Newspaper of Evening Star, December 20, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 20, 1861 Page 4
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?i ll ' II! . THE EVENT NO STAR117* We clip fmm tbe New York Kvenlm* Pant national tymn by our tovnimu, Francis Dr Janvier, wbo emld the confua'on occaal^ned by the prince of a grand wmy, an4.***n with* arnwi VI me |IM OI IQQ mvlDJT, 11 IU|10IIR| tkauktgl vlng la truly number*. Ltn Ds? I. Glory to ?r?H ! We hnmbly bend In gr&Wnl adoration ; And mingled f-ay-r and pralae attend? Tbmnk-kf ivlnr from a nation ! * il. Glory to God, who brought our a!rrt Aeroaa the tra?-klen neenn. To kindle here the altar Area Of national devotion' in." Otory to God, through whom we roee To trample on oppression? W ho led u?, over filled foes. To Freedom's felr possession' wQlory to God. for loetertnit care. Parental love transcending ; Fer gifts and goodness everywhere, Unmerited?unending ' v. Glory to God : For boundless grw*, e offer our oMatinns': Oh. be oar land His dwelling-place Through eudle** wrfperatlont Washington, D C , November 25, 1661 Oyster Shell Limp. Every oyster shell is worth several kernels jrafn, and if properly managed it can be miue 10 jieia us vaiue. mere u scarcely a illage wi'hin two hundred miles of the sea"board without iu regular supply of these fa vorite bivalves, and in the course of a year there is u large accumulation of shells. These may, in most instance* he had fur the asking , the keeper of the s itoon is glad to be xia of them. Farmer* living near village* should secure the privilege of carting thern way during the winter, to be reduced to lime for hume u^e A kiln is nut necessary to burn them Make a pile of any rough fuel, such as stump*. old r*ot*. brash, peat, turf. Ac., eight or ten feet square and three feet high. Ot> this spread - ?y abi ut fifty barrels of ayster sheila, and cover with a layer of aombnstiblea about a foot thick. Bank up the and cover the top with sod?,? Fire the heap an the windward fide, and when the whole ii burned, there will be left a lari<e amoant of vala?^'e material to be used for top-drQ3sing, or bertcr to mix with the muck heap In some pla-ea the oj??er sheila are eru^he-i or ground, like bone*, in a mill made for the pnrpoao. Barring them ia. in otfr opinion, abcut ai go*! as grinding?/t ft cultural t. |MFORlANT TO MILITARY MEN ! Arm' R??ii!?tio:i Ha'*. MoCieUan Fat: me Cape, Cnaateura de Pari* Caps. Staff Caps mv!e t<? order, with aspropriats ue viooe. B. U. 8TINEMETZ. 436 Pit. aversue, near corner ldth ?t-. Between Wizards' ana K.rhvocda' H?<t*!aIT^ A fAnflv fnr f- u??! .? w ??? =? vwi v t%y 11 a vri? Uft kiiolT recommended for rue u?e of oar rank %ud file by Lieut Son. WioJieId Scott. de ?l-lm PA98KN6t*t TRAINS TO AND FROM HALT MORE. # WIXTEK SCHEDULE. SPECIAL NOTICE TO TRAVELERS On and after Monday, Dfosmber 9, IN!. PM cziir Trxr* etwees WASHINGTON aiid Baltimore wri ran &Bfo?:ows: ijmu* i nv no htm. Morn."* hirjrt!! leave \\ aahic^ton 6 0> A. M. Ari*vr su oAlumoro 7j0 a. * ; Ptuiaceipn'-a p.m.; Nev \ ork 4 f. Harrnt trf 1.1 J p. K. Monmi a;>cc.t-.n5o?l%tica leave Wwh'titon 7.40 a m. Arrive at Uaiuiuorc sjo a. n. No ooaceo tion ? u atin:o-e. New York Mr;: Tr*ia? !mt? Wftah'ujton at 11 i. arrive at Baltimore 12.40 p. Fml?deipal& 7?p New Vork 10 p. m. Aflart&or. AeocrcmoJaHon?t**ve Washington P. a. Arrive at L'VUrsore 4 50 p. x.; Philadelphia 10 ? p. m. # K?"nui* Expreea?leave WaaHincton ' * * Amve a: Baltimore &<5 p. m.; Pauadelphia 10.48 p.m.; new Yurk 4 ?. *.: h vrisburj 1a.*. On Snn?*ay? at 3?6 ard 5 p m. only. 'I m 5 f. x. tr?in from V> uliint'oo oonnecta tUroutH U> New York ererv da? dntinc tin ?e?k TH J MS MOWIIfB SOUTH. I/MLT* fir* \ or* * ?. " * r*-Uj?*oiri?i? n.?? *. x.. tJailiicore 1 > r u Ainrm at Waihlnctoafi? M. LMTt New Yo0 at b r. i?m Philadelphia lojft r h; EaiCmore 4 3Ti. u. Am re at Waanincton 12" ?#,"<?? YortMl' r. v.; Philadelphia ?1 4.x; Baltimore 7 35 a.m. A_rrlT? at Waahicfton [b a. x. AooonanMauoc TraiM leer# Baitimoro at t ^x.. aodlrx .for Waafeiactfca, arrive there at a. ? ud 7 r. x. On !>uta??< at 4 an<1 7-45 a. x only. Paaseiiger Trains teaviuz waaaJiuEiun at 7 ?> a. x. aud a.'* !?.*.. and Baltimore at7J*a. x aaJ no ?. , mats direct oonneolioas for Annapolis at the ^ Vra;n? ea*e AntaeoUs for Baltimore and Wasting too at ISO a. x. ar d S 40 r. a W?|4t Trains leaving \s a?h!ujton at 8.00 a. 11 a. m . a '0 5 ?. x.. and Ba't.more at 4J> and 7-35 A. X . and s-ii' P. X . will St09 only*i Annarohs Jwntt??? And Waskintfn (Relay) Junction . Wat pM?fi4?r? inu?t take the 4ceommorf<itt<m IVatai only Truii will o_i? ? ... . VV. . w TT IMUIUKWH OUU DAli IUW r O jvmrp<>v rartf time. W. P. SMITH, da 17 Muter of Tr&aaportation, But. TRIESEMAR. Pro*?cf.d by Royal L'tters Patent of Englnn-l, ami t'enrtd ijr the Seal* of Ik* EeoU dt Pkarmarte it* P ins, and tkt Imperial Colleg' of AftJicimt, Vi'HAa. TRIKSHMAR No I la th# fffriwHr for Relaxation, *> k*watokehcka and KiHiUnrius on the TKIWKMAR Mo V, Completely &nd antirr1? enuhcataa all trao??nf unm ouorceri, I or Uopvvae&U tut^U Mra |t>i.e.eW b<*?njhiu<ht au au'iJu'6, to the ruia or tha bea.!hof ivw portion v-f the popuia TRIKBKMAR No 3. la the great ai d sur? of la* civilised w>rld lore, imiurtUM of tii* ayatem.aa wail aa leoond*T) aymp cin>, obviating the deetruotive uae of Marowry.a w-U ea other d-*let"riou? iu*"*dieita, and which all the Sa'aeperi!l? iu tue wo'ld miot ram va laisxtx a Noa 1. 