Newspaper of Evening Star, December 16, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 16, 1861 Page 4
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J* * . > ?! 1 ^THE F.VK\!\?; STAR k W ork in the Garden. Tier* It little tn ba done now pxecpt to close j Up ?uch work H- wrs ror2?-8rf ?l l??t morth Plant* in Frjm'* ?Givo air, l>j raising thr> : W.?h. to all plantain frames, when the weather < i? mild. CoT?r ?i'h tuu'a at nicht when the ! veaxber i* ere. Compost*.?Piepara rash C' mnosti as may 1 b? required f>r the g>uden, ard at convenient times c*rry them to rh* gr>>un 1 where janted. J Digging ?Tr?-nth ai.d di* at:ff clay ?oil? j that tae winter frosr* uiay nc upon them, rnt rnrir OAttPE*. Tn the fruit garden. longiitter may be thrown with advantage around t'ae roots of newly planted trees, out it should not be thick enough to afford an herbor fjr tuiee. Prt<n?M/* P en*-? a Wte.t *? * w nrr? ? rf^ * I UUO U'il U ? 11 UC" , SC r fl p tj IQOS9 f-flf bark, and clean away eprouU and bauko of *>11 that may have accumulated about the foot of the tree#. Minur? ?Haul manure and spread on the Mrfaoe around the trcos that require euoh attention THE FLOWER Q4Rr>EN All Aniruli.-r- ??11 ? -? -? 1 . ..|/v*?iivne nut UUW UC CUD* fiaded, except that har Jy shrubbery may ill fee planted when the ground id open. Box 4dzlng may etill be pat J )*n. Tour borders may be well spaded and covfred with a compost mile of old sod.', leaftoold, and stable manure, rofted w?ll l>i? the fllll depth of the spade, and if yoa can spare the labor, trenching to the depth of two spits to better. TBI 3RES5 H0C9K. Be ear*ful to keep the green Louse at an ?r*n temperature, but with only ?o much tire %* U necessary to prouot from frost und promote bloom?say nut to exceed 60 deg. Fahrenheit, night or day. Cuttings of m' plants may be put down, and th' 3-s already rooted choald be pjaqed in sm*!!-sited pot*. Water the plants fnarinzlv. ?Vu m ^ ... W }/'vuc uaiu^'i to aVold dust; piok off decayed leive^. and y?p mil plauta nearly tied up ? Ameriran CaaUoii atom s rd torn. -u- * rr?uwerv? inxi???#jn an unu*ual quantit; ?f eoni sprouting on the ear. It will be reBjamberea that Some leMons back there wa; immense low to corn growers by the failure of their seed to germinate. They should iook arefully to this matter tow. and select their dryest Corn and such a? hus been least uifected 1>y the weather. We have seen many eara of oofB Juar from the shcck. the germ cf which ha-? aur ted and ^uVtied ita tray through the body of tho grain, fometimp? making half an luah of growth, and again ?arrely percc"ib'e I by a green speck*>o tl>e service. When one aa^h grain <* ?|>parent. a great many may be eurted but toot yet visible, and almost the whole ear ?* unfitted for seed. This occurs with Mr* otherwii-> perfc;t!y fair and sound, aad intiflh liwi m-m 1 ?* " m *M?mj icvai' II w?ro UU Li UI USC'l j la Jt>DCti0C.?/Im r?e nFarvfr. Bow C?rn is P ?;e ?ed i? Russia. I At & late inestirg of the Academy i 3<jieboe!, keld la Pdiis. a latter from il do bfimcfcoff? a Eussita i^fcd!ord?h ? read. tJ^jcribirg the Banner in whioh corn piu &ra mnde in th&t coantrT. The | is ;ira in a dry ecil, and IjjjUiJ of BUV.nm ?W- -;j _ ? ?| ?,ao onri ar-jj 5IU0S ST6 hardened by & la&J; ooniisued rztosure to a wood lire. Before the aora is introduced the air !n the pitta rurifi d by burnfDg straw in It. alter the grain iit thrown in, packed' eioee, %tid the pit is tightly enclosed. Corn h*s <Aen preserved ic ^ucL pits f^r forty year?. So*T,e of c?r Western farmers, who raise large V. >p4 of wheat and etrn, should try this ^fce.hoa of pr<MK>r~iijg grain during years when there is & great harvest, in order to I*y up a #f>*e far of aa inferior yield ?Scientific Amtnean. THIEai! TVE a n, froU'Ud by R jrc' L't tr* ha'tnt of England, ami ttzuT'd by kt Seals of '.nt Eco'.' is Pkarmatm 4a Ptns a?J :\t Jmpiriai College of V - TRIK4EMAE No 1 la th? fff " &! NrVj f ?r h h,^AX<Tio*. ?fOlXAToSBllS* &9 i > XUACsTiOS U - 1 US SYiTlM. TR'tsbMAK No 2, . 0*np ?t'*r ft*".a eu'ir-if titd uui a! ' nee* or UdM disorde-f, for *h vi Uoptiva. *nd ? urnbs fcftr* gars ft it been tiuught ft iuti4o'fl. ?o ?h? |ujjq of tii? ti*ft.tkif ftvfttiporuoc f tue psp-'ft TRI E^EM A R No 3. 1? th* (rest fti>l ?ar? r-m n j <>f M' oirj'ixsd for %[l uBnf'U??! tT??y?U'n:.?t. *?'.! ^4 A vir.?"> "* - *L- -* .y- j w j pviu * vu*>J % iJtt? Q?^.tfUCN IS6 Ol Mrrou').&>*i>'i&aiiii.e ii i^t-ru-a* lafT'dteils, | sad wnicti a i the &v?*i>arul? ia irr w-^A u*a .?t ' 7ms J bibslm a l, 2 * 'j<i 3 ar- ?iike <~r- j Vt-kl u| lute ov;:iI.^rdci) V i:?u?ea*.inc i- I |le?. The/are ia tjMj f .m>? f \ i >? g , &ru nAy u? on tl>? toiiet 1?j1? wutou: trir;r ud^ !.?irg sublielil B?jjj in lis ca*?? &t 93 ?v:h. o' fjur ca ? in oae .";>r S*. ar J in <3.7 i-as-x. ?mi* ??* ** *4aur<iatd-c4 t j V&ip*an, La ie-irand. Koux A<\. *8. Whoei*i? a d r*uul ? > 1?K. H. A H \nKOW.194 bl?y?oker Mieat, (4 iwors from ?Ja3I)0U(ai etr6*?). Yor?. iinn?95. :a e J I u r? Mitt of remittance, j b?n?w will fvinriH Trf"*?TAr t> aiij -art i>! i;.e w rd. ?fcur? r pacfc?u.aud aoc ?rdiug t j the una of m* w Iter. Pal>ii?M -?i ?.?"> br i)R MAKK' ?\V, that po;u'ar acJ t> autitu .? l a-trate t mulr^al wo k, iiju.a:: rra .ty. Prioe lAociU I' i > o ar a d < a? be obtained by ipuoial authority fr^m a. C. FOR U, Wastilcgiop. IJ^C. ds bin 17 u r 8! f u r 8!! JP FURS!!! MINE 8abljk. Pitch. WATER MINK, french mable. la rreat variety, a-d oh?ap, at dealm SEYMO^R'g. Georgetown. THIt? 18 TO GIVK NOTCE. Tn?t the ?ubso iber bath obtained frv.u tii-> O' Court <-f Wa?B:a4ton couotT, ic tha i,i trjo: -1 Cuiuiibia. }-U*rs tea a meat*.-y ou (t'tocii estate of Joha 8&rev>*, law ol vVasainct a o-.>U;.-iy .if ?r^?a.d d >B?d Ail p?