Newspaper of Evening Star, December 17, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 17, 1861 Page 4
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i , ? ? ? ?mmh THE EVEMl.Nft STAR. Ed. Star:?T?ke of liquid opodildoc, 2 or; *)il spike. 2 01, a^u* ammonia, 2 os.; Mictare capsicum, 1 os ; tincture Spanish flies, 1 oi ; Slrits turpentine. ] ox . alcohol. 4 oi.. Mix; ako well previous to applying. This limznent will be found a certain cure for sweeney, bruise*. lament*, *?.. in horses. The writer ?f this hae sold gallon: of it to farmers, stage?X l ? : i 4- m-MM t . ?in uikvio, auu uctci nuon li wj ian. 11 will also be f?urd a superior remedy for rheumatism, paiDi Ao , in man. E Tu CtEA> TCFKRr CARPETS. To revive the color ?f a Turkey carpet, beat it well with a atiek till the dust is all got oat; theo, with a lemon or sorrel juice, take out the pots of ink, if the carpet bo stained with any; *uh it ta cold water, and afterwards shake out ?11 the water from the threads of the carpcl. Whan it is thoroughly dry. rub it all over with the crumb of a hot wheaten loaf; and if the weather is very fine, hang it out in the open air a night or two. PATiTA I?l f W v a w w mmtmd * I? made from the d >ur, only boiling water jnu*t b? poured upoc it, but c*fe must be taken that it b? absolutely boiling, or the complete change into jelly will not take place. It doea not Uke many mloatee to thus change a raw potato into tnis substance, which It not only highly nutritive, but extremely azreeble to the pfclate when flavercd with a little sugar, nutmeg, and white wine. TTRNIPS W ORAVr. ? %_ ^ - i<j a pound of turnips sliced and cut into dioa, poor a quarter pint of boiling ve*l gravy, add a mall lump of sugar, some salt and cay?nae, or white pepper, and boil them quickly $0 to 60 minutes. Serve them very hot. TO SO 11. OXIOX PLAIN. Feel them acd soak them an hour in cold water, put them into boiling milk and water, b>iltbem till tenser. and serve with meltod butter Or, bt?il the onivn in two waters FREXCH MILK Or ROSES Is made with rose-water; tincture ofbemoin iinotare of storaz; of each of the two latter one ounce pat into the rose-water; to increase the s.'ent a littlo spirits of roses is added. BOW TO R*NOVATB THE Tors OF KID BOOTS. Defaced kid boots will be greatly improved by being rubbed teell with a mixture of cream and iak. orward Movbxxxt op ihi National Fokcs* ? A di*patcb from Loulsvilie last nlpht Inform* us that Uen. Uuell's srmy (Which, on tU<: direct Louisville aud NafcUville line, la not less than sixty thousand strong's Is moving forward to Green river. Tbe remarkable quietude of this army for so long a r?'lod renders this movement nu>re sltfnlfl ant. That a general advance lain prcgreea is further indicated by the marching Trout Louisville, on Monday, of the Second, Tblrtv-first/rwentv fo'irtb, Sixth, Ninth. T?nth, r>wenty-#r*t and the Thirty-third Ohio Regiment. tieu. McClellan a plan Is well understood to be that a ilmmllantom airinc* :hall fak* Tiaa?on the Mississippi, Columbns, Kentucky, In Ceuttal Kentucky, upon Bowling Green; from Ro">ney, upon Wlncbeste', fr^m the Tot^mac, Inla F.asttrn Virirlnls. from Fortres* .Monroe, npon Yorktown or Norfolk, and that Butler's, Bern tide ? and Sherman's coast expeditious shall in ike demonstrations at tb? same time If this be tbe case?and we do not profess to have either official or semi-official Information?movements at ait lmportants points may be expected when one takes place, and the forward movement In Kentucky Is tne signal of a general advance ? CisctsMfi Commerital, Dee 11 Hoxicise ?John Stang a German, residing in DawsoavlUe. la this county, was committed to jail on Tuesday last, for the killing of John Locb"ner. another German, bv shooting him From what we have been able t* leuru, the clrcum _ stances attending the shooting are somewhat as follcwr On Monday last, Slang butchered and badLocbaer assisting bim Some time during dav. Stin^ inH 1 jvhiwif Ai,a?u;<ui w..? t ?* _ , 3 ? UUV iiVCU* ner remained and aasistrd until the butchering wtu got through with, when he went to hla bomi, which waa but a abort distance from Stang's ?*oon after he ( Lochner) came out, with a bucket in his band, to tbe pump, and ijtang, seeing him, tbe quarrel was renewed, when 3tang got hla rifle and deliberately shot Loch ner, killing him insUntlv tftahg It very badly bruised, but thla, we understand. he received after Lochner was hot Tbey were both ujider ?be Influence of Uquor.?Hotkvill' ( Montgomery Co ) Se*txntl. m~Tbe Ch'lKrt Te:egrapt? reports that ore day iast week, a lady of that city went out to make a "call After ringing the bell, Biddy came to* tbe door, and the following dialogue euaued: " la Mrs at home?" " No mem; she's gone to the circua " , "To the clrcu*; (greatly surprised.) What cirrus has she gone to* ' To the sewing circus, mem." JUST RECEIVED TEN BBLS. S. HORIME'S mp?no? CL1> RYE VVHI-KV, tightj?i? ??4. wa.-rAntod. Al?o, prim? Mocongahela wbiakiM for tal* at 3Z& Pa avenu*, br d? ? Stawlf BROWNING A KEATING. I i*. CARTER & CO. J . id tt.. Pa. av*. Wnktnuon. Pmoitct DtaL?