Newspaper of Evening Star, December 17, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 17, 1861 Page 3
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r- - -9r V-*' * ?" " * JOB PRINTING O* Ev?T. Ouckiptioi LzecQ^ with nenttwwand dispatch on application at tb* . STAR 9FHCS. it tk. t ??t r>_.v d.i I *atisfactloa guarantied. no 23-tf LOCAL NEWS. ~ P?OC**Dt!?aS 0? T?* ClTT CoCSClLB Board / Aldtmun, Monday, Dec 16, 1961 ?A petition was received from James M Towers, protesting against leave being granted to Mr. John P. Dennis, or any one else, to erect a stable next to his (Mr Towers*s) office, on 8ixth st. (Mr. Dennis, It will be recollected, petitioned the Councils last week for the privilege of using his coach repository, next to Mr. Towers's office, as a Uvenr stable.J The rrsolntlon granting the permission ssked for by Mr Dennis, to aae his coach repository aa a stable, waa referred back to the police commit* Itee, with the petition of Mr. Towers. A bill for the repair of the K-street bridge over Hock creek; a bill naming the bridge at the western terminus of Pennsylvania avenue, over Rock (< alailHAf >9 ?m Jk kur Tiwuvit ?UU iru UVMIUK lUO Corporation of Georgetown to concur in the action of talk Corporation thus naming ltj and a bill appropriating Si00 for the repair of tbe bridgeacroaa the canal on New Jersey aventw and I at. south, were severally considered and paaned Tbe committee on improvements waa discharged from further conaideratlon of the petition of cltlxena for lighta on north B street. A communication was received from the Mayor iiuuwminv ior scftier oi wci^au ana mruurei Jm F Hodgson; for elerk of the Western Market, James Miller; for clerk of the Eastern Market, J. C Croea, and for meeeengrr to the Mayor and Register. Jacob Kleiber. . The first three no? 1 nations were referred Mr. Dove characterlted the action of the Mayor In repeatedly sending in the nomination of Jacob Kleiber aa awlolation of the rlghta of the Board of Aldermen, which no one knew better than the Mayor hlmflfelf. He would not give the nomination so much consideration as to refer it, but would reject it at once. A vote was taken on the nomination of Mr. Kleiber, and he was rejected by yeaa 4, nays 7, blank ft The bill from the lower board for erecting fireplugs on the Island was reported back from the committee on drainage with an amendment, which was adopted; and the bill thus amended was passed A joint resolution granting permission to the Adams' Expreae Company to construct a railway tra?k frnm tVi? R>IH mnr* n<4 nVila #a I tbelr warehouse on the corner of New Jersey avenue tod C street was passed. A written opinion was received from the Corporation Attorney In relation to the license question The opinion is quite lengthy, and Is to the effect that tbe Corporation hut the right to withhold licenses from all persons In srrears for license* until such arrearages are paid Tbe communication was referred to the pollcecommltteeand ordered to be published with tbe proceedings of tbe board. ? A a. m- ? ?? ? 1? - - m. mim iron im tower Board, prohibit!ng tbe use of open or exposed lights In stables, warehouses, ?tore houses, or other buildings where bsy. fodder, shacks, or other things of that kind are ?'ored, was amended and passed. The following bills from the lower Board were ? received An act for the erection of a fire-plug to the (Second Ward, (at the corner of F ourteenth and F treetr,) referred. A joint resolution granting the use of the school bouse at the corner of E and Twenty-second streets, in tbe First Ward to the Young Men'* Christian Avociatlon for religious purposes; referred A bill providing for the laying of a water main end erection of llre-plags on Fourth street, from Massachusetts avenue to K street north, was amended and passed. Tbe committee of conference on the "oath bill" reported that the committee from the lower board recedes from tbe amendment of that board to the bill [Tbe bill thus stands passed by tbe Board of Aldermen ] i k 'sisvery resolutions" offered by Mr. Richards at the last meeting were taken up Mr. Bayly thought the subject a delicate one, and not a matter for municipal action, particularly at thla time. It was a aubject for tne national councils, and one In which the State of Maryland was Interested. He (Mr B ) as chairman of the police committee had been solicited time after time to bring In bills In relation to negroes?police regulations?but the subject was a delicate one, and he thought an Improper one for the city councils at this time. He moved to lay the preamble and resolutions on the table, ana on that question demanded the syes and noes. The resolutions were tabled by the following vote Aves?Messrs Bobrer, Bayly, Clark,FUher, Lloyd. Moore, Secnmes, Wendell, and President iDove)?9 Noes?Messrs Brown, Broad head, Llchards, and Sargent?4. f Mr Bohrer, when his name Was called. uM >? I desired lo explain his Tote He had no objection to make t? the resolutions, but the people of his ward did not sead him here to vote on tbat subject, mad he thought It an Improper one (or the action of this board ] Adjourned. Common Council ?A communication was received from the Mayor approving certain acts. The petition of the CommWstoner of the western district asking the passage of a law increasing his Compensation, was referred The following were passed ?Bills, appropriating SflOO for the repair and relaying of Imperfect flag footways; making a special appropriation of S400 for the repair of paved streets; to lay a Water main in Sixth street west, from C to D streets north; appropriating #300 for the repair of the Per?everance Are engine bouse; for the erection of Ay res1 sidewalk fire-plues A the southeast corners cf squares Nos 309, 370, 309, 425, and 493; and joint resolutions instructing the joint committee of the two boards to urge upon Conf re?s the propriety of amending the city charter n relation to the formation of the Board of Education; of empowering the Metropolitan Police to eoUect goes and duet; of granting perm 1*1 on to Ue Corporation to lay down railway track* In the streeta of the city; of Inducing the Government to take possession of the Washington and &1?B.U. - ? ** " mvMuuua aauiuau, tiJU iflffi OUnC IQO UOrpO ration arvd other parties (or losscs resulting from lta failure; of purchaaing steam