Newspaper of Evening Star, December 17, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 17, 1861 Page 2
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THE r.vr.N'tNK STARWASHINGTON CITY: ^rtaoAT:.!trpm? it, imi. Or* Fniwitv* at 7&?lro? military can pa and roatttona will * a ft tot by kreptng oa rorfcd as tc mov ocerU and alMra la their ylcJnltlea "ftjr Tbouf b I ns Mat la printed ofl tbe fiiteal ?ream preaa *n n"? artHh oi Baltimore, ita edition ia ao large ** \o inquire It to be put to preaa at eerly N?wt . therefore. should he ae** In h*1ore 12 o'clock m., otherwlae they may me* a?t appear until tbe next day. tET To onr Halt) an or* reedera are would ny (bat tbe trat and aacood edition of tbe Srar can he bad la Baltimore of E. F Haxelton, ngeftt, ^o. 74 Weat Baltimore atreet, near Oaywthe fi^at edition at half part four and the second at eight 'clock, on the arrlTal of tin trains from Washington, gtvtng all tM latest news from the seat of war up to the firm rf going to press Spirit of Iks Morning Prrss. The Int'Uxgtnctr treats upon the rrent ilUr The R*j*blua% argues that tbe South would not bare engaged in the rebellion had It antlcl. pa ted war. RacxrrtoN ?There will be a Reception at the White Boose this eT%nlng from 8 to 10# o'clock. OUR JHUTAR* BrDGET. WATT TA.S8. PalltMaitamann Aukm WA Da?A?MAA - ? ?- V?M*C W f ilWIII ?uc K VIWIIIOV HUtilia yeatcrday, and report# two new Confederate batterlea above thoae heretofore reported. One of them la nearly opposite the itatlon of the flotilla at Indian Bend, and the other nearly oppoattethe mouth of Matawotnan creek. At both heavy |i>h are aoanted, as they throw ahotquiteacroaa the river. i w cue fuaey left Indian Head last night, and reached tbe Yard this morning at 3 o'clock. She brought nothing additional. When she left, tbe Harriet Lane and Yankee were near Indian Head, and the Anacostla, Resolute, Reliance, Jacob Bell, Stepping Stones. Murray, and Herbert,were between tbe new batteries abovementloned and the station of the Page In <4uantico creek. Tbe L' a ton, Freeborn and Satellite are below Q uantlco. The Reliance was to hare run the blockade last night. WFATCH FROM CALIFORNIA TO PRISIDI3T L1SeoLw. Sax F?a*cisco, Dec. 11, 1961.? To A*>'*Kan: L**toln : The funeral service* of the Ute Colonel j E D Baker have just transpired. The Hon F I D Stanley delivered an oration, and the Right F?v. Blahop Klpp read the funeral services, and the ImmenK cortege la now moving towards Lone Hill Cemetery, under the direction of J D Stevenaoo, marsbal-ln-chlef. Bv order of the committee of arrangementa S. H Dsvkrktt. T*e Navy Department has Intelligence that ?? noav. a? * ? ~ * vg iue -avu .lovemoer me (Dip Montmorenci, of Bath, Me , arrived at the port of 3t Thoroat, having bean overhauled an the 25tb nit by the Painter In l?'.>tude 30 N , longitude SB 10 W Tb? ahip vaa last from Wales, loaded with coal for the Brit'.ah Mail Steam Company at St Thomaa The ship wn ransomed for 820.000, and allowed to proceed after tak'ng a quant.ty o pair's and c'her ahir stores from her RICOVEJtISS Brigadier General Marcy. Chief of Major Gen MeClelian s SUIT of the Army of the Potomac, who has been confined to bis bed by indisposition for acme days past. Is r<*covering, and may be expected shortly to re?ume the discharge of hit Important duties TO SS CHAXGSD. It has been determined to change the color of the paataloona worn by the artillery, cavalry, ad Infantry of the United States from the dark VI ?. ?>1 * A * v;y? goiUT IU ICC ugai or ?v Blue worn by thtm few yean tgf THI ICMTIE'I WHEREABOUT. The Sumter waa teen on the ?tb ultimo, Peering northeast TUB MACEDONIA*. The U. 8. steamer Macedonian wai to have left St Thoniaa, \y. I , for Boston, on the 3d Inst | From J. Shlllington, Odeon Building, , and from tbe publishers, Tl:knor4t Fields, we feave the "AtU&tlc Monthly" for January, which MnfaiM D?a# ??1 ? **? . mmmmm ? VTJ I IV| A^ailiZ, HI ! ClOWC, I Ml* PreKott, George S Htllard, the late Major WJnthrop, Na'hanlel Hawthorne, Prof Wlnd hlp. 'the atrong man,'1) Jamea Ruwall Lowell, Ralph Waldo Kmerwon. and others I Alao. from Shllllngton, we have the superbly illustrated "London Almanac for Stodik Death or Anothik Miami* ?Yesterday morning, Re*. J 41. Keech, of the Protea tut Eplacopal Church, at Sprln?fleid, Harford e?unty, Md , while riding along the road waa taken suddenly 111, and died aoon after, at a friends bouse In the vicinity, of heart dlaease Be officiated In hla eburch^on Sunday, aa usual appearing In excellent health. CT From Hudson Taylor,334 Pa. av., we have " The Sutherland*," a new novel by the author f " RuUedge," tatued In a vary attractive style of print, paper and binding by Carleton, of New York The author at ? Rnti?i?