2 ?l<! 3 ar? alike <Je id of teate or ame !. %rd ot el nauseating <aa ifiee. They are in tne f ?rin of a lose, f, ana may We on th? taoie without their uae being auain tin oasoe at #3 each, o' fear 4*oa?ea in one So' S),\u i in $.7 oea-a. thua aaving $4. aa admi i-te ?o t>y Va.prau, La '.emend. Kuux. 4<j., Fa. Wh<> ?aa.e ard retail by 1?R. H. A. B\KNoW. 1^4 HlMeker atreet. <4 <ioora from MaoOougel atr&ctj. York. Iminecie'e.y our?eelbt of remittanoe, l?r. HassuW will forward Trfoaenar t-> any rart of the word, pecure.y packed.aed ed<lie*aert eooording to the ingestions of Uie w ivr. P>.l>li?h*<i eisa by Lit HARROW.tMt popular and btautifui'v il uttrated medical wo k, Human rn i). rnoguooiiU. l 'Hse?Ar t d H??t r?n be obtained by ap-otalauthority from:*. C. FORD, 'Wwbicgt^D, 1). de 12-3m THE SUBSCRIBERS be< ;eare to tn'orui their patron* and the paUio generally of beiD? amp ? aoppued witn a ?u?-".or aUok of^H FALL, and WINTER GOODS. They aleo reapeotfm y invite attention of tu their Army and^iavy eutto inert, and thote^"^" ^ r^ainui oatfite in mat line, to their superior auaiitiee uf 8 word t, Epaaieta. Shou der Str?a? Beita, Chateau a. Halt, Caps lathee, and Go'd Laaee, ?oe*t*ctly on hand, which are warranted aa repre Mintrii Wk.!M tendering thacka for the liberal patronage ecjvyad.tbey wiii endeavor to merit aoonuawooe. V. I. UEIBEKGER k. CO, fgaooaatort to H. P. Load>>n tt Co,) CITIZEN, MiUTARYHAVAL TAILORS, ^ reaneyivaaia Anua . boxa? t>roa?4o.i*r. Grmr, r*d or tesai nair eta b? MM(M ia I few moodUs to ft i-t bi&ok or Hi.r Dy*, th# Ixwt ?ud hoapMt it th? vor*4. lroUnoinj, ta? moment 5#WW I Affi^iJvK i?vTrrMtKl to oootain 1 ftr'Hajrf Pk >W. ??*-*0<T rpu MILITARY OPFICKRS AND OTHERS. SAJrH^^fijSjS^yC7.VA_ hair dyk. TV? 0*4* rtivuu m4 fjirmhti Ha ti I>n Imm. N^lja^^iatfewar ?'*? '? Htir Mors, Mt Vtan'i ???* . vkwt I ?<i?i Mv?Matf4*ad, if dMtrW. Facior^-Bl B*rweTeL<S8>? li roadway > N. Y. CN*OWfl?Jt, For ult at nui>jtir?ri |r o^bf_ JOH^JT BOSFb. fl?fcayro^i, P C,, yw?? finnMH r?ATA W HA ORA.FK*! _ I ^C*T?WB * ?RAPES!? ^Hg?0?t?wti? Gni??* ^ exoai ?>t 0;4*t bad ? rj Ml. ^'1 ' e*r??r '^iP^ s^J; Vtrmonthy 9 I + "T -.r. 1| ' I m SICK AND WOCNDKD lOLDIXM IH HOSPITAL Pnkktktd in eon formaf with ?*? niiteitM / t*< Sfnnu tf July 10, 1861 At Stminnry fforrimJ, (feorftttm, D*r. 13 ad U. J5. Inf>ntr? l?|7th Penn Volunteer!. 4 3th do Cavalry..,.. 1 9th do do...... 9 M Maine Volunteer*.. 1 iWth do do t Td Vwrnoot Volanterra I T5?h do do 1 9th do do.... 9 .16th do do ?.. I ffth MaaaachuartaVol.. 1 ltd do . do 1 lat Hbod* Island Art. 3 45th do do...*., 3 4th do do.. I sad do do 3 Sth Connecticut Vol.. 4 104thdo do...... a 2d New York Vol (?) 1 lit do Artillery... 4 13th do do.... I lat do RI flea 1 I5'h do do.... 1 ad do Cavalry.... 1 17th do do....If,4th do do a 'il?t do do. (6) 1 3th do do 1 'JSd do do-... 1 11th do do...... 4 I'th do do.... 1 lat do Reerrve.... 1 33d do do.... 1 4th do do i 32# do do.... 1 6th do do...ftf) 1 57th do do.... 1 12th do do 1 5?th do do.... 9 Ut Michigan Vol 1 tMd do do.... 1 Ith do do...... 1 79th do do.... 1 2d Wisconsin Vol.... I SdN. York Cavalry (e) 2 5th do do.... 8 9th do do 1 (Kb do do....18 Van Allen Cavalry ... 1 KxceUlor Brigade.... '2 OoeidaConntvCavairy 1 ?? let Pena.Volunteer*.. S Total 144 5th do do.* ? 4 f?) One officer. (ft) One officer (c) One officer, (if ) One officer * At General Hotpital, Union Hottl, torn-r Bridge tutd Wntkmticm Hrttit. G*or*ttou>n. D?r. 13. 14th New YorkVc!.... 3f3d VcrmontVolunteert 3 nth do do ? 5th do do.... 1 IPth do do 1 1th Rhode Island Vol. 1 Itfth do do...... 2 5th Connecticut Vol.. l 22d do do 1 5th New Jersey Vol... * 2.5th do do 1 *th do do.... 1 ' ivtb do do.....* 2 l?t Michigan Vol I 53d do do '2 2d do do 6 Wh do do 1 3d do do 1 37th do do...... 114th do do...... 2 13d do do...... 4 2d\Vl?conaindo 2 44'h do do 215th do do 2 45th do do 11 lit Minnesota do 1 .YfJth fin fin fi lit Piilifnrnl* fin . 9 52d do do 1,1st Excelsior Brigade. 3 5ltb do dn 1 3d do do.... 5 5*th do do....,, ? 4th do do.... 1 Tyth do do 11Ut Maryland Vol..... 1 "3tb do 'do...... 111st Indiana Rifles 1 id Penn Volunteers . 1 Stockton 'a Mich Vol. 2 1th do do 1 Qaribaidi Guards 1 8'h do do 1 De Kalb 1 7th do do 1 New York Mounted ~th do do...... 1 Rifles 1 12'h do do a 2d Penn. Cavalry .... 1 23d do do I 3d do do 1 2Mb do do I 7tb NewVork Cavalry. 1 27th do do 1 Cameron Dragoons... 2 #ith do do 1 Harris' Light Cavalry I Iftfh t\ () iln O I at Ki hnil^ f alnnsi 1 rt 1 I ? s j ??* ??uvw **? 1 * With do do 2:2d U. 9. Artillery 1 4"?th do do...... 3,1th do do I l?5th do do...... 2 jtb do do 1 104tb do do I, Mott'g Battery 1 .id Maine Volnnteera . 2 I?t New Jer?ev Art ... 1 3d NewHampahtreVol 2 id Vermont Volunteer* 2! Total ilt? At Htrpitml at Colwmfiuin OolUgt, Warktngttm, Dtt. 13. 4th U 9. Cavalry 1 2d Berdan ^Larpa'rs.. 1 2d Ms!seVoiur.teer?.. 3 lit New J eney Cavalry 3 5th do do 1 M do Vol.... 1 <Hh do do 1 3d do do.... I 11th do do 5 ?'th do do.... 1 <?d Vermont Volunteers 27iu do do.... 1 5th do do.... 5! I at Peua. Artillery.... .1 Kith MaasachuaettaVol ljlat do Cava'ry ;; 14th do do. i. {tii do do I Rhode lalaud Battery. 