Newspaper of Evening Star, December 23, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 23, 1861 Page 2
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w THJC Kvr'M. STAR. WASHINGTON OITT: MOHDAT prCEMBKK 3). 1N1. fT^Tfcwgh Tm *t?* ? prints ?n tba f*???a? ?te?m p*e?? in n?? a??ntb ?f Palltmore, 1t? edition Is w Iw* ? ?? mjatrc It ?o he pit to prosa nt 10 nrlf twwr tb?-rrft?re, should t.< lit W "Vlrrk * ; o<hfrwl?c they ttmy may not appewr nnMl the Bftt d*vi [[^ To our Baltimore rudfri we would iav that the flrat and aecond rdltton of the Star an he had la Baltimore of F.. F. Haaelton, agent. Mo. ?4 AVeat Baltimore atreet, near Gay?rbe flrat edition at half put four and the aecond at eight o'clock, on tbe arrival of (be tralna from Wuhlngton, (ftring all the lattat ntwt from tbe ml of ww Tip t? the time cf potnejp pre* Oaa Fiiikm a< tbe varioua military camps and positions will erafrr a favor by kpep!njr ua posted aa to nwmenta and afflilrt in tbelr le'nitloa Spirit *f tkr Msraiaf Prw. Tbe Inttliigtneer apprehenda our Gawnmfiil "will And no dilBcalty whatever In acceding to tbe terma of tbe demand made by tbe BrltUb Aawavt I# II -w 1J w- w 1 niMCU^ IS ik 1UUU1U oc BUCQ 0? WC OIC lOU IU Infer from the representation* of tbe London Time* end tta legal correspondent defining tbe Unite within which 'reparation' la to be Justly * ought," and believes that any ungenerous demand would fall to receive the unanimous support of the British people The Rtpublua* treats upon the negro. OCR MILITA HI" Bi DtiET. snilAL SCOTT'S BETCIS' The hct that Gen. Scott baa so soon returned to the United States (In tbe Arago) is understood by his Immediate friends here to have been tbe result of his belief that he possesses Information wiivTTiKUK uic ui wv ouaii vi mr i rpui on the other tide of the water, of iirportance to our Government; and therefore hastens here with 1*. It will be remembered that oar avoidance of a collision with England on two former occasions ?ta that of ths northeastern boundary difficulty and that of Gen Harney's Oregon imbroglio?was doe in great part to Gen Scott's personal efforts to settle the questions then in issue between the two Go ve rnmen ts peaeeab! y. He doubt less hopes ?we trust Justly?that in thi? case hla prospective similar exertions may terminate as happily. The mass of the people of both countries wish him '* God peed" la this labor of exalted humanity. MVT TilD. There has been no arrival from the flotilla since our last report; consequently we have no river news. Tbe trial trip of the Pensacola on Saturday wai la every way a decided sncceas. Bhe walked past the King Philip and Mount Washington ( ally, although thoac boats have heretofore bean considered fart. She started down about eleven o'clock a m , went aa far aa Indian Head, and returned to her anchorage about four o'cloc k p m , with t5 pounds of steam. She averaged nine knota per hour with eaae President Lincoln did not attend, aa was expected, but Secretary Wellea and his Chief Clerk were present. The brig Delaware, which left soon* days since with a load of coal, t* at anchor off' Fort Washington, having returned, unwilling to venture wlthla range of the batterie*. now TO IX) ITIn the course of General Ord's recent engage men', near Dralnesvllle, Colonel Jackson (of Pa ) demounted from hla horse and led his regiment on foot, teaming his uteed In the care of hi* colort d servant, In the rear of the command. The servant mounting, amused himself with galloping to and fro, lirview of the light, until perceiving two ecfSh soldiers, who bad jiA>t fired tteir pieces, aboat to scamper off afer theij absquatulating friends, be dashed into their pa lb, and raising a carbine vitAout a tap on (? nipplt, ordered them to lay down their arms; which ft?ey did. lie then rdered Jbem to face about, and at the point of bis harmless piece drove the heroes safely into the m'd?t o< our troop* Thus taken, they remain amoni; the prisoners of war captured on tta occasion. flee tbe letter from the Hod Alfred Kly, 'o me Ron. Tbaddeua Stevens, printed elsewhere In today's Star. We earnestly an treat every member of Congreaa to read It, and before Christmas to take such legislative steps as may be necessary to remove from tbefalr fame of tbe United States the blotch of tbe neglect, up to this time, of oar gallant Mh?w citizens now languishing, well nigh naked. In cold, damp, and loathsome Richmood military prisons. COTTOW COATS. The clothing of tbe " arc?sb" taken In ibe recent battle at Dralnsvllle proves that tbe enemv are, indeed, intenae sufferers for want of proper quartermaster's stores. Thus, three-fourths of their eoats are of cotton cloth?not woolen?lined In some lr.stances with a heavier cotton cloth or padded with cotton. The coata of the South Carolina troops engaged were colored by being dyed wit a tobacco juice' To keep off the ver min,hey' INDIA** TBOOPs. Indiana's apportionment of the Union volunteers wu arr,noo men ; but she already baa 57,000 In tbe field! Well done, Indiana!! But one brigadier general baa been appointed from Indiana, however. It ia not wonderful, under tbe circumstances, tbat ber delegation In Congress are argent that the President aball call Gen Morrla again Into the field, in tbe capacity of a major general of volunteers. MAJOR O 17)1111 M'aUUR. Major General McClellan ia somewhat an invalid to-day from the effecta of a cold. Tbua by the advice of bla phyalclan be yesterday afternoon and to-day confined himself to bla chamber. It la believed, however, that be will torn abte to be oat and about aa usual to-morrow. T<fl NAVAL *'aiTlRINo" LAW. . This <orenoon the President signed the bill recently passed by Congrees to retire from active service all oUlcers sbove sixty-two year* of age, or WOT UTC mrn lvriy yean m PCrTlCC. SO 11 UDOW Uw. C7"From 8hUltngton, Odeon Building, wr Harper's Magazine for January, with, u usual with Harper, an extra spread of good tblnga for the New Year a number. Union Mm in Niw OaLiAsa.?The New Orleana C resent coinplalaa of the Union lien who are frond la New Orleans. Itaeya: ' A communication haa been handed as commenting on the acoree of enemies to the South sow In oar city; that one party la* Black Republican In disguise, and would fu nlah supplies to the enemy ,i he was not afraid of being caught In the operation. We suggest that oar correspondent go s< once before the sathorltles Then there to talk of another character. A correspondent says: "It Is high Tim this city was purged of all p~rMas who express northern sympathies (we think ' sny irming auccene mjuuL??m? ' J?