Newspaper of Evening Star, December 21, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 21, 1861 Page 2
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1 Ml ' THE EVEM-v; STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: *4T(ml>.?> ... UPrFMBEK 21. 1*61. Apirll ?l thf Mtrninx I'rMt. i lj? utwtiw* atx rmriy rc?'^ on oi the pfrs-r.t ?ar 3 with e view to an 1i?crr*?e of revenue The R?) ? ^ards the hostile attitude of England tuwaM*'b!* Genernnftnt aa the malt of %ppr?-h<P>K'ii of ?i,p power of the t nil?-d Statrs IVh Such 'rashy ?v?a^?er on 'he part of Amrrlcts jwurnollsu does no good and iRti^h DilKh'rf. orR MILITARY BUDGET. ruu rvrucuiari 01 tne union victory ?t Dr&ine?Yille. THE ENEMY FINDS THE FIRE TOO HOT AND BEATS A RETREAT! ! ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTYOF THE CONFEDERATES RILLED AND WOUNDED FORTY DEAD BODIES FOUND ON THE FIELD. TBS GROUND STREWED WITH ARMS THROWN AWAY BY THE CONFEDERATES! ! : A CONFEDERATE COLONEL KILLED: CA18CHJN8 OF AMMUNITION*. ARMS, CLOTHING, Ac., TAKEN. At daylight ye?terd*Y morning Gen. Ord was d'apatched by Gen Mc ill nfl^r the portion of the enemy'* artilery found bv a aeouting party on the day before to be witL n airiklng diatanct ?rear DranotTllle. Gen. McCa 1 gave Gen Ord four entire regiment*, the 4th. G'h. 10th and l-2lh Pmn?>lvania Rewrve*. Eato-i'a Battery of two 24-pounder and two 1* pomder howl i- ?, and the Bu> ktail Rifle*, under Ll?*ut Col Kine, with which Grn Ord proceeded lu th- direction of Dr?n???ilif on a foraglrg expedition Th'nklng that Ken Ord might be attacked, the First and Second Brigade- werr dt-pat'hed by Gen. MoCall as Telnfbreement*. The 1r?t brtg*'1?, Gen Reynold*, advanced on toe I^resburg turnpike about 8 a. m , and took a ptaltlon on Difficult Run, to await further order* At 10 a p?. Gen McCall followed, with hi* afatf and an eacort of cavalry. Gen Ord having meanwKilf? B<lvanAMl trs THnwifA"'# -1***-4 J' - _ . m ?V * u- i it ?vu m uvuCC) a 9UU11 UiX tstuc? this side of Dralnfsville, was fired upon from the dense woods by a party of rebels in ambash. A spirited ensued, and Gen. MeCdll arriving, took command Easton s Batterv wu Immediately placed In gallon alongside Thornton's hous?, and opened with effect upon the enemy, tte B lcktall Rifles, \?ho were Id the advance, doing, meanwhile, great execution whenever the rebels made their i?ppear. aoce. The enemy replied with a batterv ?f *1* guns, and with musketry After an engagement of nearly an hour, the rebel* unable to stand tbe galihig fire of the battery snd Miles, prech itaUly fled in tbe directhn of Fairfax Court Houie, abandoning a tar^e camber of their killed ar.d woundtd upon tbe J!?4d Our troops pursuing them found * horrible spectacle present*d to tu^ eye?the ground strewn with tae dead, dyhi?, and wourd^ In all dictions. Forty dead bodies of tbe enemy w<r gathered up, and fifteen wounded w?-re taken prisoners and p'sc-d in MTie of tbe bouse* in tbe vicinity Klgbt uiiwcund'-d prisoners were also taken wtth t^o battery caissons and ammuniHon. Arrus, cW-thing, and various articles were found scattered promiscuously on tbe field, y thrown away b? tbe Con fed rates in the wild hast" of ttelr retreat, and were gathered up by o?jr forces Tb? loe? of ttf rebels ta e*tlmnfe.l at 15o killed mod wounded, including r>moiig the former Co!. Torn Ta>lot, of Fr.ii.kf t, Ky , cou.snunder of tfc- let Redturky raiment. ... >>c lau,. ,?,cv S.. .vuipoteu oi ice 1*1 hiic 11th Kentucky reg'm*ntt, and the 10th Alabama, with a regiment "t cavalry, and a battery ?*? noo, all under the command of Col. Jobn H. Forney, of the lo;h Alabama regtmeiit, acting Brigadier &?ner?l. The euemie*' dead wef? not removed. bit we*e left upon the tteld, where they will doubtless be pi:ked up by their friend* Oar low *as tlx k'.Ued and e.^Lt wounded, loott of whom were members of the ttucktail Rlflrt Lieut. Col. Kao<i w.? slightly wounded The Union troops stood their ground gallantly ]ndf*d, although exposed to a hot fire from u roaeealed enen:y, and were hizbly corrplime-1 ed by ??en McCaii and Ll? officers. Ordm were oy '?en McCleiian to ?ieu Hso'.ork's Division to u.ove toward the battle ground to support Gen. McCall, which movement was promptly executed, but the gallant body of Union troops at Draae*viile Lad already disposed of tbe enemy. At B o'clock p. m. our forces bad re uriud to Utelr camps, h inging filly wagon loads of forage liul IV?*(Srv4ns?v4 ?v? J J " * pi iwuci* auu auiuU'JllCU STl 1CIP! Tke prisoners belong to the different rebel regiment* In the engagements, and are ragged and dirty In appMraace. None bad overcoat*, and they appear to have auflered considerably from a l?ek of proper food. Tbey a ate that their regiment baa been organized seven months, and wt-re formerly uader the command of Gen. Johnson After the Ball Run battle tbey were transferred to Beauregard's division Ti-v confirm he statements of the deplorable condition of the rebel army, which tbey say suffers from a want of clothing and whoieeome provisi ons. Great discontent extends through all the regiments. Tb? Confederate "may, or a considerable porttcn oftt. h?<i " ? Awvv ?H*V Ijuai vcr> Bt .Man I ABC1HSB BLOW TO TBE COCTSDSBATBS IS MlRSOVBI This forenoon the following d spate h reached beadquarteri fcoie ; 8t I. Tt?. LVc 20 ?To Xijv UeH'ral Got** B Jf^CUMa* ?C*t-t W jM's scoutl' g p\r*y has re"nned to Holla It pursued tbe enemy south of Hooi'.on, killed cue capUin, and b ouyLi la one m?J .r a prtacner of war About one Lu dred of Prioe'a men were raptured and r?