-auba o%vii k oa:>ca h i l t tea a&!d ?? K- ? * ~ ... v. imn uj lram u iU ?II1!Ml l.itS Cm*, with tt? vjootiern there f. to t^e su eo'i r, oc or ft* ljre u ? fce*eut/i day ot Deoemb-r Mil; they may u'Mtwua t?? law t,s exuiu'jej from a bett?fu t i U> ' Ufl e?tV. 6iv*n uaue my hsnl lb * ?A?<,nth d*1 of IVoeiiibw.UCl. MAKYtLtZAUKiU dUKKVc. d? 9 law3W > X"<)utrn. THIS IB TO UlVK NOTICE. T .at lite ??b& aor.tx-r hatii obtatbfd irouj 'ha Orphaa'a Ooartof Waebititon CouLty, ia the Iftairiot of ContnN*, letta'a taaamerrarr on t >e p?r*"tal ? < f Ann Nm, .ate of w<uhin?ton oounty, dMHWl A'l per?ona havini clumc a<*tnat Uie Aid deoea?aU aro hereby ? ?.rr.?*l to exrfbit the fw?, with the vua^h't* th-Toof, u> 'he ?ub*on Mr, on or before the fonrteaath -Jay of November next; thay may other viea by law be excluded Iron: al! benefit of the aaiil * ta??. Gi?eo bmW my hatd ?hi? fonrtee&th day of November. 1 Ml. MICHAEL. UKihrl U. ao 15 lawjw* Kxecttor. f "|Ri'H A.N!*' COURT, ^ovtxm 12- t*?T? " * r - ? Ihatriti of Colmmbi* County, To?ru In the oM4 of cu%'iefl ?j Cranio, edratni*MU>r ut Jocit i>.Crovu,a?d^a?l,tli?a nun's r%%ur afore*&tJ -i*k -* ittj toe appri ballon of tue Or ?h?n*' Cuort of Wa*Mo<t >u roubtr tfore aii, appointed S,\TIK pAY, th? aeveiith d%? of D?c<mb?r rest f./? tuo wMt.ntneut ao4 ('iitr, bntion at th j p?raon&i e?Lat<jof Mid tieoeatel, 01 thea<nt>u ia a*"* ao far aa u?uiri? hav-> been o ?i>4 lUiM int n*oa?j; vtrnr, aa<] wuera &i the ored t on sal heir* of Mtd d arc notified to appear . i n 1Orpba-j' Court i V\ aeu ugiwi. OvnutT JUoroaaH.'v tft thOireiaiT* pr p? if rovohed,ir ! u?t nuLj uther^ue by lav La txo udcd fr n? ?U \ &Mftto??l4 deo^-eed'i ee'%{? provided a POpf 1 of Uu* rrd- r > ? pipb!i<-aed ot.o* i*(k for three wea*eluti>e E'euin* Mu prorl.a* to tli? aatd "to 4*? of 0*- en< .or qAxL T:u?BOTr-Te?t: _ MOtfKS KELLY. no It U*?? " ??i?tor or W ilia. HLA>KbT>. CUMh)R . ? "> ? k ? ? ?- - U| J' L<itl I ? U t*?b.? ciftbf. r ?w?, .N&pkius, Qui t?, *8., ft ^)b?p'ioe ob't, naftrked In plain firnr**. Cv>m, 0?nsk.?, Otfclo!; e. Rug?, fcc., nyper A n lupejtton of (took Inc; r? no otuliMion to wobftee. VM'!( R Y * rfWo.. 4e?*4t Vft. ft?..?r4>Ui iQtfl, iTiMiAHTI HAJR UMS J-TPO COLOR BLaCK |j uA b (LOW7* Vail 38 <??i4Uft t*x. Tnr?e bo** for on* doliftf Uray, r?d or flftxeo our cftft P"?r ?|Mr Mwrdi to ft 1 t btaok or brow a, tf sago* Ly:*u'+ U*?>4 Mir l?e, tbe beet and ciiOftpeet id foe % oral, producing, tie tnoe eni hT? ftftited ft?db s^peftrmt.e'. fcftch Box of CPHAM'S tUi * USr K .e ? r ?k sed too>x*+<b |i teir ji, u oiUr. ? m?!<i C B fHAfl. 5ii nat itrttt, h 1aA. Md * UAi.Vc.K'1 rokJ, oortiCr ink * >* vpo MlLi 1 AH V OFHCfc*3 AND uTttJbtUJ. PATCHELOH 8 OHNVrNt HAIR DYE. n. o-, j&2?jl?sj-?ii t*. * *' A ?| - A. , ? . Beid fry hi yrBi|i?u, UM.utfiuiioi'i PMut Iitot*, ? ?. Ojj?. 0CI.1 * ffii #l**?*! Hftjr ?4fl ^oVi kvtnMs wne> CAfl drajrud. F?<rt*>Tj-Sl BArciA) rt-Tutr t.;c*u?*j) N. V. \|TS c T t 'A^r " ~? ? M I M C V. Jkl 4L A T ^ AM ,UT ,cV|Sri 14* 11 9QTU : lMn >l AP I JtiNoi, hlJWf. f IA 'CW-I? ??r? rt*l?< ? ?W - "? >V ?.? ?> I? >11 - - ? .?* 4 'i t> ~ . A , '? I ' * ! fct to. >? 4i U 4M I your '.v(/i? M &. UMualM^i :ow ?(.*> . MU*la I r. ? - QOVERNMENT DISPATCH. Mac??HB FAr-T FRyiOHT.LlNB NEW YORK TfS*ltv A S H I N G T O N vUHMJUUSJBVHGH. A Pp~siai M?? m.?*? wi.l ! ? i nt thnittjsh with e&ch Triic. in ordcrta sxei e guilty an.i ci*pa:oh. ALL RAIL, WITHOUT CHANGE OF C.?RS. on r.nd aft?r MOSDAY. N?v. Wh, tuii Corapaij wil r-oetY? him! tr?nr? >rt \1 nnitintl : ??f YV?-r CLiMMim. *! "? Q.*i?'Ar?> f ftsppi.s* for Ui* Army iibdail MiacelWoece* F:? ght. at Low Rat-J?. WITHOUT SRVAK OF BULK. Spuial Contracts for Gotdf, in Lane Quantum, at h$thwd Uatit. CI^Freiiht reoeived only at the D-put of the C "TlraJ Railroad of New Jer?er. i*i*r No a, North River. # For further i?;foriuat.< a, or speoift! contracts, enquire at the OJlU? oftk' Ccmpmy. 49 Br on drrr.y, ft. Y , Or Fcnntylvaniu avt., Wa*A??if low Ci.'y. Go tde, "rto/'ri'meat Dtspateh."-CI Freight r -teivai frf*n o a. m fo.3p m. At uUPh? k MliOpoKx^eisCo.. I noZS-im m ' SnE?rintPnd'sr,fc. NOTICE. *kyAM*' KXPI1KSS COMPANY " *f his CoWftany offers to tue publia" tJquailed Advantages" for the Saleann Onuk > > pitoh of H?&vy Kreighta. Pac<a?*8, V&iuahles, Moa;-y, fcc. 4tc., U> ail parte of the I nited -*ta?e<!. F.sareuses to aad f'on the North an1 West depart from aiui arrive t? W aahtngton tw ee daily, AM Ex?re?ses are i? 0barg-> of ixrtrttiutd and r*lu*bl* Meeaengers. All Packages for The Soliiiers ctrriM at "off* Halt" oar usual rates. A?1 Goods for ti>e e<2~cAli*d "Confederate State*" and all Artioiee " Conuauend of War" will be Rcttmh). On- Expresses leave N*?w York at I.?, aa 1 f P, arriving in Washington at 6 A. n an J 4.29 I l?xpr*sses ]ea*? Philadelphia at J JO K. M. and II P. M.,arriTtn In W&fMcgt. n at IX 1'. M.and A.M. Kxp.-Ptnee !nv? Ha. t; more at 4 50 A. M. and S Y. M . arrivi^j iu Washington at 6 A.M. aLdS3" i'. .Vl. Kxproasae f>?r ail point* North and Wert leave Washington st 73) A. .M and 2.30 P M. dailv. fpooial Contract* tor 'Srae ^cactit!?<j of Freiskt can be made o^t application to ihia ?'<Boc. A!! Gooda oa.":M for and delivered fr*i of hxtr* chargoe. E. W, PARSONS, Snp't Adair.a' Lxpresa Compani. _ Anmit a. 1861. ac a-tf Aft. I. m?KLlK, OPTICIAN TO THE PRBSIDKHT AM MILITARY STAFFS. M4 Penn'aav., no. th aide,)t>et. 12th and 13th ata, 8PHCTACLK8. pfuvidad with eemrre Rt>0< Crys'aJ or Periacopio L,er.w.-t. moante! in .oil, ailver or at del. aod ruiU*1 With utmos: oafh for ere.) age and eyenght. FIRST CLASS MILITARY riBLlt-OLASsES. (Hlcroeoo?*s, CoR>p%s??e. and .t al In foments, at the lowest Laatarn ?rie e. oc v^-tr N?W PAPfcKHANOlNG. WiNOOW SHADfc. AN I' U F H O > ?TLRING K8TALI4HMEN i, 460 N I H I H STRKBT. The 3J.1erfi?t!?d, fonnarly of the Fr%nk lin >V K^tft'oc*. ha* opened aNfw *:ore at is? Niath itriel one foor m;uh> of K at ft'-t. on tho o* kill . where ne he* a t i-Ml r.ioici -t oSc ani vroml be ^a?pr to receive th ; oz-ara of tie friends at,<2 customers f t'.e n!d firm. Cariio'tlar i'tantii n win ho p%:d to P*perhangice and L*?li?ikterj work in ail ttj h-anct-**. pa 25 3-awS* I, J R'l ' RuCK. dShfelff BILL1AP.D8I ii3 U The tovers *?