Newspaper of Evening Star, December 20, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 20, 1861 Page 2
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THE EVEMIW STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: FlfWAY BEnCMBfR 2?. 1*61. r*friri? ci *nr nvrnif?| rrr??i The fmttUifft'T f?vr?s the new system of pn|*r eurrency proposed by Secretary Chaae In bis animal report to Cougress The Rtjfwbftie argtut that If tbe abolition sentiment bad btcn itore general in Amerlra, In te?d of being threatened by England we would have bad all tbe aid of ber apeakers and writer*, and more volunteers from ber aborea than we cruld have received Into our armiea. fH^Tbe length of the letter list again foruea ua to defers large amount of Interesting matter Tm Trknt Imbroglio ?Up to noon to-day tbe State Department bad received no communis ration from Lord Lvona with reference to the affair of tbe Trent Many unfounded rumora to tbe contrary are afloat. Tbe stories afloat alleging wbat Lord L. proposes to write to thia government, are not worth tbe paper on which they are written. Gkxbral Scott's Lkttrr ?Last night a mall brought hither tbe admirable letter written by. General Scott la Parts, concerning the affair of the Trent Tbe Interminable let'er llat.which waare compelled to publish to-day, force* u?,w'.th great reiuctacco, to lay It ever until to-re of row We may, Wrertbelca*. take occasion to ?ay that, had b? *een in immrd'atc communication with the Qn>vernment here, be could not have more clearly and clotely explained what in understood by the beat Informed around us as being ita views and l<v?iiion8 on mrjeci. In publishing this letter under all theoircum?Unces of the case. Gen Scott hat earned a n w title to the gratitude rf Lis country ; for it* result In Europe will a* surely be to dispel the efl>cts of 'be lndustrlously-circulaUd Idea that the Uiited Sutra are Becking a war with Britain, as, here, to induce all patriots to approve the policy of entartag upon the settlement of the question upon the basis that England is similarly seeking the vindication cf her ova national honor?not a war with us 'bat in three months will sweep her commerce off very sea, and, In turn, lay our every' coast city in aah's. ^s? OI R MILITARY BUDGET. SKN fOfK'f ACIIirUiaT. The War Department to-day received the following dispatch from their telegraphing agent in the West: CtFvn,axd, Ohio, Dec. I??The St Louis Dtmocmt of this afternoon says tbe following I* from offlc M scurcea: "Yeaterday an army in several detachments. under the general direction of lien Pope, made a series of concerted move, ments upon 'he enemy at Clinton and the aurroundlrg country, which resulted in driving the Into one common rentre at or near Clinton, "Wh*TP th^v vrrrp nil ulrm *r>A .. V? 'W mmm~ > ><.11 U1IU HlUUt I'll It'll CIB VI air ?one hundred anil fifty raptured In a body? ?thcr little squad* of from t*-n to Sfteen also duly cared for All ??aj?gdge, arms, ammunition and paper* secured. The low of life on cither side is uot known " This brilliant eSair was planned by Gen Halletk and executed mc?t admirably by Gen. Pope. v. ? SMOTHER NAVAL RSCOMNOI3SANC E Commander Drayton made another reconnoissance on the 5th Inst. In the waters coinmunica ting with Port Koval ha'bor. Besides his own \ ? n - ? - - fiwi?uk rnwow-ne 1001 witb blm tbe Una tillla, tbe ltuc Smith and the Vixen, and wai gone three d*ys. penetrating to Moaquito Creek od Beaufort C/eek. farther Into the interior than before, ard bv a different charmer He aaw no worka of the enemy, and but a single one of their pickets. In all direction*, however, be met evidences of recent devastation of plantations by the rebels, who. on bis rltiht and left. even the ne^ro brniu*. ?tn one plantation?Mr. Bytberwood * -there were many negroes left, ? large proportion of them, however, being old and decriped At their solicitation he brought many of them off, as they protested that they were not only hosHfkm but starving; everything destructible having been burned, and snme of them shot for refusing to go oil Into tbe Interior with the perpetrator* of the mischief. A I REM ES DOUS CA.NARD. The hotel balls and drinking saloons of WashIngton were electrified last evening with a story originating In the afternoon among members of Congress, In tbe Capitol, alleging that in the course of tbe forenoon General Heintzleman had runt 11 r??H wllh I .51*1 of Kl? **v 41 - -? ?r.? V w. hicii, wuiir rii-;aged In a reconnoiwance In force ' Of course, all wonderdom wai greatly excrcis?d over fhe lory. Gen. Heintileman did make a reconnolssance In force last evening, as far as Pohlckchurch, but law no signs whatever of the proximity of the rebels TUB RKBXT MAIL ROUTE ALt5i.T?n. uec iy,leoi ?Dmr star: I take ensure la reporting two valuable capture* by pt. James C Williamson, commanding the LJ. 6. brig ferry, off this plsce, during tb* past week. It baa been known for some time tbat vessels ostensibly engaped tn legitimate trade on tbe Potomac bave been carrying malls for tbe Confederate t*Ute? Professlrg to be loyal citizens, tbe captains of these vessels bave been granted pastes by tbe Government to run to points on tbe Maryland shore, wb'cb passes tb?y have abused by lioding at night at Aquia Creek, and otber places convenient to the rebel troops, delivering their malls snd cargoes, receiving others In return, acd departing before morning ; thus escaping detection Suspecting that this abase existed, Csptaln Williamson at once determined to put a stop to it, ana Tor a week no veaael baa b?en allowed to paaa down,without being thoroughly overhauled. Theaebooner Dloomlng Youth w'ai flrat captured Concealed in pleoa of cloth were found lettera and paprr* addretaed to Richmond and other a*"tbern cltlea Mo?t cf the letter* were in hieroglypblra, but oulllciently Intelligible todtacover tbat valuable information waa intended to be conveyed to tbe reoela by tbem The aecond prli- waa tbe sloop Ellen Jane, taken vea'erday. I'pon ber win found a large mail for aeoab,'' conaiating of valuable lettera, wbieb will ' hurt atHnebodv." a numb?r of New York H?-r?lda and several military b'M'ka .Many of the lettera were from cltliena of \Va?hlngton Tbe?e two arrrata will probably put a s'op to conveying information to tbe rtbela by way or tbe Potomar Tbe Union rau?e la progreaalng enc?uraeinglv arrr Already tne number of member? to the Union At?orlatton Is over five hundred, and acceealcna made at every meeting Urivr II W A SPECIAL. MEETING of tbe Colombia U_ Typojraflnoal S^ciet* will be held THlf* (rnday i EVENING at 7H o'clock, id the Council Chan Iter. Ci?y Hal, to make the neeeeaary arWMemenU for attending the funeral of our late low member, William 9. Mats- Byorler: It B ?. BOURN, Secretary. MASONIC.?A ret mar Mtfem of Let anon IL? l.ortte.No 7, will be held itC'n'rai Ma aoqio Bail, eoroer 9th and D atreeU.on FRIDAY EVENING. December 2*h.at7 o'olook. tfuai Mae?election of offioen. Punotaal attendance of the nembera ta reo seated. Mm tar Maeona iu good etantiB* areeoratally I art tea to attend, delft a* Q^^^WASHINGTON^LECTURE A880C1A Tbo Beeoed UMiurt will bo by REV RiCHAMl) rt. STORKS. JB . 