Newspaper of Evening Star, December 18, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 18, 1861 Page 2
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THE FVKMMi STAIt. WASHINGTON CITY: \*EDSE?DAY .. DM EHBRR 1*, 1MI. On Kmnsr* at *b?- wiin? it'Mtmrr camps on* pwitloos will confer a favor by keeping as posted V> nr>o?ernrnta and aff-i'rs In tkelr trinities fp?"TlK?ueb Tr* i^tab is printed on ths fastest r^> "i sonth of Kaltimor*. Its edition I? i." Iw?f * to require It to be |?nt to pre*a at an ?ny bom : therefore, should be en? |q before IS n>lock otherwise tbey may may not appear until the next dav |T"^ To onr Haiti more reader! we would aay tbo flnt and aecond edition of the Star can be bad In Ualtlmore of E. F Hatelton, agent, No 71 Wf?t Baltimore street, near Gay?the flrat edition at half rast tour and the aecond at elvht "'clock, on the arrival of the trains from Washington. giving all the lateat newt from the aeat of war up to the time of going to preaa. Spirit of the Mtralag Preaa. l'h? Inulliftneer thla morning haa an earneat word to my In behalf of the devoted loyalists of Fact Teooeaaee, who And themselves at the mercy o< their oppressors after having commenced a demonstration which thev had auppoaed would be followed up and supported by the National Govern meat. ioc nepuoiuan euiogi ze? senator i^ane ana bit " moet comprehensive and eloquent speech" of yesterday. OCR MILITARY BIDGET. HAVT TABD? K1VSR MW? The Leslie went drwn to the flotilla last night, and returned to the yard this morning. The new batteries are not on High Point, (this side of Oc?oquan,) as rumored, bat are between Freestone Point and Shipping Point, on Timber Branch They were probably erected to command the mntlt)) fk/ M a tf? UTftm * n P?A*V I i?V ? ? ? u " uiiiuu v I < CK ) up WU1WU ircoili oar transports convey atom for Sickles' Brigade, encamped on Its shore* and In the vicinity. The Leslie going down met ten or ferelve loaded schooners coming up to this city, all of which had ran the blockade. The Confederates have commenced firing at every vessel which passes, even the oyster pungles?but strange to say hit none of them. Great activity still prevails at the yard, and last weak four steamers were sent out thoroughly reflftad. They were the Yankee, Caur de Lion, Stepping Atones, and Leslie. The repairs of the w yanaana wui pronaoiy be finished to-day. Projectile* are being manufactured rapidly; and nearly every week heavy gun-casting* are received from the North, and are here bored, rifled, and ^ fashioned Into ah ape One of theae?a monater Ron, Juat finished, weighing 13.099 pound*?has been mounted In the practice battery, and waa fired for the first time this morning. The projectile used was the Dahlgreen conical (percua ion) ahell, weighing about 130 pounda, and the firat shot, with a moderate charge of powder, waa an excellent range shot, and but little out of line of the target The nominal weight o? the projectlle for this gun is ISO pounds. 1 HOT KILLED. It was rumored last evenlnir la the Washington hotel halls, that Col. Cbaa. Field, of Ky., now in command of a rebel cavalry regiment, formerly a captain ia the Second Cavalry, U. 8. A., and instructor of cavalry tactics at the West Point Academy, was killed yesterday by a picket of Gen. Blencker's divt*!oa. On inquiry, we doubt the truth of the story. The rebels have of late changed their custom of annoying our most advanced pickets with cavalry, substituting artillery In Its stead. On this occasion (yesterday) they fired eight or ten shots at one of Blencker's pickets, neither killing or wounding any one. The only effiret of their exploit was to get the , ? ? _ m m * - - - waoie 01 mencaer division underarm and at their respective poets Sn less than a quarter of an hour, an fachievem-nt for which It deserves unatnted praise. "<>nal<1erah!? fnw. ?# aitmery, cavaiiy aua Infantry was at once aent to support the attacked plekets; but when the enemy perceived its approach, they Instantly scampered off. We do not believe that Col. Held w?a killed In the affhir; nor that oar troopa made a doren prisoners or ao. aa was alleged last night. The extraordinary proclamation of this officer on reaching (Ship laland, in Mississippi Sound, proving him to be a crazy abolitlonlat bent on doing far more mlachief wjth his pen to the cause of the Union than ten thousand like him could ^vwii uu guu? wuu ice iwora, wmcn readied Washington this morning, has doubtless already occasioned bis supercedure In the command ol the gulf expedition It Is understood that by ten 'clock to-day hts nuccesaor was determined on aod arrangements entered upon to hasten him out to the gulf with as little delay as possible, so ai to lose no time in counteracting the deplorable mischief that Phelps' political effort* might otherwise occasion. " BALBOCB OF BOBLBT"?BtDIVICS. The author of the Mississippi-Sound proclamation was formerly in the Unlted States Army, and was accounted an excellent soldier, though notoriously eccentric to the point of almost apparent Insanity.