>? w? - 1 ?.Kv MM m MI(? constituency of rmien, who will doubtles* toon ?uMt themselves to pass judgment oo " The Sutherland*" j CT Through Hudson Taylor, XM Pennaylvania avenue, the agent for Washington, of Leonard Scott k. Co *1 reprints of foreign reviewi, wr have the North British Review for November. I PnMiru ?The Hon. Chaa. J. Faulkner ar! W.-W , ? ? * ..... .. ? HULU|iva on oaiuraay evening, from Fort Warren, en route for Richmond, and left lh? eltr yesterday afternoon for Fortress Monroe, Tin Baltimore. Mr N P Willis bat returned from his visit to the North, sod Is now at Wlllards1 Rev Or Dewey will cloee his pastoral connec-1 ttsa with tne New South Church, In Boston, at Iks end of this year. His foiling health render* tbla course Qfcemrv. murh to # ? ? - V? >UC society. It la Dr Dewey'a Intention to retire to kin country residence la Berkablre county .'Maaa E4wln Forrest tan aadt an engagement U piny In Washington enrly in March birtcT or tii Emiiu Niwa on 'Cbarss ? Or?r isntKMai tk*rt?Kit* ta stUtpttrt, brtmii?ai eeJfM, lea, ft -TW Eogllab newa by tbn Eoropa and City of Washington fell like n tbun4?rfeoltapon tbe conn mere lal world tbla morning. Tbn ezclit?ent was Intcnne, and beyond description Tbe advance In acme article* waa perfectly fabulsos, especially bsssmost Intimately effected by aw ? ? ? * ~ ? ww. Aos opinion* in regard to a conflict wltfc England win ragalittil greatly by tbe InUfMtof Ota parties eapeeeslng them Tha briilstnft Market waa favorably affected, and all desert ptleae were vary Arm. although tbe operations ware quite United The news has saarceiy had time aa yet, to develop Itself In tbe Mtiea market, hut maay lets ware withdrawn, a ad tha hrahars' ofllcea preaaatad a slim array or sawplas Saltpetre, which could be had at 11c aa latarday, could aaly be bought to a limited utnt at fit to-day, aad there were vary few haidert that would evaa name aay price at all tlrtnutfrm VM koni Mlt tU t Ka ma/v*r. a?j ' WW aetbiag whatever ottering that we couid laara at Cbooileala took a rapid J amp: bicarb eoda mM at 4 and was afterwards alhnd and rafiiirt aa mItum o4 Me nTtlktt a pea coffee and tea vu Ilka magic, (ho Vtocka wm either iilnly withdrawn from tbo aurkrt.o* eiao only oCared ataoormooa prlcee 9?f art were offered quite sparingly, bat H la too eooa eo yet to Inn the effect Tbo rwi caused laree advance fa Sterling Exchange, aad beakers' bills oa Loudon worn old at 110 Tbo effbet uooo m?? ?th? wae eieo Important, but ltbnd eear'coly developed Veil tkii morning ?jr. Y. KSfrti. A Rkaxtatios?Jmmi Kedpeth, formerly tte Kimm correspondent of the New York TnHm, u4 u* known aa brioMiag to tU most pro?re?eiv? ecbooi <ffabolition plali aoptaert, now comm out la a public acknowledgement of pee* wrors, repudiating the nJacMevoua doctrine* <i * emiaatod u a political editor He eay* b?? b?? <!? >caied *Ji?* !u* :?*ec:i oii? with terrbly ? Ut nCV: rf <?<*? ?W' b dec0 - ?i??^ MOST YMPORTAirr HEWS! Fill Partlcalart ofthe Great Confla* f rattan at Cfcarfestan ! ? ?? AN AWFVL PANIC FIVE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY-SIX builui.iiis bunr?e.ii hvndr eds o* families tn the streets' v property to the amount of seven millions of dollars destroyed: the fire an incendiary act, "or through the negligence of negroes"!!; BEN McCULLOOH IN RICHMOND. fort pulaski evacuated bv the rebels. and occupied by the federal troops::: the Yankees upon the mainland of south Carolina ::: (fiv rriegjupjti bamimork. d?e. 17.?the Old Point boat bat ? * w ? *? w .? rriTca nere, ana onnga u? rouowing newt: Fo^thim Moxkoe, I)ec. 16 ?Oapt. Ml It ward Went to Craney Island to-day with a flap of truce, and Waa met by Lieut Pmlth, off the laland. No paaacngera went down. The Norfolk and Rich* mond papera glv^ full partlculara of the extenalve conflagration in Charleston, South Carolina. The fire broke out at about 9 p. m. of the 11th, In Rutaell & Olda* aaah and blind factory, at the foot of Hazell atreet; crowing Hazell atrtet and extending to the machine ihop of Cameron k Co. Before midnight the lire had assumed an appalling magnitude, and Meeting atreet, from Market to Queen, was one maaa of flame*, aa tenement after tenement was enveloped in flamea. The panic waa awful, and thounanda of famlliea evacuated their houaea and filled the atrfeets. The buildings In the lower part of the city, where the lire broke out, wete principally of wood, and extremely inflammable, which account* for the remarkably rapid progress of the lire. At midnight the Circular Church and Institute Hall were burning, and the proximity of the flame to the Charleston Hotel and the Mills House caused them to be evacuated by their Inmates. At 1 o'clock the lire tended more southward, towards the corner of Archdale and Queen street, to ?ha end of Hayne street, Its range crossing Market street. It then spread down East Bay, to Cumberland street, and across to the Mills