fire-engines for the city, to be put under toe control of the Commiasloners of the Metropolitan Police; authorising the Adama Expreaa Company to lav a railway track In front of their warehouse on C street. A eommlttee consisting of Messrs Mulloy, Emerson and Edmonston. was appointed to confer with the upper board upon a bill to fill up and repair the east side of First street east, between C and 1) streets north. Adjourned. Good Dkess ? Mlsa Dix acknowledges the receipt from Mr. Won. B Hutchinson, Master Plumber, Navy Yard, Washington, the sum of S2&6 13?b*ing the proceeds of one day's wages contributed by the workmen In that branch of the yard-service for the relief of sick, wounded, or necessitous soldiers of the Federal army, which has been deposited under the trust to mset occasions of unusual suffering and need Also, from Mr Alfred Keltlee. nnmn and block maker. Navy Yard, the aum of *32 50. This amount being a voluntary contribution from the workmen In that branch of mechanical labor at the Navy Yard, for the relief of sick and necessltone aoldiert ef the Federal army. It ahoald be known that the industrious, generoua men In the yard have not merely devoted occasionally the aum of a day's wages for the benefit of aoldlera In need, bat have sustained a hospital at their own charge, as liberally aa anostentatloualy and humanely Our wealthy citizens might well folipw the example of these noble laboring men Lhctcbbs at ths Smithsonian ?The second of the Assoclstlon lectures which were commenced last week at the Smithsonian will be delivered on next Friday evening, by the Rev. Dr. Richards Storrs, of Brooklyn, NY. The third lecture will be on the Mtb, by Bayard Taylor, Esq Subject?'-The American People, Politically and Socially " The fourth, by the Hon. D S Dickinson, on tbe&Jth The flftb, by Horace Greeiey, on the 3d January The sixth, by Rev. Henry Ward Beocher. The seventh, by President Fellon, of Harvard The eighth, by George W. Curtis, on January 94. T be course will consist of at least twelve lectures. A Watch roa Phesiosnt Lircolh.?There Is b am* AvWIWItl^n ( it QsaaWI m wslnnKls ore V\ IIVW VH MU1VI?IVU III UIVVBtfU v?aaM?r*w w??vu of carl out ronstructloa, wblek li to b? presented by kim leading citizen* of WUilamsburg to President Lincoln Tbe watch la aald to have been at one time tbe property of the Royal family of France. Besides being a timekeeper equal to the chronometer, It contains a music box which plays aeveral airs The dial la of flne enamel, with a palsied landscape new of tbe Palace of Tullerles. Oa tbe face are alao three moving Igurea of solid gold aad greet beauty. The estimated value of the watch la 0600 But It la aald to be of much K'eater value, by reason of Interacting associations Canary's Opbba Hoosb was crammed again last algbt. George la a host In blmaelf, and bis company, Individually and collectively, la so nrsr op to bis mark that t^ey make a tram bard Mtt JtpuuH Tommy, lor lasiaaee, l> cm r~*y erne ace of th? ludicrous, and la a great aatural curloalty withal Where la the world did Christy pick him op? CaminAL Cocat ? Patrick SolUvaa, eoavtetad of the larcooT of two pistols from Henrietta Glitch and Adolph Elcbstadt, oo thh 31st of September last, waa aenteucod yesterday to oae year snd four months' conlnement in the peaitsntlary, to commence on the tf'h of December. The petit jory w? then discharged until Wednesday ^? arisario* of the proper aiMbo-Jtles Is tai.^u to the condition of the ptimj. ?t the corner vt *ixU sod U suavts, aortd . , v- - % - .^^v A Ntiiow EKirt ?A lieutenant astonished the pwdsstrlsns on Seventh street not a little vea erdsry ~v hit feflta of horaemanahlp He had purchased a camp stove and pipe, ana desiring to take It to his quarters directly, took the stove Id front and the pipe behind him on the horse, a fine HrltM uimal Tit, frightened the horse, and be ran off. the rider, hoWrver, keeping his seat with andlsturbed equanimity. When nearly opposite Odd Fellows' Hall, the 1 animal took the sidewalk, and tbe rider was forced to dodge the awning recto, wfcich be did without Injury to hlmaelf The animal fell on the street, and to the surprise of the lookers-on, the rider was aeen standing betide him undisturbed and unburt. He merely removed his freight to i wagon, remounted, and was off to his quarters, with the congratulations of the bystanders. Am Ikqvist.?Yesterday Coroner Woodward held an inquest on Fifteenth street, near Ohio ! aveuue, in view of the body of a new born white male infant. From the testimony of tome boys, it appeared that they dtseoveted ft (partially con- ] cealed under some large atones) about fifteen minutes after seven o'clock, while they were playing there. It was wrapped in some old cotton cloths, 1 which were fast tied about ita neck and mouth, and over these was wrapped a linen towel, from watch an end (probably the end marked with the ] owner's name) .was torn. It had evidently been born alive, and was killed by strangulation or smothered, and placed where found by some person unknown. The jury returned its verdict accordingly. Central Qr*aDHorsK Cahis? Be/ore Justice /"* //lelr ft aa rcrm Pk?/laav /4 \ mr\rA a?1 tf # 1 Q.1 V rwrw WW.^V ?/Un%?WJ) UiWIW??lJ| VI " Henry Sweeds, do ; turned over to the military. Lewie Jackson, profanity, fined S3 94. Robert Bates, do.; do $1.94. Wm. Lomax. vagrant; workhouse 00 days. Timothy Reynold*, disorderly conduct, dismissed Chas Hoilman, drunk; fined SIM. Lewis Kahler, do ; do. Si 94 Francis B Hugglns, do.; do. $2 94 Andrew Duna, do ; turned over to the military. Jno. Dolan. drunk and disorderly; fined S3 91. John H. White, do ; do. $2 94. Of these arrests, ten were by the Third, and two by the Fourth Ward patrols. Six lodger were accommodated Run Ovkr ?Yesterday afternoon a colored woman residing on O, near Thirteenth street, started to go to toe pump on the opposite side of the street, and was followed by her little child. Two government ambulances were naaalncr at the time, and oefore the horses could be stopped the cbild waa knocked down, and the wheel passed over it, severely bat not fatally injuring it. Bkowns' Hotel ?We are assured by Meaars. Corneliua Wendell and Thos J. Fisher, that the current ramor connecting them with the new proprietorship of Browns' Hotel, Is unfounded? th?y modestly disclaiming any