Newspaper of Evening Star, December 19, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 19, 1861 Page 4
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J THE FA EM INK STAR. Tkt Wir la Kentucky Cuctwwati, Dec 17 ?A ?pect*l d.spatch from Frankfort nyi FiTertbel officers and soldlt-rs cap"ure<l some <davs ago )n Teortaar-*. a nartv of Unionists fmfn WKif.i w_' ? ?? '? Hin I j UUI1 n , ny . |U It Hi 1 I' UjJ 12 (011 ?lty to-day. en route for l.oulav lie A letter from ? prominent rflirer at MumrirdnTtllt m? Oeuerata MeCook, Johnaon, \Vo?>d %ud R^aaeau'a <?mir tod*, rf ?nl on the northern bank of Gre?*n River on **nnd*v. A Ifltfr from Lebanon nyiGeneral Thomaa' Divialon la maklag rapid preparation and will leave In a tew dsvs There ate many runiora about the enemy below, but there 1? nothing reliable. Gerv, Nel?nn'a Divlalon haa encamped on Muldr^ogh'a H'U, on the old Nashville turnpike, on Sunday, In An* order and spirit> A private letter dated J*oni?"?et. S'ndav night. "Ye porta the c^ptu'e of tbe negro aervant of a rebel officer ea he M/aa about taking prlaooera to the rebel p??-keia. He eays Z"11' offer h.s 8,U00 men on thia ?lde of tbe river tad9,OX) on the other aide. He 1? fortifying both a'des with a purpose of wintering on ita b:mVs. It la rumored at Somerset that a hundred rebel cavalry baa aurprlaed a portion of Col H;zzard'a regiment, klii'nc a f?*w and capturing fveral of ?ur troopa. Hszzajd'acamp 1* fifteen miles from Columbia If Frankfort la a fa'r index of Kentucky aentlment. thia 5*tate will give n prompt *nd co'd'al support to tbe Government in refu*lrg to nrr nder Maaon and Slldeil. TIGHT OPPOSITE *C MTOBDSTI1.LB lx>Cl?viLLt, LVc 17.? Four c >mpvite? of Col. M >llick'* German Raiment wffatt?cki-d lhi? afternoon, on the Green R; " *. ?; ix>*.te JNnmfordsvllIe, by Cji. Torr,y"s> I" t of Texas Ranger*, tvro regiments of U;f.mtry and p!i ptee-* of artillery. Cot M'.l !tk ?ii rtlnforr?"d, and d cv the t) .k.1. V- v. i*v_ _ ? ? - ? * ' " ncucw in- i wnu nic-iO" i iiMy-iarc" is tl.d. lncl'id'ng Col Tomr. and fifty wo.inded The Federni Jo*a was 9 private# and a Lieutenant killed and 18 wounded The Peco >cr*t hat advice* that the Federal troop* were eroeainir Grwn river southward aii da? with great rapidity. The Demc* rat has eleu a basinesi litter dated Somoreet, on Monday, which me?it!on? do engagejoeot la that vicinity. The Twelfth Kentucky Regiment. Col. Hoafclne. la encamped *wo mlU* t >uth of Somerset All waa quiet In the vicinity cf Catnpbellaville a p to the 19th ln?t PASflKNbER TKUN6 TO AN J F?'M HAM MORE WIinBH SChSDyLK, SPECIAL NOT1CK TU LK\\~LllttlT 4 On aod after Mooter, D??>rcl>?t- a, 13s], pw(eoin Trajaa bN^eru AaUINt*Tl>S aaU BALiIMOKrf wiii rue aa ro..owe: ' ftU/WR M(trip8 frOhTHMorning f>xprMs i?are v\ aal trrtone ?)i. u. ArRye at Biurnore 1 i a. I'Ji.i-. < jf.;sU so r.u , vw York r. bamit>tirc 1.1S r, M. Morning Ajooinmo-latlou Wisliiunton 1AC a h. ArrjTe s.t U.vt;a??j '?^u a v psc oeuseot.oca at Ba?tnuor>*. Now ^ ork Mail Trail? V J' a. a.; am?o *i oa^-nore ii-e. y. P i.-_, - ij-ii j?r- N9-* Vor* 10 r. *. After coo a Aooo'ciaoJi: or.?y?re 16 r.?. A-ri^dai -A.un o.? < 5C *. i; i'r.iir.tieifWiojji *. *. ETeciiif f".^l>r*w?if*? \:f >n 6 t- X. n u*n m* M1JOZCT9 D Y i'.UiV f i CIA IO.S r. *.: Nun* V'lfk '? !?.: 1 ?Tri?i n't 1 ?. a. On Son ay? at 3 06auC 5 r x.oal?. *l be 5 p. x ir* i> f mii tm liic^on onnr'CU thruugu to N*w Vork ovar? car ?lu ia^ tha w<jo?. TH1I>S AlOTI^G SQL'.-i. U?t? New V ' t at i * 4 F a ' tia'lJ: a l aauisonio r h / r.-irat1. Wa.kinitoQ f-2 *'bears If** Y<"k ?i 6 ? m.; Ptilaje!?h*al0Jn ?> Baltimore <*>1.1. Amre at \* as\>acton Cfo a Mi Leave Nf? Yor* a; P f. *.; Pb .aMl?h^a >J0 a- * ; Baltimore:a a,.*, ^.rrfraa: Wasniriton a. * Acccmrnodatict. Train* is*Tf Betimes at I a i..icdi p > .for WMh.ustoa, arrive ta*:? *t U a. h. and 1ml On 9uodar^ at 4 <*) v>d 7^5 a M on.y.; t?r jij >4 at74n a M. aud iO* p. aau litiLww* * o r. . m&ia ?lir?dt ocv <*>jUo..b :'z Af-ajuiis ?.t ija Jugtios. Tmlca ;? ? Ana&ro h? for Har more and V?Mt1b* toe at Mo a. m. anc i *> r * raaaanger fr&ics **rn; \V a^ulnrtuc r.t 6.00 a. m , 11 a- x . a u 5 ?.<1 Ba'tim >ra at 4?> and 7.15 k.. .,a&dfiS r. its? ml* ai An*apoii* Jwntfta* and WxsAimtton Junction. Wat Pa??r<Dg9r? mu-t tak - ta<? jLtav.mvl-Uion 3Vitm ?m'y Tr*is? wtIi lravB W3sLir.<tnn sni Baltimo e promptly upon card tinu. W. P. SMITH, da H Muter of Tranaportatioa, Hfet. t n ieb 3-3ivt ^.n. ProUrttd by Riynl L?tt*rs ?ai(?J o/ E*f!nn>J. and stcut'd 6y rA* Seals of tkt Etolt dt Pkarmattt dt Paris, am i the Imperial Cotlrge of Mtdiciim, r?iiaa. IKlfc^L.MAR No 1 1* til? <>tr re|D>*1j fur K KLAX4T10N, ?H(I atoEkucs* and t xhavmon om tub s*t?tbm. TR! fctffc.M aK Xo it. Completely tad ennr-ir tifcl atui ai traoca of th' ?e itaorde ?, fjr *ho'' Copaiva aiid cubebs bave ?ou??'? h Dj* . tut u?ht ? . aundo'e. to the ntio cf tfts cf a vju; perugh -f th* popola TRIESKM A.R No 3. la tho creit aid tur ? rtm?ay of r.T civilized world lor ail nr.?uritit>? o- ti* *re:l as leuonda y m , obviatirg th* dc?trucstivs ?i-e of M*ro?irj. a* ? ? !** oihe d~lrt-rious m.-'-d^e-rs, ai.d ahicb all the ^ai??;arili\tti tfts%j<?d *nr ? t rem ?e "ImiMa*?a.N<>? 1. 2 nuti 3 ar? alike nevoid of ta*te or emeil. **. J ? : * . \aatalin? *uvitiea. They are in trie f >rm of a loaet g->, ana may lie on Uio toilet table without tiiiir ate Leinz titepooied J*old in tin oa?*a at <**ob, <ir fonr 83oa-*? in ocefot *9. aiiu in %?7 eas ?. friaa >avin( #?. as adnn. i?ie'?i by Va.Ktv, L*kiraaa. Kobj-4o.. *0. Wfcoeeale aod retail ?y i R. H. A. B\K^OW. 194 Bleecker street, |4 .:t>or* from Maoouga! street). Ns* Y^rk. Irnmocia eiy our? oeiit of remit'a^oe, l?r. b*Sft?>w vili forward Trf^eemar t<? any ?art of tne wrrd. e?eore.y packed .and addreued aooordicg to the tuati act ons flf TriA #: l??? P?bii?* il?iiobrDR "lRROW, that popular ii i. unrated medioai wo k, ohjAi. Fra ity. Price ?5 oac'.a. Tii ?r a ' :!<?