Newspaper of Evening Star, December 18, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 18, 1861 Page 3
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JOB PRINTING Or Ev**t P*?c*irriow F aerated v? ltb beatneaa and dispatch on application at the STAR OFFICE. At the Lowest C**h Prices Satisfaction guarantied. n<J*-'f LOCAL NEWS. ~ Vows? Mbn's Christian Association -An Interesting and well attended meeting w?s beld <>n Monday evening In the ball of the Young Mens'Christian Association. It being the evening of the regular monthly meeting of the Association, the exercise# were opened In regular form, with th* reading of a portion of 8criptur?\ the singing of a hvmn, and prayer by Chaplain Babbit It wa* pleasant also to aee other chaplains and a number of the clergy of the city encour. aging, by tbe4r pretence, the effort of thlsasaociat von la doing good The report of the president referred briefly > the ordinary operation* of the Association, and ?o the fact that Mlaalon 3. School, No. 1, after having been cloaed for aome months, bad been reopened on the flrat Sabbath of the present month, and over 100 are now found in attendance; that the Vnlon Prayer Meeting ia now held In the hall dally from 4 to 5 o'clock, that the Saturday evenIlls la I tin . mmJt Olkl. I -.1? ?- > ? m iwiuiauu uiuic ibbii uuuua 10 reguiariy maintained. and that the distribution of copies of the Sacred Scripture*, aa furnished by the American and Washington City Bible Societies, bad been continued through the co-operation of chaplains and others, 1,771 copies having been issued from the depository, No. 498 Seventh street, during tbe past month, making a total since May of J'2,o-27 volumes; and over 21J0 packages of books, tracta and papers, ss furnished by the American Tract Society, Boston, and a considerable numespecially of aoldier'a libraries, aa furniahed by tbe Massacbusetts Sabbath School Society, have been distributed from room No 22, Post ftflce Department Tbe two subjects mainly dwelt upon In tbe report were the employment bv the Association of a special missionary and ths Christian Commission, recently Instituted, and In session during two days of tbe past week in these rooms Tbe services of a young minister of 'as Gospel, especially qualified, both by previous preparation sod successful experience, have been secured as a missionary, and though his health for a week past baa not been as robust as usual, and he was prevented from being present at this meeting by a severe chill while on the way, It Is expected that Ks ??l 11 - aw ?- i * * ?' ?jv wu? muci upvu mo wuri in b ifw aavi I D6 plan of a austentatlon fund by voluntary contribution* of small sums by members una others monthly, had been adopted, and all are invited thus to unite In sustaining th's effort In doing good among large classes of our population, whose spiritual Interests are not otherwise provided for The ebject and plan of operation of the Christian Commission, as set forth In the paper adopted by the Commission when recently in session, was read The active agency of the Commlanlon for this locality conslsta of a district committee of three, appoint'd by the Commission?Rev Hsnry C. West wood, Wm J. Rheese, and Win. Ballantyne; and an army committee of aeven, appointed by the association, and authorized t? elect their own chairman and secretary, 4c , In correspondence and co-operation with the executive aud distribution commit*ee inttec tyof New York, viz : Joseph H Bradley, ir , R T Morsell, Z. Richards, Charles H 1. termehl*. John Vanzintvoord, George U B. White, and Otla C. White. Interesting and Impressive addresses were made by Rn Mr Pierce, correspondent of the Chri*t'an Witness and Reflector, formerly chaplain of the-N Y 71?t regiment, so long quartered in the S??v Virrt hii R?v Mr U??.1? 1 J . ?- ? ? ? ? . 4?* . n* <T vr? W y V^ViVVBI J V* ?UO American Tract Society, Boston, and by Chaplain Gsllagher. Revolutions were adopt?d appointing an Army Committee, as recently recommended by a general convention; and tendering to the Chriatian Commission the use of the rooms kindly granted to this association bv the Post OSce Department. The exercises of the evening were closed by singing a hymn, and prayer by Rev. J. 6. Butler. Tbk Robbkry in the Sbvebth PsmtsYLvairia Rmimz.vt ?Some week* ago Lieut L Howell, of the Seventh Regime tit Pennsylvania Reserve, 0 resigned his commission on account of h s health, and left the camp to start for Philadelphia speedily. Just before starting, some forty or more of me men piacea in dis nana* letters and money to take to tbetr families, the money amounting to or S800 Coming to this city be took lodgings at Simpson's Hotel, with two companions. Tbe letters and money were placed in a bandvalise w bleb be had wltb him He remained a night and started in tbe morning train for Pbiladelphla Being verv nnwell be did not examine bis valise for a day or two after bis arrival. When be did. be discovered that it bad been broken open and robbed of tbe letters and money. 1 nqnlrv was m*de concerning tbe money by tbe families of tbe sotdlers. ana also by Mr Howell, and be wan arrested and taken before Recorder Eneau Other parties also were arrested Mr. How?U was dismissed, bnt upon tbe order of the 8tate Department, through Gen L. C llaker, the others were brought to Washington They were olsred In the pnardhnnBM hut nn navwin nna?. ing against thrm they were dismissed Friend* of the parties here had a warrant issued here and forwarded to Philadelphia for the rearrest of Mr. Howell la ths meantime, Gen Baker sent a dispatch to Mr. Howell, and he promptly appeared In Washington and gave himself up to the magistrate On Monday, in examination of the evidence before Justice Donn proved that Howell had been robbed of the money, and he was honorably discharged Mr. Howell declares that the loss shall not fall on the men, but every one shall be reimbursed. Police?On Monday, Jos Connor was arrested by Patrolman Hannan for the larceny of two geese; and held for a hearing by Juntice Barnaclo Ellen Fitzgerald was arrested by Patrolman Hannan for selling liquor to soldiers, and held to bail for court by Justice Barnaclo Catharine Cronin was arrested by Patrolman Crown for keeping hogs in her house; she was dismissed try Justice Barnaclo Wm Schlorb was arrested bv Roundsman Fenwlck for imkinv thraata against bis