Newspaper of Evening Star, December 19, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 19, 1861 Page 3
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JOB PRINTING Or Evbbt I>?*cbiption Executed ? fib neatness and dispatch on application at the STAR OFriCE. At the Lowest Caab Prices. fsttsfaction guarantied. no Sl-tf 7. uk'al news. Tux Dxath of Pabxbb?Below will be found the particulars of the strange death of Mr. Selby Parker The sffslr baa canned considerable talk, aa Mr. Parker has been well known In Washington for many years, In various business capacities. He waa for a conalderable time the proprietor cf a large ftncy-gooda store near the National Hotel; and will also be remembered aa concerned aa a security for Chaplin, the party implicated la the Seventh-street-road negro exodu*. Mr Parker had recently rented the ftW upper rooma of the Manalon Houae, wnt of Willarda' Hotel, and fitted them op tc tub-let them. The oil carpet on the atalra had been laid bnt not tacked down, the Intention being to aecure It by brass rods, which had not been placed. It la soppoaed that in coming down the stairs earlv thia morning he trad upon a place where the oilcloth pr.-;?c?ed beyond the step, and was thua precipitated, head foremost, to the bottom of the stairs, breaking his neck by the fall Ha was discovered at six o'clock this morning, dead No marks of violence were found on the body indicating violence. * The deceased when found, lay with bis face buried Id tbe mat, his arms extended, and his feet resting upon the atalra. He visited Butler'a restaurant on Fourteenth street, between one and two o'clock thia morning, In company with a Mr Bradley, of Philadelphia, a su'ler, (one of bis lodgers.) and Mr John Davis He appeared slightly intoxicated upon leaving, snd it is be1 ?ved met with his death from the atunnlng effect* of hia foil and from suffocation. About midway of the atalra one of the piece* of oilcloth with which they were lcosely covered waa found displaced this morning. No disturbance was heard by the lodgers during tbe night save tbe sound of a heavy fall, which excited no alarm. Mr Parker w?a about 56 years of age, and leaves wife, two aona, and a daughter Tbe verdict of the Coroner^ Jury to-day waa that hia death resulted from aa accidental fall. Pxxlixinabt ExamrNATION or a Msbdxb Casb?Last Monday. John Dougherty, a private f the 1st D C. Regiment, Col Tait. who for a month past baa been confined in jail upon the charge of murder by shooting private Slvlll, of the same regiment, had a hearing before Justice Donn Tbe evidence elicited the following facts: that on the day.upon which the homicide occurred, Lieut Towers being cfficer of the guard, (date not remembered,) the pri'oner was somewhat intoxicated, and was sitting by the 5re at the guardhouse of tbe regiment, in camp north of the city, and disturbing theeampby his conduct. Lieut Towers and the Sergeant of the Guard went to him while he was in an altercation with the Corporal of the Guard, who was trying to keep him quiet They saw him draw the Corporal's bayonet from theaaabbard and attempt to stab him, the weapon passing through his clothing, sllghtlv.grazing the skin He was arrested with difficulty and taken to the guardhouse While there he attempted to strike Lieut. Towers with a brick, but the Lieutenant escape^ the blow, and the missile grazed the Sergeant's face. The Lieutenant then told the prisoner that If he picked up another brick he wo*?ld shoot j him. The prisoner did take another, and waa In tbe act of raising it to throw, when the Lieutenant shot him in the thigh with a pistol. They then took him to put him on a stretcher to examine the wound, but he resisted, and the officers withdrew to obtain aid sufficient to force the examination and keep him still In the meantime some of the men, the deceaaed with them, tried by persuasion to pacify him, but he went Into the room where the arms of the guards not on duty were stacked, and took a gttn. and aiming deliberately through the door, fired and ahot tbe deceaaed He then took another gun and aimM to shoot abotber man who was in the guard-room, but tbe person he aimed at suddenly sprang upon him and seized the musket, and succeeded In taking it from him. Tbe prisoner was tben secured and sent to the county jail Sivil, the deceaaed, died of the wounds two daya after the occurrence Th? justice fully committed Dougherty for trial on the charge of murder Sbbbna&b Last Nioht.?A serenade waa last night given by the Wyoming Cornet Band, of the Fifty-aeccnd Pennsylvania regiment, to Hon. H B Wright, member of Congress from the 12th district of Pennaylvanla, at bis boarding place, corner G and Fourteenth streets After several popular air* had been performed by the band, Vr Wright addressed those present on political topics, announcing hia hearty support of the Admlnlstration. He had been a Douglas democrat, but when !t became nece?aary to take up arms against tbe rebellion which threatened tbe very existence of our Government, a pare and simple platform waa presented on whicn be could stand. He, however, deprecated any change of policy which w^uld make the destruction of slavery the object of the war?but at the same time was in favor of taking the property of rebel* In arms, as our troofw advanced whether ?ucb property consisted of lands, forage, horaes. cattle, or slave* He tben touched on the Maaon and Slidell arrest, and said he had rather that every man in the North should perish than surrender the prisoners. He believed that tbe belligerent aspect of England was intended to test our spirit, but whether it was the glove of defiance and challenge or not, if England should declare war, we should gird up our loins, put on our whole strength, and old and young turn out , to punish the insolence of a nation that desires more than any other to humble us God had a destiny for this nation, of which not England, nor France, nor the seceding States, nor all of these combined, could prevent the sure fulfiment. RxwaNxr to Ocry.?Yesterday afternoon, the Insubordinate members of tbe New York 13th regiment, who, for two months past, have been confined in tbe central guardhouse, were released and returned to their regiment The cause of their offence was their opposition to being separated or taken from tbe companies they originally enlisted in, to fill the ranks of smaller corps They were marched 0Qt in front of tbe station, where an eacort under Capt Hamilton awaited them, and they were pertinently addressed by Col Plckell Tbe Colonel told them that they had placed themselves in great