%s and Commission Makchasts. Mere) acJi?? ac4 Pro<lao? reo?. v&d on ouosiinuiAni <uni ?torace w 1? ""Im* TRIESEMAR. ProUtted by Royal Lttttrs Patent of England, amd secured by the Stals of the Ecolijit PKar ... x it'll, iv imperial College of Mtdtcine, Vienna. TRIE9EMAR No 1 la the ?tf?ctBV remedy lor Rklax trios. S?ps*xatos&hsa and t xhacstio.n ok tex Systim. TRIESEMAR .No. 2. Completely and entirely erad oatea all traoea of thoM diaorderg, for whioh Copa. va and cube'ja have aeuera<ly been thought au antidote, to the ruia uf the health of a vast portion of tue popaiat.on. TRIE8EMAR No 3. la tha great and aure remedy of tne civilized world for all mpuritiee of the ay ate m, aa well aa teoondary ayraptoma, obviating the deetruotive uae of Meroury. aa well aa othe d?leteriuua itytredieata, aad which aii the tfaraapanlla id the world oanoot rem re Tk;e?em*r Noa. 1.2 aud S ar?alikedevoid of raate or ameli. acd ot a.i nauaeatinc auauItN. They are in t^e fjrm of a loietge, ana mar ww un wi? wi>ai uwjia wunout their use being auafofd. Hold in tm cwei at $3 each, or four $)oum in ooeforf?, and in as***, thua ?avmr a? administered fj Va.peau, Lailemand. Koux. 4a., fco. \V;.?*e?a.6 ar.d retail by L?R. H. A. H4KKuw.194 BlMo*er iuni, (4 duura from MaoLXrutv ittNt . New York. Immsdia'eiy ou r?oeiat of rerrflttacoe, Dr. IJiiauw will ionrartl Trtiaaur to any *art of the world, securely packed ,aod adiire*?*i acoordmg to the inatruattona of toe iter. IV inWa ao by PR HARROW, that popular and beautifully illuatratad medio* I wo k, Human Fraiity. Pno? SSoonU. Tneeoinar a id book ean re obtained by ap*ciai authority from t*. C. FORD, Waaaicjton, I). C d?U3in FOR**? F O R si; F 0 R 8 ! ! ! I ai ?r a ? flll.ia BADLfc. FITCH, WATER .MINK. I.|r? * * ,?n SJBVMOl RT?, Geortefown. L2?rM?VIVii?OT,?K' Tft*1 H??a?bacri~ A b? hato utuir.ed from tlia Orphan*' Coart of yLVAH^100 OQantj, t* the Di?triot ofCalujnbi*, w.u th# a?UU? of Jo#n Ehrgyy. l>t?of Wfkumt n ocmnty afjre**!, da.Hhom jatim olaim* acaintt tiia r?rn- J T? to exhitiit Uis **"*f. W) -B It* T jao?l?l? tlier r?;f. to tfc? autiacr' ??. * tjaiore Uta seventh d?v of December &0Zt i th&f inar 'jlh*rW'??j? p.* k? K-? ....j * . , ._w BMiuuni irons a; .benefit of to* at"! e?t*t? Oiv?n cade* m; hani thu *v?dul dar of Deoemfcer, l??. MARY fcLJZABETH ttHKKVK, pi UWw* J ! xeoutrn qrfhans' court. nomxiu 1*. 1861. IHttn t CtlmmHu* Wa; imm '<k County, 7V vti In the eae? of CUxrlee 11 Crxiin, xdminietrttor of ion* L. Crow*.deoeaaed, the aominta rv tor afure* xj'i ku vim tli* Xf *rob?"on of til* Or *m?' Ovrt *1 Wxeiiiniton eoontv afure aid, xp MlUd CykTL K DAY. the eeveoth dxj of Daoem TT nut 10' trie flixl " tltXMt xd-1 dyrtribxtion d( U > feraooxl eetateof aaid deoxaaed. of thea?ee?x ix ka?d- wo fkr x* tote mum hxv? been ouileated sad fnrned into bom;, wb?? and where ail the ored t erx aat n?ir? of ?M toiimt are noUfted to appear. . <a tk* OvHmmw' Cexrt if W axkinf aen eoxnty MlllWIM.tT lb Ttillr n i"i aropxljr vn-icued, er ihey may otXervixe by Ixw be eaetxded (rem xil vm>?ia tAe f,*xcixc r-tar previoxa to Mm aaidTth %fefc*A po U l**Tw ' H>JR DYE l-TO COLQM BLACK JU T)A BROWTtJi?Oajj 18 mdU ? bos, Tar?* ?..r ud? dotlftf. 6r?j, r?d or Cvxeahftir M3 ?.trj; WS.-TC.'SW ad oFajiit ia tUa VorWL >rudi>4.Af.lM mom ent rsrassassi i ftr?t ftaal**. ft??- .. *a> k~?o\j ?pO MIUTARY OPPICKK8 AND OTHERS. ^ww8r *" -. PU Oml* tUiimSU uU BrnrmUu Hm*r Dp* Imim. **Bess*/iMys6wiPi I Hftir Mftf?. ?*? Hw.'ft ivMUi wb*rm Larfiei efta iftioairmL ^ FftcC^? 0) Hftr<ilftrql.t)?!iS :? BroAiiwiyi N. %. j g T'M t" &sp ~Axp~i~ci~ T* ,'ML * ?<-* . No.4iom Btrwt. tna *?i , > QOVEHNMENT DISPATCH. -PAST FKKICHT LINK N E w Y~?,& N ?T ?N AJ$geoi*l Mee?**e?r Wtl^ be ?*nt t^oujh with covu m, iwu* iu riuer vsvirr uieiy sou uivfaion* ALL RAIL. WITHOUT CHANGE OF CARP. on and after MONDAY. Not. 18th, thi? Com pany will receive and U*n?port Munition* of War, Government Ptoree, Pullers* Supplies for the Artny and all Miscellaneous Freight, at lyOW R?te?. WITHOUT WEAK OF BULK. Sptcial Contract* fo* Larn (Juantttut, at Hiiucd Rata. ft rFrwht reoeived only at the Depot of the Central Ral.road of New Jersey, Pier No. S, North River. For further information, or special contracts, eneuire at the OFc* of t\t Company, 49 B'oadwty, JV. Y , Or rennfyivaHiu are., Washrnrton (Vy. IT^.Mark Go >ds, "tfavrnment Disaatoh."-/"Tl Freight receive* from 8 a. m to 3 p. m. ?? WV w)f" u?f v?? wm noftMm S*np?Tintan<1?rt. NOTICE. This Company offers u> ttie pubiio " Unequalled Advactates for the Saieana Qaiok Ot?p*toh of Heavy FreighU. P&o<m??. Valuables, Money, Ac. *.c., to all parts of the United states. Expresses to and from the ^North and West depart from and arrive m Waehiniton twioe daily, All L'4 u -f J ?? j ? . ?JA>IW00VB wo in Q<iiij|D vi ana rtltabU MNMH|8ri. All Packages for The Soldiers carnec at "onb half" our usual rates. All Goods for the so-oa!!ed "Confederate J*tate?" and all Article* * Oontra!>and of War" will be P. EFT7SBD. Our F.ipre??ci leave New York at 1.1, and I P. M., arriving in Washington at 6 A. M. and 6.S0 P.M. Expresses leave Philadelphia at 8jn A. M. and 11 P. Mm arriving in Washington at t *> P. M. and ( A. M Expresses leave Baltimore at 43n A. M. and S P. M., arriving in Washington at 6 A.M. andSS> P. Mi Expresses for all points North and West leave Washington at 7.30 A. M. and 2J0 P. M. dailj. 8peciaT Contracts for targe ^iiantiU?s of Freight oan be made on application to this < 'ffioe. All Goods called for and delivered Jru of Extra sharge*. K. W. PARSONS. Hup't Ariaina' Kxpreaa Company. HMhicitOTi, \mast ij, I8RK U9 tf_ m. i. franklin, ~ M , - -r - AZSVi ? -? ^BbbII OPTICIAN TO^BfifH^SlgRNT AHD MIL444 Penn'ftfcv.,1 no.t.i aide,) oet, lith and 13th ata. WECTACLEt*, provided with lenuiLe Rook Cryatal ur Perieoopio Leneea. mounted in goll, ailver or ateei, and am ted with utmost care for every age and ejeeijht. first fcl ?-[ ^ *m8tq clam MILITARY F1BLD-QLASSES, Mieroeoupea, Comp&aaea, and Mathematical In atrumenta, at the loveat Eaatern prioea. oc 29-tr New faperhanging, window fHAUt. AND UPHOt.STERlNO K8TALISHMEN1. 