House, Including In Its destruction the Circular Church, Institute Hall and the Charleston Hotel. All buildings on King street *o Clifford, nearly to Bcoad, were destroyed before 3 o'clock Gen Ripley, who superintended 'he movements of the iroops. wbo bad arrived on the ground at about this time, ordered aeveral buildings in the route of the conflagration to b? blown up, and after aome delay the order was executed, but not before the theater Loyd'a coach factory, (opposite the expreaa otflce,) the old executive buildings and the houses from thia point tc Queen street had caught lire and been destroyed At about four o'clock the wind changeu the direction ef the flames towards Beatd street. Soon afterwards, St. Andrew'a Hall took Are, and, subsequently, the Cathedral, tha spire of which fell shortly after 5 o'clock The flre made a clean sweep through the city, making It* track from Eaat Bay to King atreet. The Charleston Cenrw of the 13th, give* a list of between 300 tad 300 sufferers, and says that the lr*M Is estimated at from five to aeven millions of dollars Mr Russell, at whes* factory the flre breke out, thinks It must have been occasioned incendiary, or by the negligence of negroes employed there. A despatch from Charleston on the 13th, says that the Mills Houre, although threatened, and several times on lire, eventnallv ? ?-?n?<4 ??.* ? only slightly damaged A iDNUge was sent to the Confederate Congress on Friday, by President Davis, In relation to the conflagration In Charleston, recommending an appropriation in aid of the sufferers A resolution was accordingly unanimously adopted appropriating r&O.OOO, as an advance on account of the claims of South Carolina upon the Confederate States Five churches were destroyed by the Charleston flr?. The Cathedral, St. Peters, (Episcopal,) Cumberland street, the Methodist, and Circular i rkiirf Km tk# PKirlMtAn ? ??. - ?w W. ?> t>*viv?i J ??J? ?Ua I UfC hundred ud se*enty-?lx buildings were burned! Ben MeCullougb bo arrived at Richmond. Col. P. H. Smith baa relinquished the command of Craney Island, and will return to the charge of the Virginia Military Institute. The 8. R. Spalding had not yet arrived, (at Old Point.) Paasengers by the steamer report the arrival of the steamer Connecticut at Old Point with inTKLL1SI3CX THAT FoKT PULASKI HAS BEIN BVACCATKD ?T TBI SI BUS AM) OCCUPIED BT THE FXDBEAL TXOOFS. The Lynchburg Virginian, of Friday, says that a Maryland regiment bad " deserted from Lincoln 's army with their arma and equipmenU It was sent out on picket duty from Alexandria, and when It reacht-d the front of our isecesh) J lines it hoisted the Confederate flag and marched into Centrevllle, accompanied by the colonel and all the other officers " (!!!) The Charleaton Courier, of Friday last, publishes a report from Beaufort, stating that the Yankees had advanced their position to near Port Royal Ferry, under eover of artillery, to the main land, and had destroyed several Confederate rifle pita The Richmond Examiner says that the Court of Commissioners to determine claims for indemnity for losses by the war Is to be organised at once. flm. P. flMrkAMnsli v? " Reynolds, of Missouri, snd Walker Brooke, of Mississippi, form the said court. The Richmond Eagutrtr of the 15th acknowledges the receipt of the balance of clothing from Massachusetts for the prisoners of war It Is consigned to General C. Winder, and will be distributed by Lieut. Plerson, of the 20th Massachusetts regiment, who was taken prisoner at Leesburg. The Norfolk Dap B?k was printed on a small half (beet. It la to be raised in price to f *e cents on Thttnday. In Richmond, on the !4th, It was alleged that ofteial Information had been received that the Federals, 5,000 atraM. Hfnknd C?4 Jefcnaon'* command at Valley Mountain, or the 131k, bat were repuM wttb great Ion, alter an engagement ef several beer* (!!!) Tbe Ww lit MlMlMlpM-B'kel Prep*, ritini te Rnltl. Car to, In.* , Dec 1? ?II la reported that Una rebel* at lolucnboa, Ky., have receivtd a large uninber of h?-a*v anchor* and cable* for tbe purpo"r (if obetrucUag lb- aevtKatioa of the river at lb-. : t>? ?>< . ( prcfatruttotit *:? U >:.l mad* by tLt at um poiBt id ipuctfUon of an curly ttte^k. iggMi CONGRESSIONAL XXVVllth COHGRESS-Sftend SniUa. 