danger of disgrace by their offending, a danger which they probably did not realize But the Department bad directed him to receive back to tne regiment any one who would agree to return to duty, and b? faithful to the cauae tbev had espoused. He then aaked all who would agree to tbis to step two paces to the front, when tbe entire party stepped forward. Col Plckell congratulated them upon tbetr unanimous decision, and told them that their comrades would rejoice to receive them la camp. They then formed In column with the escort, and returned to their camp in Virginia. They were twenty-aeven In number, and all young, Intelligent and able-bodied. During their confinement they made themselves friends among the guard* by their good conduct Tbeir colonel speaka highly of their conduct previous, to the effcoce fer which they were placed under arreat. Policb?Philip Welgmann was arrested on Tuesday, on a charge of selling goods on Sunday. He la a cigar dealer. The arrest wa* mad<* by Patrolman Leach Welgmann was fined tl0^4. Augustus Blauenthal was arrested by the same officr, for peddling without license Justice Walter finea him *) 91 Patrolman Grant arrested Wm Madison; who was charged by his J wife with threatening her with violence. Juatlc* Barnsclo held him to security for peac* Patrolman Pendle arretted John Gunaw, for breaking open Mary Henzell's door after midnight; held to security for peace, by Justice Barnaclo Patrolman Leach arrested Matthew Lexton with a warrant iasoed by tbe court; taken to iali. Three soldiers were arrested by tbe Fourth W ard patrol, for various minor off?naes, and turned over to the military GuaBDHOCs* Cases? Etforr Juttic* Clark ? Wednesday?Geo. White, drunk and disorderly; S3 M M Coooey, do : dismissed John Pbine, drank and profane; S3 W John -Swallow, disorderly at theater; turned over to tbe military F. McGeer, disorderly, do. S2 #4 Samuel Ricks, profanity; do S6 #? Patrick Campbell, drunk; turned over to tbe military VV McClure. drunk and disorderly; fine S4.94. Margaret Twine, colored, out after boors; flue SI Car Simpson, soldier; turned over to the military. Wm Welsh, do ; do Charles Moore, drunk; fine SI M John Mason, do ; do. SI W. Of these arrests, fonr were by the Second and ton by the Third Ward patrol* men. Eighteen lodgers were accommodated. l-iTtlLWixca has been received here of the death, on the 16th November last, at Richmond, Va from diptberia, of Mr. Charles H King, well known to this community, where be had resided for nearly twenty years, filling a clerkship In tbe Ordnsace Bureau of the Navy Department. The deceased was a native of Norfolk. Va , aged 43 years, and leaves a wife and three children. Incxndiabism in thb Cobntt ?Mlcbael Dolaaey, an Irish Isoorer, was arrested by patrolman Anderson and McClellaa, In tbe county east of the Eastern Branch, on Tuesday. He broke Into aa unoccupied houae and it waa soon afterwards found to be on fire The examining Magistrate committed Delaney to answer the charge of Incendiarism B a ids tr's Concsalss Weapons ? Bndget Greiger, a washerwoman, was arrested In the Second Ward on Tuesday b / officer Mattlngly, on complaint of Eugene Jacobs, who charged her with carrying concealed weapona. The offense being proved to the satisfaction of Jnatlce Clark, Bridget was fined S40 and costs. Pocbbt Picbbt ?Yesterday Se??tor Lstbam, v fc grttiug Into th? c?-rs at Baltlm^ re for Washington, had his wallet, coatainlug 623 and papers, abstracted from his pocket C*imibal Covbt ?Yesterday, Wm Jones and James Collin., separately Indicted and tried for the larceny of certain article* of clothing from Mrs Ann Hughe*, were both acquitted. The Mine parties were also separately Indicted for a rape on Mra Ann Hughes, all being p*rt of to* same transaction; and Jones being tried on the charge of rape, was acquitted. Collins will probably be tried this morning Mr*. Hughes (whose husband was In court with her) testified that ahe met the two men In the northern suburbs of this city on the evening of October 16th, about twilight; that they accosted and Insulted her; that after a short time she waa knocked down and became Insensible, and so remained until about 9 or 10 o'clock the same nlghf, wien she found herself In tbe house of Mr Plowman; that her shawl, bonnet, shoes, stockings, and a portion of her under clothing had been torn from her person; and that she waa very much bruised OJleer Plmrmnn testified to finding M rs Hughes *. ^Uh her P*r*?n exposed, and one tv 5?en ,n cloa? proximity to her . i ? at instance of Mr. Norrls, counsel for defence, Instructed the Jury that to convict the prisoner, they must believe that the rspe was consummated ?3be .ar^u,">1 of the priaoner was probably owing te doubt on that point . ^"Richardson, fr*e colored, of New Vork, win ? an assiult and battery with Intent to i iaa?p* p"*?*r, a white man, on the 25'h of October last, was found guilty and sentenced to Imprisonment In the county jail for one year and to pay a fins of SI. Th? PosiTtoj, or ALB***** Brow* ? Afr. WaiuuM "?The motion to lay on the table, by which my colleague's "Presmble snd resolutions r# o T* 'V. *t>olltlon of slavery in the District of Columbia," were disposed of In the Board of Aldermen last night, net being debateabl?, I was unable to explain my vote at the time. I therefore beg to s?y that I voted against the motion to lay upon the table because J vished to offer a substitute therefor, which I had prepared at embody* ixig my views, at follows: "'Tf?. !\ U n#t w,th,n th? P<>wer of the City Council to legislate touching tbe continuance of slavery within tbe District of Columbla; and whereas tbe question is al ready before IriV,:nltd &'** > wh're It properly and Only belongs: Therefore, B* it resolved, fc , That any action by thfie corporate authorities upon the exciting subject of Slavery here or elsewhere, Is unwise. Injudicious prejudicial to the public Interests, and not called for by our constituent " J p Krowv Tuesday, Dec 1?, 1951. ??owa. H?,CrCtKfn*A(JCKT. ~V^^ay, Mr. Edmund LHearne and Mr James Amory Moore, of New oMMs Court " lttorney> and counsellors J-,bni D??ager' aPPellant. vs. John ft Tbompsen et al The argument of thia cause was 2HU *52 Mr J P Bradley for the appellees, and by Mr. Reverdy Johnson for the appellant. *3 r.v1d *a11 Skm.i?ig Liqcok to SoLUKRg Jno N Gates, grocer of the Sixth Ward, was arrested by officer W iliiams Tuesday, charged with selling ltquor to soldiers The offense being proved before Justice Cull, Gates was fined 825 and costa ry.LhV.n,,,J5<!' from wh,ch decision he appealed to the Circuit Court , Th? N?w Bridsk?The water waa drawn ? Georgetown level of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal yesterday, and the workmen were putting in place the tressle work for the northern termination of the Government bridge at the Alexandria Aqueduct. Naw and Rich Piogiamxei at Christy's Opera House continue tbe order of the day. or rather the night. Important alterations In the bail are being made. 1n preparation for the presentation of some of Christy's Inimitable afterpieces. Look out for the bills to-night. A Musical CoMtissMAN.