wife; be wu sent to j*U by Joatlce VValter Wm Moore was arretted for ateallng a rblld; be wu dismiaaed by Justice D"nn Tbe fVU were, that meeting with tbree little children near tbe Capitol, one of them (truck bia fancy, and be took It to a candv abop near, tell, log toe other little ones to wait. Tbey went away, and Moore being a aoldier, waalnaate* what to do wltb It. He thought to carry it to his tent, and get leave to aearch for the parenta, but tbe policeman took tbe child from blm. Tbe mother of the child waa very much opposed to punishing tbe aoldier, after bia explanation, and he wan dismissed Other partlea arretted by tbe Fourth Ward Patrolmeo. were turned over to tbe military. Thi Lou? Island Rksimint Rosbbbt ? L&at week a colored man named B F Jobnaon,a errant of the chaplain of tbe 1st Long Ialand Regiment waa arreated for robbing tbe letters deposited oy tbe men at tbe cbaplaln'a quarters to be aeiit to their families Yesterday tbe claimanta began to appear before Justice Donn, ard ao far twenty-three persona are aacertained to be loaera <i nmounia i>y ioe roooery. i ae amount of oasb recovered Is S2W. besides which Johnson hsd supplied himself with excellent clothing, which was also recovered. A pro rata division of the amount In hand among the claimants will reImburse tb< m?3 or 73 per cent of their loss. In one letter he substituted four spurious ten dollar notes for four genuine; and in another letter one spurious ten was Inserted. Aa each loeer makes a separate case. If he be Indicted and convicted, and sentenced, the combined terms of imprisonment would amount to a life time period. RoasiMe tbi Govkb.vmbbt ?Some days sine* Sergeant Hurley, of the Metropolitan Police, First Ward, was Informed that the Government were dally mlasing oats and other provender He Immediately pat his force to work to detect the thieves, and on Prlday last found on the premises of William Hartung seventeen bags of oats, which were subsequently Identified as having been stolen from the Government. Hartung sal a he had bought fifty baga of oats from William Karllog, a Government wa*> on-master. Karllng was arrested, and Justlee Drury, on examination, committed him to jail to answer the charge of. atealtng oats from the United States. Hartung is to be used ss a witness The seventeen bags of oats were returned to Capt Dana, of the Quarter* master's Department Roaaiar aicoh* til Tbam?tbb* ? Yesterday, Offlser* Norwood and Harrover arrested James R -?d and Owen McJ)erroot, who were charged with robbing Berry 8. Wa'den of an amount of money?about fourteen dollar*. The per tin are ail teamster* la Government employ After a bearing of tbe testimony before Justice Donn, McDermott was dismissed, and Reed committed to Jill for trial at court. A Bra act too ?Last evening It was whispered over tbe public plaoes of tbe city that Messrs Conway, of Kansas, and Fouke, of Illinois, had wltbdrswn themselves to br-places, and that a negotiation for a duel was la progress between then. We saw nothing to lndooe tbe lmpreasloaoo us thataflght Is likely to come off between U??m CamiHAi. CovaT.?Wm Jones Indicted for tbe larceny of a bonnet, shawl, Ac , from Mrs Ann nun* on im l#u>pf iui uc?o?r.wu?cqiinw? "ft* etw of Jkoae* Colllna Indicted In tM anme WordauWm Jonea?aa being a party to tbe Mine traaaac'ion??m then taken up. Sonui Cocbt -.Yceterdny, Mr Benjanln Oiwi, a( PaoMylvult waa admitted an attorney and eounaeitof <* thk Court Ho 38 >ettn D Hager, appellant, n John R Tbonpaon et al The argument of thla cauae *Y Mr 4. P Bradley for tbe appellee*. L \ A Deaths of 8oi.vtns ?The following soldiers have died since our Isst report: Clinton G. Scott, Col. Mehane't Erie regiment, at St. Elizabeth Hospital Ludwlg Out, Cameron Rifles, at St. Elizabeth Hospital Charles Manderllle. company D, 0th regiment New Jersey volunteer*, at St Elizabeth Hospital. James Sullivan, company E, 36th New York volunteer*, at Camp Brlghtwtod. Isaiah W. Robertson, conap*nv H, 3d New York cavalry,at Eruptive Hospital. Robert Dtkeman. company A, 8th New York cavalry, at Columbian College. O L. Freneau, company i), 11th Maine volunt??er?, at Columbian College George R Erwln company D, 3d Pennsylvania ca*alr>, at Camp Marcy Nelson Harlan, teamster, company A, 5th Pennsylvania Reserve Corps, at Camp Plerpont. Private Huffman, company B, <Wd Pennsylvania volunteers, at camp, near Munson's Hill. Oscar \V. Smith, 9th New York cavalry, at camp. Thomas Harper, company I, Mh Pennsylvania Reserve Corps, at Camp Plerpont. Corporal Jacob Bohllneer, company L, 4th Pennsylvania Cavalry, at Eruptive Hospital. Henry Dehne, company A, 1st California rsglI OlADt. At ITnlftll flAcnilal n?nPor?lA?rn Corporal Abel Fratier, company F, 45th Pennsylvania volunteer*, at Eruptive Hospital Jarne* Sullivan, company E, 38th New York Volunteer*, at Camp Brlgbtwood. [George R. Erwln, whose name appear* on the above list, was well known In Washington among the typographical fraternity. He was a native of Harrlsburg, Pennsylvania, and at the breaking out of the war joined the Third Pennsylvania cavalry. During several sessions of Congress,decea*ed was employed aa compositor on toe Daily Glob? of this city. His death was occasioned by poison taken accidentally ] Accidknt in Camp ?Colonel Marston. of the 3d New Hampshire regiment, stationed at Budd's Ferry, Maryland, while sitting in his tsnt writing on Monday last, was accidentally shot by a ball fired from a pistol in the hand* or a private in an adjoining tent, who was cleaning the pistol. The ball struck Col Marston In the nip, glancing off at the bone, and coming out at the abdomen. The wound, though very painful, is not serious, and the Colonel is rapidly recovering from Ita effects. Yit A30THI& SxASH-tF?Yesterday morning a coachman, driving a sprightly team, broke ene of hi* reins The horses were unmanageable and ran off, the coachman, retaining his teat on the box, trying to control them with the single rein. Near the corner of Third at and Indiana avenue the coach came in contact with a tree box and a train wagon, and waa considerably broken, and the driver slightly Injured. A Likutxnant Fisao ? Lieut. Walker was arrested a day or two since by the Patrolmen of the 5th Ward, charged with an a*aault on John St. J"hn Yesterday the complainant failed to appear a* the examination before Justice Ferguson, and there was