Newspaper of Evening Star, December 18, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 18, 1861 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR As ll?|T the bMtk el ? Mid D*t [Adapted from GoidamUb, for Brother Jonathan.] people all, of every aort, G'*? ear urto my aoo*; And If you flrtd It wood'roua abort. It eaooot bold yon long. ! Waaklngton dwelt Uncle !**?, Of whrnn the world did airy? He was aa geniir u a lamb When none did crosa hU way A kind and noble heurt he had Ta comfort frienda and foee; The naked every day be clad _ > When be put on hla clothea! ' Now, In that town a dog was found Of the Palmetto breed?/ K mongrel puppy, whelp, or hound. That 3am was wont to/feed. This dog and 9am at first were friends. But wb?n the pique began. The dog, to gain his private ends, Went mad and bit the man Around from all the neighboring States The wondering people ran, And swore the dot? had lost his wit* To bite m> good * man. The wound It teemed both sore and ud To every christian eye. And while tbey swore the dog w>a mad, Home said tuat 8am would die. Bat soon a wonder cams to light That showed the rogues they he i? Foe Sam recovered of the bite. The dog It was thst died. DSSTIirCTlOK OF THK WHIFFOORWILI. i><t!L?S. Tts Nashvll'e Courier of theTth. makes the following allusion to the recent sffalr at WhippoorWlll Station, on the Memphis Branch Railroad: Oa Wednesday night a detachment of the enemy's cavalry made a dash for the Memphis Branch Railroad, and succeeded In burning a portion of the Whlppoorwill bridge, taking eleven prisoners of th?? guard stationed there Though wholly unaccompanied with danger, this Is the most brilliant exploit of the war in Kentuekv And thorn*h the djtmnti.. Hnu (? trifling, and bu been repaired ere thla, th* Injury to the Southern cause it aeriom, out of all proportion to the lo*s sustained This movement of the Federal acouta will excite * feeling of uneaainesa and apprehension In the eouatry, discouraging Southern men and eaconragtng the few Lincolnitea In thla lection And there la no excuse for It. Not a Federal acvnt ahould be allowed to remain an hour on thla tide of Green river. We have nfarly five thousand cavalry here, dylug in their tenta for want of exerclae and employment, and it la a shame that the pickets are permitted to ravage the country on our fla?k< ana In our rear with perfect impunity. And yet they might without risk plunder the farm houaes of our frfrnda within aeven miiea of Bowling Green, ius'ead of burning bridges within aeven mile* of Rusaellville. Fortunately the enemy did not know how entirely unprotected the country was, and made off before the bridge waa aerloutlv injured aud before the Memnhi? train came down, which taev might have captured Rallici'i F*06Rasi*b?A ?ed<?llacorre?pond*nt of th?- Bjrllnirtcn (Mo ) Hawk-Eye b*s it from ''reliable authority*' that Gen Halleck will oca make a move In the right direction He says !t haa been ascertained to a certainty that Price la at Osceola, on the 0?ge. end is so situated that lie will be c^mpeiiea to fl^ht. The whole division of this department w ill move upon him from five different points at the same time Huter, wlta his division from the TVest, to prevent a possibility of hlsgo'c# Into Xansaa, and thus prevent bia devastating that Vtate or esetpln* In that direction Generals _ a * ?- - At - ? ? -? iuiaj ana Aioflia, irom Kolla, will proceed by way of flprlagfleld or Bolivar to prevent bis retreating South Gen Pope, from 3yr3c js^j will go by way cf Waww, and &? steele'a divisions from S?dalia. Ttf?? dlfl-rent divisions will constitute a force of aboat flttv thousand men. and four thousand cava ry and two or tbree p-.w-'fat bat* terifi. With his programme Will be a miracle if be sbould escape As o umbers, the two armies will probably be about qcaliy Batched TRZESBMAR. F*o<?eted bf Royal Letters Patmt of England, and tscnrtd bp tk* Seal* of Ikt EcoU de P\ir# aiMM d* Paris, and Ik* lmp?r\*l Coilegt of Jf?4Ktsi, Vttnna TR1KHKMAR No 1 la the eff*otu?, remedy for RzL?K*t:Q5, Sr**aiTutKHSi and KxhaCstio* ok tub ststlm. TKtfcPtMAR .No U. Complete',t ai? cut; r# if eradicates all traeea of those diiordera. for v h on Copaiva and inbebs * ?-? irancu uvea wiouiai aa antidote,to the n??o or the health of * ra?t portion of tbe popu,?TRIESEMAR No 3. la lb? (r??t and acre remedy of ta? otnlised world lor all imvvntiee ot the ratem, *? veil m teoondKy irmytom). obviating tbe deetraatire nae of aroury, a* veil a* Gibe d'ietsnoua inj/edieata. nd vbioh ali the SaraapariUa in tbe vo^d o*nnct rem ve TaiRtkX' x Noa 1.1 and 9 are alike devoid of taete or ameJi. and ot all uaueeatinc qua.iUea. They are tn tu? form of a loseLge, and may lie on tbe toilet taUe without tneir oee being ?u*~ |io(i4. Hold in tin oaee* at 13 each,or four SS o&iee in one for ?9. aa<i in $*7 u*?-e. thui aav.cj $4. aa x ad mi si "tared tf Va.peau, Laiemaud. Koiu. Jte., *3. Who eeale and retail by DR. H. A. B.KHKOW. 1*4 Bieeoker etreet, (4 doora from MaoDo a* v atreet). N*v York. immediately on receipt of raouttanoe, Dr. UiiRow will forvard Trfeeemar to any eart of tbe world, eeoure.y aaohed.aod addre??e4 aooording to Uie inatruaOona oftoe V'ttar. PaUiibed atao by DR HARROW, tbat popular and txaati/ttlly illuatratad medieal vo'k, Uumau Vra ty. Prioe 36 oetta. Tneeeiuar aid Boot oaa, be obtained by spe<nalauthority from 8. C. FORD,' U/aahi..?t I* " *" " vt'v* u*sni I e~s"? p u r a : * I4 F U R 8 : ! ! MINK BABLfc. MTCH, WATER MINK, FRENCH BABL.E. In feat rariety, a?ul ot ?*p. at 3*5 lm SEYMOUR'S, Georgetown. TBI?