Newspaper of Evening Star, December 20, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 20, 1861 Page 3
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m . LOCAL NEWS, I.iost Wiros* a*tt 9bo?t M?a*r?* ?That tome wood ?nd coal dealer* with elastic consciences ?boold lake advantage of their customer* In piping timet ?f peace, when a hundfed pound* nf coal or a few sticks of wood are oP comparatively snail value to the purchaser, but In the a?Rr*Kate make % handv>me profit for the dealer, la to be expected, and set down to the weaknesa of human nature. The barer. If bo has some philosophy, and a good deal of charity, may forit. Bat, at preaeat. when some dealers here and ia Georgetown are charging Sit per ton for coal, and 910 per cord for oak wood. It Is worse thsn weakness?it Is a crime of the deepest dye for the dealer Id add to imposition in pric*, fraud la the measure or weight The following is the law upon this subject, which we reprint for the beneflt of such persona as may he defrsoded in purchases of coal: Sec 9. Amd b* it *u*ttt4, That from snd aftet the passage of this set, all persons licensed to sell coal in the eity of Waahtagton, shall keep in his or their coal yard for the sworn coal measurers of I J A ?-* - -? - * ? * iur ??i? cll7> *> oj luiaoie scaiea ana weignis sufficient to weigh at least eleven hundred and twenty pounds at one time, and which, before uae, shall have been tested and found correct by the city sealer in weights and measures Sec. 10. A*d be it further enacted, That If any person or persons licensed, as aforesaid, shall sell or deliver any coal which shall not have been first weighed by one of the city coal measurers, unless the buyer shall have expressly agreed to dispense with such weighing, he shall be liable to a penalty at the rate of 95 per ton for all cool so sold and delivered. Mr. Amon Woodward, Jun., who keeps a wood snd coal yard on the Navy Yard, was arrestnl on Monday, and taken before Justice Fergu.on, on a charge of selling coal by short weight The woman making the charge, stated that she had bought of and paid Mr. W for one quarter of a ton of coal, to be deli vered at her house W hen the coal arrived, thinking it rather small In bulk for a quarter of a ton, she had It weighed, when it was found to lack upwards of one hundred pounds of the quantity she had bargained and paid for. Mr. W oodward was fined SI 25 and costs. Deaths or Soldisbs ?The following soldiers hare died since our last report: William Lonsolby,company C, 56th New York Volunteers, at camp Ira Clemens, company 1, 56th New York Volunteers, at camp. Daniel Sm'tb, company C, 19th Indiana Volunteers, at Eruptire Hospital. Thomas Harpster, company!, SthPennsylvania Reserve Corps, at Camp Plerpont. Nicholas F Buck, U. 8. Marine Corps, at Fifth "Street Hospital. F* rwt?fir V ff n(lrW? rnmnan tt A OO/I Donnsul ua nla Volunteer*, at Camp (fTaham. J. M City, company K, 2d Maine, at Columbia Collep* Abel Fraxler. company F, 4?th Pennsylvania Volunteer* .at Eruptive Hospital. Capt L Hlllebrand, company B, 23d Pennsylvania volunteer*. at Camp Graham. Townaend William*, company L, 23d Pennsylvania volunteer*, at Camp Grab am. Henrv Dnnlap, company H,13th Pennsylvania volunteer*, at Camp Greham. Philip Williams, company C, 5th New Hampshire. at camp. William Dayns, company K, N. Y. Mounted Rifles, at Hunter's Chapel. William Mc^uanev, company F, 12th Pennsylvan'a reserve corpa. at camp Pierpont. Dennis Comstock. 9th N. Y cavalrv, at camp. Mlk) George, company G, 19th Indiana volunteers, at Eruptive Hospital Patrick McCruskv, company E, 10th U. 8. Infantry. at General Hospital. Beojam^ E Smith,company E,6th Wisconsin volunteers, at Seminary Hospital. William Weymouth, company G, ?th N. Y. i . _ wiuuicrr*, ai vuiuaioiaa voiiC^C. Ckixinal Covbt.?Yeaterday, Benjamin F. Clark, Francla Mil**, and Hannibal Williams, teamaterK, Indicted for a riot on the 3d Inst ,were acquitted [Thla la one of the First Ward mesabouae rase* J John Cuff, a soldier, indicted for restating Officer Garrett, on or about the let of November last, was acquitted. The trial of Wm Plummer, free negro,charged with stealing a barrel of brandy, valued at ?12, from Wm H. Hoover, keeper or a grocery store on the corner of Fifth and 1 streets, on the 5th of November last, was commenced, but on account of the non-appearance of a wltneaa waa postponed until to day. Tibbiblb Accidkvt ?Tuesday night, a solJI - m at - * - 1 uici "i lor -ku new i orx regiment was run over by a freight train on the H itreet switch, and his leg* *"? nearly severed above the knees by the wheels passing over them. He was removed to the hospital by Patrolman Pendle, where he wm properly cared for. It la supposed that he laid dowa on the track and fell asleep. Robbtug thi Office**?Edw'd Harmon was arrested on Wednesday, for stealing a revolver, a pair of pants, a pair of shoes, and a cap?the prop, erty of Lieut. Mataen, of the U 8 Signal Corpa; and a pocket pUtol of Lieut Robinson, of the same corps He was arrested by Detective A. R Allen, and carried before Jnstlce Donn.who committed him to jail for court. Thiatkk ?"Calhoun's Dream," In brilliant tableaux, will be added to the representation of "The Seven Klatera" to-nlsrht; also, a striking one representing Washington vs ar:nv at Valley Forge. Other effective matter will be Introduced Into "The Seven Sisters," affording an entertainment calculated to satisfy the most exacting. Impkovimkkt ?By direction of the Commissioner of Public Building*, shade tree* are being planted on the south