Newspaper of Evening Star, December 18, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 18, 1861 Page 1
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f i .... m" p -I. ' V~. XVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C . WEDNESDAY. DECEMBER 18. 1861. N-. 2.754. THE EVENING STAR u PUBLISHED BVBRT AFTERNOON (SUNDAY EXCEPTED.) AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, 9*r%4T 9/ svsmm m4 KUi*U tt. ?T W. I>. WALLAOH. Papers served la packa^ee by carriers at M l , fear, or 37 eeota per moatb. To mall subscriber tbe price la S3 JO a year, m ?<?? ?; > for sti aontha; SI for three months; and for leaa thai woe moons at tbe rate of IS cents t week. 81a (ie ooples, orb cbmt; la wrappers, two caim. dT" Advbbtisbmbkts should be aent to thi flee before IS o'clock m; otherwise they ma] aot appear until the next day^ THE PRESS UPON THE TROUBLE W1T1 ENGLAND. Our cotemporaries are generally occupied witl the Slldell and Mason complication. The lHtelligene*r says:?"As Great Britain cai make no general reclamations against the captur of Mason and Slidell without doing despite t ber own former construction ot international law tt will be for our Government, should she abac don ber own "antiquated'* traditions and adop those which have bee* heretofore espoused b neutral nations, to pronounce on the expedienc of accepting such an Important adhesion to th great cinie of neutral rights la any event 1 strikes us that tbe prrtent case may be so manage* by our government as to reallt In a valuable ac qu'sitloa to tbe law of nations, by clearly aettllm what la vague and undetermined In the limit which, In tbe present state of tbe civilised world separate belligerent and neutral rights " Tbe Baltimore American says: " So far as th character of tbe question ba* now assumed a del tntte sbnpe, It Is slready beyond much chance fo change?it Is setting beyond the resch of mer diplomacy Tbe Government has no other altei native than to adhere to the position It hasalread assumed In numerous ways Government sn< p-?ple have fully endorsed the a*t of Capt*i Wlikea, and the verdict will ntver be rtvtrsed although all Europe, with England at lta head J Is 117 W.t U- -J u tiiauu ai. n uu> wajr ur uune 10 quaniv o often the matter, Is yet to be seen but to offe iy humble apolojjy, or to give up the two trail ?m who have done ao much to Imperil u? at bom and abroad. ne*d not be expected; and if tbat 1 the only condition on which th<* nation ran b pe-mitted to remain at p?*ac?? with England wh; ?h? sooner we enlarge our preparations forconfllc the better " The Clipper savs : " Nothlne of a real! / brstli ch?ra'*?er has as yet been said or done bv G ea Britain In reference to the Trent affair, and ou reader* may rest well assured tbat if a war wltl England shouM be Incurred, it will bs totally 01 Athsf n ?/*it ni4a ' * WVM9I VUUViB The Baltimore News Sheet (Secesh) nn: " The complimentary resolutions of ttfe Honsof Representatives. endorsing and eulogizing "U act of Capt. Wilkes, the high sanction w > ch 1 jriY-n to that act In the r> port of the Secretary o th) Nan, aid the pnpmar honor* w t' wMrl th- commander of the Sin Jar.into has he.-n ?r r ed Inrine his subsequent sr f turn at Boston an< New York, all theapptaus*that has bem bestnwe< op->n him bv the Adm'nistra Ion journals, and al the legal acumen that has been-enlisted In tie fen -e of his ri^ht to board the Trent and to tak< from her four of her passengers, are but so m*n; d m Ulti-s In the wiy of an amicable adjustment Ettb-r Messrs. Mason and SlldeU, and their sec reUrles, mu? now be restored to the deck of i British ship and aa apology tendered for the of fence alleged to have been committed, or wa with England will Inevitably follow The Sec retary of the Navy and the House of Represents t'*ts must consent to stan't stultified in the syei of the world if the Federal Government yield ti the demand which Lord Lvonsh^sbeenlastruc'ei to male upon It Nevertheless, there are indi ca'iont which would lead oue to Imagine that tt< proceeding of Capt Wilkes will be disavowed ' The Philadelphia Prees says:?"On this (ub 1?at, one sentence ia aa good aa a hundred If wi inew the feeling of tne P'esid?*n'., the Cabinet and the people, the required apology and "repa ration" will be made?never! What Captau Wilkes done wis juatifled by the law of nations b7 the law of England, aa laid down by Lore Stoweil, and otber of her eminent jurists; and more tban all, by the praetic* of England. Un der such circumstances, we hesitate not to aai that, sooner than humble the nation by yielding to the tmolent demand of Imperious and falthles England, we shsll yield to the last necessity, ant oauie who oer on tne queation w e oeat tier 01 ?he tea over forty year* <go. and with a jaat cau* and God'a help, have no fear for the reault. Fo the cauae of national Honor, we arc iw4?, mm < nation, to rlak life and property?to aaerlflce al except tbe troe dignity of the nation. One alt; nlfl-ant feature of the foreign newa ahoald not b< overlooked It will be aren that American aeca rltlea are reported to have an upward tendency n<l (hat UtKa allnk#l? IBV?? u?v? MIKUk'J ** w ?M*.' UI while breadstuff*, which bad recently risen, had Immediately previous to the d?perture of thi steamer, again receded. There are string lndl cation* that the "solid men" of England do an believe that hostilities will break oat bet wee; the two countries " The Phllidelphla