^ Ilia two kinks were protestantism and abolitionism; upon neither of which was be regarded as being a sane man. These facta account for his strange proclamation. tbk abtillxbt bibibo hsabd. Dm dull reports of artillery of very large ^uv i ? iwaoit, seara oocasionany MX for the last two or tbree day*, la of gum of long range placed Id battery recently by tbe enemy, at Centrerllle, and Maf fired * Tfcia la tbe Irstbceasion since tbe opening of tbe war, wben tbe rebel gun* could be distinctly beard here COMMOBOEI GOLDSBcaorOH Tbla distinguished offloer, (in command of tbe North Atlantic squadron,) resohed Washington his forenoon, from bis flag-ship at Old Point. Thb Lava* ?There was a large attendance at the opening public reception of tbeseaaon, laat night, made up pretty largely of the military ingredient, bet* including, as well, a " smart sprinkling'* of black coats and crinoline. Deputy Marshal Phillips officiated at tbe left of Mr. Lineola (in the absence of Marabal Lamon), and at the President's right were bis private secretaries, Messrs. Nioolav and Hi* tk. tl?a* to Mr* Lincoln were made kv Commissi 6oer B B French President Lincoln, who ae*ma to have a conatltat I on well calculated to atand the waar ami tear of hi* position, appeared In aatlstactory health. In the coarae of (he erenldg, a ban through the throng announced the approach of Gen McClellaa, and for a aeaaon there was some tip-toeing on the part of folks of ahort stature to get a look at the young bead of the army. After passing through the rooms be returned to the reception room, and was stationed by President Lincoln at bis right hand?an apropos enough position, the spectators seemed to think. Among the visitors were Ministers Stoeckel, Pipes, Kaaaloff, Molina, and others of the Diplomatic corps ; Secretaries Cameron, Welles, and smith; lumcroM M C. ; Captain Dahlgren and Lieut Parker, of Um Waahington Yard; ex Poet iMUti General King : Mr. Frederic Seward, Aaalatant Secretary of Bute; Mr. N P WUlla,wordpainter ; Profeaaor Lowe, of balloon renown ; and othora of whom the world haa beard mention L_7" Oa Friday moraine aeveral large mortara Ad ear loads of bombabeUa pa?d through Philadelphia over the Peaaeylvanla Railroad, to be aad aa tbo "mortar feet," which It la auppoeed will aeon opea up the aavlgatloo of the Lower NImm Tbaae mortara aad ahella war* rat* at Fart Pitt Work*, Plluburjr, md ?f? formidable *?p?M of w*r Baeurai Cii*( Ml UKtltj (or New York Idt ?v*al*g, ktn Invited tUtk? by Um luk?n f Itet city, tor eoaanltatton upon tturlr J?till relation* with tbe Government . ft lD*Mr Chart* Jttckens, Jr , ?u mtrried in L*t?doo oo the ltu alt., to daughter 9l Mr ?na>, woftbf pghllahm * Pone* . ^ LATB8T FROM THE SOUTH. CONFEDERATE ACCOUNTS OF THE FIGHT IN WESTERN VIRGINIA. AFFAIRS IN RICHMOND THE CONFEDERATE FORTIFICATIONS AT CENTRE VILLE. NO COTTON TO BE PLANTED NEXT YEAR R M T HL'NTF.R WANTS TO RESIGN HIS PLACE IN THE CONFEDERATE CABINET THE CONFEDERATES CONFER FOR 'THE PROTECTION OF THEIR PROPERTY." THE CHARLESTON FIRE From Richmond and Norfolk paperaof yesterday, Dec 17, we gather the following interesting particular!: The Richmond Examintr of yesterday (Tues day) sava of the light la Western Virginia: "We have some further particulars of ColJohnson's repulse of the enemy on the Allegany mountains. It Is not known with what loas the enemy were driven back, but they are said to haVe left seventy or eighty dead on the field; having, it is supposed , carried off a number of their killed during, the progress of the action. They were not pursued. Among the killed on our side was Capt. An ucibvii , ui uic L(Ctj uaucry, auu liirui a auiupuii, of the Marlon Guards. Tb? victory la aald to have been dearly bought, by a considerable loss on our aide. It la thought not unlikely ttat our auccess will be followed up by an asaault upon tbe enemy's lntrenchmenta on Cheat Mountain, which are about aeventeen mile* distant front the a:ene of the late battle, which was on the aummit of the Alleghany, on the pike from Staunton The Ezamintr denounces the police aystem of Richmond aa a "public nuisance." The Confederate Congress la aald bvthe Exam n?r to have confirmed, up to yesterday, not less than aeven thouaand army appointmenta The Centrevllle, Fairfax county, correspondent of the Richmond Dispatch writes, Dec. 15th: " The fortifications around Centreville are now completed, and present aulte a formidable appearance. For field fort:fl atlons they are built very strong, aome of the works being baatloned forta, conatracted In a manner that abowa skillful engineering on the part of aomebody? Beauregard, I presume. Great care seems to have been taken with the embrasures, which are built to combine convenience for handling the guns with the beat method for protecting tnemen. Tbev are very strongly built with hurdle* and aandbag revetmenta, and will atand a heavy cannonading before giving way. ? The armament of these forta having arrived from a place where they make moat excellent {[una, they have been put In poaltlon, and all tbat a now aaked la for McClellan to bring on hla iouiccs ismereni sruuery corps are drilled In these batteries nearly every day, and ?ome have become proficient markamen. All have obtained perfectly the range of any point where a hostile battery could b? placed." A series of resolutions adopted by the Legislature of Tennessee relative to the opening of the southern ports, and recommending that no crop of cotton be seeded In the eniulng year, had been received by the Virginia Legislature. Mr. R. M T. Hunter Is censured by a correspondent of the Examiner for wishing to resign qis place in uie Confederate cabinet ' to avoid the trials which pouibly await the (Secesh) administration " The Day Bock has " a notice" of a postponed meeting at the City Hall, 44 to take some steps for the relief of the sufferers by the late Are at Charleston, S. O.," to which