Newspaper of Evening Star, December 24, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 24, 1861 Page 2
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THE K\ h MM. STAR. ! WASHINGTON CITT: TUESDAY DECEMBER 84, 1W1. 1 Ciiiitku Dat.?A? to-morr?w '? Chrtatmu Day. bo paper will be issued from tbti ofllce Should n?wi of Importance come to hard prior *o the next regular tame of the Star on Thursday, It will be give* to the public In an extra Stir. Mrll ml ?h. M.r.l.. f>.? The Imttll'tenr'T urges the speedy occupation f Tm?H by the Uaited States force* u protection to the loyal men of that State The Rtpmhliemm says we should have anticipated the adverse interposition of England by giving aa anti-slavery character to the war for the Unioa. OCR WILITARY BUDGET. how to casr. Tbe N?W York Tribitn* la almost dally giving ths public lessons In tbe art of " carping" In a sneaking way, In its covert assaults upon General McClellan. In most caaes It uses the pens of correspondent* to that end, taking due care to disclaim for Itaeif any possible responsibility for the fi 1?a tn tknkA nnKH? ennMsno* in the Commander-in-Chief it Is thus *preading broadcast, under the plea that they are ststements of other*? not lta own. A day or two since it however did venture to publish a virtual lie editorially to that end, in lta atory alleging that a gentleman la high position danced attendance la the ante-chamber of General McC for three daya, bearing letters from Geo. Wool and the President to him on a matter of great public importance, without being able to obtain the de* sired Interview. Such la the glat of the comnlatit We have to My that General McClellan k'eps o ante-chamber. There are three place* to which persona go who desire to see him on buainnsa: Hla headquarter* aa the Commander-in-Chief, the headquartrra of the Army of the Potomar, and the Oflee of the Adjutant General, U S A. t each of them, thoae aeeking General McClellan always find more or less members of hts staff, Instantly ready to attend to any public business appertaining to his position. He himself is rarely more than once a day in elth*>r place, and then hardly for half an hour: his duties compelling htm to be constantly moving here, there and v everywhere When on? applies to aee him. th? hnain?u f? always attentively beard by a member of Lit caff, who instantly arrange* to bring about the interview ? aoon aa General McClellan can >* found; for he U up the river, perhaps, in the morning, cloeeted with the i'resident at noon, cff with the lowe; division of the army to the afternoon, and, It may be, Inspecting the camp* or picket lines over the river between midnight and daybreak. However, It rarely happens that be is not to bt seen In lesa than a day by any one having real important public bustnew with him **ome how or other nearly all who propose to Introduce a patent ginger pop tof sale In thr camp*, bring letters to Gen McCleilan from dis tingulshed persons and Insist on dubbing thHr affair "important public business " Indeed, the business of nearly all who would claim a portion of his time is such as members of his staff can properly aispoae or without his personal Intervention; or, If not, can bring It to hla notice in a few brief aentencta, when 4< dhpoaei of It in even a briefer reply or order. Now, if any peraon bearing lettera from Gen. Wocl and the 1'realdcnt to Gen. McCMlan, failed to ktc him after waiting three days to that end the public may rely oa It hia buaineaa waa aluiply to get office for aome one?to aell the army patent auckers (fllterers,) to direct the General how to conduct the campaign?a la Ellett?or aomethlng that could be qui?e aa well aettied by a member of the staff, aa by the General in peraon We have rcnntMlitf t??n <* - , ?.iuu uuivni nccumpany perwu really having important public businm. for hours, around the city, to bring them face to thee with the Commander-in-chief, and know that that duty la moat assiduously attended to. BECABtrCL. Instances are almost daily coming to our knowledge wherein soldiers In entruatlng money for their families or frtenda to private persona officers among them, have to mourn its loss. The case of the MOO, the saving of a number of soldier*? stolen by one ex-lieutenant of s Pennsylvania ?? glment from another, ou the cars, is an example In point. Now there Is no earthly necessity for any such occurrence. An agent of Adama A Co's Express ts to be found st every division or perhaps brigsde headquarters, whose receipt for the remittance Involves a positive insurance that it will be safely delivered as directed; and that too at far leas cost to the sender than by any other conceivable means of conveyance involving the necessary insurance. navt tahd There hu been no arrival from the flotilla ?inee oar last report. The King Philip, Mount Washington, and Baltimore are at the yard, the latter being repaired. It Is reported that tbe Penaacola will steam dowa the river again to-day. Small vessels continue to run the blockade dally. Three bargee, with provisions for the army, arrived at Alexandria yeaterday morning, In tow of a steam-tag, having passed the batteries daring the dark hoara of the night before. One of the bargee loet her deck load in Cheaapeake hay, and one of the others lost also a portion of ] her cargo. Th?y report that the Confederate batterlee sunk, day before yssterdsy, a large schooner which was ''running the blockade." allxgid srv atassTin. V. P. Corbitt waa arrested yesterday In Gen. MeCall'a amp aa a spy He ia a publisher of map of the ''Seat of War'1 acroa* the rlver? and la charged with having gone beyond our 11 Be* and communicated with the enemy. 11 ? waa aent in to the Provoat Marshal, who releaaed him upon hla parole until trial. He hat a farm near HunterChapel. iKovniM. General* McCleilan and Marcy are both gettlag much better, the former of the co'd.that has annoyed blm^or two daya paat, and the latter of the fever which ha* confined him to his bed for Mar a fortnight Gen. McC.'s phvslclan bellevea that he will be oqt and about by to-morrow. OC* 90l8iibs at airHMOSD. Richmond. Va , Dec 4,1H51. Editor Star, D. L The object of thla communication la to call the attention of your anmerooa readers to the condition of the Federal* prisoners at thla point, and as It call* up every sympathetic emotion aa we have beheld from day to day their perfect deatltutlon and Buffering, and aa I have been frequently Inquired of by the pale ?ad stchiv, half clad, heart-broken soldier, from home and la prison, In an enemy's land, ' When will ear Government send us some clothing and kluketi. do vou know. Llraifiunt *" a?