'J Harlan'a Cavalry I I at Lout; Island Vol .. rial Pmu Voluntetra.. 3 Hamilton Artillery... J 3d do do 11 tat New York Cavalry . 1 4th do do 1 7th do do.... ijtith do do...... 2 bth do do.... 7i!2th do do 1 Harris Cavairv 2 13th do da i MtcNVwYork Vol.... 1 23d do do 2 l?th do do 12 27th do do 3 22d do do...*.. 1 31st d? do 1 ild do do I 52d do do....4lk) 3?Mh do do...... 1 s3d do do 2 37th do do 1 96th do do 2 lid do do 1 {Ohio Cavalry A 41th do do 3 ts? California Vol 2 54th do do 1 *?th Illinois Cavalry... 3 77th do do...(a) 4 ^turgla Rifle* 1 7ath do do...... 112d Wisconsin Vol... I -7th do do...... J.5th do <lo 1 89 h do do 7th do do.... 1 I Anderaon Zouavea... I 1st Minnesota Vol 1 tat Excelsior Brigade. 3 2d Michigan Vol 11 2d do do.... ti|3d do do...... <f De Kalb N. Y. Vol ... 1 4th do do 2 Lincoln Cavalry 1 9th do do 2 McClellan'aDragoona. 1 Stockton* MicJ? Vol. 1 Cameron Dragoona... 5 Oneida N V Oatnliy. ? Tulal,c?ctf?oa??l^' lat Berdan Sharps're.. 1! (a) Two offleers. A? Utntral ffutpxial, (Circle,) Vfntktngton, Drc.JJ. Odteera 21 Hth U M. Infantry.... 2 Eng)n?e?a. 2 lat D C. Voluuteera.. 1 tatU S Cavalry 'J; lat Michigan Vol I 4th do do 2 7th Maine Volunteer*. 1 9th do dn. 2 5th N . Hampshire Vol.lo 6th do do s{ 2d Vermont Volunteers 1 lat do ArttMery.... 1 2d New York Vol... 2 3d do do ll9?h do do.... 1 4th do do 1 24th do do.... 2 5th do do 2 Uth dn do.... U 4ftt do Infantry 2 59th do do.... 1 2d do do........ 5 tilat do do.... 1 lA Art J. u "J D ? ? ww. . w ?u i ruu, f uiuuirrr" . ) Ith do do 3,5th do do I fltu d't do 1 kju&rteriuMter'a Dep't 1 7 th do do II ? -th do do 3] Total 74 iitb do do l| At Fifth Diitritt Srioel Noun Hotpital, Branch ?/ Uttmral Hospital on ? strut, Die. 13. id Michigan Vol 1 104th PennaylvanlaVol '2 (at fexcelaior Brigade. 1 Kentucky Cavalry .... 1 ! 29th New \ ork Vol... 1 1th Penn. Cavalry .... 1 i 7th Maaaacbuaetta Vol. 1 Ohio Cavalry tunat). 1 | 10th do do.. 1 -2d U. 8. Cavalry...... 1 , I lid Vermont Volunt^ra 1 D. C. Volunteera 1 i 12'b PennavlvanlaVol. I ? { ?3d do do.. 1 Total IS i At St KUrnhttL I/....MI EV....?. o l r. ?_ .- ?-r"" "* AWtern ? i/t' t*mb*r 13. 4th Excelsior Brigade. 4 7th New Jersey Vol... I td d< do l.cth do* do.... 3 ; l?t do do st t'umma Rifles I j 53d Penn Volunteers.?) Brlrkel's Art B^tW. 3 s?h New York Vol ... 2 I at New York Artillery 3 Wih do do.... 1 Ut Penn Keaenre.... 1 35th Penn Volunteer*. 1 Oneida Cavalry 1 ; 5th Vermont do 8; 1th Penn. Cavalry.... I ; 59tuNew York Vol... V| Michigan Ind'tVol... 2 2id do do.... 4 t'ameron D'agoona... 1 3Ath Penn Volunteers. 4 Excelsior Art Battal. 3 57th New York Vol... 1 ? 59th Penn Volunteers. 1 Total... 73 Sick rtmaitung is Ike Hoipitnl for Eruptive j Dtieaset, at Kalorama. Ihe 13. : ! 2d L" S. Infantry .. l(lat P^nn. Artillery ... 1 5th do Cavalry 1 4lb do Cnvnlry.... 1 f\< b do do 2 1 at do Volunteera . 1 2d Maine Voluuteera.. 1 3th do do I 7th do do !? 36'h do do 1 lltb do do...... 1 Utb do do...... I '2d Vermont do 1:53d do do 3 . lat NewYork Artillery 5 5*2d do do I | 2d do Cavalry. H|ltMhdo do 5 t 7th d" do.... 11 lat MichiganCavairy . 3 ith do do ...1*2 3d da Vol 1 i 9th do do.... 3 Sto-ktorva Mich. Vol. 1 ! 56th New York Vol... f 7th NVlaconaln Vol.... 1 1 57th do * do,... 3 19th Indiana Vol...... A tflat do do.... I ? 87th do do.... 1 Total >1 At Indiana Hospital ( Patent OMce), Washington, D. C.t Doe 13. 19th Indiana Vol 55[11th Maine Volunteera 3 ao ao S'i?t Michigan Cavalry. t 19th do do 11 Baton's Empire Butler d?u Cavalry.. 3j I?J,N.Y 3 Md^eun Volunteer*, lo; 4th Rhode lalaod Vol. t nh NewYorkCanky 3> ? tat Berdan Sharper* . 5 Total ?..9l Id do do 11 At OnurtU Hotpifl, AUxan-lni, D*c 13 3d Mala* Volunteera. 6 Cameron Rifled *2 4th do do...;1.. 5 Lincoln Cavalry 1 5th do do...... 4 Jd Fire Zouavee 1 let Maeeaohnertfc Vol. I I at New Jeraey Vol.... 1 'id do do..24 5th do do.... 9. l*th do do.. 13 let N Jereey Artillery 1 R bode Ialand Artillery I 11th Penn Cavalry...17 5th Connecticut Vol ..*> Mtt Penn. Volunteer*. 1 5th Vermont Vol ivttth do do...... 4 (Kb NiW York Vol... 7 30ih do do 2 t?th do do....17 3ttd do do II 17th do do.... 7 334 do do IU?lh do <n i 11UI> 4. " 1Mb do do.... 10 4?tb do d4> 0 23<b do Ao.... S 6l?k do do * 'Jfttb do Ao.<?) Ao do 1 *7tb do do (6)13 MKb do do 3 *tth do do.... 8 *1 Michigan Vo?..(rf)14 3lat do It.... 4 3d Ao do II ?d do do.... 8 Sib Ao Ao T7th do Ao.... 5 *Z7tb Indiana Vol *7 Jbth do do.... 5 3d Wiaconsto Vol....11 4Utb do Ao.i?) 8 UftMlaitoaouVol 1 tfUt Ao Ao.... 1 4th U 9. Infeotry.... S Did do do.... 1 id do Artlllory.;.. I 6Vb do do ... 3 60!b dn do.... 1 Trtkl ...350 79*fc dti do.... i f?0-roTn~-r (MUfcf " J O > ..41c ipiwsan' ttr i ? i in ?i QOVERNMENT DISPATCH. PAST FBCI9HT LINK NEW V O R K A8HINGTON via HAMMI8MUHUH. A Pgnota* Mea>?accrwU! be aent through with eaoh Train, tn o^er fc> eaaa e aafety end diapatch. ALL RAIL. WITHOUT CHANGE OF CARS. on and altar MONDAY. N?v. 18th. thia Company will reoeiva and treoap'>rt Mnniliona of War. Bovernmoct Stores. Sutlera' ynppnen for the Army and all Miscellaneous Freight, at Low Rate*. WITHOUT BREAK or BCLK. Stueial Contracts for Good*, in Largt Qnantitus, at Hans. &I?