8ir?AT* ? YetWrday, after the clote ol out report Mr. Trumbull irao speaking upon hi* reaolutfon of tnanlrT, by wbat lawful and conatltatlonal authority the Secretary of state had direct** the ami and Incarceration (In Fort* I Warren ?d& fclaewbere,) 91 eltieeii* efldve fttatet not in arm* against th* dovertunqjiv ' Mr Trumbull was follpwe^ bV.Me*sit. Dixon, Wilson, Kenned* &P.4 'etbett after wbicb the resolution in reftJJea to the Committee on the Judftifry, V>y the following vote: Yeaj?,Meters Anthony, Browning, Chandler, Clark, Collamer, Cowari, Dixon. Ooollttle, Feesenden, Foot, Foster, Harris, Howe, Johnson of Tenn., King, Lane of Ind , Morrill, Pomerov, Rice, Sherman. Simmon*. Sumner, Ten Eyck, Wade, and Wilson?25 Nays?Messrs Bayard. Bright, Carllls, Orimes, Hale, Harlan, Kennedy. Latham, MoDougal, Weemi tb, Pelrce, Powell, Saulabury, Trumbull,Wilkinson, and Wlllev?17. After an executive session, the Senat? adjourned. Hoflst?Yesterday, after our report closed? A bill authorizing the Secretary of the Interior to strike from the pension rolls the names of sSefc persons as have taken up arms against the 6pv. eminent, or who have In any manner encouVayed the rebels, was passed. , r> ? . 1.. *1 _ 1 A vti I Ll 1_ SSlll r\r?uiiiwoiii liuwucun^ mc voniDiiwr on military Affairs to. inquire Into tbe expediency of abolishing sutlers In tbe army and sutlersblpe, and of allowing butter, cracken and cheese to tbe soldiers in our army, were adopted. Also, ifcatwben the House adjourn on Thursday, it adjourn till January 6,1604. After tbe introduction and reference of sundry bills and resolutions, tbe bill authorising tbe raising of a volunteer force for the better defesee If ?? -?a ? - s <? nruiuoy was pawca, iuu me nouK lOjourned V*?ENTERTAINMENT FOR THE HOLIJo? DA YS?A FAIR for the benefit of Fletcher Chapel vill bo held at Thorn'a Building. on Ttn treet. oommtiioiiu Deoember 18th(and continuing through the Holicaya. A careful aeiection of all varieties of useful and fanoy artio ea for Cbriatmaa, with Confeotionery in abundanoe. will >e found upon the taMes. An excellent Supper, with all the delicaoiea of the sea aon, provided each evening. 8m*le admiaaion 10 cent*; seanon tiokeU. ad* mitting a gentleman and ladr, SO oentai anpper tmkata 9C *11 Af O... u - k. - A AV I "S - Oil VI WIIIUII I UtkJ UC UAU ui UIO I Br dies or at the door. de 16 lw* * ? ar"-TO THE VOTERS OF WASHINGTON ?Th? Assessor of e&oh Ward will t &t the following piaoee fr^m Wo'olook*. m. till 3 o'olook p rn. from the 14th to the Slat Deoember, inolnsive, to oorreot and register the names of thoae omitted from the poll list. lit Ward.?John A Rheem, 172 Pennsylvania av?nne be?ween 17th an?l IBth streets. 3d Ward.?Thomas Stewart, oorner 13th and H streets. 3d Ward.?Henry Curtis.oorner 8th and L atreeta. 4th Ward.?Thomas W. Burch.Mh street, between 0 and H ?treeU. 5;h Ward.?William A. Harper, 3i street Mat, No. 4 2S, between Ka*t Capitol and A street north. 6th Ward.?Geo. T. E. Clark's OAoe, Viriini:* avenue, between 9th and icth streets. 7tli Ward?P?fer Hepburn, No. S5 south F street, between 8th and 9th street? west. de 10-flttlst iyy?*";K CRKANl AND WATKR ICES, of jjf the best quality, at 37K per ?uart. Hotel* and boarding hou?e? furnithed at low ra?e?. A larje assortment of fine Cakea kept on hand at the FKxladtlrKxi C"n fettiem'ry, oorner Twelfth and F Bte. no 7-lm* PAMr STOVES, in ?v?r* variety. iu?t received at james skikving'S Washirgton Stove, Tin and Sheet Iron Manufactory. No. ?67, oorner of 11th et., South fide Penn. avenoe. de 17 6t [ R*puh ft Chron.] FAIRBANKS'* STANDARD SCALES. For sale by J P. BARTHOLOW. Sol* A sent. Hardware and Agricultural Warehouse, 359 Seventh street, hat ween Penn. av and C&nal. opposite east end of Center Market. de 17-tf 1\J "HANDS' LINE." i^lOTICE TO CONBI?NEEC-The steamer E. Chamberhu, Captain Shore, from Jl*?k Philadelphia, has arrived, and csV(0^^4m|^? retdr for deliver*. ^I " HVDE A DAVIDSON# Agenta, It Georgetown. MRS. M. A. HAMILTON Wfihei to call the attention of the Ladiee of Waahlngton^^fc t<> har large and hantaorre asaortment of^HI MILLINERY. BONNETS HEAD-Pf DRESSES, Ac. She wil! open on ' huraday, tha 1 19th instant, a varietr of Children'a HaU. No. 246 Penn. avenue, between 12th and 15th ate. de?7 St* VIOOK AND HEALTH RESTORED.?J AS. VV. JONES* take* p ea?ure in an \ nomoing to the peop e of Qeo'getownmc^ l>J and thecOmmunitT in general that he^^^AflF i ha? reot*ned hia Oyiter Hone* again, whe^e yoa oan get the brat Oyitera the market will afford. If you want referanoe, reme<r. T*rn>a moderate. Corner of High and vVeat au , Georgetown,!) C. de 17 St' J7 X P R E 8 8 NOTICE. OFrtci or thi Aimt Fxraisa Compart, 3*N Ptnntvlvmni* avenu*. Ail good* now in our warehouse, on' Louisiana avenue, and hereafter warehoused, will he charged with storage, if allowed to remai" over fix days, and an additional charge if remaining over twenty dats. D. GRKENE. de 17 lw Superintendent of the Company. TVIOTICE TO KEEPKR8 OF RESTAU iy RANTS Noticb to Pkopsiitobs or Rxstaukants We have now in store a larg-and various assortment of? Ale Tumblers. Bar Tumble*. Cut and Pressed, B"?r Macs, Champagne Glasses. Wine Glasses. (Chafing Dishes, to. Whioh we are offering at wholesale prices. C. W. BOTELER h SON, de M 4t _ 3|? Iron Hall. ASUTLERtJI NO Those engaged in supplying the Soldiers, will find on examining our stook many artiolee