Newspaper of Evening Star, December 23, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 23, 1861 Page 1
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/ ' ??????^??a ? V^. XVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C. MONDAY, DECEMBER 23- 1861. N?. 2.758 THE EVENliNG STAR tt PUBLISHED BV&RT AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED.) AT THE STAB. BtTtLDllVGS, mm of mmm mU Sl??ik if. n W. D. WALLA OIL Paper* erted la paekagaB toy carrier* tl ?4 t year, or 37 oaote per mtmtk. To mail tabaerlton She prtoa la S3 JO a ymt, m aivamtt; S3 tor aU aaontfca; SI for threa montba; aad for laaa ttaa >rrm aonthi at Uw * *> ?* ? ? *- - (i* ooptea, osa ciht; la wrappen, two cisti. C7" ADmTnaiHTi ihcold be aeat to tkt mee before IS o'clock m.; otherwise tbey may act appear until the next day. WHY I LEFT THE VOLUNTEERS. " Then I'll resign, ' said I. " Very said be; you can do as you 'j>iaa?e " And row, having repeated two sentences which hare been running in my mind erer sine* tbej were ottered, I will try te tell bow itwu that I came to make so decided a remark, -it la astonishing tbe aootbiag effeot whieb repeating a grievance bas on tbe sufferer, and this most be my excuse for inflicting my woes on an unoffending reader. First. then, to introduce myaelf. My name la Codling*; I am abort, atout, and middleajjed ; and am, or rather (alaa') waa. a captain Jo the Targetehire, or Death to the Invader Volunteers And I may add that no one ooald have been a mora thorough volunteer than I waa I wea proud of the uniform, and hkad the exercise The 18th of Juna had long been fixed aa the <Jay on whioh a grand review of the oorpe waa to take plaoe. An M. P. for the county waa to be present, and a bugle was to be preeented by the M. P.'a daughter, and altogether we felt that the eyee of Europe would be upon ua, and we felt equal to the oocaaion. Aa the day approached, our drllla were multiplied to auoh an extent thai moat nfm that oar uniform woald hardly last so as to be lit to be mo at the review, so great was the strain upon it. However, praotice makes perfect; and after oar last drill, on the evening of the 17th, we, one and all,J considered th at we were so near to perfeetion that oar talents woald be alto;?'her thrown away upon an ordinary field day, and that nothing snort of a grand sham light, on the exaet model of a real one, woald at all do osjostioe. It was in vain for oar adjutant (a half-pay officer of the army, and who was dreadfully jealoas of oar progress I am sure) to object; a sham battle we were determined upon iuQ kiuij aiHcmij wu u> decide wniob bittie of modern times ahoald be honored by oar otioe; Aim*, Inkerman, Solferino, were all discussed. bat each presented seme objections, and we were nearly giving tip the idea, and adjutant becoming triumphant, when Waterloo wu proposed, as being appropriate to the daj, and. moreover, it wu added that there waa a email clamp of trees on oar parade ground, with a cow shed in it, which woald do admirably for Hagetaont and iu adjacent wood. , The aext a oeetion wu to find a leader for the force to be driven back; no one waa desiroas -of appearing in the light of a betten general on their first field, till at lut I, Codlings, wu selected to enact the part of the great NapoJeen. The somewhat secondary part of Blaoher wu to be taken bv oar senior n??v I trees bj name. Crabtrees bad been originally in the Hussars, bat having been rather too fond of chicken buzzard, hmd sold out, tad retired to his anoestral acres. Be for some time my front rank man, an? though generally speaking be was most ?*p?rt at the ' Manual," he invariably Ordered his rifle on to my toes, apoIogi??4, ?miled at my agonised contortions, and repeated the performance five minutes *(<erward. He it was, too, who with malice aforethought abstracted the detonating composition from my percussion caps on the eve of a field dav, thereby covering me with oonfusion; and adding insalt to injury by exposing the trick he played on me, at the very moment when I wm expatiating era the utter uselessneas of the government rifle vo a select circle of friends, and stating my belief that it wu impossible to make them go off. Again, on the occasion of my firing off my ramrod by aocideut, Crabtrees was the man I oau wiowTvrw* in mcxtenoe, id spite of my trying to look innooent and unconscious, and presented it to me amid the jeers of my oom rede*. Altogether Crabtrees wm a nuisance, I and 1 hated him cordially. Oar Colonel wu to command the supposed Britiah army, (twisted by the Adjutant while I was allowed to aet as a set-off to the latter functionary the drill sergeant of our oorps. The night of the 17th of June was a restless one for ate; the thoughts ef to-morrow were ever present with me, and prevented my sleeping; and even when I had ooazed myself at laat into a sort of aleep, I awoke with a start flee minutes afterward,with the foil oonviotion that I had been omitted to be called, and that the review waa all over without me, the representative of Napoleon, the martial Codlinga. I A second time I awoke, in a fancied endeavor to draw my aword (being attacked by two gigantio enemies); the handle twisted and turned like a snake in my hands, and seemed to be ringing like a bell, when to my surprise I found tnyself with the bell-rope in my graap, aad the whole of the household