ability "to keep a hotel " Capt. Potts will aaaume the sola management of the hotel on the 1st of January. Caxtfkbcby Hall, like the other placea of amusement, was crowded to the extent of its capacity laat night, and Brower was received with a big wave of enthusiasm All the perform* ances were of wonderful spirit and novelty, elicit^ lng almost continuous applause. A capital bill to-night. The Campbells admirably sustain their reputation for enterprise and invention, presenting the most Irresistible burlesques and comlcalltiea nirhtlv An Pntlreltr n??f nrrtirram ma #nll n t - . V M.J 11V" pi "m I HU4 iUVy 1U11 VI fun, at Odd Fellowa' Hall thfa evening A number of beautiful gifts will also be pre sented,?amongat them a Hoe set of cottage furniture. Scpkxme Court.?Yesterday, the Hon. Jeremiah 8. Black was appointed reporter of this Court No. 32 John D. Hager, appellant, agt. John R. Thompson etat Theargumentof this cause was commenced by Mr. Ranaom, for the appellant. Thbatkk?The "Seven Sisters" continues to draw crowded bouses, attracting nlgbt after night ^ .(?? i? a*? i?mi ? m - ? ? mc iihc vi uir cny ay iu? oruuancy ana ipieiaor of its scenic effects. It ahould be seen to be appreciated . Thi remain* of tbe late J. Cookman Adama having arrived from Kansas, friend* and relative# are Invited to attend the Interment from tbe Mausoleum In Glenwood Cemetery at 2 o'clock to-morrow (Wednesday) afternoon. It* The entertainment at the Waahlngton Academy of Music, (Penn. avenue, between Ninth and Tenth atreeta,) atlll continues, drawing large crowda nightly. Pkoplx anxious to express their feeling of love and gratitude by a suitaMe holii'ar present cannot dn better than to visit the Optical Establishment of Mr. Franklin and sa'eot oat of superior Field Glasses, of which he has the largest assort[ ment in the country. It Commence the New Yea* with a Diary ? It la na?fnl fnp T?rr\?\mr\ ni? awatrts > ?? I I -- ? - -? luf( V ?v-a??, picvriM, and future?a valuable pocket companion for aoldlera and bualneu men?containing almanac calender tablet, blank apace for every day In the year, memorandum, each account for each month, with neatly printed heading* Shlllington, bookteller, atationer, and newadealer, corner of Fourand-a-half street and Penn. avenue, haa fifty different kind*, In varloua atyles of binding. Don't be without one of these uaeful little souvenlra. 3t oolbisk* bpscial r*otick?uo your auiy 10 yourselvee, protect your health, use Holloway's Pills and Ointment For wounds, acres, bowel complaints, and fevers, they are a perfect safeguard. Full directions how to use them with every box. Only 25 cent*. 210 Thk Star ih thr First Ward?Mr. John Mathews la the sole agent for serving the Star to subscribers In the First Ward of this city. All arrearai;ea of subscription* will therefore be paid only to him; as well as all arrearages due In that ward for the Baltimore Sun, of which he Is also the agent there. lw Notice.?Bmn of oounterfeite and nnprinoipled defers endeavoring to dispose of their own and other artioles on the reputation attained by HelmboUTs Extract Bucku, a positive and speoifio remedy for diseases of the Bladder, Kidneys, Gravel. Dropsy, fco., fto., he. Ask for Helmbold's. Take no other. Bee advertisement ie another oolnmn * <ar\ MARRIED On Thursday, the itth instant, at tba Churoh of the Asoension, Mr. H. C. ISAAC, of frinoe George'a oounty, Md., and Miaa MARY A. HUMK, of thia oitT. [ Balio. Sun copy.] O" the ad matart, by Fev. P. L. Wilaon, SAM'L H JONES, of Howard county, to MOLLIE E. VENABLE, of Waahington. DIED. On the evenmi of the 16th instant, CHLOE ANN. the eldest aaughter of Levi and Maria Bigga, the wife of the late Petar Goodyear, in the 35th year of her aca. May she rest in peace! Her funeral will take plaoe on Wednesday eve nine at 2 o'oiock, from the residence of her parents, on F, between 25th and 36th streets Friends and aoauaintanoee are requested to attend, without further notice. * Oa the mormnc of the 15th inataut, after a lone and painfal illne*s, ANNIK V J. FAGUE,daughter of Solomon J. and Rebeooa A. Fague, in the 16th year of her ate Her rest is glorious. f rnmh?rlAiH lanH R&lhmAri nftvwtra Ann* 1 * On the '6th instant, ISABELLA, wife of Jos. Bean, in the 29th year of her &<e The frienrts of the family a?-e InTited to attend her fi>'<eral. to-morrow at 3 o'clock, from her late reeidenoe, 279 D it. * On Monday. December 16th, 1861, HANORA McGI L.Ll<'L UD V. aged 3 year* and 33 days, d&ughter of Timothy and Margaret MoOi liouddy. Her funer&i will take plaoe on Wedneeday at 8 o'clock p m.. froui the residence of her parents, No 919 l street, betveen 19th and 30th sts The friends of the family are re?p?otfiilly invited to attend. * WAGONS, WAGONS, WAGONS I L.. L._ - ^ ^ I .A _ # ?- - 1 111 Wuavv BOW OH n?uu ? IUI 01 very urunR uum mobs, suitable for Groeers.' Batler's.or Pedlers. Alt". Lwh, Poles, Springt, Ac. rrr Repairing promptly attended to.-/""!! ROftERT H. GRAHAM, Coach Maker, de 16 8t* Eighth street. Ohio wines AND BRANDIES. Havin* received ft oocsignraent of Zimmirmmnn t Co.'j Cincinnati Ohio Catawba Wines and Bran uies ; we therefore offer to Druggists, Grooers. Hotel and Saloon Keepers. Ao , DRY CATAWBA WINE, Light and Strong?the former in boxes for table use, and t&e latter in half barrels for muting and oooking purposes. SWKET CATAWBA OR LADIES' WINE, in barrels and ha f barrels, for table use?a very superior artiole for the holidays. CATAWBA BRANDY, mm nneMrMaeakla m fri m nlant a nH war* naa/Sil fnr pSTobT lyCK>'cb/FiS; do 1< lm A9 Louisiana mhw, 486 DEC O'KJ^T0^ O N 8. 486 A ohoioe (ol'otioaof Paserhanimfi, Warranted Go d and Imitation Gold Baaa Window Shades; also. Buff. Green, and Bine HolHad by the rard or made into Window Shades; Picture Cord and Taasela, different siaes and e lors; Picture Nail*, a; so', the hand so meet assortment of Oval Pioture Pramee in the city, from the beat manufactory In the country. Also, Passe Par to a U and Card VI site Frames a 11 e??iMUfl varrftntAd rMrAiAntod. or no t&li. Purohaeing for fwk, all good* will b? told at the loweat rmaaaratiTe pnoea. Allowing no old efook to aoeumo at*. ?yr?m n**din# tiw above goods will ftnd new ana deniable artioie*. I'jljffftaoiwj. ^... N?-4g" _ PUEs KOR LADIES. u OUR Cty a an Mud?, la<ge kite, real Mink MN*, Kr ?? e obeep at M BINDER 8 Manufacturer W??aj6?toa Bui UiBg.Tta tt a?d ! ?