suitable for their sales, at snoh prioes as oasnot I #v;t ... -l? A careful examination of atook ud prioee aolieited. Libera) diaoonnt made to Satlera and thoee en tared in auap rinc the Army. Glase oare, ully paoked to go oat of the eity, ft** ?J r\arg*. C. W.BOTELER A SON. de 17 6t fie Iron HaJl. |\JOTICE? I hereby forwarn all peraona from i ~ payiof any moniea due or to beoomedoetke firm of N. P. Oeniaon A Co , Waahinf ton eity. to any peraon or peraona without the written ordet of myaelf. in my own name, or to oredit any ptreon or reraona en aooonnt of N. P. Dent eon A Co., aa I will not be reaponaible for any dabU eo oontraeted aPer thia dat?. and will hold reaponaible all peraona who ahall pay any money aa aforeeaid, without bit written 17 It* N. P. DEWISON. AHOU9WEFPER8 RE Part'oularly invited to examine our atook before parchMing, aa it la now complete, embra ojn* an endleaa variety of uaefa. ana ornamental Hourekeepirc artiolea, onnaiatiucin part of? Frecoh China Dinner. Tea, and Toilet Seta, Cut. Fnaravf d, aid Preaeed Glaaa Ware. Plated Tea Bete, Waitere, Forka, Lad lea, and feoone, Plut-H Pake RuWt. T?? --- , . - >w? nvavi ? vmwi0| buu Nui, Plated Hioek Tin Coffee and Tea Urn*, Chafing uiahea. Iron Rtnne China, Dinner, Tea and Toilet Seta, R-ittanria <"??tor.and Hrittanna Good* generally. J*pan T aTrara. Waiter*, aid Toilet Seta, Wood Wur*. and Common Tin Ware All of whioh will b? off*r?d at unuanallriow pncea C. W. BOTElKR A SON, de 17 eoSt 316 Iron HalL_ TVTEW raisins, currants, citron, 1^1 a mond*. Waluuta. Fiat and Filberta, Freah Ground Spioea. At L. A. DELLWIG'8. CONNECTICUT CIDER, t At L. A. DELLWIG'8. OR AN DIES AND JAMAICA SPIRITS. 13 f ort Wine of raparior ?aality. very fine Old WhiaklM, on draft ud in bottlaa Holland Gin, Hraodr ani Arrao PuDoh Kxtraota, Tom and **rrr, Alao, Aromafao Bitter*, in bottle#. At L* A. DELLWIO'B. 11ROWN.YBL.LOW, AND WHITS SUGAR. D Larca No. 1 Mackerel. IMkin and Sugar on rod Hams, PioklM in Vinegar. At L. A. DELLWIG'9, de 17 St* Navy Yard. PRIVATE. PRIVATH FRZVATB DR. LA BONTA Cure* all Vaaarial Dimmw jarnianantly and <uiokly, withont the aaecf diagusting or poisonon*

drngi of anr kind. No dialing or unerfarsnoa with baamaaa Conanlt&Uona frr-a. 1 hava two O?oaa?o n s in Washington acd (he other tn Alexin 4ria. It ia aayibf quits saoacb ib its favor, whoa I say that my jrsot,o? is that which is in hss 1b all tho New York citj hocsitais." New York City Cr>lle?e and Hospital TestianoI'wMhin'g.^paia 1MB,tip. WaatoftoB DQiiuiBf) w0oru Av6oi#t omer o0T#Biu m., vftsrs I OMT bssooa in par SOB Mondays, Wednesdays, &nn r ridaji. _ . Alsxaaaria OCoo-Exehange Block. Kiu strset, opposite ths Marshall Hoass, where! st|Msssa IB person Toeedsye, Thursdays, aad Bataraays. Both oAoas opes all hs fame by ay assistants. PsrinsBSBt oarss warra&twl, or aoaay rmtM. MsdioiaAs pao'ed for t<?vrlsrs. CoBjmouioaUona ?n wrltiag, with rstara stamp* p'0np*lj ?t>ud^d to. n LA BO SIT A, M D , t pdr ihi holidays. ifth^son * naot*! I If*. 989 PENNSYLVANIA AVBNrE, Between Nlatk ud Trath Street*, WASHINGTON, in !fo. 10 Royal Street, near KlacALEXANDRIA, Invito the attention of tatal\lee and betlera to v their Urge end well snorted Stock of Fine Groceries, Wine*, Liquors, Cordials, Begirt, etc. Confuting In pert of? I CHAMPAGNES. Piper Heiddck In quart* and pint*, G. H. Mumm 4 Co. do. do. Bollinger A Co. do. do. Royal Grape do. do. De Courcey A Co. do> do. Carter k Co. do. do. Cba. Rlvert A. Co. do. do. CLARETS Chateau Poujeau*. Chateau La Rm Do. La Fltte. St. Eatephe. St. Emtlion. St. Jullea M?dor. HOCK WINESDeldeshaimer, Hockheimer, Ltebfraumilch, Ruedeabelmer, Seharlacbberger, ScbloMbcrger, Jobanniaberger, Marcobrunner DRY and 8WEET CATAWBA IRISH, SCOTCH, and MONONGAHELA WHISKIES, of all kinds LONDON DOCK, HUNGARIAN, and BURGUNDY PORT. DARK and PALE SHERRY, OLD RESERVE and MALMSEY MA* UE1RA. 9 W AN, PALM TREE, and IMPERIAL EAGLE GIN, HENNESSEY, OTARD DUPUY A CO., PINET CA8TILLON A CO., COGNAC BRANDIES. 'JAMAICA and ST. CROIX RUM, BATAVIA ARRAC, BLACKBERRY, CHERRY, and RASPBERRY BRANDY, GINGER. RASPBKBBV ? ***? ind?URRANT WINE, CORDIALS of ererjr kind ? CURAOOA ANISETTE, ABSINTHE. AROMATIC STOMACH BIITERS, SCHIEDAM SCHNAPPS, LONDON BROWN STOUT, YORKSHIRE AND BCOTCH ALE, ARRAC, RUM, SCOTCH WHISKEY, CLARET, TOM AND JERRY, PUNCH EXTRACTS, IMPORTED I BELTERS WATER HAVANA and DOMESTIC 8EGARS oAkolce brand*. SMOKING and CHEWING TOBJ*CO of *U description DEMIJOHNS and FLASKS of all alsea. FRESH MEATS. POULTlv mm* ? ? . ? "? uanb IB tin janletett Freafa V ?GETABLE& ot every kind la caaa. ' FISH 4a do " FRUIT'S do do FRENCH, ENGLISH aad DOMESTIC PRE. SERVES aad JELLIES la (Ian of every altc. French BRANDY FRUfTSaf every daaarlp: *1? UV/H. I FIGS, DATES, RAISINS, j ORANGES, LEMONS, ATMORE'S MINCED MEAT lajwt! Crowe A Blackwvll'a worl4-rtnowi?d tick1m, PreierTH ud ttanca. Oyater, Walnut and Tomato CATSUPS Anchovlaa, Bardlaoa u4 Sologaa Saoaagaa. Ft no HAMSaaA CHEESE. Pmok NUM. Cufrto, Cayonao, Pofpft, Splcoa, Salt, 4c. I ? 