* 19 lO GIVE NOTiCE, Tnat the subaoriber Lata obtained from the Orphans' Court of \Vashm?v>!i oouaty, in the District of Columbia, letters teaarreiitary on the personal estate of Jobn 8hr*v?, i&teof Wuhind n oounty afuresa.d. d-v ea=c^ 4 i ?eraona naviu* e.airaa ajtaiu.t tue aa:d dece:-afi ?ce hereby warned tfie am?, wna tna vouohera thereof, to the mbaon oer, en or t-l-re the seventh day of December next; ther ryij otherwise by law tw exoluded frcm ?.l b*L?fi if rr.? Mid estat-. Smt cz.i? rrtj hand this seventh day of iMoem'**!' MA*Y ELIZABETH arfRfeVK?" Cda 9 law2V _ Kxooutrlx. DYK '.? TO COLOti BLACK Oil ERO W\?..?Qoiy 3!* Nnta a box. Thro? po*8<[ foi^uo dc.l?j. Gray, rod or flues bsir isu be efcatied Lu a few seconds to a M black or Wown, tj ui-.i L'pham'e Li?aid Hair Dye, the best JkWl o.JJf"** ;n '^e ^orldTVrodaoine, (Sa monrient ilVStfL'SLfS?^ ?P*earano<?. fcach Box >i traAfl s ua n uib > warr&i,ted to oontain a* u'.aoR fcat? -f? ae other* aali for ont dollar! Hold by S C. Irn AM, 310 ruse an' street, ladeiphia, fed S. CALVERT FORD, ooraer 11th atreet %r.d V% ?"? ?e?t-eolT . MILITARY OFFICERS AND OTHERS. BAVCHELOR'S ?RNViyB HAIR DYE. Tii* B'-at Tn the World, TK* On.v FC?.'vaV? HnrmUtt Ha%r Dy* Known. Sold by %i! L?iaff.?u, also, at UmifOit'i Patent Meoioi^e Store, ip. Patent Office, oor. F A 7th, Hair Bior% Ml Pann'a avenue, where -aij ..availaMiied, tr desired. FMon-M Parfe?#?t.<fib i3B Broadway) N. Y. t*> 9 1? Khe.nch J^rI reowire'l a U-re ?au ocmpieV- aee?rtment of Military Book* f ail kind*. -voich tney offer from ten to fifty pe. -j6Lt. bclor- the rejalar retail prioea,?:neiad'rc s Anew ed-tiou of Hardee'a Infantry and Rifle Taot.os, ^i^eta. ?1-2* Fur^ai* Vwun! Manual, t Tola, |1 A!'et > ?*? rr-ervunm of Hardee'a Taouoa, tOo 6roea'? SI;iiW? watery, 78o Mitkj . Fia... F r .ioatieu and Ootpoet, eaohTt TaoUoa. y?eap edition, *5o Tea : . .?; ? C a complete isanea! and drill it tte ?? of the VolanteerMilitia and lae Bone Auari *50 Tae iiaad Buo* fur the U.S. Soldier, Mine 8rat Mx>k <4 taatraouou to Uie U.S. Infantry taoee.afto Aiao, Miliary Ma* of the Seat of War, C&nrta.Gu^ee. ki Fla<*. bau(?? a^i Medala of erery dtttriytion. U.?~T~!Jg.MWcafe8.N m?l> P?r>neyt?awia a??ae #sa**M*S5S0fr** wa" I iiti ?h ol tto cot aiublfrh panto. ?4 f*rvitii? aL>u.f.?to aft ortooVfor Tf^tr t every d^sonat.on of Cm wwonM.wMi n>c, ?aii MBpouv WQftmM.MWt *Wi l?%K^ aZ: y^s^staaoiaT^savj-; M4; ^ c?*?r? iu (tisni sod reweeonied * la el' cfcuaito??r?> H. O. MOOD, ? ? w?r?f y^^^iV^T?ir<?KrC?; ^jSiw? $ ta tba form of a IcN.ut ' fL^Vjr*>or* eon#t*etiy?B h?o*. e*r?lir,Tna??,M4Tnfcw?*rw*T#il*Tto if it rt?yotod|. ^ tfcuj A :irn MBoMmrrt of M?r*? Ke:<!*? Pool*. R/?l!o HooN. fc?. * oi I* t*#?Kt ? *. ?a *i 6ouM ta*u . p VCR 4T ?JN . L* KRY UOiJY uOKa TO *.N11 I ll's, M? 4tfO 'jkbsih s\ M 11 Q0VERNM8NT DISPATCH. ( PAST FREIGHT LINE , NEW YORK AS H I N G T O N cki HAMM1BM URGH. 1 A Special Me?*et?arWiP b? Mint thronjh with mob Train, m order to MMre safet) and dtopatoh. ALL RAIL, WITHOUT CHANGE OF CARS. <? and after MONDAY. Nov. 18th, this Cornea 17 will receivo and tran?p rt Munitions of War, #orernmeDt Sforee, Sutlers' Supplies for the Army and all Miscellaneous Freight. ut Low Rate*. wiTVorT bxkak or bttlk. Sp*eial Contracts Jot Largt Quantitut, at Jitdnr'd Rant. C^Frerght received only at the Depot of the C?iitrai Railroad of New Jersey, Pier No.3, North River, For farter information, or special oon tracts, enuutre at the Ojtce of tk?. Otn#a*v. 49 Broadttiy, JV. Y, Or 449 Pmnsylvaniu art., Washington City. fl^Mark Go d?, "(i?r*rnment Dispatoh."??31 Freight r'ceirel Crest B&.m toSp. m. A. D. HOPK. mC tM Hope express Co.. HP 3B-lm ttiipenntendent. NOTICE. "ADAMS' EXPRESS COMPANY." This Company offers to the publio** Unequalled Advantages'' for the Sale ana Quiok Oispntoh 6T Heavy Freights. Paoxaces, Valuables, Money, Ac. Ac., to all parts of the united states. Expresses to and f'om the North and West >m and srrive in \Vashington twioe daJiy, All Kxpressea are |R charge of txrtritmttd ami rtltAbU Messengers. All Package* for The Soldiers earned at "ons half" onr usual rates. All Goods for the so-oalled "Confederate States" and all " ContrahanJ of War will be Rrrrixc. 0nr Expresses leave New York at A, t. snd P. M- artiving in Washington at 6 A. M. and 4J0 P. ft? Expresses ieave Philadelphia at ajn A. M. and tl P. arriving it Washington at i *> P. M, and 6 A* M Expresses leave Baltimore at 480 A. M. and 3 P. M.^arnvin* in Washington at 6 A. M. and SS? Express?* for ail point* Nor?h and Wnt l?a*e Wastiinzton at 7JP A. M. and P. M. daily. Special Contracts f-?r iar?te quantities of Freifht car. he made on application to this < "ffioe. All Goods oailea for and delivered >m of Extra charts. E. W, PARSON?, Snp't Adams* Express Company. Washington. Aufuxt 23, 1861. aniS-ti JL*!*T RECEIVED TEN BBL8.8. HORINE S superior OLD KVE \V'HI?KY? eight jears ?>d. warranted. Aieo. prime Monongahela Whiskies far vale at 3.'?3 Pa. avena?, by de 4 Stawtf BROWNING A KEATING. J P. CARTER Sc. CO. 2d St.. Pa. mv?. Washington. PKODCCB DKAL?R? AI*T> CoNvmeioii MKECHANTH. Merchandise and Produce received on consignment and storasw no 13 eolm* O NOTICE N And after the 1st day of next January all psr???as indebted to tfce late Run of E E. Wh'ii ck Co . Hie hereby rotihed that their accounts, notes and due bills ?iS be placed in the hands of m *f mi A* fr?? A.)llA?linn s " ? ? L j .?? wi ui vviiobuub> i? pcisuill BU lU"VOlr 6<1 desmu? to ?*\e costs "f law suit* will Lave to se>t e prior to thr above specified time. ?e3-3 aw?w K. F. WHITE. i. ? ^ \ -1 OFTfCIAt* TO THE PRESIDENT AS 1) MILITARY STAFFS. 944 Penn'aR7., siaej bot. llth lad 13th sU. SPECTACLES, provided with tenure Rook Crjs'al or Perisoupio Leases. moontol in soli, silver or steel. and Suited with utmost care for every age aiiu eyesight. MRSr HSCaBfl CLAW MILITARY FIELD-GLASSES, M>oroeoo?e*, Compasses, and Mathem .tual 1q struments, at the lowest Eastern pric*s. oe?