/tk?> I have beard' them deapondlngly add, ' If our parents knew bow we suffer here tb?y would s*nd *o our relief, but I euppoee tbey think the Government will eee to it;" and looking at their rag$ tbey wo aid la aome Instances uy, " 1 wat not ar *$'om'4 to tktue things *( my /i?4?r'? id t b?v? eeen the rear* trickle down their cheeks It was the ofl-repeated scene* ao frrbly described that prompted the noble-besr'ed bly to Bake tne proposition that I clip from the Enquirer of thla morning, (which pleaaeBad enclosed ) Tbe notice states that the soldiers refused it be ususe tbey lore their country, and aa they bad volunteered In her service tbey still believed she , would come to tbelr relief; and still tbey suffer 1 on I use the term kmlf-clad It la not an eiagSration. 1 have aeen them without shoes, socks, irts. oasts, bets or caps, and la avose iusUn-c* with only drawee for pants, dirty and pele from J long oonnnemcnt. 1 have seen buudreda of thein mtm ri~i " " .... ?niiu ig oiiu'i fjuaiiers, ripoeea lo zsse of curious ami eicred crowds,*nd receiving , fix mild appellattou J Hessians." Now. as gecerouass the proposition of tbe Bon Mr. lily w?, ti would have zone but a small way iu meet. Jim the demand of the preernt number of prisoner* here The Confederate soldiers are supplied J bv home contribution* with all tbe necenarlaa vat to Mr. Ely once more. I wlib he wa? at bis poet la tbe Houae of Congress this day: for I feel convinced that he could present tbe c*s in Its proper 11* ht and In such a manne* as would c? *? . the whole beart of the people to throb In sympathy with the poor T>rlaoner?. and institute a system > j at exca i<n at one*-, which, Iw-kliiK from this . i ??-?-??ry p<iaci}4?- wt justice aad ha- 1 i I. ilty serin to deataiid Th? Jr?t ' ' * '* Pm pro apuy rj. } by our UnvrrtiOiCht. L*?t ?n-'i E??? ' * X> u ID wTv ^' ** *ud U i Pv?p*iy responded to by lis C?Mnl? t?o*- 1 Ji carried out would etc hang* ewy man of ua at Dire. Once more > Thw ttaoutaod men bare their evea turned to' the Government, and tbey bate thua numeroua friends at borne, and all looking and praying for that period to arrive Shall ?bey look In rain much longer* May all that la holv. Kood or patriotic forbid It; and may God'a blessings d?arend upon tbat beart that acts juat Is the prayers of one of tbe prisoners at Richmond, to which all tbe r?t respond amen Youra, reapertfnlly, J W. Hart, Qr. 2t?tb Reg Indiana Volunteers " Svftring?Tbe Yankee priaonera of war In this <*lty arc beginning to feci the w*nt of proper clothing. Congressman Kly has vervgenerously offered, we Irarn, to eipend *5.0(10 of his private means, which are quite ample, in order to purchase them necessary clothing; but hla fellowprisoners derllne to permit him to do that which their Government should long aince hare recognized aa a binding duty *' milita*y Ccmmissio* foh S l? o!* " rkasftsiui" Tirks.?The following, clipped from the New York Herald, shows how things arc managed occasionally: "A Lieutenancy In Colonel Berdan'a Regiment of Hharpsfcooters. stationed at Washington. c*n be secured for a reasonable sum in cash. Address F., box 3,073 Post Office." Affairs at Richmond?President Davis has telegraphed to Memphis that Gen Price, of Mo., is not to be superseded, and adds, "I Lave not received a tender of Missouri troops, and conse ?i uruvjy iia v c uv puwri vu inair nppui iiuuiucuiv or them, or to control their organization " The Nashville Union of December 10 has a letter from Richmond, of December .'I, which states that President Davis had tinder consideration a matter which would, In all probability, result In the resignation of Gen Wise and all his officers in his legion; In which event, Obediah Jennngs Wise, bis son, would resume bis post as editor of the Knquirer, and oppose the administration with all hi* power, which Is not a little. The correspondent thinks "this would be a most unfortunate r.lrrumitanre. at this iunrture. when a ingle turn of the wheel may bring endless disaster to tbe South." In tbe Virginia Legislature, tbe contest for Confederate State* Senator is conducted with a great deal of rivalry between Messrs Hunter and Barbour Tbe friends of both are confident. For tbe other Senator, Win. Ballard Preston is put forward by tbe whigs The French Press on the War Question New York, Dec. 23?The latest advice* per steamer Edinburg. which passed Cape Race on Saturday, are as follows : London, Dec 12?The Paris Temps approves of mediation by friendly powers In tbe difficulty Kwtwmtn Vniilan<1 ?n<1 t Vw> I'nl a/utnxl (mm to the agreement made at the Paris conference, and says that France alone can b? mediator. The Pr'ttse advocates an energttlc intervention between England and America. The Opinion National? says that France should not follow the example of England should the latter fcopnlze tb* South. Th?* Moneto, of Turin, warns England against a war with America, saving that France would take an advantage to lnterf?re in the east. The Aus'rlan papers state that war between England and America would remove the only obstacle against I rein h ambition. and France would begin a war against Germany The Coi.stltu?:nr.iK-l lays that a strong necessity ecist.s for the Anglo-Fren?.h alliance, which could not be endangered by a war between England and America. The Execn'ian of Lasahai FRkiiBBic*, Dec V3?Lanahan wa# bung at '2 o'clock this afternoon He died without a strungle. His body was taken possession of by bis friends Many citizens wt re present as spectators. The weather was very stormy. ry-tr? A fcl'ECJAL MEETING OF THE UJ5 % f?nr Men's Chris*un Association will (>? neTU at th'ii rooms THI"* (Tuesday i EVENING,) at 6 o'clock Important bunncss. My order of tae frwdsnl *AM'L M"KLW EE. Jr.. Keo. Hec. Yy"THK BURNS" OLI B Will hold its retu'ar I " month'* meeting on THURSDAY KVENINO. December ?t>"h,at7 o'o ock, at Dorman's Hotel. Seventh ?t OH. opp >sit"> tho Averue tloune Punctual attendnin-e is rMuenterf, s> the emotion of otfioe-s trili then 1?