0. D . Biooiltx, Niw Yen M)W> "A J**t l??r; Jtt Relations || ? ,V?tiM'i Hither Lerrlopmtni " At U>a SmttksoniaJi Institution, FRIDAY KVKN1NG, Utunlxr ?. 1161. Doort OMiitT; L?et?r? at o'clock. Tide ass ooau, to fca had at tha Bookatoroa and at Ua*oof. da 19 ? HIP' ENTERTAINMENT FOR THE HOLl IL5 DAYiJ-A FAlK?>r the bon?fitof Fiatov arC bapaT' wir ba hatd at Tborn'a Bui ding, on 7th auaot.?mtiiottn Daawbf 18th,and oontinuim tkfAi m i> Ik* 0?t?* jmm uvuv / . A leotion of all varieties of and fa&oj arboie* for Chimtma*. with Confectionery in abuodaao*. vili t* found lion t?? An sealiaat SiiMar. viUail tha dMioaoiea of the ???a M>n. (TOTMM fask "racing. S??c^? aJmiMion to owh; ??I tiakfta, *4sss? ??ssra sre diM or at tBe door. da ? Jw* NE< K TIES ANO SCAftf*: , , PCAJlKS AND NECK TIES! a anpara l?llad assortment at tHOMPSON'S. la rart of E. A. Lata fc Co '?. /l? Urdc Brovi'i H >i?'. ! ? riifcKS, SCAkFa. /ie.?. CRAVaTS. 1 IN E.N OOi,HR?, 5HIBW- i THOMPSONr I ? ? 1111 11 gg" CONGRESSIONAL. XXV YHtta CONGRESS?Secand Session. Sknatk ? Yeaterdav, after tbe cloae of our report? .Mr Wllley addresaed the Seaate upon a resolution Introduced bv bimaelf, declaring thnt tbe present war bad bet?n forced upon tbe Totted State* government without provocation, ana with the design of overtbromine the Constitution and the fundamental principle* of a republican government. After the clo?e of Mr Wllley's remarks, and a brief executive *e*?IO?-, the resolution of the Hou*e to adjourn from tc day Unlit the fith of January, \? a* taken Up Me**r? NVade, Fes*erden, and Sumner oppoaed the adiournment. onildvrina it the dutv of r,an grew to be vigilant Id this ciiala and to remain In eanlon. After furter dt* union the Pen ate adjourned without definite action i( pon the aubject. Hoes*?Yesterday, after onr report closed? Resolutions calling for Information relative to the expenses of the Capitol and "treasury Department extension*. and lnatttietinc the Committee on Elections to h.^aire and report whether any person holding any position under the Government, and receiving compfenM'tcn therefore, is at the same time bold'.ng a seat as member of the House, was adopt* d A bill to promote the efficiency of the dead letter law, and swell the revenue of the Post Office Department, was passed. fThis bill provides for the employment of an additional number of clerks ) The bill making appropriations for the consular and diplomatic expen?es of the Government for the year ending the 3?)th of June, 18CT, and to supply the deficiency In the appropriation for the year ending June 30th, 1862, was passed. A resolution Instructing the Special Committee to investigate eon tract*, to inquire into the contracts for furnishing shoes to the army anl nsvy, and the relative cost of different materials and kinds, was adopted; atd thfe House adjourned. CLAIMS AHPROVKD BY THK QUAR ^ te n.aster General pni-<*.ha?ed by SVVttNY, KITTEN HOUSE. FANT & CO., ba kere. Penn. avenue, I <*e gi-lw Near brown's Hotel. KHI3S KFINULF.'S DEPi?T-J have acain appointed L.AMMOND, 4?t 7 h street, iny S e age1t for 'he distribution of Toyi and Fa*"j? Notions to ail sood children aim a oali and ; je* them nlioap. li * 2u 3ij_ KB liS KHIN'OLF, f ' ENTLfcM EN'S LINEN roLLARS.HNEN COLLARS, LINE * CO LL \ RS !-Ab >ut7"0 doze now la ttore, all styles, at abo?t half f.e u?uat price for the tarns *ood??a>l rf our own mai dfaoture At THOMPSON'S, At E. A. Lake & Co.'t Marble Hall B'zw, de 81) Under Mrown'< Hot*'. U FOR CHRISTMAS PRESENTS! 1.1 AN OKKRCHlKFS. HANDKERCHIEFS, HANDKERCHIEFSI-Ali s rts, 'took cow un equa led, for ladies and gentleman?jo t the thin* fur Christmas Preeeatis. At THOMPSON'!*, At E. A. Lake A. Ca.'i Marble Hall Baxiar, da 20 Und'r Hrown's Motel 1 NOTICE. N Conarquenoe of the extraordinary state of the time*, my Antiquarian Book EstaM ahment will he oloaed neit I'ueslay. 1 have a large lot o' hooks, of rare talne, that 1 would like to sell cheap. Al*o, ohfap new pub.ioations, at half price, and tho late novels, at three qua'ter nrioe. ALFRKO HUNTER, de3n-3t* Willard's Hotel Square. I?OR CHRISTMAS AND NF.W VEAR rRESENTS*. .1 n?t opened this day. in all fhe newest stvle* ? Handsome Ciotih Cloaks, He?utiful Shaw's it great \ arieties, Ruli Dret? Goods. Rich F cnrMa"d Plain Olaok and Colored Silk*. ft^S^ilirK off cheap to - oasn J. w. ? OLLEY A CO., de 20 M 523 7th *t.. above Pa. av. OLD MAUI-IRA. SHERRY AND PORT WINES. importf'inni hy W, S, i'ortrm K Co , JV Y. Wanderer Madeira, bottled l^s. Reserve " " !?? >, South Side ? 1344. Imperils! Sherry, " )M?, Hurmerster Fort, " JfV, llarmunT " " 1844, lrnp'1 White " " 1M0 For Mie by WM. COR WIN BURG V. 357 Perim vlvania avenue, tie ** Entrance on Sixth st. Notice: no TTc e : n o i ice: Ladies or gentlemen de*irous of making their friends or re allve* a Present wi! find a very nice assortment of Lace Sleeves, La*e Collar*. Lase Yei's. K??al 1-ace Handkerchiefs, Em broidered Hankerohiefs, French Worked >et? and Coi a s, Cambno Collars, Liiitu Worked Sets. Real Lace Barbs. R-al l,aoe Coideures, Hem Stitohed Haodk <rchi#fs, Gloves, Cabas an i ladies' Leatiier Bats I'Jf MVWM. Portemonnsma ?nH a (treat variety of articles," all of which would make a verr handsome present, at MRS. R G ETCH HON''8, No. 1 'J Fenn. av , between 8th and Qth sts.. dean 4t opposite Center Market. ~4 ~NE~W STOCK OK ~ A lit NKRAI. STAPLE GOODS. Kiankets, Comforts and Bed Spreads, Cotton ami Lin?u?. White ard Colored F annela, Towels, Napkins, Tables Cloths and Diaper*. Fob GKJIT. ' ASD Bot* W?AH. Cloths. Cassimers. Tweeds, Vesting*, 4.0., in all eood stTle? and qua itcs. Fine and Heav\ Grey Doircast o Cloths, for Gent'ernens' Suits To all of wh;ch we ask the special attention of purchasers. J. W. COLLEY ft CO. de 2? 2w .Vi3 7th s?. a'?"ve Pa. av. \v take not ice : " E Do hereby wa> ti and forbid any person or persons, within th? old District lines. < Washing ton. 0*ort etown A'exandna. or its vioinity, frsari manufacturing, vending or u <ini a Meta! 10 Ba*e HvjD k> own aa 111' d(< tt ft Svs*t'i latent Bake Or n A 1 infringe menu on th? above will be profe "?fd o the fii'i extent of the law \V a Hn ha'Al.s ? ">' I ' W " - -1**1 * .. . .... ..... .rruiut ?? uuuwii mi, ui mecnj of VVs8hin?t >n D. C., o?r ?o!e agent lor tne oities ot W%ahicgt<>n, Georgetown, Alexandria, the Distriotof Columbia and its vicicitf, tor the sale cf B!ca*ett>- Sweet'# Galvanized Hake Ovens, <iu*ir.K the fjll term of five yea'*, th? raid C. Wood war 1 to ke^p a g tod and constant sappr ot tlid Over.* on hand. BLODGP.TT A SWEET. Washington. December 2?. 18? 1. de2Q-3t Ho! For tlie Holidays i GREAT ATTRACTIONS AT CRASH ELL'S. The largest and finest a?sortmentof HOLIDAY GOOD.'