^ * of the 9AME OF BILLIARDS wiil find in KMKICH'S FIMK HALL. Coresr > Pennsylvania ave ,ns aiid lltfl street, (south side,} two of the most a-lmiraHe TABI.Eb in the United 8tate?, with etsry comfort ao4 | AAA 1 ?* -? ^ I wUfOulCfcUO an ? tf lor t;if J WE OFFER TO MILITARY MEN a larre a*eortmeatuf GREY *-id BL.UK FLANNEL OVER-SI!1R rS, Will IE DRAWfc-KS, CAMP BLANKETS. HALF-HOSE, &o., ? nau uviu* Pk.;u..isert Lu exanu&s oefore making Visit neleet'oi.a. WALL, STEPHENS at CO., 3'^'i Pa. a?., U'.W'M.'a Sth as 1 'Oth iti. A'. 25 (lot* 'Wif??r iii'l >?< ?' Kir?*n.1 \v BOVrt'OH>ThlN? * ? K Hits nw^vtNi with-n *?io >.*t ?tay or l?i a K:f ?**nrftr>ei!t of Ii<?'S .?* t*l' K I NO CLOTH l.N >. eirjUractiig ai! stjl*? oi 'ow priced, msdia:", %'.<! fin? ^c&htiea, 7hich wo jue?..ihuf ?t?e.y low prices for cash. WALL, STEPHENS 4 CO., 3'J'J Pa. ar., h*tw**a ?th rdo lftth tu. m Tf Matcili fic?T ? ! '.an.* IvEW CLOAKS, NEw'silAWLS, AND Lre?t ticod*. oD 'heu d^tlv. t On1 p?io?o?!y rusrk <f in p'vn fuures. Cart**, '111 .uim. Hun . Maitimra. Curtain*. I I 4.0 .upper floors. FERRY A BROTHER. 4*9 it P* av.. an'"* ftth str?et. rP TO OFFICERS. I HE CAMPAIGN ?A C&mpt.eninjc Wagon on tUe Prussian priooip!?, arranged for sleeping or to act as an Am>>u anne in " "? "j? sickness or wounds. with ample room ft; r ^ stores and provision*; li^ht, water-proof, and perfpot!y new, having beenju*t built to order bf one of the first makers in New York, it offered for gale a' cost price. Also, a handsome, strong, sound, dark-brown HOR^E, either for saddle or hamass. Both may [>e seen on application to JAMES BROWN, at Mr. Imoa'i Stable*. Co.-oo-an's I Lane, babied the Chain House, betwe? n 2 and H I street* ?? 90 1cash notice. N Congruence oi our bavin* to jay cash for every article ol goods we pnrchsse. we are forced to reCuce our btt?in?9s to Cash exclusively, for the pi t eeut. V? e h?.ve in store 4 v?;y large aaaortTient of READY-MADE CLOTHING I r me a at-l r>oys' wear, which are %^1'tfgur at r, muoh lower rate than u*ua y. WALi., BTKPIJENh A CO.. Xitf Pa. avenue, bsttfe-t? Stb and loth it . (?' 'Iltlal i > {.jJUNDOATS fob tm? WESTERN KlVLKti. QCtKTIEUirTtB QllfiaAT.'* OFTIri, I Watkir.tirm, Junt 17,1361. ( PaoposALK are invited for oonetructS&g ttanN ata ufou tee Weetern rlvera Sfuoifiu&uoL'e will be immediately prepared and may be examined at theQuarterrnaate-'s Otftoe at Cincinnati. Pit'abnrgii, and at this office. Proposals from boat-1*air era and efc?ine-bal;<l err a one will be considered. P a-is submitted by bidders will be taken iota eotfBideraticn M. C. MEi6^, ie la Uaarrermanter ??? <? Army j loves: army olovesn At the Glove Depot of p u H A ilTT vnta l n/\ _ . o a. *vU i | 383 D ?t .facing Pt. %v., <W A i CHhs. *OLD AND 8JI.VKR K.ViLDSH, BWISS AND /MKRiOAN I hAVft now r>E h?ud S l&'g? - t.-ct of a.l the ?Uot?t oel;l.raU*d Wateaee, that t an; adllinc a* t!?? v?rj lavul prio<>? tnat irood and r.ii*! ie time keeper* oau be afforded at; aad every devo'iption office JKW tLR\ < n ha,d;all new *ij>ie? received as *ooi>?* inanofautured, and otTVed at the lowoet ratea. B.lver ware inanBfaeturrd to mr own ehop. Ailkindeof Mil-ITARY HOOUKon liaud.Huoh a* KevoJvers. ftworda. Pwhee. Bo'?*, Bowie kuive?. P.fiiet t onivae***< ^*e. Aifo *tron< Arm* Trunk* and B-d C?ni!Mne?*; a n aiiv otn? r t*it:g* caeJul and ornamental a: 33*9 pdnntjivania avenue. ii<>3n tf H * H <?<?!? SDR. LOCKWOi'D KTS TI'-KTH oii Ru\t>er, ai.'.l perform* all rrr*rm qpbrationb u - wi ii_ ? i invlik- II i, i Mi *' .-uiiuiu* 1 uutuor I'l r^TCDUl ?l. au^JyiEy'J i Pi tvecH. Chtorofirm glvcm, tf d<>?lrvd.^u-t-I-D AU km?ia of Teeth lor saie. uo S-.awlm* OHuTiCE >1 And t l?t <1aj of next J*ntnry all Jot urn iideh'txl U> the iat"> 8 m of K E. Whit* t Co, ara hereby touted tbat the'r account*. Twt** and due HI!.- vi ] to p *o?' iu the ha d? of mi *t n<v? for coM^ctioo. %lt f ereon* ?o iii~ebfce>f de*iftD| to asrve ooet* of law suits will ! ave 10 f?>t e prior to tU above eprmfi^d iim*. daafawtw E. K WH1TK. INDIA Rl'BBfcH PANTLOON?, L"e* nt, 1 Coat*, ri nebos, Blii.keU, Ac., *t th<*8uUer'? bapply Depot, 3t)4 ?*a are., Mack Hoom, or 3$t D rt.. t?twe*n Mtli and loth. y U N BO A 1 C Q?nm wiiiw VmnraPt I' Wmtitmctem City. ./? * T >, t'6.. t P? a rn* a O- ? * . orwirioiTion n>.- nu,e i>l Sac ii?*u Mf tM v, Mtaru rirsra ar? on exhibition at *ti* oAm, a.'*i M oAcm 0/ Uo&jU>rn&?ter* it F'ttrfm. Cine-nnati, St. Loaie ana Alton. Uotftto M i?nmM at Cttro. flWe ?boui<1 Ke *?at to Uoart?r m?t?r ??ufral of tit?Unit**4 5i?n>i Armf,M WMUnt#B,tj i?t I* If Brly. B?o*l and '~V'*'t| ^ OUGHtt, C<)LJ^, Ac'. COMPO&*D 81A OPHOM AMtBlC. Thi? Jtltd POfVtakt K .? oil !i%B ba*n to li>ng ki-owiiaw?tf*?i?iv?!jU'M t) *.t in ?t Krsoi.t i.%ra boooiu? fam?war wfttf ??? ?itr*-?rd! <>>i>I. -Tt o? ?-? lifel at -Jj tb?pri?o uii raZ^^StpSTTu ?l e#ulR fc l ajf * 1 \ . . . 11 ... 1... 1 Pi'^fcfWBRAT RL'HjR. I , DUnRV'HKAT KI.OUH. ' . f ;ORKU CRA^bkJxiU!-.?. J KING A BUKCHfcLL. 00 .T Ooraor Vermont a*. an. lath at, 11 GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS MAftSKY OOI.MNB * CO.*S PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT ALE. W* hive Just received a ripply oi theatow Aie, whicu we r, ooir.iiiend t<> bo of\verr ?cp^rior *ualitr. Pc*?>ns aisSunz to purohase. hy maE.c* in niddiate appliaatum, ?w b?? furnished. . AP.?( \ 4 Sti I ? bo l , tjeofnefown. -?? ? KKV-ViVrj*? J I-"* hhne. Pj'ni# Vorto Kico SU9A Ea 'to bl>Ie. O'd F.T3 WHISKY, W >. >,(; KR RlN6 **! AI.r '.VIVKB, ' .-o4^. Cfri'-.'-d ana Retire -TfJARCi f ' f.