rushing to my room, to ascertain the eause of the sudden outbreak. At last, after having loeked at my watoh a hundred time* I fnnnH it au ?tw op I got, rushed to the window, and, fate* b? praised. it wu a lovely morning. How I got dressed that day I know not, for in the excitement of the moment my buttons flew off from my touch, like needlee to a magnet. At laat my toilet wu oompleted, but with my feelings breakfast was not to be thought of; anything beyond a cap of tea would have choked me outright. Our readeavous was to be the railway station, where we were to receive our M P., who wu to arrive by the ten o'eloek train, and from thenoe we were to maroh to oar various positions Crab tree was to remain at the White Hart in the town until sent for, and was then to come up with his detachments to conduct tbe pursuit. The ten o'cloak train arrived, and with it the M. P., who shook hands with all the of(Seers, aad complimented individually every DOQ-commissioned officer and private on his I soldier-like appearance. The M. P s daughter, who wm to present the bugle, wm lovely, and I buried to distinguish njtelf, and obtain, perhaps, aa approving wile, or even a orown of laarela wbieh she might?who knowa ??have see re ted in her pocket. The laarela, not the smile, I mean. We marched off, oar band playing one of our favorite air*. I regret not being able to atata which it waa; hat, unfortunately, the first cornet,who always played the melody,waa ill with the toothache, and waa unabla to attand parade, so wa ware obliged to march with accompaniments only, but the big drum did hia duty noblv, and wa did not misa tha first oornet ao much, aftar all. At length wa reached tha parade ground. I tola a glanoa at the M. P.'a fair daughter as I mare bed my men off to take up the position of tha attacking French army, and my haart throbbed audibly through my uniform. Whea wa arrived, imagine my ehagrin at (being told by tha drill sergeant, who appeared pita to ignore ma, that my position waa to be a stationary one, and that, in Imitation of Napoleon and hia lookout tower, I must olimb a trea and from theaoe watch the proceedings. I waa never good at climbing; but, with a little aaaistanoe, aad?I am aorry to aay, for ti^a credit of oar dieeipJiae?an occasional reminder from soma of my man's bayonets, I reecaed tb<i aeoond bongD. I ?ur fallow* behaved aplendidly. llagemont -or the oow-ehed?wae taken and retaken, (and at length the time arrived for the laat (read charge Human nature eould etand it no longer, T had been doing patience on a moaament for two hoar*, and vaa thoroughly ?ck of It, ao I determined to depart from my hiatory aad my tree and lead the charge my aelf. I had aome diflonlty in getting down, and when I had anoceeded, my men were already ebarging, aad jo*t aa I waa running after them at my beat pace whom ahoald I *ee eomingur* : ' e<*een us bat that oonfunnded Crabtree?ar.l hi# mppoeed Pra*ians. Ihey had evidently lunched at the White Hart, and appeared to have taken more to drink than wu good for them. However that might be, thej no sooner caught eight of me than they raised a shout of? " There's Bonaparte himself?let's take him prisoner!" I turned and fled. It was in Tain. My figure was not calculated for running, ana they gained upon me at every step?but stilt I held on I scrambled over hedge* and through ditches, but still I felt that they oould catch me at any moment. I unclasped my sword-belt in hopes that that trophy would be sufficient for them But no! one picked it up and the others still pursued; they evidently looked upon me as the representative of Invasion, and were determined on revenge. 1 ran til) I could ran no longer, and then sack exhausted. They aeiied me, and in spit* of all my protestations and struggling!, and explanations, that I was only Codlings, and not Bdhaparte, they dragged me to a duckpond I neard "One, two, three, and awav!" and the next moment I was floundering in four feet of black mud. I struggled out as beatloould. The first man I saw was Crabtree, who apologised for the behavior of bis men with a smile on his eountenance, for whieh I ooald have slain him then and there. When I recovered myself a little I orawled rather than walked up to the parade-ground, j and arrived just after the bugle had been pre* sented. My appearanoe was the signal for a general shout of laughter. Even the M P.'s pretty daughter?whom semi-offioial position should have kept her quiet?laughed. The more I stormed and swore, the more they all laughed; and well they might, for I presented the spec- ! tacle of a dripping ni*g?r. The next morning lwent to the Colonel and lodged by complaint againat Crabtrees; bat it was of no use. he only laughed at me, and I then expressed myself in the words with whioh I began my sad tale. I have, since writing the above, iust seen the Gaxette, in whioh I perceive the following : Targetshire Volunteers.?F. Crabtrees, i Bm., to be Captain, vioe Codlings, resigned, imagine my disgust. | pHRISTMAS-CHRISTMAS-CHRISTMAS! TOYS! TOYS! TOY*! TOYS! COMBS, BRUSHES and PERFUMERY ! j FANCY BOXES! CHINA ORNAMENTS! DOLLS. DOLLS, DOLLS ! (ail kinds.) RIBANDS. FLOWERS. HOSIERY AND GLOVES! And all kinds of foods suit&bla for th* umbh. ae 13 uw At 9H K bl)'S. KVveQtnVtl LWM.CORWIN BlJRflY. ATE With the old and well known house Of WJ4. S.CORWIN A CO , I n*w york, Dealer i* tktitn Brandies, Wm??