* eve* offered in thu town, ia now exhibited a* No. 129 Bridge atrret, Geo get^wn; embracing ? PINK Ma>riV4 PHOTOGRAPH AND OTHER ALBUMS, PAPitR MACHE PORTFOLIOS AND WRITING DESKS, Shftler'i lebr&ted PALOR * KATES, George'a Paten* HAIR CRIMPER. And the BOOK AND SLATE COMBINED. Together with ir.anjr other NEW AMD HAKE AHTICLBS. <ie 20 3t VXDIA RUBBER GOODS, OF A1 'L KINDS-KOR THE ARMY. A large BtLOK iuiit rao?iiiMl. JOHN B PUDNKY, 324 Pa. %v , < hack room) or m 0 m. WOOL OOMFltRTKKC, 8LOVE* ? GAUNTLETS. M1IRT*. IIRA'VKKS. ft*.. fr*?h *oo?U, ?t Jf>HN U PI DNEY'S 335 L) r*t, t>e'w m 9 h ? o I' th. B|TFF*L?) * WOI K KOHKS. LAP RnBt-'S, HUKSK HI ANKKTS. and TAMP BEDS, jU tr.c iv*l ?t JOHN R l'l!D!VK>V 3*1 Pa. av, < hiok room) or 355 D street, bet 9th an i 10 h. w'UTLEK'" !? Sutlers too will always find oheip and iInirahle pwdsat the Sutler * Supply Depot or JOHN M Pl'ONEY. 354 D it.,b?woen Ml? sn?l IMh BLANKETS, BLANKETS-LarSe stock, by tue bale or pai'. _ _ JOHN B PL'DNEY, <j>" r< .too u eireet, imtween 9th an?l lftth. PERHAM' S URARD EXCIRSION TO NEW YORK AND BOSTON. E XC UR S10 \ TIC K E TS From Bftltimcre te HoMta, and retara, aaly *13.50 T* ,?w Yark and return *.00 Ttck-U good to leave Braltimore from th? Depot of Uie Northern C? nt al Hallway,on Culvert troet, p?uio( over the Nortnern Central Railway- Lot aBO 1 Va!l?v. Kut Pmnitlmiii.. I^*hi>h V? In. m. ,<t entrai Railroad of New J ?> <?? to 5Tew Yoik.aod from New Yo k o B>>?t >a t>jr tie etonington Line, leaving New York bf theateamere Commonwealth and Py month Book, at 4 o'o.ock p. m.,on any tUy, i Sundaya exeoepted.i UPTO JANUARY 3!.1862. ano to ksti'bii it same boctk ON OR BEORE MARCH l?r. E7*Ticket* for aaia in Wa?hington. D the Naticnai Hotel; i* Baltimore, at the D*pot of he Northern Central Railway, Calvert Bar aaiu'a Hotel, Kutaw Hoaae, an t tiiliuor Houee. Tvo through Trama daily from Baltimore to New York, leaving Haiti mora at 8.4.5 a. m. aad P > p.m. i ? cuaoNi vita mew ir&ina. pa'a^ngera [?in Waahington mint laata in the 6 a m.and 5 p m tiaina. 'ifitffftftni; Natioaa: HotalTWaahiafton D C . hia headquaria a. H? will aiao ;g?a?r?Ami by fum ' at Rraam'a Hotel. Baltimo'a; U>yrjoy'a Hot'i.Nav *S7 and lha Auama H?<ih, tiuaton, hi a haad|Oart*l* III tkOMOItIM) dfU-ll' y-iisf KIJGS "77 r irrrrKF.*rd CHKITRVTI. , . C4RTt|ltCO uc ly A' e?9ond ?(reet and 1'enn a*, im\- i i i ii LISTOFLETTERS REGAINING IN THE POST OFFICE, WASHINGTON CITY, Dtctabcr '20, im> [Ordered to be lDMrted in the Kvtnme Stai, it being tht aeviftsper having the largest oiroulatiui. of any daily paper published id \y?<fciceton.j ICj^All persons applr!? * f^r letl<r? m the follownr 1 iat. 4H1! AIAAaa iAt *Ka* spa a nv?? ruin LADIES' LIST. ' Andrew* Mr* JantRFitthufh Mr* M A Multr Alrha., Abbott Mr* Hy L Fle*r? Jatu* "?Hi4 Mr* M G Andertoa R?*e rifle A in 1 Midlletcm Mr* 8 E AiHbraok ?ii?* P?na*r A Marry Margaret Aikiueon Ftnoie Pcr?m*n Fannie McDowell Helen 3 AI wood Mr* Fi*herMr*Jnr M?N?l!jRiie Arnold Mr* F A Fremont Mr* Gee MiL>ln Roeanna Arnold M?rth? _ Faytflan Mrs Ued H McLurt Mrt C O Adam* Mr* Jdanhi t re e man Mr* H McUrath Honor* BUnchtrJ Mr* Si-French Libra K McC!Ur? m0" . .. , .*?oot Jttlil. MeC^y WrtCaJ-'tjUE BuMdheii Jirfc JF SrMtlti L Jl McEweu Lore II $ay1y Rale Fletcher Ellen McClaren Mjrgt baler Mr* Ann Gr*y Hellrq McGpire Mary Beau FannV Guild Mti H F . WfcA_li? f?i> Borch Mr* Maryl? 6'*>Nx*? TCrik* M fioland-M A Bill Mix ? K Gillet Mr* F H Noble Bell Baird Matildd Gooding MriO Nuon Martha 6 Baylar Mr* Harriet Gr*in(*r Mr* M Xichnien Mr?M*rJt Brook* Elji* J , GrttrrMfS J 6 v>i* Mr* Nellie H Bali Mr* Wm H l^ray LoUiK Onderdook Mr*G*o BarVst Mti Gftal UnmeiME Oeborn Manha fiiake Mr* Ann Guild Lom** R Oibera Maria Buuq Hani* Gould Mary F Pr**tOn Sunn Bank* Mr* Char'n Gould France* Pbilllp*Mi*Au#*Ut Boy* Mr? Marjr't Oib*ou 8u*an Park*r Mri L<?i Bach* Mr* WmL Gordon Mr* Chu Vp?tt?r*on Mr* F A Brook* Mr* Henry Oemmill P R Pendleton MrtOeoH Bunsi M?rj W G*tty Mri A PtrkherilMriguhli Burke Mary E Gibbon* Mri Proctor Jo* ephine Brown Mri T T Gta?et F PaUertdi Mr* Mary Brown Mr* E Halting* Nina Fuiritifton Mr* A 3 Bnli Mr* DM Hyaru Mr* C A Per.die Litzie Beard Rnt* Henry Rat* Poor* Mary Burke Mr* Martha Holland tda Fire* Mr* Mar* A Brooka Mm M C Bntchinion Anna E Partrid** Mr) Marj BeTuitock Mr* DM Hellen Mr* JotantooroWer Eiien Barnard MreUeoN Hunt Mary E Cluifley Mary Brown Mi** A G Hip* Mr* 8 M i Qxud Mr* Elii'h I Boyd Mr* Aiarg'l Hobb* Mary (jLuum Rate Batch Mr* Jnha Hui.t Sarah CkueepJltrcry .Anr! Booth Mr* Edward Horire Mr; C?pt AP Run Mr* M H BroWn Mary T Hart Mr* S E Reed Mrs Harnso Boulot Mad Virg'a Hance Mr* A L Run Mr* 3 J B irker Mr* S Hill Clue Rice Jeuuie Rriwntll Mr* W A Hwrl# l?nn> R**H \1r* Pit* 1 ft> ? ?? ? mm it* ? Branan Lanrica Hume Ellen A Reilty MraE Berry Ellen Half Mr* E*1W P Ru**ell Lizzte BirkerMistSR HathMr?JuoLRobxon Mary Bl.keelee Mn H E Hill* Julia W Riddle Kite Baker Mary E Han*on Mary E Robinion Mary S Bariini* Ros* Hulap Mm R B RinproU Mr* E Bi**ell Mrs IT U l|ca*an Mary M Ridf?ly Mr# H E Biuell Mr* Mafy Hurheri Harriet Richard*m Mr* Ei Bl**e!l Mr* Georjfe Hoewel O Roulot MadmV'irju Bently Mr* ?1111% Hill Mr* Raimburr Annie Basle. S1 i th E Him* Lacy Rupert Mr* MarBelcher Mr* HelleuH**keli J11I1.1 V RumcII Susiu BowlinrGeorjeaoa Howlett Mr! II R RobbinJ Bell J Bento.i Mr* Sal'ie Hunter Mr* CaptRfRo*enbery Hanoh Baley* Elizabeth Hemperley H R Robe?t*on JenuitE Brodrick Kale Howell Mr* E i Ritchie Sallit Brodhead Mr* Jno Hmihurit MriT Rmsell Me ioda Bally Arm 1 Heeae Camilla Reynold* Mr*El.en Benton Mr* Sallie 2 Hodgt Mr* Jtiitin Ruber A L'J Biker Almiri Hathaway Mr* JnoLReinftard IVr* E8 Bancroft Lime Howard Ehitbetb Robert*oii lamiy Bradliu Mr* H Ha'.Chi 1*011 ? T Robin*on IVary Barclay Anuie E Holmend Mary A Rainier froce?-J Bailey Lucinda Hornbach Mary RylaudMr.'eiioieE Butler Mr* Col A I Haldemau R J Smith MriEmma Brownell Mr* WS Harrorer Malta Sir*if? Deki P Bunger Clara Jph'a Hanrdit B C??r Jtllia Biuell Mr* H C HarruHaltl* Stile* Berfen Rebecca T Howard Mr* N.iyer* F.b? Bond Martha E Hawkin* A Stuart Miilda H 4 Baler Mary Anna Ireton Irene <i Southard 1r* V H Budet Margaret J one* Kate Sturff * Anie Dunn ivirs Jones l>lr? M J Sandsrso Mri '2 Coburn Mrs W A Jeuks Harriet Suuueke Birbsry Crawford Mr* 8id'yJ*niess Faunie SpaldingMarcell* Cooper Mrs G J Jndfe Mary E Kemmss'lrs S B Carroll Mrs Florianjones Jennie Heagert Ira Curran Georgia Johnston Mrs Joa fieebert 1r? Helen Cvrley Cornelia Jclinston Vic Su*da inVI rs ClisC t Casey Miss K Johnson Mrs Col 8 8u;>enio Harriet Connell Mrs Ellen Jeuifer Cecelia Nte \ ens4rs 8asie E Collins Mrs P !.# Jaroioson Matilia iSkidinor Mrs Miry Cratly M<*ry A Johnson Luzis bimon Nlhe Cohan Georgia Jennings \\ Kcully IW> Marjr't Chnfon Ellen Jackson Luey H we an f?lrs M irg't Christy Mrs CornV Jackson Alice J Sacket Irs Caldw ell Mr* Au^'aJayser S?r..h Siimns Tettie Crosd ile Mk?g.e Johnson Elis ? C ttirrpsooMri M D E I Coujfblin Mar v J msen Mrs El# Sherbtise E ,i Cooper Mrs ifitly Kui^ Mrs (Jeo W Smith t Pejrton Castilow Kite Krjli?e Mrs M Sirtiih IVr* N IVf Commins Mrs M*riaKeyes E F i South IVrs Or J L Catron Mrs J Keyes Wellie 3 Smith IVr6 Edward Caldwell Elizibcth Rhone Annie Smith !