therefore no proof of an assault. The Lieutenant was, however, fined $0 and costs by tbe Justice fur disorderly conduct. Tbkatsk ? Great is the rush to see u The Seven Sisters," and great it will continue to be we are sure, as new tableaux of surprising effec' tlvene*?, Including "Calhoun's Dream," will soon be added to the representation. To-si*ht, It will be remembered, the fair for the benefit of Fletcher Chapel, opens at Thorn's building, Seventh street Arrangements have been perfected for a grand holiday entertainment. Go. With Misses Carrie Lamont, Emma Miles, M'lle Lafolle, and the inimitable Prank Brower, Canterbury Hall presents attractions irresistible to the fun-loving public. All the stars appear to-night In a huge bill of novelties. AcciDK5T ?Alexander 81 mpson, a colored man, was severely injured yesterday afternoon, n?ar the corner of Sixth street and Louisiana avenue, by a bale of hay which be waa endeavoring to bold upon a wagon, foiling upon him. Ch*istt's merited popularity waxes greater with each entertainment. Another of his novel programmes 10-nigni, overflowing witu wit and humor. Ahothxe entertaining programme, with a new assortment of gifts for distribution, at Odd Pellows' Hall to-night?attractions su?clent to entice a hermit. Scientific Association ?A meeting of those In favor of establishing a Scientific Association In the city of Washington, to consist of resident and non-resident members, will be held at the rooms of the Young Men's Christian Association, on Pennsylvania avenue, between Sixth andSev cu>u oitwf uu ncuin^uojf, iuc ioiu uiBvani) ai o o'clock p. m , when all cltlzensand traneera who will favor the above project are respectfully Invlted to attend without further notle?. It# India Rcbbbb Good*. India Rubber Coata, white or black, 92 50each. India Rubber Legglna SI per pair. And all kind* of Rubber Good*. including Rubber Boot* and Shoe*, Rubber Stoppers for bottle*, Door Mata, Under Sheeting* for b*ds In sickness, Ac , &c , at manufacturers price*, at H A Hall'* India Rubber Warehouse, 300 Pa av, between Ninth and Tenth streets. dec 18-tf Soldikx* Spici&l Notice ?Do your duty to yourselves, protect your oeaiiD, use Houowayi Pills and Ointment For wound*, sores, bowel complaints, and fevers, tbey are a perfect safeguard. Full directions how to use them with every boi. Only 25 cents. 210 + MARRIID. In this city, on Thursday, the 12th instant, by Use R?v Mr. Dickcon. W>f. C. SHIMONKCK. of Wisoonsin. to CORNKUA 8<>PHI * KEY, flvghter o! the lata John Golden. DIED, On the 18th instant, after a lone and painful illness, whiol she l>ore with ohriman fortitude and resignation, MARY* LI.I7.ABKTH, daughter of Benjamin and Martha Fraaier, of this city, aged J8 years and 6 month*. The friends and relatives of the fami1 y are invited to a'te:.d her fa?erai. from the family residenoe on H, between North Capitol and 21 street west, Friday at 10 o'nlock a m. * [ Baltimore patera oopy.] On the lTth inatant. at 6 o'o' ok a. m , DAVIT) GRANT, a native cf county Kikeni y, Ireland, ia 'he 19th year of hia age, eon ot James and Johanna Grant. H<a funeral will take p'aee on afternoon. 19th mat* nt. at 2 o'o ock. from hia father's reaidenoe, on al'ey between 9th and 7th and M and N streets, where friends of her family are invited to attend On the mornin* nJ the 18th instant, at the resi denoeof Mr. Eraser Bruwn, WILLIAM 8PEIOEN, Pavraast*r United tftates Na?y, in the 64th year of hi? age T*e friend- of the deo*a?ed aie invitfd to attend hit funeral, to morrow at 1 o'o oolr p. m , from the First baptist Church, Thirteenth ?t , without fur ther notion. [ Baltimore Sun oopy.] * On Pund&v eveuine. after a short and painful il'? d?ii, Mrs. GKOMGEaNNA M. LEW18,af"d30 years [New Vorkand Ph lada papers oopy.] * On the 17th instant, JOHN PAYN, the son of il Payn. in the 21tt year of his age. The friends of thef?roilv are in v ted to a*t*nd the funerai, ?o-aay atSo' his father's reeldeios.No 81 First st.. Georgetown. * Of onnsamption. on the 17th instant, at 13K o'olook, MARY TA1T. id the Z7tn year of her **The friends of the family are requested to attend her funeral, on to morrow ereainf at 2 o'oloek, from trie residenoe of her hatband, on the oorner of Seventh street west and F street south. * On Tuesday. 17th Instant. PR1SCILLA BARL??W. a<ed fno yeskrs. whon the Lord bad blessed with a long life, and finally He was pleased to take her home to rest Her faneral will take place to morrow at two o'clock, at Uoioo Bethel Churoh Her friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to atteod the uoeral. * On the evening of the lnh instant, ANN ETA R. It. sec ad daughter of the l*te Charles A. Haaaler, surgecn U. 8. N. Frie'dtot tha f&mlly are invit^U to attend her fnoeral, from the rtaidenoe of her grandmother, Mra M R. Nourae, Ne 461 Thirteenth at, on t-r.'day. 30th int .at 11 a. m. On the 9th inatant, ISABELLA, wife of Joa. Reeae, In the g>ta year of her ate. WagonsT wabons, waouns Whave now on hand a lot of very atrong bnilt aguna, amiable for Grooera/Sutler'a.or Pedlera. Alao. Lanipa. Polea, Spring*. A o. ITT Repairing promptly attended to.??Il ROBERT H. GRAHAM, Coaoh Maker, de 16 3t* Eighth atreet. Ohio wines AND BRANDIP*. Hinni received * oonaicnment of Zimmerman* # Co.'i inoinnaUObioCatawt>a Wmeeaod Bran0101; wo therefore oner to Drnggiata, Grooera. Hotel and Sa oon Keeper*, Ao , DR Y CA TA WBA WINE, Lieht and Strong?the former in boxee for table see. lad the latter in half barrels for mixing and eeoking parpoeee. 8WKBT CATAWBA OR LADIES' WINE, in barrels and ha f barreie, for table nae?* rery aoperior artiole for the holidays. CATAWBA BRANDY, <W 14 li Louisiana iw?y. s a**o*trH$sCOAL J. LANGDoN A CO. reeyeoClttly offer to the oiteaeoa of Washington. Georgetown aod Alexandria. COAL, from the o^ebreted oo'Henee. at #7 (seven doilara) per ton natt 18,000 fbe.i, until furOffioe temporarily at Bali more A Ohio Railroad m?oc . I BALMORAL BKiRTS. iAROR bote new and styllsn things at moat ^wltfalfotjir kind* of J>ry .Goods for Use gen |=j.r,??;::sks: i AMUSEMENTS. Ab a l l To be liven on flA THURBDAY EVENING. Deo 10, M In WARD'S BUILDING, AA (oorner of Peon. av. end Second at.) Hi Tioketa one dollar, admitting a ient!eman and ladiee. do n-8t* canterbury hall. CENTER BURY HALL. CANTERBURY HALL, (Forn^l? the Washington A?i?mWj Rooms.) LoumdVk avenue, nrar oorner of 6th street, in the rear of th* National and Brown's Hotel*. OPEN EVERY NIGHT! With the first talent in America, ENTIRE CHANGE~OF PROGRAMME. The front of the auditonnm is seated with elegant ro*ewood orohester o hairs. The oeleCrated Violinist, Mr. GOODALL, condaots the Orohester. Reftpeearanoe of the great Eccentric Ethiopian Ani*t of th? Day, FRANK BROWER! FRANK BROWER ! FRANK BROWER ! FRANK BROWKR ! JAMES WARD, BIM.Y PIERCE, DICK PARKfc ft, HARRY FOX. W. B. HARRISON, ALBERT TREVOR M1?S CARRIE LA M?