Newspaper of Evening Star, December 24, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 24, 1861 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. Ocft Chmtxa* Dibbctoiy.?We to-day con tinae oar enaflnermtlM of trat-clan ratabllah menta for gooda au liable for parcbato at tbli holiday aeaaon: Wall, Stephens f Co, No 3-28 Pa. arenas, wb< deal ao largely In erery variety of military goodi and cuatom and ready-made clothing, offer at low ratea excellent artielea of every deacrlptlon and In the beat atyle Hood, No. 338 Pa. avenue. baa a large aaaort ment of gold and ailyer Engllab, t>wlaa, and American watcbee, Jewelry, and military gooda Ptrrf # Brother, corner Pa. svenne and Nlntt advertises at their one price establishment splendid list of holiday presents. cloaks, shawls silk*. embroideries and dress gooda of superloi quality and surprising cheapness. M. I. Franklin. No 244 Pennsylvania nvenue suppllea the public with everything In the line oj a first-class optician, comprising military field' glaases, spectacle*, microscopes, etc , etc. Toys of every description Imaginable; tenet boxes, ribbons, flowers and gloves are furnished at Shedfs, on Kleventh street. Hutchinson If Monro*, 310 Pennsylvania avenue have on hand the latest styles of everything In the millinery, captivating In tbe highest degree, and suited to the means of all. Also, fancy article* in every variety. John H Stmmts k Cs , have juit received an immense invoice of raising, currants, dried sd pin, elder, butter, and note, wblcb, with the'ii fine general assortment of groceries and their moderate prices, are sufficient enough reasons whj the public tbrong their store. Sutlers find excellent and cheap aupplies at the Iron Hall of Boteler f Son, No. 319 Pennsylvsnit muc. Readers will find something worth their attention in the advertisement of our enterprising neighbors, Johnson f NagU. Their stores sr< crowded with everything for the benefit of th< Inner man, and we must say that we have nevei sen a better assortment of wines, liquors, preserves, fruits, ic , exhibited in this city. \V> can hearttlv wnmnunil tK? article*, said we are certal n that the moat epieuriao taate can be tutted there. An early call, and an Inspection of their stock, we bare no doubt, will be hiKhly appreciated by the polite and attentive proprietor* J k. N. were tbe flrtt ones front New York to open a store here, in their line, aftei tbe war broke out, and through their industry and perseverance they have enlarged their business from time to time, and are doing now a mosi extensive business C S. O'Hare. 252 Seventh street, advertises ex cellent butter at low figures The Columbia Market, _kept by C. Mallard corner 01 rt avenue ana rnirteenth street, re celves a liberal patronage, and is alwaya well filled with meat*, vegetables, and delicacies o! the season King $ Burchell, corner of Fifteenth street and Vermont avenue, call attention to a superior assortment of Imported meats, fresh fruits, teas sugars, coffee, and other Indispensable article* ol household economy. Huge oysters, of unsurpassed freshness snd flavor, are supplied at all hours and In any quantity by the Overland Express Company, No. 48 Market Space, under tbe Avenue House Jolltret. No 352 D street, has just arrived from Paris, with a large and splendid assortment ol Felix braids, bride's wreaths, gold and chenllU nets, and all kinds of hair work Sttn*m*tz, 236 Pa avenue, and Seymour, in Georgetown, open with the bolidsy* a full supply of furs of everv **rt?t??inat th? thin<r fn? a Christmas or New Year's gift H-nry Egan, No. 323 Pennsylvania avenue, announces the arrival of a full supply of cassimeres, beaver cloths, rugs, blankets, comfort*, etc , etc. His stock of dry and fancy ifoods Is of superloi quality, and recommends Itself to the favorable attention of purchasers. Lylt f C^jfU, 59 Louisiana avenue? have jus1 received a consignment of Zimmerman & Co.'i Cincinnati Catawba wines and braudies, selected for druggists, hotels and saloons Ice cream, water Ices and cake* of unsurpassed excellence are supplied in any quantity at tn? Philadelphia Confectionery, corner of Twelth and F streets. Harvty sustains bis reputation for supplying superior oysters In &ny shape and quantity Hi< steamed oysters are remarkably plump ana juicy and for a lanch are unsurpassed; melting dell clously 'ipon-*?he palate, and engendering a mar .vellous degree of internal satisfaction. Darn, too, at the corner of Twelfth and ? streets, furnishes remarkably fine bivalves, and serves up scalded oysters In first class style. ?. A Lake f Co 'j Marble Hall Bas*ar,37T> Pa avenue, has just been replenished with a fln< assortment of foncy goods, exactly suited foi holiday presents Marxtell, No 326 Pa. avenue, advertises i splendid lot of cloaks of every variety. His stocl of dry snd fhncv eoods sre of *iir?ri?r and adapted to price to the mean* of all. firxjm. f Poisal, No. a93 Fa avenue, bag date* elder, aegrrs, etc , etc., excelling In quality. Hli groceries are worthy the attention of all house keeper* Military good* of every description abound a EmiU Dupre's, 3v!t> Pa. avenue Dupre la ala< Bole agent for P'ke'a Army Cordial. Wuttnftld f Co , at the Odeon Hall, corner o Pa avenue and Four-and-a-half atreet, are dia poaing of an lmmenae stock of elegant overcoat* drew and bualneas aulta, boy*1 clothing, etc., o the latest atyle and finest quality. Ckxtkax Gcakdhocss Casks ?Effort Just it Thompson ?Wm H Mortimer, drunk and dla orderly; SI 94. Peter Riley, drunk; #158. L Barron, man'.a a-potu; turned over to hia friend! John McN'ay, drunk; tl 