^ Freight reoeived only at the D*pot of the ^tfral Railroad of New Jersey, Pier No.I, North irer. For further information, or speolal oontraots, enq air" at the Ojtcs of tkf Company, 49 Broadway, N. Y, Or 349 Pennsylvania av*? Washington City. irrMarlr 6ocxi?. "Uarr?rnment Dispatch.".fl] Freight received coa 8 a. m . to 3 p. m. A. D. HCfPK, mt Ik* Hope Express Co.. no 36-1 in Hu perlntendent. NOTICE. ** This Company offers to the publio" Unequalled Advantages" for the Sale ana Quick Dispatoh of Heavy Freight*. Packages, Valuable*, Money, 4.0. k.o., to all parts of the United States. Expresses to and from the North and West depart from and arrive to Washington twioe dally. All Expresses are in charge of ?xp*ritnc*d and rtltabU Messengers. All Packages for The SoMiera earned at "oni half our usual rates. All Goods for theto-oalled "Confederate States" and ail Artioies " Contraband of War" will be RtrcaKD. Our expresses leave New York at and P. V., arriving m Washington at 6 A. M- and *.30 P M. Expresses leave Philadelphia at 8J0 A. M. and II P. \1 .. ikrrivin* in Wmhinvtnn a t I l<i P VI -- - - -- -? ? - - - ?m ? " ?? *" *'*? w?M V ?L| fll? Expresses leave Ha.timore at 4 30 A. M. and 3 P. M.. arriving in Washington at 6 A.M. and 6an. P. Aft. ^ Expresses f>>r all points NorUi and West leave W ashincton at 7.3J A. M. and 2.30 P.M. daily. Special Contracts for large quantities of Freight oan be made oq application to this ' ?ffioe. All Goode cal'ed for and delivered Jru of Extra charges. E. W, PARSONS, Sup't Adams' Express Company. Washington, August 23. 1861. au23-tf JUST RECEIVED TEN BBL8. 8. HORINE'S ?up-rior i LD RYE WHI-KY, eight vears old. warranted. Alco. prime Monongaheia Whiskies for tale at 353 Pa avenue. l>v de 4 Jtawtf BROWNING A KEATING. J P. CARTER A ?-0. 2d St., Pa. art. W<iskinKt(m. Psoocn Health* and Commission Merchant*. Merohandme and Produce received on consignment *q<1 ?t.-.ra*e no IB eotm* O- Notice N And after tbfc let day of next Jannary ail persons indebted to the lata fi m of e e. whitx a. Co . are hereby rotibed that their accounts, not^s aud due Mils *i 1 be placed in the hands of my at on.oy for ooilmtion m: fcrsocs ?o in/eht*i de?lune to save oosta of law suits win have ta sett e prior toth* above specified time. tie S-3'aw?w E. E. WHITE. n. i. rKAAki.i.1, OPTICIAN TO TUB PHE SIUKNT ASD MIJLa l> \t t-m J r no iijn> I Djarro, U44 Penn'aav.,< no^th side,) b?t. 12th aud ISth ?U. SPECTACLES, provided with fetmice Rack Crista* or Perisoopio Lenses, mountei ingot J, e?'ver ?>r ate#! arid suited with utmost oare for ?jv6i j &se aiitl eyesight. FIRST d CU88 MILITARY FIELD-GLASSES. Mioroscupec. Compa*^*, and Mathemitiral In struraents. at ttie lowest Eastern fruxs. OOifcMr BILLIARDS! I | I CI The lovers 1 ^ of the GAME OF BILLIARDS will find in EM RICH'S FINE HALL. Corner o Pennsylvania ave&ue and 11th street, (south side.) two of the most admirable TABLES is me UOIWQ nuw>. WlUl MHf MMM MM oonrenlenoe tal t/ for the playera. WE OFFER TO MILITARY MEN a larjra aaeortmeutofGREYand BLUE FLANNEL OVER-SHIRTS. WHITE SHIRTS, DRAW^ B"B, OAS P HLANKKTi, H A.LF-U 08K. Ao.. wbiob we invite all cuh puroUaeera to examine before making Uieir aeleotiona. WALL. STEPHENS A CO., Pa. ? ., between 9th and 10th Ma. m B (lnt?llig?now and R?pnh'iofc,i.> W BOYS' CLOTHINO. E Have reoeived within the laat day or two a large aaaortment of BOYS' flUHRINO CLOTHING, embraoing all atylea of Mr-priced, medium, and fine qualities, whioh we are aftihtg a t very low erioee for oaeb. WALL, STEPHENS * CO.. Stfii Pa. av.. between 9th and 10th aia. nt) f Intelligwn^r md B??ohlioan.< N~~EW CLOAKS, NEW SHAWLS, AND ftew Dreaa (i<>oda, opened daiW. One price only, m&rk-a in p'?in figure*. Car?eta, Oilcloths, Ruga, Matting*, Cartai&a, Ac .upper floora. PERR\ A BROTHER, d*9 5t Pa av.. ant1 9th atr-et. T TO OFFICERS. m ? ? ?? ? - - ?? ? m. nc. uAiurAiu.> ?A Uunpiutsi^g Wnon on the Prussian principle, arranged tor sleep- <T\ lurortoaot u an Ambuianoe in case oI'L^n sioknees or wounds. with ample room for"***sior*sand provisions; lipht, water-proof, and perfectly new, haviuf been just ^uilt to order by one of the first makera in New York, ia offered for aale at coat price. A loo, a handsome,' strong, sound, dark-brown HOUSE, either for saddle or harness. Both mar t>e aeen o> application to JAMES BROWN, at Mr. Irvine's Stables, O?rooran's l.ane, behind the Cliaiu House, between 1 and H street* ?? arv I CASH NOTICE. N Consequecoe of onr having to pay cash for very article of foods we pnrohase. we are forced to reduoe oar business to Cash exclusively, for the present. W e have in store a very larte assort?er.t of READY-MADE CLOTHfNOfefer men and boys' wear, which are sellinc at a rMh lower rate inan nsnally. WALL, STEPHENS tc. CO.. .Idtt Pa. avenue, between ttb and loth at . 9 "nt?1 % P#n?t?K ? QUNBOATS vol TBI WESTERN RIVERS. moamtskjsasts* HUlliL'l IJTTIC*. I Wa?kimirt<m, Junt IT, 1861. S Pkoposalb are Invited for oonstruoting Gunboats upon the Western rivers Speoineationa will be immediately prepared and mar be examined at the Uu*r?erniaater'a Ofioe al Cinclnvi, Pit'aburgh, and at this office Proposals from boat bail'ers and engine-build er? alone will be oonaidered. Plans submitted by bidder* will be taken tuto consideration. M- C. MEIGS, )c 18 linarterinaater Qerera! I'm tod State Army gloves: ARMY GLOVES!! At the Giove Depot of