-tr BILLIARDS! ti_i h i ae lorera ^ of the GAME OK BILLIARDS will find is KMRICH'S FINE HALL, Oom?r o Pennsylvania trecus and lith atr*?t, (acath aide,) two of the most idnurtbl* TABLES to Uie United Bt*ta?. with every *001/011 Ud oonvenleaoa ia f-tf for the glaygr*. w 2V&R-SHJRTS, WHITE SHIRTS, DRAW^ RS. CASIP BLANKKTS, HALF-HOSE, Ao., wbion we invite all oaah purohaeera to examine before making their eeleolion*. WALL. STEPHENS A OO., Stitf Fa af., between 9th and 10th ate. in P flatelhienner s.n?1 R ?pnhhoan.> W BOYS' CLOTHIN6. E Have reoeived w.tlun the :ut Jar or two a ? t o? ot.n ?? - * * - - i?ii? bcouiuhcui %ji DV i o' Drmnv ULU i w* IN8, embracing all ?t?Iea of low-priced, medium, ami fire ?ualit;ea, waioh we are afcliirn ft1 ?ery low priees for cub. WALL, 9TEPHENB * OO., 3 J J Pa. %? , 'ftiMi. elh andlOth ra, ib S3 jl3t?lli*?r.'*r and Remblioac.) [VIEW CLOAKS. NEW SHAWLS, AN1? i" New Dreg* tfi>oda, opened daily. One prioe only, mftrk a in plain figure*. . Carpets, Oilclotha, Ruga. Mattinga, Curtaina, 1 Ao . spper Hours. FERR\ A. HKOTHER, de9St !'* av., and 9th atr*et. Tto officers. HE CAMPAIGN.?A Cairia&igniDg Wacon on the Pruaaian principle, arranged for aleep- fry Ing or to aot aa an Amboanoe in oaae of aiokneaa or wouuda. with ample room for *? ator?a and provimona; lifcht. wnter-proof, and perfectly new, having been juat Huilt to order by one of the ttrat inakera in New York, is offered for aale at coat prioe. A loo, a hanrfaom#, gtronf, aoivi<!, dark-brown HORSE, either for saddle or harneeti. Hoth it.ay he #?eo on application to JAMES BROWN, at Mr. Imne'a Stabies, Corooran'a Lace, behind the Cham House, between 1 and H ?tr>x>tn ** (CASH NOTICE. N Conae*ienoe of our nannc to par cam for every article of gooda we aarcnaae. we are foroed to redace oar hnaineee to Caeh exolaalveiy, for the areaont. We have in atore a very iarge aaaortmeat of READY-M.ADE CLOTHING for men and boya* wear, which are aeiucr at a mnoh lower rate than uauvly, W ALL. STEPH DNS A CO.. Pa. avarue. between *u> and 10th at . to V <lnt?l i llMnh.l ^JUNBOATS FOE Til WESTERN RIVERS. (JraiTi&MAaTii Snnii'i Omci, I m K"a.<AtMjri<m, Jun* 17,1161.1 Floro?AM) are invited for oonatruotinc Oun boat* upon the Western riversSpecifications will be immediately yreyare<l and may be examined at theQuartenpaster's Offioe at Cincinnati. Pit'aburth, and at thia r>Aoe. Propoaaia from boat-builders and enfine-balld err aone will be oocaidered. P aca submitted by bidders will be taken icto oocsuioration M. C. MEIGS, le 1? Q'lartermaater General United State ARMY GLOVLSl ARMY GLOVES!! At the Glove Depot of F. B HASTING'S A CO . 323 D at., facing Pa. av., r wamiik*. V*OLD AND SILVK.R KNGLISH, SWISS AND AMERICAN. > r.*ve now on hand a lar** (took of all the moat celebrated Wa'obea, that ! am aelllnc at the very lowe*t prices that Rood and reliable time keepera can be aflorded at; and every deeorlption of fine JEWKl.K \ r>n han't; all new atylea received aa soon aa manufactured, and otfered at theloweat rate*. S.lver ware is.'anufaotured in my own ahop. Al' kinda of MI'-ITaRY GOODS on hand, auoh aa Kevclvera. Sworda, Saahea. Beit*, Bowie Kn. vf?. Pocket Compaaaea. fto. Also atrong Army Trunk* and Bed Combined: and m*n? **'* tflioca u?eiu. and ornam?at*l at 33"? 1'ennMl vania it?ci?. ii'-3n tf H. A. HOOD History of by Johi Joha Loth/op Motisft Ini -cioth; free by mail, *8iiae Mart or, the W?wr of Ravelol, by the author of "Adam fcada , oioth TMoenu ; payer to *Ti7* and Cafw of Major Andre, by Win troy AfteMoVberta* witli a Painter. a Hummer Voyage i to Labrador aod Ne9teai?diaa?i r by Rev LoaleL. Tae kuuflaotere of Photoceoia or Hydro carbon Oili, by Tuau Annaeif, M. D.; l.n. AUJ o thefc^TJlTN(?H,fc''R|CH8TEm, i a?? lIT* Popna. mrnnwf. fOMB ONJS AND ALL. To tbe P*o?!e'a . V/ Clotktox mote. No. 440 Tth street, cad grt < yo?r 6ooda at aetooiahlni low prioee. I d-l'-lm <Re?.) i ^ c N 6 <> A ? B , Qayawmw (j^ca, I Puuia ajtd Braexneanoiia tor nolle of Inn Ho*u tor tae W eaters rivers are on exhibition at ( fc;e fftse, acd at oftoea of Qaarternaetera at P 't?6?rf. Gtae> pcatl, flt Loata and Ajton. Boats to be deliWrod at Cairo. Bidi should be sstfsvrarss , by let J^mwu^t^op. | ' tT M Brit, g-'l Md j QOV99* COLDJ, HOARSBNEae, 1 COMPOUND SfhbfvP OVM ARABIC. ? n>?? J MHT.t ami popoitr Conp fc n.*!y hu tot-*! nr .oo? kiH>*r.?rvf WrHat* n <*i n,?{ ni-*t p- c ft*v? tR--*uv? fMti-j.r, vr ft# e?ir? nj|> I c. r vdiuL6f. It oAJi b? hvt tl tl t:, .,. f il J *,eWl'6b',lWe X 3B0RGET0WN ADYEBTMT8 | MA88KY, COLLINS A C<VS PHIL A DELPHI A DR. A VOHT ALM. I We hare jnat reo*ived?a supply of the above Ale, atnob we reoomroend to be of a very eaperipr qu&ity. Peraons wiahiag to purohase. by mating lmnediate application, can be furnished. - ARNY A SHINN, no 7 Georgetown. I WSi' KECE1VKI># 10 hhda. prime Porto Rico SUGARS WO bb'a. Old Eye WHISKY, * Mo bbla. ERRING and ALEWIVES. 10 bbia. Craahei and Refin?d SUGARS. *> baea Rio and Java COFFEK, lf> hhda.(low proed) WLOLASSE8. EoraaiebT JOHN J. BOOUE. ae It ?^???1 GAS FITTING, Ac. A T. DOVE ? UU, AflE No* spared to exeovte ut enter* vlU ruioh th?T idat be favored in tie PLVMDIN9, ?A8 OR STEAM FTTTllfC BU9INE28. iU~ Stern on tth atreet. % few doora north of Pa, avenue, where mar be foacd a oomarete aaBortment ifOHANDKUEHB *nu other CAS, STEAM and WATER FIXTURES. )T?-W 1SNYDEK. PL VMBER AND OAS FITTER, Hat rsmoTed to the oorner of Twelfth and F at*. | Heia prepared to mtrodcoe Water and 6aa upon the inoet favorable terma, and (oerutiee entire attafaotion. He ha? on hand a iot of OOOK1N6 and other STO VK8. which he will aMl l*ea thn.n anil, u ha Wi?iiP? to get rid cl thorn. no 17 W6 A P FIXTURES. E Hare in store, and are il&i-j reoamn*, 9AS flXTO/LSS of entirely New Pattern* and Deaicna ardFiiusD, iDfwor in atria to anything heretofore affet *1 in f Lit market. We invite pitiaeoa feiifra! It to ?al> and examine our stooJc of fcriva and VN ater Fix' irea, feeling confident *? Lave the '-eat aeiected >ux)k in Washington. All W ork in the above lice mtraated to **r ear* Will be *i<?ic;tly attended to, MYERS * Mc?HAN. 37* p rtreet. OfflCE OF IN^PF/OTOR AMD SEALER W OF SAB METERS. I WilFWTOH.Jllj II, lm, morwM is nesEBr eirjsff, '*h?t,agr*?ftbl? to the pro*:?ion? of the onlmtnoe of tae Corporation approved Met U. hjjm, the acdercigned i? sow proparad, "whenever required in writing, and #u*r?