-???mur - JU?9?No,i?, p^ENSE^R^lNBTO AND FROM WINTER SCHEDULE. On fft*r Monday, Dccmnber 9, Ifci. ?fw t&Utr^Tnki* WAgflhNtfTON ?o<1 BA^TiAuRK ?||Iran MfoUotr?: ?,^tmbjsffillussf**. p. nn at Baltimore 7i0 a., k t PltilidelpBiallJn p,*.; Nflr Yetk I p. It.; Harriibnt* t.l? r., m, Mormfif Aooommodatiou (etw Washington lAfl a.*. Arrive at BfiumotelJO A. *. No oonceoUons at B*ltiiro;e. .. ^ .. New York Mail Train?1 oare WasMnrton pi 11 l. m.; arrive at Baltimore 11.40 p. v.; Philadelphia *il&^bon#1Aow>mniodaSon?le*ve ttaehington LQS p.m. Arriveat Baltimore 4 So p. k<; Philadelphia 1(MB p. . --i j Evening Express?leave Washington 6 p. u. Arrive if uaTumore #.45 p. Philadelphia 1m9 p. w.; New York 4 *. u.: Harrlsbnrg 1 a. m. On Sundays at os and 6 p m. only. The 5 p. x- train from Washington connects through to New York every day daring the week. L~. rf^{ u* H.; Baltimore 4 00 p. m Arrite at wauuncton Ml P.*. _ _ . .. Le*v? nmt yote At 6 p. in phumclihl? ip jo f, Km Baltimore 190 a. k. Arnro it Washington 4i0 Le'are N?v Yor* it 1* f. *.; Philadelphia 9JO a. m ; Baltimore7? a.m. Arrive at Waehlncton 9 25 a. m. Aooommodation Trains leave Baltimore at a. m., and p. m , for Washington, arrive there at 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. On Sunday* a,t 4JO and 7J5 a. m. only. Passenger Train* leavin* Waaaiagton at 7.40 a m. and &nt p. and Baltimore at 7 J* a. m and 4.(0 P. M , make direct oonneotlona for Annapolli at the JUUUUUU, Trains leave Annapolis for Baltimore and Wait* In*ton at 6J0 a. K. and SCO r. UPassenger Train* leaving Washington at 6.00 a. m.. 11 a. M-i and f r. and Baltimore at iJO and 7.35 a. m., and 3 y> r will ttov only at Annapolis Junctto<* and Watnington (Rtlay) Junction. War Passengers must take the Accommodation Trains only Trains will leave Washington and Baltimore promptly upon card ttm*. W. P. SMITH, de 17 Master of Transportation, Bait. ^UPERIOR QUALITY g BLUE BEAVER ^ Superior grades Cloths, Cassimera and Vest"^ith all other kinds of Dry Goods at onr proverbially low pnoe. PERRY A BROTHER. A A Uann anH TUm?k a WW - ? W * VMMl %?V OUM-' ftiu IUIU BUVOU fancy carriage .. AND 8LEISH RORE8. Hudson Bar Wolf. Badger, Fnx, Genet, and other Fanov Carriage and Seigh Robes. Alao, Buffalo Robes by the doaen or bale, at the large Wareroomln the rear of V\ ALL A BARNARD'S Auotion Rooms, oorner south side Pean. avenue and Ninth st. de 14-3t Alight new york built covered Wagon (new), a new set of Double rv Harness, made in New York, also a set Single Harness for the wagon, an tixoeed-*^^* ingly strong, serviceable Hor???!o be sold together or separately. War be aeet! on application to JAMES BROWN, stables at the back of Corooran's Building, or at 487 seventeenth street, oorn?;r of I. de 14 3t rpoys and fancy goods ? f?m tix* HOLIDAYS, Now being opened at CRANDELL?. 1'2* Bridge street, Georgetown. The trnrle rupplfd de 14 3t* INTERIOR ADORNMENTS, I'APERHANGINGsliilGrades and Prioes Gilt Hand, Buff, Green aud Blue Holland Window Shades, all sizes, made to order. A beautiful variety of Oval Pioture Frames, from the best manufaatory in the oountry Passe Partouts, Pioture Cord and Tassels, different sizesfccd oolors, Picture Rings, Nails, 4o. Cheap for cash Orders for Paperh%ngtngs or Window Shades punotually ex eon ted, and no misrepresentation mvle to effect sales A car solioited JOHN MARKRITER. No. 486 Seventh st , 8 doors above de ll-eo3t* Odd Fellows' Hall. CLOAKS! CLOAKS!! CLOAKS!!! We have at last received the laig^assortment of oeauunii eiy e mee?e (-'oaks, in Beaver. Treco and French Cloths. Ladies wi'l plea?e call early. 1AYLOR A HUTCHISON, de U to<t No. 42 Cente^Market Space. tpOR SALE OR RENT?A fine-toned aeven oot&ve loaewood FIAN<?, modern_^^^. ntjle Applv at Mra. LOWK'S TrimfTiinxIiBKra Store, 297 Penn. avenue, between 9th and'*'* * 10th ?ta,, gouth aid*. de 12 eo3t Lhmons, RAISINS, ? FIGS, DATES. J uat received and in atore. GRIFFIN A POISAL, de 12 3teo* 243 Penn. avenue, near 13th at. JUST RECEIVED and FOR SALE LOW, twent* five bble. WHITE ONIONS and five bbli. HAVANA ORANGES, by BROWNING 4t KEATING, del-StAwtf w P. ' c'^- -? Excelsior hotel, No 35* Skviwtii St.. Between I and K Strtti*. Best aooommouations for travelers acd boarders. The Larder and Har always supplied with the choioest Viands and Liaimrs. noU-lmeo* JOHN HAYZEL, Proprietor. 486~ PICTURE krambb. 486 A variety of patterns ?nd Sixes of Oval Pioture Frames, from the best manufactory in the country, Passe Partouta, Pioture Cord and Tassels, Nails, Ricks, Ao. Imlliknt. n.AA U..J D..IT 15. i >HO Hill Hi lion 'JUJU UBUU* UUUi Ul DTJIi BI1U Blue H< >LLAN 0 SHADKS, all sixes,made to order, <u the beat manner.aheap for oa?h, at JOHN JV1 ARKRITKR'S, No. 4 "56 Seven:h at., 8 doors above de H eo3t* Oda Fellows' Hall. SAMUEL W. THOMPSON. 370 Pennsylvania AVWHUE. (Part of Store < f E. A. Lake & Co.) Unatr Brown's Hottl. Has in atora oa consignment, for sale at Retail or IVkoUtal*. An immense stock of Ladies' and Gent's HatW kerohie.'s, from the oommon coods at 91 P*' dozen to the very fine French Needlework and Laoe Ed CM. Klegant Goods for Christmas Presents. Gent's Linen and Silk Handkerchi?f?- in *11 grades. from 1<> oenla eaoh, to 810 per dozen. Gent'* Liuen Collars in all styles, from our own manufactory, at Troy, New York, at 10 een s each and upwards, about half the usual prioe for the same coods. Gent's Scarfs, Neck Ties, &o , over 300strlee, at very low prions. Custom-made shirts at $1.25 to $2.25, on hand. Shirts measured for here, and made to order in New York,and good fits, and food material always; measures forward?d every Saturday morning Un<ierfarments,Hosiery, Gloves, 4o , for Ladies, Qentl?mtn. an hildren de 14 tf fr?OR HOLIDAY PRESENTS?Cloaks.Shawls, 1 " " M Silks, Silk Robes " " fine Dress Goods M " Laoe Sets, fine " * " Kmbro idenes, ' " " Embroiderea " ' '* Collars. Emhroi " " dered Bardker" ' " ohiefs. Medium " ' " - l)re?sGoods,low " " * price Dress M * " Goods, all other " " " kinds Dry Go ds A 4 AH* fatAVAsKiall* arii*aa .n ! > j ivw lUAiftDU |U UIBIU ficnree. One prioe onlr. An inepeotien of etock implies do ob'ication to paroh&ae- PERKY * URo., Penn. avenue and Ninth ?t., de 14 aot "t'erry Bnldir.g." S BRIDAL GIFTS. ILVER BF.RVlCES. SILVER URNb. SILVER TbREENS SILVER BOWLS. SILVER DISHES, BILVER SPOONS and FORKS. SILVER PITCHJfcJSLS, WAITERS. SALT COTTLARS, With a great eolUrtion of tmalhr articUt. su ta w*hk& For ??1? b' lTa Baltimore ** > ?* d?H-'M _ ift?9?!^?ND EXCHANGE Noa. ??*n<1 \yill?rd'i Hotel- d ?t*U?h sssawr&.-a^ffiBNCB. The beat care bee tn wed on Livery horses. beddle horaea. auitable for army oflioera, alwaya on haiW. n2S-lm* 5Q2 ELEVENTH STREET. E. FIPHER * BROTHERS, FRENCH STEAM SCOURERS. Baxtimokk, Md. The oaly plaoe thia aide of New York, where yon oan get a Silk Dteaa oleaned. reetorint the iuatre eenol to new. Monnoea, Delaines. and ail kmda or Ladies Dreeaea oleaned without taken Crape and other Shawls, Table Covers, and /lenllMiiaiifa Plnthinv aIaatiaH in th? Kaaf manner L?mvibk no mbtUnoe m the oloth to injurs it or

