Newspaper of Evening Star, December 19, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 19, 1861 Page 1
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? / '* J f j , . ? - - x't^^ ^ Sjh |^B^ BB HH ^N9 R9 HQ ^b f 09 |fl I MS . V?t. XVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. THURSDAY. DECEMBER 19. 1861. N?. 2.755. V . * 1THE EVENING STAR w PUBLISHED EVERT AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED.) at m ?*? ?.? ?.? vrtMf / PMWfltMM MMM ?U Xi+1+tk ft. n W. D. WALLAOH. f?>ai nrted la packagea toy earrlera si 94 |Mr, a 17 onto per month. To mall nbwltan the prloe la S3 JO a year, 1m Wtwci; U for iU oatha; tl for three montha; and for lem thaa Ira montha at the rate of IS cents a week. Single oopiea, ona csht; la wrappera, two cairra. C7" imaTBiauTa ahooVd be aeat to the attoe before IS o'clock m ; otherwise they may a mot appear aatll the next day. GENERAL BI TLtR'S EXPEDITION. * The Ocrapatian ef Ship l?la?d-A Naval Eagagemeat?The Confederate Fleet? G?i. rhelpa' Proclamation, fcc We have already stated that the U. 8 steam transport Conatltutlon Capt. Fletcher, arrived at Fortresa Monroe Sunday last, on her return from Sblp Island, Mississippi Sound, having safely landed at the latter place, December 4tb, tbe two regiments a part of Gen Butler's expedition) which embarked on her at Boston, on the 18tb and Slst of November. The New York Times haa the following additional particulars: Tbe arrival of the Constitution at Ship Island was as (ratifying aa It was unexpected by the little fleet and small garriaon which nave been holding tbe plac? against constant threats and occaalonal attacks from tbe rebels. By tbe aasistance of two Large river steamers, which had been aaptured in mlaulomiun.j ? .? fK* ^uHum vuij 9uun ?inw prcTtOUl lO Iter arrival, the troops and the material of war and aabaUtence store* were landed between the 4th and ?th of December?& single accident only occurring, by which one of the steel rifled goes belonging to Capt. Manning's Light Battery, was loot overboard. The two regiments were comfortably encamped ( on the island, near tue lighthouse, and the Salem ' Battery near the fortification. On theSth the last of the cargo was landed on the beach, and waa taken charge of by Commissary Butler, brother to Major General Butler, who will probably join the expedition In a short time with a large accession to the force. The Constitution left at Ship Island her slendid rifled lonjr ranee guns, also six fine life-boats of the Francis and Raymond petterna, for the uae of the command. During the day on which the Constitution sailed from Ship Ialand, a naval engagement took place within aigbt, and quite near the island, between the United S'ates gunboat New London and the steamer De Soto and two rebel armed vessels?the Pamlioo and California?which were attempting to run the gauntlet from New Orleans to Mobile. "Nobtdy wa* hurt" on either side Thcr- are fiv; boat* belonging to the rebel tide which ire r.?>w tct.vely engaged In Conveying ... u?... .naru aiiu learner*, or carrying tbe man to -id ?? ? la Mi**!?*ippl Sound, viz: The Arrow, wj:n r.v.> gun?, Pamlico. twoguns; Florida, six g'i"*; n, three gun*; California, armament net inov n _ Tb? last two n iu-d are mail boat*. The Florida, the m^st formidable of this rebel fleet, ia in coam?;,a of Cfcarlea Hays, late a lieutenant in the United States Na?y. The Arrow U coa:i manded by Capt. Plttofleld. The rebel fl-et k?ep up a cor.tlruV. walcbupon tbe movements of tbe United SUirs trv.n boats which are stationed on tbe c?*aat, and govern tbem?elves accordingly A small steam tug seeroa to be wholly employed in reconnoltering our position at Skip l?land,.i-king account of the nainber of at earn era at anchor in tbe road*, their position, the arrlvil and departure of strange ves ell. &Blt *11 matfjvs "? *' - y w ..w. vt lUJpvilOUtC iur IDC rebel* to know. This steamer waa *een on the dav of the arrival of the Constitution, waiting off Cat Island, as if to take oar dimensions, and then scudding away with great industry towards New Orleana to carry the news She haa continued to make her appearance regularly each day since We anchored here, but she only ventures within about thre? miles to the northwest. As soon as she observe* the signal on the Massachusetts f ->r the New Londoa to get under way, she takes to her heels, and disappear* behind Cat Island in double-quick time. Since the arrival of the New London between thirty and forty prisoners Have been captured, who were either passengers on the steamers, their oflcera and crewa, or persons belonging to the aaillng vessels which have also been taken Thirty or more of these persons were released by order of Commander Smith of the Massachusetts. Among those detained are Captain John winters, of the steamer Henry Lewis, Thomas English, clerk; Alfred Bicon, mate, and two firemen The otteers of the Anna detained are Captain Suzzaran of Paacagoula, his mate and clerk Ship Island la one of a aeries of small islands which have been formed by the action of the