side of Pa. avenue, between the Capitol and Sixth street east.wh^re none have been heretofore; also at other points on the avenue where trees have been destroyed or have died. Win A Barjakd. auctioneers, call particular attention to the sale of the extensive stock of rich Fancy Goods belonging to H. C McLanghlln, to be sold by them to morrow morning, at auction. Sale commencing at 10 o'clock, at Their auction rooms. LccTtrmi ?The second lecture before the "Washington Lecture Association" will be delivered at the Smithsonian to-night by Rev. Dr. Stores, of Brooklyn, New York. Okisi.iaL xokss, side-splitting burlesques, and refreshing comicalities render the nightly enter* tain meats of the Campbells, at Odd Fellows' Hall, exceedingly attractive. Ah k5tbstaimis? budget of novelties at Canterburv Hall to-night, attractive In every respect. With the enterprise and spirit of this company, continued success is inevitable. Skb ahxovsczxxst of attractions at the "Academy of Music." south side of Pennsylvania avenue, between Ninth and Tenth streets. Look ovt for the entertainment at Thorn's Hall to-night for the benefit of Fletcher Chape!. Volc5tsbbs for the army should not leave the city until supplied with Holloway's Pills and Ointment. For Sores, Scurvy, Wounds, 8mall Pox, Fevers, and Bowel Complaint*, these medicines are the best in the world Every French Soldier uses them. Only 25 cents per box. 211 India Russia Goods 9 India Rubber Coats, wbtte or black. SO each. Indls Rubber Leerlns SI per pair And all ktnda of Rubber Gooda, Including R libber Boots and Hkoea, Rubber Stoppers for bottle*, Door Mats, Under Sheetings for beds in sickness, Ac , Ac , at manufacturer's prieea,at H A Hall's India Rubber Warehouse, SIS Pa ?t , between Ninth and Tenth street*. dec 18-tf Notice.?Beware of ooaoter^mta and onpnnoipled dealera eodoaTorin* to dlapoee of ibeir own and other artio'ee on Us repa'ation attained by HtimboldTi Extract Buck*, a positive and speoifio remedy for dioeaaeo of the Bladder, Kidneya, Gravel, Dropsy, to ,to., to. Ask for Helmbold'a. Taie no other. Bm adverti soment is another eol ! ?. 0Q? OIUi Oa tho morning of tko joth in?tant, MARY A ?N. wife of Dand Fow ?lo. Mod 46 years. Tho bioods of tho family are rnritM to attend her fueora . to-morrow Sn??rday)afternoon, from her UM raeidea ?e. o? M street bKTNa 4tn tad Ml SaddeaW. on tie l?th la.taet, Mre. LYDiA GIB SON, vAof lUmifl Gib?o?, is the 86th 7 ear of her i|?, - ^ The re atiree wd fri#ndi of the family are moat rH^t a'ir invited to ttus 1 her fan?ral. thie (Frill *T) >'-4 At S o'olook, from her lata rreidtnoe. oo 8 etreet, owr CM oorner of TaaU it, Ii ud. On Ua muai of the wtk iasUot, ELLIE RICHARDSON, foarth daughter of George 0 an I *?-y V. Abbott, of tieoreetowc, D C. The friend* of lb* family irt invited to attend Uo faaeral, from Ua reeidaaae of a*r pareata. No. 33 Bridie atreat, at l o'alock to morrow * xSt rJL"?&7VS21 aaed II ?a-r?. Bleee-d are Ua 4om who die ia Ua Lord. . On the mi laetant, Mra. KM ILIA BUTLEB, raafnead* aad ao^aai-ttaaaee of Ua fa?i'y are iOTiUd to att?ad kar hunt, wmv. i om?iMas qiai .*?*? tf.ft it H*r^iMU*^a4 tk >m of^k? family ?r? inritad to ft-Uod dor flMrtl. oa iJaUrla? at? p. , fiom ooraor Sjutn U o laa av aad I kil Mil, * lInUiii?? iow.J _ Ob S?ndav. IMk mttaat. MARY JnSfiPftlWE PTKKHKNS nil 1 r?V ?H 1J <*? Dith' ir. rii'g U U? l?Ji in.f. CHaKLK* FH ANClS h ifMi i r**f 11 ???* ? ? *' is ? > >'? .ft Mi 4r>ii cf < A %*4 M. L, St p . n U f-utra. will t k? ?lao? f> la .rruw wvraiB', at H? oMook, n?a kit paraaU' raauieace, |T* l<Kk * f EA A PERK1N*' WORCESTERSHIRE I L SAUCE KINO A BURCHBi.L. I de W dorner Vermont av. and Fifteenth at. R GORDON * CO .'3 PRESERVES, BRAN dy Fruita, and Jellies. kino fc burchell. de 13 corner Fifteenth at. end Vermont av. Apigb* feet. CHOICE Lot Juat received, in barrel a, halfbarrHa ar.d kecs. ready for uble ute bartholomae. barrett k. co., 51 Louisiana avenue, de19 St* Between 6th and Tth atreeta. Fine Christmas and new year's gift. 900 iirported good aiming CANARY BIRDS, ??'LDFINCHKS, etc, are for aale at the?rj> raahington National Secar Store, A67%%g/ Fourteenth atreet, opposite Willarda' Hotel. de IB 6t* \tILITARY OVERCOATS.?Heavy Eanaii"I manx Blue Be*vera from 990 to *20. Fine Dreea Body Coata. Ordara for Military fcuita from,*'? executed. WALL. 8TEPHENS tr CO., de U Pean. ay.,between 9th and 10th ata. f^RGS8 A BLACKWELL'S PINALITT1, Mixed Pioklei, Chow Chow, (i be-kiQg, Wat nuta, s*aani?h and French Olive*, Freah Raspbrrrita. Walnnt Catann. Mmhrnnm Sanee.Ac. Ac. """"KINO i BURCfHELLr' " da 19 oorner Vermont a*, and F lfteenth at. W"~ A CARD. E Are now prepared to exeoate all orders promptly, made extensive arrangement* to loereaee oar manufactory, heavy orders having de'ayed as in their exeoution. Complete outfits can now be delivered in five da , made in the beat style. WALL, STEPHENS A CO-, ae IS 6t Penn. a*., betwe*n9th antflOtb ata^ T FRESH BALTIMORE OYSTERS. HE Sabfcribera are prepared to furniah Res taurants.Hotele.and others, with prirae^^. /?\ fat OYSTERS, delivered each morn t * by >xpresi oar, in ten and twenty gallon cam. Orders by mail aocm panted by remittance, promptly filled. C. B HATCH A CO., No. Ill MoElderry'a Wharf, de 19-at* Baltimore. U!lOO BBLH. FI OUR. PON oorsignmen', for sale. Also, receiving weekly from 3 to soo bble. choice brands, from Waatnngtrn ootinty, Md. CALIM WITMEB, Ware room No. Ill Pirfn. de 18 5t* Between 19th and a*ttT?