, aboutjj\__ 14 hivnda high, branded "U. S. on left I ahoulder, one white foot behind, wh te atar*^^* I in forehead, and was t>adly iu-/nt?i behind, had on I a McClellan Army Saddle, No. tf, with the name of "Harry Benton," written in ink, pasted on l.a I hind, and a citizen's bridle. A liberal reward will I be given, if left at the Government Staples near I Railroad, with Capt JONES. de 16 3t*_ LOST,?Loat on Tuead'y night 'as' in the rity.a dark morocco MEMORANDUM BOOK, with I elastic strap The book co itaios some caperr an 1 memoranda of no consequence to any oi e b"t ti.e I owner. A reward of 95 will be paid t? the finder I of the to. k ">y leaving the aame at the offioe of the I Star de 1? 2t? I CTRAYE1) OR STOLEN?From the oommort ^ on Tnesday, Dsoember Ml, 18 1 a r"1 gjjr|| COW. with horn*, white or t e bark ard TWg part of the tail; a little < n the face and auir e on mher parta; hai tix teat*: a bell on wren 1 a'o'eu. Five dollars rewa d willbe givon for in- I formation thai wi1! lead toher rroeveiy.byj J*. I IGLEH AR I", Srorgia avei u*, brtweea 9th and | inth ata . Navy Ya-d. t'e 14 2t* j LOST-On the 11th icatar;t, between Ha^re de I OraAe and WasLirgt >n a small PO' KET- I BOOK, whioh is *orthn->tHrg to ai-y one but I mysfli The Bo ;k contained several notes drawn | in m? favr. some have t>een in t>ftuk, a draft to my I ortfer on Merrha t?' Bark,< f Boston,dated 7tn j in?tant, for fifty do'lara. on? five dollar bank note. I and oo^ oce dollar note loth unourrent, my oard 1 with mv cam* on it. Gen. Poiter'a pass given ti I me to pass to Virginia. The finder wi 1 be liberally I rewarded by returning it to me JOSEPH LIBBEY. de 14 St* . Seorgetown, D. C. I ESTRAY.?Came to my stable . on Tueaday morning, a bay MAR E. The owner l a sex, requested to call pro>e property, pay ex- jL?3k I per.aea,and take her awav. . M. J. POPE, K street, de 13-3f Petween 8th and jth ate , (Navy Yard > TV8TRICT OF COLUMBIA. County of 17 Wa8HI!*otob, (a tei( ;?I hereby ; I oortify that Thomas Harding, brought a >w(fc>S before me as treaapaaaing on hi* preni-HTtT laea, daring t^e latter part of November. I 1881, 4 dry Milch COWS, two of them red, one red I and white, and one brindle I Given uunder my hand and aeal.thia Stb day of I December. 1861. THOMAS C. DONN. Justioe of the Peace lor Washington oounty, J District of Coiumb'a. . The owner arid owners of the above deaonbea I oows are hereby requested to oome forward, prove I property, pay onarges and tnke them away thoma*4 Harding, on old Bladensburgh Road, de 13-3t* about IX milea from Biadenaburgh. I OST?A SEAL RING, and a FOX-HEAD j SEAL, attached to a ring, with oorne*Jian set. I $5 reward will be givea to whoever returtia the I aiticlea to thia offioe. de2 tf I RAN AWAY FROM THE SUBSCRIBER, naar Bladenaburg, BOY ANTHONY, Jkft I commonly called Toner. He ia 5 feet 5 inehea IQt j high, very blaok, ahort hair, grum counte- JT\ | nance when apo<en to. with a small acar over one of hia eyea. Went away with blaok I jacket (United Statoa I utt^na on u,) caamet pants, I yellow gauntlet |loves. I will give #150 to any one I that will bring him home to ? e. de2 2w* FIELDER MAGRUDER. bqarpIng. BOARD.?Respectable parties may find good Board and well furnished Roome, br dty, week, or month, in nausea No. 4TA and 477 ISth I street, three doors from Pa. avenue, and midway I between Willards' and Kirkwoida Hotels. ^?