Inquirer says': "Notwith standing all this bluster of the newapepera, w do not believe there is any more purpose on th part of the English government to rush headlonj into s war with the Unitod states than there la o our part to provoke a war with England. A con fllct between two ?uch power* 1* no holiday dl veraloa to be engaged In without reflection " The Philadelphia Ledger la disposed to take serious view of tne subject, and remarks: "What ever may be the lntentlona of England, it ia evi dent that her attitude la of the moat hostile char acter, and we ahould, therefore, lnatantly pre pare for the worst Every ship yard In tb country should be put Instantly at work buildinf vessels of-war Tney will be u*efol for horn service If they are not needed for foreign war Oar Uke ana river defenses should be st one sera to, and active measures taken to put then Into the best possible condition. If Great Brltali refuels to sell us saltpetre and arm*, we sbouli prohibit the exportation to England of bread tan, which ?he will more need than we do be war material." The New York Herald say a "If England I determined, In aptte of her code and long prac tlce. to make demands upon this government fuel aa Indicated in the London Observer, she must o routst assume all tke r?sponsibtlitits qf a tea between tk* two nations It will not probabl enter the mind of a single American, for a mo meat, even aft r reading the new* in our column to-day, that Mason andSlidell will be surrender* to ihe English government." The New York Evening Poet savs: "Weca afford to say to England and the world that w have sought no foreign wars; that in our domesti policy we have endeavored only to defend am preserve our national Integrity, that. In our foreig poller, s Mr. Seward's dispatches abow, we hav only cultivated peace with all nations Nothln more candid, friendly, and magnanimous couU h*M Ki??n r?nn'rttH . t anv rwtr\l? tKan ?? V>B?r w* ? i*rw " a ? j ^vvwcv tuau wc uu? bown towards every other nation But we &r strong enough to uy, at the aame time, that w shall submit to no Insolence, and particularly froc Grrat Britain, whnse admiralty laws and pr?*c? dents we have carefully observed, even while sh was suffering a piratical war veaael to prepare 1 her porta for the deetroctlon of our commerce Ruber than apologise for what la not wrong, am rather than surrender to freedom or a forelg jurisdiction the men who have aimed their knlve at car national heart, every true American ma would see himself sunk to the bottom of the se and leave the continent for the occupation of 11 women "This position w? trust our Oovernment wll miw, bat we truat alao that It will make tb present compllcattoaa growing out of the caaaa e the Naabvllle and the Trent an occasion for tb propoaal of a complete readjustment of tb* marl time oode of the nations " The New York Expreee says : " The city ia la a 'ever?oar otock market?on 'Chaoce. and tbe foreign exchange Tbe bank are tblnktng of what is beet to do, ditto the lnau ranee ofi ditto the ahlp owners. Tbr belligc rent British newa la ao unexpected aa to atarti all But there la a Arm determination not to b bullied, nor to fall oar flag In any bumillatioi to a Power many, visit, we may now say, be 1 lev to be an enemy '* Tbe New York Commercial aava: ' Unleaa England la determined to quarrel wit] the United Autre In order to epen a market ant i trula with th* ftouthrrn Htatrf in eontemnt 0 her sovereign's solemn protestations, sn bouon bic w*yoat of lhl?di?iulty wUl bessslly fouad 1 Ths New York World (Hep.) Is slao of opinio; that a war la not very probable It saye: " Preel dent Lincoln wisely forebore sny alluslsn to th arrest la his message to Congress. Tbe Govern meat Is. as yet, uncommitted with reference to 11 Lord Lyons will probably, In bU fln commanlcation, merely recite the frets, and mak a demand for suitable reparation. Our Govern meat will have ftrst committed Itself to the poal tloa It Intends to take la Secretary Seward's rs ply, which will, no doubt, be well weighed an* couched In guarded language. The reeolt wl] very likely be a long diplomatic correspondence by which the English Government may seek V keep the question open with a view to poena o war, aecordlagae Its Interests may seem to die late la the farther firm/ress of oar civil war " The New York Trlbaae aaya: "la tbla emer gene? we do not preaame to aey whit the govern mnt ibouid or i boa Id aot do Whatever cour* It aaar adopt will ba determined by mature aa< r*reftti eonald-ratlon of all tbe rlghti and dalle Of the eaer Meanwhile. I be *r?t and moat preM Ine of o?r dtiMr* la to fnlth the rebellion and tb Morbid* ft onrr, by ruiploylog the prompt au4 i>o*t rft lent meaaa " The Mew York Times, rep., apeaklag oX ik % I decision of th? legal officer* of lhe British Crown remarks : "It reduces the offense of Capt Wtlkei . very materially. It admits hts right to visit anc search the ship, but Insists that he should bav< taken her into a prize court for adjudication. Wc n are by no means sure that our government wll e not concur at once In this opinion. Indeed, the 0 onlv official utterance we nave vet bad on th< >, subject leans decidedly in that direction. Tbi i- Secretary of the Navy, while commending In th< it warmeat terms the spirit and pstrlotlsm evinced y by Capt. Wllkee, complains that he did not tak< y the Trent herself intoa neutral port, and only fore e bore to censure him for this omission In view