{?. " Ohio wines AND BRANDIES. Havinc received aeonaighment of Zimmtrmann t Co.'t Cinoinnati Ohm Catawha Wineaand Bran<tie? t we therefore offer to Drtiggiata, Grooera. Hotel and Saloon Keepers, Ao , DRY CATAWBA WINE, Light and Strong?the former in boxee for table sae. and the latter in half barrela for mixing and oooking parpoaea. sweet CATAWBA or ladiks' wine, in barrels and ha'f barrela, (at table nee?a verr aupenor artiole for the holidaja. CATAWBA BRANDY, an ucaurpaacable stimulant. and very Baefnl for Brand? Punoh. tc COFFlN, de 16 lm 39 Louisiana a?enne. Cllli UnlriM .*in i .?,o ?r . i > . . ?ua. avn in nil 1/ U ? afO v ALLCiI V/UA L white a*'d red asm. J. LANGDON & CO. renpeotfully offer to the oitllen* of Washington. Georgetown and Alexandria, COAL, from tne oelebrated oo'lieriea, at 9? ( even dollar*) per ton nett (2,000 lbs.), until further hotioft office temporarily at Bahmore A. Ohio Railroad Depot. de 13-1 SUPERIOR QUALITY BLUE BEAVER kl pi iiTua Superior grades Cloths, Cassimers and VestIBti withal! other kinds of Dry Goods at onr proverbially low price. TERRY 4 BROTHER, de 1*-Jt Penn. avenue ^>d Ninth street. CAMUEL W. THOMPSON. 3to Pennsylvania Avwnce. (Part of Store of E. A. Lake & Co.) UHOer Brown1* Hottl. Has in store on consignment, for sale at Rtlail or Wnoinale. An immense stock of Ladies' and Gent's Hand kerchiefs, from the oimmon goods at 91 Per dozen to the very fins Frenoh Needlewor* and Laoe Edjcee. Elegant Goods for Christmas Presents. Gent's Linen and Silk Handkerchiefs, in all grades, from 1? oents each, to *10 per dozen. Gent's Linen Collars in all styles, from our own manufactory, at Troy, New York, at 10 oen s each and upwards, about half the usual prioe for the same goods. Gent's Scarfs, Neck Ties, fto , over toostylei, at very low price*. Custom-made Shirts at 51.25 to $2.26, on hand Shirts measured for here, and made to order in New York,and good fits,and good material always; uiouurn iurw?ra?u every naiurnay morning Undergarments,Hosiery,Gloves, <Stc., for Ladies, Gentlemen, an hildren. de 14 tf 9CHOFI ELD'S HIRING, LIVER Y.8ALE AND EXCHANGE StABLFS, Not. 280 and 290 E and Uth streets, south of \V illard's Hotel. Gentlemen wishing to hire a neat and stylish turnout can be supplied with a team of any description, in a st?le of rare EXCELLENCE. The best care bestnwed on Livery horses. badal* horses, suitable lor army officers, always cn h?adv nto-lm* L\vm. cor win burGy. ATE With the old and well known house of wm. 8 cor win a co , Nkw York. Dealer in choice Hrand i>.?, Wines Cigar?, fc.. and lmyorter cf Tta% and Chine*? Fanry Goods, Ni> 347 Pknxrylvaki* avesci, (Ent'anoe Sixth Street,) ira.<^in(loM, D. C. The attention of conto;saears and the pablic generally is invited to my stock of hne Brandies, Wines Cigars. Teas. Ao . 03mpri?ing Hennessey Otard and Sayer Brandies, Widow Clicquot, Moot A Chandoa, Mum's, Heidsick A Co , and Associates Verz'uejr, Champagnes; Permartins, AmoDtilado and Vnarte Sherrle*; Wanderer, Reserve and South Side Madeiras; H-rmony and Burmerster Ports; the celebrated " WSO" Club Honse Gin; Irish. Scotch, Bourbon and Monougahsla Whiskies; Jamaica aid St. Croix Ruins; Cabana, Figaro. La Rosa de Santiago.' a lispanola an- various brands of Citarsand very fine Voung Hyson, Hyson. Imperial and English Breakfast Teas in catty boxes imported by myself expressly for family use. de 13 lm EMBALMING AND PETRIFYING ?i DEAD BODIES by the FRENCH fROCES*. The on y known method by which a dead body oan be preserved in a natusal state for all tim?. r.ta miilA fnr 11 nH Ar t Ar a or nrivatA I oitixena at their own houses. if desired, by CHARLES D BROW x. M. D.. and JOSEPH B. ALEXANDER. M D , Late of New York oity. All orders for Embalming must be left at Harvey A Co.'s, Undertakers, No 410 Seventh street, between G and JI. de 13 1W TO FAMILIES AND SUTLERS,,^. /^N The undersigned resseotfsllr in- f forma the citnens of WaMungtoa and the transient publio that they have oonatantly on n*nd a la'^e assortment of OYSTERS of the very best quality; also keeps a large suantity of Choioe Pickled Oysters. Our soa Idea Orators can't be be?t, done up in first class style. Give ua a call. We f?el aatiafied that you will caU again. S. W. DAVIS A CO.. corner of 12th and e atreets. nov27 lm* Heavy wool hose, shirts and DRAWERS, and ARM V SHIRTS, at 3*4 Pa avenue, back room; or 3&& D atreet, between 9th and loth det tf M LiLi WUV/|iO Ail A/ ciiiuu uavauw %Liuu A Paria Kid Gloves, bent suaiitr. PERRY A BBOTHER, de 1*-'0t Penn avenue and Ninth atreet. 486 DEC 0<SbARIr,IRO N 8. 486 A choioe lel'otionof Paperhanginga, Warranted Gold and Imitation Gold Band window Shadea; also. Buff. Green, and B ae Holland by the yard or made into Window Shade*; Picture Cord and Taeeela, different aiiea and C'lora; Picture Nails. Rinse, ae. Also, the handBomeataeeor'mentof Oval Picture Frames in the cur. from the best manufactory in the country. Alao, Passe Par tout* and Card Viaite Frames All artiolea warranted u repreacnted, or no aale. Purchasing for oash, all gooda will be aold at the loweat remunerative arioea. Allowing no old a took to aooumn'ate, persona needlOf the above gooda will find saw and desirabie artiolea. Tanas eask. A oall is aolioited. ir^Kem?m!?er the number. JOHN MAKKR1TER. No. 486 Seventh at, 8 doora above de l?