ATMn inil wkloK *W. w ? ? - . - IK BUUIUCrU PVUUU* ary of M>selealppi Sound. It ia seven miles long, according to tbe chart, having an area of between two and three square miles, and an abundance of good water, and covered, on ita eastern end, with s robust growth of timber. It is within ?5 miles of New Orleans, and 70 of Mobile, by the navigable route. Ship lalsnd has been In posaesiion of the rebels (Hunter Rifles) ander the command of Major Almb, but they were driven off by the Maasachtlse'ts. some time ago. The island I* a barren, desolate place. On the west e*d ia a fort partly erected by the government. The work was discontinued when tbe rebellion broke out. It has, however, been made available by the naval fleet. It la the intention of Gen. Phelps to complete the work aad make three tiers of guns which are to be seat from Pensacola. The fort (Fort Mayaachusetts) is In command of Lieut 8. Held Buchanan aad Capt Fontaine, of tbe Navy The llght-hoose was fired by tbe rwru, earning oat t&e interior and destroying the lantern. It wilt soon, however, be placed in Iaa good condition aa formerly. fatiguing march of tlx or seven miles through the white sand brings von to the other and of the island, which is the only fertile spot, on which i> a thick foreac of pine and white oak. This part of the island was Inhabited formerly by one or two fr ml lies engaged in rearing cattle. Their booaea have been ourned to the ground Some twec'y or thirty head of catle and pigs roam through the woods. Raccoons were foand in great abundance The sailors shake them from the trees, and by good use of the cutlass make sore of tfeelr game. srvacT or fhblps' peoclamatio*. Gen Phelps' craxy abolition and anti-Catholic proclamation, issued from Ship Island to 11 the the people of the Southwest," seems likely to have me mischievous results. A correspondent of the New York Herald writes: On the evening of tbe 4th day of December a number of the officer* of tbe brigade, and otbera of on who were still on board the Constitution, were astonished to learn that Geo. Phelps had prepared a proclamation to the people of the outhweet. It was read to as, ana caused very mat dtasatisfoctioa and indignation, nothing bat a sense of duty and regard for discipline preventing tbe ktrongest expressions of disgust. The next day toe substance of the document spread itk? wild fire among foe ofilcers of the command and of the naval squadron. The remark of every cflcer whom 1 beard speak of it waa that they had not come down here to fight for tbe abolition of alavery, bat for the Integrity of the Union. Oen. Pheip*' illusion to tbe church question in . the French revolution is a most unfortanate one He aeema entirely to have forgotten, not only the patriotism of oar Catholic fellow citizen*, but alsntbat one regiment (the Ninth Connecticut) of hi* brigade U composed of Irishmen, of whom there are probably not twenty men who are not Roman Catholics. This paragraph Is very offensive to tbem, and especially lo their chaplain, Father Moonev A Scarcity or Saltpbtbb ?At London it was staie4 that within a few days the whole of the stock of saltpetre in market, a boat three thousand tone, had been purchased by the government of the united States, on terms which had raised the price from 37 shillings to 43 shillings per hundred weight It was predicted that the British government will semnurily prohibit the clearance of this contraband of wsr. If the British Govern meat cat us off from saipetre, powder will rise to very high figure, for excejrt In comparatively sail quantities sad at high prices, saltpetre cannot be obtained outside of British India. lETOld Mrs Harria was never regarded as a par of neataeas; and if "cleanllnesa la a text onto Slinens," as 8t Paul asserts, It la to be feared the old lady never attained to the latter state Not only waa she anything bat neat herself, bat ehe ahowed a contempt for It la others. Speaklag of aeat people, one day, she remarked that her son Jaelah was oae of the moat particular men fa the world " Why," aald she, "he threw sway a whole cap of coffee the other morning becaoee it had a bed-bog la it " CZTSome of the beef contractors, a few days bmw the cattle art weighed, feed them wiU as much toy as they oan poeslbly est?they next faralah the? with MDucti nit u they will eat. tad then gl ve tbeaa aamneh water aa they eaa poeslbly drink Cattle "fitted" In this way will weigh Marly two hundred pounds more thsn they otherwise would Jt' , " 1ET V?rmont has aseomad bar share of the Na&oaal direct lax. being the Bret State to do so. 07'D"1d Linn, of Cumberland, Md . h?e bean arrested by the ss til Wry and taken to Whsel- i l?C. I kHKJ | LATE SOUTHERN MEWS. TH* LAT* BXCITBXKST AT !