-payment of the fee of Jifty carta, to Incpeot. tuxlao, teet. proYf.acclncfrtain tue eoocraey of registratiou of any iu meter ;n eaa in thu oity." Lreiy ai-Wr, iffoaid lEoorrect.wi!.1 b?oonuocsned ?nd ar.otuor, eraiad and marked u true, will t* sst iiiiM piat-e. If pro red to be aoc?-a?o m lti ra?as?i?>!iieDl of (u, it will be B^aiea teoodingiy, and again pit in ?o*Ition for hm, I'Sw So. #lfe Seventh atreet,(se?r Odd Fal. *?'Bali.) Oaes from 3 a. 10., u> i ?. n?. CMARIJKS V/. OINNIN6HAM. If H-t* )n?reo;or a-cd dealer of ??a Meter*. dentIstby. ryt:v, and improved invention ARTIFICIAL CHEOPLASTl BONE t e e t h, WiraocT Mkt/ll Flats ok Clasps. . DR. S. B STUESMOND. 910 Broad****, New York?J60 Pennsylmntn A* ???', bti\r??* 1ix4 and 13<4 tit ( Wathtntton, Call# the Rttnitiou of the public to the lollowini alvantsjeH of hi* improved system : 1. The Teeth of his manufacture wilJnflPpi? nearer corode nor change color by any1**-"-"' acids. fce'.rt three fcrths lir birr than ?ny other, 2. No t<">th or r >ot?; r"?d l-e er?r*ote?l, as the artifiaia1 car. be inserted over tnem. 8 The roots will bo ;n&ua inoffensive, an iiCT?r o acie. 4. Na temporary te^th are ne*ded.&s pe'tnacnt 9i?t b? ncvio iinireflisitri?. vut-icl; preserving i-iiu/a. ?sp*r?n!or of the IXo?. which under the old ays'.cia ii ;r?-^ur.!.t!T disfigured 5 Thin work had been lolly te>-ted over five years by ipanj of the first obstante atd phyeioi&na of this oountn. Dr. ?. has a!so invented a" white ondeatructive metai s un*, vr-th whioh tn? most sensitive teeth j&n be filled: without pain, and can build up ? perfect, emind tooth on &uj side roots, which williaat through lifetime. The Seal of references given?tn Dr V. Mott: Dr. D ?remu% Prof^Bsor ofChennistry. N. \ ^ H?n. Judge Wa?ne, of tii* Supreme Court of Washington, and thnuta ds of others Cs.!* a-* ?T?m:ne for yourself. no 8 6m !\1 TEJ5TH, 1*1 LOOMI8. y.. D., the mrento/and patentee ofth* MiNKRAL PLATE TEETH, M ten'l* personally at h;s office -n this city.Mm Many persons nan wear these teeth who^*'''1' aatiuot wear others, And no person can wear others who cannot wear these. Persons calling at my oftoe can be aoooiomoaated vith ar.y sly'.e aud prioe uf Teeth they maj desire; but to those wbo are particular and wish the purest, oleaiiest, strongest, and most cerfeot denture that art can ?rodu%e, the MINERAL PLATE will be acre rally warranted. Rooms >n this o?ty?No. 33* Pa. avenue, bet weea l?fl HP.d lnth . ? *1?r. .3/1* ?l. - ta,.i 1 . wj r niUil riU.tUQi ?Qia. OO If tf BOMKTH1NV ?ew: vi IjJOSlATWT DlWOVfcET o>M.<H laJ <7 itrut, orpeiif ^^BBr (a< Tkcattr. ~ OYHTER3 8TLAMBD la tt? *h?.. Thoroughly Cooked (far anterior to & rniet) In two mMiitrf, i4? /uiui tio*? o? rttord. Call and tee. The undersigned rezpeotfmiy informs hia friends in the piatrict, &ud victors to the oitr, that he hu refitted his old and wkll-know* krtablishmxst in a most thorough manner, and ha* made oorapiete arrangements to furnisn OYHTKKs In auy style and in any *n*utity. 4<?i to ?*i gaiona shnoked per day. i (?*> to 3 001) cans of Spwed and Krr?ti put up daily?oans hermetically sxaled. Furnished in the *hell t?y i,Se hushe or barrel. Persons wishiu* to have Oysters furnished regularly through the winter, at Baltimore prioee, without fear of failure, should oall and inake arrasgeiii?iita at ouoe. Freight, time, and money aav?d by purchasing of me, aa t furnish aa artiole e?ua! to the oeletrated Baltimore establishments, af ariAAfl inmt aa TO 81TTLER8. Canned MmU, Lobsters, ssantines, Clam, Strawberries, Tomatoes, Pus' Feet, Trip?, Ao. ko., Ao, Also, Pioklee, Cat*up, Sajoee, Brandy I'Mobai, &o. AIbo, Game ami Fiesh Fish. Turin*. Terrapins, Fresh Lobsters, Cod. Halibut, Ao. In fact, every ihin* for saie in tJie Northern market!* ai ways on hand, at reasonable price* Hotels and families supplied with Orstars, delivered without cMarge u any part of tne District, in season, li the money is sent with the order. Mr establishment is oi<*n from 6 a. in. to 13 at nuht. every uay, except 8uwlay, when I close at 10 o'oiook a. m. segy T M. HARVKY. r?nA inuvunM i u ?* ? ? ?o?' NO. ar?? Pbnmstlvawia AVBWI, ^OV/ Between Ninth s.nd Tenth sU.. aoot/i side, __ ' _ of*** FOR *ALB: CHAMHAGNEi^-6, U Mumm, Piper Reidaiok, Moet tc, Chamion, BaUinger it Co., Cartier & C0..&0. CLA R r'.TS?Pt. JbIkd, Ht. K.ftephe, CuteoM, <ko., by the oask or daten. HOCK WIN EH?l)eide*he.mer, Johanneeberger, n Liebfriaeniiuioh, Kude*heirn?r, Ao. BRANDY. Wliiaky, Gin, P6rt, Sherry, Madeira, in wood or glaes. LONDON PORTER, Brown Stout, Edinburgh Mid Y.ork*hire Alee, of the beat hrinds, in bot tie* or atoneiua CIGARS?Havana and Domestic, of the choicest branaa. Weoall thespeotal attention of Sutlers,Restaurants and Families to our larceand well-selected STOCK OF KINK GROCERIES, Fresh Meat. Poultry, Fish, Soaps, Vejetabies and Fruiu in herinetioaily s-aied cans. PREHERVKb, JsTties. to , Almonds, NuU, Raisins Mid Fig*. CHKKSE.i KasWnand Western Cutting); Ham, best Goshen butter, the l>est Champagne Cider. WORCEJJTKR SH1R fe and Oyster Sauoe. Firkles of ovtiry desoription, I'epeer Sauoe and Tomato Catsup, by the get on or anseu. A11 of whioh we otTer at tlie lowest possible 'prices and on reasonable terms. d->j JOHNSON Jb NAGLE. Blankets, comforts, bed lining. Sales Cloths, Towels, Napkins, Qui ts, Aa.,a full supply. One pnoe only, marked in plain figures. Carpets, Curtains, Oilcloths, Rugs.Ao., upper floors. An inspection of stock no obligation to purohase. FERRY Je BRO? rla? St I'a. a v., and 9th street.