mkke it more ewily to toil. N. B tiooda will b* Mat to Baltimore twioea ""wM.'raiTp. A..?t MIL IT AR Yj? AU NTLET8, IN IMA RUIJBV.R HATS. 6eortetcvn. HAVK JUST RKCE1VKD THIS DAY, A large Invoioe of H : tfaJo and Wolfftobea. aleo a netirabie artio'e of florae Blanket*, ail ofwj ioh * B. rUDNKV. el ln'S't1-.'wmiifww. , f WANTS. \J|7 ANTED? A BOY, 14 to 16 ?e?r* old, in a ?boe " ?toro. A<iilree? Shoe Store, at thie oio*. It* VVANTED-A BOY. Apply J.W.THOMPSON T* <t CO.. a6(H>gpn. %v. de lt-2t iVANTED-A good COOK. None bat a food ?? one need apply. Is^uir# at. No. 347 C ?t., Iift-ween Ot and 6th ?U. dg 17 g| A RESPECTABLE YOUNG MAN, of ?ob?r ! and induatrioua habit*, withes * situation is gome reapeotable baiinem; 1 wiilmf to work. Addreg* ,fR. T.," Star Office. it* \VANTED-PinUolaii BOARD for a rentie ? man auii wuoy iu n. pn vain immnj or m '?usrume hocea. Addreea J. D. >V., at the Star Offioe. da 17 2t* WANTED?By a resectable woman. 6 SITU" ATlON as nnree and to lew in a priva'a familr.. Can five <ood reference. Addre??6ot T, Star Oflfoe. It* WANTED?Three GIRLS to docen?r*I hooaework. Be*t of reference r**nired. None bo? experienced hands need applv. Inquire at No. gaiiath et. Itiand, It* \E7ANTED?To live permanently in a friva'a " rami It a SEAMS TR ESS, who i? al?o wiliinj to attend to other dntiei. A pplr to 320 K atreet, between l*h and Uth. de 17 2f VVANTED-A WOMAN to oook, waeh *nd ' " iron. She mn?t underntard her bu?me?? and oomd recommended. jn?nire at No. 11? Green etreet, Georgetown, tamfly d? 17 tt WANTED?BOARD in a privatefamllj, ortwo " ? Furn-ened Rcoma with privilege of K:tchen. etthe- in Georgetown or Washington, for a gentleman, wife and child. It* %*7 ANTED?A WOMAN tn*t oan ocme wall " reoommetded. to do the oooking, washing and ironing in * private family. Apply at 411 I street. between 10th and llth- de 17 2t? WANTED-A YOUNG MAN having a knowl edge of the drug business. Also,*. BOY to learn tie busines". Apply to WM. A. GRAY, nortiiea?toorner Massachusetts av?nue and 4th tirert, It* A RARE CHANCE?WAATJED-AGENTS, with some means to sell an article juit inrented. which is mdespenfiMe to evry soldier. Call immediately on E. ELLISON, at Mrs. Mills, 504 Penn. avenue. de 17 3t* WANTED IMMEDIATELY?a smart and active colored BO Y. about 15 or 16 years old. to attend the d"or bell and make himself useful generally. Situation permanent Good references reanirecf. Addr?? "'? B," through city Post Office, stat'cg term* de 17 3t* TO SUTLERS-Wanted, the Sutlerahip of a Regim"nt ia the servioe. by a oompetent mer chant with the necessary meana; for whioi. - moderate bona* will be paid. Address "Sutler." at the offioo of this paper. de 17-*w* ?7AttU4D TO RENT-A ROOM, or oellar, " within three mu*res of Penn. avenue, between the Capitol ana Fifteenth atreet, suitable for a sma'l provision itore. Address "Provision," Da'lr Star Office, for two days. del6 gt* WANTED?Six DRESSMAKERS, at No 359 Eighteenth street, between H and I. None hut coo** hands need apply. Also, two young ladie* to learn the bu*ine?. Work the year round, and the heat w?ge? given. de lS-St* WANTED-A YOUTH, to leani the Drug husi new- Inauire of JOHN R. MAJOR."omer 7th and if streets. de_H-3t* WANTED-A LEADER for the band Of the 3d Regiment. U.S. infantry. None bat ac knowledgtd talent and experience, will be aooept ed. A ppiy at this office between 11 o'olook a.m., and 2* p rn. FREDERICK DEVOE. 2d LieuL3<l Infantry, Adjutant. A flfVinA iH l*>ft.rtfw IT S A dell 41 ' Franklin Square, Washington. 1). C. HOUSE FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED WANTED?For which & good rent would be paid: or advertiser would rxobange a Small neat house, contain me 8 apartments, large jam and side entranoe: two blocks from Pa. av? , for a larr er house, furnished or unfurnished; paying the difference of rent. Address "J umus,"oitj PoatOffioe. de 1? at* WANTED?A SITUATION an bookkeeper or salesman, by a gentleman of 20 years' experience, with first-olsss refrrerce ; oompensVion at the discretion of the employer, on a trial. For an interview address "A. 6," Box 1, Star Office. da lit 1m* . I WANTED?lO.nno whisky and brandy BOTTLES. Cash sn delivery. F. B. HASTINGS A CO.. 333 ?? street, no 25 tf Philharmonic Building. 117 A N T K n TO PI!Hf!HA?K?On reasonable terms, a frame or briok HOUSE, oontainin* 5 or 6 rooms, situated somewhere between Fifth and Klever th streets west and 1 and N its. north. Any person having such a house for ?ale can hear of a pnrohaser by applying at Room No. 12, second floor. P. O. Department. de 12 3teo* WANTED?WOOD CUTTFRS, to out wood M by the cord,about Smiles from the oity. A oomfortable house to live in, an?l the highest price given. Apply imimxllately to W. H. ClAGETT, at Wm. Chaster 3c, Co.'s Dry Goods Store, No *9 Pa. a?enne. between 7th and 8th sts. de 1'?-eolw CUTTER WANTED. Call at WALL, 8TEPHKNS k CO.'S. 382 Pa avenue. se 18 WANTED?Every person to know that I am m the market, ready to pay cash for all artioles in the housefurmshing line. Those leaving the city, or having a surplus, will do well to oall. R. BUCHLY, 42S Seventh ?t.,between Rand H sts., <a ma* a i.l* \ Haalar in Vaot an/1 S4 A/im nrl-h A. n il F11 r_ \ uoo k niu v| / i u nw w ? ? niture. no <6 W ANTfc.D-r.i1/I.0HS, TAILORS.?SO Tailors competent to work on military roods. A pply G. Wall. Stephens & Oo.'a. ee25 LOST AND FOUND. CAMK TO THK FARM OF THE 8UB criber, on the Seventh ?treet rond. a small red Buffalo COW. The owner isTS-V requested to oume forward, prye propertjr. par ohar?es and take her away JOHN t?AUf., del? St* 369 7th street corner H. | 08T?