*ASH VILLI, T*K5. A letter from Louisville to the Cincinnati Gazette, dated the 12th Inst., partially confirm* the telegraphic account of the late excitement at Naahvllle, Tenn , growing out of an attempt of tbe State authorities to draft men into the Confederate army The letter aavs : I have newa from NashvlUe to the 9th Indignation of Governor Harrla' order to raise troops by draft from the militia waa Intense, even among the secessionists The Dally Gazette denounced It In unmeasured terjaa, declaring It worse than Lincoln'a call for men t? i-mhiln* *V?? >' In tba fourth ward of Nashville, Captain Patterson refused to obey orders lor conscription, but was afterwards forced to obedience by a threat of court-martial In South Nashville on'the 2d Inst., a mob of more than one hundred men rushed upon the Governor's officers, and broke up the boxes used In drafting. A fight ensued between the Confederate olBcera and the people, in which ten persons were killed and ten or twelve wounded. Governor Harris was compelled to keep his room at the St. Cloud up to the time mv informant left, under Strang guard, for fear of assassination by the Incensed people. He had received many anonymous letters threatening his life Col.Henry Claiborne, of the militia, was also afraid to show his head on the streets. The writer further states that J. O. Griffith, financial proprietor of the Nashville Union and American,original secessionist, and Hugh McCra, an Irish original seceMlonist, were among those drawn for militia servire Three wholesale dry goods merchants. A'fred Adams, Tom Kite and VV. S A1 kin, bad also been selected to shoulder Ika (Witakat ? ? ? ? ' * * ? J w?m> yiuun cvnio wrauoy persoas cuerta as high as Svi.OOO for substitutes. [From tbe Richmond Examiner, Dec. 12 ] COS FRDKRATK SOLDIERS ORDERED FROM WESTERN VIRGINIA TO SOOTH C AROLINA. A rumor was In the city some days ago. that Gen Floyd and hla command were to be transferred to Kentucky; and this wu followed by the confident though contradictory report, yesterday, that the army in Western Virginia waa to be transferred to South Carolina. We are unable to give the facta on which these rumors have been probably baaed as aome aort of foundation. General Floyd la not, as far as hai yet been determined, to be transferred from Western Virginia He baa been ordered into winter quarters at Newbern, near the Virginia and Tennessee Railroad At tbe same time these orders vv?'ii?* cva. ac * I^KIIUCIH wan uc*? t-*ch>*d,wtth Gen Donaldson'sTennessee brigade, to proceed to Bowling Green, Ky. That order has been reversed, and these forces will at once repair to South Carolina, and report there to Gen. Lee. House-furnishing goods. At Grsatlt Reacted Rates. For Sa'e b? COKTLAN St CO, At Nob, ale A 81* Baltimor* St., Baltimoii. Table Cutlery, A1 beta Spoons, Albat* Forks, Plated 'l>a Seta, Coffee IJrna, Table Caatora, Chafing Dishes, Brush**, W liters, Hat Racks, Umbrella Stands, Corkscrews, Natsncks, Cooks' Knivea, Bread Kcivea. Kitchen Knive* and Fork?, Ch&mjarne Patsct loo Pitohera, Co?"? J** ta. Wame irona. Patent Gridiron*, Kitchen Spoona. Scales and WeighU, B?h,?? Tuba, C?ff" """ Sauoeaana, Table Mata, Um Stovea, ? Foot Tuba, Chamber Backeta, Toilet Beta, Willow Baaketa. Wooden Ware, nimii. Devonahire Chair*, V\ . _A *\1 & _ . utw Luines, QAB FIXTURES, Soft. of French, Knxliah, and Awncin _ . . manuiaotare. Frenoh, Dfeaden, ud But India CHINA, , . . in *re&t variety. Old Honaekeepera and new beginnera will find it to tfceir ad ran tag a to call and examine our atock when wanting any of the above d<>aoription vl tooda. COKTLAN CO., Noa. 919 and HIS Kvttmor* atreet. 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SSTEBk&t.X.rSi 4...WU.? d? 4-tf or Mi P at . batwaan 9th anl *Oth, > EVERYBODY GO Kb TO SMITH'#, No. 460 ESV3 ?.* " *'$& 'WW TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. IMPORTANT FROM THE UPPER POTOMAC. Attempt ( the Rebels ( Frvu the R1t? it Falling Waters?Prebable Engagement. Fxxdiiick, Dec 18 ?A gentleman whoarrived from Wllltamsport late laat night reports that Gen. Jackson'* rebel brigade has been largely I a?* * - - reiniorcea, ana is supposed to amount to 9,000 men, now at Falling Water* At 9o'clock p m. 51 wagons belonging to the rebels were backed down to the shore, and a boat from each quietly launched into the river. Two of the boats were of large size, for the transportation of artillery. At thin Juncture our Informant left for General Banks' headquarters. He thinks the object of Jackson is to crocs the river, make a dash on Willlamsport, and secure the stores and arms there. He informed Col. Leonard of all that wis transpiring, and thinks the latter has taken full precautions to prevent it by removing the stores,4 etc .. to a more secure place, and that he also took steps to concentrate all his available force to prevent the passage of the river. Our informant passed "he Fifth Connecticut Regiment, en route for Williamyport, two miles northwest of Boonsboro. and sixteen miles from Willlamsport, and Beat's battery three-quarters of a mile In the rear of the Connecticut Fifth Regiment. Later Intelligence states that the battery reached Willlamsport at six o'clock this morning. having passed the Connecticut regiment on the route. A deserter?a resldentof Hancock county,Va.,? reached dam No 4 yesterday from Jackson's brigade, who said that