rrHK MHSrRtnvna - ? ? i.'Mj <w?rc w lU'OI ui mcir 1 patrons and the public generally of be-, a? iiq ainpij suppihxi with a aupwior atcok ot^H FA L Land WINTER ?OOt>8. , They alto respeotful'y invite attention of Wlf their Army and Navy customers, ana those^" " requiring outfits in that line, to their ruperiorjoal itiea of swords, Epaulets. Shoulder Straps Belts, chapeaua, Hats, Caps. Haahee, apd Gold Laoee, oon?taiit!y on hand, whioh are warranted as rep re tented. Whilst tend'rin* tnanka fbv the liberal patronage enjoyed, ther will endeavor to merit aovDUnoaaoe. F. J. HKIBERGER k, CO, fBuooesaurs to H. F. l^oad<>n ft Co ,) CITIZEN. MILITARY and NAVAL TAILORS, 309 Pennsylvania Avenue. oo lg en8m . H FRENCH ft R1CHSTKIN AVK Jnst reooived a fresh ? ? !* n?i? w? I r. Colored Border*, ruled and plain, With fenrelopea to E-.atch Alto, f- lac Paper of ail kinds, with and withost Mottoes; Envelope* to match. Purae* aud Pocket Books of every aesoripuon. k Urea aaaortment of Stationer;. New York Paper* received daily; Papers from tl! part* of the oonutry, FRENCH * RICHSTBIN, mi ? 1T1 f?.nn I ^0UUKK8 NKt-UlNO DKY WOODS lor the | o "folks at home" *ra eohnited to >napeot oar rast at ok, now eomp'ete In all departments. One srio* only, the aotnal oaah atandard valos, narked in slain fifsres. A" ezsminauou of a lock mours ao obligation to >irchft*a All parcels earafally sacked, for express or other Penn. avsnae and Ninth at.. , ds 14-JOt ' Perry Bni'dlpx." ! WTRAVEL1N8 TRUNKS. . ( Qf?r for Kils the larcsst assortment ? 1 4"" ?u.. ?Ste. I ... tu-nin w. ^ M fTtt g aorps MMW Wyot, / BOft JOHUSTON, Aif 1IIORI LOCK HOIPKTALi 9? 94r*4 tkt mm Cmrurt?, fcufc ?U ??Jy Mftetmml MsmMrfjr m ifc? World, FOR ALL DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. LET JTO FALSE DELICACY PRETEXT. AFFLYIMMEDIATELY. ft CPAS WARRAXTED. OR XO CttAJIMM, IX fHOM OXE TO TWO DAYS. WiUum < lack, kraora, AhMltu # tk* W* iaya aaa Biaaaar iXacbarf aa, ImpoianCT, *? ?ml Dability, N?i.<ouoHtl DyiMpi?, Lturwr, CanfHlM tl Idaaa, Low 8prr_a, of a>? Inn, Timidity, rrtmbhbf*! Diiiuum of Bight or Qtddioaaa, Dtiiui of tl>? aad,Throat, Nooa or Bku. Afacuona of tha Lanri, Btoaw icb or Be Vila?tbaaa Tarnbla Dtacrdara truu. f from Salary Itbui of Yoatb?tbaaa Draadfal and Dannctita PraeLicaa which randar Marriage tmrooalbla, and daatray toU and Mud. YOVNO MEN BapativUj who haaa Ikmu tha victim* af Solitary TUa, Lbat draadftl and daairBCUTV habit which auutolly a?iaft M au cntirnaly gr*Ta tbonaanda of Yoarg Maoaf tha moat lakad taiania and brilliant intallaat, wbo might atharwiaa ha*a antrancad katauwg Saoataa wrJb tha thaudara of alo aaoca or wakad ta acotaey tha bring lyra, nay aail wiU fall cotldanca. MARRIAGE. MillllD Fuhik, or Yoang Mlaa a?c la ovplaung Mairata, baiiig awara of phyaicai waalnaa*, argauia dakUity, daforml-jaa. kc.. acaadilT enrad. H vbo^licaa hiinaatf andar tha cirt?( D?. J. may ralifftaaaly ennlda is tail honor u a (UiUtlUQ aud Mc(d?oUj ?al j apoo hit akill >1 a pfcyaiclan. OFFICE No. 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. laft hand aid* rou.f from Balumora r r??t, a fav daara fret* lb* e?rnar. Fail not to ebaar*a uama ?nd otakil. L?u?n ait k? paid and eoticaic a aump. DR. JOHNSTON, Mankar af U>a Raya, Collaga of Sorcaaua, Uandao, ata frwn ona of iha moat amutnt ColWfai In tha Umiad tataa, and tha (ia>ur |wrt of vboaa lifa baa baan apart Is tha boapttaia of London, Parta, Ptuladalphla and altavbara, haa attctad aoma af tha moat aatoniamof earai that vara r known; many troablad with nnritf la tha haad and art whan fraat DirooantN, \?ing alarm ? 4 >1 addau aoa&da. baabfilnaaa with fra^aaut biaaEinf, attandad aoroaumaa ?itt dartufamaot of amid, vara curt4 miud*TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE. Y??nf Mac an<l tUitn vbo bar* injarad tbarnaalvaa ky a aanaic prmuuca lodulfad m wfcaa aloca?a habit frajaantiy lanroad from aril corapnniooa. or at acbooJ, tba aftcu ?f wbicti ara nljbUj fait avau vbao aalaap, and if not cnrad. randara marnaga tuipoaaibla, and daatroja both nuod aoa bod*, liionld apply immadutaly. Tnaaa art acxti* of tba aaa utd malaocboiy afactt prodaetd ?y aarly habita of jroath, Tti i Wa\kaaaa of tba Back and Luuba, Paim in tba Haad, PimotH of Sifbt, Loaa of Maacikat Powar, Palpitation of tna Haart, Dyapapay, N?r?ou? irritability, Daranraraant of tba Di#ttti*a k'aocuooa. GtoaraJ D?'iility, Sjmptotna of Coniaravtioo, 4c. MtnTALLY.?f*?r1al nn tb? mind in roach W M drttdtd?Lcm of Mimorj, Owfum of ld??, DifrtHiia f Spmu, Eni t'onbodmp, Avimoo of Socltiy, 8tlf-Di*trut. Lot* af Soillud*, Timidity, tic., Ul Mm* of lit* ??lU f*?dac*d. Nikvoui DlliLiTi.-TtiHMiiit eu o?v|?dfi *bitli Ui? ctuaa of thtir dtcltianf h?&iih, toting tfctir rifer, btcocntuf w??k, p*i?, ihhm and uacUltd, hanuf a itufala* tppaaranc* aboai Uit ijii, coojli or lytnpunu of oantafapDISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. Whan U>* roufKidtd and unrrudaru rourrof Dlaatart ln<U h? bit iinbibad tL? aaada of this paiiifal diaaaaa, >( to* oftan happana that Ui Ul-timad aanaa of ahatua or draart of diaca*ary datara bun from applying to tboaa who, froia odacauoo and raapactakility, cm alooa bafnond him. Ha falli iota tha hand* of ignorant and daatgning pratandara, vba, locapabla af caring, filch hu pacunnu-y aohaiajica, kaap bun tnling mouth a/tar month, or aa lour aa tna aiuallaat faa can ha ebUinad, and in daap?.ir la*?a nun with rmmad baalth to aigh ar oia railing diaappotuiruauij or by tha a?? af that daadly foiaoti?Marcnry?haatou tha cotittitauooal aympuuna of Ubia tarnbla diaaaaa, ascta aa Af a<tioc.a of tha Haart, throat, Maad, kin, kc., prograoaiog with frtghtfal rapidity, till daath pata a aarad to hia draadfal