94 Wm D?nt, col'd. old offender, suspicion of stealing a fine blscl overcoat, which was taken hv the for a bearing Thoa. Allen, colored, found will goods supposed to be stolen; do Ann t'racey drunk and dlaorderly; SI JM. Barney Sweeney drunk and profane, VI 91 Jobn A Perkins, dta orderly at a fire, dismissed C A Wood.swlnd ling; jail for further bearing Wm.H .Mortimer drunk and disorderly?third time In 36 hoars 1 M. 0windli*??Last night a young man camfec C. A. Wood waa arrested by the Mttropolitai Police for obtaining ino^ey under fal*e pretence from Svkes, Chad wick fc Co Re had put up a the Wlllard Hotel, and deposited In the safe&lo of papers, prtlcndtng tbey weWvaluable Hi aoon afterwards drew a small amount of monei from tk* nflr# ma?tn? IK?t A4-* - disturb the money be deposited. ss It wu not al bis Upon an examination of tbedeposite It wai found to constat of waste paper Justice Thornp on committed him for a further hearing H< balls from Indiana, and says that he came hen with the volunteers, but was disappointed In roi getting a position be expected. A Hacl or Surrosxs Stoles Goods ?Las night, Information wu given to Sergeant Git tlags, of the Third Ward patrol, that a couple negroes bad offered a lot of clothing for sale at i second band clothing shop, near Center Market which articles were supposed to be stolen Tb< dealer, not feeling safe in the purcbaae, called i person to witness the transaction, when the ne groea ran. Upon hearing the facts, Sergeant Git tings took the goods, consisting of gentlemen'i shawls, coats and overcoats, end delivered then to the Superintendent of Police, where they re main to be claimed. Obstbcctib* tbb Sidkwa lks . ?The practice of persons covering the entire sldewaln will boxes, barrels, Ac , so that it la impossible t? piss, has been a cause of much complaint. Jus tlce Thompson, In the Third Wsrd, had issued i I " ??ieo? person* lor *4 violating the municipal law. In many the person* removed the obstructions when notifle* by the police, and in these cases the warrant were withdrawn. Id some instances the patrol men were treated with much rudeness, and th cause of complaint not being removed, tb. offender* were arrested and fined according b !?w *SCAFrsssn ?Yesterday, patrolmen Lewi* Hammond and Greer were detailed to recapturi Wh1t RnlHni allu aiMW _k. - .-j I" ? ? ? ?! ?? , WUW WM ?I rwcu ?J1 suspicion of being concerned with Range7 Jonei In bnralng Donty'i stable Sunday nigEt and ca caped from tbe trial room at the guardhouae Tbev succeeded la capturing tbe fugitive In tb< northern part of tbe city, and returned blm U Justice Thompson, who committed blm to Jai for farther bearing. Will tii Raileoad CoartiiT oblige cltlseni ?f tbe Seventh Ward by caualng 1U employee* U uncouple care Kept standing along Maryland are nue, so that tbe street croaalnga may net be ob a true ted aa at preaent Ft<cs? ron Kiirma a Gakbliho Hovan ?Ab ner Hood, a/rested about a week alace,was exam' toed before Justice Ferguson yesterday, and fined 30 and costs, for kaaptug a gambling houae Dos'r forget tbe delightful featlvala at Wealei Chapel and at Thora'a Hall to-night Arrange menta have been perfected for moat exenllant entertalnmenta. J?'1* With Ihe^lu04* >nerPioc?? Li*e f+"T 1> toir? P" l4c? U4 have -?- ^onaer vnirmiDiDeou mi uaa reuowi mil, unwioji big houaM nightly by Ute novelty and spirit ot tbf performances. Loo*OCT for tto grand tell to be given bj Prof. Barnes at Odd Fellow*' Bali, Navy Yard, to morrow sight NoaTBSBM Libhtt Maaaat will be open thli aOrrnooa, Mtb I octant. No market to-morrow morning [>**J Jambb ttowut ^TTttTio* la called to the attraction# at tb< A ~ad?my of Music. not red la anotLer column eat roi'BTH raea of to d?y'9 HHtr for iliUresV ??K &XU Wcm. 0 Hiamci'i N*w -Mr. John D. Hammack baa J oat opened hit superb new restaurant at the corner of Fifteenth street and Pennsylvania avenue A bandaome veatlhule, rich with rained glass. Introduces theTialtor to the main aaloon, seventy-Are feet deep by some 1 thirty Ave wide. Thla ball atrlhea the eye agreeably by tbe lof Ineea of the ceiling*, tbebeantlful 1 decorations. and tbe really bandaome atllMlfe 1 and other ptlntlngft tn oil Elegant chandelier*, ' and Mine atately mlrrowa (from tbe Douglas tale) ' alao add to the effect Glancing to tbe right and left, where, behind marble counters, prompt and ; experienced attendant* supply thoae choice edibles ana annxaoies lor wdicd nimmaci ta ramous, we ascend by convenient steps to a spacious dais, ' arranged for tbe eating room, with handsome > marble tables aet out with beautiful Bohemian ware*, cut glaaa. Ac. We note from h?re a r graceful staircase leading to tbe cosiest of supper-rooms above; and which are also reached by a private entrance, No. 208 ' Pennsylvania avenue. Under this staircase la a door, giving acceas to Hllburn'a Metropolitan Hotel cigar store; and another exit from the res* [ tsurant leads us to a fine billiard room, which also communicates with the bar by a window. Passing to the rear, we enter the kitchen where ' Hammack'a famous good things are diabed up ' for epicures. Tbe ranges, by Dove, are perhaps 1 the beat in thia part of tbe country. Marble tablea, brick floors, and other satlafkctorv indications of neatneaa and thoroughness meet the eye here ss 1 elsewhere; and we note, too, the convenlencea of hot and cold water laid on plentifully. r A good thing about Hammack'a new place la the number of paaaagea, and tbe convenience of accma, aa 11 can De enierea rrom nnernib atreet or from No. 200 or 902 Pennaylvanla avenue. ^Altogether, the place ia a credit to