* Cigars, fc.. and Importer of Teas ani Ckint*t Fan'y Goods, NO. 357 pljt.lftllvasia avisdi, (Ent'?ooe Sixth Street,) Washington. D. C. The attention of connDisaeura and the pabiio generally is invited to m? atook of hne Brandies, W mes Clears. Teas Ao , oomprmne Hennessey Otard ana Sayer Brandies, Widow Clioqu"t, Moot A Chandoa, Mi'm's, Hetdaick A Co . and Aaaoeiates Verx uey, Champagnes; Permartins, Am >nt;lart?? and Ynarte Sherries; Wanderer, Reeerve and Soath Side Madeiras; H'rmony and Qurmerater Porta; the oelebrated "WSC" Cluu House ??in; lriah. Hootch, Bourbon and Monotgah^a Whiskies; Jamaica ard St. Croix Rums; Cabana, Figaro, LaRosadeSantiago.' a lispano aano various brands of Ctears aad very fine Vount Hyaon, Ht *>u, Im??rn! ?ad E"g i"\ UreitkfHi T?M in cutty bo*?s imported by myself expressly for family use. de 13 1m J TO THE LAIHKS! ULE9 JOLLIVLT, La'' a' Hairdreaaer. from Paris, jnat arrived, inforioa ;ne iadies of Washington that he ha* opened a !ar?e (assortment of Felix Hea ! Dresses, Wreath* a; d Br'de*' Wreaths, the m>st splendid choioe of Flowers for dresses; also. Gold and Chenille Nets, a.llkinda of Hair Work ; and attend to d'easing >adies' hair. 3.Vi D street, between 9th and inth. de 18 lm* tv! nrw mii.i.inkb v ilOW On hand and oonstantlr receiving now auppiiee of WINThR BONNETS, oompna-^Pk ingtherewest and moat desirable s'viea the imiod,at HUTCHINSON & MUNRO'8^* ?-'anoy Store, 310 Penn. avenue. between 9th and 1'th atreeta, where Miaa Thompson is prepared to execute promptly all order* left with her. Alao juit reoeived, a new aupply of Head Dreg*, ee, Artttioial Flowers, Feathera, to., to whioh we invite the attention of the ladiea. *e la CKALED PROPOSALS, until the a?th DeO o?mber, 1*61, are invited for fttrniahin* the U. 8 suc?iat?noe Dtp*rtni??* with FLOUR. About 12 mw barrels will be required, of a high trade of extra Floar, to be delivered in Waahtng>n,*tthe Railroad D*pot. or at Warehouses in Washington or Georgetown, aometime between the 1st and lotn of Jaunary, 1M2 F.aoh barrel of the Flour to be inapeoted jnat before it la reoeived. The Floor must be equal \n a oallty to the samplea to be obtained at the oapitol Baker?, Washington City I Bida to be directed to Major A. BECK WITH, C. 8.. P- S. \ ,ana eodoraed "Proposals " de 18 /^AMP 8TOVK8, in e?ery variety. iu?t received L at JAMEH 8RIRViNG'S Waahicgton Store, Tin and Sheet Iron Maaalaotory, No. U67, oorner of 11th at, Southaide Penn.avenue, delist (Repub A Chron.) I^AiEBANKS'8 r STANDARD SCALES. For Mid by J P. BARTHOIiOW, Hole Ajent, Hardware and Agricultural Warehouse, 068 Seventh ?troet. between Penn. av and Canal, ?ppo ite cart end of Center Market. da 17-tf A SUTLERS AND Thoae ecrated in rupplyinf the Soldiora, wul find on examining our atook many article* suitable for their aa ea, at auoh pnoea aa oannot fail to plaaaa. A oarefui examination of atook and prioea aoli01 tad. Liberal diaoount mad* to Sutler* and thoaa en faced in aupp ying the Army. G oda oareiully paokad to go ont the city, fit* of if chart*. C. W.BOTELER A SON. da 17 81 318 Iron Hall. COLUMBIA MARKET, Pa smbm, censar TXirttsntk it. The aubeorlber wouid moat raapaotlnlly inform the oitiieaa of Waaainitoa that be haa returned to hia old auarter, where he intend* keeping a firatrate market laall 1U oraaohea, aa in timaa tone. He will be happy to iraat hia old frienda and ouamm a ?a N. B ?Good* Mat froa of oharga to any part of tha oity. da 13 c. MALLARD. IMPORTED MEAT!}. FISH, FRUITS, to.Pati daft>i Sraa. Truffaa. rora?r*? Since*, Ctnu>Q Ginger, Ria d? Vean, Truffled Htouit, On*e Farolee, 8&rd!sea. Anohoriea m oil, Peute Poia, CUmpifnona. Yarraoat*, Anoiiory PaaU, Aaparagua. to. RING * BURCHELL, do 19 oorner PifteanU> at. and Vermont a*. Large lots op bed fo U, M^reeillee QulTta, !?hea?;n*a. Pillow Cottoaa, Taoie Linena, Napk'na, Doyliee, *0., Ito whole at oar prorerbial!y low prloe, marked in plain fi* urea CarpAe. Curtama, Oiiclotha, Rugs, Window Bbadee, Piano and Table Covera, Ao., upper floors. An inapeofeon of atook inaura no obligation to parohaae. PKRR Y * BRO , Penn. avenue and Ninth street, da It-1(H ''Parry Balidiag" f.""*1 f u r su." ? kwk ?A FKR MFftKAcH SABLE. IB vmr iwj, ?i'u gu^v, m+ d?! lin SEYMOUR'S, GaorfHown. ATT^NT!ON.|JTL.EEB,OFFICEIll AND A l*rf**to?k of CAMP BTOVE8, manufactured nod Ibr Ml* at 991 Panniylrania aronue, near CuUr MtrkM. .. . (Ull tf H. J. GREGORY. j wksx Old, warranted. Aleo, pnin* Mononcahela Whla"S figfe" "3B6V.W;i^ebt KEATING. KEATIN9, de 4-Stawtf 3tS Pa. ay?a*, naar Itt rt. r nnw OUT FOR STORMY WEATHER. L ftodMbd jour oH*r? Immediate? to HAMlLTOflTth? *rna<1 G'a*?