\rs Cmiirtj Sarah P Kelly M bcott M> Captain Christy Mrs Dr Knijnian Lucy Snyder*>1r< Llli Coombi Mri Dr Jli Kinjmao MrsFiaukSmont JVrs C C Co* Mrs Oeo M Kelloarz Mra l? Smith IVir* A K Cone Mrs Chas F Kimball Mra AS Smith frarraret Carll Mary Lake Mrs J L Stroud Firs H B 8 Card Mr? C S Lisk Sarah Twats Or* Geo H Clark Catharine Lee Frances Thorn to Sophia Dnnbar Bella Lcrg Elira W TnustedMrs A E Danin'nourr Rai E Lynch Miry Trawm!!r*Hannah3 Dupoot Anny Lehman Sophia Tannon Jatharine Daniels Emn>i Lewis Blanch ThomaeMrs LieutL Donavall Maria Lomar Julia Thorn* s Mrs B F Dunmger Kophit Lyons Catharine 8 Thornp?n Jane Dunlup MrsU W Mrs Eva Thopel Mrs Martha Danenhourr Mrs WLowther Louise S Taylor ilrs M arvA W Lancaster FannyP JTurner ilrs John Dc*ffh iday Cath Y Ledtll Julia Veirs b llie D<nenhoarr Mri WLetton Harriet Vance Clara 6 W Levant Mrs 8T TnlfttMn Wii Dayton Ma Lardin Lizzie VarnamMr* (ieo W Piaiibsry Mrs C Lockwood M M Wrynn iridret Dtanhower Mrs E Lathrop Mary A Wood Mrs Charlotte Daniels Mrs My A LeareuwortJi MrsMWiene Mrs Mary Darby Susan E2 Walsh Ilrs M iry Davis Anna H Libby Florence West M s B G Dana Mary H Leslie Mrs Robt Ware Georgians Davis Mr* A E Lilly Cathartue Wright Mafg e Dunakl Mrs A Mann Mrs J B White M t L Douglass Mar# Meade Mrs WilIiameouMrsMM Dame's Mrs My A May Mrs Mary A Whitten Mri JofiuH Du^grss MrsMaryEMann Mi s Caroline Webster Laura Dunn Sally Mitchell Anns D Weber Elutbetb Dnna Mary H Mundell E E Williams Mrs Mary Dunn Mrs Win M Mankin DC Wendeli Mrs Auua Dnut Laura A Murphy Maggie Elisat?eih Ktow Mr* Jo?ii L Masted Bessie W'allen Mrs Laur&L Egan Martha Morton Jans E a Weaver Mrs Jane | Ellet Miosy Mason Emily M Willi*mm Mary A Ellsworti? Molly Merchant F El Whiuker MaryAnn Elliott Bell Majrutess Sarah A Wilson Mrs Ellen r..n. a. r m 1 ? ? ? ? - aiimc muiptij oiran wood worth Harr'tN Kinrich Mr* Edgar Marko* M*ry WallaceMrtMinaiu Krwio Mr? Julia Myera Mrs 8.1 rah Wallace Mr? J M Lvam Mary J Moreao Mrs Mnrg'iYadley Mr? birth J Everett Annie Murphj Catharine Young Mr?Jonath*o Fcnwick Mrs Ben) GENTLEMEN'S LIST. Anderson WmH Harnum HonN PCarpeoter WW Anceraon Th K Ball M Collier W S And?raonSamlB Bualy Mr Crott'Wm Anderson Ra Bant)* Moaes Callendar \V C dolph N B'own M B Clark Wm F Alexander W R Beaumont Maj Creighton WinC A' kerman TKoa M H Cole Cap W E-2 Arnold Capt K Brymyda ftlr Cook w B Andrews T F Haker Myaon Ceiu Wm N Antlrsws Dr Sol Beaoh Myaon CupplesWm An lrewB Morti-BenediotL.tUolL'"ulien Col W J more Bern man L H Counor41on W Adam* Mr Buck J W Crawford Wrn Aronion Maroua Butl??r Hon J M Cain W J ArniU Moaea Bank* Job tl flR??in W n Ash Michael HirdJnoD Ch*roiiUlWC2 Annis Myron Bowles Jno Crawford W J Aro L.ou'8 Brown i it A C" Alvears L?>wi? Brown JnoB Cemefjrd W G Aue'back 8 L baile* Jas6 C?>okUapt\V\V AHJnoH Bennett Jno Crane Tw A?h Jos V Beardsley Jno J Conadon P J A'kinron Job B Baker J V Cuddy 'I hos A'.le? Jno B Btx th Jos Cooper Thos B Arnold Jno A Buroh Jos K Connor ThoaJ 2 Adams Jno KoyleCaptJ Clarn Thos W 2 Af'ams Ja? BjeiterJaoob Connolly Thos Adams Jno W Biker Jaoob Chestney TheoO A>iams A Co J J Bumigem Jno Chanoe3p?no*r 2 AllortsnJn^ Bishop Hid Jas Conrad Saml J-3 Adderson Paoa Beardsley J K Cummingt s? 2 Alton Jacob Bran an UenJMoabot 8 ephe" Amos J VV HickingsJno C/ooksCMHJ AxnewJnoP Boerstsin Isaac Craw ord jr W8 Ande-sou A BuckhoutlC2 Crane8head?n 2 Jones Broaohead J C Curtis Paul T Adams Jos J Bernett Juo Cook Sam Alleyn hen an Hattor J C Curti* 8 R AtkinsBana nEBartel?aao R Cnwdin Brig AiCA?>lUCI GL UU D'tUOU J II U0Q K C t)t GM Bid'aie Jra Chilaon RufueM Appietate tbe Branner J t? W Cla ok Kobt M ? Burkhardt Juo Cravens Had? Au{?*rBritGenC M own 1 ho* tf Cameron Robt A drith Cyrus P Bloomer J (i Cast e P AbNmChaaA ba?*elJaa Caroian P-2 Armttroiic C B Blake Cnns 2 Croat)? t P Adamto .Bern'd B%tea Kol>t Co'lon Peiroe Adamson Ai an B auveit J C Carter Owen B Aliphant B Britain J H Clark Nathan B Andrews Aug A B svrtbury Hon JCaxselier ?>on Arrnel A W Carr Capt M T 2 Anu&a Aufjuinn Boomer J A Coyer Mnae* Ab nd Louis Biahop Jno ChadbournMW BullotkGenW B*yle?Jno cars n Mr W-2 lianoroit J M dark J no F B own W H Bau Jacob Co k J N 11 i t A n -k ? ? * - ** mu?u nm ? BJtmn JiiOu (Jiari Hev J*?L Hrowiiri?( WmtteneiyJas Cope J Ml) Ueil Win Burnett J CroatJasC "rock W J uraxell Ca.ptJ H Cans* ut Baritow Hon Bo?wsell J W co.'k Jabaz Wm D Buri'MCapJT2 ? oal B Boq ton Wm BraunoaCap i*t Cox Jn<? 3 Burllong Walter Beebe Israel 1' Cake jaa W F Mayley Henry Cox Jon* G Benham Mrig Benson jr H S Clark Jno M Gen W H Benne'tH .>1 S Creighton JaaW Buker Wm Benham Wen H Cowan J >hn F rturn* W W 7 Cooper Hon Jaa Bradbury WHH Hlake H-3 Conrad Jei*e Beare Wmj B mioo UrBA 2 Cono on Jaa Hutu W R Baxter Henry C ngdon Jno Beran Wm Brooks Herman Cooper Jiio Sell Wm J Belt H C Caldwell benJB urghe- XV C-8 Buckei Geo Crosby Jas Beard WinH Brenisen Gei C itohley J W B*ne jr Js# BiownGeoH Coatesjno Baell W B BaragerGeo* Chauno'y Capt Mfknn rm??> W m Rri?#a Him ? ' *? Ml ?*?? ??vu V W J I II 11 O Payne W B Ifarkdoll G VV CoJom&n nvpn Bro?n W G Bud G W C Condon John i.^wnWmM Bin ni Geo W2 Crockett John W Brown Willie Bisk* Geo A Cotter Jaa H Miown Walter 2 beck Fred Connors John Burieuh HonW Brown F D Car.on John L A . Boyne Fred 8 Cool* Joaeoti Brnleford Wilk'aBarnea Edird Coburn J A Broushton W Barry KdwarJ ?:? pping-r J B Boyd Thos Haird K iwd C C&aur* Jes?e Boyulon Thoa J B*rues Esq C outer John B Brown Thoa Brooialr. K C&noiniJosC (lr.,un u..,.pj n x 4 V.. m'I viou i una DtuHibuw v lyampoei JM H Beali Thn? Billing* Kdwin Clackson John barkiU'fhoeE BroaninguH Co.lini Jaws Benton Tomm* Bordeu D L Cooklin John Bre??e Hon rf 6 brown Dr C D Colby JoUq E Bti look Reub?*n Ba d Caleb Cut 1 J B Beach Huns B 2 Bate C ha* A Cor?t.o?n John Htok> erStmi Branch CnaeP Clngett James B Bot<t 8 (i Burgee* C w Conlaaghty J no Bar?u<w 8 F 2 Book CliM H Coioiaci-r Jtoob BruwuKovA BiirgrWmc Cravens Ju A Boyd 8 V R Belt Charley Champlin Jacob Bra U^y Ja? BantaaChUolm Coeran Jer?m'h Blake bain L Brewtler C Croggan James Be*in%n8 8 ' Berry oha? b Card Henry 8 Bvg br Robt B Hainee C W Lo.imbe Heu>"?8 Bowd<tah R t BeokwithC Cuin-aiag Jaa M Hrom 1 H H?llnw? ? f! BdlK w . Brwioh C>.r Coyu HaiaeV farftto" s;[s,vlw sjsjttsiKjff I" ?.*? .as?li s?? ssisyssH xrziiz. asjru/ RuduO tclev B?!m aIm Cbiao Hon Geo Hiowuin? O H "irdtn Amoi Wj B? iMl O D Bil A.t?ra m Coit 6 W-2 . .?'*r *ev N-? HirnaiUatoenAE> oub 0ro T N? w#i Br&ic c&i Cols bio w Br>Mt Hon N 0 Cross Wm B B Cripp 6eo $ % 4 j f t * ? ^ ^ v ? II 1 11 I I M???? (nmnghimGeoGibbg D Johnson Henry V G ee l?a'Ch? R Ju?>b Henry <L?y Or 6floW'iun8burj?r DavJohntoakHnn* Geo H Gnoe Danl Irvina Geo F ?*! * O K bodn-tf C W ioelrn Q W ?rniab Geo Q >ddard DrC E Jorrtftn O ?j!in?G?p u&lhreth C"l JonesG W<rolJ *>u H * PoulJ 0 \V J or inn M?j F irter Fred <rtntCh?<i NV Infertol.UojEC iittioc Hon F BG ttin<er lierjF lontt<fR Kujeue yiin* E D 3 Utitorie AlVeTt JewettJK If ftrrfiih tvHJ Genkiiwf JftcobJoyce Jn% CH Mnpb*ll E r Get Son loa Jobn?oP ? r 2 rot? Elulia \V (if dt*.in Jot j*ni6? 0?r*0T 2 r?ilin? K W Gilbert Job J *nnett Chrii ark K<lw M Goodrioh 9 W J -ssop lap? K P?uht Georci Ju in Kin aiey Wm C 'hAirblf I?ii1%n G-ojo't Jno KeWsy *V D larryer Or E felbscn ** tn M Kin* D( W 8 2 JampbCU Kow PB 't i?h VVttt l R?rby m E Idmptow Eaw Glun w C , King \\ at ti :a*6 I) H Kuild Win H Kerr \\ iu -arnii* Ditvid tjinobef Wtt RsnnedyOaptTJ Sonover 1) D Git'*! \\'jt ||*y Colrho? ;tl Carlin Delphjr Grren Win KuflerSam A Card Capt H C (jrandon m Korabaufh Sam! Chap'.n Chas H fiilmoreWm K app ComnC E Qr??*Tfc? Ketilinm * ? K 2 C"(fin Ja* A 0 rift til W a A nefiBertfT roadon Ja^ trentry CaplWPlieller T N