Jackson had 15,000 rren, but this is considered an exaggeration by our informant, who had for one hour a good view of Jackson's whole command. The deserter stated that Jackson's regulars (Including a Georgia regiment, which had just joined him,) were determined "to go to the devil with their commander," but the militia were equally obstinate In refusing to cross the river. Jackson, he said, was determined to cross the river .this morning. On rscelpt of this intelligence by Gen Bank*, orders were issued to the 3d Brigade (Gen Williams commanding) to be prepared to perform a forced march to Wllllarrsport at a moment's notice, but up to 10 o'clock this morning the brigade had not moved, Uut was in teadiness to leave at any time. LATER. It is reported on the street that one regiment only is about to move, which indicates that Jackson has not sufficient strength to execute his mreat, but Lias probably tried the experiment and met with a check. Firing was heard at C o'clock, the hour at which B??t's battery had probably reached the river opposite Falling Waters. Paiienger* by the Hagerstown stage report Timor* of firing at Falling Waters this morning, and numerous other reports ?r??!n circulation, but nothing authentic There wa* considerable excitement there aa the stage left, at 6 o'clock a m Reliable reports aay that Lee*burg has been of late reinforced by from four to five thousand men, the rebels fearing an attack by Gen. Stone. It is thought that Jackson's force could be easily strengthened on short notice. There Is no truth In the statement that the Struusburg and Winchester railroad baa been completed. Not many days ago, several loads of railroad iron were sent to Strausburg from Winchester, which probably gave rise to the report. The bulk of the rails are still piled up near Winchester. The War in Missanrt. 0*1*. pop* is purerit op the confederate aixt. Tipton, Mo., Dec 16 ?Yesterday orders wpre received here for all the forces at this poat to hold themselves in readiness to march at a moment's notice. At the same time, Gen. Pope, commanding tbe department of Central Missouri, at the head of nearly all the troops in winter quarters at oiterviue, marched westward towards VVarreusburg, for the purpose, as was generally believed here, of cutting oB' Gen. Price, who, our scouts reported, was making forced marches to reach the rebel force under Gens. Rains and Stein, now in th? entrenchments at Lexington. Leavenworth, Dec 17 ?Advices from Mound City to tbe 14th mention that a foray had been made by a party of 200 rebels, near Potosl, Lynn county." Twenty houses were pillaged and one man killed Col Montgomery had gone In pursuit of the marauders it was believe*! at MminH Pitw nnna ? ? ? ? ? ? -- ? w m ? >uta? UVUV Vt W V> Price's forces bad croaaed the Oaage river. movements or oik. pofl't division. jif?kn?o!f Citt, Dec. 18 ?Intelligence from Clinton state* that town has been occupied by six thousand rebels. Gen Pope's division was within a few miles of It on Sunday night, but the rebels were apparently unaware of his approach, and It la supposed that ere this they been cut otf from Osceola. Prlce'a headquarters are twentyfive ml lea distant, a rapid march agalnat which la not Improbable. Pram Flew >1 ex tea?An Indian Matsacre. Kansas City, Deo. 17 ?The Santa Feand Cannon City mall, with dates to the 2d Instant, arrived here on Sunday. Thla mall brings Intelligence of a horrible massacre at Fort Vtanton. On the approach of the Texans to that post in the summer all tbe citizens in tbe vicinity fled to the settlements, leaving tbelr hornt-a, their crops and everything elae behind. After tlie Texans abandoned the place k. a i.Ji... l- -Jv J tuc n patuc luuiaut wu* SQQ Did command of mil the country around. In the fall a party numbering twenty men determined to re lilt tbe neighborhood .and obtain what tbey could of their remaining crops, when tbe whole number fell Into the bands of tbe savages and were brutally murdered. flei. Meagher's Brigade?Sad Accident. Tbshto*. N J"., Dec. 17?The midnight line from New York last night brought on a number of companies attached to Gen Thomas Francis Meagher's brigade. While at tbe Tr?nton depot a number of tbe privates got out to All tbelr canteens. In tbe meantime tbe train started, and

there was a rush to get on board tbe cars again Martin Collins, of company 1), fourth regiment, fell between the cars and tud both of his le*s crushed, so that he lived but a shott time. Michael O'Neil, of company F, fourth regiment, was badly jammed-and Internally Injured. t*nui|riu?n at nine ^i*y? mm. Lba.vkworth, Dec. 17?A portion of the to-srn of Platte city, Missouri, Including the court-house and postotfice. waa destroyed bv Are last night. It (was set on fire about one o'clock by the Confederate*, but the flames were suppressed by the troops under Col. Morgan At four o'clock the town waa again successfully fired The county records were saved, but the office wan destroyed Many arrests have been made, including some of 8. Gordon's guerilla baud, and one of