-We learn from the Repuolitan that at the serenade iast night- After plavjng severj1 popular airs. Mr \V appeared and addressed the band and attendant crowd upon the topics of the hour," Ac , Ac. -J"*"* -"The Seven Sisters" continue to al' the Theat?r. and apparently may continue so to do fo' any length of time The public, by thebye, would be glad to see Mr. McDonough in some of his great dramatic parts Tux Academy or Mcsic (Coombs' Hall) Is a popular resort after the New Vork plan. Excellent refreshments are served bv pretty walteresses and a free concert is dispensed at the same time! Tbe Comfit at Canterbury Hall continue to draw amaz ngly upon tbe public, crowding the room nightly An original entertainment tonight, full of fun. Thk CampbklIs continue the even tenor of their way at Odd Fellows' Hall, prospering deservedly by meritorious performances and judicious management. Rs?.*... the Fletcher Chapel fair at Thorn's Hall, Seventh street Volcmtikrs for the army should not leave the city until supplied with Holloway's Pills and Ointment. For Sores. Scurvy, Wounds, Small Pox Fevers, and Bowel Complaints, these medicines are the best in the world Every French Soldier uses them. Only 25 cents per box. 211 India Rubber Goods India Rubber Coats, white or black, f2 50 each. India Rubber l^cglns 81 p"r pair. And all kinds of Rubber Gr ods including Rubber Boots snd ?lioe?, Rubber Stoppers for bottles, Door Vats. Under Sheetings frtr b*d? 1n slckne?s, Ac . Ac . st marvif<?cturer'? pr1ces, at H A Hall's India Rubber Warehouse. 308 Pa av . between Ninth and Tenth streets. dec 18-tf Notrea.?Beware or counterfeits an<t unprincipled dealers endsavoring to dispose of heir own and oth-r art-oles on the reputation attained by HetmholjT t Eztriut Buck*,*, positive and specific remedy for diseases of the B.adder, Kidneys. Gravel .D-opey, Ao., Ao., &o. Ask for Heir hold's, rake no other. Bee advertisement in another ool own. se an MAREIEO On the 26th of November, at the Methodist Pro' Unt Per^ .ane.hv th* Rev. Washinst ?n Kohv, Mr. HENKV H\rrv 0r Philadelphia. Ka . t. Mies MAK\ J. DoRSEY, of Washington, D. Cs | Olllli. *fca !8th instant, af'er a severe illness. Mrs. ELlZiHKTH sTU,Ll\6S. ia ths 61st year of *? r#;,ot of,tha '*t0 ? Slillings. Ess. I Th? friends and aoquai tanoes of the family are resreotfu ly invited to attend her funeral, from hsr atreet. hetwe- n >th and 3 7 i *1* ^a'd to morrow (Fricay' afternoon at ?o elook. [CaHfornia paper? copy ] UBnv 200 BBLS. F' OUR, PON eor.siinmen', for sale Also, receiving weekly from 3 to bble. ohoioe brands, from Washmgtrn eouuty, Md CALIM WITMER. ..... Ware room No. Ill Pedn avenue, 18 5t* Between 19th and 28th srs. Ohio wines AND BR \NDIt" S. Havinc received a consignment of Ztmmermann tr Co. $ Cincinnati Ohio Citawba Wmesard BranwMh6,r*,or2 offdr to Grooers. Hotel anl Saloon Keepers, Ao , DRY CATAWBA WINE, Light and Strong?the former in boxes for table use. and the latter ia half barre s for mixing and oooking purposes. BWKET CATAWBA OR LADIES' WINE, in barrels and ha f-barrels, for table as*-* vsry superior arttele for the holidays. CATAWBA BRANDY, an ansnrpassabl* stimulant, and very useful for Brandv Punoh. LYLE A COFFIN, de 16 lm 09 Louisiana avenue. WHAMOKIN ANDLVKEN8VALLEY COAL f . L~rj?rQ.T3A?" R*D ASH. J. LANGDuN A CO. respaetfully offer to the oi?s?ns of Washington. Se- rgetown and Alexandria, COAL, from tne celebrated oo lieries, at ?1 (seven ao.larsj per ton nett (J,000 lbs.), until further notioe Office temporarily at Bali more & Ohio Railroad P?>ot. de lX-lw HOUSEKEEPERS RE Particularly invited toexamiia our stock before yurehaaiog, as it is now oomplete, em bra o;ng an endiess variety of ueefji. and ornamental. Housekeeping artiolee, oonsistingin part of? Frsnoh Chita Dinner. Tea. and Toilet Sets, Cut. Engraved, and Pressed Glass Ware, ~ Plated Tea Sets, Waiters, Forks, Ladles, and ;?pooa?, Piat?d Cake Baskets, Ioe Pitchers, Castors, and Mugs. Plated and Biook Tin Coffee and Tea Urns, Chafing i>ishes, Iron Stone China. Dinner, Tea and Toilet 80ts, Britannia Castors, and Bri'.ann a Goods generally, J?pan T<aTrars, Waiters, and Toilet SeU, Wood Ware, and Common Tin Ware All of whioh will be offered at unusually low pnoas C. W. BOTELER A SON. de 17 eo3t 31fr Iron HsJl. LHMONS, RAISINS, FIGS, DATES. Just reoeived and in store. GRIFFIN A POISAL, de ia 3teo* 843 Penn. avenue, near 13th st. EXCELSIOR HOTEL, No 968 Skvknth St.. B*twm 1 aMd K Struts. Beet accommodations for travelers and boarders. The harder and Bar always supplied with the ahoioest Viaads and Lienors. aoM-ltneo" JOHN HAYZEL, Proprietor 486 pic&i ramf.?. 486 A variety of patterns and sues of Oval Picture Frames from the b*st manu fact or? in the ooantrr, 'esse Cartonts, Pietuie Cord and Tassels, Nails, Rings* St o. i- in* Sold, Imitation Gold Band. Buff, Green and Illse HoLLANDSHADES,all sisee.madeto orrr, I* the bast manner.oheap for oa<h, at JOHN MAHKRITER'S, No. 484 Ssvsntb st.,a doors alx>v* I dell eo9t* Ode Fellows'Hall, AMUSEMENTS. King's National Amphitheater, PentityIvartia av. &r E St., (near Willards*.) The manaremeat moat respectfully informs the public that the NEW BRICK AMPHITHEATER WILL RE-OPEN Ob MONDAY EVENING, Dec 23, With entire new forces, oonsti uting the tut rrgArisation of EQESTRHNS. GYMNAST?. ACROBATS, AND PANTOMIMI3TS Ever formed in the United States. The Interior or th* Building has h?en construote i10 as to afford unn'ua facilities foraging and hearing Th# S'rt floor wili o ntau a Crmpkst Of AlfraiTHKATRiCAX Sr*ts e.evated. cuihiont-d ami partit oned into boxes, that pre senting a peaking tout ensemble, and combining eL* canoe witn comfort. The Colonaqp am) Bat cony Places will be above the Dree* B xea. and will be gained by a passage way This arrangement the management f ela satisfied will m^t the demanda of a 1 ciaaaea of aooieiy. The building ia the moat oommodioua plaae of amuaement in Waahincton. The entire Eqneatnan Management will be under the buperviaion of T O M K I N G. The following stara will appear: DON SANTIAGO GIBBON