/r. who will WMer ifaai U o*n | U? mora ii*fcta of f hm in a d?y th*n fur Other MM in Aniens*, ir,d u thM^ &SV5ISWJSfMLBTSX MarSXta thf n?r. ft?16 ?' A LL KIND? OF FANCY GAOIKRIBS AND A**" fc d*4 Stowtf ?4? ?t. DEFERRED ARTICLES. LITTER riOM HON. mb- SLY (rilSONIK AT k1cbMOilD) TO HON THADDICS STSVBKS. The following copy of a letter recently written bv Ron Mr Ely to Hon Thaddeus Stevens, will be read with deep Interest. Richmond, Nov. 25,1501. Hon TkaMdtus Sletmt. Horn* of Rtvrnentatires .?Dear Plr: It Is publicly known tost t was arrested by tbe Confederate troops near Manassas, on tbe 21st July last, snd brought to Richmond as s prisoner of war, where I have been detained in cloae confinement ever since Throughout my imprisonment, now exceeding four months, i have endeavored to deport myself in such manner as neither my friends nor my own Government would have cause to regret. Mv nhiwrt in IfAnWUn * tWI ? j ?j?nv>.v?ii>pi yuu at vuia nine, oowever, u yon are about entering upon your laborious duties In the House, la not one of peraon&l consideration to myself, but to call your attention to tbe condition of our private solders bow held here aa prisoner* of war The Confederate* haw now In their possession and in actual Impr'sonment, 2,9(11 officers, non-commissioned officers and privates, aaide from those on I learn from reliable sources ; 1,710 of these officers sad privates are atlll at Richmond, confined In loathsome tobacco ftctorlea converted into prisons, and the remainder have been distributed to different localities In North and South Carolina, Loulaiana and Alfbama. Included among this number are several hundred three months' troo s. wucie term 01 enlistment naa, In fact, expired before the battle of Bull Run. who left their hornet and families upon the first call of their country, to defend the capital and tbe flag Ttese men have been Imprisoned already irnre than four months, in tbe confident hope that some arrangement would b? made to secure their release, or provide, at least, for their destitute condition Tbev hav suffered like 'rue soldiers, With a patient aeif sacrifice of almost every personal comfort, until the poor fellows are near disheartened Could you have witnessed with me to-day five hundred of these troops as they were preparing to depart for Tuscaloosa, la Alaoama, there still to be Imprisoned, 1 think, sir, It would have roused the sympathies of your generous nature. A large portion of these men were, as you are no doubt aware, taken prisoners in midsummer, when the weather was exceedingly hot, and dressed in clothing suitable to the season; and not only that, but great numbers bad thrown off their coat* on going into battle, and wer? brought here In tbelrshutsleeves. Thay have had no change of clothing for months I have seen them without shoes, locks, shirts, coats, hats or caps, and In Several instances with only drawers for panta?pale and haggard from vug couancuieni ID ID1S CODaillOD AWiredK have been tent South to other prisons. atpoaed to the gaze of the curious and excited crowds Separated as they have been from their Mends, and embarrassed by the uncertainty and danger of transmitting means In tbe present state ?f affairs, they have been substantially cut *Y from all private retriurces for relief The winter is Already upon them, and the necessity for clothing and blankets, especially for the prisoners in this latitude, appeals but too earnestly to a generous Government In whose defense they have taken up arms If no measures are contemplated which are likely soon to lead to the release of prisoners, these men should be supplied with needfulcl< thing without delay; and I know tbe Administration too well to aoubt for a moment thut It will suffer these brave men, after fighting the battle* of their country, and falling unfortunately into tbeenemv's hands, to continue incarcerated in southern States destitute of the comforts of life. Tbe officers of tbe United States army, my associate* and prisoners of war, at whose rsquest 1 address this communication to you, are unacquainted with the views of the Government upon tne subject of an ex< hange of prisoners, now soibewhnt strongly urged In different sections of the North; but whatever they may be, they feel uoomru, ????u uiyaril, lull lacy will not OC Uflduly neglected by tlielr Government, and are content, with myself, to remain in imprisonment so long as It promotes the bett interests of our country. Very truly, your friend, Alfred Ely. lE7"The new Dollar Weekly Star, fuller than ever of Metropolitan news and gossip, and choice literary reading, is now on our counter ready for delivery to the public. Embraced In its entertaining contents are the following articles: Scan Mag. Again, from the London Times; The London News on the Mason and Slidell arre*t; Campaiglng with the Federals, from an English paper; Further Account* of the Battle at Fort Pickens; Affairs at Port Rcyal, and Hatteras; Movements of the Pirate Humter; The Alarm at Memphis; The Great Fire In Charleston, with faU details. Important news from Europe in relation to the Trent affair; Interesting Budget of Military operation* a'ouna vv MQington; Uoinu'* or tbe Army In Fairfax and on the upper Potomac; The Flotilla and Blockading Squadron; General Butler's Expedition; Occupation of Ship Island, at the mouth of tbe Mississippi, and Proclamation of General Phelps; Tone of tbe Press upon tbe Trouble wlth|England; Dr. Brownaon upon tbe National Crisis. Latest Southern news and telegraphic dispatches: Proceedings of Congre?, Supreme Court, ana Criminal Courts; The war In Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Western Virginia; Affairs at Cairo and Portress Monroe; Agricultural miseellany; Household Recipes; interesting local news, poetry, and general intelligence. This Is just the paper above all others for persons sojourning In the National Metropolis to send to their friends at a distance Price only three cents per copy, or SI.00 per annum; postage prepaid by stamps when so arranged. IxcKittuAKisM itt Alabama.?The Montgomery Advtrtiter says: " There appears to be