-lw* Odd Fellows' Hall. DBNJAM1N DiWOLFF, O No. *94 Pis*. A VIRUS, Xn Adjonainc^be National Hotel, Keep* oonatantivon band a fine inortMBt 01 GOLD AND SILVER WATCHE*. GOLD CHAINS, JEWEL* Y,SILVER WARE. CUTLERY SPECTACLES. OPERA AND FIELD GLASSES, #?., tc. N. B Repairing dona by f. 0. Richakd, late from No. 1028 Cheatnut itreet. Philadelphia, a akuful workman in Chronometers, fine Wa'ohea, io. do 7 In** L O V E 8 CAPS! BUCKSKIN GLOVES. MILITARY aUNTLETS, INDIA RU If If KK tlAio. A iarge assortment for ?ie at daS-'m . SEYMOUR'S. Georgetown. TTHK WHITE HOUSEHE Well knswn White Home Reitaurnnt, on Higk ?tre?t, iMr Um ?Ml. n tieorge A . . A town, bu bm i*ftited, and pa t e* oanTCT^V now mannoiw?<?ted with oomfortabi* rival# rooms. Gum. Fnh, Oysters, and the b?*c W ibm. I ifwri aad 8?iari, always on hand. Faailiaa fsrnishod with Or ste's. as iiul A7B.9DIEK, Prowistor. /"" HKE8IS, Iiiii W1 II KsXKmw; WiRakir* do.; Hwnourik do.; 8m 4* ) ewmr Piftaonth *. and Vwnoat * . RNKW MILITARY GOODS. (CHLY Moistad dvorili ud S?t>?? for pro Mi KwaUti, <loabl?, ud trobi* row rt>Hn i, So*h??. BM ud Omunntl, IM Ail uiiim Oflotia'l^amiii. A Urg? u iortmtiit i? I r?o*i'?d. M. W. UALT A BRO., jwlkLMl hkimu. 4*1111 f9%x ioora wnt of fir?TB'? got*, , / AMUSEMENidj Look ovr for the monumkntai,?:? Th? Monumental Club will, moat post- % ti?el j and without fill-cive their fourteenth tfw GRAND ASSEMBLY at Fra--k)in flall./A oorner 9th and D ta .onNE^V YKAR'SUH^ EVE, December St. riokets of admia<ion soots., admitting gentleman anc1 ladies. For turther p*'ttealare ne future advertiaemsnt. 1t^_ King's National Amphitheater, Pennsylvania av. 4* E St., (near Willards\) The munarement most respectfully informs the public that the ' NEW BRICK AMPHITHEATER W1I.T. II.OPIM Ob MONDAY EVENING, Dec 23, With entire new forces, constituting the best organisation of EQESTRIANS, GYMNAST*. ACROBATS. ANii PANTOMIMISTS Erer formed in the United States. The Intikio* of th* Bcudiks has been oonstruoted so aa to afford unntua' facilities for seeing and bear in* The entire first floor will o^ntain a CftiscB.ft or A mthi theatrical Skats, elevated, cushioned, and partitioned into boxes, thus pre senting a pleating io?t ensemble, and combining elegance with oomfort. The Colonadb ahd Bar cost Placis will be above the Diess B ies, and will be gained by a passage way- This arrangement the management f els satisfied will meet the demands of ail classes of society. The building <s the most commodious plaoe of amusemstt in Washington. The entire Equestrian Management will be under the supervision of TOM KtNO. The fofloWinc stars %il! appear: DON SANTIAGO GIBBONNOISE, Th? Man or Mamtold Forms, The ^Physical Anomaly of the 19th Oentvry^ Among ins mirsomous leau is tne ricuLiA* PXXpoial Packiso. in the exonution of whioh he absolutely dislocates all kit joints, and adapts himself to fit a box IS by 18 inohes. BAM LONG, the Clown Comedian, Comio Sinter and Balladist. THE HOLLAND BROTHERS, whoie fearlessness and *raoe won them favor and approbation, either m .Erial Eleganoes or Terrestrial Exercises. MR SMITH, tqe intrepid Aorobat, will five his Saspesions in Mid Air. , JOHN CONKLINO, An sokno? ledred Heraolids, will give his exercises, favorably received in Havana as Orandes suertes ton balas de canon. WM. T. OOELL, The pfotoresve equestrian whoie Maritime and Aboriginal Setnes have never been surpassed. TOM KINO, Tin Champion Lxapkk, will lead the finest Aorobatio Troupe ever brought into association in one establishment. Mad'lli VIOLE LATORTE. PrAmia* VanAstfanna * iviiiivi u^ucgviouuwi MR. H. BERNARD, The Hnrdle Rider and Batoulte Leap?r. Mr. WM. KINCADE, The Saooeaafnl Achiever of 100 Someraaulta. The subjoined list oompnses the old favorite*, who have been retained i Mr. F. TOCRNAIRE, I'HI LO NATHANS. FANK WHITTAKER, JOHN FRANKLIN, w H GARDINER, T. A VMAR , and DAN GARDINER, the Standard clown MADAME CAMlLLK, MISS EL'USE, the Child Rider. M * DA MR MARIE, MAD'LLE VIRGINIA.and LITTLE MINNIE. Boors open at 7 o'c'ook; performances will commence at 8 precisely. Admiasion to Dreaa Circle.... ~ so certs. Children to Dreaa Circle 25 oenta. Gallery , .25 oenta. Oroheatra Chairs 75 oenta. Seata oan be seonred with' ut extra charge. hr application at the Box office from to a. m. un'il 3 p. m. de 19 3t *?? A Al T >. n HIT n ir m-w m r w I -Ail i lu nt n J nni<L>< CENTER BURY HALL. CANTERBURY HALL. (Formerly the Washington Assembly Rooms,) Louisiana avenue, near corner of 6th street, in the re&rof th* National ana Brown s Hotels, OPEN EVERY NIGHT! With the first talent in Amefica. ENTIRE CHANOE~OF PROGRAMME. The front of the auditorium is seated with elegant ro?ewood orohester chairs. ? r*y% ... ? - * ? i no oeioursTeu v lOlimil, OTTt UUUl/Abbi oonduots the Orohecter. R<?*pp*aranoe of the treat Eccentric Ethiopian Artist of the Day, FRANK BROWER! FRANK BHOJVKR FRANK BROWER ! FRANK BROWER ! JAMES WARD, BUXY PIERCE, DICK PARKER. HARRY FOX. W. B. HARRISON, ALBERT TREVOR MISS CARRIE LA MONT. M'lle FRANK LaFOLLE.Mim EMMA MILES, With the immense company and THE STAR ORCHESTER! In activer?hea'?*l. Frank Rrowe'Nu'eat original MUMMY! MUMMY! Pticn of Admission? Parquet, 25 ct>.; Orohestra Chafe. 5" oenf. de 17 I7ASHIONARLK DANCING ACADEMY AT 11 Tamnaranna Uall < in ?? >? L' m O strSet, between 9th AndU'th. Classes every Tuesday and F ldar Afternoon and Evening./tM All of the fashionable Dances taueht. Pn-UUflfe vate classes attended to. For oiroulars, terms, fcc., insuire ol WM H BARNES, at Thompson's Gents' Furnishing Store, 37? Pa avenue C. T. BARNES, de 17 Im" Professor c.f Danomg. T NOTICE' HE W A8HINGTON ACADEMY of MUSIC, 289 Pknn. Avenue, Between Ninth and Tenth >tre*ts. The public are respectfully informed that the success of the daily aid nightly entertainments %t this already overwhelmingly popular establishment, has been pre eminent. . k . It is now famous for the b-st Refreshments to be obtained in Washington, its bar and iarder being unsurpassed. Its Music is ofthe most agreeable and recherche description ; its free concerts bsing nighty encored throughout the entire performance. Its'd^ors are open to the pub'io free of charge ; ana om??ri are constantly in attendance to preserve order and proper deoorum. delS-2w HENRV ROSKNTHAL. Prop'r. /GEORGE CHRISTY'S VI NEW OPERA HOUSE, Tenth Street, Washington. This beautiful and elegant hall, eligibly situated, on Tenth street, between E and F streets, near Pennsylvania avenue, is "n the