>k can be obtained by ap-.iaJ author ij fr j r. C FOS 1), WacQiaf'on. L>. O. d* 12-ftm THK SUBSCRIBERS be* leare tolufcrra tbeir patron* M. I to? public <?r,e- . f 01 bo _ n lqr ?o*pki*<l with a superior at-ok ol*gS FALL and VVINTKR ?OOt)-* Wk Ther alao re-p^o'Ai. j inn:a attention rt tfjf the:r Army and Na 'j cn?'.?<:::oit,, and tno**^- " reqniricz outSta in that il?. !otli?ir rvportor tc&l lUofl of Sward*. Lpaaista. ^hoa.dJr l*'.r?s? S-iu, Chapeau*. li&wB, Capa, Saaae?, auJ On'd La^ee, oooatactly on hand, wwuoh are warrants as r?pro Wa..?t teodTtm f-jt u>?liberal pfitr?'iate I Cjoyed.tfier will endeavor to merit a?x Dtinui ? I t. M HtlBtRUEK * CO, " ' I ?uor*m9cru to H . F. Louden tC?.) I A*. fan'iRir^ I, AVAL TAILORS,] 36*4 i'euiirliuis Avonas. oc 1# F"S:rtl U " S,! MINI ?ABf-r. WATER WINK. FRUSCH SABLE. Ia rreat variety, a"d chtap, ac Ail lm afclYMOojt'3. Georiatowa. 1> HIS It* TO 01VK NOTICE, Tn*t tfce. ?ubaarib>>l a?u LjU! uO |r?iO Oi Court of Wa-Hitc a oou *j,.n t^? 1. ;tnoi oi Ou.hitgi* )*U#fb U-s au^atary u.. -La perioaai Mtat^ of John Bhrave, la'-., cf \V a.rucit aoou..tyaf.fvjad. a> in* a ?j?-? ** * ,fc" _ m - ? ? ? ? m w ?~ 'ms "ta u"fc .'19 ?<<! decoded are ti?n b/ wariud !o e*mhit tne ramp, wttn tfce vuuoaerk (here. f. to t.v, *u >?o/! bar, on or before Lh* .-e.oijth d*y oi l>fcoeii>D?r >Vt, tbey 'n?y other?ri?e by lew bo exo^udeo f. um kliWuit i f ili-ivd . Oi*?o uade m? U?01 th'? ?*?*nth d?r <.f Deoem her, we. M.vkV fcLIZAUiiiH SH? EV . i)? 9 LatSw" *xscu,r?x. fTPITAM > HA I it D\ h'-TOCOLQH JTTCK %J Ofi flROVr ? : 4?Only ??i)t? a t? x. Tfcr ?e Bxee for om*dot at (*r?y, -*d or flaxen nair oeu i o imTroo in a ie? teoordp to * i t biacx or o*?,w lausc Upb*m'smai4 Ha:rl)ye, the beet ad e^eapeet in Me woria, prodaoiut, the mon.?n: !ti? *?ol) 'a noii ratuni appeaiar.o* Each Be* ? UrHAM'B HA: R Dt"E ? warranted to cot*, n M roeob ketr 1v* " otb?r? Mil for mm iolUtr! by ft C UPHAM.31? h iadelpbi*. anil 1. CALVfci'.T FORD. eor?m UU? <rNt ??i P*. w. ???*-?*?! T *jpO MILUTARY OHKlC?K? AND OTUKftS. BATCUWLOAr^JtDYE. ru Omi* JUttmbk mmd. Dv* ?mwh. B^W fry Pnifft?r?; ^mimrrOR'i Patent HMIdH ?U7T9, i p. Patent Oil Of. ocr. F k. 7th, Vom'i Hair Mui*, iSl% lt\ tT*LD?, ?k?ri I Ladies oar. bava Ua#al*?d, ifdMiraa. VWtorr-il Bar**/?. (S3 -? Broadway) If. Y. . 7 riurofrm unpowdifk, U Far M<a at ?*nclaccu?r? pr :o*JUy JOB'S J. UOitli h, Ciouitowi, D. Cm SW* l?act for (JU Dx-tritt c rWwwdia. ^aranaiC^JWK'!sw,?i!?BS frw. ori??? ea*-a'?> r* * *? AA?n-? jPATAWBA ORAPfc*? ^ _ CaTAWBA RRAfWr F?*l> Oatawfca Grap*a ia *xd#; eat Older and Aa taliwm a t M <ir >r T. ? ~ ki N'r1* Ff mrwuf L. <*-#H ?^a?t it ?] vw>iit>? L OIL C!TtZJk."VJ' WK \ R?CL'/TRS, ''Ai2lF MK?K and VK-Tl,NG*. a, fi ! Oa? prio? ooiy.ip* kod m plait. tuu ?. Ai ic^Mt ?i of i Mir lr.e? - u to Curtu?? * )., -Pk"' twit rl^KUt k BK*?., *- ?? >'?. >rtDB- Ml'i >frf? >? EJUH PRINTING. "KKY t>c?o^F?ioc -(i'\li FillNT?P?'J r.v i ? ht *"? Jf?ftLiHud ?1W! JUM M'" SICK AMD WOrWDED tOLOURI U hospital. PubHtJud in conformity with I At rtiolmtim of tkt BtmmU if July 1?, 1861. At SrwtinMry Horpitnl, (fiorgttoten. Dir. 13 U 8. Iaf?rtry W17th Penn Volunteera. 4 rtfa do Cavalry 1}9th do do 2 'At Maine Volunte?n.. 1 itttti do do 1 3d Vermont Volunteer! I loth do do 1 5th do do 9 35th do do I 9th Maaaachuaeta Vol.. 1 4'2d do do 1 l*t Rhode Island Art. 3 45th do do...... 9 4th do do.. 1 [5*2-1 do do 3 5th Conne~tlcat Vol.. 4 tlfctthdo do *2 Od New York Vol (a) 11 tat do Artillery... 4 13th do do.... J 1st do R'.flpa 1 15th do do.... II'M do Cavalry.... 1 17th do do....16:4th do do...... '4 2let do do. (6) 1 5lh do do 1 iftfd do do.... I Uth do do 4 30th do do.... 1 i?t do Rrterve.... 1 33d do do.... 1 4th do do....;. 1 VM do do.... 1 6th do do...(d) t 57th do do.... 1 J'2th do do 1 5Wth do do.... 2 1st Michigan Vol 1 6*24 do do.... Ijlth do do 1 7SHh do do.... 1 |2d Wlacomln Vol.... 1 '2d N . York Cavalry (e) 2 5th do do,...? *tb do do 16th d? do....lP \r.? til*. f I L'./.aI.U. at ? ait Aiiru vivatiy i tiAtvituvi ui i|;nur< ? OneidaCountvCavairy 1 1st Penn. Volunteers.. 2 Total 14S 5th do I (a) One officer. (6) One officer. (*) One officer. (d) One officer. At General Hospital, Unirn Hotel, eorn't Hridge and VCathington str*eti, (Jeorg'totm. Dee 13. 14th New York Vol.... 3,3d VeririontVohinteera 3 17th do do 0 5th do do.... 1 18th do do 1 jltb Rhode I*land Vol. 1 l??h do do...... 2ioth Connecticut Vol.. 1 fJil do do 1 Oth New Jersey Vol... 2 25th do do 2|8tb do do.... 1 2Vtb do do 2i 1st Michigan Vol .... 1 C3d do do...... 2lid do do...... 8 35th do do 1 3d do do 1 37th do d? 1 j1th do do 2 43d do do 4i2d Wisconsin do 2 44th do do 2|5tb do do...... 2 an ao i. im nnnmiKiDtau . i 50th do do 3 lit California da 2 5 2d do do 1 i?t Exc?l?tor Brigade. 3 54th do do 1 3d do do.... 5 5fith do do 2 4th do do.... 1 TSth do do...... 1 1st Maryland Vol 1 -Pth do do,.l... 1 let Indiana Rifles 1 2d Penn. Volunteera . 1 Stockton's Mich Vol. 2 4th do do 1 Garibaldi (ji'arils .... 1 fl'h dc do 1 De Ralb 1 ?th do do...... l N>w York Mounted 3th do do 1 Rifles 1 13'ta do do 2 3d 1'son Cavalry .... 1 '23d do do...... 1 3d do do ...... 1 2<Jih do do...... 1 7th NcwYcrk Cavalry 1 2?tb do do 1 ?'am?T?n Dmtroont... 2 :j?>th do do...... 1 Ha'ris'Light C?val'y I Wh do d<"> 4 Ut Kh"de Iiland Art. 1 4oth do do...... 2 2d U S. Artilfery 1 45th do do 3 4th do do 1 lAfH A r\ *> /In <1 a 1 lt?4tb do do 1 >lott,s B?tt?rv 1 *d MjU.'W Volunteers . * 1st New Jersey Art ... 1 3d NewRampslttreVol * id Vermont Voiameers 2 Total 119 At Hospital at Coh$r>ti*i* ColUft*, tVasktngton, Dtc. 13. 4?b U S. C?*alrv 1 id Rerdan Sbarps'r*.. 1 | id \la!ne Volunteers.. 3! 1st New Jeney Cavalry 3 I Vh do do l! ?d do Vol.... 1 i D'h do do Iitd do do.... 1 | llth do do 5'A'h do do.... 1 2d Vermont Volunteer* 2|7th do do.... 1 5th do d ?.... 511st Penc. Artillery.... 3 I IOth MAlRfl/?hni?ttlVnl l lit Ha P?trn'??r O | 14th do do. 1 4th do do 1 Rhode lalund Battery. 