*e pfaoe Persons wi?hirg t?> become uicmtart will t>iease come lorvard on tli't right. de M 21' A. WI l.LIAMSON, 9ec._ Hns \I. r-Grand LO('je of F find A. . " on ?f i?i?triot of Columbia?A eta'ed c< mmumnation rf the Al. W. Grand Lode? 'A . ? i"r'?tp* Columbia will be hei?l on FRl DA?, the r>th in*tant.aM o'clook p. m., at the Hall, oi.rrer Ninth ard L> streets. <>fficfrs a-.d* in'mMrj are earii? stiy req aested. and S'journint brethren in proper stardir/* fratermly invited to JOMIUA T. TAYLOR, _de^4 St Grand Secretary. NOTICE TO TAX PAYERS. CoLL*CTO*'s Offici. I wash ?icton, DfCtmb r 21,1861 \ Notice is hereby tiver, to ail perrons in arrears ? Jii**!!!' wh"th'r K*8 ?peeial, or annual tax. that iinies* the same is paiO at this office before the 1st ,y.../ebru,?ry next th* property on wluch the tax is due will ifien be advertised ani sold, as the .mw uirscti. Tko?4 wtak U 4 ika hisTy advertising will pie&t9 pay within the tun? *D0ci>c. U. WILLIAM DIXON. _ <*? M-eotFehl Collector. II y THIS WR8LKY CHAPEL SUNDAY J 5 Sch<>o< will h-Id a FESTIVAL n the leclure ronm of the onurcli. oorner of Fifth an<t F tfp'U. c< mmencii.15 on MONDAY < VENING, the2?inataut etri&li 7o'clock,ar.d continuing through tha eveninxa of the week. Supper will be provided. Fmita, C^nfecti'narr. Useful ?nJ FkDcr Amo ei wilt be id variety aud abundance. Vocal acd Intro mental Music eaoh evenin*. Aa th" proceeds arc to benefit the School, liberal patronage i? &nked of it* friend* IC^?eason ticketa 25 oen a; amgle admission, adu ta, ut centa; chi:dren.5 centa. de 23~<t Yw"" FFICK WA^H1NGT'?N GAS LIGHT L? COMPANY, Diccmber 21, 1861 ?Ao:?r?. A?r?eabl? to th<? requirement* of the oharter, the atooknoldera of thia co'i.p\ny are her by notified tha an elsction fjr five direotra to m&nace the affairaof the laine dirirg tht year ' 8^2, will beheld at ita Office. No 514 Eleventh atreet weat oa MON OA i - the 6th day of Janu%T next, b9tween the hour* "f 1 and 2o clock p. mjiBy order. de 21 ?>2w ;L-.FJ_k *OWN. See rv<="?HKADqUARTERS 1->T REGIMENT IL3 EASTERN VIKG1NIA HRIGADK.Al axANDRiA. Decemiier 21?The Headqua tera of thia renment will halocAtwt in a crmtinf stations wiil ha designated at prnpirstat one. Recruits wishing to join tus regin ent will be mustered in and clothed at or.c? W. WALL, Colonel let Virginia Regiment. Recruiting station is opened on Seventn street, 333,Cayt. Whitney's quarters late cava ry. de 21-eolQt Y*?TO THE VOTKRS OF WASHINBTON.?The Assessor of each Ward will meet at the following p.aoes from Wo'olooka. m. till 3 o'olock p m._froin the 14th to the 31st December, inclusive, to correct and register the name* of those omitted from the poll list. 1st Ward.?John A Rheem, 17:2 Pennsylvania avenue, between 17th and ?Rth streets. 2d W ard.? Thomas Stewart, oorntr 12th and H streets. 3d Ward.?Henry Curti*.oorner nth and L street*. 4tk Warn.?Thoma* W. Rurch,5th street, between G and H streets a 5th Ward.?William A. Harper. 31 street ea?t, No. tatweeu Fast Capitol and A atrret north. <*-h vVaro.- Geo. Ccllard,at T. t. Clark'* Office. Virginia averue, between 3'hand toth stroets. 7th Ward ? P^tcr Hepbu-n, No. south F street, between 8th and 3th streets west. de l/intai at <Y??Li. S. SAN1T?RY COMMISSION, lL* 244 F st , Washington. D. C.. D? e. 2d. Tne Sanitary Commission has a oollentinn nt book olrefsrenoe ou Military f?urtery ar.d Army Hy*ier>e. which Military HurgeoES at or near W atbiCRton are inviU*d to consult. FREDERICK LAW OLMOTEU. de 3-1 in general f9oreti.ry. [yyiCECREAM AND WATER ICES, o( Jsjf the best *ua!'ty, at 37* per quart. Hotel* and boarding bouse* furni?'.<vf at low rates. A la^c* a*<x>rtni?rit of ?a?v^k?? krtpton hand at the Pk'ladtlTkx* Con(?eitonery, corcor Twelfth am: F ?U. ro Tim'* !Y"5S?ENTKRTA1>MKNT F<|R THK HOLt DaYS?A FA1K for the beuefct of Kletoher OM?el wil! be he <1 at Thotu'c ttui diug, on Tth atreet. commencing l>?xjeKi!>?r 13th,and oontitiumg through the Holirayh. A oarefui seieotion < f all varieties of useful and fancy art?c'es for Ohrntm*?, with t'onfectumery in ahuiidano*. wil !-? found up?>n the ta* le?. An eao^iieat Kupp*r. with ail the dejicacie* of the season, fronted ?-a<-l] evonin^. S.ngi* admission in cent*; se??<>n tiokets, ad mittinc a gentieiuan and lady, 5" oenta; 8u;>p<-r tiokeu J6 ceut*-aii of whioh inay be had of the ladies or at the door. de 16 1 w * (7()I 8ALE-TmuM*4.kuul wtcnMS 1 r quire or WllLi>M COAD. at Kiington Farm, NKween the hoara of 1? and 13 o'clock. da 34 St A LOT OF TURKEYS came in hnilllnic oir n*r of Sixth and B . The owner will pa-e prove property, p?y ehargea and wk# tiiem awaj immediately, Inquire wM. KbhU.up ttam. le 24-3t* r. iwtit LBS OF FRESH GRAPES, At vVholksali or Hktail. J ait received at J. T. STRONG'S, ? 2* IW ai9 Seventh ?t KENAUD1N BOLLINGER * CO.'S VHAMPAONM. LEFMAN, K1EFER k THOMASS, So It Jtentt for tk* Vnittd Xtates and Canada. 1S9 DVA.NI tiRKir, de at Up N?w York. ^ NOTICE. cSfcLL-NG OUT BKLOW O.^T TO CLO*K t BL's*lNK>s ?i ar??*odfii.e i o io' H*u ? ?-.. v * mn a FaraiaJtiag ib * ?..?? a *%i t .ih i id. 11 L,y ?*a' Fura w.l. beaoid rmj f *9 , 1 ;?ccr?i MA SlJfc* catca k%a il'lt I UiiM lit wSff HlVftwi fc 1 *" W* W PIVWB VPI I1W9VMK A Notice to con?i9wef.??.-the at*am?r Li. Davmny. Ca?tain palm?r. fr m Philadelphia, i arrived. Ovio ready fo<- delivery. HYDE A. DAVIDSON, Afen'e, It* BeorcetoWu. D. C. IT"ROM PRIZE SCHOONER. ? . ? r **j. t.fvans n y?.onn Army M at kst. Rifle and P ?tol C api, at 50 o nti p#? M, 1 l"t India Runher R'.*ntcSit per doi<n. Oniinal oonaitnM : J*(T Davia, of Seo? eita For tale Ht JOHN R. El VANS. d?24 lw [R?pnh. Alwt] aOSParn.aY. News-news-nf ws( jc*t ofknfp. me-fir rn d tr Avcrr u a si n pit/ vn C J ifi? " I '/'IA l? I I? J fi /? AA4 i IT W WALooy The cndera'tped be* respectfully to in'orm their frienda and the public <enrr?IW /^\ the-?ave opened their e?t*bliahm*ctwJA f a J on New Vork a* , near 15th at. We^^^adF ?hall spare no pain* to procure for our vWp cuatomma the be?t the maiket oan afford. Parties, fami'iea and aut1?ra anpplied at the shortest n tioe. * >nr eatabliahment will be open dailv. Surdaja excepted. de24-!m* DORIAN k. SWQP.D TREASURER'S OFFICE. Washington, D- C.. December, 1861. Holders of the two Tea"* Treasury Notea, with i te ea? at 6 per o*nt pajab'en^mi annually, i'sued under the *ct of 2d of March. 