*leaa?-d on arole, Capt Wood Dot being able to bring them to H W Hsiisci, Major l?ener*l, 4s. i nil mtin aoott UTeou hundred rebels taken prtaeners in Missouri In tho course of this Week, aU without a Kriooa resistance on the part of the T** arra.ik or rat tusi -wa hive every Mm te believe that, yeoterday, Lord Lyons had Uti oacfflclai Interviews with Secretary Seward open the aCktr uf the Trent. Confidential in their character aa such diplomatic Interviews always are of course no om else knows what transpired between them, though it was doubtless preliminary to the presentation of the oAstal view* of the British Government brought over by Capt. Seymour, whose presence tn this city atUacfc, singularly enough, little public atUuII ? i " '** * ? **? ** * * ~ m, avtwiuuwiuiim we nourisn of trumpets wlU which the British press heralded his d?fWtSM ws My idd thstsufficient bai transpired since kis ur'.ral, to make It plain that wir with KagU*4 can Ml j grow oat of the affair as the rrtuit of Britain's purpose of entering apon war with the United States, as ? virtual sUjr ef the rebels 11 that be her Intention, of course war between the two Governments is Insrltable, it matters not ?K.( .>!-? * " * ? .c|?7 ovcicwrr mewara mt jr make to krr representation* or d*...aida, aad it will to cheerAilTy accept*- i by out coantry m aa incident of Me uttwil esieenee not tp have been avoided In dealt ag wtih lack a government as that of Eng. Uad, pnder (aob cireumeuatM aa ihoee ao*eaur> We do aot, however, Vl'e?e that the British Ministry design essaying to force their people Into eeeh a war a* n woold tor, aa tftef W?U know? With throe hundred armed American ?Llp? ready ta aafl after Engllah commerce iu all quartern rf the world. lelraa ttaa eo? weeh after it lea v he mM ucc^Mfv to irfti ifc.m toriL tutoa lacL >& I Jmnd T W,,'T"' ' ""* ' L f> ? U?M uid xy LfOM nil u iK'Uilu^ > Ikrlti ' Q tU ub^wt to tlf fl"T* i. >t-< n * CONOR BZ8IUNAL. UV Vllth tOSORESS-Seeend ftetaUa. Sihati ? Yerterdav, after the olow of our report The resolution railing for t copv of 'be proclamation of fi?-n Phtlpa to the people of tli# aoothand Inaittrins If 11 vrst authorized br the 9 er*t?fv cf War, wmi taken up. Mr Wilaoo knew nottir.g Id tbe put traintna or present position of military offlcera that entitled (hem to iaaue proclamations. No one cona'd#red Gen. Pbe! >?' proclamation aa other than a silly affair. U> lit pcd wewould have no more proclainatlor.a of the 9 >rt. Our military men were expected to u?e tbtir swords ard not their pens, and lfthvvdid n??t use tbeir sword* wltb more "kill than tbey do their pen*, tbey ought to be mustered o jt of ervicc. He pre?!mi*d tbe object of tbe mover cf the resolution* had been answered by off-rtD|* it. Mr. Saulsburv though, it important that tbe countrv sb'-uld know unmistakably that the Pre*!, dent did not approve the proclamation. The paaaige of the resolution would thus be of ad van* tags. Mr Samner did not know which w,<s the worst, this proclamation or that of Gen Sherman In South Carolina. That the former was Indiacreet 1 no none here would deny The lat'er leaned to warai slavery?m us, wane me iorroer errea on the stde of (be constitution and human liberty, the Sherman proclamation did the Fame on the id? of human slavery. Mr Rice, of Minnesota, thought that if the proclamation did not carry out the President's views te could sa manifest by his action in-the nf Arr>I IA? U o tViara^Ara m a na/1 a 1*i> IKa n I M*~ Ub > *. |UI t lll\>*cu IV tvj K?v I^UVtU* on the table, wh'cb motion wm adopted After an executive St salon tbe Senate adjourned until Monday Hocse ?Vwterday, after our report closed? A joint reaolutlon of thar.ks to Ool .Mulligan and tbe men under hi* eommtnl for their heroic conduct at Lexington, Mo , waa adopted The fol'owing, Introduced by Mr. Lovejoy, ww laid over: Htsoired, That tbe Judiciary Committer be lnatrucUd to report a bill for ?he ccntiacation of all the projx rtv of all cltiieui who may b- found engag d in r.rined rebellion anlait the Government of tkt: Untied State*. and of aurh ai (ball aid, or abet, or sustain such rebellion; and for the unconditional liberation of all their slaves; and lome measure tending to prevent their recapture bv th*tr rebel master* A resolution of Inquiry Into th? uae of the public moneys by Mr Floyd when be wai in ctflce, and a* to the names of and the amounts jjiven to clerks over and above their regular salaries, was agreed to, and tbe House adjourned Yr?THE KKV TH H. STOCKTON. D. D.wi ,bj Divine permission. pr ach^n th- ha I cf the Hiiise of Representatives, SI N LM> .: to irorr-iw > at ll o'oloot. It* r**KKV.MASON NOBLE WILLPRKACH 1 < iii the ' eni.yie'-an ?;tmreh oo'nnr 6th ?t. a u Maryland Me:.i h, SABBATH MOKMNG %t 11 ( '. n ?, or th?* i f r-d character of tho ? e Rev J N. Hanfurth, O. 1). It* (YT^THE KINGDOM OF GOD, and t',olh r*? e tcernni tin Lord J'ras, ik< Chrift, w II Dt ^ZDullDilfd < Irfft* nf ni.a ? >! tn t naa ? 1 ? , - , .... ?. WHO 9 ? ?*' ? VOW WIIU Wll o%u on ay fvsnim, or on the first ?tay of evcrj week, it No. .'t*i Kirit .irceteast, Cap.tol Hill. If Y~="THE MEMBKRS OF THK COLUMBIA i_k_3 Tvp >*r?p :ic*' > ?cioiy a e i ef4U">*t<*<1 10 as8ffTi, 'e at tr? City Hs' I TO MORK? *V ( Shi day Mousing *t9?'oioo<c, m attend tha f n?ral o| Mr. \Villi?