2! Hnrlan'a C?v*lrv 1 <at Long Island Vol .. I ] lat Penn Volunteer!.. 3 Hamilton Artillery... 2 3d do do 11 lstNew\ ork Cavairy. 1 4th do do 1 ?th do do.... l{8th do do...... 2 8th do do.... 7il2tb do do...... 1 Harrla Ce?ulrv 2|l3th do do 1 13thNewYorkVol.... l}23d do do 2 I7th do do......l'2|27th do do...... 3 2"M do do 1 3F st do do 1 33d do do ) 52 A do do 21) 33th do do...... 1 KM do do 2 j 37th do do 4 9Sth do do 2 4 id do do 1 Ohio Cavalry ........ 1 41th do do 3 'it California Vol 2 54th do do 1 ^th Illlnola Cavalrv... 3 77th do do...(a) 4 Sturgia Rifle* 1 *04L J. ? ??-? *ta?a * - ivvu j ?<? i *u v>i^oiuin vol... I ^?th do ^o,ct?i? *w?i do do. .* ?J t-9'h do do StiTtb do do.... 1 Anderson Zouave* ... 11 1st VJlna^'ta Vol 1 Itt Excelsior Brigade. U M MlcblK&a Vol 11 td do do.... il 3d do do...... > DeKalbN.Y Vol... 1 4U? do do i LtD<-oin Cavalry 1 Hth do do * McClellan's Dra^oous. I Stockton's Ml<-h. Vol. I Cameron Dragoons... 5 Oneida N Y Cavalry, a, Total., 1st berdan Sharps'ri.. 1 (a) Two ofitren. At Ottural Hosyita!, (Cirtlt,) Watkmfttm, Pit. 13 " OdWra 3.lfttb U S Infantry*... 3 Engln?*?ira 2 1?t D C Volnnteert.. 1 latUS Car&iry 3i tat Michigan Vol 1 4tb do <*o 3 Tth Maine Volunteer*. 1 5th do do 3 5th N Hampahire Vol.10 i'.th do do 5|3d Vermont Volunteer* I lat do Artillery.... 1 2d N?w York Vol... 2 3d do do 1 Ath do do.... 1 4th do do 1 -4th do do.... 3 5th <U> do 3 4tth d" do.... 3 i !st do Infantry..... 3 59th do do,... I { 3d d?> do 5 4Ut do do.... I j 3d do do 6-id Penn. Volunteer* . 3 ' 4th do do 3 5?b d<? do I I Gth do do I L^uArterniaater'a Dep't 1 j 7:h do do ] ? | w?h An A.. 1 '" l-l - 1 V.M W O Vth do do 1 , At Fifth District School Houf, Hospital. Brant* of U*n*ral Hotpxtai on E Street, Dec. 13. 3d Mlchi??n Vol 11104th Pennsylvania Vol '2 lit Excelsior Brigade. 11 Kentucky Cavalry .... 1 i?th NewYork Vol... 1 1th Penn. Cavalry .... 1 | 7th Massachusetts Vol. 1 jOhio Cavalry, (una?). 1 \ I 10th do do.. 1 -!d U. S. Cavalry 1 j ad Vermont Volunteer* i D C. Volunteer! 1 i 12th PeantylvanlaVol. 1 ? I I 23d do _ do.. 1 Total 15 | At St. Elixabttk Hotpital, Eastern Branch, De- ' nmbrr 13. j 4th Excelsior Brigade. 417th New Jertey Vol... 1 2d do do 1-th do do.... 3 lat do do v;CamerorT Rifles 1 53d Penn Volunteers.23 Brlrkel's Art. Battel. 3 8?h New Vork Vol... 2 lat New York Artillery 3 2Wh do do.... 1 1st P??on Reserve.... I 35th Penn Volontee s. ! Oneida Cavalry I 5th Vermont do 8 4th Pean. Cavalry.... 1 56:u New York Vol... i> Michigan Ind'tvel... 2 Kd do do.... 4 Cameron Drae;oons... 1 36th Penn Volunteers. 4 Excelsior Art. Batt&l. 3 57th New York Vol... 1 _ 50th Penn Volunteers. 1 Total 73 Sieh remaining the Hoipital for Eruptm IHsc*3$s, at Kaiorama, Die. 13. 2d U S. Infantry 4 1st penn Artillery ... 1 5th do Ctv&lry 1 4th do Cavalry.... 1 G*h do do 2 1st do Volunteers, l id Maine Volunteers.. 1 ->th do do 1 7th do do 9 36 h do do 1 11th do do,?M, ] 45th do do...... 4 ad Vermont do 1:53d do do 3 1st NtwYcrk Artillery 5 |5id do do 1 A 1 * - ** ~ ' - u ao vavmry. ei toitbdo do 5 7--h do do.... 11 lat Michigan Cavairy . 3 6th do do ...12 34 do Vol 1 0th do do.... 3 Stockton's Mich. Vol. 1 5Cth New York Vol... 8 7th Wiacon?5n Vol.... 1 67th do do.... 3 llrtb Indiana Vol A Slat do do.... 1 ? 87th do do,...l Total 81 At Indiana Hetpifl iPafn'. Offlet), Watktnften, D. C , Pit 15. 19th Indiana Vol 53 llth Maine VolunU-rrs 3 <7th do do...... a Ut Michigan Cavalry. 4 I Iftth do do 1 Ba'4*'t Empire Batj Ut do Cavalry.. 3 tery, N Y 3 53d Pern Volunteer* .10 4th Rhode Island Vol. 1 7th New York Cavalry 3 ? Ut Oerdan Bharpa'rs . S Total 01 ad do do i At Horpitai AUrandrui, Dec 13 3d .Maine Votnu eers. 6 Cameron Rifle* 2 4th do do 5 Lincoln Cavalry 1 6th do do 4 M Fire Zvaave* 1 let MaaMchoaetU Vol. I l?t New Jeraey Vol.... I td do do..21 Mb do do.... 6 lith do do..13 let N Jersey Artillery I Rbodalaland Artillery I llth Penn Cavalry ...17 9th Connecticut Vol. .30 26th Prnn Voiintocra. 1 <Mh Vermont Vol l??th do do...... 4 *h New York Val... 7 auth ar. a.. \tSt i* Md do do 11 Z? S* 7 ?i do do 1 *K t 5?-?,*461,1 d0 d0 * IPth do do....10 1?Uj do do 0 xmb do do.... 3 (tit do do.. . 2 do do < > i aeth do do 1 ?Ttto do do (?)I3 MHb do do 3 ?ih do do.... 8 <d Michigan Vol..(<f>14 3lrt do do.... 4 3d do* do...:..i| 3.d do do.... 6 J h do do fi 371h A* J. ic o?L. ??. w ???u niamna vol .....87 3P'h do do.... S 34 Wiacoavlo Vrl....U UHU do . ! .(() 8 MMIniiMOtiV*! i 8'.?t do dow... 1 4th l' 9 Infantry .... 5 (MM 4o do 1 ltd do AjtlUwry.... 1 8ku do do.... 3 ? Mfcb do do ... I T"*aJ 300 , Tift d* do.... 1 n;r difiNH (?) Owivr (?) O.ieoO :er. (rf O;eot9< f. trr Washington ptpen ploaar oopv tad tend hlU? u. tte W w OepvtaMal dec 18?* QOVKRNMENT DISPATCH. FAST FREIGHT LINK NEW YORK tyW ASHINGTON via HAMMIBMURQH. A Special Mes?MifarWi]' be sent throngh with each Train, in order to Met'e safety and diapatoh. ALL RAIL, WITHOUT*CHANGE OF CARS. ? i _ r*. ? /tM ti A ?* at ? ML al:_ /I _ on ami auer nuRjjai, inov. inn, uus tornpany will reoeive and transport Munitions of War, ?overnmect Stores, Sutlers' fcoppiie* for the Army and all MisoeUanecas Freight, at i,ow Rats?. without irkak or bulk. Spoilt Contracts fo* Hwrfj. in Larr* <Juantiiu$, at Htdurfd Hat is. O" Freight received only at the Depot of the C-*lrs.l Railroad of Mew Jersey, Pi?r No.2. North River. For further informar.un, or special contracts, enquire af the of ik* Company, 49 Broadirr.y, Y, Ch US Pe*Hsylvaniu avt., Washington City. ir7"Marlr Go ids,''Gos lament Pis patch."-TT1 Freight received trom 9 a. m to 3 p. m. A. D. HOPK, ?f tit* Hope Express Co.. no 28-hn Superintendent. NOTICE. mm, " ADAMS' EXPRESS COMPANY." Thii Company o'Fpts to the public" Unequalled AdviiutAKOV' for the Safe jvni Quick l>isp*toh of Heavy Freights. i'acfaiee, Valuable, Money, fco. & o., to all parts of 'he Uni'ed Htatee. Kxpresse# to ?n<i f?om the North add West depart from and rmitg >u Washiccton tvrioe daily. All Expresses are tn bharge of irpiTienc*d and rtlinbl* Megpengere. Ail Paolaxea for The <*o|dier? carried at "oiw HALT" our usual All Good" I'T the>?