the city, and 1 to tbe parties employed upon Ita construction, Tlx: Joa. Fowler, bricklayer; Thos. Morrlsett, carpenter; Parker St Spauldlng, painters; Alex ander Rutherford, marble work; J Townley, tin ! work; W. T. Dove, plumber; and John Alex1 ander, upholaterer. viimiiijiij vqdit ?? imam jonn. soiaier, lor > -assault and battery and attempting to commit a r rape upon the person of Ann Hughes, on the 9th i of November last, waa found -'not guilty." [The i aarae affair in lta other phases haa occupied the 1 court several days this term ] s George F Rhens, alias G. W. Miller, soldier, i Indicted for the larceny of a horse, valued at 8125, r from Truxton D Beale, on the l'2th of November I last, waa found guilty, and sentenced by Judge i Crawford to two years and atx months conflne1 ment In the penitentiary. [Rhens divulged to the jailors the plot for the escape of prisoners from the county jail, noticed in the Star, and was ac me iii iiuauiiinK me iiicmpi. ma conaucx cu , been good since hisarrest, and be ha* manifested signs of sincere repentance for his wrongdoing. 1 For these reasons Judge Crawford only sentenced f blm for a little longer time than the shortest period allowed by law, which is two yea's ] L In the case of Horatlo^Maryman. Indicting for knowingly renting a bouse belonging to him to parties for'bawdy purposes, his counsel, Mr. Norf rts, prayed a continuation of the case until next ktiui, as wuiicwri ior ine acienre were nosent from the District. The Court, after bearing the r statements made, granted a postponement nntll next Monday, the 30th Inst. i Fimx ?Last night, about 12 o'clock, a Are broke r out In a stable corner of Tenth and H streets, > upon a lot formerly used as a wood yard by Waters A. Co. The combustible material of i which the building was constructed was soon r destroyed, and with it a cow and horse were i burnt The principal loss is the two animals The cause of the lire is not known. , Theater ?To night the favorite tragedian, Mr. J E McPonough, will appear as "Wll' liam." in the attractive drama of "Black-Eyed ' !*u?an Mr Rogers will represent "Gnat brain,"' and black-eyed Miss r^usan Denin will, as a mat' ter of course, take the part of "Black-Eyed Sui B?n." "The Widow's Victim," and the last I scene in the "Seven Sisters," also. A.n kxcskbtngly novel rrocramms has been ' prepared at Canterbury Hall for the holidays Id > aaamon 10 -ne immense bUla, with Brower as tiinger Blue In the Virginia Mummy. 1.(XX) elegant presents are to be distributed during the week Don't forget the entertaining matinees i every afternoon. Kiss's Amphitheatre ?The opening of this splendid resort last night was attended with great ' success, and the performances were of a most bril1 liant character. To-morrow there are to be three performances?one at 10 a m , one at 2 p. m., and one at 8 o'clock in the evening. | A grand bill of performance* this evening. Fcxbkal ?The members of Winnebago Lodge, " Independent Order of Red Men, yesterday afternoon, escorted to the depot the body of their late ? associate. Jacob Llsher. which urn fnrur*rrioA I Baltimore for burial. Tbe proceaa!op wal pre> ceded by a portion of the Marine band. ' Cot. Kskkigax ? Col Kerrigan, who has obtained a weeka' leave of absence, left tbia city yesterday afternoon for New York, In charge of ' tbe remains of bis brother, Capt Kerrigan. The . order for his release was Issued by Gen McClelr lan. , To-hight, Christy make* bis first appearance f in one of bis entertaining afterpieces, a card of I itself sufficiently attra tlve to cram the house Other novelties of excellence augment the interest i of the entertainment Tax ytkLic will not feel partlcnlarly obliged to the Common Council for establishing a "fer| Mliier manufactory" on Seventh street, heafr the c Canal * Goods fob tHi Holidays ?Everybody with1 iac to get Turkeys, Chickens, Ducks. Game in ? great variety, mince meat. and. in every ? article necessary for keeping M*rry Christmas, " should call at WiNon's Philadelphia Provision * Store, 119 Pa. avenue, between Nine*efcnth &na ? TwentisUi streeU. de*21-3t? * WsiTShckst, 431 Penn. avenue, furnishes j photographs from miniature to life size His colj lection of carts de visit* likenessea embrace all prominent men of the country. Remember, t Whitehurst received seventeen premiums in this I country, and a medal at the World's Fair at Lonp don: also, at the French exhibition at Paris. See f his fancy cases for holiday presents, de'21-eolm* I.idia Rtbrik Goods. ! India Rubber Coats, white or black, ?? 50 each. India Rubber Legglna Cl per pair. ? And all kinds of Rubber Goods, including Rub, ber abd Shoes, Rubber Stoppers for bottles, . mats i t nilar skaamn?? ? 4 ? ?i ?1 j - ? ???? , viravi uuovnuKt iwi UCUl ill ICKIICHV, 4c , 4c , at manufacturers price*, at H A Hall a India Rubber Warehouse, Pa. a*., between Ninth and Tenth streeia. dec 18-tf .T1AKRIKD On the 16tb instant, by the Rev. Dr Finck'l, JOHN W. alias LIZZIE RAWLINS, nil of Washington. * On the 9d instant, at St Aloysius' Churoh, by the Rev. Father Maguire. Mr. JOSEPH H. CROWN, of Monttomery oountr, Md . to Miss MARY E. MAHORNEY, of Washington oitr. D.C, DIK1>. On Batarday, the 31st instant, at 90 minutes past lOo'elook ?. m? LYDIA 8. LORD wife of Franois B. Lord, in the 64th year of her age. * NOTICE! NOTICE! NOTICE! Ladies or gentlemen desirous of making their friends or relatives a Christmas Present will find a very nioe assortment of Laoe Sleeves, Lac* Collars. Laoe Veils. Real Laoe Handkerohiefs, Embroidered Hankerohiefs. French Worked Seta and Col a's, Cambric C >ll%rs. Linen Worked Sets. Real Laoe Barbs, Real Laoe Coilfeuree, Hem Stitohod Handkerchiefs, Gloves, Cabas ana ladies' Leather Bags for traveling, Portemonnaies, and a ^reat variety of artioles, all ^ol vhioh would uwkvb ?wi y uoi'immo ficwut. > MRS. R-XTETCHISON'S, e No. 14 Peon, av , between 8th and <?th at*., l dean 4t opposite Center Market. 