Price's captain*. From New York. Niw Yohk, Doc. 18?The report that our Minister to England, Mr. Adams, had stated that his recall waa inevitable is received with distrust, and is doubtless unfounded. Secretary Chase denies positively any intention on the part of the Government to forbad the exportation of specie. There were no considerable calls for specie on the banks to-day. The resolution not to suspend has been reassuring to the public rather than otherwise. Keatacky Legislature. FKAXKroKT, Dec 17.? The Select Committee has reported a resolution to expel representatives Ellioti, Mattbewson, Merrett, Ewlng, Gilbert, Sllverworth, Boone and King, for aiding In the rebellion. Hatteras Prisoners to be Released. Boston, Dee 17 ?The bark lal&nd City sailed to-day with 230 prisoners for Portress Monroe, to be exchanged for United State* prtaonera now In prison at Richmond. PROPOSALS FOR FRESH BEEF. Washington Axssnal. 10th Dee, 1861. Ssalkd Pkopos*ls, to ba endorsed "Proposals for Fresh Beef" "Will bereofivod at this Arsenal until 10 a m. o! the20th instant, for the supply of Freen Beef for 13 mouths from the l>t January, 1863. The Beef to be of good and wholesome quality, (nooks and shanks exoiaded,)ln suoh quantities as may be from time to time repaired, not exo^dun fire times in each week, on snoh days as shall be dreiguated hy the Aetiac Assistant Coirmissary of Subsisteaoe; the Bsef to be delivered aftne The ooatraot will to Mprded to the lowest re sponsible bidder. Wto wfil be required to give tC usaal bonds wtU? ?g^fTTEMORK del* let IX Ord. a. A. (^fe. Labor jmthgBtom at most WlS arsr- kinds of Dry 9cJtis for the sen- I and speoial wants of fcmil.?* an<I housekeepTeW-Wt 1' Pean. arenue ano Ninth k. THE DOLLAR STAR! INDUCEMENTS TO CLUBS! NOW 18 THE TIME TO SUBSCRIBE! The Fillwt tad Moat Reliable Flewa from th? Beat of GoTeraateat! Reading Matter for the Fireside Circle! . MC frn UWIIMt JVW w UWIVMVICU1J NIC uiwt? C'CUV ful In tbe political history of this country, and the record of occurrences transpiring at the Federal Metropolis Is naturally ol striking and remarkable Interest. The public desire to receive prompt, fnll and riliabU accounts ?/ all that passu here is most Intense, and we have jfnsequently wads alterations sad Improvements In tbe weekly Issue of the Washington Star to meet this want most satlsfostorlly In compliance with the wish of the public the paner has been changed from a quarto to the more convenient folio shape, and now appears a handsome sheet of thirty-two columns, filled with choice and carefully prepared Reading Matter, and bearing the name of the "Washington Dollar Weekly Star." As indicated by the title, we now furnish the paper at the unprecedented low price of ONE DOLLAR PER YEAR I! Or barely more than the price of the paper upon which it 1? printed. It Is our determination to make the Wbkkly Star not only the largest and handsomest Dollar Newspaper in the United States, but that It shall absolutely be Thk Bmt Family Wikkl* Nkwsfapkk in the Woud!!! it contains the very fullest, freshest, and most Important details of all that transpires at the Seat of Government; editorials on ail the impor tant topics of the times; the news of the week; [ interesting correspondence from all parts of the world; capital stories*, humorous and graphic sketches, and the pick of the Coating miscellany of literature and gossip. The Dollar Stak ha? at a j?rrmane*t feature a carefully prepared AGRICULTURAL DEPARTMENT, embodying whatever may be of luterott to farmers in the transactions of the Interior Department, the Smithsonian institution, and the U. P. Agricultural Society. Gardening and Horticulture also receive due attention in this department of the paper, and we also give each week a choice budget of Household Jlecipes for our lady readers; aiso, Recipes for the Workshop, together with an official list of all the new inventions Issued from the Patent Offtce each week. In short, it la our purpose to give oar readers a varied, rich, and sparklinr varletv of the reading that at once Instructs and entertains, but aiming to make Washington Niws and Gossip our sptcialitf, In accordance with the views set fbrth above. Believing it to be better to sell many papers at a low price than a few at a high price, we have determined to offer the following Extraordinary Inducements to Clubs. To Single Subscribers fl.OO per year. To Clubs of Five 95 cents. To Clubs of Ten yu cents. To Clubs of Fifteen 85 cents. To Clubs of Twenty-live 60 cents. To Clubs of Fifty 75 cents. Address W. D. Wallace, Publisher of the Stab, Washington, D. C., witfc .ab?crip?on MAttAtt 1 n? fr\r iwlmon <iAnlaa urhlrh UlVllt J VI tvi B^VVitMVU will be forwarded gratis. OFFlfllAL. T&XASVKY DKPAXTWMT, I November 30, 1861.( Notice it ktrtby given of the readiness of thia Department to redeem the Treaeury notes author iied by the aot of Congress approved 17th Decern ber, 1360. The interest on such Tr?a?ury nates will ceate on the first day of February next, by the terms of the above act. p.P.CHASE, Secretary of the Treasury. Do?