o It the peculiar circumstances of the case. Nelthei 1 the President nor any other member of his cahi . net have expreaaed any opinion on the aubject." t a Effect of the Eag.iah Newa at the Weat. '? Circihi4T1, Dw. 18.?The English newa pro duced a profound aenaatlon in commercial anc e financial circles, and the lmpreaalon aeemed to b< P- treneral that there la great danger of war wltl r England Whllatthe people admit that If Wllkn e did wrong in the Trent affair, due apology ahoul( be made, they at the same time ?saert that If bit V act waa right no humiliating corweaaiona ough 4 to be entertained for a moment to England or an] n otber power. The newa greatly nnaettled the marketa anc i, produced a temporary ceaaatlon of bualneaa r There waa but little done in any Department. PiTTsBcao, Dec 16.?The English newa waa re * celved here with general astonishment and pro * found indignation at the tone of the English pre? and thp lllpffdH n/\lI/*** D.UI .I. ? w? ?uc uuinu uuTcniuicm e One sentiment only is entertained here?that thi V honor of our countrv roust be maintained and n< ' concessions trade to Elfish bluster. Louisville, Dec 16?The tSngllsh news li ? received, on the whole, with Indifference It had a slightly unfavorable effect on the tobacco tale* Tbe Secession lata are rather elated in tbe hop* 'bat England will assist in opening the Soutberr a p>rts, while the Unionists either discredit th< news, o- believe that the next steamer will sbov* tn essential modification of the present attitude o: ? England > The Unionist* believe that our Governmen f vlll do nothing but what is strictly right, and f 'hey repudiate submission to anytntng wrong whatever may be tbe cooseqnences. \f i f tl/iraic 11 TU-.- ??? *- 1 1 a/t . IV ? uric M) ut* ou ' one feelirj; here, aa regarda the Engliah news 1 and that la the hope tU<it the Adminiatriition, li 1 right, will maintain the poaition it h*? taker - with priaonera, let the iaauea be what they may * No one ia frightened but the wheat buyera Chicago, Dec 16 ?The newa from England bj he Europa creates a profound aenaatlon in political circle* It la not credited that Her Mnj^a ty's Government haa determined to demand th? * release of the Rebel Emlaaarie#, Maaon and HI!r dell If, howevr, rach shall be the case, the feeling " seemi to be that the Government ihallbeauitalne^ * In lta efforts to maintain the national honor to na , tlonal intejjri'v 4 The Tribune and Times of to-morrow wll suggeat tbe propriety of submitting the questioni ? la dispute to the arbitration of tome neutra power. e Union Feeilng In Arkansas ?The Union Met , Betrayed. Rolla, Mo , Dec 15 ?Several citizens frorr i Arkansas have reached here during the pist weel . and enlisted In the Arkansas company, undei I Capt Ware. lat? member of the Legislature o , that State These men say that ther?? was a Ilnioi ocie'vestablished In ? . ? ? - ? , m < ?? ? ? ?IV* f and Zaricy counties, numbering 2.500 men, whlct { could have made an organized aland In two week) more time, but It wai bet raved by a recrear.t mem 1 ber and broken up, and the member* scattered 1 Many of th??e Union men have b?rn arrested and e taken to Little Rock Heme have been bung, and r a large number are now In t|^ wooda trying U i effect their escape ftuui the Gtaie. j J P BiRTHOLOW, W80LBS4LK A!?D RHAIL DIALEK I.N , Bardv?r? k Agrlcalloral Implements] 633 SrVl.lTH bThllT, B?Iovd Pa. a ??* ?, (&rro. Cast end Centr* Marhit, " WA8H1N9 TON. D. C. 1 My (took ?mbrM?i many artio iea for Army par i posea i among wmoh are the following: uanai mrrowa, nope, WhMl Barrowa, Axes, e Tmoka?heavy and li*ht, Pioks, ? rind stone*. Hatoheta, e Grind a tone Fixtures, J'awa, I Atv la fiOk Handle#, n tfiaoksm th Toola, ax Hand ea, i. 'ortao e Forgea, K at tan or atable brooma, . Camp Stoves, Forks Letter Preaiea, *hovela, Powde' and Burglar Spades. a Prwif Wrought iron bog Chains. Boxea, ? alter Chains, . Fire and Burglar Prooi 5th Chains, Safe*. Trace Chains, Hor*? Powers, Swingletrees, Portable Ovna, Hames, Horse Buokets, Carrr Combs, i Water BuokeU, Cards. e Meaaure?, Hand Carts, tttabl- Lanterns, Fairbanks'Scale#?Hay e Cut Nana, Platform, and Counter Wrought Naila, Butohera Soales, " Horae-ahoe Nails, Butcher Kmvea, J Wren.hes, Hoo? Iroon. 1 Waron Jacka, Strap Iron. Ao , Ao., . Ox Yokes. Purt\h!n Mill* fnr Orinil. r Large Plows, ko.t &o., ing Horse Feed, Her and Staw Cuiteia, Machinery ofa!liir.d? Corn aheilera, de 13 eogi * UUTTtR ! 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Goehen ud Weatern Reserve. B?iii( determined to rive the atrioteat attentioi * to the waota of hia oufttomew, aiui to keep ever: D futioie in kia line of the beat auaift?, and aell at th a loweet market price*, he hope* to merit a ahare o IS pubiio patror.a*e. Pamiliea will b? waited upon daily for ordera. i it required. ? do M THOMAS R. WILSON. if HAMBURG CHEESE! c tl HAMBURG CHEESE! MO iba Ham bur c Cheeee, two yeara old, and ver ueerier. RING* BURCHELL. < If Vermont tv ?rH Hth at. _ PATAWBA GRAPE8! T \ CATAWBA GRAPES!! Fr??h Catawba Grapea in eaoellest order aai I- doUeuma iu flavor. Try them. RING ft BURCHELL. e rie H oorner lath at. and Vermont a v. e IN PTORE. n 1 AND FOR 8ALK e CHEAP FOR CAHH6,000 pairs Bine and Ore* Blanket*. Doable end Single Ccmfurie. l/?o Liued and i r.itsU Bnfffci" Robee, h Buofcley'a Patent Cane- seat Army Chair*, the bee 1 oamp ouair la uae. ,f Favor a and Shryook'a Camp Cote, Haw and Hnak Mattress** of all aisee. ? Paather, Hair and Kxoelaior PiUowa. k,o.. to. JAS* C. MoGUIRE A CO., a de 5 *w aorn? r Tenth at. and Pa. avenue. Buc,wbk*t "^cVWHE*. FLOUR. " CKRO i cwfm?LL. a ee IT Corner Vormoatae. aa<? lath at. * llUPONTTi ?UNPOWDBR, : u 1 8eia il<w for ik* Dittrui v CWawMa. 