FIRST FLOOR. without steps or stair* to ascend, very easy of aooess and egress, dehg'itfuily heited ard pleasantly ventilated. Now Op?n Evert Nioht, Under the management of G E O R G V. CHRISTY, The Pnnoe of Negro Wits and the Pioneer of Negro Minstrelsy, Late or Broadway, New York. with A First class Minstrel Company. Binoe this admirable h*l! eas been open to the public, it has been nightfe erowded by the Most Elioant and Refined audiences, the larger proportion being Ladiei and Families. Mr. Christy will shortly appear in his famous Negro Dramatic Characters, of whioh due notloe will be jiven. Admission?Parquet,50 oents ; Gallery 25 cents. Doors open q uarter before7. commencing at q uarter before 8 o'oloot. de 12 yyASHlNGTON THEATER! THK TRIUMPH-OP THE AGE ! THE TRIUMPH OF THK AGE ! THE TRIUMPH OK THE AGE! IN SCENIC ART! The ahouta of applause whioh greeted the aerformanoe of the Romantio Spectacular Drama of THE SEVEN SISTERS! laat evening, givee to it a promin?noe beyond any previous effort in theatrioala in Waahington. Thk Last Fcknk. THE BIRTH OF THE BUTTERFLY in ths BOWER OF FERNS! < lt? mnil inrfanna mht flvdr vitnMawl. "miss "s~U SAN" i)K. N ]IN. " M Capt. Highboy. will drill her company of ZOlTAVES-80 YOUNG LADIES! Seat* aeonred three day* in advance. Box oftoe open 10till 3 o'clock. de 11 PROF. C. F. BARNRS' of N?w York,) DANCING ACADEMIES, at Odd Fel. M low*' Hall, Navy Vard. every Monday and JH Thursday; and at Temfferanoe Hall, E ?t ./Vl betveen 9th and 10th eta , every Tuesday Ma* and Friday afternoon* and evening*. Private olaaaea attended to For oiroular*. term*, eta., enquire ofWM. H. BARNKS at S.W. Thompson'*, bent'* Fnrpi*hing Store. 37 0 Pa. ave. de j-Ihi* 4 IDD FELLOWS' HALL! 1/ SlTHTH, AlOTlDST. CONTINUED SUCCESS of the Woild Rixowmi CAMPBELL MINSTREL8 ! TWENTY STAR PERFORMERS! * The Beat Band in the World! Chance of Progra-rm* kvery Night! Admmion - 35 oenta. Doors open at 7 o'olook ; commencing at. S o'olook. deu-tr HOLIDAY GOODS. W. GAL.T & UKO. open this morning a e j large assortment of now and brant ful gooda, gotten ay apeoiallr for the Holiday Trade. M. W. SALT 4. BRO? Jewellera, 344 Pa. avenue, da II 3t Fonr doora WMt of Brown'a Hotel. /m\ ISAAC HKRZBKRG. /m\ n rSi'WkTTi*. r\ #10,000 to baloaned on ?old and Silver Watohea, Jewelry, Guna and Piatoia. Silver Wars, and Wearing Apparel?at Uia old atand, No. S41 C afreet, took of the National Hotel, Latween 4X aadttn ata. de It-am* C"""' CBEEfEm CBKE8K!! All 4b CO . xgft l> t.Trnauc Pv tnai*. cotf-tf _____ P nil harm" nio BaUdinc V FRKNCH TAUGHT. .|js?^-!aesari i WANTS. \VANTEI>-A SITUAT'ON u Pie and Cake Baker. Addre?e"R G- P.," Star Office. It* W ANTKD?A G1R L? to oook, wash, and iron, at 4*?T E street, iwtweeu 3d and 4th streak Good references repaired It* WANTED-A retpeo*able young woman de"" sires a SITUATION as oaok m a restauraat Address Box 14, Star Ofliof. It* WANTED TO RKNT-A4STORE on Penn. avenue, for backing basinets. Injure at the t,mm of the Evening Star. degv-at* Itr i M 'I'P n A .A/wt mi A ^ .k? D 4 VPO .A * t< 1/?r* Ruwy |?i" BUU u nnciit, av 1. H. HAN LA EN'S, No. -29T Seventh at.. between L and M. Good whm m en. <ieyt-3t* WANTED-A rood COOK, WASHER, and IRON ER : German preferred. Applv at 394 H street, between 4th an-1 5th. de3Q 3t HOUSE WANTED-A sma'l home for three ersons. An* one having snch a house to let can find a tenant by addressing "W. S. U Bo* 390 City Post Offioe. dean 3t* Wr ANTED?A GIRL. to do general housework, in a small family, must nnderttand washing and lroaing well. Apply 141 West street, Georgetown^ ^ ds 20-3'.* WANTED?A first-class restaurant COOK, one tbat understands his business, at the Whits House Restaurant, 318 E st. ceaost* t SHER A MITCHELL. \17 ANTED?#50 will be given to fcny person who ** wl'l prrcure the advertiser a situation as CLERK in the Commissary or Quartermaster's Department. Address "A. D. E " star Offioe de WANTED-A white WOMAN to do ehamber" work and sewinc in ? private family. Apply at No. 10 President's Square. 16H street, three doorg from Pennsylvania avenue, before lOo'olook a. m. de 20-2t* WANTED?By % young man. who ia a *<kkJ panmin. q u ok and oorreot at figures, a SITUATION at olerk; > witling to work bard for the interest of h s employer ; salary moderate. Address "H H. W?" office of this paper, for two da)a. de 20-31* \jyANTKD?A WOMAN, to oook, and to do general housework, in a private family; also, * young Girl, to talc* care of a ohild. Colored or German preferred. Alto, three Unfurnished Room* for rent. Apply at SI xtreet, between E and F, east aide, first house fromE. It* Furnished house wanted. rentfrom J40 to $80 per month. Address Box 157 C?ty Post Office. delist* WANTED?A GIRL, to do general housework for a small family. Good referenoe required Address No. 414 K street, between 9th and icth sts. d? 19->t* WANTED-A middle-aged WOMAN (Ger man) to do general housework. Apply No. 642 Penn avenue, between 1st and 21 sts . west of the Capitol. de 19 21* 11T A AiTKH-A mirirlltffe JLrAd W O \t A \ /#ith?r American or Englidw t*? do homework for a family of three persons, Address -,B ."George towu Post Offioe, stating where applicant can be seen. de 19 2i* WANTED-A good TIN and SHEET IRON ? WORKER. Good wagesand constant em plojm?"twili be given. Apply to \\ . D. Wy VILL, No 4 53 Penn avenue de 19-2.