*e ! .o Java OOF* Kt,, 1 h:- a; ioea) XoLAJ c KB v-r E*!e t.r JOT! N J. 11 Oft UK. is I# I ' AS FITTING, &c. jk W* t. SOVB ft 00. f*. H.h Now *r ?? *e?j to ex*ut- aci *r?#;? \r!;? W c'i Hi*'? ni&j be fa?or?i ;u t?e PL?>lBiSe. ?A8 OK STEAM riTVlN* ELSINEPS. ;L7~ Kto't on 9tk street, % few door* north cf P?, arenas, wtierw ota? be foand a ccmatet? ae?ortn*9ut at (HA NDELiERS ??d otftf ?AL*, STEAM ac? W*T>:K FIXTURES. latMr {SNYDEK, . PLDMftrR ASV HAS FITTER, iM to lite corner of Twelfth ana F sti. Re n yf-p<irec to mtrodno? Watw and 8u n?on tr.e moft favorable terms, and cnarantiea entlrt atitfacUon. ||* K>> nn Wa??i( * 1*4 a# ffAAVIMA -al Iivitas VI* u*uu IW* VI yvuaill7 ?UU UfUOI S i OVKS. which he wiil?ellle?? than oort, a? ha wiahee to |fl rid of them. no 11 WO A S FIXTURES. E If ?u>re, and w dM * receiri uk, 9AB niTUhESoiaaUreiy Neir Patterns and Deaigna a< J Finiah. superior in atjie to juiythinj horetotore c2et <1 la lhi? martet, We inriteeitiiena reaerfcj It tc *all and ^x&ir.ito our stock of b&s and Water Fix ir?Mi. laeiinf oonftdent rv.atwe have the beet ?a eoted stock in W'lVfthiDcton. \ll Work in tiiat'OTe lineicirvtted toeir efira Will te >roro>t[y attended :o. s u>*w w niuwaini _?t. ' Ml 516 Li rtreet. OIFICE OF INSPECTOR AND 9KAI.K1 Or MKiKftSi Wa*K!S?*<3J?, Jmly It, I***. ffCTfCS IB iiSHKBY GlVRrf, TlAt, a?re? I [.! -/ to ta? jro^tiots ox tae ordmmree ef tue Oor| fora! o a?proTtii .Vaj !J, 'rf^the undesigned it a^w ^Tt patm. "wrei.^rer rofursd in writlnf. ma I . ?! ?fc- Tj?Lt cftrc ft* of fifty oectt, to lnipeot. ?*i4.r :ae. t-i?*.. ?roy?,fcDd McerUin the fcoonr*cjof o! &ay c?? meter in il?e In tfcu oity." r;ye-? vr.-ter, r .'ounU itcorreot. vill be condemned 4 '. emlM iu:t! TiB.rfce<l trne/w>U be ftim" ?!?rr, if ? roved to be in iu ? f s??, it -wi:! acco-diafi?, ?-:* . put i&tctiUor. for en. 'V c f 'o- *13 Psveiitli tlreH. ;te*r Odd F?i ?-t' ) :)?cu frotas a. ra.. tu t p. m. 1 ^A&kjf'.S* W. RUNT*INBBiM ' . * l !T"*~?^r *r,d Seiler'o? ?e? M5t?rv, IwiUM ??I I I II ??? _ I III Idbntistby. VLW AND IMPROVED INVENTION l ^ 07 ARTIFICIAL CHEOPLASTi BOXE T E E T H, W ithoct Mktal Plate o* I?K. S. B SIGK8MOND, J10 Broadun*, Nn* York?860 PtnH*yk*inta Av *nxe, Utmtn ljf i arA i3M ?ts , WatMnaton, Ca'le tti? att< utiou of the put.-410 to tiio loll.iwinf ivai;?a<?? ol hi* t*1 srifem : 1. The Teeth of iia.-iafv.tur? T1'mint* -.lever oorode uor change cotor by R&y^"-?-*-1* voics. boiae three fourl>?? lltbter than ant other. 2. JS'o teeth or roots men bo ritractpil, a* the ar*it>elal onf? o*:i r-e ir??rt<Hi <>?er them. 3 The root* will be mad* im tieaeiva. sn never o ache. 4. Nr> temporary testfh *,- ? ufi- :*!, as permanent ocee ran male iinir.e'lipfeiy therei-y treaervinc *ho naiarsl expreesion ??? tue face, srhioh ouder the oid sjetem is Irtquertlv dithsiireU S Ti;i*. * .rk !ia<s been ijjJ.jr t?. t -1 ow five tears *jy n.a.r.j ol the Liet cbeiuiata am? phT'iotana of this aonm 7. t.r. ii&* also inw/iU'tl a white unueetructive n<"*.i b jin*. ?t?h winen the xaoet eenMtive teeth jiu l>? filled w;tho? . paiii. aaJ can ^ni'd tip * per ei>:, h ?:nd to> * . ,-r. tide roote. wh'Ci. wi 1 last through ;?Mime. r;.o ireetof referenoee e:ven?to Or V. Mott; Dr. l*>remns Frofesaor of Chenietry, N. V.; Hon. J ndeo Wayne, 01 tu* Supreme Court of Waahinfton, and thousands of otneib Cai. and examine for yooreelf. no 8 6m c * 1KCTH? ^ J1 f.i H?I IS, At. D.. tr,e invenlc r aa.j patentee . MINKKaL 1 LATI TEETil, i*> 1\ p?Tno^'.i!T Bt hie ofiiae .n thfV city .Afltapf '.J v.7 octreune na?i wear theae teeth Wuo^ it tv wear d'...o.-b, aiiu uo person can wiu others | *i:o cannot wear these. Pereocs oalliusnt m? oSee can bs acoomrnooated iritba. iy atjieaivi price of Teeth tfcej may desire, bat to thoRe wno are particular and thd forest, e ty%iitnl, strongest, and most perfect Gesture that s t oan aroduee, the MINERAL PLATE will be !acr?fu :y varranted. Kooms in this oitT?No. 33?? Pa.areuue.betweei tit! anu loth eta., 0C7 Arch street, Phi adel hia. oo IS tf ^ /~\ SOMETHING NEW! /^\ '.c,?r'" "'^aXy Vitfy XI iSl C urttt, ofpoati thf Thrnter. OYSTERS STEAMED la the Shell and Thor ughly Coognd (far superior to a rovtl in two mtnutu, tht fattttt tim? on rtevri. 4'ail aiid see. The undersigned re?p<v)tfnllf inform* his friends in the I 'if ir ot. and visitors to the oitt, that he has rfl'.li rt/1 kia n? r? e?J *? *-?? . .. .... v?,v ouu ?8rAEUIHJllht in a most thorough manner. ami l.a< made compere arrangements to furnish OYSTERS In Krj sty e and in any quantity 400 to 51*' te. Ions ahuokeo p-r day. 2 i?.o to 3 000 oan* of hptoed and h 'esh fut us dar!y?cans hermetically a> aie?l. Furnished nthe she! fcy 'he busne or barrel. pyis.-ns wishing to have Oysters furnished regn:ariy throj*h the winter, at Baltimore prions, wiiho*it f<?ar ol ia'lure, h<uid call ai*l make arra"g?-ni -nt? at once Freig'it. tune, and money snved l<y p"rehas.?ig of me, a? I furnish an article egtiai to the oeiobratcd Baltimore establishments, at prices juti &s low. TO SUTLERS. Canted Meats, ( obeters, sardines. Clam?, Straw Semes, T?matoee, Pigs' F-et, Tripe, 4o. Sc.. &o. Also, Pick.cs, Catsup, Sajoes, Brandy IVacfces, A a Ale<?, Oams and F r?i?ii Fish. Tur1 s. Terrapins, Freeh L--b?tera. Cod, Halibut, Ao. In fact, every tlung for sale in the Nottht rc markets always on hand, at reasonable prloeg Hotels and families supplied with Oysters. delivered without charge t. any par- of the Diatriot, in season, if the money is sent with the order. riy e?w.') igftment opon from 5 a m. to 18 at nieht, every nay, oxocpt Sunday, when 1 e!oae at 10 o'clock a. ia. r??7 T. M. H ARVKY. yoQ JOHNSON A NA6LE, OUO ?o?7 No. 4?9 Av?*t?*, ?o?/ Between Ninth and Tenth Bts.. south aide, orrxa roa raxk: OH AMP AON Eft?(B. H Mumm, Piper Heidaiok, Moet A Chtvndoflvdialiimjcr A Co., Cartier it Co ?4 o? CLaKKI S?St. Ju'ien, St. Eatephe, Cantenac, Ac , bjr the caak or doaen. HOCK WINES? Deideflha^mer, Johanneaberier. i?ieoiraut?unuioii, K udosheitner, Ac. BRANDY, WLisky,Gin, Port, Sherry. Madeira, id wood o* rinse. LONDON PORTER, Brown Stout, Edinburgh aiid Yorkshire Aies, of the heat breads, in bot tie' or stone jugs. CIGARS?Havana and Domestic, of the ohoioetV branas. We cv! the speotai attention of Butlers.Restauranta