>i s. >Iilk?. Printers general y mv.te ; to ntt^nd urdor. jt t H: S. BQWF.N. ST. special of the i_-< V ituk Meu'n g/i'i8t:an Association V.m. V.?1.4 ? **? ? " - -- ..0 u-iu *> i?cir ruiirai i msi^ll ornitfl hV iNlMG, at t>? o'cuk liLPaTtant I'upkuhs Br order "HI e rreiidrut. feAM'L, MaELWKE, Jr.,Reo feo. The Bib'.io?l l.eetures, by * lie K^v. Dr. 8?ni?or, wil ta <i*iive:ed at tue roi>rnsot the Ascociati n at7^o'eocli. Th? pablio i* m>rd al v invit<*d. 11 TP CK \V.\-HINGT ?N <iAS LIGHT i.S COMPANY. D.cumber 31, I8bl ?JSoitre. Af p?UI' to tiis re* urenifiitt of the charter, the stockholders of this ??> i-ptr.y are her by notified t!>a nu el v (ton fjr five direct-rg torn mage the *"a' re of the tame d in-j th-? y?ar "Ml, will be held a' it* Offlce. Nc 514 Kle.nutb ?t'e*t west ?a iHONHA^ thefithday ol January nexr, between tie hours ? f l aja % <> clock r. m Ry order. d?-il eo2w J. BROWjv.geo. | TTr?nkAD<iUARTER8 l^T REfllMENT I I_5 E AS 1 KKM VI m ti INIA BRIGADE, Alk\\*iiB!A Hecfin er 91?The H^i-Hua ters *>1 | ttna roil n? t wi:l n?loo?t?din A'exand'ia. Re oroi '- ? ? will !>e rtf>8iBni?e<l at pr p^r vaton?. Krc< uita w.shr <c !& join thia regiment will be mnater?d in and clothed at olo? W. WALL, 0>!<>nel l*t \ irgima Kecwnent. R ^crui'lni station ie np?ne<i on Seventh Htreet, 3:?H,Ca?f Wnttney'e quarter* late cava r?. ae zl-?oV>t Y?=*THE WESLEY CHANEL 8UNDAV 13 school vul h'?.d a h ? HTIVAf. n the eo??'? fv. O'llf.t< ?" n i mats t *t>ia l p-?,t? o'oiook,ar.<i ooutinu.i f thr Uih >h-? evenioe* of ?he wet?k. wiUbj providt .1 F,nif?. C n^eoU" nar?, r*eral 'nl F-?roy Ar 10 * wti><? r al?un< arn?. v oca and fnatrumental Mu*io eaoli fveninf. A? th pr. cee s are to benefit the Sohooi, lil>?ra: put -ni>aee in ot li* f. lend* | I ry??'ou tickMii .5 cen ?; sir.r e admiMio"? &iiu m, in oenta; obi dren 'icfru It f??AT A MEKTlN'! "KTHK COLUMBIA I Lg T?t?o?rapl.i3?i Hoeiet?, bed at the ?'ny Ha ; on Frida* evening. th? ?> h instant tho (<. lo* tuf proamf-'eaod redv' utioni were unanimou*'j Mop td: vs hkk hi the di?( ecffition of an \il wine Pro?irtence.w? are oa'lr.i upon to mourn tin !? ? of our e?teei.?-d frieml awl feiiow member. VVn_Li4*t 8. Mil v?, a-id whi e we humby bow la tibmi?>ion t> li.e wi it Almxhty God and know that "H* coeth ?il tninx* w*1," yet we fee! that in the death of rur b !? v <1 l?!low rraftsman his family havo !o?t ?. k'nd Jne d and pro e tor, thia society * tiselu; anu energetic>! tw i ornmunity an u^ruht an-1 an bonest ma-i: Th'r'fore be it K.w. I I,at tt... ?- ? ? - - ... f-vi'-lj r*icuug jim hdccro ?jrpathy tothe t*?'?a?"d fimll' of the ilecran^t, acu jii tietr ?reftt f :Hiotion tiop?thffy in?y fnd 001: ??> in the aasuianoa that "what it tne.r lo-a la hia rain " .... Ht oi' td, Th*t tiia wem'-rra of this ?oc;ety at tend the funera, of our ate f iend u. a body, wearing tbeuaaal ?>adge of ioouti k F!tsolvrd. That "be proce*-jiL-ca l)*ai?ned hy the ofto*raufthe ?oote(y and pob taheU inthedit) reut "f the iy. ?Ld th>t s copy hereof betranaa? * * - "* * hiium w me i o' me jwimim. J C FKANZO.XJ, Prti d?nt. H ?'>WK;\,?wr ta-T. It Yf Ht THE VijTKRS OF WASHI.NC L? TON.?The of each Ward will m??*t at the p acse frr>tu l"o'i?ioo*a in. t'ilSo'elook p in from the Mtli totheilst December, inclusive, to correct ao<1 register the names of tt.j ?e omitf? i fiom ifi? pot! list. 1st Ward.?John A Hhe*m, 173 Pennsylvania avenue. ' e weeu 17th an<l lath streets. 2d ward.?Thomas dtew^rt, ouruer lith and H streets. &1 V? arti.?Henry Curtis.oorner 8th and L sfre'ta *tU VVar>l.?Thomas W. Buroh.5tti stieet, bet* een 6 and H streets 5 h Ward.?William A. Harper, 31 street ea?t, N". 42**, betweeu Ka?t < apttoi and A *t" et no> th. 6 ii * ard.?Geo. Crllard, at 1'. K. '"isrk'* Othce. Virginia avei u<*, between 3 hand (itn streets. 7ih W? r i _u?l. *i - ? ? ? . - - . .ui prni u, ilU. C?# oouvn r , atrMt. b* wmd 8th and ?th alroeta west. I do 10- Bl?t y-w?U. s. "AMr Kv u'O.MMlsHiU X ? ?4Fel, VVMluu&ton, D. C.. l>t o 2<J. T*i? *a~it%r7 <'onimi*?i'?n baa a ooiiection of bo .W oli?f?ience s Mi tary frurtery aud Amy Httie: f. which Military Sau? M at or L?ar \V ashicgt >n ?r? iovitmi to c osuit. FREDERICK LA W OLMVTED, dej-lm general Secretary. Y^ilCE ORKAM AMI WATKR ICfcS, of ]5f the Leat quality, at 3)H wr auart. Hotel.aua boarding h"m^a furnished at low ratea. A a-;* a*ao-tm?nt of fio? Oakea kept on hand at tb? n i ? * ' '~m * r*xiait:vivi conjecttonery, oorner Twelfth ana F U. uo 7 1m* OF ST ANl'REWf KKI K'l'Y D C..wuoaretn arreaa with their iui teriy does, an1 cainot make it convenient to attend evening in*et! ; Oft the exroe. will fi eaae take uotioe that in aoourdacoe with a rt?'> ution ol tne >oetet*. a meaiber of the B ard of M?"a?ers mill oali on th ?ra at their respective p tee* ofbn8ine?e,oTattheirre-ideDoe?, w>Ui their bi ,? of the amonn's due a* soon aa the aame ahall made oat by the wreta>y. By or ler of the fr aideut GlLdkkT UAMKK 0!>?. JOHN KKKR'K.(!or. ?, ? ?? 'v o* a? yy KNTKRTAIM? KNT F?"R THK HUU Jsj? D*Y:*?A FAIR f"r the benefit of KletoherChn?el vill be heid at rhorn'e Bui ding. on nh street, ooaiinenoing Decenit>er nth, and oontinuicg through the HolWay*. A caielui teieoUou of all varieties of useful and fanoy arttoiei for Cbrirtma*, vritu t'.oufeuuouery in ahoiKt& oe. wil be f>nud nion tbe taUe*. An excellent gupper, with all the je.iuvjien of thaiea sod, provided each f veiling. Hm*le admistion lu cents; season tiokfts, admitting a lentiemau and lad*, S>> oentsisnpter tiekete tt cents?ail of v^ioh may be had or the 1* ai?? or Mm* dour. de 16 lw* CA TUBS OF dU bO?HKN BUTTER. For lov by C 8. O'HARE. ?e** ?t? d? 21 tl' Betw?n la *od N. \100BBt WEST END DRUG STORE, 1*1 113 PA AVI.NC*. diictu MDK. A lkrg??i. ck of pars ?iwlioiu?