F. B HASTING'8 A CO . 3U3 D at .facing Pa- *v., r vVAiChKS. UOLD AND PILVKR ENGLISH. SWISS AND AMERICAN. 1 have now on hand a large (took of a'l the moat eelebrated Watohea, that 1 am seiiing at the verjkoweat prioes that cood and reliable time keepers oan be adorded at; and every ueaonption of j'KVVKLR > on hand;all new styles received as icon ai snihatariil. ajwt ni?? ?i?? ratee. Silver ware manufactured in mr own shop. All kinds of MILITARY goods? on hand,?uu& m Revolvers, Swords. Sasbes. Belts, Bowie Knives. Pocket Cobhwm, <Slo., fto. Also strong Arm? Trunks and Bed Combinen:?nd many other things nsetul sad ornamental at 33" Pennsylvania avenue. _ unSrv |/ H. A. HOOP History of thJuLSd iSSSierands, by Jobs Loth roe Motiev; S vat*; free b? mail, #4. Silas Marner, tbf Wsavtrr of Raveiol, by the author of^AdkinlMe r oioth Tfcoenls; payer to acnti. Life aad Oareer at Major-Andre, by Win troy Sergeant; ttJa. After loebergs with a Painter.a *umir.w Voyage to Labrador and Newfoundland; by Rev Lomls L. Npbe: fl3>. The Manufacture of PbotoeeoM or Hydro-Carbon Oils, by Thomas Antisoll, M. #1.71. Any of the abovjlroe by nail. KKKNCH it RfCHOTKCN. M M ^ 8T? PoiinA. /'OMfc ONfc. AND ALL. To the Peoyle'a V> Clothing Store. No. 46ft 7th itreot. ana get your b ch?]? kt Mtonithiar low prioM. <! il-lm (Rm) ___ QMriihMitir Bmmmft OA**, { Wmtkmttott Citf. JnJylS, 1881.4 ru>i AAB SraeiriCATiom for hwlla of fcin Bo?u tor tne Weotarn riwora ?re on exhibition at p?c*,j?nd at offioei of QwArtoraiMtorw M b. T^.iyfsasS^ss^^pr" t* If Bri?. g?11 M< Ql>rt?rmirt>f Wl. fMHMBB, OOLM. H9A1UNBM. JBSWSWVSLIS4fi?w b??i *o l.mtf knownnul gud that moat past? irs&rte 2'?J??S: Untie ? . X # w 4 \ QEOgPETOWN ADVKRTMT3 MA98?folJisLPH/j'SSDtiHT ALB. We h**e ju?t received^ nwflj of the above Aie. itnh tre recommend to be of a Terr mpenor ? nality. Pernoas viehinc to p?rok?ee. oy jnaiic* mi mediate application, can be furnished. ARNY * 8H1NN. WT Georrtlowr. JUST KhOKlVJEl>? 10 hhds. vriia* Porto Jtioo SUGARS 1*> bh . Oid Rye WHISKY, So bbla. HKR RING ttd ALEWIVEfc <0 bbla. emitted and Refined SUGARS, 0 h&ci Rio and Java COFFEE, 10 hhd*.<low-j?noed) MOLASSES, Per eaJe by JOHN J. BOGUR. 1? GAS FITTING, Ac. AW? T. DOVE ? OO. RE Now prepared to exeoate any erdera vita wioti they may be favored in tbe PLVMBINtt, ?AS OS FITS INS ilt sure ob nr. nrtn,a lew aoora norU a n> WATER FIXTURES. ITtt-U I. ENYDE^L?M?ER AtrpOA8 FITTMB. E?i removed to the oornor of Twelfth act! P ita. He ie^ preftaredto introduce Water and &* agon uio m%j9\ uiTvr?ui? ivrmii AQ<I (ainnuM nnrv tfttlKf&otion* He has on hud a lot of COOKlNH and other STOVES, which he will seli i*ea than ?ost, as he wiahee to get rid of them. ? bo IT WO A 8 FIXTURES, E Hits m store, tod are dai y reoeiring, 9 AS FIXTURES of entirely New Patterns and Designs ?n<l Finish, superior m ?tris to anything heretofore effei d in thia market. We invite oitiiens genera! It to sail and examine oir stock of Gas ana Water Fix1 ires, feeling oonhoent that we have the best eeieoted stock .n Washing!* Ail Work in the afore line mtraeted to ear ear* will be promptly attended to. MYERS * MeOHAN. arg-tf ST* D street QfFIOE SEALER abiy to tlie proriaioni of the ordination of t!ie Corporation approved May IX. 1800, the ncderiigned tB now prepared, "whenever r?*\iirad In writing, and on p> o- parment c-f the fee of fifty o?nti, to inapeet. examine. teit, troTC, and ascertain the accuracy of regiatration oranr ga? meter in aae in thia oify." Kvery meter, iffoiud inooirect, will be oondernned and another, sealed and marked at true, will be et in i?s place. If proved to be aooi-a.'e in ita will be saalec acoo-dmgly. and again pit in position for mae. Ofloe No. flO Seventh atreet. (near Odd Kel. wa'Hali.) Open from! a. in., to i p. m. CHARLES W. CUNNINGHAM. ly U-tr Inspector and gealer of aa Meters. DENTISTRY. ^EVV AND IMPROVED INVENTION ARTIFICIAL CHEOPLASTl BONE TEETH. WlTflOBT MlTiL Pt?T*(II riJtM. OR. S. B 8I0E8MOND, 910 Broadway, W?ts York? #60 Ptnnsylrami-n A ?nw?, bttuten 12tk and ISrA st? , Washington, Calls the attention of the pnblio to the tallowing advantages of bis improved system : 1. The Teeth of hfa manuNctnre wli mtftmf never oorode nor ohange oolor by any^***"3 fcoids s-etu? three fnorthi lighter than any other. 2. No teeth or roots need be extracted, aa the acf.fioiai ones can be inserted over them. 9 The roou will be made inoffensive, an never o ache. 4. No temporary teMh are needed, as permanent ones oa>. be made immediately, thereby preserving nut'irml AT aaar cinn nf >Ka fa?? ?k. ??? ? ? vi *uw (WUVl W U1UU UUUOl the old bjBtem is frea>ient!? disfigured. t. This work haa been full? t?