Cawidy J.ihn Gritgi Woo'?e?Kolly Martin* Converge JmW Grant rapt WRKelaely M L Campbell JnoWGreenflu v W A Keccedy M A Cuddy Jno Green W Et Heller iSleroy J Cunrunichim Ial brand in ColWmKip Lt L _ CeatonJno >i?i Wm A Kellner*, a ColgAte Lt Colgilit J K" ^ K^cnim Uon. CO , GoMemittiLtLlt , u Colbor-* Chand*rGlea?o? Leo vv Cook Hon Cha? Gouley L P G heepJ*1 ^ w Conrad Re* C ftGay ?aml M Ke*^? t Coon Cum a >er?t e Henry nine I.t J? Campbsll Cor WGordon ? J l0'nl Critpenai Conrdtireen Stuart Kaiiy Mon J Carr ChM Greer 8*rl Cope'andChtW 1 >rdou ^omonKermon JM roatard Ch*? Gibeon Patriot Vv CampheU JB H George Lt C P Klin* J V Campbell B H O .rman Peter Camp -ell* Co B<iarherC*?t M CKtlly J" II Griewold c . Kennedr JU Charlton Benj G e?n dipt M J &?! i'L, p Conho Aaron Geoty Mr K6iic*J <no < * Coventry A C 2 Golla?bar M K.errt*?nC,o J E dementi A t* 2 Greene JuD Conaat Al >nzoGGroat J*oob &?fli I, u Coffin >bner N ?reenJi>e A ?nn P Ca??lsb?ry Ahh O imw John KeharJcoP C nnell Miohaeliiraham Jes" ^ u.V,h Oox R Kmm^tt G e*nW"od J*o Kelley Hujli Co^om ia< K\V Griffi h Jno W n<tltnn II T n i_ - tnn I a Kin* M?IilT l>empse?J??r nnffl Dr AlfredFKu&pp H A D&ljr Judf" r.ncner A W-2 Kin? H B ' Dawner, John Oarnett A Y P Ker?fc ? -) 2. Danfjrth J C <r:M>d-idge A Kay Col tiu dc? e Ku'cej, Ltl Gould Capt AN KeyaerGrantliain Damn John G^een lion Jaa SKeltum K >1 DiviaJaaW Uin< John Kirk i.avid 2 L)snn;a, Jai Gray Lt Jno W Kafan Dan! Dimioh Lt J G H?nr> Wa t?rC King Cbaa UiokaonJ N Harvard W S Ktrkiaad Capt Daily John E Ha*vey W R Hmpp uha? Devine Fred H&rr'ton Rleh'l Kramer Unas Danny KS Hutch'nson WD Keliy CK}? J^eranJas Hlx W M C Kent A brother Dra y JuO Hanoock Bri? Kith ft tloy.e Da? wait Jobn Gen W 9 Kern*. Ben; S Damer?t J r.o B Hants Wm Kernsusraard 8 Da*is^wjiiJ Hernion ? H Kamm Au*u?t Da?lt J D 2 Hardl* CapWA K?lley Addi*on Davie Capt J R Harve'y WmP 2 Kitnmel' A W Deap am J C Haskell Wrn A Knapp Hon A Dor?wy Jaa E Hill W S Kimniel A B T* ' " II mi _ r? A A/ anj ?i nil! i noivy nouaiiUk n Davidson Capt J Horn Wm i Koones A L W Harrion Wm Kimmel A W Donne.Ir Franc Hamilton Wm Kelly J-?? Dennis MasterF Henderson J Lyrnle Wm E Danto ; t rank-8 Hoesell 0 J Lennox Waiter Davis Hon E WHinds LtWHH Leversood Wtt 2 Deemee El wd Hunshorger Wm Leib WmJ Dennie B F Harume ? Co V La ocmua Wm Dacceit CaptAS Howard Thos Lansing W W Darkie Hon C Hohtnaa Theo'd Lynch Wm liednok ChasM Hams Thou O Ludlow H< n W I) dge t ol Ho'tun Thos H 2 D-nice Chas W Hall N F Lawretc* Wmfl Our and C U Hall Lt N J Lill? Wm Dil a*ay C P Hall Prof Litschhe W Uubant C*pt Hommedieu Lit* >.amu W in Dieticonrnd Hom%n 8\ml Lincoln 'Vin P Ijods? Chaunc* Hilt Simon iawZacliatia Dudley Cliae L Hontinxton^am L.ion Mat T VV Duuti&r A S Lawrence OolT Davidson A ileiney Sitfloiv B Duff i.- Alex Hamilton r^i'as l.angton Tins DoduCaptAB M Lane Stephen DunbarA A J llensel SamJ , Lotridge SC A ! uuuie* v? m r- Harnu:tt'Vy L.owi^gjwn! Dubose\Vm-2 Hay en Stephen LintdHKo -t J ome Dr W t Hiner Saml KTjrn* K Denison W O Harrison K A Leo Lt Kicbi Dennis Wm Muck Riohd S 2 Lamb Patrick Drum AN Hoilej KoM V Hon P Dumrn KevWT Harp Peter L.ay Nslson 2 Downing W D Hill Dr Halph Ladlej Msi DonnisonVVm Hermann Prof Lewis Milo Duncan Win Halstead U P-2 fcowry M U Dein Simeon Heald Newton Lauria sawyer Den-z S Henry Martin Lelawl ft, LemDorg<*nt T F Horin L. J beuer Dund er K;cd Hale Ljman 2 Lv.hroo J K 3 Dovol Kiohmon HobanLawrecoeLamb Jno ?1 Deyo Peter K Holland L Lane Gen Ja* Durfee Pbilo 2 Hepburn Lt L F Ladd Jonathan L)erham Parker fto'nLJ Loj?uIwi Jno Dojle Patk Hunt L P LeCai i Jno A 2 DskeO C Haling L G LafsvreJa* Duane Dr M H 'plerLanrenoe Lagar Jttf^rson >alu>n Mr Hunt Lt 2 Lowkisd Dr Jno Dreifos.\larx 2 Hotfm%nMichaelLeary John L'ressler Mr_ Hoover ft Mc- uuvrmi; Jm M Djbbs Lam D Curdy Lamb Jno >1 uavis l,fwn Hawkins Jn<> Lotxle 1 J H Douglas Louis Housewnght J F Lewis J on A Durkee Lafay Humphrey Jin> Leibold Henry DaviaJcoT Hag*rtyJno Leeiey Hei'ry V Da* John Huffman JosE 2 L.e jompte J is DukeLtJaa W Hu?seyJosS Luminis Dr G i' De?n Jai F Ha leer Jos F Look ridge G VV D >ty Hon Jas D Hagen Jan H Livingston <i D Dili John fe Hainan Jos 3 Lu twig Gotleib Davu Hon HW Hilleley G*o Leibig F G UwicUt Geo Hoilman P B L?e F IJoJ-y Geo R He ryJono 1 awler Hon F Dahler G Harrison Je'se Luken*E 2 Dyer uav.d Hambleton J N Lines Lt E C D Dyer Jo; \V Holliday Cap JP Lay E A ftan'k- J\? Hawley Joe H 2 Loder Lt E A o , Ha'lsy Juo LougeneokerED UeDois Rev Jm Holdon J no Leightt K C Dew.t. H C Hamlin Jno P Leveland K L lien mead Henry Henderson Jno Lane David Daamond John Haz&zerKigJ Unooinb Jervis Do-ahue John Helm Lt J A Lewis E W Down* VV F Huge Jno-2 Leaoh C"l Ent \V it Iluiao John Litfng'ton C Eauterbrooks W hi 1 Jno McK Liciiaey Brady Eaohes Win Hali Jas c; Lewis B *V Kiliott M?j WL Huolt Juiius L.ewis Arthur England iivpJL. Hall Prof J B l eypoid August Edwards K M Hail Josnh Lau<ham A Eveietti R C "Hartley Jos Mahaffey Wm Ellinwoodl.tREHerxberg lmao Monigomerf W tinsfald F J Huginson J a Mclutoih Wm i Kngle Capt^M3 Harunom Dr I Morris Wm Eaktman P L Hagen Jas K Milkr Lt WmE h asiorbrook N Henyskiil Jaa McClai aud Wa Eakels T Hinasly Jno McGill Wm ha is < apt J B HenshueJ.a MonyWuiH Everett J W Higgms Israel EMarsh Wm Eiwo d L.i-ut J H'goeeHill Mo^iure D^WJ Kdmun Is Jan Hoyt H E Ma?set Maj A'O Kdwan's Capt J Hav.iiand H D-^ Merritt ?'.o. VYH Eagaa Jai K Howa d H 2 MacraaWaii&oe El i tt John J HodgoCapt HC Muls Wm Edalin C<>1 Jas Hayne Henry Matthews G W Evans ('has *-a-rintton LtHMorau Wm Eat jii H a Hill Heury J MaMiohae Capt Elliott Ch'r HydeLtHM W Chas High H Myers Ja* H Kl is Rev U H H&rlston 6 B-2 MoEaughf n Jas Edwardsjr B Mitdfe* Lt G J Mo^hea Win KV&Ill A H Hi(i? flcn IWInnlr l?