NOISE, Thi Mah of Manipold Forms, The Physical Anomnly of the 19rA Oentury. Among I ia miiatfu ou* feata ia the Peculiar Prr'o^al Paceisa, in the exotution of wnioh he absolutely dislocates all his joints, and adapU himself to fit a box 15 by 18 inohea. v , SAM LONG, the Clown Comedian, Conno JMnger and Balladiat. THE ROLLAND BROTHERS, whose fsarlessneaa and taoe won them favor and approbation, either in .Erial Eleganoei or Terreatrial txercuea. MR. SMITH, tqe intrepid Aorobat, will give hia Suspesions in Mid Air. , JOHN CONKLING, An *okro?ledced Heraolide, will give hia exe'ones, favorably received in Havana aa Qtandes tuertes con balas de cinoi. _ WM T ODELL, The p otareavf equestrian who?e Marittme and Aboriginal sc-nes nave never Daen surpassed. _ _ TOM KING, Thi Champion Lbaper. will icad the finest Acroi atio Troupe ever Drought into assooiatioa in one eatab ishment. Mad'lle VIOf-K LATORTE. Premier Kqupstrein.e. MR H BKRNARD, The Hurdle Rider and Batoulte Lesper. _ ? Mr. WM. KINCADE, Tf e Suoceaaful Achiever of 100 Somersaults. ??? The subjoined let comp-isea the o'd favorite. Who have been retameu : Mr F TOURNA BE. PHI I -O NaIHANS. F\NK WH ' * K I- K JOHN FRAV KLIN, ^ H. GARDINER, AV.MAR, and DAN GARDlNi - Standard ',l??n M ADaMK C tMli.LK, Ml^S El.' i^E, the Child Rider. M ? DAMK MARIE, MAD'LLE VIRulNIA,and LIT I LK MIN^iE. Boor* open at 7 o'o'ook; performances ?i]l commence at 8 precisely. Admission t<> Dress Circle..... 'fl oerta. Children to Dress Circ'e^. 35 cents Gallery ?6 oenta. Orchestra Chairs 75 0-cta. Seats can be ee^-ired with ut ?x?ra c> arse, b? application at the Bdx office from 10 a.m. un i' S p. r**' ce 19 3t AB A L L T? be cfven on THURSDAY EVENING. Dec 19, ?3 In WKD'S R UILDrNd, /?& (oorner of Penn av. r nd Seoond at ) LttP Tickets one dollar, admitting a snd ladies. . de 18 2t* /CANTERBURY Ha 1.1,. v/ CENTER BURY hall. , , canterbury hall, (Formerly the Washington Assembly Rooais,) Louisiana avenue, n*ar oorner of 6'h street, in the rear of the National and Brown's Hotels, OPEN EVERY NIGHT! With the first talent in Amerioa. ENTIRE CHAXulToFPROGRAMME. The front of the auditorium is seated with elegant ro?ewood ore heater ciiairs. The oelebra'ed Violinist, Mr. GOODALL, conducts the Orche?ter. Reappearance of the great Eccentric Ethiopian Artist of the Day FRANK BROWER! FRANK BROWER ! FRANK BROWER ! . FRANK BROWER ! James ward, bp i.y pierce, DICK PARKER, HARRY FOX. W.B.HARRISON, ALBERT TREVOR MISS CARRIE LA MONT. M'Ue FRANK LaFOLLE,Miss EMMA MILES, With the iiTimonse coirpany and THE STAR UROHESTER! In active rehea^aal, Frank Rrower'n e'eat original MUMMY! MUMMY! Peices or Admission?Parquet, 85 cts.; Oroheatra Chai s, at o?nt? de 17 FASHIONABLE DANCING ACADEMY AT X. Tamperanoe Hail tin trie inain halDE street, between <>th and loth. Claases every Hw Tuesday and F iday Af>ernoo- and Evening,?Jm All of ihe fashionanle 1'ances taught. Pri-ilUMl vate classes atrended to. For circulars, terms, *?., inauire of WM H BARN ES, at Thompson's Gen s' Furnishing Store, 370 Pa avenue C. T. B*KNES, de 17 1m" Professor of Dancing. T NOTICE' HEW ASHINGToN ACA DEMY o? MUSIC, 289 PISH. Avkncb, Between ftintk and Tenth streets. The publio are respectfully luformed that the success of t he daily a->d n ghtly entertainments at this already overwhelmingly popular eatabliahm?nt, has been pre eminent. Ir fa now fHmous for the b <et Refreshments t<i bs obtained in Washington, its bar and larder being orsnroa***d It* Music is ofthe moat agreeab'e and recherohe doeo-in'inn ; itf free ooncerts being night y encored throughout the entire performance. Its tf - ors are open to the pub ic free of charge ; and ofli^rs are constantly in attendance to pres^'ve O'der and proper decorum. do n-2w H ENRV ROSENTHAL. Prop'r. / i EOKGE CHRISTY'S \J NEW OPERA HOUSE, Truth Street, Washikoton. This beautiful and elegant hall.eligiblv situated, on Tenth street, between E ana F atreets. near Pennsylvania avenne. is n th? FIRST FLOOR. without a'epa or stair* to aacend, very ea*T of access a- d ?gresa. delig i fuily heved a d p easantly ventilated Now Op?n Evurt Nioht, Under th? manas'me^t of GEORGE CHRISTY, The Prince of Negro Wits and the Pioneer of Negro Minstrelsy, Lati or Broadwat, New York, with A First class Minstrel Company. Since thia admirable hs.ll eas been open to the publio, it haa ! een nishtlv crowd d by the Most Eleoa^t and Repined atdiences, the larger proportion being i_.adie and Fami'iea. Mr. Chriaty will ahortly appear in hiafamoua Negro Dramatic Charaotera, of whioh due notloe will be given. ADMiasioN?Parquet,50 cents ; Gallery 25 cents. Doors open quarter before7,oommenoing at quarter before 8 o'o'oor. de H ASHINGTON THEATER! THE TRIUVPH-OP THE AGE! THE TRIUMKH OF THE AGE! 1HE TRIUMPH OF THE AGE! IN SCENIC ART! The ahout* of applause whioh greeted the ?erformanoe of the Romsn'ia Speotaoular Drama of THE SEVEN SISTERS! laat evening, givea to it a prominence betond any previoua effort in theatricals ir Washington. Th? Last Scene. THE BIRTH OF THE BUTTERFLY in ths BOWER OF FERNS! is tha most corgerna sight ever witneaaed, MISS SUSAN DKNIN aa Cap*. Hiehbov. will drill her company of ZOUAVES?90 YOUNG La DIES! Seats secured three day a in advaooe. Box offiee open 10till 3 o'elrpic. de 11 PROF. c. F. BARNES' of N?w York,) DANCING ACADEMIES, at Odd Fel- M low*' Hall, Naw Vard every Mouda* and Thursday; and at 1'einp*rance Hal , E at between 9th and lOlh ats , every Tu-adavUMW and Friday af ernooca and evenlega Private o aaaeaa tended to For ciroula s, terms. e?o , enquire rf WM. H. OARNKS at ?.W. Thompson's, .bent'a Furriahinr Store. 3TO Pa ave. de U-lrn* ODD FELLOWS' HALL: Seventh, Arove DSt. CONTINUED' S UCCESS of the World Rrnownrd CAMPBELL MINSTRELS! TWENTY STAR PERFORMERS The Beat Band in the World! Change of Progra^ms Every Night! Admieaioa.. 35 ceuta. Doors open at 7 o'olock; oommenoing at 8 o'olook. delist 562 SEVKNTH STREET. 5f)2 * ARMY OFFICERS AND CONTRACTORS TAKE NOTICE. Just arrived 500 Windows of Saah, of all eiiea. auob aa S,3,4,5,8.7,8,9,10and 13 light aa*ii, juat U..U1W tor LtAV."-' bl Aeent for Northern Maaubotureni,