1861, are informed that the interest on aaoh mtfes to the 1st of Jaiuary, 1?62. will he said at inn office, on and a'ter that da*; provided, that sn h note* with a schedule, aisned by the holderofauoh notea. showing h? number, date.*nd amount of eaon rvHe, toretha- with the interest dua thereon to *aid fi at "f January, are 1< djed here, one day beforehand, for verification, (an~*d) F. K 8PINNER. de24 td Treasurer, U- 8, BO O T 8! U O O T 8!! BOOT?!!! WHITEHOU8E h UNCLE8. m&IM 348 Pa Avkmuk and 311 C 8T?BiifT.HH|I (Thi l\'tw York \V.\oUsalt Branch Ho?i.i?.)w^Bj| Ha^e on hand, and are daily receiving '"'CAVALRY AND SOLDIERS' BOOTS AND MARCHING SHOE*. mostly of their own manufaot?re. to be told at tho lowest markst rat?B. A oall from all dealers solicited. Sutl?r? liberally dealt with. de 24-1 m* j^|'CLELLAN TO BE SUPERCEDED S A N T AJJ L A U S! CHRISTMAS~~PRESENTS A MO NEW YEAR'S QIFTS! A new and beantiful assortment of FANCY GOODS! SCITABLB FOB THE H O L I DAYS, at E. A LAKE * CO.'S MARBLE H A L L BAZAAR, 'i70 PlUSSYLVAMIA Av**c?, It* Under Brown's Hotel. QKALKD I'ROPOS K L.S Are invited til] the I' th day of January 1852 at 12 o'o ook f >r supsl> ng the Government with BEEF CATTLE. Tiie t att e to he delivered at Hatris'irrg. Chambershnre, or Vork, "a, as awn after the 15th cay of Maroh, 1862, a* the Government may direct The ?oven mer.t *ill reoeive under this contract 4 too heat, and reserve the right to call for ai. v addition a' number up ?o 10,000. K*' h lot of Ca t'e delivered shall average at !ea*t 13 4* pounds groea weight; ard no animal will be reo?i ve J wnich weighslfssthanKWOpouBds f-os wight. Government reserves to itself the right to pay in Trea uv note-, and to -eject any bid lor any raise. No bid will be entertaiued un esa the bi<irfer i* prrceot to respond. The bids to be directed to M?i. A. BECKW TH. C.S. U. t*. A., Washington, I). C . and endorsed "Proposals for Beef." Koem of Bin, I, A B, do hereby propose to deliver to the Government good Beef Catt e on the hoof for per hundred pounds gross weight. The Cattle to be delivered at . according to the terms of the enclosed advertisement. TH* Cattle to be weighed on the scales, and the weight so determined to be the purchase weight. I hereby agree to give a good and euffioient bond fj?r the fulfillment of the IOWII" ? ipfwury uum nr uiner Govnnment finds in payment for the Cattle. de 24 td KM i; K A L O R D E R. Navy Department. December 2*, 1861, The Navt i)kpartm?*t na? a rendezvous for [ shipping m?n at eaoh < ! the following place*: Portsmouth. New Hampshire Hosto* ami New Bedford, Massachusetts. New York Philadelphia aBd Krie, Pennsylvania. Haitlinore, Maryland; an l Washington, Diatriot of Columbia. tfeamen. O'dinary seamen and lanu?inen who can pas* tie uaua! surgeon's examination, by presenting themselves av the rendeivous nearest their residence, with an official oertificite from the oity cr town olrrk signifying that they are residents Kni have rxpreaaed a deaire to leave to enter the navy, will he received on the following terms: 1st. An allowance o! tbre# cents a mile for trave ling expenses. 4 I, nuwiTDll'JO Ul imrrr inODlOS 10 ln(l ordinary seamen, and or two month* to landsmen. 31. remission to If ave> an allotment of half-pay to their families, to ocmmence th^^te of their enI listfent. | 4.h. To (o on board ship in their ordinary olothes, where an outfit will be furnished and oharued aa per list. heme the preaent prioea, via : fine pea jacket..? One pair l>'u? cloth rowsers. SS9 One hlue flannel overshirt 160 I *18?/rif^a.IU on mattress -, - _ 490 Twoblanketa 3 90 (Jn^ seamless cap 100 One bl&ok silk hanakerchief 1 00 SSI 27 The pay of petty effnera averages 920 to 925 per ID'* th The p\r of seamen ...... 813 per month. I)o. ordinary seamen.... 14 do. Do. landsmen > > And food fonnd. No landsman will be allowed to take the benefit or this r'r who has not beenfour iroitha at ra or on the ,akea or nvera. . u M OIDEON WELLES, de 24 eo6t 8 oretary of the Navy. /"^AKES FOR THE HOLlDAYS-the beatand \Cheapest, at the Philadelphia ioe Cram Dspot. oorner 12th and F atreeta. de23-2w* Aca_RD: r? PARTNERSHIP *" made and entered into on the 7th December. 1861, between Edward Mmma and Wm H-nry Uppers an, to be carried nn in the. ameand fi'ra of W* hiamt Ufpirma* r V y omoe and place of bu?ine?a wil> he-e ?.rer Vf ,n th? seoond fl'>or of the ?tnrehou?0 of Wra Henry Upp-rinan A Co ,419 Pa avonue. _da? 3-.? EDW. SIMMS. CLOTHS AND " " , CASSI MERES. A new "apply of BUck and Fancy Caaaimeres, hue Black and Colored ? lotha. Cloaking Clotha in all craoea.and Beaver Clothe, juat received and for aale at the loweat caah prcea ,a, .. henry egan. t no e. *9"^ ?>de Penn. av., between <le 23-6t 6th and 7th ata.. Iron Building. Blankets and k ^ , skd comforts. 1 have on hand a full tupply of Bed Blanketa. Army oinoKPis, some cxirs !i-lvy, Servant* Blanket*. Bncgy and HorM Blanket*. Also, Bed Comfort* ana White QailU. All selling at the lowest ea*h prior*. HENRY EGAN, 3*i3 south side Penn av , between de 23 6t 6th and 7t|i si* . New iron BuilHm. (~AK PET1NG8 AND y OILCLOTHB. 1 have just received a few more pieoe* of nw style* Three-ply, Ingrain. List, Rag and Hemp Carpeting*. Also. Plo?r, Table and Step Oilcloth* and Oiloloth Hues, whioh wi.l be sold at the lowest oash prioes. HKNRVEGAN, 343 Ponu. av., (tetween ftth snd 7th sta , de 23-6t New Iron Bnildiay. ?BU Y FOR A HOLIDAY PRESENT LADIES' DRES3 FURS, B. H. STINEMETZ, de23-tjanl 1 236 Pa. av., near corner 13th st. 486 ?z ? 486 PRKHKNTB! Just received a few otioice COLORED ENOKA1 I NHS, U6*tly framed. Aiao, a beautiful v a nrtf oi CARD ViSITfc and OVAL PICTURE FRAMES, suitable for presents at J. MAKKRITEk'S, No . 4S6 7th ?., Eight doora above Odd Fellowa' Hall. IX7" Rein tuber the nurn?