*. 4o.,*!w*j? on tkBd H*>r, Tooth Mdotb*r Brm"hM. <^oo4r->?? W?i*r, *o. coal Oil MU Umpi for uid*. UP *1- sw C FOR THE HOLIDAYS! LOAES. 0i.Oa|Ul M'AK !?Another la ge arr.rai oTtioa beta ifnl Mnti C Utka. iu Bo?ar, Lkeekin. 'I reco, fm! Skin. Otter, V?,?et P.aah aa<l lios 8km C otha, at low ?r o-a iAYLott 4 HLTi'H'bON, daXI-iw No. ?8 Caaiat &lark* 8?>oe. I\I ? WtSTBKlNKl* CO, 11 OS. 4 64 and 4M atvactti tire*i- op?o?icaPoat OfBae. wffar for aai* at im ?? *.? prii*?a, their au*k o| rraash ud iitraiM Wiora, Cu goa Hraadj, tilm. OonvaiPtii.cft, Raaeiione, Mv?iu< 1 i)I*a< u ?? even deawtp'W*. CKfr*, Fan** Artfoaa, men m ;ja rwdkMun Pih>i rocket Hooka, P rt f o:roa, ao?, aad a?a* aave oouiun ii ?, hand fin* t a-: i?u - <'i?am a o iu k??<* an? 0'>'tt* for bara a nt mmin uaa. h \VM? MKIMI'.R iOO, " 404 and 46* Btre* . da tl>SM uppj. Post Oiiu?. ? a ^ Prcaenlt for the Holiday*. an immbnsiTassortment LARGER THAN ANY FORMER SEASON. M W. GiLt k. B -< O , Jfwekrii 354 PlSMtlTiSIA Avkncb, Fbur doors went of Brovns} Hotti and 0?l+?' e^ant Gold Watohes, C&aiaa, FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. Rioh Jfwelr* ofcverj de?crtf>Uon,?n Grand. Pu 1, and flail *ets, FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. ' ?ol;d Silver Ware, embracing every article of nee or orn'int'n*. FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. Piat'O To? ??ti,Cak? Basket*. Ca*t?r?, Ac., I UK MU LID A I 1'ti ?.&?.?* IB. Paris Faooj Good*. iu ureat variety. FOR l^JLlDAY PRESENTS. Ladies' and Mlssea' Chun and Ban! bracelet*, .Nroklao's, &%. FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. Goid Pencils aud Pens, Gold Thimbles, Looketa, and Belt Bookie*, FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. LaJiee' and Gents' Sleeve iiuttons, Studs, tad Cro? see. FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. Infants' ?old ard Coral Neokiacea,and Armlet*, FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. Gold. Ivory, and Faccr H?art Walking ClM, FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. Pearl, ivory, aad i?aad?l Wood I vming Fan* rUK H'JLIVA Y tH t. a HiSTB. j do d, Silver, and Fanoy Portemonnaies and Card FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. ? ivory and 8t?jl mountei Comb?, FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. Ladle*' and Ge..U* Dres.'ing I a>?s and Pooktt i 'oiupaniona, FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. Chiirfrsn'a ver ti?Knife, F?rk and Sw>on? FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. , Sil \ fl Tth!#. D ( rt md r?? R n v? anri Fm Ira I " FOR HOLIDA Y PRESENTS." Silv r Joe C e?m Set*, fmvi and 0>euns, FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. Pilvn' Waiters, Pttohirs, Gobi?'* a-"* Cups. FOR H J LID AY PRESENTS E?ery ar?iel? "f Fano? Sil 'nr War*, FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. Plated Fruit BowU, Liquor Frames and Butter Di xnes, FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. Plated Wailen.* a d Park ts an 1 Wine Coolers, FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. A thojc&nd auJ ona oi' t articles, tso tedious to 'Din 'r*t?. FUR HOLIDAY PRESENTS M W. O LT II BRO ? Jewellers, 3A4 Pennsylvania / vinrg. de Cl 3> i doois w?*rt of Brown's Hotel. 1 ,~V lo.'. !;\ ;> *.u.v IJH.ONCKI..LO. %r 1 / n % *. iiuuuAbLi, rroi'M 'r ana ivtonar oi he ?Ik?v*, tenders hi* a rv c?b to the pub 10. Terms $ i p?r l288un Reference* lo any itubio an In the oit?. Sf?er*l of hi* pnti'g ueinw the best vtolin l^td in 'lie world Viz: l.e Petit O'e Bull, Fred Buckley.A.o. Addr-ss Canterbury HaH, wh?re he can be he*rd evi?r nuht de gf lm* Ttake notice. HK Unde-suQMl, Pr>ipneU>re of the Pioneer ?t-ani$aw Mil: and Fire Wood Factory, oorner Seventh street and 'he Canal, nouth aide, ere now nrPBirMt t(i fiirrt'aih (liair iMiitnmara with Ka?? qu*I ties?>fCO.\L ami WOOD at the lowMt raeh yio'i. Wood eawed and split to order. jle 21 3t* BLOOD. HATCH, A. CO. fcJTOCKTON'S "POEMS. ? ILLVSTRJLTKUl J oat reoeived. P O F. M a, With Autohiograpiuo anH nttier Note*, BV T H. 8TO. KTON, Chaplain to Conireae, A fine duodecimo volume "f 3*6 page*. wt?h Jlluttraticns ly JJarlty, Herein, nttd otKert Prtoe . cloth. For ?ale at C. H. ANDKRSON'2>, li* seveuth mreet, near F, oppoait* Poet Office; *?at Jt E. C. DYER. IMPORTER OF SEGARH, AND PSA I SR IN WINES, LI Q U R 8, Ac. '2 ? P?nn. avenue. bet teem \2'k and 1J1A irrfe'J, W*Mungi n Cm. ioim tsiti t* ring citt for thk cklkbratrp " i;? bv* w tinmumu (a**ort?d) of the above ohoioe Wikea, to ? h oh ihe alt iit o i cl" sutlers a d the public general j U r apectfu ly cailrd. Prtoea ranging from t o ?30 P' r fae f degl-lOc ^TTENTION, RANK AND FILE! R_O.T I! K ilCI'g, AT ?"