* [ Baltimore 8un.] WANTED-A MUSIC .TEACHER to instrnot a lady in singing and playing on the piano; must come to the lady'? residence; a gentleman preferred. Address Immediately "'Mrs. K. " Star Offioe. Frioe moderate. de 19 2t* WANTED-A competent WOMAN, to do the cooking, washing, ironing, and general housework, in a small ho??# and small family, to on" who really understands her business, and can come we'! reoontmended, and is willing to make her?elf generally u*efu! Gocd wares will be paid promptly W. E. CHANDLEE, 504 14th street, between C and D. de 19-tf A YOUNG LADV, EDUCATED IN EUrope, and of highly respectable oonneotions m this country, speaking the German, French, and English languages, desires a Situation a* teacher in a Seminary, or family, or as lady's companion. Accomp'imeut*, those of European education, ex cept niuc 10. Ad J rets box 434, City Post Offioe. de 19 3t* _____ ____ IJOARD AND ROOMS WANTED for the winter, by a gentleman and his wife, in a tenfeel pntafe family in the neighborhood of the Treasury Department. Apply to J. HIF,BORN, '20i2 Penn. avefiue. immediately. de 18 3** WANTKD?A good HORSE ?HOER. Apply to I'HOMAS MoGUlRK, Eighth ?t. de 18-3t* WANTKD?A FURNISHED ROOM and fuW BOARD..for a gentleman and wife, within a short walk of Tenth afreet and Penn. avenue. Te< mi not to exceed all p"r week. Address "H. F. T., at this offioe. de 18-3t* W ANTED?Tojpurchare two or three second hand heavy WAGONS, suitable f>r hauling havandwood. AdpIy to W. H. CLAGETT, st Wm. Shutter A Co *s Dry Goods Store, No. 39 Penn av.. betweed 7th and 8th sts de 18 3t TO SUTLERS-Wanted, the Sutlership of a Reeim-nt in the service, bv a competent merchant with the neoessary means ; for which a moderate Donii* will h? paid. Address "Sutler." at the office of this paper. de 17-1V WANTED-A SITUATION as bookkeeper or ?V salesman, by a gentleman of 20 years' experience, with first olsss relerecce ; compensation ?t th? /ti?nr?tinn fif !h? dmoiover. on a trial. For tn interview addrrsi" A. 6 Bo* I < Star Office. de 13 lm* LOST AND FOUND. ? fr RE WARD.?Strayed &tst. on Wednesday, VP" the >8tb inst., from Vano?r werken's e\ table. in OooAftovn. a MARK, 5 years old ; bad on Milter. The above rewa'd?^-?. will be pail for her return to the above named table, or to IJ GKIKR, Botcher de*o-3t* pAME TO THK SUBSCRIBER, a imali red Vy COW .with a white face, on the l?-h^^?^| imtant. The owner i* requeued to oall,VU^ prove property, pay expenses. and tik?JUL her away; otherwise she will be sold, a^oording to law. JOHN BALL, de g) 3t* Back of 6 st? near Uaa Houte. LOST?Tue'fla*, the 17th instant a black and tan TERRIER JJOG, tail and Cropped?latter poor y ; when lost, bad *-3 j_ leather collar &round his neok. A suita- " bie reward will be given if lelt at No. 466 P nn. avenue, near i}j at. it* REWARD.?R*n away from thetub*9 & I ) seriber on the 15th init..THKKK -wm NEGRO BOYS?Billy Bond, Herry Chap? ?? *' - A. *? l 1 _ J IT wH man ai a r?n-iy uarpenier miiiy ?n<i nenri are about 4 feet 4 Indies }iigf>; 14 jears old; JL dressed io drab 8illy is copper eo'or Henry bl'k. Notty is under 4 fi copper color; 2res%ed in drab Also on theT'h of September, two Negro Men?Henry Shannon and Basil Carpent?r?both black; B'.ll* v?ry black; Basil u about 5 feet 4 inches; Billy S feet 6 or 8 inches; has a lump behird the right e*r; o oth various; each about 28 yoars old. And also on the 8th of Ootober. two Neg o Men-Babtist Carpenter and George Chapman. Baptist yellow, and is abont 22 years old; fi ^et 4 inches, fteorce aged 18, abont & feet 8 inches; olothipg Tftlous. For the fiat name*1. Billy, Henry and SBy, l will give 925 each and ior the other four 9 50 Ftoii. delivered to me in Piecataway Md. da 20-2 w* O. N. OR v AND. fi>t> Z REWARD.?STOLEN?Between 6 and 8 'J o'clock of the evening of Decern-fa*, ber 13. from the oorner of 6th street and ::,T* Fa. avenue, one bay HORSE, about 15H^^X hands high; feet on near side white to ank e joint; had on military saddle and equipments, with the figures 56 on ?addle cloth The above reward will he paid ior the return of said horse to Co'. C. H. VAN WVCK, d? 19-tf RE WARD.-Lost, on Wednesday of last week, in the ladies' gallery of the Senate . LMTi'U LI' U /"> a DL* 1. ? .i?K Klna v/uaui uni, r i i vvii run v,ai l, iiuou wiiu uiuv blaok silk. The finder will receive the above reward and the thanks of the owner by leaving it at 158 6 treat, between 20th and 3lst. de 18 8t* fifcQ REWA RD.?Lost, ou Thursday last, on tm New York avenue, between9th and 10 h tts., a mourning hair BREASTPIN set with pears. The above reward will he paid to the finder on leaving the sam? at this office, or at No 318 ? street, between flth aud 9th. de 18 St* STRAYED OR 8TOl.EN-On Monday last, fiom my Stable, in the alley on 13th srv street, between U and D, a medium sized blsok HORSE, with short ta 1: and lnmp^2^under his throat A liberal reward will be paid for his return or for information concerning his whereabout*. J O'LEARY, No. 32S, adjofoint Star Offioe. de 18 ?t* W | k?i-r ? kL'i BIMU m ~ A . DilV UL'in a wuau su u n r va'uija v L< SEAL, attached to aring, withoorne^lianaet. ?5 reward will be fives to whoever returna the artiolea to this office. de 2 tf FOB 8ALE AND RENT. ^TORE FOR RENT?The groand floor of a 0 largedwellmc-hoaaeon King atrset, Alexandria ; wou'd make a first rate store for any kind of buaineas. Address "Chance," Star Offioe. da 80-St* f ?. LX)R SALE?A permanent lease upon a small 1 BUILDING- with two roonM upon a prominent street, would suit admirably for a Barber shop, or Segar store. AUo, the lease upon a Frame SfABLE. oould be irade to hold four houses, besides leaving room for storage. Address "Lease,' Star Offiee. de ?