4 ft O Nik* to J * n ? The nuderfiznod. lot merly of the farmot Kr&uk liu A Roth rook, has opened & New Store at 4?0 Ninth street one door south of E st'e?t, on the es*t sid-j. where tie has a small otaoioe st^ok. ami would be happy to reoeive the orders of the friends and oostonfers f the old firm. Partioular attention will t>e paid to P*perhang ins and Upholstery work in all its branohes. no as 3taw3w L. J ROTHROCK. tiBSk _ BILLIARDS! I l_l CI The iOTers L-^t of the 9AMb OF BILLIARDS will find in EMRICH'S FINE HALL. Ocrnar o Pennsylvania avecue and Uth street, (south side,) two of the moat admirable TABLES In the United States, with every oom/ort and . . oonvenieaoe *? *-tf for the tl?TW. \vK OFFER TO MILITARY MEN ^ larzo gpWiqfMifef wtiicn we invito all o&ah Duroha??r? to eitRiln? UUi * CO.. " 3ii'.l Pa. sr., t*tw??n 9th and 10th au. m n (Intelligencer acl Reant>lioan.> W BOYS' CLOTHING. E Have received within the iut day or two t larce assortment of BOYS' SPRING CLOTHING.embraoln* ail at/lee of low-prioed, medium, aod fine qualities, Whioli we are aMlinj a t very loW pncea for cash. WALL. STEPHENS * CO., 3'J9 Pa. av., Sot ween 9th r.qti.lOth ata. m B (Intaliic?ne*r and Rnpubhoah.) \]EW CLOAKS, NEW SHAWLS, AND 1 1 New Drew Uooda, opened dailv. One price only, matk'a in p!*in figures. n- _ *v-1 - ?-? - * - w?rveis, vjiiw.Uins, KU|I, .Mattings, CUrt&lDIi Ac .upper door*. ferr\ a brother, de 9-51 Pa av.. and 9th street. Tto officers. HE CAMPAIGN ?A Campaigning Wagon on the Prnssiau prinospie, a-ranged for sleep-sex, id* or to act a? an Ambu.anoe in case "f *L? siokness or wounds, with ample room for?^^*stores and proviaiona; light, water-proof, and perfectly new, having been just buiit to order by one of tbe first makers in New York, is offered for sale at cost prine. Aleo. a handsome, strong, sound, dark-brown HORSE, either for saddle or harness. Both may be seen on application to JAMES BROWN, at Mr. Irvine's Stables. Corooran'a Lnw, behind the Chain House, between 1 and H struts ? 20 1CASH NOTICE. N Consequence of oar hannc to pay caah f?r every article of goods we purchase, we are foroed to reduoe our business to Cash exclusively, for the present. We have in store a verr large assortment of READY-M.ADE CLOTHING for men and boTl' VMJ. vhinh arA Mllinr * wi?w*k taacwraalfy. " WALLV"?fKPHlN8ft CO..' Sitt Pa. avenue, betir^c 9th an<l 10th it . ta i ? Hot"''1 QUNBOATS roa th? WESTERN RIVERS. UiiiTitMiim Siimti'i Omc*, I W*.'himtton, Jnnt 17,1861.t PaorosaLf are invited for oonatrnotini San boat* upon the Weetera river $ Specifications will be immediate^ treared and mAT be examiaed at the Uuar*ermacter'n Office at Cincinnati. Pittebargh, aod at thia of^oe. Prnpoaala from boa' pnil<-era and ratine build er? alone will be considered. Piana anbmitted bv biddera will M taken ioto consideration. M. C. /HEIGS. _Je If Quartermaster General United State \RMY gloves? ~~ armv gloves:: At the Glove Depot of F. H HASTING'8 A co.. 3'i3 I) at., facing Pa. av.. g ? WA1CHFU. vlold ani* silver english, SWISS and american. I have now on hand a large stock of all the must celebrated Watchee, that I am aeljinf at the very i->wm priuom iam goon aD'i renaDie lime keepers oan t-e altoHed at, and every desoription ol fine JLWKLRVn band,all new styles reoeived at wn as manufactured, and offered at the lowest rate*. Silver ware manufactured in my own shop. AP kinds of MII-ITAKY GOODSon hand.suih as Revolvers, gwordu, Sashes. Jielts. Bowie Knives. Pocket Compasses. <ko- fto. Also strong Armr Trunks and B*d Combined, and many other things cseiul and ornamental at 33*i Pennsylvania avenue. m?9i tf II. A. HOOD W DR. LOCKWOOD ^KTJ TKLTH on Rabber, and performs all DENTAL OP EM ATlONh. m the "'i Ii_m i ingto- Bniidinc, oorner of Seventh st. andrnJaaiJ Pa avenue. Chloroform given, if desired ViUD All kinds of Teeth for sale. no 6-3awlm* NOTICE" Ki t.i -r?? ?-? J--- -- 1 " " ?? ?? ?? i*i u*y 01 next jtinivr all Mraona icdebud to the lato firm of K E. Whit* * C? JK* k*f*fT notified that tl*?ir anoounta, V1*'1 ,^> j>* in the haodaof ?7.^* ?*D*T for ooll#otioD. All femoDfl to in'lebt? si* ?.?,u oi > ?' ? ^iu b?v?io Mtt e KioMo ti? above apeciJied Lme. del-ltawtw K. E. WHITE. !3n^r5"b 2*?khwobs . . ^ ,,JM Pa. ave., Back Room, >le 4-tf or Ml Q tt.. ImvMfl 9th and lwtb. (j ? * bo ati _rSSS3R3MSfciL Bo?(a tor IE* Weetere iTrere areipo exhibition it fcia oftM, tad ftt ofloM of QflftrtennMtora U Wrttftori. ClBpinaaa, 8t. Lpmia tad Alton. Bofttj to MMliirtditCfciro.jBiai hqoid bo wet to 0?Mtereweter6oiw3 oft?* Unitfl BMe UV.SWMlSm.. b, 1? I* l> Brl<. goa'l m4 Q?art?m^ytQr wan*l. (JOUfiHB, COLDJyHOA^SKNBMJ, Ao. COMPOUND sfiuppP Q UM Ah ABIC. Thi? flMasat ml popnl&r Cough H^nadr hu IMM WMI IDOWIIM nMdth&t NKMt P?TMM h?*? bfociM?in>)iar with its ftrmordu iiMT ? !>?>. It NUN M4 ftt Ell Ul0%MIMipal :iu(nttM^kt A uil V mdIi t U>itl?. I!"""'1"'' ku>W. OFfUi MUM KMUM. oci7 ConjKN^Jnt^5f^k ? * * CfflOBGETOWN ADVEfiT'MT8 OUHTALf. W# have Ju?t received.* ?npply ot the above Alf. Which we recommend to be of a very ?uperior quality. Person wiehine to pnrohaae. oy mating inmediate application, can befurnUhed. AKNV A 8HINN, no T Georgetown. J4MST RECE1VEI>W hhd?. prime Porto Rioe SUGARS* t bU. Oid Rre WHISKY. tt* bbls. liKKRING Hd ALEW1VF?, 0 bbis. Crushed wi>l Refined 8U6ARH, Rio and Java COFFEE, n hhdn.dow -jHioed) MOLASSES, ror aaie fry JUHr* J. HOeUK. mm GAS FITTING, &c. AW* *. DOVB A CO. RE Nov preaarsd to exeonte any ardara with Wnioh tter mar be f*ror??i in the PLVMBiNv. ?AS OR STEAM HTTIN? BUSINESS. H7" Store on ?th atreet, a few doora north of Pa. t venae, where may be fo*nd a ooraiLWte aarortraent f CHAN DELI KR? and other ?Afe, STEAM and WATER FIXTURES. lat1-\* 1 SNYDER, , PL WMBER AND eAS FITTER, Hi* renured to the oorner of Twelfth and F ata. He ia prepared to introduce Water and 6aa npon the taoat f&Torabla terras, and guarantiee entlra aatiefaotion. Hohae on hand a lot of COOK1N6 and other STOVES, which he will ami lew than ooat, aa ha _ A m - ' - ? visum ?j |o? iiu vi mom? PO IT We A 9 FIXTURES. G H&ve in Rtore, and are dai.y reoemnx, WAS fIX TUHES of entirely New Patterns and Deaicna ana Finish. superior in style to anything neretofor* tier <d in thii market. We inviteoitnens ronera, It to tali and examine oar stock of 6a* ana Water Fix ires, feelinc confident that we have the bMl aclocted stock In Washington. Ail Work in the above Ties mtnsted to ear e*r? Will be jr*mpt!v attended to. MYERS * MoSHAN. war l-tf 376 D street. OFFICE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER ^F VA8 METhRr, WAtHilteT^!