? iVIHIH STRIKT, NlAK K. la the piaue, of a 1 o<ti~r?, to supply youraelvee with a 1 Jr'nHp (>r CAMP 1WRNITURE, At thk V*ry Low*st ha essHe also keeps on hand and ma see to order MA TTKKSSES, PILLOWS and comfort?, of a 1 qualities. Come and render yourselves oomlortao e for the wmttr by a very small outlay of monsy. II t~ Remember the place. de 31 3taw3w Furs: f u r s:j FURS!!! We have just received i large assortment of Ladies' I'K-. Futsian Sabi-?. Canadian Minks. Mart*n. Fit<^ , River Sable. Siberia Squirrels, ai d many other kinds of Furs too numerous to mention. Also, a large assortment of Misses' and Children's Furs Hue ?!ei?li Robes, wnioh we can set' at v?iy ow prices, either who esale or letail. nr. /?. -1 - > - J: ?- -?> ? rw v iiivuo inn nuin u> gill kia IOuK H OOT tlVOI before purchasing eleewhere,a* we II th?Fur> &to!d prices. B. A W. KYKRBKRO. No. 4? Market j??aoe. de 21 -1 w Be'ween 7th % d 8'h ?U*ete K W AND B E A U T1FUL! 460 NINTH STREfcT. 1 ba^e ju?t received from New York a vti etioioe election of ilie io iowtm goods. The attention of thoae in want is solicited. PAPfcRHANGINGS roE Parlors. Red Kooins, Vestibules, Dining Room*, and Ceilings. Gold Rand _ 0 and other styles of WINDOW SHADES. Shade I ties and Trimmings, Picture Loops, T?s*el? and C??rds, Shad ? ? rds and Tassels. MATTRESSES AND CU-iH OSS of all d*tcr pt'uns. mad* to rdar. l>HOLST**Y wo?* af d PaPS b ? gins. In all .u v? 1 >us ? y .e 6??oDt?j promotl i, at the ITT" Lou**/ Postib * Prices -TT1 ^7f)HE SHADES Ma ean?l uoi ored. Itf Terms oash. oV21-3v3? L. J BOTHROCK SrcuiALi liAKUAINS IN LAD'EU AND ti> rt emMi's Hcawis, and hoop sum. COL, Ey CQ F^OR CRh 1ST>IA"? P?b8bNIS? A new lot of Mi'id* cloth Cloak* handsome Caahm*r? tkarle. Wnri'al Sol tag. and Caps in great varieties, Belling off obe.?p to- ca.>U J. W COLLKY ft OO. LADIES' AND GENTB' Kll> GLOVES. rli?. B*aver and Thread Ganntl-ta, I Hosiery of all k nd?, ohilaren'a Glovee, Moja Haok kin 6a nileta. Bailing off cheap for Chrism as timet.

J W. COuLKY ft CO., de >1->t 633 Tth >t^eet. abo->? Penn. av. TnTlMB A MPUriVlt'll ov tbi.' _ ? s M vr * u A/ MJ I a UCi VCUAXk*V' ten.aeter General paroh&aed hj SWEENY. R1T TEN HOUSE. PANT A. CO, ba k?rt Peon avenue, rie*Mw Near Brown'a HoUl Kh 199 KF INGLE'S DEP'T ? I have again appointed uAM MON D, 484 7 fi tree', mr S-i* ft ?*> t for ibe distribution of Toy* art Pator Notion* to all good ciuldrtn aim a Mil and get theni aheap. de80 at* KRI3S KR1NGLE G'ENTLtMKN'S LINEN COLLARS.MNKN I COLLARS, LINE * COLLARS t-Aboiit TOO dosen m>w in store, all atylea, at aoo?t hall t*:e u*ual p'toe for the *ame goorie-ail i f oar own inauufsoture At THOMPSON'S*, At E. A. Lake k. Co.'a Marble Hall Baatar. de 3? Under Krovra'a Hotel. f A DIES', GENTLEMEN'S AND CH1LL< Chen's furnishing ooodh, undeST GARMENTS. euOVES, HOSIER V. HANDKERCHIEFS. SCARFS. TIES, CRAVATS, i.lNEN COLLARS. SHIRTS, Ao ,jko. THOMPSON, under Brown's, 4* M K- A. Lake A Co.'a Marhle Hall BtlW. HFOR CHRISTMAS PRESENTS! ANUKKRCHIKpS. HA.NjjKERCAIEPS, HANDKERCHIEFS J? All rta.'t<>ok now un qaaJled. for ladiee and gantleMiea?Ju t the thing for Chnatmae Present*. At TnniipanMNi At E? A. L&ki 4 Co.'i .M&rtli ffsllSssssr# <! ? Updrr Brow?THoUt I NOTICE. N Cobi^omo* Of the estraonlliMry ateto of the wui bo oloSi?d Mat r?aa*ajr. 1 him tar( lot of booka, of rara valaa, kh>t 1 would lika to a# 11 ohaop. Aim. ohcw wi ?ubio*iiona. m.t prloa.UKttlw to. d* *-* < Wllfrrd's How Btwi F?" raHum.' J ut ofutA ttuday. ia *U Um? mvmI ttjl**Ha ad tout* Clotjh Cloaks, H*?utiful SbitriaU grsa* Etolifficutpa Ind t>iata Btaok aad Cidorad Bilk*. ID-S.II... ?fi?*S."wmLLBy , oo? d??M niiUit.tkonn.fT. / ! . I Eg * 0. V. PIKE'S i ARMY CORDIAL. ?_ In preaentisg this delicious beverage to the ubiic, it ta not our intention to herald it as a uitck medicine, that will cure all dlaea?e? and Section* tbat human nature la heir to, but that : la purely a combination of moat delicious ulta, diatllled under our own peraonal auperiaion, having no deleterloua or lpjarloas admixarea bo common with many compounds forced pon the Public In the ahape of Tonlcc, 4c. PIKE'S ARMY CORDI&L wiU become one < the moat uaeful and at the same time healthful Iveragea that haa ever been offered. We take tuch pleaaure in thua preaeatlng It, particularly t Soldlera, who are expoeed to change of weath ?, climate ana hardship, as the beet tnvlgorator tat can be found. SAM'L. N. PIKE A CO. m SOLE AGENT IN WASHINGTON, D C.p EMI LB DUPRE, 320 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. Cincinnati, October 39,1661. 1 hereby certlf? that, in accordance with the law regulating the aaie of Alcoholic Llquora in .he State of Ohio, I have inspected 8. N PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL, and find It free from pol?onou? Impurities 1 also believe it to powe*i high medicinal properties, of a tonic and aetringent character. in les'imony wnereoi, witness my signature this Wth day of Ootober, 1MI. DAVID O'CONNELL, M. D , Chtmlcal Inspector of Alcoholic Liquors for Hamilton county. 6. N. PIKE'6 ARMY CORDIAL! No Housebould should be without It H. N. PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL! The tnott healthful mm! uaeful Tonic extant. o. a. fin*, b ARMY CORDIAL! Have the d<UtoiouK Beverage at home. K V PIl'E'S ARMV rnpniA? ' la dlatllled from dellcioua Frulta and Berrlea S. N. PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL! Sutler* in tbe Army aupplled on reaaon&U# term*. S. N. PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL! Every Officer and Soldier In tfce Army should rue the Invigorating Oordl&l 5. N. PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL! Not only Officer* and Soldiers, but (he mod delicate Lady, will find thla Cordial a uaeful TONIC. I6. N. PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL! la not a quack medicine, but tb? most healthful and pleaaant Beverage la use _ 6 N. PIKE 5 ARMY CORDIAL! Better than Preach Brandy, Whifkf, or any strong Ltqsor. S. N. PIKE'S i n\fir AAnrvr > AIUU I V^UJKLUAIj I If you wish to kotp In food health and apirlta, dm thU Cordial. FOR SALE AT THE PRINCIPAL DRUG018TB IN TUB CITT, OR BY s. jr. riKi * oo.. 1?U4M YCAMOR1 STRUT, / CIH IPin ATI, OHIO. ' 9 * i *TI -* wu agent ?