1 ' that. Ordera oac alao to left at t&so#oeof JraAJni lltrtflt W???irrtAn l) 4\ ' FWEEKaHiraTa^ Om priM only, marked in plain fifaraa. An iMytotion or atook lnoura do obligation fa . '""n;olotha,C*rpata, Cartajn^;kr \ * ? * P??fyny r^ijgn'A*. EVERY D^ion'ioB^Jf'jutMrRINTIflfl ! it aatrwl b? iar aiU*?a* oiril ?utu>a<. strict 4rrar an<l nmvj ujSofn. a?Q?ni, A o.-??BU? &< Oi? S JA ^ OFFICE, la Mtnfkct<Mr at/la, ?< lyr ; TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. Arrival < the Steamer Connecticut frem Fart Pirkeas. Niw Yo*k, Dec. 17 ?The steamer Connecticut, from Galveston, Southwest Pass, Ship Island, Mobile Bar, Fort Pickens, Key West, Tybee Island and Fortreaa Monroe, has just arrived here. Tee crews of all the blockading squadrons were well. The steamer Richmond was at Key West, ref pairing. r The Connecticut brings the crewi of the captured privateer Royal Yacht, and the captured steamers Anna and Henry Lewis. She also brin?s as a orisoner a marine, who at tempted to desert from Ship Island There it nothing new from Fort Pickens There is no mention m?de of the reported evacl uatlon of Fort Pulaski by tbe rebels. ! Tbe transport Great Republic also arrived here > to-day from Port Royal, which port she left on > the 0th. I The cotton gathering by the negroes, under the direction of the tsoops, was progressing satlsfact torlly; several hundred bales have been brought f down from Beaufort to Hilton Head. Over two millions ot dollars' worth have already been BeI .cured THE STONE FLEET?CHARLESTON HARIOE TO BE BLOCKED VP?TYBEB ISLAND OCCUPIED?EXPB DITION A0AIHST FKHNAND1NA. Nbw Yohk, Dec 17 ?A private letter from Port i Royal, received to-day by the steamer, says the famous atone fleet had tailed from the mouth of s the Savannah rlv r for Charleston, convoyed by a > mau-of-war. The ships were all to be sunk in the entrance to Charleston harbor on Saturday i last [ Tybee Island 1* occupied by 1,000 m*n, who ar# to throw no batteries for use against Fort Pu> laski, if necessary. The sloop-of-war Savannah i and three or four gunboats were lying off Tybee g Island. r The steamer Baltic, with 1,000 troop*, had left f Port Royal for Fernandina, accompanied by the Bienville and another gunboat. The fortification t there constated of a battery of five guns, manned I by from two to three hundred men, and it was thought the place would fall into o'u hands after ' a brief struggle. t CAPTURE or THK RKBKL SCHOOXK& ROYAL TACHT?A SHARP CONFLICT. # \'vnr \7 /\B? A 1 ?* * ? '- ?? t.??. 4 I . ^ a it i una, i/cv it irvwr ituu: nil uuaiu i the frigate Santee states that the reb?>l schooner Royal Yacht wa? captured by two boats manned by forty men from the Santee, under Lieut Jowett, f Lieut Mitchell being second In command She .vas boarded at 3 o'clock In the morning and tnken after a sharp conflict. She was Area and ' tntirely destroyed and thirteen persons were taken, three of them wouuded. Our loss was? Henry Garcia, seaman, killed; John L. Kmory, coxswain, wounded, and since dead: Lieut. Jow ett and Wm Carter, gunner, wounded. Also, ttvemeu. All doing well and will soon be ou auiy again. The Lite Battle in Western Virginia Cincinnati. Dec !8 ?A ditpatch from Philippa, Va., aays : ' Our force at the b&iile fought on Friday, at Alleghany camp, numbered 1,SW); they I came in sight of the enemy, whoae force# were drawn up in line of battle in front of their en i iirucunirnii. uur ?ooj)? rDargea upon iDPm ana e drove them back. A hot lire was kept up daring r tbe afternoon, on bgth sides, and several brilliant f charges in the evening were made by our men. i General Milroy, In command of the Government s forcea. withdrew hia troops at nightfall, Intend i tng to renew the attack the next morning; but i during tbe night the rebels silently left their - camp, burning everything they could not carry with them Our loss was twenty killed and I thirty wounded The rebel loss is estimated at I 150 killed, Including a held officer Bv this action > General Reynolds's Yroai la cleared of the enemy, Ikon tMlng no MgtnlMd r?b?l to roc forty i miles of our advanced post. A detachment which waa ssnt out from Phlllppa on Saturday, returned last night with ten rebel guerillas, Including the notorious Jake Kurn." i ?? The War in Mlasoarl. > St. Joseph, Dec. 15 ?Forty of Gen. Prentiss' command returned here laat night?most of them sick with the measles They report that our men bad several skirmishes with the rebels on their march, killing a few of them It wait Gen. Prentiss' Intention to cross the river on Saturday, at a point above Lexington, and the forces from 8edalla and Kansas would join blm. St. Louis, Dec.16 ? All the commissioned city officers and all the county officers, except nine, have taken the oath of allegiance prescribed by ' the constitution. None of the Judges of the Suf>reme Court, and bat one State officer, Col. Mosey, the audltor( have filed their oaths. John Hogan, who was arrested on Saturday for embezzlement, says, in a card published this evening, that his arrest wax caused by a disagreement between him and the auditing officer of the general pest office, which might have been prevented by a prompter