>NT. . M'lle PR ANK LaFOLLE. MimEMMA MILES, With the in menae oowpany una T%HE STAR O RO H B S TB R! In aoUve r^h?n-?*l. Prank g'eat original MUMMY! MUMMY! Phicks o* Admiamon?Parquet,45ota.; OrohMtra Chare. so cent* _ de IT IT* ASH ION A BLE DANCING ACADEMY AT F T?mp?ranoe Ball (in the main halDE M atr??t, betwe-i 9th and loth Cla*?"? even JOE Tuesday and F idav Aflernooi and Ever*"*, AB All of 'h? faahionaole I ancea taught. Pn-UMI vat? claaaea at*?r>dad to. For oircnlara, t*rma, Ao.. inquire of WM H BARNES, at Thomoaon'a tten'a' Famishing Store, 370 P? avenue C. T. B * KNF.8, de 17 lm" Professor of Danoing. fJEORGE CHKISTVS VI NEW OPERA HOUSE, Tenth Btksxt, Washington, This beautiful and elegant hall, eligibly situated, on Tenth street, between E Mid F streets, near Pennsylvania avenue, is on the FIRBT FLOOR, without steps or staire to asoend, very easy of access acd egress, delig'Ufully heated a&d pleasantly ventilated. Now Op*n Evmt Nioht, Under the management of O E O R O E CHRISTY, The Pnnoe of Negro Wits and the Pioneer of Negro Minstrelsy, Latiot BaoADWAY, Niw York. W I bll A First class Minstrel Company. 8inoe this admirable h?ll eaa b?n open to the pnblto, it baa been nightly orowdfd by the Most Elioant and krfinxd AutnxncBs, the larger proportion being Ladiei and Families. Mr. Chriatj will shortly apoear in his famous Negro Dramatio Characters, of whioh due noiloe will be jiven. Admismou? Par^net, 80 oenta; Oaliery 25 cents. Doors open 4uarter before?,oommeDoing at qnarter before 8 o'olook. de )2 T ARLINGTON CLUB. HE Members of the Arlington Clnb beg leave to announoe to their friends and the pnMio JA generalW that they intend giving thelreighth 93 IRAN D COTILLON PARTY at Franklin/HA Hall. D street near Itth.on MONDAY. He HB oember 23. The oommittee pledge themselves that they will spare neither pains nor expense to make this the party of the season. Tickets SO cents, admitting gentleman and ladies. JUy order of the committee. de 14,18,21* ^yASHINGTON THEATER! THE TRIUMPH~OF THE AGE! THE TRIUMPH OF THE AGE! THE TRIUMPH OF THE AGE! IN SCENIC ART! The ahouta of applanae which greeted the ?erformanoe of the Romantio Spectacular Dram* of THE SEVEN SISTERS! laat evening. givea to it a prominenoe beyond any previous effort in theatrioala in Washington. Th* Last PCKNK. THE BIRTH OF THE BUTTERFLY in the BOWER OF FERNS! is the moat corgeona Bight ever witnaaaed. MISS SUSAlfDENIN, aa Capt. Highboy. will drill her company of ZOUAVES-UO YOUNG LADIES! Seata aeonred three daya in advanoe. Box office open 10till 3o'clock. dell PROP. C- F. BARNF.H' of Nra York.) DANCING ACADEMIE8,*tOdd Fel- M iow?' Hall, Navy Yard. every Monday and JS Thursday; and at Temperanoe HalJ, E at. betvMo 9th and 10th ata., every TnoadajUHB and Friday afternoons and evenings. Private olaaaeaa'tended to For oironlara. terms, eto., entire of WM. H. BARNES at B.W. Thompeon'a, tient'a Form shine Store, 3T0 Pa. ave. de Il-lm* DD FELLOWS' HALLl 0BVB5TH, ABOVH D ST. CO XT HIVED SUCCESS of the World Rinownid CAMPBELL MINSTRELS! TWENTY STAR PERFORMERS' The Beat Band in the World! Chance of Programme Every Night! Admiaaion.. ...85 oenta. Doors Often at 1 o'alook : oommenmn* *.t * o'clock " ~ * d ?"l 1 81 SUPERIOR QUALITY BLUE BEAVER CLOTHS. Superior grades Cloths, Cassimers and Vertices With all other kinds of Dry 6oods at onr proverbially low pno*. PERRY &. BROTHER. de 14-t* Pann. avcnu* and Ninth street. CJ AMU EL W. THOMPSON. 370 Prnkstlv?5ia Avmi. (Part of Store ?.f E. A. Lake & Co.) Unaer Brom's Hottl His in store on consignment, for sale at Rttail or Wholisale. An immense stock of Ladies' and Gent's Hand kerchie s, from the o^mmon roods at 91 per dozen to the very fine French Needlework and Lace Ed*es. Klegant Goods for Chnstiras Presents. Gent's Linen and Silk Handkerchiefs, in all grades, from 1" oents eaoh, to $10 per dosen. Gent's Liaen Collars in all styles, from our owe marnfaotory, at Troy, New York at 10 cen s eaoh and upwards, about half the usual prioe for the aam# cooaa. 8o*?f?, Neck Tie*, Ao , over 300 styles, at very low prio^a. Cnatom-made Shirt* at ?1-36 to 9?.36, on hand Shirta mea>ured. for h?re. and made to order in New York, and good fits, and good material a!way*; meaaurea f ?rward?d every Saturday morning U nie'gar menta,Ho?iery, Glove*, Ac., for Ladiea, Gentlemen, an hildren de14tf L^UK HOLIDAY PRESENTS?Cloak*. Shawls, r " ? " Silks, Milk Ro!?> " * fine Dre?* Gooda ^ " " Lace Set*. fine r. m b rolderier, * Kmbi-oidared w ' " Collara. Embroi** " " dered Hardker** " chiefs. Medium M L?re-sGo<?!?,lov " M * price Dr*ii M M M Good., all other ' " " kinds l)ry Go da at oar'proverbially low prioea, marked in plain fuurea. One pnoe only. An inapeotion of atook implies no ob'ication to purohas*. PERRY * URO.. Penn.avenue and Ninth ?t.. deU-ant "Perry Balding." SBRfDAL GIFTS. ILVER SERVICES, 8ILVFR URNk SILVER TbREENB SILVER BOWLS, hvi v w a manira I^'l U V 1 ?/ IU?< MS UI SILVER SPQON8and PORK8. SILVER PlTCHOtS, WAITERS, SALT CELLARS, WirA a treat collation of smallr artiiltt. fu ta bit for Bridal Gifts These goods are all of our own manufacture, of tba moat elegant workmanship and finish, and we do not baliere. for variety and quantity. are surpassed by any other oolleotion in the oountry. BPMRONES DIAMOND JEWELRY, VINE WATCHES, fe., *e. For sale by SAM5L KIRK * SONS, 17fl Baltimore at., Baltimore, Md. Established 1817. da 14-lSt* SCHOFI ELD'S HIRING,LIVERY.SALE AND EXCHANGE 8TABLF8 Noa. 380 and 390 K and Mth'atreeta, aouth of Wfllard'a Hotel. Gantlemen wishing to hire a neat and atjliah turnout oan be aupplied with a team of any de nri ntmr in A ata I a of r>rA "" "excellence. The best care beatnwed on Livery horses. 8*401* horses, snitabi* lor army ways en hand. na-lm* ^02 ELEVENTH STREET. 5Q2 E. FISHER A BROTHERS.