#ted over five yeari by many of the first ohemiata and physioians of this oountrr. Dr.haa also Invented a white undeatruotive metal fillinc, with whioh the most aenaitive teeth can be filled without pain, and oan build up a per (eot, aocnd tooth on any tide root*, whioh will last through lifetime. The beat of referenoea riven?to Dr. V. Mott: Dr. Doremu*, Profeaaor orCbenuatry. N. Hou. J udge Wayne, of the Supreme Court of Washington, and thouaarda of othera _CaH and examine for youraelf. no I 6m Mibcte" LOOM1B, M. D., the inventor and patentee efth* MINERAL PIRATE TEETH, at tenda personally at hia offloe .n tlaa oity.HaflBBs# Many persons oan wear theee teeth who^* it i" annot wear othera, and no person oan wear othera who oannot wear these. Poraona (tailing at my ofioecan be aooommoaated with any style and prioe of Teeth they may desire; bat to those wno are partionlar and wiah the pnreat, o eaneat, strongest, and moat perfeot denture that art oan produce, the MINERAL PLATE will be more fully warranted. Koome in this city?No. 3SS PB.?venie,betweee th aiid 10th sts. Also, 907 Aroh street, Phi Kiel tlia. * oo 1ft tf SOMETHING NEW ! /^\ gftf^jGaaaTUT Pi?coyimT At 981 C street, oppotit* tk$ Tktutr. OYSTERS STEAMED lc the Shell and Thoroughly Cooked (far superior to a roast) in (wo minutes, tkt /a*t4*t tim* on rteord. Call and see. The undersigned respectfully lnlorms his friends in the District, and visitors to the city, that he has refitted his old and will-known s?tablishm?\t in a most thorongh manner, and has made compete arrangements Ui furnish OYSTERS in any style and in any quantity. 400 to 300 ga Ions shacked per day. 2 000 to S (Ml n*.n? ftf ??' If?E rn th^.h-n^T0^' r?a??tiC&JLIy aialed. Furnished i? *"?irby the bushe or barrel. ^a7? forniahed retur j? ^ th? winter, %t B&itimors grinM without fear of failure. ?hon!d oali Md m*E? rangements at on?e Freight, time, and money aved by purchasing of me, as I famish an artiole 2ual to the oelebrated Baltimore establishments, prices just as low. TO BUTLERS. Canned Meats, Lobsters, Sardines. Clams, Strawberries, Tomatoes, Pigs' Feet, Tripe, Ac. Ac , Ac. Also, Pickles, Catsup, Sajoes, Brandy Peaohes, Ao. Also, Game and F resn Fish. Turles. Terrapins, Fresh Lobsters. Cod. Haiibut, Ao. In faot, every thing lor sale in the Northtrn markets always on haml, at reasonable prioes. Hotels and families supplied with Oysters, delivered without charge t any part of the Distrust, in season, it tne money is sent with the order. My establishment is open from S am. to 13 at night, every aay, exoept Sunday, when 1 olose at lo o'clock a. m. ?e *7 T. M HAEVKY t I t M>' V.TM rilMCOUlu ufn ' __ - - . . . ..M m ? w m ? w iv a Oi OC*i/ L I I U 4 1> Min a Clotha, Tovela, Napkiua, Qui u, A.O., a full aupply. . Due puce on j. marked in plain n?nren. tarpets, Curtain*, Oilolotha. Ruga. &c., upper floora An inspection of atock inoirs no oblication to purchase. PERRY It BRO., de 9-6t Pa, av.,acd 9th atreet. H FRENCH It R1CHBTE1N A VK J oat received a freah supply of Note Paver, Colored Border* ruled and plain, with Enveiopea to traton Alao, Mac Paper of all kinda( with and without Mottoea; Envelope* to mateh. Puraea and Pooket Booka of every description. A !?.r?? *unrtm?nl nf ".New York Paper*" received Aaiiy; Papera fromall MrU of the oouctrj. FRENCH * RICH8TE1N, mil 4T? P?n?i ?n*nn* ^OLDIEKS NEKD1NG DKY GOODS for the . r? "lolka at home" are aolieited to >napeot our I ?Mt atook, now oomp'ete tu all departments. One pno<> ouly, tne aot&al oaah otandaru value, marked id plain bgorea. A" examination of atook moura no obligation to purchase. All paroela oarefullr aaoked, for expreaa or other oonveyai.oe, tree of oharg* FERRY * HRO., Penn.avenue and Ninth at.. <1* 14 Oft* ? ? - rerry Bui,ding." WTRA V EL1NG TRBNKS. E Offer for sale the largest assortment TRAVELING TRUNKS to be found in??^ to is city, oompil^-s tx>?t Sole Ladies'Drees and Packing Trunks, Vs-^""? Uoee, Carpet Bm?. Ao., which ve are now se.ting " W"T 'OW ,n?^ALV. BTEPHENB * CO? %? If mmmmrn. 7/ Ml UTX RY "BOOKS. r REN<3H A R1CHBTIEN have just reoeived a targe and complete aeaortmnnt of Military Books of ail kinds, which they offer from ten to ifly per oent. below thS regular retail pnoee,?id eluding i A new edition of Hardee' Infantry and Rlfls Taotios, complete, fl^fi Forces' Volunteers'Manual. S vols, $1 ilea's Compendium of Hardee's Taotios, too ross's Military tttrrgerT,78o Maban's Field Forti ffoation and Outpost, eaoh * Hardee's Taotios, oheap edition. 2fe The Soldier's Guide, a oomplete &nd drill book for the uee of the Volunteer Mill ua and the Hoine Guard. 2So TIM Hand-Book for the U.S. Soldier, net at first book of instrnetion to the U. 8. Infantry tootles. 2So Also, Military Maps, Map of the Beat of Wli, Charts, Gnides, ho Flags, Badges nu{t Medals of every description. Any of the aMjye.sent by mai I fro FRhNCH it RICH8TSIN. W P*nr? nni* M*n)? W"0" w"' i nave one of tl ?* fareto^ea with aoomaiete set of tools tor repairBt tnrr MMruliM ? itrUonitr MmBm (in to tkl MBl'aJH Ipo. >?u ti competent wi rkmfcoxnd fc, work utfrHLc toe, every deoorip ion of ot&ad&rtl 81LV E& WJ oriukm?il?i,m?ndbe*u*d under 9t rejervisioi). which my onstomsrrs win km or to sen or in en*hty ud finish to norther* VV* me by OesUerft In fonorirtad represented m tboir vt muineUr*. H. O. MOOD, Views of WMhinctoe in thefora ! * Im, ?i "JttrairNawi ~ uwid. Herai/, Tnue^^adtribune r r*n cijMitlu'olook. Putn from auwrM ol tbe oouotri. Bajuile'i-Diuyj Norela tad b? nf Book*. * Arm nmyof Book* for mud wot riMlii, A lkrc? Moortmopl at J?tob11oo-M?tm Ro: >* ^feoSgtete-JtcM? NWonS ?lok?|Pr?, fjflk'kf. <> . J D Ml. JOBMMIt DifcTinORK LOCI HOIPIflL, Su mmtmtrtd tk* mm ctnmm, fcufc mmd ?Jy liimulf to lii rOK ALL DI8KASKBOF IMPENDENCE. l*r jro false delicacy pretext. APPLY IMMEDIAVLY. 4 ovre warranted. or no charge, in from one to two da 78. ITiitu? ml auk. Ilimwi. Itllltm ?f tk? BM> ?i and fladdtr :.