1 ? ' - " ? Cbooolata aaA Bum Dropo, tao tmh CaaAlca, Ac. \ET Ao oarly call to BMt roapoetfully aollcltaA I Ac 174*1 /OSMOM 4 NA9LS. V 4. . %V ? ^ !'?' *-*' *" ' * ' AMUSEMENTS. <For~erl.- tht WMilBiton Assembly Room*,) Loueifc&afc venae, ne?r oorner of ?th ?tre?t, in the With the first t?!?nt in Ammo*. ENTIRE CHATfeE~OF PROGRAMME. Ths front of the Mditonam is seated with ei?t?nt ro*ewood orabsstsr o&mre. Tkeaal*^^ tliMil ? w. onnnii I. ? - ------ ? - | I'l I . U\/ 4uota the Orcheator. RMpmruN of tb? crett Eccentric Ethiopian Artist of tko Day. FRANK BROWER! FRANK BROWER! FRANK BROWER ! PRANK BROWKR ! JAMES WARD, BILLY PIERCE, OIClCPARKER, HARRY FOX. W. B. HARRlSuN, ALBERT TREVOR _ MIB8 CARRIE LA Mf?NT. M'lle PRANK LAFOLLE.MimEMMA MILES.Witfc the tir mMM oo*?p?dt fctJ THE STAR PRO HESTER' In ?otiTe r#(* ?* *!. Frank Rrow?*'? r*??t orifictl MUMMY! MUMMY' Pven of Asmimiok? Ptr<a?t, tf eta.; OrehMti% Chfcif. *0 pent* it> IT r-ABMiur*AULiB UANCINQ ACADEMY AT T<mMrtno? Hall, (in tne main nail) E w< *traet,'b?tvf e~ 9th and loth. Cla??*a ' 'T IS Tn?*laj ani Friday Afternoon ani Ff?ri,JW AH of' h? laahlonaM* I aucet taucnt. Pn-HB vaU oIiiim at**t>dad to. tor riremlara, tarma, 4o.. inanira o| WM H ? A R >E?, at Thompson'j Oen ?' Faruihin Store, 370 Pi ?v?to? r. T fl?MNFP, <i? '7 iw Profaa r ? f Pgggtof. t^EOROE CHKIJ?TV8 t NEW OPERA HOUSE, Ti5t? WaasiiMTON. Thlfl KftAiitifnl anH *!* ?> K?1I *li?iKU on Tenth street!, b*twNi E and F? streets. LMr Pennsylvania iv*n?r.u ?n the FIRST FLOOR. withont steps or stair* to m"#nd, vary wit of aocess acd egress, delig itfm.y heated a d pleasantly ventilated. Now Opij* Evnr Nioht, Under th? management of GEORGE CHRISTY, The Prinoe of Negro witi and the Pioneer of Negro Minstrelsy, Latsop bioidwtt, Niw Yoke. vi th A Pirst class Minstrtl Cotnpany. Sinoe thia admirable h\ll eaa been open to the publio, it has baen nightly erowded br the Most Elvoaxt and Ripinbd Aveiknces, the larger proportion being i^adiei and Familiea Mr. Christy will shortly appear in his famous Nesro Dramatic Characters, or which due notloe will be given. Admission?Parquet, SO oenta ; Gallery 35 rente. Doors open quarter before7, commencing at quarter before 8 o'clooE. de \3 ^yASHINGTON THEATER! ?BE TRIUMPBTOP THE AGE! HE TRIUMPH OFTHgAGE! HE TRIUMPH OF THE AGE! IN SCENIC ART: The shouts of applause whtoh greeted the performance of the Romantio Speotaouiar Drama of THE SEVEN SISTERS! last evening, give* to it a promin*noe beyond Uf previous effort in theatrioala in Washington. The Last Fcsnk. THE BIRTH OF THE Bl'TTERFLY in the BOWER OF FERNS ! i* the moat gorgeous sight ever witnessed. MISS SUSAN DKNIN, M Capt. Highboy, will drill her company of ZOUAVES-9? YOUNG LADIES Seats seoared three days in advance. Box oftoe open 10 till 9 o'clock. * de It ROF. C7~F7 BARNES' (of New York.) DANCING ACa DEMIES, at Odd Fei- Rj lows' Hall, Navy Yard, every Monda? and Thursday; and at Temperanoe Hal , E st .^1 between 9th and loth sts., every TuredavMMi and Friday afternoons and evenings. Private classes attended to For circulars, terms, etc., enquire of \VM. H. BARNES atS.W. Thompson's, bent's Fnrnishinc Store. 370 Pa. ave. dell-lm* i IDD FELLOWS' HALL: v/ #rv?wth. Abovb D8t. coy Tin ved success of the World Rinowhid CAMPBELL MINSTRELS: TWENTY STAR PERFORMERS The Beat Band in the World: Change of Programme Every Night! Admieeion tS oenta. Doors open at 7 o'olock , commencing at I o'clock. de 11-8t T_ NOTICE! HE W\BH1NGTUN ACADEMY or MUSIC, 9S9 Pan*. Avfi*r?, Siiiwm Stmtk and Ttmtk jtreal*. The public are rea?eotfully informed that tha uooeM of the daily nod nightly entertainments at thia already overwhelmingly popular establishment, hM been pre eminent. It is now Anions for the best Refreshments to be obtained in Washington, its bar and larder being V B VIIT Ite Musiois of the moat agreeable and reoherehe description ; its free ooneerta being nightly enoored throughout the entire performance. Ita d^ors are open to the pub to free of oharge ; and o???rs are onnstantly in attendanoa to presenre cder and proper deooruti. delMw HENRY ROSENTHAL. Prop'r. LWM. CORWIN BURGY. ATE With the old and well known house of WM.8 fOKWIN ft CO , _ N*w Y?n*. DtaU* in ekotce firamduilWmtt Quart, f - aarf Importer nj Ttai ani rktMM eamty Qoodi, NO. 347 P?W>?TI-VA7(14 AVI5CI, (fent'anoe Hizth Street,) J). C. The attention of oonxoiseenrs and the tnblie generally la invited to my stork of line B randies,W ines Cigar a Tea*. Ac , oompnaing Henneeeey Ota d and Bayer Brandies, widow Ciiequnt. Moot k. Chandoa, M?m'a, Heidsiok k. Co . and Associates Veri'uey, Champagnes; Perm%rtina, Amort.lado and Ynarte Sherries; Wanderer, Reserve and donth Side Madeiias; Harmony and Rnmnerster porta; the oelebrated "WjC Club House 6in; iwB.Kwwa, o3kr?oii ?na monocftliela Whiakies; Jamaica a*d St. Croix Rums; Cabana, Flfa*o LaRoaadeSantiafO. ' a Espaoola an" various breads of Quars and very fin* V ounf Hyson, Hyson. I re pens 1 and EnfiUh Hraskfast Taas in catty bocs imsorted by myself expressly for family usa. de 13 la | /COLUMBIA MARKET. V> Pa tortur T\trt?