>er. da 23 6t* {HOLIDAY PRESENTS Have on hand a large allotment. Hack and Faccy Silks, Delaines, Caaaiineros, Fauoy P.aids, and a variety of other Dress tfoous. Also, shawls, Scarfr, H>op s'kitta. li-iodkeroniefs, Em ruideries, Corsets, Ladies' and Gent's K,d U oves. Neck Tiea, Under Shirrs, and Drawers, Book Gauntlets, a groat variety of Hosiery and Glovea, all amtable lor Honday * resent*. at tne i lotto*l cash pnoea. HENRY EGAN. 3*23 Fenisylvana avenue Son in aide, betweea 6th ana 7th, dea Ptif near Iron Boildim. |\1 INCt MEAT AND 1*1 SWEET CIDER. Fresh Citron, Curranta and Raiaine, Pure and fr*eh iround Spiaes, Fine old Henneft*? and Otard Brandy, Ok! K >e iu&ky and Jamaica Spirit*, scotch ai d Irish Whi'k*. HlitOrv M rm * ~ HhellNarka.Almondaand Pecan., ?*alnat*. r il"?rtaand Cream NaU Horae Hadiafi Chow ohow anil Fiowlilli, Choice Green and tfiack Teaa, ' A,' of the above at the to - eat ?rioee, and delivered in any part of the city free of ohares. JOw w T).\VI8, dag-tt* oorner Nuth and E atresia. 4.fi62 m * WKRTHEiMfcR * CO . 4 04 No- AND 464 Sktinth tlx.. **0* .. (J>poiu* the Pott (jict, . ?.? n.#ir.,iook oi BRANDIES', GINS,

tt^*5"' 'heir larite aaeortmeni of ShGARS. OBaCco, AMCr GOODS, etc., . ,r aaie a' W hoieaaie Pr oea. ' on hand fine PHILADKL < Vs" ,n ?ad hottl64, tor !,*,i \ . y P"hlla to jeneraj are reqj?med tj . ive tnem a call aod exaiL.n* it.atr itpAwl.tilU itUwl 4#? || H U?, |S WK. MKIMKR * t o. da ai a.n W *Wl 404 e<m?th itr? t. ? f = Hutch???M'nt;as?kes2?. reoeived, and offer at very low trioea.a fin* aaaortmentof Work Boxe>j Cab&a Portfolio*. Writing Deck*. Cirri Cum, co.- to wbioh they invite t*-e attection of those in *e?rch of preaen * for the appmachinc holidays, at their Faooy Store, Mo. 310 Penn. arecae. CHRISTMAS PRESKNT8 Jewel Caata. Odor Stands. Pearl and Ivory Tablet*, Pap<?r Poldera, Album*, Paaier Maohe Work Boxea ami Writinc Deaka Silver, Pearl anJ other fane Portemoneaie*. Jet Ornamen'a.Head Dreaaa*. Shell Combg, I .adi*a* and Gentle men'* fine Dreann* Caeea, Pooket Knive*. fine Soiaeor*. ko , at HI'TCHINsON t MUNRO'?, 310 Pa av , bet. 9th and 10th at*. CHRISTMAS PRESENTS. Part? Fana Gold and Silver Thimble*, French Perfumery, Watch Stands, finer Standi, fine Raacre, Saohela, Baokf amnion Boards, Cheta Men and other G*n.*e, Teta a-Tete Tea Seta. Dressing Caaes. fine Pomadee, fine B'ushee and Combs, Opera Glaasea.Spr Glaaaea. Ao , Ac., at HUTCHINSON A MUNRCPS, .110 Pa av , bet, 9th and loth ate, CHRISTMAS PRESENTS Wax Doila.vith moving eyea, Tot Furniture, Tea and Dinner t*?ta. Mu>io B< xea, Parlor Balls, Tot Paita. Alphabet W ooIk, Toy Guns Sworda, Pistols, Drums, Mechanioal Toys, Macnetio Toys, Magio Lantern', Humming Top', Bahs, A o.. Ao., at HUTCHINSON A MUNRO'S, de 23 St 310 Pa.av., bet 9th and loth sta IEA A PERKINS' WORCESTERSHIRE i SAUCE KING A BURCHELL. de 19 oorner Vermont av. and Fifteenth at. ? GORDON A CO.'S PRESERVES, BRAN. Aw Prints ?r.H ^ BURCHELL. da 19 oorner Fifteenth at. and Vermont ay. J\f ILITAR Y OVERCOATS.?Heavy Emuii"I manz Blue Beavera from $50 to 4120. Fine Dreaa Body Coats. Order* for Military Suita prompt'.! exeou'ed. WALL. STEPHENS 4 CO.. ? de 19 ft*. Pemn. av.,between 3th and 10th ata. P?ROSS A BLACKWELL'S PINALITT1, Mixod Piokiee.Chow Chow, Gherkina, Wa? nuts, Upacuh and Frenoh Oiivei, Freeh Raapberrif 8. Walnut Catsup, Mushroom Cataup, Harvey's Sauoe, Ao.Ao KING A BURCHELL, de!9 corner Vermont av. and Fifteenth at. NOW IS THE TIME To get your Winter Clothing at low pnoea, at 4 60 7tn atreet de II lm ' Kep.l WA CARD. E Are now prepared to exeoute all ordera promptly, made extensive arranceinenta to increaa* our manufaotory, heavy ordera havirg de aye<t ua in their exeoution. Complete outfata oan now be delivered in five data, made in the beat ?t?le?' _ WALL, STEPHENS A CO., a? u* 01 renn. av.f between 9th &na latu its. INDIA RUBBER GOODS, OF ALL KINDS?FOR THE ARMY. A Urge took jast reoeiued. ^ ? JOHN B PUDNEY, 3*^4 Pa room)or353 D at. WOOL OA PS COMFORTER*. GLOVE9 GAUNTLETS. SHIRTS. DRAWERS. 4o.. fre?h goods, at JOHN B. PUDNEY'8 354 D B.raet, between 9th and l' tfa. BUFFALO ft WOLF ROBKS. LAP ROBES. HORSE BLANKETS. aryl CAMP BHDS, ju t ironvou Hi jvni^i n rui/iitj i o i~a, av. (baok room) or 355 D street, bet 9th anl lo.h. SUTLERS!?Sutler* you will alwaya find ohe*p and desirable goods at the Sutler a Supply Depot of JOHN B Pl'DNEY, 355 D ?t., between 9th and 10th_ BLANKETS, BLANKETS-Large atock, by the bale or pair. JOHN B. Pl'DNEY, de2? 355 D street, between 9th and 10th. \IOOR E'S WEST END DRUG STORE. 1*1 113 Pa. a vi.vt*. South Sidb. A la^re stick of pure >fediain*a. ka., always on hand Also, Hair, Tooth *n<t other Brushes. Oon*r?aa Water, fto. Coal Oil and Lamps for a&me. <le 31-2w GFOR THK HOLIDAYS! . loaks, Cloaks. Another la-ge arrival ol those beautiful Sleeve Cloaks, in Benv*r, Dveaktn. Treoo, ??eai Skin, Otter, Velvet Piuali and L<ion Skin Cloths, at low prices IAYLOK A HL'TCniSON, de 21-1 w No. 4'2 Center Market Sp?oe. JVIOMN AND VIOLONCELLO. OHN K. GOODALL, Profess >r and T^aoher of he above, tenderahia a-rv.oea to thepublic. Terms 91 per Iraaon. References to any muaioian m the oitv. Several of his pupila *re now the beat violin ista In the world. Viz: Le Petit Ole Bull, Fred Buokley, ftn . ko. Addreaa Canterbury Hall, where iie oan he heard evert ni?lit de 21 Ira' 11 TAKE NOTICE. HE Undersigned, Proprietors of the Pioneer St.?am Saw Mill and Fire Wood Factory, corner Seventh atre?t and the Canal, aouth vide, are now prepared to famish th*ir ouatomera with the bi-at sualitiea of COAL and WOOD at the loweatoaah priors. Wood a&wed and as lit to order. de21 3t* BLOOD, HATCH. A CO. STOCKTON'S POEMS. ? ILLUSTRATED.' Juat received, P O E M S, With Autobionraptiio and otner Note?, BV T H. ST<M KTON, Chaplain to Contreaa, A fine duodecimo volume 326 pace*. wi?h Illustrations Ay Dnrlty, Hopfin, and othersPrioe $i. oloth. For aale at C. H. ANDKRSON'S, 43*? Seventh street, near F, oppjeit# Post Office. de21 3t E. C. D V E R . IMPORTER OF SEGAR?, AND bEAI.FE IN _ W INKS, L I H U ? R S . AO. 'JiiH Prnn. atenw, between 12tk and 13M ttreels, Washington Cut. <K)LK AOKNT IN THIS CITV SOB mi rti.miTdi HUNGARIAN WINKS o? A.?CH WAKT/f ER, Of Vienna. 1,000 CASES ?1 have just reoeived l.nno rases (assorted) of the above oboioe Wiuea, to vh oh the attention of sutler* and the public generally ia respectfully called. Prioea ranging from |4 o 830 prT o&?