>-catled "Confederate Btate*" and a!i Articles " Contraband of War" will be KBTUSSI>. On' Expresses loave New York at I,?. and P. Marrinuc m Washington at 8 A. M. and P.M. K.xpr*>i?e?< leave Philadelphia at 8jn A, M. and 11 P. Vl? arriving in Wa*.'iington at t ?> P. M, and 6 A? M. Exp'ea*-? ifave Baltimore at 4 20 A. M. and S P. M.. arr.vlui in Washington at A. M. and ?30 P. M. Expresses for all points North ami W?et leave WMb'OKtoii * A. M. ind 2.30 P. M.dailr. s*peoiftl Contractu fur iar*e auaiititi*8 of Freijht can be made <>/. application to this 'iT.ce. A Goods for ft:vl detivered Jru of Extra ch?r?ii?. E. W, PAItSONB, Sap't Allans' Express Corapanj. Wa?hir.*ton, Autaat ??. 1961. ao3-tf |U8T RK FIVEDTKN BBLS. 8. HORINE'9 ?J xuporior ' LJ> UYK Wt?Ir*K\, eight Tears o <J uarra'ttrd \ r? prime Monongahela whiskies for ale at 353 Pi avenu*. b? deA3:awtf I^KOWMNG A KKATINO. J P.CARihHt ' O. id *?., Pa. av . Washmtion, I'b 'iicrk Dkalkks and Commission Merchi.vts. Merch&ndis.-*awl Product* reoeived on o^nsicnmem aiut nfnrae" note ?o1m> ... .. r? i ?? U6j ui jiino*ry MI ! ??raon? indehoO v tr.w i?ti fi m of &. K. Wbitk * Co. %re hex ? ron bed th?t their iwooanu. no'e? aod tlu" Mil- ! no p ?.ied ic tte heads of ir? !it ot f-jr coll'jotiuD- *11 penmn *o indebted de-<i*iiir f<> t^vo ou*tH ?f l*w suits will lave to ??it e prior u tU - aSuve gpecifiad tim*. iKltU^y K. K WHITE. fl* . i. ?* I v.\ OPTICIAN TO THF PRESIDKXT A.\D MILITARY STAFFS. 244 Penn'aiT.,uo, th ?ide,) bet. 12th ftad lJth ?t?. , SPKOTACLKS, provided with gennine Rook Crjst&l or Peri?copic Lemei, mountei in ?nld. eiirer or steel, and ?aiu<d with utmost care for j every age and ejeeight. FIRST ^ \ CLASS MILITARY FIELD-OLASSES. Mloroeoopea, CompMiM, and Mathemu;.aJ In atrumenU, at tne luweat Km tern priocs. oa 99-tr BILLIARDS! T"Oj M The loTera f- 1 of the GAME OF BILLLARI>8 will find in EMRICH'S FINE HALL. Corner o Petmsj iraiiia avenue and 11th itreet, ( oath side,) two of the raoet admirable TABL.E& In the UtitoJ StAtfls.with erery oomfort and oonveninnoe 421 1 tf fl.? ?! ? M wio iriaj C7i 0? WK OFFER TO MILITARY MEN a iaria ERS. CAMP BLANKETS. HALF-HOSE, Ac., ahioh wo innte all oa*h pnrctiaaon to examine before rr.altin< their 8?.33t<e*i3. WALL. STEPHENS A CO., VJii Pa. ar., between 9th and loth ?u. m W (tnT*iliifwno??r an<1 H*anh'in?:i.i W BOYS' CLOTHING. *~~ E Hare reoeive,<f -within tha last day or two a !arce a??ort>n-r,t of BOY'S' SPRING CLOTHING, embraaine all styles of low-prioed, cnatitom, a:*! fcce {n&Htiea. wraoh w?s are seluuc a t veiy low prioee for cash. WALL. STEPHENS * CO., SJ'J Pa. a*., betwerr. 9th and 10th eta. tp T* ' |r?'?' !ir?T;<>?r aid HPSfblirain.1 ]VE\V~ FLOAKST NEW SHAWLS, AND il I\ew I ir?H??Joods, opened daii*. On* prioeon y. inark'fl la plain figures. Cartels, Oilcloths, Rugs, Mattings, Curtains, Ao . upper floors. PERR\ A BROTHER, do 9 M Pa av.. anrt 9th street. ?T? TO OFFICERS. 1 HK CAMPAIGN ? A Ovnpaijcirg Wa*on on tUe Prussian p-inoipls. arransed for sleep- |c\ In* or to act s.f ar. Awt'Uianoe in case ?fTLiJ? sioknees or wounds. with \mple room for ? etor*** and provisions; iinh!, water-proof, and perfect jr flew, been jn?t >>uilt to order by one of the first maker* id New York, is offered for sale a', cost price. AUo, a tr*ndaofiie, strong, round, dark-brown H OR SE, either Jor saddle or harness. Both may be seen on s.pp ication t*> JAMES BROVVN. at Mr. I^vin*v !??ablos, Corooran's Laue, behiud the C..aiu House. )>etwe'.n 1 antl li ??20 I CASH NOTICE. N Coneejuenoe of op r having to pay ea^h for wfvi j nuvioui f uuub we pureua?e, we are forced I to rec^oe onr buaitaeia to Cuh exoluairely, for the areaeM. We L^ve ;n atoro a very large assortment of READY MA,I)E CLOTHING frr men and U>7s' wear, wmon are ?e:Mrt sr a moci? lower rate ban usually. W> LL. 3TKPHEN8 & CO.. 32 J Pa. svtTiO+f betw?eu tth ana lWh at , {a T ' '? { .V * Ql'NHOATS fob th? WESTERN R1VERVJ. Qri.aTXKHAiSTia ?Bi?*aax'e 0*?ic*, I WaaAtnfto*, 7??w 17,1861. \ Pm??*o?AL8 are invited for constructing Gunboats neon the V/eetern riverg 8pect'ie?.tiO!iB will he immediate!* prepared and i?.aj be eram nt*l ;it the Qeartenna' ter's Office at Cincinnati. Pittsburgh, end at this office. Proposals from boat-bnit'*ra and engine-builder* alone will be considered. P ans aubraided by bidders will betaken into e?r.?iddration- _ M O. ME168. ?. ? ya?rwmiMTiT ?*T>er*l United State RMY6 LO V ES! ARMY GLOVES!! At tt?e G love Depot of F. B HALTING'* A CO , 33H D*t .fiwsing Pa.wv, p VTTTTHkF; iJOLD AND PILVKK ENGLISH, SWISS AND AMERICAN I have now on ha&d a large stock of all the most celebrated Wa'onoi, that I air selling at the very lowest prtoea tnat good and reliable time keeper* can b* art< ided at; and evt-ry deaeripuoa of ?ie JEWLLIi^ ' i.aim; all new atyiea received ae aoou at ainnufactured. and offe-ed at the loweat rates. t*.!ver ware ?panufaoturrd in my own ahop. All kinds of Ml! ITARY GOODS on hand, auoh aa Hevo'vera, Sworda. Sart.ea. Belta, Bowie Roivea Pocket Compaasea. to, Ae. Also strong Arm* Trnnka and Bed Combiner*: apd many othor tnioga uaelul and ornameatal at 33^ Pennsylvania avim*. n->?' ?f H. A n?'Q|> 015 TORY inWJHBL** s, fry J i I faros Motler ; S wis.; free b? mail, 84. The Rsee of the Dutch Reanblls, a history, by Johti Lothrof Mot!en * *o a oiotn; free by mail. Silae Marnar, Wnwr '">f FaTelol, by the ?La?:ior oI - A 'Aiii il6d? olot? ?5ooenia ; paper CD oeota. Li/e and owwr o# &?jot Ar.dro, by w Intro ? Bd'geaijt; 01.W. Altar lcetorgt wHhaj^nnter. aSirirniOT Votace to Labrador and Newfoundland; by R*r l?uu L.