1 D FOR THR HOLIDAYS. - H.AI8INS?600 boxes M. R , DATEs?80 trails, i ClDKK?900 barrels Prime Jersey, Sh.'SARS?"Punch"' and other brands, i L*mons. Sardines. Almonds, Filberts, eto. In store and for sale by GRIFFIN * POLSAL. de 19 east* 243 Pa av., near S hirtetnth st. ? ^TTENTION.RANK AND FILE! ROTH ROCK'S, AT 460 Nhuh Stkset, NUX K. Is the place, of all oth~rs, to sapply yourselves with ailk|n'1s ?' CAMP FURNITURE, At thi Vny Lowht P*ic*s. He also keeps on hud aud utakee to order MATTRESSES, PILLOWS and COMFORTS, r of a'l qualitie*. Come and render yourselves oom. fortune for the winter by a very small outlay of "irP 'Remember the elaee. de?-ataw3w RAISINS. CURRANTS. APPLES, Ac. 416 Who!*, half and quarter boxes Layer ud Hu&oll IftMlA. 9) Boxes Va.eaoiii Ratlins, 6JV Cgme'.i, > 20 Rsrre D-itsj Asples, t to Hsrrajs fUvark CWar, r ? BarraU Wests Bitter, 75 Ke?? ?lades Butter. . _ , Bordeaax Akaocds. Pscan Nats, English Wal. nata, FilbarU, Dates. Firs, and Praa?s. Jost rtoMTtd and for sal* by i JOHN H. SKMMK3 * CO,, i 'd?t9-?0O t (Re#.) ' e\ "^.co5??i'ja* PAWNBROKER. W m 1 ilnTSr to b? 1o*bH !> Gold?od "ilwr Wital*. ' J?vVry. ?""? "<> Hirer War*. and W ?*rlo? Ap??r?'???'?! '* fi of (? N?U9l?i hut* I, ? AMUSEMENTS. T*HEATER -Mr. J. B. MCDONOUGH'S Seo1 ond Aepearaooe. TUESDAY, December 24. win be performed the nautical drama of RL.ACKEYED SUSAN?William, Mr. J. E. MeDonoacb; Himn. Mies Denin. With the WIDOW'S VICTIM?Jeremiah Clip, Mr. J E MoDonoofh. To ooaolude with the beautifnl tah'eau of th* HI RTH OF THK BUTTERFLY IN THE BOWER OF FERNS. MR J. E MCDONOUGH'S THIRD NIGHT. WEDN ESDAY.Dfember 85. will He performed the drama of ROBERT MAO AIRE?Robert Maoaire, Mr J. E. McDonooch. After whiob, the FLOATING HE ACON?Jack Junk. Mr j. H. MoDonoagh To eonoiu 1e with th* heaet'ful tableau of the BIRTH OF THE BUTTERFLV lrt THE BOWER OF KERNS. If King's National Amphitheater, E street, (near Willards\) SOL* LBSSH A!ID Manager T KING. As?ocia.t? XiHisn C. SCOTT. WILL POSITIVELY Open for the regular Season THIS (MONDAYI EVENING. Dir. a, When the fol'iwin* artist* will appear, for the first time, in thisoity: DON SANTIAGO 6IBB0NN01SE, The Boneless Man. SAM LONG. Clown and Vocalist. THE HOLLAND BROTHERS. I WM. F. SMITH, WM. T. ODELL, H. BERNARD, JOHN CONKLING. Mad'llk VIOLE LE TORTB. And the following old favorite#: Mr. F.fOUR5NAIRE, 1'HILO NATHANS. FRANK JVHITAKEK, JOHN FRANKLIN, w H. GAKDIER, T.AVMAR, and DAN GARDINER, the Standard Clown. MADAME GAMILLR, M1S8 ELOI^E, the Child Rider, MADAME MARIE, MAD'LlE VIRGINIA, and LITTLE MINNIE. THE BRICK EDIFICE la the largest public p!aoe ofamuiement in Waahington, and ? veil heated, well lighted. and admirabrr Oonafrnoted, for Doth hearing and seeing. ON CHRISTMAS, ON CHRISTMAS. ON CHRISTMAS, THREE PERFORMANCES, THREE PERFORMANCES, THREE PERFORMANCES, MORNING at - 10 o'rmt k. AFTERNOON at a o'clock. EVENING at S o'clock. The following prices have been adopted: Orchestra Chaire?? ~ ? 75 oenU. Dress Circle ............... ?? to cents. Children under 10 years of ape to Dress Cirole. 25 oents. Social Ranee. 25 cents. Colured Gallery. 25 oents. Colored Boxes .50 oents. Moors open at 7 o'clock; performances will o<nnmeDoe at 3 precisely. de 23-2t / GEORGE CHRISTY'S VI OPERA HOUSE, Tinth Strkkt, Bktwiin E and F. CEORGE CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS STILL SUCCESSFUL! G E O R G F. CHRISTY will appear every nigh- this week in oneol his great COMIC CHAR A CTERS. NEW SCENERY having been added to the stage, the management announce witn plea-ure George Christ*'s celebrated Ethiopia Extravaganza entitled the BLACK S T A T 0 K. J A IF. a mischievous ilarkc* Hitn. Ahbhtv Tho entire oompauT ** The most TWented in EtiKence, Will appear evrrr ?vening in SPLENDID PERFORMANCE. Admission?Parquet, SO cenU ; Gallery. 25 cents. de 23 CANTERBURY HALL. (Formerly the Washington Assembly Rooms,) Louisiana avenue, near oorner of 6th street, in the rear of the National and Hrown's Hotels, OPEN EVERY NIGHT! With the first talent in America. ENTIKK CHAS(iE~OF PHOitRAMME. Second week of the great Eccentric Ethiopian Artist of the Day, FRANK BROWER! FRANK BROWER ! To night, the VIRGINIA Jll'MMY! VIRGINIA MUMMY! VIRGINIA MUMMY! FRANK BROWER as GINGER BLUE. rnann onuvvun as U1NUBK HL.UE. FRANK BROWER as 61NGER BLUE. _ Cb?r?c'.er> by the entire star company: New Songs, New Dances, \r. CHRISTMAS WEEK, CHRISTMAS WEEK. A Series of Magnificent AFTERNOON PKRFORMANCES will b? riven at CANTEHBURY HALL. FOR LADIES AMD CHILDREN, FOR LADIES AND C HILDHE N, FOR LADIES AND CHILD* KiV, FDR LADIES A \D CHILDREN, FOR LADIES AND CHILDREN, Commmecoing TUESDAY. And Eveby Aftbknoon Do kino tii*W*kk. One Thousand Costly Presents *'l! M presented to the ladies, children, and the aadienoe daring the week. These elegant Christine-* souvenirs will eonstst of m?gnifi ent Annuals, and expen'ive eta of Sable Hurs, a Sewing Machine, splendid Gold Jewelry, Silver Forks and Spoons. Ladles' Chains, Watch Guards, ohildreji's Neck Chains, Gents' Kings, Toys and Confeotionery. IC^The managers call tothemin^s of the ladies ofthis city th? elegant presentation matinees which t> ey had the honor to give here last winter, in evident of the Jaime** wi?h which they were oonduo*e>i These presents will be given in addition to the finest performances by the bast com pa"T ever appearing in Washington. The saloons attaohed to the Hall will bs closed daring the afternoon performances, and onr matinees will be oonducteid in suoh a way that the innst fastidious oannot regret their visit to the Canterbury. A fternoon Prices: Ladies, 2n cents; gentlemen with ladies, 20 cents; ohilden. 10 cents Nitltt Pricet: Parquet, 25 oents; Rosewood Orohestra Chairs, 50 oenU. d Pregfpta pre,eptgd at nitht?/~fl A_ B A L L, To be riven %