aafaringa by aaoding himt a thai aodiaaovarad eoantrr from whaaa bom ret no travalar raiarna. DR. JOHNSONS REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND IMPOTENCY By thia rraat and Impartial ramady waakaaaaof tha orgaoa ata apaaduy carad and fall rigor raavorad. Thoaauda a? tha boa; nor-oaa an J dabiliutad, wha had loot all topa.haa* baan Immadlataly ralla??d. a ii lapaiipiaota ta 9i&rrl<.f?, Pt vImJ a? Minul Diaqaalllaatiaaa, Uu af PMmU'i Favat, Iiitni Irritability. Tranbllnr acd WiikstM >i Kxaamauaa af Ua i?ati ftaffml ktad ayaaaily eared. ENDORSEMENT OF 7HE PRESS. a Mart TwonaUDa cuid at U>u lnatititian wltbla tba laat aataotaan raara, ud tba oaroaraaa Unparjutt argiaal aparauana parfarmad by Dr. Jaimaiaa, witnaaaad by & rapartara af iti papara and many athar paraana, oalieaa a< vhicb ha?a appaarad again and again batata tba rablie, k a a'daa bia standing aa a gantlaman af cbaraetar ana raapaoaiMiltv. I* a aaSaiam fiaium la tba aflietad. mar li-ly LEA * PERKINI* CSLBBRATBD Worcestershire Sauce. ..-???UTO1W ? - &A1HAUI CONNOISSEURS it of & Letter from ft to he the J Mtdteal Gentleman "ONLY GOOD Mg\k Jk; ja To His S'otkrr SAUCE." pafea ftt Woroecter. ftnd applicable to ? fell L.V*%kvery gps vioipri' "> Indift, ftnd IB. ID Anibi t nir opinion, the most fa- "rl '^apuiftt-.h'e, &? well n OP DISH. lie most who.eson.e Sauct Uiatrs made." The ftt>oTe sauce is not onl* the best ftnd most For pl a a consimknt known, but the most Feonomfts ft lew drops in Soup, Gravy, or with ftsk. hot and ooid Jointt, Bnf St?ak. Gam*, tc.. impart ftt exquisite lest, which unprincipled Sauoe m&uonotarers i.ftve fn vftin endeavored to imuate,. On the Br**kfatt, Lunekton. Dtnnt, or Suwnm ~. ? ** _???_tf'nin* "lea & perkins* ?twfv^r.r>i e.k?HIKE SAUCE" W mdispeaaabU. To appreciate the txttiltnt fuahntt of this Motions preparation it la only neoessary to purchase a sm?U r>o?tle of the tttntme, of a respectable grooer or <tea er, aa many Hottl and Htsiaurant proprietors seldom plaoe the Pur$ Sauoe before their guests, but substitute a genuine BottU filled with a spurious mixture. For sale by Grooers and Fruiterers everywhere. JOHN DUNCAN A SONg, Union Sfunr* and 11;* strut, iV?i? York, Hole Wholesale Agents for the United States. A Stock always m store.?Also orders reo^'.r*1 fordireot shipments from England. IL/~Brwr* of Cxmnttrftiis and luiitaiion>.-/~11 j aep3-1y.eo I Ottri C??44, C?U, Hmhimuti, M/l\\VWV > ?MU, My Irr\tmt\o% #r S?r*AmHoA "f* '** Tkro*t, Aiiini <4* NUHIml Nmdnmt Coutk M ChimmwIkVTllMrilUI '^*1 Brcm*\xtil, 4U?M, yiiikyinH # r?i?rt, ium m?4 HM *trmttk to tk* *<nct o/ ^G//7ITXr rvuLic spkakkrb AITS SINGERS. Ke* are mra of the importance of cheonnc a C?u?h or "Common Cold*' is lta first ku?; teat whicfi in the begining vonJd yield to a wild remedy, iln?f leoted.?aonattjvoki the Lante. "firctm'i BroHckiml Ttoclut" ooctainnn demuToertinjredl nta, allaj Painiocan and Brouohial Irritation. __"ThattroabJe id my Throat, (for BROWN'S which tue "T\o*.k*s" area apeoifie) htirinr tni^? nOa?? ?k4 ? IWV VIWM s? lurio WUII* IIOOHB8 Mrtr." N. f. WILLIS. BftUWN'8 1 reooumond Uwr ?m to Ptbli* _ BFBAJCKE*," TROCHE? REV. E. H. CHAPIN. "Great Benrio? id mi bdnicf UoakiiBROWN*S mil." REV. DANIEL WISE. VRfHlH km "Almoit instant relief in the diatre&eiue labor of bre&thioc r^cuhax brown's to a?tema.." UHUWWB REV. A. C. EB6LE3TON. TROCHES "Contain no Otinm or anjUuni Lajarioi*." OB. A. A BAVRS, BROWN'S Omiii. Boifm, M A aiinyioand ?le?Muit oninbinaTR0CRE5 u?B fcr Cor?i, 4?." R.own* I?R.*.?.B1?KL9W. ??oo?E9 -?? s?r?,TarNK, BROWN P B?tm ..OO.KB w.'^sfsa.'v MOW* , "r"- W' VlfMIIVN !-B*oeioi?i 'wfcen mdkM t* ?*<K!BKS .jfertn* frora Col?." BKOWN 8 * ' '* ANDifas^W^ ?oc?E8 BROWH'S *^mlv0? vlth Srium at>4 SlM?*OOME8 >r^ Pt.CTAOr JCgNBOI^ Bmomnt mocaus u Great benefit hen taken before and after jreeaiiini, aa they arejenl BKOWMS Hoanteneae. F-om their fiat eff*?t, I think ther will be of permanent adTEOCHES ranure ta'tcs. W.X BOW LEY, A. M. BiOWK'S President of Athraa OoLlefo, Tens, ? * '-iy mwr<m TOPHAMU MBM COB PREMIUM TRUNK Wlfi MANWACTORT. 499 BnnTi STUB, Wajhumtm, IX C. 1 am MulutlT making. and alirart have * ktai of tba material, erery 6eeon#tiaa af Fine Sola LeatMr. Wool Box, ui Pac?-^? Tmai. Petita or. Caret, aM Ca&TM Tr%relia* Ban. soaooi Batokala,~*4, At Lm? fricu. Members of Oonareas and travelers will pit? auuiM my steak Wora jarohaain* M?wkw? Frank* that art in vie m other oitiee. 0u?enor Leather and Dreea Tranke aid* to N?or. Tranka tornred and repaired at abort noOoe. Oocda delivered free of onarce to anyfpart of tM ^omb-maok uooire and moot w*"" " A'fflfiffifjUk m -w n.n.(ivnNlmM a MTh?J ( right to tlM 9 INSTANT RELIEF STOP I OUR COIII J 4 irbrw viwr? dd i> a va r?Mr i i vv? primi m n HTRKN8THEN YOUR VOICE SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS, Ul I UOOU KOR CLERGYMEN, GOOD FOR LECTURERS, GOOD FOR PUBLIC SPEAKERS, GOOD FOR SINGERS, GOOD FOR CONSVMFT1TE8. OKNTLEMBN CARRY BFALDINO'8 THROAT CONFECTIONS. LADIES ARE DELfSHTED WITH SPALDING'S THROAT CONF1SCTTONB. CHILDREN CRY FOR SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. They relieve a Coach instantly. They clear the Throat. They give etrenfth and rulum* to the voioe. They imparta delicious aroma to the breath. They aredertchtfhJ to the taate. Ihey are made of simple herb* and cannot aarm any one. 1 advise every one who hu t' Couth or a Husky Voioe, or a Ba<l Hreath.or any difficulty of the Throat, to jet a package of my Throat Confeo tiona. They will relieve you instantly, and yov will agree with me that "they go risht to the kpoC You will find them very useful and pleaiant while traveling or attending pnbiio meeting a, for stilling your Congh or allaying yoir thirst. II yon try one paokage I am safe in saying that yon will ever af tenrards consider them uidmpeneiWIe. Yon will find them at the Druggists and Dealers la Medi ewesPRICE TWENTY-FIVE CENTS. i't/ 015 uifiu I V I? vu n?vu pdVB?