Nol> ; tl ?v Tha M?nnf*atar*i of Photocento or HT<lro-C*rboc Oil*, by Tfcojaae Antifeli, M. !>.; 61.74. kaj of the abo*a free by mail FRENCH & RICHSTE1N, Mtt tt7* Penny itru> Come onk AND AM.. To the People** Clotbtng Pt-Te. No. 4?0 Ttb (tract. and pt f ur bood? at letoniahinc low pnoaa. 'ictl-lw. (Rap.) rVs?Bnrrri QMriirfMiiir Ht*wT$ Ofilt*. ( Warkimtton City. July 18, lTA.f Pi AMI aMB frxm k-1l- - r ? ? Bntia tor the V^e*t*Tn rirera are on exhibition at fc:* offioe, and at offloee of Q nartermaetara at pittabura. Cincinnati, loula and A.iton. Boats to be delivered at Cairo. Bida anoald he aent to Qnarterinaater Genera, of the United Btatee nur. at Waah:ofton, by let A^ttgt'?tj?jr}??' It t? fWt. f}**'1 and O ' ? rt?rrr>?U?r Gen*".. ^'OUttUS. OOLD*. HuAivb??NK3B, tea. ' COMPOUND RYHtif CF &UM ARABIC. Thie ple&Mret and popular Coagh Rtoieor haa been .olun# knownami ?xteaaiTeiy naea tiiat moat peraor.a tiive become f\miliar With ite extraordinary e&oaey. It oaa be had at all the pnne.eal dni( atoms, at li and an oeola a bottle, t* li-dtnaJteoim* 0 GEORGETOWN ADVEST'MTS \1A88KY. COLLINS * CQ.'S* 111 PHILADEl FH1A DRA DGHT ALB. We have jnat reoeiTe<La supply oi the abore Aie, wtucb we reoommend to be of a very superior quality. Person* wishing to purohaee. by matin* immediate application, can be furnished. ARNY A BHINN. no 7 Georgetown. JMBT ttKCElVfcD1? hhds. prime Porto Rioo BU6AR? lit. bbia. Old Rye WHISK V, t>0 bbla. HKR RING and ALKWIVES. 0 bbls. Crushed and Refined SUGARS. m f *cs Kio and Jars COFFEE, 10 bhda. <low-prio?d) MOLASSES. For ga^ by JOHN J. BQ6UE. ? M OAETFITTIN G, &LC. AWM T. DOVE A CO. RE New prepared to exeoate any erdara with wnioti they mar bo favored ic the PLVMUlNS, ?AB OR STEAM FITVIM* BU8INESH. fTT Store on fth street, a few tioora north of Pa, aYenne, where ma tie foaad a oomn>te assortment f CHAN DELI ERS tad atfcar CAB. STEAM lU WATER FIXTURES. jatMv 18NYDER, PL UMBER AXD GAS FITTER. Mai removed to the oorner of Twelfth and F eta. He ia prepared to introduce Water and 6aa naoc the most favorable ierme, anu taaranUea ectira satlafactioa. HebsJi on hand a lot of COOKING and other STOVES, which he will aeli ieaa than ooat. aa ha wialiea to get rid of their.. do 17 W? A S FIXTURES. K Have in Morn, and are dai.y reoeivinj, Ff JC TOR KS of entirely New Patterns and Designa aiid Finish, superior in aty le to anithiiic heretofore fft" d in this market. We >nviteoitiie?s general it to san am; examine oar stock of ttas and Water Fix irea, feeling oon&dent that we have the b*rt Mleoted atook in Washington. Ail Work in the atove lice mtraated to **r e*r? Will be promptly attended to, MYERS * MoSEAN. Mr t-tf aTft I) street. OtFlOK OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER OF SAS METERS. VVashiuvto n. Jaly l>i It*. NOTICE IS HEREBY HIV EN. That, agreeably to the rovir.dce of the ordinano? of the Corporation aaprove-d May it, ISfip, the nnderaigned ia now p reparrl. "whenever reatirad in writing, and on pre-payment of tta fee of fifty oenta, to inapeotj examine. teat, prove, a Dd ascertain the aocaraoy of registration ofauy cm meter in qae in thu city." Every meter, if foand inoorr*ot. will baoondemned and another, sealed a id inaiked aa true, will ha 1 aetici'*9 If proved to b* ?c?s-*?e la Ita E*asaiemoctof ru, it will besealea aooo-aingly, aid aeain aat n aoeition fcr cm. O8o? No. MO Seventh street'(near Odd F flaws' Hall.) Offn frozn S a. m., to I ?. m. CHARLES W. CUNNINGHAM, It H-tf ln?KS3tor and Sealer of <)as Meter*. DENTISTRY. ^EW AND IMPROVED INVENTION ARTIFICIAL CHE0PUAST1 BOPE TEETH, Withoct Mktal Plat* o* Clasp*. DR. 8. B PIOESMOND, 910 Broadtn*, Nuc Yorb~)it10 Fm*n/lra*ui An sn?e, b'fneon Uti and IS/A ?5 , Waskmtt'm, Calls :ho atVbUoa <?f the publio uj the loiiowint aivant&jM <A hi* irrp'oved sjst?ir.: 1. The 'i'e?<h of tits iriaauftvotn'e never oorode nor ohnnga ooior by any^"1*0 atidr. teint three fcuithe njutor than Rsy otii*r, l. N-> UM-tt. or r'X>ts ncoi r>o ejctraot<xl, m the artificial or,fie oai; < # l-ucrtM i?7(>' them. * The r?o?3 will irvi'an never o ache. i. No temporary te*th are needed, as permanent otee oaa bs aia !e trime-li^tely, tfceroby preierviiis um uikuir&i e^ff?8?ion oi mp :ao?. under the old a; atom is fr- quofct'y 6 Tin# wurit ha* Ihwii fully t*?te.j over five years by many of the first chemists ?nrj physicians of this Country. Dr. tf. has also invented a white ur.destructive aiota! filling. with whion the most sensitive teeth can be Sited without pa;n, and can baild up a per feet, sound tooth on any side roots, which will last through lifetime. The best of references riven?to Dr V. Mott: Dr. Doremus, Profsesor crChenrwtry. N. V.; Hon. Judge Wayne, of the Supreme Court of Washington, and th?nw*r,<!s <>f others Call aud examuua for yourself. nr> 8 6m M TEETH. L'M>MiS, M. D., the lnvento.raad patentee of in* ">11 N kit AL PLATti TEETH, at-^^*5? tsu<e personally at bts oftoe .c t:n i city gfrfrr.y M ?.- . - - . ?- - . l .?... -L'JOIJ "il t*wu ws>ai wrnpo wcui wliu esonot ?cv others, and no person can wear others wao cannot irt^ar these. porsous oallicc At iuv oSloe cac be aooommooatod witii as* stria and prioe of Teeth thej may desire; but to thoso wno are p&rtioul&r and wish the purest, oleaaeat, st'uijiest. a: 1 most perfect denture that art can f? ;o??. th? MINERAL PLATE will be more fory warranted. Ko?>rr>s in this city?No. 33^ Pa.aTenoe,between ta at'i V'lh st*. A'so, WOT A rob street, Phi adei a.a. oo 14 tf / Bv f \ IOMETH1N? NSW! y-N ( i?-f7'jKKAT**T UiftcovaRT I mjl XHfty At U*1 C strtet, epvotUt ikt Tkea'ir. OYSTERS STEAMED Id tiie Shell and Thoroughly Cooled (far superior to a roaati in two minute*, th* /atlul ?im? on T*cord- CAil and see. The undersigned resp-.