^? Eut >keu A C H&mi'ton <3 W McJimseyFr&nk Kdw&rds Abrsm h?vpn G K S Mariin J c Kmst Abraii&m H^vk ns G TV* MoG&uley F Ford Win S HolmabUeo ftl Mitchell i 8 Fields Wm Hi ' Gto Msxely Juo Frost Wm Hofl neister G A ."victim* CupJno F.atieity Win H >rriiigHonG W MoCar hy Jn> rreuohiirGec Pa^ne Gen McConnell UapJ WH Haukinsoa Geo Al*rr Ji? H I- liuAni AX Mai LI I a A * . I fci . I _ i <-oncuuDu iuoj n jos u"u ii miner jos W Hanna Franc" Muoonn J at W F-enohFred 11 Herbert Frank\McC.nue. * J\8 Mulu'f v\ Hays KerdiuauJ M -I-.n e J an Fournier Mr Hobbs Ed i? Manefield Coi FizpUrick M Hodgdcn E 2 Martin J K F auk Levi Hudson Col E Vurra> Ja? B lot art M E Haikir Edw Martin Jaa W Flood Matthew Haunnond E L*4 Marigem Jaa *^1 oh >1 A Holrne* K A MUier Jno Fog?rtj Miohl HulettDS Murphy Jno Fouka 8 8 . Hodgkiu ' urbin MtGil?"oy Jaa ya>in -r ram! Hiokiine D P Mauisor Jno Fremont Major Han L? K M<>ore J K Gen J C-15 Hotch is? HonC.wyerOp Jaoob Kre> o t.t J 0 Hard C D Monone luaac N Fan Hint JoaT Howard Chas 2 MoDjwjii Hon Faroel Ji-hn Hettman <:na? J I. ami n* James Hu tor Cha? MaNee is Tho-2 Foster Jobn Holme* Hon C Martm Jno Keriumn D Mubier t nmirf Murtmi n??*TH FiVryJohn Herrin* C E MuKeanGonThJ Fitigeraid J R Hawaii C J MoOleary Thos Feme Laatoa 8 Hoopes (Joiman Middleton Capt Fik*John Holm* Chas TW Foetai Dr IW Hie.tar Lt C E Morreli Thoa Frano* LtT 8 Hul B A5 Mott T R Ffee Capt G E Bawkina Benj 2 Mai Thos D MUraanGeo Huv? i A & ? BMuloahy Thos Ferris Geo fynson 2 MoCie.lan e A Felbriger Ge? Hart A W Merick Rev 8 H Fisher OeoW Hall Ana MilleoB h ladungiu H Beageis Arfolph Manley 8 Farnam H 2 HAneshotc A L ^oLellan 8 W Fisk Henry Hoffhaner a Millard Houim Flaherty John Hartan A E Murray Farrell John J Hnl A S Menturn R B Freb-1 aoob HaywanlA9 MorruColRH F^rguaraJno Hillhouie Adj'lMart n Robt T Fokt?r J W Geo Moord Miohd R Far all John Hurd A J MoCormiokRioh Fue? Ignatius olsmin Allen Maxwell Kob? FugttJ Hurdle A MoDanielKa sen i-aiTe&J.taT Hill Adams S MoGuire Philip Foot h. inert Hlnea A MoKenua Patk Field Lit Edwd Jonea Master W\ia on*y Patk Fiok Conrad D MoConnor Peter FanckChtaA Joh.ion W H MoCalum Peter Frazier Collier Jones Waltor D Ma'tin Philip Farley D Johnson Hon W.Mahon Patk M Fairfax UD2 H Alo .authun I Farquhar 1> P Johnaon Wilber Moore Mark B Frank David Jayne Hrn Wm Meilincer M K Freaaey D?nnia Jonea WmfiaidBMoMilTan Dr Field Lt Edwd J*nk? Win N Munaon M<i?i Fiat na<aa M E Jo dan T W Morrison M L t1 J*ok?on s&ml Milianv Mr Fufld Cyras W Jobnaoa 8 H MoMehon Oapt Powloa AagL-2 Jonkinalhoi M T 3 F?"AoarewJ Je?ett88 2 Mill. Mr 2 MaherAlford JonaiBT M rii MajGen FoatuAB Jodm L PH Meademua Mr F?(ley Alfred Jodm Mij 8 MueaMilian Forreat A 1) Udell N*r?on Muhheil M C FnrrAJS Jiliard Jo? Milla flaaon Fand?an Andre J ?ni Maj L MoPhw. on Mr F an* Dr J H Joaw L.t L L-2 Matthcwa E L G wUf anrColJA Jocaa ' 'apt J M Markafta*S 8 Ga agh?r J T Jonaa Jonah Matthev Mom uaBobumjM JM(un Ima K A Uambl. O jvHR tJMto Job Mitnh?l! E P Ssftte jjjpffliSp wV mm! h s AJallory l eron * et?h*rdt b ait*! Jordan J?< Mmrey L V {vmCoiJ ?6u(uLJ y, "J"0''* **15 Johoton JO M iner K to ru^,n L Br**^ / ? <?>?*" ? MoDonald tiw 0 liana t, P jaokwm HenrySJiattMon ? Mwhf D?E Pifliiaj<M D LSnritk I t Muf.rdKH Peatxvff l)r 0 *mitb imm Moiton li 9 Petrikm B R S'.o?n Jp* Monih?n?r L Potter Be j 8 *pmk / F Me an* i. L PUh B T M 8m?r' J H 8i>o( Lome fix ley Aust M S?ni? da JK D'ttn LtLD Pa .my A 8k?fl J F UKdDfLO t PofJ?* Albert Stokea Joo ?? i L*fa*att4 R< de-ioir Wm A**T?na Col J M Sills Jarh Rota ta \V 8 8:aw?rt K ofeeJu ina K?nlett W H . c-mith I T 2 n, J U R dif WurM1 Srt,?lt Ja.M Moor* J no W k >?hai d?on Mi j ?ir.ita J** O Mi > Ju Wffi 8t?bbin? Jm H "?rk?Joo H RtfokertTbof 8h?nk?J F~C Moor J oft K udd6 forth X 8mith J#? T McFa i Kiufj Wlifurd H ??tarJno Millar J ? Ratnf??rn8? Btory Judca Jm M?>r(t\n JhnW Kid lliffSsn"! VwMa?n Jm h Miller JnoF Robbin? Lt - H f turj Jno MoKwenJno Rlode* ?ainl Sulivan Jno M J McNei j Jm RyanLtRi. lavageJno gflun'OnJeaao Rtvltrg Mehd Stewart Col J B Mj rfhfad Hon Rogera Lt K b 8he?!ey Jno K I J K , H?f? f#lw_ An'llioir 1 Mooney Jno Rede Capt F C fhermvii Joi Mason Capt J S Rn>de? uti? 8tan?a Jno WiMfSf/o iaesa"* lii.'.vj" M *rtio Jm R;?n? Cft>t M &Swiok J K 1 Me Dill Jaa W ReToho?.bMhe MBtarte* JL Mcj'rJnoJ Re d Matin ? smith Jno M Mackenzie J F Riordana Jm >*wmhi Jno 9 MoKiuie* J C Rorae Lewie Stone Gen J C-t Maoln* Jno Rothohiid L Schwarti Isaac Mullen Jno W Robineon L Smith J C it Mutsen Jm Reei Lyman J Swift J C ? * ? t /I a?:_-l- Q4 r O T!07M LW U nippiP IAI8IB cwuc * %* MoamoJu B Ruih Jaa M S'?rkaj i L M idinaailJoa Hue Jno M 8 hoe maker J * .MoCanley J H R'ad Joa L-2 ttewartCaptJ Murra J no Ruuti Joa-t 9a lnran Jno * Me*har Jno H Randall Jno S?hi*4? inJaaob Mank?aJaa K?im?n Jjo M?wartJa?D Moran J C Riohardann Jno Stranabjry J 11 Mackinne J F RifeLtJoaB MottJnoC MsLtan L.t H T Rajco di "enJFdulan Patk Mouf Harrison Rredaton JUS btrvo >d L M *!c-?paden Ht Rally Lt Jm Stoddard J A-t MernmanUr H R Raney Jo? A Shryook Jno H Metscer Harrf ?ob?nv>n Jno V ShaJlwoaa CaptJ H B Rau?ll Jaa Stafford J R MrCordy C H Radd Cap* Jo* Salnran Jerry Mia*?t?r H 0 MKorebaugh Jn) bhumt>ert Jno H Metrician H O Ripley Joaiah Sonu *x Jno Merrill Lt H 0 Ronioaon Jno 8ta;o?on Or Jaa M??ra G*n Ruaaftll Joe SanderaJaaC Mo I.rod Geo Rile Lt Joa B tkilrindla Lt J P MoGahan G?o Keynoida J W Ste* na Jai Mmphrsts Geo Raymond Jno Sutton Joa J i*loLean Geo W Reider Jno Sh*rraan Col J Ma vii'.e Gc> H Roberta J K Spencer Jaa O Wudd G?.> VV Ry ttenberr J D Sullivan OolJM MyersGeoH Reyaolda Capt JStaman Jno M ax well (i?o F A rnoeibaicr j t Mydegraff Geo Ryan Ju Sh?rwood L M RobmaonLuo ntSrnitn Chas P Miliar Hon <i K*ir,?av Ja? Saoket Col D B >711rphy G II hi0tia'd*onl Star ?ell DG Mwfie Kr(joa KeTno'd* H T Stadman D C MoGaireFM Rider Henr? Btcrughto* C B Mar F-J Remington H Snaed C Tar box Mar<uard K Rogert H B Seaveranoe C H Mo(?on>a? Dr F Rycflr H b Stearns Chat H Milier 4 Foliar Roger* fl C S mth Capt Mfnhan Dan i Kuum H B Shaplrj lhas-3 Mairier Dan! Ha?niond Geo CSima Col Meil D R Reynold* Hoc GSenken Conrad MoreanDA HdtimtnO W Stephens t B Mare David Kay Geo G borubary Ctae-3 Mile* Da-Id Ripley Dr G H 9-averChaaB | MoAliur David Rarop Geo Shaw Cba? II I Morrill Rev Dr Rvan Li 9 Suig?r Chaa >!ujiia0M Ranks Trunk Stillwec Capt McCluakef D H ftaveret FrarraiiSnmfl Chaucey MoCrahan <ha Ra*al Freeman Smiwden Mr Moaran Chnatr Kusseli P G Qtamaby Bmij MinotChaa W RradincKraokR ?ev:raon Hsnj Mil'er C H-2 H#nr Kranklin Siooam Br Gen Morril! Chan H KiohardaonEB 23tark Hon Ben J Milla Chaa E Ruaaeli E Sinxer Andrew Martin Col Root Lt E C Smith A D Morris C E RoaaLtE Smith A H 2 M ?rrill Cyrus G Ray fc M >t?hl Anton MoClureCoi ChRafTKMas Hwigart Aron Moity Chas-3 Radclifa David Slooum Alfred Murray C T Reea David Socage Albert r* MsCorkle Chaa Rotera l^wia Hauer Andrew Milhurn B 2 Robert* Dan! Severance L H Mo''oy BeiJ Kilter D G t?now Allord Birin IV PtAin A Linheim Manier'HonBF Raisbeck Ch W St- n i Or J W Mundoff H r-2 Randolph Ch A ^hivenok Geo 2 MeDeraid B i KejnoldsO^p JASherman Abet Mevl Oea A J Roberts Curtis Sftuuk Andrew MoCoy Pr"f A Roberts B H Sparks Abel B Var*ha.! Alfred ReTmerSBras giansell J B McK^i|?ht A K Kounsevel! A N Thompson Win Marhman A O Koftch A.L . Tinsley W H2 Mansfield J H Roaohe idgsAJ-Tipion Wm J Mills Alonzo Randall Hon A Wlorrmgton W J Marshall LewisRoberts Aust W Tidd wm Milson AUx Ralston A 8 2 TatikampfDrTA ? 