*. J*ly II, ltta, IV/ii^r/vr ic or d r ri ir i-i rw ?*? - * - t^V/4 IUO iO I <71 r JSi!, iDH. IjrPfably to the prw.rona of the ordicaaoe of the Corpyratioa approTed May *. itfp, the nnderrigned if a j* prepared, "vfcesever reTaired in writiut.and on pre-payment of the fee of fifty oenta, to in?peot. f'. test, prore, and ascertain the aoonraay of rfgistr&ron of any ru meter ic upe in thia oity." Erery meter, iffoBsd inoorreet, will he condemned another, BAalec edU ri.arked u true will b? istini'* place. If proved to be aooaraCe in its roea?aieinent of ta?. it will be sealed toco'dinjij, tr.f ?j?,n put in position for nse. 6#c? No. #10 Seventh sUeot, (near Odd Fil. ?*' Rail.) Opec from 8 a. m.. to ? p. m. I'HAKbKB W. OlINNiNwHAM. !? i? tf Inspector and Sealer of 9aa Mstsrv, DENTISTRY. j^EW AN1> IMPROVED INVENTION ARTIFICIAL CHKOTLAST1 BONE T E E T H, Wituoct Mktal Plat* o* CLAsrs. DR. 8 u STG E8MON 1>, UUL0 Fr&iHiBfiy, y*i? York?U60 Pennrylraw/i At> mve, be:mn lith ?nd 13th >t? , Wa*hintton, Cali* the attention of tlie public to the lollowLnx Bid vantages of hm improved Hystem : 1. The Teeth of Ms manufootuia MKf aever oorode tior chance ooior by any**" ?oids, heir * three fourths lighter than aty other, 2. No teeth or r??ote need be extracted, as the ?rtific>ai one? emu be ir?ortetf over them. I The roots wiii bo made inoffensive, an never o ache. 4. No temporal j teeth are seeded, as permanent ones oan b? made immediately, thereby preserving j the natural eippeseion of the lace, which under I the old system is frrqa?ntiy d:eiigurcd. # ima wort has been fully tested over five years by many of tho first chemifts and phyBiolans of this oountrr. Dr. S. ii&s also invented a white undeatruct'.ve metal fiiliue, with whion the moat aensitive teeth can i<e filled without pair., a-m oan build up a per leot, sound tootb on aur ai'Je reots, whioh will laat throur'u lifetime. The ooat of r?fer0DC06 aiven?to Dr. V. Mott, Dr. Doremua, Professor ofCheTniatry, N. Hon. J udje Wayne. of the Supreme Court of Washing ton. and thousM <!s of others Call and exaunnf for yourself. no 9 *m Mtteeth7 LOO M It), M. D . tbe urrentor and patentee oftns MINER AI. PLATE TEETH. at-^-vC^ tends personally at h<a office .n this city Man* persona <vin wear tiieee teeth who**'' an not wear othera, and no person oan wear othera who cannot wear these. persona ca.lir.i it my offioeoan be aooommooated with any atyle an/1 pnoe ol Teeth they may deeire; bat to those who are particular and wiab the purest, cleaneat, atror.ceat, and moat perfect denture that art oan produce, the MIi\ ERAL PLATE will be more fully warranted. Rooma in thia city?No. S3*Pa.avenue.betweea rh and loth ata. Also, 907 Arch street, Phi.adel ana. oo li tf IVf L'TUIMC ML'tir i ? ? iftJGMHAmT DIAOOVXRY o'&vtfjJ At il*?l C Jtres*, opvont* ? lA? Theater. ~ In the Shell &[iJ ^f?cTr?i?g Pi T CooK?dD( far superior to a roa?>t) in it*o mmw?j, the /ast*tt ti mi on rtcord. Call and see. The undersigned respectfully informs his friends in the LHstriot, and visitors to the oity, that he has refitted Lis oui> and wkll-isown kstablishxint in a most thorough manner, and has made oomplete arrangements to furnish OYSTERS in an? style aiid in any quantity. 400 to 500 ga'lons shucked per day. 2 000 to 3,00u oans of SpK>ed and Fresh put up daily?cans hermetically s<^ed. Furnished in the shell by the bushe^or barrel. Persons wishing to have Oysters furnished regularly through the winter, at Baltimore pnoes, without fear of nulure, should oall and make azraiigemants at onoe. Freight, time, and money saved lit Durohasill* of m? SJt I fnrm?h ?n I e>*ua. to the oelebralei Baltimore establishments, at prioes just as iow. TO SUTLERS. Canned Meats, Lobsters, SJardinea, Ciama, Strawberries, Tomatoes, Pus' F*et, Tripe, Ao. Ac ,4c. Aiao, Pickles, Catsup, 5*ajoes, Brandy Peaches, &c. Also, Game and Fresh Fish. Turks, Terrapins, Fresh Lobsters, Cod, Halibut, 4to. In fact, eveiy thing for sale in the Northern markets aiwajs on hand, at reasonable prices. Hotels and families supplied with Oysters, delivered without oharje t? any part of the District, in season, if the money is sent with the order. My estat ishmentis open from 6 a. in. to 13 at night, every uay, exoept Sunday, when 1 close at 10 o'oiock a. m. ?? 27 T. M. HARVKY. QQQ JOHNBON * NA6LK, OuQ &Oir No.Pk*nstlva.nla Avians, &Ol7 Between Ninth and Tenth eta., south side, nOCDO WA11 a ? * ? CHAMPAGNES?G. H Mumm,Piper Heidaiok, Moet A Chandon, Bnllinger A Co., Cartier A Co , Ac, CLAKE'It*?f?C Julien, St. E?taphe, Cantenao, Ac., by the caak or doten. HOCK WINLS?Deide?heiiner, Johanneaberger, Liebfrauenmiloh, Rndeaheimer, Ao. BRANDY, Whuky.Gin, POrt, Sherry, Madeira, in wood c elan*. LONDON PORTER. Brown Stout, Edinburgh ^nd Xorkehire Alee, of the beat brands, in bot UCB or BH'DP JUSP, CIGAKS? Havana and UomeBtic, of the choicest brands. Weea l the special attention nfHu?!ers,Re?tauranU and Families t>* our 'arceaud w el l ee! voted STUCK OF FINE GROCERIES, Freeh Meat. Poultrr, Fish. So?ps. Vegetables and Fruits in hermetically s-a'edcans. 1'RESfc.K VI Je!Ue?, <tc .Almonds, Nuts, Rai tins arnl Fins. CHEESE, < Eastern and Western Cutting); Ham. est f?ORb?n flatter, the best. Champagne <"ider,