examination of his accounts. Arrival t( the Knropa at Bosun with Spe clai Messages from the Queen and fr?m Minister Adams* Boston, Dec. 17.?The Earopa arrived here this afternoon. It is understood that within 30 minutes after the Europa touched at Halifax, the British steam sloop-of-war Rinaido got up steam and left, as is supposed in pursuance of orders r from the Queen's messenger, to communicate with the Admiral of the British North American Squadron. Capt Seymour, the Queen's messenger, and also a special messenger from Minister Adams, left Boston this afternoon, direct for Washington. Preparing for* ntTment on BswllngGreen and Nasbvllle. Indianapolis , Dec. 18 ?Our army in Kentucky [ is within a short dlstanceof Bowling Green. They have repaired the Green river bridge, and will move forward to Nashville as soon as Gen. Buell can brigade, and otherwise dispose of the regiments arriving. Ten thousand men from Indiana bad arrived in

ten days i Sixty-two regiment* have been paid off in Ken tucky in the last thirty day*. 1 The War *n ihe >Ii**i**ippl. i Caiko, III . i)ec. 16 ?It I* reported that the - rebel* at Columbus, Ky , have received a large " number of heavy anchor* and cables for the puri pose of obstructing the navigation of the river at that place. Great preparations are being made by the rebel* at that point in expectation of an early attack. Q j iwi .nen roardered. f Da5BCrt, Conn , Dec 10 ?An Irish dance . which came off hereon Siturday, endfd In a 1 fight, during which two Irishmen, brothers, named Doran, were fatally stabbed. One of them - died Instantly. The supposed tnurderers are named Ryan and Mamon, and have cleared out f for parts unknown. Warehouses Hnrnt. BrrrALo, Dec 17 ?The warehouses formerly occupied by the Michigan Central Railroad, with 1 the propeller Dunkirk, lying alongside, were burnt this morning. Five hundred barrels of flour were destroyed in the warehouses. Los* In . propeller, 818,000; other losses unascertained Fire at Elyris, Obis. Clxvslahd, Dec. 1ft ?A fire at Klyrla, Ohio, O'i Sunday night, destroyed twenty-three frame . dwellings, principally barns aud shops The loss is estimated at >10,000, ou which there Is an inaa ranee of only 82,000 The Africa Detaiaed. Nbw Yoe*, Dec. 17?The steamer Africa, which vu to hire left bere to-morrow, baa been detained, (aa la supposed by order of toe Brltiah Minister,) until Friday morning. ^JAZRRAC BRANDY?Five-eights and fourC5 quarter ouka 1M0 Caatilion, Saier&o dt Co'a. Cogaao, and an aaaortment ol later vintages,for tie by UWRhNCK MYERS A CO., Imaortara, 35 South William at., daU-ST KJMttf, New York ALL KINDS OF FANCY GROCERIES AND A>,,K?.. jo,tj do 4 Itawtf jit Pa. arenas, near 8th at. JTEA8?TEAS?TEAS! U8T Reoeived a irlmi lot new Tea*. For aale low?t BROWNING A HEATING'S, * d?4 ata^tf li3 P?.?t?ub?, aw 6th t swimpsiMur 4? * auwtf 8?S P* ?*?" ?. c?*r 6th al. . A KMY FINGER IflTTKNf, Jiint the UUnf ;\ lur tne Soldi w. mm BHOkakiu <?love?, *nd | 994 Pa.iv* . BftoK Room, of 3li D li. b?tw??M *h m4 Mtli. THE DOLLAR STAR! INDUCEMENTS TO CLUBS! NOW IS THE TIME TO SUBSCRIBE! The Pillfit and Mtit Reliable Newt frsm the Seat of Government! | Reading Matter for the Eireside Circle'. The present year Is undoubtedly the most eventful la the political history of this country, and the record of occurrences transpiring at the Fod ral Metropolis Is naturally of striking and remarkable Interest. The public desire to receive prompt, fmil and rtltabU accounts of ali that noro im lUUBI tutcuoc, auu WC UBVe consequently made alteration* and Improvements In the weekly Issue of the Washington Star to meet this want moat satisfactorily In compliance with the wish of the public the paoer has been changed from a quarto to the more convenient folio shape, and now appears a handsome sheet of thirty-two columns, filled with choice and carefully prepared Reading Matter, and bearing the name of the 14 Washington Dollar Weekly Star." As indicated by the title, we now furnish the paper at the unprecedented low price of ONE DOLLAR PER YEAR 1! Or barely more than the price of the paper upon which it ia printed It ia our determination to make the Wbbklt Stab not only the largest and Kandsomttt Dollar Newspaper in the United States, but that It ahall abaolutelv be * Thr Br*t Family Werkly Newspaper in the World'!! It contalna the very fullest, freaheat, and moat Important details of all that tranaplrea at the Seat of Government; editorials on all the impor tant topics of the times; the newa of the week; Interesting correspondence from all pans of th? world; capital stories; humorous and sjraphic sketchea, and the pick f the floating mlacehany of literature and gossip. The Dollar Stab has as a permanent feature a carefully prepared AGRICULTURAL DEPARTMENT, embodying whatever may be of Interest to farmers lu the tr^hctions of the Interior Department, tb* Smithsonian Institution, and the U. S. Agricultural Society. Gardening and Horticulture also receive due attention in this department of the paper, and we also give eacn week a j choice budget of Household Recipe* for our lady readers; aiso, Recipes for the Workshop, together with an official list of all the new inventions issued from the Patent Office each week. In short, it is our purpose to give our readeis a varied, rich, and sparkling variety of the I PAS/tlnor thof at nnru \ r? A I na ivuwiug **?