<>n Saturday, the 14th mutant. + large I i black Newfoundland DOG, with wnue *poi on n<? oressi; wnen ne isjr hP?A I ad a leather oollar around hi* neok.with- * a > t e and a pieo*oi chain hangi' k to it. A suitable rewa-d will r.e paid to an; one who will br eg the iaid Dog to No. 449 I street, between 9th ar<l i<Kh stroets. de 17 at* IOST PISTOL ?Lost, ou Friday, between 6th j street vtit and 6th street east, a \&v? Revolver (?ix shooter. > Itwaa loaded, and the cylinder and caps ?ealed with ad?m\nti..e oandle, for the purpose of keeping the load* free foin dampness. The finder will be rewarded by informing Adjutant MUNDELL, 1st Reg't D. O. Vols., where it may be obtaiced. Camp near Biaclensburg. de 17-St* Cj;: RKWARD-8TRAYED OR STOLEN? <iP?J On Thursday evening, 12th instant. gy a small sorrel HORSE, sad He and bridle, a white oollar mark on his neok; about or 13 hands high. The saddle was new, oiti_jen*' saddie. and blaov leather bridle and eteel bit A reward of $5 will be paid for his return to the first tol'gite on Saitjmore tu'no ke. (4 a ic C L MITLM a o o i\r\t wro uo IU JV U -ViUUTiU Ci w 1 A REWARD ?Loat hr a la^y.laat Saturday O IU afternoon. a cold WATCH and CHAIN. They wer<*dropped on Pen". avenue, between JOth and 6*h ata.. or on 7th, between Pa. avenue and E at The finder of the watoh and chain ?ill reoeive the above reward and ihethanka of upon leaving them at the atore of Mr. W. T. DOVE, Njnth at., near Pa a*. do 16-3t STOLEN-On Tnursday night between 11 and 18 o'olock. a light bay HORSE, about c\ 14 harida high, branded "U. on leftj2jTt\ ahouloer, one white foot behind, wh'te t?r?^iA in forenead, and waa badly iwftitti behind, had on a MoClellan Army Saddle, No *, with the name of "Harry Benton," written in ink, paated on be htnd, and a oitiisn'a bridle. A liberal reward will ba given, if left at the Government Bta^lea near Railroad, with Capt. JONES. de 16 3t*^ LOST,?Loat on Tu?ad-y uight laa' in the oily, a dark m?rocc:> MEMORANDUM BOOK, with elastic strap. The book oo tan.e i.ims paper* ?n1 m*mjraid.\ of no consequence to sny ore bnt trie owner. A reward of $5 will be paid to the finder of the book V leaving the same at the office of the Star. de14 2t* LOST-On the 11th instant, between Havre de Grace and Washington. a small PO' KETBOOK.whioh is worth nothing to any one but myself The Book ooottined several notes drawn ia my favor, some have been in bank, a draft to niy order on Merebatt*' Bank.of Boston,dated 7th in-tant, for fif>y do'lars. one five dollar bank note, and one one dollar note both noourrent, mv card with mv came on it. Gen. Porter's ?ass given to me to pass to Virginia. The finder wi<l be liberally rewarded by retnrning it to me JOSEPH L1BBEY, de H St* Georgetown, D. C. | OST.-A SEAL BiNG, and a FOX-HEAD I A I4P A ( A f?anK Ai4 /* a rins witii AArnael ' " *? ? ~ wt t? m/ a im? i wiiu vvi uv-?i iau api, %5 reward will b? given to whoever returns the article* to this office. de3 tf Ran away from the kubscribek, near Bladensburg, BOY ANTHONY, commonly called Toner. He ie 5 feet 5 inches rar uign, verr black, short hair, grum oounte- r nance when spo*ea to. with a- small scai ^9 over one of his eyes. Went away with biaok J jacket (United States butt >ns on it.) oasmet pants, yellow gauntlet gloves. I will give 9150 to any one that wiu bring him home to ? e. de8 3w* FIELDER MAGRHDER. boarding. DOARD.-Respectable parties may find good mJ Board and well famished Rooms, bv day, week, or month, in houses No. 478 and 4T7 13th street, three doors from **a. avenue and midway between Willards' snd Kirkwoods' Hotels. no *6 lm* educational. jyjADAMfc LEOiNTlNEBLANCtiET, Will Oir* D * , PRIVATE FRENCH LESSON8. ri&Wii\xssr~- \&$r MIBS BROOKK'8 ENGLISH AND FRENCH BOARDING AND DAY c CHOOL. SlVKN Bv .! DINS*. _ N*. 130 Penmtylvamtm uventu. Ciroular* to be obtained at the Bookatoree and of tbe Prinoipal. noSS-lm* ?????? . HE AW WOOL BOSK. SHIRTS AND V tAWfcrtS.auc AHMV SHIRTS, at 3*4 & &dwfcb*ckrwwi " 5" D *"* tilT FOB SALE AND RENT. I7CRNISBED ROOMS TO LET, on E F between Bd and tt?No. #0i, 1b?b"? on <he premi?. de 17 lw i PL'RMIPHED ROOMS' FD? RENT-ln??ire r atWM. B. ENTWI?LE*? Apothecary Store. oorn?r Pa. trnnt *nd ttth atJI A oolored BOY. IS or IS year* o!d, wa?ted. d?rt oogt FOR RENT?Tyo pleasant ROOMS, neatly furnished,IB a fir*t-ola*a rMideaeain Georgetown. with ho* d. To a panranant t*nart terra* will be moder?t?. Apply at 147 Wert it .fleorte towa. de 17 tf CURN 18HF.D ROOMS.-Fifleeu Ji*nia?mely I. furnnned Rooms far r?rt on Penna*lva>iia avenue, next ?o Willwdi' Hotel. Sev?rn! Parlors with B?d Rooma attaob*4?all. or separate. Ap pN to the Proprietor.on thejkewiaet de n-St' SET BY PARKFR. Furnished parlor and chambers. A nice'y aid com O'fably forntshed Parlor, with two a^join'nr Cuamber*. on the trst floorhon*e No. ?ll Tnirte*nth afreet, be'ween * fcnd H?for rent. The looati and the neighborhood are alike pleasant, *rd the room* oonve->ient and aom?nodio?. Cail at the premiaea de 17 It* FOR RENT-Two doable HOUSES, one with back bnilding attao**d. A scrap ?f el^ract water within a few rep* from the ooorr Also,a .ot of itand'Dg Wood ?>d Timber. aaitable for *h>s boildmr. for sale at Kendall 6re?n. I"?olre tr term*. Ac-,of tbecffioeoi the A merioanlTelegraph Company. (;?17 R. C- FOX. FURNISHED HOUSE FOR RENT?The r Honee No 173 I st. between 9Kh and flat sta , froaticc the arenue, containing 10 rooms. Insuire on the premises. de 1< >t* I7?OR RENT.? PARLOR and BEDROOM. F partially furnished Aleo. one larf? *i*rarnlshed room, will be let together or separately, with or withrat board, at ?03 H street, between 4th ar.d 6th street. It* FOR RENT-TheSeoond Floor with or with out a pnvat?tab e Also, a Basement to let. Tn?titra t 5TH P?nn iv?nn? cwr>rr\m* nf Pint at 0. DONARDE Also. Housekeeper wanted. Alio, a rook wanted- de 16-3t* STORK AND DWELLING FOR SALE Part of Lot No. a*f Square 564. southeast oorner Massachusetts ??enue atid Taird st : would make a capital stand for a sutler's store, taker?- or Krooeiy store. Terms easy. Inquire at the office of the Eveninr Star. de 6 st* Furnished rooms for rent-two d? suable F urnished Rooms, parlor and ohambsr, or two ohambers, roinmunicatmr. with *as. in a convenient locality and plea*act neighborhood, near Pern. avecd*. Rent very moderate. Appl' at No 999 H St.. between 19th and 80th sts., Fir?t WW de 1< ?