WltKCtjJ'TKRfln IRE and Oy?ter Sauce. 1'icklM of every description, Pepper Sauce and Tomatu Catsup, bv the gal on or dosen. All of which we offer at the lowest possible price* and ou reasonable terms. uu 2 JOHNSON Sc. NAGLE. I^LANKKTS, COM FOR TB. BE1) LINING. m~ rgiiio VIUUII, 1 OWOIB, IXApkUil, UUliU, A.0..& full auppiy. One prio? only, marked in plain ft cur ?a. CarpetB, Curtain*, Oilclotha. Hugs, Ae., upper floor* An ioapectiun of atook inoira no obligation to parchaee. jPkRRY h. URU., Pa. av.. and 9th atreet. THh HUU8CKIBKRB b?c leave to inform their patroua an-l the pnlxio generally of >?e-_ a> liuc amplj mipptied with a superior aUok FALL and VVINTKR OOOD8. ** They alao reeprotfut y invite attention of Wlf their Armv and nla?y ouatomera, and thoee"-" roeuiriui outfit* in that line, to their superior taai ltie* <>f Sworda, Epaulet*. Shoulder 8fr%?* Belt*, ?:hav*au*. Hat*. c*?*- Huk?? ? "* - oonstactly on haiid, which are warranted as re pre' Wh.uit tendering thanks for the liberal patronage enjoyed, tliey will end?<avor to merit aoontinnauoe. F. J. HE1 BERBER A CO fBuooessors to H. F. Load<>n & Co ,) CITIZEN. MILITARY *nd NAVAL TAILORS, 362 Pennsylvania A venae. qo 16 eo8m H FRENCH ft. R1CH8TE1N AVE J mt received a fresh iup?!y of Note Pater, Colored Borders, ruled and plain, witfa Envelope* to mateti Also, Klaz Paper of all kinds, with and without Mottoes; Eavelopes to matoh. Purses and Pooket Books of every description. A large assortment of Stationery. Pew York Papera reoeived daily; Paper* from parts of the oountir. _ FREScH ft R1CHSTEIN, mtS AT* P?"? %n?nn? COUDIKK8 NEEDING DRY 0OODB for the ?3 "lolls at home" are solicited to <nspeot our vest stook, bow oomp'ete in all depar'mecta. One pnoe only, toe aotual oasn standard value, marked in plain figures. A1 examination of stook incurs bo obU<atioa to '<A?fperoels oaref^llv eaoked, for express or other ? ?^'^ERRY * PRO., Pnn. ?T?nD* aod Ninth d? l*-aOt ~P?rrT fluiillcg." W TRAVKLJNO TRUNKS. T K AV 2?IN tvTHU U*m. Btf a, io., wiiich v* ir? now st lmi it rr low ?no?. Will. BVEPBKNfl ft OO. pL^Oa. PlANOg^N^-grwTkL 9 Bdr. Johnston, A. It TIHOEI LOOK HOiriTALi W?i AiMwrrf tk4 Mtt Onto, aU Miy KftttmtU Mmudp m tkt world, FOE ALL DISEASES OP IMPENDENCE. LET NO FALSE DELICACY PREVENT. APPLY IMMEDIATELY. A CtRB WARRANTED: OR NO CHARGE, IN t'ROU ONE TO TWO DAYS. VhIumW -Jia Back, tnctatM, Af aedana af tka ftidaart and BUddtr j;?tt?Bar? Diacbarfaa, Impaiancv, Oan rml Dabiltty, RicmiiM, Dvicapav, Lanftot, Canranao af Mha, Law Spn j, ?? piuueu of Uta fltin, Timidity, Yranblinf*, Dimniu of . 'ft or Glddicaaa, Dtaaaaa af tha I *d,Throat, Neaa or flkin, Affacticna of (ha Laura, Biotaact) ar Bowata?ihaaa Tambta Dianrdara artaitiffroca SahUrf BaMta af ihaaa Praadfal aud Daatracu?a PrmcUcaa which randar Htrnip impoaaibia, tod daatray b*U Badj and Mad. YOUNG MEN Eapaclailjr^vba bi<ra bacmia tharictimaaf Baltiary !? , wai ur??aioi uia u??'.mcti?* nttit wQiCb *v**p? W Ui inunil; |T*?? thcnMod* of Yonrg M*n of tb* ml tai<*d ul*nt* and brilliaat loulltct, *b? mifbt oth*rw?* h??? *atraoe*d UtuuiLr 8*n*t** witb th? thsodtr* of ??qaaue* or w?k*d tb *c*UST ih* li?uif Irrt, mar Mil with fcll cnldioci. MAHKIAUSMltRllO Pniom,wTi)U(Mn MaMmplaUnc Mirnui, b*inf inn of pbjtical vitinui, rf*ni? 4*biUtj, I d?firmij??, be , ipaadilr card. H* who rlac*? him** If and*r tba ear* of Of J. nap r*lift** !? eonad* in hi* honor u a f*ail*iaaa ud Mcidtauy ?aly a pen bi* (kill a* a pfcjwcUn. OFFICE No. 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. laft band *id* jpnof from Baltimore at/aat, a f*w doan froa tb* earner. rail Dot to ob**r** nam* and aimbti. k*U*rt aaaat b* paid and can tain a ?ump. DR. JOHNSTON, Marnhir of thi RaviI CaJlifa a/ fh?mna u?4m 41* from on of tlx moot eminent dollofoe in the tmted III*!, "id the ritator part of wboee life hae boon epeni in the boepitale of London, Parte, Philadelphia and oleewhere, bu elected tome of tho moot aotoniohibf earea that were orer known; many troubled with nugiat in tho head aad oar* when aaloop; Ifreet nervooaneee, reinr alarmed at addon eonnde, beahfmneae with fro^nent blaahinf, attondod Hraiunii with derangement of mind, were cart4 Womoditlltj, TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE Youf Mm aw) oibara ?b? Imio utjarod tbemoeleoe by a iBtm practice indulged in when alone?a habit frtjoaoUr learned from e*U companione, or at echoel, tbo a fit eta of vblco aro ni^titiy felt e?en whon aeleep, and if not cared, rer.dere aiarnr.jt impoeeiblo. and deetroye both mind and bod?, thoold apply itDmediatelr Theae are eome of the tad and melaccheiy effect* predated by ear It babita of youth, ?u : Weaknee* of tho Back and Limbo, Paine in tho Head, Dimntee of Hifbi, Looo of >taoc??ar Power. Palpitation of loo Heart, Dyopepoy, Merrew irriiabiliiy, Derangement of tho Difeeu*o fSuicuono, General Debility, Sympioine of Goneamption, 4c. MB*TALLt ?Ttii fusr'sl tfftcu ?i til* mind aft tnach to ht drtadtd?Loaa of Mtmory, Confnaion of Idtat, Darrtttttn f Bpinu, Evil FortNodin?t, A*trtiou of Socitty, Balf-Ditirati, of Soluadt, Timidity, tic* art tomt of tht toils prodactd. N eh Tout Dibilitt.?'Thoaatndt eta now )ad( t what tt Cha canta of thtlr dtchmnf htalth, Icoinf thtir *ifor, btcotntnf wttk, palt, nar*ou* and tmacialta, bannf t tinfmlat tppttrmact about ibt tyti, cocg h or aymptcmt of CKHafiito. DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. Whan Ibt autfoidtd and unpradtt* aoury of plattart i?