* ft>re>ble arrest of Messra ,*?,*?* *? ??? forthwith by Consulate should be recloned In this city Instanter The Brlttah government has not aent a conaul to the Confederate -tftatos, and It la derogatory on the P*1* tW Confederate govornment to permit the residence among us of a British ofllclal accredited to the Lincoln government We have talked on this subject before, but I'T*. correspondent n hen ring from his ion2 residence among as." * ? T*f OF Gin. I'HtLPS ? A citlif?.r * ? . having heard that Orn Botler had authorized the proclamation of beo. ***. believing tb* statement to b? false, wtrE iKsr** "b*ci *"'? Hmd.ym+turt, DftVt e/^?e Englmmd, ? ssff? EJL Bnm *F. Bctlxb. * . C1?y ?? ?W? to resign nis post- ! Di?_ . mj ui , JrWrrtOurx, <?n *e- ouat of un- ? SESjttS?> EsSss-^ssfisyxis as : ? * <.?lv glre it I k>u jj wL'r** totieerutu> ii' The Battle la Keatarky. The Lon*vllle Journal cf -Thursday c 1 the folk-wins account of the recent engagement at Munfordrrllle, In that Htate : The akirmlth laa'^d ab-'ut W mlnu'c* froin the roinmefirfment of the attack by th#rebela to the elo**1, at whtch time the rebel cavalry fled precipitately. leaving their dra.l on the Held. It ?bou?d be home In mind 'bat the four eotnranlef from the IWd Indiana Regiment, Col W llll?*b. under command of the Lieutenant Colonel, Toeafd to the *outh batk of Green river upon the lant Indianiani resorted to their ?&ber bayonata, forcing a hand-to-hand combat npon their enemies ?o long a* the rebela could ne Induced to atand up and face cold ateel. When the lcd!anlana finally gained tUe wood, they opened a Are upon the Rangers, who fled precipitately, leaving their dead upon the field. Including the bcdy of Colonel Terry, who waa killed by a musket ball, which entered hi* lower bowela Col Terry'a body waa sent back to the rebel camp yeaterday mrtrnlnm under a fl of truce. The rebel It s* la ev?n greater than at flrat auppoaed. There were found upon the field wixtythree de?d bodlea and the bodlea of twelve or fourteen horaea In addition to the bill of mortality. a large number of the rebel* are known to have been wounded. The Federal loaa waa thirteen killed and an equal number wounded Thr Railroad Guard?a few nichta nine* the sentinels of the New York Sixtieth Regiment detected suspicions part es near the railroad track towards Washington. who were supposed to have designed obstructing the road, or interfering with tne safe pissnge of the train* The Interlopers were fired at, but in the darkness made tbelr escape. The efficiency with which their Important duties are performed by the regiments between Baltimore and Washington, under the general command of Brigadier General John C Robinson, (late of the L'nited States army.) have enlisted the attention of travelers between Baltimore and the capital. The First District of Columbia Regiment Is posted between Washington and Beltsvllle, the f irst Michigan between Beltsville and Annapolis Junction, tLe Tenth Maine between Annapolis Junction and lhe Western Junction at Relay, aud tbe New York Sixtieth from Relay to the Locust Point and other stations of the road to Baltimore. Col Wm B. Hayward, of the latter regiment, has 960 efficient men under his command He has lately issued to tbem a printed circular t>f Instructions, lry which they are re^ulrsd to assiduously guard all me oriages, culvert* and switches; to patrol the line bv day and night; to prevent obstructions being laid on the track by malicious persons, and to warn off all interlopers at all doubtful in their purposes ?Ball. Sun ry-<g=?BANK OF THK METROPOLIS, a3n .ljit Dr.< IK ,-Per*<>!ii having nutei p%yali!e at th? lf*nk on the v.Hh instant will be pl?a?od to attem) to ti.em the da* previous, as the Bank will not t>? open on * hintmas May* alco, tho e fca ine notes psy&hle on the 1st of Jan uary.are in like manner >equepted to attend to them the day previous to that day* as the Hank will cot he open <>n N> w V< ar's Day de Y^THE WESLEY CHAPEL SUNDAY '.L5 School will hold a FV ST! VA I? m the lecture room of the c urch, corner of Fifth and F streets, o< mmencii t on .MONDAY ? VENI.N'G, the 21 instant at halt paet7o'c!ook,ardooiitiouing through the evening * of tho week. supper will be provided. Fruits, C* nfeetionar*. Useful ?n.1 F*ucy Ar.?o e? will !? in viriety and abundance. I Vocal and Instrumental Muno each evenmj. As the prcoeeiiF are to benefit tho So1kh>1, liberal naje is asked of it* friends I JL/~Reason tickets 25 oen's; single admission, ftifu ts, to cents; chi dren.5cents. deO-it ryVkll) THK VOTKFS OK WAHHINfi iJJ? TON.?The Assessor of each Ward will meet at the following paces from Jtio'olooka m. till 3 o'clock p in. from the 14th to the Jlst December, inclusive. to correct and register the came* of those omitted from the poll list. 1st Ward.?John A Rlieem, 17'2 Pennsylvania avenue, between 17th and 13th streets, 2d Ward.?Thomas Stewart,corner 12th and H tresis. 3d Ward.?Henry Cortiscorner ath and L street* 4th Ward.?Thomas W. March, 5th stieet, between 6 and H streets. 5:h Ward,? William A. Harper. 31 street ea?t, mv;-v ss.rifc Virginia averue, t etween 9 hand iftth streets. 