-3aw3w [Intel.] SMITH A BROTHER'S PALE CREAM ALE, SUPERIOR AMBER ATE, porter ajcd new york brown stout. The above CELEBRATED AMERICAN ALES are Breired from the CHOICEST BAR. LEY MA LT and HOPS, and highly esteemed by those who have used them. Purchasers are requested to call and examine our superior stook, assured that they will find the BEST and PUREST articles. We have at ail times a large stock ready for delivery, in wtnle, half ana quartor casks, sniubla for the TRADE, HOTELS, and FAMILY USE. ki?h ? ?ir? n> tko MnST PiVODADI u wuivu ww vuvt v? ?uw i>4vw? a Am v v n a a# ii u I TERMS. fMITH & BROTHER, Brewers, No. 1A8 ft 160 Weat 13th at.. New York City. Order* by Mai or Express promptly executed. c* 9-6m pENSlON OFFiCB, Jtm 6th, 1861. TO ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN. Application having been maae under toe act of 33d Jane, 1860, for the reissue of the Laud Warrants desaribed herein, which are alleged to have been lost or destroyed* notice is hereby given, that at the date following the description of each Warrant, a new Certificate, of like tenor, will be issued. if no valid objection shall then appear No. 57,??i, for 16? Mm, ls'ued under the aotof March, >856, m the naae of Hannah, widow of James Wuson, and granted on the 8>th day of February, 1857 ?December SO, 1861 No.64,99), for 120 acres, issued under the aetof Maroh. 1856. in the name of Martha, widow of Andrew Mellon, and granted on the 15th day of, 1856 ?lieoember 1861. No. 9,302,for >'*> aores, i?su*d nnder the aotof a.? i ^ ? r 4a ? -1 n * t miron, icoo, in >uc name ui sainusi n. Jtoiva; and grantrd on the 1st day o' Ai'gu t, 1855. No. 3 lf*4, for 160 aorea, iraued under the act of. Maroh, 1855, in the name of William H Tarrance, and granted on tjie 13th day of July, 1856.?Decern ber 21,1<J61. No. 14.946, for 80 aire*, issued under the not of September '850. in the name of Levi Treadwell, ana granted Sop'wmber 29th, 1851. No.31.038,for 40 aorea. issued under the iame act, in ihe name of Absl Platta, and granted November *8th, 1851.?Deoembar 28.1861. No. 72 524 for l&o aorea, uaued under the aot of March. 185i, in the name of Thomas Johnaon.and granted on tne 9th da; of September, '857.?January 4,1882. >o. 42.216, for 80 acres. iaaued und<>r the aot of March, 1866, in the name of folly, widow of John Camp, and granted on the 2Sd day of September, 1856.?January 4,1868. No. 23 426, for 16 > aores. ia*ued under the aot of Maroh. 1856, in the name of Wllliam Soott, and wiu granted on the 1st day of May, 1856.?January 11, 1862. JOSEPH H. BARRETT, e 18-1 aw OomTitaaionar. ?A* MILITARY BOOTS, Mil AT Wbolssalb. flj At Manufacturers' Prittt. fHI M^No. 16 Market &paoe. Peun ar.,' between 8th and 9th ata. J ROSENTHAL. Ladle*'. Miaaea' and Children's Boots and i?noer of ever* .iornrintinn. In>tr tkitn ever. rim IS mi I rMBBS' HAIR STORE, HALF W168, FRIZETTLt?, fee, A fu alDog fchraye on hand, or made to order .at the horteet notioe. Hair Work repaired or exchanged. B.?Laoiee' Hair&red is the o?? y<?r?J Q F F 1 C I A L O y 1 C K. QVAlTnMAim OWMWXAL'* OFFICS, ( Wasktntto* Wv. December 6th, 1861,\ The following Reeolation baa boon adopted by the Hobm of Representative* of the United Stataa, tii ; httoh ed, "That tfca Secretary of War be re? seated to ferniah to tkii Hobm eoeiea of all eonraou made by the Qaartermaater'x Department, for feeding diaabled horeea during the victor;?to Mate the term* of theee eontaota, the names of the ooatraotora. and the number of horeea given oat;? and whether tnoae contraeta were made apon pubUa notion." _All offioera and agenta of the Qaartarmaatar'a n-p%rtinant, are inetrnoted to aend to the Quartermaster General immediately apon teeing thu nouoe, oopiea of all ooatrao a, aod a 1 infortrnation embraood within the tenna of the Reposition. daft lot ilntel. A Rep ) Q aarMrmaater ^en*.. AMERICAN WATCHES For Americans. THE AMERICAN WATCH CO. be* to <*11 the attention of the citiieac of Wathi&fton ud vioinity to the inferiority of their Watchee orer all imported, whether 8wi?e or Enj l?h. The Compacr noheaitstingly guarantee their Watohee to be unasrpaaeed by thoee of any ooun try for dnrability and fins time keeping suahties. CAUTION. The Company won Id caution Layer* to beware of the cheap English and Swiss Watobea now being eeat among soldier* in and aroacd Washington. These watches are of the poorest description of foreign manufacture, and utterly worthless as time keepers, as the makers well knew when they sent them to this oonntry. LADIES' WATCHES. The Company would invite especial atteition to their latest stjle of Watch for Ladies. Every one will have the same guarantee that accompanies the most eostly Chronometer of their macufaotare. Tka atvlas Af Paaa* era A* UV BkJiV* VI V?OUC ? W ? Ml IWU ?UU BUli UIUOITUI tastes, and the introduction of a Watoh for ladies, that will co and keep ume, ba? met with uni verral avor. ESPECIAL ATTENTION ia invited by the Company to the f&ot every Watoh, of whatever pnoe, manufactured at tneir Worvaat Waltham, Mass.,is