>4t hi hat itnhtbtd Oil aaada of ihu paiofai diatatt, it loo oftto happtnt thai an ill-ltmtd ttutt of aba in or drttd of ditconry dtttrt him from applying 10 ibott who, from idacauoo and roaptcubiliiy, can aloni btfritnd him. Ht falla into tht h?idt of ifnomui tod dtilf ninf prtitndtra, who, incapablt of carinr, llcb hit ptcaiiiarj labtiaaci, ktip him trifling Booth aflir month, or at loac at tot tmailtaC fit can bt thUiotd, and in dttpair lta?t hire with rauitd htalth to lifts Avar Qll nllltl# 4luMM>nlan?n(i nr ha ?h? "at tk*< paiacx.?Slarcury?huuci th? cmiatitBUooal jUiDUMM^i Wi I tarribla diaaaaa,aochaa Aticuki cTUia Haart,Thraat, Bui, kin, 4c.. prorraaau,* with friffatfal rapidity, till daath pata a partad l* bit draadfa! rafftrlof* by aandinf hi ml a ihat anaiaca*artd cmtiUt fr*m what* baarua oa trmralar ratarna. DR JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND IMPOTENCY ft? ihia rraat and lranartaat raready vaaknaaa af lb a arfaca ara apaadUy C+iti and Mi rig** rutnid Tbavamda af iba aaai oarvaaa and dabilitatad, wba bad laat all bapt, bara baai lmmadiataly rallarad. All impadiraania ta Marnaf a.-F>iyaU*l at Maoul Dtaoaalliaaliaaa, Waaa af PracraatiTa Pawar, Hat'ama Irritability, Trarakliaf and Watkoiaa ar CitaaaUaa af lb* maat faarnl H?<1 apaadllj cuid. ENDORSEMENT OF I HE PRESS. TBI Ma!*t "Ior?t*D? carad at tbia inautauau vitbia lb a I tat aarantaao ra&ra, and lha camaraaa Uspartant Barri?al aparauaoa parfamad b* Dr. Jaboaian, wilnaaaad by tLa r a pan ara af tba pa para and many atbar paraaoa, natieaa af wbicb bava appaarad afair and again bafiara tba cab he, baa'daa bia atandinf aa a fai.Uamao af cbaracur and rtafanaibiltty. la a aaltiaut funn'.ia ta tba aftietad. mar li t a LEA k PERKINS* CXLKBRATKD vr orcesieraDire sauce* I'rouounocd by tf j EXTRACT CONNOISSEURS II of a Letter from a Ut be the I ! Mvi%cal M 1 at Madraa " ONLY GOOD jm\ ToHitBrolk? SAUCE." at Worcester, and apfiioabie to ggj .. fell l'V vu v that their Sauc? fcVfcKY |il^?i;s highly esteemed I.,n.t.~w r-=i^?~"|in India, and is, in vAnitJY opinion, the most Bj' ~""J"dlpaiat<h'e, a* well s.s OF DISH. ^Ki-?J Ithe moet who>eeo<ne | ^^GmSauc. that is made." The above SAUCE is n?>t only tne beht and most Popular known, but the moat Economical, as a lew drops in Soup, Gravy, or witn Fi?k, hot and ooid Joints, Beef St?ak, Uain*, ft., impart an exquisite *est, vhioh unprincipled Sauce manufacturers have In vain endeavored to imitate. On the Breakfast, LuncKton, Dinner, or Sttpnct TalU, a oruet ooutaimnj M LEA & PERKINS' WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE" is indispsaaaDie. To appreciate the ezctllent quahtut of this dtlittout preparation i* . ... . ? ? .. ? vin| ucu^Boai y w |?ui yiumo & smtll bottle of the of & respectable gro0?r or rfeaer, u many Hotel acd lUstaurant pro prietors seldom pl&oe the Pure Sauoe before their guests, but substitute a genuine Bottle failed with & spurious rmx'.'J re. For sale by Grocers and Fruiterers ererjwher?. ! JOHN DUNCAN A SONS, Union Square and 14th strut, Net* York, Sole Wholesale Agents for the United States. A Stook always id store?Also orders reoeived I for direot shipments from England. lljK Beware of Counter/nit} and Imitations. sepi Vly.eo Omrt C*usn, Ccul, Htartemett, In/UVifTW Au*tut.MK lmtatit* er Sortfcmbejk 54U*~,k4 m m bVNJ'? LI'MMHilllll Hon. Bronclutt*, A UillkUMM^ # C+tmrrk, Citar and jw WnHne# ttnntik to tk* woitt 4/ ^CflnBEr PUBLIC SPEAK ?Kfi aw? SINGERS. Few are aware of the importanoe of oheo*in? A Oepih or ''Common Cold" in iu fint at&ce; that whiph in the bojininf would yield to & mile remedy, if neglMted.aoon attack* the Libii. "?ro%m'$ BrontkuU Trotktt," oontAinHjj demuToentmiredlenU, allay Paimonary ai.4 Bronchial Irritation. "That trouble in my Throat, (for BROWN B whioh the "7\ock?t" area apeoiM) harinimade me often a mere whleTROCHES Hrer.* N. P. WILLIS. BROWN'S ? " 4 reoommend Iheir ate to Pviue TROCHEP ?"'REV. E. H. CHAP1N. "Great aerTio* in buNIoidc HoariiBROWN'8 mss." KEV. DANIEL WISE. fflOCRKfl "Almoat matant relief in the dia tiengine labor of breaihinc r?coliar BROWN'S '* a,Rh*V. A. O. EeeiffcbTON. TROCHES " Contain no Otmm or %n?thin? injirioiif." DR. K. A HA\ KB, BROWN'S Clumist, ? ?( ?, tRoo.M omu" BIOWN 6 51. 4. K. BI.EL^ VROOMEB * BIOWH S B*"T " I have yr?TNl th?? exaelient far WEOO.EB nUt.EN. BROWN 8 B?tUm. " Beneficial whaa nmielW to ?? ? | noWN'li act?mop wtth Briiini aa4 Sma VKOOME8 Vr?f. M. B? AO IT JOffN HoN. BEOWMT5 TIOC1E8 ? trMt ben?ftt vhm taken b*for? pre*?hiDf,M they prevent BMOWffS 3o*r?en?M. ^rorc tieir putetffeot, MO0.BB 1255??' ^ "BIOWR1? "oc"EB 1 rawwuw*i&rar gm TOPHAM* flBBB IM PREMIUM TR W ft K Wfi III SmmiTumf^umiMTta, D, c, I tm MMtuttlT maJtirc. and ftlvtja h*r? mm kul FlS*05ol *WT ^ Wood Bos, ud jrttSksfifc. At L?w men. Maabtraof C?B|iM?M<l tr?*oi?r? will plMM VnSSi?UM^kn mtde i* othw wow.11* ** JtaHrtor LmiLn iM Drtu Trunks wmd? It Tra'rxkM toTartd ud tt ikort mm. oocU d?.!T?rftJ froa orciuwf to Mjrtytrt of tkt jjafiuogs hoots and shoes, i*M?Cpn.OfLmn', W9AM, a? ? t'tiJL t.