^a I EDUCATIONAL^ ~ ADAME LEONTINE BLANCHET. db Paaia ^PRJVATB FRENCH LESSONS. Apply at 151 Weat atreet, Georgetown ; or 407 F atreet, Washington. de 10-lm I MISS BROOKE'S ENGLISH asp FRENCH BOARDING AND DAY CHOOL. Sbvkn BciLDines. No. 130 P?n?iylva?ita avenu*. Ciroulara to be obtained at the Bookstores and of the Principal. ' no 36 lm TO FAMILIES AND SUTLERS. The undersigned respectfully in- JLv4 I forms the eitiiena or Washington and the tranaient public that they nave o >natantly on n*nd a large aaeortm#nt of OYSTERS of the very beet quality; aiao keepa a large auantity of Choioe Piokled Ofsters. Our eealdaid Oyatera caa t b??t, done up in firatelaaa etjlfu Give aa a o^- . We feal | aati'fied that yoa will call again. S. W^AVIS * CO.. oorner of 12th and E streels. nov*7 im* A ^ttaSTI6N. iUtLkRjdffridii** aNB A large stock of CAMP STOVES, manufactured and for eale at 131 Pennsylvania avenae, near CdeUr-tfH. J. GREGORY. ! PERSONS IN WlNt OF OVAL ^KAMtS lor i'hotograpie of all ?ises, GHt or Ro^w-v df oar. b? sepplied ly JOHN WAGNER, next door tu nis old establishment, Aii Pa. aveaae. | N. B. Looking-glaae plates inaerted ia oldlramea. ?? 1 1 FOR SALE AND BENT. |?URNI?HEn HOUSE FOR RENT?The r HouseNo ITS I st. between StKh and tfst sts . fronting the avense, containing 10 rooms. 1 noire on the premises. ? H I-* i?or rent.?parlor ud bedroom. r svtul'y furnished Aleo. one lnrg? inftimisliod room. will be let together or separately. with or without board, at 604 H street, between th asd 5th street. It* I70R RENT?The Second Floor with or with r out a private lab e Aleo, a Basement to let. Inquire at 570 Penn. avenue. corne* of F.Tst st. o. dunaruf. Also, House-keeper wanted. Also, a r?.ok wanted. de 16Jt* LJTORE AND DWELLING FOR S%LE^ Part of Lot No. **, Square i*i. southeast corner Massachusetts avenue and Tnird st; woo Id make a "ipita! star.d for asut'rr'e stce. ' akery. or grooery store. lermsea?T. Inquires! the office oMhe Evenirif Star. de ,? Si* tjUTRNlSHEP ROOM? FOR RKNT-Twodsir%ble F imished Rooms, parlor and chamber, or two ohaml>ers, ?t?inm?nioatmg with *as. in a convenient locality acd plea act neighborhood. n?a* Penn. avenu*. Rent *ery modera'e. Appl? ?t No 82? H ct-. between !9th std sts . Fir.t Ward de H ? _ 17OR RENT-A .arte LOT and STABLE for V two horses and two carr'**e?. z* Loll, ftc.. on H etTdet. n ?ar Tenth Prioe$o33ter month. FOR SALE-A ?oo1 HORSE, family CARRIAGE, (for single horse.) nearly new- fry with Harness, *o. Also, a Cart, Br?eching. Ao. Inquire at OBce Gas Light 06m- **'' pt-ny. de 16-eoi w OUSE AND LOT FOR BAI.E VERY CHEAP FOR C\BH-A Frame House, near It new, containing six room*, one square from Jf>e hailroad Depot-?No. 314 First street east. The above prope'rj will be eoll very low for oash or on short credit, on application toT - M. HANSON, Seventh ?t-e?i, opposite lntell genoer Offioe. de 16 8t? i70r SALE?a new BRICK HOUSE oontainF ing 10rooms, with or without the furniture: situated near the Post O",o*;for oash or iber?l oredi?. Apply J. CURKE, No. * Was' inrfon Bui'dinrs, corner 7in anc Ps av. ?ie 14 St i |70R RENT-Two well ftarmsh-d ROOMS,, on r the firs' Hot. in a pleasant part of the city, I suitable lor one or two grnt.emea. Inquire No I 367 C street, near 4H. de l?-1w ROOMS FOR RENT?Doube Parlors, with tolding doors between, on the first door, neat v I furnished as parlor a^d sn*mber. in a healthy and I peasant looaMy. nea- the Av?nu*. at 379 E street, bei ween 9th and ?0th sts- ds 13 3t I OR RENT ?The UNION BUI L DINGS near the intersection of E street and Penney aula I avenuV.70 feet front. 