No. 663 1th st-yofpo. Cuter Mark t and m the rear ?f Mctr's Wine, Lif ee and Citmr Store. delj eo3?* G L INDIA ROBBER HATS. A large aaeortmeat for sale at daft-tm SEYMOUR'S. Georgetown. L O A K 8! CLOAKS!! cloakbhT We have at laet received the ia ge assortment of beautiful aty' Sleeve c-Uaka. ia Beaver, Trejo de l?-eo?t No, 49 CeaUr Market Space. WANTS. IVANTfcD-A small HOUSE ; a fnrnished om ?* preferred. Please address "Wil?o?," Star Office. It* \V*NTRD-A CHAMBERMAID. WASH * GIRL, and DISH WASHER. Affly a*the Ebbett House. It* r?URNIBHED HOUBE WANTED. Reetfrom I $41". to #?) per month. Address Box 1ST City < Pnat offire. da 19 St* Wanted to rent-a house with*to7 *? rooms: oneon the I?'*nd preferred Address "A. D. C,'1 Roam A, third story . 301 Seventh st. n* WANTED?A GIRL, ?o do general housework ?" for a small fsrrn'y. Good reference re*o?re?t Address No. 414 K street, between 9th ad '"th eta. dsn 2;* WANTED-A middle-aged WOMAN (Ger man) to do general housework. Apply No 442 Pei.n avenue, between let and Si sts . west of the Capitol. de 19 81 * N ENERGETIC YOUNG MA*, with food bn#ini??? 1 aviU and four y are experleroe.and who would devote himself to tne interests ol h's emp'over, rie'ires a SITUAT'ON as clerk. Please address"EnergyStar Offioe. It* WAITED?A midd'ejaged WOMAN (either American or Engli^) t<* do housework lor a family of three person*. Address 4 B," George town Pott Offioe, stating where applioant be seen. de19 i ? ANTED?A good TIN and SHEET IRON WORKER. Good wages and eon-tar t ern p'oym*itwili be given. Apply to \N . D. W V V1LL, No 4 A3 Penn avenue de 19 *'* [ Baltimore Ban.] WANTED-A ML'PI ' TEACHER to instruct * lady in sinsint and playing on the p ano ; must oome to the iady*- residence; a g*nt em?n preferred. Address immediately 'Mrs. K. Star Office. Price moderate. de 19 2t* WANTED-A competent WOMAN,to d^the cooking, wa-hint, ironing, end general housework, in a sma 1 hou?e and small family, to on" who really understands her business. *nd ca oome we!J reoommen^ed, and is willing to ma^e her-elf generally U?eful Ho^d waees will b? paid promp'lT W E. CH ANDLEE, 304 Uth street, between C and D. de 19-tf A YOUNG LADV, EDUCATED IN Europe, and of huh y respectable connections i? this eoun'ry. speak n? the German. French,and English languages, desire* a Situation a teacher in a reiniuary, or familv. or as lady's companion. Aooomp inject*, those of European eduovi' n excep' ifu'io Address box 214, Or y Posi Offcce de 1? St* B()*RD AND ROOMS WANTED for the win'er. by a gent eman and his wife, in a een e?l pn'a'e family in the rieighborhr?od ?|lt*e Tr?? sur? lieoMtment Apply to J HILBORN, 202 P^nn. avenuj. imT'edia'ely. d? 18 WAVTED?A journeyman BARBER, at S. WISHER'S, No 691 isoventhetr e-.n ar Msrylana av nun. Island. de IB ? Wanted?a good hor'E shoer. Appy to ' HO MAS MoG l'I RE, Eighth tt. de ift-3i* WANTEf>? A YOUTH to make him elf g?n*? e~a'ly useful in a store Appt* at T rOTEN riNi'S. U79 Penn.a?enne. betwern l?th end llth sts. de 18-2t* WANTED?A FURNISHED ROOM and full 1 fv boaH |i. <ot* E?ntleman *n?l wif?, within a short walk cf Tenth street and Pern, avenue Te rns not to exoeeri $12per week. Aaoree* 44H. E. T., at this office. ?)" 13-St? I \tT ANTED?To pnrnha?e trvo f;r thr?>e second yy hand heavv WAGONS, suitable fr hauling I ha? and wo"d. Apply to W. H CLAGETT, ?t I Wm St nst?r k Co s Dry Goods Store. No. 3S I 1'enn *v., b"tw<?e<l 7th and Rth ^ts ANTED-A eood COOK. Nrr.e but a good y> one need apply. Inquire at No. 347 C st, I between ??< and h h sts. de 17 a4 WANTED?A SEAMSTRESS,to live permany* eut r m a priva e family, who is aI?o w I to attend to oth?r dMt'ej. Arply to K t-cet, j I et ween I8th and 14ti:. de 17 3 * I A RARE CHANCE-W>IWTJfD-AGENTS, I t\ with some rcef.ns. to sell au a. tic.ejust inI r> nted wMch is in?l?sB?>n^i| !e to evry ?o!dier. I Call immediately on F. DUNLAP, 476 P'nne.lI van a a- enue do 17 3t* WANTED IMMEDIATELY-A smart and | TT antiv^ o'lored BOY. about 15 or 16 years old, I to attend the d or bell and make himself useful I cenuralir. Situation permsn'nt Good references I res>?ire/. Address 4,E. B," through cit? Post I Office, stat ng terms^ de 17 St* I rf<o SUTI.ERS?Wanted, the Sutlership of a 1 Resfm?nt in the service, by a oompetent mer I onsnt With the neceasary means; for which a modI erate doous will be paid. Address 4SutJer. at wie I office of this paper. de 17 iw WANTED?A SITUATION as bookkeeper or I it salesman, oy a gentleman of 20 years expeI rierce, with first-clsss ref-ret.oe ; compensa'ion I at the discr*tion of the emp oyer, on a trial. For I an interview address44 A. B , Box 1, Star Office. <1e 13 lin* I WANTED TO PURCHASE?On reasonable I ?v terms, a frame or brick HOUSE, containing I 5or6 rooms, situated somewhere between Filth I and Eleverth streets west and 1 and N sts. north I a r.y person ha vine such a house for *a'e can hear I ofa purchaser by applying at Room No 18. second I I floor P. O Department. de 12 3teu I \Vr ANTED?WOOD CUTTERS, to cut wood I I TT ly the cord, abo ?t 5 miles from the city. A I I comfortable house to live in, and the his a est pr'"? j Siven. App y imirertiare y to W H. CLAGETT\ I at Wm !-hu?ter A Co.'s Dry Goods Store. No J9 I j??. a*enue, between 7th and 8th st". ce 1"-eolw I I 1M7ANTED?10,?H) whisky and brandy COT- I W TLRS. CMK.^.MA.S.Nn, ^ ro .123 l' street, jjo 2? tf Phi'harmo :c BirMir.g, | UTTER WANTED. Call at WALL, STEI " J ) HENS A C<?.'S. 322 Pa avenue. se 18 I wmj ANTED? Every person to know that I am in I IT the n?rk^t, reniy to p*y cash for a:l aruoje" I I in the h^ usefurmshing lin^. Those leaving tne I I ci'y. or having a snrp'ns, wi,i do we. to c?' II. I BUCH LY, 4 2^i Seventh -t., between G ana H sts., I I (east side,) Df-aler in New and Second-ha'-d Fur- I I niture po 16 I W ANTED- TAILOKS. TAILORS-to Ta-lors T? oompetent to work on military gooes. Appiy I J G Wall. Step.ier.o A Oo.'s. LOST AND FOUND. f OST?Tue?da?. the 17th instant a black and tan j L TERRIER DOG. tail and ear*? \ I cropped?'atter poor y ; when lost, hsd I I leather co lar around ms neck A sulfa w " j ble reward wiP be given if lrft at No. 466 P ^n. I | avenue, near 4^ st. lt_ UORSE STOLEN.?F!F TY DOLLARS RE I rl WARD?S olen 'ast night, irom st\ble ofthe subsoriter, on l'th ' tween M and n, a -mall bay HOHSE.*3-"' I I travels T?ry fait. A reward of fifty do lars will be I I ta d (or th? recovery of the horse, and the arpre- I hen i,n of the thiel. J. B. SMITH, Kirk?*>?d I House It* I COC REWARD.?STOLEN?Between6and 8 I I o'clock of the tyjning of Dfoem- |,v__ I ber 13. from the oorner of 6th street end I I p?. avenue, one bay HORsE. about lSH^*33 I I hands nigh; fe?t on ne*r side whi?e to ack e j lint; I I had< n military saddle and equi inents. with the I I figure? 