is added: "As there is another meeting called on the same night, at the City Hall, to consider some plan for the bttt-r protection of cur property, 1 would moot respectfully su^vest that the location be changed to Oxford Hall. * # " John O. Imwbsxck, Mayor " u o.? r ? " ? wwaawa tmmmmj wicj;);. cuilimaiiainjj PfflCPr Of the Ut South Carolina regiment, has b??n promo, ted to Brigadier General, with order* to report to General Lee, commanding Confederate forcea In South Carolina. Tb* NotfuiK Dug boon or me lust. (>eaterday) contalna a telegram frotn Richmond, dated Dec. 16th, (Monday,) aa follows : 41 Hon. Porcher Mile*, of 8. C , ia exceedingly ill with pneumonia. "In Congress to-day Henry C. Burnett and Judge Monroe were sworn In a* members from Kentucky." The Day Booh also publishes extracts from the Charleston Mercury and the Courttr In relation to the fire aud "the feelings in Charleston," as followa : ! 4,Th? Mertury of Friday saya: Yesterday was | a gloomy day for Charleston. Business was unl. I versally suspended, and, with one impulse, our community united In uivtnu iomn?iv,. * -,J - . m Hiiu aiu iu i the victims of the great public calamity." The Courier says :?" The fearful conflagration that baa just passed over our city will cause the lith and 12th of December. 1961, hereafter to be r< membered as one of those dark and trying pe/ riods which for the moment seem to paralyze all the long cherished hopes and bright anticipations of the future. We have been visited by one of those mysterious dispensations of Providence which we cannot attempt to solve. Our city has received a terrible blow, which it will take the 1 work if years to repair." The Examiner sars that "lnt?lll cr?n/?? rently better founded tb&n that which generally ttnds ita way from Washington, has been received of an intention on the part of the military authorities of tbe United States to make an advance on the lines of the Potomac and risk another general engagement within the next ten days." Silver Is selling In Richmond at 25 cents, and ' gold at 35 cants. The 3d Regiment of Georgia Volunteers has returned to Norfolk from Roanoke Island. The Centervlllecorrespondent of ths Richmond Dispattk says that tampion's Legion has gone down to Colchester to look after the Federals wbo were expected to crosa at that point and advance toward* the Ocoquan. Aft adjourned meeting of the citizens of Richmond was to be beld laat night to take into consideration the manning of the batteries around that city. Gen Humphrey Mtr?hall has some four or Ave thousand men under his command, and swears he la going to dine In Lexington, Ky , on Christmas day. Th# DI inntrk nf ?? * * ' ' 1 j ? vi ng ngnt in Pocahontas eounty, Vt.: 41 We received laat evening, through the kindness of a gentleman from Western Virginia, some farther Incidents of the battle fought on Friday last?on the Alleghany mountains The report which reached the city on Sunday, that the force* of Col. Johnson were surprised by the enemy is, we are assured, entirely erroneous The action In feet, commenced on Thursday evening, between the picket*; and this contra dicta the statement previously made that the enemy approached from the rear and front, turning botn our Hanks As near as we can ascertain, the Federals, who were deubtleaa guided fey Union men of the vicinity, came upon Col John on a camp soon after daylight, from the north, their strenirth helnir f?n? ?- - ?1 _ m .^.aroMMVl (UOUl i,UW men each. They attacked oar forces, conclatlng of three regiment* of an average of 400 men each, two battalions, numbering together '200 men, ana two batteries of four guns each. The fight continued until 8 o'clock, p ra , when the enemy retreated. 11 One great advantage that the Federals possessed. was a position behind some felled timber at a convenient distance from our camp, where they were well protected from our fire, and had a good opportunity of picking off our men whenever they showed themselves. They were, however, finally shelled oat by onr batteries, snd forced to make a rapid retreat. Tbey carried sm ?i iseir wounaed down the mountain to the ambulances, though some were left on the field '< Captain Anderson, of the Lee battery,waa shot dead from hie hone, at an early period of the fight. A .letter to J adge Camden meutlona the death of 4a officer of the 12th Oeorgla regiment, but glvesxo name. We alao bear that Lieutenant Rev an waa killed; but there are contradictory statement* relative to the death of Lieut. Lewia Thompson. The Northwestern boys behaved toot gallantly, and deaervs much praise for their Carole conduct The* advmn/**rf Mi - tal ked th? wnjIbraa Hfiwti Unas, aiafuainu tb ua cxpoaed Buffered more knWIrthia any other froora OnTV two coapaalaa of tbe sad VlraJuta Ifkloaot (Col. BiMirlil) were eugased fa tba tg tit?Captain ISklaDar'a ud Captaia kHIer'a. Several were wounded la tbeae coiupaale*. out only one waa killed." 1 Conn -<>?or|? Kent, o Maine, waa ye?ter4ny coiih n>-?l by tbe Senate |i Conaul to Va1 III ? CONGRESSIONAL XIV Vllth COWOREM? 