TUESDAY EVENING, Deo 84, if In WARD'S BUILDING, eorner Penn avenue and id st Tioketi 81,UNA admitting a gentleman and ladies. de 23 2 * RAND BALL CHRISTMASNlGHT.Dir n, ODD FELLOWS' HALL, A (Navy Yard.) ifi Musio by Prof. George Arth. Tickets onetdMfc dollar. Prof C. F. BAKNES. de 21-8t* Manager. E1 ASH I UN ABLE DANCING ACADEMY AT Sr Tcmperanoe Hall (in the main halllE g\ street, between 9th and loth. Classes every jg Tuesday and Kiiday Afternoo and Evening. JIM Allofihe fashionable Dances taught. Pri-MUM rate olasses attended to. For circulars, terms, Ac., inspire oi \VM H BARNES, at Thompson's unnir rurnumng store, 37 0 Fa avenue C. T. BAKN K8, de 17 1 m" Profwor of Dancing. T NOTICEHE WASHINGTON ACADEMY or MUSIC, s89 pis*. Avknuk, Between Nintk and Tenth struts. The publics are respectfully informed that the nanaii of the dull* and niihtlv entertainment* It this already overwhelmingly popular establishment, has been pre eminent. It is now ftmoii for the beet Refreshments to be obtained in Washington, its bar and larder being unsurpassed Its Music is of the most agreeable and reoherohe description; its free oonoerts bsing nightly encored throughout the entire performance. Its d?ors are open to the public free of oharge ; and ofB?*rs are constantly in attendance to preserve order and proper deoornm. del?3w HENRY ROSENTHAL, Prop'r. / \OD FELLOWS' HALL: \J SSVBNTH. ABOVB D ST. CONTINUED SUCCESS of the WOKLD RBNOWUBD CAMPBELL MINSTRELS TWE'NTY STAR PERFORMER ! The Best Band in the World! Change of Programme Every Night! Admission >5 cents. Doors open at 7 o'olook ; oommenoing at 8 OOIOCI ae i i-(i GEORGETOWN ADYEBT'MTS jgLKGANT GIFTPFOjRgiTHli HOLIDAYS, The eubaoriber now offer* her large etook of ohoioe Books, F&ncylGoode, Ao , at ooat, with the view of oloaing vp the buaineaa. The stook oonaiete of, in part? glint Deck*, and Cmm, Portfolios. Papet'riea, iee' ud Gentlemen'* D'eating Cum, Work Juvenile Book a, t* i*rge aaeortment; nay ore wiahina to make preeenta, now u the tine, to ? MISS THOMAS'. daSMt Book and Faaoy Btoce,Huh at. 17OR RKNT,?A two-atory Briok Dwelling r HOUSE. with basement and attio, No. 113 Gar atroat, eligibly aitoatedoa one < f the pltaeMitoet atreeta in town, with gaa. and watrr ? u the prsini. e.. and vtnge her a moat deairaliie art veto leaideuo*. Poeeeaei< n si t" on the art? of Jana?r*. inaairt ofD> KNfMtfii, 139 JJrul?e st.-effc rff ?? i J LOST AND FOUND. I OST?In the Center Market, a FUR MUFF. I_JTbe finder will receive a ?aita^'e reward by leaving it at Her, ft. P. HILL'S. SiT H et. It* I OST? 92.60 RiwtiD-Lost, yeeterdav, a Li GLAZi KR'S DIAMOND, with ivory handle. The finder will receive the above reward ry learinf the iame at m' paint shoe. No. #62 Seventh et, opaoaite Center Market, in the tear of Myera' wine and tiq uor store. It* H. W. HAMILTON. RKWARD<-lOSr-?mo(Ml to be loat vi" in an oirniboaa PoRTFMONNA1E containing about 930 in 92 SO and 91 pieoee; one (5 North Carolina, several valuab'e cotea.and W.H. Kdea' reoeipt for inn baahela of wheat?ana alao Iht pa** to and from Virginia. off 3t JAS. A. NELSON. ?in REWARD ? l.oBt on Friday evening, the 3? III on?h fK? .un, of PAR TR KIVK ffOLLARS inaumaoffive dollar notea. Mw??n the oorner of Pa. ave.. and 17th atreeta, and M and 6th atreeta. The above reward will be paid br returning the a?me to thia offioe. de ?-3t? SHAW I. LOST.?In foirg from Gen. MoClelIan'a headauarteia. to the Georgetown'feirv, on Saturday morning, a brown SCOTCH PLA1D. we.l worn, but valued by it* owner, aa an old travelinusompamon The firder will be liberally rewarde^>n returning it at thia oflioe. de 23 St LOST OR STOLEN?From 9th etreet, near the Patent Offioe, oa the evening oi Satur- jry day, December 2lat. a amall aised dark brown HORSE,had op a double rein bridle, vi ha braai oorb arH anaffle bit, and o)ne brow band; a McOlellan aaddle, and a red aaddle blanket: avors the right hind foot a very little. A liberal reward will he paid for hia return, or any infoimation by whioh he may f e returned, to the Quartermaster of the isth Regiment of New York Volunteera. Fort Corooran. Va. de21 3t* REWARD.?Loat, on Friday afternoon,a Diamond Snarf PIN. ninrle atone, between Ci%rendon Hotel and Uth street. Whoever will return said pin to 295 Pa.ave.wiU r"0?ivethe above reward, and thanks of N. B. GOSLING. de 21-3t? STRAYED OR STOLEN?From RiohsteT & ^ Schanbam's Brewery, on B street, be |SN tween 13th and Uth strests ea*t, a middle- H ?iT* tileifbaT HOhSE, with white footlocks*"^^' "* on hind legs and n. -ore on his back. Persona rivirg notice of his whsreahonts at the above named place will be liberally rewarded. de21 St* tffc r RE WARD.?Escaped from Messrs Brown ? ft Barber's Stock Yard, near N'aty V ard market on 'he 18th December, a red, g|a4r horned CO W 3 Tear sold, and red CALFJmm 2 weeks "Id. To be delivered to the fubsoriber, ''apitol Hill, No. 59<> D street south, between New Jerhoy avenue and South Capitol st. de 21-3t* J T. FRY. ?rt C REWARD?Ran awa? from the subsari ber.on Fridav, 29th of November, while in t*e emD'oymeot of Mr G. Rowsee, WF my SERVANT MAN, Samuel Buntv, without any cause known to me. Sam is abont48 years of ate, 5 feet 3 inc hes high: dark complexion; with a small scar on his face: n nH a thmlr Kai h aT kaip l n frnn o t./l i m ,li.n,.