-ctfnlly inform* hie friends in the Diatnot, and visitors to the oitr, that he hae I refitted his old and wku-wows kstablish.ybnt in a moat thorough manner, aud l a* made complete arrangement* to furnish OYSTKRs in any style and in any quantity. ?0o to 5ft) ga lona shacked | per day. 2 000 to 3 ono can* of Sp?oed and Freeh fiat up daily?cana hermetioally a. aled. Furnished c the shell by the busbe or barrel. Persons wishing to ha*e Oysters fnrniahed reguI lariy throufh the wint-r, at- Baltimore pnoes, without fear of failure, should oa!! and make arrang?menta at once. Freight, time, and money saved by of me. as I furaish an artiole e^nal to lu* celebrated Baltimore establishments, at prices just aa low. TO SUTLERS. Canned Meats, Lobsters, Sardine*, Clams, Strawberries, Tomatoes, Pigs' F*et, Tripe, Ao. Ac., Ac. Aieo, Piokles, Catsup, Sajoea, Brandy Peaoues.Ao. Also, Game and Fresh Fiah. Tarlea, Terrapins, i'resh Lobsters. Cod, Halibut, Ac. In fcvet, e/ery thine for sale in the North*rn markets always on band, at reasonable arm** Hotels and families supplied with ? raters, delivered virhout charge t.'auy part of the Distriet, iu *e*.son, it the money is sei:t with the order. Mt fMA -' vnent is open from 5 a. in. to 12 at D!*bt. every ?aj, except Monday, when 1 close at l< o'clock a. m. m?.n T. M. HAHVKV. BLANKET**, COMFORT r*. BED LINING. j-'aKe Cloth*, Towels, Napkins, Qui ts, Sc., a foil <sus>ply. One pnoe only, marked in plain firures. Carpet", Curtains, Oiloiotbs. Rups.Jtc., upper Honrs Aa iu^peotion of stock Ino;rs no obligation to perchue. FERRY A. i)KO., "* F v avand 9th street. H FRENCH it RICH8TBIN AVF Just reoelved & fresh supply of Note Pape?, Colored Borders, ruled aud plain, with Envelopes *i mato?) Meo, Ma$ paper of all kinds, with aiid without Envelopes to matoh. Purses and Fooket Books of every description. K lar*e assortment of Stationery. New York Papers reoeived aany; Paper* from all parts of tbe country. i- KKNCH it KK'HBTEIN, mat W" wiwi. sswiss. ^OLDIKRS NEI- DING DRY GOODS for the ?3 "folka at home" *re solicited to 'iiepeot cur vast stock, new complete in all departments. Oue prio? only, the actual oaah 'tauiard value, marked in plain figures. An examination of atock icours no obligation to purchase. Aii puroels carefully sacked, for express or other oon?, tree of ohargs PEHRY * BRO., Penn. avenu" and Nimh at. de H-tOi * P< rry Huitdipg." W TRAVELING TRUNKS. t Offer for sale the largest assortment TRAVELING TRUNKS to be found lOflngm thia city, oompriaiuK bent Sole LeatherBHR Ladies' Ores* *nd Paoamj Trunks, iioea. Ofryet D&ga, Ac., wiucu we are now se ling at very lo s pnoos, WiLt, STEPHENS A CO*? U II ??o Pmr .itnM I 77 Mil It'ARY'rtOOKO. r RKNCH A RICHsTlEN haveJuat reoeirad a large and oomplet* assortment of Military Books o' all kinds, which they offer trom ten to fi/lj per cent, felow the regular retail pnoes,?inoluding : Anew edition of Hardee's Infantry and Rifle Taotios, complete, ff 1.25 For'' a'Volunteers'Manual, 3 vols, #t Al t 'a Compendium of H&rdea's Taotios, lOo aruu v ffiiiiBvrj !*firiorT, 7^C M a;.en's Field Fortihoation and Oatpoat, aaota 7?. Hardee'a Tactioa, aheap edition, Mo Tho Soldier'a Gaide, a complete manoal and drill bonk lor the ute 01 ttie Volunteer Militia and tii? Hons Guard. 26o The Hand-Book for the 0.8. Soldier, oein* first bo >k of matruotion to the U. B. Infantry taotioi? Alio. Military Maps, Map of the Seat of War, Charts. Guide#, &c Flats, Hadtea aajl Medala of every deeoriptioa. Any of the awyrej^nLby irail fre*. CBKNCH & K1CE8TEIN, m* ft I11* Pmim'nTmwiw* W ATCH RE^ .N6 ^ U 8^ VEE ffUl i taT* o?? of tf|0 ti*>at MtabliahmoBU, ftod fmrW.*o with a oompieto act at tools for ropoir- Jfca r.t *verj deecnation ?f fio? Watch?*, and fl| aarlmular attention fire to the same, Dy adHu |j?o, mi q oomyotrnt workman And a.. work jwiaran tioc iito, evarr doaonp ton of 81L V r E. '.Vi RE- plain and ornamental, man uifeotnrod inaoj a? ^wb ii^tmuun, wfiioh my outomora ann find ?- supenor in $MLUfr sad finish to norti">ra nn sold by dealer* m coaemi and rosrsMnted M ifietr g muiiiatitti H. 0.J3OOD, - ( <* ? * ??rrim DMrtl| I TNIOJM PAPER i.ip ENVELOPESi?TwtDU tT different styles of Nots ud Lotter Pm*>, with Knvo'.opea to UMk. V iova of w s.8b. niton la ths form < ft Rom, sa4 ok form; St, DsiN wfck)? f?r?rs ?onrt?ctlr ?B Hernia, Tiroes, ond Trtpmns mihidwwy I o'uloos. PV?r? from Ml Jtrts of the ooantry. .Noma fod Son# Boo**. A rrosii supply of Book* tor umraer reading, hasp A large MaortniMt of .tBTonllM-Mtrae Rent Books, Rollo BookftiAbcort'a P. star is*. Ao. 11T"' " i BDK JOHNSTON, * iLTinoai LOCK HOSPITAL, ifu iiMMirW lk* men Ctrtmm, Spttdf mmd ?Uy J^KlMi Rtwudy Mt l4? World, rum. ALL DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. UTT JTO FALSE DELICACY PRETEXT. APPLY U1MEDIA-M5LY. A CVRE WARRANTED. OR NO CffAR&E, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. W?t*u*M*r SMSMfe, tnetmrM. Af#tU?c? *f Ik* KM y? aod Bladdtr .awiiaan OucurrH, Ibmubct, 8??*5*1 U?biliiy, NtLvouttw, Usnor, CiuMh ^ ^piuuoii ef til* rf?*rt, Timidity, TTamoiiDft, inu.niM o? stfai <n Oiidiua, PiMN ? CM ad, Throat, Nn? or Skin, A factum* of iba Lanfa, itoowicl or Bowtla?tbaaa TirnMi Diaordara from hitUrj Batata of Yeaih?thoaa Draadfal and PootmeU't Practice, which randar Marnafa impoaaibla, and doairor k?lk Sod; and Mud. YOUXG MEX Eapaetally wha ha?? bacoma tba ncuna of Solitary TIC*, that draadfal and daatracura habit which aaeaallj awaapa to an antiaialj fra*a ihcoaauda of Ycmsg Man af tra ual atakad talaota and WMW latallact, who mifht r.' atam h*?a antrancad Uatanwg Sauataa antb (ha thsedara of al?aaaoea rr wtkad ta acataey lha lmcj yrt. may Mil ?iU K'a caatdaocc. MARRIAGE. MtllilD Pl?!?!'?,?r Yoanj Mid coclaraptalicf Matrtaaa, Mmjawora of rfcyai-.a! waak&caa,argaala dahi'uy, daformiuaa,?e., apaidilr esrad. Ha who rlaeaa himaaK n>dar tha cart of Dr. J. ?rt j raliftoaaly eoofida in hia honor aa a fantlaman aad aooidaoily raly a poo bla a kill aa a phyaician. OFFICE No. 