4 u., t; Thnui rhM K 1*1 U X*. DUItkH iiviit j v? nv. ? ? ? { Ale* btanbor* HonH Taictor 8 ft. Co McLean Capt AStoner H 8 Titoi Capt * H 2 Mansburr CapRTh?mpzoa R K Nioi o'.s \Vm Star Henry I ltta f. R Noble Hon \VP t inthHenry.M 2 Tompkma Pfatt Newmire VV Sparrow Kensev Trumbull P V Newberry NV L ^nith Henry 1) Tilling hut Rev Nesley VVm Siiecry Hiram N P Naylor W'm O 8ul ivan Humph Throop CaptNG Neaemerer Piter listener H-nnanTy er Leoiudaa Norton TIioh Mieldon H A Tar 1 ton L. A Neliiiiguf Theo8Swop? Henry F Tomptina 8 Nixon Siifteon Stan bury Henry Tayloruafavette Nellia Rot.t G Sa Ade H T TeatJa? Noonan Patriok Slea Henry 4 Tucker Jno *- - i-? I Tftir inn New Jno ^ Smoot GfO W T^feli Ju K Noyea Lt Jo* 02StaMer Geo Tracy JfioF Nioholac nJa* WShibley Geo W Titus J W Northoutt J H 2 Stonr G?3 Turner J B Newel M?) J VV ?wab G?o J T*mpieton Capt Neil Wm etulera Geo W J oiicho Jeremh SohwarzmnnG * Taylor Cap J H Norton J do faner Capt tt W Thomtoa J P Nslaon J no G Stowell Ge* TrenhoI>ri J B Newell Opt J J 9t-neG?oF Traver Jim Nearmg Iri S ?mi h Geo W Tiffkoy Joa C Noyea Hor*o?C SchryverGeoW Taylor J H Nutting Herbert Standard G -oW Townaend I Nioklay Geo G Smith *?eo H Terry H W 3 Nobie Frank Scott Geo O 'I eueiue Kit man Newporte L>a< idfewatn G T Tracy ? apt H K Neron D W L. Smita Frank Tbomacn H NouraeChaiJ Straus F*rd Tiettle Fred'k 3 Norton C P Siner Fred Thayer G*o New and A T 9tanbe?Fr(d ThoinisGT Or ia Win K Smith W F G Tbomaa Geo L Oweu Gilbert Shantun O N Tavenor tieo A Oma ier Ja* s-ewa'd Prank Tyr'el Frank (j iicksali Sam! Sannder F VV Tyler E H ovenshin Sam S?pmolaHonF8-2Tayloe Chaa N Owon Robt D 2 ' paulding K oti'.aa L)ail OrfeRout Southa-?l E F Trumbull C W O'Rorke Patrio*Smitta E A-2 Throokmo?ton O'Urine I'atrickr^penc-r E E-2 UC B Oaburn Netaon S-pfoat E L Truman C L OaK Maj Shield E M Taylor Caleb Quinti J no ' Sin th Hon E P Trim 0 ftateratock JD? S?xt<?n Edwin Train HonCR-J (J'Kiely Juo Smith E E Toaer Beoj O'Coonell "ptj D^everon E Traoey Col A OaterhootHenry Sanford E M Upton Lt Emery Qu'llinJno Sohutte Dr L'ria Fredk U'HaTa Geo F-28t?dman l) C Van Float W G Quimby Geo Saoket ool D B Vanderholf R B OwintaGD Shipman Dr A B Van Allen Lt Obold FranomA sweeny i) Veroon J no K O'' oncorDeni?2:?pahr David VanNoetra&d O L a y Or Cha smith Divid Je*r>me 8wen B F Smith U S Van Vleet J R 8 liver i;apt AG fetepbenaon r R Van Dyck i)r JH Oliver Abram shap e* Uav d Van Huren J H, o'Conto Ar harSnyder David M Volk F P(e*t">n b arren Smith (<anl VuoeEdw rrear vv m n swill W?M Vniiuvegan P&yaeii Wm K Shepurd Dr D Eiiu Parkhnrat VV H Sm."f? i arius E V 'ley ChM P ml Win St^d.iaaDO VlbbaraCoanoey Perk ni War-en ?-eainMiS DwightVanuers Iae A t'eekham WmF Smuh Rev D~oi Voorheea A 0 Powell Wm Stewart David Wieter Wm Peok "JaptW W sheldjn Dr WinaerLtWmA PileWmH tmitnJT Washburn Wm puis Wm Smith Ga-? MS Pyrry A Ward Storard Wm Weber Wm F Petersen Wm SwitjerWm F Weld Wm Hiiwr Col Jas ?turge? Wm Whiteman W E Procter Jco H > W G Wailen Maj U O t'r c orCapiJGSStil we H ?nSM wilium * M Phillip* j no a SneffifldWm P Wing Wm Hrrry H >nJnoJ2 --haperd VV m Wilaoa Oapt W Power# Jn<> Storey Wm Weloh W J Pa'ker Kev J A' Saeea Wm Wright Wm 2 I o ter Surg J U St wsr^ vvm VVa ?er Wm H PfcrryJno SteveaiWm H VV neeter Lt Wm Patpr* Jas W SmituCagi vv E VV ra nn'ir? is*in w u Woodruff Wm L St a up Wm Webiter Lt W Palmer OapJ H S Swetland S H Wallace Ti?c? M Porier 1'apt J B So per W m Widrey Lt T J P&ceob I?r JuoH Sharp W M Wimlow L A liicII J no St irmi Wm Wheeier Th< G Ponltn?' T Smith Wm E Wumn?onS'am 6 fierce Dr Pho? Soh nail Wen WoodSamlS Poinero* T M Miaver W G Whitjfordsam W Poiley T B SpeuoerDrWC Watt L M P\rk -r Tno? H Sharp Wm H Vvake&eldLD Phippa Tho? W Sample Wm H W aJworta L E Pneipa HonTbS fturieas WM m RaTui Partington DrT Sfcea Thoi Wn.ianu Rofet Pieroe Hev 8 ? Simon* lh^S Wi'liami Richd Pow?li Saml Soatwjood T 2Wil.on Robt B Pond L M Smith f ho. W WillianwonRH Preati*. S S Stuil TG Wade Path ranriugosa pdotqio i no v% atere Fatk Preston R E Stewart T Soott Wo It en P FParrott RobtP g Smith Thos W Wniht Parker J araone Robt H Stoekel Thou W riiht f E ettit Capt R D shook ehendaa W*ed Capt T J Parka PS 3 SheerkyThoa WifhtOtT.<* now P'tw b&itmarah Kev Whipple o Peok OS H 2 8 4 Williama Otho PoiU Dr O G Schwatuli T WolrertoaNewPhi ton Owen Jtaey a W ton Palmer BrigGen Schmueker 8 M Weraod Niok Paifray Li; Col Smith Sidney Warren M K ?h'n"? M R Sounder. 8 M Weeton Metvilii PPhaan MW Stanly Smana Weloh M eh otter tailo Seeley 8 M Wei.h Jaa ol?.?,t*V1T Skinner Riehd Waaaerman Capt Li A Sohiminger R Moaea PnitiiM Lawaon Shaffer K V Wagner J no I oroe.laa L Sohenck Hnn R Wordvr'n Jao Payne J no C-8 Woolle* Jaa It Peek Joe A Smith R R WH1immJM i&h i?* Smi'hontp Wiiliama Hon A |yR' Wagner Joaku r*iu nrij um eonasnora r Y WIBMIJM Patriot Lt ft H Sua wok! P 8 White Albert S UtiriOD Prof snider Peter White Hnllia J_ J W bo? ut N W WkitaooJaoobl atteraon LtJN t*r?llinu N wufon Jos rkm? JnoH-2 Siarmtant N D Wil?on Joa Perry Edgar Sherman N WiUon JuF Petto n J no R 6ia??tri N J W abater J no ? PPutnam Hon J B So miners Pat Weak a Ttjfo C hilufa Ca# J M. Se. j t r P Watmora J M owen CaptJnfclSweelej P D Wallinitoa J C Hurler Ju Soanowski P Wi(ud f Potts H V-l fetxton Marcai Winder JaoN PllMr H&rrl?Aii4Kmll M A ?" ? Pi?r|Fa>--^7kI? M H $3+*" r*vm m L-t wo fkiii jm Pool H C &hftnkliixl\ Wftiker Jmw W 8h?rwood M J W#*t alrviufc iM* I pfj^vI^islLv sssinP^ PhtlllMttM BMll LtCoJ WUIiM JOI Ki5r.u~ii *d'i1" c"* l S&s W*;jJ 1 fisk. Iff, . t Mb* Louis Woodii Mi'e I) fi- ?..Vw sr^LK M-JV 1 fsara" "sK^y sjsiv; ?w 1 S:a*y SKaSA ptrfir Wrjtt'j'o Wrtrfct JuN V*il?or G 8 vvn*r?r C G WniU J90 K ?*l 6m w?J?o? C W Wtrdl tCol J HWooirtf G H W Mm>i C W hit* J W btt?M On J WolfrMi C H w*4 ^sH-'irc0/ ttl r.t I 1 A 11' ^ ?? iirrici v/rw w ?? w w ws v W*d?wt rtiiJG SWuohMt'- J C w, , ,a CkuE Warner J A Wilebriok G W W? ??mM J*#r? C WiiionHon J F Woo-li CapiGH Wallace R F Waiter J H H WIIOOIOMP Win? F WiiooHoiJitoRWeiiifl Ltfi Wileon Ur B M Wallace Hon J Walter f War-A C mj . W*dd eFred ?V>e'herhea?UG William? Jo? MWeiaer H Wimob Iuaii ???irn?n Jno Wood Fr?d W hit* Andrew ad (Worth Gen Willey Fred Wilder Co! AW Jaa Walker Frank WHth Adtn WaowerJno Wheeler E?1w Waltter And Walker Jno H Weme ft M WtddlooaibeAC w11h?r J F. Wi der kdw F V\ user A fred WoJd*irry~/ F W4fn?r E4v R Worlty Ales Wh.Uford JuH \V*:tnc K#w M Wood"0^".r< Uoolr?C. I JO tt|'dM?U A 8 Waneton J N WsiteMf D a J , Wtidroa H*nry Wtrrf K R Wal4o A B SS&SV w itxz! asgJSEK sluaStiSt. WilkiaaG 3 Wkntonor* D 7.?i J H Workm%n H.n Wooitary D B ZUmi J Mob Winn Henry Walih Ukai Zia*hnf David MucBLLAfpori-R. Kdt of WMhinfton Uqiwd: AiMrioan Kxp>-et< Co.; W. i. ExprtM Co ; Adj. of l?t Ri>g. UfmUr. U. 8. Army. ^.fitfRraa" ???* rLTLiTT**? ??t in axi cun u ptaraid Drop Letter*, in all oum, m?*t b? pr?