a diabolical Intent, on the part of some persons now in this city, to consign at least a portion of Montgomery to the flames. Within tbe past two days there have been seven attempts to fire buildings In the city or vicinity, two of which have been Buccevsiui " The Niw Maoazimi ? From J. Shlllington, Odeou building, and from the publisher*, we have the Initial number of the new "progressive" magazine, " The Continental Monthly." It li under the editorial care of a writer so favorably known aa Charles Godfrey Leland. ArroiNTiD ?John Melga, Esq., of Nashville, Tenn., late Librarian of the Tennessee Legislature, has been appointed to a ?1,400 pr annum clerkahlp in the Poet OlBce Department, In place of A. Van Bumuid, removed. OjT Among the extract* fr-m southern paper* the Vlck*burg Sun baa an account of a light In the executive office at Jackson, Ml*a, between Go*. Pettus and Mayor (ex-Congressman) Barksdale. Wonder If Bardsdale lust his wig again ! AWOTBBB B50ASIM1NT AT TBI MoCTH of tbx Mississirri ?The Fortress Monroe correspondent of the Philadelphia Inquirer gives the following report of another engagement at the mouth of the

Mississippi. The rumor is not confirmed from another source. The ''Holllns Turtle" was recently at Columbua, Kentucky; but It was afterward reported that several of the rebel gunboats there had been ordered back to New Orleans: An engagement took place off the mouth of the Mississippi on the afternoon of the li?h The "Holllns Turtle" was disabled, and the Massachusetts made up the stream to capture her, but found her deserted, aground and going to pieces. She proved to be the towboat Enoch Train, formerly of Boston. The rest of the rebel gunboats were more or less disabled The troops were at work on Ship Island, throwing up defenses. Pbom tbb "Rat Holb" Squadbon.?The New I)m)ford Merrurv of the 18th Dubllshssthe follow. las extracts of letters from captains of the "rat bole" squadron, dated 8a van nab, December 18: The ship Garland arrived off Savannah on the Ath and at Port Royal on the 10th The last of fleet arrived on the 10th. The bark South America wm deposited at Savannah, together with one Ban Harbor ship A letter from Captain Willis, of the Rebecca 8lms,*tates that 14,000 soldluraare stationed atone island, 4,000 at Beaufort, and so they are distributed along the ooast rnammmmmmmmmmmam?^?? pM f m. r a n u r i v Omn Of t*? AurEzrini Compart, Psnntylvmmim mvmwt. All good a now in o?r warataomae. oa Loumarta avenue, aad b*rea?t?r warahou* d,will b? nharrad with atoraf*. if allowed to raaMi* ova a * uava, Ud an additional obarge if r?n*uni ^^|.rNtT U/? i7 lw Suforistondant of Uia Company, TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. THE WAR NEWS FROM ENGLAND. Farther Details by the America, a In London, with reference to the important Jueatlon of the attitude likely to be aaaumed by ranee, the opinion continue* to be that, however deairoua the Emperor might be to give aome employment to hla navy ana to divert public attention in France from tbe atateof the French flnanla nnt lllralv to Ha invthlna fn rmiftp i Hlf. fereace with the British Government, because serious results might follow In France If distrust there should Increase and cause a further depression of trade. The London Globe warns Its readers that they muit take the French version of the dispatches sent to Lord Lyons for what it Is worth, and piyely as the French Idea of them Tbe Shipping Gasatte has an article on the question of our rnrn inppltM In th? tnnt nt ? wor with North America. It does not regard our future prospects with feelings of alarm. Order* for the purchase of nearly Are hundred thousand guarters of wheat have been sent within the las' few days to fte Black 8ea ports, both for present and future shipments Immediate export would not of course be made, but eventually there would be no want of vessels to bring borne all the corn we require, and vessels trading to America would be released to bring grain from south of Russia i ne snipping uazette it perrectiy aauanea mat m>r importation* of food during tbe coming year will equal in extent thoae of tbe last four or five IfUOH Tbe London Daily Newt correspondent, writing from Paria, naya tbat it ia tbe general opinion tbat the Patrie waa imperfectly informed of tbe Intentlona of the French Government, when it poke of Prance joining with England In an armed mediation P&JtPARATIOX* FOB WAS. Tbe frigate Warrior ia taking in 740 ton* of ooal alongside'he Portsmouth dockyard, preparatory for ae-vlce on tbe North American coaat. The following troop* at Aldervhot are ordered to be in readinesa to proceed to Canada: Leelie'a sixth battervof Royal Artillery, tbe aecond battal.on of the Twentieth regiment, the aecond battalion of the Sixteenth regiment, the aecond battalion of the Forty-fifth regiment, and a detachment of the Sixteenth regiment of Lancer*. The battery attached to thia force aerved in the Crl m?nn. wur, una is lurnnnra wr.D Armstrong guns. Col Qordon, Royal Engineer?, ia ordered to be inreodineaa to proceed to Canada In the Melbourne. * A large force of engineera, it ia stated, will be aent Immediately to Canada. One-hundred-pound Armatrong guna are new being rapidly distributed among the ahips preparing for sev The Defense, an iron-plated frigate, is to have a crew of 450 men. She will be manned without the leaat difficulty. The