7th Ward?Fetor Heot.u'n, No. S3 south F treet, between 8th and 'Jth streets west. de '.o-ot31 st Y^P?U. S. SAN IT RY COMMISSION. L? 244 F st , Washington, D. C.. Dto -2d. The Sanitary Commission has a collection of book ? olreference on Military Surgery and Army Hriiei.e, which Military burgeons at or near W ashirzton are invited to oonsult. m fcJ'KK ICK LAW OLMSTKD. da 3 !01 ?epe^ai SeoreU.r j. ry^p?ICL CRKA M AND WATKK ICKS, of 11 -c the lest quality* at 37X wr quart. Hotels and boarding hcu?es furnished at low ra'os. A large a?so'tm?nt of fene Cakos kept on hand at the Philadelphia Cenftttiontry, oorner Twelfth anil F U. noTlnV* ,<Y~?KNTKR TAlN.MfcNT KOK THK HOLl LkJj DAYS ?A FAIR for the benefitof Fletcher Chapel will be he'd at Thorji's Mm ding. on 7th treet. commencing December 18th,and continuing through the Holidays. A careful se.eotinn of a'.l varieties of useful and fanoy artieles for Christina*, with Confectionary ia aaaadanoe, will fee found upon tbe ta-le*. An excellent Supper, with al. the delicacies of the season. provided each evening Single admission 10 cents; season tickets, admitting a gentleman and lad?, V> cents; supper tiokets 25 cents?all of which may be nad of the ladies or al the door. de 16 lw* C'AKKS FOK THK HOLIDAYS-the bestsnd / cheapest, at the Philadelphia loe Cr'am D<p<?t. ooruer 12th and F >treet?. de28-2w* HDR. J. I.. tolBHUiNS AVIfcG Removed frcm No. 32S New York avenue, to No. 37'i 9th street, a few doors from New York avenue, renews the offer of his profess ora. services, (Meoioal and Surgical > to the oit z>ns of Washmcton He inay be found at his office at all hours,when not professionally engaged, fc-peoia! attention will be paid to female diseases de iH-eogw* C-?LOTH8 AND / CASS1MF.RES. A new "upply of ulack and Fancy Cassimeres. ha* baok and Colored riothi, C.oaking Cloths in all gratra,and Beaver Cloths, ju-t received and iur wie ? me lowest oa?h pri e* ,4, .. .. HENRY EOAN. A- ? C. 343 ,id* P'nn- *V., between ? ? ?i bth and 7ch ?t?.. Iron Buildin*. Blankets and . . . BED COMFORTS. A^m?VHl^nL.t.nd * fu,1/uPPlT ?< Bed Blanket., Army Blanket*, some extra h.avy, ??rT4i?fj Blatkau. Huckt and Morse Blankets. AI?o, Bsd ComiorU and white Q u111? All telling at the lowest o<t*h priu-e. JM. . HENRV EUAN, j ~ Rt 3^3 f0""! "ld? p'IBn ?v . between tie23 6t feih and 7 h e's . New Lon Hull ing. ( ^ARPETIN??8 AND i h.*.. i .. ^ OILCLOTHS. ' ***\2,Ju't f^oeived & few mors pieces of r?w &reU?r'y* lu,tra,n-L,st- Ra? "<? wSmT l^0*rvTab,e *nd Oilo'oths and Oilcloth Rage, wh,ob w,.| be wft at the lowest oaih prioes. HENRY EfiAN, a- <> _?. Fenn. av? between 6th and 7th ?ta , oo -a-fct New Iron Building. M HOI J DAY V RE8EN T LADIES' DRESS Fl!Rg, FWr i from B. H. STIN EMETZ, dflMjanll 23C Pa. av., near corner 13th it 486 appropriate P R K b E N T 8! Jo?t reoeived a few oooioe COLORED EN8MA* IN6Sj.o?tt|f ftuntd. Alto, a b*autifa va '> ?? OI CaAd VlSITt, and OVAL PICTURE fjlameb. amiable for pre-eota at J. MARKRliKK?8. No. 466 7tH ?t? . fc'?ht d> ore above Odd Fellowa' Hall. ILT Retn?mbr the num ar. da S3 gf I HOI idaY PRK8ENT8 H*v2 ,?n .* Maoitment, B ack an<l l-aaoy Silke, DelAioee Cawtmeree, Fanoy P ai<i?. and a variety of oi*?r Drew Oooda. Alao. Shawia, ttcarfa, H >op t^kiita. Haodkerctifefa, Km reideIie#'wC^r,*U\TLfd,atvaad ??nt'* k'd Glover 4n4-r 8hiru? Dravoia, Book Uanntleto, and a noftt variety of Hoaiery and ii.wUf'.i k,Blt*bl# lor freeenu. at me ioweat cms yrioea. tl KINK Y KUAN. 323 Pennsylvania avecue . Bouta lids. buwMi 6th ana ith, d?g "tif bejrjronB^idin*. ,\f INCE MEAT AND jjl SWEET CIDER. Preah Cltron^urrante and Rai?in?, Pur* and frfeFfcroand BaiMa, Fine old Henueety aod Gtard Brandy, O <f Bye ?*niaky and Jamaica dairua. -coUa *?dlfl?h Whi.k-. ' ' ssiibvrriizz sav^r: ~ ?I :utj. .r il" ,i? and Cream Nu!? "?? r k<L Ch?w cho? ftud Hicca'ii & Ca i^Grn?( Vd Hi ok T &?, A ! .?| nt nb ??? li"? lo rut Bricca, ltd d-}hr? ??-<i 11 ?i. j ji&rf of the utlr lr?? ui ..< ? < J.>r? U I)WIS, d? ^9-3t* oornu Nu.ta tod fc iumu. Charleatoa Harbtr floaed. Baltimore, Dec. 22 ?The Old Point beat bring* tfce following : A bright light waa aeen from thU place laat night In the direction of Norfolk It was probably rained by a conflagration In that city. To-day haa been very biuaterlng and unpleaaant. No fl?g of trace vu ?ent out The ?paaldlng aalli for Hatteraathla afternoon. A new mall route waa opened to-day from Old Point Comfor' to Cherrvgfne Inlet, on the Eiatern Shore of Virginia, by the departure of the wmklnnfnn ?ko nlltp th? mail will leave here three tim??s a week?on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays The steamship Ericsson, Capt O A Cole, from Port Royal, has arrived. The Ericsaon left Port Royal on Wednesday She towed seven of the stone fleet to Charleston harbor on that day, and nine others followed under sail. When the lelt, at 10 p. re , operations were about to commence to sink the vesaelr They were towrd to a point about a m'le outatde the bar, wh*re alx gunboats were to place there In position Opeatlons against Warsaw lilandwere In progress,bat nothing had b en acompllahed when the Ericsson left She will leave for New York on Monday. The Mississippi Expedition ?The great expedition from Cairo, "for Columbus, Memphis, and New Orleans," seems to be in a good state of preparations. There are now twelve gun-boate at Cairo, and three at Mound Ctty, six mllea above, each of which will carry about twelve heavy euns. There are also thirty-eight floating mortar batteries, which mounting a few guns eich of the uraTini cfiiurc, win or cnuamc r?u ui rruutiiiK a strong fort, or of burning and d-atroying a town, aa well as of making a great havoc In an array from a asfe distance in addition, several rows, with flat, uncovered deck*, are mounted with one large gun each Theae are now at Paducab, fifty mile* up the Ohio. To run the big rebel batterlea on the Mlaslsatppl. with theae gunboats, a?ema a great undertaking?but If rebel artillery la not more effective upon the Mlaalaalppi than lthaabeen on the Potomac, the report will be the old "nobody hurt " t f w? run pan and ro.p??? lh? hutUrlM at Cf lumbus and elaewbere we can make lodgment uuon the Miasla?<fppl bluff* In the rear of theae batterlea, which will be very discouraging to tb? enemy's force* at Columbia and elaewhare A terrible retribution awalta rebellion in Louisiana and Arkanaaa. if theae gdnboata can piss and repaaa, with force* strong enough to break down the leveea of the lower Mississippi, and to put Louisiana under water ?iV. Y Express. A CARD. fOPARTNERSHiP v* &s made and entered int > on the 7th Deoem?>er. 1861, batween Edward firm's and Wm H*n>y Ufper at, to be oarried <~nir. the rameand fi-m 01 wm Hinrt UrriRxnt tt Co. Mr oKo? and plaoeof b?