56 on a>ldl<> cloth The above reward will I I bs paid lor the return of said horse to Co'. C H. I VAN WVUK. de 19 tf I I REWARH? Lost, on Wednesday of last I I fSD week, in the ladies' ga'lery of the Seoate I rhamber, a FITCH FUR f'APE. lined with blue I black silk. Tne finder will reoeive the a^ove re- I I ward and the thanks of the owner by leaving it at I 11386 street, between 20th_and 2lst. ue 18 3t^ REWARD.?Lost, on Thursday last, on | 1 O m New York avenue, between9ih and 10 h < ts , I I a mourning hair BREASTPIN set wrh p-ars. I I The above reward will be paid to the finder on I I leaving the sam at this office, or at No 218 G I I street, 1 etween 8th ar.d 9th. de 18 3t* I cjTRAYED OR SI'OLEN?On Monday la>t, I I ? f om my ctable, in the aliey on lS'hr\_^ I street, between*' a d D. a medium six-d I^.T' I I bl ok HORSE, with short ta I: and Icinp^-^1 I I u der his throat A liberal reward will be paid for I I bis return or for inror?nation concerning his where- I abouts. J O'LEARY, No. 325, adj. Star I Oftioe, d* 18 ?t? I /1AMK TO THE FARM <?F THE SUB I V> ce iber, on the Seventh street road, a 1 | sma! red Rulfalo C??W. The owner isa^jf^ I requested to oome forward, pr >ve proper ana I tj, pay ohar4es and take her ?way JiJnnl PAL''I del7 St* 309 7th street corner H. | I OST?On Saturday, the ?4th inetant, * large I I I s black Newfouudiau'l DOG, witn a j I I white spot on h'? br?ast; when he left I I had a leathtr collar arouudhis neok.witn " I I a rii.g anda piec?otoh*in hangi-g to it. A suitable | | rewa d ?ill be paid to any one who ? 11 br ng the I I fa d Dog to No. 449 I street,lietweeu 3th and in h I j stra-ts. de 17 3t* I I OST.?A SEAL BING, and a FOX HEAD J L* SEAL, attached to a ring, with corne-M-an set. I I reward will b" gives to whoever returns the I I ai tides to this oifice. d*2 tl I D~AN AWAV FROM THti sUBSORIBER, I it c?ar Bladensburg, BOV ANIhONV, ,JfA I commonly oailed Toney. He is 5 feet5 inches til I nigh, ver? blaok, short hair, grum counts- I I natiee when epo<en to. with a smail_ scar I I <>ver one of his eyes. Went away with biaok? jacket (United States butt -M on casmet pauu, I yellow gauntlet gloves. I will give fl&Otoany one j 4eSW?*bfln' htm "EIELDER M lOR' DER. BOARDING. HOARD.?Respectable parties may find good L> Board and well furnished ^ Rooms, ^bv day, I I week, or month, in koases No. 473 and 4TT 18?h j I street, three do jrs from Pa. avenue, and midway I between Willards' and Kirk woods' Hotel*. EDUCATIONAL. jyjADAME LEONTl^JK BLANCHET. WPH}VATB FRENCH LESSOX8. Apply at 131 West street, Georgetown ; or40T F stoeet, Waehinfton. de l?-lm* m/|lBS BROOKE'S ENGLISH ambi FRENCH I M BOARDING AND DAY ?CHOOL, Suvun BoiLDiifes, No. 130 Fissititiasu avtnvi. Circulars to be obtained at the Bool stores and I | of the Prioeipal. no?-lm* I ONE DAT LATER FROM EUROPE. | ADDITIONAL BY THE JVRA. Warlike Pr?ptuli#?-Tr??pi aader Ordm lor Cu*4i-Lr(Mr Irm G?a ??W By the steamship Jura, it Portland from Liverpool and Londonderry on the flih Inst , (wheee arrival we announced yesterday,) the following has been received: The excitement relative to the Trent affair eontlnned abated The stock market was more heavy and unsettled than ever. The United States Consul at Psrls bsd communicated to the French paper* a letter from General Scott, In which be declared there Is no truth !n the report that the Cabinet bad ordered a seizure of t .e southern commissioners, even nnder tbe protection of a neutral flag He wai quite ignoftnt of the decision of his Government, but eavff" It Is necessary to preserve good relations between America and England; and England, be hopes, will agree on a solution of the question whether the pr'soners were contraband or not If they were agents of tbe rebels, be save it will be difficult to convince even lmpar'lal minds that they were less contraband of war than rebel soldiers or csnnon. In conclusion. General Scott expresses bis conviction that a war between America and England cannot take plac? without more serious provocation than at present given. Tbe London Star thinks thst Gen . Scott's letter will receive a hearty response in England as a message of peace \ The Times says that Gen Scott, like his countrymen, Is rather inclined to disavow the conception of the outrage than to repudiate it, now tbat It has been done It Is reported that rebel and federal privateers are cruising at the entrance of the English channel It Is said that the admiralty have orde-ed two ships to proceed immediately to the W est indies to act as convoy to mall steamer*. the LOND"??i peess OS tbi AMERICAS SAVT". The strength of the American navy la being canvassed In England The Times sa\s tbst although the whole Federal navy searrelv preaenta a dojep worthv ant?(?onlets, it would b? tinprovident i* the extreme to despite the power of the Americans at sea IPs done this en't, and paid the rost of our thoughtl' ssness The Americans will do little but that little will be done well I'hey will give our heavy squidrone a wide berth, and concentrate tbeir efforts on single vesse'a The Parts correspondent of the Dally News statu tbat Slidell's dispatches were entrusted to bis wife as be was leaving tne Trent The pari* Patrie learn* th.t tj- San Jacinto In November, searched a French, Danish, and Portuguese v^sel Tbe?e farts sh's the Pa'r'e. are of some Importance, as proving that -^e Washington Cabinet f ncl s tt.atit ta? tbe power to exercise the iltbt of search to tbe full extent Tbe P.?rls Temps 1? also Informed th*t lit ease tbe American government refuse* to vIve tat;gfa?tion. the English Cabinet ha? resolved to. recall Lord Lyons f'ora Washington. recognlz- tbe Southern .Confederacy, and raise the b ockade of the southern perts Englmd would not then decirrewsr. but leave it to the United Slates to do astheyp'ease _ Tbe Patrle has an article on the trouble between Engltird a?id America, in which It argues that France Is not interested In tbe question at ls?ue b-twren them Bat, It says, the' if England fails t?> get reparation for tbe 0r*nt affair, a ne** i^ate of tblDHt may rnsae, and that If r -oo^niS'S the Southern Stf.fes, tbe ot'-er powers of Europe must necessarily take a suet a change Into consideration for the take of their commercial Interests, and a desire for the termination of tLe wa r Speculation" from France represent the predominant tone of feeilng favoraHe to a reconciliation of tbe difficulty between England and America. It Is reported tbat the French minister at WasiiIn^tou baa reported to his government a refusal on the part of the V\ ashingiou Cabinet to deliver up despatches address*d from Paris tn tbe tiench consuls at New Orl:ans and Charleston. Hostile demonstrations were being made at Bristol on the occasion of the departure of an Armstrong battery thence for shipment to Canada. THE LATEST . The tone and reserve of tbe French press in? creases Several of the leading Psrls paper* blame the British Government for having yielded to the pressure of public opinion as represented merely by Msnchester and Liverpool, and for having acted too hastily in tbe Trent affair. The iron-clad frigate Warrior is coaling for service on the North American coast There was quite a rise on Thursday in sugar an4 saltpetre No charters are now being taken for American vessels, and there is little or nothing doinf in passengers or cargoes. ? . . Several papers have leaders on Mr Bright s speech. The Times say* : ' Let America judge by the speech of her greatest admirer how little can be said for her outrage upon a friendly although neutral country " biJu.ii; a^jj jilftVl. FOR HALE?A new BAKERY, wi'h a'l ??? fixtur t. Apply to Mr. O. FINKM_ N. 253 t>?... ?????. " * *? / OR RENT?'