Cunard ateamahips Australasian and Peraia are to convey troops to Halifax The acrew ateamer Orpheua, of 20 guns, called last evening at Plymouth Sound.wbence abe ia to convoy the acrew transport Melbourne, with troopi, arma and atores, to the St. Lawrence via Halifax The I Ytn/f An aaua tKat tVio Kittol! ah of the Rifle Brigade, now stationed at Dublin, and the tlrmt battalion cf the Sixteenth Regiment, stationed at ShetUeId.received orders yesterday to embark. The naval editor of the London Time* states that although we are atrong in large shipa, the class of vessels which would be of the greatest service to us In a war with the United States are th^corvettes and sloopa. a great number of whlrh require heavy repairs before they would be tit for sea The greatest activity has prevailed since SaturAa? 1..1 .t IU T.m.. I TV.. ?? the workmen and laborer*employed In the various department* there hare been engaged from an early hour ltk>$he morning until a late hour at iilpM in p?*ki!tg up ttrearms and every kind of article neof???rv fnr actlv? ?orvioo &LrOn Sunday last the Interior of the ancient garrison presented an unusual and bustling appearance, In consequence of an order which had been received j from the officials of the War Office to prepare for the Immediate transmission of 25,(XX) stand of armn, which werr packed in boxes containing Irty rifles etch, with the usual adjuncts. The men worked through the whole of Sunday in packing, and the same night eight barges were filled with boxes, which were conveyed to Woolwich for shipment to Canada?Quebec and other places On Monday evening a similar amount of armn was conveyed to Woolwich; and on Wednesday preparations were being made for the transmission of every kind of munitions of war down the river in barges and other craft, which were conveyed by steam tugs to the several Government depots, where orders had been received to forward without delay every atnd of defensive missile. Additional bands have been employed dally In the various departments of the Tower, which'has not assumed such a bustling appearance for many years. Tk* *?,< 1 a ? r? i I UC lUiiiMiif Iiiiuiruiatcij oyouauir III Vyiuaua may be stated at 30,000, which may be increased to 200,000. (t baa ben stated tbat a battalion of the Guards Is under orders for embarkation. MASS MEETING IN DUBLIN. A great mass meeting was held In the ronnd room of the Rotundo at Dublin, to take Into con oiuciaucu tuc upc^i auu puviuuu ui II iSU KiQllUllOl affairs at the present momentous crisis The following resolutions were passed: Resolved, That the population of the Great Refiubllc, from the St. Lawrence to the Gulf of Mexco, and from the Atlantic to the Pacific shores, belug largely composed of men of Irish birth and Irish would be unnatural to suppose that Ireland could remain an ladlff?rent spectator of the struggle between England and America. Resolved, That the events of the hour imperatively dictate to all Irishmen a forgetfulness of the past differences, and a united rally for the old cause of their country. Resolvtd, That a chairman, two secretaries, and a committee of twenty-one members be chosen by a majority of voices at this mass meeting to take Into consideration the advlaabtllty of an organization in the present state of affairs at home and abroad. The Liverpool Post says the whole purpose of the meeting was to express, in every variety of phrase and demonstration, sympathy with America. BY TELEGRAPH VIA OUEEN8TOW \ London, Dec 8 ?The London Observer (Min(steri&l) ridicules the Idea of submitting the Trent queatiou to arbitration, and dpnlea that Capt W llkea would have been justified in taking the abip into a prize court. Portsmouth, Dec. 8 ?The Hero, carrying alx guns, baa received aailing orders, and ia expected to leave to-day for North America. Yeiterday the Admiralty advertlaed for three more large steamships for the immediate transport of troops Paris, Dec. 8 ?The Constltutionnel, Patrle, Debate, and several other French journals aay that France will remain neutral in the event of war between England and America The Debata editorially atatea that France baa no interest to weaken the power of tbe United States, and that French commerce would gain enormously by.a maintenance of neutrality. Warsaw, Dec.8 ?Suffragan, tbe Arcbbiahop. baa been aentenoed for ten years transportation to Siberia. Seven Jewish ana eight Christian med leal atudenta of tbe University of Waraaw have been condemned to aerve aa common aoldlera In tbe Ruaalan army In Creuburg FOUR DATS1 LATER NEWS. Capk Rack, Dec. 22 ?Tbe ateamabip Edinburgh. which left Liverpool on Wedoeaday, via C}ueenatown on tbe afternoon of Tburaday, tbe 12tb inat , baa juat paaaed here. She reporta that Gen. Scott, prevloua to embarking on tbe Arago, bad a long Interview with Prince Napoleon. It la reported tbat tbe General carrlea to America tbe expreaalon of tbe French Kmperor'a deal re to brlngabouta pacific solution of the queatlon between the Engllab and American Governmenta. Tbe Auatrallan was to aall on the nlgbt of tbe 12th inatant with troopa and munltiona of war for tbe river St Lawrence On Saturday, the 14tb, three hundred and fifty artlllerlata were aent to Halifax There la no abatement la England of warlike preparatlona. OFFICIAL. Tiui?t dinitmiht, ( Movent bar so, lMl.f Notiu u KtrtbM give* of tbe raadmeea of thia Department to rxdeem tbe Traaaary no tea author laad br tbe Mt of Connaaa MtrovaJ 17tk Dtsaa bor, 1800. Tho intoroot on woh Troaiory not* will o?M on th? firat da? of February noxt, by tho Urma of tJteabovelet. 