8K5AT1 ?Yesterday, after the cloae of our report? Mr. I^ane'a resolution, calling for tuformatlon an to tbe erection of barracks for tbe troopa In Kanaaa, was taken up m \ * a i _ t a iL . Mr Lane aecureauai every aav a aeiay m ioe proaerutloti of thta war wax detrimental to the public Interest He believed that fearful consequences would arise from tbe continued lnactlvlty of tbe army. Anarcby and confuaion muat inevitably follow, if tbe Government be uot re. stored Inaction waa tbe bane of volunteers. If exbauatlon waa to be tried bv both partlea, he believed that the rebel* would have the advantage. because their alavel would aupport tbem. Tbe fear of losing their alave* was toe Incentive to war. aud tbe loaa of them would aecure peace Mr. Carlile replied that the only miatafce, he imagined, the President committed waa not In giving the Senator a chief commaud. He was surprlaed to bear the Senator nay that twenty millions of freemen could not cope with five millions of Southern men without taking from tbem tbelr slaves Let the policy of a crusade against alavery be avowed, and be would undertake to aay that the federal army would melt away like snow before the rays of the suu, and that every loyal man, not ouly In the seceded States, but In every border slave State, would abandon the cause of the Federal government There were loyal men In the seceded States who would restore the Union and the Constitution if they were relieved from the terrors of these threats against slavery, and from the presence of rebel force*. He hoped that the President would adhere to hia constitutional ob? ligations. Mr. Lane, of Kansas, asked whether the Senator maintained that staves ef rebels employed against us should not be confiscated? Mr. Carliie explained, and remarked upon the croaking voice or some which tie tbougbt ought, In this crlais, to be bushed. He hoped that tbe government would not send troop* into tbe alave tate* for tbe purpoce of destroying all very. He aiked what should be done with four million* of slave*, if you obtained them? How can you colonize them? You are puzzled already what to do with two tbouaand slave*. If you liberate tbe slaves In the seceded State*, bow will tbe act of emancipation be enforced? You cannot change their laws while they are State* When the armies met tbl* question it would be treated a* a military question. Mr Lane declared tbat this war could not linger till April. Some decisive blow must be struck within a few weeks. We must have a battle, and perhaps a bloody one, and a grestvlc'.ory, before England shall tend her fleets and armies upon ua. ii we ao mis we nnau nave no war wim t "gland. He was for crushing out the rebellion and letting alavery shift for itself Mr. Lane's resolution was laid on the table. Mr. Wilson, from the Committee on Military Affairs, reported back a bill to provide for allotment certificates among the volunteer forces. For the original bill the committee had matured a substitute, which provided that the President of the United states snould appoint commissioners for each iMate that had tent volunteers Into ttte Held 10 receive from the volunteers allotments of their pay for the use of tbelr families It also provided that the fifth section of the act of 12th June, 1&0, giving sutlers a lien on the soldier's pay. be repealed; passed. The bill of the late special session of Congress to suppress insurrection and sedition, and for other purposes, was, on motion of Mr Trumbull, made the special order for Thursday next at one o'clock. The House resolution directing that when tbe House adjourn on Thursday next, it be until the 6th of January next, was, on motion of Mr. Fessenden, laid on the table for the present. After an executive session the Senate adjourned. House ?After the close of our reptft yesterday, tbe motion to refer all r??olution upon the subject of conliscation and emancipation to the Judiciary Committee, was agreed to. Mr. Van W'yck offered a series of resolutions having three points, to wit?I. Adverse to paying at present for the loss of tbe Cataliue; 2. To pay for 5.000 carbines, purchased at tbe Instance I of General Fremont, and not to give more than I SUI .r?0 eaeh for said carbines; 3. Deprecating the employment of person! not connected with the Government in making contracts for aald Government. The resolution* were postponed for consider* atlon until Tuesday next Mr. Morrill, of Vt , offered a joint resolution relative to the aasesaora and collectora created by the Income Uu law of the last session, which waa Immediately passed arid sent to the Senate [The joint resolution proposes to have the appointment of the aforesaid collectors, etc., deferred till such time aa there la further legislation In the matter 1 Mr Blair, from the Committee on Military Affaire, reported a bill to aecure to the oihcera and men actually employed In the Western Department. or Department of Missouri, their pay, bounty, anil pcualuu*Mr B. wanted to put the bill on Ita passage at that ttmo Immediately a conversational debate arose, In which the action* of Gen Fremont were referred in and commented ou by Meaara Blair, of Mo., Rdwaida. of N . H., Halmin and Shank*, of lnd., when M r Colfax aald be wiahed to aee the great army on the Potomac moving. Dr Dlven, of N. Y . called Mr. C to order. Mr. Colfax, after brief delay, proceeded to aay if they were going to HgM the enemy it ought not to be by weakening the power of those genenla and men who went Into the field with their live* in their hand*. The bill was postponed until to-day A bill providing for tbe certificate of the allotnipnt of tk? n?u a? ? * . - ? w y?j v? *viuuvoci*( wa? imasfa. I Also a bill appropriating SI ,000 for tbe relief of the owner* cf the British ship " Perthshire." which waa unlawfully detained by tbe U. 9 rtcamer Maa?achua? tU subsequent to leaving Mobile after the blockade had been declared, but within tbe time