?'wo lsrge R??OMS 'omnmoi a r tiLS on first floor, w th aas; wrhin 3 nnr.utra wallsitlthe A a. Apartment; furn!ah?d < r BufarEished; wi'h or withcui board. 224 G street. de 19 -t* t, OR RENT OR -Al.E-One tsr-.-stor? Frame r HOUSE. on corner l >th and <Tstreets weft, and on? two-?tory Brick HOU^E. b ick front, with back Lui ding and stab e. 1 th street, leiween O ail.* P. Inquire on the premises, r?o 2S6 de ? * P(7R ^AI,K OR EXCHANGE-1 00:aorre r cf selso'ed tnnher LAN O. tn tan ^o-tj We?t, will t? sold or exchanged for prorerty in the City of Washington. The land is we'! rmbered, eo-.tama water power, and is a sure ' Address "Exchange," tox No. 30 Waahuigt n Office. de 19 lm A^m WELL FURNISHED HOUSE IN THE west erd of theci y f ?rren'; or ssvea Ro ras may be had, eit!?r with or withou; Board. Inquire at 24th street, first house north of P?nn. No one nee^ apply unless wilUn? to pay a liberal price and to jive good referenoes. de 18 st FURNISHED PAR LOR AND CHAMBERS? A suite of fine airy Booms, ha- d-omely v umiishe^; tc the ve y h st l-.catty in Wsshington. may be had during the session on favorahi" terms, by apalying on the prem see, No. 4"J2 F st-e t no th between 6th and 7th s'reeta west, imirediate|y opposite the residence of the Attorney ?eneral. ?e 18 3FUPNlJ'HED ROOMS TO l.ET.on E street, between 2d and Sd-No. ?08. Inquire on the premises. t de 17 lw FOR RENT?Two pleasant ROOMS, neatly furnished ?in a first-olass resideno^ in rt eorfeto?n. with ooa d. To a permanent te?act terms will be moderate. Apply at 14T Weet st town. **17 q FURNISHED ROOMS.?Fifteen hanlsnniely furnished Rooms for rent on Peuns?lvania avenns, next o Wiilar>i?' H< tel. Sev?ral Parlora with B-d Rooms attached?all. or separate. ApPden^t,r0>rldt?f-?? tbVELBV'PARKF.R. House and lot for saj-k very I CHEAP F<>R CaSW-A Frame H>ue?, near lj new. containing s'X roiiin, one square from the ailread Depot?No. 344 Firet street eait Th? above p-ope'tj will be aoid vera on sh'irtcredit, on application to T. M. HANBUN, Seventh t>t e*i, opposite Intelligenoer Offioe. del6 eotf I-OR RENT-* large LOT and STABLE for r two horaee an'' tw > carnage*n*^>d Lo t, on H street n <ar Tenth. Prioo ?8.3J per month. . de 16-eoiw Furnished rooms rknt- lyiire la'WM B. ENTW HLE'S Apotheoary Store, oorner P?. av?nne and lirh e'. A colored B -.Y, 12 or 13 years old, wasted. de 17 e< 3t ITOR R ENT-Two we I iorriihed ROOMS, on r the fire* floor in a pha?ant pait o* tbe oity, snr'abie tor ? ne or two gent.tmen. ^?367 C streft, Bfl' 4)6. d? 13-1 w Handsomely furnished rooms.? Four uandsomely Furnished Booms, supplied with gas and water, sad convenient to the l atei.t an' ^st Office Departments,for rent. App y at 4<iOH MaessohtissttE avenue, north aide, between 4th aod tth ?t? nitg SUPERIOR QUALITY BLUE BEAVER CLO iHSi . ?? Superior crsdoa Clotfca, Cuwraori Md V#?t" With all other kinds of Dry Goods st oar prove. bin;if low price. ^ BROTHER, de 14-4t Penn. avenue and Ninth street. (SAMUEL W. THOMPSON, n 3to Pbnssylv?sia Avawrs. < Part ot Store t.t E. A. Lake A Co.) Unatr Bro*n'f Hftol , . ? Has in atore ou consignment, for ssle st Jtetmu ^An immense stock of Lsdiee* snd Gent's Hand kerohie s.from the o mmoo roods at 01 per dosen to the very fine Frenon Neediewora Sud Lace EEle!ant Goods for Christinae Pj^eenU. Gent's Linen and Silk Handkerekiela. m all grsdee, from 1" oenu eson, to 910 per doses. Gent's Linen ?:ollsre n sll etylee. from our own manufactoryi at Troy, New York, st lO oen seaok aud upwards, sboat na;f the uaaal prloe for the *\i?-nt^s8<irf?, Neok Tiee, Ao , over *?styles, hildren. 4el4 tf bisln0,llvery?8ff^^i> ?xosa?oi n~ ? . gi r** . ssi'fsrjftswi'ja *. sas.iarjns ""'""".' " yicetcbncs. t The beet care beetnwed on Livery norees. Saddle horaee.suitable |or smy officers^lways cnbsfld. ? SECOND EDITION THIKI O'CLOCK, f. MFutmiRi Usi or Finn?Tta Mntin of the Foat Offl-e Department havlag bow called to tbe feet that the /read of tb?M eetiUed to Uo franking privilege U bt)a| fraudulently ?i?d i aad eometlmee forged for tbe purpoee of evadlag tbe payment of postage. ?d that each fraaks are being tosoldiers ud others, tt may be wall to state that the follow lag law will be rigidly enforced agataet all ogHidi ia, aad tbe po< taaaator of this city la particularly erjolaed to retala all lettera bear tog aucb fictitious frmaka : "Ckap 18. Sac. *43 Pert OJfit* ? If any peraoa aball counterfeit tbe hasdarrtt eg or frank of a peraoa entitled to tbe franking pr*nl'f, or cause tbe same to be done, la order to avoid tbe pavment of poet ace. each peraoa ae offending ia liable to a toe of jfM humdrtd tfoilar* " CONOR E8SIONAL1XXTIIU CO^GR Bniiri a J Hn?D4T, lXoen.ber 19. Sbsatb ?Mr Wadepresented a petition froa cl'liena ?f Ohio aaktng Congraas to appoint Cbaa. J amee Fremont Lieutenant Geaeral of the era. lee of the U 8.; referred Mr Sumner presented a batch of petlMmia for tbe abolishment of slavery t? rougbout tbe Called States, with compensation to all loyai owners Several other petltlo~a of no general interest were preeented and referred Mr v* llley offered a d-r'aratory resolution eelting forth tnat tbe current war w*? forced oa tbe United States Government without provocation, and with 'be design of overthrowing tbe Constitution and tbe Cnlon, and the fundamental prlacip'ea of republican gr vrnment. Mr ** illey. taking tb? floor. was engaged la addressing tbe Senate at length with reference to tbe war and <ta character Hocsa ?A rrgrinfinn r? questing 'be Secretary of War to furnlah tbe Hou?e with a ata'ement of the coat of transport'ng arira and mnnttlona of wir to the country we*t of tbe Allegbanles sace M*y lat. 1961, w.:B adopted Mr-?*n Goocb, Coyo<1e, Jnlien and Odell.were annnanced m?mbere of tbe j^'.nt committee to Inquire Into r be conduct of tbe preeen'wtr; and Meaara Colfax. M^Pberaon and ioi, Regents the Smithsonian Insiitute. 