FRENCH STEAM SCOURERS. BaMiicomi, Md. The only plaa* Mf "da of Naw York, where to* oan rat a Bill Dre?? oltanad, reatorinc the lustre aaaol to naw. Mori noes, Delaine*. and all kinds of LacUaa Dreaaea oleaned without taken TRi. and other Shawls, Table Coy era. and tttleInac's Clothing, oleaned in the beat manner. Tin* no substaaoa in the oloth to injur* it ar make it more soil. _ N. B 9ood* will be sent to Baltimor* twio* a wrs& v?rwttrB A,..* GL?VKB CAPS' """'"""UYMa^lu tj*.r|?U)TiL 1 EAVE JUBT RECEIVED THIS DAY. A r d* 4-tf or SMD^l. b?wMB?Sh ud 10&. I - / WANTS. P WANTED-A SITUATION m cook or ohun- i .?* berniMd. Beat of refarenoa |iven. Addr#at J 47T Flnt atraat. It* i WANTED?A joirnnnuui BARBER, ?t 8. 1 FISHER'S, No. 091 F itrfftt. near Maryland I avroo. l?i>nd. del* ft* f WANTED-A jood HORSE SHOER. Apply v to ''HOMAS MoGUIRE, Eighth it. da H-3i* j VVANTED-A am*!! Fnrni.had HOUSE. Ad- ! " dr*?s*'F. L. " No. 11 South Capitol etr??t, ? -" m trniiB aim luoatifcy. 1 i~ I WAITED? By a young woman, a 81TUA- i TION Is an excellent oook and taker. Please address "Kate," Washington Post Offioe. < jn i A RESPECTABLE YOUNG MAN, of sober * and industrious habits, wishes a situation in ' some resectable business; is willing * work. Address ,rR. T.," Star Offioe. It* \ IVANTED-A YOUTH to make hirncelf fcen- 1 erally useful in a store. Apply at T POTENTiNrS. S79 Penn. aieflue.between loth and ; 11th sts. de 18->t* : WA NTED? ROOMS for one or four gentlemen, 1 with meals if convenient, within 5 minutes' t walk of Ninth street and Penn. av. A 'dress "A. i T.,"8tar Office. . V t WanTnV-A rURfllfMRU KUUM Hd mil I BOARD, for a sentleraan and wifa, within 1 a short walk cf Tenth street and Penn. avenue. e Te-ms not to exceed ?12 per week. Aaoress "H. i F.T., atthis office. de 18-3t* p H ANTED? By two respectable women. ?ITU- ATIONS?ooe a* cook, waiter and ironer in j a private family : the other a* ohamberin?id or 1 cook A??'y at Michael Kell?'s, on Fourth ?!reet, * between Mass, avenue ana 1 at. It* h WANTED?To purcha*e two or three second J hand heavy WAGONS, suitable f ?r hanhn* ? ha?andwond, Abbly to W. H CLA6ETT, ?t Wm. Shuster A Co'a Dry Goods Store, No, 39 Penn av., betweed 7th and 8th sts de 18 3t I ANTED?A SITUATION as bookkeeper,or * a clerkship, by a younc German 26 yars of ^ ace. who speads and writes the Enclisb. French. ?, ami German languages fluently, at a m*roantile . house or a first-olMs holel of th ta city. For an interview address "L. E ." Star Oiw. It* WANTED-A BOY. Apply J.W.THOMPSON ! A CO.. 'i69 Penn. av. de 17 2t j Y17 ANTED? A good COOK. None but a good ?" one need apply. Inquire at No. 347 Cat., between 4X and 6?h atg. de 17 3t * \l'ANTED-Fir?Uc!aa? BOARD for a gentle-" t ?" roan and wile, in a private family or a board- ^ inr house. Address J. D. W., at the Star Oflioe. c de 17 2t' * n WANTED?A SEAMSTRESS, to live perman- 5 eotly in a priva'e family, who ia also willing to attend to other duties. Apply to 320 K street, ] between 13th and 14th. de 17 V.' ' WANTED-A WOMAN to oook, wash and c iron. She must understard her business and n oome recommended, inquire at No. lltf Rreen a street, Georgetown, family mall. d? 17-2t A WAN rED-A WOMAN tnat ean oome well 1 reoommecded. to do the oooking, wanhing I ami ironing in a private family. Apply at 411 p 1: street. between 10th and Hth de 17 2t* I A RARE CHANCE-W.4Nr.ffD-AGENTS, 2 with some means, to sell an artiole ju?t in- ? vented, which is indaspensihle to ev?ry soldier. Call immediately on E. ELLISON,at Mrs. Mills, 304 Penn. avenue. de 17 3t* j WANTED IMMEDIATELY?A smart and ? active colored BO V. abont 15 or 16 rears old. 3 to attend the dior bell and make himself useful ~ generally. Situation permanent Good references \ required. Address "'E. B," through oity Post Office, stat cg terms. de 17 3t* * 'I'U aij, ins :>uiiersnip 01 a 4 1 Rerim*>nt in the servioe, by a competent mer 4 ohant with the neoessary means; for which a mod- erate oonu* will be paid. Address "Sutler." at the I otfioe of this paper. de 17-Iw* * WANTED?Si* No. 359 Eighteenth street, between H and I. None but cool hands need apply. Also, two young ladie* to Team the business. Work the year round, and the ^est wages given. de 1&-St* WANTED-A LEADER for the band of the 3d Regiment, U.S. Infantry. None but ae knowledgtd talent and experience, will be aoaept ? ed. Apply at this offioe between 11 o'clcok a. m., and ? 2S p. m. FREDERICK DEVOE. 2d LieutSd Infantry, Adjutant. Adjutant's Office, 3d Jrfantry,U. S. A., r de 14 4t Franklin Square, Washington, D. C. p VVANTKly-A SITUATION as bookkeeper or 4 " salesman,-by a gentleman of 20 years' expe- t rienoe, with firat-olaas referecoe ; compensation at the discretion of the employer, on a trial. For A an interview address "A. B Bo* 1, Star Office. * no U im" WANTED?10,nno whisky and brandy BOT- * TLES. Cuh sn deli Terr. ' F. B. HASTINGS fc CO.. . 323 D street, ; no 25-tf Philharmonic Building. CUTTER WANTED. Call at WALL, 8TE- . PHENS & CO.'S. 333 Pa. avenue. se 18 L WANTED?Every person to know that I am in the market, ready to pay oash for all artiolea in the houpefurnishiut Un*. Those leaving tne r oity, or having a surplus, will do well to call. K. BUCHLV, 43S Seventh ?t., between 6 and H ste., (east side,) Dealer in New and Seoond-hand Fur- a niture. no 16 \jv axtED-TAILORS, TA1LORS.-h>T%\\otu ? " oompetent to work on ?iood?. Apply G. wall. Stephana 8c. do.*. nfe IiOST AND FOUND. Board and rooms wanted for the winter, by a gentleman and hie wife, in a genteel private family in the neighborhood of the Treasury Department. Apply to j. HILBORN, 202 Peng, avenge, immediately. de 18 3f ?C REWARD?Lost, on Wednesday of last week, in the ladies' gallery of the Senate Chamber, a FITCH FUR CAPE, lined with blue black eilk. The firder will receive the above reward and the thanks of the ownor by leaving it at 138 G street, between 2"th and 21?t. de 18 St* REWARD.?Lost, on Thursday last, on New York avenue, between9th and 10 h ?ts.? - mourning nmr DitbAai 11.1 sei wi'n p^sm. -1 Tfce above reward will he paid to the finder on 5 leaving the ram* at this offioe, or at No 218 G ? street, between 8th aud 9th. de 18 3t* CJTRAYED OR STOLEN-On Monday lait, O fom my Stable, in the aliey on H-h cn r street, between C a^d D, a medium ?tied j_? bisok HOR8K. with short ta l: and lamp^Zn. urder hi? throat A liberal reward will be paid for hi? r^'urn or for information oonnerntng his where- h abouta. J O'LEARY, No. 325. adjcfcin* S'ar fi Office. de 18 gt* CAME TO THE FA KM OK THE SUB- ! ?0'ib?r, on the Seventh street road, a mall red Buffalo COW. The owner is requested to come forward, prove proper-r, tj, pay charges and take her away ? JOHN SAUI , ? de!7 3t* 369 7th street corner H. I OPT?On Saturday, the Mth inxtart, a large * blaok Newfoundland DOG, with a^^^j (J white sprt on h's breast; when he left her-i ? had a leather oollar around his neok.with " ? a ri^r a-d a piece oi chain hangu gto it. A suitable a reward ?ill tie paid to any one who will br ng the ? raid Dog to No. 440 I street, between 9th and 10th * atroets. -1e 17 3-.