accompanied by a certificate not only to warrant it, bat to pievent imposition from a cheap and worthless imitation that ia palmed off upon buyers rb the genuine article. All our Watches have upon the plate the trade mark "Waltham, Mms.," and without that mark no Watoh ;b genuine, Messrs. M. W. GALT A BROTHER J.avetto Watches of our manufacture for sale at Washington, and buyers can depend upon finding tiie rieht etrles a"d oui'.ities at their establishment. No. 331 I'cznzj ;vaLi8 avenao. ROBBINS A APPLETON, Gacerai Ater>t?, No-1 *'2 Broadway, no 23 1 in New York. SOMKTHIAO N KW-a UP BRIO R HULLED CORN? The aiiheoriher, Navmr *ot rhe agency to rjptly Washington and Georgetown witti thia delicate preparation of Com. wlu d respectfully as* of his friends, ard the public at large, to give it a trial. Alio, Popped <'nrn. tlam and ?ccared WM BRADLV, Agent, Pa. avenue. between urh and 19th ata. N. B.?Manufacturer of Marble Mantles. Monumenta, Table Tops, Ac. A large assortment a ways on hand. oc 19-Sm Oyst era?Oysters. THE OVERLAND OYSTER EXPRESS COMPANY la now preparel to fjrninh Restaurants, Hotel*, Mitlers, and Private Fa? with^g^. FRF,*H OVSTKRS, by tue gallon orlg^i (mJ ' ^?e ? >y ater* arrnra daily fresh from the waters of the Cl.e.a?eahe Bay. and are of the best quality. ? . The company invite? the patronage of the dralera and the pubio is general, anu tuarantees a prompt anermon w ?u cruers. _ . ?? iw arret Spaae, (Avenue Houe,) between Tth and Silt at*. ^10 30-1 m {Rppnbiiean.J PIANOS! PIANOS!! PIANOS!!! - ? ^ A number of sev f Oct. PIANOS MM received yesterday froai the oelebrated f*l *? ' laotory of Wm Knabe 4 Co., anions them a very handsome oarved Piano, wmeh obtained the highest premium from the late Baltimore Exhibition, and wi.ioh 1 offor for sale (m a fine New Year's present) on accommodating teims, and at prioea to suit the times. . TO KENT?I will h*re aeveral Pianos alw?ji on hand, though I wae unable last week to, serve some of my customer*. Amatenr* are invitetf to examine. F. C. KUCBKN BACH. nov27 Im, ^o <38 11th street* THE EUROPEAN HOTEL, KEPT BY T. EMK1GH. at the corner of I enn. A . . A avenue and Eleventh street, has beenwBBxP greatly iin?rore^ recently and now offersJbfr-slftJk greater inducements for the patronage cf^TtTieci and strangers than any other tnblie house in tee sitv, his prices being iess thai these of any other bote, on Pern, avenue, and his aeooiBtr.cdaUoBS lor permanent ortrapaaent boarders unexceptionable. The bar and reetacult? frangementa of the European Hotel hava already beoorra very pops lar. being all that can bo desired by the moat fas tidicus. The proprietor plfrdges nr.remitted atten tionaud continued libwal expenditures to gireaatIsfaetion to all, and tbaarenewa bis invitatior '? all to five the ReropAan Hntei a nail. d* i-tt CARRIAGES. HE Subscriber having made addition* to kls factory, making it now one ot tbe inrseat. in tbe Diatrict, where hie facilitiecUKMvr for manuiacturing CARRIAGES* and-**^?^ LIGHT WAGONS of all kinds oaucot be ear passed, and from hia lone experience in the baaineaa, he bop?-a to give general aauafiu-tion. AU Ir-nda of Carnagea and Light Wagons kapt on bard. All REPAIRS neatly dose, and all ordera promptly amended to. Second band Carriages taken in exchange for newonea. ANDREW i. JOYCE, d 18 tf oomer of Fourteenth aod P ata. I nnn 1<HS SOAP AND CANDLE* for 13U)UUU aale oheap for caab. Alao, wajit'd?600,noo lbe. Army Grea?e aod Rough Taiio ? for which the b if heat prioe will be paid, at the National Soap acd Candle Worka, oor. Gr^en at. ana Cana . Georgetown, l>. C. no 7 1m n. B. JEWELL. Proprietor. JpiREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital. ?aoo,?oo. 1,1 U0M Mra? O ttrut mnd Lemxtimm* ??., ?wr Bmmk if W*sk\nitcm. INSURE HOUSES ANTOTHKR PROPERTY GAINST LOSS BY FIRE. Dnimaii Geo. Shoemaker, San;uei Redfern, t-'amuei Cropiey, Wilnam Wiibob, Kioh&rd Joi.ea. John D. Barely. Jacob Gideon, Anuretr Rotlitrefl, Thoa. Parker, Risnarc' Barry, B. B. French, Dr. C. W. Dana. No charge for Policiae. JAMES ADAMS, Praeidant. A?a?. 8. Pavtw. S?WJtarT. an 9 eo4? YWOOD AND GOAL. OU Will purely cat your ruocey'i worth by sailing at the PIONEER MILLS, romthwrt mt?f of Xtvmtk ttrut mm.4 Can*I. (GEO. PASK, Acent.) They aal! oheaaer and |i?e batter meaaara than any othera in theaiif?cm, aalit, acd daliT o wi irrc vi ou?r|i( 41 Tva uua i iviiotv * i ti thePinnoor Mi! ?truk., u4 btnUifiM. i-It.T V|7ALL.!?TEHHKI4 k CO.. 3*2 PSftMTI.TA.NlA AVX5T1, MILITARY AND NAVAL MERCHANT TAILORS, AND READY-MADE CLOTH1KR8, AND EXTENSIVE DEALERS IN GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING GOODS, M6-lf (Iatol A Ro?ub.) NEW VOLUME BALZAC'S NO VEL8.?Tb> A;ct?miit,or Um Hoin of Cim? ; from Mm r'rmch of Houure de H&jmo. Fro* by n<l, El. 311m M&rnar.ths Weaver of RarMoaTb' Goo. Elliott, tuo author of "Adam Bod*." Pro* kl Hi timdU, F B K N O H^A JU CHST ETN. goo TO AMD TO MR fU are cotr rr.