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. lift b,nd aida rnn.r from Rr..' mora HriM a faw dMnfrao the earn*r. fail not to (kHrti nana ao7 otmbar. Lauaia mat bt pud and contain a tamp. DR. JOHNSTON, Mint tr af tha Royai ColUf a cf Surf mi. k? il<* ?ra<*" at* frou oli of tha won asuinant Collaf in Oka Unit ad tataa, 1I<<1 tha f laatar par. of whoaa lifa baa baan apaot la tha ncapiula of London, P?n?, Philadelphia mad alaawhara, baa affaciad aoma af tha inoa: aatotiiafciuf carta that vara a?ar known; mat? trcablad with ringing ui the baad and aara whao aalaap; rraat naraowanaaa, being alarruad at aaddan arcade. baahfali.ete with fraqaaot blaaEing, attended aanaURiaa with derangement af mind, were cur ad mat dlatalj. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE Taang Men aod othere who ba*e injured tban>aal*aa hy a ertatn practice indulged in whan alot.e?a habit fracaaoUy learned from avil imupaniona. or at ecbool, the aftcta af vfeieo ara niffctly feit eaen wben aalaap, and if not car ad. reodere marnage impoeeible, and deetraye bath nund ana kody, ahoold apply Iromadiataly. Tr ara imb* of tlx nd ud ma'incholy af acta trrdacW ky fly babita of rovh, vtm t Wukmn of tha Back u4 Limba, Paina in the Haad, of Sifbt, Loaa of Mmcmi Power, Palpitation of lot Heart, Dyapapay, Nirnti irritability, Ueraoftmaot of the L).j??u?a Fnbcuoua, General Debility, Byrapton.a at Conanmptioa, Ac KBrtTALLT.?The feerfol eStcu oo iba mind ara Bach M ka dreaded?Loaa of Memory, Cotifoeian of Idaaa, Derreeeiec f Spirit*. Evil Foreboding*, Aaeraioti of Society, Self-Di*traat, Lo?e of Solitude, Timidity, tic., ara eame af tha eaile p?dicad. NBftroue DIIILITT-Tbaaaaiili eu d?v jadp vkat U tha caoat of tbair declining health, loainf their vigor, becoming weak, pale, ner?oaa and emaciated, ha?ing a lajalai apraaruica abcat tha ayaa, cough ar ytnptoau of ctoiany DISEASES OF IMPR UDEXCB Whan tha niiegaided ai.d impraoani ?otary of pleaaare tod* ka hat itnbifced tha eeeda of thia pmnial diaaaaa, M to* oftaa I h? ppana that an 111-Uroed aai.aa of ebaine or draad of dieeeaery I datira h;in frotxi aaataiaw to thoia vha. frun arlsratUn raapactability, can alont bafntnd hire lit faila iota tf>a kuti of i|DMUI an< daairmof prtlanalara, who, rncapabia I cann?, Bleb bit pacsolary aabaranca, kaap rum uillnf nMHilh aflar inorifc, or at lucg u Ui? atuallaai Taa cat t a okUinad, and id daapair laa?a hlro wlifc reload uaaitii ta aljrfc r? r nu jrallinf diaappctuunant; >r b? tba aaa of thai danaly pMiot?Itlarccry?haatan tba &o-.a"j:uuoo*i afOCUM ?f tfcta UrHbla d>aaaaa,a?cti aa Aflacuar.aof u.a Han.Tbroat, Haad, kin, 4c . pr-.j-tn' ^ with frif itfal ny.Uij, till daatfc p*ta a >? Ma frtudfa! aoffarli.j? b? imdinf hint ihat *i>jiiM'irii iM .'rr fram rk'ii ?a?n a l? trwralar raitrui DR. JOHNSON'S KEMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND m POTENCY. tj Itiii fraat and tart/.' t raiaadr vaak uatfthi arrant a/* apaaot'/ ctr-a and fs b ri?ar raaiarad. Tnaaaacda ? tka aaaat narrcna ?i? dabiliAltd, via had laat all b?pa, felfl I '? ' iu? All 1j.?kuuno.m ia i'\, Pfcvatca! a* Mantal Pu^malHmuo.i, Lmi Jf PrccrctiT* raw*?, Mir-?*i irrufc.-ity. Trtreknrr u>4 ar IiMMt'K af ik* dni fttrfkl Had ipttdily e*itJ. ESDOHSEMEVT OF I HE PRESS. T*l Mart > T*')l'!4liM earad at ifclt Iniuuun vilkla ' ika lit: HMnuii Tiara, and ;ha oaratraaa important iargi| aal aparauant parfarroad b? Dr. Jitiutw, viuinati ky t?a | ri^trtin */ tha piptn and many Khar pirtoiu, natleat af which hara tpptutd af*!o and afain tafara tka cakhc, kaa'dat kit tundtnf aa a (tntltmar. af cbaraatar and rttpaaaiMIIit. it tiluiii faaraataa ta ika aSletad. iur lk-lf LCA * P E R It I N ft* C1LKBBATKD Worcestershire Sauce. Pronoanoed by B EXTRACT I CONNOISSEUR? IT of a LetUr from a to t? the I" J Medical Gentleman -ONLY GOOD M 3, To Hu Brother SAUCE." n Woroeater. and applicable to -Vfr*2 _ .. May.lMl. fell L*a t P*rK vh'nv rtm that their Sauce fcVtKV h?gg?? ii hiehly NtiMM vtDir-v ID India, and is, in VAKlLr\ ?-r Xf-- m;opinion, themoat ?dp* aub'e, a? well as OF DISH. ftii' !!""* ""** ""li'""r* Sauti that ra uuule.T' The above KAUCF, la not only the b*i?t and moat Popular cowdimkmt known, bot the moat httmomteal, as a lew drops in Soup, Orary, or with Fi*k. hot and oold Joint*, Beef Sttak, Game, fc., impart an exquiaite seat, whioa mriif ipled Sauoe manufacturer a have fn rain endeavored to imuate. On the Breakfast, Lunckeon, Dinner, or Supper Table, a ornet containing "LEA A PER KINS' WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE" la Imli.peasabla. To appreciate the excellent qualities of thia delicious preparation it ia only neoeaaary to pnrohaae a iran. bottle of the genuine. of a respectable grocer or >*ea er, aa many Hotel and Restaurant proprietor ne doni piaoe the Pure Sauoe before their gue*ta, but aubatitutea genuine Bottle filled with a spurious nuxtnre. For aa!e by Srooera and Frniterera everywhere. JOHN DUNCAN A SONS, Union Square and Utk street, Nei* York. Sola Wholeaale A (tenia for the United Statea. A ^tOnk H TAli in a a a m ? ? ?? >u evuro-*~iAiBo oraflri r?ociVM lor direot ehipmenta from Engird. O" Bneari qf Cowntrr/tUt mnd Vmttait?*.?.^3 mep S-ly^H) #Citrt C??f 4, C?U, Homrtmutt, iv ny I'TUixxcn ?r 5#rrM'J ^ Iki T*ro*t, Rtlit** tkt HocJnmt CoMt m f?uwMMow, At4m?, * ritmrrk, Cum ??4 n?i urenftk to Ik* vote* of PUBLIC BPKAKKRe and SlNtiERS. ar? aware of the itn&ortanoo of oheonnr a Cou?h or ''Goiatwn Cold in lU 6ret ?otte; tl.%1 whioh In the hsficmi woo'.d yield to a ioila r#m?dr, if noflootej, sooc attar kstho Lunia. "Brown't Brmt*uU Trodus," oontainWng drrusTorct iniredi EU, alia? Pa niocar? and Usonohial Irritation. ' "That tronbJe in my Throat, (for MOWirilvfciafi Om? -? ? ?frui UU / Marine made me often a mere whieWROCHES Mm.* fc. P. WlLL.18. BROWN'S "I reoommecd thair tee to Pviue i Bruiui." TROCHES REV. E. H. CHAPIN. "Great a?rTioeiu aab-Jnlnc Hoa&?BKOWN'B **?." REV. DANIEL WISE. OCHRc; " A'raoit inalaut re ief in the die tresnni labor of breathinc peounai RRnWNt) to Asthma." ! KUW" RKV. A. C. E88LESTON. ! YROOHES "Contain no Opium or anvth'nc 'njarioua." IK. A. A B A v Ed. BROWN'S Ckcmttt, Bos? *. nnnara M A a! Bl?le Md ?lr*^act OOTTlbica TROCHES ru liOt Do?tu. ?c." i BROWN S ?? 4- ?" 