*aJ to intfuise in ardent spirit* Sai, i? supposed to he lurking about the city of Wash'.rgton or its vicinity. H? has a brotf*er at Mr. Seldon's, on the back of the City He has a good man; friends on the Inland, and some on the Capitol Hill. I will cive 925 if taken in Washington, and $5" cut of tlt? district. I fo-warn ail persons harboring and em ploying him at the peril of the law JAMES C. SUMMER, de 21-4t* I'. G. ooanty. $()7f REWARD.?Ran away from theeubt? ? I '* seriber on the 15th lost.. THREE NEGRO BOYS?Hilly Bond, Harry Chapman air! No'ty Carpenter Billy and Henry ere a out 4 feet 4 inche(i high; U yearn eld: Jk dressed in drab Hilly is c>pp'r co'o'- an ' Henry bl'k. Notty is under 4 ft.copper color; Pressed lr>flra*> Also on the 8fh of !*^pt?ml?fr, two Negro Men?Henry Shannon and Basil Carper.t?r? both blark; Bill* very black; Bap'l is about 5 feet 4 inches: Billy 5 feet 6 or 3 inches: has a lump behird the right e%r; c oth various; earh sbout 28 vars olo. Anl also on the 8th of October, twa Negro M?n Babtist Carpenter and George Chapinan. Bftptist yellow, and is about 22 years oid; 5 feet 4 incneg. Heorgn aged 18, abouts feet8 inches; c'othire va-ious. Por the 1r?t name<l, Hilly, Henry anl \ Uy, J will giro S25ea?h. and lorthe other four 9Sn each, delivered to me iu Piecataway. Md. de 2o-2w* O. N. L'RVAND. Cjw> * REWARD?STOLEN ?Between 6 and '3+") o'clock of the evaning of Orcein- in her 13. from the corner of 6th street And H 7T* Pa. a?enue, one hay HORSE, about hands ingh; feet on near side white to ank e joint; had on military saddle and equipments. with the figures 56 on ?addle cloth. The above reward will be paid for the return of said horse to the camp of the Wh Regiment at Kalorama doWtf Ool. C. H VAN WYCK. | 0?T-A SEAL iiNG, and a FOX-HEAD I t SEAL, attached to a ring, withcorne*!ian ??t. 95 reward will be given to whoever returns the articles to this offioe. dei tf FOB AND KEM. CMTRNI9HED ROOMS TO LET withSrwitlTr out Board. Call at ths corner of Fourth and Dits. lt^_ FOR RENT.?HOUSE No. 435.on 12th street, containing 10 rnomi, watc, and gas; and large 1 ftr?i attached. de2f 2t* DOOMs'fOR RENT?Forni(h?a or Uflfhr II nished, with or without Board at 605 H st. I Will Sut er, who called yesterday, call again at the above number if not suited. It^ A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE. or two ingle persona, can be accommodated with a p eisant room and No. 455 botwooo <) and H de 24 it* For rent.-a front parlor, with Chamber connecting, on first floor, both neat ly furnished, rent moderate. Applj at No. 4 59 H street, between 4thand 5ih street.(Northern Libertiei,) or at WALL, STEPHENS ft TO, Pa. aver,tie. de 34 3t Fv?K RENT-Fifteen ROOMS furnnhed, I'ar1 or and Bed Rooms attached, suit of Rooms suitable for a oommittee, all fronting on Pennsylvania avenue, next door ?o Willarda' Hotel. The Lease, Furniture and Fixtures of the above for tale. Inquire on the premises <ie24 3t* F'OR SALE?A new BAKERY, with all the fixtures. App!> to Mr. O. F1NKMAN, i Ha. arenne de 23 2t? Furnished rooms ?or rent-two very d'sirahle rooms, par lor and CHAMBER or two Chambers, communicating on the first floor, and with g%s. With or without board; terms ver* moderate. Require at No. 22* H ?t., between 19th and 20ift street* west. de 23 3t* FURN1SHPD ROOMS.-?r?omfortaAleParlor. and Bed Room for rent on moder&t e terms Inquire at StaMJfliee. de2l lw FOR R EN T.-A large CELLAR, under the Washington Assembly Rooms, on Louisiana avenue, near Gth, suitable r?r Restaurant or Sntler Store. Apply at the Phsnix Carriage and Wagon Works, corner C and 6th^sts de21 3t* Ii^OR RKS.T?A larpe and uhstantml Frame WAREHOUSE, situated on the Oornflr of C street and In tana aveuu*. and 2d street, near the depot of Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. Inquire on the premises from io)? a m to l p m, or of J. KEY WoRTH. 868 9th street, between M and N. de 81-St* LMjRNNflED ROOMS TO LET,on E street, I between 2d and Sd?No. .>05. Inquire on the ?remi?. de 17 lw TWO OR THREE 6ENTHEMEN CAN be aoonmnio<'at*cl with very pleasant ROOMS, second Hot, with breakfast and tea il dosired, in a private family not far from the General Post Offioe. Reference given and required. Inquire at tne office of the Star. de 21 so4t House and lot for sale very CHEAP FOR CaSH?A Frame House, near ly new. containing six room*. one sq uare from the Xailroad Depot? No. 344 First street east. The above property will be sold very low for oash. or on shortcredit, on application toT. M. HANSON, Seventh st'eet, opposite Intelligencer Office. de 16-eotf I^OR SALE OR EXCHANGE.-1.M0 aorea r of selected timber LAN D, in the North W est. Will b? sold or etchanged for property, in the City of Washington. The land ia well timbered, contains water power, and is a sure investment. Address "Exchange," box No. 30 Washington Post Office. de 19 1m |7*OR RENT-Two pltosmt ROOMS, neatly r furnished,in a first-class residence in 6eorgetnwn With hna ti 'Pn A m fravmo will be moderate. Apply at 147 West at,Geortetown. (la 17 ? UAND80MKLY FURMSHKD ROOM9.roar handsomely Furnished Koums, supplied with eu and water, and convenient to the ratent and Post Office Departments, for real. Apply at 49OX Massachusetts avenue, north aide, between ?th fcnd tth <t> rrm M BOARDING. DUARD.