limited by the President's proclamation for such a departure Mr. Cox, in the course of the discussion upon tbe merits of the bill, referred to the feelings excited in the House bv the late intelligence from England, commenting on it In such a way aa to infer that tbe high tone of the xeotlemen had been somewhat taken down by the tenor of that intelligence Mr Colfax, of Ind , aald that tbe gentleman was mistaken in the views which haa actuated tbein in aeodlng tbe bill to the Committer on Foreign Relations He. for one. Wt ?????? were on the eve, perhaps, of a war with England^ and It was <lt-*>iued as a matter of Importance thai everything bearing upon our relations abroad should be submitted to the proper committee. Mr. Vallandtgham, of Ohio, said the gentleman (Mr. Colfax) had evidenced a great circumspection in his remarks upon this question?remarkable, contrasted with the high spirit manifested by htm on the first day of the session, when be proposed to Imprison Slldell and Mason In the common iail. Mr. Colfax said he was anxious to have Mason and Hlldell subjected to the same treatment as that Inflicted upon the officers of the Union as he was at any time Mr Vallandlgham replied that he would predict that Mason and Blldell would be returned before three months. I a hum further Increase tbe efllclency of the Navy vp&k passed, and the Houm adjourned rrsr*KNTKRTAJNMKNT FOR THK HOLI DaYS?A FAIR jor the benefit of Fletohtr Chapel will be heid at Thorn'* Bui ding, oo Tth street, oommenoiiuc Deoember 18th,and continuing through the Holirays. A <>arelul seieotion of all varieties of useful and fanoy artioies for Christmas, with Confectionery In at>undanoe, will he found upon the ta les. An exoellent Supper, with all the delioaoies of the season, provided each evening. Single admission 10 cents; season tieksts. admitting a gentleman and l*d?, an oents; supper tiokets 86 oents?all of whioh mar be nad or the lar I die* or ****** door. de!6lw* MEMBER 8 OF ST. ANDREWC SOCLUJ* ET Y. D C.. who are In arrears with their qua terlr dues, and oanoot make it convenient to attend ? * ...N.UB IIIUVll It* P?I U1B U1M( ?111 J'lease take notioe that in aooorda&oe with ft reeo ution of the ?ooietr. a member of the B>ard of Manager* will oall on them at their respective slaoes of businees, or at their re*idenoee, with their bnla of tbe amounts due. ae soon ae the same shall be made out by the tJeeretary. By order of the Proeident. GILBERT CAMERON. JOHN REEKIE, Cor. 8eo. de 16 eot rrw**> the voters of wabhinstf_5 TON.?The AMNior' of eaoh Ward will meet at the folio wini p.aoee from 10o*olocka m. tili 3 o'olook p. m. from the 14th to tbe Slet Deoember, inclusive, to oorreot and reel iter the name* of thoee omitted from the poll list. 1st Ward.?John A Rheem, 17ft Pennsylvania avenue, be'ween 17th an-t 18th streets. 2rt W.r.l Tk?~. ? ..... .m/iuw v,corner iiuiud H atreeta. 3d Ward.?H?nry Curtia.oorner 8th and L street*. 4th Want,?Thomas W. Burch,5th street, beiwmu 6 and H atreeta. ?_ 5.h Ward.-William A. Harper, si atrMt east, No.-438, lietween Kaat Capitol and A street north. 6th Ward.?Geo. Ccllard,at T. K. Clark's Offloe, Virginia a venae, between ?thand 10th atreeta. 7th Ward.?Peter Hefbai, No. 84 south P street, between Bth and 9th atreeta weat. de lft-utSlat v^a?U. S. MAN IT ? R Y COMMISSION, JJf *4 Pst , Washington, D. C., Die. 3d. Tne Sanitary Commission hai a ooneotion of bo<>h ohefereuoe on Military Surgery aod Army Huiei.f, which Military Surgeons at or near Waehiccton are iuTit*d to eoasuiL FREDERICK LAW OLMBTKD. daa-lm ** vy ICS CREAM AND WATER ICKft. of

the beet ?uality, at ph ft euart. Hotel* %mr utardini houee. furaiiheJ ?U low ratoe. A i?rK? aaeortmeut of in* Cakee kept ?a haxw at Ik# PktUuUlrktm PmSmtimurv, owner Twelfth mkJF mU. noT-la>* UMK? HBUJ. Pl.OUR. PON oouaigninmrTror ea'e. Aleo, raoeivia? weekly. from 1 to HO bbio. obolee brandi.from M* WITUI, d. ,?, WM (BKdSRb. ? Horses foe hale, Of 017 description. CV. Conatantly on hand? Loalaiana avetine, jUeT Bear tt?? Center Market. day-tan* rwr* gADDMC HORtf E8 FOR 8ALK -^\lot ot W fine Kentuoky Horaea for aala at the fl\__ ntuukr Sale the rear of Cla> '? jf%\ Hotel, near I%un?y Ivanfa aver>i*e aaH 3*. . street. da to ** A~~~ ? .. FRENCH TAUGHT. .. N A Tl Vh of Franoe will give le*aon* in Jb fwenin*. Artdrcaa C. COLNbi de lfl-lw* 114 Seventh aueet, WRAPLEV. Eighteenth at, Waahingtan m inH Proir atf at 4l*??aat/tar*, ka a <?/> < . >.l ' - m o i wurpot^'wiii i?a v>* ?i n m?i< % It oi hniHl SHRINK WAfiONf*. for on* ot tvi licrspa- now in running order, whioh will he *ol< rea?onal>le. de 18-** ONE NICE ROSEWOOD CHICKERINC PIANO for $75. One 7 octave fnur roocd oorner HalietgMMH A D*v:? Piano f >r $**v lllll For sale upon ta?y terma at the M??io Store of W. G METZERpTT Sole Ateno* for Steiuw?y and Son'* and Raven Baoon A Co.'a Ptanoe. ?ia 18 M HOLIDAY GOOD?. . W. GALT A BRO. opeu this inormna i ve j large aaaortmeot of new and b*aut ful toodi ?o?ten np especially for t*?e Holiday Trad*. M. W. GALT A BRQ., Jewellers, 354 Pa. avenue, de 18 3t Four doora weat of Brown'e Hotel. PURE AND FRESH-GROUND SPICES, pu up expreaely for Chrlatmaa aaiee, joat reoefvet Minoe Meat and Sweet Cider, New Rait n? and Citron. Thyme, Manornra. and !?a*e. All goods delivered free. JOS. W. DAVIS. It* corner Ninth and E sta. /#v ISAaO HKRZBKHO, a 1W1 fbe Only Liosneel X J v pawnbroker, m fl ?10,000 to be Io?n?