* - j - l * WASHINGTON, 0. C.. * m PENNSYLVANIA AVKH'K > . - WANT8. WANTED TO RENT?A STOtE o? Pi*a. " ?T?rne, for I*' king bualneaa. Addrea* Box ?a Po?t7>f??. \VANTRD-B? % resectable giri. at?lTUAJ" TION ? o^ok G,w?"' reierenaeailveo. Ad&rm "C. D. N., * f t*r Ofic*. U* | \\'ANTED?A n>?t tid? GIRL *o do imt1 " r-oin?worV : a Gemtr pre er cd. App'y at j 1 Thi teenth street, tetiretn U and D,lalriMi, ; ar..? ? 11 , i TT "|ivn O IUV fin . I* Wanted-tvo rooms. witk ' i Boft'd, (or * s*n l?ni*u a id hi* wtf . in ft ?ri tefftTn'lT wi ere there are iontb*r bo*rdera Adrtr??*. wi*h part'0 ''% ae to location. tenn*. *? ? "A B O." at t-u rftio? de ?l >t* WA N TK D-INFORMATION of Author* Whtler and John Kui>r who left New York for V\ aehiogton on Monday last. * nr it f rT?h' p conoen ing thrir wlier-abou w;U f>e thank fair reo ivd b* their co?? rade. 8EOR9E W< UMa m Hr6HEr,at No 5i)N Seventh itreet. between M and N. de Ji St* WA N'TE D?A good and o*Ve BAKER, at I. H. HaNLARN'S, No. 297 Se?en'h au betw^an L an'l M- fi-^od wnt ?|ven. dty-tt* WANTED-A good COOK. WASHER, end IRON KR : G?rm?n >r.fLrr?ur1 ??!. ) S4i H street, between 4th an S'h. deao St HOU9E WANTED?A amal hoaae for three "trioni, An' one having aueh a tumee to let oan find a tenant addressing "W. 8- H ,' Box 490 City Po?t (Iffio*. d?>n st* ANTED?A GIRL, to do general housework, *" in a *m\li fan.i'y mu?t nnderttand waahiog aud ironing well. Apply l'JI We?t street, Georgetown dett-3i' WANTED?A aii restaurant COOK,one Uatundersta i? t m hnaineea, at the Wkite Hou?" R?a aurant. M i P at. t?2C 3t* rsHWR A MITCHELL. V|7 ANTED? #30 wt 1 I* given to any person who " w? I pr oure t laivtrtn'r a aitna'lrc as CLEHKiothn Commissary ?r Quartermaster's Department. Address "A. D. E ' Star Oftoe de tO St* W^NTED-A white WOMAN to dr> ehamber" wck and sewinr i" a prirat* family. Apply a' No in President's Square 16* atre?t 'h ee doorafrom Pecnay !vacia avenue, before lOo'olook a. m. de?ft-3t? WANTK ? Hi a young man, who it itN p'rnrt" *u ok o >rreot at fi*ur?s, a SITUATION a? dark : ia wilting to work hard for the in'ereat nf h a employer: eautry mode ute Addreta "H H W.," office of thie p*per for two da, a. do y-3'.* * F'UHNISHKD Hl'UCK WANTKD. R-ntfrom 940 to SB I per month. Address Box 137 ity Pott off o d? 19 3t* \l'A^TKD-A middla-aged WOMAN (?er ** man) to do general housework. Apply No S4 2Pe>n avenue, between lit and 2J ?'a wea? of the Capitol. de 19 ?1 * WANTF.D-A e >mpetent WOMAN, to d the conking, *a*hinr, ironing, end general hoarework, in a ema I h< u e and email family, to on* wt>o really nndera*arda her bosineta, *nd rai nun. A rAn..ta?.an lu.4 n/4 ia willina to nr. a ka VVIIIU wr? , I I *7VI I BUU I* W IIIIU^ K/ 11 i V her?elf generally u ?eful ?o< d wae?n will b<? paid prompUf W K. CH ANDLBE, 504 14th street, between C and D de 19?tf A VOUNU LAOV, EDUC * TED IN EUc\. rope, and of huh y r?Bp<yjt?ble oorne^tiini i? this country. gpe\kin* the German. French, and Eugliah ia"fuag?i' d*?ire? a fra&tion & teacher in a-e-> mary, o'famil* or at la<iy> oompauion. Anoomp imsi t?. thoceof Kumpran ednoati n sleep* ma?io Addree* box '2 14, Ci'T Po?t Office de 13 3t? TO SUT' KRt* ?Wanted, the Sutl*r?hip of a Reeim*nt in the aervi?e. br a competent mer -hant with the r.eoetaa'y m?ana ; lor which a moderate tv>nn? will be raid. Addreaa "Sutler." at the offioe of thit paper. de 17-1 w* WT A NTk.D?A <tlT(!ATI()\na hnokkootor or " ?al-Bman, h? a tentlem\n of yea<V expe rieeoe, *rh first-elate ref?re oe ;'iu at the riiior<tion of the emp OTer. on a t<ial. For an irterview addren "A. B Bo* 1, SUr Ofioe. dels 1m* WANTKD TO PURCHASE?On reasonable term*, a frame or brio* HOUSE, oootaininc S or 6 'ocms. ait< eted somewhere between Fifth and K lever th atre?tJ we?t and 1 and N ata. north /> ny person havine ?uoh a home (or ia> nan hear of a purchaser by applying at Room No 13 aeooixi floor P. O. Department. de 13 ateo* WANTED?WOOD CUTTERS, to out wood ?" yj thr> oord. abon* 5 mile* from the city. A o imfortabie house to live In, and the highest Jf-oe (iv*n. Appy rrmediate'y to W H CLAGETT, at Wm MiU'ter A Co.'* D-y 6ondi Sto^e, No *9 Pa K Qff h mtm H M IiUaaIw WANTED? W.rc<M whiaky and brandy BOTTLES. Caah an de!i> err. F. B. HASTINGS ft CO? Si3 i? ?tr?et, do 85 tf Philharmonic Building. UTTER WANTED. Call at WALL, 8TEPHKN3 A CO.'8. 3?i Pa arenue. 118 WANTED?Every person to know that 1 am in th* ma ltft, randy to pay ouh for all artiolet .in the h uaoforniahicc linn. T^oae leaving tne Ai /! art t a m all rn'llfl W til wall /* Aft i I D BUCHlY. 42" Seventh ?t.,between G wa H iti., lAtahf '*' 1 n?"u''" v? ' ANTED-TU/LOKS. TAILORS -60 Tailor* competent to work on military goods. A pply G. KOLP, at Wail. Stephens A. Co.*. se25 WA.NTE1?.