-Resseotible eartiea m? find rood 13 Board and well furnished Rooms, h? day, week, or mooth, in houses No. 475 and 4TT 18th street, three do >r? fr< m Pa. avenue, and midway between Willards'aid Kirkwoods' Hotels, no X lm* EDUCATIONAL. P EDUCATIONAL. ROF. C. F. B\RNES' Dancing Sohool at Temperance Hall, E street, b'tween 0th aui g% loth, ?ill commence TUESDAY, Deoembe- 89 24 th, and oontinue every Tueeday and Kri iB day-afternoon olas?es at 3 o'olook, and eve-UHfc nine classes at 6K o'olook. All of the fashionable dances wi l be taught daring the season. Toe best musio will be in attendance under the direotion of Krof. George Arth. Call for aoiroular. detl-lm Madame leontine blanchet, DB i'AklS Will Sire PRIVATE FRENCH LESSON8. AMly at 161 West street, Georgetown ; or 40T f street, Washington. da lft-lm* MISS BROOKb'S ENGLISH aud PRENCH BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL, Skvik Buildinob, No. ISO PtnnthivtukitL avenui. Ciroulart to b-? ot tiine* at the BooiitorM and of the Principal. no 3&-lm* ?CHOFIELD'8 HIRING,UVERY. SALE AND EXCHANGE Nob, 280 aad ?o E^od^uhVtrMU, soaUt of Gontlonmiwicfainftojur* a n?at and atyluh turnout oao ba rapphwl with a taao of any 4a'""'""" '" -FIVCFTLENGE. 'Phi Imm( nara Kaa?nV*H nil I .lVAri ImriM ?? iW ufcaiirs^wyi j FOE THX HOLIDAY8. # % j JOHNSON k NAGLE. Ne 389 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, Between Ninth tad Tilth Street*, WASHINGTON, An Ne. 10 R?t*I Street, Bear King, ALEXANDRIA, Invito the attention of F ami lie* and Dealer* to their large and well assorted Stock ef Fine! Groceries, 'mWines, Liquors, Cordials, Began, etc. Conaiatlng In part of? CHAMPAGNES. PlMr ? ? ?l?i. O H.MummiCo. do. do. Bollinger it Co. do. do. Royal Grape do. do. De Courcey k Co. do. do. Carflea# Co. do. do. Ctoi. Rlvert & Co. do. do. (JLAKhiO. Chateau Poujeaux. Chateau La Roae Do. La Fltte. St. Eatephe. St. Emlllon. St. Juliea Medor HOCK WINES. Deldesbeimer Hockfaeimtr, Llebfrsumilch Ruedesheimer, Scbarlachber^er, Scbloaaberger, Johanniaberger, Marcobrunner DRY and SWEET CATAWBA IRISH, SCOTCH, and MONONGAHELA WHISKIES, of all kinds. LONDON DOCK, HUNGARIAN, and BURGUNDY PORT. DARK and PALE SHERRY, OLD RESERVE and MALMSEY MADEIRA. SWAN, PALM TREE, and IMPERIAL EAGLE GIN, HENNESSEY, OTARD DUPUY * CO , PINET CA8TILLON A CO, COGNAC BRANDIES. JAMAICA and ST. CROIX RUM, BATAVIA ARRAC, BLACKBERRY, CHERRV, and RASPBERRY BRANDY, GINGER,RASPBERRY,BLACKBERRY and CURRANT WINE, CORDIALS of every kind ? CURACOA ANISETTE, ABSINTHE. AROMATIC STOMACH BITTERS, SCHIEDAM SCHNAPPS, LONDON ?ROWN STOUT, YORKSHIRE AND SCOTCH ALE, ARRAC, Rt/M, SCOTCH WHISKEY, CLARET, TOM AND JERRY, PUNCH EXTRACTS, IMPORTED SELTERS WATER HAVANA and DOMESTIC 8EGAR8 of choice bran da. SMOKING and CHEW/NO TOBACCO of all FIU8, DATES, RAISINS, ORANGES, LEMONS, ATMORE'S MINCED MEAT In jut. Crocse A Blackwell'i world-reaowMd Pick* description. DEMIJOHNS and FLASKS of all sizes. FRESH MEATS, POULTRY and GAME in tin j&nlsters. Fresh VEGETABLES of every kind In cum. ? FISH do do ? FRUITS do do FRENCH, ENGLISH and DOMESTIC PRESERVES and JELLIES In glass oT CTflry alze. French BRANDY FRUITS of every description. lea, PmervM tsd Sauce* Oyster, Walnut and Tomato CATSUPS. Anchor lee, Bard law and Bologna Sausages. Fine HAMS and CHEESE. Preach Mnslard, Carrie, Cayenne, Pepprr, SnlrM Halt fro Chocolate and Gum Drop*, flat talk CandiM, *c. : ' ICTAo mrly mil la nprt vwpfetfaUy ?>? tot by [second edition. THREE O'CLOCK, f. OUR MILITARY BUDGET. POHCESTEATlJtO CAfUIT. A special order baa just been iasoed from the Adjutant General1* oflce, designed to bring promptly into the field all the cavalry now ta tbe West not yet forcing a portion of either army there In actual service against the rebel* We make the following extract from It : "The regiments and companies of volunteer cavalry not aow la the le)d. whether organ red. or partially or*;an red, will be con ceotrat*4 wltl the leaat poaaibie delay, a* follows All in Peni svlvanla, at or in the vlcuitv of York, ail In Ohio, at Camp Denntson; all la tbe other Western State*, excepf Missouri, at aome point on tbe Ohio, at or near New Albany " Appointed awd Cosr:a*tt> ?We bear to-day that tbe Preaident haa nominated and the Senate haa conlrtned Senator Jame* H l^aae, of Kana?, to be a brigadier general; the Rev Andrew G Carother*, of thl* city, to be U 8 Consul at Martinique, and Wm Shankland. of N V ,teb* I'. 8 Consul at Port Louis, Isle of Prance I tit. LATEST BY TELEGRAPH FROM FORTRESS MONROE. PARTICULARS OF THE LATE 8KIRM19H. BRAVERY OF UNION TROOPB Baltimobi, Dff 34.?The Old Point boat arrived thla morning, and brings the following nfwi: Foktbkb* Mokroi. Dee. 83?The sktrmi?h yesterday wan a allgbt affair. Two companies of the ifuth New York Regiment started from New' port News at 9a. tu and proceeded to New Market bridge, to look for a man who bad been lost in the wood* the day before Aa we bear, while near the bridge tbey found tbemaelmsurrounded uy furi caTiiiry ana miantry, numbering 7IW men, but aucceeded In cutting their way out, without low Reinforcement* were aent far to Camp Hamilton, and the remainder of the regiment waa aent forward. The Naval Brigade, under command of Col. Wardrop,was also under arma, and proceeded aa far aa Hampton bridge. Four companies of cavalry were also ordered out, but their services were not required. Six of the ftith Regiment were alightly wounded. Ten of the enemy are known to have been killed and a number wounded Seven dead bodies were found this morning One waa that of an officer, and was taken to Newport News. He wore buttons lettered A M M , perhaps Alabama Minute Men, and his name supposed to I have been John Hawkins. It is reported that a whole company of