* g| LOST PISTOL-?Lost, on Friday, between 6th t] street veit and flth street east, & Nav* Revolver (aix shooter.) It wm loaded, an4 the cylinder and osps ?ealed with atUmantiue candle, for the ' purpose of keeping the loads free f om dampness. The finder will he rewarded br informing Adjutant MUNDELL, 1st Reg't D. C. Vols., where it may be obtained. Camp near Bladensburg. de 17-2t* & C REWARD-8TRAYED OR STOLEN? *B)iJ On Thursday evening, 12th instant, cv Tl .1 UOOQ L."* ?JJI- ? ! ^ ^ a iiunit oui i 01 uv/noDi oouuio ftuu L'rmio, a white oollar mark on nit neok; about a or 13 hands high. The saddle was new, oitizens' L saddle, and blaok leather bridle and steel bit A J reward of 95 will be paid for his return to the first 5] toll gate on Baltimore turns ke. 7 d?16 St" SAMUELS. GKDDIN6S. ?1AKEWARD ?Lost ty a la^y,last Saturday , ?? IU afternoon, a gold WATCH and CHAIN. P They were dropped on Pen*\ avenue, between 90th ? and 6th sts., or on 7th, between Pa. avenue and E P at The finder of the watoh and ohain will reoeive r the above reward and the thanks of the owner upon ~ leaving them at the store of Mr. W. T. DOVE, ft Ninth St., near Pa av. . de 16-3t JJ STOLEN?On Tnursday night, between It and ? 13 o'clock, a light bay HORSE, about ev d 14 hands high, branded "U. 8." on leftj^ZTk ft shoulder, one white foot behind, white star . In forehead, and was had It twftitti behind, had on | a MoClellan Army Saddle. No. h. with tha ntma * of "Harry Benton," written in ink, pasied on be hind, and & citnen'? bridle. A liberal reward will h be given, if left at the Government Stable* near .. Railroad, with Capt. JONES. de 16 St* r OST.-A SEAL RING, and a POX-HEAD jj 1-i HEAL, attached to a nag. with oorne^-lian set. n $S reward will be give* to whoever returns the i articles to this office. d*2 t< Ran away from the subscriber, i near Bladensburg. BOY ANTHONY, I commonly called Toney. He ia6fAt5inchM Cl ? high, very blaek, *hort hair, gram oonnte- flrT nanoe when spoken to. with a smail soar VI over one of hie ey e?. Went a war with black^A* jaoket( United States button! on it,) oaainet panu, yellow gauntlet glovee. 1 will give #160 to any one [ that will bring him hoire to we. de7 tw* KIELDER MAGRTDER. ~ BOARDING. _________ BOARD-Reapeo table p?rtiea may find food 1 Board and veil furnished Rooma, by day, week, or month, in nonaee No. 47ft and 4TT uth . atreet, thre* doora from Pa. avenue- and midway 1 between W lllardi* and Kirkwooda' Ho tela. no 86 lm* . EDUCATIONAL. 1 jyjADAME LKONTINE BUANCHKT. I WilJBire D* < PRIVATE FRENCH l.RSSOHB. \?T,??T sgvbn brildiiw, < iVo. ISO FmnJWMWa MMM. Ciroaiars to b? obt&ii>M at the Buo*atore? and < of tlM Principal. ' doS-Ub* ] FOB SALE AND RENT. FOR RENT?A neatly fin>ub*d PARLOR and r CHAMBER. ?t No. Sit c itrMt. b*t?M& 4>? gd 6th. de FOR RENT ?A medium use BOUSE, ocntainidc rooms, pleasantly situated, near 'he Mnithonian; with stable attached. For partioaars, apply at this offioe. it* A WELL-FURNISH ED HOUSE IN THE ra. vest end of the city for rentj or several Ro ras nay be had, either witn or without Board. Inquire it Mth street, first house north of P?nn. avenue. *fo one need applr unless willint to pay a 'iNerai >noe and o give good referenoea. de 18 St* Furnished parlor *ndchambeksA suite of fine alrr Room. kindKMin'i V'urn. shed; in the very ben looa ity in Weshinxton, nay be had donnc the session on favorable terms, >y apalyin* on the premises. No. 493 F st e-t lorth. betwioo 6th and 7th streets vest, imirediitely opposite the residenoe of tlie Attorney Geniral. de 18 31* FBURNISHED rooms to let, od e street, betvreeaSdand 3d?No. iOi. Inquire on the iremises. de 17 lw PI OR RKNT-Two pleasant ROOMS? "neatly fnrnished.m a first-class residence in Georjeo?n, with boa d, T? a permanent te- ?r:tterirs rill be moderate. Apply at 147 West at . Geor?eon. de 17 tf FURNISHED ROOM 9.-fifteen handscroely furnisned R"orrs for rent m Per.nnivatna av line, next 'o Willard?* Hev?ral Parlors rith B*d Roomi attaohe-1--*!!. or separate. Aplt to the Proprietor,on the t^mn?i de 17-3t* 8KLBV PARKER. L>URNl!?HKD PARLOR AND CHAMBER?. I A cioe y and com'orf?hly fornitheU P\rlor, nth two arjoiuine Chamber*, on the brat floor? oiue No. 411 Tnirte?nth street, between ? and I?for rent. The looati n and the- neighborhood re alike p!ea*art, and the roomi oonven^nt and unimodiim. Ca 1 at the premicec. de 17 it* rOR K KNT-Two double HOUSES, one with ' back buildinr attao'ed. A pump < f elegart rater within a few s'epsfrom the <-oor. Also, a 3t of stand eg Wood ana Timber, suitable for ?hip uildior, for sale at Kendail Green. Inquire f r erm*,A"., of the undersigned, at theoHkoeoi the i msrioanj relegraph Compacy delT R. C. FOX. [70R RENT?The Second Floor with or with " out a private table Also, a Basement to lot. nsuire at 570 Penu.avenue.corner of First at. O. D??NARDE Also, House-keeper wanted. Also, a rook ragtag. de 16-st* STORE AND DWELLING FOR 9\LE? Wort nf 1 n? V/> Q-i ^nntrn anntKMit ?s i cm I i wi uv? ii". wwi v "" < m ?? *?? ? orner Massachusetts avenue and Third it: would nake a capital stand for a sutler's store, bakery, or rooeiy store. Terms easy. Inquire at the office f the Evening Star. de 16 St* FURNISHED ROOMS FOR RENT?Two d?F sirable Furnished Rooms, parlor and chamber, r two ohambers, ' ommonioatinr, with ras. in a onvenient locality and pleasant neighborhood, ear Penn. avenu*. Rent very moderate. A ppl? t No 828 H st.. between 19th and 20th sts . Fir.t Yard d? 16 St* aOUSE AND LOT FOR SAI.E VERY CHEAP FOR C\SH?A Frame House, near r new, containing six room*. one rquare from the failroad Depot?No. 3*4 First street east The ,bove property will be sold very low for oash or n shortcredit, on application to T. M. H ANSON, Seventh et'eet, opposite