-We are now buymt SECONDriAND FURNITURE,STOVfisand BED DING, for which we are payinc the highest casti prio??. Families declining honsekeeping, or having a surplus of furniture, will find it to their advantage to give u* a ?ali. BONT7 * GRIFFITH, Je 13-tf No. 369 Tth it? betw. I and R sta. TVJECK TIES AND SCARFS! !"OAKMS AND NECK TIES : Au ncparallelled assortment at tHOMPBON'8. , _ lu ;art of E. A. l.ane A Co's, j* 20 Ur.der Brownk H?>?el. A NEW STOCK OF A UKNERAL STAPLE GOODS. Hianfrets, Comforts and Bed Spreads, Cotton Sheeting*, SMrt nrs and Linsna. Whi'eand Co'ored P Napkiua, I'ao.ea Cloths and Diapers. FoiGrsi ' ? md Bots* w*A? Cloth*. Casaimer*. 1 w?ed? Veatinga, rood sty ?? and quit jti?a. Fine and Heavy Grey Doineat.0 Clotfca. for Gett m?i' Pirts T.? al of wh.oh we aak the a?e-i?l attention of purchasers. J. COLLEY * CO. d? ?' .'w 5 >3 7th a'. Pa a*. C2EKM/1IS l?l VlrMON, A 'TKisriUN! * HEADQUARTERS t or Seodinc Mi nej to berminy and all part of the Country. 1* maiikt j'pac*. Stem of tkt nflO-lin HEAD yi'ARftRS for Clothira, Fu'Diaiiing Gowti. Hata and Cava, at No. 4b'J 7ih atreet. dell lm (Rep.) MOW 13 THE TIME To *et 7oar Winter I~ Clnthinc at low p-toft. at 460 7tu street. ile n 1 in |R?P I rpo MILITARY OFFICERS AND OTHERS. BATCHRLOR'S GENUINE HAIR DYE, The Boot in the World, Tkt Only RtlinbU and HarmUst Hair Dy* JDmw*. 3ol<l by ai'. D'utiricu; &i?o. at Hiiiktom'i Patent Medicine store.latent Oflkoe.oor. F A Tth, and at Oibm'b Hair Store, M< Penu'a avenue, where Ladies cau have it up''**, if deeired. factory?81 Barclay si < iat* Broadway) N. Y. oelif \1 A. '-AED. I'll. J AlfiLER Hm the ptfgre to inform hia friend* and the pabno, that he has opened ft first o ft>a Rea'aaraat. ftt the fa/onte ooawD on D street, between 11th nth streets, so long an J ?e:l-knowu es AuorlOConfeononery establishment. Having mm* arrangement* f"r ft oo?atftn *up?ly oi ell taedelioao e* ot the season, and secured the servioeeof poite ftod oompeten attendant, he hopes to reeeive ft dae share of eoblio fSTQr. de t lni f ^ R BAT ATTRACTIONS.?G'aod casn tor W 7th st'?*t, to bm the new s'ook or Clothing, juat r*oriT*d atB.HlTd'P, No. 400 7th streak dell Hn (Rap.) LftUTTbR! BUTTER!! D BUTTER!*! MO k*ffa ohoio* Goshen batter, jast reoeiaed ftad for sftle ehoap by F. B. BASTINGS A CO. no 25 tf 3iX D at.. liaiM Pa. a?a??? I r'^MVNT FOR RALE.? Enquire at GEO. B. PLANT, No. 41 laffi ?U?c d?l?ao?' RFOR TBE HOLIDAYS. Al8IN8-#"0 IwinM. R , UaTEs-? Iraiia. CiD"**?**) bftTri* Prim* Jeraay, gk.?ARs?'"Punoh"' and other braoda, L'tnooa, Sa'dina?, Airn.>od?, Fuberia a to. Ia iter* and fur aala br __ GRIFFIN A P0I8AL, da 19 ooSt* 24 3 Pa ay., n ar Thirtaaath at. RAISIN ttTcl RRANT?, lliilED APFLBS, ke. ?lfl Whoia, balf and quarter buaaa U;*t and Huooh R aiaina, B B in Rkiaioi, 6A> Currant*. B> Rarra a l)n*4 Aitplaa, 10 B?rr?la Newark Cidar, 4 Barrel* W??l?rn Bottor. It EaraQUd-a Batter. W?u Almond*, Nets Nnu, Kn?ilah Wai liba.U. Data*. FUa, and Frute*. vy(i comiaCiO ft UUt? """ ^iwawsiirBSRc toT&UtoiI <*a?) CLOAKS? CLOAKS" OLO A.K1R r W? kn at laat raaalvad Ua t? g* amort mm t of kMrtmiiiTl Mmii ? oaka. is Baavar. Treoo | i ! pJ?*80N8 IN WANT UF Mil. mamm SK&a '* ? .... (U u-y* * <. , AUCTION 8ALEK THIS AFTBRNOOIf ? TO-MOhRQW. 07 MARbPALL * FACiK. k%o io??-r?. ^ WTMAS K*KHSNft*K*NCY OOOI'N I-/ at Arrri#*, THIS fcVPNfNO, fct t o'ef?>?*, *i?d *T?rr Tvnirc ?.Wr ib? ??il the who e i* of, c nurt riof a *nedaoJo Kr?r?ot. Germfto, t* lu ?n<J Ai?>"fio" n Chn imu ' r+ e u ?rd To??, oounprt inc VVritinr P?.k? l-*auiifni:? iD?d, nokli comd Dre sibc ?,'V " * mu m&hof?ry W" k Buj'i. Dolla ??f *.1 ?i?#er * Hon, 1H t uwiiiiiu! mi- n? hi w, ? ihjp ?,t Fa of Hoodi irt'Bd * f?w Cnn*tmae Pr?? r.'r. Also. a hue co Uoiion f Jawairy of ali d?aoriaUcn>. Wafcbe?.i*i Pen i,adte?' hrecne Pbawie. "Ma cf Fv i. and tiNtrtl assortment <>t Holiday Prea*"ts dec *v? MARSHALL ft PAGti, Aaotiaaeer*. Bf WALLA BARNA*D~An?t>oaaera. Cansfr Pa. ar?, t?d 9(A EMNK FRENCH FANCY GOOD* MJITF till rot Hoiimt ^luntn at A rerun On >?ATL' KUAY and MO.MMY MORNINGS, Hstacd ad instant, at It o'elook aad in U>e rrec i-(t? at 7 o'o ooJK, ve wi I stil at tb? Aaotion Rooms a splectl:<i assortment of Fine Kienoi Eanoy Goods, the slock of H. C. MoLanikitn, who M drohned business, and ibraoicgFine Pear! and I Tory Fans, Beantilal Odea r Boxes. La4let and Gents' tortawonnaiae and Watok tindi. Prorehand Fngliah Boapa and Pwinatrj. Unt fccidiah Hai/ and Tooth Brtifcai, Port FoUoa. Cheauita, Cheoktra, ml ctbw Game* Fina stationery, Planm Carda, Parior Mtatet. Cbina Ornaments, Motto Cupaacd Sauoera Baaatifr] Kn(raYt"(>, Frraofa Fare' Hair pina. Ba la and Bird ca?oe. K?wt variety of Freooh and ft^rmaa Tiya, Wax and every iMh-r vnneiy of Delia, Pixiurea G *? Ca<?a, Ao., Ac Tfrmi (Ml. , _da IN WALL A BARNARD, AaeU. ByJ.C MoGUIRE a CO., Anatio&orra. EXCELLENT FURNITURE AND HOUSPhoi d evrbots at Accttow-On MONDAY MOK NING. D-oemb r Snd at W ooookNo. IV ?v U9 WWD 141VII Niu I?U1MIVVW( W ! ' hn Kuv. we 'hall shall ae > the ?ipuU' effect* ofa geLtieman declining houaeke?ping, oon.pjuicf? pluaW-eovered P?r!or "nite. Walnut Ktegere, Whatnot, and Music Stead, Marble <?P ' *oter a d ?