negroes waa engit^d, and two of our men are known to have been shot by tbetn. Gen Manafleld and Acting Brigadier General Weber highly complimented tbe troops engaged for their coolness and bravery. The barque laland City arrived here last night from Boston, with 249 prisoners of war released from Fort Warren, who are to be exchanged for an equal cumber uow held at Richmond. The attdu.bodt Geo. Washington took tbem to Craney laiaud this afternoon under a flag of truce. Mrs. Brown, two daughters and servant, of Mo . and Mrs. Ingcrsoll, of Mich , were alao among the passengers for tbe ?outh A large number of letters and several boxes of clothing for tbe prisoners of war were also sent over. Tbe R lebmond prisoners are expected here in a day or two. The gunboat Youug Rover, stationed at tbe mouth of York river, reports aa extensive conflagration in Yorktown about a week since. A chapel tent, K'l by 2b feet, was sentto tbe 16th Massachusetts regiment by their friends In Boston, and was dedicated yesterday afternoon wltb services. In which chaplaina of all deaomlna uons paruc:paiea. Tbe Coeur de Lion arrived from the Potomac last nlgnt, with four launches lo tow. Tbe first rain for about throe weeks fell laat night. The well* are quite dry FROM MISSOURI. St. Lone, Dec 24 ?Despatches received at headquarters say tbat tbe command sent to Lexington by Gen. Pope burnt two ferry boata and a foundry, and took two captains, om lieutenant, four men, and several horses CONCtK ess ion a l. IllVIIth CO!tflRli$s?Srtiad lesaUs. TnsDAT. December SI4. Sxnatk ?a number of petitions were presented and referred, among them being memorisis for tbe abolition of slavery, Jtc , by Messrs Ring and Sumner. Vsrious bills and resolutions of no public in teresi were miroaucea ana reierrea, ana me resolution offered yesterday by Mr King relative to the detention and trial of prisoners of State, wti referred to the Jodic'ary Committee Mr Grimes offered a revolution of inquiry of the Navy Department relative to the truth of newspaper allegations of the extravagance with which toe officers1 api tmeots in ta'.iontl vessels were fitted up; whicn wj? panted The Senate then went In exocutiv^ session. LATE LOCAL NEWS. ScrRKMt Covrt? Monday ? No. 10 Achas P. Duttoo et al , plaintiff* in error, va H Norton Strong et al In error to the district court of the United States for the district of Wisconsin Mr. Justice Clifford delivered the opinion of Um Court, reversing the judgment of the Bid district court, with costs, and remanding the cause, wuh directions to award a venire facia* de novo No* 31 k 255 Benj Ruffner et al , appellants, tb miqiuici d. ni<k|(t ana migiei a- ovkk, appellant, vs Becj Ruffneret al Appeal* from the circuit court of the United State* for tbe district of I Ddlana Mr Juatlce Grler delivered tbe opinion of tbe Court, reversing tbe decree* of ths aaid circuit court, with costs, and remanding tbe cauae* fcr further proceedings, in conformity to the opinion of tbla Court. No. 39. Edmund G. Stiles, plaintiff In error, vi Solomon Davl* et el. In error to tbe circuit court of the United State* for the northern district of Illinois. Mr Justice Nelson delivered the opinion of U??>Court, reveraing the Judgment of the said cireelt court, with costs, and remandtng tbe cause, with directions to sward a venire fhclas de novo No 26 The United States, appellanta, vs. Chas. Covllsnd et al Appeal from the dlatrict court of the United States for tbe northern district of California Mr Justice Carton delivered the opinion of the Court, reveralng the decree of the said district court, and remanding the cause, with directions to dismiss the petition of tba claimant. No 49 Paul Sears etal., appellanta, vs Rufua Willis, administrator of Augustine, deceased, Ac Appeal from the circuit court of the Unltod states for the diau'lct of Massachusetts Mr. Chief Ju*Mce Taney delivered the opinion of th? Court, a Arming the decree of the Mid circuit court In thia csuse, with costs. No 50 The United State*, appellants.^ Wm. Kulght'a admlnlatrator The argnmeal of this cauae waa continued by Mr. Edwin M SUatoii for the appellee, and by Mr Black for the appellant*. A hassaomi Gift Araoroa or m butoi ? We have seen n beautiful sold-mounted ebony cane to be presented to the Commissioner of the General Land Office to-morrow ,(Chrtslnttss Day,) baarla* the following inscription : " Presented to Hon. J. M. Edmunds. Commlaaloner of the General Land Office, by the ciorka of the military division, wader acta of 1847, i860 and 1=54, aa a mark of eeteem and friendship. Washington city, D C.. Dec ?, WW " The cane, manufactured by Srtohea, Is ef the 11 neat ebony, and oa ita hand (fOM meaated) bears the American eagle and the aai.'W^ It la accompanied by letter of pisa'optatlsa handsomely executed en parchment IoBVTirisn.?Thin morning the goads fmd upon Was Dent, col., arisau-d last night by thw patrol of the Third Ward were idaattMd es the property of Mr. E Bebb. They were a Mack doth overcoat, s silk handkerchief sad ? blank slouch hat -A Mack doth oeercaat takse boa a soldier of the D. C. Volunteers a a mail Retta, ate la jail, committed by J uetloe Dooa, was Maafl ed by e realism a a named Bar eh as ns hsrtaff been stolen from the saaaast of Mr. amf? | house ea P street, last Boadny al^ht. Stsalow ?EaUl Niweto, wHIlt W?>* ? to the 4th U 8 C?T?try, (comply g3R^^g.l D!?u ct Regnseat he br the MtMitt Pmmmtrni? Titf> r. o?< wko ??v* "W*!V ^ ^ rkA?ipwm wy1* ***rm ertA# J$&* ?*1*? ft* * fnrtW* ??SM. ??*,* MliriTT? UK ?4 ^U*i.w j j?t; r y ? wwCw ;

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