-. de81 m FURS! FURS'! PURS!!! We have just received a large assortment of Ladies' UR*. Russian Sabl?e, Canadian Minka. Mart'n. Fito >, River Sable, Siberia Squirrels.ard many other kinds of Furs too numerous to mention. Also, a large assortment of .Misses' and Children's Furs Fine Sleigh Robes, wnich we can aell at very ow prioea, either wholesale or retail. We invite the ladies to oall and look at ourstooh before purchasing elsewhere, as we a 11 ihsFori at old prioea. tt. 4. W. iwKYKRBKRG. No. 49 Market Space. de 21 1 w Between 7th and 8th streets SPECIAL BARGAINS IN LADIES AN1J Uent.emen'a Siiawis, Balmoral and Hoof Skirts, j uet opened this day J. W. COL' EY & CO. FOR CHKtSTMAC PKESENTS-A new lot of Muse*' Cloth Cloake. handsome Guhm're Soar fa. Worsted Soctags and Caps in great varieties, selling off cheap for ca*h. J. W COLLF.Y & CO. LADIES' AND GKNT?' KIO GLOVES, filk, H?aver and Thread Gauntlets, Hosiery of all knds, children's Gloves, ttojs' Buck-kin Gauntlets. Selling off oheap for Chriatrr.aa times. J. W. COL.LKY tc CO., de 21-M 523 7th *treet. above Penn. av. CLAIMS APPROVED BY THE UUARte-n.aster General purohased by SWEENY, RITTENHOUSE. FANT A CO., Ha kers, Penn. avenue, de20-1 w Near Brown's Hotel, GENTLEMEN'S LINEN COLLARS, LINEN "* COLLARS, LINEN COLLARS!?About** dozen now in store, all styles, at abo?t half t?e usual prioe for the same goods?ail < f our otii manufacture. At THOMPSON'S, At E. A. Lake & Co.'a Marble Hall Bactar. deSO Under Brown'M Hotel. | ADIES'}> GENTLEMEN'S AND CHIL unciii c nJKiXrninu UUOUS. UNIIKR GARMENTS. 6LOVK9. HOSIER *\ HANDKERCHIEFS. SCARFS TIES, CRAVATS, 1_1N EN COLLARS, SHIRTS. 4o , Ao. THOMPSON, under Brown's, do 2ft E. A. Lake k Co.'s Marble Hall Ba?aar. HFOR CHRISTMAS PRESENTS! ANDKERCHIKFS, HANDKERCHIEFS, HANDKERCHIEFS!?All s^rts,'took now ynoqu&ilcd, for ladies and gentlemen?Ju*t the thing fur Christmas Present*. At THOMPSON'S, At E. A. Lake A Co.'e Marble Hall Basaar. deifl Undfr Brown's Hotel Ohio wines AND BRANDIES. Havinc received a consignment of Zimmtnnmmn 4- Co.'* Cinoiunau Ohio Caiawba Winee and Bran oies: we therefore offer to Druggists, Grooers. Hotel and Saloon Keepers. Ao , DRY CATAWBA WINE, Light and Strong?tue former in boxes for tabic nse. and the latter in half barrels for mixing and oooking purposes. SWt-ET CATAWBA or LADIES' wine, in barrels anU hat barrels, for table use-* verr superior artiole for the holidays. CATAW8A BRANDY, an unsurpaa r&bie atimulaut. and very useful for Brudr Punon. LYLK & COFFlN, de 16 iin A9 bocisiaoa a?wu>, I'' THE WHITE HOUJ'E 1 HE Well knswn White House Restaurant, on fi into street, near the canal, n tieorge A. . A town, has be*n refitted, and pvtea oanyClHkY now be aoooinmodited with ecmfortahieAiUHX pr.vat# rootni. Game. Fiah, Oyaiers, aud tho beai Wines, Liquors aad S?-tars, always on hand. Families furnished with Ovate s, as usaal <<eT-lm A. RODIKH, Proprietor. I OOK OUT FOR 81'ORMV WEATHER, li and send your orders immediately to HAMILTON, the renowned Giaaier. who will water that he oan gla?? mora tights of kims in a day than any Other inln in A m?nM >-<( -- - ttADDLfc HORtfg:! POR S ALIi -A lot ot vary ?m Kwtuoki Honea for itii tt the cv K?M.ooky Bale >taM ,m tin r?*r ofClaT Hotel, tear Peonejivama aveme arnJ 3 i i=Cci. ,tra*u da l*-tw? AND 8UTLKRH. ""N rti* r?i*a?0 rwnsotfuli* in- (Rtt f form? ih? oit iciii of Wa?liiQ(toa auU l?- crauaiei.t bublio that thai have o fliUuij* on h*nd a ia>-aa aaaort oft of OTOffctS of the *err beat analftv aito k.>ept a lar?e auantitf of Choioe ??ick!e<i ' * t,"' -i*' *?* ^?3 Ufiwn cant b* b? ? dona ,N3B?yrdi.%a9 Present* for the Holiday*. AN IMMENSE ASSORTMENT. LARGER THAIf ANT FORMER MA805. , M W. GALT * BUG , Jnrfltri, 334 Pbnimtlvaxia Aruil, Fo*r doers wtt / Browni' H**l Ladiei' and Gent*' elegant Gold Watohee, Chains. Seals, he.. for holiday presents. Rioh Jewelrv of every description, m Grand. Pall, and Half ^eta, for holiday presents. Solid Silver Ware, embracing every artio'e of in or ornament, for holiday presents. Plated Tea Seta, Cake Basket*', Castors, to.. for holiday presents Paru Fancy Goods, in great variety, for holiday presents. Ladies' and Misses' Chain and Band BraoeleU, iSeoklaoes, lc? for holiday presents. Geld Penoilaand Pens, Gold, Loeketa, and Belt Bnoklee, for holiday presents. Ladiea' and Genu* Sleeve Button*, Btad*, and FOR HOLI&TY'PRESENTS. Infants' Gold acd Coral Neoklaoea, and Arm'.ett, FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. Gold. Ivory, and Fanoy Head Walking Cum. FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. Pearl, Ivory, and Sandal Wood Evening Fan* FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. Gold, Silver, and Faaoy Pcrtcmonnaie* and Card Ca*e*. FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. akelt I.av. U?aal PAIK. "FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS* Ladies' and Gects' Droning Cam and Pocket Companions, FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. Children's 8uver Set*?Knife, Fork and Spoon? FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. Silver Table, Dessert and Tea Knives and Forks FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. 8ilv*r Ioe Cresm Set*. Sncars and Crouu, FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. Silver Waiters, Pitchers, Goblets and Caps, FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. Every artiole of Faney Silver Ware. FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. Plated Froit Bowls, Liquor Frames and Butter Dishes, FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. Plated Waiters, Card Basktts and WmoCoolora, FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. A thousand and one other articles, too ted ions to enumerate. L'nl? ur\ r j r\ a \r nD cor *rmo i'V/iV IH71/JJ//1I / illi.Jiiif x ?3. M. W. G LT 4c BRO , Jrwillirn, 344 Pbnnkylvania. Avinri. de Jl St 4 dt>or? we?t of Brown'e Hof I. i PRIVATE. r?ni v ate PRIVATE DR. LA BONTA Caret a'l Venenal Oiwum permanently ud ?uio*ly, without the u?e of dufuating or poieon ouxarug? 