*o ? rah.ea. Hacdsom- Window Carta na and ?hftdea, V tvet, BruM ii, ard Three piy Oarpe a, Matting, Oilcloth Rug*.? at- ack, Brusee ? tt\ir Carpet. Rod'i ard Eye?, Fancy Ta lea and Chai'a Wri ing Desk, Oak Hiding Tabic an I Ch i'?. Mahogany Sofa, <"an#and Wood aeat Chaira. China, GIvs am Cri-ek-r* Ware, r^nto s, feilrer * ab e ani T?a Spoona, Forks, Fmit Kniee*. Waitera, Lftlles, Table Kmvea, >apkina Tow la, Caun'erpan?s, B ?akets,a'id Conforta Toeeihe' with a aenersl assortment of Honsehold aad Kitchen Fnrn tore Term* "*s i. de?n ,1 J C McGU RK A CO . A acta. By WALLft BAR>'ARD. Aoetioreera. < or net P? nut and 9th street. W \T D/1 DTl V'T . a I k' t k C Ik i UftVfkd ft V l> I "pfcXR LGQ * ID8 .'oc dFI Nt OOLU w A "fr*TES - Wi l a B* La (i will acll on MONDAY, tj a ?xi. at is o'o uok at their (?? P m?, N JiT P nue?.Yinia avenue, oornee of Ninth afaet, ? macoifio-nt a??orti;.ent of P a' aod Dia<r.oo<1 UoiMtr, oompriamc icme of tb? fmeet ifti mr "tDufvotur*-! ! < tnia c nntry. ai?o alarcelotof Eacuha-d French Gold Hunt n* Wat hea. ma e hy t a m<>?t oeiet>iat?a mat ufao'urer*. an<i mac? other a*tio>? aoit*d for holi a? ?r*aaotj. The attention of d-aler? i? invited to thi? a a, a? ere?y article ia warrants a* r??Bree?nted. it bain* the atock of a fintoiaaa J of Ne? Vi rk, aod will be promptly ?o > lor o??". J - rw* ttra i t ^ 1) i D V a D 11 i UO d\i ?? n Lii> T nnii^nnk/,n?oMi. FUTURE DAYS. Br J. C. MoGUIRE A CO- Aaatiuanri. For rent, flkm hre at auction.Th%t ?paoiouaandtleg?nt Villaon th? Heigh'e of Geo'i??town, known a* the Tuaor P'aoe, wtlh exteniive ground* and oominanding * r>?aut fv view of the Potnmao la for rent for one or ai>r(> IMri with or withont furniture. It la ntnated ?c Congreee atreet, and within fire irinn'ea' walk f the Georgetown and Waehington ommt'ii line. App.y at ti e office of J. l>et t, Mo. <56 Pifteentfc tre't. opponte the Treaaury, or to the u df UMi The fnroitare now in the above home, cf the moet elegant rteec iption.wil he offer*o fo' ea e, at p >b 10 auction, on MU\uA\.tiie Slat icatan'. at 10 o'clock % m , on the preaiees Alio, two auoerior Mich Co we. Pereona whode?ire to pgrebMe can examine the ?r Jferty on the prenueea during the day oc Stunaa'.theSUh inatact de 21 <1 J. C. McGUlRE A CO.. Aaota. Bt WALL * BARNARP. Auot'oneere. Cem*r Pa. arrm*' and pftutk street. PAWNBROKER's sale of forfeited IHpo?ttr at auction O# 1L'R*Da\ MORN.NO December *t, at M o'oiook we will 1 at unr Auotio-> K< on< the ba. uee of itoek of C. W?H. Pawnbroker. oon?("tmc o|? Onni. Pi*U?.e. Gold ard M ver W * to ??, Ve?t. Guard and Kob Chains. Laokett. A Mrg * a*?o"nient of Jewe.ry, . U-AWtf. 'iWM'Z&M*19*0*- "ch M" v??u, p?nU ??. J.*fli??' C otNuc, Children'? Clothing, fto f Ac. To<eth?r with other goods in the line too Bn?t?r on* to insert, . . K. WARP, P?wabroker. de2^-d UrAL' A h???AHU Awcf. B? WAl L A MAMNAKl) Auottoue-ra Oomrr Scvik tidt Pa arttiv* a~d 9th rjlwlns ol't sale of tie SUPERB ? awn - m ? ,?y Uft.l 3 r I **? * 1 BP* I 4c , at n uction ?<<?n TUB-WAY M RNI.V'-. 2tth inat&ct, at ?n u'cj-hjI, *? i .m itAuc itt our larre vv a erotn, in the ff>r of "ur Au" i Room*. tbe remviuier of tne ?u per' too* ?t Fur- . *ud Kubei, wdicc have t> eu toer* on exhr >ui for the a?t we k: the 'eir>ainin? stock en.h.*oe?s*eta of Hadaon B*?. Pab ??. M. nk, Freooh Mink and S**b e. River Miik, ?-'rmine.Ol mohilv Kito* Ac.. ^ Gant.emen'a Bearer and Nat eCo'.iar*, Gaunt. ' and Fur*, and Seal Coa?- and Capa, Wolf. Fox. G?, *n<l Buffalo and ranor Oar riaceand Eloign RoMs. Foot Malfe, Ae , fro A* tbe consignee li determined to Oi<jae out. great mdo -mecte will bo off .-rod to the trade ai ' and the publio generally. Theee good* are warranted gecaina, and perfect In every reepeot. Termi oaah. <te 18 (Rep.) WALL A HARNARD A??ta. OLD MADURA. SHRRRY AND PORT WINJL8 Imported and BottUd by W, S. Corwtn k Ce . > V Waoderer Madeira, bottlea 1MB, Reserve " |ml Houth t?Kl? M * 1M4, 1 m pern 1 Sherry. M jfc*., Hurmerater Port. * 18? Harmon* ** ' " 1 b+t" Imp'! White" - )MD For a?i? by WM.CORWIN BUB6Y. 347 Pen at y I rama avenge. d* Entranoe up Sixth at. AHOUHKEKKPLR9 RE Particularly luv.ted to txami'e our etoc* before purchasing, aa it ta d<i* oom?!ete. cm l-r* on* aa ead>eaa variety of ueefu. and ora\in*bU Houeekeepioc artioiaa. ooaaiatinxin part of? French Chita Dinner. Tea aao Seta, ''at. Knjravrd, aid Preeeed Blaaa War*. Plated Tea Seia. altera, Fork a, Led lee, and Bfo?oe, Plat-d Cake Baakata. loe Pit? here, Caatora, ax<? Mt(i. Pla ed and Blook Tic Coffee and Tea Ura?, Cha&Lt Makes, Iron &t<>De China. Piaoor, Tea and Toilet Seta, Britau> ia Ca-Una and Britann a Gooda general y, J*paa T aTra e. Waiters atd T?ll?-t Sots. Wood Wive, and Con no a Tib Ware II of whioh wiU be offered at anuauaiiy lov prioee C. W. BOTKl ER * SON, de 17 oo8t 31ft Iron Hail. | HMONS. L RillfNIL ?" nee, I . . 0ATK8. 1 J ntt received u4 ta iW<*. "rM r.RiFFIN * POI?*L. dsHatoo* 843 Penc. ?*>nt>e, naat lSth rt. ElctT;y?!^!5!* fietvtai / amd K Strum. Bast MeoatnKH.aUen? foe traveler ?od bocrd^ri. Th? Larder and Bar always au??liad with U>? obot?Mt Viaads and L ? n^r* BO 14-1 ffi#o* JOBN HAYZEL, Pro?r>?o-'. 562 ^VENTHJTREET. AKMY OFF,gJ{|ANDrOI>ITRACTOR8 J n?t arrived CM) Window* of of all liok ul, l,i,i,l Hiaad It iMht mk.jui: the thini for 'arrack a^aic for ?ai* coaap by Nirt>*a ((MUinn, n*> IM WM'f M*'t ( M U/ */ Wmm, Lhmt uul Cif? A* 16 ?o3?? IIE.NJ AMiN DlWOLFF. D No *T4 PiM.Amti, X\ Adjoinine tf?? Nr.*,1 Hot?.. kufai vorkmu la Ci n unftn, bd? W? ?i ? to. . <U 7 f . G lifer itee iw"rt??? T? Bill HrfH, M?r Um mkiT J | I094tek*n >?ftitad, H4 M I.M WTfjBT ^StSET'KiS txsztBTtaVS Wimm. I immor* %?d MM ftiwar* " **"*p in?r p?ni?7in>Bi N?w > *??, i?n ??rf> I d'. ?' tor* in ' M? _ * < i?t?ium.i ?y i*ii ? ? ? * *t'i' fc ' i ?U. . H. tt t *?J> I u.? '