-pmi4DmW LEWIS CLEPHANK. P. MAUUTiOM tiALKS. TgiS AFTERNOON ? TO-MORROW. Br MARSHALL A PAGF. Anctionaan, 508 5?v*mtA St'ttt. CHRISTMAS PRESENTS FANCY GOOP?, Toys. *c., at Auction, THIS EVENING , at 7 o*oiook, and e vrr* ermine and irornnc arttil ttia vho aia duaoMd pf, e^aaiatipjt of abeaatifui, I't'tftd md A' mn i?if A Ra^nrt mftnI nf kn* liah PmnAh German. ta lan and AtnwriM a Cfirotaiaa Pre?#nu ai.d Tota, eornpri-ic* Wntiflf wiki. b?eutlful!? inlaid, riehlr carrert Drefama <"a???, R"*ew<,od and Mahogany Wo'k Boxea. Dolia of ail description, and a beautiful a*?ortn?'iu ef all kind* u Fa*cy Good* intended for Cnriatmaa Prea?nt?. Alac. a fine co'Uoticn rf Jewelry of all d?aori|tion?. Watohe*. 8i,v?r fen Holdera. * e.. Ladie*' Hroche Hhawta, >eta of Fata, and a general aaaortment <>( Holiday Preaente. dec J0-9t MARSHALL A PAGE, Auctioneer*. B, J C. MoGUIRK * CO., Aaetionee-a CARRIAGES, FURNITURE abd EFFECTS or AfiafiLT oacLiNtna HoraBKnpine ??<n JO MORROW (S-aturoay) MOK.NlftG, Decern ber 21 at. at o'ooek. in front of tHe Aaonop Rooms, we ahali eell, for aoooant of wfconi it may ioncern.? quantity of Hoaeefeold Faraitara, oom rlaing? r?ofaa, Tablea. Chaira, Bedateada, Warlrobea, Bureau a, Waahatanrta, Carpeta. Oilo oth, Matt.nit. China Glaai and Crockery Ware, Mattreaaea, Bolatera and PtI<owa AL'O, an New Single Feather Bada, with Ptliowa oom 2*> Doable and Sin*!? Comforts, handsome Glfi Show Cases. Also. One superior Family Carnage, by Brewster, New York cot much ased, One Seoond hand Ptaetom and Harness la good order. It (Eep.) J- C. MceriKK A CO . Asof. Hy GRKKN A WILLIAMS, A?otio.,ssrs. v F^\ TENSIVE CALK of household AND J KlTCHB* ?T**ITCB? AT # rcTioH ?On saTI KU^y MOFMMG, we shall sail, in front o| imr store, No .>iK Seventh .'tre*t. st Iflo'o 03k a. in .an extensive assortment of fxc< l.ent fsrniture. I he stock being urge and of a general assortment we deem it nnneoessar? to ensmarata. Terms oash. J?P 6RKLN A WILLIAMS. A wets. JJy wall A BARNARD Auctioneers. Corntr Pa. art. mnd 9tk itrid. Fink frknch fancy goods suit ablkfor Holiday I'rbsekt* at Acctiom On fATlKDAY and MONDAY MO?MMi> Zlst and 23d instant, at 10 o'clock, and in the evei. lf|lB * u o uoa, wc wI I aru ? wu? n?v?ivn Rooms a splendid assortment of Fine Krener. Fancy Goods. the stock ofH. C. McLaughlin, wh<> h?e declined buainess. aod embracing ? Fine Ivor* Fanu, Beautiful Odea r Boxes, LaJies and Genta' fortemonnaies and Watch itacdi, , . ? Frerch and English Boats and Perfumery, Best ?ngush Hair ax."'1 Tooth Brushes, Fort Folios, Chessmeii, Checkers, and other Gaines. Fine stationery, Playirg Cards, Sarlor Skates, China Ornaments, [otto Cubs and Sauoert BeautiM Fngravirg*. Frenob Basket*. Far.s Hair pins. Balls.and Bird Ca<n. Kvery ransty of French and ( rrnan TVys. Wat and every other variety of Dolla, I Fix*urea. G.a*s Cases, ko,, ko. Terms cm3, ? dels d WAM * BARNARD. AifU. FUTURE DAYS. By J.C. MoGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. Excellent furniture a.nd ho^f; hold Err?cT? at Auction? On MONDA* MOW \1NG. Deoembtr icsd at 1? o'olock, at No. J44 K st eet, between 12th and ISthstreets. Franklin Row. we bait shall sell the t arniture and *Tfeots of a gentleman declining housekeeping, 00m wisiifHmds< ine plush-oover#d Parlor Suite, Walnut Etegere, Whatnot, and Music Stand. Marble-lop ?:?nter ard ?o,a Tables, Handsome Window Curiam and Shades. Velvet, Brussels, and Three ply Carpets, Matting, Oilcloth -Rugs. Hat-raok, Brusee Stair Carpet. Rodes and Eyes, Fane* Tables and Chaira, Writing Desk. Oak Dicing Table an J ChM's, Mahogany Sofa, Caneand Wood-seat Chair*. China, Glass and Crockery Ware, CmIo n, Silver rable and Tea Spoons, Forks, Fruit Hoives, Waiters, Ladles, Tab'e Knives, Napkins Towls, Counterpanes, B ankets, and Comforts Together with a gener&l assortment of Housek/vM rM.n ??.. T- ...a uuiu auu Binuru r n u vuic. t?ini? *. i de2Q d J. C. McGUIRE * CO . A?oU. J Br WALL A BARNARD. AuotiorMr*. ( trrner Penn. avt nut and 9tk street. IMPORTANT * ALE OF DIAMONDS ANP PE*RL GOODS. *5i> FINE GOLD WATCri J E8.-W?'l * B?rC? d will kIIi ob MONDAY, the j 2*1, at 12 o'olock. ?t their t?ie? Room*, N<>. 317 I n ? \* ,_*l ?*_ ? . I r^nn??ivan;? avenue, corner ui imu ve-i.? magmfio?nt aofortroent of P?ari and Diamond liood*. comprising tone of the hnest i?ti ever r"%Qnfietnr?d in this e untry, aiso a large lot of Eag.uh ?'.d Frecoh Gold Bunting Watches, ma e by t e most oalebrat?d manufacturers, and ir.any other artie'M suited for holiday prfseot . Th# attention ofd-alers is invited to this ia e,a? every artio'e ia warranted t? represented, it bainfttie stock of a first class Jeweler of New Ycrk, and will b* promptly en.a lor cas*. deiO WALL A BARNARD, Ancts By WALL< k. BARNARD. Aaotioaaers. Comer P<i. avmvi a*d JVtntk $trut. -PAWNBROKER'S BALE OF FORPBrTED A Hi posits at Auction - On TUEs*DaV MORNiNG. Deoember m, at 1? o'clock. w will > 1 at ovr Anotio* K< om? the bel?r.c#of itooL of C. Wart. Pawnbroker. oonststinc oi? Guns. Pistole. Gold a?d ^1 ver Watches, V#?t, Guard #od Fob Chains. Laoket*. A ltr?H Raa^rfinfint nf j ?*?irw C 'ihiuK oft very description, snob hi? fiv#'oo?ti, Drees lotti. VmU, P*nts ?e. I-adms* C othing, Child ret'? Cloth tc(. Jto.f to. Tojether with other goods m the line too nvaeroue to insert, Jertnso* h. WALL k. BARNARD. A not-. Ht WALL A HAKNAKD. Auetionwr. Corner Scutk tuit Pa. mvmu* mmd ima Urtti CLOSING OUT BALE OF THESl'KERB Ptock r Ladies' and Gim'i t-i-rs, kubt*. Ac , at acctio*?t?c i uksdav. m<>inino. Mth instant, it 10 o'oiook. we irt l eell M Aeoi 101.. . if our Itrge \N a-eroon), id the rear of oar AjMtion I Rooir.t, the remnuder of the enp?rt> etook of Pare. I una hodn, w&ioe lin on MfctMtion for Ike ut week; the remaining atook e?.l> aoe*(*eta of Hudaon Bit, Sable a. Miak. Freoch Mink and Sable, Mirer Mi k, Krniine.Chirptiu?. Fito?> ko.. Genbemen'a Bwm ud Nat e Collar a, Gauatleu, tad Fura, and 8?eJ Coat* ud Capa, Wolf, Fox, Genet, and Buffalo acd Fane* Car riaaeand Sleigfc Robe*. Pool Maffa. A* the eoaaignee ia determined to eioae oat. treat ibdan?nenta will be offered to the trade and and the pablie general)? Theae gooda are warranted genaine, and perfect ' in ever? reaeeet. Tar*.a *a.k de li'"i KV?". WALL* BARMAID. A?o> PERSONS IN WANT OF OVAL FRAMES lor Photojrmpta of all use*. Gill m RomvooO, om be applied tj JOHN WAGNER. MZt door to uu old MUkbUabaML 8UPl arcaaa. do S'-u?#kmB' **** 9 *t** UIMrt*tf 10 oU> . P""NF5 '? ? s """"" Far D?|?rtamt np aUir< Pimii throatb U* U. H &TINKMETZ. <.?b?i?'wr,ir:s3s,!E5j.._ UORSES KOK SALE, ml Of arary la#ertjti<>B. (VCoastaatly on head? Lob >r. ana ?mi? a<ar tfco Caalat Marfcat. 4a W ta' C ADDLE HORSES POR 5*\Lc. -A tot ol J? iB? Keotaoki Boreas f* ml \ ?t tfc* CV^. . Kaataoky 8a>? ttablo. ia the r?i ?f Cjbt ?TUP 1 Bota, mi PanasylTMia an a* aa * %~ZT t Btraat. <t ?->? _ , VV AJfLBY. lUMU ?. b in ??. I? rmnaiM MM*. ?Mm w T i r?ontbte. > :* 0>iK NICE X'SKWOUD CHICIE*'** PI *Nu I r fTS. ??? * ootn? Nr rovid c* t#- H I 'WTT1 " ? ? fiano f.. ft- V F r * U|>uii <??f at the M< ? 41" ?V. ti.METZfcKoTI s (or &Ma**i^aad w* ^?|t

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