|r< All Vllini M P counterfeit. A l'ackage will b? Mat hj mail, prepaid, on re oeipt of Thirty Cent*. Addreea, HENRY C. 8PALUIKW, No. 49 CEDAR STREET, NEW YORK. V ^i-Btr% v CURE NervousHeadachi IToad a fl By (*??m ! thflM Pllta U? MuJu iwn ar Sui Htmdmdu max prorated; i I taken at the ootameaoenieiit at ac amok amae 41ate relief from rain and atckneu anil be octaite*. They aidom fail in ressoTUc ue fiwM aa? Hmdmtkt to whiok fomalee ara ao nb<M(. They Ml gently apen tkeboweiir?9*i riinii. For Littrmm Mr*., StmdmUt, Delieate Femalee. and all pereona oi luhmtmnr kmHtt, tkf are rnl uMe u a MHNn.Improvlnc the (??4 and ???' to the directive arrana, and re tor it j the natural jwtrcity u? etaaacthe U? Vhol* >Tft01D. The CfcPH ALIO i'l??LS r?re Ui rmu of iozu tUT??Uf*:iOL?D<J oarefui'7 eondaoted axporlmacta, havicc btH id uee nur rearm, dunnc which time Ui?y hare prevented and relieved a nit am out of pain and ?ufferin? ram fleadaohe, whether onginatlnx in the mrmi tea ar tram a deraagad state of the wwmi T&ey are entirely retetable in their eompoaltlon. an? mar be taken at a.i Cmea with jerfeot safety without taakini any obanie of diet, mmd tk* m>>imm *J any di*?rr?fkU mki rmdtri U aanr MMMUiif IUm le Uitdrm. HKWARK OP COVNTKRPE1T8! The feoaine hare Are atinatarea of Benry 0 Spa-dine on eaoh Box. Bold by l>rm?f lata and all ether Mien In Medi il?#*e Ar Bea will be aent by mall prepaid ea raeeipt e the PRICK 8* CENTS. AJ! erdera ahevd be aodreeeed te U UR1D TT n una uoil ik i ui orAiiUinti 41 Oitil Btuiti Niw Y?rjl. Prwm Hu liMHMr,' IfmfMk, Fa. PUU MMBIliab U?e objeot fer vfetefc ttey ?n made, n*: Care ef k?utk? la all ita forms, #Vm> tU llMtar, Xfrftik, r*. Tie? hare been teiud la atri tftaa a tk?uu? m*m, vikh wlin aaooees. Mrtm tJu Dtmmr*I. St. CM, tf<M. If 70a are, or tiara been troubled w itfc Ua aaaa ache, send fori box,( Pilla ae Uat yea may uare them id eaae at ACattaac. JVmi 14i Ifwum A. R. (Mean*, MMI*, 7U. Wa lieartilT endorse Mr. ttpaidiof. ast bla u rivalled Cefbfclie Ptlfr Frrm U? Stmthtm Pik Ptmdm. /fata Orinw, U. Try tlimb roi that are afflicted, B41U arc aan that tout teatixnony oao be added te tie nnmercna hat that hd reoeived Ui.ilu tM m ether nrnicme oat prodaoe, /<# ? taa Caatiu. Dmmtmmtri, 1mm. Mr. Saaldinjr would not oonaeet hie mi flu an artior be aid not kmem to acaaeea real ie<rlt. #Va?a tk* Ad*+ liwr, ?L 1. Tbe Oahalic Piila arc aatd to be a ?suur?k effective i fimod? for the headache, ar.d <iu?e!Ui jy ftrUj^vari? jyeeaect ee??lai* WkMt Ft ?m t*a fit. I^mi* Jawaara*. The immeoee <emaBd tor the article <C??*a.U Fill*) la rafldij UMreaewx. JVeai tU In?t? Tills* Btm, tmnrnghm. Ft. W?w nra that pmraov nfriM wi*I the k?t( Mbe, who try them, will etieF te Un. ^ ? *44 i^NrfiMT, f iiMwii. i. J. The teetimorr in their ffcrer w etren. (Tea Ui NHrt reejeetable taarfcra. * > ? tkt D*ib I9nm, lf*wr*rt. fL /, Oehalio l*ill? are taklct the aiaoe of all k?4a. Fr*m Uu Ommmuntml Dmlhtm, Bottmi, Mui I Said to be very efioacione for the beadaehe. from tk* Commmiml, Cmtmmait, 0*?#. Buffering hamamtr oan now be relieved. I IET A auifie bottle of Spaldlii'a Prepared Glue will ear* ton Umea lto ooet annually. SPALDING'S FEE PARED GLUE! spalding's prepared glue! 1 spalding'a prepared glue/ SAVE THE PLUCKS scoyomy; dispatch CT"! Brim in Tim 8ath Nut?."-/^i As seeidepU will ia wsU r*?ujAl*c fkmiuM, it } rerj d??ir?bl? to hbrt mim e .044 u^ooBT?ojeQt ?m for repcirlot Purmltar*, Toys ; spalding's prepared glue iM?ta fell neb MMryutM, ?*d so hooMfcoii o* 1 ?Tor-u. b? vitaout it. It iiknn md?. u^' 10 u? ?n?kiaf yoiat , voruii in ftVKEY HOISE," I N. B.?A. Brute mwwiih>i?? Mot Bon;*, fw M otnU. Addr?M B&N&Y O. WAL,i>i^?. . So. 48 C*d?r Mrwt, Nmt Yorl UAUTION. ! A* oeriftm Nnouv?Hi?^?ub| w , ?<?? *0 IZSK1D* Mwi ?', tl?- '? sCW ? ? ' "? 4"** * 1 ?' A -\ i r ? thtUMIM ft*fNi . ? ' fiHit* ' 4? .? ?*? rRAVELLERS' DIMCTOByT KORTHERN CKNRAL RAILWAY, i Skftul, Qmickuimmd B*n Km*4 jfm ?mUi WEST, NORTITVND^NORTH WERT. WISTMR BCNMDULK Ciuni or Tims. OnuxJ iftirBUNDAV.Mtl Nowwkw, f?* (tr Tmiaa will am re ud froa c?lT?rt bttOBHfotiOVi: . _ ^ taaiiu nokti leave l^tUburiVivd *H arri abaVf Ifr tu Ttiin ftotrra Amvi Pvktoi Aooommodatioc at I ft. m. H cSaio fcipi? S IP a. H. p ti?Niri ?ad Hftmebarc If ?pr?e it p. m. Mali 6 3P f. bi. The ? ft. in. train from Wftahinitor oocdocu with the *? ft. nj. trftin from Bft-tiroore for tho Wnt ftntl f?r HntfftJo, Klmirft. Roohe?l?r, Dunkirk. Cfteadftjf?* MM) Niftfftrft Fftlift, and for New York oity. The si ft. a. train from Waefaincion oommu with the St. m train frcm Baltimore to Wnt. North a--<1 Northweet and Elmira and Bnffialo and Tfce S p. an. train from Waehiftftos oonneota with the fc-3D f. m. trftin frtna Hvtiniore far Pittet>er?. Barrtftburi uo (he \Vnt aad ia a <11 root (MM* uod for Lebanon. fcaruo A lientown and V* York via Coktral Railroad of Nw J errer. Try thie ro*_? for New York J^The^aly tray Iwntf ^tieftitot NmIm ,*??? ? r ?? ivi our rj?umr| % riwfvrfi v/i ouo and the W Ml. The only tnn arriving is Baltimore on Sunday la th 8 30 a. m. train JAS.CCL.AKRh , nog ly Scper-.tteodett TNOTICK TO TEAVELULS. HK Pc>?tmMVr' e^ra. havac ordorad Ul 0iai! Mmoe betwaet Waefcinitoi,. -J?**. Baitimoaa.aad Old Point ,frortreer Monroe) to be rmm?d, on an : aft* & pjssnr day) from their WharfTfoot of Umoa Dock. At 4 W o'olook p. hi., or immediately after the arrtvai of the Washington Train. vhicL lea yea Waattactoa at JlioVoci p. m. mfMf M. W FALLS. Pr?1. I-asdine and embarking paaeocf era a4 QQO0ZUtOTH, I r^.^Tic! The Liverpool. New York and Philadelphia St<amahie Company intend diapatohioc their ftll aoarered nifd* hniit iron Hntmbm u fnllnn . KANGAROO. - - i*h. Ariid every Saturday, at booh, from Pi? 44, North nrar. uru ov rukadi. Kuat Cabin * Do, to London ? tr Do. to T%r\m ?