1W feet eep.toan alley JO feet wide Can be used for several stores. Loftlb* warehouses ard other purposes, and wi , be I rented fr?r a term of years-or shorter period, fcnouire of J. T St?ver,s, filT 7th street, or the owner, Mr. Willards' Ho e!. _de lS-3t I rOR SALE-The Good Will, Stook of a much frequented Wine ana Lager I Beer Sa.oon, to which a ball room and garden are j attached, at a reasonable prioe. For partiflu.ars inquire at the-St Charles Re.taurant, oirner PI. arenceand Third st. de 11-lw I 17OR SALE?Th" large three-story BRICK I r RESIDENCE- No. 44?,on the north side ol E street, between ?th and 7td sts , lately oooupied by Col. Lnke Lea For price. Ao , iinuuire of , FRANCIS MOHUN, Eso., ?th street, between E and F.or of R H. LASKEY. No. 36 Louisiana 1 avenue de lw-iw I ( FARM FOR SaLK.-aFaRM oonUining2? I acres, of whioh one he'f is in timber, the reel- I, due of arable land of good quality. Aljundanoe of good water, well distrioeted. Witbin half afl I hours' haul of Scagj's Switch, or crossiBg o I Wathington Branch Bailrean in Prinoe George's count?. %nd within a half mils o* the Turnpike cf iia timore and Washington, and within nine niilee I ] from Washington. An Apple and Praoh Orchard, I of recent giowth. Hyuse( Darn, ard other smal I buildings. For particulars and terms. eri?tiire>i I the subscriber, 187 6th street, between N and O I streets north, Washington, D-C. S*i c^rds of oordwooa for tale on the premises. de5 9t? ('HARi-.ES C SAILER. I *VO FURNISHED ROOMS FOR RENT, | on first floor, at 406 D etreet, between 'h and I 7th. 0038 ,f I HANBSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS;-] Four handsomely Furnished Rooms, supplied I with gas and water, and convenient to the Pater.t I and Post Office Departments, for rent. Apply at I 490X Massachusetu avenue, north side, between I, 4th and tth sts. ln%2> 11 j p b 4rtholow? WHOLKSSLK AND RETAIL DStLIR I!( Hardware k Agricultural iRiplcmrnti, 553 SKVKMTH 5TJIKI, B'low Pa. avenue, (oppo. East and Centr* Marktt.) I WASHINGTON, D. C. 11 My stook embraoes many artio ie; for Army fur- I po?e(>;among which are tne following: Canal Borrows, iRope, Wheel Barrows, Axes, I Trucks?'icavy and light,! Piok*, Grindstones. Hatchets, Grindstone Fixtures, "???? Jt Atv le. Pick Handles, 1, Blacksm th Tools, Ax-Hand es, I Portable Forges, Katt*,n or stable broome, I IcSSMfJSk KJi., Powder and Burglar Spades, Proof W rought iron Los Chains. Boxes. Halter Chains, Fire and Burglar Proof 5th Chains, Safes, f raoe Chains, ? Horse Powers, Swingletiees. Portable Ov?ns. Hamee, Horse Buckets. CurryCombs, II Water Buckets, Cards. Measures, HandCarts, |l Stabl" Lanterns, Fairbanks'Scalee?Hay, I Cut Nails. Platform,and Counter, I Wrought Nails. Butohers Scales. Horse-shoe Nails, Butoher Knives, |i Wrenches, Hoo* Loon. |< NVaron Jvks, Str*p Iron, ?o , Ac., Ox Yokes, Portable Mil s for Grind- I Large Plows, Ao., Ao.t ing Horse Feed, Hay and Staw Cc.te.s, Maor.inery ofa'l kind*. Com Bhe lets, de 13 eo?w I , | MPORi ANT TO MILITARY MEN! Anny Regul?tioa Hat#. . M'jClellui Fatigue Caps, Chasteursde Paris Ceps.l Staff Caps made to ordfr. with appropriate ae- I vice#. B. H. STINEMETZ, S36 Pa. avenue, near ocrncr lstb st.. Between Willards* auo Kirkwot^s' Hot'ls Age jy jor 6<tU)u's Cork <"ap Havelcck. I hiilily reommended for the use oi our rank aud I file by Lieut Gen. WInfield Scott. de U-lm PROPOSALS FOR FRESH BEEF. Washington AnssxaL. 10th D?o . 