* COR RENT-A lart? LOT and STAULE.far r two hone* and two oam&;e?. g?od Lot, AO., on H street, nsar Tenth. Prioe 38.33 ??r month. de 16-eolw House and lot for bale very CHEAP FOR CASH?A Kruno Hon**, near 1* new, oonttining i x room*, one square from the Kai.'road Depot?No. 344 First street ee*t. Th* above property will be sold very low f? r oash or on short credit, on application toT. V. HANSON, Seventh ?tfe*t, opposite Intelligent Office. de 7b-3t* FOR SALK-A new BRICK HOt'HE containing 10 rooms, with or without the furniture: situated near the Post O<*oe; for cash or libers! credit. Apply J. CLARKE, No. ? vva?^|ncton Hni'dinta, oomfr 7th anc Pa av. ae 11 <f FOR RENT?Two v?!l famished ROOMS, on thehra' flo?r, in a pleasant pait of the oity, smtahle lor one or two gentlemen. Inquire No 367 C street. p?ar |>^. de 1S-1 w I^OR RENT?A furnished four sttry HOUfE, a l>o. 24 Louisiana avenue. opposite ruin si., and near City Ha.i. Inquire on the premises. _de lft-eoiot FOR SALE?The Good Will, Fixings, and Stock of a nnioh frequented Wine and Lager Beer Saloon,- to whioh a hall room and garden are a'tachod, at a reasonable price. For particulars inquire at the StCharles Restaurant, earner Pa. avenue and Third st. riell-lw* f^OR SALE?The large three-story BRICK r RESIDENCE. No. 44?s on the north side of E street, between 6th and 7td sts., lately ocoupied by Col. Luke l,aa. For prioe. &o., inquire of FRANCIS MOHUN, Esq., 6th str??t. between E and F, or of R. II. LASKEY.No. 36 Loninatia avenue. + de lfl-1 w H~ANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS.Four nandsomely Furnished Rooms, supplied with ga^ and water, and convenient to the Patent and Post Office Departments, for rent. Apply at 4 90* Maesactiusetu avenue, north side, between 4th and tth sU. m*2j Huuct-rLJi-Mouinu uuuus. At Greatlv Reduced Rates. For Sa'e by CORTLAN A CO , At Not. 316 A 818 Baltimore St., Baltimore. Table Cutlery, Albat* Spoons, Albata Forks. Plated T>a Sets. Coffee Urns, Table Caators. Cha&aj Dishes, Hat Racks, Umbrella Stands, Corkscrews, Nutrlcka. Cook*' Knives, Bread Knives. Kitchen Knives and Fo'ki, CkuftfM Nipper*, Albata Soup Ladles, Candleetioks, Patent ioe Pitohers, Coffee and Tea Vota, Waffle Irons, fatent liridi'otn. Kitchen Spoons. boa es and Wejjhts, Coffwe Ml'it, Batumi Tube, Saucepans, Table Mats, Uas Stoves, Foot Tuba, Chamber Bnoketa. Toilet Sets, Willow Baskets, Wooden Ware, fe.eve*. Devonshire Chain, Chrster IMshes. Coffee Blcp ncg, 6A8 FIXTURE?. of Freneh, KngliM, and American manufacture, Pr Artnh . Drwdas, and but India CHINA, le ?reat ranety. Old Honteke*pera tad new beginnere will find it to their advantage to oil; and examine our atoek when wanting any of the above d?eeription of gooda. CQHTLAN A CO.. " Noa. 916 and 218 Haitimor* street. Between Charles and ttt. Paul atreeta, Irr.portera, Mamf&oturers and Dealers in Housekeeping artiolea generally. de 14-eoSw_ JMPOR1ANT TO MILITARY MEN ! Army Ragul*tioa Hata. MoClellan Fatigue Caps, Chaaaeura de Parts Cim, Staff Cape made to order, with appropriate daviooi. B. H. 8TINF.MFTZ. 836 Pa. avenue, near oorner ISth at, Between Willards' ana Kirk woods' Hot?Is. frr Agenoy for Gitten's Cork Cap H&velook, hiihly reonmmended for the use of oar rank and file by Lieut Sen. Winfield Scott. de ll-lm pKOPOSALS FOR FRESH BEEF. WAtHiHeTOW Absbnal, 10th D?o , 1861. Sealed Proposals, to b? endorsed "Proposals for Fresh Beef " will be received at this Arseual until 10 a m. o! the 20th instaut, for the supply of Fresu Beef for 12 months from the Ut January. 1862 The Beef to be of good and wholesome quality, (necks and shanks exoludedjln suoh quantities as ; may be from time to time required, not exoe*ding five times in tech week, on suoh days as shall be dHsigratect by the Aotuig Assistant Commissary of Subsistenoe; the Bear to be delivered atthe Arsenal. The oontraot will k* MPtrded to the lowest re sponsible bidder, who will be required to give the usual bonds within three days J. M. WfllTTEMORK, _de 10 let Lt. Ord. A. A. C. S. flniornm(jtan i vanrr. Orvci or LEWIS JOHNSON * CO.. BANKERS. Colmi or Pa. Atknci Tenth St. LEWIS JOHNSON, of oar firm, fa a. viae been appointed a Subscription Aiout lor the Natioca. Luau authorised by the aot of Congress of '.7th July, 1861. we are prepared lo furnish, to parties desirous of niakiux investment, any amoant of 7 9-10 Treasury Nvtee. of convenient uses. coa tl LKWIS JOHNSON A CO. Ma. card. R. J- AIGLKR Has ths pleasure to inform his friends and the pabiie. that he haa opened a first e.ats Restaurant, at the favorite icoauon oa n >?.??? ll*L ? ? ^ tosw I A/ uv??opu uw fcyi KVH ikroww, iu >uu( and we nowu aa Ait tri Con f?o nonary Mtobliibment. Having tut arrangement! for toontun1 ?up?ly of all tfcade.ioao e? ot the Muoi.ud t^ourod the MtnoMM jo.ite aad aoupataat attendant*, he hopea U> rwiiw a da* ahareofaub 10 favor. da I la p A N fi V o u fl fe A VCTIoffptLlCKS! STEVENs i .took of Fauoy Good a-Pa. tmu, between l h aad ?U ata_ Of poaila Center Market? muat bec.u ed but by tha tret of Janaary. Tm atook u large and of groat variety, and i? now offered |to< tha ??M?a g&a l?ia?ThajHfr? Q# 9 mW "i oanaot ooaunead tkem too highly." WfJ "They tri the bett female nils extant." "fhava u*ed them with complete MM?eee.** y? onld not be without them ipoa any ooond?rau?," .ssmsjQsan^-m in*ton by 8. O FOtliJ. ocraar utb I^ett m.j t'a, ITMfi SECOND EDITION. THREE (TCL9C1, P. W. THE LATEST BY T*LEGRAPH~ VERY IMrORTAIimon PIW TORE , THE THREATENING CHARACTER 09 THE ENGLISH NBWH PROVE? AN UNTRUE REPORT' THE STOCK MARKET ALREADY RECOVERS FROM THE SHOCK, *e [Special Telegram u> the Star ) I UBS, L/CC. 17, 19*1, ?W P WaTiacHj. Mdxto* of ikt 8tmr. Prima from London that rcav certainlv be rtUid oa. that the Britiah ocvernaaeat bave nt la alructad Lord Lyons to demand an ilttaatui la oonnection wtth the aeirare of Mum ud Sudan But. lnstrad, to aak aplaoaltona from tba a'nmmt of the United Btatea The conarqaencc la that the laaneial fever of yeaterday, In VVhll atree*, ha* already pretty mocfc aobsided The rate of It per cent preaUom, to which exchange on London nominally rooe yot terday, waa LMe elae than a tetitlou* one, thar* being no buyera to apeak of at that rtlo??a ad vane* of 1 per cent. Slocka, aa well aa ?