>ine?a wil here ? '?r 1 e in the second floor of the atorehouae of Wm Henry Upp rman 4c Co , 410 n* av-nue. _dea S.? EDW. SIMMS, 4^) f. WKRTHKIMKK ft TO . \a\ *')- No. 4ra akd 464 Sbvkitu St., Orrosit? the Post <>& ', Offer their stook of WINES, 11 RAN DIES, 01NS. < ORD'ALS, ero..alao their larso assortment of SKVARS, TOBACCO, l-ANCY GOODS, etc., for sale at Wholesale Prioes. Thfy keep o. nstaatW on hand fine PHILADELPHIA CREAM ALE, in kers and bottles, lor Isri or familf ma Th? mihlin U --- ? quested to t'i*e them areall and* examine "their splendid atook of goodr. 19 WEKTHF.IMER A CO, 46*2 and 161 Seventh street. de 21-3m oppo. Post Office. H CHRISTMAS PRKSENTS. UTCHlNSON A MUNRO Hatfe reoeived and offtir ai verr low prioea, a fin? aseortmsnt ol Work Boxen, Cahaa. Portfolio* Writing Deaka. Card Cases, 4c.. to which tiioy invite t?-e attention of thoae in aearch of presenis for the approaching holidays, at their Faucy Store, INo. 310 Penn. avenue. CHRISTMAS PRE8EMT9. Jewel Ca*c?. Odor Stand*, Pearl and Ivorv Tablets. Pap?r Folders, Albuma, Papier Maohe Work Boxes and Writing Desks filver, Pearl an i other hne Portemoniiaies. let Ornaments,Head Ureases, Shell Combs, Ladl??* and Gentlemen's fine Dreaaing Cares, Pooket Knives- fine Soisaora, 4o.,at HITCHINaON It MUNROV, 310 Pa av , bet. 9th and 10th ats. CHRISTMAS PRESENTS. Party Fana Gold and Silver Thimbles. Freneh Keriumery, w*tch Stand*, Cigar Standi, fine Raaora, gaohsla, Backgammon Boards, Chess Men and other Game?, T*te a Tete Tea Sets, Dressing Caa^s. fire Pomade*, fine B'ushea and Cemns, Opera Glasses, Spr G)asa?s. fee , fto., at HI TCHINKON * MUN^O'S, .110 pu *v , bet, 9th and 1'ith its. CUR l&TM A?" PRESENTS it Dollj. with moving evfcs, Tov Furniture, T?a*nd Dinner hat*. Mu-io B< xes, Parlor Baila, X?Wa|nU, a Iphalwt U ocks, T?.y Guns f?w.>rds, I latols, Drums, .Meehanioal Totb, Magaetio Tots. IVIagio Lantern., Humming Top-, Balls-A o., fco., HUTCHINSON 4 ' _1? ^3 3t 310 Pa. av., bet 9th and l' th f PRIVATE. P R I V A T auJP R IV ATE DR. LA BONTA Cure* all Venerial Diseases permanently and quickly, without the use of disgusting or poitotousdrug* of any kind. No dieting or interference with business Consultations fr-e It is saying quite enough in its favor, when I say that my praotioe is that whioh it in use in all the New York oity hospitals. New York City College and Hospital Testimonials furnished. Lvlies with Whites and Diseases of the Womb cured and saved a oonsumptive's grave by my treatment. ? There is ' othing rfen'ire or dttarrtenble in any part of the treatment. All cures warranted, or money refunded Communication* in writing, with return stamp, promptly r tu-nded to. Medioines for t avders and others packed, with full instructions for use. and warranteo OfRo?? Hco" No ft Ww ingto" Bnildinr. P?nn. aven<ie and Seventh st., Washington. D. c. ae 33-1 y ~ " ^LDDLK HORSE? FOR SALE -A lot ot very C? fine Kentucky Hortea fjr mis at the gv Kentuokv Sale ^tabls in the renr of Clay'anuSfk Hotel, near 1'ennaylvauia ave ue an* 3d street. d? !8-2w* WTAKF NOTICE ! E Do hereby warn and forbid any peraon or peraona, within th? old Diatriot tinea, < Waahing ton. fi?<>rgetown. Alexandria, or ita vioinity, from manufacturing, vending or u>in< a Metal.10 Ha*? t)v*n krown a* Bl'da tt A Swe?t'ii '"stent Bake Ot n A l infringe menta on the above wili be proee -ntrd o the full extent of the law We do hereby appoint U Woodward, of the city of Waahinrt"n, D. C., o?r aole agent lor the oit:e* of Wa?hingt"n, Georgetown, Alexandria, the Diatriotof Columbia and ita vioimtT.lor the aaie of BlodgMt ft Sweet's Galvanized Bake Ovena, during the full term of five yeara, the raid C. Wood war i to keep a good and oonatant auppiy ot aaid O?eoa on hand. BI.ODGWTT * SWEET. Waahingtoa. DeoemUer 20, HM. dc20-St O T I O E! NOTICE! NOTICE! _ l?adie? or gentlemen Ueairona of makinr th?ir mends or rtituvti a Christn as Present will find a very moe assortment of Laoe Lane Collars, La?e Veils, H?al Laon Handkerchiefs, Em broidered Hankirohi?fs, Frenoh Workod >ets and Col a-a, Cam brio CMhra, Linen Worked Hrta. Real Laoe B*rba, K^al I aoe CoiiTeures, Hem Stitched Handk<*rchi- fa. Giovsg, Cahaa ani lartiea' Leather Baca for traveling, Portemonnaiea, and % great varietr of articl?a, all of whioh would make a veri haadaome areaent, at MR8 R. O ETCHI-ON'S. No. 13 Penn. av , between 8th and ?ih eta.. dean 4f opposite Center Market. INDIA RUBBER GOODS, OP ALL KINDS?POR THE ARMY. A large stock just reoeiued. JOHN B PUDNKY, 3*24 Pa av., ( back room) or 355 0 at. WOQI, CAPS COM PORTERS. GLOVES. Gauntlets, shirts, drawers*. to., freeti gooda, at JOHN B. PUDNEY'S 335 D street, bet wen 9th and l?th. Bupfnlo a wolf robes, lap robf.s. HORSE BLANKETS, and CAMP beds, ju t received at JOHN B PUDNEV'S 3*4 Pa. av.(back room) or 353 D street, bet 9th ani 10ih. CUTLERS !?Sutlers you will always find ohetp and desirable gooda at the Sutler a Supply Depot of JOHN B Pl'DNEY, 355 D St..between 9th and lotlr l> LAN KETS, BLANKETS-Large a took, by D the bale or pair. JOHN B. PUDNEY, de 20 _355 D street, between 9th and loth. LEA A PERKINS' WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE KING A BURCHELL, d6 19 oornur V*rmnn? RV tnH P.^a.#?. -? r. ?*4N19 oofn.r piftMDt??* *nj Vermont^'v. jM^fiKnffsWWW; Sss',ti??~J;a"-"""''"'M""*"tui" ndU, Apatuth and Prenoh Olive*, Freeh KiMpb-rm?, Wfciuot Cat?up, flrlmhrootn CaUup, Hatter's Haaoe. fce.fca. KING & BURyHELL, da 19 oorner Vermont a*.and Fifteenth it, NO WIS TUB TIME To tH roar Winter Clothing it low prioee. at 460 7th street. (E?.? VV? . A OA.RO. r?mf? to execute all orders made ex.eoei*# arrangement! to oan now b? dcliTwwd id fi?? dan, mado in the beat ' .U'ia At i, WALL. BTKPHKN8 * CO., ?! 18-K ftaa. ay.f Uitwn nh and lota ?[?. UB.1H 900 BBL8. F. OUR. PON oonurnnun', for iaia Alio, receivinr ^!ul?r?n,"oo(SrMdbb,#- ?h?lM brMd?.