-.Toiac^r? Diacnarfaa, Im patent t, 6ea nl Debility, Was??ae?ieee. Dyaoapey, Lunar, Caafnaeac at 14<u, Lrv tprra, *<;puak, </ iM Inn, Tltdity, TiwMm?. DUbdms a? kfb! or Oiddmeea, Dmm rf the lead, Tfcraal, Mom or Skin, IIkinm of tk? Iwi, 9umtea or Bowela?thaaa Te?nMe Diaordera anaiaf fraaa Maury Itli'j at Tomh?iheae DrttlTil and DntitMn Pit*UCH winch render lkm>(t unpoaeibia, u4 daaovy baU Bady ud Mini ro TiV? CapecUUj Wha ha?e beeotae the fttlot at Bill 1117 Tic a, thai dreadfal ud deetiacu'e habit ? hie* auoanlly avupi ta ao aatimely gn*i theaaauda of Yo?| Mm af the mm utlud talent* and brilliant intellect, who ntfbt atharwa* i?*t entranced kitia*( Beuetee vtth the thandere af ek? act er *tlt4 w tuuc; the il?ia# Ijrra, nay Mil wtk Ml MeldtoCi. MA tin I AUK Haino PniOKi,at Tatar Bids iwwptrt?| ?** itiii, J>*mf i*ui of pbyeieaJ tnhiM, ?rfa*ie AebUfcy, derermiaee, 4c., epeedily cind vbo pUcti hiraeeif inder th? cut at Dr. J. My relifieea.T cooide ia hn honor u * (MllMU ead MkMeaUy Mly tpec bit ekili u a pbyaiciaa. OFFICE No. 7 SOUTH FREDS RICK 8f. left hand (id* r?D( fraco Bahimora mtml i taw tan fna U?e earner, frit nii ir rhtin mm a ad na>H fcixw Mil bl paid ud eantaio a atamp. DM. JOHNSTON, Mnkil at the Rajti Cailtfi at araeaoe, Lecdea, rradaata from an* ef the rooat eminent CoUafta ia tke Doited Butea, and the rieater pan at vhoaa Itfa ha* bath afaal ia lb* mk'UIi or uoooon, nru, Riiiadilpbia and ku ?0?ct*d mm af th< too*. utainkii| (tm that war* ??r known; many ircabUd witb rtafia# la tba baad and an wban aalaap; rraai nar??n mi, >?iaf alarmad at laddtu xiuidt, baahfttJutM vitfe fraqaaat biaaalaf, atfad?d HintlmN witb drra&fimaoi af miod, vara eartd > ?TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE. Yaaof M*n and atbara vbo bava w)arad ihtraaal*** by a adnata practlea udaJf ad ia vhca aJoot?a babit fraaaaatiy laarnad from ??U compamoea, or at acbaoi, tba alt eta m wbicn ara nirbti; hit a?aa vaaa aa.aap, and if aat cnr?d, randan iumtf< lmpoaubla, aud daauvya batb ?Uid and bady, tbould apply iromadlaialy. ? Tbaaa art moi of lb* aad aad malaocboty af acta j*adac*d ay a any Daetla of yoetti. ??i: witlmu of lb? Back tad Lust*, nini in 'ha Head, Uimaiia rfh|kt, Lam at Fovar, Palptiauoo of u>a Haan, Uyapapay, Nam* unitkilnDaracfamant of lha Difaatiaa t'ucuou, Ganaral Dafnlity, Syinptoaia of Uooaornruou. kc~ M?!?TALL* ?Ttia faarfai affacu en lha Bind ara Meb ta ka drkadad?Loaa of Mamory, CobfMMa of Idaaa, Darraaatao af Hfinj. Kail t'orabodiLfv Aaaraioc of Sociaty, alf-Piairai, Loaa of Solnada, Timidity, avc_ ara Mm of Ikk a alia Miwi NllfoVl DMitlTt -Ttaaaacda tu m fmdfi ?ba? la U?a caaaa of ihktr daclUM&f baailb, loam* (halt aifor, tno? In J wul, pala, raraoiu and aroactalaa, haainf a mftlu appaaraaca aboai lha i;ii. coa^t or aymptaana of mh?fDISEASES of impr vdence. Wbtu Lb* mianidad and inpr?4?tu votary of plaaam* iada bo baa tmtvbad -J.a aaada of tbia palufml diaaaaa, it too aftaa bappana thai as ill-utoad aanaa of abama or draad of diacaaary datara bin from apply iux to thoaa who, from adacaiiaa aoo raapactability, eaii alooa bafnaod bin. H* fill* tat* tka barda at lfnoraot u><! daaijiauf prattbdara, vtx, locapa bla af cariuz, Ulch hi* pacaniar; aahotanta. kut bla tnimf aaontb *r?r month, or u lucr u to* uhIIim faa cu ba ofctalnad, and in daapair liar* kin vtlk raicad baaltb U (b T?r aw nllinf diaappotr.iraaoi; or by eta mat of thai dtadlv IBM Marcary?haatan iba eauoutauooaj aytbptooa af tbta lambla diaaaaa, aach aa Af actlaca of tba Raan, Tbraau load, kin. 4e., prafraaaiof with fnffctfal rapidity, till da*lb pau a pan ad to bit araadfal aaf imp by aaodiof bint a tbai auditaoTarad coootrr fraa wfcoaa bornrna do traralar rtuna. DR. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND IMPOTENCY y tbu fraat and impomat ramody waakoaaa aI tka ar faa a ar* apaadiiy corad and tall rtfat rattaoad. Tfcoaaaada ar tba aaaai oarraaa and dabiliutad, oka bad laat all bopa, ka?? baan Imiaadiauly raliarad. All impadinaou ta MirrHja. PbyataaJ a* Maaul DUqaailltauana. baaa of PracraaUTa* Pavar. Rarraai ImuMltiT. Trambliur aod W aa k l a aa a* Kuuaiiaa af l?? " Ixifc! klad sp??llly ev*d. ENDORSEMENT OF 7 HE PRksS T?? Mart TBOCIARDI cmrtd it ihu ioautatxa wttklM 111 lot Hfinmii titn, ud the DiBinu imparvut Ml ftitUMi ptrfertatd ky Dr. Jafcnstac, vitotMtd ky U? nptfiifi tk? ptpin ui naay Mh?r mfimi, mucm ?f vkitk hiTi ippiutd t|tu ui I|ti0 k*f*rt lk? paklic, k? d?a ku fUodiiif u (iDtlimtii at cktrtcm aal imwmI killty. It ? ??R?nnt pirmm Im t>? ?Mict?4- ?f lt-ly LEA fc PKRRINl* CILBBRATID Worcestershire Sauce. Prononnoed by Jj EXTRACT CONNOISSEURS of a Letter from R to bo tbe 11 Mtdital OttuUmmm "ONLY GOOD J|\ flmjr m To Hu Brotkm SAUCE." Rt Worcester. Rnd AooliftAhl* tn Mrt.1861. " - Ml Ltd # PtrKVKRV . Irt?i that their Same* hVbK1 F* highly esteemed vimrTv -^-^-sr liB-lDdia, and is, is rAKibiY ^x<-Tjiny opinion. tha moat tfcw". <MpnaUh'e, as veil aa OF DI8U. Iflk-w?^^the moit whoiesoroe ^^^PSa?