01 uni 11 nu. No dieting or interference with buaineea Conaultatlone fr*?. , , It is faying q uite enough >n lU iavor, WOSs I nt that hit praotioe is that which la in uae in all the New York oitv hoapit&la. New York City College and Hoepital TatUnoniale furnished. LvlifB with Whites and Diseases ol the Womb oured and sAved a consumptive's grave by ny treatment. Them is r^thing cjjtnsix * or disagrttablt in any part of the treatment. All curee warranted, or money refu'ded. Commnnioationa in wnCng, with return stamp, promptly attended to. Medioines for t>av?lers.and others packed, witfe fnll instructions for nae, and warranted. Office?It oo?r No. 8 Wa?' ingto* Building, Pern, avena* and Seventh st., Waahiagton, O. C. de 21-ly ; PERHAM'S GRAND EXCURSION TO NEW YORK AND BOSTON. EXCURSION TICKETS From Baltimore te Bostaa, and rrtnrn, euly S13.A0 Te New Yerk and return 8.00 Tiek*ta good to leave Bealtircore from the Depot of the Northern Cent al Rail way,on Calvert street, piaaing over the Northern Central Railway. L>?ta noi Valley,KaatPennavlvania, L*bich Va ler.aad entra Railroad of New Jeraei to New \ ork, and from New Yo- k o Boaton by the Stoning ton Line, leaving New York by the ateamera Common wealth i aci PiTmouth Rook, at 4 o'otock p. m.,oc any day, (Sunday* execepted,) ' UP TO JANUARY 31, IMS, AMD TO K*Tr*N BY KAMX XOUTX ON OR BEORE MARCH 1st. tL/~Tiokeu for sale in Washington. D C.,at the I National Rote.; in Baltimore, at the Depot of ?he I Northern Centra) Railway, Calvert atreet, at Barnnm'a Hotel, Kuitw Home, and Siliror Honae. Two through Train* daily from Baltimore to 1 New York, leaving Baltimore at 8.25 a. m. and 8J? p. m. T ' oonrect with theae traina. paaaengera from Waatiiugtoi^ muat leave in the t> a. a. aad 8 i p. m tiaina. fLT All oommnmoationa in regard to the Kxour ion mnat be addreaard to JOtslAH PKRHAM, Nitioul N?l*l n r> w._ i XI ten. He will a\so be represented by hi? uei>ti at ' Barnnm's Hotel. Baltimore; Lovejoy's Hotel.New York, and the Adams Heaee, Boston, hie headquarters in those cities. de 20 lw* Neck ties and scarfs; KCARKS AND NECK TIES ! An nnparallelled assortment at THOMPSON'S, In part of E. A. Lake A Co 's, dean Under Brown's Hotal. Anew stock of ? GENERAL STAPLE GOODS. Blanke's, Comforts and Bed Spreads, Cotton SheetiDgs, Shirtings and Linens. White and Colored Fiannels. Towels, Napkins, Tables Cloths and Diapers. Fo* GKHT-' ahd Boys' WlAE. Cloths. Cassimers. Tweeds, Vestings, Ae., ia all good styles and qnaiities, Fine and Heavy Grey Domes tie Cloths, for Gentlemens' SuitsTo all of whieh we ask the sseoial attention of [ purchasers. J. W. COLLKY A CO. ? de 2" 2w .") i3 7th sf.. above Pa. av. ! GERMAN DIVISION, AT'rKNTlON! 1 ** HEADQUARTERS For Sending Money to Germany and all part of the Country, 19 Nitiir Spici, Sum ?f tks Gmrtmam FImm- noB-lm HEAD QUARTERS for Clotkisg, Furnishing Goods. Hats and Caps, at No. 460 7th street, dell-lm ken. i rpo MILITARY OPFICERS AND OTHERS. BATCHBj^0*jSJ? f JV07H^LIR BYE, ' Tk* Only R*1 lafi* amd HarmUst Aa\r Dv* KMtmm, Bold by all Drngfiata; also,atBinnoR't Patent Medicine Store, c?. Patent Omoe, oor. F A 7th, 9,,"'LSS ?aJff2?'ysa& *" | Factory?81 Bsroia* at (t*U sb Broadway) N. Y. oo ?-(y 1 A LL COLORS AND BIZE8fcADIB8'REAL A Paris Kid Gloves. bast eoallTY. PERRY A BBOTHER. d*14-T0t Penn avenue and Ninthstrain. \1 A. CARD. LTlR. J. A16LER Haa the plaaaara to inform his friends and the pubiio, Uiat ha haa opanea a first oiass Kei:* the favorite ooation on > D street, between Uth aad 13th straeU, to louf and well-knowu aa Aiciara Cocfecuonery establishment. Having aafte arrantemetts for a ooostani supply of alt tfca de of the season, and eoarad the servioee of paHte and oompetani attendan is, he hopaa to raaatva a d?a ahare of aabUa favor. da 1 lm / ^ R EAT ATTRACTIONS.-Grand ru?b lor "I rth street, to sea tka naw atock of Clothing, just reoeived at SMITH'S. No. ?? 7th atraaC dali-lm (Ray.) UUTTER! BUTTERS _BUTTER!!! fcivariS, J; "* r~*lT- * - ?f i6fr.ggsnf.a-Hspii ^UQ0^ *>blU^?#CV *Sfl P?- aV?Ma^ no in^rUd la oUtramaa. POE CHRISTMAS AND ~~~~ J art opened thu dar. in UWKUoin# Ulotofa Clo*k8, ' g.w&LS'smr 'msss'js^Hi*???aai8^ WANTS. 117ANTED? At tW fUt?o?H ^?n rVwA%'H ! ??i?fr. <m 1*0 _ | WANTED? B? >???r( km fy?* N?T Y??rk.% tfftt ft ittiM ? ?? 0?r?k of U>? K?>tei, (P?t ^ fuUl M /ddreti "M..M ?t*r Oka* de 34 U \V ANTED?A STORK or ptrt of r?'?, or r? " o&nt lot oa P?? ?nnt or rtk^r m*?i? th^r^nthf?re AddrM?31T ft ?tr# t. b?fw?*- j ^ and 13 h iU. fr?f rr*4 bet?*?i Wh ?. ??*4 Tr-**_ rr L>?P?rUMDt 4* 24 * eloftka, ftinl'ie ft ?f> ftr^BBi'ted tr>? ??? Of BeVBrel aewiiyr mftohiaea ?oi!d like em Slo?went ia private Aumliae r?M*?l<m*ru. rNi ft Bote to MARY J. WARREN No. 4S& ' Ninth at. naftr 8. ___ If WANTED TO HENT-A FURNISHED HOUSE ooctftiniBf > or 1* room*, looftted within E ftcd I ind loth tad ltth eta Aleo. ftP*-lorftnd tvo ChMlb* l ounaeeiiBf. ceaieeliy for aithrd, in tbs aft me looftliiy. AMrota "Tmbm," SUr ORoe. 4b ? tr WrANTKI>?A yoaac aafto wfco haa a to->d *? knowledge ofiBerohar.dje. derived from ex perieno*. fted noderataDda foct o?l> the m%na#emeet of booka ftnd ftoooanta, dMirit a 8ITI ATION m cl;rk or aftleeatftn, with ft Merchant, Sutler *?r Qnftrtermaater. CeiBHBWtiM Bet an MoS of ft ooBaidaratioa a* etr eloiiaer t. vnh f%lr fr??^eota Addreaa "LftiaMft. Toat Oflloe Wuii. iitiAfi. n r ??J' WANTKL) TO RENT?(la mux street la the icinity of Pa. arecae preferred )? HOl'SF. with *?t?r ud [u. snd a stable attsehed, or ysrd room in whioh to b?<ld on* to Moomnodttt two bortes. The advertiser desires to opeo a t-??cher'? tor* ib it, and to prepare iidimm, Ac , for hotel and faasil* An* one h*vias itch a slsc to rent will find a rood tenant by add-xuiDca aota to Br X No. 1?. ftaroaoe. <?W ?f U/ANTKtKA food Pastry and Vereta* e TV COOK Apply at Cla-eadon Hotel. de? at* WANTKrv?A competent Person to work <n Sirter's sewinr machine. To one that sui's a permanent situation will be f iren. Appl* st WALL, STEPHEN* A No. ?ai Pern. arena* between wth and l'.th sts d? a at WH aNTKP-INFORMATION of Miss Mary Hem formerly of B?"*n, German? : sits posed to be at present in Brooklyn, New Vo>k. hKa.ill m A I? d^Hiini her ?'*ter, Mri. J* A BIN A StKW A RT, WMhmiton, D. C. d?J3 6t* WANTKD TO RENT-A STORE on Penn. " avenue, for banking bnairma. Adores* Box sg p??t nrnrm, ?!