* Do. to Haatmrg M Do. tO txJDOvL M Do. to _ m Do. to Humbari. M PtHMtm forwnrced to Bremer. Hot terdaro, Antwerp. 4o , at redaoed throujh tare*. Hereon* viahiag to bring oat ?hair /riendt oaa bu? uokau at low ratee. For fnrUt?r information apelf at Uta Capiatne OAoe. JOHN 6. DaL , Ai?ct, 15 Broadway. V. V . Or toQ. A. HKKR1NG, Auams Exereea Baltimore. _ _nor thkr N central railway. superintendent's office,i CuniT Statiow, Bajiroore. Maris,W61. ( On and after PnDdar. Mar l*th, 1861, Trains oa tk"? northern central AaILWAV arrive au4 m. HARRISBUR6 accommodation It I P. M The LUA.M.tmi oonneoU at Reiay Roim with train* on the Weetern Maryland Fs, at Hanover Junction with Hanover ana Setutarg Railroad*; at York with York an<l Wright* villa P.s road, at Harn*hurr with Pennrr vanm Railroad for ail part* of the West, alee with Lebar non Valtoy Railroad to >? York dtr?ti, at Nurthum berland with L and B. Railroad for Kinivtoiiand all parta of Wyoonunc VaiifT And at Sunt>ory with the Philadelphia and Erie Kadroad tor a part* Northern Pennsylvania and New York. rue I* Y. M train makeaal tneaboee coene?bona exoept Hanover Kailroac, WrtfhUnlla Ra. -oad and the Ubannon Vmw*<L The t P. M. train makee cotr^ctiona with Peunar vaEia Railroad for all part* of the W?t, and direct oonaecta for New York. TRJLINS'ARRrTM. Mail at 610 P MExprwa at 7.4* A. M.; Hamabur? Accommodation at 14S P. M. For T < teu and inforr.atior inquire at the Ticket Offioe, Calvert StaUoL.BaJtncre. J. C. CLA RK ?r f u - PHILADELPHIA- WILWPP ftSSIlftajftRte Bf&lNtt AND S L IH M EH Ah A A>UEMk NT. On and after TUESDAY flay l<tn, f Mwnjn fnisi for Phiiada.phia will leave President etreet D?pot daily ' exoept HcDdaralaa follow*, na: lixpreaaTreic at?15 ATM., Way Mat! Train at A45 A. M.; Evening Mail at 4 46 o'clock. On 81 ,NDAYbat 4 4S P. M.tml?. All tralna oonneot with New York traina except 4At P. M. trait on batar. day a. A Freight Tram with paaaenxer car attach ad laavea at' P. M , atoppinc at all Btationa between BaiUmoreand Haw de-?raoe. Paaeergera for l>eiaware and the Eaatani Chora 11 Maryland will and the moat expediUoaa rvate by mat give bond before an ennt theoara. Wj( CRAWPOID.iaet ' - YORK AND KR1L KAIL BKZBK PuMutr Traina ?tt rim Pito ma Ferry and Long "<*-k, from loot of Chaint>0ra Itroet. Now York.aa follova, ni: Ti? a. m , F.XHR KH^for Dunkirk, ud Buffalo, and prlnoiMi icUrne'ftil gtauona. 8.00*. m .MAIL, for Dunkira. Mid intermediate Btatioca?Tbia Train muiu ortj nig at ttimrt, Ud arooMda the naat mormn*. Mot m.. MILK daily, for OUaville, ud inter Hc&tiona11.00 a. m , ACCOMMODATION. duly, for Port Jem a, tad prlnoipa. Ptationa 4 on a. m.. WAY, for Middietovn, Nevbarch, h, D... kirk, Buffalo, CanaL.'.a..i uaArn; ?r .Lc.pal Stafcona The Tram of Saturday atop* at all Mail Train Stallone, aod nine onlj to Klmira. mi p.m.. ACCOMMODATION Jot florietnl e, aod priaotpiu Stabona NATHANIEL Ma'hVb"VUt*** ' tr?oftb uditMii. tot Mrtiowlarly ?da.pusl to tlM navigation of Loci li.wni Bound, rncs.i t iu oontfction 'With the rail Ei*er w.? O'd CoTcuy Rulro**:, i{.?t*r,o9 o? m mil* onjy to Bo?tcn Pi?r No. I North PT:w L8?r thf Battery. Steamer EMP1EE ^TATE.Cajt. Barton, MoudfcTt, Wednaedaya, ac<3 Frtdaya, at 4 o'oiook P. Mm touoklM?t Newport mob wet The ?t<4nifA!ETROPOLl8, C?pt Brown. op Taeadaya, Thimlaye. and Saturate, at? o'oiook P.M.. tcBcunt at Newport eaoh w%y. Aee* ^tenner* are Jjx?i with oomaodioM itM? room*, ux* every ?^Vn?eninui for tno MrvitT and oomfort of ^M?ouiar? who afford?*J k-? uua rovtea c.fMa' rerr on tx,?r<3. *jA oc arrival Et Fkjl Kiv?? mrrkAikmA mm- m?? u tng Boston early the following mo nun*: or mt rt?u.ii oa board unti. of u?? Aoooroinooa tion tt I A. Mby trtuoh tLey tear iwot Boatoa about Mi A.M. A bicme mutar < attached to eaoh ataaaier, whe :?o?Te? tad tioketa ?b?s and aooenyanlea the earn* to ita destination. A atearner rjna in e<v.r.ect ->n with thia Lute between Pall RItot and Prondaaoe daily, axoept PreSht to Boaton la forwapded throaah with iraat diapatch by an Kxtieaa 1 ran.. which eases rail Rnrer ererv morning, Bandaya excepted, at Tk o'clock for Boaton and New Bedford, arriving afita de#i.n*Uon at aboat 11 A M For freight or saaaac*, aap.y on "<ard. or at the oAoeoa Pier No.3 North Riret Tor a tale rooana and berthi. aap y on boar'', or if dec \r aeoBra than in adrinoe, to W.M BORDLN, Ar t It and T1 W eat atreet. N. V. (^^_,NEW Y (.?h K, EARLEU AND HI ALBANY RAILROAD. Gonimenoin* Monday. May mil. 1*1. \ ^For^Abany?11 m a. m. faet express train Inm ^ For Dover Plain#?too p. m. atoppicc at White Plaiaa ud atationa north to Dovt'. from Wth itraM atation. <Th)? train will ran to Millertoa evert Batn.uay NMaij Por Crotob Fall#?alia. m. atoppinc ata : ttaUona north of Pordaaro from Wb street etauco. Por W Lite Piawe?fc*>. 4:10 aid feOb a. m. atop Mac ataUona from ML street station. ForWhito rlajM?ft 6 p. m. atoppinc at a!! ate bona from ^ hit? itrwt aUtioe. Por Wi: uusi Bridie?7*?, 11:1ft a. m.and fcft p. a atopvin? at all ataaona from ma atmi atabon. P.sturnina will leave? Albany?a** a. m. tact express tram. Dover Mi a. m. (This tram leavee Mu kerton mn Monday am rain/ at I a. m.) C rotor. Fail#?6 a. at. White Plaina-& ic. 74* a. m. 4:(? k TrfT p. a. Wii'ian t Bridge pW,<no?a. >. A feao p. m. Sender trains wil] leave 4th A venae oorner ad itraetjor Ceatial Park. Yoravilie, Kara* aad gifhlkldf* ift !S? ? r. ?vrui^ uvAVUii^L, ASik CUP iw KrSCMM: ^b^rSw3F- ? * ? Lxpretf u<l U kh., *,?. ij^v a.. ko<Mt ted t?:>?ad ??.?. - iJira. Iroy and x..b*ar (Witt M .*? p.% . fUeeiwe i? w?>>( **> MA* p. m uiftu^J PouiUk^M'* tr*ln ?, ft. ?Jtt &. eu.ud ?lwsfwJiSivr yp if CK M K A.T ^ (, J L f ? * A flr*?k 1 ui our tt.Me ! "*' > !? *'? I

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