*??T*ot?rinx Ul tied# of HWWM U4 SHOES, wu) ci.rt?ut r rMtrini |^| nb of HMra IBM* work of ororydo BHId M;>0? iSffKSr&^mSSiw* ^rwotore &rt?dirjaw oitr for itSS JR ,.?. VkTKi4N. v .kV^:, ft-' *1# T<ci>T>T?aii ONK VEEY N1CI SECOND-HAND PIANO " ' for #58, Al?o.alja*?'took otR*wm^m^ ftrei s.? fry P1W. for raft. FeU&BSttSttWMM do Mf ot 1?A *4^bocrora^ J^notk. THJB WEEKLY STAB. Friday I . ... ? 19 IllanrtaUytMklMtttxWaUvMMM' ? fiit>i &ii y Ultou* ^oq( tLt oMMltf* CTtM^Ie c>opl?a ft* ?p|t mm * p*?oorad at tbe oeoatar. ? *! ><> Wtar tk> IBM o< tkt paper Prto??TBRBB CENT* HELMBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATION. ? HIOHLY CONCXMTMJLTEl>? ComDonnd ! *? * 1 A mmd SpryjU Xtm$*? For Dimm of (M BLADDER, SIDNEYS. GRAVEL, MtOT* 81CAL 8WKLL1N?# Thia MImrwn tto wwt of W|iHm, ud noitN the iMoimn (alt MudyiMM. b^whioh tb? wat 11 t ui c?ixsaoa* fOT METf, WOMEN. OK CHILDREN HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCHV For WMknmti Ariiint from Kxo?m??, Habita of DleelpsOo*. Kar'y l'd.?or?tion or Abut, Attended %piik the Following Symptoms .* lBdmposition to fcliartioa, Com of Po??rt Umof Mrmorr, Diftoiltj of Rrw?(H, \V?*k N-nr?a, Trewb.ia*. Htk^ ?>f P.nea?. WtktftlnMi, Dimnnu of Vi?inr n *? *1? " " OniT?rta> Laaaitade of the Mmcuiir Syatem. Hot Hand*. Flaehinr of tragi) i<?f, Dry&Pta of the Skin, K>aptiona oa UtFiM, patlid COCKTKKAnri. Theae nmiti nm. tt a owrd to go oa, whtafc Xkim medlome id varmbly rtmorM, aooa f? lovi IMPOTENCY, FATUITY. EPILEPTIC PIT*, In on* of wktcA tkt Patimt may E<rp**? Who oaa t*v they are oot fluently foi loved by thoae "dtketfl "INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Mary are aware of the oaaae of thair eaferiac, act nona will cohfbea. THE RECOKUSor THE INSANE ASYLUMS And tkt Mtlmntkoly Dtntkt k?r (Mnamei, na amplb witkim to th? t&ctz op tbb imbitiok. THE CONSTITT'T'ON ONCE AFFECTED WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS, - _* fc? -? ??m i I w? kiiw Viu "4 . * 1W W Bkl vupt lUCKi BSQ iLnfMUr the Systeaa wcioh HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT ftCMt immmrimlfdmt a TKlAi. WILL COKTIRCB th? moit km tic ax. # FEMA LES- FEMA LE8- FEMALES, OLD OR VOrxOf SINGLE. MARRIED. O* CONTEMPLATING ^ARRIAQE, J* Many Aftctittu P*culft t? FtmmUi the Extract Ructin is nneeua U*d by My other remedy, a* in Chlorosis or Retention, Irrifulanty. Painfulness, or Suppression o? Castoinarv KtmuaUuts. UionttM or t^ohirroas state of the Utarns. Leuoorrhea or Whites, Sterility. at.c for aU eomplai' ts ineideot to the sex. vbethar arista* Irom Indiscretion, Habits of Dissipaboa, or in the DKCLim OR CHANGE OW LITE I in stmptoms a nova. VTA VI lfTT.V CXJ/iI*T T\ DV VTWAfTM * ?v inwiMi imsvumis ? n iiaw A ii. 2tA? ?? mor? fitlMM, itfrrmrfL m OrnfUmmmt Mtdt extu fm DnpUmtmmt mmd Dmmgtrtm imL.MIiOL.D B EXTRACT BUCMV craw SECRET DISEASES In all their St&jei; At little Exhbn; Little or ao chauge in Diet; No mooeveaieaoet And tic A-Tpsjfyi, ltcaoeee a fre^a nt desire a ad firee etrenrth to Urinate, thereby Keraorin* Obetraoboaa, freToatms and Curing Stnotaree ot the Urethra, * In*.... u,,?tiOXifiilZZ 'SXZStii J3 Po%?<moui, DuMuad, mud vim mi Mmitm. THOUSAND! rrON TBOCIAHM WHO HATE BEEN THE VICTIMS OF atTAfwm and who fa*re Mid Utf/w to be oared in a abort Unto, n?ve fonnd they were decoiwed, uTttot Um 'ronoi hu, by the nte ot"mimufmf itrtmtmii" be?n dried np in the t yatem, to break oat In na ncg rented form, tad PERHAPS AFTER MARRIAGE. Uie HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT IVOIS all affeottona and dieeaoee of the UMNAKT OBSilfl, whether exiating in ' . MALE OR FKULK, from whitexer oaoee originating and no Mttir of HOW tome iTANoma. Dieeaaet of theae Organ* re^nlro the aid of a Drnra<v HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT. BUCHU 18 THE GREAT DIURETIC, and it iao#tain to Um d*air*d offset la UlNHM/ir which U w rtammimdtd. ruuci or run koit EisromiiLi An umI4ASLB CEAB.ACTM wllCaoooaijany Um modioiaea. CERTIFICATES OP CURBS. From t to ? year** rtaadlac. With iNwn^c^0^^0fame. "THYSICIA.NET PLEASE - NOTICE." wi iuii "*o aacKBT" or "naamoiurrs.'' RELMBOL1V8 EXTRACT B0CHU laoompooed of Baeka, Catobaaad Janipor Bornaa, ifttottd with (rMt oar* by a ooffat dracgiat. PREPARED IN TACUO, BY H. T. HIL1IOLD, Praetloa] and Analyt:oal Ckanut, aad Bote Ma* nftoCvor of HELMCOLD'8 9KNUHT1 PREPARATIONS AFFIDAVIT. i'ereoaaliy *?pearn) oofore me. u Alrtw? of the cttr of ph :iwif pc..*, H. T. uunout, w*o beiuf auir tworn, dotli Ml. hia mMttiioutNt&in no BArcotio, ao meresrr, or otto idJmiom druge, but purely flELMBOLDk . AMtmi, Ninth at., *txnr? t>w, f fclU. PHYSICIANS IH ATTENDANCE FROM 8 A. M- TO 0 P. M. Price SI per bottle, er ill lor |4. JMtrorod to moj eddreee. wantr )M>ii few in?1 MIL. H. T. HILMBOLO, D*fOt, Mi Boitk ThU at* Mtv ChMlu*. fltt? NEWARK OF OOUNTMLFKITI AJTi) TWrRItrCITLXD DMALMMM '*??**&& ^ u M |lmn Bm k*, u ' u 14 AtratMilk BaM br B. B. Wait*. X. A. VlUUB. Mi Wiuii ft. a Foma, ft. B. bnvuna. ft- 0. Niita, Kmnu * I iwi?. J. ft. Mow - JJfD ALL DKV&01BT* MTMMTWHXMM. i*1 ' s? ? ask vob duoqim. tAK.l?0 oxmm. ott ml ttoa xmlibw ml ?A ^ * and avoid imrowtion it ttfomi v ^ k x

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