*? u vuv,v (iiuM uvw uiiu (.UK.I vaiitSj but aiming to make Wasuinoton News and Gossip our Sfieiaiuy, In accordance with the views set forth above. Believing It to be better to sell many papers at a low price than a few at a high price, we have determined to offer the following Extraordinary Inducements to Clubs. To Single Subscribers .......8100 per year. To Clubs of Five 95 cents. To Clubs of Ten (*i i-*nt? To ciube of Mfteen b5 c?nts. Tc Clubs of Twenty-live 80 cents. To Clubs of Fifty 75 cents. Address w. d. Wallach, Publisher of the Star. Washington, D. C., with subscription money enclosed, or for spectmen copies, which will be forwarded gratis. OFFICIAL. Tksasuxt Dbpaktmknt, i November 30,1861.\ Notit* it ktrtby given of the re&dinese of thia Department to redeem the Treasury notes author iced by the aot of Congress approved 17th Deoein ber, I860 The interest on cuoh Treasury notes will oeare on the first day of February next, by the terms of tlie above aot S. P. CHASE, Secretary of the Treasury. no30-3aw3w [Intel.] SMITH & BROTHER'S PA T V. f. W V. A Vf AT Vf SUPERIOR AMBER ALE, PORTER A5D NEW YORK BROWN STOUT. The above CELEBRATED AMERICAN ALES are Brewed from the CHOICEST BAR. LEY MALT and HOPS, and highly esteemed by those who have used them. Purchasers are requested to call and examine our superior stook, assured that they will find the BEST and PUREST artiole*. ^Ve have at all times & large stook ready for delivery, in wh"le, half and quarter casks, suitable for the TRADE, HOTELS, and FAMILY USE. whioh we offer on the MOST FAVORABLE TERMS. SMITH ft; RROTHER. Brewer*, No. 138 ft 160 West 13th at, New York City. Order* by Mai or *Ex?reu promptly executed. ce 9-6m pENSlON OFFIQB, ifn 6th, 18?i. TO ALL WHOmlf MAY CONCERN. Application having bee? maae under tee act of 23d June, 1860, for the reissue of the Lau<l War i J -L I J 11 _ I * ? - ' ' ranis uoscrioou aersin. wnion are aitegM to have been lost or dostroved, notion is hereby given, that at the date following the description of eaoh War rant, a new Certificate, of like tenor, will be uaued. if no valid objection aha! I then appear No. W,?a. lor 16k Mm, issued under the act of Maroh, 856, m the cane of Hannah, widow of Jamee Wilson, and granted on the30th day of February, 1957 ?December BO, 1181. No.Mj&W, for 180 acres, iaeuM under the act of Maroh. 1856. in the name of Martha, widow of Andrew Mellon, and granted on the 15th day of April, 1856 ?December 2t, 1861. No. 3,302, for 160 acres. issued under the aotof Maroh, 1855, in the name of Samuel R. Jackway and granted on the 1st day of Ai>gu?t. 1855. No. 3 1(4, for 160 acres, issued under the aot of. Maroh, 1855, in the name of William H Tarrance, ftnd granted ou tue 13th day of Jaly, 1855 ?Deoem ber 21,1861. No. 14.945, for 80 aires, issued under the act of September- 'ISO. jn the name of L.evi Treadwell, ana granted Sap amber 29th, 1851. No. 31,098, fo- 40 aoree. issued uuder the same ac?, In the name of Abel Flatts. and granted November ?Sth. 1851? Deoember28,1861 no. ior iw> aorea, is?uea unaer the act 01 March. 185'?, in the name of Thotnaa Johnson and Kranted on tne 9th day of September, '8S7.?Janary 4. If**. i>o. 42,216, for 80 aorea. uaued under the aot of March, 1855, in the name of Folly, widow of John Camp, and framed on the 23d day of September, lKSti.?January 4, 1862. No. 23 426, for K? aorea. ia?ned under the aot of Maroli. 18&5, in the came of William Soott, and wac ^?wted on the lat day of May, 1830.?January 11, JOSEPH H, BARRETT, It-law Ooru'nismooer. Af MILITARY BOOTS, gA* WJ At Wholhali. maz (W At Manufacturers' Prmm. f ll HkNo. 16 Market tfpace. Feiin. av.," between*th and 9th *t?. . ? . J ROSENTHAL. Lad tee'. Mtaaea' and Children'* Boote and t*noea o( every deaoription. lower than ever. de 13 eo f^IBBS' HAIR STORE, iff SR5OT2& alwaje on tiand, or made to order at the ahorteet notice. HairWorfc repaired or exoliaared. N. B.?Ladlee* Hair Oved la the moat na'arai saoaer J ?a ? < QFF I C I A L !f Ot 1 C E. QCjJLTSaMArr??epeKAL'e OTVICB, ( wiMtadn December Mh, 1861. \ Thd fnllnwin* RunlBliAn ku hMn h? I the Honaa of Repreeeatatavee of the United Ittntee, , ImfaW, "Thnt ttt Baaretnry of War be reeaeeted to furniib tojbkl* Home ooeiea of nil eonir&ssVitt: raWSgrafWKSS: atntethetenaa oftnaanaontrnota, the nniaee orthe I eontrnotore, and the naatbtr of horaea given oat}? md whether tooee oontmnU were mnde a poo ?nbUe notloe." ' SAll uttoera nnd nreute of th?* Q i?nrterm*ater'? apartment, nra tnatraoted to aend to the anrtermnator General immediately npou eeeinf u uoiloe, eofiea of nil oontrno s. and at mfor.nntiouambrnoad wulun ttwtnrmj of the Reaontioa. l M C. MKIGB, ?ia9 1<H (Intel.k Ray > Qurtarmnater (>en'l. AMERICAN WATCHES For Americans. THE AMERICAN WATCH CO. beg to call theatteation of the citisena of Waahington and vioinity to the auperionty of their Watohea over all imported, whether Swim or Eng'iah. The Company unheaitatmgly gaarantfe their Watohea to be unaurpaaaed by thoae of any country for durability and fine time-keeping qualities. CAUTION. The Company would oaution buyera to beware of theoheap Engliah and Swtaa Watohea now being aent among aoldiera in and arouud Washington. There watohea are of the poor eat deaoription of foreign manufacture, an1 utterly worthless u time keepers, at the makers well knew when they ent them to thi* country. LADIES* WATCHES. The Compsny would invite espeoiai attention to their la; est style ol Watch fur Ladies. Everyone will hare th; same guarantee that accompanies