(? that rs made.71 The above SAUCE is not only the mst and most Popula* condiment kuown, bat the most Economical, as a lew drops in Soup, (rrarw. or with t\?A. hot and otfld Joint*, Buf St*ak, Gam*, #r.. impart an exquisite zest, whioh unprincipled Sauoe manufacturers have in vain endeavored to imtiaii. On the Breaifatt, Luncheon. Dinner, or Sup** TabU, a oruet oontamini "LEA * PERKINS' WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE" is indispensable. To appreciate the trc*llent fuaJ tit* of this delicious Breowratiii^ ? < ~-i_ k. _ r r .? mm vuij UWC? ?l J W a sm?ll bottle of the ge*?i??, of a re?pect?bi* grooer or dea er, as many Hotel and Rttiamant proprietors seldom pi ace the Pure Saooe before their (ueata. bat substitute a genuine Bottle filled with a tpurtout mixture. For sale by Grooers and Fruiterer* ererrwhera. JOHN DUNCAN Jt ftO"8, Union Sfnori and Mr* etroet, Sew York, Sole Wholesale Agent* for the United State*. A Stock alway* m rtore ? Al*o order* reoeirad for direct shipment* from England. ItF Beware Counterfeitt and lmitatumt.^H sep 5-ly.eo #Airi Cm<4, r*Ui H*WI?MJ^/Snett cf tk* T%roat, Kelt? ike ?ms, Bronelitu, Aikma, 4" Catarrh, Clear and r*M ttrenttk to til note* rio Limc?,S^JPo4lt EEB An* wiii^ElAO* Few are aware of the ureortanoe of oheotint a CoD|h or 'Common Cold'* in iu first itMe; thtl ynioh in the banning would yield to a reiid remedy, if netlMted. eoon attack* the Lint*. "Btpwn'i Tretiu," oontaint-nc demnToent iniredW eati, allay Paimonar? and tiionohial Imtatioa. ''That trouble is my Tkroat, (fer BROWN'S whioh the area apeoiio) haTinr made me often antarawkiaVROCRLB Mrer * N. P. W1LL1R. BROWN'S *1 raoommend thetr aae to Pvblm Sruina." TROCHES REV. B. H. CRAF1N. brown? I **ocbks {Sji BROWN'S 10 A,T^gfc A> c> KeOLKSTON. VROCHKB "Contain bo Onono or %arUui| mjtrioia." DR. A.. A H ?v K?, BROWN'S Omul. "oo.ks er- ?">'~ Blown 8 6r- * ' ?,ELSS^ ? ? 5tr?'.TevNE. BMWB 8 " 1 un frsrad ttm mtlllM (M mocks Blown 8 ' TfnVg TROGHK8 * biown 8 TROOMEB BKOWITB ommoB witt Bruioi aui Bu? VKOcmks m.btaor jobwyw, bbowm *B fntfiMKwraza"<* vy m topham*B m MAN VTACTOR X, (N limn Bnm. Wiuimm n ? ftyrtor LMtKariaaaDrau Traata mA* to JAMET?.TOWUII. OHI4UM HOOTS AND ft BOB* .. ^Stfitak, ft ft^? MTft?J f rlfM U wniNV uuir rvor iot? ootti riftiPT tovm iuati aniMTUFr took oicb W SPALDI5CS THROAT CONFECTIONS. GOOD FOB. CLMM.0TMMM, GOOD FOH LFCTURBBM, GOOD FOR r USLIC BFMALMB8. onnn mi mrtmwmM. GOOD FOB. COM8UMFTTTES KftTLKMEN CAJLR7 SfALDIKOS THEOAT OOVnCTlOflB LAIH K? ARE DSLr? HTED WITH SPALBOWS THBOAT COVTOCTIOKB CHILD*Kit CRY FOE BPALDIlKi'S THROAT OOBTT?CTIOFP Thay raUMa a Oo?rh tastastiy. TIWT 9Mtr UM TkratL They fire atrenjth ud txjIbjm u Um wiw, Tboy uapart a datioioM mom to IM tmlk Thay ?r? doiightfai to tM taata. , n?T ?r? mad* of atopic Mrba u< rwH harm mr om. I ftdvim 1pmy om who bm l' omik or a Hi*l? VoiM.or a Bad Haeath, or Mr dtftoalty of tM Throat, to get a paokaca of my Tlr^al Coatw tiona. They oill roiiorc yo? i&ataatly. lad yom will acroa with me that "thrr fo rirbt to tM apot/ Yon vill tad thoaa rery aaofal aa<l plaaaant tki.? travaUnc or atfendisc M^a Mtttap, for atiUlat roar Coach or allay in* yonr thirst. I! yot try om paoka?a I am mJb ib aayinc that yoa will mi aI tarvarda oonaidar them mdjapaMihla. Yoa vtll fled tham at tha Dracciata aod Deaiara la Mod* PRICK TWKNTY FIVE CKNTR My aifcaAvra mob wota peets**- All *r? ouMriMt Ptoka.ce will be Mat by nil, ?ra?H. on * NlM of Thirty Cento. Addreee, HINKT O irALDIM, No. 49 CE17AR STREET, NEW YOKE. ^ * NervousHeadachr Headache. Br U?IM*( U?m PUla %k? MMti Ihrtiw #r 9M Wn<nii n?y t? ftotcbM; v4 *i?u r?U?< fro? ?t? m will M *h?r Mldoa Ml i* ra^mac U? im BmdmtU to vkMk ImbUm *r? m rMmi Th?r m4 craty ipn tttbrnUr-nwui fM For LUmrnm Ma. Stmdmii, IMimM F?h> ? and all htmu ; udmumm M4u, tboy ora vlaabla m iayroTiag too apyo*** Mm and m' to Ik* dittoFaa arcana, u' re tortag tki utvtl eiaottoit? Ml Mrmtt o U? wboio ay atom. Vk? CSPBALiC FILLS U* U? rmlt ef lent laTeatlcaOoo *cd oviftlij wi4?ito< w>?dw?% baling bM u km many r*vi, 4 vine wbiob cn? tboy harp ud relieved a ?ut mowi of pain and enfferinf ran B?4Mto, >MO? engi naCnf la the mwwm iritoa er from a towitd atato of th? iinni k They are entirely vegetable ta tbatr eompoaltioa. aad nay be taken al au Urnoe wito f ifatt witboat raking any obange of diei, ?U (to toMUI ?/ M? MM rMtoi <l MIT U ttoMuiir Um la iMiraa BBWA1E OF OOVNTKKPKITSI The gename ban Irt aigaataroa ef Bear* O. Bpa-dlag on taab Baa. Bold by Draggiau aatf all otkar Palm ta Modi Box will be ooal by sail prepaid oa roettpt toe PRICE. M CKTCTS. All erdera akeald bo addreaeed ta KNBT a 8PALD1NB. MOnuBmn.Nnr You OphftJte PU1? MMMht ttt objset for wki** |h?t wn ?! . tis: Omr* ?Th?&?h? to ml tW Tkar ktn bmm MMliam tea Hfcwn MM With Mltir* IMMM. Am lit flui ii. O. fltai Mm. If jmm f, or bav? bMa tro?bi?d vltttto km ssrc^ -x#,w jawwgipr ? ? "" """ rtkm oMdiouM ou prodew. Mr. SMtdUi T?*Jd Bet mmmmt kli mm rtl m MtielC )m did mot km to jmnh rati aariti Jim n TktluMut4?iad fw tte Mttoi* (Oa*fc*U* PUS) u rMidly uweemn*. sagiitttts, *>*?. JP ?? *M? U? filial llil. OlMWIII, OU? Btltriu kuMoitr ?> m kt rabmi IpftMlBfl PrifMH UttC | I aPALDlMTB PREPARED GLUE t I SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! i SPALDlItfPB PREPARED GLUE ' I UU TIE P1SCB8! I BCOfiOMYt DISPATCH ICT-A BmM ia TuufevM Htm." ^3) >?m^ypgg tg&gyjs MQjOBt^WW Vw rVMlVfi? Ivf MPAUHB&a PB.MFAB.HD GLUb ass jgffffrysttwSftSi" " UIKTUL 111 ITKtT tOUU." fcSr^SsSi*?1? ?'? "" RNIT a imnKf. Mi. WO?i??m, N?v Voct CAUTION A? ?<mu J>fn?i?>?4j<raa? y ?mfiM * CTtoKffrrrrSHrv W c UMIW ?>?^f N^trilf ? ' Ml. f* i HM, ) \UMIIttrltUalki * * t +J I ?V

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