*%ik it. The rabsorlbar would most resseoihilly inform ?k? nf w?-- ??? *- * ._w "? ** vi a* qh romrow vo bi? old suarter, where he intends ke?pins a firetrate matset in *11 ite hranohee. aa in times gone, bs will be happy to greet his old friends and eaaN^B ?Goods sent free of oharge to any part of the eity. de 13 C MALLARD. {"^HRISTMAS?CHRISTMAS?CHRISTMAS! toys! toys! toy*! toys! combs, brushes and perfumery ! fancy boxes! china ornaments! dolls. polls, dolls ! (all kinds.) riband* flowers, hosiery and 9loveh! And all kinds of Roods suitable for the season. de 18 2m At SHHDD'S. Eleventh at. German division, attention: HEADQUARTERS For Banding Money to Germany and all part of the Country. IS Nam spaci, Sin? nf tki <ritwis? Flat po B-lw L balmoral *r1rts. AR6E Lota new and stylish things at moat With all other kinda of Dry Wood a for the general and spaoial wants of families and housekeepers. PERRY k. BRO., de 14-lot Penn. avenue and Ninth st. A LL COLORS AND SIZES LADIES' REAL AYirf. de ! ?!<* Penn avenns and Ninth street. /JLAZED WINDOW SASH U FOR SALE To arnvs per aebssMr B. Niokerson, m by 13 and by 13 OlaifdWiMow Sash. deliverable at BaiUntore or Washington. Apply to C A. WOOD * CO. No. 910 F, between Uthaad 1Mb streets, Washington. D. C. df lO-lw fHEESE! CHEESE!! CHEESE!!! f inimno ? ? MWfer s ai All on ha?d ud for mi* oh?Bp by ri O. oABTiilvB K vU?i aoiMf "'nfc^siak. 2nnn srby and whits blankets. |UUU j Bit rBOMTed Bt _ ?, rA&.t.ugK2l. jfrOJl BALE?A dark ofcoatcut MARE 15 r.andi Fo tatfia told for no fault, Ba tkiovrtr aorarthor bmfor Mr. Apply at *99 K atrwC 4* 14->f ^TT*NTION,8JT^ER8. OFFICERS AND <U^U-yart#C H. J. 6RBOOEY. Wlft liUllft). aUK ai?i?. -- iaTtht tranaimt PBbUa UU tk?j n*.<3^Pf*8,Y18 AM'nDOTK WILL CUIR llah ImiIo of lillT-(n ;n ? atUM liilBK. M will not harm IM mjit de!io?te oor titition ItooDt&i i nc mint** t, Pno? ISSS^SiS-^Sp1 t a*- ?? AUCTION SALES. raw AFTBiHoan j TO HOB.itow. Br bontz * griffith. himki. r.V-3L VttMSffi' MOUSING. Daotnbt 11, at |? o>i??k.oB the first floor or ttt a action boob*. 369 8#t?ef k ir?*t. w# ?v ail Mil arf? MKrtwet o( Fm?t Goods, oompriMM? krraob ckm vimi, aadclmt vmm. to., 4.* . ' Boxm Tori.TwMi, Ac positive. ud bo portpoBamit ob Boootnt of wmlMi T>rm?o?sh. _ BONTZ k. GRIFFITH, Aoeti d? J?-tt 369 Seronth at. b*t I fcrx) K ??. ... ... FUTURE DATS Br J.C.MoGUIRK A CO.. A?ot>..DMr?. FJBLIC BALE OF CONDBMNRD HORSBt Awd Mr lit at Avcrion.? will b? ?old AMtioi, OB THURPDAV MORMNO,D*mw bar lMkinri'dlnxk ?J th? cf 6 * *** _ ConcetBc ad m infit for wblio aamoa. Term* ota id ihcii. J. J DANA. da u-<iu j, c. M<nTiykyco ?A?au. Br J.C.McGHRH.A CO.. Anotioaaara. TEUaTKE'S SALE OF LARGE AND A#WMSj8^ne2&^? tha Motionroomi, br rinut o|? daai ot trmfron Juatloa A. Ro.n, and da tad Fabrnary 16th, lltf, ?'<3 duly reoordad id Llbar JrA. 8 . No. lf?. fount W. at # ?., Co* of the ianc r?oorj? (or lVa'k Mton ooar.ty. D C..I abai) SB Lot nnmbarad (<), in aqnara nombared alx haixired *?<i Mgbi-tvo 85 , frciitiDg ISO faaton Mttlit 1AB wjj inohM on north E atraat, and la toot inoMa oc Pint atraat etat. Tarraa t Ona-third oaah. tbo ratraindar in all ai*d ttraiva months, vitk interact, aaonrad by iooi or trvmt nmi *Ka nr??n t If the term* oftiuf are not oom?t>?d wttk vithic Its <Uf* the-Wterth* triitH reeerres tb? rlAj to rosel. &t Um risk ud expense of defsslting yer4a*ser. Ail ooim?ao#i st the oost of pcre boost. ds ll-ts^Adi J C. MciithIPE | CO^Aiwf. By J c. MoGUIRK k. co., AnotioDoersTrustee* sale of hohpe and lot ON NOtTS K ST..IITW1I5 OH ARB *TH Sf? WB?T ?On 8ATL KDA Y aFTEKNOON, Jui sry 4th, 1862. st 4 o'clock,on the pr*mi?e?.by rtrtue of o deed of trsst to the esbssriber, tist?d l>? o?tnhf r l*t. ltan. snd dslv rfco'd^ in 1 iber J A. No. ??. folio* 511, et ih , one of the iac<! re?o?li for Washington ooorty, D C., I call ae.. r*rt rf Lot run: her* d on?,(l ) in p^aare nun)* red fire hundred and HfUcn. berinmn* for the ?ame at the eonthweet earner of a?id Lot No. l.fcnd mtt:u thenee east aixteen feet; thenoe north rent*-one feet oleren inohee; Lbecoe veit aizt'ec feet: thei.rr oath eerenty one feet eleven inches to the pl*oe of bet inning, together with the iBieroremecta, col leting of a three-story briok dwelling house. Term*: #500 o&sh ; the reminder in tod 19 montha, with interest, secured by a deed of trait on the premises. All oonreyanoinc at the ooet of >uroh*eer THO J, FIHKER.Traetee. dei-Uwtda J. C. McbUlRE & CO.. A acta. TO THE PEOPLE OF WASHINGTON AND a. villain, 4SD THO?B WHO IRTBITT) TO PBOrLI IT. Your ftt fctior. it called to DERROM-S PATENT COMBINATION "AMERICAN UNION" PORTABLE BUILDINGS. THE WMFLEST^ " AND CHEAPEST. In thi World: CembtMtng Utility, ?