and to ou' large and well -selected STOCK OP FINE GROCERIES, Fresh Meat, Poultry, Fish, S<wod, Vegetables and Fruits in h-jririeticaMj s a'ed cans. PBKmEkVES, Jellies, Ao .Almonds, Nuts, Raisins and I igs. OH tiEilE, (Eastern and Western Cutting); Ham, t.est Goshen Butter, the !>*st Champagne ruler, WORCESTERSHIRE and Oyster Sauoe. Picklea ut <*very liefeorfptiou. Pepper Sauce and Tomato Catsup, b* the gai ou or dozen. All of wln^h we off*r at the lowest possible erioes and 02 reA?o?i?hl? t?r?n? "so! "JOHNSON & NAGLE. DR. GOpl^RY'S~ANTIDOTE WILL CURE OONORKHtKV m fix dar*. No chance of diet re?uirFil It la an Eng-4M^^^ lun r?pcoiho of ?ixiT-five jea ?ta&? ing?KM|^. and wnl not harm ihe m >st delicate oonnutation It oortar no mine'a ?. Pnoe Jl. Sold bj 8. O. UpHAM, 310 Chesqut etreet, Philadelphia, and in Washington by 8. C. FuRO, corner 11th street and Pi.i i. aott aolf DR DUPONT'8 HUGAR-OOATED FEMALE REGULATING P1LL8 A R vi the following unaolictted enoomi ffff0 urn*: fir / *I oannot oomtnen'd 'hem too highly.** ~tJ "Tber are the batt t-emaie Pilis extant." "I have u?ed therq with oomplere fcuoness." ?Wo?M not be without them apou&ny oouaidcr_ ?.J ? "They op*r%teeDeedt!y aud effMJtiveiy." C(io?4ll ?ent f.j mall Mold b? t* 0 UPJJAM, MO t b arut airee'. Ph'ladelphta, aud m Wa*hiiictou tj S. C. FORD.ooruer Utb atreet Kn<l Pa. aveuue do??o1? TllK 811 use k (BliRS be* leave to inform tneir P^trote an'J the vubiio (?' eraily of t>e _a# ii.* niipiy with a *uperior at okot^H FALL and WIN IKR OOOD8. ?% The* aiao reapeotful y invite a'tentioo of \|jf then Army eudNavy cut>U>mers. and Uione"-1* r.^uir ui onrfita to that una. 'o fheir rnperior tuaJitiee f Bworda, fcpauleta. Shoulder 9?r%p* Helta, t hape*oa, Hate, Cap*, Saahfs. and Gold Laoee, comiacdy on liand? whion are varranted aa repre W h.'at ?ef>d?rtac thagke fur the liberal patronate ei.Joyed,th??j tn. endeavor to UK>rit a oonUnuaiioe. r* J* HKlUKROKR k CO. ClTIZ^y^aL^TARYt^^A fAL fclto*#, Stt'i Pennsylvania Avenue. o? l < aria HPRKNCH at R1CH8TK1N AVK Juat received a rreeii auppTy of Note Paper, Cotored Border*, ruled aad ptaio, wUh Bn ei* pea to nauA a 1 to. b i** Pa?*r <*r ?ji rlth ?n<J without Motto**; finreio^ to matoh. P?r?n? and Pocket Books oi ** ty deaonpboc. 1 )?'? M*ortm?nt of SlaVonarj. . New York Papon r*o?tVod daily; Papor* ftoa *1: ?a:t? of tb? country. _ PBBNOH ft KICB8TK1N, t.? t ?ti p->i> W~~ ? _ T*AVKLIN? TRUNKS. B OS*r tor nle tno iari?tt a??orm?nt lhAVlt.4M? TRl'NKft to Vflpaad tbi* e?ty. cmpricuc boct wla l,aa*)u>. BfUH Or*- ir.d V-VokiDr Tranki. .,< rs 'ar^T ft?n whicii -wo are uu? M.ttag It ?wr* to >n*ea> WAkb, STEPHENS ft OOw uu iits>? / Bi>& iOH?IITOK, AirnioHK LOCK UOiriTiW h'M ttd tk* most CtTt+im., SmtU* Mi ?aJy | Eptciuai HrwuJt m ?*? J??r7*, FOR AM, ft?!?feASi.g OP IMPRUDENCELsr yo rALss delicacy pretext APPLY IMMEDIATELY. 4 CtfRK W^RR^VTFD. OR NO CHARGE, IN VHOM OXE TO TWO VATS. Wttkutu *! tkt Beck, linetwu, Afceiiona af ifc< lid??? tod Budder .;r.TriBr.ux? OwcntrfM, lirpcuneT, Gtn?rml DabililJ, N?i.*cn?;i???, Lajjnct, C? T Matt. liw Sp.r.'j, f-piuanu of <h? Timidity, 11 o: o!jn or Uinniniu, l'lllftll Of Ull I?*d, Throat, Nott or 8km, Affection* of tha Lun, Slnmicn or Bowtl*?ihita Ttrnbi* f>i?crl*r? wring from Solklu; H&biu cf Yc*ti>??i>??* Drtad'al and D*?tracii** PraaUc** which rcudtt Utrr.ui ituroa4it;?, atid Un'.toT tr*U Body and Mind. ro uxu MRN KapacUU? ?b?baT* bteon* ih* >kuiu* >1 Solitary Tie*, Ji*i dr*adfal aod d**tracUT* babtl-vkicb annually tw**p? j? an inuall) jrn* thua**nd? of Yooif Mmd( Ui ml xnkid ta'totaaod brilliant(nuiitct, wh# rs'ffV. hi?* *nu*ac*d Utuncf 8?u*t*? wth lb* u>aad*r* ( *loaa*ac? or *sk?i M kim; v^l ilTi?f 'yr*, may Mil wilt rail t*aii?i;>, MARRIAGE. MtDliie PUiOK! or Yoanf M*a amwraylaunj Mar nail, I?>"g twst! 01 pnjaicai VIUIIIM, vrf&ol* OttLLUJi dafonciUta, 4c., apeedilT eared. H? who rlaeae bimtn under Use ear* Dr. J. sty relift Ij eouflde in hit honor a* * fentiemaa u4 Motdently nly poo hia (kill u t phjeician. OFFICE No. 7 SOUTH FREDERICE ST. I?rt hand lid* foir.f from Baltimore etren, a faw doore tnm (be oerner. Pail not to oboarra nam* and uamker. kitlirt I k* paid and coo lain a (tamp. DR. JOHNSTON, Me-cberof the Royal Collage of Bar*eme, Uetida'i, (radial* from on* of the rnott emveent Collegee in the united tatee, and the fteater part of wboee lift bat been epeat Id tbe bokplUle of London, Pint, Philadelphia and eleawbere, bat elected mid* of the men aetomehinf ?aree thai wart ?t?r known; many troubled with rinftnf ta tha btad and art wbla aileep; great oer?o?i>ee, bete>f alarmed at eadden ftounda, baabreloii with frecten; tiaelinf, attended up ^... A 1 1 _.,.VbMava w. ? I ??U| X Uiiuu, Wl[| (Kll HUBII' TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE Ytanf Man ?nd otbara who ha*a lofur?d tTitaiaalTaa ky a taruki practic# tc Sulftd in vhn aloua?a haMt fraqaanUy laaroad fror.1 a?U eompaoiooa, or at aebod, tha (facta t( whicr. art nifbtiy fait ??ac wbao aalaap, and if Dot carad. randan nsarnaf unpoaaibla, and daairoyi both mud and body, ahoold aprly immadiattly. Than ara aorna of tha aad and malaaehol? afaeujprodacad k? aarljr batata of roatJb, *i* i Waakoaaa of tba Back and Llmlx, Paint in lb* Haad, Dtmnaaa of Sight, Lon of Maac??at Po??r, Palpitation of taa Haart, Dyapapay, Nar*??a irritability, Dirang aniart of tha Dijaat * Faocuooa, Ganaral Dability, 8ymptorr.a of CoiUBiuptiou, Ac. M?WTAl.Lt.?Tha faarlul