Intelligencer Offioe. de?6 eotf FOR RENT-Two well furnished ROOMS, on " the first floor, in a pleasant part of the oity, n i fa hi a tr\r rtrin nr two r?nt AfflAII. InflllirA \n 6T C atreet, near 4H. d? IS-lw Handsomely furnished .rooms.Four handsomely Famished Room*, anpphed nth c&s and water, and oonvenient to the patent jjd Poet Office Departments, for rent. Apply at i90H Maasachoaetta avenue, north aide, between tk and 4th ate. ma33 das9enser trains to and from l baltimore. WINTER SCHED ULE. On and alter Monday, December 9, 1881. Paaencer Trajna between WASHINGTON and IALTIMORK Will run ac follows: TRAINS MOflNO NORTH. Moraine Expreaa leave W acbincton 09 a. . Arlveat Baltimore 7J0 a.; Jew York p. Hamabarc l.Lt p. u. Moraine Aooommodation leave Washington 7.40 . M. Arrive at Baltimore 9JO a. m. No oonneolona at Baltimore. New York Mail Train?leave Waahinpton at 11 ? M.; arrive at Baltimore 12.40 p. Philadelphia .27 p. M.; New York 10 p. x. Afternoon Aooommodation?leave Washington .06 p. M. Arrive at Baltimore 4 60 p. m.; Philadelhia 10.08 p. . Evewn* Express?leave Washington ft p. m. irriT* if Baltimore R.4.S p. m.: Phiiadelshia lflJB . New York 4 *. M.: Harnsburg U.K. On Sundays at 8 05 and 5 p. m. only. The i r. m. train from Washington connects hrough to New York every day during the week. TRAINS MOT IN (i SOUTH. Leave New York at 7 a. m.; Philadelphia llj" a. [.; Baltimore 4 ou p. k Arrive at Washington "belave New York at 6 p. Philadelphia lojo p. I.; Baltimore 4 30 a. u. Arrive at Washington Uo .. M< Leave New Yor* at I* p. M.; Philadelphia S JO . m ; Baltimore736 a.m. Arrive at Washington Aooommodation Trains leave Baltimore at l m., and t p. m . for Washington, arrive to ere at 1 k. m. and 7 p. m On Sundays at 4.90 and 7.36 a. m. only. Passenger Trims leaving Wasuington at 7.40 a. t. and JUi p. sc.. and Baltimore at 7Jit a. m and m , make direct oonneotioce for Annapolis at the n notion. Trains leave Annapolis for Baltimore and Waster ton at 8J0 a. m. and 2 4fl p. m Passenger Train* leaving Washington at 8.00 a. [., 11 a. M-. and 5 p. k.. and Baltimore at 4.30 and ?5 a. M-, and 3.50 p. m.. will star ml* at Annapolis 'unction and Watnintton < H'lay) Junction. Wat P&mrnrorii mult t* It* th? ArrommnrfAttorn fVaini only Trains will leave Washington and Baltimore romptly upon curd time. W. P. SMITH, de 1? Master of Transportation, Bait |MPOR1ANT TO MILITARY MEN! irrny Regulation Hate, MoClellan Fatigue Caps, C&asseurs ae Pans Caps. Staff Caps mide to ord:r. appropna'a de loee. B. H. STINEMBTZ, 330 P?.. avenue, near oorner 13th st., Between Wlllards' ana Kirk woods' Hotels CO" Agency for Gitten's Cork Cap Haveloek. lchlr reonmmended for the use of our rank aud le br Lieut Gen. Winfield Soott. de ll-lm pKOPOSALS FOR FRESH BEEF. Washington Aksinal. loth D*o , 1861. Sialic Pboposals. to b? endorsed "Proposals Jr Kresh Beef" will be received at this Arsena1 niuiuk m.o! mespiu instant, lor meauppiy 01 reeu Beef for 12 mox-tha from the l.t January, MS The Beef to be of ?ood and wholeaome quality, ieok? and ahauka excluded,) in auoh q-ianiuiea aa lay be from time to lime required, not exceeding ve tunea in each week,on ?uoh day? at?hall be 'aignated by the Aoting Asaiataut Coininiaeary f Subaiatenoe; the Beef to be delivered at The iraenal. Th? omitraut will ba MVd^l to the leweat re pinaitle bidder, wfco Will fe required to (iv? be usual bonda within tl.ree days J. M. WHITTEMORE, de 10 lat Lt. Ord. A. A. C. 8. Governmwl Sloan Agency,* Ovnci or LEWIS JOHNSON A CO., BANKERS. Cornxx of Pa. arises xhd Txhth St. LEWIS J0HN80N, of onr firm, having been ppointed a Subacnptior Agent tor the National na r? a nt Knri aaH K? (Ka am* a/ pAnaraa* ?*f VWM UIUVIIBVU 1'J kUW WW? V| VVW^l VI llkll uly, 1861, we are prepare to furnish, to partiee eeirous of making investment, any amount ot 3-10 Treasury Nutaa, of aonvenient sixes. do 29-tl LEWIS JOHNSON A CO. LI A. CARD. "lR. J. A16LER Haa the pleasure to inform ia frienda and the public, that he haa opened a rat oiaaa Reataurant. at the favorite looation on I street, between lltfe aad 12th atreeta, so long nd well-known aa Aig.ers Confectionery eetabshment. Having jaaoo arrangements for a oontan i supply of all tke de.i&acies of the season, and soured the eervioeaof polite aod.oompeten' attenants, he hopes to reaelve a dae ahare of public tvor. de t> lm P?ANCY 0OOD8 A UCTIOS'PMJCBS! STEVENS'S slock of Ffciroy Good a?Pa. avenue, etween 8> h and 9th ate., opposite Center Market? mat be closed out by Ue lrst of January. The took is large and of great variety, and ia now of?red to the pubiia it bee than ooat. The la4i?a f p?1ally are invitad lo Mail themselves of this pportunity to puratofeM A ret class goods at very jw rates. ALK1. ELLIOTT, Jr., uv a * w Am|uw> ' IT? FURB FOR LADIES. r OUR Capianl Miffi, large use, real Mink table, lor ea^e oheap at M. BINDER'S. Manafkcturar, Washington Buiidng, 7th at. a^d Pa ar.. da 14*1* Room No. 1*. )62 SEVENTH STREET. 5(^2 ARMY OFFICERS AND CONTRACTORS TAKE NOTICE. Just armed 80# Windows of Saab, of all aisas, ?ob aa 3, 3.4,5, ft. 7,8,9,10 Md 13 light sash, just h.tbins for l? Agapt for Northern Maanfacturera, V?. M3 7Ik *t-, ofto. CmUtr Mmrk t mmd tm tk? rmr rMitr't Wind, iifwr mmd Cigmr Bfru ao2v* s?T^o^Ystyi^^mu> If job vast 8i?na faiatod ? in rood a*yla, sad it abort at.M.Md ahaaaac than yon oac aot ibam lorn at an? otkor ratabli abort ant ia Wuhicftoc. g;s;atiar?X-^;:f" "J-ta?" L?^-ffl7o.rSW^i;a?tf;*St roN. til a raaownad Glaaiar. who will arwor feat m o%c ?ai? moralUhta at (laaata a day than aar # SECOND EDITION. Not Riccvid -CTp to t S p ft' Government here bad received no dtapn' -hee by the last European arrival; nor bad tb* English government's special px eager, Cap? ^viro :'. arrived, that we en learn There w*? a ?>-?ak 1b the railroad connocflon tbla foeesi. th* J!? layed the 9% train, so that Hdid not rear Wast, lngton until near I p m. an ixroaTANT mzru An individual called Capt. Thomaa Hewitt, who rum a ducking boat from Alexandria op a 0 down the river, waa to-day aeiiod. with hla ve* ael, by Lieut J. C. Willlama, U f? N , who rcmi^anda the brig Perry, (of the flotilla ) Upon the latter waa found a aecoab mall, containing apv communlcatlona. aome of which a a hive area The contenta of the lettera arty ta all probability han^ Thomas Hewitt. 