/cw*c?, and lhver situation. IT^ Entered for exhibition and competition at WT/vrlH'i P&ir In hn hairi in I .r?rwinn in IK) Y !1 Bum ud atylM to Hut Mr faaey. from a nulroad h&ntT to an Italian villa, will be promptly furuikad. Hat* from t?. 8?, #40. #50. #?n, to f ISO each. Cotta?ee from fit" to ?5.000 each. Villa* from Apply to A. DERROM, Pftter?on, INfW Jwreey, or to JOHN DRKW, A|**t, Post O ft ee box No. 178 Washington. D. C. fCT" Speeimens of bat at the oorcer of Nrath treet and Penney 1 vania Avenue. ETA* certain parties are lafrtufint o? my patent >uht, they are hereby notified that all per eon* infTing on my patent right will be prceeouted to tae eztent the law. del3 if ANDREW PKKROM RUNNING THE BLOCKADE. HAKvtv it reoeivinf to day \<**> baibeli of the feneat aa>t OYSTERS by way the Potomac Hi* boat* ar* mnniii* m WV f aJ the blockade da'lv a;d nave not b*ec^^^i*F iDterraft*d m yrt. He it now pre par* d to furc ah Oietere la oane of all piim, freeh ojen^d. at lew prioee than to be had in Baltimore, atd warrant/d nM to ewvll or eat in th?ave. I>^ai?ri will iDd it to ttair advantage to oall upon him. At aagenent* a) wa?? aatiafaoio y In >nr?kiu? T U Dl ! VTV v r>> vuwvi ? * mm* ?? ^ ? o ? i ds U St -291 c gai'MOK^ LY?K? VALLEY COAL. J. LA.NGIK)N A CO. riipwtfBlly of*r to Ut oitisene of WnefciBftoa. Georgetown and Ale??rdna. COAL, from tN oeUbrnted oo hones, tt ?7 (eeren dollars) per ton nett (2 JM lbe.i, ontii Airther ootio6 < Ofioe MmKTtn ) ?t Bali mors A Ohio Railroad Depot. ft U4w EMBALMING AMD PETRIFYING ?j DEAD BODIES b? the FRENCH PROCE8*. The oa'y known method by whiob n deed body MB be preeerved ID t bbibsbI aUtc for ni: am*. Emt?c.ti>etU mnde for Bndertnker* or private oiumq* at their own hoases. If deelred, by CHARLES D BROWn. M. D.. and JOSEPH B. ALEXANDER. M D . LaU of Now York oity. All orders for Eabalminc must bo left Bt Hnr vey t Co.'t Undertakers, No. 410 Seventh street, between G BLd H. delSiw* 'J'O SUTLER'S AND^EALERS GENER1b store nnd for s*le th? Imnji K**t. < **> Boxoa Manafacturod Virginia f06*000, 300 Gtom Fina Cat Cbawtng, aonaiating of Goodwin'e. Andoraons, Li wettaTand Cortirt,1 loogroaa Goodvin'a, V? lb. Btnokinc Tobaooo, 6/00 lb. Vrgiwn t*mokiBg Tobaooo, in Barm* and Bt. H. ' 500/KW DumMUe ar d Gorman Clear*. A targe assortment of Briar Pipoa. Togetbor with everything aartaii.Lg to Uia Cigar aadTobaooa trade. GEO. W. COCHRAN, da U-gtlf 390 Pa. ar.. Bast or National Botol. HEAD QPARTER8 for CloUunt, Faraishiag Good*. HaU and Ca?a. at No. 460 7ih atreet. da 11-lm > Rep ) /.JREAT ATTRACTIONS.?G1 and raah ??r VJ 7th street, to im the now a took of Clothing, j oat reoaivod at BMITd^. No. 460 7th Btroat. presents for thr holidays ! r ladies' furs-ladies' furs Just opfDexi, from New York, (all ?orpiy of L*di?e' art id ill their vuiety. ?J,V u,"ru"?t ?"Th tt* U3H P* tttsor dwt oorner IStc e( . dell-lm between Wiilwus' aad Kirk wood*. Benjamin d*wolff. No. ?? Put*. Avmri, Adjominx the Nttmafc. Hot*. f9%\ wiikftto^d e, sim EMM MMtmUf An kAiui ACnAAMMrfaMi ? eoMi&b' cuTL" wM1;M|. tff!" A'D N. B Repfcinn* don* by P. C. Richabc. lato from No. lOa? Cha?tnat atreat, PhUnrrrhia. e kufal workman la ChrooomMere, &na Wn'ofaea. U de 7 !? FU R 8 ! F U R 8 !! PURS ! X S A very large and anaerb naaortnaaat of Rmmivd and Hod-on Boy Sobiaa, Mink. Itrmina. Chinoail In, Pitoh, Frenoh Mink lad Sablae. River Mink, Ac., in Cloak a, Cea?a, Cuff* aod Mnffa, Giow, G&uutteta, Collar a, Cape, Ac., from on* of tha i.'iMt import* and manafnetnrara in Naw York. Aioo. Chi dran'i fermit,# Sa?a, ttanrata ante. at Ifcra Wnreroow of W aLL A BARN\K 0 leal la tha raar of their euotioc rooma. oornar aoath aide Ponn. nvenna and Ninth at. 4a u St T ARAB LOTS OP BKP BLANKETS. COM L fo U, Mnraaiilaa Qouu, rkae< in*a. Pillow Linana, Napkipa, DoyUoe. 4a.. ? pwviwiviij ivv fnooi dimivu in O^lotta. li(i. Winoow ShadM, Fifcro ?o<:TM?Xot?n,4^ uim 1 on. A I. .r.i^fottoc of clock )Min no ob.i/UK.t to ynrohMo. PEBRY k HRO, Pna. iraii NlaU ipjit, <UM-10t "Parry TTHK WHITE HOU*B BE WoUkosva WUlt Bmm lulatrMl. ot (!! ?> rooms. Gwrit Fish. Oy?Ur?, md uieb-^ Wis*. Li^aon. ai'rf B?c*r?. ?!**? n? kaal. PkalliM fkraishod wtek OmK-i.u bbmI *o7-1bi a. kopiem, piohmm. F,._ _Al __ POTATO?* 9^ par brt| Ttoini ooooMri PtUivti MM lltkiririii it uk. ! N?ro*r Potato**, MlTwtbU *t ~EJUanv rr .A 'iZ n?to.u?ar av iirrciioL N bMm?* to I* Io*o4 wwhtnU U? t> itnel. Good Browa***+' M .m *nKM.NCf Na. 634 ?U? r? d?UH* brtri't LoilnW tt. u< D ?t 202 . . -< I 4irfr? ;.i^e*?rw?t o-wiitf W > f?i 1 JOHN H DbMM <eA 1

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