*<baogv, are rapidly recovering from th? panic of jietev day, growing out of the aeoe?b mads new* froIV > .Al - 1 - -O ?? * ?uc uuier ?iae ox iq? waver. Important Hew? from the Bouthwtf*. REPORTED BATTLE AT NEW ORLEANS THAT CITY THREATENED WITH DEMOLITION REINFORCEMENTS SENT DOWN FROM COLIMDUB, KENTUCKY * A GREAT BATTLE IMPENDINO NEAR BOWLING GREEN. MOVEMENT OF GEN BUELL TOWARDS NASHVILLE. Cincinnati, Dec. 16 ?Gen Boell la esptete' to take the field la person la a few days. It la re dot ted that our trooria are rraalu Amm river Buckncr la coming up the railroad to offer battle tbla aide of Bowling Greta, In Kentucky. There wu n grand review and Inspection of 17,000 treopa at Cairo, Blrd'a Point, Port Bolt, yesterday Four re?l?enta of infantry and three gtwbcat* have been tent !rova Columbua, Ky., to New Orleana. where a battle waa being fought, *nd the city threatened with demotion bv our forces. The InhabiUnU were fleeing front the city. li?DiA*APOLTe, Dec 16 ?Our army Id Kentucky la within a abort diatance of Bowling Green. They have repaired Green rlw bridge, and will move forward, a* aoon as Gen Bnell can brigade and otherwise dispose of regiments Arriving, to Nashville. Ten thouaand men from Indiana arrived In ten daya. Sixty-two regiments b?ve been paid off In Kentucky in the past thirty days. CONGRESSIONAL mVIIlt COX-R K>* V-rsad fteaslsn. Tcisday, December 17. Sihat*.?On motion of Mr Powell, the Hw bill providing for raising a volunteer force la Kentucky was taken up, and referred to tbe Committee on Military Affairs. Mr. Sumner presented petitions for the emancipation of the slave* of the South, with conpsss tlon to loyal owners, and w'thout compensate to disloyal owners. Referred. Tbe pending resolution to provide winter quarters for the troops In Kansas being '-.ken op, Mr. Lane, of that State, addressed tha Senate at length against the manor ta which the war ta being conducted ou tbe Gove-nment's pari, tfoetendlng that close quarters?. 01 winter quarters? are required. Mr Carllle replied to him at length, arguing hli? (Mr. Lane's) incompetency and unfltaees to criticise properly the rondoc^of the war, and la deprecation of the project of turning tbe war Into one for abolition and negro-stealing ends Hoes*.?Mr. Blngbam, from the Jndielarv Committee, reported a bill authorizing tbe Provost Court of Alexandria to retain and safely keep any property now in lta possession, taken m tbe property of persons In arma against the United States; passed Mr Harding, of Kv , addressed fie House open the confiscation resolutions of Mr Eliot B* was oppo- d to the resolutions? first, b-cause he believed Congress had no constitutional power to pass them, or any of the bllli or resolutions Introduced upon that sutj*'; second, because tbe Administntion was pirdged in the m<<st public and solemn manner against snv interference wltk the institution of alav-?;; third, because rock jegislaton was contrary to nil principles at ound policy; and. fourth, because its previsions would operate alike 'J&on the loyal and disloyal, iti? ! .??/ <( anil tK.'.rfllt* >i?l Inaugurate a species rf ursr?*ie which regards neither age or sex, nor condition, dstfraeeful sav civilized or christian nation Ei?i?aclpetloe and cuntlacatlon were two distinct principles, tbe former being entirely beyond the power of Oou gresa Upon th? conclusion of Mr. Harding *a recnarfce. a vote by veas and naya waa taken npon a motion of Mr Kellogg, of III., to refer these resolutions, with all similar res lutlons, to the Committee vm the Judiciary, pending which our report clawd LA TB LOCAL NEW8 A Tntir t* tbs Cavalbt ?On Sunday nigh', the patrolmen in the First Ward saw a soldier with a heavy bundle, acting in a suspicious masner Th#*v him amA CAUHift k* K>M a Urge quantity of poods wrapped up la a blaaks'; among other articles, three nary revolver*. H" gave his name as Edward Anderson, and said he belonged to the 5th V. S cavalry. Re was committed to jail by J ustlee Drury. Since Anderson's arrest. Sergeant Thos. M iller of the aame regiment, has Identified a portion ut the stolen property?namely, an overeoat and tw< handkerchiefs?aa his own pereonal property,and the blanket and some clothing as the property ef the Government. Two of the revolver* have also been identified and returned to the ovimi Lost asd Focwd ?About 7 o'clock lnat m> nlng Mr. Robert T. Knight went to the Fifth Ward station bouae and silted that about halfMet 4 o'clock In the afternoon, while bis little laughter was In the neighborhood of First street audPmn avenue, with a younger child of hie (Mr. Knight's) a soldier caine up to her, aad propoeleg to buy candy for the cl a took It away, and since that time he had not board anything of it. P. 8 The child ha* alnoe been fouad. Tho soldier, It aeema, after taking the child for eaady, was unable to End her companion, aad not knew lng her reeldence was at a ioaa how to get bar to her friends. Eaaoai Excepted.?The JUjwMwaa of Ala morning enye: "Mr. Robert Sleight, who feU from the dome of the Capitol, oo Saturday, Injuring hlmeeif vary eevarely, died yeeterday about noon, at hit residence on Virginia a venae, near First street, Inland, He Leevaa e wile aad aeveral children to mourn hie lea." Mr Slelgbtwaa not deed at e o'clock thleaeara. lng, tt-ooghhewne la great egeay, aad Utttehopo waa entertained of kls rooovary Me has ao wile ap r.hl 1H r*n Ha la ttarMMl bv hit IT. olL?' ild liters, and rtctlra iIm tbi fbltbfal MX t Mouat N#bo Eacampm?t u4 Caattal La4ga, I. O. O. P., of vklek loeKda katoi mam bar Pru rpiawall iuiru or rn Cn*rio?-?l 000,000 n? ruiini?811 u Cbaasb it a> Cium Va?aML. Niw Yoai, Doc. U-Tk? Xwr Cbamaftaa, from Asolawail on tb? 7M, wttbtba taa fr?Mw? malls or tba lat wind al tbi* part to-owkl wltb a lam number ot army aftean, lawiadlM CM Bewail and Major Lowell. Sbe fcr'.tig nearly a an IU lea AaUaiata Heaeaii Sba report, oa the liib ia lat SI Imimi SO mtoutea, loaf 74 dagrcoa, Dm wn eicml Iky a ttrw-nrtil pr. pellar. aad altar aa fcoar*? ebam, be bolated tbc BmM la^.of wbtcta the Cbamfoflewa * MMttM Tbe oeeeai ta daeerlbad aa town man rtoai aa bet taramaet, wltb WMd .b1p.Ut*^r WM'tf, ad Cvum were at putw <> to Ht rE? Krtatt NimfUMttvMat Aotpakt! #a tfc- IWl ? ? . >'i| _ JV'O* ib T*K tntftrr* i* >?^

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