&? . Wara roo a>JjoS 7f Fadiv a^uue, dew-M- - B*w?a?maads*lTiu. r 4 L & _ Presents for the Hotldnys. AN IMMENSE ASSORTMENT. LARGER THAN ANY PORMER SEASON. M W. OALT k BHO , Jeweler*, 354 PitfpaTLvANiA Aviftn, Four rloort weft ef BfMMH' Hotel. Ladies' and Genta' elegant Gold W&tohea, Cfiaina, $*a'a. fco.. FOR HOLIDAY TRESENTS. Rioh Jewelrv of every description, in Grand, Fu 1, and Half * eta, FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. Potoi Silver Ware, embracing every artiole of uae or orn-mm*. FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. riil'd Tet Pets. Cake Baskets, CasWs, Ao., FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS . Paris Fancy Goods, in great variety, FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS Ladies' and ftlUses' Chain and Ban-! Braoelets, Neoklaoes, ft-.. FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. Gold Peno: Is and Pens, Gold Thimbles, Lookets, and Beit Raoklos, FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS Ladies' and Gents' Sleeve Luttoas, Studs, and Cro?*es, FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. Infants' Gold and Coral Neoklaces, and Armlets, FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. Gold. Ivory, and Faney H?ad _Walking Canes. run holiday presents. Pearl, Ivory, and Sandal Wood Kveninic Fans FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. Bo'.d, Silver, and Fanoy Portemonnaiea and Card t'a>?i. FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. Bhfii. Ivory and Stesl-mnuntel Combs, FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS.

Ladiea' and Gauta' Dreating Case* and Pooket Companions, FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. Children's Suver Sft??Knife, Fork and Spoon? FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. 9ilver Taide, Deaaert and Tea Rnivaa and ForlUt FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. Silver Ioe Cream Seta.Sncara and Craima, FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. Silver VYAltera. PiMh?ri. RnMata Hmti FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS' K*ery artiole of Fancy 9il?er W?r?, FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. Plated Fruit Bowls, Liquor Frame* and Butter Diaaw, FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. Pl&tad Waitera, Card Basket* and Wine Coolera, FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. A thoneand and one other artiolea, too tedioaa to enumerate. FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. 1*1. W. O < LT Ac BRO , Jeweller*, 354 Pennsylvania >VINCI, de 21 3t 4 doora we?t of Brown'a Hotel. CA TUBS OF DU bO?HENBUTTER. For tale low by P IktUiDL' OKI) .? de 21 at* Between M and'fo. |\IOORE'8 WEST END DRUG STOKE. l"I 1 13 Ha. A VINCI. SofTII SlPK. A large Htock of pure Medicines. Ac., always on hand. Also, Hair, Tooth and other Brushes, Congress Wafer. Ao. Coal Oil and Lamps for same. de 31 2w FOR THE HOLIDAYS! yLOAKS. CuOAKS. ';LuAK?!-Anotherla*ie arrival of those beautiful Sleeve Cloaks, id Heaver, Doeskin. Treco, feci Skin. Otter. P ush and Lion Skin Cloths, at low prioes JAYLOR A HUTCHISON, de 21-lw No. 4'i Center Market 3p?oe. JVIO'.IN AND VIOLONCELLO. OHN K. GOODALL, Profess ir and Teaoher of he above, tenders his s>-rv;oes to the pubio. Terms 41 per Issson. References to any musioian m the oitv. Several of hi" pun's are now the best violin tits in the world Vu Le Petit Ole Bull, Fred Buckler, An . A_o. Address Canterbury Hall, wherehe can be heard eveir nuht de 21 lm* T take notice. HK Undersigned, Proprietors of the Pioneer Steam Saw Mill ard Fire Wood Factory, oorcer Seventh street and 'he Canal, south side, are now prepared t?> furnish their oustomers with the b-st qualities of COAL and WOOD at the lowest cash prices. Wood sawed and split to order. _de_21_?t* BLOOD, HATCH. A CO. STOCKTON'S POEMS. ? ILLUSTRATED! Just received, POEM S, With Autobiographic an<i otner Note*, BV T H. STOCKTON, Chaplain to Congress, A fine duodecimo volume_<>f 326 page*, wi'h iinwrmivnj oy Mjaruy, rtoppm, ana oiwjPrice ?'. oloth. For sale at C. H. ANDERSON'S, 4 3S Seventh street, near F, opposite Post Ottog. de 21 3t E. C. DYER. IMPORTER OF 8EGARS, AND DBALEE IN WINES, L I (j U '? R g, Ao. U56 Penn avenue, between 12tk and 13*4 struts, Washington Cuv. TMI? C1T* F0R THB CELEBRATED HUNGARIEN WINMoi A tCHWAKTZEH, OfVienna. 1,000 CASKS ?I have just reoeiveg cases I assorted) of the above ohoioe Wkm, to w hch the att-nt on of auttera a .d the publio generalij u r?apecrfuily called. Prioea ranting from o fan per caa-. de2110t FU R 8! FUR 8!! F U R 8!!! We have just received a large assortment of l.adies' L R-. R lysian Sabl??, Canadian Minks, Mart-n Fitn , Rivor Stable,Siberia Squirrels. a d many other kinds of Furs t<*> numerous to mention. Alao, a large assortment of Misses' and Children's Kure Fine Heigh Robes, wmoh we can sell at vary of pnoes, either wholesale or ietail. We invite toe ledies to o*il and look at oar stock before purchasing elsewhere,aj we s 11 the Furs at old prices. 3. A W. J* KYI-RBERG. No. 4* Market Spaco, de 21-Iw Be'ween 7ih a< d 8th streets SPECIAL BARGAINS IN LADIES AND uontiemen's S/iawls, Balmoral and Hoop skirts, just opened this 'lay J. W. COLl.EY A CO. POR CHKI8TMAH PKE8U.NT8?A new lot 3- ?J Vlo"? Cloak*, handsome Cashmere Scarfs. Worsted Sontag> snd Cass id great varieties, selling off ohe*p fo- c&*b. i W COLLBY & CO. | ADIES' AND GKNTB' KID CiLOVES, a-t Hit, B*aver and Thread Gauntl<"U, Hosiery of all knds, ohildren'e Gloves, Don' Haok'kin Ga-ntleu. Sellinc off cheap for Chrism as times. J W. COPLEY & no.. de il-5t 323 7th >tieft. above Penp. av. LAI MS APPROVED BY THE UUARl? n,a?ter Genera! purohaced by SWEENY, RIT TEN HOUSE PANT & CO., . _ . Da kers Peon, avenue, <fe?-lw Near Brow's Hotel. IZRISS KR INGLE'S DEP??T-I have again IK arpviDUU bAiniauniUi 4B4 T?H ItlMt, mf U ile ieei t for the diatnhution of Tojri and Fanoy Notion* to all good ohildren U ve him a oall and get them aheap. da2Q 3t* KKI3S KR1NGLE /1ENTLEMKN'? LINEN COLLARS, LINEN COLLARS, LINEN COLLARS S-AboutTOO dozen now in store, all atylea, at abo?t half t-.e uoual price for the tame good a?all ?f our own manufaoture. At THOMPSON'S, At E. A. Lake it Co.'a Marble Hall Basaar. de 20 Under Brown'a Hotel. LADIES'. GENTLEMEN'S AND CHILDH EN'S FURNISHING GOODS, UNDERGARMENTS. GLOVES. HOSIERY. HANDKERCHIEFS, SCARFS TIES, CRAVATS, L.1NEN COLLARS, SHIRTS, &o , Ao. THOMPSON, under Browrt'a, de30 E. A. Lake A Co.'a Marble Hall Baaaar. HFOR CHRISTMAS PRESENTS! ANDKERCHIKFS, HANDKERCHIEFS, HAN DKERCHIEFSI?AU a 'rta, too It now an equalled, for ladiee and gentlemen?imt the thiag for Chrutmaa Preaecta. At THOMPSON'S, At E. A. Lake 4k Co.'a Marble Hall Baxaar, de 20 Undff Brown'a Hotel Ohio wines AND BRANDIES. Havinc reoeived aconaignment of Zimwurmamn t Co.'