1(61. I Skalbd proposals, to b* endorsed "Proposals 11 for Fresh Beef " w 1! be reoeived at this Arseun* I until 10 a. m. o! the 30th instant, for the sapp y of I Fresa Beef for 12 months from the lit January, I 1863. The Beef to be of good and wholesome quality, 11 (necks and shanks exoludeojln suoh quantities as I rr.ay be from time to time"required, not exceeding I five times in each week, on suoh days as shall be I ( deaignated by tns Acting AssisUnt Con missary of Subsistenoe; the Bt.ef to be delmred at the Arsenal. The oontraot will be awarded to the iowest re I < bidder, who will be required to give I the usual bonds wittiin three days M. WH1TTEMORE, de 10 let Lt. Ord. A. A. C. S. Governmcnl Loan Agency, Orvici or lewis johnson h co., BANKERS. I 1 CoiNBE or Pa IHriNtJi and Tknth St. LEWIS JOHNSON, of our firm, having been appointed a Subscription Agent ;or the National I Loan authorised by the act of Congress of '.7th I July, 1861, we are prepared 'o furnish, to parties desircus of making investment, any amount of I , 79-10 Treasury noih. of eonvenient sixes. cotf tl LEWIS JOHNSON A CO. Ma. card. . ^ 11 R. J. AIGLER Has the pleasure to inform I , his friends and the pubiie, that he has opened a first oiaas Restaurant, at the favorite location on I 1) street, between 11th s?d 18th streets, eo long I and we!l-knowu as Aigior's Confectionery establishment. Having ms-4e arrangements f??r a oonstan> supply ol all the de icaoies ol the sea eon, and secured the eervioee of polite and oompeten' attendants, he hopes to reeeive a due shareofpubiie (avor. de 6 lm HE A V i WOOL HOSE, SHIRTS AND DRAWERS, and ARM V SblRTS, at S?4 Pa avence, back room; or D street, between 9th and ioth. de? tf pANCY GOODS A VCTW^PBICKS! STEVENS'Sstoaaol Panoy Goods-Pa avenue, between a h and?th sts- op so site Center Marketmust be clossd out by the first of Janasry. The stooa is large and of (tsm variety, and is nos offered to the psblio it Ises than cost. The ladies etp*o'ally are invitsalo avail thesneelves of th's opportunity to pnrahtea first clsss goods at vsry low rates. Usil. BLLJOfT. Jr., ds 9 2w Asatgnss. QUAZBU WINDOW BASH To arrivs ??r sohssaes B Nleterspa, ? ? by 13 and 9 by IS Glastd Window Sash, deliverable at Baltimore or Washiartou. App y to c- A. WOOD A CO. No 310 F, between 1 ith ana 14th streets, Washington. d. c. ds lft-lw CHEE8B: CHBK9E"! CHEE8K" All.. tart tad tor ?1. # 4 , S9S D St.. racing Pa. ayeass, toS-tf Phiiiianaonio Build >ag. 2nnn GREY AND WHITS BLANKETS, ^ ? ..UDNEYI!. F,- ...... roow. pl-OVKB BATt MOuHt. 1HAYE JUST aECKITED TH18BAY, A 'j'Sun B. rUDNEV S?4 Pa. a vs., Back Rswa, f d?4-tf or ??? D?trt beiweea fch MMfmh, SECOND EDITION. THREE O'CLOCK, p. N, ? ~ - T~ OUR MILITARY BUDGET ax irrtriT. On Friday evening aa auto per *M nw4i xipmm the bodf of the d? wrier Johnston, at which Drs. Hamilton, Little, McClellan, J B Alexander, and a large number of the rurglcal fraternity were present. It wai fully aacertalned that tbe ? ? vol^v of eight abota were fatal, tbrtt ball* having entered the heart.and what lj-pnaart to hare beei a groan from the criminal aa be fell forward (and which Induced the order for the second roller,) was nothing more that tha noise from the eocspe of gas The examination et lei ted the fact that none of the ball* (rifle) passed the body, though flred at onlr six paces distance Thla singular fkrt waa explained npon the tbsvnr that the balls In traversing that abort distant he J not acquired the rotary motloa giving them acmentum Some of the balla paaaed through lb* body lodging In the back skin