-?? FOR SALE?A new BAKERY, with all the fixtur e. Apply to Mr. C. FIN KM * N, 253 Pa. ? venue. de 19-2t* ffOR RENT?Twoiarge ROOMS communica ting on first floor, w th gas; wirhin S minutes walk ot the v\ ar Department; furnished or unfurnished: with or without board. 344 G street. de It at* a> OK RENT OR SALE?One two-story Frame * HOUSE, on corner 10th ud O streets west, and one two-rtory Brick UOUcE. with pressbuck front,with back building and sUb.a, lith street, te;ween O ana P. loqaire on tha premises, No ?S6 __ da? 8t? A WELL-FURNISHED HOUSE IN THR west eiid of thooit* for rent; or ?avar?| Room may be had, attber with or withoa: Board. Inqaira at Mth atreot, f rat hoaaa north of Ptnn. avenaa. No ona need apply anlass willing to par a liberal price and 10 giva good rawranoaa. da U M* Furnished Pill LOR ANDCHAMBERSA auita of lM airy R ooma, handsomely FaraisbeH;iL tha vary Itest loca lly in Waahiocton, may b? I ad daring tka stsion on favorable term*, by a*%:)inc on tha premises. No. F st-a-t a tit. (totwean 6th sad 7th straata wait, iiua^diately oppositf tjkS resideao# oi tha Attorney Gea? nO, ^ de jm ???? ? " FOB Til. HOLIDAYS. JOHNSON * NAGLE, IV*. 299 PENNSYLVANIA AYINCE, Brtwrra Ninth Tenth Street*. WASHINGTON, AMD No 10 Royal Street, near HU|, ALEXANDRIA, Invite tbe attention of F amlllea and Dm Vera to tbeir large and well aaoortod Stock of x Fine Groceries, Wine*, Liquors, Cordials, Began, etc. Conalatlng In part of? CHAMPAGNES Piper Heidaick In quart* and pint*. + I G H. Mumm ft Co do. do . Bollinger ft Co. do. do. Royal Grape do. do. De Courcey ft Co. do. do. Carter ft Co. do. do. Cha- RWrrt ft Co. do. do. CLARETS Chateau PoqJmui. Chateau La Rom 0o. La Fltte. St. Eitepha. St. EtnlUon. A St. Jalien Medor. HOCK WINES. Deldeahelmer Hockhelmer, Ltebfraumllch Ruedeshelmer, Scharlachberger, Schloaaberger, Johanniaberger, marcoDrunner DRY and 9WEET CATAWBA. * IRISH, SCOTCH, and MONONGAHELA WHISKIES, of all klnda. LONDON DOCK, HUNGARIAN, and BURGUNDY PORT. DARK and PALE SRERRY, OLD RESERVE and MALMSEY MAUE1RA. SWAN, PALM TREE, and IMPERIAL EAGLE GIN, HENNESSEY, OTARD DUPLY * CO., PINET CASTILLON A CO., COGNAC BRANDIES. JAMAICA and ST. CROI* RUM, BATAVIA ARRAC, BLACKBERRY, CHERRY, and RASPBERRY BRANDY, GINGER,RASPBERRY,BLACKBERRY and CURRANT WINE, CORDIALS of every kind ? CURACOA ANISETTE, ABSINTHE. AROMATIC STOMACH BITTERS, SCHIEDAM SCHNAPPS, LONDON BROWN STOUT, YORKSHIRE AND SCOTCH ALK, ARRAC, RUM, 8COTCH WHISKEY, CLARET, TOM AND JERRY, PUNCH EXTRACTS, IMPORTED ir BfcLlfcKS WATER HAVANA and DOMESTIC BEGARS of choice brand*. SMOKING and CHEWING TOBACCO of all description. DEMIJOHNS and FLASKS of all alzes. FRESH MEATS. POULTRY and GAMF. in tin jan liter*. Kreth VEGETABLES of every kind in cans. 4 FISH do do ' FRU1T8 do " do FRENCH, ENGLISH and DOMESTIC PRESERVES and JELLIES In glaee of eTery alze. Frfnfh BRANDY FRUITSofwry deecrlptlOB. F1G8, DATES, * RAISINS, ORANGES, LEMONS, . ATMORE'S MINCED MEAT la Jan. ?Creese k. Black weli'e world-renowned PickIn, Preeervesand Saneea. Oyster, Walnut ud T?to CATSUPS. Anchovies, Sardine* ud Bologna 8*oaagea # Fine HAM And CHEESE French Matted, Carrto, C?y?>ii, Pippw, Splc??, Bait, kc. Chocolate ud Own Prop*, Am trmh Oudlet, A.c 1ET Aa wrly ?nll to m? mp*etfnUy w>)Mt?4 * * 17-4*1,if ' ! SECOND EDITION. THREE O'CLOCK., r. H. OUR NIUTARY~bUDGBT~ iiiiru?KSLKAtir TW In Mr MIbm, CtapU'a cf tb? Mai* Second, made a prisoner at Bail Kaa, laachaf Norfolk and Fortran Monroe Hiwm r?l??d on flTlag a plrdga that be would macaw (to rrleaae la return, of the Re*. Mr North, now la Port Warrea, who was made a prisoner la C?l. Geary'a afhlr, back cf Hi per "a Ferry, It will to remembered, In the eo *a* of the day Mr Mlaaa obtained from the autfcorttle* bere tbe requisite order for the raleaae of Mr North.aad to-day proceed* to Boeton with It Mr Mine* brought pe'hapa a thousand open letters from our unfortunate prisoner* la Richmond; among them Integrating lrttrr* which wa will publish, the aaggeetioaaatf which, wa tab* It *?? win vr piuuipuy ovrm w o? Ccngreaa WATT TilD The Pnaey arrived from Indian Head iaat night, and reports tbat night before Iaat Um ataainer Reliance ran the blockade, having la tow tbe acbr Anna B Hava, which veaael took la aavaral heavy gun* and a quantity of ammunition at thi* yard few day* atneo Twenty-eight abota were grot, at the veeaela by the Corfederatea. but H la net yet known if either the eteamer or acboonar waa atrurk To the men on the Pu*er the iaat twr o: three abota Ired xeemrd to proceed ftooi tie middle of the river, and the Inference dnw:. either tbat the Pn^e Lad run out to try bat gun* on the paaaing veoaels, or that I be Rallaano bad returned the Are of ?be batten re The Mount Washington baa gone down tr tfec Penaacola to-day, and the only reeaele at tha yard are the ateamera Balt.iiK.rr and King PhlUp and tha tot Puaey iSuTHII W LAG r a KNTATSOV. Colore are to be preaented to-morrow at Mall * Hill to the Pennsylvauta regiment* caaamaai*' by Cola McLane and 3am'1 Black (formerly Ooe ernor of Nebraska) by Hons Senator Crwta, Speaker Grow and H. B Wright Tbere will be a review of the whole division (Pits John Far* tor's) by Gen McClellan, and a sham flght on tly occasion. Apfoistib ? John Melga, Esq , of NnahTiU., Tenn., late Librarian of the Taeniaee? Lnflala* tare, has been appointed to a Sl<40tt per an Bum clerkship in the Poet Office Department, In plnoe of . Van Bussum, removed. PmoxiL ?Brig.Gen. Schonck, U. 8 A ,Utt tbe WlUard Hotel. osTernoriaofioi, or maiana, > ? Brown 1 THE LATEST BY TELEGRAPH FROM FORTRESS MONROE. NEWS FROM CONFEDERATE SOURCES. EXULTATION OF THE CONFEDS AT THE NVWS FROM ENGLAND Baltimobs, Dec 20 ?Tbe for treks Monro* boat this morning brings the following : F&kt&kss Murioi, Dec. 19?Evening ?Tba flag of truce brought back the Norfolk L??'