<i on Gold and Siitst Watohei Jewelry, Gun* and Pistol*. Silver ware, am Wearing Apparel? at the od staid, No. 941 < street. baok of the National Hotel, between 4) and 6?h sts. de l--?<n* Rnew military goods. . ICHLY Mounted Sirords and Sabers for pre eeotat.on, Epaulets, single,doable, and treble roi paseants. Sashes, Hat and Cap Ornaments, aoc al other Offioers' Requisites. A large assortmentjn?t received. M. W. GALT * BRO., Jewellers, 334 Pa arenw, de 18 St Four doors west of Brown's Hotel. J TO THE LABIE8I (JLES JOLmVET. Lmim' Hairdreeser, fron Paris, ]aat arrived, informs the ladies of Wub i"cton that he baa opened a large ftSMortment c FMlx Hrad Dresses. Wreaths a >d Bndea' Wreath i the moat splendid oboioe of Flower* for dreaaea alio. Go d and Chenille Nets. ail (kinds of Rai Work ; and attend to dressing .adies' bair. 33J ] Ueet. between 9th and loth. de 19 lm* I? - NOTICE. r OR SALE?A large quantity of Govern me* Publications, Havim room for a few more booki I will oontinae to pnrohaae old Doonmenta, ol Books, Curiosities, Coins. Antiaaftritn Re i<M AO.,&o To be sold ft S4*orrtar? pre?ent??d to Mib Paterran by Kick Jerome; Auticraph of washing ion. and many ouriorit e?. i shall hereafter b bund at ray o'd stand in the Patent offlea ALFRED HUNTER, de 18-tt* Wli lards' Hotei gqaare. Nnew millinery. OW On hand and oonsttn^jr reoeivini Dei applies of WINTER BONNETS, oompris-^l inctberewest and most desirable vies of^H the a?aon,at HUTCHINSON ft MONRO'S^ Kanoy Store, 310 Peijn. avenue, between 9th an I' th streets wr ere W iss Thompson is prepared t execute promptly ali orders left with her. Also just r*oeived. a new supply of Head Dress en, Artificial Flowers. Feathers, fto., to whioh w invite the attention of the ladies. de U CJEALED PROPOSALS, until the 90th De ?7 oeraber, are invited for furnishing the U tt MiiKusIsriAo V lianawstk L'l OIIII u- i-u >mioi' uuo i ini"u? w i?ii a uv/u u About 12 m*> barrels wili bs required, of a hig grade of extra Flour, to be delivered in Washing ton, at the Railroad Da pot. or at Warehouse* 11 Washington or G?orgstown, sometime betweei the lit and lotn of January, 1MB F.aoh barrel of the Flour to be inspected jus before it is received. The Flour must be equal i quality to the samples to be obtained at the capitc Bak*ry, Washington City Bids to be directed to Major A. BECKWITfi C. 8.. U. 8. a .ana endorsed "Proposals " da 18 pHIS 18 TO GIVK NOTICE. That the sub ? soril)?r hath obtained from the Orphani Court of Washington County, in the District ?i Columbia, letters testamentary on the personal es tate of Samuel Rainey, late of Washington county a'oresaid deceased. All persons having elain against the said deceased are hereby warned t ex hi kit the same, with the vouchers thereof, t the subson ber, on or before the twenty-sixth da of November next; thev may otherwise by law t excluded from all benefit of the said estate. Given ander my hand this twentv-sixth day < AJt.?_ a ft/?f t t*nt* Ki D a IV DV ii'ifo'i orr. iwi. liLV> I o. r\> 11 da 13-law3w Eaeoutnx. f^AMP STOVES, in e^ery variety. iu?treoeiv< V; at JaMES SKIKVING'8 Washington Stove,Tin and Sheet Iron Manufactory, No. 2eT, corner of Uth st, South aide Penn.avenue, de IT 6t | Repub A Chron.l I? AIR BANKS'S r , u STANDARD SCALES. For eale by J P. BARTBOI.OW, Sole Agent, Hardware and Agricultural Warehouse, 5AS Se\ enth street, between Penn. av and Canal, "epo site east end of Center Market. de 17 tf 1IR4 V A Ui UTT Tf)V U7;.k>. -.11 ?V I ? *?* a* a?uu* vii X* l?uv? ,v v"'* * l' 1 attention of the Ladies of Washington^^ t i hsr large ami h&ndaorTe aaaortmar.t :B WLLINERY. BONNETS, HEAD^ E89ES, 4.0. She will open on 'i huraday, tl 19th instant, a variety of Children's Hats. N< 346 Penn avenue, between 12th and 13th sta. de 17-3t* vlftor and hhalth restored.?jal w. JONKS takes peasure man nout oing to ths peep e of Geo'getown?5ft and the community in general that he has reopened his Oyster House again, where you can get the brst Oyaterathe market will afford. 1 f you want ref?renoe, remeT ber la?t year. Terms moderate- Corner of Hig and West its . Georgetown, D C. de 17 St* XPREB8 NOT ICE. Owes of thi Abmt Exfeiss Company, 3*8 Pennsylvania oomm, All goods now in our warehouse, on Louisiax avenue, and hereafter warehoused, will be oharg< with storage, if allowed to remai" ore' six dav and an additional oharge if reraaioinj over mil days. D. GREENE. del? 1 w Superintendent of the Company. Notice to keepers op restai RANT8 We have now in atore a large aad rsrionaaaaor inent of? A le Tumblers. Bar Tumble*. Cut and Pr?aae4? B?<r Mora, Champagne OKaaea. Wme Ola?8?B. <" hating Diahne. fto. Whioh we are offering at wholesale arcea. c. w. boteler ? son. del? 4t 31* fron Hall. A SUTLERS ND Thoae engaged in supplying the Boldien vul And on examining oar rtook manr artioU auitable for their aalea, at suoJi prloee aa oannc fail to pleas*. A careful examination of atook aod prioea aoli oited. Libera' diaoount m%de to Batlera and thoae at gagad inaupp yinr the Army. O odi oate, ully paoked to go out tha oity, fr*t i 0/ cAarn*. O. W.BOTELER A BON. da 17 et 3J9 Iron HaU. f\JOTICE ? i hereby forwarn ail paraor.a froi 1 ~ payinr atr m on lea due or to beoome doe ti firm of N. P. Lfeniaon A Co , Washington eity t any per?on or peraona without the written ord< of myaelf. in my own name, or In credit any p?r*o or peraona on aooonnt of N. P Oeniaon A Co., at will not be reaponaible for any debta ao eontraoU aPer thia date, and will hold reaponaible all pet anna who ahall pay any money aa aforeaaid, wttl ont