* Cincinnati Ohio Catawha Wine* and Branuiftfl 1 V? IhArufnp* nffar ?a Hotel and Saloon K?|J?ri7fto, DRY CATAWBA WINS, Light and Strong?the former In bozM for table use. and the latter in half-barrels for mixing and oookmg purpoeea ?ou 8WKET CATAWBA OR LADIK8' WINE, in harrela and ha f barrels. for table use?a very superior artiole for the holiday s. n CATAWBA BRANDY, syajyKsr "c 16 lm a9 Lomiaoa a*snse. . .??S^HOFIELp^ mANI? EXCHANGE ?N<"'a?"d 0"k ..ISWff \ 2L?Jg? cnption, la a stfI# of rtn ' " Tk.. , EXCBLLENCK. wrnn the oitiiena of Waahiiutofi mill# ?nd the transient out.,so that they ortwMt of OY8TKH8 of th^wTbMt awlf*A"Dt,t? of Choioe ricklwf OraUra o*n'i be be t, done 'Jaijle. Give ? * c&j). We f*?i tmssa&M asai. WANTS. VUANTFO?A food Putrr ftod Voiouhl? ?T cOOl Apply *iCla andon Hotal. daP-?t* WANTKD-A half *rown 8Hr., h?tw?B 11 ftidUittriof m?. Arpl* 346 H atraat winer 14th. It\VANTF.O-* lourn:f?n?n VARRFR. At 8. *? 'IPHKR'S, No. 591 Pereath atrre*. new Man land avennw, ItlAnd. It WANTED?A oom^Unt ParsoA tr< Wo'k r?a Sir ear'a wwtMina'hir# To oaa th%t ? ? # ft permanent ?itu?tion win be given. Apply at WALL, STEPHENS * C<V8, No. 32* Peru. avnue between 9th and 1? th ats de 23 St W*NTEP-INFORMATION of Mim Mftry Hen. formerly of Ba en, Gernftny: m?poeed to bo ftt present in Brooklyn, N?w Yotk. She will heftr something to her advantage b? ad <Ws?ing her s>ster, Mrs. SAB UNA bTKWAKT, Wftihicgton, D. C. de 23 6t* WANTED TO RENT-A STORE om Peon, avenue, for banking business. Address Bos 32 Pout Off oe. rj? arv-3t* V17 ANTED ?Two ffcrntsbed ROOMS, with " Boftrd, for ft fen'lenftn ftnd hit wif , in ft pn vftto family where there ftre do other boarders Ad rfr*re, with partioo'ftrs as to loOfttton, term*. ?o? "A B C,"ftt ttns offioe. de 11 H' WAN TED-INFORMATION of Anthony Whiler ftnd John Sutler. who left New York for Washington on Monday last. abt irfirwstinn conoerrin* their whereabouts will be thankful y reo- ivd bi their eon>rade, GEORGE WII.LlAV HUGHES, at No 224 Seventh street, between M ftnd N. de il tt* WANTED-A good COOK, WASHER, and IRON ER ; German preferred. AppW at 694 H street, between 4th an ' 5th. da 30 St HOUSE WANTED?a smal house for three ersons. An? one hannf aaoh a house to 1st can find a tenant by addressing "W. S. H ,' Box 690 Cj?y Post tiflloe. de 3D $t* 1*7ANTED?A GIRL, to do general housework, in a family. must understand walking and ironing well. Apply 141 West street, Georgetown. de 30-?t* WANTEI>-A firat-o'.M* restaurant COOK, one VY U at understa <*s Ms bnaineas, at the White Home Kes anrant. 3li E at. ce30 St* USHER & MITCHELL. WANTED? #80 will be given to any person who wf 1 pr< cure t^e advertiser a situation aa CLERK in the Commissa or OuartermMter's Department Address "A. D. E " star Offioe de S0-3t* WANTED?By a young man, who ia a food p*oman. an ok and oorreot at figures, a SITUATION as elerk: is willing to work h&rd for the interest of h a employer ; salary moderate Addre*s ~n n. vy., omce 01 inn pipnr. ior ivo us; i. de 2Q-3t* WANTED-A competent WOMAN, to do the oookicg, ?a?hinr, ironing, general houaework, in a ama.1 hou?e sod mail family, to on" who reaily nnderataida her baameaa. and can oome we'! reoommended, and it willing to mate heraelf generally uaefal ?>?d wage* will be paid promptly W fc. CHANDLKE, 304 14th street, between C ap<4 D. de >?-tf TO BUTLERS-Wanted, the Satierahip or a Recim*nt in the eervine. by a oompeteiit mer chant with the neoeaaary m*ana; for whtoh a moderate r>onu? wili be paid. Addreaa "Soter." at the offioe of thia paper. de 17-lw* IITiUTcn A Q1T1- 1 Tin V Unbkuut n. w aale?man, h? a gentleman of 20 yeara' expe I rieco*, with firatoiaaa T?f<*reroe ; comper.aanin at tie diaor'tion of tbe emp.over. on a trial. For an interview addreaa"A. B , Box l.StarOflloe. Hell im* WANTKD?lO.nno whitky and brandy BOTTLES. Cai>h an delivery. F. B- HASTING* ft CO.. 323 II ?tr?M, no25 tf Philharmonic Building. CUTTER WANTED. Call at WALL, STEPHENS ft CO.'S. 3'ja Pa aveune. ae 18 WANTED?Every peraon to know that I am in the mfi'kft, ready to pay oaah for all artiolea in the houaefurnialung line. Thoee leaving tne oitjr, or having a anrplon, will do well to call. R. BUCHLY, 43S Seventh ?t., between Gand H ata.. (cant aide,) Dealer in Newa&d Seeund-haod Furniture. ... IP J* %*/ ANTED-TAILORS, TAJLORS.-M T#U>n v v oompetent to work on military cooda. A p?17 G. KOLP. at Wall. Stephena ft Co/a. aefc WANTED.?We are now buying SECONDHAND FURNITURE, STOVES and BEDDING, for whioh we are paying the higheat omd pnocs. r imuiN ti penning anupeKBppinc, cr having a "urplue of furniture, will find it to tneu adTactage to give u# a nail. BONTZ it GRIFFITH. )e 13-tf No. 369 7th it., betw. 1 ana K at*. PERHAM'9 GRAND EIC1RSIOH TO NEW YORK AND BOSTON. EXCURSION TICKETS From Baltimere ta Boitea, tad rrtara, *017 ?13..">0 Ta Sfw Yerk and return *.00 Tiok-ta good to Imve Braltijrore from thn Depot ofUie N <rth*rn Out al Kail way,on Calvert street, P'saing over the Northern Central Kail wa*. L*banoi Vall?y, Kait Pennaylvania, L-bith Va ley,and ?'eutr% Kai.road of New Jersey to New York, and from New Yo-k o Button by the gtouington Line, leaving New York by the ateamers Commonwealth an I Plymouth Rook, at 4 o'oiook p. m.,on any d?y, < Sumijiva ATMAnfjtfl 1 UP TO JANUARY SJ.lwa, AND TO ?BTr?? BT 8 AM B EOCTB ON OR BEORE MARCH 1?T. n^-Tiokfti for sale in Washington. D C.,at the National Hote'; I Baltimore, at the Depot of 'he Northern Central Railway,Calvert street, at Barnnm'i Hotel, Euiaw House, and (iilmor Bouse. Two throngh Train* daily from Baltimore to N?? V?rk. leaving Baltimore at R.i5 a. m. and t p.m. T> ooni.eot with tbese train*, pacsencers From Washington muit leave in the 6 a. m. and 5 p. ra tiains. \TT All oommnnioatiins in regard to the Excursion mu at bf addressed to JOslAH PERHAM, National Hotel. Washington, 0 C ,hie headqu*rteia. H? will alto be represented by his ace< u at Harnnm's Hotel. Baltimore; Lovejoy'a Hotel.New York, and the Adama Heuae, Boatoo, hia headquarters in thoae cities. de 20-lw* Neck ties andbcarfs: "carhsand neck ties! An nnparallelled assortment at IHOMPSON'B, In part of E. A. Lake A Co.'a, de20 Under Brown'a Hotel. A M LM\' OTitnir tin A""" ""titNERAL STAPLE GOODS. Klankete, Comforts and Bed Spreads, Cotton 3n*eticg<, Shirtings and Linens. White and Colored Fannels, Towels, Napkins, fahies Cloths ard Diaper*. For Geht-'a:id Boys* Wear. Cloths. Caasimers. Tweeds. Vestincs, to., in all good st?le? and qualities, Fine and Heavy Grey Domestio Cloths, for Gentlemens' Suite* To all of which we ask the seesial attention of orohasers. J. W. COLLEY It CO. d<? y 2w i'ii 7th ..atxive Pa. a*. 