- Book. There 1* but little Lew* I extracftbe following Charleston, Dec. 18?The Mercury this morning says the FederalU'i now occupy Beaufort, Port Royal Island, with a fore* auppoaed to be 5,000 strong. They have erected a battery near Port Royal Ferry of 19 pound pirot gun*, and are throwing up entrench wenta <*u Port Royal ialand It is reported that a Federal launch wa? fired into by some of our taoopa, and aeven Yankee killed Gen Kvan? arrived yesterday. The English newi gives great joy la Charleston . A dlapatch from Nashville aaya that Ruaecra- ? la expected aoon at Cincinnati, ffom W<-?t?rn Vu? glnia Tbe Gazette ia informed that twenty-eight Federal aoldiera lately entered Zollicoffer'a Unas, stating that after reading Llr.roln'e meaaage they "oaia no longer ur? u. . ..i were ready to flifbt the abolition tvraoy Savannah, Dec 18.?N^lng heard from tha atone fi^et. A part of tbe Port Royal expedition baa aalled South. Tbe Day Book reports an on dit thU C. D. Adami demanded bla passports on t!i? announcement of tbe Queen's proclamation. Tbe Day Book'a ilat of contributions for the Charleston sufferers foot# up 81,638 SO. Vie* President Stevens' health is much improved Pore her Miles continues very ill. Mr Faulkner arrived at Norfolk yesterday and will proceed to Richmond to-morrow. The 'ieorge Peabodjr arrived here from Hatt*rai thla morning. _j THL WAR IS KE^rirKY The I nionArmy In Mu.nn-TheTmmnn* ans lead the 'islus. Cincinnati, Dec. 19.?The Frankfort dispatch to the Commercial say : Advices from Somerset state that yesterday morning at daylight Gen Schoepff with all his force marched out to attack the Rebels. Geo. Zolllcoffer la In position on Fishing Creek, with six thousand men and some artillery. Gen. SchoeptTs foice consists of two fe.insss's regiments. Ho<tkins' Kentucky resiment: and tbe Seventeenth, Thirty-first, Thirty.flfth snd Thirtyeight Ohio regiment, snd Stanhart's Ohio and Hewitt's Kentucky batteries of ten guns, foor of which are rifled and four smooth-bore, and two Parrott guns. Zolllcoffer has no wagous on this aide of tl>? river, and but Indifferent means of crossing. Gen Scboepff was confident of whipping him. with some hope of capturing most of his men The Tennesseans lead tbe column It Is probfbit that a battle took place yesterday or to-day The SftrnlMiit Sappartiag the Refagee* St . Loins, Dew 19 ? The r.amea of about thre* hundred Secessionists have been enrolled at ?fc? Provost Marshal-(<enrrr!'s office, upon whom contribution will be levied uod*r Gen Hsllock General Order No. 31, for the beneft of t'j? Sooth western refugee* About al?tv of tbe muHjwmS nentof these parties will be called upon to-morrow for th*. lumi aet oppoatte their namrl. varying from MM to foar hundred dollars; and the balance be notified as the exigencies may require. CONGRESSIONAL. XUTIItk CO?IGRm-Sfcs>4 Seaalea Fudat. December 80. S15ati ?Mr Wlleon reported from the Com mlttee on Military Aititi, me nouae i?ini re*olutlona In regard to the death of Gen. Nanaaie^* Lyon, when Mesara Pomerov, Ten Eyek. and Dtzon delivered eulogies upon that dead aacr. The aald re?oluti?n waa then paaaed The Senate bill to oreveat the aale of In toil eating liquor* to ?oldl;ra, waa then pawl Hor*??Resolution* Instructing the Cob ml? tee on Military Affalra to examine and report what leg (elation la neceeaarr to enable volunteer o?oerauo draw pay from the data of their nocrptance. to loqalre into tbe expediency ef amadlag tba net af last aeaaion la relation te amT chaplain* so as to Include chaplains af all religion# denos 1 nation*, and to ftx tbalr aalary at MOO, and of establishing n post hospital aa tbe aoatbern border of Indiana?were adopted Mr. Julian oflared a reselntioa lasbaettay U* umaiw* m m jwkiij w - ? mead lag tbo Fagttioe B lava law inapirt In 1890, M to prohibit tfea otptort and ratara of fu?ltioa alavea uatll aatlafkctory evidence al tbe loyalty of fee clal maat la pradoead; adapted LA TB LOCAL NEWS Auitu or tii Fiaar Vaanoirt Catuit Thla flaa ragiMt of cavalry arrived la tkU eth yaoterday, after a todlooa pa?af i af three daya from Naw York, aad ara temporarily aacaenei aaar tba railroad, about oae mtla from the paa aeager depot la tbla city TW imfaal mum of 1,090 men, with 1,100 boaatlfal Margaa boron Eeary com paa y Is campaaed af paafcad ana, aad <1mcm4mto*rf*ti*lrk' mrtamt Is jml vm4 mIj wllfc tea mtoe.Wi wTu mm NMlw tMr tell qMk Am te te*OTMMt TMr ptrntKit Hm?>i to Mt prt fixed itoa. The 1*14 *a4 ikff of tee wgjiwt ere m MImn : CoiMMl. teweel Fla^jUtout Colonel, George B LUm; ?Ml*r M^r, Win D Cetllae, J an tor Major, Joke 0 Befltf; ??f( H, OMTgt 0 U*le, AaMut (MM, f O M Kami Adjateet, E4??r pttM; Qwrt-t. *m* h.m'imI SaamJjT.'h"U twaeiMiiWr.A Mil Pt4>> ,i . :V * >. % ? * ?. * r ** , ^ \

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