6"'Lj?.^ I HOOUS NE. BROWN B Mum m | have proved th*n exMlient fat VROOI?9 Wa*?rtiM Ot?l" RKV. 0. W- Wa itaa. BIOWK B ~B7iiim. ??oc?E8 " BROWN 8 iSfri- ' V"8^f?a. UOOUS BKOWNf oiamoc vtth 3nun> *n<S BimftOCHK? M.BTAOV JOBM?ON. / tfrMfi, (ra. BROW N't* ??Mker of Mouc-8o?th*r? I nal? College. TEOOHES ^6 hent-f-t wh?n Ulrs before wmir* MK-I flW Uilil' w U4C7 prrTBDl BIOWN'P Ro*'?eo?o. V'rom their m?: effect, 11hiiik they will be o? ^rtanent ?<ifEOCHKr ?mUx? to m*. * RKV. K. ROWLEY. A. M. BROWN*? Pr?*id^fit of Atton> Collece.Teu. noo"? wtwesmvssca"?? uy TOPHAM'e r a? jii *" t ti v y k vbu may uyactqr t, 499 Bsmrra 8tmw?, WuHiwrw, D, O. *- " ^KBKSressr' 1"nnu1 rwssa i^r^Tssiwrjr4na? *<*cL??the?. Ir0lli5T??D:?r. Woo Dor.airf Pfcotint Tiwai, l^laer. Cwet.aa* r,sTc/^aaiSft. MaMn ( CowMU^nlm wi|I pimm tif?.?ninM mj itocX Wore ?u'ru**ii:t UeVbwe Vraaka Uufirc mate in ou><<Bvperior L*frU<*r U4 Pros* Track* o?*4? to W3W _ . _ Fraoka ' " ~ _______ JAMES B.TOPMAM . JJOMJHUDK BWrt AMD PRO KB, r.S.iaSSfiS^ "Tbey f rtfbt tm IM iwotan* bslikp rrop \ oo* oot?? PVRirT took BRRATB _ % STRENGTHEN YOUR VOICE 8PALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. OOOD FOR CLERGYMEN, OOOD FOR LECTURERS, GOOD FOR PUBLIC SPEAEERS, OOOD FOR SOWERS, OOOD FOR CONSUMPTIVES. ENTLEMEN CARRY SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS LADIES ARE DELIGHTED WITH SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS CHILDREN CRT FOE BPALDrNQ'8 THROAT CONFECTIONS | ? * They relivr* a Coach in?ta*tly. They clear the Throat. They fire strencth and volume to U?e toim. They impart a delioioea aroma to t*e braatk. They aredetigbtftl to tfee taste. They are made of simple berln and oecoot bar* any one. I adriee every one vbo baa a' Coifh or i Hilt* Voioe,or a Bad Breath,or any difficulty of the Throat, to (*t t paekace of ay Threat Coatee tioiiK. They will relieve yon taatantly, aad yon will UrM> with IM thai mn ri m Lt l? Ika mmnt Yob will find them rary aeefn. and ?leaaat>t while traveling or atteDdiiif pablio msatnn*. for etihlac yoor Conch or allaying rotr thirst. U too *?7 on* ptoiwr 1 am aafe in sarin* that yoa will oror al Unrarda consider then tod is penal Ma. Voa will ftod them at the Drauiaia and Daaiora la Mad?PRICE TWENTY-FIVE CENTS. My mcnatnre la on aaoh paotac a. All others are ooantarfait. Paokaca will be aaat by mail, prepay, oa re oeipt of Thirty Cant*. ddraas, H1NRT C. SPALDIte, No. 48 CEDAR STREET, NEW YORK. .J&&5j?ad*<$$ W9- CURE NervousHeadacnt ' Headache. By IM ! U?m pills tM rrMI* tttMtf a JfirtMu ?r S??4 nay b* ptrntM; I mkw at the w?w?I at ic ituct urua* tlala reUaf from pan aa4 dokMBs will ba aotauw*. bey Mldom fell la r?ncr.j| til Kium ui Bmimakt to wfeiak femaiN are a* nbjMt, Vfeay aat g?tiy ih> U? bawaia^-raaanac fw For LiUram Mm, Stmdmii, Daliatt* F?cv. and all ?ereon? af u?y art vaiaabla aa a Leaertee.imyroTinc the am*Ki?. airtag Um ao4 w<f la tta ilftit?* ertut, ar.c re torim the aataral elasticity as4 iiK{U U? whole iTftMn. Tkt CEPHALIC P1LUS ut tks rtnH af im> InToetifntion *ud oer?f?T ooadnel*! ex pert? mm. havinc bm m ue m&sy retn, dtru vuioti tirw Iter haT* PgW and relievod a vi*t aaoui o4 pais and snfferini ram Headaoho, VMM on#ln?0&( in the ?r?rw system ar trcn. t 4*r?ri?c state of the mmil Thar are entirely refutable la their oo?po?lt:oc_ and may be taken At a'i times with perleot safet? viuiont making any ohancs of diet, mmd tk* ?>mw *f mm* dttmgrteaMe imu rmUmi ii m? i? aMeitUr Um te OtMrai. BEWARE OF COVHTER FEIUS ! The geniine hare five siraatiree of Bonr? O. Bfa.ding on eaeh Box. BoH by Dnucurte and all other Dealer* in ModiA Bos wlU bo sent by Bail prepaid on rooatpt e PRICK. 8* CUNTS. All ?r4an bJm?14 m ?*traaMtf to HENRY C. BPALDIN*. At Cn&a BTUIT, NIW Yui. [ f frmmtk* Mmmmimm, Nmfcik, Tm. Cophaho PiUa aooom?liah the object for v?t?k I )k(T V?rt U4t, TU: ClTt < bMdMlil 13 111 III fonxii. * r*tm ik* Bmmmtmm. fa. Thrr h*Te bMi ImM ta ?or? dMi a tboaM-x WW, With entire KOOMI. frtm ikt Dtmttrmt. St. Oltmd, Mta*. Lf 70* are, or haw boor tror blfl ? itb t;? s*m ftcEo. *ecd foca Dox,(Oop)uLie F % HtM r?? may hare them in oa*? ol an>ttaofc. 9*wm Ui Wuttm JS. A. JU. - S*WMm fKi Aw(?, JTM OrUau. 1? Tn thorn ! yon that are afflicted, irinr* that yonr teetiroony oan be aided to I'm numerous Hat that haa revived bontflt* t?jTi?? other medicine oan prodnoe. i??a lii Amkii, fj?iw>wt, im, Mr. Baaidin* vo*;d sot ocnseot kla usi V.U an arttow he did Dot tm<x? to poaaeea r?a aft , lii Ad*wti*tr, K. J. The Ceehelie Pills ere a*i4 to be % rr?vt|k ? flootiTe i emouy for tbe mn4?b?. tx<j a ory beet for tft&t very fre*nti eeapUuc wk.-. a ku erer been dieooTered. Am tk* St. Ltmis Dmmmrmt. ' ?ke Immense demand for Um fcrtul# tCe*^.* Full) is TApiA+s inoreecing. F**m tk* KmmmmU Tml^t Stmr, Kmawti, r?. We im sere that reraota Biter;*/ n'l tt< t?t< aehe, who try iu?n?, will ibw te un,. tk* A4*wti**r, frwJiwo, A. J. Tb? ieitimorr is their fever u *ir+*t, Crem Ut oat raepecint Ie ?nnneri. JVem U4 IMw? >m, ,V(vrr!, *, /. Oefktlie I*iU? are taking r*e<? of all hi Wi. Pttm tk* riwmrfMJ Bourn, M .?i Said to be verr Hboeoi ona for tii? I A* OHKMKMi, PWfWIIH, ()* ? l' 8?f*riac h?Mnit* eu nov bo r*lio*M. CT A K14.1 botti* of 8paldlng>a Prepared Glue ill ?w tan timos its ooct luuiIf. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE f RAVE THB PIBCK* XCOSOMT! DISPATCH CT"A SriTCi m Tin*Cavh it *ooid*nu will h??>>?. *v?a In wall wo**** It w >ery 5?? to titn mm cIk-m ft) for r*9*mn? Fvrcitar*. J-r* Cn?ck?7, A.O. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE m?et? ?I1 nob em?rrK.oiM, &nd me i^eertx ld w i-fford to b? vithovi it It it tlvmy* nmty. tetWDMIaiNtL " USEFUL IN KVRRY HOUS44." ft^H'Tufi iwininii ni >nt Botti*. fn? BKMV O. ?TALUiN?. M?. *? C*d?r MrM). Nr? V?rt caution *?r T uuin* * <>?? *>1 - ' * ffci f?- j cXOM *?alu>I"?? ?t *?.* *. " * ? * * arWHr ?uj *u? < v f - * Mnwwa

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