afftcu on iht mio4 ara m??h u ka draadad?Loaa of Ma mory, Coufaawa of Idaaa, Daprtaaioo f Spinu, Evil Porabodlan, Avaraioo of Sociaty, flalf-Diatraai, Lo?? of Solitada, Tlmidr.y, iic^ ara Mtoa of lb* *TtU prod a e ad. NKRTOCS DM1LITT.?ThMaaa4a can caw lad*a what la lh* cidm of th*lr dtclinlng b**lth, loaltig tbalr rigor, bacontag vaak, p*la, nar?ooa aod eoiactatad, baring a aingaiat tppearaao* a I osi lb* coogh or lyB-'ptoroa of ootampD1SEASES OF IMPRVDEN'CB. Wbtti tb* wlagsided au<ltn> predict rotary of piaaaare tcda Sa hua ltnt>tt>*d tlia aaada of thta pamfsl Jlaaa**, it to* often bapptu* that an ill-tlma J mum of ah*in* or dr*ad of diacarary d?ttra trim front applying to ibo*a who, from adneatioo aod raapactabtlity, cm a Ion a bafrtond hiin. H* folia lot* lb* hujda of ignorant and d?aigniag pratandara, who, tneapabl* f caru.c, fileh hi* p*caut&ry **b*uuc*, kaap btm tnliLg mouth *f[tr month, or u too* u U* amaiiail faa can t* obtimid, and in daapair l*ar* him with ra'nad b*?.l;b to atgb a?ar Lta railing dtaappoinunant; or by lb a aaa of that daa*ly po'.aou?M rraxy?ha*t*n th* eonaMttuot^al ajruttoma *f tbia tarrtbl* dtaa&aa, eachaa Affac'Jocadttb* Baart,Throat, Haad, kin, 4c., pn>fT*?*ib( v:u. frtghtfal rapidity, till death pat* a a a nod t* fcia 'ftar-dfaT by aeodmg hlmt * .hat andiae*rar*d c*actrr from ?b*aa Warn* n* ira?alar retiree. DR JOHNSON"S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND IMPOTENCY By Ihia great and iapartut remedy weakne** of tb* *igene ar* apeedtly cared and fall rigor re?toreJ Tboaaaoda a? tb* ait nerroaa and debilitated, who had l**t *11 bope, bar* b**n immediately r*!i*r?d. All impediment* t* Marriage, PbyeWal ** Mental Dtaqaalllcauani, Law of Pnirutlr* F-war. Hiithi IrraMl!^, niniini ui n Mimu n HUWM [ lbs Wli ktad ?p??2l!j cartd. ENDORSEMENT 0? 1HK FRBStf. rn MiST TaofSA!?D? eared at thU iMUtauao w'Uto tfta lut T*ar?, and iha n?rr?r#?? trrp?rum iarrl Ml y?ret-?n? p?r*?rra?d br I>?. JafaDitM, vtuxaaid by tat riMmn rf lilt paptn ara d4lj eihtr riridct, n*uc?? ( tt;ct at?? afpaaMd afaio ud afalo fcafara Lb? cat)!:*, t'lw kit rvuidiof &i a f tallimaD ?f character ana raapvoalIt a raMeiapt faaraaf ia th? aMitUd. mpr 1>-I/ L ? A * P?RK1NI< CELEBRATED Worcestershire Sauce. Proaonneed by EXTRACT CONNOISSEURS Ml of a Letter from ? to be the II Mtdieai OmtUman *- & at Madru ONLY GOOD \ ToHuBr^ SAUCE," aSw|?EB at Worcester. and applicable to ? rell L,aVT.rt-vvii v lrt?J tbat their Sa?? ... n > y|if?i*|a hieul* esteemed ulB,t.TV India, and u, id VAKltl1 * opinion, thenioat PftJ," riM3? at an well a* OF DISH. \Xk-rmoat wh^iesorce ^jL^PSax* thatra made." The al>ove SAUCE la n<>t on!* the bzst and m<>at Popular cowdtmsht known, but the most tcorwmital, as a lew dropg id Soup, Gravy, or with b'itk. hot and oold Joints, Bi>J St*ak, Oami, tc., impart an exquisite ae*t, which unprincipled Sauce manufacture have fn vain endeavored to imitan. On the BrtakfaM, Lumtuon. Dmn*r, or Tatl', a oruet ooDtamic* "LEA A PEKKINS' VVOKCESTER8H1RE SAUCE" u indiapenaa Did. To appreciate the txctllent tptn'.itus of thu dt!icicus preparation it is only necessary to purchase a rmMi of tiie rtumiu, of a respectable grocer or ""eft er, as many Huttl and Hutaurani pro prietora aoidom p.ace tiie Pun dance before their guest*. t ut Bat'Btitute a genuine Bottl* fiUod with & spunous mixture. For sale by Grocers and Fruitarers everywhere. JOHN DUNCAN A BOMB, Union Squart and XUh ilrwl, iVne York, Bole Wholesale A- en's for the United Btatea. A Btqok always in store?Also orders received for direot shipments from Engl* d. ITT" Bewart of Counterfnts and Imitations. aep 3-ly,eo Cms Couth, rW, Homrsontss, ln/IV\V/TW Amu*, amy Imtatxon or SortANflUa Mil qf tht Throat, lUlious tht NjBBfnfl HaeMnt Couth m ConsumpItnnMHilidl tion. Bronchitis, t Catarrk, Cltar and n?i mMHrl itrmrth to tht vote? of XMM/ PUBLIC SPKAK&I8 45D BIN0KR8. Few are aware of the importance of oheokiuc a Cough or "Common Coid" in ita first stage; that which ifc the bagming would yield to a mud remedy, if nej lecW, soon attacks the Lulcs. "Bro*oa'$ Rronth%al -- j T U.'u>aiu -L| onriiuiceniici(reu nts, allai r?;nx>DArr Md Bionolnal Irritation. 0_ "That truaUa id my Throat, (foi BROWN'S whioh the "7>ocAis" are & *jocifio> having made me often a mere whi?VROOHES terer * N. P. WILLIS. BROWN'S ** I reoomineod their ase to Pr*u? driam." fROCHES E. H. 0HAP1N. "Great erTioeinsobdttlng Hoa*s?BROWN'S xni." REV. DANIEL WISE. vionBk'H "Aiiaost instant relief in the die treating ;?bor of breathing peonliai KROWN'fl t< AiriOli." DftUnB B rev a c EGGLESTON. TKOOHES ' Contam no Opinio or anrUucg injirlou." DR. A. A HAVKS, BROWN'S Ckomut, Bottom. oTAsKsainp-" M'* BROWN 8 US- * ' B'SfL4Si. noomm *??|UCfinRfe. dku t? n p r#.'i?c ??OO?es wjjKasstW" Blown s "?.SV?a& "oo"Ef BiniVM e EBV.8.1.F.ANJ)Eg?^N^ Tcooan jjsns^sts^sseu VfOWM'8 eoui>non with Briani ?u fiiwVftOOVKB St.P^AGV JOJIN&O:^ BROW** ' ??*?Wj?gg1SoVb..,S TEOCIK9 " (Mi benefit when taken before &n<l after ?r*aohlu(,i? they freretit BlOWfTB Hoamneee, Krcm tkeir paat effect, 1 think they *r P be of Krm?cent adVSUCBE8 vantage Wme, MOWIfJ? PwTfoi cfJU&* a. YftOCME? rTT"Bol4brailDr*?rietaatTWEW. ITT FIVECENWA BOX. JET' ?.'y *? TOPHAMtS Hi IBS PREMIUM T h V it K Iftlfi 499 Sersm^^ri^nf^^mnere*, |>, C. ftlTW M?UJ ?r?rd*i hj M\ry!w?d InstltaU AIM, M*i*l C ?Mgr Wot] Bo*, *b* AI Low Ptutt, Mmbora of Cooxrauiiuid troveitn vtll >Imm mimiw nu took, bafero furonMln* ?InvMN nub that ar? n*do m, othfcr cium, Superior Lmbr And firens Trtuka ndl to Tru'nki oqrored and roMirw: %t short K?Ml gafcMABS HOO^AMD HOB, "They fo right to the 8poU? | IMST^nf EBLiKF STOP \OUR OOVRB PWEIFY YOUR BREATH STRENGTHEN YOUR VOICE SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS, aa GOOD FOR CLERGYMEN, GOOD FOR LECTURERS, GOOD FOK PUBLIC SPEAKERS, GOOD FOR