the most oostly Chronometer of their manufacture. The styles of Cases are varied and suit different tastes, and the introductiof a Watch for ladies, that will go and keep time, has met with universal avor. ESPECIAL ATTENTION ia invited br the Company to the fact that every Wat"h, of whatever prtoe, manufactured at their Woai at Waltham, Mass . ia aooompanied by a certificate not only to warrant it, bnt to prevent impoaition from a cheap and worthiaaa imitation that ia palmed off upon boyera aa the genuine article. Ail our Watohea have up n the plate the trade mark Waltham. M*ae.." and without that mark no Watoh ia renuice. Meam. M. W. U ALT & DROTHLR r.avetl e Watohea of our manufacture fur sals at Waahington, and buyera can depend upon finding the right styles and qualitiea at their e^tabi.aliment, No. 334 Pennsylvania avenue. ROBBINS 4. APPLETON, General Agents, No. 1?5I Broadway, no 39 lin New York. SOMETHING N EW?SUPERIOR HULLED VOHN.?The subscriber, having cot the agenoy to sjp?iy Washingtonand Georgetown with this rtelicite preparation of Corn, wen id respectfully ask of his friends, and the pubi c at arge, to give it a triai. Aiso, Popped Corn, plain and sugared WM. rfRADLY, Agent. Pa. avenue, between 18th ana 19th ets. N. B.?Mai.uiiacturer of Marble Mantles. Monuments, Table T?ps, <kc. A large assignment a wayi on hand. oo 19-3m Oysters?Oysters. THE OVERLAND OYSTER EXPRESS COMPANY Is now prepared to furnish Restaurants, Hotels, MitlAra ft.nH PrivHtii Kft.HI i iSli \ FKEtH OYSTERS, by the gallon or(?T\ fjaJ in oiii? ot all t.z^e. _ , T ho * Iff tar: iftily fr*?h from the waters of the Che?eyeia*e Bay, and are of the beat qullitr> , . . , The company inrilea the patronage of the ?palera and the public in general, and guarantee! a prompt attention to all orders. Office?43 Market Space, (Avenue House,I bat**M Tth *ad Mi |W. no 30-1 m lRpputnoan-1 PIANOS! PIANOS!) PIANOS!!! - ? . A number of nw f Oct. PIANOS pDMB reoe ved yeaterday fro* the oelebrated "? * ? taotory oAVm Knabe ft Co., among them a very handeorne oarved Piano, which obtained the higheat premium from the late Baltimore Exhibition, and wi ioh i offer for nale (as a tine New Year'a present)on accommodating teims, and at prioea In flint tha fim^fl TO RENT-I will have several Pianos always on hand.tbonth I was unable last week to serve some of my customer*. Amateurs are inwted to examine. F. C. RF.ICH FN BACH, nnv27 1 m. No 11th street. THE european hotel, kept by f. A EMKICH. at the oorner of Penn. M. . A avenue and Eleventh street, has beecl<ffi?w freauy improved reoent' r and now offers JJMflU greater inducements for the patronage of citisens and strangers tfc&n any other publio house in the a ty, his prices being iaas than tnose of any other hotel on Penn. avenne, and his accommodations for ?ermanent or transient boarders cnexoeptionable. The bar and restaurant arrancementa of the European Hou?: have aiready beoome very popular. being all that can be d em red by the most fas uaioua. j ae ?rofrie?>r norenuKca awctioaand continued liberal expftcditjireeto [lrcul ufaction to all, sod tiiua w ? his invitation ** all to rive the Ktiro?*a.n Hotel a ea'.l. de ?-t) TDARRIAeiSS. H E Sobaonber havir.j made additiena to hia factory, making it now one of tie Id the District, where hia **""i"*?iiriP' for manufacturing CARRIAGES andM -M? LIGHT WAGONS of all kioda oar:not be aar paaaed, and from hia lone exaerienoe in the bnaine??,h? hopeato tire general aatic(action. All kinda of Carnaaea and Light Wagons kept on hand. All REPAIRS neatly <lor?e, and all erdera promptly attended to. Seoond hand Carriagea taken in exchange for _ a ai ran i?ifr r m\rrfo now vucB. Aiivn.r,irr j. jun t, d U tf comer of Fourteenth and K aim. I nnn lbs soap a#d candles for IOUjUUU sale cheap for out. Aleo, wanted?fioo.nno lbs. Arm? Grease and Hough fallow. tor which the hi/heat price will be aid, at the National tv>ap and Caudle Works, oor. Green (. ana C&ua . Georgetown, D. C. no7 1m O. B JKW ELL, Proprietoi? piREMEN'8 INSURANCE COMPANY WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital soo, ooo. Q?m termer 0 ?( ?< mu Lemxsitm* *., f?a?* f 1NSVRE HOUSES ANDOTHER PROPERTY AGAINST LOS8 BY FIRE. Dikxctobj, Geo. Shoemaker, Samuel Radfem, Samuel Cropler, William Wilacn, Richard Jo nee, John D. Barclay, i&aob Gideon, Andrew Rothwell, 'noa. Parker, Riahard BaTy, B. B. French, Dr. C. W, D&via. No ctia'ee for PoUciea. JAMES ADAMS, President Aw. 9. Divm. Secretary. an 9-?oto YWOOD AND COAL. OB WiH anreiy cet your muaey'e worth by cm. .ii.c at tiie PlONKsft MILLS, $ouikwm im ??r of Srrmth nr**t amd C-anAi, iflKO, PA6L, Acent.) They eel. cheaper and tire belter measure than any others in the city?eut. aeht. and delivered free of oharja. If to? doa t t eliere r i *e the Pioneer Milla a tna* ao4 be aatisfieo. T-lr.r WALL. STEPHENS A CO.. TV 3aa PimMTtTAHlA Avravi, MILITARY AND NAVAL MERCHANT TAILORS, A*V KtAUI-RAlifc U1.UIUUK5, AND EXTENSIVE DEALERS IN GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING GOODS. ?e 6-if (Intel. A Repnb.) ?EW VOLDMb BALZAC'S NOVEL&?The Aloheuuet, or th? Hoik of Claea ; front the French of Honore de B&.uo. Free by mill, #1. Jil&a Mwlot, the Wsaver of Raveloe; by v*o. Elliott, the ftttbor of "Adam fiede.** Free pj ouul, Uoeate. FRENCH A R1CH9TEIN, ? t? >*tiie gOOT8 AMD TO BRIT VII ^W|^r(e Qcw Mm^etmriKji til tinda of BOOT* k^-etoiore oL*rjc<l is thia ?ity for Kiel ifiSfiMt rvNB VERY NICK SECOND-HAND riAJIO - '""* CtR??