n?y w*itten oroar. da It 8t* N. P. DENIBON. I VKREBY Forewarns^' persnnsfrom p*yiz any laoriN due or to beo<>medoe N P. DKNISO] ana H. N PRATT, trading In Washington eit; SC.. under toe name aa<1 styie of N P Dkhiso Co.. without the written order of ?aid firm ?ign? br myself in my own hand writing, or to oredlfao rreon or persona on aooouut of N. P. Denieo Co., m I will not be responsible fir uy debt o ooB*raot*d after this date, and will hold resoa*! ble all perrons who shall pay money a* aforesai without saN written order. H.N. PRATT. de 18-2t* Resident member of ?aid firm. NEW RAISINS, CURRANTS. CITROK A monds, Walnuts. Figs and Filberts, Free Ground gploes. ? At L. A. DEL LWie'8. pONNECTICUT CIDER, v Al b A. DKLLWIS'S DRAND1ES AND JAMAICA SPIRITS, D Port Winaof oparior quality. . . Vary fine Old WmakiM, ondraftand in bottlt Holland Gin, Brandt And Arrao Punoh ExtraoU, Tom and Jerry, . Ate. A?>m?,.B.?.r.,|n.b.tUgLLW10^ Brown, yellow, and whits suoam Large No. I Maokeral, Plain and Sugar oured Hama, PieklM in Vinagar. At l. a. dbllwig's, da 17 3t* v?. COLUMBIA MARKET, V/ Pa <?MMi corntr T% if I t*nt K tl. Th-anbaoriber would most reapeotlally iofom the oitixena of WwaioatoB th?? he au returned V liia oRr iu?'Wr, where neintend keeping a firat rate iA*tVet in all ite branohee, as in timee |om he will be h*wr to greet hi? old frtenda aa4 oes to mere. N. B ?Good a sent free of oharge to any part o the oity. de u C. MALLARD. Q HRIBTM AO-CH R18TM A8?CHRISTMAS TOYS! TOYS! TOY*! TOYS! COMBS. BRUSHESftod PERFUMERY! FANCY BOXES! CHINA ORNAMENTS . DOLLS, DOLLB, DOLLS I (all kinds.) RIBANDS, FLOWERS, HOSIERY AND BLOVES! , A ad all kinds of foods suittbis lor Uts mut, QsljTV \t BHKUIVSl EWV?til st. For SoadiBg Mono? toMrau; ud all Hit of Um % * ' i I FOE THI HOLIDAYS. r J JOHNSON & NAGLE, I N* KM PENNSYLVANIA AVIM E, ? I Betwera Nlath aid Teath Itrfrto, \ WASHINGTON, ^ AKD I b ' N#. 10 (Ural Street, mr King. < i 1 ? ALEXANDRIA. 1 " Invite the attention of Families and Dnlrri to 1 . t tbelr U^fe and wtU aaaorted Block of L % Fine Groceries, Wine*, Liqnc,ftf Gordfttlt, Began, etc. * j | ^ Confuting In pnit of? S #m A * vrymirau^l^O i Piper Heidaick 10 quart* ud piste, G H Mumm 4- Co. do. do r 11 Bollinger A Co. do. do. Royml Grape do. do. De Courcey A Co. do. do. Carter & Co. do. do. if Cto Rlwt A Co. do. do. - ' r CLARETS I Chateau Poujeau* d Chateau La Roce. u Do. La Fltte. * St. E?t?phe. St. Emllion. r si. juiicn raraor. ! o HOCK WINES. ~ Deldesheimer Hockbeiner, ' Llebfrmmlkk Ruedesheimer, a " Schirlwhlwrzer. ~ I * Scblowbergrr, 1 *' Johunlsberger, 1. Marcobrunner. ; h !f DRY and SWEET CATAWBA. ir, 5 IRISH, SCOTCH, and MONONGAHELA y WHISKIES, of all kinds. LONDON DOCK, HUNGARIAN, and _ BURGUNDY POET. TIM DARK and PALE SHERRY, OLD RESERVE tad MALMSEY MAIIF.1RA i | ! rKWAN PilU T?rr ---? ! Witt 1IUTLKIAL - EAGLE GIN, I# ? HENNESSEY, OTARD DUPUY k, CO , 5! PINET CA8TILLON k. CO., COGNAC BRANDIES. ? ^ JAMAICA and ST. CROIX RUM, BATAV1A ARRAC, h BLACKBERRY, CBERRV, and RASPBERRY BRANDY. - i 2 GINGER, RASPBERRY, BLACKBERRY and CURRANT WINE, * 1 " CORDIALS of every kind ? CURACOA v ANISETTE, ABSINTHE. . AROMATIC 8TOMACH BI ITERS, SCHIE- ' DAM SCHNAPPS, LONDON BROWN > STOUT. YORKSHIRE inn apn? ?? *?? A' UVV Il/IX ALK, ARRAO, RUM, SCOTCH ? WHISKEY, CLARET, TOM * AND JERRY, PUNCH EXTRACTS, IMPORTED ' ' SBLTER8 WATER jf - - . HAVANA and DOMESTIC 8E6AR9 of cboteo ! " bntdi. 1 E ? n SMOKING and CHEWING TOBACCO of tU t j description. DEMIJOHNS and FLASKS of all ' i f FREBH MEATS, POULTRY ud OAMCI. u ( tin omUtew. * i 2 * J Freah VEGETABLES of erory kind la cam. 1 jS ? FISH do do 1 d ? FRUITS do do F. FRBNCH, BNGLISH and DOMESTIC PRE- * h SERVES and JELLIES la (1m I of tvory also. French BRANDY FRUlTSof ?vnry deaerlp Uon- 1 FIGS. B'? 1 * Ml RAISINS, ORANGES, LEMONS, ATMORE'S MINCED MEAT la Jut , CroMe A Blackweli's worid-renowntd Pick- ^ , U?, Preaanrwand Saacaa. i ? Oyster. Walnut and Tomato CATSUPS. f AnchoTtaa, Bardlaes tad Bologna iyrr ( f Fine HAMS aad CHKRHK b French Moatard, Carrin, Ctywuii, Pepper, 1 , Opto*, flnli, *c. * CbtMUr and Own Dn>f*, to* Ou- m 41m, An. *, An mrly call In man renpm-VuUy nnitci?n4 f ' * 1 <Ul7-4<Jnl,tf JOHNSON * NA8LE. - J AUCTION SAU&*. THIS APTBRIfOON j TO-MORROW, &1 WALL * BARNAlO.Aa?tin?rm. CWimt lomtk >i4t Pm. mr* and Ninth i(rw( CALK OF PURNITCRK a n n bimiu iiiii h oiWiTO. &, ABOUOC kooBII, lt>? f#Mte of tb( bntrdlll hOVM OT*r oar Auction Rem*. the Feroitiire to ombrsriBt the Fare Hire o! ?0o?t thirty ? h here." nod ooneietinc of? ?n??u?r?, Bedvtetde, Bedi&rd M?ttre??e?. w?"lfch??, U MluUadi And Toilet Po?M, Lo?nc?? Care U. Churt. T?Hm. tc , ? 0 ^Knle ?Lh ** 4? *"* ? (Re?) WALL 4 BABNARI). AecU By BONTZ ft. GRIFFITH. A?etl< neor*. POSITIVE SALE OF FANCY GOOD* MILf Li7B*.T??r.,t*B?i,e. Lace?. 8r?iw 6o> ?, Ac , ^~2Bw.1H,lJil8l,AJ McJKMNO. IXMDbtr Lvf' J ? ?'?6kt *l Store No. 1? Center Market between Rib ud Mb etreeu, wewii sell tbe ( f I dfcelinitr PbboDtJ\BbroidMT 6olltn, Cambric Fd?iuf? ?nd B*odo, C'*,A?id A?i?ri(iM FI FaMtiri, Millinery ?oodt, Straw Go? Jo. Bonnet*,, Co i ether with m?nf other irti?l?f too Dimtrni to mention. ??! Potitive. Twmo ouh. ? BONTZ 4 BE1FFITH, iwU. B? J. C. Mot* LIKfc, fc C(t.. Aiotiuaoora. PUBLIC SALE OF CONDEMNED HOUSES Awd McinI AI Acctiojs.-Will t? wld at AiAtinn am T U I D U H i v Uno ^ rv - - V? M V i'rt I I/UUHUIRw 19U?, at 10 o*o(ook. M U? ftoTWMMDt oorml. ootmt of s and Twrntyieoor.d rtrwu, i d of HORSR* AND MULKH. Cotdtno ?d m uit for patHio wttIm. Terms ouh in sptct*. J. J. DANA. CwLud A <0 M <J? M-<H? J. C. MoOl'lRE A Co.. AuoU. FUTURE DATS ffr WALLA BARNAKD Ai<tiom?re. iViMf Pa. ?i. rnd 9(4 strut. CMNB KKKNCH FANCY GOOD? StJlTA am,* fob Holiday P?