Uut one of tb* bails was flattened. and that it Is supposed strok a button. Mart (tit The only arrival since our la?r report la that of tha Mount Washington, which went down Bat u-day morning returning that evening. Msmrs Hale, Clark. Edwards, Rice of Maaa , Rollins ed N H . and others, went down on tha Mown' Washington, and after paaalug Stump Point tbs steamer was stopped, It not beiag deemed expo dlent to ripose htr to tha enemy's fire, and tta party took to the boats and proceeded to Bodd's Fe'ry Two shots wr.e Cred by the rebels at the boata, but without ?ff-ct. both go'ag wide ef tbelr mark. It la thought tbe dealgn of the enemy was not ao much to Injure tbe party M it ?v to draw the ateamer down within range, to pick up tbe boats Tbe Mount Washl^ton reports all quiet with the flotilla. In coming up ahe met the H ugh Jenkins, with a number of echooa* trs ar.d smaller vessels 1b tew. Notiwoitht ?Tbe utter unreliability of tha a?LRStlon accounts of England's action upon the ' Mason and Siidell seizure" question, to aptly Illustrated by the fact that they embrace a pooltive declaration that Lord Pal men ton baa aeet out his ulttmatnm, to be preaanted by Lord Lyons to this Government That to to say; that England propoei to opt* her nejrottatloa upon the subject by an act, which was never, 1c diplomacy, before reeorted to, except to eleu such a negotiation' Or, In other words; that England has deter* mined to commence tbe matter with what aM civilized natlcna will regard as being aa avowal of the purpoae of going to war with the United Stataa. "8ece?h" grows desperate on the ether tide of the Atlantic nr It would hardly hevt, resorted to such a foi l lab dodge to operate upon public sentiment In the loyal Ualted 8 la tea. A siw Srrarxt Cocbt Rb^obtbb.?This forenoon the Si"pr?me Court of tbe I'wl'ed Statca unanimously appointed (or elected) the HeJeremlah 9 Black, of Pa , late Attorney Geaca. of tbe United States, to be the repotiet ef the,, proceedings; etc* Howard, rcaigaed CONOR ESSIO NAL. IHVIIth CONGRESS?Secead heseisa. a Monnar, December M Ssnatb ?After the Introduction of petitions, seversl bills and resolutions were introduced. read twice, and referred Among those was a hill Introduced by Senator Wllaon, to lacreeae tha clerical force of the Paymaster s office Mr. Wilkinson introduced a resolution for tha expulsion of Jesse 1) Bright, a Senator from Iadtana, which having been read, [embracing a letter of Introduction from Mr B to Jefferaon Davis, of a person proposing to furnish a patent arm to rebel ao-called Government]? Mr Bright addressed the Senate la a few words In explanation of the letter in quaatlon; causing another to be read at the Clerk's desk, written to a c1t<Zen of Indiana, ahowlng that the first embraced nothiug treasonable towards the United States Tbe said resolution was referred to the Jadlciary Committee. Mr Trumbull called np his pending reaelntloa of Inquiry by what lawful and constitutional authority the Secretary of state had directed the arrtit and Incarceration (In Porta Lafayette and Warren and elsewhere; of feitlz?ns of loyal States not In arms agatnot the Government. Mr. Dixon delivered an able and eloquent ipeech against tbe expediency of passing this resolution, which be characterised as extremely mischievous Mr. Trumbull was engaged in replying te him as the Star'a report went to press. Ilorsx ? Mr. Conway rose to a personal explanation, and requested the e'erk to reed frem the Congressional Globe tbe report of tbe debate ef Thursday last between Messrs Conway and Fouke with regard to tbe battle of Belmont. He did not hear tbe offensive remark (chargeof falsehood) at tbe time it was uttered, and was not aware of it until his attention was called te It by a membf r at his side He would now repeat the li.