0. P. CHA8K, Soe rotary of taoTr?a?ary. bo30-3?v*v (Iatoi-1 AMERICA* WATCHES For Americans. THE AMftUCAN WATCH CO. DM (o Mil the attrition of U10 citisena of Wa*hin?u>n aod vicinity to tha anpermnty of their Watehea over all imported, whether Swiaa or Eng iah. The Comranj nnheeitetinfly guarantee their Watohea to be nnaariaaaad by thoee of My eoaatry for durability and fiae time keeping ?naliuea. CAUTION. The Company would caution huyerato f>*w?re if - * --A<a ? ' * * me t>u|inu MIU o?ip* *r?wapi now nfiBf eent among aoMiara in and around WashingtonTheee waiohe* aie of the pooraet description of A'ivi|D ni?tiurv>tnr?, am utterly woruuem m Uw? keep?r?, m the maker* wed knew when thor ent them to Uue country. LADIES' WATCH KA. TUe Company would invite eepeoia: aiieation tn their lateet style ol Watch for Ladiea. Kvery ote will have the Mine guarantee that aooompani** the most ooatiy Chronometer of their macuftctnr*. Theetyleaof are varied and rait different taate?. and the mtrodaoti>n of a Watoh for ladioa, that will go and keep time, baa met with as i ( :?> avor. . ESPECIAL ATTENTION ia limtftd by the Cotaptn J to tb? faot even Watoh, of whatever prio<\ macufkotureil at their Worvaat Waltham, .Mms . u aooompamed br a oertlfieate not otir to warrant it, bat to prwraot impoaitioo from a ohaap and worthleea imitadoc that ia palmed off upon bnrora aa the *enuine artiole. Ail our Watohea hare upon tha plate tha trade mark "Waltham, Maea.," and without that mark no vVatofc ia genuic*. Mwiri. M. W. SALT ft BROTHER haveUi* Watohes of our manufacture for aale at Waahlnctoo, and bayers can d?pend upon findinc th? nfht atylee aiid qaalitiei at tneir establishment, No. 354 Pennsylvania avenue. ROB BINS ft APPLETON, General Agenta, No. 194 Broadway, no29-lm New York. I^OR HOLIDAY PRESENT9-Hoaks.8hawl?. r " " " 8Nks, Silk RobM " " " fine Dimi Goods ? " " Laoe Sets. fine " ' " Y. m b r o iderit>?, ? " * Embroidered M " " Collars, Embroi ? *4 HAMH HAnilkM * " chief*. Milium " M L)rd??6u-i? low " " ;rio? Drcn ? " unods, all oth?r " " kinds Dry Gor da at cur'proverbially low prioet, marked in p ain figures. One prioe only. .,, An inspection of ?tock implies no to purchase. PERKY' A URU., Penn.avenue and Ninth Ft.. _de 14 "ferry Balding.'* O.MKTH1N6 NEW?SUPERIOR HULLED COR!*.?'The lub.cribM, Maviug ?ot he agency to supply Washington and Georgetown with this flMIUW vrryiniion ?>i turn, wumu i m^rrvuunj aak ol ins friends, and the public at large, to give it a trial. Alto, Popped Corn, plain and sugared. WM BRADLY. Agent. Pa. avenue, ktwwc 18th and 19th eta. N. B ? Manufacturer of Marble Mantles, Monumanti. TaLi* Tuh. 4*. A ! ??? ? km onnac'r oc 19 8m Oysters?Oysters. THE OVERLA.Nl> OYSTER EXPRESS COMPANY la now prepared to furuiah Restaurants, Rotela, Sutlers, and Private Families with.^gN / \ FRF.* H OY STERS, by Ue gallon ortfT\ I mJ in oaua ot all aizea. ^UiUf The Oyaters arrive dftily ffeati from >a# waters of the Cher>? sake Bay, and a-# of the beat quality. Theoompany invite* the patronage of the dealera and the pnbl:o in general, aud guarantees a prompt attention to all ordera. Offioe?4? Market Spaoe, (Avenue House, between 7th and 8th ata no 3?-nn i lypyuoiioan. | Pianos: piano*!! pianos:!! A number of new T Oct. PIANOS tM receved yesterday froa the oelebrat*d '?? *? * I&ctory ofWm Knabefc Co.. among them a very handsome carved Piano, which obtained the highest premium from the late Baltimore Exhibition, and wr.ioh 1 offer for sale tac a fine New Year's resent) on aooommodating teimi. and at pnoee to suit the timet. TO rent?I will have several Pianos always on hand, though I was uuable last week to serve some of my customers. Amateurs are invitrd to examine. F. C. REICHKNBACH. novST 1m. No 49B 11th street. rrpHE EUROPEAN HOTEL. KEPT BY T* 1 EM RICH, at the oonter of Penn,*.. A avenue and Eleventh street, has bsacWnM rreaLy improved reoently and now offer* 1HH* Kt eater inducements for the patronage of oitigens and strangers than any other public hoaae in the altT, his prioos being lees thac thoee of any other hotel on Penn. avenae, and hie aooommodationi for permanent or transient boarders unexceptionable. The bar and reetaarant arrangements of the European Hotel nave already beoome very pop* br. beinf ali that oan be desired by the mtotn fa* tidioas. The proprietor pledgee unremitted attention and oontisned libera* expenditures to glre satisfaction to all, and thcs renews his invitation ** all to give the Raroeean Hotel a ee.ll. de?-H CARJH1AOKS. HE Bahsenber having made additions to aia factory, making it now one of the largect-JM^as in the Distriot, where his faoiittietUK^^R: for manufacturing carriages and*??m? light WAGONS or all kinds oar. not be aa? paaaea, ua irora mi ioo( exMTieDO* m tfce t>n??neac,be hopc-e to five geDerail ?&. ?i?eUon. AiltiDdiofCvnaiMUul Lifht Wnoci kopt oo bud. All REPAIRS neatly done. and all Mm promptly ttunded to. Seoond h&nd C?m*<* taken in oxoh?nce for now one*. ANDREW J. JOYCE. d 1? tr eornor of Fnn rta^nth Mid K rta. piRKMKN'8 INSURANCE COMPANY WASHINGTON AND eEORSETO* Capital. ? ..9*oo,??. Q0Ut M>Mr 0 ttrut mmd LmmxtimM ?., over B*mk Wmakmgttm. oo. ShoMn?