*?e!?t? at AJctiob? 5n SATURDAY aad MO.\DAY MORNINGS. Hat atd 2M inataat,at 10 o'oiook. aad in tMmaipc? at 7 o'oiook. we wi 1 sail at the Aaotioo Rooms a aplendid aaaortmeot of Fid? trenail Fancy Good*. the atook of H. C. MoLaagklin. who haa d?olined bunoee?. and embracing? Fine Pear and Ivory Fata, B**uli!al Odear Bun, La ilea aod Genu' f orteironnaaea aad Watoh ataada, Prei oh aod Fcfliah Boaae aad Perftaiaery, Beat totnah Hair aad Tooth Bruabaa, Port Folioe, Cheaamen, Cbeokcra, aad other Gamea. Fine rtatiooery, Playic? Carda, Parlor !*kat*a, China Or d amenta, Motto Cnpaand Beuoera. HMntlfl 1 KBtfPftvifira fr p?n<tki pins. Balls, and Hird < a??x. Every variety of Frenoh and H?rmM Tcyi, Wax and every o?h?r varies of IKi.u, Fixtures O tM Caeee, Ac., Ao Terms <a*j. (laud wall a^aknard, ima By WALL A BARNARD Auot oo**r? COrtut South ruU Pa. *-?*?? a?<f ma ttrttt. CLOSING OUT SALE UF THE SUPERB Stock < r' ash Oxwr's ? rit. * n<, kc ? at ?TrcT'os ??*t. TIE I'AY M RNIN'j, Uth inita't, at lOo'cl ft tti a 1 ae.l at Auction, it our large v\ a erooin, in the r sr> Auction Roomi. the rernvnder of tne ?ue?r?> ?too> of Fare, ?nd Kib?i, whion hare k> ?eo 'be'? on exhr ltioa rn> ?ka ?- v. * - ' IV( .?? v-t wc m wiic rniftiamf BWJI BfLH.lOil *ets of Hudson B*t. ?at> * . Miflk. Fre-ah Mink and KiF?r Hi k. Ermine. Ctirohil*. Mt??? Ao., ? [rent omen's Bea"*r ?n?t >at e Cellars, GliatltU, an i Kir*. and 8*1 Co** - aei Cass, Wolf, Fox, G*net. and Buffalo andI Fano* Car run and fluin Robes, Foot Muffs, Ao ?to A> ihe ooisigow N (l?t*rmiB*d to olo?* out, treat mdu-<-ments wi! be off -red to tbe trad* and kc 1 the poblio general j. These goods are warranted genuine, and perfect la ever* respect. Terms cash. dels (Re?.) WALL A BARNARD, AuoU. Pmor CORBYN akp D* T- B BISHOP VETEEIHAEY STTRGE0H8, AT T W WILLIAMS'S STABLES, $th and D Street*, A*D _ T SMITH'S, 19th St mad Pa. Auiw do . P R I V A T B. PRIVATE FRIVATB DR. LA BONTA ?1TN all Ven?ri?J Dinum pormanentr and iniokly. withoat tb? BMof diMuatinx or *oi?ob>V dru* of u; kind. No di?*. ng or iDt0rf?roooo with bnsiOMa. OoonltAUona fr??. lktfitwnlldu.?,- V*'. ? ? t? t? MUIUfM/U IU UiO Khar in Alexandria. It it uriBi suite en on it h in ita tevor, vkw I my ikt n>T praotioe la that which 4a in km m ali the Mew York oily hoaaitala. New York City Collet* Ud Hoapital TeetirooiiaH furniahed. Waahincton Ofto??Room No. 9 Waahiaftoa Baildint, Penn. avenue, ooraar Seventh a*., whore I bi>7 be aoan la pereon Monday*. Wedoeedaye, UM rridaya. Alexandria Oftoe? Kiohaeje B ook, Kini etree*. >jpowt? the Marahall Bogie, where j may t<eaeoa n aeraon Tueednye.Thuredeya. and Saturday a B i>th oftoea open all lie tima by my aaaivtanta Permanent curea warranted, or money refa< ded. Media*nee paotod for t>avrlora. Caannaniaaboaain wiitiac, with retarn etaap, Kutn Uy attended to M LA BORTA,M D, _ M T AsmivGTo* DVILMK. ROOM NO. B. do 17 ly Wt?hiBrt?ii. D Ct THK WASHINGTo^ ACADBMYop MUSIC, 9$9 P*HH. *Y%HV*, B*t wen JVtntk and Tenth itr*4is The public are reapeotfslly informed that the isooMC of the daily aod nightly enter tun menu at iiia Already overwhelmingly popular eetabliahoent, haa been pre eminent. It ia now ft moo a for the b*et Refreabmenta to be obtained to Washington. ita bar and larder beta? lovnrpaeeed lU Mnato ia of the moet ac reeabie and reoberoba leeoriplion ; ita free oonceru bain* nightly en?ored throughout the entire performance. It. a. ... " * * ? vi o v/pou iu ww p?u 10 irw OI ORiTff S iad o4<~rs are ooaaiaatly in aUendaooa to pr*~ larre oniw udiroMr daoorv*. dol?-?w HENRY EOBKNTHAL. Proff. 186 DEC ONI. 486 A okoioe aeWboa of Paper h&njtinc?, W?rr??nd Joid kadImitation Gold Band w indow Bwm; Ueo, Biff. Green, and B ee Holland by Ue yard or pad* into Window 8w1m, Pioture Cord aaa ruMls. different ?i>m and o Ior?, Plctare Nails, unit, 4a. Alio, tlw hMKlioowt a?of?a t mt Onl PwUw 'tmn in the ei ty, from the beet inffcrtory la JM country. Alio, Pun PartoaU ud Cud Visit* prtbm All articiea warranted aa ra?r?eento<2. or kopto. for oa?h, a.'. looda will be eold aFtSe bwwi rominoratiTe ariose. AhOtidi no c id ?tock to unm tto, Mrtou laeriint tbe above goods will tad mw ud Mara tlftrtfoiaa KWrSU-. r"r??m-njt?r u. niw John miuim. No. (M Htmtl at, di ort above 4a M-Iw* Odd Fallow*' H?. r WM, COE WIN fll'EGY. Li ATE Wltk.Ua oldiaad wall k?ww > W*. 8 CO*WIN * CO , ? . NnrYoII. M<riaU?wi HwUwi, rwu Cuart, ft.. mm4 ilftfxf mf tvm mni Ckmum 8n^l, No ?t p?iis?TlViS14 atirvi, IMltrM Mxik Mratt,) Wnkmgtm. I*. C Th? ittMtiui of oduoHtin and tk? foblio (?rftllr lBlBTltad to ms stock of ikn? BrM.iiM.VS hiart Tw, ft?.?Mnniiu HntHMT Ota M l?|*r BrM4iw, V* idow Cti?4?ot, Mont ft jbusoi, Miin'i, Hw4wok ft Co . m4 AmkWm oath Side Marieliaa; fl-ramnt liTjinMnttr korU; tlM oot'bratod "Win " Cla? Mowm Sia; risk Bootofc, Botrfcoa aod Mowiitiin* Whiamu jkwiet < o ?*i. Croix iim; Oabaoa, Pi i Lklouditeiiirv, bfuu,?u<i v?rto?s nwn<3a arCiiaraaad tot* Aim Yoaag b? icc, H? ua. Import*: aad EocliK tiraakflut Takt ia eattj oi't imtorted nj mjmm eiprsewy ter mUt aao. da?! (EMBALMING _AJ1D_petj11fy!n? l m VKAU BOVIMS F I K N C W f\ OO Blli T^y?i?M?!n ""mm! V J"* Zmotmimt atu?< U Ml uW>?<l JLADU1 ARTkAfl to> ? 1 9oo<U. Htu ib4 Cam. M No MTilfn*' 4*1) la <M*> VV

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