SINGERS, &092) rOR CONSVMPXJYES. GENTLEMEN CARRY BFALDINO'S THEOAT CONFECTIONS. LADIES ARE DELHI HTED WITH SFALDING'g THROAT C0NFECTI0N8. CHILDREN CRT FOR BPALDINO'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. They relieve & Cough instantly. Ther clear the Throat. They give strength and to i u roe to the voioeThey impart a delioioua aroma to thi breath. They aredeligktfal to the taate. They are made of simple herb* and oaonot harm any one. I idrtn ewrr one *ko hu t' ? * n??k? Voioe, or a Bad Breath, or aay difficulty of th? Throat, to get a package of my Throat Confeo tlona. They will relieve you lmtantly, and yon will agree with roe that "they go rirht to the spot.' Yon will find them very aaefnl and pleasant while traveling or attending pubiio meeting!, for Bulling your Cough or allay ini yonr thirat. If yoa U7 one package I am ?afe in aaying that yon will ever af terwarda oocaider them mdiapenaibla. Yoa will fiDd them tt the PrugglaU and Deaiera is Medi oiaeePftICK TWENTY FIVK CKNT8. My mgn&ture U on Moh All other* v? counterfeit. A Packn<e will be tent by mill, ywpiH, on r? oelpt of Thirty CenU. AddrOM, K1ENHY C. IPALOIIIO, No.49 CEDAR STREET, NEW VORR. NervousHeadacht I Headache. Bt IN of tk?M Pill* the Mttiki JTir?Mi m SUk HfdMtks mar be rreTP-.ted; 1! 4 1 taken at the oommenoement et ac Mtiok Inal tine relief from pain and liokoeu will be obtained 1 her seldom fau 10 removing tki ffiwn u? HtuU*ki to which femalea are m aabjeet. They ut gently apan the bowel*,?imnif Mi rillKL'lFor Ltierarp Bit*, Stmdmtt, Delieale and all persons o' ttdtmtmny hmkitt, tier are raj able aa a Lacettei .improving Ue am*u, gtrtnt inn and ?m? to the dtgective "rc?r.?, acd re the natira! e'arbeity and ifctsrlk e U? whole sytteir. The CEPHALIC FILLS are ttert-rAct :eni Investigation and carefaliy cordaoted experiments having been in use many ye*rw, daring wiuoto tine thej have prevented and relieved a vast amoant of pain and aaffenoc rom Beadaoha, wbetbor on?i nating in the nt^rent syatea er from t Uerangac atate of the nomtdL They are entirety vegetable in their oonipo*itlon and may be t&kec at an Umea with perfeet safety without mMinx any ohange of diet, nd lis * i?? of Mr 4u?ri<siJi Mit* rmdtri il Miy If t^SMilltr I4m to ?> ildrtn. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS! The genome have five Bignateresaf Henry C Spalding on eaoh Box. Sold by Draggists and all ether Daalera in Medi einae. A Daz will be aact by maii prepaid aa reeaipt e Ml PRICE. Si OKNTB. All ?r??r? ikem d i>? *xlre?ee<? to MENR V C. SPALDiH* 48 Cnu Stbiit. New You. Prtm tkt JimMht. Nmrfrlk, Tm. OpfcAlio Pill* tooomvluh the objeot for wkl?? they ere m?de, na : Ctre *1 hetdkohe la ill lta forms. rum tiu Mammimm, Iltrfth, r? Ther t?Te been tested in tlu aIktUKc Met, with entire eaoo?. Fftm tk* flew?rat. Si. CUtU, Jfffcm. u yos are, or haw Mb troubled w 1th Us Uu aohe, tend for a box, (Defhauo Puis so that y si may nave tLem id case of ftCattao*. JVm Iti Wuttrn JL R. tfuad, Qtat*. III. We beartalv endorse Mr. Spalding, all kia aa rivalled Cephalic Piila. tkt Btmtktm Pmlk Pm4w, Htm OrUmtu, U. Try them ! yon that ar? affl lotad, are can that yoar tastimonT can be added la las wiia^ narceroni list that hak received MMftti 1111W other nftdioine oan yrodaoa. ?m tkt Suilii, Juifirt, i?M. Mr. Saalduu aronld not oonaaat kia um w:U aa artioli he aid not Wow to ycwwi real *?;t FVeat tkt Admtrlittr, friwUewa, ?. /. Whe Cephalic Pills are tkia to be a eflaetive lemedy for the headache, acd VhesfUy wry bMt nir that very fretiant asiaplaurt vkitft has rver been ditocvored. lBHtanM demand for U? arttela (Oe?*aiU Pill*) u rapidiy inereaaiBc. Frmm tk* Kmmmmhm TmlUv Btmr, l?nyi?, Tm. JS?fSaarswK?C,^r'k"? J* ? MU iiwrHwr. /mrtww, JK. i. Tht teetimorr in tfeetr teT*r n etreti. treat tfct oat reaeeo table smarter*. Jhrtm tht Dmily Mmi. JTwmtt, L 1. Oe?halio 1111a an taking the *?ee of all kinda. J^ttn Mi Q?a?w?riial DmlitHm, B?ta?, Mui Said to b? vari HBoaeiooa for tte beadaobe. JVaai til OMMumii, Owkiimiih, 04M. Saffenac bamaaity oan aov be relieved. frr A aiBfie bottle of -.r ?d v m. v|wi cu aiue Will WTf tM tllDM lU ?Oflt MBMliy. BPALDINO'S PREPARED GLUE I SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE/ SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! BAYS THE P1KCK8! ECONOMY! DISPATCH KT'A ?TITC? m Tin Batm n??-n> ???T" crockery. *? ^ SPALDING'S PREPARED ULUE I?U til Moh MMrgcaeiM, and so IwmtaM <w Uford to bo without it. ltu*iv?y*m4?.ao4 to tho?ttoktn? totaL " USEFUL IN EVERY HOUt**. N. B.?A Brutb tooomftiuM Mob Bottlo. Pm ? oonU. A HBNEY a IfALMNC, No. 4#Codsretrwt, Wew Yort CAUTION. At Mrttti fbyrtMi^lad f?noumuUra(Va|K ttumoff o* tho ?oraneotir? ?abu?, miutMi.* ui J5T PRkPAERD Qi.UF., f wwldcButivo ? ?*> ?jr- 'o Ai&irfb* * '? * ? ? ?& ' I THAVELLEBS' DIRECTORY. ^OftTHERN CBNEAL RAILWAY Tk* Skirtul. QnuJntt ay F*u Kmittfrvm B*tu WK8T, NOITHrA>^NOITHWE?T. WHITER SCNfili OLE Cuiraivv I ims. On ud aftw M'NDAY, Xtb Normhw, Pt???Bim Trtiu ?iil ?rnrp md 4 r part tn?m Ctlvtrt Stt'.ioi M fohowi I Tiaxm NoiTl HcffcJo L*rr*e? I f. rn. Parktoc Aoc. irwcx'auon 4 a. a. Pi tuber ? and H ^rufcmrg t.jprni 8 jm p. n. Tk*is? !*ona Aubivk Pa~ktob Acooninnxletit t at ? a- in H utJsl > Lx?r?u 8 ?) a. m. PltiaNirg tur. barri?bcrj Eipmi St f m. Mail 6 S> p. m The 6 *. to train from Washington oochcU with th? 8 *) a. ro fr< ir. Ka.'.imore fur tie W?