^?TPrk*CtUSunao) Red^rs. B&muol Crwplor. William wllpor. ilion&ru Joom, John U. Baroay, ?oob Gideon. Andrew K^wi ? Tboc. Parker, Riehard Harry, B. U. Freoob, Dr. 0. W. DaTia No oharie for Polioioa JAMES ADAMS, PlUlim. Am. 9. Path. Secretary. ?-oo<i v WOOD ANL? COAL. aimmmme Acect.) They eel! (Unt and tit* be&r meteor* khan pay other* in the 0117?out, nut, ladwi*ered free of obarf* IfVo* don t T eoer* . (*o the Pioneer Mid* atno^and beeotirtea. Mtj WALL, STEPBBMI * CO.. *" J> #i? yimmmiu A mm. AND READY-MADK CLOTHiKKA, ani, e E-J ilnloi. A aetib.) WKW VOLUME BAJLZACS NO VELA?Tfce A1 oh em i?t, or the Hoin of Clae* ; 1to? the Ptonoh of Honor* deBalaao. Pr*e br mail. (L M? W? Pout W1M gOO*S AMD *? rU JmKsrss^is&iJSSS? fW ? ?PIU nfivnt ?r(T?>|H| PbtW(M, "Mi nrnmlf fd^rSmKBmjwiiiw mi W (old it a BMk IivK iri?tkaaiH mb* pvk wryww MttrgM la Qua aUr MnHmw ff ? THE WUKLY S^AS. Mtalmlan gtmtm f??f ! > ?n rmi aaVrMay wnk|. Blagl* oopr, p?r *aa Fl?? Mflfl MMMMtKIMMMMMM 4 ^ T? Bopln.. 9 9$ TvMty-IWMpta w....W .-"j i iitit? a i ""Trtfi? rtawa* M haa made TU Dmity IMM( 8*m atfMMi m generally throughout tte a?try U7"8l?|l? ooplea (to npyi) ma to pf>cured at the oeutar, 1 in mediately after the laae of the paper Mce-THKEI CENTS. HELMBOLD^S GENUINE PREPARATION. " HIGHLY CONCtmHATED" I Compound Fluid Extract B?ohm. i Porvm mmd SjntxfU Btmtip Tor Dieeaeee of tbe BLADDER, UDNBYB. ?RAVEL. aad PEOT air a i Aivtfr nviax w *? This Mwlmine 1bct*wb? the y^wr rf Dif?e?ee, aid tli* tMoiivii id to Mlurmn, by whioh lb* wtrtir 01 r^ctrn<m i^ewMH and V; r?m?rc*4i KKLtmvnswTt m rt^ifio, a* well a* .fair AfD trvlaaotarrok. ard it r*?* f?' MEN. WOMEN, O* CHILDBED HbLMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCHV Por W?tkp?MM Aritlcic trgm | Pitrt#ttt?^ ovir l it ana, AttnuUd with lA* wBwwf %?f??awi Indisposition to Exertion, Lonof Pu?w. !^o?, ofMfnnorr, MANMI W?k N 'fVM, TNpHA. Horror of freeaea, WikMtM, Dupneea of Visioa, Paia in U* Bae? Universe Lassitude of tfca Mpeoajar irrtwa ^asSte; _ ?*i.XIL TUmiML rheee tymet. ms. 0 a o to to ~t, vfclefc tkM moJiom# invariably r*movea. Moc ftaJova impotency.fatuitt epileptic pits. M o?w of wAfcA tk* AiMmI ?wy Mmpirt. Who oan say t*>a* tK*y ?re pot Mawth followed by taoee "natrn risaasae," "LNSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Many are a*ar? of tbe eaoee of their afferiaf, BUT 50H1 WILL COWTW?. THE RECOHDSor THE INSANE AfTLfK And tk* Msia?at*?le Dtmtki hi CW?#wnfttea, lUi xxrLB W7Ti?ae? to tki rmrrn or r*? iMIlTMa thb wjmiWcSf?&ftsap?T,B Re^nirM U>? aid of medl?ir* w> atria ftboa and lLTi#or?te ttta By*? vtuoh HKLMBOLD19 EXTRACT BUCUU a. tiial will ooimitrv m moot lurrsAL FEMA LE8- FEMA LE8? PL MALES, OLD a5NVLHf,%T^VMMiK>- ? In Many Af niton* Fic~i*ar ?e ftwilM the Bucnc ;s r " tailed bj trj other remedy, m in Chloroaia or KataaUon, lrnim^ntr Pai&fu'.noM, or ttappreaaion of CMtoiatrr Kt|*nationa. Uloeretod or Schirrona >Me or u? L'to"U?, L?Mioorrhe* or W > itnn, Starilitr. and lor vl oomfia.jU incident to the st, wheUiar art* from lcdisoretioD. liabita of DIbbi nation. or ta tkm DKCLiyr OR CHANGE or Lirs> SB! (TMPTOIM UOVl NO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT 17 * % - ? Take no mor* ' *?*, Mi'cwrp. or OnpUmtamt Mtdicxw* Jot U*r**ata+: erf 0Mfarm Mi (? !?!. HELMBOLD'8 EXTRAC1 BUCHV cctu SECRET DISEASES Ir all their Sumet, At uttle Kxmdm, Little or no ohacge in Dl?t; So lnooavweaooi And AO rpowri Itoasm a fre^u n: deaire a.a (ivm (trtsiU t? Urinate. thereby R'tnriui ?<beti uoliuci, F'rveutinf and Curiae Stnotfcree oj the Untkit, llaiiug raia ?iid it ec frequeat in the ol&aa of diaeatee, mo ?xpe li&t eii Bfucmout. Lhi*at*d, and teem out Matt**. TborttHM CPOH TH0C?A5De WHO HATE BEEN THE VICTIMS OF QUACKS, and who hare paid hiat-y / *? to be oared in a abort time, have fuuna ttfy were deotire*. aad thai tLg poieoft" hae, by the aee of ?o?ear/W utrmtmir* been dried up in the ay item, to break oat la aa 14m revftta' form. End PERHAPS AFTER MARMJA9M. Dn HELMBOLD* EXTRACT RCCRO ail affeotioti and diMM<w of tM CRIRiET OMARI, whether ejustiac 1b MALI OR FlRULLBf from vhateror ottN orif inatirn and uo uMt of HOW LONfl TASDWe. Dimmm of th?M Organ* tt>? art of thiinic. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCBU IB THE GREAT DIURETIC. wd it la oorlain to ha** tho dMirod ilM la Dimun for wkttA ?l u rtotmrnrndm. imuci or ru voar mroiiiiu an *MVlABVa CIIA* ACT** vtiQM00a?any Um modiolsM. CERTIFICATES OF OURIJV ? Prom Ik m rW ttaaillM. """""SWRf AI?? FAME. "fhy81c1ax8" flmasm -WOT7C*" wm iuu "#o iBoms*" or "tMUMom '* HKLMBOLDt KXTRACT BVCBV I* oom?n?d of II Mb a, Catob* ud JuaiMr Iwiw. Miootod viU irM o^r* by t oiiwmwl prepared in vacuo, BT H. T. HBLKIOLD, PrtottMi and AnaJrUo&> CbtaM, ul t?U Mmai&oturer of EXLMBOLD'B QKTtJOT PREPARATION 6 jurmurrr. Koraontllr %#re&r*o oo#w? n*. M AJiannatf the 01 ty of ftiikle elu*, iti. T. BnoiU, w%o b*tn? duly atrcim. doll UfTklijnMnitou oo? ttin do ?*rootio, up iMroary.or otfcor igjirNM dm but w tm* n,.^ FHYSICLAJft IN ATTtNDAinm nOM B A. M TO ? r. M. Mm 91 pm liHli, w rtxtw *. Addm Mtea kt inkfMfen to ?nAIm ^ T.^MLMFOLgi ^ ^ HEW ARB Or OOmBFBll 4JCD WC**J*WfU? JtMALMMM WKumr^'Zr3oim m ^ mTmii B* M, M ? ? krNfaHDt, ? ? j^prM lm viMi | Hajo%, ttnn * Unwi, i. B. H?Nfc I Attn all DRV?urn MTMIYMMMKM. asm. 10a fuumu* t AIL*BO oxta* and avoid iMPoerrori at JWKIIIWf?fiw Mvm %

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