* . ii i'i r?Jjl &. %wfc "* ' ? MTb j f light (t tb? IJtBTANW RhLiEF STOP \OVft OOW9U pvEimr tocr breath STRENGTHEN YOUR VOICE SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS, au GOOD FOR CLERGYMEN. HOOD FOR LECTURERS, HOOD FOR PUBLIC SPEAKERS, GOOD FOE SINGERS, GOOD FOR CONSUMPTIVES. OENTLEMEN CARRY SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIOBT8. LADIES ARE DELTOHTED WITH SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. CHILDREN CRT POR SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS, They relieve a Cough instantly. They olear the Throat. They fire strength and vol am* to the roioe. They impart a deltoioi* aroma to the breath. They aredelig htfnl to the taata. They are made of aimple herbe and oannot ham any one. I id via* every one who bu'k' Coogh er a Husky Voice, or a Bad Breath, or any diftoolty of U>? Throat, to get a p&okage of nay Throat Confeotiona. They will relieve yon instantly, and yon will agree with me that "they go richt to the spot' You will find them very nseful and pleasant while traveling or attending pobho meetinga, for stilling your Cough or allaying yonr thirat. If yoa try one paokage I am safe in saying that yon will ever af terwards oonsider them lndiapensibla. Yon will find them at the Drnggiats and Dealers ib MedioLaee 1'RICE TWENTY FIVE CENTS. My signature is on each package. A11 others are ouunierioiv. A r?oka*e will h? Met by nail, prepaid, on re ootpt or Thirty Cent*. Addreat, HENRY C. SPALOIKO, No.48 CEDAR STREET, NEW YORK. waS'C/>. m. ? ~ nervousHeadache Headache. By ?* in ( (km Pllla the pirl?4)? ittMli Ihr*Mi #r SUA H?4atk* m*y be yr*T?ntM, u4 1 takm it the oonunenoemeot ! an Mtaok una*AiMc relief from peon and aiekMas will be eottiao*. They seldom tell id remonac the Hm?m ui Hmdatk* to vhioh femalee are ee nb)Mi They Mt cently iron the bowel*,?rn?r.?c 9?rtiwiii. For Littrury Men. SltUmli. Dohetle Pen*.l?a. and all Mraons o' itdmtmry kmbUt, thay are ni?ab> aa ? , improTUix U? un<u?, bJtUis t?M and *m' t* tha dif ertJre organa, an a r? vtorlnx the nataral ?iaatMi*T an* itrtcfU the vkoie arstom. The CEPHALIC PLLL8 r.ra ttaa renlt of lent inTMtlgatioc aod oarefaliy ooadvotod ex^erlnw. ta. havillf b4?B IB mini ? *? it?nn. "k"* n they have prevented and relieved a vast amoect of pain ud ttffedn* rem Beodaehe, w&eiher ongnatin* in tbe iurt?M ?r*tem or (rem a den&ced state of the ttommck. They are entirely vegetable ib their composition, and may be taken at a.t timet with perfect safety wlthcat ciAkiag any ohante of diet, mnd tk* *livt of M|f dumtrtfbU t?jl< rm*d*r$ it MWy t? U?M?ilir tk?m lo tAildrm. BEWARE OF COVNTERFEIT8! The cenime have five sifaatmrea of Berry C Spoldin* on eooh Box. Sold by Druiifti and all other Dealer* la Medi elnca. A Box will be tent by mail prepoid oa receipt* Ui na i/in -- ?? riLi^a, M ubnn. All *r4ani ehMid be addressed U HENRY O. 8PALDIM*. 4t Cmi N?w Yomt. IrM tk* JsMHMT. y?r/?lh, re. Ce?halie Fill* aocomtUah tne object fer vfcla* Ihry were mads, ni: Care el Imuch la all iu fen Frtm tX4 XtMiMr, Iftr/ttk, Fa. fbn h&M.hMn U?t?l la bm - tw"' ' ?ie*, with octire eeooees. """" **" Frtm <44 Dmntii, St. Cbmd. Unfit yon are, or fears been troubled w 1th u* Uoa?fcche. ?end for* box, (Oepha.ic piu? h um r*l may n*re them id case ol aiCattaok. Frtm Ui Wuttrm A. JL SuitM. AMlt, IU, JV*w ?i? Stmtktni P?tA 9wUm, Ittm OrUmu, U. Try them ! to* that are afliotpd. *'?# are nn that rour teatimonr can be acdrxi to tat m*a4a numeront list that ha meired btMlti UI h other mooioice can yrodaoe. frmm ik* fftitiu, Dmnmrm?, i?v?, Mr. holding iron Id not eocMtt feu aam? Witt Mi wucn m am noi mow (0 yo?Mi ntl aanit F*em iti Tnmidmm, C. J, JrheOMuuic Pill* arg mi<I w? * rturtU i eotire i awed? for the b??Mk{, vH ?o#af t% err be*t for that ?rT freqaaLt aaoWata* Wkirt h*a ever been aiewrered. F*rm tM4 St. Lmtit flwxirw. Th? tumenae demand far U? article (CoHalle mil) ia rapid;? lDorflMitic. JV*w ?*? Kammwkm T*lin fftmr. IibmU, r?. Wear* air* that pHeomeafarinx vitltfce hafil aahe, who try tbem, will ?Ni> fcfc JVaat a*a 14aattoir. /rMlam, JL /. The teatimorr in thatr farer u atraai, fram tfct oat reapoeUble * tarter*. Ami tt? DmUy Tttmt. fftmtmt. ?. r Oepteiio l*illa are tstin*the rim of all to Ma. Prmm U< fiiumtMt BuUttim, Jmim, Mmi Baid to be twj e?oaoio? for Um headaeha. w mm ?iw c v ? will t Mi A i VWOMMMlf C/M^i Baffenng humnutr tu mow bo roliorod. CT A nmci* bottt# of SpaldlBgf Prepared 61m will Mntaa ttMitioo?t aakulty. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE J SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'8 PREPARED QLUB! BAYS TEE PIECES! SOOltOMJI DISPATCH inr-A Brtnc ui Tiu km Min."./n fc&eftsvft' ftasbrff tisnusss w?y lor r*?*lrUg PmiISt*, SS? SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE O? bo o ??to eft afford to b* vithoat u. It ta ilnri raady. mmi totM BttokiBK *?iut " USEFUL W EVERY HOUSE." RRr-ABrMt^laoaatf at ?Mk BoOi*. Prt? * ?**U' HENRY a SPALOIN6, IU. MMwam*.N?v Yott OAUTION. Bfc.rAfcr.ti Ii-.*>?< ? 4 *r IMHMMI V(kf?*> i At ?* ? <*?r TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY. fUOITHEIN CENRAL RAILWAY ru 8k*rf0l, Qmubmt mmd 3*tt Xmh^mi S+*? flffl tC flHf ^^58T, NORTH AND NORTHWEST. WINTER SCygDULX CBiDBI or 1 IBB. On tod ?tor SUN DA Y\*U Nonwbw, P?-~n tor Ttaiu will trri*? ud ?i fron CiImii Button M fobowa tftais* No*th lbs to Mail at |JD a. m. Expreaa 8 p. m. Par k ton Aaormmodatioc 4a. m. Pituban and Harnsbarg Expr? ?> f in Ta^tx* SorrH Aaaivg Park ton Aeooznmodatton at I a. m Bullaio Kxpraaa - an a. m. Pitisharg aod Haxrisbnrg fcipraea * p. in. Maii 6 V p. m. he * a. m. train (ran Washington aocbmu with tba 8JO a. m. train from Baltimore for tba West and far Buffalo, tmira Ru?b??t*r, Dae kirk. C*a?d*ignaand Niagara Falia,md for Net York city. Tba 21 a. m. train from Washing tot oonnoot* with tba 3 a. m train frrm Baltimore U> WsstNorth a'd N orthwaat aad Elmira aod Bnffhlo aod Rochester. Tha 6 v. m. train from Washington aonoaeta wtu, thaUBp. m- train from Baltimore far Plttatmra. Harrutmri Md the VN r<t aad ie a direct wiiwSonPot L?b*ron. Eaeton A..entowp and New orfcrta Cehtral Rujoed of New Jereey. Try tie roiCe for New York C7 The oiii y tmi learlaf Bait imare m Raaday laJtieS e. m. train. lor Hamabnrt.Fittebarf, Chi(mo ana the Weil The oaly trim fcrnntf in Baltimore on Sunday te th 8 in a. m. train. J AS. C CLARKE, no ? ly Seyertafaded. T NOTICE TO TRAVLLEES. HE Poetmaeter 0ea*ra. havioc ordered the p?i?iuiviii, mu vju roint (r Monroe) to be reraised, on and Monday, theJWh lnetaot, the B*y I In? of eteanera will ieare Batiinore EV KK V DAT i*xmH Set day) from their wharf. foct of Union Doofc, M AH o'oiook p. m., or immediately "after the fcrrtra of the WaahinxtoB Train, which ieatee Wutii&ftoc at ?H o'clock p. m. mfrv-tf M. W. FALLS. Pr?t frg. STEAM WEEKLY BKTWEEN NEW YOKE AND LIVERPOOL. Landing and embarkini pMin>|?ri at Qaeenitown. Ireland. The Liverpool, New ^ ork and Philadelphia Steamship Comrany intend ditpatehinc their full powered Clyd?