8-wdry bllla were int'oduced ?nd reported, and appropriately comm fed, among whtea waa a bill to 1'tcorpo *t? 'be Washington and Ocorgotown R*il-oad C mpanv The bill autb'or1s ng rbe constriction of twenty Iron clad I'rjn ifonH iatitvaa noder cojaiderattoa w aen our reporter left . mtm 1 LATE IsQCAL NEWQ. A Mra.TX'ioua Cass ?Vee?erd?y a aoidler waa brmight to the city prlaon from Fort Llnroln.wbo wsa picked up loitering about in tbe wooda. near the lines Tbla man wi? taken to tbeoflKeof Justice Donn. tnd left in bla cuatody Ha waa la a m at awful condition, and could not explain or give an account of himself. appearing to be deranged. Hla neck we- ar entire aore. and bla rc.u;t woolen military overcoat had worn into 'fa? fli-eh. Ily an occia.onal word, It waa thought he wanted to tell that some peraon* bad attempted to Hang htm. To the Inquiry, Wbodidl'? be whiapcred *' Noteold'ers' no?not aoldl-rg ' tbe ctUera tied my Lands 1'be Juatlce immediately sent to tbe Sanitary Committee, and be waa taken to a hoepitM. but be could not be received, tnd waa returned to the committee's room,where he remained until armngetnenta were made for his care. It ia thought he ia a Penney Ivan tea. Shoottxg in tbi Naw Yard ? Mat night, John R Shlnn a carpenter, waa arreated by the marine guard for al.ootlng a painter named Geo. Nokt-a. wounding him in the thigh with a platol bill Tbe wound la not conald^red dangerooa. Shlnn waa taken to the Central guardbooae by order of Lieut. F. A darker, to await the ordor of Capt. Dahlgren. TLla morning he waa deltv* ered to policeman Harbin, who carried blm to tne Sixth Ward station house for trial. The affair grew out of some persona coveting the carpenter'a work with paint, ao that when the "arpentera took bold of their work they got their handa daubed. Both parties work in toe Yard Suddk* Dxath ?Thit morcing atan early hour, a colored man, name unknown, waa aeen to fell la a fit on the pavement on iodlana avenue near Four-and-a-half street, and died Immediately. The bodv wis taken by the police to their rooma In the City Hall, where It was laid out, to await tbe action of a jury of inqoeat Tbe deceawd la apparently forty-five or fifty veara of age, and it waa said came from Delaware. It la thought ba died of apoplexy. Criminat. Cocbt?To rfajr.?Adolpboa Groeement, indicted for atcaiuig a cow belonging to C. L> Welch, of Georgetown. Not gillty. Hannibal Wlliiatoa. Franklin Miles, and Ben]. F Clsrk, were then arraigned for riotlag on tbe 3d 1 natant The War la Keatacky. A Most Bbilliakt AchiBVSH RT?TMI Fh?MT AT M CMBoBDSVlLLK?3 OOU RkBai s RoCTBD Bf 350 FEPkBALS. LonaviLLB, Dec 16 ?The recent engagement at Mumfo dsvllle, briedy repor'ed a thed apstcbe* of yesterday, provea. wben tbe dlsp~op?ttion of numbers ia considered, to have been tne most brll* lient victory yet achieved Four companlea. of about 350 mvn, of Col. Wllllch's re^lrrtknt, led by Lieut Col. Van V%'eber, drove back over 3.QUO rebel cavalry, artillery and infantry They were flrat attacked by a regiment of Texas cavalrv, whom tbev repulsed and followed. wben they were drawn Into an ambush and fired at from all aide* by tbe reb-1 infantry. Tbe Federal! returned the fire vig^rouMy, and stood tbelr ground until tbe rebels fell back, leaving all their dead and most of tbelr wounded oa tbe field. No reinforcementa reached Col. Van Weber's command, as reported yesterday, until after the engagement was over. Capt Stone*s Louisville battery supported tbo Federala from tbe north aide of Green river. The firing was at very loug tange. with rifled cannon. Four other companies were on tbe south side of tbe river, but engaged as pickets a mile and a quarter distant fmm tbe scene of action Among tbe Federala killed wera Llaat. Sachs, of Cincinnati, who himself hid klll-d eight men with two revolve s, but finally received alas bullets from the rebels Of tbe Texss Rangers sixty-two were killed, besides Col Ferry. The number of the wounded is not known, out is supposed to have bate large Parties who have just arrived from tbe scene of the flgbt repo t thut, yeste d <y and to-day. sixtynine d'. d and Wonudtd A e fou. d In tbe bushea The Federal lo*a was lOk'Ued on tbaspot. 7 mortally wiuuded. and 13 "tberwls wounded. Of those mortally wounded 4 have slace died Tbe Federal force* on tbe south side of tbe Green river have been consldersbly augment**, but the report i>t a general crossing of h ederals to southward, which waa curreat >eatorday, la denied. This movement will not probably lake place till the Green river bridge, on which a largo force ia now engaged ia reconstructing, ia fin iahed _ Tbe rebels sent a flag of trooe to-day, asking permission to Inter their dead The poatmaater at Somerset writes 00 hla waybill of the 17th that ZoliicofFer. with aevoa tbonaand men, bad croaBed tbe Cumberland river, ai*d wta entrenching hlmaeif 1 he Thirty-first Ouio and two East Tenneaaoe ret imerta had arrived at Somerset, making tbe "Federal lorce about equal to that under Zoliiceffer ? Freaa M aeoarf. , Advascx o? Gb? Pora'a Division?ExracraB Srarsiss of Rbbbls ar Cliitoi JuriKOR Citt, Dec 18 - Gentlemen who toft Henry county on Sunday, Bay that Cllatoa, tbe couatyaeat cf that county, waa In poaaeaatoa of from 6,000 to b,000 rebels, most of wboea were from Price's rebel c mp at Osceola, and tbe balaace rocrulta from the northwestern counties T tev were persecuting Union men and pi underlng private property. Tbeae Informants alao aav that la*e id Satiday evening they met the advaaoe guard of Gen Pope's dlvlalon, three m lea from Clinton. They think that the rebels were eottraly Ignorant of tbe approach of oar tro pa, and axpreaa the belief that they have beea surprised aad cat off Osceola is about tweaty-five miles south of Clinton, and if our lnforaaaats slstsiasa* as correct, a v^ry rapid advance of Generals PopoJ* and Steele's divisions baa doubUtas Uml mads upon Price headquarters _ . Advices from t>exingtoa are to the Hfeot that si nee Gen. Prontlas threw a few shall lato that town tbe rebeU have beea *sjy tbe Uaioa men, aearehiag aad pluaderiag their bouses, aad threatoaiag to hara then. Highly lapertaai troaa the ftevth Two Rbbbl Stba mbbs Camin ?ua Moan.a ?Corpitior o? Tamos ia Naw Oataaas? Tea F?uu Taoors na Lnru AuaIbas. [Special Dispatch to Phlla. Pi? ] Dee. 18 ?The Loodoe^bas^jcomeU^L1tT Reed commsads the New Lsafloa. daae for her ! ? ,.v.^save The New Orleaas Dsife,***^ ""rtf wi near to Llttte Eoek, where ?hgr rwei, e %*

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