*t and for Buffalo. Kinara RochfWr, Omdkirk. Ca?adaig?? and Niagara Fa..?,ana for hew York oity. The 21 a. m. train from WaahiogioG ooroeot* with the3e. m train frr m Balbmote to wm. North a- d N ortti weet aad Elmira and BtBVo aid Rocheeter. The 6 p. m. tr%in from WaaliBftoa coaeeote with 8eS.S>p. in. train (torn Baltimore (or PttUiurg, arruburg ai<d the W oat and ta a direct oooneeuolj*o Leharon. Kaeton Ahentowa an<i New Yorkvta Cehtrai Kailroad of New Jertey. Try this roule for New Vork irtthe only train imtidc baltiaiaraoa pandaj tajuie s f. m. train, for harnsbarg, pittsbarg, chfr,if o and tfce wmt the only train arnt r.i in baltimore on potday i? th 8 jf> a. m train- jasc clarxk, no ? \ j baprlntoadeal damkntttr tialnb to and fbom WIirflH ScSSSuLM. on and aftar monday. nvrmbw 1?, lm, pa? anger trajna between washington and btltimokk will run a? folloya: TRA1XS MOYIXQ yORTH.. morning ex>r**? lea re wublr(unikl(ii. u. kr nrt at baltimore 7j> a. ; philadelphia ll? r. ; new york i p. harmhcrc 1.11 t. a. Hornier AnnnrnwIUlni leave ^Vaefciaiton 1M AM. Am re at Baltimore ?jn a. at. No oonaeotioci at Baltimore. New York Mai Train?leer* WartLtrrUw at 11 arrive at Baltimore 1140 r. AiUed?!pht* P F- it-; New N ork lor.!. Afternoon Aooornmodat* on?leave WBating ton 1W r. M. Arrive at Be timore 4Ur.lU Utrrunri MP a. M^Piiiadel^Ie 1CU? pjg. KTmSf Kxereee?teere Wae^inffton p. m. Arrive at Baltimore Mi r Tkiiarfelphia 10M ' 1" Leave NewYork at 7 a, il^ PMWe, ?kia 11 JO a. M.; Baltimore S JO r. m. Arrt ve ifVV a<*hin(ton Mt **Leave New Yoi* at 1' ?. Philadelphia IJf a. u ; Baltimore 1M a. . Arrive at Wnailxgton t:ea. m. Aooomjpodatton Traina leave BaJtlmore at I f I nn n miiiihwg, vtitf \amtW m 11 A.*, and 7 P. ?. P&aeeLcer Trtiu leaving Wufiinrtoc at 7 * a. x. aodfcM p. and Baltimore at 7Jft a. and 14* p. m , makt direct oonAeoUoc? for Annapolie M the Junction. Traiui leave Annaeolie for Baltimore and Wirt tniton at 15> k. m. ar,d 1 *f r PaiNDger Train* leaving w aeaington at 4."* a., m., IU a ob p.m.. and Ba'timore at 4J? ao? 7.3 A. * . and 3 Bf> r u .. w nom emit ai Annapob? JtMKttM ?M< Wajarmrto* (Ac/ay) Jmkum Wm Aaiifngere meet take the iuMMWatiM TVatm only Trait will leave Waehington and Baltimore prowirtif upon cord time. W. P. SMITH, Master of Traneportataoa, BaitJ. T. ENGLAND, Agent, Camden Station. BaltiMtT*. 6. P. t>I i.HF.M l', A **n? at Washington. noST ^Aae MEAM WKKKLY BfTWKh.N NfcW YOKR AM>LIVt KPOOL, Laeding and embarking paeeenger* at Qneenetown, Ireland. The Llverp<K?l, New York and Philadelphia Staamshie Company intend dispatetunf their ftll powered Clrd^bailt iron Steamship* aa follow* . 6LAWJOW C?i? * ??? fBUMg "* .Tg And every Saturday, at noon, from Piar 44, North nm. um ow ruuti. Ftrat Cabin. fW Do. to London M I>o. to Pone 44 Do. to Ham bar ? 44 Btoorace , 9? Do to Lctdum ,? 9i no. to **an 3* I>0. tn H n m fi ry K PliMueri forwari'd to Biim. Hrwc, lotterdans, Antwerp, Ac , at rodaoed throne n tare*. Hereon* within* to bring oat their monda ooe bay tiokete at low rate* For farther information a??ly at the Capta:r.? 0?~ Or to Q. A. HERRIN6, Aaam* Extras* Haiti more. " NORTHERN ~ CENTRAL RAILWAY. SUPERINTENDENT'S OFFICE,* CALTSKT STATION, Batunir#. May l?, lM. ( rlT? ud <!??art M follows, nnb. larther notte*. THAINS NORTH. MAIL at 116 A. M. EXPRESS atM P.M. HARRIt<DUR6 ACCOMMODATION at P. M. The 6.14 A. M. train oonnaet* u Rn?t Hobs* with trains on the Western ...arylaad Ra:>road; i at Hanover Janrticn with HiiAMr?ni n?-t?i nr. Railroads; at York with York ud WnthU?ib? Railroad, at Hin n grr wtth Pennaylranta Rti road for all parts of the weet, aieo witA on Valley Kaitfoad 10 >n? Yorkdtrut, at Northan berland witn L and B. Ha: rood for Kinjetonaad all parts of Wyeomiiu VaJleyjapd at WonbarYwith the Philadelphia and Erie Kaa.'ood lor a.! part* Northern PetmaiiTacia and New ^ ork. The a jo P. M train make* all the above oonoaoDou exoopt Hanorer Railroad, WritfiUri.e Railroad and the Le ban hod YaNov Railroad. The 8 P. M train make* oonnecuona with PennfrlTania Railroad for all parts of tbe Weet, and direct oonnecta for .Irw York. TRAINS ARRITM. Mall at C10 r. M.; Kzpre*? at 7 41 A. M., Harriabari Aooommodation at *.? P. M. for Tifiketa and information Id* aire at the Ticket Ofioe, Calvert Station, Baltimore, J. C. CLARK, Papt. PHILADELPHIA, W1LMINGTON AND BALMOB TIMORE RAILROAD. Run* !or Phr.ade phia will leare Preeident street pot daily (exoept Pandarsiaa followa, nx: Lxpreea Train at# 15 A. M. Way Mail Train at HlfcSiSM' J5E1 Vork traim exoapt AM M.tnu on ftatsr dart. A Freicht Train vth pawenfer ov attaeked lMTMiti P. M , (lopping fct ail Station* Mini Ba:t> more and Hftrre de-6ra?e. PuHDiwa for Dtikvtn vd the Kftitm fhorv tf Mary.^nd wili find the nxxt expedition* roate by ma?t fir* boad before entering IMotn. WM CK^WFOlD.Aiwt. YORK AND ERIK RAIL? ^ K road KjBI Puienitr Train* l?n ru P?? ut Ferry Mod Lob/ Wo?, fro? foot of Cbaaber* etl5o1'a. m', 1?^ *for*t>vk\irk,and Buffalo, and principal intermediate Station*. .no a. id . MAIL, for Dnokirx. and intermediate Station*?This Train remain* orer ai#ht at Riaira, *wrr,t.vcr?jr?,w-,_ ? "Tf.Wa m^ACCOMMOPATION.daily, for Part WA^fc* l^MkUafenra, Newb*r*h. an,, fori*. kirk, Buffalo, ckauduiuMd pnaoipal Btauoaa Tb* Traim of Saturday atop* at all Mm. Traia NATHANIEL MARSH, Rao*tT?r. HAr ? ? m AND Ocruoerioiij; Bond**, May STtt, 1MI. For JLWay?ll<T a. n. ni(t Ufrwi traia from For Dorw Plalna?4.?? p. m. atoapisi at Wklto PTai&a aod taiioci north to Dortff plaino?from mt> atreat vtatioa. (Thla train wUl ran to Mliiortoa mn Batartlay *1?or^firotoa Kalla?fcll a. m, atofjinf at all ata Bona northofFordW* froaaVUi tUt*X aladta For A hit* P'.ait?--??, *1* and ?? ?. m. (tor pine at all atatoona froa 9Kk ah at atauoa. For W n KmMMw*. atopp&c at all ata %m5ffMSgSfe? Ajh?aj at. atoyatug aSjUfiiaftooa fcapa rU atraat atatK-n fi>wPluu-MI?.a. (Tui tmi i?tm Hw erU?D erep Mc^c>J?y norning %lii. m.) wf :Ka-.?*B '<?*)X!SwU^".^n*? hSt^p. fcAwusra " t jst.s*>gifjg?i for1 ^-i10 a?M 5C>-8<>J) .MVS* iaiuujld rfStcffiSfera .?* t^T*1 *'.d4U * ? 1 "rw ?&? !'< -*" " Fo cfk***?t? tr*iu?. a !c * - * i,*r ? m .Mip. m (rtrU- tr?. a, t.?* r * ' * * !* - *i .4- *Ln.: <u t '* # t >1- >

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