-bnm iron bteamthip* ae follow* ?LAiM*OW Seturcay , Aifut 3d. glT^OFJiALTlMORE. *| [' !"tb. And every Saturday, at noon, from Pier??. ."Sortt nrer, _ lATI" OF FiMilil. flnt Cabin.- #15 Do. to London W> Do. W Do. to Hamburg U BtMTMC #** Do. to London. M K. to ?an? ? to fiuroburc. 96 PlMWCtrt forwanied to Br*m?r. Rot t?rdam. Ai.twer/. Ao , ?i redact throncti Persona wietoTnr to brine oat ?Ueir mead* ean bay tiokeu at low rat#? For further information apply it the Captain* Oftoe. JOHN 8. DaL*. af nt, IS Brotdn?. N. V , Or to Q. A. HERRING, A ami bitrni BaJtihps cei.Mvkb.W~ \ SUPERINTENDENT'S OFFICE.I CiLvux S*a?oi?, Batimora. Maylt, ItKl. ( u2mwKwaN^A%iTi.^rrr' rive and depart aa follow*. antii farther noUoe. trains vn?tu mLatl.U A. M. REP8 a??jn>, M. RlbBLRG ACCOMMODATION at I P "Vhe MSA. M. tram oonneota at Relay Hoiic with trains on the Western Maryland Railroad; at Hanover JonoVmr, with Hanover an<1 6eruhu'? Railroad*; At York with York and WnnhUvi&e Railroad; at Harriahurc with Penney vai-ia Rait cad for a:. part* of tlie Weet, a*eo with bebaor^i. Valley Railroad te >?i? York dtrttt, at Northan berland with L and B. Kai'road for Kincatonaxi all part a of W yoomin* Val;ey,and at tfnnbary witj tAe Philadelphia and Frie Railroad lor a. part* Northern Penoaylvama and New York. The 3 J" F. M traic make* all the above ooaneo ton* exoept Hanover R a., road, Wrightovi Railroad and the Lebannon VaJfev Railroad. TheS P. M train floakec oonrecbona with Peac ylvania Railroad for al part* of the direct oonneota for New York. TRAINS AKhirt. Mall at 10 p M.; hxDre?? at 7 ?i A. M bare Aooommodation at 2 43 P. M. For Ti?keU and information lotiin at the Ticket Oftoe, Calvert Station, Ba-Umore. J. C. CUR?,9i>'t. PHILAPKLPHIA, WIL^ i^K M1NGTON A<t> BALTIMOR K RAILROAD. SPHJMf AUD S I'AIMhh AhhA.^O F.Mh>T On and a/re' TUESDAY Maj Hti., Puwdc*' Esaps tor Phuade phia will leave President etreet MK flailr i excf ?t Snndava > a* foliov?, via: Kx press Train at 615 A. M.. War Mail Train at *.46 A.M.; Kveuinc Mail at 4 45 o'otook. Up 81'NDA YB at 4 46 P. only. All trains oocneot with New York trains exoept 446 P. M. tram on 8atar. dais. A Freifht Train with paeeen*er car attached leaves at 5 P. M , etoppinc at ah Stations betveec Baltimore and Havre de- rao?. Passer jers for Delaware and the Lastem Shore 11 Maryland will fend the most expeditions route try wa^r of W 'jm^n*ton. I ?i i aii uoioroa r?rtoni mut fire bond before enteric k the oar*. WM CRAWPQgD.AiKt .NEW YORK AND ERIE RAIL flflKa&t ROAD * -? Paaeenf er Trains leave via Paw ola Ferry and Long Dock, from foot of Cbamhert street. Mew York,a? follow*, ri* : 7jD0 a. m , EX PR F*!*. for Duakirk.and Bufau and principal intenne' late Station*. t.OOa. m JUAIL, for Dnnkir*. and intermediate Station#?An Train remain* orer night at Emir*, and arooeect toe next morn in* iwa m.. MILK daily, for OtteriUe, and inter osed iate Station*. u.00 a. m . ACCOMMODATION. daily, for Port J?m*, and principal Station*. 4.00 *. m., WAV, for Middletown, Newtmrjh. ? - - tsr.i ass iVi'a,^c?SJiS0 N-fc* a? ~"''-'NATHAN.EL *<?"&8*'n^fraAT1 treafth uul imxsI, bet ^rtion^riy uuM to u.e ^u^ttfe^.'sisd<j:?w?u,?1r rot4, (IiiUdm of mil* oaiy to Boston L?*t? Plar No. I Nortti Ki**I cw the BMter Mt^^*'*gr'i2-^TA* STATE, CMt. ???? Mowifcr.. WadaMdkT*. *od Pridjkr?, m ? o'clock P. M., tone hi m at Nev>ort Mob ??. K T K O P PL 1 g, C*yt- Brown, oc , J H , lawmis, mn iliiu?TF, ?( ? O'CIOCI P.M.. toaahinc at Newport east wmj. Vm tttaamare ?r# m;#>c witfc oumnodiou lUte rooms, u4 rrery fbr tha Mcvrf tr aac oomfort ot paweaf *ra. who are afford ad by Uub r"?te a nights' 'fit ac board, and oc arnva at Kali Ritot prooaad tp ?taan*b<*t Train.reach leg I|o?ton *arly tha foiiowint morning : or ma? rema on board actil tartinc or thr Aoo>>mmo<i*~ Uod at? A. Mby wtich ttiay nay reaon Boston abont ?.?* . M. tMimo maatar i? attacbad to ?ach ttaamar. ?rwoaiT? ana UokwU tj?? aad aooo?vaniM tha aama to IU d??t: nation. A atsam*r n?n? la aonaaotion wtth thir Ma? ba tTNn Fait RItm and Prondanoa daily, aaoevt Fnulht to Boatoa u forwarded Urouk witt K5ttRTe,S wrao ^*'"** TDdaB' vkl uS'S %U?dSti ?t!oi?aV?bS^l^^*B^,^'^TI Tl?* Fot lreickt or yamn. a#f .y oa board, or at Um i oAoe on Pior No i SnrthTv- ... Bad berth* B?p! j OB boerd, or if dMi red to boost* C, , >, Ac. * ? JS?V. _ CoOMMMtBf MOafeT, M*7 frth, iau. Foe ibuHl* B. a. M B??rB? tma fro* Mh BtTMC For Dotbt ?blbb?btomtac bt WMM FmIbb Bad Uttim north wTOoW. ?&iaB fr> MtB ltTM( BtBtlOO. "(Thla tnia viD rva *> MUiortoa btbtt iMvter FocCrotoB pwlb-fcli b. m. ?OMtat b1! ?tB ttona north ofPoniUm rtiW mom. For M kit* PlBiBB?fcJB. tad kou ? ib ?tt>f ?to^yi?c ibt all atn- I ?fy^u 1 hjmupa. ib. bju wl f. SBKks"" "u ?KaMBMgas. ??? ?. T^yd "lT V 2; ijS^ljfka t^U* ?liv!ESr::: _ 't1 ^. ??- %! 1 l iNCK M K AT! I M I > tt> ? ? * I A !.??: HiW ) >1 W Uuc V at I W" KING A. ilkH I Mil ooraw 14th ?v.iidViti*'' 11 I

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