1 tit. LATEST Hi TbLbUKAFH Important Hews from Europt. WAR LIKE PREPARATION? IN ENGLAND TROOP9 ORDERKD TO CANADA MR ADAMS LOOKING POR A RECALL B&ltihoki, Do 18.?The ateamahlp " Jure"* arrived at Portland f joi Liverpool on the Bih mat , and Londc- derrv t'b. Cotton had do< hned Id a 1 yd ??n the week. The aalea otnbraced <9 Ouu bale*, marked at ono-tlme nearly *d lower, but rallied Breadatufft atoady. Pro*l? long ateady Coipola 9lya&9\. Warlike preparatloua continue In England. ' Conalderable number* of troopa are under ordare for Canada. The Dally New* thinka that If the American Government will treat the dlficulty in the earn* pirn u ueoeru p"on aia,wu may m itoiom Seamen on leave were ordered to Join tktli hi pa It ta reported that Mr. Adama regarded hit recall aa Inevitable. The American anlpplng Interest waa already dlsaatroualy affected. A FIGHT IN KENTUCKY. J uat aa we go to preaa to day, the following deepatch was received at headquarters here Louisville, Dee. IS ? To Maj 0$n MeCUUmm. McCook'a division 1* at MunfordavlUe; Genera I Mitchell at Bacon'a creek. Zolltcoffer ia either retiring acroaa the Cumber berland river, or Is preparing to do ao at the approech of any auperlor force. McCook reported that the rebels attacked my pickets In front of the railroad bridge at ft p. m. to-day. The picket conalsted of four companies of the i S V MM- , t !* * ? ?? maiana (woi. wimcD). under Lieut colonel Von Imboe Tbeir force* consisted of on* regiment of Texas Rangers, two reglmenU of infantry, and ow bettery of six gun*. Our loss was L.leut. S&xe, end 8 enlisted men killed and 16 wounded* The rebel loss was 33 killed, including Colons' Terry, of Texas, end about SO wounded. The rebels ingloriouely retreated. D. C. Btell, Brig. Gen, ko. FROM FORTRESS MONROE. CONFEDERATE NEWS FROM THE SOITH AND WE9T Balttmoki, December 19 ?The Old Point boet which arrived this morning brings the following news : rcktrim moxioi, vec i/.? me reams Dip Constitution, Capt A. T. Fletcher,sailed for Boston at midnight last night. It la supposed that she will there take on board three more regiments for some point on the Southern coast Tbe Baltimore boat brought down thla morning a hundred and one men, the greater number belonging to the 79th N. Y regiment. They have been discharged from the hospitals, and will join their regiments at Port Royal on the first opportunity By a flag of trace to-day we have received the Richmond papers of yesterday. The Richmond Whig has received few additional particulars of the attack upon Edward Johnson's forces on tbe 13th last, at Camp Allegany. Tiie Federals wese reported 5,000 strong The fliiht began at ? o'clock In the nornlas. and luted seven hours, when tbe Federals wei r re pulsed The Whig nyi that tbe Confeder lo*t 26 killed and 80 wounded, and that th? Federals carried awi^ their wounded and left M to 100 dead on the field Johnson's force was 1,600, and after the battle be was reinforced by two additional r<vlmente The Richmond Whig calls upon all farmers of Vlrglnin jear tbe linea of the rallsoads to bnlld lce-nou?es and collect large supplies of ice during the present season, as tbe whole 8outh will have to its ice from yirglnla in the coming summer Tbe General Assembly of Virginia, on tbe 14th instant, adopted a resolution tendering sympathy to tbe citizens of Cbai lesion, and Instructing the committee on finance to Inquire into the expedi. ency of an appropriation for tbetr relief A dispatch from August*, of tbe 19th instant, savs it is reported-that tbe Georgia Legislature ba* appropriated tlOOOOO for the relltf of the sufferers by tbe Charleston fire. Tbe following are late telegraphic dl?pUcbes: Memphis. Dec 14?Three thousand Federals at Psducab marched to Vienna on Thursday, and burnt some dwellings, lumber piles, Ac. They returned to FaaueaA, uo anae no inirt mi ron Beauregard All quiet at Columbia, Ky. Jefi Thompson rec- >tlv surrounded party of Federals guarding a bridge, between Cb&r.e* town and Bird'a Point. k.uod four and captured two of tbe bridge guard* Mihrm, Dec. 13?At Columbua. Ky., there w?u great commotion yesterday. More troop* have been aent to Gen Bowon at Feliciana, and a regiment to Union City. Tne Federals at Cairo have changed their policy; none are allowed to leave there All communication ha* ceased Government traa* port* ars Idle in the day tlm? and busy at night It ia sap-. paced by those high in official quarter* that the Federal* are moving an immense force to the Tenneases river to cut off the commanlcaOen with Bowling Green. It waa known at Richmond this morning that a commiaaloner had arrived in thla country from the British port to treat in regard to tbe Mason and Slldell seizure. P. 8. 5 p. m ?A flag of truce was aent dewa fTOm Craney laland this afternoon, and the rts*n tug aent out to meet It haa just arrived. Twelve or fourteen passengers, mostly Indies. were brought down, and tbcy look pessnge fsr Baltlmore. w CONGK ESSIONAL. XUVIIth COHflREU-?wX Wbdxisdat, December W. Sbsati ?After the prreentatlon and relwn of a multitude of petition*, Mr. Ten Evrk Introduced a bill to establish an armory and fnnndery at Burlington, N J i by Mr. urlmsn, one m Incorporate s society for the reclamation of Jswnnlte offender* In the District of Columbia; and by Mr Doollttle, of a bill for the collection of taxes In insurrectionary districts, and ear or twe stherst which were severally referred. Mr. Sumner presented a letter purported t? have been written by Trusses felk, a Bilir from Missouri, and nrrd Ik i aft i en us to the i ad 1 clary Committee, to be made the heals at hM proponed expulsion Item the body. Mr. Salisbury doubted 111 gsaul assess. from Dortlons of Its eon ten to, which, he held, were wholly Jbrelga frean hie character. Mr Urowulag believed it to be geaalae, harta* received lettm freaa highly rwieh>l? dtiMM of MlMorl toetlfrlag to tW fact H? expected that the original, bow la Bt LMh, wool* be here, far the nee ?f the Seaate, in a few daya The Seaatr bill to retire all aaval ilwi orer alxty yean of age, or wfce ki?t eereed facto yeera, ha nag beea retaraad ftea the How wfth an aantatai ertoadlaa the age fa aixty-twe. waa fahaa ap aad referred to the Naval afc*ae Ornm Ittoe. Houis.-?Mr Dawaa, faa the OoMalttee aa Eloetioaa, reported a iaa??nt1?a deeiartag Chaa wi* ereet *kiim m mmmi a. i *?? ?^t *! . - * j x /: + >

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