4 ierm.\n division, a ttkntion: tJ HEADQUARTERS For Sending Mouey to Germany and all part of the Country. IS Market 8r?ci, Sim of Ikt fir"nu F^iut rftE lm HEAD QPAR 1'fc.RS for Clothing, Furnishing Goods. Hate and Caps, at No. 460 7th street, dell-lm (> ?.) ?pO MILITARY OFFICERS AND OTHERS. BATCHBLOR'S QBNVIXB HAIR BYE. The Beet In the World? Tkt Only RtliabU and HmrmUts Hoi* Dy* Kntwn. Sold by all Druggists; alto, at Bbbbxtor's Patent Mediome Store, cp. Patent Ofioe, oor. F tt 7th, GiBBa's Hair Store, Ml Penn*? avenue, where Ladiee oan have it aaehed, if deaired. raotorr? SI Barclay at (Ae 833 Broadway) N. Y. o? I-1T a LL COLORS AND 81ZES LADIES' REAL A Paris Kid Glove*, beet quality. _ perr > a bbother, de 14?IOC Penn avenue and Ninthstreet. Ma. card. R. J. AIGLER Has the pleasare to inform hie friends and the fablMtthat he haa opened a first oiass Reatanrant. at the favorite looauon on D street, between lltk aad 13th streets, ao lone and well-knowu as AlClera Confeitionery eetabliahment. Having pale arrangesenta for a oooatant supply of all tke fe.ioaoiee ot the season, and secured the aervioeeaf polite and o >mpeten< attoud&nta, he hopes to reeetve a dae share ofpabUe favor. de i In f^REAT ATTRACTIONS.-Grand rash lor vj 7th street, to see the new stook of Cloth iti|, jnst received at SMITH's. No. 460 7th street. de 11-lm (Rep.) UTTER! BUTTER!! D BUTTER!!! ion ke?s ohoioe Goshen Butter, jast reoeived aad for sale oheap by p. b. hastings a co. BoK-tf *- ** V at-i IMIIU1 r?- iV?BU?. pEMKNT FOR BALE.?En?air* at GEO. H L FLANT, No. 41 i itftk atr?t. da]^*o3t* PMKRBON8 IN WANT OF OVAL FRAALK8 lor Photogrftphe of aiiaiiaa, Gilt or Roaewood, oftB bonppiiad ry JOHN WA6NRR, Mxt door to bit old aatftbliabiM&t, 966 Pa. amoa. N. B. Looking-glftaa plfttea laaortod 1b oidfrtmM. poa-lm In CoBM^aeno* of^^a'xtraordlftftry atata of tha timea, my Antiquarian Book Eatabiatimeot wnl bo oloaad naat Tatada;, 1 hftv* ft largo lot of booki, of rftra >ftiaa, U>?t 1 woald Ilk* to aaii ohaap. Alao, aheap ft*w pab.ioatiOBa, ftt bftlf prloo, ftod tha Iftta tbroa qaa-tar anoa. N/isOSSBEl G34&IS5SS= RI^Vh/il,nVfl?l1 Bl* 'k *"?* Colored !?i ki. IL^nelung oIToIicsb for ose^. 4.IMI' ^JSSHSUHS^. T AUCTION 8ALK-. THIS AFTERNOON TO-MO^Rinc. 0r MARSHALL * PACK. AaoMcmrt. ? ** S" ?wr* 5f?r*l. CHRISTMAS Pafc^KNT8,FAMCYOOO|)?. Tort. Ac., at Arrnow. frHIS fcYKNIN*.. at 7 o'oloe*. a?d ererf er'ninc *.n<i pmriK until the whol*ia diafOMd of, ^Miatirc of a b^aetii j . rmried endc mrlet#M?oTtiTi*Mof F.nrli?h Franc*. German, it* tar asd Awrwii Okri?tM* ' r* ei u and Tota, oon?n-in< WriUac l**?kt txiautilu * in aid. riokl* carr?d Dreteiaj ?>*<?. R .<?i ad Jfafcofany Wo'k J>oila < f % | J# tor nan, and a beaatifu! as?ortm?nt of ?il ?>?.!? <4 F*'-Ct Goods mt'nd :d for Cnnstmas Pree.nts. A 'sc. f it* cc'lection of Jewalry of all d?eorvpt to ?? . Watoha.'. .?w P?n Hoidara. Ladie.'Tlro?**" Phawla. ?*a?a of Ft and a xeDeral assortment o! Holiday Praee^ta, dec * St MARSHALL A FAGfc. Aaoti?i?e*r.. Bt wall a B1RNAVD Asotionaers. Corner Pa. mr*. i*d N4 sirset. EMNE FRKNCH FANCY OOOD8 BL'l/ f abli'ob Holiday fxeb*i?ts at Acctior On SATURDAY aad MONDAY MORNING*. 21st atd 23d mst&at, at lo o'eiock. ajtd 1? *** even inga at 7 o'o oek, wo wi 1 sell at ttio Aaction Rooms a spiecdul assortment of Fiue Fisnoh Fancy Goods, the stock of H- C. MeLaath.t*. tfc has dro,.:M business, and embracing ? Fms Pwrl Md Ivory Fane, Haaatiril Odeu r Boxes, . Lar'.fe aad Genu' fortemocnaiee and Watch itaatfs, Frat oh and Feitlish Soaps and Perfumery. Best t-bi tub Ha if and Tooth Brum**. Port Folio*. Chessmen, Checkers, and othe Gmm Fine stationary, Playic* Cards, EarJor Skates, Ctnna Ornaments, [otto Cups and ??uoers. Beautiful Kogravinc*. French **aeket*. Fanor Hair pins, Ba Is. an.i Bird ia*e?, Kvery variety of Frenoh and 0*rms> Ti ys, Wax and every oth*r variety of Dolls, F lit urea. O ats Cases, Ao., Ac Terms caa.i. da II d WALL A BARNARD. Aasjta. Bt WALL A BARNARD. Auctioneers. _ Corner Pa. armut and ]Y*ntk ttr?t. E>AWNHKOKr.K 8 BALK Or KOKrikltfcU OxpotiTa at A rcTioM On TUE8DA) ORNlNG December M, at M o'olook. we wilj 1 at our A ootior K< om> the Nalmoe of (took cf C. Ward, Pawnbroker. oonatating of? Gun*. Pistol*. Gold ard 81 ver Watobee, vaa*, Guard and Fob Chain*. LaokeU. A )*rg? assortment of Jewelry. Cothicg of every deaoripUoc, each aa? Ovcooata, Dreaa CoaU Vesta, Pant* to. I<ariie*' C otbing, Shildrei'a Clothing. Ao f A?. ojether with other food* in the liae too ? < oua to inaert, Ttrmatkih. E. WARP. Pawnbroker. d?>v-d WAL1 A hainakd a??i . Hv WALL * HARNAH-D Auctioneers Cvmrr South tid* Pa i?wm *?d MA itrM. /^LOSING OUT SALE OP THE BL'PKRB V/ Stock or Ladies' a5D Okst'i hra*. R> b*?, Ac , at acctios???c TUESDAY M<?RNING, 24th instar.t, at 10 o'olook, w?i; a i ee.i at Auction, at onr large Warerocm, in the rear ot our Auction Rooma, the remainder of the superh ttook of Fur*, and Robe*, whiofc have b >en 'here on exhibition for the ait week; the remaining atock eaNraoec Seta of Hudaon Bar. Sab.e*. Mink. u Presoh Mink and Sable, River Mick, Krmine.Chinohil*. FitoH &?., Gent.emen'a Beaver aad >at e Collars, Gauntlet*. and Par*, and Seal Co*'? and Cap*. Wolf, Fox, Genet, andi Buffalo a-.d Faoo* Carriage and 81eigh Robes, Foot Mufi.ko . A o A* the oouaignee la determined to oloee oat, great lndu^ment* will be offered to the trade aad and the publio generally. Theee good* are warranted genuine, and perfect in everv respect. Terrn* oaah. de l? (Rep. I WALL* BARNARD, Aact*. FUTURE DAYS. B y WAIL A BA RNAR D. Auctioneer*. Cotntr toutk atdt Pa. are. and Stmtk street KFNTLICKY HOR8KS AT AUCTION.?On TH L' R- DA V MORNING. 