-qulry made elaewbere, whether the c harge ef falsehood was pt rsonslly applied to himself Mr Fouke said he had never heard of aay paragraph or article In any newspaper regarding the battle of Belmont a defeat except one in the Chicago Trlbuue. Tbe troop*, numbering a Utti* over ?I.UUO landed in Missouri on the 7th alt., and took Btlmont after live boors' lighting, capturlrg tbe b-itterles and boraes of the enemy, and taking 200 prisoners A few of the guns captured wees tumbled Into tbe river, and tbe remainder, with the borate, re'ained. While at Belmont they learned from their acouta that a large force ef the enemy was in their re*r,4>etwc?n them and heme, whereupon they charged back, and fought thsir way through, reaching their boats In good order with all their captured horses, and gun* not tumbled Into tbe river at Belmont It was net tbelr dealgn to hold Bel mo# lie had aot said last Thursday more than he Intended to sayaoW; and ha considered It lying and worse than lylag In that gentleman (Mr Conwav) te go oa repeal lng upon mere newspaper reports chargea of that character Mr. Conway mid he had offered every opportunity to the gentleman to do blm Justice la th? matter He L'i r-.'.wd to avail himaelfof hla generosity, and he would submit It U tbe House and tbe country that he 'Mr Fouke) was actuated by a deal re to bring on a collision without cause, worthy of only a blackguard and aacoaadrel. [Loud cries of order J Mr. Fou>e ? One word. Mr Speaker The Speaker?No debate is In order. Mr Fouke (am'.d loud cries of order.and much confusion,) said he should make no debate, but he wouldsay that he( Mr. Conway) was a diagram to his State, a disgrace to the nation, and a disgrace to humanity The confusion bsving subsided and order being restored, tbe regular order of buslaess (calls oa committees for reports; was taken np, whoa oar report closed TtiE LATEST BY TELEGRAPH. FROM rORTREUMO.UOg. LANDING OF FEDERAL TROOPS ON SHIP ISLAND. MORE TROOPS TO FOLLOW. Baltikobb, December 16.?The Old Petal heel which arrived this morning brings the foUoWlag news : Fobtbbss Mohbob, Dec. 19?No flag of >ima boat left to-day, on aeoouat of the heavy wind. The ateamer Jamea A dg or arrived here this Basralng from Baltimore. Tbe chartered steamer Constitution, Captain A T. Fletcher, arrived here this aftsraasa The Constitution left Bos tea an November Slat with tbe 28th Massachusetts and 9th Connecticut raglmenta. aad arrived at Ship island oa the 9d of this mooth, and all the troope ware landed next day la four hours by aoeae rebel atsamsrs which bad been captured by ear float. She naMlnifl at Ship lalaad for tour days, when she sailed Ur Key West aad Havana, slopping at Havana two daya. The Constitution will taks la coal at this plana and aail for Beaton to-morrow morning, when U U supposed she will taks oa board three mora regime a u tor the South. A steamer, doubtleaa the Speuldlng, Is coming aplheBay. LATE LOCAL NEWS CaiMtnax Cava*.?Te-dey.aaew lndjpf * having been too ad nralnet Patrick adMena, a old tor charged with tmUogjwe^'srseelvesa rem Joaepb K raster a aad TionrleMa CUteh. a? he Hist day of September last, be wsa trtaa aia ouud guilty, aa ladlcted do ll-lm iUfJ