^ST ILr FIuh far nafc _ | NlllA RUBBER PANTLOONB. IvfrfHa, I Mi- P' :.c).o?, Blar??t?. Ae., at th? f** Mar** supply Dayot, 344 Pa. ? ., Uttk Room, ?1a 4-tf or 844 D ?t., baoraea 9th andlum, . THE WBEKLY STAR. TkU nwUai FimJir M?va journal? Mtalklaff greater r*rie*y * U * *! ? rmA lax ^ eaa be ft>u4 la uy 1? pvkltefcoi a Friday aormlag. Single copy, per uuau ?...1 * Five copies 4 7$ Ta copies " Tweaty-ire ooples M M It la variably coatal as the ? Waahlaftaa N*wi' U4t hat made Tk* DmUf I??uaf Star circulate o generally throughout th? country E^Slngle coplea (la wrappan) caa be procured at the counter, Immediately after the tea* of the paper Price?THREE CENTS. HELMBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATION. " H10HL y CONCENTRATED " Compound Fluid Extract Bnoho, A Potutrt and Sptrijh Mm?adf For Dimum of tb? BLADDER, KIDNEYS. GRAVEL.fcftd DROfS1CAL SWELLINGS. Thra Madioine iocreaaoa the >o?<>r of JhfMtioa, and exottea the iiioiicira Into y fcoUoo. by whioh the watkbt or cucuoca d(tonuoa*? and at csiitcuL &r? votooM. m wall u pais and inflammation, and la |ood Ur MfcN, WOMBN, OR OHLDRBN. HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCHl' For MeatDM-ra Anii&t from Excises, Habits of DiMipanoa Kariy 1* discretion or A^aae. Attended tciik 14# Foilottmg Symptom* Indisposition to Exertion, Lon of > <.wer, Lom uf M'mort, Difficulty of Wr??:h;ie, Weftk N?rr<?, Trur Horror of Disease, Wakefi, t em. Dimness of Vision. Pftin in :?. Seek. Un.v^rsa1 Lasntodeof the Moscu:%r Hot Hands, F ushin* off* K ;df Dryness of the i?k>n. Eruption* it PAi LID COrSTKKSJiCB. These sympt. ins. il a ownlto joi fc, *: n Uu medicine invariaHy iem?v*?. soon fo I w 1MPOTENCY,FATUITY EPILEPTIC FIT* In on * of %tkick the Patient may F ~r**e Who can -ay f>a' they are ?>ot fr*?r?-''r M lowed by thuae "psaircL d;ska?h." " INSANITY AhPCONSUMCflfV" Many are a?are of the oanae or their of ? ij, BUI MOM WILL CONrkM THE RECOKDSOF THE INSANE AJVLl M? And the Melancholy Deaths by Contw BEAR JMPLB WITNIfl. TO THI TRUTH OF TH* aa*aBTios. THE CONfTITi rtON ONCE AFFKC CED WITH OKGANIC WEAKNW . Require* tun aid of medioine to etrencihen >c. Ii.Tnc.rate the Sy??fic whioh HELMEOLD'S EXTRACT BI T l invarxar It do* < A TllAL will cosvixc* THI kcit OKBPTiCAU FEMALES- FEMALES- FEMALES, OLD OR YOUNG, SINGLE, MARRIED. OE CONTEMPLATING MARRIAGE, In Mmy Aftt'iont Peculiar to FtmmUt the Extract Buchu is nr^aual! d by any - thar remedy, m id Chloroaia u. ketsctiun, Irr kb amy, Painfuinees, or Suppression ot Customary bmuatiou*. Ulcerateo or Sohirrons state of the Ut?rua. Leuoormea or Whites. Sterilitr. a. d for all complaints incident to the r?x, whether arieiag from ludisoretiou. Habits of Dieaipatioa. or ia Lb* DECLINE OR CHANGE OF LIFE! Ill BTMFTolM ABOVE. NO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT. Tnki no wiof* Balsam, Mtremrf, or VmfliMtmmi Mtdtcin* far Unruasant and Uangtraut WMfM. HELMBOLDS EXTRACT BUCKO tlllH SECRET DISEASES In all their States; At little KiMUd Little or no cnange in Diet; No iaooavenieaMt And no azporutt. ltoaueee a fre*u-nt desire a-a givee strength to Urinate, thereby Removing dbsti notions. Preventing and Ckring Mrictnres of the Urethra, Allaying fain and Inflammation, H frequent in the olasr of disease*. au<i expelling ail P/MtMlMt ? ? J - ^ thousands vpoh tioimrm WHO HATE BEEN THE VICTIMS OF QUACKS, and who have paid ktavy /mj to be eared in a ebart time, hrre foaod tt?*y were deoeived, aad that the "roieoit" baa. by ibe uleui'xwtr/k. tiirwinui" been dried up in tlie ay lie m, to break oat la aa aggravated form, and PERHAPS AFTER MARRIAGE. Uae HELMBOl D?C EXTRACT BDCBO aft affeotiona aad diteae** of the IRHIiET UROiNB, whether exiabng in MALI OR FKnALK, from whatever oaaee ori?mating aad no matter o< HOW LOSG ITAnDIfte Diaeaeee of theee Organ* require *_Le aid of a D; nine. HELMBOLD S EXTRAC7 BUCHV IS THE GREAT DIURETIC, and it l* certain to have the desired effect la Diaeaaea/er ?e*?ca ti i< rteommendsd. itduoi or tkb Koar saapoaaiili ajtd mmLlABLa CBAJLACTBB wUCacoomjany the medioinee. CERTIFICATES OF CURES. Prom 8 to SO year*' laouiai, With FAME. "PHYSICIANS" PLEASE "NOTICE." VI Kill "*0 ' ov "lf#ebdie*ti HELM HOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHL iiooidmmI of Hnchu, Coheb* *nd Jumper B-irt ? eieoted with great oare by a oomp^tent drugc??? PREPARED IN TACUO, BY U. T. HELMBOLD, Praotio&l and Analytical Cbemiat. And Sole M i ufaoturer of HKLMBOLD'8 GENUINE PREPARATIONr= AFFIDATIT. Personally appeared oefore me, an Aidernm of the city of Philadelphia, H. T. Hiuuou. wi, being duly ?wo n. rfoth hi? preparation ->cr tain do narcotic, do mercury, or other inj. . ?.< b" ""w*. belmboc o Sworn and enbearibed before tnr iki? lid dar o. NovemUr, IBM WM. P. MIBBEHi), Aiilermu, Nli\Ui at. ftDOT* JUo*. PtuU PHYSICIANS IN ATTENDANCE FROM S A. M. TO 8 P M. Pric* SI ft totU*, wiblNll. Delivered to ur addreee, Mevwly mtd fror ObMTTMOO, ddrMa lotted for uJermslw la wlfl?? H. T. HKLMBOLD, Oumist, D*tot, 104 Boitk TmU at, Mov CbMtaat ThOft HEVTiRI OP CODNTCWTC JLXD URFUNCIFLMD VMALMMM Mumi>?Wi &*mmMM Pr?jMrMMM, Iflim jtdb, II M M ftTUyti <n>, m M J My I ??ij fin 1P??4. Wow, 8. C. rvu. a. E IBIWUB. B. o? Hajok, lavukUnM, J. ft. IUIM XPT2) ALL DMV&eitTB MVMM TWMMMM. AOL 70ft ULMBQLP* lAiiionm on mi tki kwVmmi- mmimm. ANM ATOWiarvwnvn w Drnwiht Symptoms mi mil Oi""*"""'"1 I ft|M liwrniiHT ^ A4?K i*

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