96th laetant. at ?? o'clock, we will ?ll, in front of the Auction Room. 30 coed work and saddle Horse*, the rttirtw of tl>e stock of a loTernreent oontractar. wfco wi! positively close them out. 2'erm* cuh. e21d (Rep > WALL h BARNARD, Amoti. By GREEN* WILLIAMS. Auctioneer*. Commissioners sale by order op T?r* t'lictlt UiVRT.-gtl? of House and Lot 10 Cabott'* Subdivision of Square numbered Fn, it b*iug the we?' half of lot numbered 114.?FRIDAY, the lOtn da? { J?nuar j. 186i. we shall aell on the premise*, at 4 o't, ockJ m-' at public aue ton, by virtue of an order ,"* *h? Ciraait Court of the District of Columbia, paes.!**'. U>e Slat da? of Ootober. 1861. in the matter of U.+ petition of the heirs of Michael V ajson. deceased, C.h* following named property, Tia? . , Weft ha f of lot numbered one hundred aa> fo?rteen,C14). in square numbered six hundred seventy ?even.(?77), in Cabott's subdivision. with the improvements, which are a two story Dwelling-House, Ac., Ao.. to be sold subjeot to the widow'* dower. Terms as prescribed by the Court, is one third third cash; balance in equal instalments, six anc and twelve months, tbe purchaser to give bonds, eeenred to the satistaction of the Commissioners, beariac interest payable to ?l?e heirs respectively, aud the Commissioners will withhold the daed until the full payment of the inata meat*. I' the t*rms of sale are not compiled with n five days, the Commissioner* reserve the right to resell the proper y. at the risk and oostof the fcrrt p?rek a*?r. by advertising *uoh resale three times la the W ashington Star. JAMES TOWLE8. B. MlLRlRN, BENNETi' HENNING, Commission* r* de23-eoAds GR EEN A WILLIAM*. Aucts. By J.C. McGUIRE, A CO.. Auctioneer*. T'RUSTEE'S SALE OF LARGE AND VAL 1 BilLl l.or n< Cinrm Ru t.?On THI'HS DAY AFTERNOON. January 8d.a* ? o'olock *f the auction roomi, by virtue 01 a deed of tract from Juatloe A. Kolla. and dated Fet.rwy 16th, lfS?. a-d dnlr recorded in Liber J. A. 8 , No. 168. fo <> 443, et one of the land record* for ^Va*h n?ton oouuty, D C., 1 shall Mil Lot numbered live (5), in etuare numbered six hundred and eight-two (?), fronting 130 'eft on Delaware avenoe, 1"2 feet i incliea on north E street, and IS feet 9 inches on Pi rat atreet eaat. Terrr.t: One-third oaab, the reiraiixter in ais acc twelve raontha, with interest, aeoured by deed of treat on the prewieea. If the terma of tale are not oomp lied with within ire days the-eerier, the traatee reserves the ngfit te ree*ll at the riak and expenae of defau* ptoiehaaer. All ooBTeT&noea at the ooet of jurcnaeer. W. 8. HOLLIDAY, Traatee de ll-2awAda J. C. McGLTRE <t CO.. Aaota. By J C. MoGUIRE k. CO., Auctioneers TRUSTEE'S SALE OF HOUSE AND LOT on north K St.. between 4th awd sth t*t* w-KST -On SATURDAY AFTERNOON,, J ana IJIUI, UW.M ? VDIOVI.OIIH pfHW. PT virtue of a deed oftmst to the subscriber, date? December l?t, 1880, and duly rf corded iu Liber I A. 8.. No. ans. (olios 511, rt se* , one of the land r??ord* for Washington oourty, D C? I shall Mil (art of Lot r?ah?ffd one, (1 I in Fquare numbered fire hundred and fifteen. becnnlnc for the nmi at the southwest o ruer or aaid Lot No. Land running henoe east sixteen f*et; thenoe north seventy-one feete even inches; thenoe west sixt'en feet; ther-e south seventy one feet eleven inches to tbe plaoe of beginning. together witt the improvements, consisting of a three-story brick dwe. ng house. Terms: fV? cash; the remainder in C and 11 months, with interest, secured by a deed e: trust on the premises 11 oon reranoin* at the oost of snrehsser THO J, F18HER,Tnirt?e. de4-lawAds J. C. MowUIRE A CO.. A sets. OLD MADEIRA. SHKRRV AND PORT wiRin. Importrd and Bottlrd by W, S. Cortei* & Cs., Pf. Y Wanderer Madeira, bottled US, Iwim 14 8 lssn, Houtn Bide " ** 1M4, Imperial Hherry. ** imp, Barmerster Port, " 1M?. Harmony l??4, lmpM White ** ** im<> For sale by WM. CORWIN BLR6Y, SftT Pennsvivams arenas. _? EiUmw oa Sixth at. DENJAM1N D?WOLFF, D No. *94 Pek*. Avehu*. Xs Adjoimnc tt? Nation*; Hotel. N. B. B'hi'im 4om by F. C. Rictuso, late from No. 1088 Chestnut street, Philadelphia, a kHful workman in Chronometer*, in* Waonea, ?????? fJLOVKg ~ ByCK8KINCGLO^li8, M^LI T ARl\ m a. U NT LET8, ai INDIA RUBBVK HATB. A larce assortment for wie at SEYMOUR'S, To. V*??2 n?fcr tb? fca?i. n h*or|? i. . A bME Itiiud, Ud H'tM OuVMf bo* b? ucomnodiM with comforts,,. T]? M T tT-**'* roonn. Gtm*. Pish. Oyilari, ?nd Sw!SRL.ii^iyjLi>a4.%?"? *Jw?y? <> band rv$s,""uM P'ea'wnm^ri!fflt,Y?w?5 AEriSSr' ^""" "V 486 D * C ITJWfo N . 486 ?.?M Mdjafonm Ool d B&n i Wiwio* liw. Butr.GrH^o.fcnd R k. tfc* n.rd or made into Window fttiadee, Picture t'vr4 m?i TmmIi, different uawasd <1 >rt, Picture NM tun.At. AlIm, U* kudtonist uwr' mMt ?< Oni Pi?tar? Fr&m?? iB U? ouy, froB ltt? b*?i manufactory ? AlaoT^MM Partnnte ud 0?rd Vint* Frtm* A artiolee varract?d a* r jr? wited. or nt>eaiePerohAau* lor oa?h, at goode will M sold at tke '?A ^rX'ao'old^ too k* to utuni n vsl r.?the abort goode ?*Tl trr aew aid dee''? Tarn.e oaeh. A jell te eo.'totted. R*??? > ' ?fe* JOHN MAKKKITK* bridge n< *r M u;:fordsvllle. and were thrown out as plrk'-'h, in ?qua?1sof eight or ten. upon an open m?a<lnw, at a distance of about 100 yarda from the rivrr bank At Munfordville depot *ber? was a concealed battery of three gura, and th-rc was another battery of equal force about a mile dist int in a southerly direction There was a belt of timber skirting the poaltlon *f the four companies from Indiana When the batteries opened the Texana Ranger* made a charge for the timber, and about the tame tirap an order waa given for the Federal infantry to rally upon the point. The Indlaniana executed the order under a galling Are from the batteries They tnus reached the wood, and nder fcover of the treea did fearful execution in 'he ranks of the rebel cavalry. The lo?h sustained by the Federal troops was Incurred under the effect of the first fire The rebel cavalry dashed In among their ranks before our trrops hadfouni time toform. Once formed, however, thev gallantly advanoed to the wood against fearful odds. The fight for a few minutes la described by an eve-witneaa as a dranerate encounter The f?al

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