>-?? WANTED-Two farniahed ROOM?, with Bo*'d. for a (ten'l*man and hi* wif*, in a pn rata famil v where t here are co other boarder* Ad rfrft*?, with partioe'ara a? to looation, tarm*. #e? "A B C."at ttiinffiae. de 21 St* '|H) SUTI.ERS ?Wanted, the Satiership of ? 1 Rerim*nt in the eerne*. b? a oompetaat mer chant with the neoeaaary meana; for which a m<*! erate rtonaa will be paid. Addreaa "Sutler." at tne offioe of thia gagar. de 17-1w* WANTKD-A SITUATION aa bookkeeper <>r aal'aman, by a KenUeman of 80 yeara' expe riecoe, with firat olaea ref*raroe ; eompenaa'ion at the diaoretion of the emp oyer, on a trial. For an interview addreaa "A. B , Box 1. Star Ofioe. dels lip* WANTKD TO PURCHASE?On reaernar e terma, a frame or briok HOUSE, oootaimn* 5 or 6 rooma. aituated aomrwhere between Ffh and Eleretth atreeta weat and I and N ala north. Any peraon harmc auoh a bouae for aa'e ran hear of a pnrohaver by apply in* at Room No If end floor P. O. Department. da 18 3too* U'ANTED-WOOD Ol'TTFRS, ?o eat wood ' ? by the cord. abont 5 mile* from the city. A comfortable honae to live in, and the hxheet ?no? Riven. App y imrnediatejy to W HCLAGETT. it Win J'hn'ter & Co.'a my Good? Sto*e, No *9 Pa. a*enue. between Tth and ?th eta. deift-eoiw WANTED?i?-** whiaky and braody BOTTLES. Caah aa delivery. F. B. HASTINGS k COMS D atreet, no2S tf Philharmonic Building. WANTED?Every peraon to know that I am id the market, ready to pay eaah for all art io lea in the houaefurnialunc line. Tkoae leavinr tne oi?t. or having a anrplua, will do well to ca . R. BVCH t.Y, 49S Seventh ?t.. between 6 ana H at*., (eaat aide,) Dealer ia New and Seoond-kacd Furpiture. no 16 WANTED-7\i/L0AS. TAILORS -60 Taiiora oompetect to work on military cooda. A pply 6 Wall. Stepheoa A <%>.'a. ae2f, WANTED?We are DOW boyipc SECOND HAND FURNITURE, STOVEt? and BED niNfi fnr vkiak ae? Maine e? i ?.. oMh pno?i. Famihee declining houeekeep.r *. or htTinjt a ?nrp!ua or ftirnitvro, will find it to their advantac* to [in BONT7. k. GRIFFITH, J( 15-tf No. 369 nh it, betw. I ua K eta. I PERSONAL. IF M198 8. BRADFORD,of Ptuiede;phia, i? id tbie city, she will pleaae ?ddrea "C. L. C.," ?? 8tar Ojte It A NOTICE. LL Polioiee iaiued by the Mutual Fir* 1 near aoce Company of D- C.. will expire on MONDAY, Deoeirber 9nth, at 6 o'clock p. m., and are repaired to b* renewed at or befor* that time. < 84 4t CHA*. WIL80N,8ec WE, THE UNDERSIGNED, RE9PRCT fully return our tha^ka to the e tix?aa cener all?, and eeeeoia ly to the memhera ?i the M*tropoltao Poltoe and Kraokiia Fire '"omaacy. for earing our ahop on H atreet from being deatrced by fire tnn morntr.r. It* A. J. k. JOSEPH B08JAUCTION SALES. FUTURE DAYS. Br J- C. MoGUIRE k CO.. AMtluactra. PEREMPTORY SALE OF CORPORATION o? Wakhisotoh Stock.?Ob FRIDAY AFTERNOON DM?mhtr S7th, at 4 e' our Auction Room*. we shall *!! without reserve? l,4ro quarterly Corro-?tion of Waehinrton Six per cent. stock. 710 aeml annua. Corporation of Waeliiof ton Six per oent. atook. 4p0 Coraoration of Wasiuuiton Fit* per cent, took. Terma cask in i?ecie. deXd J. C. MoGUIRE k CO., AncU. By J. C MoGUIRE k CO., AaoUooeera. PiW IN TRINITY CHURCH.-Od FRIDAY APTERNOON. December t7*h, at 4 o'clock, at the Anotion Rooma of Jae. C. MoGnre k Co., I ehall eel I a rery elicihle Pew in Trinity Cfc?r?h, belonging to the estate of the late Gen Walter THO. Mil.I KR. Kxeoutor. de 34 d i. C. MoGUIRE k CO., Asota ?By UKKKN * WILLIAMS, Aaotioneer*. TRUSTER'S SALE OF VALUABLE RKAI. Eiutiov tbbNavt Y*ati?Ob THURSDAY, the 9th 4*r of Jumtt, lli at 4 ' look p. to., by virtue of a deed of traat to the aabforiber. tearing data on the ?th 4a? o't Daoember. A-D. 1(00 and recorded ia Liber J. A. S , No. M, folio* 969 at*., one of the la*^ record* or Waihmgton oountT, 1 shall ael , at public anc'lon, in' front of the premiaee, the fo!lo*inr property in the city of Waalungton, via: Alt of lot of ground cumbered eighteen.(11,) in Muara numbered one thoue*r<i and forty-three,(IJMt.) (except that a%rt of aaid lot 0"n*eyed to Robert M. Conbe, <aa by reference to the deed vtl! appeer.) Thia propeit* ) on the oorner of Thirteenth atraet eaat and couth E afreet.'tof *cuare t una bend nine hundred ai.<1 twenty eight, ) beginning for the (aid p?tt ol **u*reat the Pittance of St feet from the eoetbweat oornercf *aid eeaara, and fronting on Eighth street eaat alz'een (161 feet; theno* eaat forty (4n> feet; thenae aouth aixtaon (16; feet; and then** west forty < 40) feet to the plaoeot beg nning. a? de*eribed in a c-tain de*C from Robert M. Combe and wife to Miohae! Smith, to whioh reference i* made. Thi? laat mentioned property front* on Fight* etren act. between couth I and aoath K street*, with the baildinga and improvement* thereon ! Thia prop rty ia vail located. and offer* great ia c ct>menu to purohaaera. Tartn? One third ea*h. the reaidae in 6 an i IS moath*. Bote* aeoar*d to the aautfao'ion of the Traatee. and bearing mtceet from Uiadaj of aala. A doea given and a deed of treat taken. All ooa veranomg at the oo?t of the purehaeer. If the term* ofaaleare not eomplxd with wunin five rfave from the day of rale, the Traet^e reaervea the right to raaail the aatd property at the risk and ooat of tbe defkalting purehaeer. on giving one a?yr notioc id eoaoe m?i?ir pnbUtbed im the e?d oity of Wuhicgton. A LLOA D, Triitw. GREEN k. WILLIAMS. AMU. deH ?tAW&d? By WALL * BARNARD,Amaboaeere. Ctrar j<mth tid* P*. *>?. md Nimtk ttrtt I^KNTUCRV HORSE? AT AUCTION-On IV THURSDAY MORNINB. *U? iMlMt. it l? o'clock, we will e?li, in front of Uic Aocti< a R<v<v*. W (oo4 work aod eaddle Horaea. tbo rriwinder of the atook or a government ooa tract or, wLo will poaittrely oloaa than oat. Tamauk. dett-d (Re> ) WALL 4 BARNARD, Aaota. QLD MADEIRA. SHERRY AND PORT Imptrfdmmd Bttlltd ky Om aw # CW., /Ik Y Wanderer Madeira, bottled IKS, Raaarre " " IBM, v-atr. tvcie * - im, Imperial Gharry, " lMn, Hirn*ntn Port. 44 ia** Harmon; - * 1144 lmt'l WkiH " " tuo' For ?1* by WM, COR WIN Bit 6 Y, . ?*y r*i wylvs*i?aT#ew. i?* _ Ebummit. DKNJAMIN DiWOLFF, A is&sri^vJr,wot, iki.faJ workmu id Ct otohm, kit* Wa oms, ?LC d* t l?r? (JIOVKS . BtfCKSIIP? A

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